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Why Did Capitalism Go 'Woke'? — Idolatry, So Intrinsic to Capitalism, Led It Toward the Promotion of Jewish Supremacism, Negromania, and Globo-Homo — Political Correct Capitalism as the Neo-Catholicization of the New World Order
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During the Cold War, the overall sense was that the West was about freedom, about having a good time and being ‘cool’. Not everything was politicized. In contrast, the communist world was seen as overly political, with ideology shaping and coloring just about everything. This was especially true of Stalinist USSR and China of the Cultural Revolution. So, while everything had to be Marxist-Leninist in the communist world, one could just take it cool and easy in the West. You could have pursue your idea of happiness and be left alone by the state, the commissars and activists. It’s like that movie NINOTCHKA. Greta Garbo as Soviet commissar is staunchly ideological, relentlessly hardline. She is humorless and stern. But in her laughter, she begins her transition to capitalism and freedom. She learns one doesn’t have to be uptight and upright all the time with radical commitment. One could take it easy and enjoy life. And unlike communist propaganda devised to shape one’s politics and worldview, capitalist advertising had only one thing in mind: To sell stuff. It was about profits for the company and fun/convenience for the consumer(as king or queen). The appeal of capitalism was its apolitical character. It was about products and services. It was about money for the company and happiness for the consumer.

So, even though the West was plenty political and ideological during the Cold War with its own propaganda and messaging, one generally found refuge from the humorless, ham-fisted, and/or heavy-handed stuff in the world of capitalism, consumerism, and entertainment. Americans weren’t dragged to ideological sessions. One’s involvement in politics(or religion) was voluntary, not mandatory. One didn’t drink Coca-Cola to be political. One didn’t watch a Disney movie for ideology. One didn’t watch a 007 movie for propaganda. Even when James Bond took on the Russkies, it was more about fantasy and romance than politics(as the villains were too outlandish to be taken seriously). One didn’t read Archie comics for ‘moral’ instructions or guidance.

Indeed, the West often portrayed itself as apolitical compared to the Communist East. The dreary notion was that people behind the Iron Curtain, from cradle to grave, were molded into ‘good communists’ and everything was politicized. If you were politically suspect or heretical, you could be hounded, persecuted, or even executed. In the West, however, the capitalists didn’t care about your ideology. They just sold you stuff and services. And when you took part in capitalism, it was to buy something of convenience or pleasure. You didn’t purchase it for meaning or commitment. When Richard Nixon met Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950s, the message was that Americans were consumers with freedom and money to buy what they wanted without meddling of the state. And when China opened up in the late 70s, one of the famous images was of Chinese youths wearing sunglasses and drinking Coke. The appeal of sunglasses and Coca-Cola wasn’t ideological. They were consumer products. At most, they had ‘idolic’ value. Cola meant easy pleasure, cold drink on a hot day. Sunglasses meant looking ‘cool’ and stylish. During the Cultural Revolution, sunglasses had been banned as a product of ‘Western Decadence’. And in the Soviet Union, body building was frowned upon(if not illegalized) as a form of vanity and narcissism.

One of the Western attractions for people in the communist world was the sense of apolitical freedom, especially in America. Blue jeans meant style, an expression of individuality, not any meaning on the collective level. In the movie MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON(by Paul Mazursky), the Russian exile(played by Robin Williams) encounters many social ills in the US but still chooses to remain because he’s left alone and free to do his own thing. There isn’t a commissar breathing down his neck 24/7. He could say to the Power, “It’s none of your business”, something disallowed in a communist system. You don’t lose your job over politics(unless it’s truly grievous) in the Free West.

So, the idea was that capitalism is fun, cool, easy-going, tolerant, individualist, and apolitical whereas communism is radical, fanatical, censorious, repressive, dogmatic, and conformist. This contrast is illustrated in THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING where pro-Western Czechs act in libertine fashion whereas the Communist Order is presented as rigid and heavy.

So, what happened? Why did capitalism in the West turn ‘radical’ in the current ‘woke’ form? Why is it so incessantly activist and pushy with its constant messaging and propagandizing, albeit in a ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ style? Why are people being fired or demoted or censured over some tweet years ago? Why are certain individuals being denied products and services over matters of personal creed, politics, and values? Why do capitalists fund, propagate, and lend support to views that smack of ‘radical’ nuttery?

When Coca-Cola made inroads into China in the 1980s, it was the apolitical drink of the world. The idea was its dominance owed to quality and service, not to any idea or message. But now, Coca-Cola is the promoter of the cult of White Fragility. Burger King constantly reminds us of the sanctity of homos, as if it wants to rebrand itself as Bugger King. What does sodomy have to do with burgers? But then, why did ‘homosher’ take off as the new kosher? Why are Oreo Cookies packaged in homo colors? What do cookies have to do with guys sucking each other’s dong? Why are capitalists pushing the big lie of BLM when anyone with a sense of reality knows that blacks mostly kill one another(when not attacking non-blacks) and that the number of innocent blacks killed by cops is negligible?

It’s bad enough that capitalists are taking part in politics(when they are all about products and profits). What’s worse is they willfully take the ideological or idolatrous line at odds with any real concern for the truth. They go with what is politically fashionable(as ordained by Jewish Supremacists) than what is true in the real world.

It used to be capitalism was like the Beach Boys(fun, fun, fun), whereas communists were like the Red Guards. Now, capitalism funds and supports ‘woke’ mobs and pushes ‘radical’ dogma through their public announcements and advertising. Also, they fire and intimidate their own work force on the basis of ideological correctness and idolatrous sanctity. How did things become this way? It’s almost as if capitalism has taken on the attitude(though not the values) of Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1920s. ‘Wokery’ is doing to business what Neocons did with American Conservatism. It’s in selective purge mode, condemning whiteness while enabling Jewish Power to grow ever bigger.

1. Surely, the ascendancy of Jewish Power is a major factor in this as Jews are the top capitalists and have an obsessively supremacist mentality. Jews love money, but their top priority is tribal supremacism. Having abandoned socialism, Jews are now totally capitalist and determined to use their monopoly power to shape the narrative and direct the course of history to secure their supremacist position. Mass media are part of Jewish capitalist enterprise, and Jews use their near-monopoly lock on news and information for tribal supremacist’s sake.

Therefore, capitalism isn’t just a cash cow for Jews but a political weapon of mind-control. Jews feel especially vulnerable despite their vast riches because they are only 2% of the population. For Jews, capitalism is useful as both a political and apolitical tool. As an apolitical instrument of hedonism, leisure, fun, and entertainment, capitalism turns the masses into complacent and infantilized bunch of mindless consumers. Better to have goyim obsess about sports, video games, movies, and gambling than gain independent political consciousness that might realize that Jews control just about everything.

But an apolitical order is inherently unstable. In a vacuum of political meaning, some force fills the void to offer direction, a sense of purpose. Man doesn’t live on bread, not even on bread-and-circus, alone. In the past, Jews used capitalism for profit-making and used socialism & radical politics for meaning. Jewish capitalists made the profits, and Jewish leftists served as the neo-prophets. But genuine Jewish leftist have all vanished. Most Jews are capitalist and pro-rich. They are for more money and more privilege for the Tribe and have lost interest in Humanity. Thus, Jews have bundled profit and prophet into one package.

For example, in the past Jews made some movies and TV shows for fun and nothing but fun. Such works hardly had any politics and were made to be as uncontroversial as possible to make the audience complacent and happy. But Jews also made other kinds of movies, usually scripted by leftists, radicals, and subversives, that were meant to push a message. These movies generally made less money and even lost money. Still, they had political and propagandistic value.

Today in contrast, even mindless entertainment is likely to be loaded with politics, not least because the infantilized public has lost interest in more mature entertainment. Advertising is often heavily politicized or in service of ideology or idolatry of certain groups, especially Negroes and Homos, the holy icons of commercialism. The way things are going, even slot-machines of the future might be politicized with ideological symbols. Jews control advertising, entertainment, and news media, all of which are capitalist enterprises. And as the #1 Jewish priority is Jewish Supremacism, the Tribe is hellbent on using whatever means, even consumer-capitalism, as a tool of power. As Jewish Power relies mostly on the cuckery of white goyim, Jews use capitalism to spread images, ideas, and narratives that gaslight, shame, or paralyze white identity and interests.

