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Western Superiority Was Not the Product of White Supremacism
Attitude vs Aptitude — The Connection between White Possession of Traits and White Properties of Power
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Too often in the permitted(or imposed) discourse, white superiority and white supremacy(or white supremacism) are conflated, confused as interchangeable, or as if superiority is the cause-and-effect of supremacy. In truth, one(superiority) is a condition, the other(supremacism) a contention. Many PC scolds and ‘woke’ tards argue that the West, Europe and America, gained world hegemony and domination over other races due to the ideology of white supremacism than through the industry of white superiority. Now, supremacy and superiority are partly interlinked. It’s natural for a people who gain superiority to believe they are somehow better(even innately) than others and reserve the right(and/or a responsibility) to rule over them. This rule could be ruthless and exploitative or conscientious and constructive — the Others’ burden or the burden for Others — , but in either case, it means dominion of one group over another.

While superiority all-too-often leads to feelings of supremacy, supremacism per se hardly guarantees superiority or domination. If anything, supremacist attitudes can lead to dissipation and downfall, as with the story of the hare that slacks off in the race with the tortoise. Or, exaggerated displays of supremacism could actually be therapeutic compensation for those plagued with inferiority-complex. (Mussolini’s Italian He-Man huff-and-puff neo-Roman fantasies were mostly that.) Of real importance is that attitude doesn’t translate into aptitude. White people with all the supremacist attitudes in the world couldn’t have gained domination without certain superior aptitudes resulting from genetic, cultural, historical, or material factors.

In supernatural movies, the sheer force of ‘psychic’-will often determines outcomes, but reality doesn’t work that way. If reality did, Germany and Japan would have prevailed in World War II, or at least fended off invasions by Allies. Nazi Germans certainly had a supremacist worldview and believed themselves to be invincible at least against the slovenly Slavs. Japan, though severely disadvantaged against the US in manpower and materials, felt imbued with a divine spirit that would favor its destiny. In an earlier period, the Ottoman Turks thought the divine will of Allah was on their side, and in time, nothing could stand in their way. Indeed, Muslims believed the whole world would eventually be remade in accordance to the ultimate prophecy of Muhammad. And the Chinese believed for a long time that they were the most fortunate people of the Middle Kingdom, the summit of civilization, wisdom, and power. Now, if indeed what-ism determines what-is, the Ottomans would have defeated Europe, and China-as-Middle-Kingdom would have been impenetrable to Western Imperialism and Japanese aggression. But whatever the Chinese thought of themselves, reality led to a rude awakening. Chinese ‘supremacism’ or ‘Sino-centrism’ didn’t ensure Chinese superiority.

This is why it’s idiotic to fixate on White Supremacism as the cause of the Rise of the West over the Rest. If, like the Ottomans and the Chinese, white Europeans possessed the attitude minus the ability, the white world wouldn’t have been victorious. Indeed, this has been amply demonstrated in sports. No amount of white supremacist attitudes led to white victory over blacks who possess genetic superiority in athleticism. No amount of the Great White Hope-Hype produced a white boxer who could defeat Jack Johnson. And even were the combined 2.5 billion population of Chinese and Asian-Indians to adopt supremacist attitudes in the 100m and 200m sprints, the odds are blacks of West African descent will dominate the finals.

Now, attitude and the power of will do matter but as accents and adjectives to the hefty nouns of actual power/prowess. It’s like yells, spurs, and/or the whips can make the horse run faster but they can’t substitute for the horse itself(or turn a weak horse into a strong one). Furthermore, their effectiveness has limits as the horse, even under pressure, can run only so fast and for so long.
Indeed, a mild-mannered man on a horse will win a race against a strong-willed man on a donkey. Attitude is a matter of inches, not yards. A man with supremacist confidence armed with a knife will lose to a moderate man with a sword. It’s like the story of the train-that-thought-it-could. Its attitude played a role, but what really mattered was the powerful engine that could turn wish into reality. While it’s true that potential without confidence and motivation won’t get far, confidence without potential won’t get anywhere. Supremacism without superiority is just talk without walk.

According to PC, modern history is as follows: One day, white folks woke up on the wrong side of the bed and began to feel ‘supremacist’. And this supremacism suddenly drove white people to invent better weapons, build bigger ships, develop better medicine, advance science & technology, create new forms of arts & music, set sail to other lands, and dominate the modern world that they created. This Narrative implies that all of mankind and all of history were a stranger to supremacist attitudes BEFORE white folks who, suddenly out of the blue, got to feeling awfully supremacist about themselves and began to conquer and dominate others.

Thus, whites weren’t only guilty of feeling supremacist but inventing supremacism. Presumably, all of humanity were into equality, passivity, brotherly love, or peacefulness. Or just plain inertia without much in the way of Will to Power. Such a historical view is like the soccer match between Greek Philosophers and German Philosophers in the Monty Python skit. All the thinkers just wander about the field, lost in thought without a clue as to what game is about or what the ball is for. But then, suddenly a Greek philosopher has an idea to KICK THE BALL and sets off a chain reaction among the Greeks who win bigly.

Supposedly, all the world was in a slumber of pacifism or just plain lethargy until white world suddenly ignited with the will of supremacist domination, and THAT was the real catalyst for the Triumph of the West. It’s all so laughable.

First, as stated before, attitude doesn’t ensure aptitude. Even if it was true that whites or Europeans, alone among all peoples, stumbled upon a supremacist view of the world, that in and of itself wouldn’t have guaranteed anything. After all, any person can claim to be a genius, but it doesn’t make him so. Any person can claim to lift a ton with his bare hands, but he’s no Hercules. So, to focus so much on white attitude without investigating the whys and whats of white aptitude is to ignore essential history.

Furthermore, it’s simply not true that the Rest, unlike the West, was balanced in a historical equilibrium of peace, equality, harmony, or whatever. All of humanity had been at war since time immemorial. Just ask those vanquished by the Persians, Mongols, Turks, Zulus, Assyrians, Aztecs, Mughals, and various American Indian tribes in which every male was brought up to be a fierce warrior. So, supremacist or domineering attitudes have been part and parcel of the human DNA forever, and they also exist among animals in instinctive form; organisms of all kinds seek expansion and dominance. Among humans, the supremacism could be clannish, tribal, ethnic, racial, national, religious/spiritual, philosophical, or whatever. Whenever someone or some group insists ‘my/our way is better than yours’, he or it is setting the world up for future competition, conflicts, and even all-out wars.

One thing for sure, winners are decided less by supremacist attitude than superior aptitude. If wishes come true, Byzantium wouldn’t have fallen to the Ottomans. After all, Byzantine Christians believed they belonged to the superior civilization and God was on their side; and they were proud of their glorious Greco-Roman heritage. Yet, their spiritual supremacism and cultural confidence didn’t ensure protection against the Ottoman juggernaut. Of course, the Ottomans were also spiritual supremacists, but they prevailed because they had superiority in leadership, organization, manpower, and strategy. The Franco-German War of 1870-1871 was a clear example of how supremacist attitudes guarantee nothing. The French, having been the dominant power on the European Continent for as long as they could remember, didn’t believe they could be so quickly crushed by the German nation-state that had only recently coalesced into being. But, German superiority in industry and military prowess led to ignominious defeat for France.

Now, there have been no shortage of historians who’ve explained as to why the West gained superiority over the Rest. Not long ago, Niall Ferguson came up with his list of ‘killer apps’ that pushed the West(especially Northern Europe) over the top to dominate and remold much of the world. As Ferguson pointed out, the domination wasn’t merely military as, even with the fall of European empires following World War II, the Rest adopted so much from the West as the preferable standard of modernity and progress. So, even as the military conquests and demographic colonization abated and ended, the Rest continued to be scientifically, technologically, culturally(especially in dress and manners), and ideologically ‘colonized’ and reshaped by the West. If indeed the only thing the West had going for it was nasty ‘supremacist’ and ‘racist’ conceits, why did the Rest adopt so much from the West, and why does it continue to do so? An honest look at reality would indicate that there was much that was indeed superior about the West that was worthy of being adopted and emulated by the Rest.

People like Ferguson are careful to note that Western Superiority had NOTHING to do with any racial/genetic advantage but, even if correct, there’s no getting around the fact that the West did achieve real superiority in so many crucial spheres of power projection: Transportation, Communication, Hygiene & Medicine, Science & Technology, Political Philosophy, and even Theory of Justice(not least because even anti-white nonwhites resort to Western theories, ideals, principles, and values to make their case against the West; blacks who find slavery to be evil didn’t get that idea from African culture, which was more about killer apes than killer apps).

