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What Pee-Wee Hermans’s Big Adventure Reveals About the Jewish Mindset
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Rock and Roll unleashed youth culture, and social critics fretted that the boomers(and subsequent generations) would never grow out of their teen years. This has indeed become a problem. But, there was another phenomenon, especially beginning in the 1980s, that fixated on childhood emotions. There was Steven Spielberg who made children’s movies for teens and adults(and for children too, of course). And there was Paul Reubens’ Pee Wee Herman who looked and acted like a five(at best seven) year old child snuggled inside an adult’s body(and brains, as he was pretty clever). Or more like a toy doll come to life. (If Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, it’s as if Pee Wee wants to be a real toy.) If Elliott found the perfect friend or toy in E.T., the Tintin-haired Pee Wee was like a boy and a toy in one, almost a real-life Pixar character before the advent of CGI that made movies like TOY STORY possible. (Me, I’d rather have my own Terminator toy, like with the kid in JUDGMENT DAY.) Never mind adults failing to grow past teen emotions. Pee Wee mentality couldn’t grow past childish emotions. It was a disturbing departure from traditional children’s culture. When adults took their kids to Disneyland or a Disney movie, there was a clear distinction between children and adults(or parents). Grownups knew it wasn’t for them and just did it for the kids. But the Pee Wee phenomenon was different. As goofy and ‘cute’ as PEE WEE HERMAN’S BIG ADVENTURE is, it is rather perverse and disturbing in parts, indeed more suited for adults. But, is it proper for grownups to get their jollies by following the adventures of a perpetual man-child toy-boy, one who is blissfully, shamelessly, obnoxiously, and dementedly childlike, indeed enough to make Peter Pan blush?

Part of the appeal was surely nostalgia. While Pee Wee Herman was no one’s idea of the conservative archetype, he played on innocence as a fetish. In this, he shares something with Spielberg whose world shows few signs that the Counterculture even took place. The setting of JAWS is a tight-knit small town tourist community with nice middle class folks. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND begins with the discovery of World War II fighter planes, and cultural references are to toys, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, and a slightly more casual portrait of Fifties idyll of family life. Even though there are adults in EMPIRE OF THE SUN and JURASSIC PARK, Spielberg’s touch works most naturally with children. It’s as if Spielberg found a way to bottle the child’s sense of wonder inside a magic lamp. Even SCHINDLER’S LIST, horrific as it is, unfolds emotionally on the childhood level. Nazi atrocities are presented as crimes not only against a people but against innocence itself.

Counterculture promoted sexuality, drugs, cynicism, and obscenity(as gestures of rebellion and/or liberation), but Spielberg(and George Lucas) offered something nostalgic and reassuring. The Mexican village elder’s words in THE WILD BUNCH come to mind: “We all dream of being a child again…” And lucky for Lucas and Spielberg, their visions coincided with the Reaganite spirit of ‘Morning in America’. Neither Spielberg nor Lucas was a Republican, but their cultural references owed little to the Sixties, the spirit of which was revived with the ascent of Oliver Stone.

In a way, Sylvester Stallone also profited from the cult of innocence beginning in mid-70s when people wanted to put the Vietnam War, race riots, and Watergate behind them. Even though ROCKY has a violent fight scene, it is a Cinderella story, a fairy tale for grownups. And even though RAMBO(aka FIRST BLOOD II) was almost pornographic in violence, it too played on the cartoonish innocence of American Patriotism, i.e. “We were the good guys and would have won… had we not been stabbed in the back by cynical politicians and dirty hippies who called us ‘baby killers’.”
And of course, there was Michael Jackson, by far the biggest musical act of the 80s, a real-life Peter Pan onstage. But then, Jackson’s whole career arc was rather an outlier at odds with Rock culture. Sixties youth culture was all about late teen years and early twenties. It had no use for childhood, a time when one’s under the thumb of parents and teachers; indeed, it was embarrassing to admit you had once been a clean-cut kid in those grammar school pictures. On the other hand, like Benjamin Braddock in THE GRADUATE, it dreaded full adulthood with its responsibilities and ‘plastics’. The Woodstock Ideal was being old enough for sex-and-drugs but young enough to still dream of the future.
It was in such a cultural climate that Jackson Five burst upon the scene. It was incredible, a child star rocking with the best in Rock and Soul. How could a child do it and do it so well, so convincingly? By 1983, Michael Jackson was a full-grown man, at least biologically. But emotionally, it was as if he never grew past ten, and once he built his own Ludwig-II-like dream palace, he seemed to be growing backwards. In another 80s cultural artifact, AMADEUS the movie, Tom Hulce’s Mozart was like an androgynous MTV star, infantile and ‘gay’-ish, though not homosexual like Boy George. Given Pee Wee’s perky affectations, one might assume Paul Reubens is homosexual, possibly even pedophilic, though he’s actually straight, like Neil Sedaka, another one who seems ‘gay’ but is actually straight, though who really knows? (Michael Jackson was accused of pedophilia, but perhaps he didn’t see it that way as he was emotionally a child himself, i.e. in his mind, it was essentially a child-and-child matter. In our age, when a man who feels as a woman is a ‘woman’, perhaps some may argue that a man who feels as a child is a ‘child’, therefore his pedophilic acts aren’t really pedophilic since he identifies as a child. Crazy, but we live in crazy times.)

One of the biggest hits of the 1990s was FORREST GUMP, about a dummy with a heart of gold who lives through the upheavals of the Sixties and Seventies but always retains a sense of innocence and cares more for a box of chocolates than a Rolling Stones album or a bag of weed. (Incidentally, Tom Hanks starred earlier in a movie called BIG where he plays a child who finds his soul transported inside an adult body. It is first-rate comedy though somewhat disturbing upon reflection. The kid in the man’s body develops a sexual relationship with a woman, which might qualify as a sexual crime.)
Quentin Tarantino, given his compunction for violence and curse words, would seem diametric to Forrest-Gumpism, and yet his shtick also comes with a tinge of innocence. Paradoxically, some of his works are so perverse and demented precisely because his childlike mentality fails to fully grasp their moral implications. It’s like children can be cruel due to an undeveloped sense of empathy and moral logic. They fail to see the wrong of tearing the wings off insects or throwing rocks at small animals, like the children in the beginning of THE WILD BUNCH who laugh at the sight of scorpions being tormented by ants and then set fire to them. Tarantino is high IQ with an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema(and popular culture in general), but he talks like he never grew past childhood. He talks about sex and dicks in the opening of RESERVOIR DOGS like boys do in the 5th grade. Terry Gilliam is another one, and first truly independent movie was TIME BANDITS, a dark children’s movie made for grownups.