2. The corruption of Gramsci-ism. When Antonio Gramsci spoke of Cultural Hegemony, he hardly had stuff like ‘gay’ Oreo Cookies or BLM-narcissism fests in mind. His idea wasn’t to take over capitalism to spread idolatry in favor of certain groups. Rather, the idea was for leftists and socialists to gain cultural influence to win over the hearts & minds of the masses. His idea of Good Culture would have been something like BICYCLE THIEVES or the films of Roberto Rossellini. For him, Marxist cultural hegemony was to destroy capitalism, not to take over capitalism and indulge in narcissistic hedonism as proper platform for ‘good’ ideas and values. If socialism must have dignity, it must be conveyed in a serious and noble manner. In contrast, today’s neo-hegemonists indulge in the culture of excess and use such means to convey supposedly ‘more evolved’ messages. It’s like radicalism expressed through a strip-tease.

If Gramsci looked forward to winning hearts and minds with a new cultural paradigm, the neo-hegemonists are perfectly fine with capitalist excess, self-indulgence, narcissism, vanity, and infantilism… as long as they’re loaded with the favored idolatry, mainly of Jews, homos, and blacks. So, it’s great to ‘twerk’ as long as it’s for BLM or Globo-Homo. It’s okay to indulge yourself with wild-partying and girls-gone-wild and wanton hedonism AS LONG AS you remember to pay tribute to Jews, blacks, and homos.

Antonio Gramsci

This has obvious appeal to Neo-Hegemonists who are more Cultural Marx Brothers than Cultural Marxists. There is precious little that is Marxist or even mildly socialist about them. They are total capitalists even if they make some obligatory noises about the dangers of ‘greed’ and the 1%. Indeed, the neo-aristocratic globalists fixed it so that leftism would be changed from a movement of laboring masses and lesser-haves to a movement centered on vanity, celebrity, narcissism, freakdom, and mental illness(as the new normal). Leftism went from the demands of the majority of the toiling masses to the commands of the favored minorities, Jews-blacks-homos.

This bogus ‘leftism’ is not about basic justice or equality for all but the look-at-me obsessions of those infected with ‘celebrititis’. It’s not about homos asking for tolerance but demanding they be celebrated by the entire world, even in places of worship. It’s not about blacks struggling for justice but howling to be placed on the pedestal of attention and affection REGARDLESS of how they act. It’s not about blacks condemning white bigotry and violence against blacks but about them bitching and yapping about how it’s unjust for blacks to be brought to justice for bad deeds and criminality. The Civil Rights Movement ran on, “Don’t hurt us”, but today, it’s more about “Shut up when we hurt you.” And of course, this is partly due to the fish rotting from the head. Jews are the ruling elites of the West, and they rigged things so that they have license to kill, steal, and feel(the shikses especially). With Jews having such power and privilege, why wouldn’t blacks and homos, two especially self-centered groups, demand similar affection, deference, and privilege? The new ‘leftism’ is about the nihilism of Jews, blacks, and homos intoxicated with idolatrous megalomania.

Jewish supremacists and globalist elites studied history. They know why the French King lost his head and why the Russian Tsar was mowed down. Them fellers were at least honest in their relation to the masses. They ruled over their subjects. The neo-aristos of Jews and globalists also rule over us, and in more ways than one, they are even more powerful and privileged than the kings and emperors of old. And they know the people may rise against them IF they are seen as the over-privileged ruling elites.

And so, they decided to appropriate, indeed confiscate, the cult of leftism for their own uses. This way, they can have the power of ultra-kings and uber-emperors BUT be shielded by their professed ‘leftism’. In actuality, they work against the people, but their mantle of ‘leftism’ creates the impression that they are for ‘progress’ and ‘justice’, aka ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion'(which only welcomes what Jews like and bans what Jews hate).

This is why today’s capitalists and globalists love it when idiot conzos call them ‘communists’ and ‘leftists’. Imagine that, conzo losers with little power/wealth calling super-duper capitalists and their well-funded flunkies a bunch of ‘communists’. Surely, the Jews are laughing. Imagine being a billionaire ultra-Zionist, but conzos call you a ‘communist’.

The right would do much better to adopt socialism, and why not? Nationalism is intrinsically socialist in this sense. It says, regardless of private property, a nation belongs equally to all its people. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor someone is. The nation belongs equally to the rich and the poor. Therefore, the rich national must make common cause with the poor national, at least as fellow patriots. He may be rich while the other is poor, but they are fellow nationals, and as such, there is a bond and obligation that goes beyond dollars and cents.

But globalist capitalism says that the Nation is an outdated and archaic idea. The only thing that matters is a system of global networks whereby the elites of the world all collude with another. The rich national has no obligation to fellow nationals. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Jews. While Jews push ultra-individualist libertarian or globo-universalist deracination for white goyim, they themselves have a sense of Jewish brotherhood and sisterhood. Even as they pressure whites to give up every last vestige of white identity and interest, they press upon whites to support Jewish identity and interests. Jews even got Jonathan Pollard sprung from prison, and the free Jew is now in Israel urging fellow Jews all over the world to betray goy nations for Jews Uber Alles. No wonder Jews grow stronger as a group while whites divide into successful white individuals and unsuccessful white individuals(who are derided by successful whites as ‘losers’). Rich Jews look out for lesser Jews, but rich whites sneer at have-less whites as ‘losers’ who should use opiates and die. If rich whites care for anything other than themselves, it is in accordance with the gods controlled by Jews. So, white goy elites sing paeans to Jews, homos, blacks, and even illegal immigrants while spewing venom at the ‘deplorables’.

3. Another factor is the catholicization or ‘christmasization’ of capitalism. Look back into Christian History, and Christianity was not a happy creed. It was about self-denial, sacrifice, poverty-as-virtue, turn-the-other-cheek, and righteous deeds. In contrast, paganism was a lot more fun and colorful. Paganism indulged in pleasure, appreciated beauty, celebrated life as a circus, and had space for vanity, narcissism, and egotism. The Greeks and especially the Romans knew how to have a good time. Christianity looked upon much of paganism as sinful, wicked, demonic, satanic, and degrading. Christianity was severe and spartan in its mode of life and expression. It was deeply ideological.

Yet, the Catholic Church rejected pure Christianism. It was too gloomy, depressing, and judgmental. And so, the Church found ways to fuse the spiritual righteousness of Christianity with the colorfulness of paganism. This way, the Catholics could have the cake and eat it too. Practice Christianity but in a colorful pagan way. Make the faith more festive and cheerful. Of course, the Church was careful to reject the more licentious aspects of paganism and shape paganesque expressions into something pious and sanctimonious.

Christianity in its spiritual purity was too stark and depressing for the Catholics who found a way to fuse Christian ideology with pagan idolatry. If pagans, lacking deep spiritual grounding, were drawn to Christianity’s profound faith, it was the case that Christians, lacking color and cheers, were drawn to the excitement offered by paganism. While some pagans rejected Christianity to the end while some Christians denounced all vestiges of paganism, the Catholic Church arrived at a synthesis of faith and festival. And this has been especially true of Christmas. Ostensibly a somber observance of the birth of Christ, it has turned into a kind of pagan bacchanalia of materialism, partying, and hijinks. Jesus and Santa.

In our post-Christian age, people of the West have been clamoring for new ‘spiritual’ meanings, and of course the Jews, as controllers of media, academia, and entertainment, get to choose the new gods. And the new gods are the globo-trinity of Jew Worship, Negro Reverence, and Homo Devotion. This new trinity constitutes the new faith. But just lamenting the Shoah, crying about Slavery, and recalling how homos used to be called ‘fags’ wouldn’t be much fun. They need color and excitement, sass and zing.

This is where the symbiotic partnership with ‘pagan’ capitalism comes in. Capitalism, often characterized as crass and trashy, is redeemed by its association with Sacred Jews, Noble Negroes, and Holy Homos. And in turn, the Jewish cause, black cause, and homo cause are made cool and fashionable by capitalist color. Consider the marketing that goes into AIPAC conferences. It’s like the freaking Emmy Awards night. Jews hire publicity firms to put on a big spectacle with fanfare and razzle-dazzle. Indeed, what is the Academy Awards ceremony about? Hollywood is mostly about marketing crass entertainment, but once a year, to burnish its image Hollywood puts on a big show about how it cares about art, quality, meaning, and values.

Even though the moralists and activists may resent the power of money, they are nevertheless dependent on and grateful for the money that comes their way. So, if Marxists sought to totally do away with capitalism, the neo-catholicist ‘left’ is happy to form a symbiotic relationship with Big Money. The Golden Calf is also the golden goose for the activist community.

