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Why Does Transhumanism Promote Homomania, Trans-Gender-Mania, and Freakdom? - Transhumanism Promotes Freakery to Legitimize Frankenstein Science, BUT the End Result Will be Aesthetic Convergence Than Divergence
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Divine in John Waters’ PINK FLAMINGOS


Yuval Noah Harari stated that we are now ‘hackable’ animals, on the precipice of a new revolution that shall target not the world around us but within us for the profoundest of transformations. A silent revolution carried out in labs without wars and upheaval but which will forever alter the meaning of what it means to be human(and beyond). How does the trans-gender movement fit into all this? Some speculations.

Video Link

Transhumanism hopes to merge biology with technology. Man and machine.

Transhumanists know many people will be freaked out by the prospect of bio-engineering and bio-mecha fusion. After all, it all sounds so monstrous and grotesque, an institutionalization and normalization of Frankenstein Science. Therefore, transhumanists believe that the masses have to be made less resistant to radical futurism for humanity into transhumanity.

That is why transhumanists push stuff like homomania, tranny lunacy, and 50 genders. They want to make us get used to the idea that humanity is infinitely fluid & malleable and could be(and should be ) molded into anything anyone desires. THAT is why transhumanists made an alliance with gender-bender community.

As the elites(especially those in high-tech) are geeks and nerds who grew up on science-fiction as religion and utopianism, they have a futurist-warped view of dream and destiny.

They want to evolve into ‘gods’. It’s like that lunatic Michio Kaku the Cuckoo talking about humans becoming godlike one day and even traveling through time. It would entail using bio-engineering to extend life to 500 yrs or maybe for eternity. It means increasing human IQ to 1000. It means merging brains with computers. It means having the internet and stuff inside our brains and bodies.

So, as machines become more like man, man will become more like machines. While some people are excited by such prospects, many(especially those who tend to be natural conservatives or natural humanists) will recoil in horror. Therefore, transhumanists seek to de-legitimize conservative or humanist convictions by promoting homomania as the New Normal.

Could it be that transhumanism is a weird form of race-ism?

‘Anti-racism’ says that all races are the same and that evolution effectively halted for mankind 10,000 yrs ago. Following this logic, all races are alike except for skin color, and furthermore, the very idea of ‘race’ has no validity whatsoever and is nothing but a fantasy ‘social construct’ cooked up by white supremacist cranks in the 19th century. That’s all there is to it, there is nothing more to discuss, and everyone should just accept the iron law of human immutability.
Humans must be immutable since 10,000 yrs couldn’t make any further dent in evolution to create meaningful divergences among homo sapiens. In other words, it isn’t possible for the human species to evolve into different races even if it wanted to. Just like nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, nothing of any significance could evolve among humans since 10,000 yrs ago. ‘Anti-racists’ have been pushing this iron immutability of mankind as a good thing, i.e. we should give up on noticing group differences because all human groups/races are essentially alike, must be essentially alike, and have no choice but to be essentially alike since evolution just ground to a halt 10,000 yrs ago. If anyone does notice group or racial differences, he is either hallucinating or misreading the data OR the differences, while real, are too slight and superficial to have any impact on the future of humanity.

If the anti-‘racist’ dogma of human immutability(since 10,000 yrs ago) is ideal, then how could transhumanism be a good thing among ‘progressives’? After all, transhumanism envisions the means to create super-beings via genetic engineering. Transhumanist community wants to create a new kind of people who are taller, stronger, smarter, sexier, and longer-lived with future technology. It is obsessed with the prospect. Then, how come ‘progressive’ ‘anti-racists’ have no problem with transhumanism? And if the human DNA has been genetically immutable despite 10,000 yrs of divergent evolutionary pressures, how is it possible that it can suddenly be altered profoundly with a few tweaking in the laboratory? (Progs say 10,000 yrs of evolution couldn’t alter man’s nature BUT a man can become a woman in 1 day by putting on wig and declaring that his penis and testicles are ‘female’ organs.)

If progressive ‘anti-racism’ tolerates or accepts transhumanism, it will have to face up to some serious implications. In accepting transhumanism, progressivism will have done the following:

1. It will have demonstrated that humans are indeed mutable. They can be genetically and fundamentally changed, altered, modified, and boosted in all sorts of new/different ways. That being the case, how can anyone insist on the immutability of the human species in the past 10,000 yrs? Some argue humans haven’t changed much in the past 60,000 yrs.

