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First of all, I’ve updated my earlier posting Genes, Climate, and Even More Maps of the American Nations. I’ve included a few more maps, including a map of the American Nations superimposed on average annual precipitation:

American Nations RainfallGo check it out!

Second, here’s my occasional periodic F.U. to the more vile White Nationalist elements out there. JayMan Jr., taken two days ago:

JayMan Jr Smile

Third, the sex of the new baby. Little Miss JayMan is on her way:

Little Miss JayMan Announcement


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  1. George S says:

    Congrats! How long before you show him your blog? 🙂

  2. e says:

    Cute little boy, Jayman, and congrats on your soon-to-arrive little girl. I’ll look forward to any posts from you excoriating those idiots who say gender is a social contruct.

  3. Oldeguy says:

    That very handsome Little Fella seems to be proudly saying “my Daddy has the best HBD blog on the Internet ! “- and he is right.
    Sicko haters exist in all races. Keep up your excellent work.

  4. Adorable kid. Seems like you’ve failed to mention the Cabbage Patch Kid ancestry. Is that from you or your wife? 😉

  5. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Cute kid. “Hi-yalla” with “good hair” as my black in-laws would put it. I have a son with not-so-good hair and about as light-skinned, a very light-skinned daughter with good hair, and three grandsons who could pass for Sicilian.

    I doubt my grandsons will get any affirmative action unless they join the right Negro organizations and clubs and go Super Negro the way Ben Jealous does. With a white mama (and my smarts) my grandsons are racially excluded from hi-yalla elite organizations like Jack and Jill and thus missed out on the “I may be rich but I’m still black and oppressed so gibsmedat” group-think (thank God!).

    All in all, a pretty good turnout. They avoid ghetto trash and popular ghetto trash culture, and they all “ack white”, so I am pleased.

  6. Second, here’s my occasional periodic F.U. to the more vile White Nationalist elements out there.

    Hear, hear. (Including the caveat.)

  7. I’m disappointed to meet so much hate on this page. Apparently you’ve already decided that your bigger child is a “son” without his consent (minors cannot give consent!), and your as yet unborn child will be forced into the “girl” Procrustean bed without even a chance to express herself.

    Check your cismale privilage!

    • Replies: @JayMan
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