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What Do Francis Fukuyama’s Blind-Spot and Mike Pompeo’s Wink-Wink Have in Common? Cognizance of the Jewish Factor in Western Power
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Even though Francis Fukuyama has become a butt of jokes and punching bag for many commentators, it is understandable why he arrived at such a thesis. And it should be noted what he meant by ‘history’. He didn’t mean history as most of us understand it: political back and forth, big events, triumphs and tragedies. He meant the grand struggle of ideas in the Hegelian sense. As such, a better title would have been The End of Ideology.
Ideology aside, the rise of modernity had vastly undermined the power of the church and traditions. The rise of mass politics meant there was no return to monarchy and aristocracy. What came to define the modern era was the conflict of ideologies, especially after the remnants of the Old Order were finally swept away in the West, especially in Kaiserian Germany and Tsarist Russia(and it would end in Japan as well following its defeat in World War II).

In the wake of the demise of old power structures, there was the contest of ideologies, the most spectacular being Fascism vs Communism, especially in the war between Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Empire. With World War II destroying the various forms of fascism and severely wounding communism(with horrendous human cost), it was a golden opportunity for the Capitalist West to seize the moment, especially as its biggest behemoth, the United States, was untouched by war, had boundless natural resources, and a giant talent pool to draw from(not least emigres from the ruins of Europe). The US also benefited from the collapse of European Imperialism in the Third World. As the British, French, and others were about to recede from their overseas empires, matters were arranged so that the spoils would go to the US as the ‘benevolent’ hegemon over the new world order.

One wonders how history might have panned out if things had gone somewhat differently. Suppose Russia, like Italy and Turkey, had gone quasi-fascist after World War I. And suppose Germany followed in the fascist path soon after than following the prolonged Weimar Period that radicalized German politics to bitter extremes. Suppose history had come down to a contest between a fascist union of Russia and Germany against the West. Which side would have won the War of Ideas? Or, suppose war had been averted between National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union in 1941 and suppose Germany continued to access Russian raw materials while Stalin, becoming more pragmatic, ditched hardcore communism in favor of mixed economics on the fascist model.

One thing for sure, communism lost the economic and material war with the West DESPITE the vast amounts of manpower and raw materials because its command structures went against the laws of efficiency; there was also the problem of incentives, or lack thereof. Because the Communist World lost in peacetime to the Capitalist West despite availability of manpower and materials, one could argue it lost the ‘ideological’ war, or History as Fukuyama defines it.
If two sides have equal amounts of manpower and materials and if the side utilizing capitalism decisively outperforms the side practicing communism, one could say the capitalist model emerged as victor. But such logic cannot be applied to ‘fascist’ German-Italy-Japan because they were vastly outmanned by the Allies that also had a tremendous resource advantage. (There was also the problem of historical lag, i.e. all three countries were later to industrialize. As such Japan and Italy were, at best, semi-industrial, while Germany, though fully industrialized, was absent of an empire and control of sea lanes that might have secured access to essential materials.)

Therefore, capitalism vs fascism or communism vs fascism in the 20th century is without the essential Control Group, or the ‘all things being equal’ factor. Of course, one could argue that fascism, being inherently rash, aggressive, impatient, warlike, and centered around a demagogic figure, was destined for reckless policies and self-ruination. But some may argue that the fascist powers were squeezed into desperate straits with little elbow space. (Besides, the problem wasn’t so much the arrogance and recklessness as the powers that the fascist regimes went up against. Whereas Anglo-British and Anglo-American Histories were also full of rashness and/or adventurism, the Anglos usually went up against third-rate powers. So, Anglos crushed them or, even upon failing in their objectives, remained untouched at home, i.e. the US withdrawals from Vietnam or Afghanistan weren’t followed by Third World juggernaut invading and wreaking vengeance on the US. In contrast, Germany and Japan got embroiled in wars with powers that could not only turn the tide but invade their homelands and decapitate the regimes. At any rate, one doesn’t need to be a fascist to get involved in rash unwinnable wars. Napoleon proved it, and so did the Confederacy. So did all the kings & noblemen and democratic parliaments in the buildup to World War I. And Chiang Kai-Shek’s decision to meet the Japanese challenge would be his doom, no less than for the militarist government in Japan upon taking on the US.)

Could the Liberal West have won History(as Fukuyama defines it) without the United States with its vast natural resources? Also, did American power really owe to Liberal Democracy? If so, why was the other big winner in the second half of the 19th century autocratic Germany? And why didn’t the spread of ‘liberal democracy’ translate into economic growth and military power in many parts of the world, including Southern and Eastern Europe?
As Fukuyama himself acknowledged, democracy and elections alone don’t make for a productive and/or functional modern society. There has to be effective harnessing of ability, rule of law, property rights, social trust & cohesion, sense of shared/common purpose, and the like. But then, does a society have to be ‘liberal’ or ‘democratic’ to encourage talent, enforce a system of laws, guarantee rights of property, and operate within a culture of trust? Pre-liberal Northern-Germanic societies and Singapore suggest otherwise. (It seems the ‘national character’ and cultural traits that pushed Northern Europe and its colonies to high achievement predated the institutionalization of Liberal Democracy, the success of which grew out of those features that had been developed under an hierarchical order of discipline, hard work, sense of duty, and honor, i.e. whatever individual initiative that came to thrive later via liberalization owed to the existence of an Order maintained by something more than ‘muh freedom’ and laws on paper. The secret of success was less freedom per se than freedom within and from an Order that held it all together. Though Order alone represses the necessary freedom that allows for innovation and experimentation, freedom needs to operate within a structure, much like the loose flesh that depends on the bones that hold the body together. Without the vertebrae, we are mere slugs. In this sense, all successful liberal democracies grew out of sub-fascist foundations. British, Germanics, and Japanese were especially disciplined, orderly, and hierarchical before loosening up in the modern era.)

Pre-democratic Modern Japan made great strides, which could also be said of post-communist China(though still under CCP rule). Of course, it could be argued, even though illiberal orders proved they could select and implement the best ideas of the liberal order, they are less likely to be the originators of new ideas and innovations. While various peoples have shown themselves capable of succeeding in the American Way, only an adventurous people such as the Europeans, Anglos in this case, possessed the foresight and fortitude to embark on a great journey and create something out of nothing. Followers can do as well as the leaders, but without leaders, they are no followers, whereas even without followers, leaders forge ahead. It’s the difference between the pathfinder and the path-user.

Thus, the liberal outlook certainly had advantages over the autocratic. It was
open to new possibilities and new worlds and, furthermore, more willing to tap into the talent pool of individuals. Indeed, the competition between the Spanish and the British, while demonstrating that a conservative power can also be adventurous, proved decisively that an order that encourages individual talent gains over one where the sovereign lays claim to everything and favors men based mainly on blood or loyalty.

But then, how many people got to(or were fit to) practice the rights of individualism in Britain? How truly liberal was the British Order? It’s worth noting the meanings of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ are always contextual in time and place. So, even though Britain was more liberal than most of Europe, it remained conservative and communal(than individualist) in many respects, and the true power of Britain derived not only from liberalism or individualism but its concert with other values, habits, and tendencies. On its rise to power, British Society was a liberal hierarchy steeped in racial individualism. It was more open to innovation but also mindful of heritage and tradition.
And even though things loosened up in the newly found American Nation, most of its history and rise to greatness owed to a system of Racial Liberal Patriarchal Democracy. It was free relative to Europe, much of which was still under monarchical and aristocratic rule, but its politics was dominated by East Coast elites and Southern gentry, and the West came under the control of big ranchers and railroads. Individuals had more leeway and opportunities, but the relative freedom of opportunity(and unrestrained ‘greed’) led to oligarchs far richer than any king or nobleman in Europe.
Furthermore, freedom operated within a racial hierarchy, making the US a Race-ist Democracy for most of its history(and today, it is just another kind of Racial Democracy that, instead of favoring Anglos and whites, favors Jews and blacks, along with homos, meaning that the much-loathed white males must be trannies or take it up the ass to possess any innate decency).

The New Narrative argues that, yes, US History was far from perfect, but it has either overcome its ‘racist’ sins(the favored ‘conservative’ line) or trying so very hard to overcome them(the ‘liberal’ line), and that makes America an ‘exceptional’ country. It all sounds optimistic or hopeful, but despite the undeniably darker aspects of America’s Racial Democracy, didn’t it ever occur to such voices that America drew its strengths and advantages not only from ‘liberal constitutional’ principles but its racial consciousness and cultural prejudices? For example, would a truly White Racial Democracy have allowed blacks to turn Detroit(or Baltimore or any big city) into what it is today? Had the US remained a White Racial Democracy, would it be pathetically cucking before something like the George Floyd Riots of 2020? And with past cultural convictions(and prejudices, often moral in nature), would the US have allowed the degeneracy of globo-homo and other trashy expressions to fester, spread the rot, and define the meaning of ‘Western Values’?

Especially since the Sixties, American History(along with the Western Narrative) has been written to argue only one point: The founding principles were wonderful, BUT whites implemented them only incrementally(and we still have a long way to go); still, whatever good came out of the American Experiment owes entirely to the principles of universality and liberalism(and to NOTHING else); now, that the West is committed to fully realizing its principles, the future can only be better for all.

Such logic would have validity if indeed the only reason for Western/American success was liberalism, especially modern-day Liberalism, but what if the West’s success owed to other factors as well? In other words, even though liberalism was certainly essential to modern progress, its success owed to a balancing act with other forces, some of which were anti-liberal or immutable(at least by standards of our experience of time).
Have things become better overall with the so-called ‘emancipation’ of women? It’s one thing to allow more freedom for women, but what happens when so many men lose their jobs as a result? What happens to family formation and family culture? The real secret to Western Success was a balancing of liberal and conservative tendencies. Once the balance is cast aside in the delusion that all the successes owed to ‘liberal values’ and/or further liberalization(and what is meant by ‘conservative values’ in the US is just classical liberal values), then the only conclusion is all future success/progress is incumbent on expansion of liberalism and nothing else. It views history as a simple slide that goes from A to Z than a see-saw or swing of balancing forces. But then, is the so-called ‘Liberal Democratic Order’ really liberal or democratic or becoming more so… or less so?

Indeed, just exactly how liberal is a society where people are deathly afraid to discuss certain issues out of fear of being destroyed as modern-day witches, either fired by institutions/corporations or set upon by Antifa thugs who are given legal protection by the elites? For example, I’m sure plenty of people sense on some level that American ‘racism’ in the past did some good. Broadly defined, ‘racism’ can mean just about any racial hierarchy or system of prestige/privilege. Well, didn’t it do some good for Anglo-Americans to maintain their dominance over other white groups, the ethnics? Anglos had the working formula, and other groups gained much by emulating the Anglos as the rightful leaders and elites of the US. As for rubbing out the native Indians, no doubt tragic, but how could anything new be built on land where Red Savages ran around screaming with tomahawks? And even though anti-black prejudice was especially strong, it had the salutary effect of subduing the wild energies of the most savage and potentially destructive race on Earth, ones who even drove chimpanzees and gorillas crazy in the Dark Continent. Indeed, what has happened to many urban centers as the result of the emancipation or unleashing of savage black aggression? They became urban jungles.

Also, keep in mind that liberalism isn’t necessarily ‘anti-racist’. Capital ‘L’-Liberalism has come to mean a set of do-goody dogma, but true liberalism, as an open-minded inquiry into the nature of reality, can arrive at race-ist conclusions. The Abolitionists, for example, were driven by illiberal spiritualist view of the races that focused on Negro souls than on Negro bodies(that would kick whitey’ass, but then, the Negro soul also turned out to be different from the white soul in being more funky and wild-ass ‘twerking’ crazy; just like ‘bad’ means something different to blacks, so does ‘soul’, more a sensual than spiritual concept among the Negroes). It was the 19th century Progressives who were open-minded about reality and, based on available evidence, believed in racial differences and drew the rational conclusion that Western Civilization couldn’t survive the rise of out-of-control jungle-jivery on the part of blacks, which is why great women like Margaret Sanger came along and said something must be done about colored birth rates. Sadly today, ‘liberalism’ just means naive do-goody faith in Noble Negroes and Holy Homos, along with mouth-foaming vitriolic hatred for ‘racists’ and ‘homophobes’, which could be anyone at variance with the Current Year programming pushed by Jewish Power.

Oddly enough, the abating of ‘racism’ after World War II owed to the White Dominant factor in America’s Racial Democracy. Because whites were so powerful and confident, nonwhites(and ethnic whites) acted under the pressure to show that they could be just as good, capable, and worthy as white folks, especially the Anglo-American stock. It was one reason behind the illusion that all racial differences could be overcome. “Look, the Negroes are trying to be respectable and talking middle class values” — Gee, maybe most Negroes will aspire to be like the idealized Sidney Poitier movie characters. Without white ‘racism’, such pressures would have been absent, and blacks would have reverted to their jungle nature long ago.

It was once blacks gained total equality(and more) and burned with black pride that the full reversion to their true nature(no longer inhibited by ‘being a credit to their race’) began, and the results are gangsta rap music, George-Floyd-as-saint, and big ‘twerking’ black butt. With whiteness no longer as the generic civilizational standard, the nonwhites(and even whites into ‘white guilt’, ‘flight from white’ and/or jungle fever/faith) feel less compelled to strive toward the ‘universals’ as defined by the West, resulting in the racial and/or cultural reversions among various groups, most notably among blacks who, among human races, stand apart in their innate destructiveness(of civilizational norms).