Same goes for the so-called Green Energy movement. It’s really bait-and-switch. It’s about Jews invoking environmental concerns to replace goy-owned fossil-fuel industry with Jewish-owned fossil-fuel industry, except that the latter has been packaged with ‘green energy’ credentials when, in fact, most of the Jewish-backed industries are overwhelmingly run on fossil-fuel. (As for nuclear energy, Jews oppose its proliferation because other nations might, like Iran, have the potential to develop nukes. Whatever is good for Israel.) So, the Jewish oligarchs of ‘green energy’ aim to take over entire sectors of the energy industry, and the ‘green’ activist community is flush with donations. Even though the latter are mere tools, they like being in the limelight in their roles as the saviors of the planet. But then, the clergy played much the same function in European history. They mostly served the ruling elites but got housed in nice big churches and hogged positions as spiritual-moral voice of the community.

4. In a way, the fanfare around LGBTQ and BLM makes sense in accordance to the logic of capitalism. The favoritism for homos and blacks owes more to capitalist logic than socialist/Marxist logic. After all, capitalism is far more idolatrous than communism is. Granted, there were massive Stalin and Mao cults in Soviet Union and China. But the monopolization of iconography by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other top leaders meant that everyone else had to remain on the human level. In Cuba, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were like gods but everyone else was merely human, equal to others. And when Soviet Union did away with the cult of personality after Stalin’s death, the ideology was mostly humanist. It was a repressive and restrictive form of humanism but humanism just the same. Humans had value as humans, neighbors, comrades, fellow citizens, and etc. Not as idols, icons, stars, and divas.

And in a way, the West was wrong to assume that the communist world was about nonstop propaganda. While propaganda could be overbearing and shrill at times, most of the arts, culture, and entertainment in the communist world was humanist than ideological. They were about people faced with daily problems, something anyone in any part of the world would recognize. So, on one level, communism vs capitalism wasn’t entirely about radical propaganda vs apolitical pleasure.
It was also a matter of humanism vs stardom-ism. When youths in communist nations hankered for blue jeans, rock n roll records, and Western fads, they weren’t merely seeking escapism from ideology and dogma. They were bored with humdrum humanism and were besotted with the narcissism & celebrity-cult of the West. While some resisted communist ideology in favor of Western freedom, others rejected social humanism in favor of capitalist idolatry, i.e. they weren’t so much striving to be free than to fall under the spell of Western excess of vanity and diva-cults.

Apart from elevating Marx, Lenin, and some local ruler to high heaven, communism offered humanism as the proper mode for most people. Accept and appreciate people as people, as fellow workers, patriots, and comrades. Don’t put on airs like you’re something special. Don’t be aloof and ‘cool’ like you’re above the fray.
In contrast, especially with the rise of youth culture around Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and the Beatles, capitalism turned into a mass idolization of celebrities, stars, and divas. Nihilo-Narcissism pushed humanism aside in the West. The French New Wave got started with the humanist 400 BLOWS by Francois Truffaut. But on the eve of May 68 disaster, Jean-Luc Godard was already pondering the emergence of youth centered on ‘Marx and Coca-Cola’.

But over time, people forgot about Marx altogether, and if there are young Marxists today, they got it from The Clash or Rage Against the Machine, except that the Machine could easily appropriate the ‘rage’ that was never anything more than moral narcissism to parade onstage by shallow divas.

If the current order was truly about ‘cultural marxism’, then it would certainly not favor homos who are natural materialists, narcissists, egotists, and aristos. Homos have always been deferential to the rich, privileged, and/or famous. No wonder the US deep state is teeming with homos who work for NSA and CIA to smash other nations. And globo-homo agenda isn’t about tolerance for homos(a good thing) but compulsory celebration and deification of homos and trannies as new angels, even new messiahs.

As for the Negro agenda, one could argue it is more in line with ‘cultural marxism’. Negroes, after all, have roots in slavery, and many of them toiled in low-end jobs on farms and factories. But is that the reason why Negroes get so much attention? No, if that were so, how come browns don’t get the same level of attention? Browns were conquered by white Conquistadors and mostly toiled as peons and servants in South and North Americas. Even when white libby-dibs feigned outrage over Trump’s “kids in cages”, it was less about the illegals than about JEWS, i.e. border security reminded all these libby-dibs of Jewish Refugees during the Holocaust, LOL.
And if ‘cultural marxism’ is about the oppressed, why is there so little discussion of the American Indians, the most tragic people in the world who permanently lost their homeland to foreign invaders? And there’s hardly any talk of Palestinians and Arabs destroyed by Wars for Israel cooked up by Zionists.

So much for ‘cultural marxism’. So, the reason why blacks get special love is due to ‘cultural capitalism’, not ‘cultural marxism’. It owes less to the history of slavery or Jim Crow than black success in the idolatrous fields of capitalism, mainly in sports and pop music. It also helps that Jews own the media and much of sports industry and have much to profit from black ability and talent. And of course, Jews associate ‘white guilt’ with blackness because blackness is most potent in paralyzing white agency and unity.

After all, people feel more guilty about having done wrong to the superior than to the inferior. It’s like there’s more outcry over someone killing a big elephant than a runty warthog. As whites idolize Negroes as rappers, athletes, and super-studs in the capitalist-hedonist order, it’s only natural that so-called ‘woke’ capitalism would come to favor blacks and BLM mainly due to the higher idolatrous value of the Negro.

So, in a way, capitalism’s promotion of globo-homo and BLM isn’t so much a fusion of ‘right-wing capitalism’ with ‘leftwing ideology’ but the logical outcome of capitalism’s obsession with vanity and idolatry, finally leading to the moneyed apotheosis of whatever has the most ‘idolic’ value. It’s hard to think of two groups more narcissistic and exhibitionist than blacks and homos, and not surprisingly, under Jewish media orchestration, BLM and LGBTQ symbols are often displayed side by side. This is ‘cultural capitalism’.


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  1. Mark G. says:

    What you outlined is true. Another factor is that as the size of government and its ability to pass out various benefits has increased, it encourages wokeness. Normally individuals and small businesses have more difficulty influencing the government than large businesses who can afford to make large political donations and hire Washington lobbyists. In order to receive subsidies and gain favorable tax and regulatory treatment, not only will big businesses provide large political donations to those in power, but they will also fall in line on supporting whatever policies the governing elites are pushing for. Those policies are increasingly of the woke leftist variety.

    Eventually you’ll have almost a merging of big government and big business into a semi-fascist form of government. A lot of the political left in this country actually has intellectual roots in the various fascist movements of the early 20th century. While politically connected big businesses and those in government benefit from the current system, the average person is harmed by it.

  2. I really disagree with Jung-Freud in a lot of issues, but that tweet by Darren J. Beattie was spot-on:

    • Replies: @Franz
  3. When looking at “woke” shenanigans remember the 3 D’s that keep our elite in power: deception, distraction, division.

    Today’s wokeist, gender/racial/etc identity politics are perversions of progressive goals, designed and funded to defeat real improvement by the very interests that genuine “leftists” traditionally fight. The fluffy nonsense that saturates the controlled media simply distracts us from addressing the fundamental problem that is destroying our country, the rise of an antidemocratic elite hell-bent on dominating the world while it reduces the American homeland to a feudal society.

    A minister, more eloquent that I, has penned this insightful essay on the situation Give it some thought. With Washington’s mad rush to war with Russia and China, our collective survival is now literally on the line. Another interesting point of view is at

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  4. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Marxist-Zionism explains capitalist idolatry and glorification of “victim” Blacks and LGBTQ, if one considers “Zionism” to mean the avariciousness of soulless ((Jews)) and their agenda of using any exploitive and anarchal means necessary to undermine and overthrow Christendom and Western Civilization.

    So, in a way, capitalism’s promotion of globo-homo and BLM isn’t so much a fusion of ‘right-wing capitalism’ with ‘leftwing ideology’ but the logical outcome of capitalism’s obsession with vanity and idolatry, finally leading to the moneyed apotheosis of whatever has the most ‘idolic’ value. It’s hard to think of two groups more narcissistic and exhibitionist than blacks and homos, and not surprisingly, under Jewish media orchestration, BLM and LGBTQ symbols are often displayed side by side. This is ‘cultural capitalism’.