Orson Welles once said of cinema, “It’s like the biggest electric train set any boy ever had.” With Pee Wee Herman(and Tim Burton, a perfect match in sensibility), the metaphor becomes literal as his cinema is one big toyland from beginning to end, top to bottom. It’s all seems so innocent yet also a bit perverse because there’s something grotesque about a full-grown man being so totally obsessed and immersed in childhood. It used to be adults catered to childhood sensibility in kiddie shows, like Art Linkletter and Captain Kangaroo. Or adults played the clown, a silly figure but still an adult, like Bozo.
In contrast, Pee Wee is an adult as a child, and there’s a sickly quality to the cuteness and hilarity. Its sensibility overlaps with the camp in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and the foul sewage of John Waters.
In some ways, Pee Wee Herman could be seen as more subversive precisely because his shtick wormed into the mainstream as fit-for-kids, as harmless stuff. (Not surprisingly, just like Michael Jackson, Paul Reubens was caught in a scandal of his own at a porno theater, especially inexplicable in the age of the VCR? Perhaps an exhibitionist streak?) Adam Sandler’s shtick was to play a more jock-like version of Pee Wee the perpetual child. Never grows up but beats up everyone or takes charge of every situation.

Wally George vs Jim Myers is like a caricature of MAGA Populism vs the Neocons.

Childhood is associated with innocence but also with terror, not only what the child fears but feels toward others. Good thing children are small and weak because the childish mind lacks empathy, is often demanding & impetuous, and feels the world should revolve around his or her wishes. Children often throw temper tantrums or bawl like it’s the end of the world if they don’t get what they want, be it ice cream or a toy. A TWILIGHT ZONE episode showed how dangerous things would be if children had power over adults. And one reason why blacks are so dangerous is they are more childlike but also bigger and stronger than whites. Take Mike Tyson, the dominant heavyweight boxer of the 1980s. He was built like Mighty Joe Young but had the mentality of a school yard child bully. Indeed, whites handle blacks as if the latter is a bunch of children who can beat them up. If children had power over us, it’d be the Village of the Damned.

No wonder some of the creepier tales involve a locale ruled by kids, like CHILDREN OF THE CORN where young ones have become spellbound into a crazy cult akin to Amish-or-Evangelicals-gone-mad. It was secular Stephen King’s jibe at Christian zealotry and religious puritanism, but, like Joyce Carol Oates, he seems to be just as fanatical in his quasi-spiritual faith in the Magic Negro or the healing power of fantasy. Of late, King has been rabid with something approaching religiosity about Covid-19 and Russo-Ukraine War. He has become the secular or neo-religious version of the Christian fanatics he has so often mocked. Talk about the lack of self-awareness.

Despite Paul Reubens’ real-life straight sexuality, his Pee Wee act foreboded the confluence of homo culture and pedophilia in American politics. (I wonder if Stanley Kubrick had Pee Wee Herman in mind for Alan Cummings’s role as hotel clerk in EYES WIDE SHUT.) Though the AIDS crisis and 9/11 served as dampers, the culture became increasingly ‘gay’ since the 1970s. Not only was it increasingly celebrated but came to be ‘spiritually’ consecrated. Jews did a judo-move on HIV and turned it to homo advantage in movies like PHILADELPHIA where dying of AIDS was equivalent to neo-sainthood. And in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, the myth of the American West was turned into Homo on the Range, with two cowpokes buggering one another. Of course, there has always been homo cowboys, but the point of the movie was, “Sodomy is as American as Apple Pie”, the stuff of manly pride than something one should keep to oneself. When legend becomes ‘gay’, bugger the legend.

As if the world turning ‘gay’(and men turning into ‘women’) hasn’t been bad enough, there’s an increasing lurch toward pedomania. It’s a strange phenomenon where adults are increasingly infantilized while children are increasingly sexualized, even pornified. For many full grown adults, videogames and superhero movies(and other such blockbusters) have become their cultural staple. Universities are supposed to be places of intellectual curiosity and free debate, but PC and then ‘wokeness’ have turned many students into shrill emotional children. When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, some universities allowed students to skip class(as they were too distraught to attend class) or served them milk and cookies. Yes, college kids coddled like children whose pet hamster just died. Emotionally, many college students seem stuck in kindergarten level with their need for ‘safe spaces’ lest they be ‘triggered’ by bogeyman ideas(or KKK lurkings at colleges like Oberlin). Not only are comic book movies promoted and lauded as cultural events, but a movie about Joker(from Batman universe) counts as an ‘art film’. The fantasy Wakanda of BLACK PANTHER was discussed as if real, or at least a realistic vision of future Afrotopia. Childish pranks like ‘hate hoaxes’ have rocked community after community, and no one seems to learn anything as new ‘hate hoaxes’ keep popping up like mushrooms, as if America is trapped in some Groundhog Day or Truman Show universe.

But just when the adult world is increasingly infantilized, children’s world is ever more sexualized. Globalist hysterics bitch and whine about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, willfully distorting its purpose which is to shield young children from sexual(especially homosexual and tranny-sexual) propaganda. Why such eagerness to introduce sexual matters, especially deviant and degenerate ones, to young children? One would assume that these ‘educators’(or ‘peducators’) regard children as sexual creatures ripe for grooming.
Now, if children are to be regarded as sexual creatures(who, from a tender age, can choose to have their hormones blocked or their genitalia altered in some grotesque way), it would imply they should be able to engage in sex, at least with one another. But if children can have sex with children, why not with adults too? Follow such crazy logic to its conclusion, and we end up with a pedomaniacal world.
Given these issues, what once seemed ‘innocent’ and cute about Pee Wee Herman in the 1980s should maybe give us pause. If adults can be seen as big children, the corollary is children can be seen as little adults, just another variation of ‘men can be women’ and ‘women can be men’.

Anyway, PEE WEE HERMAN’S BIG ADVENTURE offers a glimpse into the nature of the Jewish mindset, though it may not have been conscious or intentional. For a more political Pee Wee Herman movie, there is BIG TOP PEE WEE, a box office failure that pretty much ended the movie franchise. It was clearly meant as an allegory of Jews leading mass immigration to subvert, overwhelm, and transform ‘racist’ US represented by small town white Americana. A circus troupe of various freaks of all colors come crashing into a virtually all-white community of ‘narrow-minded’ folks. The politics is blatant and in-your-face.

In contrast, one could easily overlook the ‘political’ subtext of PEE WEE HERMAN’S BIG ADVENTURE as it’s fast-paced and full of laughs. Paul Reubens’ energy level is amazing, even infectious, like among the biker gang that’s about to tear him to pieces but is won over by his sheer zaniness. In his own way, he’s as ‘wild’ as the bikers are and, furthermore, truly unique, therefore precious and worth sparing, even cheering for.

Despite the lack of an overt ‘political’ message, Pee Wee’s fixation on his special bike and the trouble he goes to(and the way he involves others) in retrieving it when stolen speaks volumes about a certain facet of the Jewish mentality. To Pee Wee, his Bike isn’t just any bike. All other bikes, fancy or basic, are merely properties. Some may be super-expensive but aren’t priceless, which he deems his own bike to be. The Bike is like a personal covenant with the toy god, or his personal Zion. Jews look upon all the world as one big real estate, something for Larry Fink of Blackrock to sop up. But Jews regard Israel as priceless. Jews involved the great powers to aid the Jews retrieve it as their own special homeland. Not even all the money in the world could persuade Jews to sell an inch of it to filthy goyim. The Covenant and Israel are to Jews and Zionists what the Bike is to Pee Wee. Indeed, the Jewish worldview is neatly encapsulated in the scene where fat spoiled Francis tries to buy the Bike from Pee Wee who is equally tickled and infuriated. The idea that he would sell his special Bike to some stupid fatty is a laugh riot. It is also insulting as it assumes Pee Wee would give up his most valuable possession for money. All the fools in IDIOCRACY ‘like money’, but Pee Wee has a sense of value that goes beyond the Benjamins. So, when it’s stolen, it’s the Lost Ark that must be recovered.

