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The Main Duty of National Elites? It Is to Defend People, Culture, & Land. Can Such Obligation be Served Nobly Under Mass-Immigration, Diversity-Mongering, and Minority-Elite-Supremacism?
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Why do we need elites, leaders, or the ruling class? One may argue that it is to maintain order and ensure good governance. Just like the body is useless without the head, a society is bound to fail without some form of central command. Elites exist to protect the people from outsiders and from themselves. Without security and protection, any social order can be overtaken by foreign powers through military invasion or by other peoples via demographic replacement. Without morality and rule of law, any social order can fall into decay and degradation. Therefore, ideally speaking, elites exist to protect the people from outsiders and from themselves. Without protection from outsiders, it’s only a matter of time before the domain is invaded and taken over by others. What goes for nature goes for humans; after all, humans are part of nature. Organisms must always protect their territory against others or else be overrun. And humans must protect their domain from nature because, otherwise, it will be reclaimed by weeds, trees, insects, and animals. Notice that without proper maintenance, a house is taken over by ants, termites, hornets, rats, rabbits, and creatures of all kind. And humans must secure their property, private or public, against other humans. Any private property won’t be private for long without security and enforcement of the law. One of the main reasons why people are placed behind bars is because of violation of property laws.

That said, people must also be protected from themselves. Left to their own devices, people are likely to indulge in excessive, harmful, and self-destructive behavior. There are too many silly people, dumb people, stupid people, and deranged people. Just like parents and teachers must guide young ones(who will invariably mess things up if left to do as they please), the elites need to remind the people of what is right and wrong, what is of primary importance; and the elites must guide the people in the right direction, like Moses did with the Hebrews in the Exodus. In matters of right vs wrong, elites must steer people from darkness toward the light. In matters of priority, it’s more complicated because each choice has merit and value. But because we can’t have everything, we must choose what is MORE important given the demands of the times. Surely, a family with a limited budget should focus more on food, clothing, and shelter than on motor-boats, fancy dress, and gourmet food. Likewise, a nation that needs to develop industry will prioritize education in science & technology(as it needs plenty of engineers) than something like the humanities(even though it too has value).

Well, maybe things will begin to change when people like Ann Coulter STOP NOTICING that Israel can have a wall while the US can’t and START NOTICING that the US can’t have a wall just like Palestinians in the West Bank can’t. Just like West Bank Palestinians will be arrested for resisting the Jewish-Zionist Caravan, white Americans will be arrested for resisting the Brown Caravan. What do West Bank Palestinians and White Americans have in common? They are both under imperial-colonization of the Empire of Judea. Things will begin to change for White America ONLY WHEN whites begin to realize that Jews see them as merely More Palestinians. If Jews treat Palestinians like garbage, why would they treat your people any better?

American elites are now totally useless. The US is still a great, rich, and powerful nation, but it owes mostly to land, lineage, and legacy than current leadership. America’s advantages owe to bountiful land & resources, founding & formation by Anglo-Germanic-Celtics(a very talented & advanced people), and the tradition of law and honor that came to characterize American governance and ways of doing business. (While Northern European Americans may have been unfair in dealing with non-whites and certain ethnics, they were more just and fair-minded with their own kind than non-whites and certain southern/eastern Europeans were with their kinds. Also, the fact that so many people wanted to move to Northern-European-made America suggests that they found even white prejudice to be preferable to social and political conditions in their own nation. It’s like a Chinese guy was likely to get more justice, at least on the individual level, under British Imperialists in Hong Kong than from fellow Chinese in Mainland China. And for all the gripes by Arabs/Muslims about ‘white racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’, they seem attracted to the West because they are less likely to be treated brutally than in their home nations so rife with corruption and harsh repression. Better to be called a ‘muzzie’ behind one’s back once in awhile than be rounded up and shot dead.)

Some say the success of the US is the product of democracy and ‘liberal values’, but I wonder. After all, both Germany and Japan surged ahead in the 19th and 20th centuries under autocracies. And even after World War II, Japan has essentially been a one-party dictatorship, and German democracy was just a puppet regime of NATO. And one-party dictatorship of China hasn’t prevented it from making huge economic gains. And do so-called proponents of ‘liberal democracy’ really prize multi-party politics? If so, why do they look to California as the template for future America? Multi-party democracy is dead in California that is now a defacto one-party dictatorship. Nothing is more threatening to multi-party democracy than mass-immigration-invasion because the great majority of non-white invaders vote for Democrats as the party more favorable to mass immigration and non-white identity-politics(at the expense of whites, of course). As immigrants vote for the Party that puts out the Welcome Mat and flatters them with gushing Valentines — Democrats say endless immigration-invasion is what America is really about — , open borders will effectively turn the US into a one-party state.

Granted, a nation’s democracy can be a defacto one-party dictatorship without massive Diversity, as has been the case of postwar Japan, but even that suggests the US(that was most responsible for setting up Japan’s postwar political system) was far less interested in liberal multi-party democracy than its own ‘national interests’. After defeating Japan, the US occupation forces were initially amenable to the Japanese Left, but once the Cold War set in, especially with communist takeover of China, the US did everything to ensure political stranglehold by the Japanese Right in future elections. And the Japanese Right sold its soul and cucked out to the US for this arrangement. (But the Conservative advantage may soon fade as rural Japan is fading demographically, in which case all future elections will likely be decided by the more globo-homo Metropolitan areas.)

The fact that so many autocracies have been economically successful while so many democracies have been economic basket-cases suggests that ‘liberal democracy’ was not the most important element in the rise of America. Anglo-Germanic America might have done just as well(if not better), at least economically, under an autocratic system. Plenty of Latin American nations have adopted the liberal democratic model, but it hasn’t done them much good. Furthermore, Chile’s economy did pretty well under Pinochet’s military regime, and plenty of leftists and even liberals have apologized for Fidel Castro as having done more for his people under an autocratic system that suppressed the excesses that marred most Latin American nations.

Now, proponents of ‘liberal democracy’ argue that political democracy, meaning elections based on majority will, isn’t enough for good governance and national progress. They insist that Rule of Law and clean government(that limits if not eradicates corruption) are crucial, but they often overlook the racial basis of the cultural basis of social basis of political practice. While any race can be corrupt and culture doesn’t guarantee anything, certain races are more likely to conceive of certain ideas & values and use them more constructively & intelligently. The white race was more likely to create figures like Plato and Aristotle than the Negro race. Also, even when presented with the same ideas and values, various races use them differently. Christianity for blacks means turning churches into discos for oogity-boogity jivery. Philosophy for blacks usually turns into personal megalomania or lots of egotistical jivetalk. And look what blacks have done to the tradition of Western Debate. In colleges, they just holler like gorillas about to wallop baboons for bananas. For Jews, whites, and Asians, the concept of modern education means to hit the books, gain knowledge, and sharpen the mind. For blacks, schooling means fooling around in classrooms and acting like pimps and chimps. Black schools are like Classroom of the Apes. So, even though any race can be corrupt, some races are more prone to wild behavior that makes corruption more likely. And even though any race can use culture badly, some races are likely to use it truly badly. Just look at the state of libraries in Detroit. When blacks riot, the bookstore is one thing they leave alone.