    ((Jews)) are using Blacks and LGBTQ as a tool to create anarchy in the diaspora while forcing the US Goverment to back wars for ((Jews)) and Zion from the left. This is why it’s so important to throw Judeofascist Israel in the left coalitions face at every opportunity possible.

    Zoglodyte useful idiots will eventually break. They always do. This includes “White Right” useful idiots and ZOG accomplices like Jared Taylor and the Banderites.

    ALL ((Jew)) stooges are to be spit upon as the retards and slaves they are and were always meant to be.

    The ((Jews)) too will eventually break when it is revealed on a mass scale how they’ve always used perverted rabbis, Talmudic ritualism, engineered wars and engineered social perversions and subversion to betray sane, civilized society.

    This Black+LGBTQ madness is just the latest iteration of the ((Jewish)) engineered 60s counter culture movement mentioned above.

  5. Mac_ says:

    Thought on the graphic blurb on street paint, the perpaganda street paint is graffiti. The cons stealing what was once a neat nature thing and turning it into some con symbol should make people mad. When was the last time saw a real rainbow by the way.

    In any event the con jabbering about marks on their street graffiti perpaganda, and, bragging ‘hoping surveilance cameras ‘. ., actually a thought for good people to have is hope some black spray lands on the cons ‘cameras’. all of them.

    Appreciate the article and graphics JF, much work. People should share.

  6. Some say Stalin was an anti-Semite, of all things!

    • Replies: @neutral
  7. Now, to be fair to the Jews, not all are pro-Black. Think of Meir Kahane for example.

  8. neutral says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Some say Stalin was an anti-Semite, of all things!

    I have read of him wanting to start a new purge at the end of his life, this purge would have included jews (still don’t know if this is true or not). If he did want to do this, then he probably realized too late in is life that it was jews that ruled the world and that they were the true enemy.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  9. Kali El says:

    Identity Politics serves the corporate world in 2 ways.

    1. It divides people. It tries to change the working class from seeing themselves as a member of the working class with the concomitant class-based concerns about wages, health care, housing costs, etc., which had unified their class in the past through unions and political activism, into seeing themselves as belonging to separate and atomized tribal group identities based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. Divide and conquer is the idea behind corporate support for Identity Politics. They are literally paying woke ideologues to promote separatism between different racial, sexual, and ethnic identities, and even hatred towards people of a different race or sexuality — through decrees on corporate HR policies. And of course by changing what is taught in school as well. Divide and conquer — it’s the oldest trick in the book.

    2. Identity politics promotes the idea that all you have to do to be a good person is to say that you support all the various racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender tribal agendas. Being an “ally” is all it takes to be considered a member of good standing from the new progressive worldview. A corporation may have terrible policies against unions, workers health and safety, and workers rights in general, but now they can be given a pass by the liberal new progressives by simply being “an ally” to the various identity groups. What does being an ally entail? Not much. Simply voicing your support, and if you have big money by giving money which is tax deductible to various identity based organizations and leaders. Then you are good to go with “progressives” and all who consider liberalism a virtue. From The New Progressive World Order

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  10. TG says:

    Hmm… A lot here, a bit out there in spots but not without merit.

    IMHO a lot of “wokeness” is just plain old divide and conquer. Rile up the proles and get them to fight each other.

    At least some of it may also be automatically generated. The big media companies want things that attract attention, but they can’t do anything that would upset the super rich. So stories about billionaires increasingly not paying any taxes, about “surprise” medical billing, about non-billionaires being condemned to a lifetime of debt slavery because the bankruptcy laws have been ‘reformed’ – can’t talk about that. But: we can talk about abortion after the first trimester (you may care but the rich don’t, either way), and white people are evil, and men should be able to use the women’s restroom. This material gets generated almost by default, because things of real importance are off limit, and the media needs SOMETHING punchy to run.

    But all hail Marx and Lennon!

    • Agree: MarkU
  11. MarkU says:

    The author is over-intellectualising as usual, its just plain old divide and conquer. They want us polarised and squabbling amongst ourselves while they rearrange the world for their own benefit. A backlash is inevitable and its all part of the plan, they will be promoting that too when the time comes.

  12. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Kali El

    A corporation may have terrible policies against unions, workers health and safety, and workers rights in general, but now they can be given a pass by the liberal new progressives by simply being “an ally” to the various identity groups.

    What about corporations with great records on unions, workers health, safety and rights, etc? What’s their motive for supporting divisiveness? Divisiveness is bad for business but good for ((Jews)) and their Marxist-Zionist stooges. Anarchy is bad for business but good for ((Jews)) and stooges. Chaos is bad for business but good for ((Jews)) and stooges…

    Marxist-Zionists are nothing but mass murdering psychopaths, troublemakers, and chaos agitators, all to serve international Zionism and the entitled “chosen” caste.

    Top Marxist scum aren’t useful idiots, they’re partners with Zionist scum, and ought to be executed with them. Soulless, hyper-materialistic, mass murderous scum.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Mac_
  13. @neutral

    Of course, sometimes I wonder if Hitler mistook Stalin for a Jewish person. That could explain everything.

  14. Mac_ says:
    @Chris Moore

    Some note, the cons and jews are anarchists, in tribe or cabals, pretending to be ‘govt state’ and media and large corporations etc, their ‘system’ cons beside religion. anarchism and voluntary tribalism, making effort to stop them and get their weapons and otherwise making effort for our future is or would be bad for them, not good.

    They diminish anarchism, and conflate tribalism communism with fake govt communism, so dupes fail to make real connect with others in same effort, as the cons do in their schemes.

    The con of unions or ‘good corporations or werker benefits’ was only temporary fake version communism so selfish dupes such as police or teechers would ignore larger schemes, mass in-migration, false wars, bailouts, takeover of food supply, offshore product jobs etc. The selfish bait worked, much destruction and continues. Selfish will get their due soon enough. People forget predator drones.

    Temporary communism falsely baited or directed by others and only based on false money or materialism isn’t real. Responsible anarchism and tribalism is how we evolved, and failure of continuing that, going along with false ‘state’ and ‘money, instead,people de-volved, as neanderthals were smarter and better than most people now. When they got wind of schemes or tribe that threatened them they got out the clubs, they didn’t sit around ignoring.

    That said agree with the point on division, as point otherwise, another of their schemes, so we don’t make our own connections, and on zionists cabalers partnering with others and their intents and zero soul. People fail to factor the sickness of torture.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  15. Franz says:
    @Brás Cubas

    that tweet by Darren J. Beattie was spot-on

    Right you are my friend.

    The Jewish oligarchs started barking in 1977 when the American steel industry started outsourcing to Asia — hatred for the US working class was the motive and dispossession was the goal.

    Now that they made it happen, let them start a war with China — while we pick up the Isolationist movement that disbanded in 1941 and THIS time absolutely NO soldiers from the working class, AT ALL, ever.

    Hope Joe and Kamala can handle a BAR on their own, he-he.

  16. The small hats no doubt used greed and gluttony to play the western people and put them under their thumb. I’m not sure some kinda ideology/political-economic system is needed to break free. Race and ethno-cultural consciousness is what’s needed. Nearly all white Americans have forgotten their ancestry and all identify as some kinda tame “white American”, whatever the hell that is. Time to look inside and get to your roots. It gives an immense sense of pride and meaning.

  17. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Temporary communism falsely baited or directed by others and only based on false money or materialism isn’t real.

    Agree. That was Marxism. That is Marxist-Zionism. Marxist-Zionism is ((Jews)) transitioning the world into worship of the “chosen” caste in all respects. M-Z is ((Jews)) removing the soul from humanity (their latest gambit is the “vaccines”) and conspiring to elevate themselves to the Zion permanent ruling class, guarded by soulless Zoglodyte useful idiots happily working for table scrabs from ZOG’s feasts, and killing off the last of Christendom and civilized humanity.

    This process is “permanent revolution.”

    The Judas Class are their ring of accomplices who are selling out their own people (in some cases, their own children) for a cut of the take.

    In fact, the ((Jews)) turn their own children into a “chosen” sect of Zoglodytes by communally surrendering their souls to the rabbis early on, and then letting them scrap it out until top ((Jews)) emerge from the fray, (today, like like Netanyahu, Harrari, the top neocons and Trotskyite operatives, Schumer, Soros, the Emanuel brothers, etc. for example).

    Only Christendom provides the human race the intellectual tools to comprehend the evil of these monsters. No one else can even come close to fathoming their depths, let alone articulate what they’re up to.