2. It will have demonstrated that it’s a good idea to create a new class, caste, or race of people who are far superior to the existing races of people. Transhumanists may not call the New Humans a ‘new race’, but that’s exactly what they can become. This goes against the Progressive ideology of equality, though, to be sure, via the agenda of transhumanism, the course of progressivism is coming full circle and returning to its roots of eugenics and racial improvement. After all, the original progressivism wasn’t about progressing into a world of equal mediocrity but about progressing into a world of superiority by weeding our mediocre and inferior traits.

If transhumanists find a way to create a new crop of people who are super-strong, super-intelligent, and super-beautiful(like the giant albinos in the beginning of PROMETHEUS) and if this new breed choose to mate one another and form their own separate community, how would that not constitute the creation-emergence of a new race, indeed one that will tower over us to be regarded and even discarded as the inferior race?

Because the New Breed will be demonstrably superior to us original humans, it will mean that reality of racial differences will become starker than ever. How perverse that the elites who decry notion of racial differences are so hellbent on creating superior races… though they will surely employ all sorts of semantic games to mask what they’re really up to.

It’s like Martine Rosenblatt parades around as a victim — Jewish, homo-tranny-lesbian, married to manly Negress, — , but his/her/its real ambition is to become superior to everyone else and gain god-like power over humanity.

Are we facing the end of humanism with the gradual but certain dawn of transhumanism?

Nazism sought to create the perfect hero, and communism sought to create the ideal worker. But perfectionist radicalization of ideals can be dangerous, and both Nazism and communism did incalculable harm to mankind.

In contrast, humanism reminds us to be what we are and accept what we are, warts and all.
Accept the real than obsess over the ideal, be it from the left or the right.

But with the explosion of freedom and abundance, the ‘real’ got boring to a lot of people, especially to the elites. Our consumer culture feeds on vanity and narcissism. So, everyone wants to be ideal than real, and people’s ideals are defined by their eccentricities. If the vulgar masses are satisfied with pop culture idolatry and celebrity culture, the elites want more than fantasy. They want the actual means to live forever and mutate into bird-man and god-man.

In certain respects, trans-genderism has been peddled as a kind of humanism, i.e. it’s about how we should be tolerant and accepting of trans-gender people for what they are than forcing them to conform to our ideal of what is proper and normal.
But upon closer inspection, it’s really a form of anti-humanism because so-called trans-gender people won’t accept what they really are — men or women with screwy bio-chemistry — and demand extreme medical procedures and semantic convolutions in order to be ‘transitioned’ into their impossible ‘ideals’. It is a form of transhumanism that rejects the natural-born-self as boring, unsatisfying, & restrictive and strives for(and even demands)the ‘ideal’ of what one wishes oneself to be… like Michael Jackson turning himself into something like a white cartoon woman.

The mentalities behind Elliott Rogers(the psycho-nut who killed innocents) and most trans-gender people aren’t much different. They are anti-humanist and obsessed with their own self-deluded ‘ideals’. Rogers was miffed that the world didn’t see him the way he saw himself: The coolest and handsomest dude that ever lived. And trans-gender people are angry that many people still refuse to see them as the divas they want to be. (If the grossly fat transvestite Divine at least understood the ridiculousness of his fantasy and camped it up, his counterparts today, with the full backing of the Establishment, are utterly lacking in irony & humor and demand that they be regarded as empresses of glamour.) Both Rodgers and trans-gender people cannot accept themselves as what they really are. They want to be something else, and worse, they demand that we flatter and confirm their self-delusions. It’s ironic that people who can’t tolerate their natural-born-selves demand that we not only tolerate but celebrate their false-imagined selves.

There is some of this in ‘cuckold’ culture as well. White men cannot accept their ‘inadequacies’ and so they sexually live through black men invited to have sex with their wives. Watching black men getting it on with their white wives, they vicariously identify with both the black male and white female as conqueror and conquered. Trans-marriage-ism?

At any rate, humanism is in sad decline. It’s seen as too humdrum in our Age of Excess.
Zeligism went from neurosis to the new normal.

The first decoding of the DNA was prohibitively expensive. But now it’s cheap and available to any person for \$200.

In the present, bio-engineering is still in its nascent stage, and available procedures are super-expensive. In the future, all manners of genetic-alteration may be possible, and they may be widely affordable(or even considered a ‘human right’), especially with the aid of A.I.