So, when thinkers like Francis Fukuyama(more like Fukyomama) or Daren Acemoglu(or Ass-Mugly) yammer about need for cleaner culture or more virtuous values, it becomes almost irrelevant when blacks are concerned because black racial nature is so oogity-boogity. As for non-blacks, racial temperament is a key factor as well. While all non-black races have proven themselves capable of creating civilization(from the French to the Hindus to the Mayans to the Khmers and etc.), some peoples have been more adept at progress and innovation than others due to matters of temperament and personality. While it was possible(as anything is ‘possible’) that the British could have developed a culture like that of Feudal Japan and vice versa, it was highly unlikely due to factors of personality.

Anyway, what’s the point of having an elite like the one in the current US? Americans along the US-Mexican border are being inundated with foreign invaders and call for help, but the US government hardly does anything. Doesn’t the elite exist to protect its people from foreigners? Then, why do the ruling elites do so little to secure US borders and make life easier for American citizens? If anything, if US citizens were to take the law into their own hands to fend off the invasion, the elites will send government goons to arrest and prosecute them. Indeed, the elite policy is worse than do-nothing-ism. It is, if anything, do-everything-to-aid-the-invaders and do-everything-to-shut-down-patriots. The current elites used ‘legal’, media, and deep state powers to sabotage Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the borders(that is IF Trump was sincere about his campaign promises). They even worked against the President elected by the people. These elites are not national leaders. They are globalist imperialists who don’t regard the US as a nation to defend and preserve but as the base of operations for their globalist-imperialist hegemonic ambitions. So, the US must use its wealth, military, and soft power to take over other parts of the world.

And in order to destroy the white majority power in America and to convert non-white immigrants into ‘servitors of the empire’ — consider how the likes of Fareed Zakaria and Nikki Haley are total whores of the Zionist globo-homo War Machine — , the current elites(mostly made of Jews and their cuck-collaborators) push for both Wars for Israel & Jewish Hegemony and Mass Immigration-Invasion to permanently alter the character of the US(and EU). Of course, Jews would oppose mass-immigration IF they really felt that the newcomers could pose a threat to Jewish elite power, but Jews are confident that NO PEOPLE can challenge them at the top. All those browns and blacks will undermine white majority power but won’t be able to rise high enough to depose Jewish power. If Jews really believed that Muslim-Americans are capable of rising fast and taking power from Jews, they’d oppose mass-immigration overnight.

As for Asian-Americans, they do better in school and graduate from top schools, but Jews feel that Hindus will just suck up to the Power(like they did for so long under the British) and East Asians are too lacking in ego, creativity, and personal pride to possess anything like chutzpah to challenge Jews. Indeed, most Asian-American elites seem lackluster in terms of originality and submissive to the template set forth by Jews(and their favorite allies, the homos), which is why Jews have come to value them as reliable yellow dogs. If Jews use brawny blacks to bite whites(aka ‘punch nazis’), they use scrawny yellows to bark at whites. It’s the scrawn-brawn strategy of the Jews. So, increasingly in America, we have tough blacks beating up whites in schools & streets AND robotic yellows berating whites in print media.

The majority of US politicians, national and local, are still non-Jewish whites, but they are useless as elites because they serve their Jewish donors and work against the white masses, the very people who elected them. Worse, so many white masses have been brain-warped by the J-Rays(Jewish Rays) of mass media and entertainment that they believe whites exist mainly to honor Jews, admire Negroes, celebrate homos, and welcome Diversity(to replace whites). Also, the cult of novelty has made so many yuppie-hipster(or yupster) whites enamored of the notion of constant change, even if it means their kind is reviled and replaced. As long as it is ‘new’, it is favored over the ‘old’. This is the mentality of those who are severed from their origins, roots, mythos, and kin. As atomized individualists in search of new thrills, charms, and fads, they always favor the moment over memory.

But then, as people have a natural longing for belonging, these atomized and uprooted ‘yupsters’ cannot live on individualist antics alone. But since whiteness has been dehumanized and turned into a scapegoat-object of hatred, white ‘yupsters’ attach themselves to OTHER identities to feel a sense of membership or community. Some try to be ‘black’ or pro-black. Others suck up to Jews and wave the Zionist flag while denouncing white identity(like the worthless David French, the white goy who adopts black kids and sings praise to Israel while always denouncing whiteness). And so many deracinated whites have attached themselves to ‘gay’ stuff. Indeed, if a white is a homo or tranny, suddenly he has a lot of ‘wokemon points’ because Jews have elevated Homomania as neo-christianity, aka Queertianity.

The current situation is worse than elites being disrespectful of and unresponsive to the wishes and demands of the white majority. So many white people have been corrupted by J-Ray(that promotes Jew-Negro-Homo-Diversity Worship) that EVEN IF worthy white national elites were to emerge to guide the white race to the Promised Land, too many among the white masses will curse them out. Jews have near-total lock on white cuck elites but they also control countless minions among the white masses because they control the media, academia, and entertainment. Indeed, look at the state of UK. The problem isn’t merely with cuck-elites like Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. It is that EVEN IF genuine national leaders like Enoch Powell were to emerge, so many among the white masses will curse him as ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ and call for more mass-immigration-invasion and Diversity to finish off the white majority. More restaurants please.

Still, fish rots from the head down, and the current tragic-pathetic state of affairs came about only because white elites sucked up to Jewish elites. As Jewish elites turned white elites into worthless cucks, the white masses no longer had their champion and leader, their own elites. Jewish elites acted to serve Jewish interests, and black elites existed to serve black interests. But white elites decided their duty was to serve the interests of OTHER groups. Now, such white elite attitude didn’t necessarily begin as cuckery. To some extent, there was genuine ethics and even nobility of heart associated with it. When white elites ruled America, they recognized that non-whites had been discriminated against, even oppressed. And as they noticed that whites made up the overwhelming solid majority and had most of the wealth and high positions, they didn’t think whites needed special consideration. Just like it makes more sense to help the poor than the rich, it made more sense to lend aid to non-whites than to whites who had the most wealth, held most managerial positions, and lived in nicer neighborhoods. And given what happened to Jews in World War II, it was understandable why the then still dominant white elites went gentler on them.

But we live in an age of historical acceleration. Just like technological changes in the 20th century outpaced technological progress in all of prior history, social changes in the second half of the 20th century America happened a lot faster than anyone could have imagined. If most of history moved at 5 mph, the 19th century began at about 10 mph and ended around 25 mph. By mid-20th century, history was moving at 50 mph and, since the 60s, it’s been speeding up to 100 mph. How else do we explain the fact that so many Americans, even older folks, changed their minds on ‘gay marriage’. As David Cole has explained in the article “Our Privileged Oppressed”, attitudes and habits can lag behind fast-changing reality. Former underdogs may still carry on as ‘underdogs’ even though they are the new top-dogs, and former top-dogs may still pretend to be ‘top-dogs’ even though they(or at least many of their kind) have become the new underdogs. This is partly due to rapidity of change in modern times, so much so that perception often lags behind reality. Of course, being Jewish himself, Cole doesn’t mention that Jews are the biggest practitioners and beneficiaries of the Change/Notice Lag or Be/See Lag. As the new top-dogs, Jews still want to be seen as underdogs to garner sympathy than resentment. Also, Jews prop up the illusion of the Eternal White Top Dog as means to divert the world’s attention from Jewish Power. Jews use white ‘top dog’ cucks as useful fronts and buffers.

