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US Politicians Who Bark Madly at Russia or China Are Not Really Crazy; It's Calculated Shtick to Win Approval from Jewish Supremacist Rulers of America — When Zionic US Accuses China of 'genocide' Against Uighurs, Why Doesn't China Point Out US Support of Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians?
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Some say the (Jewish-manufactured) crisis in Ukraine has nothing to do with US national interest, but that is to miss the point. The current US has no and can have no National Interest because it operates as a GLOBALIST entity ruled by World Jewry. As the metropole of globo-Jewish-Supremacism, the role of US is to serve global interests(not talk of national interests), and Ukraine has fallen under the shadow of Jewish imperial ambition that eventually eyes the takeover of Russia, a vast territory that Jews regard as a world of drunken Slavs whose destiny is to serve Jews. After all, if Jews conquered and soul-enslaved the great Anglos, who the hell are the lowly backward Slavs to say NO to Jewish Dominance? Of course, Anglo-Cuck or Angluck dogs serve Jewish power in the War on Russia.

If US operated on the basis of National Interests, it would have strong borders. Rather, US domestic border policy is much like its imperial policy. Non-white masses are encouraged to invade across US borders, and US power tramples around the world with military bases and war games, even where they are not invited, like Syria. Jews rule the US, and their agenda goes as follows: “Hey, hordes of nonwhites, come across US borders and replace the white population”, and “White cuck soldiers, go overseas and violate the borders of other countries to spread Zio-globo-homo hegemony, Afro-savagery, and Jewish financial terrorism.” There can’t be any American National Interest in this madness. It’s just Imperial Interest devised by Jewish Globalist Supremacists to prioritize Zion.

Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, and some others critical of the current regime’s saber-rattling against Russia are calling it ‘lunatic’ and ‘crazy’, ‘sadistic’ and ‘cruel’, but the real problem is actually a lot simpler.

The GOP cuck senator Roger Wicker isn’t really crazy. It’s not really about Nuclear Armageddon because NO ONE believes in such a war nor desires it. It’s just a pathetic case of cucking to Jews by making noises they want to hear. Wicker knows Jews got the power and Jews hate Russia(for whatever reasons), and the easiest way to receive more donor money and win favors is by making the kind of noises that’s music to Zio-Globo ears.

That’s pretty much it. It’s calculated and rational(as cuck behavior) than genuinely crazy(as warmonger). It’s like dogs barking to win the approval of masters. “Look, master, I’m barking, I’m barking, to show I’m a good dog always on your side.”

The problem with politics isn’t genuine craziness among goyim such as Roger Wicker and all the anti-Russia barking dogs, Ted Cruz included. None of them would be making such noises if Jews didn’t rule. It’s just a sign of pathetic cravenness and cuckery than mental lunacy.

But Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard would rather pretend that politicians just went batshit crazy out of the blue. It’s because, when push comes to shove, they too are afraid to name the Jewish Power. But if by some miracle they could muster the courage to name the real power, they could explain current events honestly as a case of Jewish power-grab for world hegemony and of goy cucks in US government making ANY NOISE, however ludicrous, to please and appease their Jewish masters.

The game of politics is like this all over the world, so why would it be any different in the US where Jewish Supremacists are the pimps and the goy politicians are the prostitutes? In any country, most politicians learn to make the right noises. Under Saddam Hussein, Iraqi politics was about loving whatever he loved, hating whatever he hated. In North Korea, it’s about loving whatever Kim seems to love at the moment and hating whatever he seems to hate at the moment. Whatever Big Brother loves, we must love. Whatever he hates, we must hate. There’s little individual or moral agency in US politics that is dominated by big donor money(much of it Jewish), deep state shenanigans(orchestrated by Jews), and big media(monopolized by Jews). In the US, the politics is mostly about goy cucks loving whatever Jews love — “Muh Israel!” — and hating on whatever Jews hate. It’s politics of canine behavior. If Jews were to lose their hatred of Russia tomorrow, goy dogs would no longer be barking mad at it. It’s really that simple. To gain Jewish favoritism and support, Roger Wicker just decided to bark the loudest. It makes him look tough, but it’s just servile canine behavior as dogs have no agency and only look to please their master.

David Brooks longs for the ‘conservatism’ that he fell in love with, the one that favored Jews/Zionists and Super-Globalist Capitalists uber alles. Since the 1980s, white American conservatives supported Big Capital and Zion, and what did they get in return? Big Capital pushing Globo-Homo at the behest of Jews who celebrate the prospect of White Demographic Demise. Brooks will insist that his conservatism is about principles and rejects atavistic sentiments hopelessly rooted in identity and nationalism. The same Brooks and his fellow Tribesmen insist that the US and the West do everything for Jewish identity, interests, and power, even supremacy. What a lowlife weasel. 

Jewish Supremacists who rule the US not only push the anti-Russia but the anti-China line.

The JAB(Jews around Biden) are pushing the Anti-China line for two reasons.

1. To darken rising China’s place in the world and subvert its relations with Muslim nations.

2. To distract Americans from the fact of Jewish Power(that really rules the US) by making them fixate on Yellow Peril.

This leads to an interesting question. Why don’t the Chinese(who know full well Jews control the US) return the favor and call out on Jewish-run US as the sponsor of ‘genocide’ in West Bank(against Palestinians) and the Middle East(against Arabs/Muslims in general)? When Jews kick China in the shin, why don’t China respond in kind? How come JAB(Jews-around-Biden) can denounce China of ethnic cleansing, but China cannot do the same to Jews on the Palestinian question? Similarly, JAB(Jews-around-Biden) accuse Putin of aggression in Ukraine, but Russia never calls Israel out on its crime against Palestinians.