    I’m not sure if all of them understand how evil, warped and demented they are, although I know most top ((Jews)) and their top Zoglodyte stooges fully understand.

    Jesus Christ eventually got it, and declared them the “synagogue of Satan” and “of their father, the Devil.” Before that, Moses eventually got it, and summarily eviscerated them.

    So it can be done, “on earth as it is in heaven.” But it takes personal sacrifice, and balls of steel. Both Moses and Jesus had balls of steel. Christendom once had balls of steel, until ((Jews)) and their stooges infiltrated and putrefied it.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  18. @brostoevsky

    Yeah I agree. American whiteness just means you’re of mostly European ancestry and have adopted the generic Anglo-Celtic anti-culture of not having big family celebrations, not having elaborate religious rituals and festivities, not helping out your cousins, not being able to recite poetry or sing folk songs, etc. It’s about obeying the law, being a corporate drone, and, in your meager free time, pursuing whatever freakish individual identity you please.
    There is an authentic, intelligible white American nation – the Scotch-Irish Appalachian culture – but I’m sure that even white nationalists recognize that the philistine redneck identity has very limited appeal even among red-pilled whites.
    This is why white nationalism is destined to fail. It claims to be broad-based but fails to take into account that whites outside the Anglosphere – even the light-skinned elites of Latin America who hold the browns in contempt – identify with their own particular ethnicity over their race, and are uninterested in the decadent Anglo anti-culture.

  19. Thomasina says:

    Chris Hedges might have a good heart (he certainly believes he does), but the second line of his essay begins with: “The engines of white supremacy…..” He then devotes a whole paragraph telling us how much worse off minorities are than whites.

    I get his point, that these minorities are being used by the ruling establishment. So is everybody.Someone in the comments mentioned that BLM is a top-down, not bottom-up, organization as they were given a $100 million grant from the Ford Foundation. BLM were given this money in order to deflect anger towards a particular group – whites – and yet Hedges says nothing about this.

    I can picture him now in his little prison “classes”, pandering to the blacks about how they’ve been held down. He’s doing this in a very controlled environment, surrounded by guards. These prisoners have nowhere else to go and nothing better to do, so he says, “I know, let’s write a play.” He’s not teaching a class of inner-city black teenagers, he’s not living in a black neighborhood, he’s not being held up at gunpoint at the ATM, he’s not being raped.

    Hedges strikes me as simplistic, delusional, a utopian. He sees himself as a savior of the downtrodden, but in his mind whites are not in this category. He never names names. Who is running this ruling establishment, Chris? Name them!

    He also should be writing about how the white population is being ripped apart, but he doesn’t want to do that, does he? That doesn’t sell books. What sells books is to disregard things like responsibility, morality, trust in favor of race.

    He’s also a bimbo on climate change.

    • Replies: @MacOisdealbhtoo
  20. The Russians and Germans, especially under Stalin and Hitler respectively, did achieve one thing: they made the US seem good by contrast. That way, it was much easier to rally around the flag, for “Americans”. In this way, they were useful to the US Military Industrial Complex, because such exterior threats made “Americans” believe in it.

  21. Bank run starting tomorrow will put a stop to this derangement. Nothing makes finance wake up more than shareholders crying over their dividends, but this is still magicians trick bs.

    Watching Bourne legacy again, the lab scene where an obvious mk ultra scientist kills all the Outcome Dr.s.

    Made me want to recap since Rong U our fearless night desk clerk aka cut out has been ghosting my comments lately, he knows I was all over this covid psy op from before day one, but I just don’t post my number of u 2be posts reviews like he does, have to make the overlords earn their $.

    Recap As follows:

    WinnipegLab slips in HIV link to vaxx weapon

    CCP operatives kicked out of same lab Aug 2019, and of course tell their paymasters in Beijing

    Dr Plummer HIV guru for Dr Faki knocked off in Kenya
    ( sounds like World Clue Game🤣)

    Vaxx prepped at Fort Dietrich

    Wuhan World Military games Nov 2019 flu aka covid spread all over town by randy USA team that wins no gold medals at all,

    Indian Scientists blow the whistle on Engineered components of natural Fauci flu in a Great Game India, starts Fauci panic that’s all over Washington now

    Charles Lieber sends proof of D o D weapon to his paymasters in Beijing saying it’s a go

    CCP operatives caught at a Logan A P ( was not the Towers x three staged from Logan too)

    Instead on one patient zero there are many from Military games spreading bad flu all over Europe and M East.

    Bergamo coffin psyop and false pandemic news is spread on cnn

    Lockdowns begin, clot shots are conveniently ready to go

    The Donald in his Hubris induced state ordered the rollout under advice from HSS and the Secretary

    All goes according to plan, but CCP one step ahead and don’t use free shots provided,

    Truckers, Farmers and other assorted freedom fighters give gq public enough time to understand the scam

    Elon rides in on white horse with white hat , but ……..

    Twitter files released but…….

    Now you know why Julian A was put away, he would have been all over this.

    The PTB know and have known since JFK that there will never be pushback, they killed him , murdered in public, and no one did a thing.

    So they killed everyone after him that mattered, almost like a Philip K Dick novel Dr Futurity, go back in time and kill all our hero’s before they save us all.

    Hope Vladdy gets really mad and drops a dagger on Washington.

    Wow Bourne Legacy has more layers than I realized the first 5 times I watched it.

    They always tell us what’s coming, always, its how they sleep at night, “ we told them, if they take the shot, it’s their call”


  22. @Thomasina

    He failed us on covid, Caitlin as well, and Pilger,
    Eff them and anyone who went along with the psy op without the balls to say something.

  23. Thomasina says:

    “He failed us on covid, Caitlin as well, and Pilger.”

    I was unaware of this fact. All three of them? That’s disturbing.

  24. Brian2023 says:

    Excellent piece. However I would like to comment on the reference to Nick Fuentes and the desire to avoid using white racial consciousness as a means to distract from Jewish Power.

    I think Nick has a great observation but then it’s misses the plot. The entire basis of ‘race’ and ‘color’ categories in first place is to enable the obfuscation of the ethnic and religious warfare that underlies the conflict in the West. As long as brainwashed and secularized Europeans self classify themselves as ‘whites’, which is negative category to begin with, and disown their ethnic and religious identity, which is real, principle based, universal and genuine, it is easy for Jews or any other group to demonize Europeans as evil, racist, white supremacists collectively as a group. The same method worked so well for the enslavement and colonization of the ‘blacks’ for similar reasons. I am not sure why Europeans feel compelled to stick with this false identity as if it’s immutable. The pigmentocracy of the Anglo Saxon West is the very system that enables Jews to remain invisible as a group under the veil of whiteness and at the same time dominate as a group. Liberation 101 would indicate that an oppressed group should never internalize the commands and labels of the oppressor. Sun Tzu even notes one must know thyself and ones enemies (‘the distinction in morals, tactics, history and lineage). I see the West as largely a case study in collective historical amnesia. We forgot who we are and what we stand for, trying to see which ‘passport’ is real only to realize all but one are contrived and used to weaponize you ethnicity in service of another group against your interests. I am always reminded why Chinese people do not self identify as ‘Yellow’ rant about ‘Yellow NATIONALISM, and race realism. It’s absurd. They are fortunate to know their lineage, language, history and religion, despite extreme attempts to erase it with Maoism, communism and socialism. What was done to the blacks to make them good slaves is what was is now being done to the ‘whites’. They were stripped of their religion, their morals, their lineage, their ethnicity and turned into useful cattle to be consumed and discarded at will. Hitler and others like him were foolishly led to believe they could ‘invent’ pseudo identity based on pagan myths to replace Christian and ethnic identity. Colors and myths are no match for real history and universal morality.

  25. @Brian2023

    I am not sure what you said about Hitler was right. Still, you are on point with your mention of the term White. Whites, especially White Anglo Saxon Protestants, are vilified above all others. But, before anything else, let us drop the term “American” from the lexicon. US Citizens, of whatever race or creed, should simply be referred to as US Citizens.

  26. I never thought of it. But, the Chinese do not self identify as Yellow, or talk of Yellow Nationalism. You have a point there. Thank you very much!

  27. Most people, here and abroad, refer to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as America, and refer to some, but not all US Citizens as Americans. As I have gotten older, this slowly begun to irritate me. And on the are occasions that they do refer to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they forget to write it out in full caps. And, of those Americans, so called, some Americans are considered more American than others.