Western superiorities didn’t arise from ‘white supremacist’ attitudes but certainly fueled them, but then, whites were far from alone in their ‘guilt’ in this regard. So many civilizations, upon reaching an apex, believed themselves to be innately superior to other peoples for reasons of blood, spirit, or divine providence. Given the unprecedented breakthroughs of the Modern West that surpassed all previous achievements by the greatest civilizations around the world, was it so surprising that white folks(especially in the North) came to believe in their innate advantages? If blacks, who’ve contributed close to nothing in science and technology, can’t help indulging in supremacist fantasies of fictional Wakanda, was it so out of line for whites who created the Modern World to feel that there was something special about themselves?

Besides, in areas where black superiority is obvious, especially in sports, no one is troubled by black confidence or even arrogance. Blacks are encouraged to feel maximum pride in black domination over other races. One thing for sure, black domination in sports is proof that supremacism isn’t the same as superiority. A white guy with a supremacist attitude in the sprint is likely to lose to a humble black guy with sportsmanship. Of course, superiority can be wedded to supremacism. A black guy can be superior in the sprint and be filled with supremacist arrogance against non-blacks, but still, his victory on the track field will have owed to real superiority in muscle than supremacism in attitude.

It’s similar with Jews in the brainy fields. Jews do have a superior edge in intellect and verbal skills, which naturally favors to Jewish preeminence in science, medicine, finance, academia, letters, high-tech, law, and etc., and many Jews are obsessed with recording and relating how awesome and stupendous they’ve been as a people, culture, and community.
On the basis of the Covenant, Jews have had a supremacist worldview for eons, but the Jewish Advantage hasn’t merely been a matter of attitude, which is especially true of Ashkenazi Jews who, probably through assortative(and assertive) mating, managed to raise their IQ above goyim. (In contrast, Middle Eastern Jews have the supremacist attitude but not the superior aptitude of the Ashkenazis, the ‘tribe’ of Jews who managed to conquer the world by conquering the Anglo elites who’d done most to conquer the world; conquer the conquerors, and then, you don’t have to conquer the world.)

Anyway, we must be careful not to confuse supremacist Jewish attitude with superior Jewish aptitude because, once again, attitude doesn’t guarantee aptitude. Jews possess real talents in excess of other groups, and that accounts for Jewish dominance in certain fields. Again, pride of superiority can foster arrogance of supremacism, and current Jewish Power is undoubtedly both conscious of its superior advantages and contemptuous of goyim as inferior cattle.

One thing for sure, superiority of power doesn’t guarantee higher morality or commitment to principles. Both Nazis at their peak and Zios(Zionist-Imperialists) made that crystal clear. (But then, principles are bound to become problematic among unequals. After all, we don’t have the same set of rules for adults and children, let alone for humans and apes. Within a population where most peoples and groups are more or less alike, adherence to principles is viable. But when people one group are clearly more intelligent, perceptive, and capable than those of another group, principles tend to break down because the superior group develops a low opinion of the other group that seems incapable of grasping, let alone practicing, the fundamentals of principles, while the inferior group, in its envy, fear, and resentment, feels that the superior group will exploit its advantages by means foul as well as fair. On the other hand, if the superior group, out of either compassion or ‘guilt’, decides to compromise principles to accommodate the inferior group, it will have ceded the moral high ground, and then, the inferior group, out of stupidity or spite, will exploit the situation to further erode rule by principles. Generally, the greatest harm to principles come from those with superiority-complex and those with inferiority-complex. The superior feels the rules needlessly favor the undeserving inferior and, therefore, must be circumvented in favor of the superior, and the inferior feels the rules favor the superior and must be circumvented in favor of the inferior. In the current US, intellectually superior Jews subvert principles in favor of intellectually inferior blacks to erode the pride & confidence of whites to guilt-bait them into serving Jews. Jews encourage blacks to blame everything on ‘white supremacism’ to break the white spirit, but then Jews manipulate guilt-ridden whites to support Jewish supremacist hegemony. It’s really messed up as bait-and-switch.)

In a sane world, people would freely explore and discuss the reasons that led to white global superiority(that catapulted the West far beyond the Rest) while warning against white supremacism(that could be dangerous not only to nonwhites but to whites who, in their arrogance, might turn overly aggressive, or, in their supremacist smugness, might become overly complacent). Surely, there are historians who work in this vein and would welcome an honest discussion.

But scholars and academics don’t control the official tone of the Narrative, though, to be sure, most Narratives are perverse simplifications of ideas derived from academia. What nuance or complexity that might have been in the original theory is ignored in favor of pat formulas and mindless mantras. Politicians, bureaucrats, and mass media decide the Narrative that, more often than not, is history turned into mass myth for morons.
Generally, scholars are either too powerless, craven, or fuddy-duddy to question the myth or dogma. Even as they disdain it as a fairytale for dummies, they may sympathize with the agenda due to condescension or consecration. In the US, Jews control the gods and made the Negroes noble & sacred, yet blacks have failed miserably in many fields, and that has led to eggheads seeing blacks as both gods to worship and children to save. Also, if they don’t play along, not only will they be smeared as ‘racists’ by blacks but as ‘white supremacists’ by Jewish Power.

In such a climate, honest and sane discussion is nearly impossible as anyone can be ‘canceled’ over the slightest infraction or deviation from dogma. After all, whites are micro-scrutinized for the slightest ‘aggression’. Not only public statements but private conversations could be jeopardous for honest scholars because ‘cancel culture’ in media and parts of academia reward people for ratting out thought-criminals.
One thing for sure, academia has taught us that intellect and erudition aren’t necessarily pillars of integrity and courage. Western intellectuals are no more likely to stand up to tyranny than their counterparts in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China, even though they don’t have to face the firing squad or be sent to the Gulag. Perchance they do speak out, it’s almost always in service of the prevailing Narrative. Thus, it’s sham courage, much like a dog barking for the approval of the master. So many make a show of false courage with toady cravenness. It’s like all those tough-talking US politicians who bark at Russia, China, and Iran are just ass-kissing tools of Jews and the Deep State. All those who ‘courageously’ denounce ‘white supremacism’ are just bowing down before Jews. Would they courageously support BDS and denounce Zionist Imperialism or call out on the facts of black criminality? Fat chance. They got big mouths and cold feet. Michael Moore will never name the Jewish Power.

The sad result of Cancel Culture and other forms of ‘wokeness’ is the total lack of honesty about history. Then, it’s no wonder that White Superiority has been conflated with White Supremacism and all that it implies: All white achievements and demonstrations of civilizational superiority are products of evil and ‘racist’ white supremacism. Thus, even white achievements of genuine merit are deemed ‘supremacist’, like when Yale Medical School took down the portraits of great medical pioneers and scientists. Pictures of these men had been placed on the wall for their very real contributions to medicine, but honoring them was (mis)construed as celebrating evil whiteness. Any sign of white superiority is automatically dismissed as ‘white supremacism’.

In a climate where any demonstration of white/western superiority in any field, even the most objective, is a case of ‘white supremacy’, the culture has grown wary of white merit(no matter how worthy) and also allergic to black demerit(as criminals and louts) and Jewish abuse of merit(as all-too-clever subversives, seditionists, radicals, fraudsters, and crooks). If you notice the good about whites, you’re aiding and abetting ‘white supremacism’, and if you notice the bad about blacks and Jews, you’re taking part in ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’. The Current Year is utterly ludicrous and worse than even radical egalitarianism. Radical egalitarianism would at least be sincere in its idealism and insistence on equal outcome for all people in all areas. In the current order, Jew, blacks, and homos might as well be above the law. For all the talk of ‘equity’, almost no one talks about the spectacular wealth of Jews and their overrepresentation in key fields.

The current PC logic, if applied to Muhammad Ali, would insist his victories in the ring were the result of ego-supremacism. Ali was, after all, no stranger to arrogance in announcing himself ‘the greatest’. Whether one characterizes Ali’s attitude as colorful or contemptuous, the fact is he had the aptitude to match the attitude. It wasn’t just bluster, which any boxer can dish out. The walk has to back the talk. Whatever one thinks of Ali’s talk, he sure had the walk. This was no less true of a far less likable boxer, Mike Tyson, a truly grotesque personality. If Ali’s arrogance had a comic touch, Tyson’s outrages were demented. Like Ali, he claimed to be the very best that no one could beat. Yet, only a fool would say Tyson’s power owed to his ego-mania, ego-centrism, or ego-supremacism. At his peak, he really was the most fearsome heavyweight boxer who steamrolled the opposition. So, one mustn’t conflate his very real superiority as a boxer with his ego-supremacist rhetoric. His talk didn’t make him the dominant figure in heavyweight boxing in the 80s. For a time, he really was the best with unmatched power and speed. No amount of ego-supremacism in an inferior boxer could guarantee victory.