As for Cole’s Dennis Moore(of Monty Python) reference, he sort of misses the point. It is not Dennis Moore who failed to realize that the poor have become rich and the rich have become poor. After all, he arrives at a point where he begins to rob from the New Rich(the former poor) to give to the New Poor(the former rich). The problem is with the Megaphonic chorus that has failed to notice the change and mocks him for stealing from the Poor(when they’re now rich). Especially as the new ideology is PC(ever changing according to whims of Jewish globo-homo academia) and the only living culture is Pop Culture(all about fads and fashion), mass mentality can shift and go in wholly new directions almost overnight depending on elite-media manipulation. Bob Dylan sang, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”, but now, it’s the weathermen of academia and media who CONTROL the Wind Machine. And they’ve turned history into a hurricane of mendacity and degeneracy.

There is a famous film by Akira Kurosawa, SEVEN SAMURAI. In it, a community of peasants is periodically set upon by a roving mob of bandits. As men and women of the soil, they are helpless against armed and brutish marauders. They’ve tried to alert the authorities, but officials do little but offer lip-service. It takes place during a chaotic period in Japan’s feudal history, and in a state of flux, the authorities are either unwilling or unable to offer security and assurance to people such as the peasants in the story. In other words, the peasants are under a useless elite, ineffective, weak, uncaring, and/or corrupt. So, what do they do? They seek a new elite, if only a temporary one, to provide the community with protection from open-borders bandits who have no respect for boundaries or properties. Initially, the peasants are met with ronin(masterless samurai) who are unwilling to take up the offer, especially as rewards are non-existent. The only thing the peasants can offer is shelter and food as long as the samurai are on the job. Given the honor culture of Japan, samurai ideally want to serve a great lord, a social superior. They are supposed to lord over peasants(in service to a higher lord), not place the well-being of lowly peasants at the center of their concerns. But there is one ronin, an elder, with deeper understanding, experience, and ability, and he inspires sufficient trust and respect to recruit several others for the mission.

From this, we can learn much about the human condition. Most people are like a body without a head. They need to be led and guided. A people without an elite is like a chicken with its head chopped off; it may hop around but has no sense of direction. Where would the Hebrews of Egypt have been without Moses to lead them? In the modern era, whatever one thinks of Zionism, it came to fruition because of its founders & funders, theorists & leaders. In other words, it was led by the Jewish elite. Jewish hoi polloi on their own couldn’t have made it possible. In offense or defense, a team needs a leader. This is why football has the quarterback(and behind him the coach). Even in a looser game like basketball, the point-guard has to see and know more of the overall strategy. An orchestra needs a conductor, and film-making requires a director. Some with more anarchic or egalitarian tendencies have theorized of new social orders without leaders and rulers, but such never pans out for long. The ancient Jews were without a king until they decided they needed one. After the fall of Jerusalem, it made little sense for Jews to have kings since they were scattered around the world and unable to muster sufficient political power to be ruled by their own kings. Even so, Jews attached themselves to European and Muslim elites for protection in exchange for service(mostly of a financial, medical, or regulatory nature). As a different/alien people, Jews were unfit to become leaders of the goy masses. As a talented people, they felt closer to the elites of any society than with the crude mobs. And yet, because elite status was insecure and problematic for Jews — Christian elites regarded Jews as Christ-killers, and Muslim elites regarded Judaism as deeply flawed & corrupted — , they didn’t develop a culture of manners and politesse either. Unlike goy elites who were born into privilege and cultivated with ‘dignity’, Jewish access to goy elite world required lots of cunning, hustling, hand-rubbing, and trickery. Thus, the Jews could, at best, be a vulgar elite.

Jews understood the importance of elite power. After all, they remembered the story of Moses, the first great Jewish leader. And they remembered how Jews grew to greatness(if limited) under King David and Solomon. And even though Herod was a cuck-king of the Romans, he was nevertheless a great builder and protector of the Jewish domain(though some say he wasn’t really Jewish). Jews understood that the REAL power is with the elites. Sure, there are times when elites fall and mobs run wild, but eventually, the new boss emerges to restore order from the chaos following the fall of old boss. Politics abhors an elite vacuum. In the absence of an orderly elite, various impromptu elites will form. Consider the rise of Arab chieftains in the Middle East with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Consider the rise of Warlords upon the collapse of the old order in China in 1911. Consider the state of post-Gaddafi Libya, with entire swaths of territory controlled by clan chieftains. And there are parts of Mexico that are, more or less, controlled by drug gangs as the central government is either too weak or corrupt. And one wonders about the future of America when, increasingly, what happens in the Beltway has less and less to do with ‘flyover country’. It seems people in Washington D.C. are too busying ruling the entire world as their empire to care about ‘small potatoes’ such as the American People and Culture. From the perspective of the Beltway, endless waves of immigrants(even illegal ones) are not ‘foreigners’ because, in their view, all the world is part of Pax Americana or Globo-Homo Americana. If globalism is for a united world under the umbrella of US power, then it makes no sense to distinguish between American and non-American since the Empire considers ALL peoples around the world as its subjects. When Roman elites got to rule the ‘world’ as part of their empire, the Roman Republic suddenly seemed boring and ‘small’. For imperial ambitions, national limits are stifling. It’s the logic of power. A boxer isn’t content to be the local hero. He wants to be world champion.

And in some ways, much of the world supports globalism because human nature has a ‘monotheistic’ tendency, which is why Christianity and Islam spread so far and wide. If one had to choose between one’s limited local god and the all-powerful God of everything, then one is likely to abandon the wimpy lesser god in devotion to the all-powerful God. On the one hand, there is much resentment around the world about arrogant, destructive, and corrosive US as the lone superpower that does as it pleases. But there is also much awe, respect, and admiration. US is the lone superpower like God is the only true God according to Christianity/Islam. At one time, Jews were anxious about the US as the great superpower because so many Jewish eggs had been placed in the Soviet-Communist basket. In the first half of the 20th century, Jews had more power in Russia than in America, and Jewish Leftist support of the USSR was only partly ideological. It also had to do with identity. But with the fading of Jewish power in Russia and the rapid rise of Jews as New Elites the US, Jews came around to thinking the US must remain the lone superpower, the ‘monotheistic’ god of power. This explains why Jews are doing everything to destroy Russia and contain China. And in the Middle East, Israel must be the lone superpower, which explains why Jews are so committed to destroying Iran, a nation with the potential to be the dominant power in the region. Jewish personality can be seen in the God they conceived. A jealous God, a totalistic God.

One reason why Jews are so powerful is because they do have an elite-mass unity, i.e. elite Jews measure their worth in terms of identity as well as of status. They are not only about meritocracy but about ‘inheritocracy’, or a collective sense of Jewish inheritance on the basis of history, culture, narrative, and of course the Covenant. In contrast, the deracinated white elites are only about class and status, which alone cannot sustain the greatness or ensure the survival of a people. If people without a responsive elite is like a body without a head, an elite without a body is like a head without a body. In the current condition, Jews control the white head and uses it to make the white body serve Jewish interests, such as directing Wars for Israel or managing the globalist state that twists laws to fill up the West with Diversity meant to destroy the white race.