The pressures of ‘racism’ or Racial Democracy motivated the ‘anti-racists’ to substantiate the claim that race is only skin-deep and that any group could be just as capable and civilizational as white folks. Paradoxically, to prove ‘racism’ wrong, the ‘anti-racists’ accepted the White or Western Standards as superior, albeit with the twist that ANY racial or ethnic group could aspire to and achieve the same results if given the chance. Today, when ‘whiteness’ and even Enlightenment Values are called into question or cursed out as mere variations of ‘racism’ or ‘white supremacism’, there’s hardly any pressure on nonwhites to conform to Western Standards of progress, which had been the yardstick of modern universalism; besides, what remains of ‘Western Values’ is essentially celebrating ‘kink’ with homos & trannies and ‘twerking’ to jungle fever. The argument went from, “Blacks can be just as punctual as whites and it’s ‘racist’ to say blacks have an innately different nature” to “Punctuality is a White/Western ‘racist’ idea and blacks have a ‘right’ to function according to their own natural clock of sheeeeeeiiiit and daaaaaaaang.” Jungle Time.

But then, whites deserve much of the blame as they themselves have degraded the meaning of Western Civilization to a handful of childish slogans or catch-phrases like ‘love is love’, ‘diversity is a strength’, ‘inclusion this, inclusion that’, and etc. Just about 50% of what passes for ‘Western Values’ today is mindless celebration of and reverence toward homos and trannies, with even pedos gaining backdoor entrance into the temple. Anyway, ‘anti-racism’ has, ironically enough, made racial differences all the more evident because nonwhites, especially blacks, are no longer pressured to live up to Western Civilizational modes. In the 1990s, many Westerners expressed disapproval, even bordering on disgust, at Lee Kwan Yew’s Singaporean argument that Asians have their own way of doing things, and therefore the East shouldn’t be expected to emulate the West in all things. But now, whenever blacks(goaded by Jews) reject some aspect of Westernism as ‘racist’ and insist on doing their own ‘thang’, weak whites(or ‘wheaklings’) just tremble in the knees, grovel at the Negro’s stinky feet and plead for the privilege of washing and kissing them.

Fukuyama, as a student and admirer of Samuel Huntington, has surely been well-aware of the cultural factor in civilizational achievement but, given the ‘gods’ of our age, dares not touch upon racial matters. All things being equal, why have some races been more adept at innovation while others have been more adept at applying complex ideas? Same could be said of sports. While athletics requires training and discipline — consider how even the mighty Mike Tyson-gone-lazy lost to Buster Douglas — , why are some races better with the same training and equipment?

Even if, theoretically speaking, all races could learn the civilizational formula and make considerable progress, who can deny there are group-genetic factors that account for variances in achievement? East Asian IQ and temperament were likely instrumental in catching up to Western Modernity, but then, emotional traits more suited for conformity and consensus had suppressed a pioneering spirit, a feature of the West that ignited flames from the sparks of individuality.

On the other hand, given that only a handful of individuals have any real talent or vision, the secret to Western Success was a combination of increased individuality for the bold and talented but hierarchy, discipline, and teamwork for the rest. This Anglo Model that welded individuality above and teamwork below was well-illustrated in WHITE SQUALL(directed by Ridley Scott). As George C. Scott in the role of Patton said, individualism isn’t what the military is about, even though Patton prided himself as a superior individual and leader deserving of greater leeway in the conduct of the war. Still, what distinguished the West from Germany-Italy-Japan(and from the Soviet Union in the Cold War) was the ideology of individual liberty of expression and choice, allowing for more defiance of authority and social norms, enabling the rise of consumer-driven youth culture in the post-war period.

At any rate, even though Fukuyama’s End of History thesis now seems hopelessly optimistic, it is understandable how he could have drawn such a conclusion(and won over enough adherents for the Idea to gain traction) given the circumstances of his youth. Fukuyama, born in 1952, came of age when the US was still led by an Anglo-American or WASP elite. He was born into what was essentially a Racial Democracy, and he surely heard stories of Japanese-Americans during World War II. America in theory was about liberty, equality, and opportunity regardless of creed and color, but its practice(and its general attitude among the dominant white majority) was very much at odds with its professed ideals(and that was perfectly fine with most White Americans of both parties). The Civil Rights Act passed when Fukuyama was twelve years old, and even with an America committed to racial equality and color-blind justice, the power well into the Reagan-Bush Era was very much with the WASP elites.

So, even though the End of History thesis was mainly premised on the triumph of Liberal Democracy over fascism(in World War II) and then over communism(in the Cold War), it was also about the battle between Racial Democracy vs Liberal Democracy within the West, especially the US.
Well into Fukuyama’s adult years, he lived in a Racial Democracy inching and then lurching toward Liberal Democracy. When he was born, the US was still clearly a white-centric country, as well as a very Christian one. Harry Truman integrated the US military, but he personally despised blacks(and nonwhite races), and Dixiecrats still wielded considerable power. American Immigration laws favored Europeans before the insane 1965 act. Even after the tumultuous landmark decade of the Sixties, many people assumed that white dominance would remain one way or another, i.e. more nonwhites would join the system but under the helm of continued white prestige and dominance.

Yet, throughout his lifetime, Fukuyama surely sensed seismic tremors just beneath the surface, not least because whites weren’t merely making a few concessions here and there to placate restless minorities but committing(or yielding) themselves to fundamental changes that would have profound implications for the future of America. Fukuyama witnessed the incredible change of America, which even to the time of his childhood had been clearly white-dominant and ‘racist’, to what seemed like the land of colorblind ideal where individuality, equality(of opportunity aka meritocracy for all), and liberty trumped all considerations of white power, culture, tradition, and/or interests.

It seemed the ideals of Liberal Democracy were in conflict not only with communist totalitarianism but the racial and cultural biases that had always undergirded American History. Given the Americanist triumph following World War II, the main themes of US could have gone two ways, racial or anti-racial(or maybe post-racial). After all, the war in the Pacific had largely been a race war, what with the US media characterizing the Japanese as rat-like slant-eyed buck-toothed vermin that should be wiped off the face of the planet. As Charles Lindbergh argued, the US hatred for the Japanese was hardly different from the German hostility toward Jews(and he didn’t mean this as criticism but support). And even though the Germans were white(and not as hated as the Japanese, though that changed in the post-war years with endless propaganda about the Holocaust, whereby ‘Aryan’ became one of the dirtiest terms), they too were depicted as somehow different from other whites, especially Anglos — Germanics were thick-skulled Teutons, perhaps part-Neanderthal.

So, the US triumph in World War II could have been racialized in favor of Anglo/White supremacy. But for whatever set of reasons, the opposite would be the case. Perhaps, it owed to the tensions between the US and UK in the postwar climate. Brits wanted to maintain their imperial dominance, but the US was eyeing to take over and had to appeal to the world with something more uplifting than Old World imperialism.
Then, even if the US did want to emphasize the element of race, it had to be ‘white’ than Anglo, especially as so various ethnic groups had been part of the war effort and were essential in the Cold War. Also, there was the matter of self-perception, the conceit of Americans that their views were more tolerant and egalitarian than those of the Old World. American Christian Missionaries in China, for example, had often expressed contempt for British racial attitudes toward the Chinamen; they liked to believe that they, as Americans, were somehow different. And when Winston Churchill, regarding FDR as a fellow member of Anglo brethren, spoke candidly on racial matters, he was met with disdain. I paraphrase, but Churchill was reported to have said something like, “Hey, Franklin, how about them niggers and wogs?” and was met with stone-cold silence.

Indeed, FDR and his progressive Anglo-American cohort had a soft spot for Josef Stalin because the Soviet Union was perceived to be against the racial bigotry of Old World Europe. This is all very curious since FDR was not above exploiting ‘Anti-Jap’ sentiments, but perhaps, he justified such prejudices on grounds that they would fuel American support for the war to destroy the racial-supremacist empires of Germany and Japan — use lesser-evil-racism against bigger-evil-racism — , and besides, the anti-Japanese propaganda was balanced by pro-Chinese propaganda, so it wasn’t necessarily anti-Asian but only anti-bad-Asian.

Another key element to the de-racialization of American politics was the Cold War where the US had to vie with the Soviet Union for the hearts and minds of the Third World. As it came down to the Capitalist West and Communist East competing for peoples of Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America, the Racial Democratic model wouldn’t have been so appealing. (One wonders how Western History might have panned out without the Soviet challenge in the Cold War. At least in foreign policy, the US became far more arrogant and nihilistic after the Cold War as the lone superpower.) Possibly of the greatest importance, the de-racialization(followed by re-racialization favoring Jews and blacks uber alles) owed to the rise of Jewish Power that used media control to conflate all forms of white ‘racism’ with the Holocaust and to the rise of blacks in sports and popular music, what with black musicians and the likes of Muhammad Ali becoming the face of America to much of the world.

One thing for sure, what had once seemed set in stone, the power of White Racial Democracy, was eroding fast in the post-war years and crumbled in the Sixties with anti-war protests, youth culture & consumerism, and social unrest, much of it related to race relations(mostly black). Even the women’s politics took on a different tone. If earlier feminism appreciated the West’s vanguard role in the rights of women and argued that white women deserved parity with white men in various areas, the new feminism instilled female minds with the notion that women constitute an identity independent of men and, furthermore, white women should regard themselves as the fellow-oppressed, along with the people-of-color, of the White Male-Dominated or Patriarchal System. So, with white patriarchy oppressing white women and white ‘racism’ oppressing nonwhites, and it was high time for both white women and nonwhites to unite in the struggle against White Men. Of course, Jews played a key role in reframing feminism thus.

Anyway, because Fukuyama witnessed a seeming fixture of American Politics, the White-WASP-dominated Racial Democracy, yielding to the rise of an apparently colorblind Liberal Democracy(that, incredibly enough, even changed America’s immigration and citizenship laws), he could be forgiven for believing that the power of Liberal Democracy was so powerful and persuasive that it not only defeated fascism and eclipsing communism but transforming the West itself from race-based National Democracies into fully Liberal Ones where what mattered most was individuality, liberty, meritocracy(aka equality of opportunity), and the like.

If the power of Liberal Democracy is so powerful, defeating all forms of totalitarianism and then upending the deep-rooted system of racial hierarchy even in Western Democracies, it must indeed be the right stuff to bring about the End of History, meaning the End of History of Ideas, or End of Ideology. Here was finally the ideology that was powerful enough, persuasive enough, and inspiring enough to sweep away all forms of iron-fisted tyranny abroad but also the velvet-gloved forms of inequality in the West itself. (And ironically, the appeal of liberal ideology was its anti-ideological or a-ideological character, i.e. instead of enforcing a narrow dogma on everyone, it allowed for differences in creed and politics, favoring a culture of tolerance where different groups got along at least on the level of individuals co-existing and competing on the basis of agreed-upon rules of equal opportunity and meritocracy. Liberalism favored talent and individuality over tenet and orthodoxy. Deng Xiaoping characterized the essence of liberal reforms in Red China when he said, what does it matter if the cat is white or black as long as it catches the mice? Under Mao, it had been Red over Expert.)

A man born into a white-dominated Racial Democracy observing its profound changes in half a lifetime into a full-blown Liberal Democracy(committed to equal justice for all) is likely to be in awe of this transformational power, especially if it happens in the mightiest and richest country on Earth. After World War II, White Americans were far and away the most prosperous and most powerful people on Earth, but they, of their own volition, chose to rid the system of elements of Racial Democracy and march toward new horizons of Liberal Democracy, whereupon the US Constitution went from a half-measure to a full-measure.

Fukuyama watched something huge happening during his lifetime, but he had a blind spot and failed to register what was REALLY going on. While the US did transition, at least for a time, from a White Racial Democracy to more-or-less a colorblind Liberal Democracy, it was a way station than the final destination, which was a New Racial Democracy where Jews would be dominant(along with their key allies Blacks and Homos). Because Fukuyama grew up in a WASP-dominated White-Christian Order, his scrutiny was focused on White Power and White Privilege. Of course, he knew about Jewish Power and black rage(and homo agitation as well), but he regarded them as part of the overall and multi-faceted ‘liberal’ challenge to white power and privilege.

Jews, blacks, homos, along with many non-white groups or non-Wasp ethnic whites, were clamoring for a fairer share of the pie that had always been dominated by WASPs throughout US history. Unlike hardcore anti-white voices, Fukuyama appreciated the Anglo-role in the creation and development of America but believed the US had failed to fully implement its founding ideals or core principles. When lions rule the jungle and other animals challenge the supremacy, one is likely to see the non-lions as levelers of jungle politics, not would-be champions once the reign of lions comes to an end.

But, there are two kinds of challengers, ones who challenge supremacy to end it once and for all AND those who challenge the existing supremacy to take over as the new supremacy. Jews(and blacks and homos) were likely to be dissatisfied with mere equality-for-all given their inner-natures and impulses, and this factor was the big blind spot that made Fukuyama fumble on the End of History thesis.

Now, it’s possible that had the US been absent of Jews and blacks, its history might have culminated more or less in something along Fukuyama’s big idea. But, it wasn’t going to happen with Jews and blacks(and homos weaponized by Jews) with their predilections for ethnocentrism egotism where they just got to be the center of attention-affection-adoration. Jewish Power was most decisive because of its zeal, depth, and reach.

Liberal Democracy means freedom, and freedom means good behavior but also protection from bad behavior. The mafia, once nearly crushed by Mussolini, made a comeback under US-enforced liberal democracy. Post-war ‘liberal democratic’ Japan came to be ruled by a merchant mafia. Hong Kong is mafia driven. Individualism under liberal democracy atomizes; therefore, those who organize gain more power, like with Organized Crime. And despite their penchant for individualism and egotism, Jews with their Covenant-mentality and reliance on world-wide networks have often organized. Thus, the very freedom afforded by liberal democracy enabled tribal Jews to gain ever more and more and more, doing away with even anti-monopoly protections. In 2020 they acted in concert, pulling all manner of gangster tricks across institutions and industries. The current Deep State takes orders from bosses who are appointed by whore politicians of Jewish overlords.