Then, it’s similarly ludicrous to attribute the epic rise of the West to ‘white supremacism’. If ‘supremacism’ leads to great power, why didn’t Arabs take over the world? Armed with Islam, they sincerely believed Allah favored their Jihad against the infidel. Plenty of American Indian tribes thought they were the best and toughest warriors. With such supremacist attitudes, they should have fended off Pale Face. African tribal warriors were just as convinced of their prowess as warriors and killers, but many of them ended up on slave ships.

Blaming ‘white supremacism’ for everything is a cheap trick to enshrine the backwardness or stagnation of nonwhite peoples and cultures as ‘tragic victimhood’ than as relative failures in global competition. There should be no shame for any people to have fallen behind(as it happened to all peoples at one time or another), and there should be no special blame for any people to have pulled ahead. There was a time when North Africa and the Near East were far ahead of Europeans, especially those way up in the North. So, are we to assume that the great achievements of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were the results of ‘supremacist’ attitudes whereas Northern Europeans lagged behind because of… the ‘supremacism’ of the southern civilizations?

Perhaps, Egyptians, Libyans, Babylonians, and such folks really did believe their great achievements owed to something innately superior in them, but regardless of their attitudes, the fact is they achieved more than most in ancient times. Jews certainly developed a supremacist attitude, but the power of their spiritual vision cannot be attributed to tribal arrogance alone. Along with Hindus, Jews took spiritual imagination to the highest levels, and there was genuine superiority in the vision and wisdom, which explains why so many goy folks eventually adopted the God and sacred texts conceived by Jews.

In a way, PC denigration of white achievements is like Anti-Semitic assumptions about Jewish achievements. Because Jews have often been vicious, nasty, arrogant, and contemptuous, Anti-Semites assure themselves that EVERYTHING Jewish accomplishment must have been by hook or by crook. So, all Jewish achievements become suspect.
Perhaps, Jews feel they are getting even with the historically ‘Anti-Semitic’ West by encouraging the same kind of mindset in regards to white achievements, i.e. whatever great or noble things whites achieved were always tainted with ‘white supremacism’, ‘racism’, or ‘antisemitism'(or were stolen from others). In other words, every white achievement, however remarkable or beneficial to humanity, was the expression, product, partner, accomplice, enabler, or some such of White Supremacism. Whiteness is now akin to Nazi Lite, and the logic goes as follows: Werner von Braun may have been a great scientist/engineer, BUT his genius was in service to an evil ideology, therefore his genius was evil; likewise, whatever good whites may have done, it is morally questionable because it came about within the context of White Supremacy.

Indeed, one might go so far as to argue that positive white achievements were especially dangerous because they expanded and justified the power of White Supremacism. It wasn’t just the guns and bombs that tyrannized and terrorized the nonwhite races. Every white achievement INDIRECTLY oppressed the world by boosting the white world as the bastion of ”white supremacism’. Medical advancements meant healthier white soldiers to invade other lands and lay waste to indigenous folks. Improved food production meant explosion of white demographics, setting off waves of white colonization of nonwhite territories. Better ships and navigation led to not only increased travel and trade but white domination of nonwhite lands via control of sea routes and formation of coastal colonies. If whiteness is indeed the foundation of evil ‘white supremacism’, then white achievements, however noteworthy in and of themselves, are to be judged within the context of history in which whites used their advantages to gain dominance over the rest of the world.

There is a kernel of truth to such a Narrative as it’s been true enough that the Power uses all available means to further its reach and control. Thus, nuclear science/technology in both the US and USSR could never be independent of politics. And even the best German scientists under National Socialism inadvertently contributed to Hitler’s regime.

But, this has been true of all social orders and, furthermore, in regards to spirituality as well as to science. Has gods ever been neutral? Not only will both Domain A and Domain B exploit the latest technology to forge better weapons but both will claim the gods as being on their side. So, if achievements in the West were used to further Western power, how was this different from how the Mughals, the Chinese, or the Persians utilized their knowhow and technology?

The controversy surrounding Hayao Miyazaki’s THE WIND RISES raised this very question. Should we admire the vision and ingenuity of an aircraft engineer because his achievements were put to questionable uses? Sane people should be able to draw the distinction between achievement and application, a timeless problem for mankind, beginning with the first weapon made by primitive man.

Now, what were the foundations of White Superiority? Here, we need to make a distinction between ‘possession’ and ‘property’. For convenience sake, innate traits among whites will be called ‘possessions’, and external factors owned and/or controlled by whites will be called ‘properties’. So, a man with higher IQ has possession of intelligence, and a man with land & weaponry has property of means. Of course, the two are interrelated as people who possess superior traits usually end up with more properties. (Consider the fate of Detroit under whites and blacks. Whites built it, blacks wrecked it.) Still, ‘possession’ doesn’t always correlate with ‘property’. A people of real ability could be mired in a civilizational trap, like traditional East Asia prior to Western Imperialism or Jewish intellectual culture prior to Emancipation and Secularization. Or, a people possessed of high ability could be situated in a harsh climate with poor soil or could exist in debilitating isolation from the rest of the world. In contrast, a people possessed of no special ability could be favored by fortune: Fine arable land with lots of water. And they could have a warlike spirit(like the Ottoman Turks) and gain control over more gifted peoples. Also, quality often loses to quantity. The upper classes have been brought down by rampaging mobs, and talented minorities lived in fear of the envious, resentful, and/or desperate majorities. One hundred elite troops will lose to 10,000 mediocre troops. A tiger can be brought down by a large pack of wild dogs.

Beginning with ‘possession’, what innate traits favored the West over the Rest? Surely, this is the most controversial topic in our PC age, and even relatively maverick historians like Niall Ferguson don’t want to go there. It probably owed to a combination of traits. Some credit the success to higher IQ among Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, but then, why did East Asians fall behind though their IQs have been shown to be comparable, even slightly higher? Some have surmised that Europeans were more individualistic and innovative because of their racial personality; or European IQ is higher at the tail end.

Does this mean the white race is individualist whereas the yellow race is conformist and/or communalist? Maybe but maybe not. More likely, most whites may actually be inclined toward conformism not unlike the yellows. The spread of PC and the ideological & idolatrous consensus in the current West certainly suggest as much. If most whites are truly individualistic, how come so many fell under the spell of PC and other officially sanctioned nuttery with so little resistance?

Then, what really accounts for the difference between East and West? Rather than individualist West vs communalist East, it’s more likely that the West had just enough extra individualism to push it over the edge. So, it wasn’t as if 100 people in the West were individualist and 100 people in the East were communalist. Rather, if only 2 out of 100 people in the East were individualist, 6 out of 100 people in the West were individualist, and that difference was just sufficient enough to allow for the Great Divergence.
As civilizations are defined by their most iconic figures, it could result in the fallacy of the exceptional representing the generic. The actual history of the West was more often of herd-mentality, hive-mindset, mob-passions, cultural consensus, and ideological conformity. As in Ayn Rand’s THE FOUNTAINHEAD, the masses were more bound to Toohey-ism than uncompromising individualism. Still, having a society where 6 out of 100 are Roarkians(than merely 2 out of 100) could make a difference, leading to the Great Divergence between the West and the Rest. After all, six strikes with flint-stones improve the chance of fire than merely two.

Genetics cannot provide all the answers, especially as the talents/advantages of one group may more closely resemble those of another group despite the greater genetic distance. For instance, Northern Europeans are genetically closer to Arabs than to Northeast Asians who, in turn, are closer to Southeast Asians than to Northern Europeans. And yet, in terms of IQ or cognitive ability, Japanese are more like Germans than Malaysians. Europeans in general are closer in ability to East Asians than with Arabs even though both Europeans and Arabs belong to the Caucasian racial category.
Even among various groups within a single broadly defined race, different cultural-historical-geographical factors could explain the notable divergences. Burmese and Mongols are closer to one another than Burmese are to Arabs or Mongols are to Swedes, but Burmese and Arabs are better adapted to warmer climate, whereas Mongols and Swedes are better adapted to colder weather. American Indians are genetically similar to East Asians, and yet in terms of IQ, Europeans and East Asians are more comparable.
White advantage surely owes to higher IQ but also to racial personality. If blacks evolved to be wild, East Asians evolved to be mild. As such, blacks found it difficult to build complex social order, and East Asians found it difficult to break free of authority. In contrast, Caucasian genetics were somewhere between the polar opposites of Negroids and Mongoloids.