If civilization survives, future babies could be made this way:

Imagine a computerized glass panel. Would-be-father presses his thumb on a part of the glass that reads his imprinted DNA, and then the would-be-mother does the same.
And then the A.I. program combines the genetic codes of the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and offers various possible combination of those codes. (After all, same man and same woman have different kids every time they procreate.) And then, the computer offers ‘bio-photo-shopping’ so that the basic choice-kid can be altered with additions of optional outside genes. So, if the man wants the kid to look more like Sean Connery, the kid will be Connerized with additional traits(to be provided by the A.I.). Thus, the father’s looks are ‘improved’ by Connerization. And if the kid is to be a girl, the computer can spice up her genes for the Patricia Neal look in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. The kid will be Nealized. (For the negress babies, their looks can be improved with additions of Diana Ross or Rihanna synthetic genes.) Also, the basic IQ can be boosted with Newtonization and Einsteinization.

And then the result will be allowed to grow in an aquarium and turn into a baby, to be milked by artificial robot nanny.

Currently, with so many freaks in transhumanism, the impression is that genetic-technology will lead to divergence: People turning into grotesque freaks and mutants in the future. But actually, if given the choice, most people will choose the Narrow Ideal. I mean most guys, if given a choice between having a son that looks like Sean Connery or Johnny Rotten, is gonna go with Connery. Most women, if given a choice between having a girl who looks like Patricia Neal or Jeanine Garofalo, is gonna go with Neal(or Donna Reed, so wonderful in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE).

So, it will be the great convergence than the great divergence. Currently, the trans-gender and transhumanist communities are filled with freaks, uglies, dogulas, frankenstepforders, and the like because we don’t have the technology to REALLY change people. The options are cosmetic, surgical, or bio-chemical. But no amount of dress & make-up, surgery, or hormone injections can really change someone. So, most men who want to be women and vice versa just look like perverse freaks. And most transhumanists who want to be like future androids just look like dorks at a STAR TREK convention. There is the impression that transhumanism is all about being ‘different’ and freaky.

But suppose in the future there really is a means to fundamentally change a person in the way he wishes to be. Suppose Bruce Jenner not only wants to be a woman but can walk inside a box and then walk out as a full-blown woman in every way. Today, he looks stupid because he looks like a man who wants to look like Claudia Cardinale or Raquel Welch. But suppose he could really be changed into a gorgeous woman. Then, he would no longer look like a freak but like a truly gorgeous woman. The reason why so many people look like freaks in the trans-gender and transhumanist world is due to the discrepancy between what they are and what they really want to be. Since there is, as yet, no effective way to realize their dreams, they end up looking like freaks, like botch-up jobs. Every ultra-freak is unique as a failure of fantasy. But in fact, ultra-freaks don’t want to be freaks. They are ultra-freaks because of the farce of trying so hard to be what they can’t be. But the more they try to become their ideal fantasies, the more freaky they look because of the sheer desperation of warping reality into fantasy. It’s like Michael Jackson got increasingly hideous as he tried to perfect himself. Often with ultra-freaks, we are not seeing their desired but their disastrous persona that failed to live up to their dream because no technology as yet exists to grant their wishes. While perfection and success have only one summit, imperfection and failure are strewn all over the slopes and valleys. Because, as yet, trans-genderism and transhumanism have led to so many laughable failures, we are fooled into believing that such divergences are the aims of the ultra-freaks in the movement. But in fact, most ultra-freaks want to be transformed into perfection, and if the transhumanist moment really arrives, there will be the great convergence since almost no woman will want to look like Lena Dunham or Divine if she can look like Ashley Greene, and almost no man will want to look like Michael Moore or Mack Beggs.

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  1. JUNG-FREUD has become one of my favorite Authors on Unz, and that is saying a lot with the bevy of talent on this site. Another great Article. Thanks Tim

    • Agree: SBaker
  2. Nazism sought to create the perfect hero, and communism sought to create the ideal worker. But perfectionist radicalization of ideals can be dangerous, and both Nazism and communism did incalculable harm to mankind.

    “The problem with Mr. Hitler is that he has made the intelligent discussion of anti-Semitism impossible for at least a generation.” — T. S. Eliot.

    Indeed. Fritz Squarehead and Ivan Vodkavich, with their typical “humorlessness,” took the idea of eugenics (based off the Englishman, Darwin), which the Anglosphere was pursuing with common sense, mechanized it, automated it, stepped on the gas, and made the whole idea toxic for the rest of the century. A point to consider for those on the “Dissident Right” who those ideas so much sexier than those of the bland, “bourgeois” Anglosphere, a “nation of shopkeepers.” Please, no more heroic “New Soviet Man” or “Ubermensch” or “Fourth Political Theories” and just get a job and raise a family.

