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'White Privilege' as a Dark Legacy or Inheritance Rather Than a Socio-Economic Condition
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The Jewish community is debating as to whether the Tribe should count as ‘white’, an inevitable outcome of the ‘whiteness’ demonization in academia, media, and the state, not least under the auspices of JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power. What was once an advantage is now the reverse in a culture where white-wariness has led to the flight-from-white despite the accelerating global trend of migration-to-white-areas. Fly to white people but flight from whiteness, the globalist formula.

In the white dominant America of the past, Jews categorized as whites faced fewer obstacles. But, as a fast-rising ethnic group that eventually gained supremacy in elite institutions and industries, Jews appreciated the advantage of devaluing and even shaming whiteness in order to render whites without pride of identity and agency, thereby left to serve another group deemed worthier for various reasons. Also, to increase Diversity(as a means to play divide-and-rule among goyim), the notion of white identity and interests had to be relegated to the dustbin of ‘unacceptable’ ideas. Even as Jews gained much from their co-whiteness, they subverted general whiteness that, all said and done, was more the identity of white gentiles/Christians than of Jews who, historically, were often regarded(and held in suspicion) as a people of separate credo and ethnos.
It’s rather like Jewish Zionists squeezing every last drop of advantage from Israel’s alliance with South Africa(when ruled by Afrikaners), all the while using their control of global media and diplomacy to vilify Apartheid as the biggest ‘racist’ evil in the world.
In the end, it all comes down to Jewish Power’s self-serving manipulation of its racial ambivalence. For example, one continuing advantage of Jewish-as-white-identity is that most Jewish abuses can be laundered as white. Bad Jews in Hollywood and Wall Street? Just pass the problem along as Hollywood-too-white or ‘white privilege’ or ‘white capital’ in the finance sector.

Increasingly, Jews find it problematic to identify as white in a climate of constant hysteria of ‘scapewhiting'(or scapegoating whites for just about everything, even black cops beating a black man to death in Louisville). It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that the only way for white goyim to be innately okay is to be ‘gay’ or ‘gayim’.

Still, were Jews to wholly reject whiteness as a collective Mark-of-Cain, they would then be gauged as a stand-alone group, i.e. easily identified as the Most Powerful People jacked with Jewish privilege, the biggest in the world. If Jews no longer count as ‘white’, people might entertain the notion that JEWS control the US, thereby the world. After all, if all those powerful elite aren’t white, they must be SOMETHING, which certainly isn’t black or Hawaiian.

So, we have the paradox of Jews both exposing whiteness as evil and hiding behind it as a shield. Why would they identify with a group that they vilify the most? Because the biggest Jewish fear is being exposed as the true Master Race with immense power, wealth, and influence, all of which spell SUPREMACISM.

Thus, Jews value the art of identity-houdinism, indeed even within their own community. Barbra Streisand’s biggest and most personal project was YENTL, a story about a Jewish woman who pretends to be a man to gain access to education, which came out in the same year(1983) as Woody Allen’s ZELIG where a Jew morphs into countless goy identities while, deep down inside, remaining the Eternal Jew. VICTOR/VICTORIA and TOOTSI also came out around the same period.

The paradox of Jewishness stems from Jews having mastered the art of adaptation to non-Jewish modes, not for the purpose of genuine assimilation but the opposite, the protection of the core ‘nest egg’ of Jewishness. It’s no wonder Albert Brooks in LOST IN AMERICA, as the wandering Jewish ‘All-American’ yuppie, is so obsessed with the notion of the Nest Egg.

Jews know they amassed great power and fortune by means foul and fair. The last thing they want is to be blamed for all the dirty tricks they pulled on various goyim(though also to fellow Jews). Consider Jews and blacks. Jewish agents and managers ripped off lots of blacks, the stuff of lore in the black community. And plenty of Jews know the truth as well. But, in their effort to maintain the political and ‘moral’ alliance with blacks(and to discourage the airing of anecdotes that may be ammo for ‘Anti-Semites’), Jews spin the whole thing as WHITES having exploited blacks. #HollywoodSoJewish is not okay, so there was the thing about #HollywoodSoWhite. So, if a black person conned by a Jew says, “A Jew ripped me off”, Jews seethe with venom and try to knock some sense into the Negro to revise it to “white done ripped me off”, whereupon the Negro is offered some carrots than beaten with sticks. So, Jews still go on identifying as ‘white’ for the time being.