Europeans also lucked out because the core of Europe was sufficiently close to non-European civilizations(as sources of ideas and inspiration) yet also sufficiently separated from them(to fend off attempts at wholesale invasion). In contrast, East Asia was far removed from the rest of the world and developed in considerable isolation. Thus, it drew fewer inspirations from foreign civilizations other than India(though the Himalayas also kept Chinese and Hindu civilizations apart), which, by the way, was more notable for spiritual contemplation than vigor in science/technology. So, while certain white advantages were a matter of possessions(innate), others were more a matter of properties(external) that accrued to the white world because of the ‘accident’ of its geographical location that was just close enough and just closed off to the non-European world.

In the long run, Northern Europe gained much from the ‘backfield advantage’. Being further removed from the Cradle of Civilization, it naturally lagged behind Southern Europe that was in regular contact with North Africa and Near East. Yet, this contact also meant endless conflicts of invasions back and forth. Over time, the friction led to more destruction than construction.

In contrast, once the civilizational formulas that originated in the South crept up North, they could develop in a world of greater security and stability. Early America also had this advantage to a greater magnitude over Europe in the 19th and 20th century. Notwithstanding the horrors of the American Civil War, the US developed with far more security, stability, and freedom than Europe where Great Power politics led to endless tensions, eventually leading to World War I that set off radical revolutions and paved the way to World War II. The American advantage was like that of historical Britain but on a much grander scale. Whereas UK was a small island nation separated from the Continent by a narrow channel, America was separated from the Old World by an ocean and furthermore, had limitless (relatively)empty space to stretch out across in a grand experiment without interruptions of war(especially as the native Reds were easily quelled). In that sense, certain European ideas came to their fullest fruition and realization in America(not necessarily for the good).

If white ‘possessions’ are superior qualities present among whites regardless of their historical/geographic fortunes — likewise, Jews will possess high IQ even if robbed of wealth, and blacks will possess athletic abilities even if robbed of chance to compete in sports — , white ‘properties’ are advantages that came their way via external factors(and their snowballing effect over time). Europeans were geographically fortunate, and Anglos were especially fortunate to have arrived in North America, the best land mass in the entire world. (Russians lucked out because the vast territories of Siberia were mostly unpopulated and simply there for the taking. And despite the horrors suffered by Russians at the hands of Mongols, the yellow barbarian hordes very possibly prevented China from grabbing much of Siberia. The Chinese built walls to keep out the northern hordes, without whom the Chinese might have grown a bit bolder and more expansive.)

One may argue that white properties shouldn’t qualify as white superiority. After all, if Bill and Bob are equal in strength but if Bill gains an advantage by wielding a rock or a stick, his superiority depends on an external property. Bill isn’t any tougher than Bob because he has a rock or a stick. For much of modern history, the white world had better weapons, what Omar Sharif’s character calls ‘guns’ in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Especially since the end of World War II, nonwhite nations have been developing their own technologies and weapons, and what had once been the sole property of the White World now belongs to all the world.

Still, there is a connection between possession and property. Consider the opening part of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Bones and sticks are strewn everywhere. So, any ape could have picked them up to be used as weapons. But, no ape did(or even thought to) until a sudden spark of inspiration led one particular ape(the Howard Roark of apes) to sense new possibilities. No longer were bones merely lifeless matter strewn across the ground. Dead things could be ‘resurrected’ like Lazarus into force & energy by living organisms. A dry bone could be an extension of an ape’s arm, an idea that eventually led to mankind’s building spaceships with inanimate objects. The spark within the ape, an alteration of its possession, made possible the perception of the bone as a property of power(and of course, the ‘properties’ over time impact choices and behavior, which may change ‘possessions’ as well, as those most adept at using certain ‘properties’ are favored for power and privilege).

Some argue that the revolutions in thought and technology in Europe were purely the product of ‘accident’, as Jared Diamond argued in GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL. They could have happened to ANY people but just happened to happen in Europe because of certain factors related to geography and other externalities. Of course, such scholars willfully ignore that ‘accidents’ can indelibly and profoundly alter the future course of organisms. After all, mankind had nothing to do with the creation and formation of Earth, an accumulation of a series of cosmic ‘accidents’, but mankind, like all other life-forms, was shaped by these ‘accidents’ at the genetic level. Mankind didn’t create the Arctic and the Tropics, the ‘accidents’ of geology, but the extremes of cold and hot did lead to divergences in evolution and favored certain genes at the expense of others among the various racial groups. Even random events have had deep repercussions.

Now, if the world were unrelentingly turned upside down by cascades of accidents, nothing could be for certain. It’s like a game of poker would be meaningless if it only involved shuffling the cards.
If Earth were constantly bombarded with asteroids, everything would be in a state of chaos and flux. But such major ‘accidents’ that fundamentally reconfigure and realign the world were rare and generally followed by long stretches of relative stability in which the resulting divergences made for varying trajectories with profound implications.

So, the Occident is more than an Accident. Whatever forces beyond human control led to the geographies and demographics that separated European folks from others, they set off far-reaching divergences that led to real differences and expressions of uniqueness among the races. And it’s possible that Europeans ended up with just the right combination of higher intelligence, inspiration, individuality, and imagination that sparked the flames of modernity. It should at least be considered, but the commissars of the current order cannot tolerate heresy(though, of course, in the spirit of Negrolatry they would welcome any evolutionary theory that shows how blacks came to be innately superior to the other races, Jews excepted).

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  1. Whenever you read about White Supremacy, just substitute the word “competence” in its place and then see how the story reads.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Shamu
  2. But, we are now living in the Post British Dark Age!

  3. “No amount of white supremacist attitudes led to white victory over blacks who possess genetic superiority in athleticism.”

    False. Whites with sense just decided not to play sports because blacks smell bad. And sports teams are controlled by schools, even the major leagues recruit only from school teams, and schools are required by the feds to fill the teams with blacks. There is not some true competition going on. Blacks don’t even have the intelligence to understand the rules which is why they don’t bother calling them for travelling in basketball.

  4. Andreas says:

    There are always forces larger than the thing in itself. And so the fate of races may be that of empires. They rise and fall.

    Whites are no longer in control of their own destiny. They have allowed themselves to be debased and humiliated in front of the whole world by the treachery of their own leaders who have sold them into soulless Globo-corporate slavery.

    They have been gaslighted by their own media to the point where they are no longer certain of even their own gender.

    They have let the bodies of their sons and daughters be bought and sold by Jewish pimps to be used as playgrounds for the Globalist elite.

    They have allowed their cities and towns to be overrun by the 3rd-world and only cried “please give us more“.

    They celebrate the weakest amongst them and those least likely to reproduce.

    Britain has finally fallen. There is no mistaking what has come to pass.

    Is there any act of coprophagia that Whites will not perform?

    Whites are a weak and defeated race.

  5. Chebyshev says:

    Generally speaking, Euros had a great combination of brains and balls. This was demonstrated by the Romans of Italy building their City and then taking over the Near East, North Africa, and most of Europe. It was also later demonstrated by the British and their descendants taking over America and building the North (through their own labor), and the South (through their own labor and through their employment of black labor).

    But Whites today are self-deprecating and in extreme cases, suicidal. Blacks are vituperative and sometimes homicidal.

    Italians have pride in their positive traits, talents, and accomplishments. They are also good at giving insults.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  6. medo says:

    I am old, not versed in world affairs, white and female. I have always viewed people, in terms of skin color, more or less, as white, tan, brown, black, red, yellow and more less considered race in similar categories with fancier names.

    I see jews and gentiles as white, North American indians as red, both brown and black of African origin– tan as various islanders, and also from India, yellow as from China, Mongolia, Japan.

    Now, it seems, jews are not white anymore, but they are not black, brown, tan, red or yellow. What are they…. pale pink?

    I never really thought much about race, only personality and usually felt more at ease with people of similar education and experience.

    Now I am supposed to put the jews in a category aside from everyone else, but I cannot tell the difference between my jewish friends and all my other friends by their looks, or skin color…. the black, yellow, brown and tan folks I have met are likely not jewish but how do I tell which of my WHITE friends are considered superior because they are jewish and which ones are bad because they are white and not jewish,

    None of my friends ever make a point to identify themselves as jewish, and therefore superior. Of course, I am not superior and I am white and so I suppose I am somehow putting down the black and brown and yellow and red folks just because they are different —-

    Only it is all so very silly. My jewish friends just as white as I am.

    • Replies: @Thelma Ringbaum
    , @Legba
  7. Whatever forces beyond human control led to the geographies and demographics that separated European folks from others, they set off far-reaching divergences that led to real differences and expressions of uniqueness among the races. And it’s possible that Europeans ended up with just the right combination of higher intelligence, inspiration, individuality, and imagination that sparked the flames of modernity.