    • Replies: @Right_On
  3. “A sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic” — A. C. Clarke

    As I pointed out in an article on Counter-Currents a while back, the “we’re race realists not racists” crowd hasn’t even begun to grapple with the implications of the genetic technology they like to cite. (*)

    If White people are to be favored because of their IQ’s not because you just irrationally hate black skin, what happens when we can (as a transhumanist article I cite says) “produce black bodies with white IQ”?

    At the highest level, the perfection of the technologies you describe shows that Spengler, Yockey and Evola were right, and Revilo Oliver and Steve Sailer are wrong. IF technology (i.e., the spirit, in the German sense of Geist) can change Bruce Jenner into a woman, then biology is not all-determining, in fact it is irrelevant. Evola’s “race of the spirit” trumps the race of the body, what Trotsky called “zoological racism”. An Italian fascist official sneered that Evola’s doctrine of race meant that “A Jew could have the body of an Aryan, which makes nonsense of our racial policies.” Looks like Evola will have the last laugh.

    (*)”Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology! Eumaios, Evola, & Neville on Race”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. SteveK9 says:

    Russia/China/India/Iran are the hope of mankind. Not without faults but have not gone down the road to sexual degeneracy.

  5. Franz says:

    Drive the population mad with:

    1. Immigrants who will not assimilate

    2. Sex that is not procreative but annoys normal people

    3. Constantly poison relations between races

    4. Constantly poison relations between men/women

    Never get too angry with the specific provocation. They want you to be emotionally incontinent ALL THE TIME so you are not being rational.

    Keep up the fight. But stay free of hostility. There will be a time for that when our side sees a weak point and can attack. Till then, keep gathering information and stay chill.

    • Agree: SBaker
    • Replies: @Not Important
  6. Drag was always comedy when I was a child. Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters were traditionally played on stage by particularly unfeminine-looking male comedic actors. Later on when I found out about sex, drag queens became tragic misfits as well as comedy.

    The mind does not like to be fooled, and trans-isms are blatant attempts to fool one’s mind. It seems that people want to be fooled by peers into not seeing a reality they are unhappy with. Being fooled for some is at least better than struggling to believe in something better.

    Our technology is too primitive for our ambitions. Trans-anything looks patently goofy, it won’t work without the mindbending ideology for now.

  7. Highly recommend Pink Flamingoes as a double feature with Elevator Girls in Bondage.

  8. Alrenous says: • Website

    Why? Well, short answer, it doesn’t. The problem is lying narcissists get attracted to transhumanism and twist it towards their twisted ends.

    The core of the narcissism disease is intolerable self-hatred. Transhumanism, to the narcissist, is the possibility of becoming a different person through technology. To become someone they don’t have to hate.

    In the meantime, narcissists deal with the intolerable self-hatred with radical denial. They construct a wholly fake mask and then violently demand everyone respects this mask, as if you could social-proof it into Reality.

    If it’s really bad, they think they can deny e.g. their own gender. “I’m not a man and I’ll friggin’ kill all of you if you say I am.” Their hatred runs so deep they find even remaining their true gender to be intolerable, and try to quit.

    Unfortunately, the problem is they really do hate themselves. Before transition surgery, they hate themselves so much the suicide rate is an incomprehensible 40%. After transition, they hate themselves so much it’s an incomprehensible 40%. You can’t fix your cognitive disorder by taking a knife to your body.

    The tragedy is that most narcissists wouldn’t be insufferable if they didn’t hate themselves. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  9. Right_On says:
    @James J O'Meara

    made the whole idea [of eugenics] toxic for the rest of the century.

    Have patience! Francis Crick, the double-helix man, on eugenics:
    “In the long run, it is unavoidable that society will begin to worry about the character of the next generation … I would be astonished if, in the next 100 or 200 years, society did not come round to the view that they would have to try to improve the next generation in some extent or one way or another.”

    Mind you, Crick also believed in “directed panspermia”: life on Earth was seeded from distant stars.

  10. JimDandy says:

    There are a male-to-female “trans women” who don’t get any surgery or take hormones. And they are attracted to biological females. I’ll bet a lot of them get a lot more pussy as trendy “women” than they ever did as unexceptional, dorky men.

  11. JimDandy says:

    heh heh, have you heard the latest fantasy from the anti-vaxxer nuts?