Of course, by invoking the Shoah endlessly, Jews make themselves out to be the biggest victims of the white race, the logic of which tends to go over the heads of dunderhead Negresses like Whoopie Cushion Goldberg. The Shoah is perhaps the most de-contextualized or mono-contextualized narrative ever. It’s either an event that happened out of the blue because whites just went crazy or the culmination of 2000 years of irrational hatred at the core of European Christianity(and no other reason). It’s verboten to consider it as an extreme and radical reaction to horrible behavior on part of Jews, that maybe the Shoah was a Counter-Holocaust in response to the holocausts committed by Jewish communists and World Jewry upon goyim. Before there was the Jewish Holocaust carried out by Nazi Germans, there was the Slavo-Holocaust carried out in large part by Jewish radicals. In that sense, The Holocaust is as much a Counter-Holocaust. Horrible Jewish behavior inspired horrible German behavior, though one could argue horrible goy behavior also drove Jews to hatred and violence. Tragically, JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power is at it again in the 21st century with all these Wars for Zion. One thing for sure, Jews are the most problematic people because their identity is innately exceptionalist and supremacist. One can be Irish and supremacist, but Irishness alone isn’t supremacist but merely ethno-cultural. Same goes for German-ness or Russian-ness. A German or Russian can be chauvinist, but his identity itself is merely ethno-cultural-historical. In contrast, the very idea of Jewishness is founded on a Covenant with God that makes Jewish blood special and the Jewish Tribe the ‘chosen’ uber alles. Supremacism is baked into the cake of Jewishness.

In the Current Year, the Cult of Privilege is less about having privilege than being branded with the label. The real problem isn’t so called ‘white privilege’ but Privileged White People invoking it to launder, protect, and even expand their own real privilege, all the while dumping the burden of ‘privilege’ on unprivileged whites, especially the ‘deplorables’ far removed from the toniest urban areas and rich suburbs. So, we have the spectacle of the Clintons, Bidens, and Bushes, fat with privilege and connections, pontificating to white have-nots and have-lesses about ‘justice’ and ‘equity’. (Of course, plenty of unprivileged whites think and speak like the Bidens and Clintons of the world because their minds have been drummed with ‘wokeness’ since cradle. Consider the ‘woke’ white underclass that trashed Kenosha Wisconsin. Or the ‘woke’ white street trash in Seattle and Portland. Blaming ‘white privilege’ brings them no reward, except the emotional and ‘spiritual’ kind perhaps, unlike among the privileged white elites who use it as political leverage. Alas, what can be done about dummies or whummies?)

The damning politics of ‘White Privilege’ is rather an inversion of the titled aristocracy. Nobility was not only about wealth and privilege but blood and lineage secured through titles and inheritance. So, one could be destitute but still be regarded as a ‘duke’, ‘count’ or ‘baron’.
Likewise, the cult of ‘white privilege’ isn’t about actual property and power. It means the white race being collectively titled or branded with this thing called ‘privilege’(as more a stain than status). It is something ALL whites are socio-politically bestowed with, like it or not. No matter how poor or downtrodden(or tyrannized by black thugs) a white person may be, he is forced to own the negative-title of ‘white privilege’. John the Oppressor. Bob the Tyrant. Jerry the Bigot. Ron the Hater. Whitey = Evil.

Given how this works, Jews could un-whiten themselves and be forgiven their own ‘white’ privilege. Even if Jews remain rich or get richer, their un-white-ness could provide them with the special dispensation of not being tainted with the unique and ineradicable ‘privilege’ of whiteness. After all, the richest black is regarded as unprivileged(and even a victim of ‘systemic racism’) while the poorest white is seen as benefiting from ‘white privilege’, even when his children are beaten up by black thugs in school.
But then, as noted above, Jews-as-Jews than Jews-as-whites is likely to open up a whole can of worms when it comes to the issue of uber-privilege as Jews have more money and privilege than any other group. Jews-as-Jews may be free of icky whiteness, but they will have to answer for their power as a Jewish thing, which may explain Jews spending an inordinate amount of time and energy on promoting globo-homo and Negrolatry. Thus, rather than having an identity of their own(except in relation to ‘Muh Holocaust’ and ‘Muh Israel’), Jewishness becomes associated with indefatigable commitment to ‘social justice’, e.g. Blackrock publicizing itself as ‘woke capital’ that promotes ‘Diversity-Inclusion-Equity’, one that however never applies to Palestinians and BDS movement.