Liberal Democracy remains more-or-less ‘liberal’ and ‘democratic’ if most people(especially near power) tend to be even-tempered, fair-minded, moderate, mentally stable… which applied to most Japanese-Americans and Anglo-German-American types. But already, Italian-Americans proved how a minority group could cause a lot of trouble by favoring ethno-gangsterism above the law, as portrayed in GOODFELLAS by Nicholas Pileggi and Martin Scorsese. Irish were problematic too, what with their Machine Politics. But over time, Irish melded into generic White Americanism, and the Italian Community split into two groups: Those who stuck with organized crime were eventually snuffed out as the federal government, with the help of the courts, conceived more effective ways to put the bosses behind bars. As for the other Italian community, it sought higher education as a way out of clannish mentality and joined with the law enforcement to clamp down on the Bad Italians. In the based-on-true-events story laid out in PRINCE OF THE CITY, it is admirable that many on the side of the law were Italian-Americans. (Blacks were always going to be problematic but hardly seemed a threat to elite institutions as Affirmative Action came down to tokenism. At most, they were used as props and symbols by institutions and corporations to show that they are on the right side of History.) The Italian problem was thorny but could be overcome, not least with the input of reformed or redemptive Italian-Americans.

Jews were a different matter. Alone among the ethnic groups, they were smarter than the Anglos. They had the nastiness of Italians but with brains. Also, whereas Italians were often stupidly slaughtering one another, Jews were better adept at creating and expanding Jewish networks. Indeed, a Jewish communist, a Jewish capitalist, and a Jewish gangster got along better than two ‘goombas’.

Probably, the influence of Catholicism among Italians created a clearer sense of right vs wrong as a matter of principle and personal integrity. Even though Catholicism has always been corrupt(essentially a pedophile cult), it has also been a conveyer of Christian ideas of purification, redemption, atonement, and making peace with God(and with Jesus who loves all peoples). Then, it’s no wonder that the most striking contrast in PRINCE OF THE CITY is between the Italian-American Danny Ciello and the Jewish-American Gus Levy. Ciello is overcome with Catholicist guilt and seeks redemption, whereas Levy harbors no such feelings. To Levy, it’s just pussy-shit; everyone steals, everyone is corrupt, so why shouldn’t cops; and besides, despite his compromises, he’s also done sterling work as a cop; there’s no such thing as purity or perfection in this world, and it’s laughable that the corrupt government should be charging cops of corruption.

In Ciello’s Catholicist view, there is good and bad. Italian-Americans can choose to be on the side of angels or the side of devils. In Levy’s Jewishist view, everything is a mix of good and bad, not good vs bad, and what matters above all is the team you belong to. Sure, his police unit did some questionable things, but so do all units of government, and so, the game is about circling the wagons and not being fooled that others are the good guys with the moral high-ground.

Ciello’s Catholicist worldview is also evident in the works of Martin Scorsese where the ‘hero’, like Charlie(Harvey Keitel) in MEAN STREETS, is torn between gangster-tribalism and some semblance of sanctity, and furthermore, torn between official Catholicism(with all its compromises & betrayals) and true Christianity where one’s soul must struggle in the streets to find the way to Christ. Such a sense of self-struggle is hardly found in the personal films of Jewish writer-directors who may deal with matters of neurosis(anxiety and doubt) but hardly with the inner moral struggle. When Jews tell morality tales, it’s usually about goyim having to come to terms with THEIR historical ‘sins’, mostly in regard to Jews and blacks. It’s almost never about Jews having to face the same questions. One of the few exceptions is CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS(but then only half-way) by Woody Allen where an affluent and well-respected Jewish eye-doctor confronts his inner-demons over a murder he contracted through his Jewish gangster brother. But upon realizing the cloud of suspicion has lifted from him, his conscience(or lack thereof) returns to peace. It suggests his moral or spiritual crisis was really about the fear of being caught, of losing his social status.

Woody Allen’s view of the character is ambiguous. On the one hand, he seems a soulless hypocrite, but on the other, it’s as if he finally ‘burst his cherry’ and found his inner-gangster. It’s a very revealing moment in American Culture for delineating the difference between White Christian mentality and Jewish Tribal mentality. While there were plenty of lowlife Italian hoodlums and scumbags, those Italians who strove to be good tended to drew a clear line between themselves and the Bad Italians. Ultimately, they sided with the Anglo-American Rule of Law against the lowlife ‘greaseballs'(who, by the way, were too stupid to rise above criminality, whereas many Jewish hoodlums were able to go ‘legit’). And this was also true of Anglo-Americans who finally came to draw a line between good whites committed to racial equality(as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution) and the bad whites, the ‘racists’, who continued to tell ‘nigger’ jokes about fried chicken and watermelon(though not without reason).

But, a similar distinction between Good Jews and Bad Jews never materialized, just like the left vs right divide among Jews was never as strong as among goyim. To this day, Mainstream Jews have yet to admit Leo Frank was a rapist-murderer or that Israel was created through terrorism and racial supremacist ideology that made Arabs out to be camel-piss-drinking morons(which admittedly qualifies as half-truth). So, unlike Good Italians who rejected Italian gangsterism, the ‘Good Jews’ merely institutionalized Jewish criminality so that crooked instruments and vice industries could be refashioned into neo-virtue industries under Jewish Control. (Take Bernie Madoff for example. His investment firm’s performance was unheard of in the industry, and alarm bells should have gone off; surely many Jews knew he was up to no good, but as long as he was making rich Jews even richer, they looked the other way and, if anything, applied pressure on government to look the other way. And when the pyramid finally collapsed, Jews made themselves out to be primary victims of Bad Bernie even they’d enabled his fraud for so long to stuff their pockets.)

And unlike Good Whites who rejected ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’, ‘Good Jews’ not only worked with Zionist Jewish Supremacists but peddled influence to ensure that Americans of all stripes would support Zionist tyranny and endless Wars for Zion that came to destroy countless lives in the 21st century. In the Sixties, especially among the Jewish boomer generation, there were idealists who agitated for social justice and equality for all, and the post-Cold-War history of the world might have been different if these Jews, like the Good Whites and Good Italians, opted for universal justice than for Zionic neo-tribalism that came to define the trajectory of the 21st century.

Perhaps, the troubling signs were always there as Jewish Leftists weren’t as critical of the Jewish community as goy leftists were of their own. Or, perhaps, disillusionment had more far-reaching consequences for Jews, many of whom had been radical true believers, fully imbibed of the Marxist dogma of class solidarity and the Boasian concept of race as just a social construct. These Jews came to realize that Proletariat aren’t natural revolutionaries and that, contrary to Boasian constructs, races were indeed different, as in ‘goyim sure are dumb’. Of course, Jews kept such realizations private because ‘anti-racism’ was their Ace Card in perpetuating ‘white guilt’ to gain control of white hearts-and-minds, but if we assess what Jews DO as opposed to what they SAY, the Zionic Agenda is based on Jewish Supremacism over goyim, and the reason why Jews especially use blackness against whites is because whites are likely to cuck and wilt before the Negro(as the real superior race) who can whup whitey’s ass. Take the American South where the last vestiges of Confederate Culture are being wiped out by College Football where Negroes dominate the field and hump white girls while cucky-wuck southern white boys cheer and shriek like a bunch of homo-pansies. Welcome to Cuckfederacy.

Fukuyama missed or ignored the Jewish Factor in the New America. In his vision of Liberal Democracy, the rules-based systems are controlled and maintained by people of even temperament and commitment to principles. With such demographics, most people would NOT try to exploit the system for tribal purposes, kinship alliances, and gangster tactics. Imagine a Sweden that is 100% Swedish and uncontaminated by Politically Correct Ideology. Such might indeed qualify as Fukuyama’s ideal of End of History Liberal Democracy. (But then, the very success and stability of their national model may have led the naive and well-meaning Swedes to fall for the Diversity Fix peddled by Jews posing as the Holy Holocaust Race. Then, it suggests the Trust Culture of a Liberal Democracy must not be extended to foreigners and outsiders who, concealing their hostile intent, may manipulate good-will into guilt-complex to subvert the system and take over.) Ultimately, the freedom of the ever-liberalizing West was too tempting for Jews to choose the humdrum option of fair play and getting along. Why just be part of the lame and dumb goyim? Why not take over and have idiot goyim do your bidding since your kind is smarter and possesses more will(and wit) to power? If you got the bigger balls, play the bigger game.

Fukuyama should have focused less on ideology and more on national or ethnic character. America might have been founded and made by Protestant Work Ethic, but it was taken over by Jewish Game Ethnic, the nature of which can be glimpsed in David Mamet films. Samuel Huntington was keener on the subject of ethnos and cultural differences in history, and one of his last major publications was THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS. But, just like Fukuyama shriveled into Fukyomama at the feet of Jewish Power, Huntington wilted into Cuntington before the same thing. His book divides the world into several major cultural spheres, and in the post-Cold-War era, one of the major divisions was deemed to be between ‘Western’ and ‘Islamic’, an idea useful to the Neocons goading the West into wars against Arabs and/or Muslims at loggerheads with Zion.

But, was Huntington really correct? After all, the clash between the US and the Middle East often had nothing to do with religion or even cultural values/expectations. Even though Iran became virulently anti-American following the Revolution(though plenty of Iranian Liberals had also taken part against the Shah, a US shill), the West, increasingly under the control of Jews, was generally at war with Arab modernizers and, if anything, allied with arch or radical Muslim forces. US was close to Saudi Arabia ruled by a theocratic monarchy and supported Muslim radicals in Afghanistan against a secular regime. The US targeted secular tyrant Saddam Hussein, the bane of Islamic Iran. Later under Obama, the US recruited ISIS and other Islamic terrorists in a war against Assad whose secular regime was tolerant of Christians and other minorities. Many Palestinian crushed by Zionist Jews were actually Christian or Westernized. The US invasion of Iraq emboldened Muslim clerics and fighters, eradicating most of the Christian population, who’d been protected by Saddam Hussein.

So, what Huntington prophesied as Clash of Civilizations between the West and the Muslim World had little to do with religion(unless Neoconservatism is considered a variant of Judaism), and more often than not, the West sided with radical Muslim lunatics against SECULAR Arab regimes. And this was because Jews feared modernizing Arab/Muslim forces more than medievalist or anarcho-terrorist ones that would keep the Middle East in the ‘sand age’. Islamic Iran notwithstanding, some of the most compliant and craven regimes in the Middle East have been quasi-theocratic, whereas secularizers like Nasser and Gaddafi have been most defiant of Western Power.

So, the real Clash of Civilizations in matters of foreign policy was between the Nationalists vs Imperialists, and Western Imperialism after the Cold War was almost completely controlled by Jews. Huntington, perhaps fearful of Jews, chose not to harp on the real cultural, psychological, and historical differences between Whites/Christians and Jews, but it was the Jewish Factor that led to the renewed wars in the Middle East(and the blowbacks, often welcomed by Jews to justify even more wars).

In the past, the Christian-Islam Wars were the product of two great universalizing empires vying for dominance, but in the Modern Era, the West decisively won over the Arab and/or Muslim World. The lingering(and sometimes mounting) tensions weren’t about Christendom vs ‘Islamo-Fascism’ but the result of Zionist influence using the Western Military against the Muslim World(and using Muslim immigrants-migrants-‘refugees’ against European nations). Indeed, why has North Korea been lumped in with Iran, Iraq, Libya, and etc.? It’s unlikely there’s a single Muslim in North Korea, but it too has been defiant and has developed nukes and has diplomatic ties with Iran. In other words, its existence displeases Jews.

For Huntington to lump White/Christian West and Jewish West together into one entity is deeply misleading. Throughout history, it wasn’t just the Anti-Semites but Jews themselves who insisted on separateness. Consider when Cynthia Ozick took umbrage at the notion of Franz Kafka as a German writer(than a Jewish one) and idea that his works can be understood apart from his profound Jewishness. And certain Jewish reviewers of THE GERMAN GENIUS by Peter Watson took exception to the idea that Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein should be included among German thinkers and scientists.

As Jews became embedded into the White/Christian world(and as Jews were limited in number), there was no White-Christian clash with Jews on the scale of the wars with Arab-Muslims and Turkic-Muslims, BUT there was certainly a Friction of Civilizations between Whites/Christians and Jews/Semites, and it was largely this tension that led to the Bolshevik Revolution(where Jews gained) and National Socialism(where Jews lost). (With Italian Fascism, Jews initially gained but eventually lost when Il Duce went with Der Fuhrer.)

Given THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS was released in 1996, perhaps Huntington’s lapse could be overlooked. After all, the West had yet to experience the full brunt of what Jewish Power had in store. The 90s were still a time when Bill Clinton of all people reaffirmed, into law no less, that marriage is between a man and a woman. And open homosexuality was banned in the military, still regarded as a bastion of conservative nationalism. (And even many liberals were appalled by the L.A. Riots and supported Bill Clinton’s get-tough-on-crime measures.) So, one could be forgiven for assuming that, despite serious ideological divisions as well as ethnic tensions, there was a united entity called the West that included liberals and conservatives, Jews and Gentiles.

But especially since the Obama presidency, Jewish Power showed its true face, and its grand design is for all white populations in the countries of the West to be reduced to minorities, for white wombs to be colonized by black seed, for white guys to be defined as ‘cis-gender’ wussy-pussy cucks, for globo-homo or queertianity to replace traditional spirituality, for children to be cultivated into the idolatry of tranny nuttery, for blacks to be idolized as divine, and for ideology to be infantilized into the pablum of ‘diversity, inclusion, equity’, which could mean just about anything depending on who has the power. (Notice ‘inclusion’ means inviting drag queens to elementary schools but not inducting Palestinian-Americans into the editorial departments of NYT and WAPO. Notice examples of ‘racism’ are about evil whites but never about what Zionists do to Palestinians or about how Jews robbed black athletes and entertainers blind. No matter how universalist the ideology, the choice of examples determine the hierarchy of who/whom. So, the big lesson on racial violence is illustrated by the Emmett Till narrative, not the stories of countless victims of black thuggery.)