    “Sending miniature robots deep inside the human skull to treat brain disorders has long been the stuff of science fiction—but it could soon become reality, according to a California start-up. Bionaut Labs plans its first clinical trials on humans in just two years for its tiny injectable robots, which can be carefully guided through the brain using magnets.”

    Oh, wait, that’s actual news. My bad.

  12. Cris M. says:

    dear mods, I thought I may have posted similar comment earlier though not sure. Edited either way. If not your cup of tea no offense if not put through. If put through please delete this section. CM

    An issue I think is most people don’t look into the level of situation in terms of tech, though it’s pushed in messaging, media, movies etc. Then again it’s beyond me that people have allowed supposed ‘horror movies’, or govrment grabbing guns, or dictating vaccines, or actually there’s a long list. On the transhumanism deal as far as tech, why would anyone assume if it were forced such as nano chips etc that it would be anything but bad, because obviously it would entail other people, power forcing types, gaining control for their purpose, not as some gift. It’s strange more people don’t pay attention to various agendas.

    The trans thing I think its distracting the word trans gender because we can’t change gender, which is chromosomes, you can only appearance, though as much think it’s distracting using single label because it lumps everyone as if one group under one label, when obviously there are different types of people who appear opposite. With everything we should make accurate labels, on this item, labels that first infer the content of people, or in combination with appearance. For instance basic people who appear opposite I would label maybe wanrevs or something similar, for want to be reversed, a neutral or semi positive word, and on good people which I define as truther types who want to appear opposite I thought of a good label though will just keep for now, and those who appear opposite and use as false cover for devious purpose I would label transvestites, which is already used and either negative or neutral. I just think it’s arrogant to slap on only one label, sort of a who made you boss sort of thing. Though I don’t appear opposite if I did I wouldn’t want people lumping me under only one label with others who aren’t the same.

    Failure to label things or people with reality focus is a mistake in many areas of life. Just as matter of steering the future it’s important to name things ourselves, not only use words that others dictate. Labeling is influence, even peoples names.

    The article piece is appreciated Jung Freud, conglomerate of items that need more attention imo, and a little note is there a typo in the title, then instead of than, I assume. Happens to me all the time.

  13. dimples says:

    I’m waiting for the DNA technology that allows all women to grow serious tits. You can keep Patricia Neal although she is not bad. Then all women will be happy, and so will the blokes.

  14. Speaking of transhumanism, I happen to know something about the cryonics subculture. Women (real women) are under-represented in it, but I can say from experience that most of the ones who sign up for cryonics on their own initiative are trainwrecks. I know of only a couple wholesome mom types who are cryonicists, and that is because their children give these women their natural sense of meaning and purpose.

    Seriously, it’s a bad sign when a female cryonicist is older than 30 and she has no children, and then she starts to cryopreserve her cats when these animals die. (No, I am NOT making this up! I’ve seen female cryonicists do this. They even refer to their frozen cats as their “children” and their “family.”) This shows that the woman has failed to form normal relationships with the husbands, children and grandchildren they would have had in a healthier, more patriarchal society. I don’t see what these women have to live for now, much less what they expect out of the possibility of “living forever” via cryontransport to a more technologically competent society in the future which could revive them.

    Which they might not like any way. I agree with the Edward Dutton-ish view that our current society, based on social experiments coming from the Enlightenment, is aberrational and unsustainable, and that in a few more generations natural selection will favor the genes of people who are traditionally and family-oriented. A future society which could revive cryonauts will probably look less like Star Trek, and more like Dune – which is bad news for the gays, transgender weirdos and feminist cat-freezing women who have signed up for cryopreservation. I like to troll the feminist female cryonicists by telling them that they might have to fit into the future society which revives them by becoming minor space noblemen’s concubines and the mothers of their children.

    In fairness there are some male trainwrecks in the cryonics subculture, like the gay sex tourists, Martine Rothblatt and other Ex-Men, as Steve Sailer calls them, and the guy I knew slightly who died from a heroin overdose a few years ago. But on average the heterosexual male cryonicists tend to run their lives better than the trainwreck demographics.

    • Replies: @Jay Igaboo
  15. Dumbo says:

    No, it’s not just that. There is also a religious, kabbalistic or satanist element. People in the elite are obsessed about androgyny. The star of David is an ancient symbol of androgyny (male phallic triangle on top of vulva-like female triangle). Baphomet is also androgynous. Satanism is all about androgyny. There was a channel about all that on YouTube, but it was deleted.