If you’re black, brown, or homo, you can be as rich, famous, well-connected, and/or privileged as possible without any aspersion or accusation. Not being white entitles you to deny your privilege or claim it as well-deserved(earned via meritocracy or ‘justice’), as opposed to ‘white privilege’ that is purely the product of ‘white supremacism’ or ‘systemic racism’.
Jews could be grasping for a similar outcome as they explore possibilities of detaching Jewishness from whiteness, i.e. because Jewishness = tragic nobleness, no amount of Jewish power and wealth can be deemed as ‘privilege’, or it counts as well-deserved and justified privilege simply on account of not being white.
This kind of group advantage, in and of itself, is an immense kind of privilege, and to some extent, also applies to ‘woke’ white elites whose wealth and privilege are deemed as justified(even by nonwhites and anti-whites) on account of ‘good work’. As Joe Biden appointed a good number of blacks to notable positions in the name of ‘diversity’, blacks aren’t griping about his corrupt privilege of raking in millions.

White Hispanics for one have long enjoyed such an advantage. Being ‘Hispanic’ makes them officially non-white, which means they can be as rich as Carlos Slim the Lebanese and not be tagged with ‘white privilege’, which only applies to non-Hispanic whiteness. Incredibly enough, white Latinos, the descendants of the first European Conquistadors of the Americas, hide behind the veil of ‘people of color’. Meanwhile, to confuse matters even further, even brown natives of ‘Latin America’ with nary a drop of white blood are referred to as ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino'(or now ‘Latinx’).

The current concept of ‘privilege’ isn’t a measurement based on actual wealth or power. It is a collective racial inheritance that burdens all whites. Even recent immigrants from relatively poor Slavic countries are tagged with ‘white privilege’ while the richest black immigrants from Africa get to play the ‘Jim Crow’ card. (Never mind African tribal violence has usually been far more harrowing than anything done to blacks by whites.)
Maybe, whites should twist this logic and come up with the concept of White Prestige. Invoking Charles Murray’s HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT, they should say 97% of all contributions to mankind came from whites, therefore, ALL whites are worthy of inheriting White Prestige and White Pride FOR ALL TIME. This way, even the dumbest white dolt shall be bestowed with more prestige than the smartest non-white genius who contributes something of great value. Yes, all whites inherit White Prestige and demand respect from all the world that owes everything to white achievement. Ridiculous but no more than the cultism of ‘white privilege’.

According to PC, this chronic stain or inheritance of ‘white privilege’ is something whites cannot rid themselves of. It’s like a scar that marks one for life. It’s more permanent than any seal of nobility. It’s as if evil oozes from within the white soul, which would indicate that white evil is less historical(a matter of what whites did) than racial(a matter of what they are). In other words, white evil predates the rise of Western predominance and will linger even after the West has fallen and been eclipsed by nonwhites. As such, it may be the most extreme form of radical racism ever. Even the biggest Anti-Semites don’t go that far about Jews.

If a nobleman was really down on his luck, he could, at the very least, sell his title and be rid of it… and end up like the descendants in TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES. In contrast, ‘white privilege’ is like the blood on the hands of Lady Macbeth. It can’t be washed away, even if whites were to surrender everything and end up on the bottom. Even then they must be cursed for their ‘whiteness’. It’s like a chronic infestation of parasites. There is, however, one solution, which is total White Liberation from JSP.

Perversely, the current order is devised to reward whites with real privilege while punishing whites without privilege. Some might mock these white elite collaborators as ‘quislings’, but why not ‘lindseys’ as Lindsey Graham is second to none in the joys of cuckery? It’s the Jewish Way of using carrots to ensure white elite obeisance. As comprador-collaborators of the Empire of Judea, all these ‘Lindseys’ get to enjoy status and wealth.