    Six thousand some words to say “it’s not enough to just wish for something unless nature gives you the ability and circumstances.” So let’s just skip to the end and address the unstated, unproven assumption:

    Are these forces “beyond human control”?
    Do we “just end up with” our abilities and circumstances?
    Do you just “end up with” sufficient powers of imagination, or can they be trained and developed?

    “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” — Henry Ford. But then what did he know about creativity, effort, achievement, revolutionizing industry, creating your own market, controlling all the factors of production from mining to assembly, etc.?

    Who would have “sparked the flames of modernity”, Henry Ford or Jung “Just settle for playing the hand you’re dealt” Freud?

  8. 6 thousand words to convey the fallacy of many causes.

    “Will power isn’t a cause, because there are other causes.”


    “Your determination had no role in your college success, because you needed brains as well, and also colleges had to exist first.”

    “Game played no role in winning the hand of your wife, as you needed looks, money, etc. as well.”

    “Thanks for saving my life, Mr. Fireman” “No thanks are in order, it was made possible by this ladder.”

  9. @Chebyshev

    This was demonstrated by the Romans of Italy

    I wonder if Roman genetics went downhill from all the warring. Imagine your toughest warriors sent far from home to fight in endless with barbarians and other great powers.

    In the end, you’re left with mama’s boys prancing around Rome.

    • Replies: @Shamu
  10. Shamu says:
    @American Citizen

    That is a good word to use as substitution for ‘supremacy’ that makes the main point.

    Why did we have ‘white’ superiority, white competence on a grand scale’ that overwhelmed the entire world? Christendom nurtured all European cultures toward a healthy state in which talented persons even from the poorest rings off the society could demonstrate their skills and climb the social ladder. Equally important, Christendom slowly taught against and bred out the worst violent tendencies of Elites. That meant that entire communities could cooperate on grand goals, like building cathedrals.

    The warring end to Christendom reignited various pagan moral notions that would slowly undo all the good, and a major result we should now be seeing is that the Elites in the West are far more selfish and brutal than they may have ever been, and far more average whites know that there is very little chance for them to do more than hold onto a slot in the quickly dwindling Middle Class.

    WE now are widely reaping many of the worst fruits of the death of Christendom, and that features much control by Jews (which makes perfect sense if you know that this is spiritual warfare) and endless promotion of Elites of all non-whote and non-Christian peoples.

  11. Rich says:

    Jack Johnson lost to Jess Willard, Marvin Hart and Joe Choymski. All White. It’s a delusion to believe blacks are better athletes.

  12. Shamu says:
    @Priss Factor

    As with most things, you miss the actual important part. When a nation is always at war, its war leaders assume all power, and they steer all the men they want to their aims. That itself retards things the nation could have mastered in other areas. Over time, it also means that entire generations are raised without fathers at home, and that ruins families. It leads to sons who prance, and sons who are street thugs, and sons who rape, and who father children illegitimately.

    Augustus Caesar was correct about the burning need to maintain sound family culture that was traditional.

    • Agree: The True Nolan
    • Replies: @anonymous
  13. Then, what really accounts for the difference between East and West? Rather than individualist West vs communalist East, it’s more likely that the West had just enough extra individualism to push it over the edge.

    Having lived in Australia, California, Japan, China and Thailand I’ve found that what we call ‘individualism’ is a mix of egotism and exhibitionism. In private, my Japanese and Chinese friends were more eccentric/individualistic in speech and lifestyle than my Aussie and Californian friends. Perhaps because their point of view was necessarily different from mine, I found their observations fresh and original, compared to their Western counterparts’.

    • Replies: @RoHa
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  14. Yes. For the Woke, history began with the era of European Imperialism. Said Imperialism often involved the subjugation and/or colonization of other races of people. The Woke are intensely pissed off about this and they see “whiteness” as the cause of it. The Woke believe this bullshit because they learned it in school and from their college professors. And because it is embedded in the manufactured narrative.

    The Woke are indoctrinated. They would be better off stupid. They don’t believe in objectivity. Intellectually they are qudriplegic. Debating them is a waste of time and energy. They must be driven from power. That’s Putin’s job. Please don’t tell me that we, the unwoke, must RISE UP and take matters into our own hands. We are not that superior. After the death of King Dollar maybe. But try that now and you will be in prison.

    Our job in the near term is to separate ourselves from them in every way possible. That means, among other things, don’t work for them. Don’t serve in their milatary. Don’t do business with them. Don’t send your children to their schools. Don’t reside in their jurisdictions. Define your politics as Separatist.

  15. anarchyst says:

    It’s the “zionist occupation government” that is the problem.
    Most united States of America citizens are too busy taking care of their families to be worried about geopolitical affairs. Add to that, the always lying news outlets that spout official propaganda for consumption by the masses. Most people are unaware that a very few corporations “own” the mainstream media and control the message.
    When the jews found out that (((they))) could assassinate an American president and get away with it, all bets were off.
    Once in power, crypto-jew president Johnson reversed all executive orders and exhortations by Kennedy regarding israel’s acquisition and possession and accountability for its nuclear weapons and enrichment facilities.
    Escalation of jewish “power” resulted in the phony “six-day war” which was a pre-emptive strike (act of war) committed by israel, not a reaction to an attack.
    An American president (Lyndon Johnson) got in on the “fun” with the false flag attack (act of war) perpetrated by israel on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) with full knowledge of the Johnson White House. Johnson expected the ship to be sunk with “all hands lost”. A brave sailor reconnected an antenna, getting a message out to the fleet. The fleet was ordered not to respond as Johnson wanted “that goddam ship on the bottom” but was forced to send help once the false flag attempt failed. Johnson should have been tried and hung for treason.
    The “holohoax” (oops, I mean “holocaust”) is another part of the equation, imposing (false) perpetual “guilt” on the goyim with their American taxpayer-funded “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust museums”, all to keep the lies alive and the shekels flowing.
    In my humble opinion, the American public is suffering from a form of “Stockholm Syndrome”, along with Germany since WW2, identifying with its captors…

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  16. Catiline says:

    Or, exaggerated displays of supremacism could actually be therapeutic compensation for those plagued with inferiority-complex. (Mussolini’s Italian He-Man huff-and-puff neo-Roman fantasies were mostly that.)

    Any proof of this? (I may be mistaken regarding your background, but aren’t you a White Trash Anglo from the White Trash Anglo South?)

  17. Franz says:

    one particular ape(the Howard Roark of apes)

    That was Dan Richter, an American mime in England who stumbled onto Stanley Kubrick’s set of 2001 in 1965 and said he could mime the ape if he had a good enough costume.

    Kubrick led him to the bone pile and said, “Okay, pick up a bone, remember it’s never happened before. You don’t know how to hold it. Try one way. Try another. Then swing it around sort of listlessly. Then get really involved. Hold it better. Smash down harder. When you’re finally convinced you got that sucker under control, use BOTH hands and smash the skull.”

    Richter did. Arthur C. Clarke, who watched all this, said that every time he saw that scene play on the screen it brought tears to his eyes. Dawn of man indeed!

  18. Hitmarck says:

    That gay Anglo Douglas Murray explained it very well.
    85-90% of all achievements of “the West” are Germanic in origin.
    In the last 1000 years.
    And there’s a great amount of stuff we can thank the Greeks for.
    So, aside of us and the Greeks, there are only destroyers, even among the “The West”.

    In fact, Anglos are a far worse pest and plague upon mankind than the Black people of Africa are.

    • Replies: @Catiline
    , @Malla
  19. Catiline says:

    85-90% of all achievements of “the West” are Germanic in origin.
    In the last 1000 years.

    No they aren’t.

    So, aside of us and the Greeks, there are only destroyers, even among the “The West”.

    Teutons are a rabid breed, and need to be put down at the first possible opportunity.

    (PS I thought the ancient Greeks were Germanic too.)

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Anon
  20. Pheasant says:

    ‘Irish are shallow and stupid’

    someone tell this brain dead kike there are dozens of town in Ireland protesting immigrants being dumped into thier towns by this kikes tribe.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  21. @medo

    Well, your comment, Maam, illustrated the missing topic of this Article. The subjugation of women, which may be the key to success.

    Successful people in the World would successfully denigrate and subjugate their wymminfooks. Jews for example see them as unclean animals and rear them to be not “individuals” but daughters of the People. Judiths and Ghislaines, if you will. Tools.

    English would sell their wives. French had their corsican Code Napoleon. Germans had the three K. Japanese as well.

    Now go to the kitchen, shikse, and make a good kosher meal for your master. Pronto.

    • Replies: @Anon
  22. HdC says:

    “…Teutons are a rabid breed, and need to be put down at the first possible opportunity…”.

    Well, you tried three times and failed.

