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We Live in the Most Extraordinary Age of Satanic Prophecy Come True — Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY and Its Vision of Paimonic Prophecy and the Problems of Prosperity Prophecy
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Because our daily lives are mainly concerned with mundane matters in a world that seems relatively stable and prosperous — even poor people are not starving in the West and have basic amenities — , most of us lack awareness of what an extraordinary period in history we are a part of. It is both curse and blessing as our time is both epochal and satanic. As I’m a non-believer, what I mean by ‘satanic’ isn’t necessarily spiritual or fantastical. Rather, there is something deeply diseased about the world despite all the advances in science, medicine, and technology. Being at the cusp of bio-genetic revolution, we have no way of knowing what humanity of the future may be like. But given the cancerous spirit of our times, those with the power to shape science and technology may do so for all the wrong reasons. At any rate, it is incredible that most people haven’t a clue as to why the current world-and-time is so extraordinary, amazing, and awesome. Part of the reason is, as stated earlier, most people fail to see the big picture because they are fixated on personal things. They care mostly about their jobs, family, and friends. Or, they are distracted by leisure and entertainment, especially as there’s plenty of those for people who don’t want to face reality. But, it’s also because people fail to see the significance of the period they are a part of unless it is over and can be reappraised with greater perspective. It’s like a hiker hasn’t a true sense of the distance he’s covering until he reaches a hilltop to survey the vast areas he’d traversed. A fuller significance of one’s experiences is appreciated only in retrospect. People during the Renaissance had no idea that they were living through a momentous epoch. History often happens like a dream in which strange and remarkable things happen but without the dreamer knowing he is in a dream. It is only upon waking and recollecting that he realizes what a remarkable dream-world he was in. Granted, there are exceptions, especially wars and revolutions. During such calamitous times, everyone is aware of the fact that History is happening in a big way. No one who lived in Paris during the French Revolution or in Poland during World War II could not have known of the gravity of what was going on. And since the rise of mass electronic media and their propensity for hype and sensationalism, people are inundated with impressions of micro-revolutions happening at all times. In a world where fashion and advertising mold our consciousness, we have a tendency to see politics and society as endlessly malleable and marketable. Then, it is hardly surprising that the Powers-that-be can so easily persuade the masses(like with shampoo commercials), from high to low, that ‘cool’ revolutions are happening all over. And indeed, when we remember all the gushy hypes about the New Economy, War on Terror, ‘Gay Pride’, BLM(Black Lives Matter), Slut Pride, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Trans-gender movement, MAGA, and etc., it really does seem like there are lots of things happening all around. But, were most of them real revolutions or mostly fads… like the hippie and disco ‘movements’? In the end, it is the Ultimate Power that decides, and most pseudo-revolutions make some splash before receding into oblivion. Therefore, in order to understand the Real Revolution of our time, we need to ask, “Who now has the power?” The real power, that is. Or the power behind the power. The Power that can bolster or shut down the lesser powers. The power with its hand on the faucet to turn on-or-off the flow of history. Think of Hollywood with its ‘powerful’ stars and celebrities. They seem to define and dominate Hollywood, but in fact, they can be destroyed just as easily as they were made. And there are so many way to unmake them: Blacklisting, spreading rumors(real or false) & allegations, lawfare, and etc. Now, who constitute the real Power in Hollywood?

So, as remarkable as the many micro-revolutions may be, most of them did not make themselves or, at the very least, they couldn’t have come to fruition on their own. There had to be the Real Power behind them. Just like angels are nothing with God, these micro-revolutions are nothing without the Real Power. Consider BLM that seemed to be a real movement with unstoppable momentum. But in fact, Jewish media only hyped it in the hope of stirring up black rage in the 2016 election(and also to divert black rage at places like Baltimore and Ferguson away from New York and Chicago). It was also a bone tossed to blacks who felt mostly ignored by the Obama Presidency that mainly focused on Wall Street bailouts, Gentrification, Homomania, and Wars for Israel. But when BLM didn’t pan out as hoped, the Real Power abruptly de-funded it and ended the favorable media coverage, effectively shutting it down immediately. And the Real Power even went so far as to spread the rumor that BLM craziness had been instigated by the Kremlin. So, even though the ‘gay’ stuff, tranny stuff, BLM stuff, and Slut Pride stuff may all seem like the New Empowerments, their ebbs & flows and rises & falls have largely depended on the whims of the Real Power.

And it is by naming and understanding this Real Power that we can fully appreciate(as well as dread) the sheer extraordinariness of our times. We are living in the Age of Prophetic Fulfillment. In many ways, what had been promised to the Jews by God has come true. Jews have inherited the world. Given the astonishing aspect of this phenomenon, why don’t people know about it? Shouldn’t we all be talking about it? We are living in the Age when the People of the Book have come to control the world, and yet, the governing principle is, “Don’t you dare talk about Jewish Power.” For this reason, what has come to be can be called a Silent Revolution, Silent Prophecy, Silent Hegemony, Silent Supremacy. Or Esoteric Revolution or Esoteric Prophecy(or Eso-Revolution or Eso-Prophecy). Why the silence? Don’t Jews want to show their pride in their great power(like homos can’t get enough of ‘gay pride’)? All throughout history, those with the power displayed it with pride and pageantry. The British Empire didn’t hide its domination over much of the world. The Romans made sure everyone knew who was boss. The Spanish Empire was very visibly Hispanic. And yet, how strange that the greatest empire of all time, the Empire of Judea, will not declare itself as the rulers of the world. Granted, it’s an open secret because those who know really do know who has the real power. But if they are to enjoy the graces of the Power, they better characterize the power in another way, such as ‘liberal democracy’. So, we are to make-believe that whatever Jewish Power does is about spreading ‘liberal democracy’. Or ‘human rights’. Or ‘progress’. And if those concepts are too generic to inspire excitement, just pretend that the current ‘liberal democratic’ hegemony is about proselytizing globo-homo. At one time, most people would have gagged at the idea of the West spreading homo-worship around the world, but Jewish Power has warped the West into a radically different kind of civilization via its control over the media, academia, entertainment, and advertising. Homos(and even trannies) have been elevated to angelic status and associated with ‘rainbow’ happy-feely rapture. And so, many people in the West, especially in upper echelons, now believe that the West is the best and ‘most evolved’ because it is most adulatory of holy homos. But Homomania could never have been possible without the Real Power of the media, academia, state, entertainment, and advertising to indoctrinate the lesser-elites and ‘nudge’ the masses in that direction. And Jews knew that narcissistic homos would be totally loyal because homo privilege grew out of Jewish favoritism. It’s like, without God, angels would be nothing. And without George Soros, so many NGO’s would be nothing. Homos, in their venality and vanity(though there’s plenty of that among cuckservatives of GOP as well), favor privilege-uber-alles. They don’t care how morally and socially destructive Homomania is to society-as-a-whole as long as they get theirs. (We are living in the age of personal greed that promotes partial empowerment at the expense of the empowerment of the whole. We are told how wonderful it is for women to be ‘empowered’ by equality in the workplace, but no one thinks to ask what impact this has on society as a whole. With women taking more jobs from men, more men are rendered less marriageable. With women at work, they have less time for family and children. So, society-as-a-whole is dis-empowered in favor of partial empowerment of individuals or certain groups. It’s like empowering the tongue at the expense of the rest of the body. As we know, over-eating is bad for the whole body, but suppose the tongue insists on being ’empowered’ with its constant demand for sweet & creamy stuff. Good for the tongue but bad for the body that grows fat and diabetic. Men and women are biologically different and essential for different but complementary roles. Also, men need good jobs to get married and have a family while this is far less true of women. Men don’t mind supporting a housewife, but women do mind supporting a househusband. Also, if we allow men with high-paying jobs to marry women with high-paying jobs, two high salaries go into ONE household, and the result is capitalism at its worst that militates against the meaningful bio-socialism of National Humanism, aka Left-Right Neo-Fascism. Empowering the part at the expense of the whole will eventually undo any society. A part of society may gain MORE choice in the short run but, in failing to fulfill its essential role, society-as-a-whole grows sick and dies. The essential role of women is to bear children and create the next generation as inheritors of culture, memory, values, and meaning. Now, that is NOT THE ONLY function of females, but biologically speaking, it is the most essential. After all, you exist only because your mother had you. And your mother exists because her mother had her. So, before anything, there must be life. Existence must be the essence. This doesn’t mean a woman should have 10 kids, but she should at least have enough to maintain replacement levels so that future generations will carry on with the torch of identity, heritage, and culture. But because so many modern women only think in terms of MY choice, money, and status(as a young thrill-seeking woman) than duty and obligation[to biology and history], they fail to understand that their empowerment as careerists actually disempower them as wives and mothers who pass the torch down to the next generation. People today live like they are immortal, the individuals of the end of history when, in fact, they are just links in a chain. The 60s Counterculture swaggered like it discovered the Fountain of Youth, as if the young people constituted an autonomous identity; it is one reason why the boomers had an Aging Crisis right after college, as illustrated in THE GRADUATE. But look at the boomers today. Those born in 1945 are now quite old, and even the later boomers are passing from middle age to seniority. So many boomers are disoriented in their older years because they fixated so much on identifying with youth(and even raised their children the same way, which is why their kids identify more with Pop Culture than with their own folks and real culture). The cult of partial empowerment is one of the biggest problems facing the modern world, and this danger comes mainly from women’s demand for equal opportunity in upper-level employment. Such selfishness not only takes jobs from men[who need them more] but prevent women from fulfilling their roles as mothers and creators of the next generation. Would it make sense to empower everyone equally in a football team? Suppose offensive linemen complain that they don’t get to pass or run with the ball. So, in the name of equal empowerment for all players, the quarterback has to block while the offensive lineman gets to handle the ball. So, what will happen? The quarterback, who isn’t physically made for blocking, will get crushed. And the offensive lineman will most likely make a mess of the play. Capitalist feminism is worse than communist feminism. The latter stressed women as workers equal to men as workers. It was about working women married to working men. In contrast, capitalist feminism is all about women striving to reach higher, looking down on rest of humanity as ‘losers’, and hooking up with ultra-successful men to hog all the wealth and privilege for themselves.

Homomaniacs are just as bad as capitalist-feminists. A sane society knows that homosexuality is deviant and gross but also acknowledges that homos tend to have certain talents in creativity and insight. Also, it’s irrefutable that homos are born that way, and therefore, cannot be blamed for being homo. So, homos should be tolerated, and their contributions to society should be appreciated. It turns out homos do have a key role to play in civilization, especially in arts and design. But in their pride and vanity, bitchy homos demand more. They demand that the homo minority be empowered at the expense of society as a whole. Consider what sicko homomania did to marriage.

Sane people understand the essential meaning and importance of marriage. They know it’s a meeting of biological truth and moral necessity. Homosexuality cannot live up to those standards because it is about fecal penetration and unnatural & dysfunctional acts. But homos insisted on their ‘sexuality’ being recognized as equal in biological categorization(that would have us believe a homo man’s anus is a ‘sex organ’ like a woman’s vagina) and moral meaning. So, society as a whole has been force-fed the lie of ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’ when, in fact, the kids involved are the products of heterosexuality, a mother and a father. When a society begins to lie to itself like that to appease the vanity of a tiny narcissistic minority that happens to be favored by corrupt and demented Jews, it grows diseased as a whole. Notice that Jews have gotten ever more emboldened in their mendacity after having hookwinked the goyim with nonsense time and time again. They feel, “If we can put this BS over them, what can we not get away with?” Jews see the world in terms of hands and clay. Jews see themselves as the hands and see dumb goyim as the clay that can be molded into anything. Jewish hands turned the clay ‘gay’.)

The current Jewish Empire that rules the world is surely the strangest super(duper)power the world has ever seen. It is, at once, the biggest power that ever was and the biggest secret in the world. As Jews control the media & academia, they’ve managed to hoodwink(or browbeat) so many people into not seeing what is really there. Also, as Jews have bought over most goy elites(and/or threaten them with ruination of career suicide unless they play the game), even people-who-matter who know the truth would rather not say what they know. There have been exceptions, to be sure, but then, even John Mearsheimer, the author of THE ISRAELI LOBBY, introduced his book with profuse(and pathetic) disavowal of ‘antisemitism’. Of late, he’s written a new book where he pretends that the current US power is about ‘liberal hegemony’ or ‘liberal democracy’ when, in fact, it’s really about tribal oligarchy and tribal supremacism of the Jews.

How is it that a power so great can remain a secret(even if an open secret to some)? Other than the Jewish control of media, academia, and whore politicians, it is because Jews don’t have an obviously mighty national center. There is Israel, but it is more a beneficiary of Worldwide Jewish Power than its progenitor. In essence, Jewish Power is about minority networking across the globe than centered in a nation that is majority Jewish. Even in the nation where Jews have the most power, the US, they are merely 2% of the population. In France, UK, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and other nations where Jews have considerable influence, they are an even smaller percentage of the population.

In contrast, Great Britain was not only mostly Anglo but transformed into a great national power before it expanded worldwide into a great imperial power. Same was true of France. Their imperial power grew out of their national power. Jews were never the dominant majority in a nation deemed a great power. Jews gained power as minorities, and it was this networking and coordination that made Zionism and Israel possible. Indeed, despite Israel’s successes, it wouldn’t have amounted to much IF NOT for the backing of the big powers(that take orders from Jewish elites). So, Jewish influence could hide within the power of goy-majority nations. Since most UK politicians are British and most French politicians are French, a carefree observer may believe that UK is ruled by Brits and France is ruled by the French… and that the US is ruled mostly by white non-Jews since most politicians are white gentiles. But in fact, as Jews control the banks, high-tech, profitable vice industries, media, academia, and the Narrative, they use most goy politicians as sockpuppets or cuckpuppets. Jews pull the strings, but because Jews-as-puppet-masters is deemed an ‘antisemitic trope’, Jews can easily denounce and destroy anyone who notices Jewish strings that animate the goy puppets. So, the truth about Jews must not be said because bad ‘anti-semites’ once used to peddle such bigotry. Most people are driven more by a sense of right or wrong than true or false, i.e. they are less interested in the facts of Jewish power than governed by taboos decreeing what is approved and what is outrageous. Shows like THE VIEW are less about sharing information than controlling mass opinion by cuing the audience as to which views will elicit applause or opprobrium.

Because Jews can use goy politicians as fronts — some of these fronts or buffers are truly laughable, like dummy-doll rubber-boy Marco Rubio — , it can go a long way to maintain the facade that Jews don’t have all that much power. Just focus on Marco the dummy, and don’t pay any heed to the Jewish donors who prop him up. Just focus on Hillary and forget about her biggest donors all being Jewish oligarchs. Even though Jews can’t fool everyone, they can fool enough people, certainly the majority as most goyim are either gullible or too distracted with trashy pop culture to care about the world. As for the elites in politics, media, and academia, they either fear or are owned by Jewish Power. Rubio is a dummy, but he surely knows that he’s a puppet-dog of the Jews. He chooses to be one because it’s better than being a total non-entity, which is what he’d be without his Jewish backers. Why would he or anyone else in politics dare speak the truth? Why not just go along with the charade and be treated as ‘statesmen’ by the compliant media and dummy electorate? “Well, it’s a living.”

If Jews had a great national base, perhaps they’d be more forthright in their power projections. Their global power would be like the rays emanating from the Sun. Russia and China have gigantic national power bases. Even if China or Russia were to withdraw from the world, it would be a considerable power in its own right. Same is true of Iran, at least within the context of Middle Eastern politics. But Jews have no such power. Their power depends on controlling the cuck-elites and minions of goy nations. If there were no Jews in UK, France, Russia, Germany, US, Brazil, Mexico, and etc, those nations go on as usual. They may suffer from lack of Jewish genius, but there are enough smart and even genius people in many goy nations to keep the system going just fine. But what would Jewish power be if it couldn’t control and manipulate goyim? Jewish Power cannot be the Sun — Jews on their own lack sufficient demographic mass to become a world power — , which is why they rely on the power of mirrors to direct goy sun-rays to suit Jewish interests. This is why it’s so important for Jews to control the media(and why Jews hate RT and alternative media so much). Via the media, Jews can control the direction of rays to create a false illusion of reality, such as the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax.

Because the Empire of Judea is a Secret Empire, the power dynamics around the world seems downright surreal at times. Also, the Jewish Empire is the only great empire where the ruling people have played an insignificant or even non-existent role in the military dimensions of the expansion. While all great empires had to eventually rely on foreign mercenaries, slaves, or conscripts for manpower, they all began with domestic ‘national’ commanders & troops who continued to play a central role even as the empire grew ever larger. For most of its history, Roman Empire relied on Roman manpower. British troops did most to maintain the empire in all five continents. This was also true of the French, Russian, and Japanese empires. And the Anglo-American Empire up to World War II was mostly about white Americans fighting in neo-imperialist wars. In contrast, apart from Jewish role in Bolshevism and Zionism, Jews have done everything to avoid military combat. (It’s no wonder Jews were overwhelmingly for lifting the draft during the Vietnam War. They didn’t want their kids to die in wars.) Jewish Bolsheviks were fierce & committed warriors and could be as ruthless and bloody as any other military force. Communism was the ONE universalist idea for which many Jews were willing to fight and die for. The OTHER idea for which they were willing to fight and die for was Zionism and for obvious reasons. (Nothing fuels courage like nationalism.) But when it came to all other conflicts and struggles, Jews preferred to out-source all the fighting, killing, and dying to goyim. Jewish Power goaded the UK and US to enter World War II to defeat Nazi Germany, though ultimately, it was Germany and Japan’s recklessness that drew USSR and US into the war. Jewish Power pushed the US into Wars for Israel beginning with the Gulf War. Especially in the Wars for Israel, Jews preferred to do the talking while making goyim do all the walking. This is why many goyim are upset with Jews who call for these wars to stop ‘new hitlers’ while refusing to do the fighting themselves.(But then, it doesn’t matter what the masses have to say. Whispers from within the castle ring louder in the ears of the king than cries from outside the walls. It’s the Jewish insiders who have the ears of Presidents.) If indeed Jews really want to face off against all these Muslim nations, then American Jews should all move to Israel, pick up arms, and wage war on Iran and any other nation they don’t like. But Israeli troops are maintained just to defend Israel, and Jews insist that AMERICAN GOYIM must militarily deal with Iran. Zionist soldiers exist to preserve Israel’s national integrity while goy soldiers exist to serve Jewish imperialist ambitions. Imagine a Jew who wants the house of a rival to be burned to the ground. If so, why doesn’t he risk his own life & limb(and those of his sons) to raid and burn down the rival’s house? Too risky, so he and his sons remain safely ensconced in their own house and will risk their lives only when the house itself is threatened. As for burning down the other house, Jews call on goyim to do it. Thus, it is goyim who end up risking life & limb in the process. Also, if the house-burning ends up especially ugly, all the blame goes to the goyim while the Jews, the very people who instigated the attack, watch from a distance and lament the cruelty of wicked goyim. Notice how Jewish Hollywood, with the movie VICE, tries to dump the blame for the Iraq War on the lap of Dick Cheney as the evil mastermind. (Never mind that Cheney & Bush relented to Neocon demands to win over rich & powerful Jews to the GOP.)

Now, of course, Jews know what is really up. Granted, not all Jews as there are plenty of naive or stupid Jews. Also, some Jews are just lost in degeneracy or ridiculous enough to ‘get high on their own supply’. Smart Jews mold and push certain ideologies to serve the ‘higher’ purpose of IIGFJ or “Is it good for Jews?” To be sure, ideological Jews may be lauded for their earnest commitment to the cause, but purity of principles hardly makes sense in the 21st century. When many Jews were earnestly communist, socialist, or libertarian, one could at least acknowledge the worthiness of those causes in their times and places. Communism and socialism arose at a time when many laborers lived in wretched conditions. Even if history has judged Marxism to have done more harm than good, it was fueled by noble sentiments and urgent necessities. As for Jews who championed liberalism or libertarianism(Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman), we can appreciate their commitment to individualism & liberty. Also, we mustn’t forget that during the Cold War, many intelligent people believed the Communist East would eventually prevail over the Capitalist West. Neo-liberal economics was once a minority view in media and academia, and it took certain individuals of courage and principles to stand up for them. (Also, it’s probably fair to say that many such economists had no idea that their theories would end up leading to new monstrosities.) Even if Francis Fukuyama was overly simplistic in declaring the End of History upon the closure of the Cold War, he was correct at least in one sense: No new ideology since then has carried any intellectual or moral weight. Indeed, one could argue that the Age of Ideology gave way to Age of ‘Idology’(ideology-of-idolatry). The Power always favors idology over ideology. When Stalin and Mao gained supreme power, they didn’t want to be challenged by ideological arguments(as the logic of ideology has its own rules independent of the ruler’s wishes). Stalin and Mao wanted to be obeyed unconditionally, and that required everyone to worship them as idols than approach them as standard-bearers of ideology. A political order that prioritizes ideology can expose anyone, even the powerful, as ideologically deficient. This is what Martin Luther did in his protest against the Catholic Church(though, on the subconscious level, it may have been his repressed quasi-pagan Teutonic energies railing against the high civilization of Rome all over again, just like the explosive oratory of men like Martin Luther King was as much an outburst of repressed Afro-savage energies as delivery of spiritual message). Martin Luther had the better theological arguments against the much corrupted Church that relied more and more on iconography and ritualism to maintain its power. Ideology is about “Believe me because my argument is correct.” An argument can always be counter-argued. Idology is about “Believe me because I, yes the glorious I, am right.” It is a Cult of Personality.

Nicolae Ceaucescu and Kim Il-Sung, two ideological-intellectual zeroes whose power and prestige rested on obnoxious cult of personality that stressed ‘idology’.

Since the End of the Cold War, the power of ideology has been replaced by the power of idology, and Jewish Power wants to keep it this way because debate and discussion can get the better of Jewish arguments, globalist arguments, globohomo arguments, and etc. This is why Jewish Power has declared that the ‘debate is over’ on the matter of Homo Agenda. (But then, was there ever a debate? Jewish media and academia, with the power of the megaphone or ‘megaphonopoly’, only allowed one side of the story. The other side was effectively silenced with threats of being smeared as ‘homophobic’ if they didn’t bend over to Homomania. Also, word got around Conservatism Inc. that Homomania will prevail because Jews want it, so Conzos better not oppose it. Notice the utter lack of pushback against globohomo from Republicans, most of who are shills of Jewish oligarchs. Also, as globalist-capitalism realized homomania-as-new-leftism was useful in undermining class politics, Big Money was with the homos. As GOP is a shill party of big money, social conservatives were thrown under the bus. But then, the ONLY reason why the rich class had been allied with social conservatives during the Cold War was due to fear of communism. Once the fear faded, the rich class took on decadent neo-aristocratic airs and scoffed at social conservatism as ‘square’, ‘lame’ and ‘unhip’.) Idology-over-Ideology demands that we have BLIND FAITH in the infallibility of certain individuals or groups. Indeed, we are not to judge a certain person or group by his or its own moral, ethical, or intellectual claims. So, if Jews claim to be for ‘liberal democracy’ but practice extreme tribal-supremacism over Palestinians, we are not supposed to call out on the discrepancy between what Jews say and what Jews do. Never mind ideologically engaging with Jews(even on their own terms) and instead just worship them as the Perfect People who are always right no matter what.

Fukuyama was right about the End of History if ‘history’ means Struggle for Ideology. No new ideology has emerged since the End of the Cold War to inspire a new vision or new order. But what he failed to see was the Beginning of Idology. The power became less about ideas and values than about ‘idological’ faith in certain key figures symbolizing the sanctity of certain groups. So, MLK and Mandela are to be worshiped as god-men, and their holiness radiates the entire black race(at least in their relation to non-blacks) as a sacred people. And don’t you dare pay attention to the reality of black crime and violence. Just fixate idologically on Emmitt Till as the saintly black child who, like Prometheus chained to a cliff, is lynched over and over by Evil White ‘Racists’ for all eternity in the sanctum of Media Space. And if you deviate from Magic Negro Idology, you are ‘racist’. This is great for black power because all the cold facts and hard evidence points to black violence, black thuggery, black mendacity, black savagery, black criminality, black megalomania. The reason why Africa is such a mess is because of lower black IQ, higher black psychopathy, black penchant for violence, and etc. The reason why America’s biggest problem flows from the black community like filth from sewer is due to black nature that is innately savage and anti-civilization. But because blacks are holy according to the present idology, we are supposed to believe that all black problems are the product of white evil. (If blacks are sacred idols, whites are voodoo dolls of wickedness.) And we are to tell ourselves that Black Africa could have been one big Wakanda if not for Western Imperialism — presumably American Indians could be traveling in space teepees to Mars and beyond if not for the arrival of Pale Face. So, it doesn’t matter that Colin Flaherty has tirelessly amassed tons of evidence to prove many times over that black violence is the #1 criminal issue in America. Youtube and other platforms have censored him for speaking the truth because it is ‘racist’ against the ‘idological’ worship of blacks as sacred objects. As for Jews, they are always innocent, always wise & noble, always in need of our sympathy no matter how much power they have and no matter how badly they act. Even when Jews act like Neo-Nazis in West Bank and Gaza against Palestinians, we are supposed to believe they’re a bunch of Anne Franks(indeed Anne Franks forever).And to close out the Holy Three, there is the ‘idology’ of homos who are to be regarded as new angels. Why did HIV epidemic happen? Never ever blame the homos. Don’t think about how all those homos in bathhouses acted foul and filthy and spread germs far and wide in endless orgies of fecal penetration. The blame goes to ‘bigots’ than to ‘buggots’. Blame Ronald Reagan for not coming up with a miracle cure instantly, and blame ‘homophobes’ for their lack of compassion. Never mind that the ‘homophobes’ gave the homos the best advice: “Be careful with all that gross butt-fuc*ing cuz it’s one helluva way to spread the HIV germ.”

Idols have power, but who controls the idology? It depends on where the real power resides. While ‘idolic’ value has much to do with ‘viscerality’, that alone doesn’t secure a person or a group’s place in the pantheon. After all, blacks have long possessed idolic value in sports and popular music, but the White Power kept them at the margins as second-class citizens up to mid-20th century when attitudes really began to change, altering the moral landscape from “blacks need to prove themselves worthy as a credit to their race” to “whites must atone for their crimes against the Divine & Noble Negro”. So, ‘viscerality’ alone doesn’t do it. Rather, the highest kind of ‘idolic’ value is achieved via the combination of visceral magnetism and sacrosanctness. To better understand this, consider the ‘idolic’ status of whites in the modern world. Even though whites have lost to blacks in sports and certain aspects of sexuality, they are still considered the most appealing race in many areas. There are still many star quarterbacks. Whites dominate in many sports other than football, basketball, fighting, and sprinting. Though rap is the most popular musical form, white rock still has many fans(and there are popular white rappers); and the appeal of country music never seems to fade for a large segment of Americans. Also, white facial features and hair are considered the most special and desirable. And many peoples around the world — Africa, Arab world, India, Japan, South America, and etc. — go out of their way to look more ‘western’ by plastic surgery, skin lightening lotions, hair-dyeing, and other means. Even though Latin America is majority non-white, the most popular TV shows often feature characters who are white or look mostly European. Black men prefer white women over black men, and non-white women from Asia and Latin America often prefer white men. Fashion industry still mainly markets White Beauty, often ‘Aryan’. Also, white people have a reputation around the world as the most capable in creating and maintaining modern societies governed by Rule of Law. One could argue, as implicitly suggested in Charles Murray’s book HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT, that no race and culture have done more to transform the world into modernity than the White West has. So, one would think all those ‘viscerality’ points would lead to very high ‘idolic’ stature for whites. But, it isn’t so, and why not? Because the ultimate power is now held by Jews, and in order for Jewish Power to reign supreme, whiteness had to be demoted and even defamed in the ‘idolic’ department. Furthermore, Jews know where pathological white auto-idolatry can lead to: Nazi Germany. But even if most whites rejected and denounced Nazism as vile and evil, it wouldn’t be sufficient for ensuring the primacy of Jewish Supremacism. After all, even if whites weren’t into white supremacist mode, the mere sense of pride and prestige in whiteness would make whites feel comfortable being white in identity and in serving white interests. If whites have their own moral gravity, they will try to make issues and matters revolve around them, and that would mean whites will not prioritize “Is it good for Jews?” To make whites serve Jews and Jewish supremacism, whites must be rendered void of moral gravity, thereby entering into the orbit of a people with immense moral gravitational pull. Via their control of media, academia, finance, law, and Deep State, Jewish Power has raised entire generations of white kids on the Cult of White Guilt that neutralizes white moral gravity. From a young age, whites kids are inculcated with worship of Holy Negro(MLK) and Cool Negro(black rappers & athletes), Holy Jews(as the Eternal Holocaust People as victims of the greatest evil of all time that was whitity-whitey-white), Holy Homos(as the angels and fairies of the new spirituality), Diversity(without which white people have no reason to live), and Cucky-Wuckiness(whereby whites may take moral pride ONLY IN professing how shitty their own race is and how they are working so very hard to purge the ‘inner-racist-antisemite-homophobe-xenophobe’ within). If Jussie Smollett in effect punched himself and said ‘whitey done it’, white cucky-wucks punch themselves to show how virtuous they are in their never-ending rituals of self-flagellation. It’s a form of moral self-abuse, or ‘moralbation’. And this is how Jews have gained near-total domination over the white race.

A Leader of the Free World.

Granted, Jews know that whites do have natural ‘idolic’ value, and this is still marketed as products for Jewish profits, an enterprise that is essentially pornographic. Notice how the Jewish-dominated Disney is now essentially Jizzney that farm-raise white boys and especially girls as slutty eye-candy and sex toys. So, whiteness is meat without meaning. Just like cows and pigs exist to be turned into products for mass consumption, whiteness has been commoditized into brands and products to be sold by Jews. In the 1960s, Jean-Luc Godard noted that consumer-capitalism was turning everyone into a kind of prostitute. But even prostitutes have some agency and individuality in their bargaining power. In contrast, pornography is about the industrialization of human into meat, and the current econo-cultural reality of globo-capitalism is closer to pornography. People in pornography — and even much of mainstream culture is essentially soft-core porn — sell desire but never earn respect because of the base character of the business. There is still much demand for whiteness, but notice there is almost no RESPECT anymore. Non-whites demand to enter white nations like so many people lining up outside Dairy Queen. “Give us milk shake!” “Give us ice cream!” Whiteness went from white prestige to white product. Non-whites around the world now feel that white peoples, wealth, and lands exist to provide easy stuff for them. Black men now feel that white women exist for their jungle fever acts. Asian women now feel that white men exist for their bamboo fever dreams. Many non-white nations, especially in Africa, feel that white Europeans exist to send them free stuff. Black Africans demand, “more food, more medicine, more clothes, more machinery, more everything.” Brown hordes along the US-Mexican border line up and demand to be let in because whites apparently founded and built America as a great rich nation just so browns can enter to improve their own lives. And Jews believe that white women exist to suck the cocks of Portnoic men, white men exist to serve as managers to Jewish bosses(like worthless cucky-wuck Mitt Romney and John McCain who did little else play dog to Jewish Power), white-soldiers-as-attack-dogs(both men and women now) exist to kill and die Arabs/Muslims in Wars for Israel, and all white people exist to sing hosannas to Jews, Jews, Jews as the Eternal Holy Holocaust People. Unlike blacks(with visceral power in sports and song), homos(with visceral power in fashion and exhibitionism), and Jews(with visceral power in wit and humor) whose ‘idolic’ advantages have been linked with quasi-spiritual moral meaning(thus elevating their status from spirited to spiritual), white ‘viscerality’ is linked with no deeper meaning or higher inspiration. Indeed, Jews are even erasing the meaning of white origins, roots, and past by using the media & academia to create the impression that white history was really diverse, especially with black men as heroes humping white women. BBC now routinely features programs about British history where white figures and heroes have been replaced with black ones. Because St. Augustine was North African and because Pushkin was part Negroid, John Podhoretz says Christo-European history is as non-black as white. (I suppose Chineseness is as much a part of French history and culture since the French court took some ideas from Oriental Absolutism.) Jews regard the entire world as their bathtub. If a white-nation-rendered-diverse is more comfortable for Jews, then the faucet must be turned on at full blast to flood the white tub with multi-culti water that feels ‘warmer’ to Jews. So, it was British Jews who spearheaded the Afro-Islamization of Great Britain. It was all in the name of IIGFJ or “Is it good for Jews?” Jews, as the Holy Holocaust people, told white elites that UK is ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi-like’ UNLESS it opens the floodgates to the Third World. Jews told whites that homogeneity is a pathology, and diversity is the cure. (That must be why diverse Latin America, North Africa, and Central Asia have been heaven on earth.) Jews, in their chutzpah, even claimed that Britain has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’ because it had been invaded and ravaged by Romans, Vikings, and others when it was divided, weak, and relatively primitive. Because Jews, as Holocaust Geniuses, had intellectual, verbal, financial, and moral advantage over whites, the British elites just caved to every demand, and the result is London and other major cities of Great Britain becoming majority non-white. Of course, Jews generally don’t say they pulled off this foul deed for their own tribal self-aggrandizement; instead, they pontificate about their compassion for the poor and wretched around the world. But if so, why do Jews in Europe also welcome rich non-white elites who are doing just fine in their own nations? Also, if Jewishness is all about supporting the underdog against the top dog, why are Jews so angry with Jeremy Corbyn who apparently took Jewish morality to heart and decided to support the oppressed Palestinians against Zionist imperialists? The only thing that counts is ‘Is it good for Jews?’

And so, we are living in one of the most extraordinary times in history. We are living in the Age of Jewish Prophecy come true, and JEWS KNOWS IT but don’t want us to know it, at least not consciously. Jews want us to feel it, internalize it, celebrate it, and support it BUT WITHOUT EVER KNOWING what is really happening. It is a kind of hypnosis — something denied by the odious Bari Weiss — made possible by Jewish-dominated news media(that are over 90% controlled by Jews and managed by ardent Zionists who purge people like Marc Lamont Hill and Rick Sanchez), Jewish control of academia & its funding(which allows Jews to control the Narrative), Jewish control of entertainment & advertising(which allows Jews to control the idolatry & iconography, or ‘idology’), and Jewish control of whore politicians(most of whom rely on big Jewish donors and can be destroyed by Jew-run media if they don’t play according to Jewish dictates). All that power allows Jews to have preeminent power over the world while hoodwinking us that they are still(and were and always will be) a poor little beleaguered group that is constantly in need of protection, sympathy, and adoration(and if you don’t comply, why, you’re an ‘Anti-Semite’!!). It’s like what Nick Fuentes said about how Jews operate. They rule the world but use their power to make us believe they don’t rule the world. And even those who know the truth better shut up lest their observations upset the current power arrangement where Jews, as biggest victors, hog most of the sympathy as the biggest victims.