At any rate, just like the peasants in SEVEN SAMURAI needed a real elite to protect them from bandits, white people need a real elite to protect them from globalism, Jewish supremacism, Negro thuggery, and homo-tranny degeneracy. Alt Right had this chance, but it was led by Richard Spencer, a dufus with his head up in the clouds of Faustian neo-imperialism and STAR WARS fantasies. Just when the West needs to be protected and preserved, Spencer’s neo-white-supremacism dreams of colonizing Africa once again and ruling over darkies. To what end, I’ve no idea. It must be a way to play 007 + Kipling.

Anyway, Jews have long understood the indispensable value of elites. But the problem in Europe and other goy territories was that the elites were not Jewish. Naturally, the elite A is more likely to feel closer to people A than to other peoples. German elites were more likely to feel closer to German volk, just like Japanese elites were more likely to feel closer to Japanese folk. Jews are a ‘jealous’ people and couldn’t abide by elite-people unity among the goyim. This is why Jews favored empires over nations. In empires, the elites rule not only over their own kind but over vast numbers of foreigners. Because of the divergence of identity & interests between imperial elites and their foreign subjects, they need the aid & support of middlemen, and this is where Jews offered a most invaluable service. Likewise, Chinese middlemen served the British in Southeast Asia, and Hindu middlemen served the British in Africa. Also, when a people go from national politics to imperial politics, the bond between the elites and their own people may weaken. In some ways, it may strengthen, that is IF the elites favor their own people above all and if the national folk are made to share in the imperial glory.

Such was certainly the case with Great Britain and empire. As the UK was awesomely race-ist, the British elites favored their own people over foreign subjects, and so, the white masses were happy to serve the empire because the glory trickled down from British elites to the British masses. But over time, especially under pressure by restless and resentful foreign subjects, the imperial elites are pressed to make concessions to the Other. After all, an empire has to be maintained by carrots as well as by sticks. And one effective way of keeping control is to be more generous with foreign collaborator-elites. In time, the imperial elites may grow closer to foreign subject elites than with their own peoples. And indeed, signs of this emerged in the British Empire, not least because of the great emphasis on class in British Society. Thus, there was a growing sense that the upper classes of Britain had more in common with upper classes of non-whites than with the lower classes of white Britons. This problem was a great opportunity for Jews as one of their main tactics of power was to make the British elites move closer to Jewish elites and further away from the British masses.

Both elitism and egalitarianism were useful to Jews in creating a elite/mass rift in goy societies. Via elitism, or universal elitism, Jews urged white elites to favor meritocracy and/or privilege above all and identify most with Other elites, especially Jews of course. On the other hand, via egalitarianism, Jews urged white masses to hate the white elites as oppressors and wallow in a culture of either rage or vulgarity, a sure way to alienate the elites from them. What Jews hated most was the unity of goy elites and goy masses, which is why National Socialism was especially seen as a threat to Jews. And even though Jews supported FDR and the New Deal as necessary bulwark against Nazi German power, they had problems with it as well as it was national-socialism-lite. Indeed, the patriotic military-industrial complex that developed under FDR quickly turned against the USSR and foreign communist elements(many of whom were Jewish) soon after World War II. This may explain why Jews in the 21st century tend to be more muted in their praise of FDR. (If anything, they seem to be egging people on to find examples of ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ in the New Deal. This is ironic since many conservatives of the time called the New Deal the ‘Jew Deal’. Today’s Jews are far more likely to support unfettered capitalism as they hold so much wealth and monopolies of banks and big tech to censor voices and crush opposition.)

There was always a great contradiction at the core of the American Project. Americans have been big about patriotism, but the US came into being by treason against the Mother Country(and becoming ‘American’ for immigrants meant to switch one’s loyalty from one’s deep ancestral homeland to the New Country, a kind of act of betrayal). Also, even though lots of ink was spilled to justify the founding of America in flowery terms, the main driver of Americanism was materialism and wealth, mainly because there was so much land and resources awaiting conquest & exploitation by the colonists and trailers. Granted, ideas do matter. There were lots of land and resources in South America and Russia, but history there was very different. Even so, the main reason why America could commit to greater freedom and social equality had to do with what seemed like boundless land. A virtual nobody could come to the New World, claim a plot of land, and be a free property-owner, something that was impossible in cramped Western Europe. America could be more ‘generous’ because there was more land and stuff to be generous with. Also, it was a race against time. If Anglos didn’t claim it, some other power surely could and would.

After all, nearly all of Canada and the vast Louisiana territories had once belong to the French Empire, and huge swaths of southern United States had once belonged to Spain(and France to lesser extent). And Russia once had Alaska, which was sold in surely the dumbest sale since the Louisiana Purchase. The American Revolution was essentially an elite revolution. The colonial elites, with boundless pride and ambition, wanted the power in their own hands. It was not a mass uprising from the bottom. But in order to get sufficient people onboard, the declaration of independence was made out to be something more than a power-move by the elites. (Even with support of one-third of the population, the American Revolution succeeded only because of French intervention.)


In a way, it was a genuinely great moment in history, not least because the Founding Fathers were among the most talented and sound-minded leaders the world ever produced. But it also set a troubling template that continues to plague not only current America but all the world. Americanism, now a global phenomenon, has spread the ideal of betrayal of one’s own people, roots, and culture for materialism. Just like the colonial rebels decided to give the middle finger to the Mother Country(which had actually gone out of its way to defeat the French in Canada, not least under colonial pressure) to have the bounty of the New World all to themselves, the siren song of Americanism encouraged peoples all around the world to abandon their own nations, peoples, and cultures to start anew as ‘Americans’ pledging their loyalty to a new nation, or World Empire. Throughout American history, we had German-Americans taking up arms against Germany(just like Anglo-colonialists fought Anglo-Britons). Italian-Americans fought Italy in World War II. Some Japanese-Americans, though dispossessed and herded into internment camps, volunteered to join the war effort against Japan(though the bulk were sent to fight in Europe). More recently, Muslim-Americans in the US military joined in the invasion of Iraq and other nations. And even those who don’t serve in the military pay taxes that go to harm other nations, even nations of one’s origin. Russian-Americans pay taxes that support a system that, at the behest of Jews, is trying to destroy Russia.

In some ways, Americanism of now is worse than ever because the ONLY advantage it has is materialism. At its inception, the US was one of the few democracies/republics in the world, and by the end of the 19th century, things hadn’t changed much. Even most of Europe was still under monarchic rule, and in the first half of the 20th century, the two fast-spreading movements were communism and fascism. And even after World War II, Eastern Europe was under communist rule. As for the Third World, democracy, especially the functional kind, was unheard of in nearly all of them well into the 20th century. And yet, by the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, democracy had spread far and wide across Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Far East. And even in autocracies like China and Iran, there were lots of personal and cultural freedoms AS LONG AS one didn’t go out of his way to offend the authorities. So, if people in the past went to America for both material opportunity and the dream of freedom — the latter sounded nobler — , all that is left today is materialism(and cuckish awe of power, the desire to be a member of the World Metropole than be stuck in one’s own ‘loser’ nation). Especially as American identity went from race-ist-nationalist to diversity-imperialist-globalist, it is no longer certain what is and isn’t an ‘American’, especially when so many Americans believe their nation is the ‘greatest in the world’ and rest of humanity exists either to emulate Americanism or come to America to be converted to, Hallelujah, New Americanism. All this talk of Diversity has no respect for true diversity. What it’s really about is diverse peoples around the world coming under the hegemonic power of Jew-run globohomo America as the sole metropole.