    As for transhumanism in general…

    The fantasy (sold by Harari and others):

    The reality:

    • Replies: @Mark in BC
  16. H.G. Wells’s futurology left some things to desire, but at least he showed a healthy understanding of human potential at odds with the sick values of the sort of transhumanism Jung-Freud profiles in his post. From ANTICIPATIONS OF THE REACTION OF MECHANICAL AND SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS UPON HUMAN LIFE AND THOUGHT (1902) :

    And the ethical system of these men of the New Republic, the ethical system which will dominate the world state, will be shaped primarily to favour the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity—beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds, and a growing body of knowledge—and to check the procreation of base and servile types, of fear-driven and cowardly souls, of all that is mean and ugly and bestial in the souls, bodies, or habits of men.

    I think Wells would agree that gays, transgender fetishists and other body mutilators fall into the “mean and ugly and bestial” category

  17. @Dumbo

    Yeah, they never end up looking like this…

  18. MEH 0910 says:

    CRIMES OF THE FUTURE – Official Teaser

    Apr 14, 2022

    As the human species adapts to a synthetic environment, the body undergoes new transformations and mutations. With his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux), Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), celebrity performance artist, publicly showcases the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart), an investigator from the National Organ Registry, obsessively tracks their movements, which is when a mysterious group is revealed… Their mission – to use Saul’s notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.
    Cannes Competition Official Selection 2022.

    Directed by David Cronenberg
    Starring Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, and Kristen Stewart

    CRIMES OF THE FUTURE Trailer International (2022) Kristen Stewart

    Apr 14, 2022

    CRIMES OF THE FUTURE Trailer International (2022) Kristen Stewart, Léa Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen, David Cronenberg, Sci-Fi Movie HD
    © 2022 – Metropolitan Films

    • Replies: @James of Africa
    , @MEH 0910
  19. Dr. Rock says:

    Interesting article, and spot on.

    Two things-
    1) You’re right, Donna Reed was amazing looking in It’s a Wonderful Life, a pure beauty.
    2) Almost without exception, the current crop of trans–idiots, are mentally damaged, fuggos and fuglies. They are ugly people, with no hope of becoming attractive in the current paradigm, so they spiral in the opposite direction, to become complete freak-outcasts. The old adage that “most lesbians are just women that are too ugly to land a beau” is proved mostly valid with increased frequency, daily.
    This facts lend themselves to your point- most of them, given the absolute choice, would choose to be beautiful, intelligent, physically fit, charming people. Frankly, we all would, because internally, going why down to our DNA, we recognize the biological imperative of being the most likely to mate.
    Mankind would become the Eloi.
    Despite all the crap people like to project and feed themselves, given the absolute, unfettered choice, almost everyone would choose to be rich, attractive, successful, and happy.
    The current batch of freaks, KNOW that they can NEVER get there, so as some silly rejection of convention, they surge in the opposite direction, and color their hair, pierce their face, cover themselves with tattoos, dress like demons, and then lament that society judges, or won’t accept them.
    And it is this same batch of freaks that yearn for trans-humanism, because they desperately yearn to re-form themselves as passable humans.

    Obviously there are other components for the narcissists that want to live forever, or the human demons that just want to dominate and oppress their fellow man, but the freak cadre is very transparent.

    • Replies: @Fr. John
  20. Stan_Dupp says:

    Isn’t television also a leftist grooming-ground? I have long been semi-freaked out whenever I flip past “Startrek, the Next Generation” because of the creepy-looking fictional characters they created, acting as if they were humans, whether good or evil. And for the past couple of years, just about every TV commercial has had at least one “flip the dial quick” ugly character in it, of one kind or another, along with much of the audio being manipulated to make it too harsh to tolerate or just plain unintelligible. Aren’t we all being “groomed”? Or is the left’s strategy just to make decent people so sick of it all that they resign and look for a new place to live?

  21. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:
    @James J O'Meara

    This is all fundamentally correct of course, if men who are trans managed to become beautiful women, no one would think twice about this issue. Maybe something like this is what the future will look like.

  22. There are so many things wrong with this article it’s hard to know where to begin. Especially ludicrous is the title assertion, so let me start with that. The author seems to think that whatever he thinks is beautiful will denote the convergence point for everyone else’s opinions. I think that’s laughable. Just look at what’s currently the rage: getting tattoos all over your body like a circus freak! And imitating negroes! Can anyone doubt that if the technology existed to transform whites into negro look-alikes, it wouldn’t have a large group of whites who want to use it? One might even foresee a situation in which the government would make it mandatory. After all, if race is just skin color as the gov’t tells us, then true racial equality would be reached if everyone looked like a negro. It would make racial discrimination impossible, and of course, everyone would think that is the most noble goal possible. White people, who have wasted trillions of dollars and countless white lives in a vain effort to uplift the negro might well welcome such technology as a godsend and flock to it in droves.