In the end, what Jews fear most is not ‘white privilege’ but white unity, and by prodding privileged whites to dump on unprivileged white masses(for ‘white privilege’ LOL), Jews negate any meaningful unity of white elites and white masses, or sever the spinal cord between the white head and the white body. Now, while successful white individuals aren’t obligated to care about fellow whites, those who choose self-interest should forfeit roles as ‘leaders’ for their lack of concern for anything but themselves. Leaders lead the people, which means they must identify with them. In this age of Identity-Politics when Jews and blacks openly identify with their own kinds and further their own interests, the ONLY white politics that’s worth a damn has to be race-ist whereby white leaders lead the white people, just like Moses led the Jews and Gandhi led the Indians.

Jewish message to white elites is “You can keep your privilege AS LONG AS you dump on the white masses. You, as white elites, must obey and serve us Jews as your masters than lead white folks as your people.” It’s no wonder Jewish Media had no use for the disaster that befell East Palestine, Ohio, a mostly white working class town that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump whose populism did, if only implicitly, convey the idea that American leaders should care about the less fortunate white masses. The fact that so many white politicians, even in the GOP, were mute indicates they fear being perceived by Jews as having a divided loyalty, not only for Jews but for whites as well. To serve their proper roles as cuck-maggots, their loyalty to their Jewish Masters must be total, not interrupted with any concern for ‘white trash’.

As cuck-dogs to Jewish Power, privileged whites send their kids to elite ‘woke’ academies, donate to the correct causes, and virtue-signal in ways befitting their status. They can afford Magic Soap to wash away at least some of the stain of ‘white privilege’. In contrast, unprivileged whites can’t afford any such and fall deeper into the mounting debt of ‘white privilege’, of which even the interest payments can’t be met.

Because rich whites can afford to be ‘good whites’ and buy special dispensations — like the Gores and Pelosis — , we have a surreal situation where rich ‘liberal’ whites and rich cuck-whites posture as less ‘privileged’ than deplorable poorer whites who can’t afford the magic soap to wash away the dirt of ‘white privilege’. It is another kind of Dirt Gap… or the Dirty Gap.

Of course, even for PC-approved privileged whites, the stain of ‘white privilege’ never goes away. Unlike Jews, blacks, and homos who are idolized as naturally and unconditionally clean(no matter what they do), even the ‘goodest of the good’ whites are tainted with the ‘original sin’ and the Mark of Cain of ‘white privilege’ and ‘white guilt’; therefore, they must make a tireless effort of constantly filtering out the impurities. Whites are like Pig-Pen of Peanuts comics who attracts dirt no matter what he does to keep clean.

We now live in a crazy nation where the general impression is that lower class whites got more ‘white privilege’ than upper-class whites do. It’s no longer a matter of who has more wealth and privilege but who can afford to wash some of that stain with Woke Magic Soap, which sure is expensive. Billed as something like Hope Soap, it renders Bill Gates and Warren Buffet more cleansed of ‘white privilege’ than white deplorables who, down on their luck, must come to the realization that they’re on their own without any meaningful representation or leadership. Their only hope is White Liberation from JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power and the rise of a new white leadership that believes the white mind must be connected to the white body politic.

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  1. The West would more correctly be termed The Jewish Empire. For, that is all it is anymore: an Empire ruled by Jews!

  2. Xanadu says:

    J/F talks about whiteness:

    What was once an advantage is now the reverse …

    Is this an admission that being white used to be an actual advantage in this society?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @hillaire
  3. There is no such thing as white supremacy or privilege…….there is only jewish supremacy.

  4. @Xanadu

    Is this an admission that being white used to be an actual advantage in this society?

    Of course. Whites used to be awesomely race-ist. They worked and fought as a race. And they built great modern societies and use them to their advantage. The thing is white privilege in the past was the product of white achievement. Sure, whites did bad shit too, but that’s just a part of history as all people did bad shit. What set the West apart in the modern era was to break out of the cycles of rise and fall…. though of late the West is falling hard.