What is most jarring, strange, and unique about Jewish Hegemony is it is so big on hushed pride(and arrogance and megalomania) than open pride. All other great powers in the past not only bragged of their power but exaggerated it, like a bird spreading its flumes to make itself seem bigger than it is. Even in their precipitous declines, the Spanish Empire, Ottoman Empire, and French Empire tried to maintain the illusion of grandeur and invincibility, that is until some major crisis finally popped the bubble and laid bare their actual power that proved to be far less than they’d projected. They were like a rich man bragging of unlimited wealth despite being close to bankruptcy. In contrast, Jews are obsessed with hiding their power. It’s like a rich man who pretends to be poor. In this, Jewish power is like the Mafia. In GOODFELLAS and CASINO, the top mob bosses who have lots of money try to pass themselves as just regular guys. They don’t want to be noticed. They know their wealth is illegitimate and fear drawing attention to what they’re really up to.

On some level, Jews feel that their wealth and power are illegitimate too. One difference between Jewish power and past goy power is that the latter had wealth, demographics, and military might. When Roman empire was on the rise, Romans not only had the wealth but Roman demographics and military might to back up the wealth and pride. But, Jews lack the numbers. And even as Jewish power has its hooks into the deep state that controls the military, most of the military is not Jewish, which is why Jews seek to use globohomo stuff to proxy-Judaize the military, i.e. a military whose highest priority is ‘celebrate homos and trannies’ is bound to favor minority-supremacism than majority-nationalism. The lack of Jewish numbers and Jewish-dominant military makes Jewish power very nervous as it relies on the power of money and media: Money to bribe people with, the media to hypnotize the masses with. But bribery only goes so far, and people may break out of the spell, after which it is very difficult to pull them back in. You can fool a dummy, but once the dummy turns cynic, it’s hard to put the cynic back in the dummy bottle. It’s like adults can fool children only so many times. Once the spell is broken, no amount of doubling down can reboot the world to an earlier state. You can’t fool a child into believing in Santa once he knows the truth. Jews fear that the spell may be finally breaking because their divide-and-rule strategy is backfiring on them. Jews invoked ‘white privilege’ to rally non-whites against whites. Thus, Jews sought to use non-white goyim against white goyim. Jews also invoked ‘holy holocaust Jews’ and ‘Judeo-Christianity’ shtick to make white goyim support Israel and Jews. HOWEVER, many non-whites are figuring out that Jews are the #1 beneficiaries of White Privilege, and a growing number of whites are beginning to think, “Why should we whites defend Jews when Jews get non-whites to hate us and replace us?”

Still, the majority of Americans, especially whites, remain under the wicked spell of venal Jewish Power. They are still stuck in ‘muh Israel’ nonsense even though Jews see whites merely as More Palestinians to dispossess, defame, and humiliate. And the bogeyman of ‘white privilege’ still has a lot of non-whites thinking that the US is ruled by crusty Wasps, hillbillies, cowboys, and big city Irish machines, not to mention KKK and Neo-Nazis, than by Jews. This is why Jews are always using the misdirection-tactic of ‘white privilege’. Not only will non-whites and cucky-wuck whites go on believing that Mormons and the like rule America, BUT they will see even Jewish Power as ‘white power’, thereby laundering Jewish bad behavior as ‘white abuse’. So, if Jews pull dirty shit in Wall Street, Hollywood, Deep State, and etc, it’s all chalked up to ‘white privilege’.

Another way Jews seek to hide their own power is by associating themselves with certain much-idolized(mostly by Jew-run media) groups such as blacks or ‘immigrants’(as if today’s marauding third worlders are anything like the European immigrants who passed through Ellis Island over 100 yrs ago). Naturally, Jews will favor certain groups as holy victims based on the latter’s maximum-damage-value against whites and minimum-damage-value against Jews. This is why Jews would rather NOT talk about Palestinians, whose narrative has maximum-damage-value against Jews. Jews would rather talk about blacks because Black American History has maximum-damage-value against American whites. (Likewise, Senator Jesse Helms championed Soviet Dissidents because doing so had maximum-damage-value against the Left while costing his side nothing morally. Though political morality speaks of higher and universal values, the choice of focus-issues tends to favor certain groups while disfavoring others. For instance, discussion of black slavery in America not only condemns the practice of slavery in general but especially burdens whites for the practice. If the main focus were on blacks-selling-blacks into slavery in Africa, the ‘evil’ of the practice would mainly taint blacks. Morality may aspire toward universal truths, but the examples used to illustrate lessons particularize moral advantage and disadvantage among various groups. Jews know how this works, which is why they use their control of the Narrative to always use examples that makes Jews & their allies look good while making whites and enemies-of-Jews look bad. For example, Jews mention ‘antisemitic’ pogroms in the Pale of Settlement but ignore Zionist pogroms against Palestinians in the Nakba to make a point about the dangers of ethnic violence. So, even though the over-arching lesson may be universal — explosions of ethnic violence are wrong everywhere —, people come away with the impression that Russians/Ukrainians/Slavs are particularly bad while Jews are especially deserving of sympathy. Jews know that the trick is, “Preach universal morality via particular selectivity so that the higher good will be associated with nobility of Jews and perfidy of gentiles.” It’s like Jews constructed a universal one-and-only God but chose themselves as the particular people with special Covenant with God. One thing for sure, precisely because Jews with great wealth and privilege are vulnerable to scrutiny as the New Ruling Elites, they seek to preempt the criticism with loud denunciations related to issues with maximum-harm-value against whites to create the impression that they are still ‘spiritual’ underdogs whose main occupation is fighting than having power. Cognizant of America’s history of race-relations, Jews make the most noise about injustice to blacks during the Slavery and ‘Jim Crow’ era. But then, the ritual of guilt-baiting whites over blacks works ONLY IF Americans ignore or are amnesiac about what has happened in America since the 1960s when explosions of savage black violence laid waste to so many cities. An honest assessment of race relations would indicate that whites are more deserving of sympathy as victims of black brutality. Also and surely, there are far worse victims around the world in our time, not least the Muslims and Arabs who came into the cross-hairs of the Zionist Neocon and Neolib foreign policy that schemed to use US military and proxy forces to smite All Enemies of Israel. But then, those matters have maximum-harm-value against Jews, and so, best not to mention them in the Jew-run Media.) Now, it’s been noted that there were Jews in the American South, and they owned slaves too, indeed on a higher per capita basis than non-Jew whites. Furthermore, most southern Jews were staunchly pro-Confederate and ‘free trade’, meaning they favored Southern States trading with UK than with the North that offered higher-priced goods. Still, the history of Black Slavery in America is essentially a white Christian affair. (It was different in Latin America, especially Brazil, where pseudo-converso Jews dominated much of the slave trade, but because Jews control the academic narrative and media propaganda, few people know of the full extent of the Jewish role in the business of bondage, just like almost no one in the US knows that it was the Jewish Sassoon family that dominated the opium trade in China that destroyed millions of lives, and of course, it is the venal Sackler family that knowingly and willfully addicted countless white Americans to opioids to rake in billions and to commit silent genocide against the white working class — if some Wasp-dominated drug company had knowingly targeted Jews, blacks, or some non-white ethnic group in such manner, the Jew-run media would call it the second holocaust, but notice how the Jew-run media sought to suppress all news stories of White Death and Jewish involvement in it until evidence mounted up to a point where even the foul New York Times couldn’t ignore it anymore. Jews not only seek to replace whites with massive invasions by Third Worlders but try to kill them with drugs. Madoff and Sacklers have one thing in common: They were able to get away with so much bad behavior because they were protected by Jewish media and Jewish law firms.

Even as American patriots and White Liberationists are deplatformed and denied banking services, all Americans are forced to bail out Jewish banks; and of course, a total scum like Jonathan Pollard, whose treason led to the deaths of hundreds of people, was sprung from prison and offered a plush job in some Jewish firm. Jews are like Made Men in the Mafia. They can get away with just about anything. Before Madoff was finally brought down, he’d stolen billions for his Jewish clients; it was when he stole from the Jews as well that he finally got the ax. Notice how Youtube or Jewtube has put David Duke’s revealing video “CNN GOLDMAN SACHS AND THE ZIO MATRIX” in ‘limited state’. Jews all work together to shut down criticism of Jewish Power, but they use their media monopoly 24/7 to defame and scapegoat ‘whites’ for everything. Jewish elites Jews use soft-censoring — ‘limited state’ indeed — so that they can pretend they are not censoring. It’s like how Jews got the power but pretend not to have it. But thankfully, the video is not censored on Bitchute: Video Link. David Duke is a tainted figure who has said and done lots of stupid and even contemptible things in the past, but he is one of the most courageous figures to stand up to Jewish Supremacism. It is no wonder that Jews plotted with EU to ban David Duke videos in all of Europe that is, instead, inundated with Jewish-made interracist propaganda that promotes ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs on the basis that black men, as the superior race, should take white women from inferior white women whose only words should be, “I’m a cuck!”)


There was a school of Christian prophecy that hoped that the end of the second millennium would bring about the End of Times and the Return of Jesus. Christ’s truth would prevail over all the world, and only the Conversion of the Jews could save individual members from eternal damnation. But there was no End of Times at the turn of the millennium. No return of Jesus. Instead, the prophecy that came true was the triumph of the Jews who inherited(or robbed) the world like Shylock robbed the gentile of his heart. Even secular Jews who don’t literally believe a single word in the Bible are ecstatic with Jewish power and awesomeness. They want to shout out that they won. But, they know that their keeping the power and supremacy is incumbent upon silence and denial of power. This is why brash Jews who talk too much make more sensible Jews feel very nervous. Ironically, Jews who make a big deal about Jewish superiority tend not be the smartest Jews, just like white supremacist types are hardly the smartest whites and hardcore libertarians are hardly the smartest individuals. It seems the lesser members of any group or movement need to beat their chests to compensate for their lack of personal value.) It’s no wonder Jews are neurotic. They are so virulently noisy in silencing everyone about Jewish Power. It’s the loudest Shhhhhhhh ever heard.

Also, Jewish ambition is different from goy ambitions. Anglo-Americans were content with the American Century, but Jews are aiming for the Jewish Millennium. A Tribe that has survived for close to 4,000 yrs against all odds, Jews see history differently than most other peoples do. Because Jews see the long game, they are not only feisty and dogged but cold and reflective, just like Hyman Roth who can be bitter, spiteful, and tough-as-nails but also deceptively calm and wisely strategic. Jews generally lack romanticism. Their passion is a long burn inside the furnace than a bonfire in the night. Thus, Jewish power is able to burn more steadily, stealthily, and for longer. In contrast, the ‘Aryans’ with the ‘romantic’ and ‘heroic’ soul tend to get all excited and charge into things. This can lead to great achievements and leaps & bounds, but it can also leads to jumps off the cliff. Or, the obsession with excitement can make the victory seem boring. When the Jew wins, he concentrates on plugging all the holes and debugging all the problems so that he can keep the power for good. The Jew is never bored as he isn’t only a player but a tireless book-keeper(like Ace Rothstein in CASINO the movie). Jews, whose minds can obsess about just about anything with hair-splitting or diamond-cutting precision, can easily fend off boredom. It’s like the Jewish guy whose entire life revolves around numbers in PI by Darren Aronofsky. In contrast, there is something childlike about the ‘Aryan’ soul that needs to ‘go out and play’ to feel the excitement. A Jewish kid indoors can fill up his time with books, violin lessons, chess, or mastering card tricks or magic. In contrast, ‘Aryan’ kids need to go out and play ball or go hunting to feel alive.

When the ‘Aryan’ wins, dissipation often sets in for lack of fresh excitements. This is the difference between Jews who run casinos and gentiles who try out their luck. Jewish casino bosses know the odds; it’s all set up to rob the stupid gentiles. It is not excitement but intensity that Jews seek. They are intense in their commitment to keep the operation running to take more money from goyim. In contrast, the goyim blow their money because they love the excitement and razzle-dazzle of the play. Players and machines make all the noise while the Jewish bosses in the backrooms watch over the games and collect all the money. Then, it is not surprising that the Prophecy favored the Jews in the inheritance of the world. In Martin Scorsese’s CASINO, the Jewish casino operator Ace Rothstein understands the big picture better than any of the goombas who only care about fast cash in their hands. In the end, it is the other members of the Tribe, the Wall Street Jews, who totally take over Las Vegas. Mind wins over Muscle.

And yet, the prophecy that came true is not what God promised to Abraham and his descendants. God told Abraham that his Tribe will be a great people that will bless and be blessed by the world IF they are good and virtuous. But modern Jews didn’t inherit the world by being good and decent. The one time Jews did join a great moral movement in earnest passion turned out badly for everyone, both Jews and gentiles. That was communism, but then, as a secular ideology it was a rejection of the Covenant among Jewish communists. Even though Jews used their intelligence, talent, and knowledge to do tremendous good for the world and accumulated great wealth legitimately, too much of Jewish wealth came by the way of criminality, chicanery, or moral corruption. Jews played a huge role of organized crime in US, Interwar Germany, and Russia, a fact often overlooked because of the image of Italian gangsters in American pop culture. Also, a lot of Jewish behavior in finance, law, and entertainment was in the grey area between legality and crookedness. And Jewish wealth from vice industries such as gambling, pornography, and drugs is technically legitimate but ONLY BECAUSE Jewish clout bought up politicians to legalize questionable activities and behaviors. Jewish influence turned gambling from a seedy vice to ‘Las Vegas, the Christmas place to be’. Jews not only pioneered the legalization and spread of pornography but, with far dire consequences, basically pornified mainstream culture to the point where prime time TV shows are close to pornography and youth entertainment isn’t far from kiddie and teen porn. Jews turned Disney into a degenerate-culture factory that produces the likes of Miley Cyrus. And the Jewish Sacklers and many others of the Tribe turned the pharmaceutical industry into essentially a narcotics operations. Opioids peddled by the Sacklers — made legal by bribery and collusion — had almost no medicinal value and were designed to be addictive to the targeted population of the white working class. It was a chemical bait-and-switch, offering pain-killers that were actually turning the users into high-seekers.

So, our world is not a happy prophecy of Jews reaping rewards for exemplary behavior. It is a dark and satanic prophecy of Jews having gained control over the world by hook or by crook. But then, as the saying goes, ‘nice guys finish last’. The Jewish Covenant was based on faith that there is the one and only true God as the final judge watching over Jews and the World. And so, whenever things went badly for Jews, they believed they’d offended God and sought redemption in His eyes. But as Jewish thought moved away from Torah to Talmud, they begin to twist and turn the original narratives and meanings to suit their temporal temptations. Jewish focus went from the Torah, the book written by Prophets inspired by God, to the Talmud as a proto-lawyerly rationalization of increasingly unethical Jewish behavior in relation to Gentiles. We see the final result of such moral-spiritual corruption in today’s ultra-orthodox Jews who assure each other that Jewish souls are holy while gentiles are like donkeys whose lives can be sacrificed if it’s good for Jews. Still, because Talmudic Jews are still religious, on some level they know they must justify themselves before God. Even if they twisted the meaning of their religion into an brazenly ugly tribal supremacism, they do believe in the existence and preeminence of the true and good God(even if He is mainly good for Jews at the expense of everyone else). But, in the nether regions of Talmudic thought was the notion that there are darker forces animating the universe, i.e. it’s not so simple as the case of one and only God commanding all the world. Perhaps, God has a shadow, a doppelganger of ambiguous identity and quality, that works underhandedly to move world events, just like physicists speak of matter and anti-matter. And in order for Jews to fulfill their prophecy, perhaps it wasn’t enough to plead with or justify themselves before God. After all, every student knows he cannot depend on the master alone. The master stands for high principles and standards. He teaches the student the proper way, but no one gets anywhere in life simply by adhering to purity of principles. When theory meets practice, theory must break out of the shell and shake hands with the devil(in the details). In the end, the world isn’t as clean and predictable as stated in the text book. It’s like the scene in BACK TO SCHOOL where Rodney Dangerfield schools the highly respected professor, the authority on pure economics, on the way of the real world.

Now, the fact that Jews gained great wealth and power by questionable means is hardly new in history. Power by hook and by crook is as old as history itself. Still, it is jarring because Jews aren’t an ordinary people but ones who’ve regarded themselves as the holiest people. In our collective imagination, Jews are infinitely more significant and symbolic than, say, lowlife Gypsies or cutthroat Chechens. If there’s a filthy rich Gypsy or Chechen, most people will hardly be surprised that an especially vile member of the generally grubby clan made it big by nefarious means. In contrast, there’s a lot of moral, spiritual, and historical baggage with Jews — indeed, the extremely negative stereotypes of Jews cannot be understood apart from the extremely high expectations of Jews as the Original People of the Book and/or resilient survivors of tragic history; in other words, extreme anger toward Jews is, at least in part, due to a sense of betrayal upon seeing-the-real-Jew-at-last; it’s like expecting Moses as Charlton Heston but discovering he’s really Mel Brooks who threatens your daughter, “Hump or Die”. (Given that gentiles ‘stole’ the Jewish God for themselves via Christianity, the moral upmanship against Jews was partly a means to mask the shame of their failure or inability to create a comparable spiritual-moral system on their own. Suppose I steal your idea, but instead of admitting my crime and indebtedness, I hide my shame by claiming that I’m the one who truly appreciated and improved on the idea whereas you failed to understand the full worth of what you had, and therefore it really belongs to me and the hell with you.)

Furthermore, the Covenant wasn’t a brazen piece of nihilist supremacism — “we are the best simply because we are, and we can trample on anyone for the hell of it” — but a conditional contract that promised Jews great honor and glory IF they were the most moral and wise of all peoples. God’s blessing on the Jews depended on the goodness of Jews. And, in the aftermath of World War II and Shoah, even secular Jews, despite their lack of faith, presented the Jewish Narrative as essentially profoundly moral and meaningful, i.e. Jews, having been ‘persecuted’ for so long and having survived one of the greatest horrors of all time(if not the most horrible), had attained special wisdom and understanding that only comes to the most tragic and contemplative of peoples. Every Jew was like a little messiah, and Anne Frank was like the New Madonna of the Modern World.

And so, there was a desire, on part of both Jews and Gentiles(at least white ones), to believe that the rise of Jewish Power would be different from all previous powers. It would be a power and even dominance based on wisdom, goodness, and blessings of God or humanity hungry for redemption following World War II. The New Narrative was that Christianity, despite its moral and spiritual claims, had really been diseased at the core from its inception because it had defamed and slandered the wise and noble Jews. Romans had killed Jesus, but Jews got the blame. Therefore, despite Christianity’s greatness as religion, it ultimately failed God, humanity, and history because, by proselytizing about Jews as Christ-Killers, it had laid the groundwork that led to the Holocaust. This New Narrative effectively killed Christianity following World War II. While secularism and neo-pagan sensualism had been chipping away at religious authority since the Age of Reason, they hadn’t dealt a death blow to Christianity. At most, modernity made Christianity seem passe, irrelevant, and/or tired. In contrast, the New Narrative(premised on the Holocaust as Year Zero of a new awakening) more-or-less made the case that Christianity, if not exactly evil in intent, had nevertheless nursed a great evil in its bosom, and its end-result was the Holocaust: Hitler, more than Jesus, was the real face of the culmination of Christianity. (This is why Jews are so adamant in condemning the Catholic Church as having been compliant in Hitler’s great crime.) It’s one thing to be passed over or ignored, but it’s quite another to be charged with murder. The Holocaust Narrative essentially charged Christianity with murder, and the Church, instead of pushing back against the New Narrative, at best played defense and at worst prostrated itself before Jews and begged forgiveness… even if the redemption, as demanded by Jews, requires churches to bend over to globo-homo lunacy.

Now, if Christianity has been charged with murder and sentenced to death on the ‘rainbow’-sparking electric chair of Homomania, then the rise of Jewish Power is to be greeted as the new dawn of human consciousness, achievement, and affirmation. In other words, the prophecy was not the return of Jesus but rise of Jews as little messiahs. Then, we can understand why Jews are most blessed and most cursed by humanity. Those who accept the moral claims of Jews admire and revere the Tribe as the holiest people, but those who think they see the Jewish face behind the mask see the Tribe as the synagogue of Satan.

Critics of Jewish Power might regard it differently(and with far less hostility) if not for all the historical, spiritual, and cultural baggage of Judaism and Jewish experience. After all, there are plenty of rich Chinese and Hindus, but we just see them as filthy rich people or people-with-too-much-money. We don’t see them as anything else or expect transcendence from them. But because of the significance around Jews, be it spiritual-moral-historical-cultural-or-what-have-you, we tend to regard Jewish Power as somehow connected with either the Will of God or the grand trajectory of history. And yet, when we take a close look at Jewish Power, so much is tawdry, vile, and disgusting. And the hypocrisy between what Jews morally claim and how they play the game. There is a mile-wide discrepancy between Jewish talk and Jewish walk. The problem isn’t that Jews aren’t saints or far-from-perfect, as that goes for all of humanity. Rather, it’s that Jewish abuses, greed, and pathologies have grown so out-of-control, excessive, and demented, especially as nearly all of Jewish power have converged on globo-homo supremacism. Non-Jews have long condemned Jewish involvement in leftist movements, BUT in retrospect, those Jews were far less dangerous than today’s ultra-capitalist globo-homo Jews. Because of the huge role of communism in the 20th century, people over-estimated the dangers posed by leftist Jews. What they failed to grasp was that the spread of communism was a fluke, an accident of history. Russian Revolution was the product of World War I that ravaged so much of Russia and created a power vacuum for radicals. And Eastern Europe fell to communism ONLY BECAUSE Nazi Germany invaded Russia and lost. And China turned communist ONLY BECAUSE the dominant KMT(the National Party) and Japanese imperialists wore each other down, thereby leaving a political void to be filled by communists. If not for the reckless aggressions of right-wing regimes(reactionary monarchies or radical fascist states) in World War I and World War II, communism would have been a far weaker force in the 20th century, the main trajectory of which favored the rise of capitalist oligarchies. Had right-wing regimes been more responsible & level-headed and avoided World War I, the story of the 20th century would have been of the fading of monarchies & aristocracies and the inexorable rise of capitalist oligarchies — and, most likely, no major nation would have turned communist. Under such circumstances, something like communism might have been a valuable critical tool against the all-pervasive power of capitalism. But because of communist revolutions and huge Jewish role in it, so many people assumed that defeat of communism would be a victory for freedom and the political ‘right’. But actually, Jews had far more to gain from capitalism than from communism, and the ‘End of History’ triumph of capitalism made Jews more powerful than ever. If anything, we can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic about past communist Jews who vigilantly critiqued the many problems of capitalism and its corrosive & disruptive effects on society and values. While Jewish communists have much blood on their hands, many(probably most) were sincerely committed to creating a new world of equal justice for all. The great tragedy of communism is the age old lesson that ‘ends do not justify the means’; also, much of humanity didn’t believe that the ends of communism were all that desirable. Jews are naturally elitist, tribal, and contemptuous of dummies, but Jewish communists struggled against their own tendencies and tried to be ONE with the gentiles. Granted, in their ideological fervor and subconscious tribalism, many Jews used communism to savor their tribal power and wreak vengeance on goyim, but the fact that Jews eventually lost out under communism suggests the system was geared to favor the goy dimwits over Jewish wits.

One thing for sure, this isn’t the End of History but the Beginning of the Prophecy(realized) but with a secret covenant with the Devil than with God. Jewish Power is now so satanic and demon-possessed — the fact that I, an atheist, feel this way about the current World Order signifies how deranged the world has become — that it’s impossible to see the Age of Jewish Prophecy as fulfillment of a noble dream. If this is what God promised the Jews, the Torah has to be fundamentally reinterpreted. Or if History with big H culminated in this moment in time, there is something truly sick at the core of human nature and human condition. Contrary to the ‘more evolved’ conceits of demented Homomania and ‘transhumanism’, the so-called ‘woke’ people of the 21st Century are degenerate beyond belief and must undergo drastic reformations if civilization, morality, and sanity are to be restored. Incredibly, we live in a world where the most educated and intelligent groups are infected with deranged delusions that they rabidly cling to and expound in fever-pitch. The current goy cuck-elites are like demon-possessed monsters who are utterly blind to their pseudo-moral dementia. As for Jews, their main obsession is with concocting any number of lies to serve “Is it good for Jews?” As for Negroes(who constitute the biggest danger to civilization) and homos(as the main instigators of cultural decadence now elevated to ‘sacradence’, or excrement-as-the-new-sacrament), their Core Worldview is how all of humanity exists mainly to flatter them and make offerings because Negroes and Homos are so awesome. Negroes have Wakanda on their mind, and Homos(as the Wizards of Poz), feel all the world should be turned into ‘gay’ teletubby land.

In a way, it’s understandable why Jews made a Pact with the Devil. Just like the protagonist of ALL THE KING’S MEN realizes there is ONLY ONE WAY to win, Jews figured on the same thing. Still, compromising the means to achieve certain ends is as old as the hills. America was founded on compromises that betrayed certain principles to arrive at certain objectives. Such, in and of itself, is not the problem with Jewish Power. We can’t expect any people or movement to be pristine and pure. What’s truly freakish is that the very ENDS(that the Jewish Power is striving for via the corruption of means) are vile and evil. At the very least, communist Jews sought to create a better world for workers and the underclass. They employed frightful means, but the ends had a certain nobility. In contrast, the globo-homo tribal-supremacist oligarcho-capitalist Jews are trying to turn all of goyim into trashy, cartoonish, infantile, deranged, and obedient whore-children. Consider the contradictions in the Jewish Plot to turn goyim into child-prostitutes. Worthy destination for the End of History? On the one hand, goyim are infantilized, not least because mind-stultifying ideology & ‘idology’ are fed to children at the earliest possible age. In some ways, the so-called SJW’s(aka NPCs) are as emotionally retarded as the the Kim-worshiping lunatics in North Korea(or the Chinese were under Mao). The reason why they are so ‘triggered’ is they’ve been infantilized with mindless worship of certain sacred tropes about Jews, blacks, and homos. Any form of ‘counter-signaling’ is intolerable and blasphemous to such childish minds. And yet, these big babies who throw tantrums have also been sexualized at the earliest possible age: (Perhaps, some Jews want to sound the alarm and tell fellow Tribesmen to stop with the sickness lest the goyim finally explode in anger and come after Jews. Then, why the silence for the most part? Perhaps, Jews sense that it’s too late now. That ship has sailed long ago. Jews have gone all in, and it’s now a matter of win-all or lose-all, a dangerous zero-sum game, like there was no going back for Japan after it bombed Pearl Harbor. If Jewish critics have something to say, they should have said it earlier. In the current situation, because things have gotten so bad, even good-willed criticism on the part of Jews will not lead to appreciation from ‘Jew-haters’ but will be seen as signs of weakness to exploit to bring down the Jew.) The Jew-run media and academia raise no alarm bells about children having access to porn even before they’re teenagers. Disney and other companies market quasi-prostitute dress and makeup to young girls. Stuff like ‘twerking’ and rapping about ‘muh dick’ are peddled as ‘empowerment’ to kids. The satanic Jewish Prophetic way is to infantilize the minds even for adults and sexualize the body even for children. This trans-genderism-for-kids isn’t just an LGBTQI(add more alphabets, please) issue but a means to sexualize children from a young age. From this, it’s obvious that not only are Jewish means corrupt and compromised but the Jewish ends themselves are crazy, indeed even worse than the means. It’s one thing to soil one’s hands to do some good in the world. Suppose a man runs a brothel to make money to send his kids to college so that they won’t have to do what he did. There’s at least some redemptive quality in that. WOMAN IN THE RUMOR, a film by Kenji Mizoguchi, is about a woman who runs a geisha joint to provide her daughter with a better life. And in THE GODFATHER, Vito Corleone wanted something better for Michael. And even though Michael Corleone gets pulled into the criminal world, he strives to go ‘legitimate’ and keep the family together. These are stories about people who bargain with the devil to earn something better for themselves, but of course, it is never easy. Indeed, one of the critiques of capitalism by Marxists was that EVEN IF capitalism does produce lots of good things for humanity, its core dynamics is about ‘exploitation’ of alienated labor by the controllers of capital. Workers make goods in the material economy while the owners control the system via the money economy. In WOMAN IN THE RUMOR and THE GODFATHER, the tragic sense comes from the divide between the aspirations and the abjectness of reality. In contrast, when sane people survey the Age of Jewish Prophecy, they are bound to ask, “So, all of human history with all its strife, conflicts, tragedies, genius, vision, and search for redemption led to THIS? Really? A world where the globo-metropole, the US, defines itself with worship of homo-fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting as ‘rainbow’ ecstasy, ‘twerking’ as a dance form, slut pride as ‘empowerment’, broken borders(called ‘open borders’) as national policy & moral urgency, grown women dye their hair blue or pink, parents & children pock themselves with tattoos(or body graffiti) & piercings, mindless morons pledge their allegiance to Israel while denying their own identity & history, white men cucking & white women going ‘jungloid’ with interracism with blacks, and etc? So, this is the grand culmination of the End of History? The Beginning of Degeneracy, Decadence as the New Sacredness — or ‘sacredence’ or excrement as new sacrament — , and mind-blowing hypocrisy of Mono-Nationalism where Jews and only Jews are deserving of everlasting identity and territory while all the world must open up to the poison fumes of globalist demographic replacement.

Signs of the Times. Truly. 

On some level, of course the Jews understand what is going on. They must, even though they express their elation and anxieties esoterically lest the goyim found out what is really happening. Remember how Zed reacted upon realizing that his kind has been fooled and manipulated by the Eternals in ZARDOZ? He lashed out in fury and swore to get revenge against the Eternals. The power doesn’t want us to know the truth, and so they prop up the Iconography and Narrative to toy with our emotions and senses. And they feed us the simpleminded zealotry of PC dogma to prevent us from thinking and asking the big questions. Our capacity for reason has been subsumed under the spell. And to break out of this spell, we need the secret decoder. We need to LEARN TO DECODE. This is why Jews now fear free speech and free inquiry. They demand that we accept that the ‘debate is over’ and leave it up to the Jews and ‘experts’ to tell us what is what. Our role is to believe, accept, and parrot. Whereas top Jews and smart white-cucks know what is really going on, the lesser Jews and the dimmer white cucks really do believe in the PC Narrative, dogma, and ‘idology’. Generally, the true believers, being less smart and aware, rarely have the dominant power, but there are times when they do gain control over certain key elite departments. (Second-rate zealots rose to prominence temporarily during the Cultural Revolution when chaos was the order of they day.) This becomes as problematic to Jews as to us folks. Obviously to us, these true-believing elites are dangerous and hostile. But they also pose a threat to Jewish power because they insist on purity of commitment. They don’t understand that Jews propped up PC as a controlling tool over goyim than as sincere set of universal values for all mankind. Also, being stupid, the true believers are pathetically unaware that PC, as currently constructed, is a betrayal of true universal values as it is less about same-rules-for-everyone than ‘idological’ favoritism of certain groups over others: Jews, Homos, and Blacks over everyone else. Because of their mania and stupidity, their handling of PC logic is almost like Dustin-Hoffman-as-Rain-Man trying to make sense of “Who’s on First”, the famous Abbott & Costello shtick. They just don’t get it.

But Jews get it. Granted, not all Jews who get it feel the same way about it. While the majority of Jews-who-get-it are about using deception and manipulation to keep the Power, there are other kinds of Jews-who-get-it as well. Some Jews-who-get-it or JWGI have a certain sentimentality about goyim(especially non-whites) and feel rather bad about how smart Jews are using their money, muscle, and manipulation to hoodwink, exploit, and harm goyim, especially powerless ones like Palestinians. Philip Weiss and Norman Finkelstein are such Jews, and they tend to be on the Left. Then, even smaller in number are the Jews, usually on the Right, who believe that Jews should make peace with the world by recognizing the right of identity and territory for all peoples in exchange for the world’s recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation-state. THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM by Yoram Hazony is a good specimen of the position of these JWGI. Though smallest and weakest among Jews, at least in the diaspora, they are the most realistic and honorable because Poly-Nationalism is the best way for arranging & ruling societies and because these kinds of Jews have a sense of reciprocity: Gentile groups respect Jews, Jews respect gentile groups. And they are essentially Neo-Fascist in their balance of tradition of the ancients and the triumph of the modern.

But the kind of JWGI who have the real power are the quasi-satanic Jews. In a way, the overflow of Jewish Satanism is hardly surprising because intense power or force can do great good or great evil. It’s like fire can be used to maintain civilization or burn it down. It’s like nuclear energy can be used to light a city or blow it up. It’s like Negro vocality can be used spiritually to inspire folks or used savagely to rap about guns, ho’s, and blings. Greatness is never one-dimensional. Jews are a great people with remarkable intelligence, insight, and intensity of personality. For much of human history, Jewish intensity was contained and guided by the vision of God. Even though some may argue that Talmudism was a subconscious plot on the part of Jews to twist and turn Godliness to justify bad Jewish behavior, it too placed some brakes on what Jews could say or do. But with the fading of religion and then of universal idealism, Jewish intensity went in new directions. It could opt for modern tribalism of nationalism. It could opt for global hegemony via neo-imperialism masked with globo-homo. It could use its riches and privileges to indulge in bacchanalia, especially with Jewish men sticking their dongs into buxom blonde ‘shikses’ and Jewish women seeking out mandingos with mega-dongs. Without a moral and spiritual lid to control Jewish energies, they boiled over into all kinds of excesses. It went Portnoic, but then at least Philip Roth was serious and sincere enough of a writer to wrestle with this neurosis. He felt some degree of anxiety, shame, and confusion. But later generation of Jews grew up at ease with the perversion. They might call on friends to watch a porn video where Ron Jeremy is sucking his own dick, surely a long way from the world of BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS. Over time, Jews came to stop worrying and learned to love the Portnoic Power. But, goyim underwent similar changes-of-hearts in the modern era. Consider the sense of self-doubt in the endings of Federico Fellini’s LA DOLCE VITA and Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’AVVENTURA. Or the philosophical angst of Ingmar Bergman films. Even though those film artists fully immersed themselves in modernity, they’d been raised in a world where the fear and shame of sin were still a factor. Even in their rejection of sin, the fact that they had to struggle against it was sure sign that it still animated their emotions and worldview. Anyway, whatever trepidation older generations of Jews may have felt about the times-they-are-a-changing, the New Jews since the rise of boomers have been utterly shameless and insane in their greed, lust, vanity, and pride… just like Jordan Belfort and crew in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Through these types, the intensity of Jewish energy has grown utterly satanic and demon-infested, all the more so because there’s something so perverse about Jews presenting themselves as the eternally holy Holocaust People, the moral inspiration for all of mankind, while indulging in the worst excesses and using their massive amounts of money, power, and influence to degrade, dissolve, or destroy so much of the world. Belfort rationalized his greed as payback for a Wasp country-club’s discrimination against his grandfather. Jeffrey Epstein the sex fiend and pervert invoked ‘antisemitism’ when he became the suspect of a criminal investigation. The loathsome Michael Cohen repeated the canard about being the son of a ‘Holocaust Survivor’, a meaningless term as just about any Jew who lived in areas under Nazi Occupation can designate himself as one. Given that 75% of French Jews survived WWII, were they all Holocaust Survivors? The way Jews use the Holocaust like Portnoy uses a piece of liver in Philip Roth’s novel, we must now deal with Holocaust Porn.

The most rapturous and inspirational sight to many of our educated classes: A Deranged Jewish Homo ‘twerking’ his oft-buggered arse in public.