While tolerance of deviance and radicalism has long been a hallmark of Western Values, the elevation of and compulsory reverence for a set of idols and narratives go against everything the West has stood for since at least the Enlightenment. Thus, the most profound Clash(or schism) of Civilizations was within the West itself, with Jewish Power doing its utmost to redefine the West and rejigger its narratives to serve the supremacist interests of Zion. Just how does an official month-long celebration of homo-fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting do Western Civilization proud? It’s often been asked, “How did Germans, the best educated people in the world, fall for Hitler and National Socialism?” Well, at least Germans had the great depression as excuse, but what’s the excuse among white Americans and Europeans, deemed the most educated and most prosperous peoples of all time? How did such a people fall for the biggest lies and succumb to Jewish pressure to turn the entire West into an empire of lies where ‘men can have babies’ and George Floyd is consecrated a saint(based on the utter baloney of BLM, really meant to perpetuate ‘white guilt’ to morally paralyze white dummy-whummies into obeisance?)

Europe today certainly has problems resulting from tensions between Europeans and Muslims(whose mass-migrations were facilitated by Jewish groups or forced by Zionist-led wars), but should we really bemoan the Muslim threat to ‘Western Values’, which now amount to BLM Negrolatry, Diversity-Mantra to bring about White Nakba, Jungle Fever(& Jungle Faith of BLM where blacks are always saints despite their thuggery and criminality), pathetic white cucking before Zion despite its collusion with the likes of George Soros, mindless adoration of homo butt-bang-boys & tranny perverts, the looming normalization of pedophiles(now called MAPs), and status-worship uber alles among so-called ‘upscale’ voters whose entire worldviews are shaped by expensive ‘woke’ education and whatever garbage they catch on TV? And forget about liberal values of free speech, tolerance of dissident views, and openness to controversy because Jewish Power of late has decided, like the Vatican of Old, that certain issues are ‘settled’(to their liking of course), and we should just shut up, agree, and obey. That’s what ‘having a conversation’ now means in the West. A bunch of blacks and homos/trannies doing the bidding of Jewish Power and spouting all the well-rehearsed nonsense while ‘upscale’ whites and wanna-be’s listen aptly and nod their heads like obedient dogs… while Jews feel even more contempt for dumb dumb goyim.

Perhaps, Fukuyama hoped that the sheer prestige and historical momentum of Liberal Democracy(and Rule of Law) would reshape the attitudes, values, and habits of all ethnic groups. Just as the once-snotty and dominant Anglo-Americans grew to be more tolerant and fair-minded, the ethnic minorities seemed to be meeting the WASPs halfway and committing to the proper modes of Liberal Democracy.

But, Fukuyama failed to appreciate the true nature of Jewish Psychology. The difficulty posed by Jewishness partly owes to culture, especially as Jewishness, unlike Christian-ness, has no regard for universal justice, one where others judge Jews just as Jews judge others(instead of what now prevails, where Jews judge others who, however, must never judge Jews, as that would be ‘anti-semitic’). Jewish Worldview is universalist only in the sense that the Jewish God is the only real God; it doesn’t say anything about God loving all peoples equally. If Christians believe God is equally loving of all those who’ve embraced the Christian Faith, Jews believe in a special Covenant whereby THEY have been chosen to rule over spiritually inferior goyim.

But, Jewishness is also genetic because it takes a certain kind of doggedly stubborn personality to maintain the practice of tribal loyalty. Just think. If most Jews were like Dan Quayle or Lindsey Graham, how long could their culture last? Quayle is a weakling, and Graham is just a whore. Just like Amish Culture affects genetics — the less committed tend to leave the community, leaving behind those with more tenacity-genes, resulting in a culture bound by those with similar genes of perseverance and resilience — , Jewish Culture did the same. The less loyal Jews left the community and melded into goy communities of pagans, Christians, Muslims, and etc. Over many generations, those remaining within the Jewish Community had hardcore tribal personalities, and yet, unlike the Amish with their single-minded separateness, Jews also developed adaptive personalities as their survival and prosperity relied on doing business with goyim. So, the Jewish Personality became, at once, highly insular/exclusive and highly fluid/adaptive, a mental petri dish of serious split-personality neurosis. This is why, unlike the one-note Amish, polyphonic Jews can seem both very conservative and very liberal.

Since his sudden fame as a young academic, Fukuyama has had to revise his ideas, rather like Andrew Sarris with his ‘Auteur Theory’. But unlike Sarris who revised his ideas freely, Fukuyama had to ignore the 800 lb gorilla or two ton elephant in the room, which is Jewish Power. In the end, Jews-as-BUGS(busy urban globalist semites) did not meet Anglos-as-WASPS halfway and arrive at the Great American/Western Compromise of Liberal Democracy and Rule of Law. Instead, it was as if the lifelong, indeed history-long, dream of Jews was to take over the great goy empire and rule as shadow pharaohs and caesars, manipulating goy shills like George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden(and yes, Trump too, because, when push came to shove, he dropped his pants like the rest and took it up the arse).

Perhaps, Liberal Democracy as the End of History was doomed in the long run for a variety of reasons, but it was doomed almost immediately because Jews, as the new elites, embarked on a supremacist path. What Fukuyama regarded as the final victory of the Liberal Democratic World Order with the collapse of the Soviet Union distracted sound minds from what was happening within the Western Order. Jews were taking over and for keeps, to dominate and compel the West, from US to Canada to Australia to Japan to EU, to do the bidding of the Jewish Will. While the fall of the Soviet Union was plain to see for all the world, the equally(or even more) momentous fall of the Liberal Democratic Order at the hands of Jewish Supremacists went unnoticed, and even if noticed by some, undiscussed.

Unlike the death of the Soviet Union, the murder of Liberal Democracy happened behind the curtains while the outward processes continued as business-as-usual with party politics and elections. But, the real priority of both political parties was appeasing Zion. As governments filled up with whores of Jewish Power, the top appointees of deep state departments became either cuck-collaborators or Jews themselves. Jews pulled off one of the biggest political heists in history, but it happened in a Silent Revolution where the murder of true liberalism was hush-hushed, whereupon History became a competition among courtiers of various political factions to curry favors with Jews like George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, and any number of Jewish billionaires. And even if the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg lacked the popular appeal to win presidencies, it didn’t matter as goy politicians were their whores eager to expose any orifice for a buck.

If Fukuyama had revised his theory in light of what really happened, the degradation of liberal democratic norms and possibilities under Jewish Supremacist gangsterism, he could have maintained a modicum of integrity. After all, it is human to err. Besides, Fukuyama was a relatively young scholar upon gaining fame(or notoriety). But against all evidence, he chose not to name the role of Jewish Power in corrupting not only the West but Russia as well. Whatever chance Russia had for embarking on the Liberal Democratic path was squandered when Jewish globo-gangsterism looted the country.

Fukuyama chose ‘respectable’ careerism over personal courage and missed his chance to be something more than the Lance Ito of Political Science. And this chickenshit Fukuyama is better characterized as Fukyomama. No chance he will ever come clean and admit Jewish Power did most to undermine the promising Liberal Democratic consensus as a check on all powers, Gentile and Jewish. What had been an understandable blind spot for Fukuyama became a willful blindfold for Fukyomama the lowlife yellow rat.

Even though Fukyomama is a thoroughly deracinated character in most respects, he has remained Japanese in his psychology, as Japanese genes were selected for blind obedience to higher authority. He certainly knows the truth about Jewish Power, but when faced with the choice of scholarly duties or servile obligations, he opted for the latter. (Not that the average Anglo mentality is so different. Despite the profound cultural changes in modern day Britain, the Anglo-servant mentality, the kind evinced in REMAINS OF THE DAY, is very much alive. All said and done, the Anglo Mind is always in search for a master or guv’nor.)

One reason for the cuckery is careerist and economic as loss of position will mean reduced status and income. Pissing off Jewish Power is one sure way to be railroaded out of the institutions and have one’s reputation be dragged through the mud. But even if his professional career could have survived the apostasy, there would have been the emotional factor of the master-servant relationship. Fukyomama, like so many similarly oriented goyim, seems emotionally bound to Jews as the rightful masters. Despite his fallout with Charles Krauthammer, the fact is he has continued to serve as the spokesman and promoter of Jewish-supremacist globalism(much like Michio Kaku), not least against Russia and China.

He’s been critical of certain aspects of globalism but mainly to correct them and make globalism more palatable. In this, he’s in the same league as the elephant-headed cuck Charles Murray, whose criticism of Political Correctness and Wokeness isn’t to defend and preserve the white race but to better facilitate an understanding of racial differences so that the Diversity Agenda can continue apace. Still, one senses that both men feel somewhat compromised and regretful that they cannot say more given current sacraments and taboos. But, because they are scholars whose highest ideals must be truth and integrity, their compromises must be deemed moral and intellectual failings.

Such doesn’t apply to Michael Pompeo, whose entire life has been a careerism of seeking power, serving power, and using power. So, if the Jewish Question may well have been a blind spot for Fukuyama in what seemed like a WASP-dominated society, that’s hardly the case with Pompeo whose only aspiration is to remain in the corridors of power and throw his weight around. He was a born company man. Everyone in the halls of power knows about Jewish Influence, and Pompeo’s only interest is to curry favor with the Jews to maximize his niche in the system.

So, for him, it’s a case of wink-wink than any kind of blind spot(or cowardly blindfold). His recent speech was specially designed to win plaudits from Jewish Power. If Pompeo were a true patriot, he would call out on Jewish Power as the cancer eating away at the core foundations of what made America ‘America’. He would rally the country to unite against Jewish Supremacism and its evil agenda. He would expose Jewish Power as the force behind the globo-homo-ization of the military, the BLM pogroms on whites, the sponsor of Antifa thuggery, and the instigator of useless wars(except to Zion) after the end of the Cold War when peace was at hand for all mankind.

While the US sought to remain the sole superpower with the ‘End of History’, it wouldn’t have gotten mired in the Middle East without Zionic pressures. And what ruined the possibility of good US-Russian relations? Jews exploited Russian weakness to rape and plunder the economy and increasingly eyed Ukraine as a Jewish Gangster Paradise. Weak-White and Wasp appeasement to Jewish Supremacist appetites led to current crises that could totally spiral out of control, especially as Jews enjoy the blood-sport spectacle of goyim-slaughtering-goyim. But if Pompeo spoke the truth, he would be cast into the wilderness, and then, his struggle as a true patriot would be a long uphill one. A Company Man all his life, it’s just not in him to play Spartacus.

Yet, given his political leanings and cultural values, Pompeo must be distraught with what has happened to the US under Jewish Supremacist Power. The US military is now a bastion of globo-homo and tranny degeneracy. It now teaches CRT at West Point, where Pompeo attended with honors. The national capital was set ablaze by Antifa, BLM, and Democratic mobs with the blessing and protection of the Jewish Power Network in deep state, courts, media, and police(that only do as told)? Unlike urban unrest and riots in the past, the 2020 mayhem was similar to Mao’s Cultural Revolution, an orchestrated attack on his political rivals. If the terrible riots in the 60s caught even the Democrats by surprise, the riots of 2020 had all the hallmarks of the ‘color revolution’ that Jewish-funded NGO’s and the deep state have perfected over the years. It’s evident that these scumbags will even attack the so-called Liberal West to maximize their power and destroy their enemies.

Surely, Pompeo knows all this. How could he not when he was in D.C. when the Jewish elites and the Democrats(and plenty of RINOS) all colluded to turn the last year of the Trump presidency into one fiery hell? Pompeo knows but he’s so afraid of and servile to Zion that he just goes wink-wink to Jewish Power and proposes a deal whereby Jews are to re-evaluate the role of whites in the grand design. Pompeo doesn’t dare identify Jewish Power as the real enemy of the West, which it certainly is, but tries to temper the Jewish War on Whites by promising to be even bigger cucks in future Wars for Zionic Supremacy.

If Pompeo is a cultural conservative, he should be siding with Russia(and even China) against the now degenerate West where all the top institutions and industries celebrate black thuggery as saintliness and globo-homo degeneracy as the new spirituality. But he sucks up to Jews and endorses their Grand Narrative that Ukraine represents ‘liberal democracy’ against autocratic Russia. And Pompeo throws Taiwan into the mix with the wink-wink hint that Jews have much to gain from the vilification of China. That way, childish Americans are distracted from Jewish Evil OVER HERE and blame all problems on Chinese Evil OVER THERE. And to really sweeten his cuckery to the Jews, he includes Israel among the shining democracies that must be defended. Nothing about the plight of Palestinians, nothing about Israel having 200 nukes with technology stolen from the US, nothing about Israel aiding ISIS terrorism in Syria, nothing about Israel as the new Sodom and Gomorrah(with its endless homo celebration, which would indicate Christian Zionists are de facto Christian Sodomists), nothing about Jonathan Pollard(big hero in Israel), nothing about Jewish-Zionist subversion of US national security, and etc.

So, Pompeo’s speech had nothing real to do with liberal democracy, national security, cultural sanity, Western Values, or any kind of morality or integrity. It was just a whoring out to Jewish Power. It was all wink-wink pleading and begging, which could be summed up as: “I know you Jews love to pull down our pants and fuc* us in the ass and reduce us into wussy boys groveling at the feet of homos and Negroes., and I know it tickles your bones that the once mighty white race has been reduced to the current state, BUT please don’t hurt us too badly because we are still useful in foreign affairs. Only a strong and proud White America can take it to Big Bad Russia, mindlessly support Israel-Israel-Israel(as BDS is mostly a progressive phenomenon), and blame China, like Tucker Carlson does all the time. So, I understand you Jews need to whip us once awhile to keep us in our place lest we get uppity like Trump, but don’t whip us too bad and let us play House Honkey because we, more than any other group, can deliver what you desire in foreign policy.”