    As far as I am concerned, the very term “American” should be dropped from the lexicon, altogether. Let us forget we ever used that word. All US Citizens should actually be referred to as US Citizens, regardless of race or creed. And, I am most especially annoyed by such terms as “Irish American” and “Italian American.” For, why does it very much matter what one’s exact Ethnic Background is, provided, of course, that one does not exhibit Ethnic Pride? After all, it is bad enough we have to be patriotic to “America.”

    Orwellian deceptive language, it would seem, existed far before we had ever come up with “Political Correctness.”

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  28. anarchyst says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Looking back through American history, states WERE considered to be separate entities, with a voluntary, loose confederation, the “federal government” called the “united States of America”.
    The only stated purposes of the federal government were to raise armies (from the several states) in case of invasion by outside sources, deliver the mail, coin money, and resolve interstate disputes between “the several states”, nothing more.
    Citizens of the “several states” considered themselves to be citizens of their respective states, NOT “citizens of the united States”.
    A citizen residing in Virginia was considered to be a citizen of Virginia, NOT a “citizen of the united States”. Likewise, a citizen residing in Georgia was considered to be a citizen of Georgia, and the like.
    Notice that the word “united” is not capitalized which is uncapitalized in the documents of those times.
    This all ended with the “War of Northern Aggression” which greatly expanded the powers of the federal government and subordinated the states to the (external) control of the federal government.
    One could safely argue that the states that were “(re)admitted to the Union” did so under duress; any agreements signed could be considered “null and void”. The end of “reconstruction” was based on the states signing “non-secession” agreements, as a condition of being readmitted to the “union” which was a way to force the states to succumb to the will of the federal government. Duress, indeed.
    To Texas politicians’ credit, the state of Texas never signed a “non-secession” statement subordinating itself to the power of the federal government.
    It would be interesting to see what the feds would do if Texas decided to “go on its own”. Texas, possesses its own electrical power grid and could easily divorce itself from both the eastern and western power grids if it chose secession.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  29. @anarchyst

    Countries are Social Constructs, if anything. After all, their borders are not based on anything, except lines on a map. “America” being the biggest Social Construct of them all. The US fought in The Second World War to create a meaningless sense of Nationalism among US Citizens. I am not sure though why we are supposed to feel that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was really any better, or any different, than Adolf Hitler. Both were war mongering demagogues who lied their respective citizens into the sickest war that ever happened in all of history!

  30. Blacks envy Whites, and anyone else!

  31. @Brian2023

    White, black, brown, yellow(or Asian) matter in the US because race is the one thing that lingers despite attempt at Americanization.

    Most people who came to the US forgot their cultures and languages of origin. They decided to become Good Americans. Culture of origin could easily be shed in one’s adoption of the new culture. But race is one thing that remains.
    Suppose white Anglos in the US had enslaved Polacks instead of Africans. Upon emancipation, Polacks would have just become Americans, much like no one really thinks about which Russians were once part of the serf caste. But race is one thing that can’t be eradicated. No matter how much whites and blacks try to be ‘American’, whites remain whites and blacks remain black. And browns are visibly brown, and yellows(or Asians) are visibly Asian.

    While there is no yellow/Asian nationalism in Asia, there is a kind of ‘yellow’ or Asian group identity in the US. Various Asian groups — Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc — lose their cultures of origin and try to become Americans. But they are still RACIALLY Asian, and thus they form a kind of pan-Asian or yellow identity that is lacking in Asia.

    Americanism is about losing one’s culture of origin to become An American. So, various ethnic groups from Europe lost their cultures and forgot their languages. Most only know Americanism and the American-English language. But even as they lose their ethnicity — French, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, etc, — they remain white. The only exception is the Jews whose identity is rooted in Covenant thinking and defined by defiance against assimilation(even as Jews adapt to new surroundings).

    Looking to the future, whiteness or race identity isn’t enough. It has to be re-rooted to culture and history, especially as American Culture has become utterly decrepit and retarded. All white Americans should retrace their cultural roots and favor those roots over America, which is now garbage that is even turning the Old World into garbage. The Americanization of Europe is tragic.

    If a white American is of various ethnic groups, say Italian and Irish, he should choose at least one and learn about it in a deep manner.

  32. The ruling creed around these parts these days, and for a very long time before now, is plain old-fashioned materialism. If it was a matter of actual Natural Fact that the overwhelming preponderance of All There Is was really made-up exclusively of materials, having that be the principal object of Human concern and attention would make some sense.

    The merely material, though, is actually almost nothing-at-all of All There Is. All “The Science” confirms this, as does all our actual everyday lived experience, and it is of-course duly reflected in what might be called the distilled and collective wisdom (as distinct from the mere “knowledge”) possessed by our Kind.

    So obsessing about what is only a very little of what we are actually all together living-and-breathing in the midst of everyday, to the neglect of the very much greater portion, is clearly a recipe for being set-up for and set-upon by one Black Swan Event after another, as the material “sphere” is constantly being infiltrated and buffeted-about by The Everything Else that is more-or-less evident to us by its effects, but not otherwise directly accessible to our physical senses or even to the electro-mechanical enhancements and extensions of those senses contrived to broaden and deepen their reach.

    In “ the material world” there is often felt a strong impulse, among those seemingly confined to it, to name and define The Everything Else, so as to at-least bring it within the ambit of their awareness, even though not necessarily of their “control.” A popular catch-all term for it has been “The Spiritual.”

    That essentially invented “realm” has historically been populated, in the imaginations of those often feeling exiled from what they feel to be their “true home,” by all manner of entities benevolent and otherwise who are to be propitiated and beseeched, as needed, so as to mitigate their “negative” and maximize their “positive” influences upon the material conditions of what is generally perceived to be this only 4-dimensional existence.

    The Natural Fact is that what people prefer to designate the purely material or physical, is actually so inseparably permeated and intermingled with The Everything Else that it is finally not possible to draw any line anywhere between them. Yet the inclination to do that persists.

    Meanwhile, the LivingLoving Arrangement of Earth and Sky here has its own Organic Imperatives. A particularly urgent one these days is delivering Earth of the new Kind She has been gestating now for very nearly the whole term required for its development to the appropriate stage for emerging out of The Living Waters of Life Herownself and into The Living Light of Love Hisownself. It is just these implacable and irresistible birth pangs which at-present effectively determines everything else going-on here.

    As it happens, there are some not-from-around-here tormenting entities also “in-attendance,” who are dead-set against this Natural Process coming naturally to its Natural Fruition. They see this new Kind as an existential threat to their own. So they are trying frantically to prevent its birth. This desperate attempt to induce a “partial-birth” abortion accounts for “The Great Reset” and all of the accompanying meant-to-be-lethal assaults on the LivingLoving Arrangement, and aimed particularly at its Human Component, making the overall condition our Condition is in these days so exceedingly iffy.

    A main objective of all that craziness is to keep our precious Human attention focused exclusively on “the material world,” while these tormentors try to use their temporarily somewhat more effective access to The Everything Else to prevent the live birth of this Kind they see as their nemesis. For our part, recovering our own access to so much more (than so many of us have presently) of All There Is, is the vital Organic Imperative now.

    The Way to do this is to get-over the crippling sickness infecting so many of our domesticated Sisters and Brothers, that is their very own too precious “self”….which captures so much of their precious attention, keeps them subject abjectly to the tormentors’ rule-of-fear, and renders them effectively incapable of fulfilling our Organic Function within the LivingLoving Arrangement as a component of its natural immune system. The Birth will occur with or without the beneficial participation of these currently co-opted Humans. It’ll be better for All Concerned, though, if they’re with us surviving Free Wild Peoples of every Kind here in Indian Country, rather than otherwise.

    Anyhow, all those captivating “isms” are nothing but “wasms” now. Their die-hard adherents are all about to become “has-beens.” Who with any sense will “opt” for that fate?

  33. Alrenous says: • Website

    Because it wasn’t Capitalism. It was Fascism – public “private” “partnership.” And Fascism is a type of theocracy, so yes the “private” “partners” would be forced to adhere to the catechism.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  34. @Alrenous

    It was Fascism – public “private” “partnership.”

    Such generic definition of fascism is useless because anything could be called fascist. Most systems are mixed economies, and the US was ‘fascist’ from the beginning.

    Using that label, you can tag just about anyone as ‘fascist’.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  35. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Fascism can be diagnosed with six factors.