In a world without scriptures and strictures, the shameless demonic Jews were bound to win out over the decent Jews. Never mind the ‘revenge of the nerds’. Our age is that of the Revenge of the Golden Calfers. The prophecy favored not the Jews of Moses but the Jews of homoses. As capitalism devoid of Christian, Jewish, socialist, humanist, and/or fascist reminders of higher/deeper ethos came to rule the West, the anti-values of unfettered greed, wanton self-indulgence, decadence & degeneration, and murderous power-lust became the New Normal. How could good Jews compete with bad Jews in this world that bestows scumbags like Sheldon Adelson with tens of billions to play with and buy off whore politicians? Take a Jew like Roman Polanski. Highly intelligent and creative but strange and intense by nature. Though communist censorship suppressed much creativity, its one virtue was restraining the worst tendencies of artists like Polanski. Franz Kafka was strange and perverse too, but he lived in a less shameless time, which forced him to be a more serious artist. In contrast, Polanski, though having his share of masterpieces and worthy films, also frittered his talent on trash and indulged in sexual acts that led to his exile in France where he managed to remain safe from the clutches of the law by the dubious grace of cultist reverence of artists, protection by Jewish worldwide network, and French guilt about Jews in WWII. Polanski’s case exemplifies so much of what is wrong with Jewish Power: Jews who preach universal values circling the wagons to protect a Tribesman who indulged in vile defilement of a goy ‘shikse’ and shamelessly exploiting the Holocaust as ‘get out of jail’ card to snub justice. It’s worse than simple demonism because it pretends to be angelism, just like Jewish Power has elevated decadence as the new sacredness.

And yet, Polanski was serious enough as an artist to grapple with the problems of Jewish neurosis and power. Though 1968 saw the release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY that mythologized the rebirth of ‘Aryan’ David Bowman as the Nietzschean super-wiseman, the other release, ROSEMARY’S BABY directed by Roman Polanski based on the novel of Jewish Ira Levin, was far more prophetic in the trajectory of power in the coming era: The rise of Faustian Jewish Power that not only made a pact with the Devil but became the Devil itself. The current Age of the Jewish Prophecy is the Luciferian Age of Satanism, all the more so because the sheer preponderance of evil has hypnotized people all over the world into celebrating decadence & degeneration as the new sacredness and holiness. Jewish Power became Porn-Nazism as the New Faith. Perhaps then, Kubrick’s final film of EYES WIDE SHUT(that flirts with satanic imagery) was an admittance, even if subconscious, of how Polanski had been a better prophet in his gleeful cynicism and perverse pessimism as the new opportunity of hope unfettered by any moral considerations.

The 2018 film HEREDITARY by the Jewish Ari Aster furthers the Polanskique esoterism. Like Dustin Hoffman’s Benjamin sticks out like a Semitic sore-thumb in the WASP milieu of THE GRADUATE, the son(Henry Wolff) in Aster’s film looks markedly different or ‘semitic’ compared to everyone else in the family(and community) who look Anglo or ‘Aryan’. The story is set in the here and now, the Age of Feminism that affects even the powerful Jewish community. In some ways, the professional advancement of Jewish women means more money and power for Jews. But it also means fewer educated Jewish women having kids. It means Jewish women, with their own means and independence, may choose to run off with Negroes than have kids with Nice Jewish Boys. It means more Jewish men going with dimwit shikses and having less intelligent kids or marrying Asian women and having mellow-yellow kids who lack chutzpah, a key ingredient of Jewish power as intelligence alone isn’t enough. Also, if you think goy feminists are a pain in the arse, rest assured that Jewish feminists are many times worse. Indeed, much of modern feminism is Jewish bitchery, which set the template for the bitchery of goy women, i.e. goyess bitchery is mostly a lame imitation of Jewess bitchery.

Ari Aster, as a Jew, no doubt feels great pride and vanity about the current world being ruled and controlled by the Tribe. And he knows that Jewish Supremacist Prophecy owes to a secret covenant with Satanism than with Godliness. No wonder that all the plotlines in HEREDITARY, dramatic and genetic, lead to worship of demon prince Paimon. Indeed, the Age of Jewish Prophecy could be called ‘paimonic’. Portnoic energies spilled the beans or shot the wad on Jewish sexual energies, but Paimonic energies, as esoterically conveyed in HEREDITARY, offers a glimpse into the dark heart of the Jewish Faustian Will to Power. It’s like there is a force of ancient bloodlines and spirit that resides in every Jew, no matter how nebbish or ‘nice’ he appears to others and feels himself to be. This latent force is eventually awakened, and the Ur-Jew emerges from the Current-Jews. This serpentine line of Jews is the Eternal Jew, and individual Jews are merely a series of snake-skins which the real Ur-Jew grows and sheds.

In the modern world, Jews have tried to pass as ‘white’, but their identity is deeper & stranger than the generic blandness of whiteness would imply. (Granted, whiteness once had potent meaning and significance, but the combination of Anglo disdain of ‘odorous’ ethnic distinctness, American need for tolerance, Afro-seduction-and-domination over whites in sports & music, and Jewish defamation of whiteness via PC, whiteness now ranges from soulless statistical item to an object of opprobrium by all groups, not least by ‘good whites’ intoxicated with PC.) Then, it is somewhat fitting that the Semitic-looking son in HEREDITARY looks and feels apart from everyone else in the family. It’s as if we are looking through the eyes of Paimon and notice the kid’s unmistakable and irrepressible Jewishness.

And even though the story is dominated by females, everyone and everything lead to the crowning of the Semitic-looking son as the latest manifestation of Paimon. Throughout the movie, we see ‘strong’ female characters. We hear something about the grandmother but nothing about the grandfather. Even though the father is a nice guy, it is the mother who emotionally dominates the household. And even though the younger sister is deformed and apparently partly retarded, she is the favorite of the mother. And when the sister dies in an accident, the mother befriends an old woman who introduces her to the ritual of seance to call upon dead spirits. It’s woman-woman-woman-woman, but in the end, all the demonic fury, hysteria, and violence lead to the calm and commanding ritual in a tree house where the son is anointed as the keeper of the throne. It could be Ari Aster’s esoteric or eso-expression of anxiety over feminism, especially among Jewish men, but also a kind of triumphal self-assurance that, in the end, when push comes to shove, the eternal energies of the Jew will lead to the realization that there can be no Jewish Power without Jewish kings. Also, by nature, women are designed to surrender to power, be it demonism or divinity, than take control of it. Feminism is self-contradictory because it is about empowerment of women in search of what makes her most happy, which is submission to the Man of Power. Notice that in the ending of THE WITCH, the girl offers her soul to the Male Devil because he promises her sexual delights. What makes a man most happy is to possess and hold the power. What makes a woman most happy is to be held by the power. And that is why the women-heavy world of HEREDITARY is doomed unless it finds a male to place on the throne. Now, given the toxic pervasiveness of anti-natural feminism in our culture, Ari Aster’s esoterics come in two layers. On the one hand, it is an exegesis on the strange contours of Jewish Power physics written in a language that is decipherable to Jews-who-get-it(JWGI) but will go over the head of most goyim. But there is also the element of anti-feminism that Aster had to tip-toe around lest he be denounced by the Bitchery as a ‘misogynist’. But all the Jewish boingers know what it’s really about. “It has to be the son.” There is a hidden war between the Pud-centered Covenant and the Poon-centered or ‘Pooterin’ new covenant(or Cuntinant) that is quietly raging between Jewish men and Jewish women.

Anyway, here we are in the Age of Jewish Prophecy come true but in the worst way. A most extraordinary time, the first such in human history. While Jews had ups and downs all throughout history, they never inherited the world… that is until now, and they did so on the backs of Anglo-American achievement. Jews tamed the white horse, the strongest horse there is. As its rider, Jews can carry out globo–pogroms or ‘globogroms’ against any people. What Cossacks did to Jews in the Pale of Settlement was nothing compared to Zionist-supremacist ‘globogroms’ against the Arab and Muslim world. Cossacks killed at most thousands. Jewish Power killed millions.

The Jewish rider broke the spirit of the white horse with the burden of Holocaust Guilt. Jews also used the black whip of ‘white guilt’ about slavery. There has never been a time such as this. Since their emergence as a people & culture thousands of years ago, Jews believed that, one day, the time would come when they, as the blessed of God, would be the people around whom all of humanity would revolve. One could argue that with the rise of Christianity and Islam, the Jewish-conceived God did take over the world, but the actual power was with the gentiles, not with Jews who were deemed the Killers of Christ by the Christians. But in the 20th century, Jews not only suffered their worst calamity but reached their greatest heights with power of money and media. Jews gained control of the signals in a world where electricity became the lifeblood of the economy, information, and imagination. J-Ray(Jewish Ray) via screens big and small came to dominate our perceptions of the world. And because the US became the sole superpower after the end of the Cold War, Jews came to dominate all the world, not least because the EU and Japan are also essentially puppets of the US. While there are many nations with few or no Jews, the fact is only a few nations matter in dominating the world, and Jews control the biggest fish that control the big fishes that dominate over all other fishes.

But how long can this Jewish Hegemony last? Does it have the legitimacy to be worthy of lasting? Will the Paimonic Prophecy enter the dustbin of history a hundred years from now? Or will Jewish Evil rule the world in the coming centuries or even millennia. If the current prophecy fails, will Jewish Power have fallen forever, like Ancient Egypt or Classic Rome, or will it rise again as a redemptive power that rejects its Paimonic past or as an even more evil power? Will there be cohesive Jewish community in years to come, or will Jews be divided among various mixed-raced Jews(as the current rate of Jewish interracism is exceedingly high) — Jewish/Chinese, Jewish/black, Jewish/Latino, Jewish/Anglo, and etc? Future generations may also live under the power of satanic Jewish Prophecy, or Jewish world domination may just be a faint memory to them, in which case, people in the future will have little idea of what a blessing or curse it was for the 21st century to come under the might of Jewish Hegemony. Of course, it’s possible that most of humanity will live(or ‘sleep’)through the Jewish Age of Prophecy unawares, and it’s also possible that historians won’t even write about it as a most worthy subject. Yuri Slezkine called the 20th century the “Jewish Century”, but he was way too modest and he ain’t seen nothing yet. Jews played an immense role in the 20th century but not the dominant role. That changed in the 21st century, the Age of Jewish Prophecy and Prosperity, or the Prosperity Prophecy of the Golden Calfers. And Century isn’t enough for Jews, both the most ancient and most modern of all peoples. They want the Thousand Year Reichowicz. In the end, it seems Jews hate Hitler so much because he was not only onto them but wanted for his people what Jews were seeking for their own folks.

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  1. It’s irrefutable that homos are born that way? You mean, don’t you dare to refute it?

    • Thanks: Hitch
  2. ” Just like angels are nothing with God, these micro-revolutions are nothing without the Real Power.”

    I found this early on in my reading, and I’m wondering if I should continue onward with the article.

  3. bwuce wee says:

    modern society is really screwed up. there is fixed the tile for you. and eliminated the need for the rest of the text!
    i am not suicidal, but i would rather shoot myself in the head tham read this entire article. i am surprised that a rational person could actually spend this much time writing this, and still be able to function in daily life in society. it seems like something you would do in lockdown, or for your manifesto for the FBI to find after your death. a giant waste of space.

    • Agree: Fran Taubman
    • Replies: @Matt Rosenthall
  4. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    “But, were most of them real revolutions or mostly fads… like the hippie and disco ‘movements’?”

    I think a serious misunderstanding is going on in Youmg Fraud’s foggy noggin:

    When members of society or a community are exposed to a new ‘movement’, some embrace it, some dabble with it, while some reject it. When someome accepts it, it can alter their life forever. So the movement never dies if some people accept it and become adherents to the tenets. For example: a Zen Adherent, Beatnik, or a Surfer accept the tenets and the lifestyle of their movement, and they identify with that, and they live the rest of their life existing under that philosophy, while coexisting with their surrounding community of non-believers. There are aged Surfers and geriatric Beatniks, and even Ballroom Dance and Disco enthusiasts who were perfectly happy living their outdated dream throughout their lives of adversity. Their movement worked for them. Therefore their ‘revolution’ never faded away, and certainly never died. The same can be said for every wave of religious movement. As long as their remains one believer, the religious movement is alive and the revolution was successful. So the author believes a ‘movement or revolution*’ needs everyone to ‘accept it into eternity’ to be meaningful, but in fact only one person is needed to accept a new revolution for it to be successful. Because the world is about individuals, and this country is about individuals, the real war is between people finding their own individuality, their own oath, versus the pressure from outside forces to conform therefore making everyone more or less the same. So Big corporations, Big organized religion, Big powers that be, they all want people to conform so they can be predicted and controlled. The revolution is when the individual rejects conformity and finds a worldview that allows them live a happy peaceful existence in daily life. Beatniks, Hippies, Mennonites, Buddhists, Nudists, and many others throughout history have undergone their personal revolutions and managed to be true to them in spite of their ‘fad’ vanishing into the annals of history.

    *Relevant definitions of revolution:
    a. completion of a course
    c. a sudden, radical, or complete change
    d. a fundamental change in political organization
    e. activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation
    f. a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm
    g. a changeover in use or preference

    So revolution is the process of an individual finding his/her own path to happiness in a world that is chaotic and hostile to that individuals’ pursuit of happiness.

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is the goal of the Amercian Revolution. It is thepath of the indidual. If someone would have you believe that everyone must succumb to the same revolution and everyone must accept someone else’s revolution (or else!), well that is the ‘devil’- Being prevented from finding your own personal revolution. So the author missed the point. The point is find your own revolution, find your own path and make your own dream come true.
    forget about the ‘jew’s’ dreams for you. That is truly a waste of time and space! A waste of a life. Your life. There will always be people who despise you because you are different, and pressure you to conform to their beliefs. It takes all kinds to make a world. Personally, I like to see woke wacko multicultural fanatics acting out their idiotic infantile frustrated fantasies- it gives me the perfect reason not to be like them in my thoughts or actions. Yeah, ‘see genderbender blasian eco-chrislam heterephobe social justice warrior? Glad I am not _that_ guy!’

    • Thanks: Kali
  5. Trinity says:

    Last I had heard of Ron Jeremy the hedgehog was accused of rape. Jews and deviant porn/ sex go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Oreos and milk, like grill cheese and tomato soup, like bagels and cream cheese. Hehe.

  6. There is NO WAY that one man can be writing so many super-long articles. I find them interesting, especially the film clips, but if I read them all the way thru, I’d have no time to read anything else. Jung-Freud, or whomever he is, needs to shorten them considerably if he wants viewers to read them. I think there must be a whole team of writers who contribute.

  7. Although the story is sad in all its tragedy, it’s still great to read someone who has thought about things so deeply. The well-adjusted ‘goy’ is hardly interested in the article, he wants to walk as slave in darkness and not fight for his fate.
    Interesting that look at communism which the West sees only as a neocon Trotskyite IIGFJ-plot and Jewish Bolsheviks(Jewish Bolsheviks were fierce & committed warriors and could be as ruthless and bloody as any other military force. Communism was the ONE universalist idea for which many Jews were willing to fight and die for. The OTHER idea for which they were willing to fight and die for was Zionism and for obvious reasons. (Nothing fuels courage like nationalism.) But when it came to all other conflicts and struggles, Jews preferred to out-source all the fighting, killing, and dying to goyim.)
    I would have missed something about China building its own ’socialist dream’ that might not quite go along with the neocon IIGFJ-agenda. Will China save humanity – along with Russia and the BRICS? Or is China’s pragmatic way of socialism ’idology’’(ideology-of-idolatry) or a Cult too, or is it the only realistic possibility to solve the problem of IIGFJ?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  8. Trinity says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    Communism = Zionism

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  9. Milly says:

    Cyrus the great ‘liberated’ the Jews from the Babylonians who had previously destroyed and annexed the Kingdom of Israel, known as the First Temple Period, roughly 4 centuries. They were then given support to build the Second Temple and thusly, ushering in the Second Temple period – this in turn lasted roughly 5 centuries until the Romans destroyed it. Israel today represents the liberated Jews, how long before that is destroyed I wonder? Conclusion, Jews are not a state forming peoples. They do not have thousand year Empires, not like the Persians, Romans, and modern Russian.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  10. 00Buck says:

    Anyone with eyes to see picked up on the Satanic nature of the world’s current insanity at least a decade ago. A culture doesn’t develop this much decadence this rapidly without Satanic influence.

  11. Why the silence? Don’t Jews want to show their pride in their great power(like homos can’t get enough of ‘gay pride’)? All throughout history, those with the power displayed it with pride and pageantry. The British Empire didn’t hide its domination over much of the world. The Romans made sure everyone knew who was boss. The Spanish Empire was very visibly Hispanic. And yet, how strange that the greatest empire of all time, the Empire of Judea, will not declare itself as the rulers of the world.

    Dr. Strangelove: The whole point of the Doomsday Machine is lost…if you keep it a secret. Why didn’t you tell the world?

    Amb. DeSadesky: It was to be announced at the Party Congress on Monday. The Premier loves surprises.

    Read more:

  12. A sane society knows that homosexuality is deviant and gross but also acknowledges that homos tend to have certain talents in creativity and insight. Also, it’s irrefutable that homos are born that way, and therefore, cannot be blamed for being homo. So, homos should be tolerated, and their contributions to society should be appreciated. It turns out homos do have a key role to play in civilization, especially in arts and design. But in their pride and vanity, bitchy homos demand more. They demand that the homo minority be empowered at the expense of society as a whole.

    Jung-Freud, you magnificent bastard, you read my book! No wonder you write 16k articles as well.

    • Replies: @SteeringWheelHolder
  13. Jews see the world in terms of hands and clay. Jews see themselves as the hands and see dumb goyim as the clay that can be molded into anything.

    Jeremiah 18:1-10

    The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying: “Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words.” Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make.

    Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying: “O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?” says the LORD. “Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel! The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it.

    St Paul, Romans 9:20-22:

    But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to Him who formed it, “Why did You make me like this?” 21 Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use? 22What if God, intending to show His wrath and make His power known, bore with great patience the vessels of His wrath, prepared for destruction?…

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  14. This is why Jews are always using the misdirection-tactic of ‘white privilege’. Not only will non-whites and cucky-wuck whites go on believing that Mormons and the like rule America, BUT they will see even Jewish Power as ‘white power’, thereby laundering Jewish bad behavior as ‘white abuse’. So, if Jews pull dirty shit in Wall Street, Hollywood, Deep State, and etc, it’s all chalked up to ‘white privilege’.

    I’ve got an idea, let’s call this kind of “laundering” (or “chalking up”) “whitewashing”!

    Wait, what….?

  15. bwuce wee says:

    gay people are not born that way, no scientific evidence supports that canard! nor can you prove otherwise. the very fact that kids are being mass-indoctrinated into being gay is proof that they are not born that way. the school system is coercing them into making a conscious choice, through propaganda, peer group pressure, and creating an environment where everything around them is gay. none of this would be necessary if they were born that way. the fact that people have had transgender surgery and regretted it, also proves they were not born that way. and anyone, i mean anyone, who quotes bible verses clearly has a malfunctioning brain. and i command you to prove the existence of your imaginary lord and mighty homoerotic fantasy godm because unless you can definitively and conclusively prove the existence of your gpod, any quote you atrribute to you GAYLORD is the ‘pouring of nothingness into the void’. and the lord shafted james j. o’meara mightily, and it was good. you just got your ass kicked.

  16. (It was different in Latin America, especially Brazil, where pseudo-converso Jews dominated much of the slave trade, but because Jews control the academic narrative and media propaganda, few people know of the full extent of the Jewish role in the business of bondage,

    See my discussion of the casual attitude to Brazil’s slave-past, in the context of the neglect in the USA of Brazil’s greatest writer, Macado de Assis (descendent of slaves, he treats slavery in his novels as just another quirk of human perversity):

    “Schopenhauer as Novelist: The Curiously Obscure Works of Machado de Assis”

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
    , @Brás Cubas
  17. 17,000 words on a horror movie.

    Fella get some autism meds.

  18. anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Even the title was too long to bother with.

  19. bwuce wee says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    reply to James J. O’Meara:

    gay people are not born that way, no scientific evidence supports that canard! nor can you prove otherwise. the very fact that kids are being mass-indoctrinated into being gay is proof that they are not born that way. the school system is coercing them into making a conscious choice, through propaganda, peer group pressure, and creating an environment where everything around them is gay. none of this would be necessary if they were born that way. the fact that people have had transgender surgery and regretted it, also proves they were not born that way. and anyone, i mean anyone, who quotes bible verses clearly has a malfunctioning brain. and i command you to prove the existence of your imaginary lord and mighty homoerotic fantasy godm because unless you can definitively and conclusively prove the existence of your gpod, any quote you atrribute to you GAYLORD is the ‘pouring of nothingness into the void’. and the lord shafted james j. o’meara mightily, and it was good. you just got your ass kicked.

    • Replies: @White Noise
  20. bwuce wee says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    reply to james j o’meara:

    there are currently over 90 million slaves in afrika. none of them are owned by white people. even if there never existed any white people on earth, black people would still enslave each other. muslims would still enslave whomever they could. primitive tribes would still capture and enslave their enemies. even if they are not enslaving the other thibe, they will still exterminate them by the thousands(see the rwanda genocide where over 800,000 died. guns were not necessary, they used machetes!). monotheistic religion seems have made no difference in these areas. the only thing that makes a difference is: kill them all. they seem to take notice of that.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Los Audacity
  21. Trinity says:

    Globohomo Trinity? Who ranks higher between the Dindu and the homersexuals? We know the Jew is the kang.

    • Replies: @KrisP
  22. Phibbs says:

    Satan is most definitely real. His generals in the physical world are Jews. Muslims worship Satan but are not aware of it. Born Again Christians/evangelicals worship Satan via their worship of Jews and Israel. Sadly, Born-Again Christians comprise 30% of the American public — a critical mass. In other words, Jews and their father, Satan, will continue to rule the West. Hopefully, economic collapse — brought about by Jews — will bring about civil war. More likely is that Russia will get tired of Jewish hostility and provocations using their stupid Goyim in Washington D.C. and nuke the West. That actually may be a good thing in the long run.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Replies: @JR Foley
  23. In contrast, there is something childlike about the ‘Aryan’ soul that needs to ‘go out and play’ to feel the excitement. A Jewish kid indoors can fill up his time with books, violin lessons, chess, or mastering card tricks or magic. In contrast, ‘Aryan’ kids need to go out and play ball or go hunting to feel alive. When the ‘Aryan’ wins, dissipation often sets in for lack of fresh excitements.

    Not sure about this. Schopenhauer — an Aryan among Aryans — made the same point, but in contrasting the genius, or at least the “intellectual” man, and the run of the mill human animal. The former is never bored, and even craves solitude, because he has an internal source of pleasure: the pleasure of thinking. By contrast, the ordinary mortal needs external stimulation — drinking, whoring, cards, gossip, etc. — and sinks into boredom when such is not provided; or else, engages in a desperate search for more external stimulation. See any edition of The Wisdom of Life or Counsels and Maxims.

    He lards his discussion with copious quotations from the Greeks and Romans. So, not really an Aryan/Jew thing, except to the extent that more Jews may fall into the “genius” or at least pro-intellect category.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  24. Sorry to say I have been avoiding your articles because your pen name turned me off. But after reading this piece, all I can say is ‘Genius Writing.’ Are you two different writers as your name and other readers suggest? If so your brains are connected by bluetooth. Put simply it is not possible to explain Our Misfortune better than you have done. One question: When you write of Jews displaying demonic power, do you mean from Hell or is that earthly hyperbole?

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  25. “16,900 words”

    No one in their right mind is going to read a 16,900-word blog post.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  26. @Trinity

    Communism is jewish inter-nationalism.

    zionism is jewish nationalism.

    • Agree: hardlooker
    • Thanks: Trinity
  27. Good content, but … 17,000 words?

    • LOL: Trinity
  28. @Milly

    Jews are not a state forming peoples.

    And this is problematic for non-Jews because Jews, being the perennial diaspora, have no respect for national sovereignty or borders. This is why the monster Soros wrecks Western nations with his Open Society Foundation and other “NGOs”. This is why the (((Biden Admin))) insists on a porous southern border of the USA (JSA). This is why Jews in the EU pushing sick tranny shit on kids won’t let Hungary rest.

    • Agree: mark green
  29. Really, has anybody read the entire post?

    That’s pure graphomania with no paragraphs.

  30. Trinity says:

    No one commands anyone to read these articles in their entirety. Skim through and pick up the useful tidbits.

  31. SafeNow says:

    Just as God sent ravens to feed Elijah in the wilderness, our host has sent Jung-Freud to feed us 17,000-word essays. God must have had something in mind when he decided to send ravens, and our host surely had something in mind when he decided to send Jung-Freud. So far I have only skimmed, but I listened to the whole of “MacArthur Park” so I should go back and read in greater detail, and then write an executive summary, which would be the length of a normal essay, and then someone could write an executive summary of my executive summary. But of course, there is a lot of superb stuff in this overly long essay.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  32. People want short articles so they can get to commenting. Saying that hurts me more than you guys. PDF the mu’fkr so you can read it at leisure. There’s always something to comment about tomorrow.

    • Replies: @SteeringWheelHolder
  33. @James J. O'Meara

    Your review of Machado de Assis’s novel was quite correct, overall. I have read the novel several times, but it was already fading in my memory, and your review was a nice way of recollecting some excerpts of it.

  34. Well, I have read my second installment of this. Made it to the Anne Frank meme. I guess it is a big topic, the most important issue of our era.

  35. JR Foley says:

    “In God we Trust”—- see it everyday–currency –the Almighty dollar.

  36. Fascinating. Confounding. Tragically long. Paragraph breaks, anyone? Brilliant overview. Jung-Freud conjures up a boatload of astute observations and wild assertions. Incredible mind. The Ann Frank memes are delightfully subversive. And true. Jung-Freud could use an editor though.

  37. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Fascinating article. It’s clear anyone who care about the fate of the west must discuss the hidden rulers, and can’t depend on the current elites to be amenable to this.

    I don’t think all or most Jews are to blame, or that the Jewish style of rule is entirely evil, but its clear there’s a dark side to Judaism that’s never discussed, along with a hidden animus towards white, european people.

  38. @James of Africa

    Yes, there’s an expectation an article on this site won’t be this long. Not that it’s a problem so much as one might want to see chapter headings. Better editing, as has also been noted.

    In turn, in writing it there’s the impression of having grasped the horns of a bull one must maintain his hold till it ends. No choice. (Quite a ride).

    Don’t re-write, JF, just give us the places VISUALLY where we catch our mental breath.

  39. @Anonymous

    They wore out their welcome. The expectation of a payoff directly or indirectly is fundamental.

    The ingratitude is staggering.

    Good Negroes with relatives the same. One won’t be free of their bad actors, ever.

  40. @James J. O'Meara

    Will it matter, aesthetic erudition or not, the homo disappears? Who would miss them? The vanishingly small group of “contributors” comes at a high cost.

    The Pendulum has great momentum this time around.

    The arts & the sciences cannot be said to have been improved this past 130-years given that money alone was made king.

    War, only, the focus of faith.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  41. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:

    There are plenty of homos that have made major contributions to society. Alan Turing is one example, with his career notably cut short. There are also plenty of right-wing gays, such as Renaud Camus, the originator of the concept of the “Great Replacement.”

    The most degenerate scenes of pride parades and exhibitionist “homomania,” powered by the current transgender-industrial complex, are a peculiar expression of jewish power, following the extreme focus on sexual revolution during the 20th century. They don’t give an accurate depiction of how homosexuals would behave if tolerated in, say, a homogenous ethnostate. Incidentally, the lgbtq+ movement has largely marginalized gays as it focuses now on transgenderism and other deviants.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  42. Endik says:

    In the end Nietzschean ethics comparted by the mayority of european at least at some secret level and his physical manifestation embraced with authentic fervor by the mayority of germans completely reasured the jews of the ” morality” of their own mesianic mision, and is truth in some ways they are much less hipocrital about their will to power than we have been .

    There is no going back .

  43. Anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:

    This is exceedingly long, although few can dispute Jung-Freud’s brilliance. Another writer useful for for those interested in an critical, unapproved) look at Jewish power is Andrew Hamilton. Those interested might peruse his series of essays on counter currents, he’s much more concise, if also much more black-pilled.

    As the title of the first essay above points out, Jews are “racially dominant” over gentile, European whites. This is due in part to their intense solidarity, longer-term focus, and uncanny ability to analyze and manipulate other people. It’s undisputable their rise to power is also partly due to admirable traits that whites have failed to cultivate.

    I think at least a moderate form of white nationalism or liberationism is justifiable. How best to do this is another matter. Whites who wish to avoid becoming a Palestinian-like minority in their countries must learn to play identity politics. They’d be wise to at least try to network with like-mindec whites an mimick the Jews’ long-term horizon and solidarity.

    • Thanks: mark green, Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @SteeringWheelHolder
  44. JimDandy says:

    That’s all ya got?

  45. @Anonymous

    Turing is Schlomos deep state Hollywood hero. Bad choice. “Code-breaking” is explained by Canaris using backdoor comms. Bankers and the Vatican more fodder to that ease of acquisition. Hess, an interpreter. (Who or what actually “won”?)

    The mentally-ill are unfit for polite society. The accurate definition and the requisite response are again inbound. If that doesn’t seem obvious, start over.

  46. @Anonymous

    Criminal organizations focus on their profit alone. Nothing admirable about those traits. Destruction is easy. No vision is required. The essay author does not do justice to motive or what is creativity on the part of humans versus sub-humans. A parasite is never a man. He can’t afford it even if he could embody it. “Too clever by half”, has always differentiated the starting points.

  47. Wild Man says:

    Dar Mr. Jung-Freud:

    On this passage of your article:

    “(Given that gentiles ‘stole’ the Jewish God for themselves via Christianity, the moral upmanship against Jews was partly a means to mask the shame of their failure or inability to create a comparable spiritual-moral system on their own. Suppose I steal your idea, but instead of admitting my crime and indebtedness, I hide my shame by claiming that I’m the one who truly appreciated and improved on the idea whereas you failed to understand the full worth of what you had, and therefore it really belongs to me and the hell with you.)”

    You are still not going deep enough, in your otherwise, very deep and thought-provoking analysis. The true roots of this JQ problem, is actually worse than even you imagine. What you said there, within the above quoted passage, in my estimation, is simply not true. The inherent core message within Christianity’s cultural gestalt is Jesus’ counsel, to give-up upon the infernal superstitiously-informed community scapegoating dynamic that has plagued humanity forever. Do you not agree? If so, then one must ask … where did that sentiment first arise? Well, that is a big topic, but alas, more narrowly, we can certainly posit that it arose in Europe, prior to the time of Jesus, by way of the Greek Stoic philosophy, … which well-outlined the virtues, to be promoted and nurtured, that are necessary to dispel the illusions borne of the superstitions, that give rise to this infernal community scapegoating dynamic.

    So, in my estimation, …. you have this backwards. These European gentiles did not experience failure or inability to create a comparable spiritual-moral system on their own (because it was in fact, precisely these very Europeans, that had already devised a philosophical system infinitely more sophisticated than the very very stupid Jewish metaphysics of that time, with it’s complete and total lack of any understanding around the concept of ‘The Infinite’ …… the idea that the One True God chose the Jews, as God’s people above all others, is so f*cking stupid, low-brow, immature, puerile, navel-gazing schlock, in comparison to the nuance of Greek Stoic philosophy). Are you Jewish? Are you hereby attempting to create, but yet another (among a myriad of such) limited hangout with respect to JQ discussion? European gentiles, hearkening back to the spiritual impetus for Christianity, … have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in that respect. To suggest that is a sick joke. It is even a bigger sick joke that institutional Christianity (which is the most of it), to this day, continues with this original sick joke. How can the Christians inherent (or otherwise usurp) the blood covenant the Jews of that time claimed that they were in possession of, with the One True God, when this Jewish blood covenant idea was, and always will be, a giant farce? Look ….. re-read the Gospel of John (probably the more European, in origin, of the 4). Re-read it with this question in mind: Could this testimonial expose, not be taken as Jesus mercilessly mocking the Jewish religious leadership of the time, for their extremely puerile and idiotic prophesy-making machinery, that upholds their vile ‘holier-than-thou-because-the-One-True-God-apparently-told-us-so’ shtick? Jesus as the harbinger of pointing out the true sins of said religious leadership (out of control community scapegoating dynamic as powered by moronic Jewish navel-gazing drivel giving rise to misplaced ontological conceit … the most egregious sin of all and the source of all other sin)? Jesus TROLLING these Jewish religious leadership buggers of that time, ….. proclaiming that Jesus himself, the harbinger of truth to power of said leadership lies, is the culmination of their idiotic and childish prophesy-making machinery?

    The story of the Passion of the Christ, was a borrowed narrative arising our of Judea, to better communicate to the masses, what the Greek Stoic philosophy had already uncovered. And the final version of this narrative, that took hold around 400 AD, featured this very stupid idea that the Christians inherited (or otherwise usurped) the Jew’s supposed blood covenant. Subversion at play right there. Constant and seemingly everlasting Jewish subversion upon the western mindset. Fuck this subversion. Extract it already, from the body politic. Jewish ideology (and idology) can’t even hold a candle for true-west (which finds it’s roots in Greek Stoic philosophy), our rightful heritage. Where Christianity has worked as a force for the good, since 400 AD, it has worked despite this subversion (because the core message of Jesus, which is the Greek Stoic message, is beyond reproach).

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Thanks: Kali
  48. DrKnow says:

    Another incredible missive… and “yes” I read every word.

    If there is one thing that history has taught us, and there are countless “things”, it’s that jewish madness NEVER prevails, because at it’s root, is madness.
    Granted, we are in an era unlike any before, thanks to TV, mass media, corporate “news”, the internet, etc., but the utter madness of the jews still corrupts itself.
    One thing that few ever speak of, is that love it or hate it, men (humans) have certain hard wiring that cannot be easily over-written with new software.
    Case in point- Negro worship and homo worship.
    Just like a dog, man inherently knows what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust, and what’s obvious about an 83 IQ feral animal, and a hyper-sexualized pervert.
    Man has had hundreds of thousands of years of hard wiring, reinforced with myriad experiences, and battered by thousands of attempts to re-write his software, it NEVER works.
    Because timeless, universal truisms, reveal, and reinforce themselves, constantly. Whereas minor, multi-decade fads come and go like the seasons.
    Man will never “buy”, in perpetuity, the magic negro myth, because negroes are not magic, and in fact, are anti-civilization, unintelligent, exceedingly violent and corrupt, and only “successful” as a parasite on white society.
    As comparison, your employer could hire some retarded kid, and “talk the talk” about how he’s a full fledged employee, and equal to all the other employees, and a valuable team member, blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, when he suggests that you give your product away for free, to “make people happy”, you’re all going to grin, and nod, and ignore that idiot.
    Blacks are the same way. The government can make you hire them, and HR can keep you from firing them, but if they are lazy, low IQ hustlers, without any sense, or work ethic, you’ll just ignore them on everything that matters. Sure, you might let them DJ Antoine’s going away party, but you’re not going to let them scuttle your project, or bankrupt the business. I mean, sure, you’ll play along with Magic Negro, as long as he doesn’t do any real harm, but you know, and everyone else knows, he’s a diversity hire, a fake job version of welfare, whereby he gets to show up, drive a BMW, wear white people clothes, act like a human, but he’s still worthless, just like the retard.