    You cannot keep a good man down.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  23. Catiline says:

    Well, you tried three times and failed.

    Just warming up. You will get what is coming to you.

    You cannot keep a good man down.

    Good man? More like sewer rats.

    • Replies: @HdC
  24. Legba says:

    You may not be able to tell the difference between your white friends from your jewish friends, but your jewish friends certainly can

    • Agree: mark green
    • LOL: Trinity
  25. Trinity says:

    The AVERAGE Irishman or Irish American does not fawn over Blacks. There are exceptions of course, one notable Irishman and proud sucker of Black cawk is that midget Bono. The pompous Englishman are more noted for negrophilia as well as world renown kikesuckers. Frenchies are more noted for loving darkies than any other European. The French viewed the darkies as exotic creatures long, long ago.

    Noted White rockers who kiss or kissed Black ass and feet

    David Bowie
    Bruce Springsteen & Little Stevie

    Of course that ugly weird guy Quentin Tarantino and writer Stephen King suck Black ass and Jew cawk with the best of them.

  26. Jack Nicholson in as Good as It Gets said it best about women -which could be applied to other cultures- when describing how he gets women when writing about them, Quote: “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”

    Well you can add the word white before man to get the same picture.

    Remember its always the white mans fault!

  27. RoHa says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    “ Having lived in Australia, California, Japan, China and Thailand “

    Surely you mean “ Having lived in Australia, USA, Japan, China and Thailand”.

    California is not a country.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  28. anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    Does anyone ever think of the crop of White men that died in the European wars of the last 200 years?

    How was that going to be a positive for the genetic viability of the White race?

    Kill of your best men nations of Europe!

    A.H. had a good idea trying to take out the Soviet Union in 1941, but he f’d that up in not offering the Poles and Ukrainians a piece of the pie and national independence and hence lost that conflict taking of few million more White men and women to the big graveyard and setting the stage for Anglo-American neo liberal Globo-homo and subsequent current era of decadence and race death.

    The J’s and their black muscle know a mark when they see it.

    • Replies: @Thelma Ringbaum
  29. “Western superiority” is entirely the product of collective fevered captive “Western” imaginations….a lot like “the rules-based order” and “the white man’s burden.” The deep-seated “western” need to be needed is a kind of neurotic hangover afflicting frustrated wannabe dragon-slayers and fair maiden-rescuers.

    Stranded suddenly in a world not requiring these services, the would-be knight errant is at a loss for something “meaningful” to do. Throwing temper tantrums and picking fights with similarly out-of-work “saviors” makes them a danger to all-concerned.

    Having for generations fostered this syndrome in its boys and men (and lately in its girls and women, too) the “Western” version of “civilized” society has no response to the threat that isn’t either frivolous and regressive like “sports,“ or repressive and fear-driven like toxic femininity, and therefore doomed to miserable failure. Since the stakes include keeping Earth’s Living Arrangement whole and healthy enough for All of us who belong to it, good sense suggests we look somewhere besides the source of the “problem” for its solution, because more of the same ol’ same ol’ clearly ain’t gonna cut it.

    “Graffiti Man has somethin’ to say.” Look it up!

  30. China put the lie to this racist garbage in less than eighty years. As they say in Lalaysia, we traded peacefully with China for nearly two thousand years, but within fifteen years of Europeans arriving, they were attacking us, killing us, enslaving us and stealing our wealth. THAT is the great Western superiority.

    • Replies: @Thelma Ringbaum
    , @Malla
  31. @mulga mumblebrain

    Well, yes it is a superiority. When Cortez or Albuqerque or Pisarro or Almeyda with few tens of men go and conquer whole countries, one could think the countries were ruled and defended by some sort of lame morons, no? Cannot ascribe this just to the primitive firearms of that period.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  32. @anonymous

    Thats fine. Since the collapse of the Roman empire, they had endless wars in Italy, Spain , France, Nettherlands etc. ; religious ones at that.

    Poles were the enemy if the Whites, and are now. “Sarmatians.”

  33. Petermx says:

    Well, times change. 125 years ago many people saw the Nordic race as the leading race intellectually. I think some Jews may have resented that. They certainly bettered Germany in WW II, but maybe that was because the British and Americans were not very bright at all.

    Look at what became of Britain when it repeatedly turned down Hitler’s offer of peace and friendship. It’s a good thing Jews have such a powerful position in the British media that they can hammer home for over 80 years now how evil those Germans were and how Churchill saved the world, because if they knew the truth, that Germany wanted peace and an alliance with Britain, the British might have hung Churchill using piano wire sometime between 1945 and 1948, when bankrupt Britain let India become independent.

    And look what has become of the US. It has not suffered a major military defeat, and due to its geographical location maybe it never will, but it has clearly had a huge decline in competitiveness compared to other countries. It will be interesting to see how things stand ten or twenty years from now.

    But it’s not just those countries. All of western Europe has been working hard to achieve shithole status for decades. These things don’t happen overnight, but all that hard work is starting to pay off. After total devastation, then rebuilding for 20 years starting in 1945, western Europe and the peoples that led the world for many centuries can now see the beginning of shithole status in their cities. It’s not just that they don’t lead in anything anymore (when they led in everything 80 years ago) they now have unheard of crime, violence and rape, when they were once the safest places in the world.

    • Replies: @Annacat
    , @Wizard of Oz
  34. Annacat says:

    Thank you Petermx.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  35. @Petermx

    Of course Hitler would have preferred peace with the British while that moral monster destroyed Bolshevism and incorporated at least Ukraine and Poland in the Reich while at least expelling from German controlled territories all people the Nazis chose to identify as Jewish and killing children and older dependents who were disabled regardless of family wishes. So…….?

    I happen to regard it as a pity that the old imperialist Churchill had to preside over the destruction of the Empire’s ability to continue. (Though of course Indian independence was overdue, or almost.) In the long run the worst result of that was probably that the decolonisation of Africa took place 50 years too early.

  36. Dr. Doom says:

    Your thesis misses the obvious. Its really simple.
    Its not White Superiority that causes this, its “jewish” inferiority.

    The so called “master race” of “chosen” are vastly inferior to Whites.
    The fake “jews” have never invented anything useful or had a civilization.

    The Zionist Occupiers of Palestine have copied Western Civilization.
    They do not have a culture of their own to mimic.

    Also, the Protocols says they are USING the dark races against Whites.
    The Zionists expel these cretins from Palestine every chance they get.

    The Talmud heresy promises dark skinned slaves to wait on the “chosen”.
    This is laughable hubris. Without White power the dark races will slaughter them.

    I do not trust any of these fake preachers that denounce White Nationalism.
    They all sound like game show hosts to me. In it for the money.

    White Men have to realize they are living under an occupation run by aliens.
    Hostile aliens that want them all dead.

    Killing these alien predators is essential for survival of White peoples.
    The parasite runs everything with worthless monopoly money.

    Devalue the currency, do not aid this hostile interloper, and plan to wipe them out.
    Its an US or them situation. Certainly an easy choice for White Men to make.

  37. HdC says:

    Well, the last time it took the entire capitalist and communist world almost 6 years to defeat your “sewer rats”. You need to look at a globe of the earth to get an appreciation of what it took.

    The next time around such an effort will not be possible because the countries are much too divided.

    Your commentary reads exactly like transference: You reside in a rathole location and are jealous of the German’s achievements, despite your war mongers worst effort.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  38. Petermx says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Of course they have to tell you all those lies to justify destroying Europe and killing 60 million people in the process. You forgot to mention the lies about making Jews into lampshades and soap. Hitler and Germany wanted some of the stolen land back that was taken from Germany after WW I so Poles could not mistreat and drive another million Germans out of their homes and off their lands. He only wanted the part of Poland returned that was stolen from Germany, with over a million Germans living on that land, but even that was negotiable. He didn’t even demand all the German lands returned. Soft in my opinion.

    He had no plans to attack your murderous communist allies and that is why he made a non-aggression pact with the USSR, but when he found out Stalin had amassed an army near Germany’s border in order to attack Germany, Hitler struck first. The Russian historian Suvorov says this, as does several German historians, and the English historian David Irving too.

    If the mass murderer Churchill had not bankrupted Britain and Britain did eventually grant India and others independence, Britain would have been in a much better position with it’s former colonies and could have been much wealthier today. Some of its most famous brands might still be British and not owned by Indians.

    The euthanasia program was not done out of maliciousness and when German citizens complained, it was stopped. Severely disabled people were euthanized.

    All these lies are used to justify what Britain and the US did to Europe when Jews paid the corrupt Churchill to start WW II.