How did a nation born of treason develop a new patriotism based on loyalty? How could the Founders of America, who rose up against their own King(especially by allying with France, the main rival of Britain), command respect and loyalty from the people? If it’s justified for a people to seek separation from tyranny, who was to say each state shouldn’t go its own way and break free of the New England elites that held most power and prestige? There had to be some kind of incentive, and it was relative freedom and material opportunity. Even though the nascent American nation, with it slave economy and limited electoral franchise, wasn’t exactly the land of the free, it was relatively freer than the Old World with entrenched privileges, customs, and traditions.

There was also the appeal of anonymity(like on the internet today) in blank-slate America. In the Old World, the chances were that everyone knew you all to well in the town or village you were stuck in, say, some part of Britain or Ireland. If you were a somebody, to be known was a good thing. If you were a nobody, everyone knew you were a nobody, and there was hardly any escape, especially since all of your nation/kingdom and indeed all of Europe was already claimed, settled, and owned. In contrast, even if you didn’t amount to much in the US, you felt freer because you weren’t pigeonholed by the community. A person characterized as a ‘loser’ in some village in Sweden could only be that ‘loser’ all his life. But in America, he would be free of that burden EVEN IF he was hardly more successful. As he was starting anew among strangers, his lack of status mattered less. There was even the consolation that other Americans felt as you did. Also, given the vastness of America and lack of deep roots, there was the sense that if you couldn’t make it in one town, you could move to another and try your luck there. And since so many people didn’t know you and may even be of various ethnic stocks, there was less of feeling of being looked upon and judged by others. In some ways, people want the company of others who are like them racially and culturally. But in other ways, it can be stifling as such people are more likely to treat you and judge you as one of their own.

This is why family is both comforting and suffocating. There is intimacy and affection but also the sense other members always know who you really are. And belonging to a church comes with both joys and anxieties. As a member, you are part of a community but also judged by your peers as a fellow with duties and obligations. A non-member may feel lonelier in his or her lack of belonging, but he or she also feels freer as no social-cultural burdens are placed upon him/her. Just like some Americans move to Alaska to start anew as unchained ‘nobodies’, many people want to come to America because they find their own nations, peoples, cultures, values, and expectations suffocating, stifling, and even humiliating. If you’re an educated Hindu who can’t get a good job in your town or village, people who really know you will also know you as a ‘loser’. But if you come to America, even if you don’t amount to much and remain a ‘loser’ with some lackluster job, you are among strangers who don’t judge you. Also, just being part of America means you’re suddenly a ‘winner’(even if you’re a ‘loser’ on the professional level) because the US is the richest and most powerful nation on earth, the lone superpower.


Initially, the Founders sought to create a cohesive new nation by favoring Northern European Protestants. But there was too much land to conquer and too much to do, and Irish & German Catholics were also accepted. And as America expanded all across the Western territories, it needed even more people, and immigrants were accepted from Southern and Eastern Europe. Part of the plan was that these immigrants would pan out west and do much of the heavy-lifting. Some of them did, but many also chose to just stick around East Coast cities, especially New York. For many, there was hardly an incentive to move beyond New York since it was understood to be the central city of America. Therefore, many ethnics stuck around New York, New Jersey, and East Coast cites. Some made it as far as Chicago, but beyond that, the main movers and doers were Anglos and Germans, some of whom moved further West to get away from all the swarthy newcomers who were turning places like New York into something like Jew-towns and Dago-towns with clannish criminality.

Still, because all these newcomers were white/European, Anglo-Americans decided to properly Americanize them, and in time, they became like Anglo-ethnics who mainly spoke English and knew & cared more about Anglo-American history than their own. (The one exception were Jews who retained a powerful sense of identity and history, especially rife with resentment toward Christian goyim). Thus, ethnic whites were melted and remolded into Anglo/Americans. One might say they were ‘Anglo-Europeans’. Unlike their continental kinfolk who viewed the island of Anglo-Britain with certain trepidation and even hostility, they took to Anglo-Americanism, not least because so many of them arrived from lower classes without much in the way of culture and education. (Again, the exception was Jews.) Having weak sense of culture and memory, their children were like blank slates for Anglo-American educators and propagandists.

In a way, one could say that all these immigrants took part in treason. Even though their nations of origin were not at war with the US, they quickly adopted a new identity and pledged their main loyalty to another nation, one that could potentially end up going to war against their nations of origin. Still, as fellow whites, they could effectively melt into America as a kind of Pan-European nation anchored to Anglo-American heritage. After all, they were all fellow Europeans. And even though Southern Europeans were recognizably different in certain ways, the cultural roots of all of Europe lay in Greece and Italy. If not for the cultural prestige of Greco-Roman civilization, perhaps Northern Europeans(and Eastern Europeans) would have been less willing to regard Southern Europe with a degree of respect and affection. The Southern Europeans were a fallen(and even mixed) people, but they were once great. (In contrast, because the Caucasus contributed far less to Europe in terms of arts, culture, and history, peoples of those parts aren’t necessarily considered as ‘white’, even though the term Caucasian is named after the region.) But Jews were the odd-people-out despite their considerable European DNA and history among white Christians because they still felt sufficiently different racially(and not just ethnically) and spiritually.

Also, they didn’t just feel resentment as a ‘wronged’ minority but arrogance as the superior people who must eventually go from revolving around white goyim to making white goyim revolve around the Jews. In the past, Jews had to be a planet revolving around the goy sun, but deep in their hearts, they always felt as the rightful sun, around which all of humanity must revolve. If Chinese regarded themselves as the Middle Kingdom, Jews regarded themselves as the Central Tribe or the Focal People. But for Jews to be at the center of America, they had to undermine whiteness as identity of pride, the unity of white elites and white masses, the unity of white men and white women, and the power of Christianity as accusatory judgement on the Jews.

Then, we can see how mass non-white immigration-invasion was so crucial to the Jewish strategy. With whiteness associated with ‘racism’, ‘supremacism’, and all bad things under the sun, there would be less prestige in assimilating to whiteness, especially of the Anglo-American kind. With white children raised on ‘Liberal’ gibberish and then PC, they would come to spit on the graves of their ancestors and embrace the Other while vilifying the Our. And even those who didn’t care for the Other or Diversity and preferred to value whiteness would have to shut up about it because any expression of white pride could be disparaged as ‘racist’ and wicked. So, anti-white whites could be vocal in their hatred, but pro-white whites had to be sullenly muted about their love of their own race. This mattered a lot through the years. After all, if someone is encouraged to say he loves chocolate ice cream but another person is censured for saying he loves vanilla ice cream, the ONLY thing anyone is likely to hear is how great chocolate ice cream is while almost nothing about how good vanilla ice cream is. In Jew-run USA, blacks are encouraged to complain about whites all the time and express their black pride. Jews are free to show Jewish pride and bitch about white goyim. But whites are not only vilified for being critical of blacks and Jews but denounced for expressing even mild sentiments such as “It’s Okay to be White”. Jew-run media associate such statements with ‘far right’ and ‘Neo-Nazis’. Jews are like the kid in THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode: With Jews, you lose.