    1. Dogmatism and xenophobia. (Racists / non-Germans not allowed.)
    2. Utopianism and rejection of wu wei. (Can’t leave anything alone.)
    3. Obsession with the Plot of the State Enemy. (A designated xeno to be phobic of.)
    4. Monogenderism. (Germany was only male, America is only female.)
    5. Newspeak. (They have to make up new terms to describe old things.)
    6. Demotism with unprincipled exceptions. (It’s always ‘for the people’ except it can’t be so it isn’t.)

    If you don’t have a mandatory dogma, it’s not Fascism. If it’s not a theocracy, it can’t be Fascism. If there’s no designated heretic (for early America, the British) it’s not Fascism. If they use natural language instead of bureaucratisms, it’s not Fascism.

    I suppose I can sharpen point 6 a lot. If there’s an acknowledgement of, or respect for, the biological hierarchy, it’s not Fascism.

    The reason I can tag just about anyone as Fascist is because they’re all Fascist.
    Putin and Xi are anti-Fascist. They’re salami-slicing in reverse. That’s about it.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  36. @Alrenous

    1. Dogmatism and xenophobia. (Racists / non-Germans not allowed.)

    Then, the Chinese who were into isolation were fascists.

    2. Utopianism and rejection of wu wei. (Can’t leave anything alone.)

    Then all of modern Western history is fascist. Modernism can’t leave anything alone.

    3. Obsession with the Plot of the State Enemy. (A designated xeno to be phobic of.)

    So-called democracies have always been obsessed with the enemy. Britain was far more paranoid of Germany than vice versa. If anything, Hitler wanted good terms with UK. So, ‘democratic’ UK was fascist too.

    4. Monogenderism. (Germany was only male, America is only female.)

    ??? So, what are Muslim countries?

    5. Newspeak. (They have to make up new terms to describe old things.)

    Did Mussolini come up with new term for ‘communism’? I think he referred to them as ‘communists’. And I don’t think Nazis cooked up new terms for Jews. They were just Jews.

    6. Demotism with unprincipled exceptions. (It’s always ‘for the people’ except it can’t be so it isn’t.)

    Same in the West. Notice the Jew-run West calls any nation ‘autocratic’ even if the regime won by democratic means. But Ukraine is ‘democratic’ cuz Jews like it.

    Your definition of ‘fascism’ isn’t something fascists would accept. It’s just a jumble of negative characteristics, or ‘anything bad is fascist’. But all those features are present in every political system, albeit in a selective manner. The West is currently very ‘xenophobic’ about Russia and China.

    What happened after WWII is that Western intellectuals decided to define ‘fascism’ as just ‘bad stuff’. So, they take all the negative features of their own societies and project them onto ‘fascists’.
    This is why both the right and the left accuse each other of ‘fascism’ cuz ‘fascist’ now just means ‘bad stuff.’

    This is ludicrous.

  37. Alrenous says: • Website

    Then, the Chinese who were into isolation were fascists.

    Both making the treasure ships and subsequently banning them was a deeply leftist move, yes. Irresponsible. Earlier they did paper money, not coincidentally. Result: conquered by England. Gnon disapproved.
    However, proper isolation contradicts point 2 – they were very explicitly leaving everyone else alone, and at least in that way they were anti-Fascist. Perhaps they were trying to repent of their leftism. With futility, but deep feeling.

    Then all of modern Western history is fascist. Modernism can’t leave anything alone.

    At least since 1694, but probably earlier.
    Europeans are known for their insufferable sanctimoniousness.

    So-called democracies have always been obsessed with the enemy.

    Indeed. Athens was also Fascist.

    ??? So, what are Muslim countries?

    Dunno, I haven’t looked into it. They’re definitely leftist in the sense they’re wildly irresponsible.

    Did Mussolini come up with new term for ‘communism’?

    Yes. He called it Fascism. The difference between national communism and international communism is not relevant to anyone who isn’t a communist.
    Mussolini also banned individual letters. Extremely Orwellian. Creating Newspeak is always paired with (trying to) ban Oldspeak. See also: simplified Chinese.

    Your definition of ‘fascism’ isn’t something fascists would accept.

    My definition of “a liar” is not something a liar would accept? You don’t say. Or rather, tiresome.

    If that’s a valid move, then I un-accept your definition of “ludicrous.” It (allegedly) applies to me but I don’t accept it, therefore it’s wrong. Checkmate atheists or whatever.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  38. @Alrenous

    My definition of “a liar” is not something a liar would accept?

    Not true. Even a liar would accept the standard definition of ‘liar’: someone who twists the truth and makes shit up. Even a thief would accept the standard definition of ‘thief’: someone who steals. Even a gangster would accept the standard definition of ‘gangster’: someone involved in organized crime.

    A liar may lie that he’s not a liar but he would agree with the definition of liar.

    In contrast, the definition of ‘fascism’ was mostly imposed by the outside, and it came to mean ‘whatever is bad’ or ‘whatever we don’t like’. George Orwell noted it came to mean just about anything deemed negative. So, communists said capitalists are fascist, and capitalists said communists are fascist. Marxists argued fascism was just the brutal face of capitalism where thugs did the bidding of the oligarchic class. Libertarian types argue fascism is a kind of socialism because it’s statist.

    It’s all ridiculous, and you are a mental prisoner of this silliness.

    Can fascism be dark and dangerous? Yes, but precisely because it’s so starkly honest about the true nature of power. Fascism strips off the clothes and reveals the true anatomy of power and then weaves new clothing that expresses that truth. No doubt the first attempt at fascism was a colossal failure, but in the 21st century, whatever is GOOD about China and Russia owes to crypto-fascism: mix of capitalism and socalism, buttressed by nationalism and normativism(with tolerance for deviance), respect for tradition but acceptance of modernity and progress. That balance of elements is true fascism.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  39. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Even a thief would accept the standard definition of ‘thief’: someone who steals.

    Empirically false. Nearly every thief in the world will tell you they’re not stealing. They’ll tell you they deserve it.

    Even a gangster would accept the standard definition of ‘gangster’: someone involved in organized crime.

    Nope. Gangsters call themselves Goodfellas, not Badfellas. At best they’ll tell you everyone else is a criminal too, just like them.

    In contrast, the definition of ‘fascism’ was mostly imposed by the outside, and it came to mean ‘whatever is bad’ or ‘whatever we don’t like’.

    It was imposed from the inside, by Fascists, who use it to describe anti-Fascism. No wonder, when they use it, it sounds incoherent. Also, I just described it in detail, so apparently since last week you forgot how to read.

    I’m going to assume this is a rhetorical play and you’re not actually that stupid.

    George Orwell noted it came to mean just about anything deemed negative.

    George Orwell never properly repudiated Fascism, and thus this falls under: Fascists deliberately mis-describing Fascism for camouflage.

    So, communists said capitalists are fascist

    America is not a capitalist country, so no. They said Fascists were Fascist, as a way of deflecting attention from the fact that Stalin was a Fascist. Russia was of course a masculine Fascism, so the other sect’s gender difference and Holy Enemy difference was enough for everyone captured by the narcissism of small differences.

    Marxists argued fascism was just the brutal face of capitalism where thugs did the bidding of the oligarchic class.

    And they were just lying, since the Owenites taught all Communists that if you describe Communism in plain language, nobody buys it. As per usual they were describing themselves, rather than the other they said they were describing.

    Libertarian types argue fascism is a kind of socialism because it’s statist.

    Libertarians are a kind of Fascist. They lose because they don’t commit properly to Fascism.

    you are a mental prisoner of this silliness.

    You’re a mental prisoner? Yes, that seems right. E.g. you’re pretending you forgot how to read and reciting catechism at me. Yes, I’ve heard the Satanist catechism before, thanks. Still not interested in joining. For some reason.

    Yes, but precisely because it’s so starkly honest about the true nature of power.


    with tolerance for deviance


    whatever is GOOD about China and Russia owes to crypto-fascism: mix of capitalism and socalism,

    Both Putin and Xi are anti-Fascist. Their countries improve every time they remove a strip of socialism.
    The Egalitarian fundamentalist literally cannot see responsible power. They think it has to be irresponsible faceless central bureaucrats, but, like, good this time because not heretics.
    Xi and Putin’s jurisdictions work because they’re partly feudalist, not socialist.

    Fascism strips off the clothes and reveals the true anatomy of power and then weaves new clothing that expresses that truth.