It’s telling that Pee Wee’s front yard has a rocket(perhaps signifying Israel’s nuclear arsenal) and life-size models of farm animals, especially horses and cows, possibly suggesting that goyim are closer to animals than real humans that only the Chosen are. In their name-calling, Pee Wee dubs Francis a ‘monkey’, an animal. Pee Wee says he doesn’t make monkeys but trains them. It’s as if God created Jews as full humans but made goyim into something like half-man half-animal, creatures to be trained by Jews, not unlike the beast-men in THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, which could serve as an allegory about Jewish control over goyim. None of this is to say Paul Reubens consciously thought all this out, but the creative subconscious feeds on one’s ethnic and cultural biases. Besides, the overall conception seems as much the work of Tim Burton(the forerunner of Edgar Wright) as Paul Reubens. Still, Jewish subconsciousness surely shaped the invention and narrative. (In the case of Steven Spielberg’s WAR HORSE, the big beast is clearly a metaphor for goyim. In the current Western Order, goyim are like trained monkeys, attack dogs, and war horses of Jews whose roles are of the pigs in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM.)

Pee Wee is at once ultra-freaky as an oddball and hyper-normal as a neatly dressed upright citizen in the community(who keeps his property and the grass clean and green, anticipating the middle class respectability of homos as a throwback to the 1950s ideal with a ‘gay’ twist). Something for everyone, like Barack Obama. Freaks and weirdos could identify with him, but conservatives might appreciate his sense of order.
Like David Lynch, Reubens’ Pee Wee is a ‘weirno’, or weird + normal, or someone who feels attached to normal things of familiarity and nostalgia but is nevertheless different in some strange way and doesn’t quite fit in. One might also say Tim Burton is like a toy house version of David Lynch, and one could connect the thematic dots from ERASERHEAD to PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE to TWIN PEAKS to PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE to MARS ATTACK! Pee Wee revels in his difference but is also insistent on his normality, even ultra-normality. In our time, the freaks aren’t content with the freedom to be freaky but insist that they too are normal or constitute the New Normal, and furthermore, we must be compelled, even by the force of law, to accept and celebrate their freakiness as normal. So, Rachel Levine has been deemed ‘woman of the year’ by some elite institution, and we are supposed to keep a straight face and nod along as if nothing could be less controversial. Such conformism of the mind is suggested in the scene where Pee Wee comes upon a bunch of young boys in a bike shop.

On one level, it’s just a nice moment between Pee Wee and ‘friends’. Pee Wee walks into the bike shop, and the kids greet him as a familiar face and then depart. Yet, something is a bit off. The kids look totally normal as white middle class archetypes. Also, in their dirt bike gear, they even look warrior-like, part of jock culture. So, why would they be so ‘cool’ and cordial with someone like Pee Wee, a full-grown man who acts like a child and talks like a dork?

One would expect these clean-cut All-American golden boys to make fun of Pee Wee, but they seem to find him alright, and, if anything, it’s Pee Wee who’s sort of annoyed with them. The scene is like a blueprint of how Jews desire goyim to feel and act. No matter how weird and nutty Jews may be, they want goyim to act as if all is fine, all is normal, and etc., just like ‘Jennifer’ Pritzker wants to be treated as if he’s a real ‘woman’, and there is NOTHING weird or funny about that. Jewish vanity is the new sanity. At the bike shop, Pee Wee picks up the horn, which could signify the Jewish will to monopolize the megaphone.

Pee Wee is clearly Jewishy while the kids look ‘Aryanish’, and the camaraderie between them isn’t exactly natural. It’s as if the kids have been trained(like monkeys) to hold something back, to be on their best behavior in his presence. Pee Wee doesn’t get the ‘Eugene Treatment’ from them(or the harassment by local kids upon Albert Brooks in LOST IN AMERICA).

To his utter shock and dismay, Pee Wee discovers his bike has been stolen and comes to surmise the culprit must be Francis, who happens to be taking a bath with toy battleships in a swimming-pool-sized tub. In rage, Pee Wee dives into the tub-pool and tussles with Francis. It could be an allusion to Moses splitting the sea, or maybe the attack on USS Liberty.

What sets Pee Wee apart from comedians like Buster Keaton is a sense of ‘centrism’, i.e. his ego expects the whole world to revolve around him. Buster Keaton’s characters get caught up in lots of action, but they remain do-it-aloners, individuals. They don’t expect the world to come to their aid and instead scramble the best they can to keep their heads above water.
In contrast, as far as Pee Wee’s concerned, his troubles are the world’s troubles. His tragedy must be prioritized above all else. Indeed, it’s as if everyone in the community must care more about his Bike than their own. He is the sun ‘nerd’, they are the planets. In this, he’s different from Big Lebowski, aka the ‘dude’, who knows full well that the world doesn’t give a hoot about his problems, like when the Mexican-American policeman laughs in his face about the ‘leads’. It is only at the dogged insistence of Walter, a Dumb-Polack-type who tries so hard to think, feel, and act like a Jew, that Lebowski is persuaded to turn the Rug problem into a major issue with larger implications.

An individualist sees his problem as his own, whereas a centrist believes his problem is the world’s problem, so the world must fix it. It’s like the young girl in the Coen Brothers’ version of TRUE GRIT who doesn’t merely plead for help but feels as if others should fight and die to put the world right for her. An individual, being a social creature(as all humans are), often works with others to achieve his goal but still understands that the world doesn’t revolve around him. If others lend support, it’s either a matter of contract or conscience(of free will and agency of personal choice). In contrast, the centrist’s emotions demand that the world agree and acquiesce to his or her interests and agenda. The likes of William Kristol and Victoria Nuland seem downright offended when goyim seem less willing to agree with them, praise them, and kill/die for their causes, which, for all the smoke-and-mirrors verbiage about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, serve extremely narrow ethnocentric interests of Jewish Supremacism or Exceptionalism, which is often peddled as ‘American Exceptionalism’, which seems to exceptionally favor Jews over goyim and Zionists over Arabs/Muslims and whatever else that Jews favor around the world, like heartlessly using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia.

In the scene above, Pee Wee acts like Neocon types who feel that the goy world exists to obey and serve Jews. If Jews are angry about something, goyim must growl along. If Jews want something, it must be gotten for them by the goyim. If Jews hate something, goyim must share in the hatred. Currently, Russia is the main target of hate, so all of the West is barking mad at Evil Putin. And Jews and their Anglo-Cucks are growling at China, India, and other parts of the world that won’t bark along at Bad Bad Russia. It’s as if Jewish ego/ethnocentrism expects the world to be an emotional and physical extension of the Jewish psyche. So, if Jews feel something, the world must materialize it into reality. If Jews want Syria destroyed, the world must have it destroyed. Pee Wee is like a more aggressive and hyper version of the child-man played by Peter Sellers in BEING THERE who expects the world to be like TV according to the remote control. Push-button reality.