    The article also ignores the historical fact that most of the problems with so-called technological progress have come from the unintended consequences of these “advances”. For example, with the advent of very effective hormonal birth control, the white fertility rate dropped like a rock, while the fertility of the third world, where such measures largely weren’t available, remained high. As a result, whites dropped precipitously as a fraction of the world’s population. This decline was only made worse by another unintended consequence of “progress”, the Green Revolution, which improved crop yields, enabling the Earth’s poorer regions to support ever-increasing numbers of non-whites, while simultaneously over-feeding the developed world, causing an epidemic of obesity. One could give thousands of examples of disasters stemming from so-called “progress”.

    Probably the most glaring omission in the article though, glossed over in the rush to its ridiculous conclusion of a pending aesthetic convergence, is that transhumanism actually aims at the extinction of the human race as we know it today. In his haste to see a world populated with Donna Reed and Patricia Neal look-alikes, the author seems not to understand that even if that happened, it would only be a temporary phase on the way to the complete replacement of humanity with machines. How can people think this is a worthy goal?! It’s baffling. I think they are led into this error, and similar ones like the transgender delusion, because their brains have been shaped by evolution to think that they are not really their bodies at all, but a “soul” trapped inside a body. Consequently, they think they are going to survive even if their body dies! It’s conceivable that a sufficiently “advanced” technology could convincingly transform one sex into the other, but no human can ever be a machine. A world full only of robots would mean the end of the human race.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  23. They are bait and switching political freedom’s demise with perverse private freedom.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  24. Wokechoke says:

    Florence Gaub on German TV, nice looking woman, says Russians look European but are not post modern enough…different relationship to Death apparently. Life expectancy only 70 instead of 76.

    Transhumance I guess.

  25. bert33 says:

    modded people will eventually become commonplace along with those dreaded interracial marriages people are always on about. Single folks with no mods or implants will also be n0rmal as our web-enabled society starts to address macr0scale problems like world hunger and food/water shortages.
    Normal folks will keep being normal folks, though they may drive flying cars and talk to invisible friends electronically half a world away…

  26. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “Just look at what’s currently the rage: getting tattoos all over your body like a circus freak! And imitating negroes!”

    You are no stranger to the idea of impermanence (as the post later indicates), so why don’t you recognise the ephemeral nature of modern America and its tastes? Yes, it is possible for a time – but that time is clearly transient, and when the Aryans go extinct, the pro-White spirit will triumph… as history has shown, every race has ever valued fair complexion. That convergence is not the author’s.

    > “…with the advent of very effective hormonal birth control, the white fertility rate dropped like a rock […] the Green Revolution, which improved crop yields, enabling the Earth’s poorer regions to support ever-increasing numbers of non-whites…”

    I fail to see how these events may be viewed through a lens of Marxist technological materialism. The same technology leads to the Europeans dying off, while engorging the numbers of Asians & the rest. In a word, why has contraception damaged the non-Whites to a significantly more benign degree? In before you bring up the Emirates or India, countries at their carrying capacity already, unable to wage wars under the Pax Americana.

    > “…it would only be a temporary phase on the way to the complete replacement of humanity with machines. How can people think this is a worthy goal?!”

    Isn’t man already a servant to his unnatural creations – the city, the nation, the king of kings? Is there such a great step from the Qur’an to the cyborg? Matter has a will of its own, and man is not tautological to biology. Man creates transcendent culture to aid him in the exploitation of raw earth.

    Christianity is obviously a failed religion, whose testament will be the demise of the Aryan race, and with it – the Western technological civilisation. But others will come in their stead. I believe it a mistake to consider all such culture Christian. Even America could have modified its Christian creed with the racist Mormon heresy, and Soviet Russia could have transitioned herself to a racial variation of Bolshevism under the influence of Lev Gumilev – and the West would have been saved in either case.

    I guess, another lesson I may stress is that while there is inherent logic to cultural evolution, it is also forged in the chaotic battle of ideas. In America, Christianity’s triumph is exemplified in the BNWO, where white twinks worship black cocks. In Russia, Christianity’s triumph lies in the hatred of the Russian political institutions such as the CPSU, and in the voodoo-esque taboo against killing sanctified American servants such as gays & Ukrainians. Such mad diversity in causarum mortis brings me optimism.