  5. anpn says:

    In an earlier article Jung-Freud wrote:

    never mind the corrupt and criminal Italians, the kind in GOODFELLAS — honor among Italians isn’t about keeping your word but keeping your mouth shut

    Italians in America have been lynched as black people:
    The largest single lynching in American history was the 1891 lynching of Italians

    Italians were migrated to the USA, slave-labor to pick cotton.

    So a question to Jung-Freud: Are Italians White (privileged) or Black (“corrupt and criminal”)?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  6. @anpn

    I’d say Italians are part-eggplant.

    • Replies: @anpn
  7. anarchyst says:

    Whites have been “conditioned” to accept the so-called “civil-rights (for some)”
    movement by the “tribe” from the mid 1950s on to the present.

    The “conditioning” started with the whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement which WAS spearheaded, run and controlled by leftist jews. I personally witnessed the shenanigans, distortions, and downright fraud of this whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement. I didn’t need to be “red pilled” to see where this jewish-run and controlled white dispossession was taking us.

    It took the use of federal troops to force us whites (at the point of bayonets) to succumb to this whole “civil-rights (for some)” mess. The use of federal troops to cow us whites into accepting our own destruction was a brilliant move by the jews. As us whites were and still are extremely law-abiding, it was easy to intimidate us. Actually, the use of federal troops for domestic law-enforcement purposes was (and still is) illegal…

    Hard times WILL flush out the liberal whites, as well as the environmentalists who care about bunnies and trees over human beings. When that day comes, let ’em starve…

    There are more of us whites who know what is going on than most realize.

    Us whites who are aware keep a low profile due to the volatile atmosphere that we live in. The threat of job loss, real violent threats to our families (that will not be addressed by “the powers that be”) and other considerations keep us from overtly expressing our true feelings on these matters, but the time will come. Us whites are very careful to act (and react), but when we do, look out…when “push comes to shove” we will take back our birthright

    There is an internally-destructive part of white humanity that manifests itself in always “looking out for the downtrodden” and a sense of “fair play” that is absent in every other race.

    Every other race looks inward, to itself and determines what is best for each other, within the race. Whites posses an externalized “altruism” that is internally destructive.

    Civil-rights (for some) laws, “affirmative action” statutes, preferences for jobs and scholarships based solely on race–not ability, and other non-competitive schemes have done NOTHING but drag whites down and deny us whites our rightful place in OUR society.

    Us whites have every right to be proud of our contributions to the human race. We have done MORE to (attempt to) uplift other races than any other race in human history.
    Isn’t it curious to note that every other race wants to move to white-dominated countries, even those that practiced “apartheid”??

    Once most other races immigrate to white countries, they attempt to “tear down” the white society that they advocate living in.

    The other races are their own worst enemies…
    Asia for Asians…
    Africa for Africans…
    Middle east for semites…
    White countries for everyone…
    What’s wrong with this picture??
    Multiculturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide…
    …there is no “white liberation theology”.

    Despite being the greatest promoter of advancement for ALL races, us whites are denied the right to look after OUR own interests, because “people of color” (who constantly look for and find “racism” under every rock) demand that us whites subjugate ourselves and deny ourselves the solidarity among our own kind that every other race practices.

    As far as I am concerned, whites have done enough self-flagellation, having given up our own birthright, sacrificing it on the (false) altars of “civil-rights (for some)” and “anti-discrimination” laws that benefit only minorities.

    Pushback is coming. It won’t be pretty, but is necessary.

    A number of years ago, a survey of college students was done, asking one question: “What would life be like if every white person disappeared?”
    After extensive soul-searching, one minority student spoke up…”we’d be screwed” was the answer.

    Message to minorities–if life is so oppressive under whites, why not emigrate to whatever country you originate from?

    The incessant push for multiculturalism, diversity, race-mixing, and government-forced denial of basic “freedom of association” has done MORE to isolate us whites (especially white males) from basic social and cultural norms than just about any other factor in life.

    Other races are not affected as they are encouraged to celebrate and look within their own cultures without having to put up with the government-enforced multiculturalism, diversity, and “equality” scams.

    Not so for white us males, who are expected to subordinate ourselves and give up our rightful place in American society.