As Anglos, once the most powerful people on Earth, became the most servile dogs of Jews, the Tribe now feels entitled to the same kind of servility from the whole world. No wonder the US government is so angry at India. Jewish has a master attitude toward Hindus: “We are the master, and Anglos fetch and roll over for us, so WHY DON’T YOU AS WELL?” And the Anglo have a dog attitude toward Hindus: “We grovel at the master’s feet, so WHY DON’T YOU AS WELL?” Dogs want other dogs to be equally obedient to the master. Pee Wee’s frustration with others lacking the requisite enthusiasm to recover the Bike is akin to Jewish-controlled America’s rage at parts of the world that won’t join in the hunt for the Russian Bear. Jews want all goyim to serve as dogs baiting the bear.

The scene below indicates that maybe Paul Reubens, not George Soros, has been the mastermind behind the formula of GloboHomo and BLM. The current anti-white agenda combines black thuggery with homo-tranny vanity. Even though the criminal isn’t black in the scene, what ensues is criminality and cross-dressing working together to get past the defense of white law-and-order. While Pee Wee dons a woman’s dress(looking like Olive Oyl), the criminal thug is disguised as a respectable citizen. Doesn’t that sound familiar? BLM and ‘Pride’ marching together.

PEE WEE HERMAN’S BIG ADVENTURE has similarities with two other movies of the same year, 1985. Albert Brooks’ LOST IN AMERICA and Rob Reiner’s THE SURE THING are also road movies. The Pee Wee movie, like Brooks’ comedy, could be referencing EASY RIDER, though Pee Wee is strictly a cyclist rather than a biker. Paul Reubens’ persona is clearly Jewishy but isn’t pinned down, whereas Brooks wears his Jewish neuroticism on his sleeve. (In obsessiveness, Brooks draws on the energies of THE GRADUATE and THE HEARTBREAK KID and is rather different from the laid-back goyim of EASY RIDER.)
The difference is, whereas Pee Wee’s sights are set on a clear goal, something that matters to him most, Albert Brooks’ character chases after the end of the rainbow, the illusion of freedom in the middle of nowhere when the real treasure for Jews is in the city where all the wealth and talent are concentrated. The yokels in Scotland have their quaint charm in LOCAL HERO, but the real action is in the metropolis. No wonder then the Brooks character in LOST IN AMERICA finally regains his Jewish essence and heads straight to New York, where his ‘bike’(or Mercedes) is. Germans used to kill Jews, but with Jews owning the world, the well-heeled Krauts are eager to build and sell luxury cars to the Chosen.
As for THE SURE THING, the two lead characters played by John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga could be of any ethnicity, but Cusack’s brunette character is contrasted with his blond buddy and finally rebuffs the advances of a blonde babe. As for Zuniga’s character, she ultimately dumps her very Waspy and dull boyfriend, a dweebier version of Carl in THE GRADUATE and finds her true love in Cusack. It was directed by Rob Reiner who, during the Trump years, came out as a totally deranged super-Zionist Jewish Supremacist hater of MAGA ‘white trash’. (THE SURE THING is delightful, his best work.)

Perhaps, the most obvious Biblical reference is the scene where Pee Wee scrambles to save the animals in a burning pet shop. It’s clearly an allusion to Noah and his Ark, though it might have something to do with Holocaust too: Save them from the oven!

Needless to say, Pee Wee triumphs in the end. Not only does fortune smile down on him and reunite him with his Bike but his story is made into a glamorous 007-like movie with tall Aryan-ish characters lending glamor to the legend of Pee Wee. If Charlton Heston played Moses and Ben-Hur, why shouldn’t James Brolin play Pee Wee?
What is politics in the Current West but goyim, white and black, acting out the roles conceived, scripted, and funded by Jews? George W. Bush, the tool of Neocons, and Barack Obama, the tool of Neolibs, with Neo- being synonymous with Zio-. American Politics is an experiment in Zio-Labs. It’s as if all of us are living in a Jewish movie. Jews who bitch about ‘conspiracy theories’ turned US politics under Donald Trump into one big spy movie about Putin’s regime as Spectre that rigged the election for his Siberian Candidate in the Donald. And Ukraine has been run by Zelensky, a Jewish comedian of all people, and the Ukrainian narrative on the war makes Spielberg’s 1941 seem downright sober. Just like everyone becomes part of the Pee-Wee-centric world in BIG ADVENTURE, it’s as if we’re all trapped in the world reduced to a toyland for Jews.

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  1. Oy, Tony! Get some adderall already! You are all over the place.

    • Replies: @Jung Freud
  2. @Ralphie in WPB

    I know you are but what am I?

    • LOL: Ace
    • Replies: @Sue Dunham
    , @AceDeuce
  3. I must admit a soft spot in my heart for the original Jewish man-child – Jerome Horwitz aka Curley.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldlan
  4. Ace says:

    And here I just thought that Pee-wee was hilarious. How much more there is to that story!

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  5. Go lie down in a dark room with a cold compress on your forehead after taking two aspirins.
    Get some sleep.

    if you’re not calm the next morning, get professional help.

    Interesting insights until the Jew thing comes along and put you in orbit around Mars.

  6. @Ace

    You see, Neocons are really Peeweecons.

  7. Catdog says:


    I enjoyed PeeWee’s Big Adventure 1985 and Peewee’s Big Holiday 2016, and didn’t see anything objectionable in either.

    What is this article even complaining about? Jews making movies that AREN’T degenerate trash?

  8. anon[612] • Disclaimer says:

    Have you ever in your life talked about one thing?

    Seriously, I know schizophrenics who are quicker to get to the point.

  9. Trinity says:

    Pee Wee getting in touch with the unemployed at the porn theater? Seems like ancient history now.

    Only thing worse than a middle aged White guy wearing a Batman or Spider-Man t shirt is one wearing the jersey of some spade who plays sportsball.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  10. Just came by to LOL at this ridiculous shit. Young Freud is no Roland Barthes, or even a Gene Siskel. Why does Unz surround himself and his American Pravda with literal clowns? Isn’t this author just another one of Vox Day’s finger puppets?

  11. Pee Wee is gonna getcha!

  12. Ian Smith says:

    “ It’s telling that Pee Wee’s front yard has a rocket(perhaps signifying Israel’s nuclear arsenal) and life-size models of farm animals, especially horses and cows, possibly suggesting that goyim are closer to animals than real humans that only the Chosen are.”

    I think you’re reading too much into it. I read Culture of Critique and mostly agree with the thesis. But this is some Jews-in-my-sandwich tier paranoia.

  13. Trinity says:

    I believe it was while filming, “First Blood” in Canada when Stallone attempted to take charge of the boxing career of Gordy Rachette. Previously, Stallone had been grooming A fighter, Lee Canilito, in hopes of discovering the next White heavyweight sensation. Canalito was huge for the time but was strictly a hype job. Canalito was even given a supporting role in Stallone’s forgettable movie, “Paradise Alley.” I think Canalito scored 21 straight victories against questionable opposition and then disappeared faster than “Spider Rico.”