    And faggotry? Every human knows it’s disgusting and wrong, immoral and repugnant. Moreover, it’s entirely unneeded. Nobody “needs” homosexuals, they are just there, like circus freaks and bearded ladies; a novelty to look at, and be repulsed by. I mean, at least blacks can be athletes, or farm hands, or whatever… queers could vanish from the earth, tomorrow, and NOBODY would give a shit. Being personified for being a pervert, isn’t a “quality”, it’s a freak show. Literally, nobody is advantaged by the existence of homos, except other homos, or closet perverts that “get off” on seeing other perverts.
    More than that, humans, and I’m talking about ALL OF THEM, have hardwired in their DNA, going back to the first man that crawled from the muck, or Adam and Eve, or whatever you choose to believe, that homosexuals are an aberration. Hell, that’s most of the reason that the modern Satan worshipping loser revere them, because they are winking at sin.
    Homosexuals are evil, at the most basic biological level, because, at best, they are genetically flawed animals with no drive to reproduce and better/extend the species.
    And in just the same way that ancient cultures threw the deformed babies off of a cliff, homosexuals are just as expendable, but made more so, because their innate drive is to spread their perversion.

    But getting back to the jews.
    Their madness, evident throughout time, prevents them from EVER, resting on their laurels; They Just Can’t Do It!
    They always push, and stretch, and defy. They contort, and challenge, and rebel. They are programmed with an internal drive to always get ahead of their skis, and crash and burn.
    That’s why they’ve done it countless times before, and they will do it again.
    They can’t help themselves, it’s part of their internal struggle between genius and madness, and madness always wins eventually.
    One of the great points of this article, is that so far, this time, in this version, they have done a great job ok keeping their mouths shut, about what they are doing, what they control, and what they run.
    Well, they’ve managed that in the past too, for a while, but they always screw it up!
    They always allow their hubris to encourage them to over play their hand.
    That’s why they have been figured-out, countless times.

    So, let’s talk about “who is awake” to the jews-
    The Mooslems are, and they are also “on to” globohomo too.
    The Black Militants are, and so are the Neo-Nazis, the White Supremacists, and the Chinese.
    Much of Africa knows it too, partly because of the Mooslems, but also because they know their history, and the jews played a major role in their greatest tragedy, slavery.
    Much of Russia knows, and they too aren’t keen on the homos.
    For that matter, it looks like a lot of Ukrainians (Nazis, and others) are too.
    Slumlord tenants figured it out, so did jazz musicians, blues musicians, and rock musicians. Actors, actresses, directors, producers, and everyone else in cinema that wasn’t part of the tribe realized it too.
    Scientologists, are are specifically focused on pseudo-science “psychology” and the jew run big pharma business of psycho-active drugs are aware.
    The Japs know, and hence, they too resist mass immigration of Mooslems and negros.

    So, just like every time in the past, the goyim figure it out, and then, come the backlash.

    We are stuck in this time, in this reality, and things look pretty dark, but the Greeks fell, the Romans fell, the Commies, fell, and so too, will the modern jewish imperialists.

    They always do.

    Just keep spreading the word, and though we might not live to see it, just as the people that lived during the middle of the Roman Empire, it will fall, and our efforts will not have been in vain.

    Play On!

    • Thanks: anarchyst, mark green, Bro43rd
  49. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Stopped reading when he claims babies are born faggots.

  50. peterAUS says:

    A lot of words. A decent effort.
    On the surface.

    Curiously (not really…) not one word about:

    A bit crude, but working well, as expected.

  51. In this age of Satanism, one must simply withdraw and laugh at the demonic chaos all around.

    And in this age of Paimonic prophecy, one must use Paimon as emergency food if absolutely necessary. There’s nothing else that can be done.

  52. Ruckus says:

    Never thought I’d read a novel that didn’t have paragraphs. But, not surprising that someone calling themselves “Jung-Freud” would be devoid of consideration or courtesy.

  53. Ruckus says:

    Yes, and have paragraphs for fuck’s sake.

  54. Jon Chance says: • Website

    1. That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.


    2. That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people; that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.

    3. That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation or community; of all the various modes and forms of government that is best, which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and that, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

    4. That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community, but in consideration of public services; which, not being descendible, neither ought the offices of magistrate, legislator, or judge be hereditary.

    5. That the legislative and executive powers of the state should be separate and distinct from the judicative; and, that the members of the two first may be restrained from oppression by feeling and participating the burthens of the people, they should, at fixed periods, be reduced to a private station, return into that body from which they were originally taken, and the vacancies be supplied by frequent, certain, and regular elections in which all, or any part of the former members, to be again eligible, or ineligible, as the laws shall direct.

    6. That elections of members to serve as representatives of the people in assembly ought to be free; and that all men, having sufficient evidence of permanent common interest with, and attachment to, the community have the right of suffrage and cannot be taxed or deprived of their property for public uses without their own consent or that of their representatives so elected, nor bound by any law to which they have not, in like manner, assented, for the public good.

    7. That all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority without consent of the representatives of the people is injurious to their rights and ought not to be exercised.

    8. That in all capital or criminal prosecutions a man hath a right to demand the cause and nature of his accusation to be confronted with the accusers and witnesses, to call for evidence in his favor, and to a speedy trial by an impartial jury of his vicinage, without whose unanimous consent he cannot be found guilty, nor can he be compelled to give evidence against himself; that no man be deprived of his liberty except by the law of the land or the judgement of his peers.

    9. That excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed; nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    10. That general warrants, whereby any officer or messenger may be commanded to search suspected places without evidence of a fact committed, or to seize any person or persons not named, or whose offense is not particularly described and supported by evidence, are grievous and oppressive and ought not to be granted.

    11. That in controversies respecting property and in suits between man and man, the ancient trial by jury is preferable to any other and ought to be held sacred.

    12. That the freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.

    13. That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and be governed by, the civil power.

    14. That the people have a right to uniform government; and therefore, that no government separate from, or independent of, the government of Virginia, ought to be erected or established within the limits thereof.

    15. That no free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.

    16. That religion, or the duty which we owe to our Creator and the manner of discharging it, can be directed by reason and conviction, not by force or violence; and therefore, all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other.

    Adopted unanimously June 12, 1776
    Virginia Convention of Delegates
    Drafted by Mr. George Mason

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  55. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:

    The current LGBTQ+ agenda, promoted artificially by what’s termed the transgender-industrial complex, is indeed extremely obnoxious. You are likely onto something about the precarious position of homosexuals and other “queers,” but little of what you said about homosexuality is supported by actual evidence.

    No one really knows if homosexuality is an obvious defect. But since humans are social and tribal animals, when humans evolved, not every member of a tribe needed to reproduce personally to provide some benefit. Even if we assume homosexuals don’t ever reproduce, it’s not unreasonable to suppose there may have been a benefit to having a few childless men around. Your sole value to humanity and to civilization is not just in reproducing. As for the idea that unlike blacks, homosexuals can’t be farm hands, that’s preposterous. You do realize that, just like straight people, homosexuals work and have jobs right?

    And the author is correct that many gays have made positive contributions to art and culture. The parades, drag queens, and trannies prevalent on TV and right wing media don’t give a reliable depiction of the daily life of all or most homosexuals, most of whom just want to be accepted and are just as alienated by the flamboyant freaks and degenerates. A shockingly small number of people seem to be responsible for running things like the drag queen storytime business, and “normal” gays don’t have any collective say in this. Hopefully they can speak out more about these excesses.

    As for homosexuality, it appears to be an innate, congenital condition that is consistently present in a small fraction (around two percent) of the population. It’s not a choice, it’s likely due to hormonal conditions present before birth.

    Gays and lesbians have always been present throughout western civilization and always will be. Since there will always be a few in each generation, the main decision is either to include them in society or to have basically a perpetually exiled or imprisoned class of outcasts. The latter of course has downsides, and helped lead to the extreme leftist agenda in the first place. I’m sure the most extreme right-wingers would argue for something more drastic, but homosexuals come from (and exist in) normal families and communities, they don’t just spring up out of nowhere.

    Transgenderism is a completely separate condition, along with gender deconstructionist ideology. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the original gay and lesbian movement. To make a long story short, I’m not against tolerating the tiny percent of population with this, but I would argue it was indeed a mistake, and basically a case of “stolen valor,” for transgenders to appropriate the basic gay pride narrative of braving oppression and then becoming “out and proud” and out of the closet.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  56. anon[122] • Disclaimer says:

    Nobody on this site is in such sore need of an editor as this fella.

  57. Dumbo says:

    I have no idea how Jung-Freud/Priss Factor finds time to write such incredibly long articles PLUS hundreds of comments equally long. Still, even if no one can read it all, there are interesting bits here and there. My 2 cents:

    I watched both “The Witch” and “Hereditary”, and I liked “The Witch” better. I don’t understand or don’t remember why the son in “Hereditary” looks so much different from the others in the family. He doesn’t look “semitic” to me, he looks Indian. Was he adopted? But that wouldn’t make sense with he “hereditary” plot of the movie, would it? Or is it because the demon is his real father? I don’t remember if the film gives an explanation.

    Feminism is self-contradictory because it is about empowerment of women in search of what makes her most happy, which is submission to the Man of Power. Notice that in the ending of THE WITCH, the girl offers her soul to the Male Devil because he promises her sexual delights.

    It’s interesting that the Jewish critic below sees the movie as an allegory about feminism against the “patriarchy”, not noticing the very simple contradictions that Priss/Freud notices. Feminism is about submitting to the “highest alpha”, that’s what “female empowerment” means. Submitting to the prince/rich dude/Satan.

    Literally, if the film is “feminist”, then what it really means is that feminism is Satanist – submitting to Satan. Which is not far from the truth.

    Anyway, I think what the review linked about shows it that modern people believe that they are the center of the universe/time and cannot understand other epochs’ mentalities. It is a type of disease. The film is about witches, and treats witches as real. It is based on folktales of the time.

    P. S. Satanism exists, many Jews (but not only) are Satanists.

  58. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    It’s irrefutable that God gave homos over to a reprobate mind. Roman’s chapter one explains how when you reject God too many times, he gives you over to vile affections. They are not born that way, but God turns them into the disgusting animals that they are as punishment.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  59. Anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Nom de Plume sez…
    Was it Chuang Tzu who dreamed he was the Butterfly or was it the Butterfly that dreamed it was Chuang Tzu … Zen Bones Zen Flesh. Earth time is about Being RU … Doing Chosenite brain apartheid …… In a word MetzitzahB’peh. [via BiloxiMarx]

  60. Jews are not smarter than the white man. The study showing they have a much higher IQ is a scam, and was done with a handful of children at an elite private school. They are just more unscrupulous and will do anything to get ahead. We goyim are cattle to them, so they are justified in lieing cheating and stealing from us.

  61. Dumbo says:

    “Rosemary’s Baby” is an autobiographical movie by Polanski. Almost all of his films are about evil. “Rosemary’s Baby” and in “Eyes Wide Shut” are about what goes on in Hollywood, with little disguise.

  62. @Wild Man

    Excellent….you should get a 17,000 word feature to so further the thesis.
    Much appreciated!

  63. @ DrKnow says:
    “We are stuck in this time, in this reality, and things look pretty dark, but the Greeks fell, the Romans fell, the Commies, fell, and so too, will the modern jewish imperialists.”

    When you analyse the difference between the Russophobic West and the rest of the world, you instinctively side(at least as a Christian) with the pro-Russian bloc. Russia or the BRICS bloc are far from perfect, but compared to the West, they still represent humanity. The West is completely in the hands of evil wef-forces and it’s difficult to prevent Jewish communism (= Jewish inter-nationalism) from taking hold there any more. It is a long term project, described in the Protocols of the Sage of Zion, whose agenda has been pushed through in the West with 90% success. Only a few dissidents stand in the way of a complete Zionist takeover.
    The entire Western state apparatus and big business are now working at full speed to suppress any last resistance. They will not rest until every glimmer of humanity has been suppressed. This is done by connecting all human bodies to the ‘Jewish’ control machine. The same control apparatus is also trying to take over the BRICS countries, so the fate of humanity looks very bleak. Will the BRICS be able to fight it? If not, is the game lost forever?
    Key cooperation achievements of BRICS countries

    • Replies: @DrKnow
  64. Amon says:

    even poor people are not starving in the West and have basic amenities

    Yeah, no.

  65. anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    So many brilliant passages that are unfortunately hard to find because they are buried in a 20,000 word essay. Can you write shorter essays of 2,000 words just focused on brilliant points like this?

    Jews can easily denounce and destroy anyone who notices Jewish strings that animate the goy puppets. So, the truth about Jews must not be said because bad ‘anti-semites’ once used to peddle such bigotry. Most people are driven more by a sense of right or wrong than true or false, i.e. they are less interested in the facts of Jewish power than governed by taboos decreeing what is approved and what is outrageous. Shows like THE VIEW are less about sharing information than controlling mass opinion by cuing the audience as to which views will elicit applause or opprobrium.

    I hope you combine essays like this one and this classic into a full length book.

    Will Ron Unz start publishing books in a serious way? He has published his covid ideas into a book but not enough time was spent by him in creating a good organization for publishing. The bad cover art of his first book tells people to not bother reading.

  66. @follyofwar

    As a boomer who is drilled into rigorous academic disciplines, I managed to read through the article, skipping the videos and taking a few brakes in between. The odds that a Millennial or younger person would go through the full article are very slim. The intensity of the focus on the role Jews play in society is greater than what you find in Mein Kampf, but then Jews have enormously advanced since the beginning of the twentieth century, and are playing a far greater role in society, that it could take much more content to describe their full role and its ramifications than you find even in this article. Still, the article does not solve the mystery that has not been settled so far: are Jews the pinnacle of the pyramid or they just a potent tool in the hands of a higher authority like the old bloodlines or the invisible fiend in the absence of a higher human agency.

    The final impression on the reader is that short of a cataclysmic event, humanity under the current moral and spiritual morass, is simply doomed. That makes me pray and hope that the current conflict in Ukraine would widen into a final showdown that either puts the virtuous to rest or make them lead the helm.

    • Replies: @Weave
  67. Good remark, good literary rambling, but just just too long for the quantity of information actually given and the main point that has to be stressed upon : Jews of our times have chosen Satanism, not even Talmudic Judaism as the rallying movement that defines not only their whole power of influence, but their identity. If we are to abide by the texts that defined their existence through history, they are due for an unexpected, sudden and pitiful downfall. This is not a first time they engage into Satanism and practical occult sciences to achieve their dreamt of phasing out of Christianity, they even tried a few times to build their infamous Third Temple, and each time they ended up being cut short : Satanism is not their invention and there always have been less talkative but more expert people at it since much more ancient times somewhere in the world. Hinduism is but one the widest religious horizons where you can indifferently high status by being a brother of the shadows rather than of the light. What has been fuelling the growth of Jewish Satanism was the availability of an unheard-of deposit of rich raw material : a whole Western world having grown disgusted with their former religion of identity or no longer having the courage to opposite it as it should to Judaism. The modern Western world has been defined by anti-Christianism since a little before it started conquering the world through superior science and technology, and that includes pro-Jewish forms of Christianity : the triumph of Satanic Jewry, however mighty it is, never takes place as such where Western culture together with its ideology of historical progress never held roots for serious. When that progressive Western culture no longer wants to exist, the Jewish entity is done for : their energy deposit which has already passed the pick is soon to be exhausted. The Jewish entity as we know it is astride Satanism because the Western civilization and in particular the advent of the United States was a Faustian bargain signed in all due ritual form and the only ones who could perform the rituals happened to be Jews. The US owe their very existence to a Satanic pact of a much deeper extent into hell than USSR would ever be later.

  68. If a mechanism for control is created and the people cooperate in that mechanism, then there should be no surprise when one clique gains control and uses it for their own benefit. That the jews control the gov’t of the US isn’t hidden. Administration after administration, jews, many times the same jews, are controlling policy while some jerk holds the title of president.

    The way to get rid of corruption in high places is to get rid of high places.
    Frank Chodorov

    Stop cooperating in your own enslavement. Voting is your public display of your approval of the process that controls your life. To bitch afterwards that you don’t like aspects of how you’re being treated is sour grapes. You voted to continue the system that promises the moon and delivers shit every damned time.

    But no, you have to vote not for jerk A but against jerk B. Can’t let jerk B pretend to run the show. Jerk A can pretend better. All the while a cabal known as the deep state is never elected and survives from one election cycle to the next. It doesn’t matter which actor gets the nod on election day when the deep state maintains its control and its policies regardless of your vote.

    Just like the illegals that swamp the border taking advantage of what the US clearly puts on offer, so do the jews take advantage of your stupidity by going along with a process that everyone knows is corrupt to the core.

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
    H. L. Mencken

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Realist
  69. “I think you are forgetting one thing. America is not like other countries and past super-powers. It has a unique foundation. It was founded upon an idea, straight from the mind of God. That is why it is different. America is a dream come true for God, as it was His idea. It’s not going to fall. That’s why America is such a good friend of Israel’s. They have a lot in common.” Hunter Biden knows his theology.

  70. @bwuce wee

    “ gay people are not born that way, no scientific evidence supports that canard! nor can you prove otherwise. the very fact that kids are being mass-indoctrinated into being gay is proof that they are not born that way. the school system is coercing them into making a conscious choice, through propaganda, peer group pressure, and creating an environment where everything around them is gay. none of this would be necessary if they were born that way.”

    Thank you. Well said.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  71. @Anonymous

    ”Gays and lesbians have always been present throughout western civilization and always will be.”
    —An important point and good to bring this side of the issue to the fore. You cannot do anything about hard genetic facts and predispositions, you live at their mercy.
    That is why Russia is wise not to condemn gays but to allow them to live their own lives but not to accept their attempt to take power in society and start breeding (adopting or being an idol for young people) other gays as is increasingly evident in the West leading to the increasing of gays in society and transformation or eventual destruction of society.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  72. @Jon Chance

    I am very sorry to have to break your philosophical impetus, but this bullet list is as essentially Satanic as the one devised by Karl Marx as a prerequisite for the advent of world socialism. Much more pervert actually.

    The reality is :

    1) the great majority of humans were never inherently free and independent, they have been born as herd animals from time immemorial. All civilisation in history is essentially based upon a certain art of exploiting the particular type of herd animal making it up. The “pursuit of happiness” is by itself a huge devil’s paw in its detail. “Happiness” in 18th century English as used by the Founding Fathers meant “fortune” (that which is dependent upon both work and chance. Happiness as a more psychological state of contentment was called “bliss”. In other words that paragraph defined humanity as the belonging to a very particular species, that of homo economicus, that which sees no point in life but the rat-race for ever more success. The authors of that paragraph placed any other kind of “homo” outside humanity as they defined it. That paragraph is as a summary the keenest battle-cry against Christian elementary ethics you can come up with.

    2) power doesn’t derives from the people : it derives from people who are people, that is to say Demi-Gods to be offered to mass adoration by the media. Power derives from dehumanization.

    3) the Government is there for the management of the greater human herd as a whole for purposes higher than the mere existence or welfare of that herd. No herd in nature exists for the welfare of its component individuals, the very opposite is always true.

    4) some people are natural-born experts at the management of the human herd for their own purposes and privileges and it can be easily shown that the difference between both is genetic. Great talent necessitating special support is of hereditary nature. Great civilizations are based first and foremost in dynasty and caste.

    5) all power tends to merge into one as by law of gravity and to act at unison even in the absence of institutions ensuring so : all powers tend to fall in the hands of the same close-knit network of people. Even the millennia-old Christian endeavour to separate Church and State always ended up with the high rank of both being detained by the same families. Wherever division of power is promoted it has always been divide and rule practised for the greater power of another circle of (((far more real power))) : the first governments based on separated powers were the Persian conquests, the Roman colonies and later on the British colonies.

    6) elections are never free : they are a test as to whom has the greater expertise at making himself obeyed by the human herd. The game must be decided in advance otherwise it only results into anarchy and chaos. Moreover vote by mere head-count, no matter among a reduced junto or the people at large is a ritual celebration of the trial for the murder of Christ (or Socrates if you will). Free elections are always about the ability of certain subgroups to vote themselves sums of money at the expense of the whole.

    7) the power of resorting to law to defend oneself is always the most costly thing in any society, by definition. The power of law over whim is always the power of money over people.

    8) all human herds indulge in the spectacle of innocents being tormented and reduced to the ranks of pariahs.

    9) the anglo-saxon system of punishment was known throughout Europe as the most cruel of all and the American Revolution made it even worse for about one century.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  73. @James J. O'Meara

    “ Schopenhauer — an Aryan among Aryans — made the same point, but in contrasting the genius, or at least the “intellectual” man, and the run of the mill human animal. The former is never bored, and even craves solitude, because he has an internal source of pleasure: the pleasure of thinking.”

    Yes indeed. That could explain Nicholas Tesla’s 18 to 20 hours workdays and his total lack of intimate relationship with women.

  74. Z-man says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    (Grin) No, too friggin long.
    I read (skimmed) thru the first part up to ‘Who has the power?’
    Who has the power? Who owns the news media and Hollywood? Da Jooooz.

  75. Anonymous[147] • Disclaimer says:

    Something doesn’t add up despite such a long analysis of Jewish warfare against the West. For example, no one but no one, at least that I’ve known in NY, whether working on Wall Street or not, has ever caved into Jewish ant-white bullying of the sort that drives every determinant of public opinion in this country.

    People are fully on to the Jews and their moral subversion that stems, not so much from Michael Jones’s point of establishing political control, but from the Jews’ sheer hatred of Christians that can best be categorized as, “We Jews shit on you Christians.”

    On the other hand and beyond a handful of exceptions, every politician in DC gets on his or her knees before the Jews to the point of destroying America to advance Greater Israel. I believe it was Richard Perle, in an angry response to a question about JP from an Asian female reporter, who blurted out, “We Jews control the re-election of all but maybe five members of Congress.” As if we needed him to tell us that from just looking at the shit-eating grins on the faces of the Jews’ lackeys who make up nearly the entirety of today’s Republican Party.

    The Holohoax was just that, as there were more Jews in Europe after the war than before, while the rest of the putative evidence is a mawkishly paranoid variation on shtetl victimhood fairytales. Israel was behind the Lavon Affair. Israel’s fingerprints are all over the assassinations of JFK and RFK, in the latter case for his swearing he’d use the presidency to expose the cabal that killed his brother. Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty with all hands on board, including strafing sailors trying to launch the ship’s lifeboats.

    And, not least, overwhelmingly persuasive circumstantial evidence proves Israel’s hand in 9/11 and the primary role of Netanyahu, including his bringing Bush Sr and tthe CIA on board as far back as 1978, according to Christopher Bollyn. This greatest enemy America has ever had in the person of Netanyahu, however, was given 29 standing ovations by Congress during a speech arranged behind the President’s back to assert Israel’s control over Congress.

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  76. There may be a few cracks in this great monolithic, demonic power here and there — Bernie Madoff, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Steven Cohen, for starters–and then there is all the bad press about the neo-cons — Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Kagan, Nuland. What is known about these people will probably not lead to the day of reckoning, but have sense there’s growing number who are, at the very least, uneasy about the whole set up. Big question at the moment is whether a US president would order American troops into Iran. This strikes me as highly unlikely–Americans do not want to see or hear about Americans in body bags for at least another 10 or 20 years. But I could be wrong.

  77. Wokechoke says:

    They have focused on ecstatic sexual psychosis.

  78. Jews now control the world, and their weakness is out in the open. Now tanking the economies of the world, destroying nations, and enslaving desperate people is very much the plan. However I look at Hollywood, and its myriad of flops. For me it is a glimpse of non banking side of Jewish power. With Hollywood it becomes apparent that Jewish success is measured by the quality of goys they parasite off. While the Jews are pushing mass immigration, the wheels are falling off the greater American infrastructure. No white men to the rescue on this, since there has been a generational interruption of knowing how to build the infrastructure. Hard to tap into the goy mind when the power goes down. Also what is fiat money without anyone borrowing it? That will be coming soon.

    Guess my point is the Jews right now run everything, but there will never be a millennium of their run. They simply know how to latch onto an elite, compromise the elite, and then…well nothing. Parasites kill their host, and then often die themselves without the host they killed.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  79. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Francis Miville

    Most of the readers here are familiar with the arguments in favor of totalitarianism, and many like you are open advocates of the illness. I’ve never met a Jew who isn’t totalitarian. This is one among many reasons why I reject Judaism. Perhaps you’re familiar with Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell — and the ghastly real-world results of Judeo-Nazism throughout history.

    But for those of us who reject totalitarianism, the question is how to govern most effectively with the greatest degree of liberty. I think the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights by George Mason clarifies the most essential elements. It’s much better than the fraudulent “Bill of Rights” in the Second US Constitution (1787).

    In addition to the 1776 Declaration of Rights, I’d recommend Nineteen Resources for Today and this proposed US Constitution:

    Perhaps all voting citizens should be required to live for at least one month in the Swiss Confederation to examine how a genuine libertarian democratic republic functions in the real world.

  80. Unless you sober up to realise that “Jewishness” is an envious, psychotic, repulsive, diseased & deranged hag that has somehow convinced you, in your drunken stupor, that she’s Miss Universe…

    then you’ll deservedly die of terminal syphilis

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  81. Rich says:

    There is no evidence that homosexuals are “born that wsy”. Are necrophiliacs born that way? Pedophiles? More likely it has to do with environmental factors. Some might find it hard to believe, but there used to be effeminate men who married and had children. Our ancestors knew that if you give degenerates an inch, they’d go whole hog and this is why we always had strict laws forbidding this behavior.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  82. EL-T says:

    You say “it’s irrefutable that homos are born that way”… please explain then, why there are so many more in rich white areas than in poor white areas or even less in rural areas? You call some things a “fad” while calling homosexuality biologically true and sound. It was an interesting article until it became clear of the agenda you’re so subtly pushing, no different from others you point out using the same deceitful tactics.

  83. Miro23 says:

    A very good article. Maybe it could have gone more into the Empire aspect of Jewish power.

    Longer lasting Empires make a “deal” with their subjects that’s generally acceptable and leads to peace and opportunities for a better life.

    The big two examples are probably the Roman Empire and the British Empire:

    The Roman Empire extended over most of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and developed infrastructure – roads, aqueducts, administrative and cultural buildings, a fair legal system, a stable monetary system, new opportunities for trade and cooperated with the local ruling classes – even offering them Roman citizenship. The peoples of the Empire paid taxes but it was generally a good deal under Pax Romana.

    Similarly the British Empire extended around the world but with its heart essentially in India. It brought large scale road, railway and canal development, a reliable legal system, honest administration, national unity, peace between Hindus and Muslims, a reliable financial system, irrigation, a common language and national unity to a variety of feudal princely states. A good deal under Pax Britannica.

    The question then is what does the Jewish Empire offer to its subjects. What’s the deal?

    The Jewish Empire extends across the western world – covering the US, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and parts of South America. Interestingly it still retains the facade of the post WW2 US Anglo Empire with the same claims of guaranteeing world financial stability and defending democratic values (at the time fighting communism – but now fighting any challenge to US hegemony). It offers a stable world currency (the dollar), a world financial settlements system (SWIFT) and various US dominated international institutions.

    However there is no Pax Americana. It has been a story of constant war and regime change in and around the Empire. Also, the Jewish Empire doesn’t do national development. It’s extractive using threats and rewarding comprador elites. In fact it is more of an international Mafia type organization run on fear.

    So the prediction would be that it won’t last long. It offers subject peoples little or nothing and it’s inefficient and doesn’t promote national development. Just look at the varying trajectories of the US and China since the Dallas coup d’état of November 22nd 1963.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  84. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I read 90% and found most of it repetitious. I don’t recommend reading it.

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
  85. Did somebody decide that paragraphs are racist or something?

    • Replies: @DrKnow
  86. Mefobills says:

    All of the questions this article brings up, and the extraordinary “hidden” power of today’s Jews is already known.

    I talk about it constantly.

    It is Creditor OVER Debtor Dynamics.

    It is a power relationship. Historically, Kings or some sort of Patriarchy, would kill Oligarchs or hidden Creditors who attempted to take over. Or, if the creditors, hidden or otherwise, did take over – society would continue to polarize, the land would become aggregated into big estates, and then there would be a collapse. Then there would be threat of war, and the serfs would be given debt release, or parcels of land, in order to fight in the Army. The New King would have to do debt release, or the polarized country would die.

    The overt KING + TEMPLE patriarchy that was operative since time immemorial was overturned when our (((friends))) were kicked out of Spain in 1492. In the years prior to 1492, our friends, with the help of the Moors, had taken over Spain. In other words, Christianity of that era (temple system) plus King, fought back against the Jew Creditors, and won. Jewish power was overt, hence the expulsion.

    The new “hidden” creditor system happened in stages in the lowlands of Holland and Portugal after expulsion. Everything about Jewish power today, was a function of the big bang post 1492 expulsion. Parliamentary government was invented to then sanction debt spreading into new corporate “burgers.” The burgermeister was responsible for taxing the people, to then pay the (((creditor))). The towns people went through a ritual of voting to sanctify their subordinate debt status to the hidden creditors.

    Portugal added to the big bang, as the southern route was discovered by Vasco De Gama. This then unloaded gold/silver and spices in Amsterdam. This broke the overland Jewish usury take on the exchange between silver/gold across the Bosporous. Now, it was being done in Amsterdam, and there was floods of new easy money vectoring to the Jewish community (and some Dutch).

    The Jew then changed religion, by funding the protestant reformation – largely with help of the printing press. This idea was to damage and loot the Catholic church to break the King + Temple (Catholic) system.

    Then the King system was subverted, especially with the first debt spreading bank to control a country, namely England. Kings became mere figureheads subordinated to the string pulled parliament. The real power was a creditor elite in London, and also those still in Amsterdam.

    The god of prices and money, controlled by (((creditor))) elites, was enthroned, and religion was removed as a brake on usury. Prices and Money were morphed from being the privilege of the sovereign, and became a creature of “free markets” and private banking corporations. Soon, corporations became perpetual and more sovereign than people.

    The Jew inserted himself as a parasite. This parasite action is not new. Creditor elites throughout history have formed Oligarchies, but the big bang construct is fairly complete, and is something of a skull fu#ck on people, and hence they have no way of articulating their circumstances.

    Creditor over Debtor dynamics have always been with us, but this time the Creditor, especially in the West, has a death grip on normies, where said normies are unable to grasp their reality.

    Those countries that are fighting back are those that are more fully sovereign, where the political class is not controlled by Jewish creditors. I’ve maintained that China is fully sovereign as they have kept their money power. Russia is finally pulling head out of rectum, especially since the (((creditor elites))) of the West are being driven crazy, and the Atlantacists in Russia are being driven out.

    The Jew had his run, but something unnatural and against the Logos cannot go on forever. Hoaxing populations with false narratives cannot go on forever. Western Judeo Christianty will come under continuous assault, especially now that Qumran Scrolls are sitting there like a dagger pointing at the heart.

    Clean Slate debt cancellations (the Jubilee Year), used in Babylonia since Hammurabi’s dynasty, first appear in the Bible in Leviticus 25. Jesus’s first sermon announced that he had come to proclaim it. This message – more than other religious claims – is what threatened his enemies, and why he was put to death.

    This interpretation has been all but expunged from our contemporary understanding of the phrase, “…and forgive them their debts,” in The Lord’s Prayer. It has been changed to “…and forgive them their trespasses (or sins),” depending on the particular Christian tradition that influenced the translation from the Greek opheilēma/opheiletēs (debts/debtors). On the contrary, debt repayment has become sanctified and mystified as a way of moralizing claims on borrowers, allowing creditor elites and oligarchs the leverage to take over societies and privatize their public assets, especially in hard times.

    Historically, no monarchy or government has survived takeover by creditor elites and oligarchs (viz: Rome).

    Our friends became the creditor elites by inserting themselves through ownership of the money power. This is why they congregate in banking and finance. They also must own narrative control, which is why they bought the first printing presses and published screeds in various languages, as is what happened in Amsterdam.

    The West CANNOT FIGHT BACK, unless narrative control is removed from Jewish hands. And the pre-condition for that is to realize that CREDIT OVER DEBT is an operative force in human relations, something like the force of gravity.

    When you allow a credit over debt scenario to take over your civilization, then enjoy your getting screwed, because that is what is going to happen.

    The creditor elites spend all of their time, fixating on their debtors, and wanting to keep them down so they can extract debtor life energy.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
    , @Zumbuddi
  87. bing0 says:

    I thank this website for re-shaping and re-modelling my memories. Discovered unz about 3 years ago, i think.

    Now, i do wonder if the bad Jews/humans, those who are Satanic/evil/(hidden) powermongers are maybe Reptilians, or possessed? ( the UK Queen seems also to be one, so maybe it is also connected to royals?)

    I see and question a much bigger picture. We are humans, but imo we are created. Unsure if it really is God/Source doing, also because i don’t feel a connection with the Universe or Source. My thought is still we are an experiment. There is so much lost and hidden history we probably will never know/learn. The Egyptian Gods, Atlantis…there is much more to it. Aliens at least, the good/neutral/bad ones.
    We are such limited creatures with our senses: we can’t see beyond our own eyes. And because we are fixed in/on our 3D system we do miss, for example Aliens, because they live in higher dimensions.
    This planet is evolving: it is on its way to 4D and 5D. A ‘few’ have access to it (no panic, not me). Covid, the R-U war, the fear our media keeps on spreading, it is all to keep us down so we won’t be able to ready us for a New Earth. They want to control us, as we all know.

    Our knowledge is so little, and ‘they’ like to keep it that way.

    Forgive my grammar et all, English is not my mother tongue. In emergency cases i use deepl, but i keep the use to a minimum.

  88. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    You shouldn’t continue unless your think an atheist who believes sodomites are created that way by God has something useful to say

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  89. Mefobills says:

    The way to get rid of corruption in high places is to get rid of high places.
    Frank Chodorov

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
    H. L. Mencken

    Cognitive Dissonance! This is the case for Lolbertarians and Anarchists, who do not have the solutions, because their analysis is childish, and not in accord with actual history.

    To get rid of “high places” is to assume that there is no hierarchy in life. There is always hierarchy in all things, and even down to the cellular level. In other words Chodorov, is full of shit.

    Same goes for Mencken. Democracy is a hidden string pulling operation, especially universal suffrage democracy. The passions of the people can be manipulated by the CREDITORS, who own the printing press. the people are to vote for their own dispossession.

    This very article discusses how the elites used BLM to get a voting block to vote a certain way.

    Here is even more stupidity from the anarchist:

    Stop cooperating in your own enslavement. Voting is your public display of your approval of the process that controls your life. To bitch afterwards that you don’t like aspects of how you’re being treated is sour grapes. You voted to continue the system that promises the moon and delivers shit every damned time.