    It is only us whites who are expected to sacrifice and downplay our social and cultural norms, and yes, even our existence. Us whites are constantly being reminded by those of other races and cultures that we are the source of most of the world’s troubles, being blamed for every problem that plagues humanity.

    It is a tragedy that so many white males, full of potential are taking their own lives, rather than put up with the destructive behavior by those of other races and cultures.

    Many of us white males look back fondly at pre-1965 America, when being an AMERICAN actually meant something, and those who wished to immigrate to America were required to adopt AMERICAN social and cultural norms and attitudes.

    On a worldwide basis Whites comprise approximately 12% of the world’s population. As a true minority, us Whites should be the most cherished and protected of minorities.

    To those of “the greatest generation” who pushed (destructive) civil-rights (for some) laws and statutes on us whites, destroying which was the best hope for the world and the destructive Hart Celler immigration act, thanks for NOTHING.

  8. anpn says:
    @Priss Factor

    … and that comment was “spawned” by an illiterate idiot.

    Did you read the link, Jung-Priss:

    Wikipedia, regarding Sunnyside Plantation, where Italians worked as slave-labor picking cotton —

    The immigrants came from Marche, Emilia and Veneto, setting sail from Genoa

    not Sicily.

    Original Sicilians were Greek and Phoenician.

    I don’t know what that nameless jackass is referring to when he says, “Niggers.”
    I’ve never heard Greeks, or Phoenicians, referred to as Niggers.

    btw, one of my favorite Persian dishes is Eggplant Fesenjan — made with pomegranates and lots of basil.

    Next time you play the role of the bigot, Jung-Priss and slur Italians, try to have some facts on offer.

  9. Afrikaans-speaking whites had a slur for Greeks and Portuguese, seekaffers, which translates to sea-niggers. I don’t normally use the n-word, not because I’m not prejudiced, it’s just not part of my culture. There’s nothing wrong with getting triggered, but you actually used the word bigot, and that’s just snowflaking. So, have an extra helping of bigotry, it’s free!

    To balance it out, here’s a list of some English South African slurs for my people, Boers or Afrikaners: tappit, clutchplate, bonehead, crunchie, rockspider, plank, dutchmen, fudd( fuckin useless dumb dutchman).

    Drive safely now!

    • Replies: @anpn
  10. anpn says:
    @James of Africa

    There’s nothing wrong with getting triggered, but you actually used the word bigot, and that’s just snowflaking. So, have an extra helping of bigotry, it’s free!


    a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group. [or depiction of them in a film]

    Thanks for the extra helping of bigotry.
    In return, here’s a link to the website of the town where my Mother was born and grew up:
    Among other things, the Brittanica article mentions that
    “The city was founded about 1240 by the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II .”
    And that Allies bombed it in WWII.
    German, like the people J-F set out to praise.

    Laurent Guyénot covered Frederick II extensively in his essay on European civilization, and how Germans would have been its natural leaders, had not the Roman papacy interfered.

    While Jung-Priss dismissed Sicilians with a single epithet, Guyénot used many paragraphs to trace the complex history of conquest, resistance, re-establishment in Sicily’s history.
    Guyénot did not mention Sicilian Vespers, an incident that demonstrates that whatever else they might have been, Sicilian men were not cucky-wuckies; J-F would surely appreciate that.

    But “Sicilians are niggers” is so very simple and easy to remember.

    • Replies: @James of Africa
  11. @anpn

    So you were insulted. I understand bigotry, I’m just not going to fight it, it’s a common trait in man. You would do better to grow a thicker skin. We all get picked on.

    I admire European history, but reality down here is different, and so is perception. We didn’t get notable Italian immigration here, most of the Italian blood we have come from WW II prisoners of war, South Africa and Namibia hosted several prison camps. Some Italians and Germans chose to stay, although there was lots of German settlers, especially Namibia, once called German West Africa. Gagiano is one Italian name that is still found, but it’s pronounced wrong, the descendants speak Afrikaans or English.