    Rachette? Could definitely fight but he was inexperienced in the ring. The guy was a noted martial artist and all around athlete who loved contact sports like rugby, hockey, and lacrosse. Rachette won numerous tough guy contests, one in which he knocked out one Roger Daggitt, a huge wildman and some say an enforcer for the Hell’s Angels. Rachette won 19 straight fights, most by knockout over limited opposition before stepping up to fight a comebacking Jimmy Young. Young, past it, but way too experienced takes it by stoppage. Young was never known for a punch, an exhausted and out boxed gordy beaten more by fatigue. Rachette wins a few before being mauled by Trevor Berbick ( the guy Tyson flattened a few years later for the title.) Gordy would edge out a victory over perennial contender, Scott Ledoux, in a bout billed as, ” The French Connection. ” I believe soon after Rachette went south to Los Angeles to train under Rich Giachetti and Stallone, only to have a falling out soon afterwards.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  14. Dumbo says:

    Never watched it. Just his face and demeanor seemed repulsive enough. I wouldn’t let children watch it. And in fact it was not surprising that he was caught later on masturbating in a porn theatre. I really thought he was homosexual. Maybe he is.

    Note: Today, a lot of people who make Youtube videos for kids also have some kind of permanent manic expression and some are known to be pedophiles.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Bacon88
  15. I couldn’t and can’t stand to watch PeeWee Herman. There were two Jewish guys in my high school who too were small, too small for their age. They too adopted a childish persona. I could not imagine them forniculating with any reasonably cute woman their age. Neither could any woman their age. And they knew it. Which is why their freakishness bordered on the demonic.

    The sex drive is urgent but nature didn’t endow them with a body that could hold a high enough ranking among eligible males to present themselves as viable offerings. No one took them seriously, so they made everything a joke. But behind that joke lurked the evil intent for revenge upon the normal. The normal is the world they will never meld with. They make a virtue and a show of despising the world which excludes them. Ressentiment.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  16. Oddly enough I was one of those “dirty hippies” and have no recollection of calling returning veterans “baby killers.” In fact, insulting men trained to kill would have been a great way to get a first class ass kicking. We supported the GI resistance, rather, and that is what ended the damn war. It wasn’t a bunch of middle class kids carrying silly protest signs that stopped the carnage, it was the drafted men themselves refusing to obey orders, fragging the gung-ho green Lieutenants out to make a name for themselves by putting their men in harm’s way. Check out the documentary “Sir, No Sir!” for a more honest account of what happened. And “innocence”, come on, war-loving, overstuffed Americans wouldn’t know innocence if it poked them in the eye with a stick.

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @Hibernian
  17. kapoore says:

    Wow…. Really enjoyed reading this article. You have so much insight. I never watched PeeWee but now I see it. What’s the antidote? I haven’t watched Yellowstone either but maybe that is in search of an antidote. Or maybe a fantasyland revert to a time in the 1950s when grown-up men typically had careers and kids rode bikes. Does the adult bike obsession explain why so many fully grown men run you down on the hiking trails?

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  18. Bacon88 says:

    Same here, we never watched it but knew of it and even as kids Pewee Herman was always a joke. Can’t quite articulate how I saw it from my perspective as a kid. It was just something viscerally off putting about the behavior. Wasn’t just him either, but just about any adult that was in children’s entertainment, always hated it, like that fruity ass dude in Blue’s Clues. Instinctive self preservation I suppose.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  19. Trinity says:

    This is a very insightful article imo. The weak are always the cruelest. I have theory that weak men and women always abuse power and it goes without question that children can be just as vicious. Almost all dictators are physically unattractive and often small and physically weak. Stalin was a cripple and a small man. Hitler? While Hitler was small in stature, he was tested in battle and served honorably on the battlefield. And in no way, shape or form can you link Stalin with Hitler. They have nothing in common. Look at mob leaders like Meyer Lansky or some Italian mafia leaders, most are practically midgets. Lansky was about 5 foot nothing.

    Loved those old “Twighlight Zones.” Talk about in insight into the Jewish psyche. Remember watching the movie, ” Twighlight Zone” where the late Vic Morrow played the “White bigot” who goes “back to the future” to live among “Nazis” and be placed in the jungles of Vietnam. The movie sucked and unfortunately it was the last go for Vic Morrow.

  20. Sparkon says:

    Loved those old “Twighlight [sic] Zones.” Talk about in insight into the Jewish psyche.

    Who do you think was writing most of that crap for the boob tube?

    [Rod] Serling was born on December 25, 1924, in Syracuse, New York, to a Jewish family.

    Serling was 5’4″, but he was pretty pugnacious, so I doubt anyone ever called him “Pee Wee.”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  21. The fast-talking, quick thinking (Jewish) outsider geek who wins by outfoxing the bigger and more numerous Goyim around him is a trope for the ages in Hollywood.

    The key to the trope is not explicitly saying a Jewish tale is embedded in the story. It’s done with a nudge and a wink. Exceptions are Woody Allen movies.

    Jews get it. Goys are supposed to remain oblivious.

    • Agree: mark green, P. Cleburne
    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  22. RVBlake says:

    So Pee Wee jumping into a pool-sized tub is a possible allusion to Moses or the LIBERTY? Perhaps it’s a reference to when the Jews sabotaged the TITANIC.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  23. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Ancient Alien theorists believe”

    Jeeze Louise, it’s all Jews all the time with you isn’t it? Jews all the way down.

    The author would blow a hobo and then connect it to Jews.

    • Troll: P. Cleburne
  24. this is great. it should be made into a documentary film using clips from the movies to demonstrate the points. it needs to be said.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  25. Pheasant says:


    What does this have to do with pee wee herman?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  26. Pheasant says:

    ‘I couldn’t and can’t stand to watch PeeWee Herman. There were two Jewish guys in my high school who too were small, too small for their age. They too adopted a childish persona. I could not imagine them forniculating with any reasonably cute woman their age. Neither could any woman their age. And they knew it. Which is why their freakishness bordered on the demonic.

    The sex drive is urgent but nature didn’t endow them with a body that could hold a high enough ranking among eligible males to present themselves as viable offerings. No one took them seriously, so they made everything a joke. But behind that joke lurked the evil intent for revenge upon the normal. The normal is the world they will never meld with. They make a virtue and a show of despising the world which excludes them. Ressentiment.’


    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  27. Pheasant says:

    ‘Oddly enough I was one of those “dirty hippies” and have no recollection of calling returning veterans “baby killers.” In fact, insulting men trained to kill would have been a great way to get a first class ass kicking’

    You really were a hippy werent you?

  28. Trinity says:

    Yeah, I was aware Serling was a Jew, well maybe I wasn’t aware of it back then as a kid in the early 1970’s watching reruns. Besides if I would have known or been told that Serling was a Jew back then, I would have probably been an even bigger fan of the show. After all there were not many 7-8 year old goy children who were hip to the Jew back then. We were being bombarded 24/7/365 about how evil Hitler was and how the Jew was a special tribe, “the chosen people” who had suffered so much for no reason at all. In the year 2022 anyone who can’t see the invisible hand that pulls the strings is just willfully ignorant, remarkably stupid, or bought off. No more excuses, the false narratives and lies have been easily debunked. Time to admit that the masses were fooled for a long time. What was it Mark Twain said about fools and being fooled?