    This is called blaming the victim. The assumption is that normies are “individualists” and hence have control and power.

    Normies don’t have agency. Average normies are not the elites, and anarachists think that there should be no high places. In other words, Lolbertarianism and Anarchy, and those pushing for Liberal Individualism, are doing the bidding of their Jewish masters, as dupes.

    It is organized power that can push back, not gibberish anarchies or any sort of liberal (Jewish) and hyper individualistic dialectic.

    The founding fathers wanted an organized militia at the bottom level of the population, for a very good reason. This pushes power DOWN, but there will still be a vertical hierarchy (pyramid) operating no matter what, hidden or otherwise.

    • Replies: @Kali
  90. @allergic2katz

    No one in their right mind is going to read a 16,900-word blog post

    I read the first 50 lines in disbelief, then skim-read the rest as quickly as possible. It read exactly like his previous article – and the one before that. This is especially true when it’s just another deeply-tedious, rambling, un-focussed, painfully-repetitive, wholly un-proofchecked and un-edited college-level rant, touching on all this writer’s usual private – now public – obsessions of homo-activities, “African dongs”, and of course the perennial favourite, always mentioned, “fecal-penetration”. Yes. he’s right about ALL of it – but the problem is, he’s a terrible writer simply because NONE of his colourful, prurient and stomach-churning detail is actually NECESSARY in order to make the central point of this article – the part played by international Jewry in the degenerate nation-wrecking madness of the modern world. On the contrary, by repeatedly and remorselessly focusing on the most extreme, decadent and disgusting examples of Jew malice and wickedness you run the risk always of actually doing the Jew’s job for him – promoting the thoughts, imagery and mental sickness of their moral filth in the minds of normal people. I can gain much more important, valuable and better-sourced detail from a few excerpted paragraphs of any of Kevin MacDonald’s books than from a rambling 16,900 word stream-of-consciousness like this puerile and obsessive adolescent trash.

    This is bad enough, but to have all of it repeatedly illustrated and “referenced” by a grown man’s schoolboy-level obsessions with pathetic fictional movies galore (Yes, movies are actually NOT real-life, Jung-Freud, therefore cannot correctly be used as “reference” for anything FACTUAL) – from Dr Strangelove to 2001, through all his personal teenage pulp-favourites like GoodFellas, Casino, etc – many of which were not only written by Jews, but written for the express purpose of criticising and undermining the very SAME White society the writer would like to protect from Jew evil – just assures him of a generally poor reception, due to his complete inability to review or self-edit, and his laughable ignorance of anything outside his own immediate life-experiences (or perhaps more accurately his mass-media inputs) and mental preoccupations from his very limited-scope film-viewing. If the only real key point which is to be made in this ludicrously over-long and pathetically-unstructured, barely-readable teenage bilge, filled with logical non-seqiturs, typos and the deeply-irritating, ever-present(problem with parentheses) which he seems incapable of correcting, all he needed to do to condense the central thesis of his article – “Satan-worshipping Jews are destroying the world” (which is absolutely true), would have been to replace all 16,900 words of this near-worthless verbal diarrhoea with a simple quotation from their own (disowned) bible:

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies.

    – John 8:44 Berean Study Bible

    • Agree: peterAUS, Zumbuddi, Kali
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  91. Greg S. says:

    The author ponders whether we are about to enter a “thousand year Reich” of Jewish, globohomo domination of the world.

    Call me an optimist (or a pessimist) but I think the exact opposite is happening. I view current events as part of the manic endgame of Satanism. Granted, we may just be entering the destructive phase, but it’s going down.

    You see, a Satanic Empire of Lies cannot hold. It simply cannot. It’s own nature destroys itself. We see this playing out right now in a multitude of ways. Everything is decaying and falling apart. If you live in the world you see this.

    When people start to believe lies as gospel truth, you get multi level scams playing out, such as the mRNA vaccine scam, which will kill millions before it’s all said and done.

    We are also seeing the kind of depravity that is only witnessed at the end of a civilization: sexual degeneracy, abandoning the family unit, child sacrifice (to globohomo, vaccines, or both), eugenics, a dark age of art (name one “masterpiece” of anything created in this century, I cannot).

    I believe that one way or another, the world is going to rapidly change in the next 50 years. The Satanists have accomplished one thing for sure: they have kicked off a chain of destruction and death that I believe is irreversible now.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  92. I have said for a long time that there are some non-believers with amazing spiritual insights – often way beyond the standard believer who never progressed beyond spiritual infancy (Hebrews 5:11-6:20) – and this needs to be archived in my library.
    If I see a gap in my first read here, it might be covered here – – but a further and more extensive review is necessary. Feel free to probe deeper in DaLimbraw Library on this topic, this will take a little longer study….but I truly commend the author/authors.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  93. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:

    I tend to think that J’s strickly speaking, apart from the Kairites, aren’t people of the book. At best they’re people of *their* books (Talmud etc.), or perhaps people of the *book as a starting place*. This is the only point I take umbrage with.

  94. Notice that Jews have gotten ever more emboldened in their mendacity after having hookwinked the goyim with nonsense time and time again. They feel, “If we can put this BS over them, what can we not get away with?”

    I don’t think most people are fooled about the agenda or who is behind it. The relative comfort of most Americans and the speed of the demographic replacement has made it an almost certainty that ridding ourselves of the problem peacefully is not going to happen. Corruption has also made voting useless, no matter who wins.

    I could only read about half of the article, so I may be missing something, but weasling your way into power isn’t a sign of superiority, and it isn’t the same as building a civilization. Civilization is built by groups at all levels and abilities working together to produce a functioning society. In that sense, Jews are not capable of producing a civilization, and are not civilized. Jews scoff at civilization, and prefer to be parasites, destroyers, and interlopers. Jews didn’t build any great civilization, any more than the black Africans who took control of Egypt for a short time built Egypt.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  95. bwuce wee says:
    @Joe Levantine

    no problem! any time. my pleasure. i am happy to burst the bubble of liars and deceit-mongers. feel free to bring to my attention any of this type of nonsense, and i will immediately edify them with public humiliation and merciless scorn. it’s not like they don’t deserve it!

    a caveat- it would be much more productive to read all the comments before (or instead of) reading the article:
    1. because the article is worthless trash- satan does not exist, and evil is not an absolute truth (it is relative. big difference)
    2. it will keep people from repeating the same observations, and the same mistakes

  96. There is no reason to complain about the length of this piece because there is no paywall…’re getting brilliance for free…..if you don’t want it then don’t read it.

    Abraham’s seed is Christ and the Body of Christ…..not jews in the flesh. God opened the Kingdom to gentiles after the jews rejected Christ.

    Therefore, jewish power has for 2000 years been connected to the will of satan and not to the will of God.

    (None come to the Father but through the Son)

    Interesting (and telling) that even an atheist can see that jewish power is satanic.

    Selfish jewish particularism is the element that is most damaging to all of humanity….and this is becoming all too evident.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  97. @Crush Limbraw

    Hi Greg!

    Can you explain how the author discussed Satanism without Satan. I understand he is an un-believer, so why does Jung-Freud mention Satanism at all?

  98. Sparkon says:

    There is no evidence that homosexuals are “born that wsy”.

    Actually there is good evidence of that. Please see my previous comment, paying particular attention to those effeminate young Illini braves.

    • Disagree: Rich
  99. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Long-winded article. Author totally lacks understanding of East Asian culture.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  100. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    If they are “born that way”, there is a view that it is due to a chemical imbalance, possibly caused by a lack of micro-nutrients. If there were a “gay gene” they would have identified it and promoted it as the reason for homosexuality being normal.

  101. Believe it or not!!! I actually read the whole thing. An incredible feat, as the writer, brilliant as he may be and deeply informed on many critical issues; he is, at the same time, most probably a victim of neonatal sexual assault and thereby shares a neurosis with the majority of American man and with a vast majority of Jews and Muslims.

    Complaint number first. What we are looking at here is virtually a book-length dissertation, somehow condensed into about a dozen major themes and one primary one–the “secret” control mechanism by which Sanhedrin dominated Jewery controls most of the Western world and its driving narratives.

    Does this writer have one single clue about the power of paragraphs? No.

    Convoluted concatenation of themes, blended somewhat haphazardly into a melange of confusion, occasionally hits on thematic unification…but only marginally and tangentially. As a long-time editor, I would have told him to serialize this mess of a presentation into an exploration of each particular theme, one by one.

    This screed simply has to be regarded as the least readable of the many such which Unz has included in his presentations of various dissident voices. This one manages, even, to “out” his atheism at the same time as appearing to accept the “God” meme central to the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck.

    Yet, it must be admitted that perhaps the majority of his sub-themes are well worth the exploration by most objective and thoughtful readers/commentators. Thus, it does serve as a useful basis for discussion and…much argumentation.

  102. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Another Andrew Anglin TDF.

  103. Mefobills says:
    @Greg S.

    The author ponders whether we are about to enter a “thousand year Reich” of Jewish, globohomo domination of the world.

    No, globo-homo is not going to dominate. GH is losing.

    Call me an optimist (or a pessimist) but I think the exact opposite is happening. I view current events as part of the manic endgame of Satanism. Granted, we may just be entering the destructive phase, but it’s going down.

    Yes, the end-game is here. Atlantacism, which was a function of the big-bang, and then Atlantacist debt spreading, and then the “great game,” is at an end. Liberalism is part of Atlantacism, to break down Patriarchy and Order, which is part of the Logos. The creditor elites need their debtors running around in circles, and debtors not questioning their subordinate status.

    Putin’s speech is here:

    President Putin at #SPIEF2022: “The United States, having declared victory in the Cold War, declared themselves the messengers of God on earth, who have no obligations, but only interests. They seem not to notice that new powerful centers have formed on the planet”

    My addition” The Jewish elite, and the Creditor Class, who are interested in sordid gain, declared victory. This class is “international” and are rootless cosmopolitans.

    Putin at #SPIEF2022: “The changes in the world are fundamental, pivotal and inexorable. And it is a mistake to believe that you can sit out at the time of rapid changes, wait out that supposedly everything will return to normal, everything will be as before. It won’t!”

    My addition, the International Creditor tried to take down Russia in the 90’s and the proud Russian people would not allow themselves to become subordinated into debt slaves.

    “There will be a deep degradation in Europe, current elites are going to be replaced” — President Putin at #SPIEF2022 “Their wrong policies will lead to an increase in nationalist and extremist sentiments in European society.”

    My addition: The current elites in Europe, the Davos crowd, are international man, and lackeys and agents for the Atlantacist construct, which came into being in 1694. Davos man is a mammonite interested in his creditor position over the world. He is deracinated and doesn’t give a damn about blood and soil.

    “The world was systematically driven into a huge global crisis by the countries of the so-called “G7” — President Putin at #SPIEF2022.

    “The EU has totally lost its political sovereignty, its elites are dancing to someone else’s tune, causing harm to their own population”

    ❗”Hunger in the poorest countries will be on the conscience of the West and the so-called European democracies” – President Putin at #SPIEF2022

    My addition: So called European democracies, and all universal suffrage democracies, are string pulled by the hidden creditor class.

    “This problem has not arisen today, not in the last 3-4 months, and it is not #Russia’s fault. We would be pleased to be so omnipotent. The situation has been getting worse for years, due to activities of those who planned to break trade flows,” President Putin stressed

    My addition: The Atlantacist” international” and especially the Jew, are driven to insanity over Russia. They hear the thundering hooves of the Cossacks in their fever dreams. They are also driven insane by the idea of white supremacy, as every white person is a Hitler, or a new Christ to then come after them. Breaking trade flows is part of the insanity, and also a rear guard measure to protect gains won in previous world wars.

    ❗”Everyone who wants to continue to work/cooperate with Russia is being threatened by the United States” – President #Putin “However, this shows if real leaders are at the helm of a country or not”, the president stressed.

    The real leaders of the U.S. are the hidden creditor class, and their puppeteered deep state politicians.

    “Russia is entering the coming era as a powerful sovereign country and only strong sovereign states can have their say in the emerging world order, or are doomed to remain or become a colony,” President Putin concluded his speech at #SPIEF2022


    A colony of Western debtors is to be extracted upon by the self styled and self imposed International creditor elites. So, the Western Atlantacist construct is now doomed. The new Eurasian world is sovereign, and will channel sovereign credit into a virtuous cycle of ever increasing standards of living as they employ physical economy, and not debt mechanics (finance capitalism). Debt based civilizations eventually polarize and collapse.

    When the expansion of the periphery is disallowed, collapse is guaranteed. Rome collapsed after the center could no longer conquer and put into debt the periphery. New debts attached to the conquered periphery, could no longer pay old debt claims held at the center. In the 90’s there was a flash of finance gains in the West, as Russia was put into new dollarized debts.

  104. Realist says:

    Just like the illegals that swamp the border taking advantage of what the US clearly puts on offer, so do the jews take advantage of your stupidity by going along with a process that everyone knows is corrupt to the core.

    I agree and have said as much many times…only to receive a goddamn ton of crap from the piss and moan crowd on this blog. Two percent of the population is Jewish, and even less are Ashkenazi, yet they presumably totally control this country, the rest are gentiles. Now that is stupid on a stick.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  105. @Old and Grumpy

    Parasites kill their host, and then often die themselves without the host they killed


    You’ll forgive me, but personally speaking, being a part of the body of the doomed host, I can’t really pretend I find that thought particularly comforting.

    Do you ?

  106. @bwuce wee

    Yet another confused poster. Somehow you manage to get trapped and confused between the religionists and the materialists without passing through spiritual and spiritually-evolutionary insights between those two antipathetical polarities.

    My suggestion, should you be possessed of a somewhat open mind, is to read at least two of the books of the late polymath and brain-surgeon, Dr Leonard Shlain. Though a father of three, Shlain expostulates an evolutionary purpose/reason/explanation for samesex eroticism.

    Cultures do not grow if every individual blindly accepts and follows the common herd-instinct. Shlain grasps that as a given.

    Cultural creativity engenders higher levels of cultural evolution. This is nothing like the stupidly materialistic Darwinist and Neo-darwinist perspectives. Bob Dylan’s many noteworthy lines are probably best expressed in “He not busy being born is busy dying”. What is true for individuals is also true of cultures.

    True, there are myriads of gay men who are narcissistic and maybe even terminally silly. Then there are the Socrates’, the Platos, the Leonardos, the Michelangelos, the Shakespeares, the Whitmans, the Thoreaus, the Beethovens, the Tchaikovskys and thousands of other mega-creators who have, despite the devolutionary detour inherent in the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck and in its south magnetic-pole, the Cartestian/Darwinist mere materialists… pathways into genuine cultural evolution where at some time in the distant future, even those would have become mere ciphers leading meaningless lives, will be inspired to individuate sufficiently to awaken their own creative potential.

    Yes, Virginia, samesex eroticism is the cutting edge in creative cultural evolution. Even Young/Freud, semi-consciously acknowledges this reality.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  107. The first thing that the Whites who want to fight for their survival should do is to discard the term ‘Aryan’ to denote themselves or their ideas. It is a word from Sanskrit, and Sanskrit speakers are the least White of all White people, if they are considered White people. The Sanskrit speakers do not understand or follow European ethics or culture. Why still call yourself ‘Aryan’?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  108. @Chuck Orloski

    It’s impossible to watch a gay pride parade with half naked SM freaks and not think of demons.

    It’s impossible to see the clips of children at drag queen shows and not think of satan.

    Likewise BLM and Antifa riots…..stomping people to death….blue haired crazies attacking pro-life activists and Supreme Court Judges…..neocons making war on Russia and the slaughter of white Christian people in Ukraine…..blacks killing whites and getting off with no jail time…..

    The satanic jewing just goes on and on and on……

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  109. @DrKnow

    In the 1840’s, the U.S. went through a phase where there was a political movement which became known as the “Know-nothings”. Your assumed erudition regarding same-sexers is nothing but ignorant, hate-filled, bullshit. Prejudice, as against discernment, colors your entire screed.

    So Dr (obviously a self-worshiping assumed degree of profound egotism masking repression of higher capacities of possible insight) Know…you have succeeded in displaying your inanity like a mandrill baboon displays his ass in the brightest of crimsons.

    “Every human knows”, to employ your own Know-Nothing protestations; that you happen to be an imbecilic nonentity; busy virtue-signaling to fellow victims of JudieChristie MagickMindfuckery.

  110. @Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque


    I also don’t believe a puffed-up crashing bore with unhealthy mental obsessions and verbal diarrhoea like Priss Factor has anything useful to say to me.

    But apparently I’m hard to please.

  111. Rahan says:

    Can we agree that in an article like this paragraphs shouldn’t be longer than 6-8 lines of text? Jeez.

    It’s like reading Thomas Mann ranting after a couple of liters of schnapps.

  112. @OilcanFloyd

    Jews scoff at civilization, and prefer to be parasites, destroyers, and interlopers


    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.”

    We The Destroyers (Chap. 9 from You Gentiles by Maurice Samuels, Pub. 1924)

  113. @Chuck Orloski

    The link I provided is only one of many on that subject and that was just a connect-the-dots summary of essays written by other authors.
    If you really want to know more, you’ll have to do your own research in my library – that is its intended purpose – just insert your key word in the search window.
    Try SATANISM… will be reading for hours if not days.

  114. Mefobills says:

    Two percent of the population is Jewish, and even less are Ashkenazi, yet they presumably totally control this country, the rest are gentiles. Now that is stupid on a stick.

    The old saw, about how a tiny percentage cannot control a large fraction. It is stupid on a stick.


    I guess the tiny fraction of Bolsehviks that ended up controlling a giant land-mass, and people, like Russia … that is a figment of history and imagination?

    The plain fact of the matter is that there is always hierarchy, and ALL civilizations have control nodes. If a hostile elite takes control, they swarm to the control nodes.

    For example, our (((friends))) that attacked Russia in the 90’s, first went after the Press and the Money centers. Later they started buying up the commanding heights of the economy, such as steel production.

    Yukos especially was in the cross hairs, as the patrimony of the Russians (the oil in their lands) was to become dollarized and sold on “free markets.” And of course, later it turns out the the Jewish Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky was affiliated with London Capital, especially Rothschild city banks.

    So, the way the Jew has worked since Haibaru Caravaneers started plying their trade thousands of years ago, as “merchant class” is to loan international money (gold or silver) or later in history, international credit.

    This credit flows across national boundaries, and is used to buy up and influence, to then take-over.

    It takes extraordinary leaders to understand the Jewish creditor mechanism in one lifetime. A proper civilization would have a school, where selected students are trained from birth on how to recognize usury, rents, unearned income, psychopathy, sociopathy, false narratives, etc. They are trained in how to run a civilization, something like child kings of the past were. Only sometimes the child kings were idiots because it was hereditary and not selection.

    Grant was one of those extraordinary people. During the siege of Vicksburg, General Ulysses S. Grant issued an order barring Jewish merchants from entering the Union camps to conduct business.

    Above link is the Jews in their own words:

    Yet the expulsion order had less to do with anti-Semitic hostility than with Grant’s seething frustration at the smugglers and profiteers who were undercutting Union efforts to suppress the black market in Southern cotton. Some of the speculators were certainly Jews — enough so to feed a popular stereotype that “Israelites” were the worst offenders.

    Of course the Jews were the worst offenders. They were using their gold hoards, to then buy cotton for export to the English, to then be woven into textile goods, thus bypassing the North, and the whole reason for the war.

    Lincoln’s national banking system was using TBills, which in those days were treasury money, in the reserve loops of banks, and cotton was supposed to be bought using national money, not international.

    Then the Jews went running to Lincoln, making claims about anti-semitism, and whining about Grant.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @geokat62
  115. Che Guava says:

    Jung-Freud is the pen-name of the long-term commentor Priss Factor, Priss Factory, or several other handles he used years ago, before having been told to stop.

    Priss as Jung-Freud may be a collective being, but I don’t think so, too many idiosyncrasies of style and terms.

    People with much time on their hands …

    Folly, just look at post 4 in this thread. A good point, but the poster uses way too many words to make it.

    • Replies: @Johan
    , @Robert Dolan
  116. eudion2 says:

    No mention of international banking? Without control of the international banking system, and the ability to create money out of nothing, the entire Jewish enterprise collapses. And this is now a done deal, thanks to sanctions on Russian oil ending the reign of the petrodollar as world reserve currency.

    • Replies: @DrKnow
  117. Mefobills says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s impossible to see the clips of children at drag queen shows and not think of satan.

    Reg Morrison thinks that the brain creates scepters, or figments, and these figments are ghostly and can be satanic. They are conjured in the Amygdala.

    (I’m more religious, and consider the brain as an instrument that receives information, as per Sheldrake’s theories.)


    Hard copy of enigma code might still be available. UT course is the only one I could find.

    Yet brain-scan imaging suggests otherwise. In response to any stimulus the brain’s core structures light up about 500 milliseconds before the rational cortex, which suggests that the parliament of genes sitting in the ancient basement of the brain previews the incoming data to decide what is ‘good’ or ‘bad‘ for our immediate evolutionary circumstances. It then transmits its judgement and its behavioural directive to the conscious cortex for repackaging in rationally acceptible terms. Should the genetic directive fail the test of logic however, it is immediately re-labelled as originating from some super-natural, mystical source. And since genes often demand ‘non-rational’ behaviour, this ability to repackage genetic directives under mystical labels has secretly hotwired most behaviour to our genes and continually saves our species from inappropriate rational thought. Here lies the human ‘spirit’ in our (primate) genes

    In other words, many of the posters here, as human defectives, have allowed their Amygdala fear centers to over-run their hippocampus. Making up sweet stories and lies to yourself is part of that mechanism, because the rational centers cannot always deal with the irrational.

    Our friends and the creditor class do prey on this 500ms weakness, pushing mass formation hypnosis, and any sort construct that is anti-life.

    Christianity kept women out of the pulpit for good reason, because they are unable to tamp down their fears.

  118. @Mefobills

    Creditor verses Debtor predation is predicated upon putting the consumer before producer to which raw material agricultural and mining production paid at par leads to profit, that particularly with diversified farming, as once was, the paying with that profit to local economy and national manufacturing economy, such that profits could be made in these sectors, inclusive of service economy.

    This is why Parity was dropped eventually all together in 1952 as GM lobbied Congress and GM wanted to sell cars on credit, and people making money did not need credit.

    Credit has eaten everything up till yet a black rock remains….

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  119. DrKnow says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    We are definitely in a unique, and epic struggle-

    1) Thanks to various forms of Mass Media-Social Media-Media Monopolies, we have never known a time when massive censorship was more possible, or more successful.

    2) Trans-humanism (the singularity) is a developing reality without precedent, except maybe using chattel slavery as an analog. i.e. total control

    3) Meta-verse, a.k.a. The Matrix is another new technology that is without a historical comparison.

    4) Technology, coupled with digital currency, smart phones, Siri and Alexa, digital passports has and will enable the government the most comprehensive and complete systems of control, ever conceived.

    5) Add to all of that- Loss of Faith, in God, or any higher power, removes the traditional counter-balance to all of the above.

    6) A.I.

    So, we’ve got an under-educated, over-weight, hyper-sensitive, excess medicated, narcissistic population, that is victim to mass propaganda and lies, about to spend more time in a fake digital “world”, until they can be physically connected to the “Hive Mind” (which cannot help but be used for evil), and their every dollar tracked, their every purchase documented, their every word spoken being recorded (until the hive can read their thoughts too), all of their movements traced and analyzed, while being fed only “approved” thoughts, until AI comes along and turns us all into giant 28 vdc batteries…

    Something like that?

    Yeah, it’s a struggle. But, many of us won’t put a chip in our brain, we won’t live in the meta-verse, we seek alternative (unapproved) media, we’re not on social media.

    We grow gardens, own guns, read books, attend church, have children, and meet people face to face.

    Now, I don’t know if that will make us the Eloi or the Morlocks, but we will resist.

    Arguably, it may prove to be the most epic battle in human history, because, in part, a trans-humanism future, is the definition of human extinction.

    Yep, it’s a unique time, and the struggle is without comparison, but I like my odds against a bunch of brain dead automatons.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  120. DrKnow says:

    Ha ha, I have to assume that there is something about the format transition from it’s original form, to being imported here, causes this.

    Nobody that can write that well, and that long, can be unaware of the value of paragraph breaks.

  121. DrKnow says:

    It’s a given.

    Like greed.

  122. Major says:

    That’s one crazy-ass manifesto.
    I put myself through college working on an acute-care adult psychiatric unit.
    When patients went on rants like this we increased their medication.

  123. Johan says:
    @Che Guava

    Idiosyncrasie are a form of originality, the latter would be a good idea.

    For a white man, ‘all Chinese look the same’, for a European, American style writing and thinking mostly looks either like something taken from a textbook and consequently mistreated, or something fit to flush through a toilet all too soon after its conception and expression. It is also always too short or too long, almost always too flat, in lack of wit, in speeches, the timings are unnatural, and the intonation and character betrays something between adolescent obstinacy and national narcissism, and gives rise to the suspicion that US Americans might be a fairly but not all too advanced form of extraterrestrial AI life, with a relatively developed intelligence and language, but rather undeveloped motoric skills, in perpetual violent conflict with each other.
    So, I wouldn’t know, but perhaps you have more intimate experience with it, so you can perceive more differentiation in the form of style and terms.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Che Guava
  124. @Che Guava

    Priss is one individual…..and Priss has a big motor.

    The stream of consciousness that roars from the pen of Priss is something to behold.

    High IQ cultural anthropologist/historian/pop culture maven… get a bit of everything with Priss.

    Everytime I read a Priss article I learn something new or find some new expression that I can use to help explain the JQ to others.

    In this piece I thought it was most interesting to point out the fact that jews equate Hitler as the epitome of the Christian persecution of jews. I never really thought of it that way….but yeah…..that’s surely how they see it.

    Whereas….I see Hitler as a reaction to the murderous Bolsheviks….and I don’t see any connection to the Christian religion whatsoever…..which proves that jews and gentiles have totally different mindsets.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Che Guava
  125. peterAUS says:

    A bit simplistic, but good enough:

    ..a point of maximum pain……intervention…control….


    Based on the scamdemic experience a high chance of success, IMHO.

  126. Mefobills says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    Credit has a future identity, and presumes wealth will be created to pay back the credit, along with the interest.

    Money has a past time identity and correlates to wealth already produced. Ideally money is also a division of a country’s equity.

    There is no way that normies have the mental digits to understand these things.

    Credit has very definite rules about how it is to be deployed. An economy that runs purely on private credit, and forces people into private debts is doomed, because natural laws are abrogated.

    Shit tier ideologies like neo liberalism are designed to hide the natural order.

    Thanks for the GM anecdote.

  127. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    Good point. I don’t know if anyone can give a single, good answer as to why LGBTQ+ is promoted so heavily.

    I suspect they push LGBTQ+ mania both to trigger conservatives and traditionalists (similar to all the white/black couples on TV) and also to help promote a culture of sterility. It’s not the root cause of low fertility, but it obviously helps to promote and normalize being single and non-reproductive during adulthood.

    In addition, I suspect part of this is simply an effect of the “great awokening.” Having the left focus solely on artificial sex/gender issues is a tactic to prevent them from focusing on class and economics.

    Both gay and straight young people will be indebted serfs, unable to ever own a house, and Jewish bankers will own everything, but at least we’re tolerant and progressive to finally “move past gender” and end western civilication’s evil, intolerable “oppression” of trannies!

    Also, they seem to love getting large segments of the population identifying with artificial labels they create, and I think the alphabet acronym serves such a purpose.

    I’m really not sure how much gays themselves drive this, or have such a unified agenda and insane lust for power. If there wasn’t the billionaire funded transender industrial complex and Jewish media, I doubt they would be that much of a problem.

    Most gays probably hate the T part of the agenda, which for a number of reasons is actually anti-gay. Mostly Jewish radical feminists seem to be the ones driving it. If the gay vice is oversexualization and promiscuity, there’s no real relation to say, a liberal white woman who wants to castrate her sons so she can proudly say she has “trans kids.”

    Gays are narcissistic, but they generally, consciously and unconsciously, want to be accepted by straight men. When gays want to “promote” or celebrate their lifestyle, they basically want gay men to look attractive and normal not repulsive to normal people. Films like Brokeback Mountain are likely an artifact of a time when the LGBT movement was more of a “white, male” movement that catered to gay men, as opposed to drag queen storytimes and the sudden media promotion of transgenderism.

    • Replies: @DrKnow
  128. Major says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    They are born that way.
    Just as I was born straight.

    If you insist that gay people have chosen to be homosexuals, then please tell us about the day that you chose to be straight.
    Tell us how you weighed the pros and cons, and arrived at that decision.
    It’s illogical to claim that you were born straight, always knew you were straight, and there was no choice to be made, but that gay people all were somehow confronted with this choice and decided to be attracted to the same sex.

  129. Chris Moore says: • Website

    In many ways, what had been promised to the Jews by God has come true. Jews have inherited the world. Given the astonishing aspect of this phenomenon, why don’t people know about it? Shouldn’t we all be talking about it? We are living in the Age when the People of the Book have come to control the world, and yet, the governing principle is, “Don’t you dare talk about Jewish Power.”

    Why do you continially us the language and the narrative of the enemy? They’re ((Jews)), not Jews. They are the enemy if Moses and the Ten Commandments, not his heirs. Jesus was Moses’ heir. These mixed-race and mixed-up Hebrew hybrids are of the Golden Calf, reprobate lineage. They’re of the Golden Calf value system, including human sacrifice and Mammon worship. They don’t have a problem with wars or abortion or chaos or anarchy or manifesting dark arts because they are of their father, the Devil.

    People, if you adopt the language, narratives, and presumptions of the ((Jews)) and their stooges, you are destined to lose this war. In fact, you are unwittingly turning yourself into a ((Jew))-stooge propagandist.

    Or maybe you are spiritually a ((Jew))-stooge, and just don’t know it.

    ((Jew))-stooges are “tricked” by the ((Jews)) because they want to be; because they lack the character and integrity and foresight to resist. Maybe that’s you.

    If you find yourself attracted to evil instead of repelled by it, ask yourself if you’re a Satanist. But be prepared to live and die with the answer.

  130. “I suspect they push LGBTQ+ mania both to trigger conservatives and traditionalists (similar to all the white/black couples on TV) and also to help promote a culture of sterility. It’s not the root cause of low fertility, but it obviously helps to promote and normalize being single and non-reproductive during adulthood.”

    The faggy tranny stuff is jews flexing on goys…..rubbing the filth in our faces…..showing us they can do whatever they want and we can’t do anything about it.

    They are agents of chaos and they love to promote confusion and disorientation, cause whites to lose their identities, and of course the LGBTQ crap is a direct attack on the nuclear family and normal procreation.

    EMJ has a term for this inversion…..where the good is now wicked and the wicked is now good….which is the essence of satanism.

  131. Mefobills says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Aryan should be rehabilitated, because white people do not know their history.

    They are being de-racinated, and to wipe a people out, you have to disconnect them from their history, land and soil.

    The oldest Cro Magnon skull is 35,000 years old. The Aryan symbols that Cro used included the swastika. The Swastika is also in India and Persia, because that was part of the Aryan range.

    That only brown people are left in those regions, means that white Cro Magnon Aryans, bred into the population, and then their recessive genes disappeared.

    Much of what we call civilization seems to spring from a relatively singular genetic and cultural root, which proceeded to disperse across the globe in waves, and it seems their tracks are being buried, obfuscated.

    That is what you are doing, perhaps inadvertently. The tracks are being buried when you hide words like Aryan, or prevent it from being used, especially if Jews are butt-hurting about its use.

    Semite speaking peoples were not pure Cro Magnon, they were very high percentage neanderthal admixture. Aryan symbols do not belong to the Semites, and by extension Jews.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  132. I ask that all Unz readers watch and reflect on the 1964 movie, Fail Safe, starring Henry Fonda and Walter Matthau. In those day’s the underground bunkers had a Rolodex on the Presidents desk and rotary phones stationed everywhere. But don’t let that stop you from following the movies’ plot and theme. Why? because not one iota of the overall message has changed.

    As a kid, I couldn’t wait for the next order of fighter jet models to fill the shelves of our local model craft store. I’d assemble and pretended to fly those scale downs with my own hand, for instance that B-58 Hustler long range supersonic bomber -as depicted in Fail Safe. Little did I know what I was imitating. Echos of the biblical line now comes to mind, forgive them Lord they know not what they do…

    Today’s Hollywood embraces nonsensical distraction, boundless sex scenes and violence. It does not advocate for peace, rather sublimely delivers sneaky messages from the Mossad and CIA as to what the Proles should be preparing for. Example; The Medusa Touch (1978) a foreboding tale that ended with 911, or again, the movie Genesis II (1973) message: get used to living in caves..Omen III the Final Conflict circa 1983, behold! it’s not The Lizard People running the world , it’s Satan’s own spawn …correct! Post WW III movies describing the remnant of (un-sheltered) humanity as “terminals” and so on.

    The Western Occident nations have had more than enough time, over sixty years now, to digest and act on these “prophecies” but we’ve done nothing to reshape our world and have allowed the crazed Neocons and extreme Zionists to undo all that humanity has built.

    Did anyone take notice or even raise an eyebrow in the MSM when Netanyahu said: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away or “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off…” Here’s another, more detailed quote from the Prime minister of a nuclear armed state, Israel…“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

  133. @Chris Moore


    The parentheses have to go buddy…..seriously.

    Priss is not a Christian, so as you mentioned, Priss has mistakenly adopted the jew narrative of jews as the “chosen” people, which is no longer in effect because they blew it 2000 years ago.

    The sad fact is that most people still believe that jews are the chosen people, and the stupid Christian zionists believe it.

    Steve Anderson and Chuck Baldwin have done excellent sermons on this topic.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  134. Realist says:

    The only way two percent can control ninety-eight percent is if the two percent is much smarter than most of the ninety-eight percent.

    Think of a border collie and a flock of sheep.

    • Replies: @David Burberry
    , @Mefobills
  135. The only way two percent can control ninety-eight percent is if the two percent is much smarter than most of the ninety-eight percent.

    Think of a border collie and a flock of sheep.

    Not a good explanation. Until recently, the average Jewish IQ was given to be somewhere between 103 and 105, which is nowhere near enough to explain the Jewish rise. Jews are so far outnumbered by whites in every IQ grouping that IQ distribution only explains why Jews are not able to build or maintain a society on their own.

    Some people seem to forget that Jews did not build Western Civilization or America, and that both would obviously be far better off without Jews. Outside of blacks, nobody needs Jews, and even blacks would probably better off without Jews. Jews need everyone else.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  136. bwuce wee says:
    @Butcher bear

    maY-An! your god is one_damn_badass_mean_muthafukka! that ain’t no sheet! dat’s some cold sheet- for reel! i ain’t playin! i would so loooove to see me a movie bout dat sheet! jes don’t get no MOGAN FREEMAN to play god- and it’d be da bomb.

  137. @bwuce wee

    “Currently over 90 million slaves in Afrika”

    You broke the story, unearthed the secret! Trying too hard has personal rewards eh?