    • Agree: HdC, Malla
    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Folkvangr
    , @Malla
  39. @Godfree Roberts

    At base, Western ‘individualism’ is simply the fear and hatred of others. An intractable psychopathology.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  40. @Wizard of Oz

    True, I suppose. If Africa had been freed when China had risen to economic pre-eminence, they could have escaped Western neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism, inflicted through Western institutions of economic and social sadism, the World Bank, IMF and WTO, and backed with violence by Uncle Satan whenever any country attempted to escape Western hyper-exploitation.

  41. @Thelma Ringbaum

    Superiority of weapons, personal and group viciousness and treachery(the true Western strength)novel disease and alliances with other tribes. Genocide is SO easy for the White pestilence. Why, it’s even in their Holy Book as a Divine injunction.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  42. Catiline says:

    You were defeated sooner than that. The communist world was not particularly impressive, you have nothing to brag about. Poland and even Finland defeated Russia unaided before the Wehrmacht lost to it.

    Nobody is jealous of German achievements. You want us to be because you are an inferior race and you put on airs of superiority to mask it. You are a garbage race and the whole world knows it.

    You don’t even know where I live, doppschädel.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Petermx
    , @Malla
  43. HdC says:

    The whole world likes Germany a lot better than most other countries. A BBC world-wide poll conducted some years ago illustrated this.

    The exception to this is North America, who still swallow the Greuelpropaganda from WWII.

    Your rat-hole country was likely near the bottom of that list.

    German inventions and developments make modern life possible. Fore example, google Konrad Zuse.

    You really should seek help. Your Transference is obvious to any reader.

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @Catiline
  44. Petermx says:

    The Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920 took place when Russia was in the midst of a civil war. Poland did not fight the Russian/Soviet army. They fought a small fraction of it and neither Poland, nor Finland, launched an attack into Russia, which spans about one third of earth. Finland and Poland fought a limited war to retain (or take) territory adjacent or near them. They fought a border war with Russia. Germany, like Napoleon, fought an all out war with the might of each country fighting each other for years. Only someone extremely ignorant (or dishonest) would compare WW II with the border war Poland fought with Russia.

    Before Germany launched its preemptive strike on the USSR in 1941, it fought a war against Poland in September 1939 to take back stolen German territory and puffed up Poland was humiliated, crushed in three weeks, but only after refusing to negotiate a peaceful solution to the German lands Poland occupied and only after the Polish government displayed extreme rudeness and arrogance towards the German government. Poland (you?) have a big head but without comparable abilities.

    • Replies: @Catiline
    , @Folkvangr
  45. Petermx says:

    I remember reading that but I’m not so impressed by it. I would rather have a German government that looked out for Germany’s interests instead of the embarrassment that governs Germany today, bedwetters like Chancellor Scholz. If Germany had that, I suspect Germany might not be as popular, but they might survive. I think Germans are well liked if they accept the insults and lies Germany’s enemies have put in the history books and let others walk all over them, like the “Americans” blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, several American leaders openly bragging about it, and Germany’s leadership not saying a word. Poland asking Germany to give them one trillion dollars in war reparations is another example. I would have replied, evacuate and give us the German lands you occupy and we can talk.

    Regarding the Nord Stream pipelines, I would love to see a new German leader that removed sanctions against Russia and announced a policy of improving relations meant to lead to big cooperation between Germany and Russia, cheap gas and similar things from Russia and German technology for Russia.

    I would like to see someone like in the video below lead Germany. Unfortunately, even if Germany had good leadership, it might be too late. The people have to be motivated to make the changes needed to fix things. My Romanian friend wrote

    ‘Whom can this man count on? Two generations of mongrelized, brain-washed and morally and spiritually deracinated zombies who at the most of their “revolutionary” fervor only come out to protest the lockdowns because they want to be free to go to rap concerts and eat shishkebob in the streets teeming with third world “new Germans”?’

    • Replies: @HdC
  46. Folkvangr says:

    He had no plans to attack your murderous communist allies and that is why he made a non-aggression pact with the USSR, but when he found out Stalin had amassed an army near Germany’s border in order to attack Germany

    Since the spring of 1938, the USSR had been offering aid to the Czechs, both in manpower and in air units, in turn the Czechs promised to provide their airfields for the attack on Germany. And not only assistance: in diplomatic correspondence the USSR openly threatened Germany.

    • Thanks: Petermx, HdC
    • Replies: @Petermx
  47. Anon[137] • Disclaimer says:

    No they aren’t.

    Actually, yes they were.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  48. Anon[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thelma Ringbaum

    Jews for example see them as unclean animals and rear them to be not “individuals” but daughters of the People. Judiths and Ghislaines, if you will. Tools.

    I guess that explains why more than 50% of Jewish women marry a non-Jew, right?

    And also why Jews in America have one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth.

  49. Catiline says:

    You are filth and you know it.

  50. Catiline says:

    The civil war was over by then. Bottom line is 2 small countries defeated Russia. German inferiority complex masquerading as superior notwithstanding.

    • Disagree: Petermx
    • LOL: HdC
  51. Catiline says:

    Your inferiority complex is showing again, dummkopf.

    • Replies: @HdC
  52. Folkvangr says:

    Dr. Otto Wagener, Hitler’s confidant from 1929 to 1933, describes in his book Hitler at Close Range that in the fall of 1930 an unofficial envoy of Polish President Marshal Jozef Pilsudski conveyed to the Reich leadership in Munich a proposal “that immediately after the National Socialists seize power Germany and Poland should conclude a ten-year pact of peace and friendship. This treaty should also contain a secret clause stating that during this period East Prussia would be united with Germany in such a way that Poland’s free access to the Baltic Sea would not be endangered. Tell Herr Hitler to hurry up. I am already old!”
    On January 26, 1934, Germany concluded a ten-year non-aggression pact with Poland. Unfortunately, Marshal Jozef Pilsudski died a year later. His successors increasingly moved away from a line of friendly understanding with Germany.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Thanks: Petermx
  53. HdC says:

    You are, of course, correct.

    My reply was merely a short reply with a verifiable fact to a snippish comment.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  54. HdC says:

    What a wit, what a brain. You ought to go places with that.

    • LOL: Petermx
    • Replies: @Catiline
  55. Malla says:

    Many PC scolds and ‘woke’ tards argue that the West, Europe and America, gained world hegemony and domination over other races due to the ideology of white supremacism than through the industry of white superiority.

    Nearly every population on Earth believed (and still believe) in their own group superiority, from the beginning of time. Since “supremacy” is universal human condition, why did other Civilizations not become as successful as the West, if the rise of the West was fueled by “supremacy”, as claimed by idiotic wokenuts?

  56. Malla says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    China put the lie to this racist garbage

    Yeah, but the Chinese can themselves be very racist.

  57. Malla says:

    Anglos are a far worse pest and plague upon mankind

    Wrong, the Anglos (British) did a lot of good in the World. It is just that, the Anglos are suicidal, they chose the dumb suicidal path (muh “moral superiority”). Like allying with Murica and Soviet Union rather than allying with Germany and Japan, who would have been their natural allys.
    They are paying a heavy price for that. Many old Brits regret fighting WW2 now, after seeing what happened to the UK ever since.
    The Brits brag about “defeating the Natzis and Fascists an sheit” but it does not impress the negroes, Pakis, Commies and the like, as they had hoped. It is not working. They are not getting the luv they so crave.

  58. @mulga mumblebrain

    You do realise how well most of your comments on UR threads tend to prove what you think afflicts the people who have grown up in that individualist culture?

  59. @mulga mumblebrain

    Your use of “their” clearly points to your not being of wholly European ethnicity. It would help to understandyou and your views better if you would be completely candid about your genetic and cultural ethnicity as I have been several times. What about it?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  60. Petermx says:

    That would certainly help explain why Hitler declared Bohemia and Moravia protectorates, so a hostile Czech government could not help other German enemies further away in an attack on Germany. Of course, that was the reason Czechoslovakia was created, why those lands were torn away from Austria to whom they belonged, to weaken Austria (a German country) and put a hostile power on Germany’s border.

  61. Malla says:

    Nobody is jealous of German achievements.