Whenever whites act ‘tough’ these days, it’s as dogs and not as men. A dog may be full of bark and bite but always at the behest of its master and never against him. White men in US and EU have been stripped and whipped demographically, culturally, economically, sexually, and politically, what with even the US military, long a sanctum of patriotic/conservative honor. Yet, Pompeo sweeps all this under the rug and offers himself(and white cuck support in general) to the Grand Jewish Strategy. It’s like a black slave in the Deep South pleading with his master, “Massuh, please don’t sell me down the river. I’s will work harder to pick mo’ cotton and carry mo’ bales to fatten massuh’s pockets against dem other plantations.”

In 2020, Jewish Power tore White America a new arsehole, and all we get from Trump is, “You Jews need me to defend Israel from the anti-Zionist Squad that took over the Democratic Party(ROTFL)” and from Pompeo, we get, “Don’t whip us too bad and leave us some crumbs, at least in foreign policy, because Jewish Supremacist agenda abroad cannot succeed without the White Will to Fight.” Instead of grabbing for the whip in the Jewish Supremacist hand, Pompeo’s plea is simply to be whipped a bit less.

In TEN COMMANDMENTS, there are two Moses. Before the Great Moses who finally leads his people out of Egypt, there was the Nicer Moses who pleaded with the Pharaoh to feed the slaves better because they’ll work even harder and build more for the Pharaoh’s glory. The Nicer Moses isn’t anti-slavery and totally okay with the Egyptian system of tyranny… as long as it treats the slaves somewhat better to make them work harder. Likewise, Pompeo doesn’t propose White Liberation or the deliverance of whites from Jewish Supremacism. Instead, he pleads with Jewish neo-pharaohs and neo-caesars not to lash and bash whites too badly because whites would dearly love to serve the Jews even more if the Jews tried a little bit of tenderness(like the Otis Redding song).

The usual ‘conservative’ or ‘conzo’ argument against the cultural degradation of the US military goes like this: “With such a military, how do we fight our enemies, such as Russia, China, Iran, or fill in the blanks.”

Did it ever occur to these conzo-wonzos that the very forces that have so degraded American military culture to the current degenerate state ARE the real enemy? If John is cutting off your balls, do you say, “Without my balls, how do you expect me to fight our enemy, Bob?” Gee, moron, maybe John is the enemy because he is cutting off your balls! Why would you want to fight Bob for John when John is your primary degrader and tormenter?

But such is the mental state of white weaklings or Wheaks who act on the a priori assumption that Jews are sacred, noble, and always right… even when they are in the process of lopping off your nuts. If a bunch of Jewish gangsters stripped Pompeo naked and put him in a clown suit, burned his house and car, and made a bunch of Negro thugs rape his wife and daughter(if he has one), all he would do is, wink-wink, suggest to the Jews that they shouldn’t go too far with the humiliation because, boy oh boy, he is so eager to do all he can to make the Jewish gangsters even richer and more powerful. That’s Pompeo-ism, utterly cucked, phony, vile, and disgusting.

With so-called conservatives cucking to Jewish Power in such manner, imagine the kind of white super-cucks that infest the Democratic Party. Can anything be saved in the West as Jewish Gangster Paradise?

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  1. One thing for sure, communism lost the economic and material war with the West DESPITE the vast amounts of manpower and raw materials because its command structures went against the laws of efficiency; there was also the problem of incentives, or lack thereof.


    Mebbe it lost the economic and material war with the West because, after it won the shooting war, it was too knackered to compete. That and Russia’s traditional weakness in governmental competence.

  2. PJ London says:

    If there was a message, conclusion or even a point to this screed it escaped me.
    I understand that authors (like Hasbarats) get paid by the word but C’mon Man.
    Simple rule for ALL writers ! Tell me what you are going to say – Say it – Tell me what you have just said.
    This article was so obtuse and wandering that I (or any other reader) has no idea what it is saying, what it is about or why it was written.
    Even worse, why did I just spend 30 minutes trying to work it out.

    • Disagree: Miro23
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Che Guava
    , @JM
  3. Outstanding article.

    I am old enough to have seen the last stirrings of WASP power in America, and to have seen most of the terminal decline (since the 1970s). Having dealt with Jews, I know what they are. And, having dealt with the likes of Pompeo, I know what his type is, too. Whites are going to have to get smarter – which means selective breeding between smart white men and white women – and they are going to have to get more tribal; they will not survive otherwise. The problem we have in America is that white women have serious Jew Brain and reflexively attack their own men at the demand of their Jew masters. It’s hard to reason with someone who hates you, or who takes orders from someone who hates you. For this reason, white men and women continue to be divided, and white women continue to loan their uteruses out to simians who know only rape and pillage. And white men deserve some of the blame for their own fall, as there are too many freeloaders and cowards in the bunch. Look at how white males attack men who speak the truth about the tribe and what it is doing to white America. Look at how many Pompeos are out there who will fellate anyone or anything to curry favor with those in power. Pompeo wants Julian Assange dead, but can’t wait to bend over for the sayanim and Israeli malefactors, who have done vastly more damage to the US than Assange ever could.

    The fervid individualism of American whites is another problem: one man, by himself, cannot effect social change. Any man attempting to take on the talmudic power structure alone will end up devastated and debilitated; there is one of him, and hundreds or thousands of them. If ALL whites stood together, then victory is possible. But whites are going to have to breed smarter, are going to have to become more tribal, and are going to have to stick together more. The tribe thrives on networking, while whites tend to pit themselves against one another. BTW, I am using lower-case when noting whites because, until they start thinking of each other instead of how they can become little Pompeos themselves, they deserve to be identified in all lower-case letters. I am very disappointed in whites: by being selfish cowards, they stood back and allowed their entire civilization to be destroyed. You simply cannot reason with jews or view them as an ally: they are the perverts, despoilers and predators they pride themselves on being. What a bitter lesson American whites learned. But all they had to do was respect the accumulated wisdom of their forebears and they might have avoided what the Khazarians have done to the United States.

  4. illiberal orders proved they could select and implement the best ideas of the liberal order, they are less likely to be the originators of new ideas and innovations

    I’d be willing to forgo the latest new ideas and innovations to live under an illiberal government that wasn’t totally insane, like the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and UK.

  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Did it ever occur to these conzo-wonzos that the very forces that have so degraded American military culture to the current degenerate state ARE the real enemy? If John is cutting off your balls, do you say, “Without my balls, how do you expect me to fight our enemy, Bob?” Gee, moron, maybe John is the enemy because he is cutting off your balls! Why would you want to fight Bob for John when John is your primary degrader and tormenter?

    The ((Jew)) parasite ball-cutters and their stooges are the enemy of the West, and will always be the enemy, until Western Civilization no longer exists.

    Given that America is the dominants byproduct of Western Civilization, and given that ((Jews)) have their hooks more deeply into the Anglosphere than any other Western entity, and given that they have so thoroughly hypnotized the mass of Anglo cucks, Fukuyama theorized that this was the End of History.

    In TEN COMMANDMENTS, there are two Moses. Before the Great Moses who finally leads his people out of Egypt, there was the Nicer Moses who pleaded with the Pharaoh to feed the slaves better because they’ll work even harder and build more for the Pharaoh’s glory. The Nicer Moses isn’t anti-slavery and totally okay with the Egyptian system of tyranny… as long as it treats the slaves somewhat better to make them work harder. Likewise, [neocon] Pompeo doesn’t propose White Liberation or the deliverance of whites from Jewish Supremacism. Instead, he pleads with Jewish neo-pharaohs and neo-caesars not to lash and bash whites too badly because whites would dearly love to serve the Jews even more if the Jews tried a little bit of tenderness(like the Otis Redding song).

    If you read the story all the way through, Moses ends up killing the gestate faction of Hebrews we know as ((Jews)) today. This is because he could see they were irredeemable parasites and grifters who would never build a nation, and indeed, would end up selling their brethren into slavery for fast, easy money, as the soulless ((Jews)) and their depraved Anglo cucks are trying to sell the West into slavery via Globalism today.

    Moses apparently determined that killing these ((Jews)) was essential to building the nation (which is an essential building block of civilization). Was he wrong? No. These were the same ((Jews)) that ultimately gained control of Israel and were presiding over the nation in Jesus’ time, who led it to ruin not long after ordering his Crucifixion.

    The soulless make terrible leaders. We need a man with a soul, but with the vision (and balls) of Moses.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  6. Jimmy1969 says:

    Freudy, a great article as usual but a little long and winded and repetitive. There is a fancy term for someone who cannot stop talking I think it is called a logoreamanic; there must be a term like that for writers. Nevertheless, I have an article suggestion for you, but it would entail a lot of specific research and detailed writing and hence less repetitive slogans. The actor Sly Stallone was just bewailing the fact that most of the residual profits from all of his Rocky movies go to a 93 year old Jew named Irwin Winkler. Stallone wants some cut of that for his kids and his heritage. But it is sorry Sly. look up the over 30 year battle that John Fogerty of CCR had with the producer Saul Zaentz. Look up the battle that Janis Joplin’s estate had with that gross monster Albert Grossman. You can take just those three examples to build a foundation and then find thousands of other entertainers….especially black ones who are destitute and died destitute while Jew producers and money men have retired living in mansions in Hollywood. Of course no one talks much about that stuff in a racial context. And this says nothing about the actual content of Hollywood which we all know is never questionable of Israel and all that stuff.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  7. Trinity says:

    Another fine article. Jung Freud is a machine that keeps the articles coming. Pure energy, yo.

    Cue: What’s On Your Mind by Information Society

  8. jimmy1969 says:

    Quantity is not always quality.

    • Replies: @Son of a Jedi
  9. @Jimmy1969

    Also look up Jackie Wilson and (((Nat Tarnopol))), as well as Tommy James and (((Morris Levy))).

    At least Fogerty got a good dig in:

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  10. The secret of success was less freedom per se than freedom within and from an Order that held it all together. Though Order alone represses the necessary freedom that allows for innovation and experimentation, freedom needs to operate within a structure, much like the loose flesh that depends on the bones that hold the body together. Without the vertebrae, we are mere slugs.

    Despite being a Jewish lesbian producing unreadable junk, Gertrude Stein realized this important fact. The avantgarde depends on the existence of a stable order around it. She despised FDR and actively collaborated with Petain on that basis.

    Notre Dame des Fascistes, Part I: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, & the Joy of Collaboration”

  11. @Chris Moore

    If you read the story all the way through, Moses ends up killing the gestate faction of Hebrews we know as ((Jews)) today. This is because he could see they were irredeemable parasites and grifters who would never build a nation, and indeed, would end up selling their brethren into slavery for fast, easy money, as the soulless ((Jews)) and their depraved Anglo cucks are trying to sell the West into slavery via Globalism today.

    An important point, which Christians never learn in their Sunday School version of (Biblical) history. Ultimately, out of the 10s of thousands who left Egypt (historically true or not), only two, Joshua and one other guy remain. All the rest are dead, mostly killed by JHVH in one of his frequent tantrums. Even Moses crosses the Big Guy and is denied entry. Some “Chosen” people.

  12. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Don’t forget Shel Talmy and Alan Klein, who are still living off The Who and the Rolling Stones, respectively. Talmy owns the Who’s first group of recordings, AB Kleinco owns everything the Stones recorded for Decca along with two songs on Sticky Fingers; as a result, both groups have had their catalog screwed up as far as reissues and box sets go. Eg., Talmy won’t let them remaster the masters he has control of, hence the lousy sound; the Stones make nothing off any Decca-era reissues and so have no interest in any retrospective sets.

    • Replies: @jewosaurus thief
  13. Hacienda says:

    Made it through 50%.

    Definitely agree with the distinction made about FF’s meaning about history vs ideological history.

    But “End of Ideology” would not have sold the books. Might have been publisher’s knock up.
    “End of Ideology” would have sold 100,000 books and would be a snoozer to read.

    The Japanese are now outsourcing East/West cultural relations to Korea. I think Japan is out of that game. Good for them.

    That makes me the informal spokesman for E.Asia.

    I’d really be interested in you doing something about the current K-Culture explosion. What is your take on “Joker” and “Parasite” being the biggest movies in the pivot year of 2020.

    They seem to occupy parallel themes- inversion, bottoms rising to top, laughter confused with crying. Disconnect between inner and outer. Complete breakdown of linear communication.

  14. Great writing and a brilliant analysis of the burning issues of our time. You have to admire someone with such a keen psychological eye and still able to put into words what the mind perceives. We can’t grasp reality through anything other than our minds. Many thanks to the author.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  15. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Mike Pompeo is the kind of creature who is a vicious, ruthless bully with those he knows he can kick around. But, as soon as he runs into someone smarter, or someone with institutional power, he is an obsequious, servile, gutless, cuck. A gross sack of excrement with no principles or scruples. He’s like one of those old mob under-bosses who bends over and grabs the ankles for the Rothsteins of the world, but is a cowardly predator when rolling local Italian businesses for “protection” money. And of course, Trump thought he was wonderful. Actually, Trump and Pompeo have a lot in common. The jews who tell Pompeo how it is going to be are alpha psychopaths; Pompeo is just a corpulent beta psychopath in the finest American tradition.

    • Replies: @Anon
  16. A very good article. Mind you, though many of the leadership of the Bolsheviks were Jewish, the most infamous Communist of them all, namely Joseph Stalin, was not. I suppose, it was only after Stalin turned on (((them))), that (((they))) realized Communism was every bit as lethal and vicious as National Socialism. Only then, did the Cold War have to occur!

    Then, again, I suspect it was only after Russia got its own atom bomb, that the Americans ever thought of rebuilding German cities, or any European cities for that matter. After all, Germany is about the only other country, in all of Europe, that Americans hate as much as Americans hate Russia. Mind you, had Russia not gotten the atom bomb, then there would be no US Marshall Plan. Instead (((they))) would have gone through with the Morganthal Plan!