In time, a whole generation of whites grew up in an atmosphere of white self-loathing as a virtue-signaling: “I hate my grandparents because they are ‘racist’.” But because it’s not natural for a people to hate their own kind, not all whites adopted self-hatred as virtue. Indeed, even among the boomer generation, most whites weren’t that radical. And there were plenty of conservatives among the children of white boomers. Then, why did they keep losing out to the anti-white whites? Again, it was the power of taboo. Under Jewish control of academia, media, and politics, it was permissible and even virtuous for anti-white whites to spew their poison, but it was considered bad form for any pro-white white to speak of his pride of race and heritage. Just think. If 25% of whites are anti-white while 75% are pro-white BUT IF anti-white whites are allowed to speak their mind while pro-white whites must shut up about their sentiments, the air will be filled with only anti-white voices. And then, the next generation will grow up listening to only anti-white voices since the other side has been muted. It’s not just a matter of the megaphone but of the mute-a-phone or gagophone. After all, in any crowd, most people are silent while ONE person speaks. One man’s voice fills the air and dominates. If there are 100 people in a room, and if 10 are allowed to speak while others have tapes over their mouths, the talking 10 will dominate the ‘truth’.

In a political climate where anti-whiteness was permissible(and even encouraged) whereas pro-whiteness was muted, generations of whites grew up with anti-whiteness as the dominant discourse. And as teachers, journalists, activists, managers, politicians, and bureaucrats, they spread these anti-white dogma to non-white immigrants who, being like blank slates or sponges, soaked it all up, and the result is now a generation of children of non-white immigrant-parents who spout the usual anti-white nonsense. Jews imbued whites with self-loathing and then favored self-loathing whites over self-loving whites. As self-loathers were favored for key positions, they got to indoctrinate young white kids and non-white immigrant kids, and the result is a total disaster for the white race. Of course, Jews are besides themselves with hideous glee like the demon that possesses Regan in THE EXORCIST. Anti-white globohomo whites are Jew-demon-possessed puppets.

So, with whiteness relentlessly and methodically dissected, deconstructed, and demonized at every turn(as the supremacist legacy that had favored whiteness over Diversity & Inclusion), Americanism went from mostly European immigrants assimilating into Anglo-America(and making amends to Indigenous Indians and once-enslaved blacks whose stories were intricately linked to Pan-European transformation of America) to white people welcoming all the world and accommodating endless waves of non-whites as New Americans and even truer Americans because they represent Diversity, supposedly what America should really be about. And yet, even if ALL whites were to forsake whiteness and do their darndest to merge with the People of Color, they must still be excoriated for their whiteness because the ennoblement of the Other rests on the demonization of whiteness. Whiteness is too useful to PC to just let go. Even if all whites were to reject it as a racial or social category, non-whites must prop it up as eternal bogeyman and scapegoat for all their own problems and failures.

But whiteness is also crucial because, contrary to the Proggy Narrative, the US didn’t really go from ‘white supremacism’ to Diversity-Equality. Rather, Americanism became essentially White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism. The Anglo-American elites didn’t relinquish their power & privilege and pass them equally to non-whites. Rather, the key and scepter were passed to Jews. Of course, it was a closed ceremony, a kind of silent coup or revolution. After all, the deal was that white goy elites would keep many of their positions and status AS LONG AS they served as fronts of Jewish power and did its bidding. Whether it’s Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Donald Trump(despite his tough talk), the name of the game is “Do as the Jew Tells You”. This has led to yet another huge contradiction in Americanism.

Contradiction One was that the US was founded on treason but appealed to the loyalty of Americans in all 13 states that didn’t see eye to eye on lots of things. Contradiction Two was the emphasis on freedom and principles while favoring Northern European Protestants. Contradiction Three was the insistence on Anglo-American template while taking in huge numbers of relatively exotic immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. And yet, all these contradictions were overcome and more-or-less solved under Anglo-American rule. But the contradiction of white-founded-and-made America and Diversity-as-the-new-Americanism is far more problematic, and no one knows how to deal with the worsening mess.

But an even bigger contradiction is that, despite the Narrative of the US moving from ‘white supremacism’ to ‘Diversity’ & ‘Inclusion’, the inescapable fact is the US is currently in Jewish Supremacist mode. And the reason why Jews make such a fuss about ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacism’, and white whatever is because they seek to hide the fact of Jewish Power by fooling everyone, whites and non-whites, into thinking that Power and Privilege in America are still overwhelmingly white. This way, naive whites remain in self-loathing mode because they think evil whites are still in control, and non-whites are too busy beating on whites to pay much attention to Jews who have the real power.

It’s all very amusing in sick and perverse way, and I’m sure Jews are cracking up among themselves. After all, if indeed the US finally forsook ‘supremacism’ in favor of equality for all, why doesn’t the New York Times or Washington Post ever hire a Palestinian-American columnist? Why aren’t there panels and hearings about how Jews are way over-represented in elite institutions and fields? Why are the media silent about the GOP being funded to a large degree by a Zionist supremacist nut Sheldon Adelson who said Iran should be nuked? Why are anti-BDS laws being instituted all across America to silence voices that champion justice for Palestinians? How come the US showers Israel, a nation with 300 illegal nukes, with billions in aid while Iran, a nation with no nukes, is hit with sanctions? And notice when Ilhan Omar spoke of Jewish power and privilege, most of the Jewish Establishment and their cuck-dogs(Donald Trump included) circled the wagons against her and vowed to crush anyone who lends her support. And what happened to Marc Lamont for his support for Palestinians? He got fired from CNN. Jews are swindlers who play loose with all sides. Inheritors of ethno-cultural arrogance via the Covenant and hustlers extraordinaire of skills honed from merchantry, Jews are unlikely to have a sense of honor. Some Jews, due to rabbinical tradition, are capable of profound thought and deep conscience, but when it comes to simple trust and honor among Jews, you have a better chance of finding a nun in a whorehouse.

Anyway, most Americans now have a useless elite. The only people with a useful elite in the US are the Jews. After all, Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Ivy Leagues, Law Firms, Courts, and much else are aligned with Jewish power. Indeed, it seems the New US Constitution is about bending and twisting laws to flatter, appease, serve, and worship Jews. Free Speech? Forget about it. Pass Anti-BDS laws and silence criticism of Israel. No discrimination on the basis of race, CREED, or color? Forget about it. If you’re deemed dangerous to Jewish Supremacist power, you are to be deplatformed, censored, fired, and/or blacklisted. And no banking services for you. If Jews want ‘gay marriage’, they get it. If Jews want abortion up to birth, they get it. And Jews are now moving to take away gun rights because they don’t like goys + guns. They just want government + guns because they control the government. If Jews want Wars for Israel, never mind the power of Congress. If Jews want children to have access to hardcore pornography, that’s fine too. If Jews want the US to wage hate campaigns against any nation/people(like Russians, Syrians, and Iranians) hated by Jews and to funnel billions of aid and weapons to Israel, Jews get what they want. And just like Jews in Israel, Jews in America can do as they please.