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  138. TLDR; the jews did it.

  139. @Realist

    Nope. Proper scientific studies have shown that intelligent people are just as easy to manipulate as stupid people.

    Power doesn’t require vast intelligence it just requires a narcissistic anti social personality disorder IE sociopathy.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Realist
  140. bwuce wee says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    OK- freud is relevant because the author has taken that moniker. freud believed that the sexual orientation was established by early childhood events of a certain intensity. peak events if you will. so right there, you see that freud utterly and completely dismissed the idea of ‘gays being born that way’. so would you call it hypocrisy, or irony, for the author to name-crop freud- and using freud’s JUICE, to promote his own unexpert theory as if it were a FACT?!?!?!? sorry, but you do not get a pass on this one, YOUNG FRAUD!

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  141. Mefobills says:

    The only way two percent can control ninety-eight percent is if the two percent is much smarter than most of the ninety-eight percent.

    I guess the one Putin was smarter than all of the Jewish Oligarchs, as he taxed away their sordid gains.

    It is about Power and Control Nodes.

    One King is a tiny percentage of the population.

    Go ahead, keep on blaming the victims, they are just mere sheep.

    The fact of the matter is that ALL POPULATIONS have a gaussian distribution, and a heavy percentage of the people are normies, sheep – who can be easily manipulated.

    Lolbertarians, Anarchists, and Pathological Individualists are all part of Liberalism, and are dupes who have butt snorkeled Jewish dialectic. So, we have to listen to nauseating blame the victim narratives, rather than looking at power relations of in groups.

    Creditor over debtor is a power relation that is completely obfuscated by Jewish brainwashing dialectics. Putin took away Jewish Creditor power by taxing the Oligarchs. If they didn’t pay their taxes, they were put in Jail. Most of them fled to London, the seat of finance capitalism and neo liberalism.

    • Replies: @Realist
  142. @Chris Moore

    Yeah the proper term is jew. Stop capitalizing jew.

    jews don’t capitalize White in their propaganda even though they capitalize Black.

  143. Realist says:

    One King is a tiny percentage of the population.

    A king would be easily overthrown if the population would rise up as in late 1700 France.

    So your argument is there is nothing that can be done…all is lost?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  144. Mefobills says:

    So your argument is there is nothing that can be done…all is lost?

    All is not lost.

    I explained the big bang, which is why we are in today's predicament. You have to reverse the big bang for the West to survive. This reversal is unlikely, because there are so many people conditioned to believe demonstrably false things. It is hard to overcome narrative conditioning if you have been programmed from birth. Most people take cues from their environment, and what they are told by their teachers and parents. They believe things unquestionably – just because.

    I explained the big bang in this very thread, see # 87:

    Something is already being done about it. It is external forces that are breaking the Atlantacist system. See number 105, of this thread.

    The sheeple within the Western System will not arise unless their lives, safety and security is threatened. Sheeple have inertia. They also have to be organized into a movement, that has leadership and a clear plan of action, and is funded. None of that is present at the moment.

    A fascist ruler will arise in the West, just as Putin predicts, because liberalism has failed… liberalism will be unable to bring home the bacon.

    Average people are mostly centrists unwilling to go along with woke ideology. When they begin to have privations, that is when they begin to really question things. Until then, they will fall back into their comfortable shibboleths and illusions.

    1700’s France was funded by the (((Jacobins))).

    • Replies: @Realist
  145. anon[391] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    In this piece I thought it was most interesting to point out the fact that jews equate Hitler as the epitome of the Christian persecution of jews.

    Hitler coming after extreme Yid hate and violence in Russia
    had Yid/Jew characteristics projected onto him.

    Sort’ve a cleansing ala chicken twirling – transfer your sins, hates, evilness.

  146. ‘After all, there are plenty of rich Chinese and Hindus, but we just see them as filthy rich people or people-with-too-much-money.”

    Yes, it’s true that the Chinese are the Jews of Burma to the Philippines in the Southeast Asia but it’s a myth and most likely a falsehood that Hindus are on par with Jews (real) and Chinese because Hindus are the true goyim of India and mercantile tribes, about a dozen or so, such as Jains, Zoroastrians, Ismailis (Shia Muslims) are the ‘Jews’ of it. Heck, even the Sasoons (the Baghdadi Jews) profited by harvesting opium in the Subcontinent and shoving it to the Chinese with White (British) military might. Just as Jews (Ashkenazi) are hard to tell apart from the majority due their skin white color, the brown ‘Jews’ are mistaken for Hindus. And only the discerning ones know that truth!

  147. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:

    However there is no Pax Americana. It has been a story of constant war and regime change in and around the Empire.

    Right, the US has tried to influence the Asian mainland and get the Middle East organized enough to support domestic industry. So far, they might as well have ploughed the sea, or tried once again to reform Haiti. No problem in future, the US has given up on Asia and is about to give up on Europe as well.

    So why did the world tolerate the American Empire? Here’s why; Americans have controlled the world sea lanes since 1945, and have permitted very nation to trade with every other nation (with the exception of the Soviet bloc until 1990 or so). This permission to trade is the direct enabler of globalization, which for a time increased world prosperity significantly. Globalization was, until ~2008, enough of a global good to offset US foreign policy and financial initiatives.

    The US has been gradually reducing its policing of the sea lanes and gradually increasing its monetary inflation. It can be argued that globalization was not financially rewarding for most of its participants starting with the 2008 financial lockup. Globalization is now less profitable than it was in 2008, and the worldwide political/commercial call seems to be for autarky. In matters of food and fertilizer, autarky is to an extent already being practiced this year. The resulting food scarcity predicted for 2022/11 or so is going to give readers of this text some idea of what a major drop in globalization, one reinforced by US abandonment of commercial shipping protection, really means for all commodities.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Priss Factor
  148. Miro23 says:

    So why did the world tolerate the American Empire? Here’s why; Americans have controlled the world sea lanes since 1945, and have permitted every nation to trade with every other nation (with the exception of the Soviet bloc until 1990 or so). This permission to trade is the direct enabler of globalization, which for a time increased world prosperity significantly. Globalization was, until ~2008, enough of a global good to offset US foreign policy and financial initiatives.

    That’s a very good point. In fact so obvious that I didn’t see it. There were two deals. The Anglo American Imperial deal , and the Jewish American Imperial deal.

    The Anglo American Empire offered integration into the world’s leading post WW2 industrial and financial system – security against communism, the dollar world currency and international organizations like the IMF, World Bank and NATO. This worked until the fall of the Soviet Union (1989).

    The subsequent Jewish American Empire (new Jewish leadership) offered unprecedented low prices to the public and a vast new source of profits as manufacturing was outsourced to Asia. All made possible by the internet and named Globalization. Walmart World. The intellectual foundation was Neo Liberalism and Friedman’s “World is Flat” idea – no countries, no borders, no nationalism -just one large world business under Jewish management.

    And, as you say, it was bound to fail.

    Globalization, de industrialized the West and industrialized China shifting power to Asia. The West plugged the many gaps with debt – which almost blew up in 2008 but is now definitively reaching the end with new debt feeding directly into inflation. Inflation = weak currencies = the end of cheap commodities and cheap imports.

  149. dunn says:

    I just finished this voluminous article. If you can read it all it all highly enlightening. A huge takeaway I see was actually not in the article. It strikes me how jews and joggers as a group both emulate mafia-like tactics to attach themselves to a host and bleed it dry to a husk till host society is enslaved and/or dead.

    Both as a group never ever turn on each other. Very importantly they absolutely stick together in all circumstances. Never ever any daylight between their various interest groups from ‘conservative’ to ‘liberal’.

    They both employ a type of code of silence (via media).
    With a room temperature average IQ, jews happily shared this little schtick with jogger supremacist groups such as BLM aka Buy Large Mansions. …as overall it weakens the host at an extraordinary rate now.

    Jews and Joggers enjoy exactly the same type of media ‘Omerta’-like silence an old Don would only dream about. A media code of silence for the action of both groups in an endless loop.

    • Agree: Miro23, mark green
  150. @Anonymous

    Pox Americana with globo-homo

  151. Dumbo says:

    Jews played a huge role of organized crime in US, Interwar Germany, and Russia, a fact often overlooked because of the image of Italian gangsters in American pop culture

    Jews control Hollywood, so they made a lot of films about Italian or Italian-American mafia when there were as many or more Jewish gangsters (Bugsy Siegel, etc). It’s interesting that when an Italian (Sergio Leone) did a film about gangsters in America, he chose to make a film about Jewish gangsters, and not Italian ones.

    Also, there is a case to be made that Sicilian mafia families are actually Jewish — a small minority, legacy transmitted by blood, only the “pure” can be “made men”, unknown origins, etc. It is possible that they started as crypto Jews.

  152. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Via their control of media, academia, finance, law, and Deep State, Jewish Power has raised entire generations of white kids on the Cult of White Guilt

    How Jewish is the Deep State? If we define the Deep State to mean the top 100 people in the Justice Department, it’s probably not too Jewish. Currently the AG is Jewish but that isn’t usually the case. Looking into how the Deep State makes its decisions is in itself a worthwhile topic.

  153. anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:

    So, it was British Jews who spearheaded the Afro-Islamization of Great Britain. It was all in the name of IIGFJ or “Is it good for Jews?” Jews, as the Holy Holocaust people, told white elites that UK is ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi-like’ UNLESS it opens the floodgates to the Third World.

    The situation in the UK is hard to unpack. Jews don’t vote for Labour anymore because they are uncomfortable with its antisemitism.

    The worry over antisemitism really means is discomfort with Muslim immigrants. However British Jews still want to support more Third World immigration. British Jews would still like to see the UK become majority non-white to feel comfortable in a warm bathtub. At the same time they don’t want so many Muslim immigrants. There’s no way to state this aim explicitly. At some point however I am sure the British Jewish community will come up with a clever indirect way to attract more black immigrants over Pakistanis. I expect eventually slavery reparations will be paid to the Carribbean and Nigeria in the form of free university tuition, pulling more immigrants from there.

    There is also the recent high potential visa, which gives a 2/3 year visa to anyone who graduates with a degree, no job offer needed, from one of 37 top ranked universities. None of the universities are in Africa. There are calls to add some African universities to the list.

  154. @bwuce wee

    This explains why the gay agenda is being foisted on children in the education system so blatantly. First, molesting children will nsure that they grow up gay, and second this whole child sex movement is a lead up to legalizing sex between children and adults. This gives them a double whammy. They get to legalize pedophilia, which benefits policiticans, because they are all pedos, and it also creates millions and millions of gay next generation teenagers and adults. So after GenerationX and GenerationZ, well now we will have Generation Gay! This is the pervert Master Plan! What a country!

  155. lavoisier says: • Website

    A hilarious and eminently satisfying exposition of all that ails us today–presented in a truly unique and rambling fashion.

    As a school teacher it would be graded as a D.

    As an individual who values intellectual exploration and fearless exposition of the lies that undergird our present age, it gets an A +.


  156. Backward says:

    I stopped reading as soon as I got to the “Russian collusion hoax”. I should have known better: anyone too impressed by sexual matters lacks the mental power to understand that both sides of the geopolitical theatre are controlled by Chabad.

  157. The only two countries that can check Jewish power and control of the world are China and India, not as separate entities fighting each other but as one united front that’s unanimous in their desire to keep Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah out of the South, Southeast and East Asia. Japan too will fall into the line, notwithstanding American control of it. And forget about Russia, as I think Putin is playing the role of his life time written by the Tribe. As to Africa and Latin America, you can fugget about it!

    P. S. Jehovah, Allah and Yahweh (JAY) are one Tribal owned entity.

  158. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Bulwark

    honestly, Russia/Germany/China/Japan would be the most based combination possible, considering the legacy and symbolism of it….fuck india, those dirty subhumans will never amount to anything worthwhile.

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  159. @Dave Bowman

    I perfectly agree : this long text is USELESS, as useless as the tireless repetition of an advert slogan with illustrations of the same product presented in the hands of various negro-homo dummies. So much outpouring of advertisement is generally the proof of the flimsiness and non-durability of the product. The main thesis is that the Jewish empire might gain at last a several-millenia-long reign in retribution for 4000 years of humiliation … a story only a certain kind of bad Christians believe in, and far less Jews take seriously : Most Jewish scholars just don’t believe their sacred texts are about long-term human history, but only about ever-recurring events at tabloid press story level and useful to study so as to acquire special occult powers. There won’t be a long glorious sequel to the present-day Jewish happy end story because they themselves behave like baby-boomers. They know that they owe their success to Satanic powers and that Satanic powers never work for very long. A revenge of the Golden-Calfers can only lead to its logical conclusion, the return of the Jews to Egypt, whence the Golden Calf was imported, and whereto that cult asked to go back.

  160. @bwuce wee

    No actually its a really good article in that it collates all the major talking points, on a subject as taboo as this, on this issue and manages to weave it together and brings out the true nature of the reality we’re currently facing.
    There is a one missing critical element to this which is the Metaphysical aspect however this probably not within the scope of this article given that it would probably cover volumes as well as the author being an atheist; however in spite of this the author still covers the various groups concerned quite thoroughly from instead a psychological, physiological and morphing ideological narrative.
    Covering the topic from a metaphysical perspective would be lost on most since most people are avowed atheists and the clever tactic of instead focussing on psychology and physiology is the next best thing to appeal to the reader. Its definitely worth the read

  161. Hencmn says:

    Since you’d rather shoot yourself in the head than read the article, the existence of your reply proves you didn’t read it.

  162. geokat62 says:

    It takes extraordinary leaders to understand the Jewish creditor mechanism in one lifetime. A proper civilization would have a school, where selected students are trained from birth on how to recognize usury, rents, unearned income, psychopathy, sociopathy, false narratives, etc.

    A very constructive recommendation.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Thanks: Mefobills
  163. DrKnow says:

    I’ll tell you succinctly “why they push the Queer agenda so strongly”

    It’s Satanism.

    Like our author here, I’m not any type of religious zealot, I’m mostly agnostic, but the one thing I am 100% certain of, is that there are Satan worshippers, including almost all modern ((Jews)), and they do, actively, push their Satanic agenda, constantly.

    Abortion is child sacrifice
    Transgenderism is a defilement of God’s image of Man
    Homosexuality is a rejection of God
    Pedophiles are praising Satan with their evil deeds.
    They also practice human sacrifice- wars, famine, disease, poisoned food and water, sterility, you name it.

    If you view everything evil that is done today, as the works of evil Satanists, praising Satan, worshipping Satan, rejecting God… EVERYTHING makes perfect sense.

    It’s the Occam’s Razor for the modern era, and much of history as well.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  164. Realist says:

    My contention is our problems will not be solved by the electoral process…only physical efforts have a chance to win.

  165. @DrKnow

    Hey Know it all: Samesex eroticism (the proper term) is not a “rejection of god”, rather part of a growing general cultural abandonment of your goddamn ancient Hebrew tribal WarGod, Yahweh/Jeehove. That discarnate creature is also known as the father of what the great spiritual rebel, Jesus the Christed One called “The Synagogue of Satan.”

    Crosstianity, aka the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck, is clearly a false religion, founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Anti-Christ. There have been many and most of them have called themselves “Christians”. The rest of them are mostly Sanhedrin-directed Babylonian Talmudists.

    • Replies: @DrKnow
  166. bwuce wee says:
    @Los Audacity

    i have no earthly idea what the ‘f’ you are talking about. take your meds and get back to me when you can form a coherent response. if in fact you were trying to comment on slavery- there are 92 millions slaves in afrika if you want a closer approximation. slavery exists in the USA also. we have slave labor in prisons, we have internship- basicaly slave labor in many corporations, and we have ‘paying off student loans debt by working’ in many universities- also a form of slavery. china puts religious people in slave labor camps- so many products from china are made by slave labor.

    • Replies: @Los Audacity
  167. @Chris in Cackalacky

    Convincing people to castrate their children is a pretty awesome display of satanic power.

  168. @Anonymous

    When people like to say “not all jews,” did they give the same benefit of the doubt to the German population after WWII? No. They did not. It is only fair to hold them to the standards they hold everyone else.

    “Even Germans who had not themselves committed specific misdeeds were, at the very least, accessories to and had knowledge of them, since they had probably known about the crimes of their government and done nothing to stop them.”

    -The Jew Stephen Brockman on German “Collective Guilt”

    It’s only fair.. its poetic even.

    • Agree: Backward
  169. @Wild Man

    My understanding of supersessionism, the doctrine you’re speaking about, is that the jews that followed Christ brought the covenant with then.. those who rejected him rejected to covenant for all time. Gentiles were allowed in on the covenant via Baptism. Eventually, the gentiles outnumbered the jews. This is Christianity, the Body of Christ, the real Israel.

  170. DrKnow says:
    @emerging majority

    Without the hyperbolic cynicism, I have seen some interesting information that makes a good case that modern Christianity is actually Satan worship, having been twisted centuries ago.

    Is that what you’re on about?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  171. @bwuce wee

    Now that I see all the things you are categorizing as slavery, I should not have replied. Should have just left you in your absurd search for moral equivalency. Goodness gracious. lol

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  172. The writer has very wittily put his finger on a hidden reality of life in the West, namely that those who are physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (not Ishmael), have managed to hide their massive influence over the domestic and foreign policy of Western Gentile nations. The prominent Khazarian/Ashkenazis are not physical descendants of Abraham, but initially were descendants by adoption, like Rahab the harlot.
    This influence on the West almost constitutes a fulfilment by proxy of the Old Testament prophecies that God would eventually bless these descendants with the rulership of the world, but under their Messiah, when he comes. (Genesis 12 & 15; 2 Sam 7:12-15; Luke 1:31-33; Isaiah 2:1-5; Jeremiah 31:31-33; Isaiah 42:5-6; Hebrews 8:8-11; Gal 3: 26-29; Acts 1:6-7; Matt 24). Gen 15 contains the “Nile to Euphrates” promise so beloved of the Oded-Yinon plan.
    However God’s initial covenant promises to Abraham and the Israelites were extended to faithful Gentiles as well as faithful Israelites after the death of Jesus Christ initiated the New Covenant (Matt 26:26-28), which enabled the gospel (the good news of the Kingdom of God) to include the faithful Gentiles and Israelites who accepted Jesus Christ. The Law of Moses covenant “vanished away” at the death of Jesus, when the vail of the temple was split from top to bottom, but the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants remained in force, with the New Covenant.
    Abraham did not receive any inheritance in the land in his lifetime, but he saw it in faith, and did not try to take it by force of arms (Heb 11:8-14). Many of his physical descendants, the Zionists, have tried to do just that, but Jesus said that those who claimed to be children of Abraham should do the works of Abraham, which did not include taking the land or the rulership of the world by force or trickery (John 8:39-40). Jesus said that those who live by the sword would perish by the sword.

  173. @DrKnow

    Where I tend towards a form of agnosticism is whether the correct term would be Satanism or satanism. The difference should be fairly obvious.

    But to get into it a bit further, to capitalize is to recognize a specificity in the appellation, while going lower-case is to suspend belief, but acknowledge that there is or are evil discarnate beings which scheme to influence, control or even enslave or destroy humanity—particularly in the spiritual dimension.

    Christianity, since the original Jesusites were subverted and cast out by Constantine (my candidate as the initial anti-Christ); has ever been a perverted organized religion. I do recognize, that under the aegis of that worship of Yahweh (a satanic being if there ever was one) there have been individuals such as Francis of Assisi; Teresa of Avila and Hildegard of Bingen, who instilled significant elements of genuine spirituality into their umbrella religion.

  174. The article,

    Cumulative effort to popularized insight into the Jew collective psychology. “Crowing on a pile of dung” as a worldview. Thanks.

    The book has been written many times over, now the next step, some suggestions to action, that is, getting rid of the Jew mindset in governance, Jew actors and agents (cave dweller example to all Hillary Clinton), and giving agency to outliers that have substance (Julian Assange comes to mind). That is what the White elite collective should stand for.

    Financial Capitalism made decay float, somewhat like dead yeast and debris on a sourdough starter.

    Out of context, but within the framework: Russia and China, their elites bring nothing new to the table as to the goals in the long term for the planet. Belts and ramps …to more pollution, bigger populations, less bio-diversity by dominance of the single species. Their intended next round of suffocation of the bio-sphere is counter productive. Cities are cancers, then turn into wastelands their surroundings, then …heal. Unnecessarily, predictably. The better approach is to avoid this process and anticipate evident, obvious outcomes to the negative. The West should take up the lead, again, by gearing up into uncharted territory. No historical models are of value at this juncture in times.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  175. @Mefobills

    Your handle shows you have read outside the sandbox, but when it comes to Indian history and prehistory, there are many commonly held misconceptions. Indian civilizations, please note the plural, started much before any White people setting foot in the sub-continent. Even now India is 80% Black, a fact obscured by the media and the emigre Indians; South India had civilizations much without White admixture. Hardly 15% of people have White genes even in the highly “Aryanised” parts of India – Punjab and the lands to its North West.

    In India, the tag, “Aryan” is proudly worn by the Brahmins and a few high castes; it has not attained the negative connotations yet; and swastika is still a venerable symbol. But if you have a look at the people who call themselves Aryan, you will find they scarcely have a touch of Whiteness in them. Their physical appearance, religious beliefs, ethics and culture are about as far away from the Europeans as possible. They, and they alone, used the term, “Aryan”, to denote not the White race, but the ruling class among them, whatever was the skin colour. Therefore you can very well have a very black skinned Aryan in India, who will contest your claim to be an Aryan!

    The deep south of India challenges this concept of ‘Aryan’; there, the term Aryan becomes geographic, denoting anything from North India.

    Using this term is not going to benefit the White people’s attempts for racial unity.

    Here are some of the Aryans of South India: They are accepted as Aryans in India. Now, accepting them as your White brothers is up to you.

    (BTW, I am not a White; and I am not Aryan even by the Indian usage)

  176. @Old Brown Fool

    Please check the pictures in this page: They are accepted as Aryans in India. Now accepting them as your White brothers is up to you.

  177. @OilcanFloyd

    But how do you then explain so many achievements in so many fields by Jews? Von Neumann, Sigmund Fraud, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg……..How are so many geniuses in so many varied fields Jewish? I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone. Just a genuine query. I read somewhere NASA was a Jewish brainchild.

  178. bwuce wee says:
    @Los Audacity

    moron, all the laughs are directed towards your mistaken post claiming i said ‘john was greek’. you are the tard that made the mistake, not me.

    and further, the dictionary defines slavery, not me! and the dictionary agrees with me- not you:

    Definition of slavery:
    1a : the practice of slaveholding
    b : the state of a person who is held in forced servitude
    c : a situation or practice in which people are entrapped (as by debt) and exploited
    2 : submission to a dominating influence slavery to habit

    all my examples are actual incidents of real slavery. and further, if a person is under a debt, that amounts to slavery in many ancient cultures.
    so again, everyone is lauging at your mistakes, not at my facts.

  179. @anon

    “fuck india, those dirty subhumans will never amount to anything worthwhile.”

    Your brilliant analysis may be true but without the subhuman India, China would be an autistic worms shithole and as to Japan, they would rather deal with the Hindus than the Taoist shitbags. And Germany is a concubine of the Zion, so she won’t spread her legs unless her pimp approves and the pander doesn’t like China. That leaves Russia … in the end, she knows that over breeding Chinese are the biggest threat to her sovereignty, therefore, she will pretend to go along with the dog-eaters but in the end would join the Judeo-Christians to piss on the panda. India has no superpower ambition but China does, therefore, it must kiss that dirty curry arse to be one or it’s going to be crushed by the West.

    • Replies: @anon
  180. Weave says:
    @Joe Levantine

    This is an incredibly important point; that so many of us openly say we wish for the end to come quickly. There is no other way out of this that I and lots of folks smarter than me can figure. I can’t imagine any other time in history where believers and nonbelievers alike have openly called for the end of it all.

    It took me two days of returning to it, but I read this entire article and loved it. The author’s admission of atheism makes it even more important to me, a believer.

  181. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Bulwark

    from that perspective, its disgusting that the ZOG control of Japan is preventing her from its natural alliance with Russia to counter the overpopulous chinamen…Abe Shinzo attempted this before he was removed from his position. if you look at the Russo-Japanese treaties of 1907-1916 or the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact of 1941, its a tragedy that both Russia and Japan were neutralized to allow the chinese to rise to this point. I believe Asia and the world would’ve been better off with Russia and Japan were the guardians of NE Asia and the Pacific. but of course JewSA just had to crush the based Imperial Japan along with the 3rd Reich. Jewmerica deserves all that is coming.

  182. Che Guava says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Priss or Jung-Freud doesn’t take kindly to
    contradiction with a good basis, either, he made some stupid statement about 19th century reactionaries in Japan being on the Imperial side, having a good knowledge of the history and visited most of the important sites, I just said that all of those 19th century reactionaries were fighting against the Imperial forces and for some restoration of shogun-samurai system.

    I can’t be bothered to go through my old comments to find it, but the reply of Priss was just some pissy evasion and whining.

    Though he did reply, which is very unusual.

    Always call him out for bs, but he never replies to anything as Jung-Freud, got to keep the Priss ID connection sekrit, and very seldom replies to anything as Priss.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  183. @Old Brown Fool

    “India is 80% black” is a misleading statement, at least to folks outside of India, as black generally connotes African or Melanesian. “Dark-skinned” would be far more appropriate as even the vast majority of darker Indians do not have stereotypical African features.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  184. @emerging majority

    Ok; but my simple point is, Indians are not Caucasians in the true sense of the word. They are at best an admixture, most of a dark-skinned people.

  185. @American Bulwark

    Hindus are the first people to have the idea of a hereditary select minority to rule over a vast majority; they gave it a religious cover too. Brahmin guru would guide a Kshatriya king – a facade of a king to deceive the world. They introduced the idea of waterproof caste divisions, to divide the society into manageable chunks; even today in 80% of India, if you marry someone from another caste, you are likely to be killed. Hindus are used to living in a layered society for so long, they do not mind who rules over them…

    To expect them to understand the international issues, to oppose the idea of a small hereditary oligarchy to rule the world, with the help of a technocracy (the very idea they brought about in India!) and to oppose transhumanism or supremacy of any particular chosen people, is a bit too far fetched.

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  186. peterAUS says:

    …now the next step, some suggestions to action….

    Obviously, that can’t be found in this online pub. Anything effective, that is. By design, I think.

    Not to sound negative, ages ago, even before the scamdemic, I suggested to the highly functioning retard to create, in this pub, a private place for selected patrons where ideas could be discussed etc. Something as an ‘alt’ online think tank.
    Naturally, the suggestion was ignored. The purpose of this site is….anyway.

    Are you aware of any online presence which could offer some productive approach to the problem ?

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  187. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Well ok. Can you give us an example of how it should be done?

  188. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    NASA was started with Operation Paperclip which exported German scientists to the U.S. after WWII. Russia got a lot of them too. The UK get the medical wing is what I heard.
    The Germans were the most advanced in the world in what was known as rocket science.
    I thought everyone knew about Operation Paperclip.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  189. “Even if history has judged Marxism to have done more harm than good, it was fueled by noble sentiments and urgent necessities. ”

    I also was stopped in my tracks when I read this… Marx had noble sentiments?!!

    … This guy has not read the writings of Karl Marx, a jew, where he oozes, exudes profound hatred against humankind.

    His “poems” are downright satanic!

    The abolition of private property is a noble sentiment? This greedy, perverse notion comes from the Rothchilds, they commisioned the books to Marx… They are going at it again with the 2030 Agenda, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” crap… Well, the origin of that crap is … Marxism.

    There is nothing noble about dispossessing the people of their hard- earned belongings, and only the jews consider it a necessity… to dispossess the goyim…

    In the end, we will run the final revolution: We will dispossess the jews!!! And they will say: “It’s 2030… We own nothing and we are not happy”
    (From the isolated island where the rich kikes will be locked up… Permanently… And forced to wear a mask 😀

    How many more dubious claims in this loooong article? I don’t want to know… Too long to read, and I’m sure it lacks focus because of the length.

  190. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Ancient Roman historians relate that children (boys) were “taught” to be homosexual… They were fondled by adult males… When the children got sexually excited, the males penetrated them anally. Some children had spontaneous orgasms and ejaculations just by being penetrated anally.

    Repetition made the boys get used to it.
    The prospect of another session made the boys have a spontaneous erection, for example.

    These boys were isolated from women, from birth. These boys were groomed to be sexual slaves. The Romans did it with girls too, infant sexual slaves… But in this article, the point is gay males.

    Observation shows that certain biological males may be genetically predisposed (born) towards homosexuality. And the Romans and other ancient cultures proved that sexual tendencies can be taught and learned.

    Arab snd Turk historians narrated that White Caucasian captive females (kidnapped and forced headfirst into slavery, sexual and otherwise) were taught by force how to be pleasant sexual slaves.

    The white females became used to it and it became sexually pleasant for them too. Besides, the females knew that their chances of escaping were null, so they gave in out of despair. Important consideration. If resustance ceases, many things are possible.

    The human psyche is highly malleable.

    So, the articlevwriter’s claim is hereby refuted. Empirical evidence shows homosexuality can be inborn or environmental, sometimes both things.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  191. @White Noise

    Time to call the Jubilee and kick the moneychangers outta the temple. Then we can say “We owe nothing and we are happy.”

    • Agree: White Noise
  192. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    ‘young freud’ made the mistake of claiming ‘gays are born that way’- that is the topic of this thread. ‘young freud’ is wrong, as i easily proved. i am not confused, not have you been able to offer any evidence to support such a statement. glad to see you are up on your history of your peeps- faggots. however, my comments are all concerning the fact that ‘gay people are not born that way, and there exists no scientific evidence to support that fact’. nowhere in your elongated rant did you address my comment, not once, nowhere. YOU AVOIDED THE VERY TOPIC OF TIS THREAD LIKE THE PLAGUE! so you are offering another ‘pouring of nothingness into the void’. difference is, you convinced yourself you are replying to my comments. you are in no way, shape, or form replying to anything i said. i never said ‘gay people were not creative’. you simply imagined i said that. that qualifies you as a person who lives in a fantasy world, not connected to reality. and further, millions and millions of humans have contributed to the cultural enrichment of humanity, and you mention a mere handful that were gay- so what? those gays are outnumbered by about a million to one! your rocket just crashed on takeoff, nancy boy! now what if i was to repsond with a list of dozens of killers, perverts, rapists, sadists, torturers, from history that were all GAY? is that how you would prefer me to blow your rubber duck out of the bathtub? because it would be easy to lower myself to your middle school level. and claiming that because a few guys were gay and creative- that means all creative people must therefore be gay henceforth in your ‘cutting edge’ future? what a moronic statement! AND EASILY REFUTED, as i have successfully demonstrated here. so how does that crow taste, mister mister? awful, i’d imagine! now go contemplate your little manhood, or your your next meal- someone else’s little manhood. you just got your ass kicked!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  193. @White Noise

    It is psychologically impossible to make anyone gay. The elementary animal impulse is for human males (the vast majority, anyway) to fill every womb which is central to the physicality of each and every woman who catches their fancy.

    Like most other animals higher in the phylogenetic ladder; adult human males came to understand that adolescent males can be a major social problem. They happen to be at peak horniness and continually have sex on their minds more than any other factor. However, they are not yet capable of the responsibilities of fatherhood. At the same time, these randy kids are most frequently at the pinnacle of male beauty.

    Solution: Simple enough. The Greeks had it figured out. Youth would be both served and serviced by older men, mostly married. Like females, the majority of men favor their own sex for friendship and companionship, particularly in a workaday environment.

    Mediaeval folks had that figured out as well, what with masters, apprentices and ultimately, journeymen. The latter had learned a useful craft or trade and had matured sufficiently to take on the responsibilities of opposite-sex pair bonding and the responsibilities of fatherhood.

    Various levels of bisexuality are the most culturally advanced aspects of general socialization. Cheating on the spouse is not extremely likely in light of that realization…as women in general seek a relationship with a supportive man, while the average man looks for variety and exploration. If he has discovered that such pleasure can be achieved samesexually, he is far less likely to embark on a “home breaking” relationship with another woman.

    Though essential for maintaining the species via opposite sex pair bonding; the social bonds are better achieved when the nesting imperative has a viable alternative to “fooling around”, which more than half the time ends in divorce and divisive household relationships which are sometimes almost psychologically lethal to offspring obliged to live in broken households.

    Again, most young males will never “turn gay” even if their capacity for bisexual enjoyment has been awakened. It’s all cultural.

    The Abrahamic religions have perverted human cultural evolution due to their control-freak dogmas. Academicist psychobabblers have added to the mess by attempting to “cure” samesex eroticism.

    Your final sentence should be amended a bit. Both inborn samesex preference AND environmental development of culturally innate bisexual impulses amongst otherwise primarily “straight” individuals are true.

    However, one should endeavor to understand that it is not “homosexuality”, per se, which is environmental, rather it is a matter of adolescent realization that sex is possible outside of opposite sex pair bonding…but either on a samesex basis or with professional women who seek monetary rewards rather than relationships.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Thanks: Kali
  194. @bwuce wee

    Wee Brucie: Hung like a stud chipmunk are we? Wanna have it out behind the building? “Nancy boy” indeed. You come off like some neurotic victim of neonatal sexual assault, left with not only a wounded weenie, but also with a deeply wounded psyche and subconscious.

    “Faggots”, for your information, happen to be a very specific type of gay man. (1. on an M-F scale, they likely rank in the 45-51 range, somewhat feminine; (2. Having been victimized by the wounded weenie syndrome, their innate femininity transmogrifies into effeminacy and (3. yes, they are primarily and sometimes exclusively gay.

    To be fully factual, there are many different varieties of gay men, far more than among the heteros, who can be roughly divided into “straights” and “straits”. The latter would have been quite capable of samesex enjoyment, but because of negative cultural issues, they fear to explore that side of their beings and merely and meekly succumb to the herd mores.

    Whether from an excess of religiosity in your upbringing or because of adjustment to a clinically insane society; you obtusely refuse to acknowledge that some 8% of males happen to be born as predominantly samesex oriented.

    This fact of life is both culturally evolutionary and spiritual. We are, after all, spiritual beings living a material lifetime. Here’s precisely where academicists go off the rails, because they are totally dominated by the left-hemisphere of their brains. Thus they are unable to think holistically and intuitively.

    As for creativity, or the lack thereof, without the samesex element being present amongst males; individuals like yourself would still be clonking attractive women over the head and dragging them back to your stinky cave.

    A totally strait society would be culturally inert.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
    , @Dave Wightman
  195. Zumbuddi says:

    Thanks for this gem of information and analysis .

    Your comment saved me from abject despair.
    IMO the 17k word essay was (to borrow from EMJ, someone else who knows how to write, inform & analyse) barren crapola, yet another opportunity for JF to ride her favorite Jewish supremacist hobby-horses.

    One speculates whether Ron Unz publishes JF’s dreck as a kind of test, whether participants have learned from, and can make good intelligent use of the “alternative media” venue, or not

    The number of commenters who called this semi-coherent collection of bigotry and boasting “brilliant” is disappointing. The essay was slop.