    Rubbish!! Everybody in Europe and even beyond the pond were afraid and envious of Germany. The British, who are a very high achieving population themselves were scared shit. Already in 1914, at the eve of WW1, Germany had the World’s best electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical industries. Had the World’s best Universities BY FAAAR. In those days, if you wanted to study in Oxford University, England, in those days you HAD to FIRST study German, before anything else, wether it was Greek poetry, Chemistry…it did not matter.
    The British, instead of making this German Empire (along with may be Austrian Empire) it’s ally on the Continent (you with your big army take care of the affairs of the Continent for us while we with out big navy will take care of your global affairs. Deal!), the stupid British (more like stooopid Churchill and Grey [wuz he an alien?]), decided to go all anti-German, which would end as a disaster for the British nation and Empire in the long run. But the most natural alliance should have been a British-German-Austrian-Japanese alliance. The Kaiser was already talking about an European alliance including Great Britain and Russia to take on the USA.
    Muricans were going all around the World at the height of the British Empire and telling everybody from Congo to Shanghai, “how they had beaten the British Empire and can beat them again”, the British bit their lips and kept quite, just because their main fear was Germany, Germany which was becoming numba 1 in nearly everything.
    An idiotic decision, the British only realised during the Suez Canal crisis, when it was humiliated by the Muricans who told them Brits and French to go back home, and let the big boys (Murica and Soviet) make all the real decisions. And over that Germany rose again, and most Britons now drive German cars blurting out with frustration “Who the fu*k won the War again?”
    What idiotic suicidal decisions taken by an otherwise smart country (in the way they conquered and ran their overseas Empire)!!!! German achievements made them and others, unhinged.

    • Thanks: HdC
    • Replies: @Catiline
    , @anarchyst
    , @Petermx
  62. @Wizard of Oz

    I’m 100% ‘Out of Africa’, probably about the same time as your forebears. Further back it gets lost in the mists of time.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  63. Malla says:

    Britain would have been in a much better position with it’s former colonies and could have been much wealthier today.

    Actually, the non-settler Empire was a drain on the British economy. Including India. But the Empire would have kept Britain’s prestige and power w.r.t Washington and Moscow among others.

    Here Peter Hitchens (who was an ex-trotskyite. before rejecting Marxism all together) talks about Britain’s folly of entering WW2

    Peter Hitchens on WWII

    Below, Pat Buchanan speaks about the unnecessary War, about his book Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War

    Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War

    • Replies: @Petermx
  64. 1. Strawman. I have not read anyone making the claim (the negation of the article title), in the first place, that you’re trying so hard to refute.
    2. The writing seems pre-modern, like those of the passé eugenics movements and proponents of the mid-late 1800s. They did not amount to much.
    3. Answer is simple and known, you’re trying too hard:

    The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion (to which few members of other civilizations were converted) but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence.

    – S Huntington

    • Replies: @Malla
  65. Petermx says:

    I read Patrick Buchanan’s book when it first came out and I repeated what he wrote in his book,

  66. Catiline says:

    The British are against whoever threatens to unite the continent. Has nothing to do with being unhinged about Germany. Germans are unhinged about themselves. Inferiority masquerading as superiority. As a matter of fact it was past British diplomacy which allowed Germany to threaten to become Europe’s hegemon in the first place. And don’t forget, the scurvy Brits are germanic.

    • Replies: @Malla
  67. Catiline says:

    You and Petermx combined aren’t worthy to shine my shoes. Now run along Fritz and spare us any further sad sack Springtime for Hitler buffoonery. Mach schnell!!

    • Replies: @HdC
  68. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget that, after the summation of WW2, both American and Soviet governments snapped up Germany’s greatest scientists for their own purposes.

    • Agree: Malla, Petermx
    • Replies: @Petermx
  69. Malla says:

    The British are against whoever threatens to unite the continent.

    Idiotic outdated policy. During the time of PM Pitt, Europe alone mattered in the world. That situation changed by the 1900s.

    Inferiority masquerading as superiority.

    Why would a nation which was nearly number one in everything have an inferiority complex? You have become unhinged.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  70. Malla says:

    The West won the world

    The West did not need to win the World, winning the World was a side show. The West was destined to become the most advanced civilization, it just dragged the rest of (extremely ungrateful) humanity to a better quality of life.

  71. HdC says:

    Such wit, such brains! You ought to go far! In your dreams perhaps.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  72. @mulga mumblebrain

    So why not answer for the last few generations that are not lost in the mists of time? BTW if you have done the 23andMe tests I hope you like what your Neanferthal component is said to explain.

  73. Petermx says:

    In fairness, they also got some before the war too, although I would characterize those that chose to work on building a bomb with the intent of killing millions of German civilians, Germans by birth only. These are Jews like Einstein, Hans Bethe and Klaus Fuchs (possibly Jewish). Calling them traitors might be a little strong (but only a little) since they were not wanted in Germany, but I still think it shows they were never very German, except by citizenship. Other Germans came to the US but did not work on building the atomic bomb with the sole intent of killing Germans.

  74. Petermx says:

    Yeah, alright, but who won the world cup in 1966, the final being England vs. Germany?

    We heard about that for the next 40 years or longer. LOL. I think it was only when Germany won its fourth world cup (to England’s one) in 2014 that maybe that great day in 1966 is no longer brought up. LOL

    • LOL: Malla
  75. Catiline says:

    Idiotic outdated policy. During the time of PM Pitt, Europe alone mattered in the world. That situation changed by the 1900s.

    How convenient for krauts. Perfect timing!

    Why would a nation which was nearly number one in everything have an inferiority complex? You have become unhinged.

    Silly little ignorant kraut.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Malla
  76. Catiline says:

    My IQ is 140 what’s yours?

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
    , @Twin Ruler
    , @HdC
  77. @Catiline

    Is this Caitline Jenners, the Tranny? I wonder!

  78. @Catiline

    I doubt that. LOL!

    • Agree: Petermx
    • Replies: @Catiline
  79. HdC says:

    Sufficient to have been able to lead a highly productive and prosperous life.

    Sufficient to now enjoy prosperous and enjoyable retirement.

    Thank you for inquiring.

  80. HdC says:

    Your psychosis with transference is showing! Please seek help.

    • Replies: @Catiline
  81. Malla says:

    I am not German, you stupid hateful bitch. I am not even European, hell, I am not even White. Which AGAIN proves, you assume things wrong and jump to idiotic conclusions.

  82. The whites, more precisely the Europeans, were lucky. Two inventions propelled the heavy horse-drawn plow (like 900 en in Ile de France) and the caravel that could sail against the winds.
    The first invention allowed them to stop dying of hunger and to conquer the seas.
    And then, when in the 19th century they woke up to have the supremacy of the world, that they could impose themselves as much as possible in India, the Chinese concluded that they had some qualities in addition to those from whom they learned ceramics, metallurgy, writing , agriculture ……

    But the greatest luck we (the Europeans) had in 1242 when Ögedeï died and his successor had an appetite for Syria.

  83. Catiline says:

    You know nothing about either psychosis you or transference, clown.

  84. Catiline says:
    @Twin Ruler

    You and little Petee can LOL all you like. Just like the jackasses you both are.

    • LOL: Petermx
  85. FKA Max says: • Website

    Then, what really accounts for the difference between East and West? Rather than individualist West vs communalist East, it’s more likely that the West had just enough extra individualism to push it over the edge. So, it wasn’t as if 100 people in the West were individualist and 100 people in the East were communalist. Rather, if only 2 out of 100 people in the East were individualist, 6 out of 100 people in the West were individualist, and that difference was just sufficient enough to allow for the Great Divergence.

    I did some research on this very topic a few years back and came to a similar conclusion to yours. However, the difference/divergence in genotype frequency in absolute terms between the West and the East has been even more pronounced than in your example by a factor of about 6 times (~36 in the West vs. ~14 in the East out of 100 people), but the divergence ratio of about 3 to 1 you posited is spot on (I discovered a 2.64 to 1 ratio, to be precise):

    “Worrier pacifist” are probably the best suited to run countries and governments due to their above-average intelligence and tendency to avoid risk and aggression, and “warrior pacifists” are the best suited to run militaries/armies due to their heightened performance under stress and their tendency to avoid risk-taking and aggression.

    Northern Europeans are the group with the highest percentage of “worrier pacifists” (35.75%), followed by Ashkenazi Jews (20%), and Africans and East Asians have the lowest percentage (13.5%) of “worrier pacifists” in their populations.

    The percentage of “warrior pacifists” is pretty evenly distributed among the different groups/populations: Africans and East Asians (31.5%), Northern Europeans (29.25%), and Ashkenazi Jews (20%).

    Personally, I believe that the MAOA gene is more important and has more of an effect on the functioning or non-functioning of a society than “just” IQ. It just happens to be, that many of the lower-IQ societies also happen to have a higher number of low-activity MAOA carriers, and most IQ researchers do not control for that, and attribute all those nations’ “shortcomings” just to IQ, when the “real” explanation is a combination of lack of impulse control (low-activity MAOA) and (low) IQ, IMO
    There is not that much difference between Western and Asian IQs, but the difference in the frequency of the low(er)-activity MAOA (3R) allele between those two races is quite significant, and I posit the reason why Western/White societies are less corrupt, etc. than Asian societies

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