    Still, in a way, the Jewish people are cunning, by half. The Jews did form that alliance of convenience with African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. Mind you, I doubt (((they))) really had any true love for African Americans, but were only using them. Still, it was clever, quite clever!

  17. @James J. O'Meara

    Why would anyone go into business with a jew? Wouldn’t it make more sense to control your own destiny, to the extent you can, and make less money – but have control over your own affairs? I have known several businessmen in my lifetime who went into business with jew “business partners”, and every one of them ended up with the businesses they started torn from their possession, and next to nothing left for their posterity. Jews steal; they do it as easily as a shark going after chump. They go over the fine print of every contract to see what technicality or loophole can be exploited against their business partners or associates. Whites need to form into powerful coalitions and buy up assets and then work and trade with other whites. Doing business with Khazarian thieves is a good prescription for getting robbed, smeared, libeled, or worse.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  18. Malla says:

    They had the nastiness of Italians but with brains.

    Jews do not have the artistic taste and flair of Italians. Jewish art is fugly and nasty.

    Britain was more liberal than most of Europe, it remained conservative and communal(than individualist) in many respects, and the true power of Britain derived not only from liberalism or individualism but its concert with other values, habits, and tendencies. On its rise to power, British Society was a liberal hierarchy steeped in racial individualism. It was more open to innovation but also mindful of heritage and tradition.

    What a well balanced excellent nation!! Britain was but not anymore.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  19. Malla says:

    Or, suppose war had been averted between National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union in 1941 and suppose Germany continued to access Russian raw materials while Stalin, becoming more pragmatic, ditched hardcore communism in favor of mixed economics on the fascist model.

    Europe should have gone with the Kaiser Plan. The Kaiser had foreseen what was coming, but other statesmen were idiots.

    From The Americanization of the world by William T Stead (1902)

    “Compelled to admit failure in his attempt to prevent the Americanization of Germans outside Germany, the Emperor (German Kaiser) has redoubled his efforts in order to prevent the Americanization of Europe. This has been a fixed idea with him ever since he came to the throne. On his first visit to the Tsar of Russia, he propounded to him his favourite thesis, and endeavoured to enlist the Tsar’s support in the holy cause of anti-Americanism. Nicholas II. listened with a sympathetic interest, which is natural to him in talking to all men, whether moujiks or Kaisers, but he did not see his way to fall in with his guest’s idea.

    The Kaiser, behind his apparent impulsiveness, is tenacious in pursuing his objects. Foiled in his first essay to win over the Tsar to a great European combination to organize the Old World against the New, he did not on that account abandon his favourite project. The duty of first publicly proclaiming in the hearing of the world the doctrine which the Kaiser had privately endeavoured to impress upon the Tsar fell upon Count Goluchowski, the Foreign Secretary of Austria-Hungary. Addressing the Parliamentary Delegations in November, 1897, he pleaded strongly in favour of the adoption of a pacific policy in Europe if for no other reason than that the very existence of the European peoples depended upon their power to defend themselves, fighting shoulder to shoulder, against Transoceanic competition. He foreshadowed the adoption of counteracting measures, which he declared must be prompt and thorough in order to protect the vital interests of the European nations. Count Goluchowski’s alarming summons to the Old World excited considerable discussion, but led to no definite result for some years. ”
    ” That the new shipbuilding policy then announced by Germany was aimed against Great Britain was generally recognized abroad ; but when the German Emperor visited London shortly afterwards he had a very different explanation to give of the increase of the German fleet. So far from being a menace to Great Britain, he is said to have protested, he regarded every new ship added to the German navy as an addition to the fighting force of the British fleet. For, he argued, it was inevitable that the United States, sooner or later would endeavour to grasp the supreme position on the sea at present held by Great Britain.

    When that day came Great Britain would find in the German Fleet her most potent ally. The nations of the Old World, representing culture and civilization, would have to stand shoulder to shoulder in resisting the contemplated attack of the new barbarians of the Western World, who, swollen by prosperity and pride and unweighted by any of the responsibilities which enforce caution on other States, would inevitably come into collision sooner or later with the present Mistress of the Seas. “

    “In Berlin the German Industrial Union have expressed through their Secretary, Dr. Wilhelmend-
    landt, their views upon the subject. He declared that the time had come for some Bismarck to rise up and assemble the nations of Europe and throttle the American peril. Europe, he argued, could perfectly well be independent of the American market. Russia, by developing her cotton plantations in the Caucasus, had finally liberated the Old World from dependence upon the New. “I believe,” he declared, “in fighting America with the same weapons of exclusion which America herself has used so remorselessly and so successfully. We propose to work for an all European Union. The commercial interests of the hour are paramount, and a discriminatory alliance of all European Powers, including England, will be the inevitable result of the American invasion.”

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  20. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Political science is history poorly taught.

    It’s difficult for people living in Jew-ruled nations to perceive the basic truth about modern political ideologies:

    They’re all a Jewish hoax used to enslave everyone within the Left-Right Dialectic and stupid political parties.

    Monarchism is a Jewish hoax.
    Socialism is a Jewish hoax.
    Communism is a Jewish hoax.
    Nazism is a Jewish hoax.
    Fascism is a Jewish hoax.
    Leftism is a Jewish hoax.
    Progressivism is a Jewish hoax.
    Conservatism is a Jewish hoax.

    Genuine democratic republics like the Swiss Confederation have no need for moronic political ideologies or other Jewish hoaxes.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
    , @HeebHunter
  21. anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pompeo's Men

    What about the WASP to Catholic transition in national security? The CIA was very WASPY in the 1950s but became Catholic led in the 1970s. This article is by a Jewish CIA operations officer who started in the early 19880s. Back then the Catholic dominated CIA management discouraged him from joining the Near East Division because of doubts about his objectivity. It’s apparent from the article, the Jewish former CIA officer remembers it all bitterly.

  22. Phibbs says:

    Pompeo is a Born-Again “Christian.” — meaning he worships Israel/Satan. Most evangelicals are Zionists, traitors, liars, terrorists, hypocrites and murderers. They are also 25% of the U.S. population.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  23. @jewosaurus thief

    Or, as Junior Soprano said, “Hold on to your cock when you negotiate with these desert people.”

  24. Trinity says:

    Poppy Cuck has lost a lot of blubber, he is a shell of his former lard ass. Maybe the dude is planning to be able to fit into a dress? Hehe. Who knows in (((Globohomo Shlomo world?)))

    Muh Jew/ Muh Israel
    Make Israel Great Again
    (((Trump/ DeSantis/Biden/ Gabbard /the Squad / Piglosi 2024)))

  25. Many comments that are directed at the author’s style fail to see the beauty in these long epic monologues.

    Take a look at the author’s name. Jung-Freud. It is suggestive of what you will get here.

    This reminds me of the times I take a shit-ton of Adderall and go on heroic keyboard quests, sprawl out the best Quora answers anyone can find, I ghost-write for Richard Spencer too.

    How can I get Mr. Unz to publish some of my work?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  26. @Malla

    Unfortunately, where Jewish “art” is true to its roots (ie not dependent on Bach chorales and such, like the nasty but rich and popular Meyerbeer or the lachrymose and distended such as Mahler) it produces something Chaim Soutine in the twentieth century who painted abattoirs (powerful but grotesque). You never find the unsullied genius of Mozart or Chopin.

  27. @Jon Chance

    “A democracy deserves the government it has”.

  28. “Your Guide to the Deep State Swamp”

    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  29. nsa says:

    Distillation of Priss’s 11,700 word screed:
    “If it’s good for the joo, then it’s bad for yoo”

  30. Cookie says:

    Its time for white people to start ignoring those who are using universities and media to destroy our belief in ourselves.

    If white western people and white societies were so bad you would expect people to be trying to leave in droves…are they?

    The only mistake western societies have made recently is multiculturalism. Do other societies put western culture on equal footing to their own…no. They use English language to exploit western treasure but keep to their culture and traditions.

    Its time to put the statues back and roll up your sleeves whites and say no more monkey tongue or Indian day…this is America you either comit to our culture and traditions or there is the border…get out!

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
  31. Could this be the endgame of Zionism in Russia? Koshers finally being exposed.

    My still favorite go-to for Kosher offerings are the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion. Then it’s the latest Hollywood Magic Negro/GlobalHomo/Holocaust Hysteria flick, followed by reality watching the collapse of civilization with my own lying eyes.

  32. @loner feral cat

    Wut, only one half Magic Negro? That artist must be woke.

  33. If germany n ussr really stayed as allies. They would have won easily. Just imagine the germany war machine with russian oil and gas alone? that is excluding the russian manpower n other resources. They would also be the first ones with ICBM and jets.

    no contest.

  34. Indeed, why has North Korea been lumped in with Iran, Iraq, Libya, and etc.?

    Why you ask…isn’t it obvious, no “City of London”, “Bank of International Settlements”, NWO private Central Bank centered around a USD reserve currency. Iraq and Libya was invaded and destroyed when Saddam wanted to trade oil for Euro’s and Gaddafi wanted to create a Gold African Dinar for trade.

  35. AndrewR says:
    @PJ London

    He’s very smart and insightful but he rambles too much.

  36. @Godfree Roberts

    Communism ‘lost’ because the Soviet subsidised its satellites, provided free education, health, housing and transport for its people and did NOT exploit overseas countries. Moreover the USSR was exhausted from the most violent and destructive war in history and the effort to rebuild after the war.Furthermore it was under unceasing Western sabotage and subversion from 1917.
    In contrast the USA ended WW2 with 60% of world production. It created the Bretton Woods economic gulag to ensure its perpetual economic dominance of the world. It exploited other countries, particularly in Latin America, mercilessly, and if any regime reached power dedicated to the interests of its people before US exploiters, the USA destroyed that Government one way or another. Evil triumphed, then it shot itself in both feet through greed and hubris.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @Marcali
  37. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Both Fascism and Communism are totalitarian.

    Fascism = National Socialism
    Communism = International Socialism

    • LOL: JM
  38. JR Foley says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    The United States intent and purpose was to deliberately violate the neutrality of the Hawaiian Kingdom in order to fight Spain in its colonies of Guam and the Philippines, and after the war to use the Hawaiian Islands as a military outpost to protect the west coast of the United States as well as a base of operations for future wars. The action taken by the United States draws parallels to Germany’s occupation of neutral States during World War I and II, which at the time was thought of as unprecedented, but it wasn’t. The United States set the precedent in 1898.

    Can it be argued that if USA wants Taiwan–China should get Hawaii ?

    Fair exchange??

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  39. JR Foley says:

    Pompeo however raises a good point in that Christ should have come down from the cross because it was only the Russians who sinned and secondly that USA having ” In God We Trust” on currency –is proof that the Dollar reigns supreme.

  40. USSR and Central Europe were much more devastated by war than western areas and rebuilt without Marshall Aid

    The destruction Germany wrought on Ukraine and Poland and western USSR was beyond anything anywhere else so US did really well by scooping up British Empire and its Saudi protectorate and destroying Sterling Area to render UK bankrupt by 1945

    Germany got a sweetheart deal in London Conference 1952 with guaranteed trade surpluses and funding and a 50% debt haircut repeated in 1990

  41. Miro23 says:

    While the fall of the Soviet Union was plain to see for all the world, the equally (or even more) momentous fall of the Liberal Democratic Order at the hands of Jewish Supremacists went unnoticed, and even if noticed by some, undiscussed.

    Jung-Freud answers his own question here:

    One reason for the cuckery is careerist and economic as loss of position will mean reduced status and income. Pissing off Jewish Power is one sure way to be railroaded out of the institutions and have one’s reputation be dragged through the mud.

    I would guess that most educated people know what’s going on but for their own social/economic wellbeing they’re 100% going to avoid the conversation. IOW they know all about the Mafia running their society but aren’t going to talk.

    While the US sought to remain the sole superpower with the ‘End of History’, it wouldn’t have gotten mired in the Middle East without Zionic pressures. And what ruined the possibility of good US-Russian relations? Jews exploited Russian weakness to rape and plunder the economy and increasingly eyed Ukraine as a Jewish Gangster Paradise.

    This Jewish mafia has also been raping and plundering the US. It just takes longer because there’s more to steal. After all, post-WW2 US was by far the world’s richest country.

    However, it looks like the result is always the same. The Philippines is the classic example of oligarch looting with a weak/corrupt central government. For many years orchestrated by billionaire looter collaborationists Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. It started off richer that South Korea but the total lack of concern for the public or national development left it a sleazy retarded dump.

    Philippines GDP per capita 1961 \$ 267 – 2021 \$ 3.549

    South Korea GDP per capita 1961 \$ 93 – 2021 \$ 34.758 (Home to world class manufacturers like Samsung, Hyundai, Kia)

    • Agree: Che Guava
  42. Che Guava says:
    @PJ London

    It is a pretty standard Priss Factor rant on many points, but a few may have been new.

    It has clearly been edited to lessen the easy ID of style points, so those claiming that Priss a.k.a. Jung-Freud is not an individual may be correct.

    Anyway, much of it is clearly true.

  43. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Anglin as JF. Plain as day.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  44. Trinity says:

    Nah, this is obviously “Priss Factor” with perhaps a little help.

  45. JM says:
    @PJ London

    Yes, far too long and rambling.

  46. @Malla

    Fascinating piece of research. Conceptually, the original mastermind was not either Wilhelm I or II, but the genius/analyst/seer Furst Otto Von Bismarck. Although his machinations landed rather heavily on the Danes in 1864, his overall vision centered on a strong Prussia as the core of a newly composed German nation.

    Once German unity was achieved and developed into a powerful entity in European affairs; he evoked his master-plan to maintain the peace of Europe. How many researchers today are aware of the “Drei Kaisers’ Bund” (the Three Kaisers’ League); wherein the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires would maintain a peaceful and prosperous continent.