    • Replies: @fray juan crespi
  27. @MEH 0910

    When did the future become so creepy? I always had a positive view of what we would become, that changed gradually, then drastically with lockdowns. Anyway, I like some of Cronenberg’s work, this looks interesting in a horror show kind of way. My favorite was The Fly, I like some films enough to watch them again from time to time.

  28. Adûnâi: “You are no stranger to the idea of impermanence (as the post later indicates), so why don’t you recognise the ephemeral nature of modern America and its tastes?”

    The point was the changeable nature of ALL tastes. Given that, to expect a permanent convergence on any particular ideal is absurd.

    Adûnâi: “… when the Aryans go extinct, the pro-White spirit will triumph… as history has shown, every race has ever valued fair complexion. That convergence is not the author’s.”

    How does hybridization advance the cause of white survival? And what use will machines have for fair complexion?

    Adûnâi: “I fail to see how these events may be viewed through a lens of Marxist technological materialism. ”

    You should view them as having nothing to do with Marxism, but instead as unforeseen and racially catastrophic consequences of technological “progress”.

    Adûnâi: “Matter has a will of its own, and man is not tautological to biology. Man creates transcendent culture to aid him in the exploitation of raw earth.”

    Culture is only a type of animal behavior; nothing transcendent about it as far as I can see. As for the possibility of man becoming “non-biological”, I’m not optimistic. It’s just a misapplication of the word to call a robot a man. You may as well call your car or your computer a man. Or a doorknob. If you do that, then welcome to cloud-cuckoo-land.

    Btw, good to see you’re still around. I was beginning to think maybe you’d been vaporized by one of Putin’s missiles! LOL.

  29. @Adûnâi

    all you do is post gibberish. not a surprise you show up in the kook trannyhumanist thread. this is all you really wanted to spit out:

    Christianity is obviously a failed religion.

    funny, considering your name is rather judeochristian, and your blog ramblings champion an obvious failure: german national socialism.

    one thing is for sure, whatever you’re part of isn’t working. hitler blew his brains out because neitzsche was a faggot.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  30. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @fray juan crespi

    1. It will never cease to amaze me how every American has heard of Adonai, but is too lazy to google Adûnâi. Do you learn Hebrew in school?

    2. German National Socialism is indeed a failure. Just as the entire Aryan race is. Has been every time in every locale – from Rome and India to America and Russia. Hitler, however, was the closest to victory, and his breakthrough scientific methods might be of genuine interest even to the superior Mongoloids (namely, physical genocide instead of cultural assimilation). Everything good in Europe has come from Asia – either from the Mongols (cruelty) or from the Jews (the alphabet).

  31. Very good, really interesting article.

    As far as I’m aware the only political ideology directly dealing with these issues is natural conservatism.

    Join us.

  32. Fr. John says:
    @Dr. Rock

    It’s simply the desire to either:
    a) be as God, determining good and evil, OR
    b) to thwart God’s design “Why did you make me this way?”

    Sin, in other words.

    Transhumanism, however, is outright satanism. Not some weird Hollywood take on that term, but the utter hatred for God’s creation, and the Nietzschean desire to ‘kill God.’

    Jews did that, 20 centuries ago. And look how ugly most of them are.
    Covenant cursing never gives you beauty…. or eternal life.

    Only the Cross and the King.

  33. Another pretentious, self-important ramble through her psychic underwear drawer by Andrea Orlov Letania, aka Priss Factor, aka Jung-Freud.* As usual, what she finds amidst the unmentionables are a score or so of the most dreadful and distracting neologisms ever to emerge from the [ahem] mind of woman, none of which have functional utility outside AOL’s nightmares and the voyeuristic fantasies of those who leer at her and her nightmares while they profess her a deep thinker.

    But is the real aim of her leerers to ratchet up their own deep-thinking stock? That you must decide for yourself, dear reader.
    *She has several other aliases as well, both here at UR and elsewhere. She requires attention as others require oxygen.

    • Thanks: MEH 0910
  34. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    CRIMES OF THE FUTURE – Official Redband Trailer

    May 6, 2022

  35. @advancedatheist

    I had to Wiki Rothblatt to see what she/he/it is.Fuck me, “trainwreck”is generous, she he itis unbelievably full of hesheit!

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