In the West Bank, Palestinians are helpless to stop the flow of Zionist Caravans of ‘settlers’ who come invading. And in the US, neither Trump the president nor his supporters could do anything to stop the endless waves of non-white immigration, white and non-white, that Jews welcome in order to destroy white majority power. If anything, even though Trump was reviled as ‘nazi’ by the Jews, all he ever did was praise and serve Jews like a worthless cuck. And with control of the media as propaganda tool and banking as the water of the economy, Jews can make or break any group or individual. US is not a liberal democracy but a tribal oligarchy. The US Constitution is now just a hollowed shell. Jewish termites gnawed through the spirit of the law and laid eggs that hatched into bugs that pervert and corrupt the letter of the law in most perverse ways so that Jews will get what they want. Is it any wonder that a demented psycho like Sheldon Adelson who openly called for nuking Iran got to play top donor to the GOP with NO outrage from the Jew-run media? Is it any wonder that someone like Arnon Milchan, who admitted to stealing US nuclear materials, can walk around freely in the US and fund anti-white films like 12 YEARS A SLAVE?

The current American elite is responsive only to Jewish supremacist interests and agendas. White elites are now just cuck-compradors. Many of them willfully play toady to Jewish Power. Most politicians and businessmen have no scruples, let alone principles. They only care about money and status. In European Past, Jews had to convert to Christianity to fully partake of socio-economic opportunities and political ambitions. In the current West, all goyim who want to enter higher institutions and succeed in big industry must ‘convert’ to Jew Worship, Globo-Homomania, Magic Negro Cult, and Diversity Faith. While many white-cuck elites play along out of opportunism, there are those who sincerely take PC dogma to heart in naive, foolish, or dumb conviction that it is the road to redemption. In a society where minds are trashed by pop culture and chained to political correctness, it’s not surprising that so many whites are gutless dorks and twerps who howl like harpies when triggered by those who choose to be politically incorrect in favor of truth, integrity, and courage.

When Jews don’t have whites by the wallet, they have them by the souls(and holes, of the genital kind). Whites turned onto jungle-feverish & globohomo Pop Culture and anti-white Political Correctness are mentally colonized and spiritually sodomized by Jews. In any organization, there are cynical players and true-believers. Both are useful to the Power. The Players have a good sense of what is really going on and don’t believe any of it, but they care about money & status and will do ANYTHING to get what is theirs. As for the Believers, they earnestly believe in the dogma and fail to see it for the doggerel it really is. True believers may seem to lead the charge, but it’s like a dog pulling the leash. An eager dog pulls ahead of the master, but it’s the master who decides the direction in which they are headed, game that is to be hunted, or the scent that is to be tracked.

Many whites don’t complain about the current situation because too many are Players or Believers. Players figure they should do as told and reap rewards like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. Believers are truly convinced of the burden of White Guilt and feel that anti-white-ism is a necessary agent to cleanse the US of its ‘sins’. Players and Believers are allowed to wallow in their racial self-loathing.

Now, there are whites who refuse to ‘play’ or ‘believe’, but if they express any sign of white consciousness or desire for white survival — even something as innocuous as “It’s Okay to be White” — , they are hounded by media, fired from work, and targeted by institutions. And Donald Trump did NOTHING for them. Indeed, Trumpism turned out to be like the Hundred Flowers Campaign. In the mid-1950s, Mao Zedong goaded the Chinese people to speak freely. Don’t hold it in. Come out and say what’s on your minds. Let a hundred flowers bloom. Soon enough, people began to speak freely and express their frustrations. Increasingly, what they had to say went against Maoist cult and dogma, and that was intolerable to Mao. So, what began as a ‘spring’ soon ended as winter for freedom. Worse, those who’d spoken freely and honesty in good faith(as Mao had urged them to) were targeted and ruined, mostly by being sent to ‘re-education’ labor camps. Some were outright executed. The flowers were suddenly regarded as ‘weeds’ to be destroyed.

Something similar happened with Trumpism. Because Trump acted so loud and brash, many Americans thought the Overton window had shifted, and it was a new dawn of political discourse. Also, with Trump as President, surely white voices would be heard and protected. White people who’d previously said little or nothing finally came out of the woodwork, banded together, and made their voices heard. But this just gave the Jews the opportunity to identify those individuals, target them, get them fired, get them deplatformed, get them ruined, and even sent to prison on trumped-up charges. (If Jews can sabotage the president with bogus Russian collusion hoax, imagine what they could do to little fish.) And what did tough guy Great White Man Trump do for people who followed his lead? NOTHING. He just twiddled his thumbs while Jews in media, academia, deep state, courts, and high-tech went about shutting down tons of his supporters. Trump emboldened white people to act bold and brazen, but when Jewish Power went after them, Trump not only did NOTHING but sucked up to Jewish Power while telling people whose lives were destroyed to be ‘good’. Trump is like someone who says, “It’s all safe and clear now. You can come out.” But when people came out of the bushes, they are mowed down by Jews while Trump did nothing. In effect, Trump was an informer, wittingly or not, of the Jewish Supremacist Inquisition.

As for non-whites, all they get is a ticket to America, which is the basis of their alliance with Jews. They don’t much care for Jews(and even resent Jews as the richest whites), but since it is Jewish Power that is dominant in the Democratic Party and pushes for More Immigration-Invasion of the West by non-whites, non-whites mostly side with Jewish Democrats and Jewish Neocons(who use the Republican Party for agendas hardly distinguishable from those of Democratic Jews). Because non-whites want so much to come to the West and live with white people(than with their own kind whom they dislike personally), they will do ANYTHING, and that means working with Jews against whites who say ENOUGH with immigration. Jews and non-whites no longer see whites as an autonomous people with their own identity, culture, and territory to defend. They see whiteness as one big dairy cow to milk. They see white nations as one big brothel open to all. White people exist to serve the Other. So, white people built nice stuff for non-whites. White women and wombs exist for black men. White men and white seed exist for yellow women. Hindus want to live in clean white nations than stick around their own dirty and filthy kind. Jews know this and offer meal-tickets to non-whites all over the world to come to America and Europe(and Canada and Australia).

Jews claim that America is all about endless immigration and say the EU must atone for its historical ‘sins’ with compassion for ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’, but it’s all just about Jews using non-whites as battering ram against white unity and power which they defame as ‘white supremacism’. According to twisted Jewish logic, a white national folk who don’t want to invade and conquer other peoples and just want to be left alone in their own nation are ‘supremacist’ and ‘nazi’. Ask yourself, did Nazis just remain in Germany or invade other nations? They were invaders, but according to Jews, white people who don’t want to invade and, if anything, want to fend off demographic-imperialist invasion are the ‘nazis’. These Jews are simply impossible.

Of course, Jews don’t give a shit about non-whites. If they really did, why do Jewish diamond merchants in South Africa continue to exploit black labor? Why do Jews in Israel use the most brutal means to terrorize and oppress Palestinians? Why do Jews say the US needs more brown serfs from Latin America to do menial labor that is beneath the dignity of Americans? Why do Jews use gentrification, mass incarceration, stop-and-frisk, and other means to push blacks out of cities? Why do Jews manipulate the US government to wage more Wars for Israel that destroyed so much of the Muslim World? Jews only care about non-whites as battering ram against whites, but if whites can be used as battering ram against any nation or people hated by Jews, Jews will do that too. Just ask the Iraqis, Libyans, and Syrians about what white US military did to their nations.