    This prospect was not to the liking of Perfidious Albion and the conniving French; directed from behind the scenes by the financial supremacy of the Rottenchild crime clan and their Warburg and Lazard Freres associates…in other words the primary “arrangers” for the ultimate goal of the 2,500 year old Talmudist doctrine of total world control under the Tribal Elders, the Sanhedrin.

    British and French moneylenders (guess who) happily financed Russian industrialization in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in “fair exchange” for the somewhat dim Tsar Nicholas II to pull the Russian empire out of the central alliance and join up with their “friends” in the West.

    Thereby hangs the tale: With the financial independence of the United States destroyed by means of a relative handful of connivers in Congress and the blackmailed pretzeldunce, Thomas Woodrow Wilson under the financiers’ control in establishment of the Federal Reserve Act; the stage was set for destruction of European civilization by means of instigating World War One.

    All that has followed during the hundred years since that tragedy has been the emplacement of Talmudist power over the entire West.

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood

    Some quotes from Schwartz-Bostunitsch’s books:

    “National Socialism is applied racial science.” (Rudolf Heß)

    “The customs of this most wicked people have already become so strong that they have spread to all countries; the conquered have imposed their laws on the conquerors.” (Seneca)

    “The world war was not lost by Luther alone, as Pope Benedict XV deigned to say to Emil Ludwig (Cohn), the world war was lost by the entire white race to the Chandalas. The white man armed the colored man, trained him militarily, and made him shoot at white men, who until then had been a kind of untouchable gods to the colored man. In doing so, he showed him future possibilities of a certain kind. This was, in terms of racial politics, the main fault of the Entente as far as its methods of warfare were concerned. Thus the white man showed the colored man very clearly that he no longer respects himself and therefore cannot lay any great claim to be respected by the colored man! We must not close our eyes to this truth, but bravely take a stand on it; especially because the main danger for us is not the colored man per se, but that yeast which for a long, long time has been fermenting and rising the leaven of the colored man’s struggle for annihilation against the white man – Jewry, the patriotless, the conscienceless, the immoral Jewry, but enviably united in its folkish blood confession. If I consciously attach the title ‘conscienceless’ to Judaism, then this expression shall, however, neither represent an insult nor a denigration of Judaism, but merely record the fact that the Jewish language of the Bible does not know the word and thus the term ‘conscience’ at all.”

    “In the novel ‘The Road to Zion’ Kurt Münzer puts the following words into the mouth of his ‘hero’ Felix Marcuse, which are usually quoted inaccurately and are brought here verbatim because they reflect the vividness of the Ezraic principles in modern Judaism: ‘Not only we Jews are so degenerated and at the end of a sucked out, used up culture. All races of Europe – perhaps we have infected them – we have corrupted their blood. In general, everything today is Judaized. Our senses are alive in everyone, our spirit rules the world. We are the masters. For what is power today is the child of our spirit. We may be hated, we may be chased away, our enemies may just triumph over our physical weakness. We can no longer be driven out. We have eaten our way into the peoples, penetrated the races, defiled, broken the strength, made everything mellow, rotten and decayed with our stale culture. Our spirit can no longer be eradicated.’”

  48. Wouldn’t a “Liberal Democracy” have the right to question who really owns and controls banking institutions that have looted our economy like the FED, Vanguard and Blackrock? But, but Banking Privacy goy!

  49. phil says:

    “Therefore, capitalism vs fascism or communism vs fascism in the 20th century is without the essential Control Group, or the ‘all things being equal’ factor.”

    We can try to resolve this matter by looking at natural experiments, or by trying to quantify the variables and using multivariate regression techniques.

    The natural experiments include South Korea vs North Korea, West Germany vs East Germany (from 1948-1989), and Hong Kong-Taiwan vs Mainland China (1949-1976). The Chinese began to liberalize after Deng Xiaoping’s visit to Singapore in November 1978. Larger-scale privatization and more extensive liberalization were led by Zhu Rongji beginning in the early 1990s. Most people believe that capitalism won these head-to-head match-ups.

    As far as regression analyses are concerned, if you include in the analysis only the very few variables that have a robust relationship with economic growth, plus a variable for a country’s degree of capitalism, the degree of capitalism is positively related to the rate of economic growth, but there may be diminishing returns to free markets. I.e., capitalism clearly wins vs hard-core communism, but the results are less convincing if hard-core capitalism is set against a mixed economy involving considerable taxation, government spending, and regulation.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  50. profnasty says:

    There’s a lot of darkness on
    TUR today. Here’s a little humor. Irony?
    The Holomador was engineered by Lazar Kaganovich, agreed? KAGANovich.
    The present day Uke/RUS war was engineered by,,,Victoria Nuland nee Nudelman, nee KAGAN. Her correct name is KAGAN re. husband Robert Kagan.

    Believe it or not.
    Bizarro World.

    • Replies: @aleksander
  51. solark says:

    “…ones who even drove chimpanzees and gorillas crazy in the Dark Continent”

    This has to be the most beautiful sentence of this article

  52. Humorous or not, the Kagans are Khazarian royalty, as that tribalist nation was converted en masse to Talmudic Judaism by their ruling Kagan (emperor or whatever) in ca 740 A.D.

    Though that empire was overthrown by a combination of the Kievan Rus and the Persians some 300 years later; the mass of the now long Judaized Khazarians reacted somewhat akin to an oil-fire splashed with water…they spread all over the place and ever since the downfall of their empire have constantly sought vengeance.

    That explains the Bolshevik Khazarian terror which almost succeeded in destroying Russia as well as the current Zionist hard-on against Iran (Persia). Khazarians have long memories and that is combined with a fanatical blood-lust, steadily encouraged by their behind the scenes satanic rulers.

    Now, with a virtual re-alliance between a revivified Russia and an up and coming Iran, together with quiet backing from China; the geopolitical imbalance is becoming rectified.

  53. Marcali says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Why did the Soviets subsidised its colonies?
    Why did the communists grab all the responsibility for education, health, housing (to a degree) and transport? Also not mentioned by you: responsinility for distribution, wholesale and retail, entertainment, recreation?

    • Replies: @anon
  54. I’d say that the West is a little full of itself if it believes that it was the true victor of the Cold War.

    I feel like declaring victory for the defunct Soviet Union, considering the current state of American society, especially if the beltway morons currently infesting the Biden Administration succeed in destroying the United States, with their stupid proxy war against Russia, before scurrying off to China or wherever there are people stupid enough to give them shelter from the consequences of their destructive anti-social behaviour. The United States is going down, I fear.

    This little ditty was inspired by the Russo-Turkish war of 1877:[20031]

  55. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Listening to both Rudy Guiliani speak on his radio show, and Pompeo, I now understand why my Christian Syrian father [from Aleppo and descended from the early Christians] said about Italians; they’re nasty, and violent. As opposed to the Greeks who he said were nasty but not violent. [lol]

    But growing up in Egypt, and educated by Jesuits, there were Italian immigrants living there at the time and he grew up with them and so was fluent in Italian. And he was fluent in Greek as his mother was born and raised in Greece. But supposedly she liked the historic? enemy of Christian Greeks, the Muslim Turks, for she said they were nicer. [lol] Familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.

    BTW, he said they ALL got along, Muslims, Christians, Europeans and Jewish Egyptians. Yes, Jewish- Arabs. BEFORE Israel became a state, that is. His best friend growing up in Alexandria was a Jew [ native to Egypt not a Zionist from Europe/Russia]. When the CIA tried to recruit him, he said he would not spy on the Muslims and so was not hired. [ the time of the Suez Canal crisis]. He was accused of being an Israeli spy when he returned to Egypt to visit a relative and was held in an Egyptian prison for a few weeks. Till the authorities were satisfied he was not an Israeli spy. PS the Coptic’s he said were privileged in Egypt. He was not Coptic but Catholic but when he first came to this country, he attended Orthodox churches and Catholic churches, whatever mass and church was close by and convenient was good enough.

  56. Huxley’s latest on Russia and Germany:

    How Russia is the new Germany and how it is not

    Hitler fought the Jewish bankers and put the German people first; Russia fights the Jewish bankers and puts Jesus Christ first

    Thomas Huxley
    25 min ago


    1. The most important lesson in history is that men do not remember the important lessons in history.

    2. The second most important lesson in history is that history is written by the winner.

    3. Adolf Hitler fought the international Jewish banking cartel by having the gall to print his own money (actually, Labor Treasury Certificates), and thus succeeded in liberating Germany from crushing debt slavery, hyperinflation, unemployment, and starvation. The Treaty of Versailles and Weimar Republic debts had Germany looking face-to-face with famine and death.

  57. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    PS[while I’m at it.] He loved Solzinitzen[sp], Mark Twain, Pope John Paul 2 who he said would bring about with Solidarity, the end of communism in the Soviet Union, [the Soviet Unions collapsed a few months after my dad died], Edgar Allan Poe [ he understood people, he said], Shakespeare, Latin hymns, Italian operas songs, both which he sang as he cooked fried fish, and gave me the book The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, and Dead Souls by Gogol. He believed in the welfare state, like guaranteed health care, education, etc., Thought Medicare was great when it was instituted. He loved movies, art, he met Marc Chagall and spent the day with him and his wife in Paris, and thought the movie Jesus Christ Superstar was awesome. He did say Americans were snobs. But my mom said; they used to be, they’re not any more, some 30 years later.

  58. @aleksander

    No wonder why the negro-sickxon island monkey subhumans of the Great Shitstain (now known as Neo-Pakistan) were driven mad with jealousy and a thirst for German blood!

    They KNOW that all they ever were, were chthonic, soulless, debt slaves to the Jews. Perhaps Tolkien writing about the orcs is a self-projection of the Negro-Saxon race, so beaten and corrupted by the Jews, that they themselves twisted into grotesque monsters. And Lovecraft gave us the picture of the final evolution of the Jews and the anglos, formless, swirling horror of the cosmos!

    I hope the Pakis and the Hindus finish the jobs God has sent them on the island for. And not one second too soon! The Negro-Saxon menace must be nipped and flushed down the toilet of history. Only then can mankind free itself from Jewish debt slavery.

    • Thanks: Bardon Kaldlan
  59. What a Hodge podge o jumbled sleight if hand manipulative treatise mixing truth, lies and tom foolery .

    The problem with racism in the case of the US was its deep intravenous hypocrisy. hat is is in a nutshell. The rhetorical gamesmanship o denying humanity to black is no less systemic and creative as Karl Marx’s play with terms of capitalism or the dynamic of social capital and political capital.

    Get this straight, when the founders declared independence over the backs of human beings calling them property, it set in motion a precedent of how to manipulate language to one’s benefit, and in this case it was not individual, but the seat of authority. By violating basic biology they have given license to:


    conception is not only not a child — it is not a human being

    that same relational conduct is the same as that between men and women

    that by so defining, that truth itself is not definitive, but relative

    Hence the dangers of revolution which was itself a tour de force of rhetorical games. The founders did kit act prudently. The enjoyed British protection, but did not want to pay for it.

    They violated treaties with native american populations and then demanded that parliament protect them.

    They tore down statues, burned images, burned in effigies of leaders, tarred feathered, and murdered those of their that disagreed.

    The entire concept of power derived from consent of the people is such stark terms was but intellectual musings and as a force for violent revolution, unique if not new.

    it should come as no surprise that children sever from their parents, that the state encourages severing from parents, that kid have no grasp that one’s identity crisis is normal and is no cause to challenge their own biology or desires

    The foundation of revolution is what gave license to Playboy and the bizarre ruminations among white’s that Playboy was fine, it was the color mixing that was objectionable.

    By destroying the black family structure via rising up women and emasculating black me, by structurally barring them access to the greater economy, and education (note: the problem with separate but equal was not the separation it was the inherent inequality)

    Anyone who thinks Mr Nick Fuentes has clue about history and socialization is deeply mistaken.

    By alienating large swaths of the black population we created a much larger problem, it’s a little late but typical to blame the for creating a social strata and system that is not only different but according to man is antagonistic to the norms that fostered their conditions — as the rhetoric on this site regarding crime stats continues the same folly launched before the founding — shallow, incorrect, but politically useful.

    The worst black person was not before the supreme court demanding the right to kill children in the womb — though plenty have jumped ion that band wagon

    The worst black person did not contend that prayer is school was a violation

    The worst black person was not before the court fining tuning pornography is known on sight

    The worst black person was not engaged in research flawed, as voluminous as it was that created an entire unsupported continuum of human relational conduct, a free floating definitional platform that is wreaking havoc in education, families and societies at large — you don’t get a Ruepaul or its new kindergarten reading classroom individuals without a Kinsey.

    Free love in the Park was not a creation of the worst black person in the US.

    The worst black person was not in DC think tanks or closeted CIA smoke filled rooms designing programs to sell and distribute cocaine in the US.

    HUAC with all of its abuses and destructive practices against US citizens including blacks was not the invention of the NAACP or anything akin to a black finger anywhere near it.

    The worst black person may be so misguided that he supports are careless immigration policies, but certainly not responsible for designing the matter. One only look to white “conservative” Texas, New Mexico, Conservative Florida or the once conservative California now Mexico North

    ooooh to far long past . . . the tech industry does have successful blacks, but nothing on the scale undermining working traditional models of social construct as the whites on the top of the list and do let’s not play the one drop rule with Mr Elon Musk as admirable as he may be. Let’s be honest, Mr. Smollet’s incident has nothing of the impact of FaceBook, Google, IBM. Dell, Amazon . . . about as white bread as one can get.

    The worst blacks have been howling about the justice system for more than sixty years, well even the best blacks and some whites or the devastation of of job loss on the social fabric.