  29. Trinity says:

    Stallone and “First Blood” and “Rocky” had bit parts in this insightful article. Loved Pee Wee in that Cheech & Chong flick.
    Sorry about going off topic. “I’m not sorry.”

  30. @RVBlake

    Or mockery of baptism or Ethel Williams.

    Shampoo is bettah.

    • LOL: RVBlake
  31. from Wikipedia:

    Pee-wee Herman is a comic fictional character created and portrayed by American comedian Paul Reubens. He is best known for his films and television series during the 1980s. The childlike Pee-wee Herman character developed as a stage act that quickly led to an HBO special in 1981.

    Jewish comedians, desperate for success and to avoid Protestanty work, often create personas that are unique and memorable (although pathetic) which will send them on a path to riches. Andy Kaufman, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens, Gilbert Gottfried and the incomparable jagoff Borat/Sacha Baron Cohen come to mind. Richard Lewis went manic to stick out because talent only took him so far.

    Emo Phillps, on the other hand was funny. He’s probably a goy.

  32. @Bacon88

    Was PeeWee’s Playhouse even aimed at children? Unlike the usual “some elements will go over their heads but Mom and Dad will get a chuckle” stuff, it seemed by and for snarky Gen X Daria types. But was on Saturday morning, if memory serves; I watched a couple episodes (you had to, before YT, so as to see what “people were talking about”) but it seemed like one basic joke over and over, and not that funny the first time.

    Oddly, Paul Reuben has been pretty good in non-PeeWee roles (Buffy, Mystery Men, that Cheech and Chong movie). Sort of a gay Steve Buscemi (I’m thinking of him in Barton Fink).

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  33. @beavertales

    The fast-talking, quick thinking (Jewish) outsider geek who wins by outfoxing the bigger and more numerous Goyim around him is a trope for the ages in Hollywood.

    It goes back to Genesis, literally. Sometimes the Jew tricks another Jew (Jacob and Esau) but the basic lesson is “win by deception” (motto of the Mossad). The Jewish plan — infiltrate, take over, kill the goyim — is right out there in the open, in the Joseph in Egypt story, or later Esther, but the goyim are so stupid they not only don’t see it, they actually teach there children to worship and emulate such “doers of God’s will.” Incredible.

    My favorite example is David, always presented from Sunday School to Nobel literature as “the underdog triumphs over the unjust” or some such. pious nonsense. Actually, David “wins” by approaching “unarmed,” using his slingshot to sucker punch Goliath from a distance, then runs up and uses Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head. In short, he cheats, just like a wrestling “heel” who grabs a chair and knocks out the good guy from behind, while the referee (YHVH) looks the other way.

    Next to “the sin of Sodom is homosexuality” (the men of Sodom aren’t homosexual, or else why does Lot offer his daughters? The sin is desiring intercourse with angels, a sort of “higher” form of bestiality. Cf. the earlier “Sons of God” — angels — who mate with earth women and produce the Nephilim) it’s the most (deliberately?) misunderstood story in the Bible.

    • Replies: @Centrist
    , @Wokechoke
  34. @Anonymous

    The author would blow a hobo and then connect it to Jews.

    Thanks. I was getting tired of saying “A Jew under every bed” or “There’s a Jew in my sandwich” so this will be a new one to use.

    • Troll: P. Cleburne
  35. @Anonymous

    “I’m not saying it was Jews…but it was Jews”

  36. @Pheasant

    They make a virtue and a show of despising the world which excludes them.

    Chafing under domination by one empire after another, the Jews invented a new genre: apocalyptic. The world is under the control of Satan (“the Lord of this Eon”) but YHVH will soon appear in the sky with his thousands of angels, to drench the world in blood and fire. Oh, and smite the evil doers.

    The early Christians were such a cult, whose dead Messiah would actually return any day now, not as a lamb of God but as God’s sword, wreaking vengeance on those who reject the Gospel of Love. (The Christian God is a 12 year old girl: “I hate you because you won’t love me! You’ll see! You’ll all see!”)

    The Pharisees who re-invented Judaism post-temple had a different strategy: the world is broken and must be “fixed”: tikkun olam.

    So yeah, basically Christianity and Judaism were created by and for Pee Wees. Jew vs Christian: “I know you are, but what am I?”

  37. @Gerrymander'd

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give a big Las Vegas welcome to the incomparable jagoff, Sacha Baron Cohen!”

  38. @Trinity

    Clint Walker on the Jack Benny Show.

    Goy and jew side by side…….

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  39. JR Foley says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    nyuk nyuk nyuk —hey Moe hey Larry –the cheese !!

  40. Centrist says:
    @James J O'Meara

    The history of the fall of the tower of babel is very descriptive of the petty, hate fueled and envious character of the hebrews and their little god as an expresion of their inner colective nature

    There is nothing wrong in the pride displayed by Nimrod and the workers edifying a tower to trascend heaven itself by their own means . The only problem is the shatered pride of the hebrew god and their ethnocentrist little minions when they were confronted with group and a society much more advanced than theirs , their comand their little god to confuse and plant the seed of disunity creating different languages so that they could not understand each other and they couldnt not build the tower whose shadow was to largue for the little hebrews to stand .

    Is curious how jews are replicating a new babel in america pushing for a multiracultural / multilingual chaos as their commanded their god to do thousands of years ago in babilonia as a way to punish european for the pride for trying to reach and trascend heaven itself ,.curiously the momment americans were building rockets to reach the moon in the 60s is the exact same moment when the jewish influence grow strongh enought to plant the seed of disunity that is bringing the entire west to its knees.

    • Agree: Ace
  41. A good assessment of the weak, shallow, beta culture the u.s. has developed. It is a kind of “forced retardation” enabled by media.

    Another good snapshot of a country’s “culture” is to watch commercials. Turn the sound off and just watch the images they present.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Ace
  42. forensic exam of a dumpster. or a diseased brain.

    what might USA culture have been like if Germany had won the war?

    that is what is at stake in Ukraine.

  43. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The big cowboy was in style back in Clint’s day. I believe Walker was in the 6’6″ range, about the same as 6’5″-6’6″ Chuck Connors and the 6’7″ James Arness. The other Clint who played in Rawhide was the runt of the litter at 6’2″-6’3″.

  44. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Got me. Pittsburgher podcaster influenced perhaps – no more cultural appropriation for me (midwest upbringing). Update and correction: watching Borat is like having a stick to the eye.

  45. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    So get me up to speed here: So there is this guy named Pee-wee; and no, Sarah Silverman did not have a sex change.

  46. Mike Tre says:

    “Paul Reuben was caught in a scandal of his own at a porno theater, especially inexplicable in the age of the VCR? Perhaps an exhibitionist streak?”

    To assume Reubens was normal sexually is pretty naive. There’s only one reason he went there, and that was for some man on man action. Anonymous sexual encounters, especially in theaters (illustrated in the movie Philadelphia), clubs, restrooms (George Michael, anyone?) are one of the cornerstones of homosexual degeneracy.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  47. @Peter D. Bredon

    Was PeeWee’s Playhouse even aimed at children?