    Perhaps the essay’s admirers proved JF’s point — and undermined all Unz’s efforts: if a Jew says it, it must be so, it must be good, it must be genius, it must not be criticized.
    2 + 2 = 5.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  196. @bwuce wee

    It is clear that the corrupt school system is trying its worse to coerce the kids into transgenderism, homosexuality and more, yes.

    In human terms, nobody can proof that the Christian God exists… But nobody can proof that he doesn’t exist, either.

    If you are an atheist, that is your owm belief, or lackthereof. But your beliefs are not equal to reality. The plain truth is that we (including you) don’t really know… It is arrogant and vain of you to pretend to know for sure, ‘cos you just don’t know (just like everybody else)

    Can you kick your own ass or should we do it for you?

    That kind of language sounds trollian, anyway.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  197. @anon

    I am delving into post WW2 happenings now. Obsessed with WW2, now delving into what happened(for real) right after. All i can say is the world is fucked and everyone is blindfolded. Thank you for the comment. Operation Paperclip ….fascinating. They ought to make a film on it.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  198. @RJ Macready

    But how do you then explain so many achievements in so many fields by Jews?

    Nobody said that Jews are stupid or lazy. They just aren’t the indispensable super-people that they are made out to be. Jews are not an essential component to building a stable and advanced society, but it does seem that they are essential to purposely destroying one. For some reason, Jews weren’t viewed as enemies by elite Whites, which allowed Jews to wage war against White society without declaration or notice.

    There is also something to be said about striving and having a chip on your shoulder that gives some people an edge over others of similar ability. Add in a huge tribal streak, duplicity, and a view that rules are for dummies, and I think a large part of the Jewish rise is explained. It makes much more sense that the “God’s chosen geniuses” explanation.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  199. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    FYI- you are not an authority on anything, much less the english language:

    a gay man.
    a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel.

    a faggor is merely a gay man. unless you invented the word, you do not get to define it. so DISMISSED!

    so your definitions are a load of crap. and your observations are also a load of crap. you are not an expert on society, or communities, or interpersonal interactions, or anything at all. your claims about famous people from the past who might have been gay because they were not married- all mere speculation. and further, your speculation is based on projection. you have no idea what michaelangelo or leonardo or shakespeare did in ther private life, any more than you know about their artistic skill- not being a recognized painter, sculptor, composer, or master playright yourself. you are projecting onto someone else what you would do in ther place. the only person you can speak for is you. you cannot speak to who beethoven slept with. you are a fraud, just like young fraud who wrote this idiotic op-ed. there existed human communities for the last 100,000 years. the MAJORITY of which never ever contained even one homosexual. their creativity was not impaired by a lack of homos. this alone proves no one is born gay. millenia of human communities without gayness. no one is born gay, and your inane spewings do not change the fact that no scientific consensus supports your belief system.
    and now for the fun part: gay cultural enrichment.
    1. dean corll
    2. john wayne gacy
    3. jeffrey dahmer
    4. dennis nilsen
    5. bruce mcarthur
    6. colin ireland
    7. gerald cavanaugh

    i could go on, and i will in the next episode. all these names are gay men- homosexuals- who loved to murder their gay boyfriends. now that is the type of cultural enrichment every community needs- right? and sooo creative! why cavanaugh was known as the doodler, because he drew sketches of his victims before stabbing them repeatedly. he was artistic, he was creative. he was everything you have been talking about. and weren’t these respective communites enriched by the on-going horror of a gay serial killer in their midst? why according to you, it isn’t a community unless you have these deranged depraved lunatics out roaming the streets culling the herd of gayness with sharp knives, rape and torture, meatsaws and cannibalism. stick a fork in you- you are done. have a nice life, loser, you are DISMISSED as a lunatic.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  200. @Robert Dolan

    The problem is not the length of the article : the problem is that the same good point could have been made much clearer in far fewer lines. This article is not so much brillant as it overwhelms the readers’ intellect under an avalanche of matter that never varies actually.

  201. @emerging majority

    Attention all you Christian believers in Satan who have been alternately cooing and ranting here on this thread: Satan is in the house! emerging majority is a perfect example of Satan for you to latch on to!

    • Disagree: Kali
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  202. @Old Brown Fool

    You’re right. I wasn’t thinking India being the lead in the tango but China. The latter can’t do it alone and the former provides the foot soldiers. The West is the rightful ruler of the world but we’ve given up our privilege to the Jew thus forfeited it. No one is trusting US anymore!

  203. @American Bulwark

    Post-Buddhist brahmanic hinduism was actually a Jewish creation : in the post-Buddhic era the Brahmin class got back into saddle by forming but one community with the Jewish one of the West, and apply the same program by stages to get into total control, first by offering the masses much more freedom of thought and expression, many more interesting schools and social programs, and allowing for far more worldly pleasures, and then by practising divide and rule, making sure that all good jobs would be their property alone, and imposing austerity to the rest using the argument of reincarnation. Tantric hinduism is absolutely identical to Kabbalah, the numerological systems are exactly the same to the point that one must conclude that the same community was at work teaching that system of occult control. The Hindu world is the very image of what the New World Orderites have in store for future humanity. Most Brahmins consider Jews to be the Western World’s branch of their own kind, with the difference that the Western Whites revolted against their natural masters by asking for a way too high standard of living and inventing so many dangerous gadgets to support it. This being said, actual Western Jews though quite often genuinely attracted by the Hindu environment never fared very well within that world as they meet with even more skilful local elites in their own cunning, arts and ways. India is the perfect multi-cultural system, with the difference it did work very well at times.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  204. Backward says:
    @RJ Macready

    The examples of “geniuses” you chose make me despair of your cultural level. You seem to have never heard of Bach or Shakespeare.

  205. @bwuce wee

    Wee Brucie: It’s easy to see that you are an unlearned fanatic. Projection much? Your mind wallows on the dark side of everything you hate and fear. Many believe that hate is the opposite of love, but it’s merely secondary, a spin-off. Hatred is engendered in fear. What is it that you fear? Obviously you are the product of a decaying anti-culture, which is the sad state of Amerikkka today.

    Talmudists control academia, the mass media, Hollywood, highest finance,the “government”, and even most of the non-Jewish religious organizations. You are the product of their destruction of American cultural reality. Likely, you suffered the unkindest cut shortly after birth and have like Jerry Lewis and Woody Allen, developed a subconscious fear-based neurosis.

    Being totally powerless and probably self-hating, you seek to “dismiss” me. Why? Simply because I present truths which your demented mind finds to be most uncomfortable. Perhaps you will do better in your next appearance on the Wheel of Karma. In this lifetime, it seems likely that you are the product of a broken home and a miserable time growing up. Oops. You clearly have not grown up. More likely developed as an adulterated child. Pitiful.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  206. @Dave Wightman

    Typical idiotic Constantinian slave. That Roman emperor CREATED the Bible as we know it today. He hired a bunch of religious prostititicians to go through all the various scriptures and scrolls and choose the ones which met his imperial dicta.

    Do you even dare read a gospel, by one of Jesus’ closest disciples, Thomas, every copy of which was destroyed by Constantine’s minions and later by officials of the church he CREATED—except for one, the Gospel of Thomas, a manuscript which was carefully sequestered by one of the Jesusites who wished to preserve the truth of Jesus as being (1. A Jewish rebel who detested the Sanhedrin and their Pharasee and Sadducee minions and called them the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (2. a spiritual teacher who never set out to establish a religion and (3. the prophet who told the world that “The Father is Within”.

    Anyone who prays to Yahweh/Jehovah, believing that this satanic entity is “god”, is actually worshipping a discarnate evil entity—the very one which Jesus detested and warned us about.

    Dave: Have a long look at your heart. Consider your eternal spirit. Have you been misled to the point where you remain stuck within the snares of a false religious monstrosity? Remember the words of the Master? “The road is narrow”. The broad, multi-lane “freeway” is anything but the way to personal liberation from spiritual self-destruction.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  207. Johan says:

    In the end, it seems Jews hate Hitler so much because he was not only onto them but wanted for his people what Jews were seeking for their own folks.

    The author pairs a perverse realism (a very common thing) with a most naive view.
    For the most sophisticated view on the Nazis, I recommend the works of the writer Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn (Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Time and The Menace of the Herd, or Procrustes at Large). There was nothing ‘blood and soil’ and ‘German tradition’ to the Nazis for instance. The Nazis were moderns, industrial modern mass man, uprooted city dwellers, anti culture philistines, and unnatural brutal civilizational mobs (including ‘elite’ mobs). The only ‘culture’ they had was the culture of masses of men and mobs, of drilled and highly tyrannically disciplined masses worshiping the leader, and an abstract ideology and identity, demagogically tailored to appeal to uprooted modern mass man. Men who remain uprooted and alienated, bound together by a psychopath demagogue ranter.

    Hitler wrote an essay on German culture, he writes that art should express the general will, which is a recipe for tyranny, which makes art flee. In that essay he also wrote that modern times require much light, which means, everything out in the open, no shadow, no intimacy, no privacy, no cover, everything small is crushed under the boots. If one keeps the Nazi esthetics in mind, the mass gatherings, the architecture, you have a setting of top down drilled masses, there is no room for individuality, personality is always in service of the state, no room for gatherings which are not out in the open and in the light, somehow controlled for the sake of the glory of the state, so that the psychopaths, the only ones enjoying privacy and expression of personality, Hitler and his gang, could control the whole society, worshiping the psychopath. Everything which the merciless inhuman demagogue psychopath wrote, was demagogy for the glory and power of himself and his club of bandits.

    There was no reason for Nazis to hate communists, if they even really did, both National Socialism and Communism revolve in character around the same thing. Masses of man, mass dicatorship, uprooted highly controlled and top down disciplined people, the death and destruction of real culture, high brow and folk culture, supplanted by the demagogues ideological version for ‘the people’, who are not free and vital people, but mere uprooted puppets in a machinery.

  208. Johan says:

    In the end, it seems Jews hate Hitler so much because he was not only onto them but wanted for his people what Jews were seeking for their own folks.

    The Jews stole the narratives of the Nazi period, they made it into an extortion racket on the basis of their victimhood narrative (the Holocaust fantasy). So the image of Nazism since then became connected to them, and controlled by them. What the author of this article does, inadvertently, is to continue this brainwashing association, which is a Western issue. We should stop connecting Nazism to Jews, evaluate Nazism on our own terms. When you realize that the Holocaust narrative is an extortion and manipulation racket, you realize that they were victims like other people. Don’t feed the attention hungry, even in the negative sense, it means they win because they take your energy and focus, and the purpose of the victimhood racket, to own the views and opinions, is still fulfilled.

  209. @emerging majority

    I own a large library, which includes the Gospel of Thomas. I am afraid you are utterly and completely mistaken, and am happy to disappoint you: I am not, and have never been a Christian. In fact, you are wrong about everything you say! So much for your delusions! And xians- Satan is in the house! It’s calling ITself emerging majority! You know what that means! It is advertising the fact that It intends to take over you children and turn this into gay world, where you children are sex objects to be passed around and discarded. You see, gays are created when adults molest children. This is how gay people procreate. Their illness is spread by contact, like most diseases. they have a master plan, infect all children in america. That is the ’emerging majority’. You on board with that? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @anon
    , @Kali
  210. @peterAUS

    Are you (PetrOldSack) aware of any online presence which could offer some productive approach to the problem ?

    None, and i am quite convinced there are none (online presences) in absolute available to the public. To set up a collaborative, curated (for spam, any-thing irrelevant) platform has many technical requirements (where it is hosted, outside or not of the grasp of convention and a myriad of other issues). It could look like one more wiki leaks posting methods and a Wikipedia form factor could be an option. Technically this would be not outer space, but to be tolerated would (hence Assange) be quite a hard nut to crack as soon as there would be some cloud. Get infiltrated or die.

    If there would be a budget, this would sure be up for a try, other individuals (globally a few hundred for now would mean top to bottom financed efforts, but on the up side, even a hundred dedicated and in the know somewhere, of somewhat, somehow would easily feed a content true platform and have a tremendous impact on shaping resistance and steer a shadow world. One can dream. Some of us here, and elsewhere are in is statistically provable if Unz would make available as a data dump to the right individuals.

    Step one would be independent screening of physical individuals who then cover under online presences, multiple ones, in real anonymity (to the real players, not “anonymous” as to the next meat-ball). That should take care of financing the uptake, or a sudden death of any ambition. Grey zones are wanting for exploits.

    You are of course aware of this and i overstepped my answer, what you already know for over a decade to be sabotaged is not an unsolvable problem, only it is no one-two step process, but a multi variable timely effort. Since the elites over the globe are bickering the moment is certainly ripe.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  211. peterAUS says:

    Agree, except one thing.

    There are, also, two related elements you haven’t mentioned. Organization and discipline.

    Imagine, for a moment, that the…ahm…character.. who failed the Clovid character test, does

    ..make available…..

    The critical question would be simple: HOW that group would be organized? There must be somebody to lead/manage/chair. Who? Chosen/appointed how? By whom? Etc.
    Related, the members work. Who/how makes a decision re quality of work? Based on what?
    Guidelines/deadlines? Based on what? By whom?

    Of course there is a proven way to do all the above.

    It’s about the “thing” at the start of this post, with

    .. the elites over the globe are bickering the moment is certainly ripe….

    I don’t see them bickering on the fundamentals. They are bickering about the spoils/cuts of the project.
    If, one day, we see them splitting on those fundamentals, that will create that moment. Not before.
    The change must start with them; their split. It will not start from the bottom, by common/populist effort.

    My take anyway.

  212. @Francis Miville

    That’s a very interesting take on things about India and the Jewish connection. I would have never guessed that the worlds of the Kabbala and Tantric Hinduism were so similar, numerically speaking. I thought that the Tantric thought had in it elements of sexuality. Does the Jewish Kabbala have any psycho-sexual stuff in it? Thanks!

  213. @RJ Macready

    You’re greatly enamored with Jews. Apart from Von Neumann, let’s take the other three …

    Sigmund Freud was a fraudster. Stanley Kubrick was a decent film maker but Steven Spielberg is schlock meister. Don’t put Hollywood on par with, say, classical music. And speaking of CM, how many Jews were top composers? None, zip, nada!

    • Replies: @Johan
  214. Johan says:

    Imagination is key to becoming

    What society produces, is first imagined, not exactly but roughly. Those who control the imagination of society direct that society. It is often believed that everything is about money and economy, but IMAGINATION COMES FIRST, ASPIRATION COMES NEXT, CREATIVITY, INVENTIVENESS AND REALIZATION FOLLOWS (within the limits of the possible, requiring discipline and the acquisition of skills and knowledge).

    Modern Western societies are controlled by the imagination of the democratic masses, which is the lowest and most collective (thus unfree) type of imagination, a proletarian and bourgeois imagination. Individual imagination, freemen’s imagination, and a culture produced by highly skilled culture improving imaginative geniuses is not possible in a mass democracy. You get the debilitating culture of Steven Spielberg, a ‘culture’ for the imagination of the masses, the debilitating imagination of pop culture, and an alternative culture of perverted freaks.

    Jews are extremely talented in the area of self serving imagination, and they are extremely fanatic in subverting and controlling Western imagination, through demagogy and inciting of the democratic puppets of disruption (‘progressive’ activists).
    Thus, Western imagination is completely controlled, partly by Jews, partly by bureaucrat and corporate class Western elites, and to a very considerable part by the DEMOCRATIC MASSES AND THEIR IMAGE PROVIDERS. Cultural sadomasochism has supplanted fertile and productive imagination, in a context of degeneration of culture which is typical of mass democracy. And the so called progressive imagination (funded by mega rich demagogues) is all of debilitating destructive quality. Imagination is controlled by mass media, and mass popular entertainment sectors, the latter ever more in the hands of the few. Imagination is also very much controlled and sold by the commercial class, whom are prostitutes of materialism and political correctness.
    Besides, the democratic governments are about all hyper control governments, squeezing the life out of society, and consequently culture producing imagination and the possibilities of realization.

    IMAGINATION PRODUCES CULTURE, and our imagination is by and large OWNED, every day images are fed which have nothing to do with where we want to go. But mass democracy and the socialist statist hyper-control states formed by the democratic people themselves are the first factor of cultural impotence and degeneration.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  215. Johan says:
    @American Bulwark

    Sigmund Freud’s contribution is that he put the existence of the subconscious on the radar of society, no small contribution. But the idea of a subconscious is not new, in fact it is an ancient idea. Psychologists are mostly fraudsters (unless crowd psychologists), non Jew Western psychology is another bulk of theoretical fictions, and many non Jews on high levels in science and other cultural areas are also fraudsters.

    Spielberg is popular soft trash for the masses, Kubrick is hard trash for an alternative ‘hip’ public. Space Odyssey is tech-cult space-trash for instance, since I saw a part of that, I started to hate the intro of Straus’ Thus Sprach Zarathustra. ‘Clockwork’ is another pretentious trash. Both, i’d say, typical Jew movie trash.
    If we cannot agree on that, no wonder everybody holds his own standards. Let the man think highly of Spielberg..

    Felix Mendelssohn, to mention one, is as good as many highly rated non Jew classical composers in the Western canon.

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  216. Johan says:
    @RJ Macready

    In the case of Spielberg, his ET is the most sad sentimental popular space-junk.
    Schindler’s List on the other hand, the simple theme of a hero putting himself on the line for a group of people, is what the simple democratic masses like very much. The music by John Williams is good enough too.
    That Schindler in reality was a crook, is a different matter, art is always an idealization, but to use original material which is the very opposite of the ideal depicted in art is something which only the Jews can do…
    Spielberg is a genius, in the sense of tailoring his products to the distasteful primitive sentimentalism of the simple in the head democratic masses. But in the case of Schindler List, i’d say that the masses consume far worse junk often, it is qualitatively above that, better than much other stuff they are fed with. Kubrick on the other hand is a sheer trash provider for the half-wit-pretentious.

  217. scy says: • Website

    This author is pretty good but:

    -he is a cuck about “muh high ashkenazi IQ” (debunked a long time ago, they are just cherry picking IQ data)
    -thinks jews are geniuses
    -doesn’t understand WW2 history (that’s retarded in the current year)
    -doesn’t grasp the concept that jews never created a civilization or anything like that, but are mere parasites
    -despite their alleged high iq, jews never amounted to anything until they infiltrated European empires/institutions posing as white people, i.e their perceived genius is nothing more than working together as a team in the shadows and pretending they’re something they’re not, it’s cunning ability and nothing more

    I hope you read the comment and adjust your views.

  218. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    yawn. snore. another nothing burger. i see nothng here even remotely connected to presenting evidence that ‘gays are born that way’. again, you lose the train of thought like an alzheimer’s patient. how embarassing! do you also wear adult diapers? i thought so! i know for fact that you sit on a hemarroid pad ar work. and it is paid for bu obamacare, because of your lifestyle CHOICE! YES, CHOICE!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  219. @Dave Wightman

    More delusion is not the solution. Your quoting Edmund Burke won’t help a bit here. He was a true conservative, more than I can say for you and your mania.

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  220. @bwuce wee

    “Wee, wee, wee said the little piggy…all the way home. Sniffing adult diapers lately is probably a step up for you. It would also help if you learned how to spell, thereby masking your profound ignorance and prejudices.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  221. @Johan

    Imagine a nation where image and substance are one. A deliberately dumbed-down populace is quite incapable of independent thought and clings desperately to hand-me-down shibboleths.

  222. unz says:

    way to long and tedious to push fundamental point which everyone knows and God always reitirates. Jews that worship him are blessed in heaven forever and make physical world good, Frankist jews like soros and rottenschild are demons and will be tormented in hell forever and destroy physical world.

  223. @emerging majority

    Delusion and projection is all you got. None of your claims are proven. DISMISSED!

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  224. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    Gay Serial Killers who tortured and raped their victims for fun!
    these guys lured teenage boys- boys only- to their backyard parties where they were plied with alchohol. not everyone left the party. some were retained and imprisoned in what was described as a ‘makeshift plywood pillory’, where they were anal raped and tortured by gays. and when they had finished with their fun, they killed the kids who were likely begging for mercy. their pleas fell on deaf homosexual ears.

    from wikipedia:

    Dean Arnold Corll was an American serial killer and pederast who abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered a minimum of 28 teenage boys and young men between 1970 and 1973 in Houston and Pasadena, Texas. He was aided by two teenaged accomplices, David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley. The crimes, which became known as the Houston Mass Murders, came to light after Henley fatally shot Corll. Upon discovery, it was considered the worst example of serial murder in U.S. history.
    Corll’s victims were typically lured with an offer of a party or a lift to one of the various addresses he resided in between 1970 and 1973. They would then be restrained either by force or deception, and each was killed either by strangulation or shooting with a .22 caliber pistol.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  225. @bwuce wee

    Any element in a given population will have psychopaths and sociopaths among them. The largest concentration of these types is found in the Di\$trict of Corruption, seconded by executive offices in NYC.

    You seem to have a fixation.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  226. bwuce wee says:
    @Dave Wightman

    hey! you stole my line! i appreciate the effort, but i don’t need any help edifying this groomer troll!

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. – Oscar Wilde, gay blade

  227. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    hey- these are YOUR PEEPS! i gave corroboration to your claim that gays are creative and a necessary element to every community! that dean corll- man ain’t he creative! makeshift plywood pillory- who’d a thunkit? he gets some younger teen helpers and turns them into sick perverted gay murderers in nothing flat. regular cult stuff! and they took to it like a duck takes to water. those gay kids are adaptable- and handy with power rools, too. pretty sure all those double dozen kids that were ass-raped weren’t born that way. even dean’s bio says his dad beating him made him into a killer- so he wasn’t born that way, he just sort of ‘found his own path’- hey! much like the trans kids!

    emerging majority says:
    “Any element in a given population will have psychopaths and sociopaths among them. ”

    you can only speak for YOUR element of the given population- you are no expert on a group that does not have you as a member. you are correct: the gay population has a whole lot of sick and twisted perverted psychokillers! and i can prove it! more to come! keep posting nonsense- i need more ammo!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  228. Johan says:

    Axiom: Everything expresses itself in form.

    Creation and maintenance of forms is thé principal activity of humans, which produces a society and its culture, its technology, sciences and arts.
    Destruction of forms is a principal activity of a democracy (unless it is a ‘peasant’ democracy, where politics is practiced marginally, no more than the maximum needed). In the Athens democracy, there were the sophist, the sophists were subjectivist. The current destruction of forms is due to the same kind and even much worse kinds of subjectivism.
    Subjectivists engage in deformation of forms and finally destructions of forms. The gay marriage for instance is a deformation of a social institution and spiritual form which is based on the male/female yin-yang form, which is a unity of forms (only these two forms can make a physically and spiritually productive unity). The invention of many genders (LGBTQetc-to-endless-posibilities), the denial of the complementary male-female forms as an objective basis is a subjectivist denial and gradual destruction of objectively given form. Societies which are driven by subjectivism instead of objectivism go downhill, the destruction is endless, where the one generations stops, the next continues.
    Hence we see everywhere the deformed images of queer forms. ‘Trans’ is also deformation of objective natural form.

    Subjectivism also even enters into and eats at science, science becomes corrupt, hence human caused climate change, a construct which relies on subjective collective psychology (and virtual technology based pseudo-science, which has no counterpart in reality), not on any science. The alleged pandemic is also based upon corruption of science, the dominance of the germ theory being based on corruption through subjectivism (greed,corruption of politics, etc). The images of the Corona virus which have been distributed all around are subjectivist ‘artists’ constructs. The experts everywhere with their computer models are a matter of departing from objective reality. Most of what they claim is based on subjectivism (everything which is not objective, is a subjective construct)
    This subjectivism also expresses itself in the ever more bizar forms of modernist architecture (also eating at the science of engineering). The subjective of course cannot be avoided, unless we know all things objectively (truth), but when a society starts to move towards the subjective too much, as is increasingly the case since the latest decades, society becomes based on illusions (hence many people experience a strang alienation these days, which expresses itself at first in a half disbelief of what is happening.).

    Over-sexualization is a function of democracy, a specific function of its tendency towards sensualism. The culture of pimped imagery (on screens), pimped sound provided by modern sound and imaging technology is a matter of moving from form towards primitive (animalistic) sensualist focus on substance and color. Virtual reality is also a sensualism based on technological pimping, which brings more sensual enjoyment. Also in art exhibitions you can see a constant move towards obscuring of form, to indulgence in sensualism (aside of a deformation of form which is expressed in many modernist paintings).
    Appreciation of form (for instance symmetry and elegance, the symbolic) requires active intelligence, it can also be intellectual appreciated, indulgence in sensualism is passive, even animals have that capacity.

    Form appreciation is the highest capacity of the highest and most intelligent two senses, hearing and seeing. Substance appreciation (the sensual part) is the only capacity of the lower more dumb senses, touch, smell, taste. Aspiration towards beautiful and efficient form is the highest capacities of humans, aside of aspiration towards objective knowledge (truth).

    Actually democracy goes in two opposite directions at the same time.
    It sinks towards primal chaos on the one hand, ever more primitivism, mistreatment, deformation and destruction of form, combined with sinking into animalistic sensualist indulgence (disregard of form). On the other hand, the opposite direction towards rigid formalism through growing Kafkaesque bureaucracy and institutional officialism (the state, supra national institutions, etc). Rigid formalism, and formalism applied where there should be freedom means a wild growth of inefficient forms which stifle the natural expressions of life, which lead to degeneration.

    Thus we have deformation and serious mistreatement of form, and formlessness, on the one hand, which is degeneration, and the stifling forms of ever more extending officialism which leads to degeneration of the capacity to maintain and improve upon natural form.

    Thus it is no wonder that a lot of people, in this democratic clown show of deformation and destruction of form and formlessness, and on the other hand, the bizar grip of bureaucracy and officialism on life, feel ever more alienated. But blaming certain parties to be the sole cause, is to grossly misunderstand. It has all been done to a certain extent before, in the cycle of civilizations. It is not the Jews who are the cause of a wild growth of degenerating and stifling forms, growing dumb sensualism, and the tendency towards subjectivism.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  229. Che Guava says:

    H.L. Mencken, O. Henry, Twain, Fitzgerald, many more, plenty of Yanqui worth reading.

    • Replies: @Johan
  230. Johan says:
    @Che Guava

    Twain is still rooted in Europe, already a bit plain if I go by some quotes, but I will refrain from further judgement. Mencken, of a later period, is already brute and plain.

    Consider these:

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    The style is rather plain and at times brute, American toilet flushing style, meaning, plain language which has not been subject to any artful treatment, it sounds like a fart which escapes unintentionally. On the longer run it moves towards ‘fuck, shit, motherfuckers, ass, f** the government’ shoot, kill and etc., if you catch my drift.

    So Americans will argue ‘why beat around the bush’, ‘flowery language’ and what else, why not say it plainly.

    Consider this:

    “Democracy, a delightful form of government, anarchic and motley, assigning a kind of equality indiscriminately to equals and unequals alike.”

    With Plato, it is well formed, not ‘in your face’, and it still covers the essential, in fact, it covers the essential more than plain language and brute strong words do. Americans have the wrong idea that to say it as it is, it needs so be said plainly and overstated trough an ‘in your face’ style.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  231. @Johan

    “Let the man think highly of Spielberg.”

    He promotes himself as a film maker thus it could be understood that Spielberg is a hero of his.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  232. @bwuce wee

    One so full of self-hatred and then projects that on others should know what to do with more ammo. More and more you appear to be still green behind the ears and probably secretly listen to gangsta rap.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  233. @Johan

    Fascinating excursus. Perhaps you have overlooked the effects of industrialization, urbanization and the consequent loss of grounded connexion on the part of the overwhelming majority of those whose conception of reality becomes thereby more and more estranged from the natural world and a shared feeling of meaning.

    Disconnection from one’s roots demolishes accumulated enculturation. Sub-urbanization along with corporatist and bureaucratic adhesion and control mechanisms de-value the individual and ultimately engender feelings of ennui and depression. In such mental states it is virtually axiomatic that individuals caught up in Charlie Chaplin’s monstrous clock-works depicted so plangently in “Modern Times” tend to embrace various forms of escapism and anti-social patterning.

    • Replies: @Johan
  234. @OilcanFloyd

    “striving and having a chip on your shoulder that gives some people an edge over others of similar ability. Add in a huge tribal streak, duplicity, and a view that rules are for dummies, and I think a large part of the Jewish rise is explained.”

    There are folks asking “what is to be done”.

    This post explains part of the long term solution–you want to educate your children to have these traits and view of the world–then they can be winners instead of suckers.

    The “duplicity” that needs to be taught need not be double dealing, but rather silence instead of the whole truth–discussed so well in the long article.

    Young people need to learn that the rules were not made to help them–they were made to help the people who made the rules. As adults they need to make their own rules.

  235. Johan says:
    @emerging majority

    I have overlooked many things, and you give an empathetic overview of situations which might negatively contribute, but they do not lead to rascal deformation and destruction. They lead to depression and alienation, devitalization, and to some extent to try out what you shouldn’t try out, but not the sort of cultural destruction which requires an aggressive activism.

    For instance, gay marriage, homosexual culture, LGBTQetc, these changes in culture require an aggressivity and considerable organization, besides the help of mega rich funders of demagogy, like Soros, who knows exactly what he is funding.

    People do not realize that a part of the population can only destroy (not a majority), and they will do so without any reason, for the sheer pleasure of destruction, and they will go at a length which makes the current situation one of normality. They will vent out their deranged subjectivity with the aid of demagogues, and through the successive generations they will produce any lunacy which even an official lunatic cannot imagine. To excuse them and be the empathetic sociological therapist is only something which they will gladly abuse.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  236. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    OK- next on our list of guys, oh excuse me, gays who culturally enrich every community according to emerging majority (an activist working to insure that every child gets to channel their ‘inner gay cause they’re born that way’) is john wayne gacy!

    from wikipdeia:

    “John Wayne Gacy (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and sex offender who raped, tortured, and murdered at least 33 young men and boys. Gacy regularly performed at children’s hospitals and charitable events as “Pogo the Clown” or “Patches the Clown”, personas he had devised. He became known as the Killer Clown due to his public services as a clown prior to the discovery of his crimes.

    Gacy committed all of his murders inside his ranch house near Norridge, a village in Norwood Park Township, metropolitan Chicago, Illinois. Typically, he would lure a victim to his home and dupe him into donning handcuffs on the pretext of demonstrating a magic trick. He would then rape and torture his captive before killing him by either asphyxiation or strangulation with a garrote. Twenty-six victims were buried in the crawl space of his home, and three others were buried elsewhere on his property; four were discarded in the Des Plaines River.

    Gacy was convicted of the sodomy of a teenage boy in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1968 and was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment, but served eighteen months. He murdered his first victim in 1972, had murdered twice more by the end of 1975, and murdered at least thirty subsequent victims after his divorce from his second wife in 1976. The investigation into the disappearance of Des Plaines teenager Robert Piest led to Gacy’s arrest on December 21, 1978.

    His conviction for thirty-three murders (by one individual) then covered the most homicides in United States legal history.”

    now wasn’t he special? he was artistic(a painter) and he volunteered for the community in hospitals as a clown, so he was a theater person, much like the drag queens who so generously give their theatrical exhibitions to vulnerable and impressionable children for free (not counting the city tax revenue paid to them at exhobitant rates), AND he was the most prolific serial killar in america, AND he specialized in raping and murdering little boys! now how many of these modern day gacys are we dealing with? how many of these ‘performers’ are actually thinking ‘i would like to rape and kill that one, AND that one, too!’? more than one of these drag queens is thinking thoughts like this right now as they strut and twerk their butt-implant fannies for the toddlers. how do i know? because statistics of serial killers demonstrate a clear pattern of actions and escalations in these type of people. and that is why the AMA had previously declared and categorized homosexuality as a mental illness in the USA.

  237. @Johan

    What if the culture itself was built on a false foundation; a desert religion of madness and superstition, combined with ethnographic-narcissistic exclusivism?

    Can one discount the derailing of Classical civilization which ensued following the actions of the Emperor Constantine and his successors, where the enslavement to the god-concept was welded into the slave to the state reality which was the driving impulse of the Roman Empire?

    The deracination of the European peoples was the product of a mythology which was grossly alien to folk-culture as well as to the higher civilization which was our legacy from the Hellenes. So to bewail and bemoan the devolution of contemporary cultural reality is simply not getting down to the roots of the problem.

    When a significant element of America’s middle classes have become “rootless cosmopolitans”; neither a healthy countryside, now enveloped within agribiz chemical warfare on huge holdings; combined with the sub-urban reality of rat-race alienation, can sustain those values which indicate a healthy foundation for civilization.

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them”.

    • Replies: @Johan
  238. @bwuce wee

    Your fixation/fascination is beyond words. It reminds one of the Talmudist hatred for all Germans because of Adolf Hitler.

    Every subset of the general population has its share of psychopaths and sociopaths.

    Maybe you should take up composing comic-books. That is a scene where you can allow your fantasies free rein—even your fixations. Such an outcome would be greatly preferable to life in a mental-ward.

  239. Back in my twitter days I had the handle Democracy Later which I thought was pretty clever and worth of an SNL skit. I developed friendships with 9/11 truth activists who opened my naive eyes to the actual powers that be behind that horrific event. I was eventually permanently suspended by Twitter for violating community standards regarding antisemitism. The crux of leaving Twitter stemmed from seeking an answer to the Jewish Question. Imagine my profound surprise in finding the caliber of writer in Jung-Freud who not only poses the Jewish Question but answers it in the best detail I’ve ever read. Thank you and continue your excellent work.

  240. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    thanks for giving me more ammo! tune in tomorrow, same time, same channel for more in the ongoing comeuppance of emerging majority. you are gonna love the next gay serial killer!

  241. bwuce wee says:
    @White Noise

    when we are discussing reality, proof is required. if you are discussing life on another planet, you must first prove such things exist or you re talking hypothetical- you are not disccussing reality. if you want to discuss god, then prove he exists. you do not get a free pass because you believe something to be true. you must furnish facts and evidence to establish truth in reality. the discussion was never ‘prove god doesn’t exist’. that is called a logical fallacy- the pundits all universally agree that ‘one cannot prove a negative’. so you cannot try and make a debate point using a logical fallacy. you just got your ass kicked to the curb of the dumpheap of broken dreams, as i laugh hilariously. ‘trollian’ is not the word you imagine it is, any more than ‘god’ is the creature you imagine IT is. not can you speak with any authority on what i personally know and don’t know. DISMISSED!

  242. Che Guava says:

    An early industrial music exponent, before the perversions of Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor, Jim Thirwell had an apposite statement


  243. Che Guava says:
    @American Bulwark

    That themes of pederasty were often expressed in Spielberg movies has long been well known.

    There was a great article on it in Jim Goad and his ex- and long-dead wife’s magazine Answer Me.

    After that time, it is very visible in his take on Empire of the Sun. A great semi-autobiographical novel, that Spielberg just ruins.

    Same with A.I., but his main spiels there are pretty obvious and a little different, ‘unconcious robots are just like jews on the eastern front, when
    most of the latter were Bolshevik big-timers or at least cowards threatening everyone else from behind.’

    The original stories by Brian Aldiss are quiet and interesting.