    Now the single most important factor that is creating change and not all for the good has been access to the tools of mass media. Suddenly voices once muted suddenly have microphones, and movie cameras, and megaphones, and cell phones, computers, satellite dishes, recording studios . . . they are in classrooms as never before . . .

    imagine, just imagine had they enmasse actually not been denied the entry they so sought to prove themselves as citizens what country we might have had . . .

    Racism did some good . . . compared to what and to what end must be the real measure. The rebellion such that it exists is as careless as those of the founders. What fantasy that the founders reveled in cool complacent organized debate and thus so because they were white.

    Mr Sailor loves to ponder on about the the power and effect of delayed gratification, but one only loo to the founders and our national identity to see where canyon black or white chaffes at having to wait — hence our own revolutionary war. Why settlers crashed across the boundaries of treaties with native americans, considered genocide a practical quick solution — delayed gratification has its place no doubt would that the country had practiced the matter

    the examples of are too numerous and instructive but one of my favorite tales is that of the British Commander who was infuriated because an african chieftain was pondering a deal for too long a time, now if ne wanted to whiten that one could say it is endemic of whites not to wait, they lack the discipline to wait, but in quite traditional white way expect others to do what they themselves cannot.

    We cared little for the environment and our industrial insatiability to build our nations drove over morality, good sense and others with abandon, but we are telling those others, that global warming means they cannot have access to what established us.

    equality all in good time, unless that supposed equality is a barriered to a white person. White women are demolishing the norms – even as they participated in denying them to the black population at large . . .


    White Pres Truman could not wait to drop the atomic bomb –and yet evidence suggests, that after the first without doubt or even a sample run no waiting —- something endemic to Japanese culture at least so I am told. maybe, just maybe some black folks, heck not only black folks are tired of waiting for something that never should have been denied.

    just a little perspective, what’s the cliche’ speed kills the US has been in such a hurry we barely see the roses much less smell them. And why in a hurry to win elections the color tropes remain ever the convenient ploy. Whatever works . . . even if the hangman’s noose is for our own necks.

    I do agree, that the back population should continue to progress with care and avoid the speedy fast food approach.

    No offense to fast food.

  60. @Jon Chance

    Yeah, and it has already implemented the EU gun ban, despite not being EU. It is also engaging in suicidal sanctions against Russia.
    Muh “democracy” for everyone.

  61. wetoolow says:

    There are a lot of “what ifs”.

    Another “what if” is if Japan would have went with their Hokushin-ron plan [Northern Expansion Doctrine] instead of going with the disastrous Nanshin-ron [Southern Expansion Doctrine]. The former would have the Japanese attacking the Russian Far East and moving as far West as Lake Baikal, this would have either wiped out Russia’s Siberian reserve army of 1+ million well armed troops, or at least tied it down in defense. Either way, that would have prevented the Russians from using them to relive their forces at Stalingrad and overwhelming the Germans there.

    Lend Lease would have been much less effective at the same time as the Japanese hated the Trans-Siberian railroad and would have made every attempt to cut it’s supply lines to Moscow, which is the same lines that Lend Lease was using.

    A 2 front war for Russia would have changed things dramatically.

    Instead as everyone knows, the Japanese went with the Southern Expansion Doctrine, attacked Hawaii and ended up being nuked and are practically a US puppet state to this day.

  62. Miro23 says:

    Chaim Soutine may be true to Jewish propaganda (abattoirs – powerful but grotesque)? But without doubt the real abattoirs were the ones run by his co-ethics in the Ukraine 1932-33 – removing all food under the violent supervision of the Jews Kaganovich and Yagoda.

  63. Notes that by his thesis, Fukuyama “. . .meant the grand struggle of ideas in the Hegelian sense. As such, a better title would have been The End of Ideology.”

    Unfortunately for him, that title was already taken by Daniel Bell who expressed in it that thesis that would have meant Fukuyama was a mere copy cat rather than expounding anything original.

    And that as a thesis was nonsense in the Hegelian sense since the dialectical process in Hegel’s sense is endless.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  64. anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Stalin was a decent, caring leader?

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood
    , @Marcali
  65. What is that supposed to mean ?

    What had been an understandable blind spot for Fukuyama became a willful blindfold for Fukyomama the lowlife yellow rat.


    Have things become better overall with the so-called ‘emancipation’ of women? It’s one thing to allow more freedom for women, but what happens when so many men lose their jobs as a result?

    • Replies: @Jews Rock!
  66. @The Old Philosopher

    How about ‘The Twilight of the Ideological Gods that Failed’? Pithy, no?

    • Replies: @The Old Philosopher
  67. @aleksander

    Me, I put Jesus up there with the great moral teachers, but God? Maybe, maybe not. Russia needs to elevate simple ‘Christian’ morality, the Golden Rule and all that (common to religious and philosophical thought across the planet)in contrast to the Western Golden Rule, that he who has the gold makes the rules. The real Golden Rule is essentially good, the Western version quintessentially Evil. There is the real divide.

    • Replies: @Paul Greenwood
  68. @phil

    China grew more or less as rapidly before 1978 as after, but from the lowest base imaginable. Under Mao the country was repaired, an industrial base created, illiteracy eradicated, life expectancy grew from less than forty to nearly seventy and universal education was introduced. All despite Mao’s excursions into ‘perpetual revolution’, Western blockades and subversion and natural disasters.

    • Agree: antibeast
  69. @emerging majority

    I think you will find it was Wilhelm II who fired Bismarck and refused to renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia leaving France opportunity for an alliance with Russia into which France introduced Britain

    Don‘t you get textbooks where you live ? In Europe History is still factually based !

  70. @mulga mumblebrain

    Russians needs a legal framework to ensure businesses can operate without arbitrary or corrupt officialdom

  71. @mulga mumblebrain

    Too long. And fails to project the sense of triumph and finality that is projected by either The End of History or The End of Ideology titles that their authors intended them to do.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  72. Mr.Astio. says:

    The transition began long before him. Western missionaries helped with this even though they get little credit. Thomas Francis Wade in the 1800s was the one who first simplified China’s writing system, from thousands of characters down to hundreds, then it went from there to the modern writing system that they have today. Other issues like foot binding – where nearly all Chinese females had all of the bones in their feet broken into bits, then held together tightly with cloth so that the feet reformed into a point – basically crippling them for life – this was usually done by their mothers who felt this was the only way to them a husband later in life. This practice was ended due to Westerners shaming the Chinese for it. It’s unheard of today as it was truly a shameful practice.

    The Chinese still massacre all wild life without regards to making them go extinct. This is something Westerners learned more than a century ago not to do. The Rhino / Tiger / Elephant / Pangolin / countless turtle species and sharks are all being wiped out by them today. The Chinese have improved greatly but they are still barbaric in many ways – including their fishing fleet 0f 17,000 vessels that suck everything out of the ocean as they invade other nation’s territorial waters, taking everything from baby fish, baby sharks, and leaving a void as they go to put it on the wet markets.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  73. @Paul Greenwood

    Of course it was Wilhelm II who “dropped the pilot”.Thomas Nast did a wonderful cartoon on that back when it happened. Maybe you should have read my words with more care and discernment.

    Believe it or not, there are a few Americans who are still conversant with elementary European 19th Century history. Every learned (whether or not holding a degree) gentleman should have a grasp of history as the foundation of higher levels of culture. If one does not have attained those skills, you know little of what happened. Without an understanding of geography, one simply does not know where the hell he’s at.

    Due to the machinations of J.D. Rottenfeller and the college of education at Columbia University; Americans have been deliberately dumbed down since the First World War. That contrived affair began the destruction of Western Civilization. You might wish to read Walter Kempowski for some insights into Wilhelmine Germany and the high level of culture it had attained prior to the Bank\$ters’ war.

    Textbooks are not conducive to higher levels of learning. They are products of “Sitzfleisch” professors following recommended bureaucratic academicist guidelines. Good historical novelists such as Gore Vidal and Marguerite Yourcenar are gifted story-tellers as well as well-researched historians.

  74. @Paul Greenwood

    From my bit of research, it would seem that V.V. Putin is working on precisely that necessity, a long and arduous task after decades of apparatchiks and then the devastating Yeltsin years. So far as I can tell he is the only statesman standing.

  75. When Jacques Meyerbeer once was asked which the favourite of his operas was, he answered: “The Hugenots, because here the Goyim kill each other and a Jew makes the music to it!”

    • Replies: @opp
  76. Zumbuddi says:
    @Paul Greenwood


    Don’t you mean movies & teevee, the apparent source for Priss-Freud’s scrambled expressions of bigotry?

  77. What is that supposed to mean ?


    And unlike Good Whites who rejected ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’,

  78. Thrallman says:

    The author makes an important point early in the essay:

    [Some might say that] the only reason for Western/American success was liberalism, especially modern-day Liberalism, but what if the West’s success owed to other factors as well? In other words, even though liberalism was certainly essential to modern progress, its success owed to a balancing act with other forces, some of which were anti-liberal or immutable…

    He then changes subject to Jewish power without making the connection entirely clear. He writes:

    Catholicism among Italians …. has also been a conveyer of Christian ideas of purification, redemption, atonement, and making peace with God(and with Jesus who loves all peoples). Then, it’s no wonder that the most striking contrast in PRINCE OF THE CITY is between the Italian-American Danny Ciello and the Jewish-American Gus Levy.

    So the gist of the argument seems to be that an overly tolerant society is open to being exploited by ethnocentric minorities.

  79. @Mr.Astio.

    NO recent history from a VICIOUS racist thug. The rocks are overturning, plainly.

  80. @The Old Philosopher

    I would have preferred it to be interminable, like life.

  81. @Paul Greenwood

    Funny boy. A ‘legal’ system like the USA, where a lynch law kangaroo court indicts Bannon for NOTHING (I despise Bannon, by the way)and an attempted murderer is released, without bail hours after trying to slit the throat of a Republican politician. Where all senior judicial appointments are political, where law is invented whenever the ‘judges’ so desire it, and where SCOTUS nominees lie serially that they respect ‘stare decisis’ in regard to Roe v. Wade? That ‘legal framework? You arrogant poetaster!

  82. Marcali says:

    Is that your reading of my comment? Strange.

  83. Protestants are the real fags.

  84. Hoyeru says:

    yet another extremely long, convoluted, half baked UNZ article filled with half truths, fantasies, misinformation and so on.

    First of all, Communism didnt lost. Remember this country called CHina? Yeh, it’s been beating the pants of so called Capitalism for at elast a decade now. WEst is deadly scared that CHina will win the ideology war as the wrtier presents it and will show the world that Capitalism and so called “democracy” and Freedom” aren’t the best way to rule a society.
    Second, USSR didnt fall. what happened was rather simple and pedestrian grab for power: Yeltzin wanted to become the president of Russia so he got together with his counterparts from Ukraine and Belarus and they basically dissolved the Soviet Union by signing a document. Highly illegal in fact.

    The rest of the article was also filled with half truths and fantasies so I didnt bother reading it. Too much time to spend on an article where I have to pick the truth among many lies.

    • Replies: @Jews Rock!
    , @Johan
  85. @Charles Martel France

    What’s confusing about it, retard?

  86. @Hoyeru

    China is a mixed economy, dumbfuck.

  87. opp says:
    @Pompeo's Men

    i guess the moral of your story is that the simian jews get the white chicks and you’re left wondering why your anus hurts in your hole under the rock?

  88. opp says:

    i bet jacques would have loved to have an opportunity to misquote you.

  89. Johan says:

    Liberal Democracy is just an empty slogan. Liberalism properly understood is classical liberalism. Democracy properly understood means: who governs, the peoples majority rule. Meaning, the tyranny of a majority. Whether that tyranny of a majority brings about a seriously illiberal society depends on the extent of the state. Since about all democracies, including that of the US are statist-socialist or Anglo-Saxon liberalism (= socialism) democracies, these are illiberal democracies. These are illiberal democracies from the perspective of true liberalism, which is classical liberalism.
    Just like capitalism and the free market, as far as it exists is in chains as a milking cow for the hyper-large democratic statist-socialist or Anglo-Saxon liberalism (= socialism), true liberalism (= classical liberalism) still underlying modern societies allows people to talk about so called Liberal Democracies. True liberalism is in that respect another milking cow which is used and abused and counteracted at will, a feather in ones ass, while the philosophy of true liberalism is nevertheless ever more betrayed daily, and for over a century. ‘Liberal Democracy’ is democracy abusing the initial philosophy of true liberalism, the latter being a coherent wel defined philosophy, the former a gigantic incoherent mess, often counter to true liberalism. If one wants to define and distil from it what is (still) liberal about it, it will amount to arriving at the ideas of classical liberalism. But by far not enough to legitimise the word ‘liberal’.
    Thus we should be talking about statist-socialist hyper-large government democracies.

  90. Johan says:

    To call Western democracies liberal, is to to step with your boots on someone, leaving some room to flounder.

  91. Johan says:

    China has not been beating the pants of capitalism. The improvements in China are based upon the improvements brought about by Western science and classical liberalism over a long period of roughly two centuries. China is what Spengler calls a pseudomorphosis, and additionally, a forced imposition imitating Western societies. An imitative pseudomorphosis. Basically, a cultural corps, pumped op by means of imitations which for fools is about indistinguishable from the real thing. China owes its alleged success wholly to the West.
    Moreover, even the succes of Western so called liberal democracies, are the product of science and classical liberalism. Thus both the contemporary Western statist-socialist democracies and China are living of the products of science and true liberalism, the true causes of progress. Apes beating their chests, while causing decline, which is obscured by the enormous driving power of science and classical liberalism. In despite of the mistreatment by the governing classes in the Western democracies and China (and Russia, etc), science and classical liberalism being enormously vital, brings progress. All else is ignorant apes beating their chests, and fools beating the drums.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  92. @Johan

    The improvements in China are based upon the improvements brought about by Western science and classical liberalism over a long period of roughly two centuries.

    “All your science are belong to us.”

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