    TELETUBBIES was aimed at children. Homos used to say among themselves that it was homo-promo program, and Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell picked up on that, and then homos blasted them for being paranoid and crazy.

    Today, homos and trannies, in cahoots with pedos, at Disney are actively turning on young ones to sexuality, not just any sexuality and homo kind.

    Just like kids are easiest converted to religion at a young age, so to the cult of globo-homo.

    Precisely because most kids are not naturally born homo, they must be pedo-educated or peducated in that direction. Kids reacts to carrots and sticks, and these globo-homo teacher smiles down especially on globo-homo kids. Whenever the teacher discusses globo-homo, there’s a big grin on her face and huggy-tuggy demeanor, and kids want to be globo-homo to get the hugs and candies.

    It seems homos not only agreed among themselves to enter and take over the Catholic church(and mainline kind) but education as well.

    And as they got Jewish Power behind their back, conzos dare not push back out of fear of angering the Jews, which is the real religion of conzos.

    Highest god of the conzos: praising and appeasing Jews.

  48. anarchyst says:

    In my humble opinion: “Pee Wee Herman” (Paul Reuben) has always been “pervo” and a true danger to gentile children. Being arrested for masturbating in a porn theater is proof that he is “not all there”…his “pervo” jewish roots are showing…

  49. @Mike Tre

    To assume Reubens was normal sexually is pretty naive

    Perfectly correct. I’m struggling to understand why neither the article author nor any commenter here has even mentioned that it was completely common knowledge after the film was released that, notwithstanding his “marriage”, Reuben was a very open and obvious bender. His fascination in the film for the under-age audience he was targeting makes his Jew queer abnormality even more sharply defined and unforgivable.

    All I ever got from the few clips I ever saw of Reuben was the urge to vomit and wash my hands for half an hour. I’ve often thought that the experience of feeling your skin crawling just by watching someone on a SCREEN should probably tell an averagely-intelligent person something fairly important about the value of human intuition.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Mike Tre
    , @Priss Factor
  50. Mike Tre says:
    @Dave Bowman


    So looking up Reubens on wiki – the man has had several run in’s with the law, all sexually perverted in nature, including an arrest in 2002 where several thousand sexual images were found on his laptop, many of which were identified as child porn. The charges were dropped due to procedural BS, aka special treatment for famous jews in Hollywood.

    He was in his mid to late 30’s when he did his Pee Wee stint and with an eyes open perspective there’s pretty much zero doubt about his show being one massive grooming effort aimed at young boys.

    There’s also nothing about him being married to a women or fathering children, which is pretty standard dope on the wiki site.

    His father is also apparently credited for being a founding member of the Israeli Air Force, and if so, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he knew Benjamin Emanuel, Israeli terrorist member and father of former Chicago mayor and Clinton/Obama cabinet member Rahm Tiny Dancer Emanuel. A little ethnic nepotism and clout may have given Reubens’ career a boost, and would explain how such a creepy and untalented geek became famous.

  51. @Dave Bowman

    Reuben was a very open and obvious bender

    So, he liked it when other people had their Big But(t)s.

  52. Anymike says:

    You forgot Yakov Smirnoff. What a country. That was his signature line.

    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  53. Ace says:
    @P. Cleburne

    Thanks for the visual!

  54. Thomasina says:

    “(Michael Jackson was accused of pedophilia, but perhaps he didn’t see it that way as he was emotionally a child himself, i.e. in his mind, it was essentially a child-and-child matter. In our age, when a man who feels as a woman is a ‘woman’, perhaps some may argue that a man who feels as a child is a ‘child’, therefore his pedophilic acts aren’t really pedophilic since he identifies as a child. Crazy, but we live in crazy times.)”

    Trannies, homos, lesbos, pedos. Incels, feminazis, trigger warnings, safe spaces.

    Increasing narcissism, psychopathy, anti-social behavior, violence, suicides.

    Mental illness as far as the eye can see.

    This is what you get when you allow your culture to be destroyed.

  55. Hibernian says:

    So you incited soldiers to murder their officers? What a hero!

  56. @Anymike

    As far as his old country, today it is known as “Ukraine”.

  57. AceDeuce says:
    @Jung Freud

    It’s Paul “Reubens”, not “Reuben”.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  58. Trinity says:

    It seems as though 90-95 % of the Jew / Khazar population are either mentally/emotionally disturbed along with being sexual perverts of all stripes. Pedophilia ( Paul Reubens probably fits the bill here), homosexuality, bisexuality, “pansexual”, beastiality, obsession with the anus and anal sex, etc., just pick one for these people. I guess heterosexual anal sex is a form of birth control for primitive tribes like Khazars, Arabs, Pakistanis, Turks, etc., teehee.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Priss Factor
  59. anarchyst says:

    Actually it is mental illness brought on by infection with STDs which do not manifest themselves until years and decades later.
    These STDs are introduced to the jew male infants with the barbaric practice of “male genital mutilation” (circumcision) being performed on the eighth day after the birth of the jew male infant.
    The dirty jew “mohel” who performs the mutilation fellates the infant after the mutilation is complete, introducing his own STDs to the infant.
    This is a never-ending cycle which assures that the mental illness that these jews possess gets transferred to the upcoming generations of jews.
    Male genital mutilation is also performed on gentiles, the medical profession claiming that it should be done for “health reasons”.
    Removing a healthy body part without medical necessity is a CRIME and should never be tolerated or allowed.
    This barbaric procedure is performed on gentiles in order to dilute the “unique identity” that jews (claim to) possess for themselves. This makes it much easier for jews to “hide” their identity.
    Male genital mutilation must be outlawed worldwide.

  60. Trinity says:

    @ Priss Factor
    Didn’t Crumb marry a Jewess? Admittedly, I did enjoy the movie about Crumb and I think the guy is an excellent artist. Crumb, like fellow pervert, the late Hugh Heffner, are/were very Jewy, so Jewy, that I often wondered if they were crypto Jews, especially Hugh Hefner. Hefner became uber rich grooming young White girls to be pimped out and raped & abused by his celebrity Jew and Black friends like Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby, etc. At least with Crumb, he had talent, never mind the perverted art, Hefner had no talent whatsoever. Bowie? Another guy who had very Jewy mannerisms. Guy loved Black women, would expose himself to males and females, Debbie Harry writes in her book that Bowie whipped it out in front of her. Smooth operater, that Ziggy.

    Rest in Hell. Hughie.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  61. @Trinity

    His stuff about Jews and blacks is hilarious.

  62. Petermx says:

    Maybe he did that to annoy you. It worked.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  63. Petermx says:

    The article attempts to get into their brain and find out what motivates them. Jung-Freud is an appropriate pen name. This is what they pretended to do with the Germans. If you read some of what went on after the war, the Jews place themselves above the “NAZIS” and we’re told of how they psychologically examined the sick German mind. The Jews are supposedly the civilized ones. These same “civilized” people regularly tortured and killed those they then had power over. They brought in phony priests, attempting to fool their victims and have them open up to the priest. There is nothing they won’t do and they are protected. Others are powerless against them.