    Aldiss wrote at some length about his association with Kubrick, which didn’t work out, and his dislike of the Spielberg take.

    I don’t watch anything of Spielberg’s now, but would be sure they generally show the same Zio-pederast agenda, or at least one or the other.

    Given Kubrick’s deep misanthropy, his own take on Supertoys Last all Summer Long would have been very interesting, but I’d guess that having passed it to a hack like Spielberg also gave him a few quiet laughs before death.

  244. Sarah says:

    It’s like empowering the tongue at the expense of the rest of the body. As we know, over-eating is bad for the whole body, but suppose the tongue insists on being ’empowered’ with its constant demand for sweet & creamy stuff. Good for the tongue but bad for the body that grows fat and diabetic. 


  245. Sarah says:

    We are living in the age of personal greed that promotes partial empowerment at the expense of the empowerment of the whole. We are told how wonderful it is for women to be ‘empowered’ by equality in the workplace, but no one thinks to ask what impact this has on society as a whole. With women taking more jobs from men, more men are rendered less marriageable. With women at work, they have less time for family and children. So, society-as-a-whole is dis-empowered in favor of partial empowerment of individuals or certain groups.

    Men and women are biologically different and essential for different but complementary roles. Also, men need good jobs to get married and have a family while this is far less true of women. Men don’t mind supporting a housewife, but women do mind supporting a househusband.

    The essential role of women is to bear children and create the next generation as inheritors of culture, memory, values, and meaning. Now, that is NOT THE ONLY function of females, but biologically speaking, it is the most essential. After all, you exist only because your mother had you. And your mother exists because her mother had her.

    So, before anything, there must be life.. Existence must be the essence. This doesn’t mean a woman should have 10 kids, but she should at least have enough to maintain replacement levels so that future generations will carry on with the torch of identity, heritage, and culture.
    But because so many modern women only think in terms of MY choice, money, and status(as a young thrill-seeking woman) than duty and obligation[to biology and history], they fail to understand that their empowerment as careerists actually disempower them as wives and mothers who pass the torch down to the next generation.

    Very good analysis. It’s common sense👍👌

  246. Sarah says:

    This is not an article but a book. Way too many topics in the same text, all in one piece, without even a space between two topics. Republish it in several parts, put chapters, titles and subtitles.

  247. Sarah says:

    So, society-as-a-whole is dis-empowered in favor of partial empowerment of individuals or certain groups.

    Empowering the part at the expense of the whole will eventually undo any society. A part of society may gain MORE choice in the short run but, in failing to fulfill its essential role, society-as-a-whole grows sick and dies. 

    People today live like they are immortal, the individuals of the end of history when, in fact, they are just links in a chain. The 60s Counterculture swaggered like it discovered the Fountain of Youth, as if the young people constituted an autonomous identity; it is one reason why the boomers had an Aging Crisis right after college, as illustrated in THE GRADUATE. But look at the boomers today. Those born in 1945 are now quite old, and even the later boomers are passing from middle age to seniority. So many boomers are disoriented in their older years because they fixated so much on identifying with youth(and even raised their children the same way, which is why their kids identify more with Pop Culture than with their own folks and real culture).The cult of partial empowerment is one of the biggest problems facing the modern world, and this danger comes mainly from women’s demand for equal opportunity in upper-level employment. Such selfishness not only takes jobs from men[who need them more] but prevent women from fulfilling their roles as mothers and creators of the next generation.

    Very good reflection👌

  248. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    welcome back to bwuce wee’s playhouse, where today we will feature yet another sick and twisted gay serial killer, jeffrey dahmer!

    from wikipedia:
    “Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, was an American serial killer and sex offender who committed the murder and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Many of his later murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts—typically all or part of the skeleton.

    When he reached puberty, Dahmer discovered he was gay

    Dahmer became something of a class clown who often staged pranks, which became known as “Doing a Dahmer”; these included bleating and simulating epileptic seizures or cerebral palsy, at school and local stores

    Dahmer was found to be legally sane at his trial. He was convicted of fifteen of the sixteen murders he had committed in Wisconsin and was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment on February 17, 1992. Dahmer was later sentenced to a sixteenth term of life imprisonment for an additional homicide committed in Ohio in 1978.”

    So here is yet another gay who enriched his high school community with his clown antics- very creative! And when his developement reached it’s later stages, why, he was very creative with his murders! beginning with gay sex, then murder, then more gay sex with the dead body, then cannibalism, and finally turning the dead body into some type of piece of artwork by bleaching and preserving the bones of his dead gay lovers. this guy had it all, he was gay, he was creative, and he was good at preserving food.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  249. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    and right on cue:

    didn’t i tell you that these drag queens were up to no good with the kids? man, i love it when i am right!!!! man, these gays gave got a one track mind and no impulse control!

  250. @bwuce wee

    Wee wittle Bwoosee: Fanatical fixation is still fully operative, I see. Sounds like a closet-case to me.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  251. Johan says:
    @emerging majority

    “When a significant element of America’s middle classes have become “rootless cosmopolitans”; neither a healthy countryside, now enveloped within agribiz chemical warfare on huge holdings; combined with the sub-urban reality of rat-race alienation, can sustain those values which indicate a healthy foundation for civilization.”

    One of the founding fathers, I do not remember which one at this point, foresaw that if the US would turn into a nation with big cities and masses of city dwellers, the US would go downhill. And the republic would turn into a mass democracy based on demagogy. So there is the theme of alienation and of masses and mobs seeking something to lead them, be it a religious god, or secular god, the state. If that is what you mean.

  252. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    dahmer is one of your peeps! you keep saying these are like one-off crazies but in point of fact the jury found dahmer to be quite sane. contrary to your claim that every community has it’s own psychopaths- i can easily name you over 10,000 communities in the US alone who do NOT have- have never had- these gay serial killers. so again, your bogus claims and denials are refuted. tune in tomorrow for another chilling feature story of gay serial killers!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  253. @bwuce wee

    It seems that infinitely more gays are cereal killers than serial killers—except within your demented mentality.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  254. Kali says:

    True to your psudonom, Mr Jung-Freud, your judophila-judophobia shines through in this mini-book, as it does in each of those articles published here that I have chosen to read or skim.

    So, the mighty, Godly-Satanic “People of the Book” , in all of their “extraordinary” “genious”, have come to rule the world in the 21st century? All 21.5 disasterous years of it.

    I’m unconvinced, even having read through the whole of your mini-book. (Incidentally, I find it astonishing that in all of those thousands of words describing jewish power in acedemia, media, entertainment, etc, not once do you mention their economic/financial/banking power – that which makes all of the rest possible. Could it be that you edited out the part about this Cornerstone of Jewish Power in order to shorten your essay – better to do that than edit out all your made-up words? (Still, no matter, as halfway through you seem to recollect that wealth ought to be mentioned somewhere in this overview and give it fleeting mention. Well done.))

    As I was saying, I’m unconvinced that Jew Power is as all-pervasive as you suggest, though admitedly anyone living within any western metropolis may be hard-pressed to see beyond the walls of their jew-made prison to the outside, where the writing on the wall has not yet dried.

    Certainly the jew-controlled banks are attemting, via their control over every other medium of socio-political power, to consolidate their possition as Masters of the Universe before their house of cards comes tumbling down around their ears and their 300+ year fraud is revealed. Hence the orchestration of “pandemic” hysteria and military and economic conflict to cover the inevitable “Great Default” and the theft of the common-wealth of the west on top of all the rest?

    The question is, will they be able to complete their “Great Reset” of the global economy before their crimes become common knowledge?

    From my perspective, outside of “the metropolis”, the “Great Wake-up” is already well underway and growing fast! – Even ordinary jews who’ve seen fit to get out of “israel” (read occupied Palestine) are beginning to ask the jewish question, even as they escape the ideological inconsistancies which epitomise the “jewish narrative”.

    The future is not yet writen, Mr Jung-Freud, and those of us who have, since 9.11, come to explore the most important questions, and to create for ourselves alternative means for our survival outside of the “economy-stupid”, have made way for the refugees of Plandemics and insanity of economic and military wars, by whose numbers we grow stronger.

    You spin the Narrative, on behalf of your jewish overlords, that the (thousand year) empire of the jew is a fete-accomply, and all but assured. But you fail to peek outside the box which forms you prison, never mind think outside it.

    And so I write with glad tidings: There is indeed a world outside of your mind-made prison Mr J.F., and it is growing in size and strength every day, and with ever assault on freedom that your masters conjour up.

    Because this is ALL Gods creation.

    Think outside the box, live outside the cage,

  255. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    today’s featured famous gay serial killer is dennis nilsen! yet another in the long list of gay neb who murder their sex partners. and after they were dead, the real fun began!

    from wikipedia:
    “Dennis Andrew Nilsen (23 November 1945 – 12 May 2018) was a Scottish serial killer[1] and necrophile who murdered at least twelve young men and boys between 1978 and 1983 in London. Convicted at the Old Bailey of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder, Nilsen was sentenced to life imprisonment on 4 November 1983, with a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 25 years.

    All of Nilsen’s murders were committed at the two North London addresses where he lived between 1978 and 1983. His victims would be lured to these addresses through deception and killed by strangulation, sometimes accompanied by drowning. Following each murder, Nilsen would observe a ritual in which he bathed and dressed the victim’s body, which he retained for extended periods of time, before dissecting and disposing of the remains by burning them in a bonfire or flushing them down a toilet.
    Nilsen became known as the Muswell Hill Murderer”

    so we are starting to see a pattern here of murder leading to necrophilia, as evidenced by our last subject, jeffrey dahmer. he progressed to the next stage, cannibalism.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  256. @Che Guava

    Recurring theme in Japan culture, most famously with 47 ronin.

    Higher loyalty thru self-sacrificing rebellion.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  257. Che Guava says:
    @bwuce wee

    Srsly Bwuce,

    You should read a little more on Gacy. A fascinating, messy, and evil figure.

    He seems to have been a male homosexual who killed a lot of male homosexual youths, ugly acts, sure, but I can’t recall reading of any time that he killed a minor or anyone below the age of consent. Quite a few of his murders appear to have started as consensual acts.

    At the same time as the frequent murders, he became a big force in the U.S. Democrat party in Chicago, photographed several times, in the same way as Angela Merkhin in the DDR in a similar time frame, with leaders at the very top of the Democrat party.

  258. @bwuce wee

    Darkside comic books are obviously your professional gateway. Get started soon on that project. Time’s a wasting posting on U.R. Who knows, you succeed there and maybe some of the big Hollywood “special” folks would choose you to write similar screenplays. Fiction is your forte’.

  259. Kali says:

    To get rid of “high places” is to assume that there is no hierarchy in life. There is always hierarchy in all things, and even down to the cellular level. In other words Chodorov, is full of shit.

    As you know, Mefo, I very much appreciate your contriputions on this forum, and I have gained a lot from them personally in terms of my understanding of macro-economics and certain points of of history.

    These are subjects in which you have gained “authority” which ought to be respected and taken seriously by the ernest student.

    However, such authority – including those lesser and greater than yourself – has no right to demand audience or to enforce its views on others, but rather should serve to educate and inform the free-thinking of others.

    Where there is force there is resistance, where there is no resistance, no force is needed. The strength of an argument, the soundness of a policy ought to be enough. If it isn’t then the “authority” needs to re-work his argument until its sence, or its folly, becomes clear.

    You say it yourself, Mefo – normies are manipulated and lack agency. This isn’t because they’re stupid, but because they have been systematically misled, miseducated and maltreated throughout ages of hierarchical power intent on keeping them (us) down.

    Given access to proper education in which they (we) are taught how to think rather than what to think, alongside access to knowledge – history, literature, music, science, maths, etc – then the entire edefice upon which “hierarchy” is built would conceivably crumble to dust. Whereupon legitimate authority, absent force, would naturally take its place as the organising principle upon which whole “anarchist” (without hierarchy, not without structure) societies may be founded.

    So, yes, do get rid of the “high places” so that our species may thrive and evolve, released from the presure, manipulations, and psychopathy of hierarchy, which will always, inevitably, become malicous.

    You say that there has always been hierarchy. I say, look where it’s got us. ‘Bout time we tried something different if we want a better outcome.

    Much love,

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  260. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    what a liar you are!!! everything is posted is true. and each gay serial killer i post here – the story is the same, they realized they were gay in their teens! not one of them said they were born that way. not one court that convicted them said they were born that way. so there goes your wild unsupported fraudulent claim that ‘gays are born that way’. i happen to know for a fact that they are not. and further- the gay niteclub shooting in norway yesterday- i will bet you dollars to doughnuts that the shooter is gay and had been to the club previously. ditto the miami pulse nightclub shooting- the shooter was gay. gay often leads to murder- the facts are all there, not can your denials alter any facts. since you are in permanent denial already. come back again! nice doing business with you.

  261. @White Noise

    Open Bible to Book of Acts and READ 4:53 AND 11:29. Then read conclusion of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto –they are in total Ageeement. So much so that the couple who sold their land but kept a portion —and lied about it –were struck dead. Indeed food for thought.

  262. anon[412] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Wightman

    Brilliant insight. Children mean the future, what we create. The only way homosexuals create more of themselves is to force little boys to resemble them. While pedos may be gay or not, gays do have a much higher ratio of molesting children. Not even worth arguing. Extreme youth is far more of a religion to them then it is even to most heterosexuals.

  263. Kali says:
    @Dave Wightman

    You castigate Emerging Majority as “Satan” because he he recognises the historic/cultural-evolutionary aspects of same-sex eroticism, as he has described in earlier comments.

    Your reaction to his explainations is, though you are not Christian, entirerly “christian” (or “churchian”), culturally determined and restrictive.

    You see, gays are created when adults molest children.

    Several years ago, in England, I had the missfortune to encouter an active sexual preditor and abuser of homeless teenage boys who called himself “Tony Freedom” – or maybe it’s better to say he had the misfortune to encounter me. Following my public exposing of his sordid activities, he actually gave a public speach in which he admited that, although he himself was never sexually abused in the childrens home that he was sent to, others were, and therefore he “thought he was gay”. And etc. In short, he rationalised and attempted to excuse his sexual exploitation and predation of teenage boys as a reaction to seeing other boys raped by grown men. In fact he was all about self gratification and power-games at the expence of vulnerable homeless boys (as was his “wife”, “Lisa Freedom”). All lies. All excuses. All self-justifying bunk.

    A close friend of my family, who was never sexually abused or exploited, is gay, and has always been. He knew it (and struggled with it) as he grew up in a world dominated by intollerance and bigotry. There is no doubt that he was born gay.

    I myself was sexually abused as a young child, and yet I am heterosexual.

    One of my neices, who thankfully enjoyed a very loving, supportive and abue-free chilhood, is lesbian.

    The point of these breef anacdotes is to highlight that life is not black and white, and that rigid bigotry and predudice (pre-justice) is not going to help anything or any one.

    Labling someone as “Satan” because you fear what they say, or because you disagree with their perspective is weak, reactionary silliness.

    If we are to evolve spiritually as a species then we really need to appreciate the variance that is contained in the whole, and act accordingly.

    God bless,

  264. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    today’s featured super gay serial killer is bruce mcarthur, who after he was married and a father of a pervert son, he decided to turn gay. he frequented gay bars, bay dating sites and finally came out as a murderer fo gay men.

    from wikipedia:
    “Between 2010 and 2017, a total of eight men disappeared from the neighbourhood of Church and Wellesley, the gay enclave of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The investigation into the disappearances, taken up by two successive police task forces, eventually led to Bruce McArthur, a 66-year-old self-employed Toronto landscaper, whom they arrested on January 18, 2018. On January 29, 2019, he pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder in Ontario Superior Court and was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment with no eligibility for parole for twenty-five years. McArthur is the most prolific known serial killer to have been active in Toronto, and the oldest known serial killer in Canada.

    A classmate recalled him trying to be the teacher’s pet and informing of mischief by the other boys, with whom he did not fit in. He was also known for winning singing contests. McArthur began having sexual affairs with men in the early 1990s. More than a year later he came out of the closet to his wife but they continued living together. Just after noon on October 31, 2001, a few weeks after his 50th birthday, McArthur followed actor and model Mark Henderson into his apartment building after being invited into Henderson’s apartment to see his Halloween costume. McArthur struck Henderson several times from behind with an iron pipe that he often carried. Henderson fought back, before losing consciousness. He called 9-1-1 when he awoke and was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital. He had suffered injuries to his head and body and needed several stitches on the back of his head and his fingers as well as six weeks of physiotherapy
    In 2002, while the assault case was still before the courts, McArthur registered with Recon, a gay fetish dating website for men into BDSM, where his profile noted his interest in submissive men.[15] He was active on numerous gay dating websites including Silverdaddies, Manjam, Grindr, Bear411, BearForest, Scruff, DaddyHunt, Squirt and Growlr”

    so he was a great singer, so he was artsy-fartsy and enriched the community with theatrics, if you like showtunes! he also often carried an iron pipe. so he was always ready for action on his gay dates! well, at least he didn’t eat his victims! that’s a plus!

  265. @Kali

    Kali: Thank you once again for a well-reasoned and deeply personal approach to these critical issues.

    It happens to be clinically impossible for anyone to MAKE any other individual gay. Samesex experiences are much larger than that very modest proporti0n of the populace who are gay as such.

    With males, in particular, due to the chromosomal fact that each and every male is by biological determination, bisexual in the broadest sense. Capacity for samesex experience is far more common in countries which are not dominated by organized religionists with their control mechanisms.

    In highly evolved societies it appears to be the dominant form of erotic experience amongst younger adolescents and frequently with pre-adolescents, carrying out their “sword-fights” with their best buddy.

    Two gentlemen of my acquaintance initiated their sexuality with boyhood friends. Both of them are now deep-dyed heteros and one of the two has had a large number of affairs prior to marrying his second wife in an extremely successful coupling.

    Human sexuality has culturally evolved to be quite fluid. Dogmatic religionists do their worst to dam up anything but the missionary position. Their perspective is crumbling rapidly amongst the younger generations, a prime example being among Southern Baptist’s who are losing the huge majority of their adolescents from active participation in their churchly activities.

    We are transiting into a new world, by a series of immense changes, not all of them positive, but neither are they all negative. Will the human race mature beyond this obscene need on the part of some to control the lives of others, thereby making them as miserable as theirselves? Time will tell.

    Kali: As you and yours describe new lives for yourselves in rural Portugal—far from the madding crowds–keep up your good work in helping to develop a template for a more natural world, where people are not all about dominating nature, but by embracing wholeness in their own lives and serving as positive object-lessons for those still lost within the Matrix of madness.

    • Replies: @Kali
  266. KrisP says:

    Jew > Homosexual > Black (See DaBaby)

  267. Kali says:
    @emerging majority

    Two gentlemen of my acquaintance initiated their sexuality with boyhood friends. Both of them are now deep-dyed heteros and one of the two has had a large number of affairs prior to marrying his second wife in an extremely successful coupling.

    This makes perfect sence to me, EM, as do your earlier descriptions of the cultural-evolutionary benefits of same-sex eroticism.

    Male and female sexuality is different, as are our emotional experiences of it. Why should young males be prevented from “rutting” and exploring their sexuality together. The female is more tender, her sex more intimate. Let her explore those deeper waters in a safe, same-sex setting if she chooses. Such an arrangement would have the added benefit of preventing unwanted pregnancy, and by extention, starve the baby-killing industry to death, and silence its fanatical supporters.

    It’s sad that some here have rushed to condemn you for your insight and observations, reacting without thought or deeper concideration of the subject, simply because of their own cultural conditioning. If only they were so vocal in their condemnation of the hyper-sexualisation of society, and the ubiquitousness of pornography, then we may indeed evolve and mature in more positive and life-afirmng directions.

    Will the human race mature beyond this obscene need on the part of some to control the lives of others, thereby making them as miserable as theirselves? Time will tell.

    Life is challenging enough without the psudo-religious control freaks of all stripes (including the “woke”) rushing to dictate its terms.

    Poligamy is also something which ought to be discussed rationally, but that’s probably one for another day. 😉

    Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement, my friend. I return them to you

    with all my love,

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  268. KrisP says:

    16,000+ words are well on the way to a book. I think the average book written for adults is 90-100k words!

    Anyway, I have a bone to pick about this:

    “…white supremacist types are hardly the smartest whites”

    First of all, what is a “white supremacist”? It’s possible to advocate for whites and not be a “supremacist.” Even if you want a state with a strong white majority, you’re only a “supremacist” if you want to deprive others of the same right. In this sense, Zionists are “Jewish supremacists” because they want Jewish-majority Israel to be a nation while they aggressively undermine everyone else’s right to an ethno-nationalist state.

    Second, I have found that many advocates for whites are highly intelligent, well-read, and far more level-headed as compared to leftist “anti-racists.” Of course, there are some low-brow crazies. Every group has some, though in the case of so-called “white supremacists,” many of them are probably feds.

    Anyway, my point is that this article adopts a piece of the mainstream narrative that suggests anyone who shows in-group favoritism toward whites is a “white supremacist” and probably an ignorant hillbilly. Why advance their narrative here?

    • Agree: geokat62
  269. @Kali

    When someone calls me a name, I am not bothered. However, turnabout is considered fair play. So if I choose to call someone asshole, or satan, that’s my business, not yours. If you do not understand the dynamic of calling someone out on their behaviour to see if they can take what they themselves dish out, you should mind your own business, unless you are challenging me to a name-calling contest(?), which I readily accept. I am a fencing coach, and when an attack is directed towards your vital spot, you either remove yourself, or redirect the attack while simultaneously returning with your own deadly attack. As to your gay predator story, why would anyone ever believe anything a sexual predator says? A sane person would suspect everything out of their lying mouths. And it is a fact that the CIA mind control program MKULTRA, is based upon the fact that molesting children can turn them gay, and psychotic! As well as Sigmund Freud’s entire theory of sexuality is based on early childhood imprints determine later adult sexual indentity. So I utterly reject your non-professional opinions of ‘how gays come about’. Also, science has established they are ‘not born that way’, and the fact that many gays switch back and forth throughout their life, and the fact that many transgenders ultimately reject their choice- all that science proves my statements correct. As to your family of freaks, more power to you. Revel in it. Whatever floats your boat.

  270. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    welcome back to bwuce wee’s playhouse! today’s feature super-gay sado-masochist serial killer is colin ireland. this thrilling murder most horrid episode is a real mystery- he was molested as a child, but claims he was not gay. he was thought to be a psychopath, but showed mercy to his victims’ dogs, which no psychopath could do.

    from wikipedia:


    Colin Ireland was a British serial killer known as the Gay Slayer because his victims were gay.
    While living in Southend, he started frequenting the Coleherne, a gay pub in Earl’s Court, London. Ireland sought men who liked the passive role and sado-masochism, so he could readily restrain them as they initially believed it was a sexual game.
    Ireland said he was heterosexual: he had been twice married to women and that he pretended to be gay only to befriend potential victims. After killing his victim he cleaned the flat of any forensic evidence linking him to the scene and stayed in the flat until morning in order to avoid arousing suspicion from leaving in the middle of the night.
    During the 1960s in Sheerness, Kent, Ireland was propositioned on three occasions and spied on once by men who were pedophiles.
    He moved to Southend-on-Sea, whilst living there, he travelled to the Coleherne Arms, a gay pub in Earl’s Court, London, where he first met his victims.

    Peter Walker
    Peter Walker, a 45-year-old choreographer, took Ireland back to his flat in Battersea. There he was bound, and ultimately suffocated by a plastic bag being placed over his head.[6] Ireland placed two teddy bears in a 69 position on the body. He left Walker’s dogs locked in another room. The day after the murder, having heard no news reports of the crime, he called the Samaritans and a journalist from The Sun newspaper, advising them of the dogs, and that he had murdered their owner.
    Christopher Dunn
    Dunn was a 37-year-old librarian who lived in Wealdstone. He was found naked in a harness. His death was initially believed to be an accident that occurred during an erotic game.
    Perry Bradley III
    Ireland met 35-year-old businessman Perry Bradley III at the Coleherne pub. The two men returned to Bradley’s flat, where Ireland suggested that he tie Bradley up; Bradley expressed his displeasure at the idea. In order to get Bradley to comply, Ireland told him that he was unable to perform sexually without elements of bondage. Bradley hesitantly cooperated and was soon trussed up on his own bed, face down, with a noose around his neck.[9] After Ireland had secured Bradley, he demanded money and a PIN under the threat of torture. Ireland assured Bradley that he was merely a thief and would leave after stealing Bradley’s money. After Bradley gave Ireland his PIN, which Ireland later used to steal £200, along with £100 in cash stolen from Bradley’s flat, Ireland told him that he should go to sleep, as he wouldn’t be leaving his flat for hours.[Bradley eventually did fall asleep and Ireland momentarily thought of leaving Bradley unharmed. Ireland then realised that Bradley could identify him and used the noose, which he had earlier attached around Bradley’s neck, to strangle him. Before leaving Bradley’s flat, he placed a doll on top of the dead man’s body.
    Andrew Collier
    Ireland, angered that he had received no publicity even after three murders, killed again within three days. He met and courted 33-year-old Andrew Collier, a housing warden, and the pair went to Collier’s home in Dalston. After entering the flat there was a disturbance outside and both men went to the window to investigate. Ireland gripped a horizontal metal bar that ran across the window. He later forgot to wipe the bar for fingerprints during his usual cleanup phase. The police found these prints.
    Once he had tied up his victim on the bed, Ireland again demanded his victim’s bank details. This time his victim refused to comply. After killing Collier’s cat, Ireland strangled Collier with a noose. He put a condom on Collier’s penis and placed the dead cat’s mouth over it, and placed the cat’s tail into Collier’s mouth. Ireland was angered at discovering Collier was HIV positive while rummaging through his personal effects looking for bank details. He then phoned the police, asking why they had not linked the four murders. He left the next morning with £70.
    A suspected reason for his killing of the cat was that after Ireland killed Walker and had left this previous victim’s dogs locked in a separate room, he later called anonymously to advise parties to the fact that these dogs were being or had been locked up. As a result, the media called the killer an animal lover. He strangled the cat to demonstrate that the “animal lover” assumption had been wrong.
    Emanuel Spiteri
    Ireland’s fifth victim was a Maltese chef named Emanuel Spiteri, aged 41, whom he had met at the Coleherne pub. Spiteri was persuaded to be cuffed and bound on his bed. Once more, Ireland demanded his PIN but did not obtain it. He again used a noose to kill. After carrying out his post-murder ritual of cleaning and clearing the scene, Ireland set fire to the flat and left. He rang the police later to tell them to look for a body at the scene of a fire and added that he would probably not kill again.
    Nicknamed “The Gay Slayer”, he was headlined as “Jack The Gripper” by the News of the World.”

    so this guy claimed he merely pretended to be gay, but was angry when he found his victim was HIV+. now why would that matter UNLESS HE HAD SEX WITH HIS VICTIM? so much for being heterosexual. he also intentionally killed one victim’s cat so that the police would not label him as an ‘animal lover’. Apparently another attempt at deception. so we have a guy who was molested, never had a successful relationship with a female, claimed he was not gay but solely and only frequented gay bars and had sex with and murdered gays. So mytery unsolved as to whether he was a psychopath, whether he was just a liar, whether he was gay or bi. but we do know he was a gay serial killer!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  271. bwuce wee says:

    wake up pollyanna, there is officially, as of right now, a war going on:

    gayness is being promoted by the government as an agenda. there will be severe backlash, and mass loss of life is inevitable when factions are pushed into war. gays are not going to win the war. they are outgunned, and they are not fighting for their children’s future, as the opposing side is. taking sides might be a fatal decision for some. i predict this will get very ugly. everyone should be aware of this fact. why do you think gays remained in the closet for so many centuries? they realized a pogrom would be the result. the powers pushing the gay agenda are accelerating the pogrom for their own reasons. they do not care that gays will be wiped out. just like biden tells taiwan and ukraine that he ‘has their back’, he tells the gays ‘he has their back’. he does not have anyone’s back. there will soon come a time when, like the PoWs in vietnam, no one will come to their aid.

  272. @Kali

    Kali: It. was wonderful and heartwarming to read your thoughtful and considerate response.

    As I have learned over time women seek relationship. This is hardwired and absolutely necessary for the vast majority of the female sex. Why? Some would ask. The joys of bearing and raising children are also accompanied by apprehensions and fears.

    Security for their offspring is probably the most important consideration when a woman chooses a bonding relationship with a man whom she feels will be willing to take on the many responsibilities of both the primary relationship and perhaps even more critically support and willingness to assume the role of daddy.

    Not all women will happily take on the many roles of pair bonding and motherhood. One immediately considers lesbians, those who prefer the near perfect intimacy which two women can create.

    The second grouping are women who have almost a male perspective on many things but are attracted primarily to men. In contemporary American devolutionary culture, these gals come to be known as “home-wreckers”. Their libidos and desires for multiple relationships are highly atypical for their sex and in civilized cultures generally become prostitutes. They do not seek relationships or pair bonding. Generally, they are concerned with making a living and at the same time experiencing an entire pizza-menu of different males.

    Switching over to men. Not quite all men are hard-wired to get their rocks off. Simple enough. From the onset of puberty and sometimes lasting into their seventies and even eighties; men are driven by spermatic urgency. Adolescence is the most trying portion of a man’s sex-life. Most Yoots are horny all the time. A major proportion of their waking moments are haunted by sexual needs. But as in most higher species of warm-blooded creatures; their sexual needs are not accompanied by a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, or even considering the consequences of their actions.

    Co-education from puberty on through high-school is probably not a good idea. Why? Women mature much more rapidly in terms of interpersonal relations and psychologically. By the age of sixteen, a fair proportion of young women are ready to take on the burdens of early motherhood.

    Not so with the boys. They are possessed by urgency. Their quests are perpetual. It is likely that Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, more as a warning of possible consequences of teenage romance, rather than the Hollywood version.

    With the silly laws which are on the books, teenagers of both sexes are only tacitly permitted to have sex with each other. My maternal grandmother was still 15 when she bore her first child in 1899. My aunt happened to be born on my grandfather’s 22nd Birthday. My father was 31 when he married my still 19 year old mother. Their relationship was a lifetime together.

    History, anthropology and simple common-sense tells us that relatively more marriages are successful and children are better raised when their mother is several years younger than their father. There are exceptions, of course, but this is an overall pattern which should be encouraged rather than denigrated.

    In terms of both sexuality and eros, America is a mess. Between organized religion and their dogmatic approaches to life and the “let it all hang out” attitude of Hollywood and the cultural mavens; this nation probably leads the world in shattered marriages and poorly raised children.

    Due to bad social policies, mostly initiated by LBJ during his administration; the average African American, particularly in large cities, is born out of wedlock. A modest proportion of those mis-socialized children have never even met their birth-fathers.

    Sane, sober social and cultural analysts need to develop conversations such as you and I have been able to share on this important medium, Kali. I much appreciate our meeting of minds. Thank you for caring.

    Perhaps you are quite fortunate in living in a land where the madness of the rat-race life is not so prevalent. In Portugal, the cultural threads run deep there, I would imagine and also the general alienation cannot possibly even approach that of a land once called America the Beautiful.

  273. @bwuce wee

    Your fascination is a bit macabre, Brucewee. Strange things must be going on in your mind almost all the time. I’m beginning to wonder about your childhood. Was it warm, comfortable and nourishing. Mine sure was.

    Somehow, along life’s path, something got twisted. Doubtful whether you would like to share any of than on this medium. That is unfortunate, but I suppose you are apprehensive about opening up and sharing. Rather, than tend to your garden, you choose to attack anyone whom you consider the “other”.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  274. bwuce wee says:

    thanks! you gave me a great idea for my next series of gay killers: school shooters. keep those comments coming, i’m getting more ammo all the time!

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  275. Che Guava says:
    @RJ Macready

    I am not sure of the spelling, but Robert Goddard was a minor deity of early rocketry, but he has no direct association with NASA, so I think they named some place after him for no reason.

    They should name some place after von Braun, to acknowledge the contribution.

  276. Che Guava says:
    @bwuce wee

    So, you intend to become a school shooter?

    That is very stupid and evil.

  277. bwuce wee says:
    @emerging majority

    today’s super gay serial killer is THE DOODLER. the dooler frquented gay clubs and drew artistic renderings of his victims, before stalking them and repeatedly stabbing them to death. several vitims survived, but refuse to testify against the serial killer because they did not want to be outed. let that sink in. their personal closet outweighs the danger to the gay community! how is that for community service? let my friends die because i would rather remain in the closet, than save a life.

    from wikipedia:
    “The Doodler, also known as the Black Doodler, is an unidentified serial killer believed responsible for up to 16 murders and three assaults of men in San Francisco, California, between January 1974 and September 1975. The nickname was given due to the perpetrator’s habit of sketching his victims prior to their sexual encounters and slayings by stabbing. The perpetrator met his victims at gay nightclubs, bars and restaurants.
    It is believed that the Doodler killed between six and sixteen people. Several victims were stabbed in the front and back of their bodies in similar locations. All of the victims were white males.
    The suspect was described as a black man between 19 and 25 years of age. He was about six feet tall with a slender build.
    Gerald Cavanagh
    Gerald Earl Cavanagh, a Canadian-American immigrant, is believed to be the Doodler’s first victim.
    Joseph “Jae” Stevens
    Joseph Stevens, best known by the nickname “Jae”, was discovered on June 25, 1974, by a woman walking along Spreckels Lake in San Francisco. Stevens was 27 and had died shortly before his body was found; he had been seen at a club the previous day. He was employed as a “female impersonator” and comedian.
    Klaus Christmann
    Klaus Christmann, a German-American immigrant, was discovered by a woman walking her dog on July 7, 1974. He was found similarly to Gerald Cavanaugh, at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. His death had been somewhat more violent than the previous murders because he had considerably more stab wounds than Stevens and had been slashed in the throat several times.
    Warren Andrews
    In January 2022, the San Francisco Police identified a sixth victim of the Doodler. Warren Andrews, a lawyer for the U.S. Postal Service, was murdered in Land’s End in April 1975.
    Frederick Capin
    Frederick Elmer Capin, aged 32, was discovered on May 12, 1975, in San Francisco. He had been stabbed like the other victims, dying from strikes to his aorta.
    Harald Gullberg
    Harald Gullberg, aged 66, was a Swedish-American immigrant who was discovered on June 4, 1975 in a decomposed state about two weeks after his death in Lincoln Park. He remains slightly inconsistent with the other homicides because he was far older than the others, his underwear had been taken by his killer and his pants were unzipped.
    Letter from the SFPD’s Legal Division detailing that the case is still active, and therefore they are unable to release any information.
    Police questioned a young man as a murder suspect in the case, but could not proceed with criminal charges because the three surviving victims did not want to “out” themselves by testifying against him in court. Among the stabbing survivors were a “well-known entertainer” and a diplomat.The suspect cooperated with police during his interview but he never admitted guilt for the murders and attacks. Officers stated that they strongly believed that the man in question was responsible for the crimes, but he was never tried or convicted because of the survivors’ refusals to appear in court.”

    so the BLACK DOOLER is still at large! thanks to members of the gay community…

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