When the current Jewish ruling elites only care about Jewish interests while playing a dirty game of divide-and-rule among the diverse goyim, it’s about time to bring down the existing elites and erect new ones. The best way is a Hundred Flower Campaign for elites. Let each people have their own elites and do their own thing. If Jewish elites want to serve Jews, that’s fine. Just don’t make non-Jews serve Jewish-Zionist interests. When a people impose their own interests onto others, that is the textbook definition of supremacism. Let blacks have black elites, let browns have brown elites, let yellows have yellow elites, let Jews have Jewish elites, and let whites have white elites. Why should all goy elites cuck to Jewish elites?

And why should goy whites serve Jews in the crushing of Palestinians and their defenders for justice? As America grows more diverse and divided, it’s about time each people had an independent and autonomous elite that favors the interests of its own people that those of others. Jews say whites caring for whites is ‘supremacist’, but what is truly supremacist is Jews forcing whites to deny their own identity & interests and chaining them to the narrow tribal-supremacism of loathsome Jews who now think and act like Nazis during WWII. When Jews make whites support Wars for Israel, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, globo-homo war on decency & morality, and white demographic demise, that is what true supremacism is all about, and it is about time whites mustered some true grit and courage and told the Jew, “NO MORE”. As for white cuck-elites, they can just go to hell.

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  1. anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it sometimes a good idea to get rid of land? Like the US shoud get rid of Puerto Rico where 3 million Puerto Ricans live or China should do the same with southwest Xinjiang where most of the Uighurs live?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  2. Che Guava says:

    Long. Haven’t yet finished reading.

    I think neither Moses nor Solomon existed.

    The former maybe had some kind of existence as a bandit leader. The latter, none at all. No evidence for either. I gather that many theologians and historians agree.

    I once met a former Catholic seminarian when travelling. He had many interesting theories, which is why he stopped being a seminarian. Good arguments for most, too. Wish we’d exchanged contact details, because I forget the exact bases of his arguments, and many of his ideas.

    One that I remember was that Solomon was an adaptation, corruption, and adoption of what the ancient Judeans after contact with Hellenic culture heard of Solon of Athens.

    The other was that conversion of Epicurian communes, which certainly did exist, was the most important factor in the growth of the early Church in places outside Palestine, rather than the presence of Jewish converts.

    As usual, I disagree with a few assertions about Japan, just for one, European feudalism has many strong similarities up to, I would say, the time when Tokugawa rule became fixed. Even then, many areas had nobility and a samurai class that was always secretly against the Tokugawa, at least among the lord and close counsellors. As I guess you would know, that is why the Tokugawa kept hostages in the capital.

    Well, Priss, Kurosawa is among the many film-makers where we are in perfect agreement. Anyone who hasn’t seen The Seven Samurai, or even the copy as a Western, should. All Kurosawa, really, but much would only appeal to true cinephiles.

    IIRC, I think his son completed it, but even Ame Agaru, I don’t know the title in English, is a quiet masterpiece.

  3. Che Guava says:

    I had the impression that most Puerto Ricans live in the continental U.S.A., so what would be the point of dumping it now? A U.S. friend told me that they used to have an independence movement, but from my own reading, it is now nothing.

    Personally, along similar lines, I think Okinawa should have returned to autonomy (independence) after the end of the Pacific war. Two problems with that:

    1. It would likely still be in use as an unsinkable aircraft carrier by the U.S.A., so just as much a colony as now, only one colonial power instead of two. Who knows, they may have been able to free themselves.

    2. Too many foreigners (this is how at least all older Okinawans think of Japanese) live there now, the last time an anti-U.S. base Okinawan politician almost gained the governorship was in the late 00s, I wouldn’t be surprised if that election had been fixed. She lost by a very small margin.

    Geo-strategy. The U.S.A. wants to box Russia and China in from the Pacific as far as is possible. Thus, they don’t allow our government to go back to accepting only the two southernmost of the Kurile islands, as was agreed by the U.S.S.R. and Japan many years ago, and as Russia has offered in more recent times.

    Just look at a map. The same applies to the south, Japan has some absurd claims to uninhabited islands (also claimed by P.R.C. and RoC), the U.S.A. unreservedly supports these claims.

    One tidal reef has been made into an island with the use of much concrete, it is so nonsensical that the U.S.A. has, AFAIK, never made an official statement on it, but they certainly support it.

  4. On the article in it’s integrity,

    Nothing wrong here, in spirit or soul. Thanks,

    [generated as comment #4]

  5. Anglo-Germanic America might have done just as well(if not better), at least economically, under an autocratic system.

    In every way. “Democracy” sucks, especially the Rube Goldberg machines created by “Enlightened” busybodies. Schopenhauer’s contempt this absurd little experiment — his only reference to this minor country on the other side of the world — is still valid:

    The United States of North America exhibit the attempt to proceed without any such arbitrary basis [in hallowed monarchical traditions]; that is to say, to allow abstract right to prevail pure and unalloyed. But the result is not attractive. For with all the material prosperity of the country what do we find? The prevailing sentiment is a base Utilitarianism with its inevitable companion, ignorance; and it is this that has paved the way for a union of stupid Anglican bigotry, foolish prejudice, coarse brutality, and a childish veneration of women. Even worse things are the order of the day: most iniquitous oppression of the black freemen, lynch law, frequent assassination often committed with entire impunity, duels of a savagery elsewhere unknown, now and then open scorn of all law and justice, repudiation of public debts, abominable political rascality towards a neighbouring State, followed by a mercenary raid on its rich territory,—afterwards sought to be excused, on the part of the chief authority of the State, by lies which every one in the country knew to be such and laughed at—an ever-increasing ochlocracy, and finally all the disastrous influence which this abnegation of justice in high quarters must have exercised on private morals. This specimen of a pure constitution on the obverse side of the planet says very little for republics in general, but still less for the imitations of it in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.

    — “On Government”

  6. the US(that was most responsible for setting up Japan’s postwar political system) was far less interested in liberal multi-party democracy than its own ‘national interests’. After defeating Japan, the US occupation forces were initially amenable to the Japanese Left, but once the Cold War set in, especially with communist takeover of China, the US did everything to ensure political stranglehold by the Japanese Right in future elections. And the Japanese Right sold its soul and cucked out to the US for this arrangement.

    Something I constantly harp on, since no one else does, is that not only has no country (other than the cargo cult land of Liberia) has adopted the supposedly “perfect” US system of government, opting instead for the UK’s “parliamentary” system. Even after nuking Japan, ruling it as a satrapy, and writing its constitution, we still couldn’t force anything else on them.

    Hence, Germany, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., despite being “defeated enemies” rejoice in parliamentary democracy (no “checks and balances bullshit) and consequently have relatively populist governments: free healthcare, free education, strong unions (hello, railroad workers!) etc., all of which is “impossible” in the USA, which just sucks.

  7. All of the “elites” of the west are traitors bought and paid for by the Jewish supremacists.

    • Agree: XBardon Kaldlan
  8. JimDandy says:

    it is about time whites mustered some true grit and courage and told the Jew, “NO MORE”

    Like, duh. Any ideas for a process?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  9. @JimDandy

    That something SO OBVIOUS is not being done goes to show that whites are mostly a bunch of cuck maggot fools and tards.

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