    You can sometimes watch an interview with an obnoxious one and wonder what if the Christian interviewer said this or that. Obvious questions and subjects to delve into are avoided but anyone with a little knowledge knows why the interviewer can’t get into it. Although it would be an obvious topic to get into, the interviewer would be fired from his job and the Jews would tear him apart in the media.

    Below is an interview with the neocon Jew Max Boot. Max Boot is a Russian hater but he doesn’t just hate the Russians. This psycho, in the age of nuclear weapons, wants to make war against them. Do you know where he was born? Moscow in 1969. But Max Boot doesn’t want to just kill Russians, he has been a big supporter of all the wars against Arab countries, playing a big role. People see Boot on TV and assume he knows what he’s talking about but no one can bring up the fact that he is a Jew that has a reason to want to kill Arabs, to protect the country and people he is loyal to – Israel.

    But why does he hate Russia and want a war with them. Mind you he doesn’t just dislike or have animosity against them. He wants a war with Russia. Wouldn’t it be an obvious question for Tucker to bring up in the interview. Tucker: “You were born in Russia weren’t you? It’s odd that you would want to go to war against the country you were born in. You’re Jewish, aren’t you? What did they do to you?” They always claim that they are mistreated wherever they live. Wouldn’t that be an obvious question to ask? These would be obvious questions to ask. But Tucker would be fired and they would attack him in the media like a vicious animal tears something apart before they devour it.

    Towards the end of the interview it gets especially interesting. Tucker brings up the Soviet Union (but not the fact that Max Boot was born there). Tucker talks about it as an awful country, mentioning Stalin. Boot goes along with this. He goes along, that the USSR was evil but Jews founded the Soviet Union and Jews around the world were huge supporters of he USSR for decades, especially during WW II. You might say that was their country, although many Russians would strongly object.

    Two American Jews (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) were executed for their part in giving the USSR the secrets to building an atomic bomb and many more were involved that were never prosecuted. Russian President Putin says that 80 to 85% of the first Soviet government was Jewish. It is a historical fact that Jews played the biggest role in founding the USSR and their outsized role continued until after the war. It would be very unlikely Boots parents or grandparents were against the USSR and not unlikely that they were devoted communists and big supporters of the USSR, especially during the war. With Jews powerful role in the country it would be very interesting to know what Max Boot’s relatives did during the war. Maybe Boot didn’t want to get into that otherwise he might have come to the USSR’s defense, instead of going along that it was an evil place. There is no doubt though that of course the Jews were the good people in the USSR. They are all good, wherever they are. If it hadn’t been for that 15 or 20% that were not Jews that founded the USSR, it would have been a wonderful place. Max Boot is the second person interviewed.

    Tucker vs critic who calls him a cheerleader for Russia

  64. AceDeuce says:

    Maybe he did that to annoy you. It worked.

    Or maybe he’s just a shitty writer. I’m putting my money on that.

    He didn’t annoy me. You did, though. But, I suppose that’s all you’re good for.

    • Thanks: Petermx
  65. Stealth says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous. Do I really need to go into more detail than that? Really, Big Top Peewee was about mass immigration? His bike in Big Adventure represented God’s covenant with the Jews? This article is a gag piece.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  66. @ThreeCranes

    The sex drive is urgent but nature didn’t endow them with a body that could hold a high enough ranking among eligible males to present themselves as viable offerings. No one took them seriously, so they made everything a joke. But behind that joke lurked the evil intent for revenge upon the normal. The normal is the world they will never meld with. They make a virtue and a show of despising the world which excludes them. Ressentiment.

    Yes but this is a problem that exists with or without Jews which is why I don’t see the point in an exhaustive essay about Pee Wee Herman.

    Typical leftist men are disproportionately small, effeminate or have a disability. The exceptions are the Clinton types that are in it for the career/women. Behind the scenes leftist groups however follow consistent patterns. In the past they were often led by Jews but today’s US leftist leaders are overwhelmingly White women. The men are expected to stay in the back and Jewish men are treated as any other White man (must submit to women and Blacks first and foremost). The men can’t appear too smart in these groups or else they will be punished for standing out.

    The scary thing about these White female leftist leaders is that they actually buy into it. They aren’t like Clinton types that know liberalism is mostly feel-good bulls–t. They really buy into Wakanda theory and view White men as the devil. Most are basically beta intellectuals and not smart enough or skeptical enough to see through what they are taught in college. They really believe that White men held everyone back and Africans would be selling us microchips if not for a grand White conspiracy.

  67. @Trinity

    Almost all dictators are physically unattractive and often small and physically weak. Stalin was a cripple and a small man. Hitler? While Hitler was small in stature, he was tested in battle and served honorably on the battlefield.

    They tend to be unattractive and small or they have some type of deformity/disability.

    Same is true for statist egalitarians like Lincoln. He was described as the ugliest man in America.

    Hitler was actually average in stature for the time but he did have a deformity.

    It was indeed rare that he had battlefield experience. Dictators tend more to be like Putin who is small and has never served in battle. He wasn’t even an agent as he depicts himself. Basically a lower level office worker for the KGB.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
    , @Wokechoke
  68. @Stealth

    This article is a gag piece.

    Better gag than crack.

  69. Any thoughts on comparing him to the same-era Gentile man-child, Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney)?

  70. Jung Freud must be given credit for his or her ability to sit through any Peewee Herman movie and write a 5300 word article about it. You’re a stronger person than I am.

  71. @ThreeCranes

    Those two Jewish guys in your high school quickly realized that while popularity might be everything in high school to get the girls, once you get out into the real world, all it takes is money. The jocks that were popular with the girls when they were 16, would be reduced to marrying any woman that would accept them working at Mr. Goldstein’s car wash when they were 28.

  72. @John Johnson

    Putin’s hardly a dictator. Justin Putin is a dictator and is voted the prettiest boy every year in the Toronto gay parade.

  73. @kapoore

    The next time a 50 year old man runs me down on a hiking trail wearing leotards with cargo shorts pulled over them while riding his \$6000.00 mountain bike, I’m going to shout to him that he’s a &^%\$#* little boy with a Pee Wee Herman fantasy.

  74. Wokechoke says:
    @James J O'Meara

    Judaism: When your god turns out to be Loki the Trickster. But he’s not good looking like Tom Hiddlestone either and resembles a dwarf instead.

  75. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    Hitler was in several fights and might well have been targeted by a marksman at Ypres but was spared. He was also shot at the Beerhall Putsch and jailed.

    I think he was just an average guy whose dad was a Border Guard. Half decent artist who ought to have been enrolled at the Kunst Academie Wien.

    Stalin did have experience with violence as a bank robber and as a lowly military commander in Tsaritsn (Volgograd) in the Russian civil war. Not a physical coward. Phobia about flying though.

    Putin isn’t a twentieth century dictator. He’s the other side of the sham two party thing we have in the west. I also think he’s a Czar type (Ceasar briefly being a classical Dictator). Popular enough with the broad mass of the public there that rivals might resent him but many follow anyway for fear of both him and the lower middle class he patronizes. There may be a succession struggle like the Decembrists after him, but that’s Russia for you.

    They tried our system and got Yeltsin, which they will not repeat.

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