    Yup, mental prisoner. Meaningless bafflegab.
    >”and it came to mean ‘whatever is good’ or ‘whatever we like’”
    >”It’s all ridiculous”

    That balance of elements is true fascism.

    “if it works it must be thing I like”

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  40. @Alrenous

    Empirically false. Nearly every thief in the world will tell you they’re not stealing.

    You misunderstand. Thieves steal and lie about it, but they are agreed on the MEANING of ‘thief’. Thieves denying being thieves but agree that ‘thief’ is someone who steals.

    Nope. Gangsters call themselves Goodfellas, not Badfellas. At best they’ll tell you everyone else is a criminal too, just like them.

    LOL. ‘Goodfellas’ doesn’t mean they believe they’re good. It means they are goodfellas to one another, part of a gang. They take pride in being bad and in being ‘good fellas’ among the killers and thieves.

    George Orwell never properly repudiated Fascism, and thus this falls under: Fascists deliberately mis-describing Fascism for camouflage.

    Whatever Orwell did or did not do, he was correct that after WWII, the word just became all-purpose definition of ‘whatever is bad’, usually blamed on the OTHER guy.

    They said Fascists were Fascist, as a way of deflecting attention from the fact that Stalin was a Fascist.

    No, it wasn’t just Moscow. Even many Marxists in the West argued that fascism was just late-stage capitalism where the ownership class dropped their ‘liberal’ mask and showed their true face of brutality and force. They argued that Mussolini and Hitler were really tools of the capitalist class, and they regarded the war between ‘democratic’ UK and Nazi Germany as a war between capitalist-imperialists. That’s why Stalin was eager to have UK/France and Germany fight it out while USSR remained out of the war. It was when Germany invaded the USSR that the Marxist line on fascism changed as the USSR had to make common cause with the capitalist powers.

    And they were just lying, since the Owenites taught all Communists that if you describe Communism in plain language, nobody buys it.

    No, plenty of Marxists really believe fascism was just capitalism using police state tactics to guard their power from the proletariat. There was some truth to this because both Fascism and National Socialism succeeded due to support from the bourgeoisie that feared Bolshevism.

    Both Putin and Xi are anti-Fascist. Their countries improve every time they remove a strip of socialism.

    No, Russia went gangster capitalist in the 1990s, and Putin added more layers of statism to the economy. Xi publicly stated that China became too materialist and market-driven and moved toward greater statism.

    “if it works it must be thing I like”

    The proof is in the pudding. True fascism works better than any other system. Why do you think Jews discourage fascism among others? Because it works terrifically for Jews in Israel. Jews want fascism only for themselves.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  41. @Priss Factor

    I would go so far as to say that Zionism is merely the Jewish equivalent of Nazism!

    • Agree: Alrenous
  42. Alrenous says: • Website

    I misunderstand on purpose

    That goes without saying.

    Fasicsts denying being Fascists but agree that ‘Fascist’ is someone who matches the six diagnostic points.

    Only Fascists who openly call themselves Fascist disagree.

    Yes, Goodfellas was chosen exactly because they cooperate with each other (are “good”) in a way law-abiding citizens do not cooperate with each other. Mafia members do indeed claim to be superior, rather than inferior, to non-criminals.

    Whatever Orwell did or did not do, he was correct that after WWII, the word became the Fascist’s favourite term for whatever a Fascist didn’t like.

    You really worded that one weird.

    Even many Marxists in the West argued that fascism was just late-stage fascism where the upper fascist class dropped their ‘egalitarian’ mask and showed their true face of brutality and force. They argued that Mussolini and Hitler were really tools of the fascist class, and they regarded the war between ‘fascist’ UK and Nazi Germany as a war between fascists.

    Yeah Marxists sound really dumb when you convert their writing from Satanic to English.

    It was when national-fascist Germany invaded the USSR that the international-fascist line on fascism changed as the USSR had to make common cause with the feminine-fascist powers.

    No, plenty of Fascists really believe fascism was just fascism using police state tactics to guard their power from the proletariat.

    So by ‘no’ you mean yes. Nifty.

    N.B. Capitalism is when you own things only by buying them. You get things you pay for and don’t get things you don’t pay for. Very simple. If it’s not responsible it’s not Capitalism. Police states are inherently irresponsible, as are individual policemen.

    Russia went criminal anti-capitalist in the 1990s, outlawing self-defence and law enforcement using State power.

    Roving bandit vs. stationary bandit. When security is illegal, naturally crime and poverty will result.

    Putin removed certain critical layers of statism from the economy.

    Xi publicly stated that China became too materialist and market-driven and moved toward greater statism.

    This is what’s known as a ‘lie.’ Politicians lie. You may have heard about this.
    Public statements are, of course, for the State department, not for internal use. Especially in China.

    Xi was using a euphemism for American anti-security policies, such as the fact it’s illegal for publicly-traded companies to care about anything further than 3 months away. Also the fact it’s legal in America to metaphorically buy your house out from under you.
    It is legal to run over toddlers in America. It’s not vehicular manslaughter unless it’s at a crosswalk and the light is green. That’s not “market-driven” that’s just legalized crime, as a result of bribes, primarily from GM.
    Xi therefore strengthened bureaucrat positions. E.g. if they’re unelected they don’t need election contributions so that’s a bribe path shut down right there. That’s not “statism” that’s just not being a moron.
    Xi’s idea is to secure bureaucrats entirely so they don’t need bribes at all; so they can safely refuse every bribe without any risk.
    Xi (and Deng) also put great effort into hiring lords instead of peasants, so they have some idea of what they’re doing. Personnel is policy.

    Moving from corrupt crimelord mafia Statism to secure Mandarin Statism is a sidegrade on the Statism front.

    There have also been many pro-market moves. China is easily far less Communist than America is. Primarily, just as bureaucrats need bribes to keep their offices, businesses need to give bribes to stay in business. With all the bribes shut down in China, businesses can – get this – mind their own business. You don’t need permission to buy and sell and you’re not constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul. Result: Shenzen is clearly richer than any American city, despite having less than half the GDP/head.

    They just need to realize the central bank has to go. They keep praising Mao and G. Khan, so my hopes aren’t high…
    China isn’t going to dominate the world. They will suck less than America, but ultimately suicide the same way. Just a lot slower.

    If you had a real country, you would secure the bureaucrats so much they could sell their bureaucracy. Make it their personal property. In fact, Haier already does this. But not, as in America, be forced to sell if an indifferent court full of strangers decided someone had offered a “fair” price.

    The proof is in the pudding. When something works better than any other system, it is by definition the thing I like, and therefore someone like me should be in charge of it.

    Why do you think Fascists discourage alternative sects of Fascism, along with discouraging Capitalism, by calling it Fascist?

    Lies have a shelf-life. Self-proclaimed Fascism has expired and shown to be a terrible idea, and thus it’s a) a good sneer word and b) it’s extremely important for the Fascist to put everyone else on the defensive by first accusing them of Fascism.

    Fascism is, among other things, the politics of narcissism. They project. They accuse you of what they’re doing, in the hopes that you feel that [no u] is too childish. In Reality, [no u] is the very first thing you should check every time.

    Note the status move. The narcissist/Fascist hurls an accusation, thus posturing that they have the station necessary to judge. To cooperate with them you must submit. (Parent-child game if you’re familiar with that lingo.) Narcissists cannot engage in adult-adult interaction and Fascism as a system reflects this deviant psychology.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  43. @Alrenous

    Oh sure, and the next thing you will say is that Benito Mussolini raped women as a young man.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  44. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Twin Ruler

    Stalin was a bank robber and Hitler couldn’t stay out of court either. It’s normal for criminals to end up in charge of Fascism. Washington was a terrorist. Like Nelson Mandela, he didn’t burn folk alive himself, but he protected those who did.

    Was rape Mussolini’s thing?
    He was a schoolteacher, like Pol Pot. Frankly I can’t imagine a worse kind of person.

    “During an argument, he injured a classmate with a penknife and was severely punished.” A common thug. Kind of person who grows up to be a mugger if they don’t find a way to politically aggrandize their criminal ambitions.

    Or use schoolteaching to get defenceless children delivered to his sadistic hands in job-lots.

    This alleged great patriot deserted his own military. Draft-dodging. Amazing.

    He was deported from Switzerland and came back. “Leave us alone.” “No.” Wetback, Europe ver.

    “the use of violence […] impressed Mussolini deeply.” I bet it did.

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