    It’s admirable that you feel pride. My grandfather fought in North Africa and Italy, but he never had a bad word to say about Italians or He received letters from Italians for a long time after the war, so he obviously made friends(The letters were lost, unfortunately). I’m more on your side than you think. Great history, it’s just that living here swallows a lot of one’s attention, it’s a rough neighbourhood.

    • Replies: @anpn
  12. anpn says:
    @James of Africa

    So you were insulted. I understand bigotry, I’m just not going to fight it, it’s a common trait in man. You would do better to grow a thicker skin. We all get picked on.

    Perhaps you could convey your sentiments to Jonathan Greenblatt at ADL.

    Hasn’t Jung-Freud penned thousands of words urging “whites” to STAND UP for their people, to be as much an advocate for their ethnic groups as Jews are of theirs?

    Please don’t patronize with lame “some of my best friends are ______” .

    Jung-Freud’s comment about Italians was pure bigotry. It is not the first time s/he has made such a comment.
    That behavior is unacceptable and an apology is in order.

  13. hillaire says:

    Well it could be..if you were ‘privileged’ (there are still lots of ‘privileged’ whites and they intend to stay that fact they would prefer to be the ONLY whites) but not so much if you were an indentured white slave or worked to death in a 19th century ‘jew’ cotton mill or coalmine at six years old…for sixpence a year..because elitist whites have always hated the proles.. which is why they love and work with ‘jews’..

    You can tend to view.. ahem.. what passes for history through rose tinted spectacles..simply because the criminal organizations masquerading as institutions and corporations have thrown a few diversity hires out front.. to get you all bent out of shape..

    .. and by blackwashing the shitty culture you all worship.. the ‘popular’ one they created for you ..and opening the borders wide to cause fractious chaos..because nowadays class war is soft war.. and scrawled in meaningless ‘legalese’ intended to strip whitey of legal protection when he’s forced to shoot the eight blacks raping his daughter or hitting his mother with a brick… and comes with a smiling face.. and fraudulent moral crusades..

    and media fakery..

    All-the-While they rob you blind… as they always did… don’t worry though because they intend to re-enslave and genocide all these coloureds once they’ve finished with ‘poor’ white imbeciles…(the only ones capable of resistance at one time)…and the ones they can’t use they will starve to death..

    To save the World..of course… and these elitists of every colour are all on board with the dastardly plan…

    ..because the only real equity these creatures really believe in is Death..for all..but not for them..Oh no.

    which let’s face true..

  14. hillaire says:

    This Young Fraud seems incapable of examining the ‘holocost’ and seeing it for the political tool and fairy tale it is..and seems to reference it consistently in unfocused and meandering articles..

    As though it were a real event…as described by ‘jews’…of whom he/she/zer is usually most critical..

    Even ‘Ron’ concedes it was a fabrication (no bears or bald eagles…no diddler machines)… So you would think a ‘jew’ basher of such calibre as Young Fraud would be right on that hoax…

    …like weasels on a rabbit..

    wouldn’t you?…

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  15. @hillaire

    I find David Cole most convincing on the Shoah.

    Holocaust Worshipers push the 6 million, and the Deniers are into Fuhrer sanctity.

    The truth is more complicated. Mass killings did take place.
    Still, we must ask why there was such hatred for Jews. What did Jews do?

    After WWII, we’ve asked, why did the world hate Germans so much and let so many Germans die? Indeed, some Jews wanted 10s of millions of Germans dead for what they’d done. Understandable.

    But we must also ask, what did the Jews do to make so many turn against them?

    One thing for sure, Jewish behavior(and character) today suggests as to why there was so much anti-Jewish hatred in the past. With unprecedented powers, Jews are acting like pathological supremacist gangsters. To an extent, Nazism was a German appropriation of Jewish racial supremacism.

    So, Jews must also face the music and come to terms with their own bad behavior. But that question was suppressed after WWII, leading to the false narrative of wholly innocent Jews victimized by wholly crazy goyim. This gives moral cover to current supremacist Jews who are on the rampage all across the world. If WWIII happens, Jews will have been most responsible.

    But even with all that, Russia and China also refuse to name the Jewish Power.

    The most powerful power in the world goes unmentioned as the world moves to the brink.

    Silence is violence alright.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  16. hillaire says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yes valid points..but the devil as always is in the details and the details don’t carry water..nobody is disputing ‘jews’ died in was after all a World War..what is provably wrong.. is that there was mass extermination of ‘jews’ by the ‘millions’ in work camps.. a ‘holocaust’…

    Which quite frankly is total nonsense..thus a holocaust survivor has now been ‘defined’ as a ‘jew ‘that at any point was domiciled in an Axis country between ’33 and ’45.. and that also refers to ‘jews’ living in their own homes in Berlin and Romania etc as the Reds rolled in..

    Regarding the JQ..well it’s generally obvious isn’t it?… they adhere to a supremacist death cult mindset that puts them at the centre of the World even the so called secular ones and have historically been exploiters of the peasants with special privileges and rights… bestowed upon them by Nobles that needed their money..

    and due to their wealth and usurious practices… were parasitical and insular…practices which eventually destroy your society in pursuit of ‘value’ and ‘profit’…. (don’t believe ‘jew’ missives about Equality and Brotherhood)…

    Oh.. and they don’t like to share very much…(did l mention that?)..

    Even the planet..

    (by the way at this late stage in the game you may as well accept that most of the current elitists..have varying amounts of ‘jew’ blood in their veins.. their ancestors having long sold their souls to Mammon and married off their children regardless of how they ‘present’)…

  17. This notion of “privilege” implies that all whites have been handed something that is more than they deserve. Then arrogantly telling people they must surrender an apparent survival advantage – well, only a fool would take that seriously in the real world. Maybe it flies among privileged upper middle class kids and in the rarified atmosphere of academia (where corporate funding so often defines the curricula now), but try telling this to a guy working two jobs to support his family, a paycheck away from homelessness. And there has long been a contingent of angry black charlatan “leaders” out to create and exploit white guilt for their own advancement.

    Privilege accepts the conservative obsession that freedom is a zero-sum game, that for some to get more, others must give up theirs. There is plenty for everyone. It also mirrors the tiresome old sin-and-redemption dogma of Christianity. This alleged privilege is no more than a somewhat fuller acknowledgment of the human rights of some solely because they are not members of the most viciously discriminated-against group.

    In his book How to Be An Antiracist, the celebrated Ibram X. Kendi himself inadvertently acknowledges the weakness of his own argument, writing, “The history of racist ideas is the history of powerful policy-makers erecting racist policies out of self-interest, then producing racist ideas to defend and rationalize the inequitable effects of their policies.” Clearly, if racism is a fiction produced in the service of a prior self-interest, then that self-interest is the real culprit. And if it can produce one fiction to justify (or disguise) itself, it can surely produce others, such as CRT or “white privilege.”

    In a recent Atlantic Monthly article that worthy also comments, “Only intellectual explanations of a racial [achievement] gap that point to the superiority or inferiority of a racial group are racist.” He makes a notable exception, though, in his relentless (and by his own definition, racist) attacks on the alleged moral inferiority of the white racial group. This is simply discrimination redefined. In any case, the belief in the determining power of ideas like class and race (among many others) is an illusion, a fiction we tell ourselves is real; and insofar as we allow such mistaken beliefs to guide our actions, we impose them on ourselves and others. In this way a powerful impulse to correct historical abuses is neutered into something that poses no threat to the status quo and those who most profit from it. It is unsurprising that these elements so generously fund the 1619 Project, CRT, and BLM today, while viciously condemning reasonable criticism.

  18. Big P says:

    Let’s just stop!! It has and will always be, “whites are superior, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it ”

    Why the ruminations of mental masturbation over this malarkey?

    Envy and jealousy are a bitch.

    • Agree: HdC
  19. Big P says:

    Well, they’re also succeeding at getting middle/lower class white men to hit high scores on the suicide rate.

    Of course, any sort of repining will be greeted with enough gaslighting fluid to fill several basketball arenas…and WITH Jewey spectators in attendance to boot.

    Nevermind the aspersions of “white rage” and “white fragility,” for such a calibration of expectations, relative to each demo’s abilities, is an excellent case for “white prestige.”

    We are in desperate need for not only a leader, but an indestructible movement. It’s still in us, but there needs to be a spark.

    Just a spark!


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