Of course, it’s been pointed out China and Russia maintain good relations with Israel. But if so, why don’t Israeli Jews ever stand up for China and Russia against American Jews who shit on Russia and China?

Have Jews come to be so holy and almighty in ‘world opinion'(90% of which is, of course, Western) that Russia and China feel they must be careful to steer clear of ‘antisemitism’ and have some Jewish friends on their side as ‘moral insurance’? So, even when JAB(Jews-around-Biden) smear China and Russia with horrible accusations, the only thing China and Russia can hope for is to fall back on their close ties with Israel to show that they’re on good terms with the Tribe?

But really, what do China and Russia get out of their ties with Israel? When have Israeli Jews ever intervened on behalf of China & Russia and pressured US Jews to knock it off? Donald Trump went out on a limb for Israel, but did Israeli Jews do anything to calm down Jewish American hostility against him? No, never. (And recall Apartheid South Africa’s closest ally was Apartheid Israel, but this didn’t prevent Jews in US and EU from doing all they could to undermine white rule in South Africa. Apartheid Israel gained all the favors from its alliance with Apartheid South Africa but did nothing to influence World Jewry to go easy on Apartheid South Africa.) It seems Jewish Americans and Israeli Jews are working in tandem when it comes to Russia, China, and Americans like Donald Trump.

The ‘good cop and bad cop’ shtick goes like this: Jewish Americans shit on Russia, China, Trump, or whatever. Given the Jewish hostility, the first instinct of Russia, China, or Trump is sling the mud back at Jews, but they can’t because Jews are too holy schmoly on the world stage as the Eternal Holy Holocaust People(as Holocaustianity replaced Christianity while Anne Frank replaced the Madonna in Western Spiritual Hierarchy). So, they seek to improve relations with Israel in the desperate hope that this will somehow mitigate their Jewish Problem. This way, Israeli Jews actually benefit from Jewish Americans hating on Russia, China, or Trump. In his four yrs, the more American Jews shat on Trump, the more he groveled at the feet of Israeli Jews to prove he’s not ‘antisemitic’. But did it do him any good with the Jewish American community? No.

Russia, China, Trump, or whatever entity/person must break out of this toxic trap. This use of Israel as insurance against being called ‘antisemitic’ or horrible names has proven to be bogus. Israel exploits it in full but offers nothing in return. When has it ever intervened on behalf of Russia or China to calm down Jewish Imperial Supremacy that governs the US? Russia and China should give the middle finger to Israel and call out on Jewish Americans as the real masters of the US, the real wreckers of the world and the real leeches, as well as monsters carrying out ‘genocide’ against Palestinians. Only then will things start to change.

Leftist Media? Really? If Leftism is about equality, when will this ‘leftist media’ ever equalize the narratives between Jews and Palestinians? In truth, the media are really ultra-rightist-supremacist in favor of Jews, blacks, and homos. It has no interest in equality of representation and concern. Jews and blacks are blatantly favored over whites and Palestinians. There is a clear hierarchy. The real problem is white stupidity that continues to favor Zionist Supremacists over Palestinians even though Jewish hostility against whites now exceeds that against Palestinians. On some level, Jews have more respect for Palestinians who, at they very least, know their enemy, whereas whites continue to praise and revere most the very people most committed to their demise.

What can finally start the healing process is to NAME THE JEWISH POWER behind the US that controls EU as its puppet and whore. Unless Jewish Power is named, this madness will go on. Jews will continue to aggravate Russia over Ukraine or some other piece of territory. Or, consider how Jewish-run US blames China of ‘genocide’ against Uighurs but China doesn’t blame US for sponsoring ‘genocide’ in West Bank. Jews are arrogant toward China, but Chinese are afraid of Jews. This fear must be overcome. First off, US is no longer US. It’s just one big aircraft carrier for the Zionic Mafia. Of course, Jewish Power derives from Anglo-cucking(or Anglucking) to Jewish Power. You’d think Jews would be nice to whites because whites support Jewish hegemonism against Russia and China, but actually no. Paradoxically, Jews are even more hostile to White America(that totally loves and obeys Jewish America) in order to guilt-bait it into total submission and obedience to Jewish Power. Jews know that white pride may lead to white agency and liberation, and free-thinking whites may not always serve or side with Jews. So, they must beat down whites psychologically and morally with guilt-feelings. No pride for whites, just self-loathing guilt. Jews must turn whites into mentally-beaten-down dogs with guilt-look on their faces, dogs who can be in good graces with their master only by barking at whatever the Master hates.

It could be the US is provoking military action from Russia mainly to undermine the Nordstream deal. Force Russia’s hand in Ukraine and use it as excuse to pressure Germany and other nations to nix their deals on Russian gas. “Look, Russia is the aggressor! How can you EU nations trade with Russia! An infamy!”

American Jews, who once fancied themselves as anti-war ‘liberals’ aghast at the Military-Industrial Complex in movies like DR. STRANGELOVE, FAIL SAFE, and SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, are now going all in with their media power and deep state goons to stir up truly insane war hysteria against Russia.
Why? Is it because Russia still has a globalist ideology of world conquest? No, simply because Russia said no to Jewish supremacism and globo-homo, and because it wants to secure its borders by keeping the US war machine(NATO) out of Ukraine. Unless Jewish Power is called out, nothing will change. Bunch of cucks among Democrats and GOP are pushing the same old garbage to appease the Zion King.

People need to stop talking of Joe Biden as if he has the power. They should talk of Jews-around-Biden or JAB. Yes, JAB is what rules the West. White Americans and Anglucks(Anglo Cucks) are the biggest dummies in the world. In 2020, Jews(who never stop kvetching about pogroms they suffered long ago in Ukraine) orchestrated the biggest pogrom against White America, wrecking entire communities, but now… all these white dummies(whummies) are cheerleading for Jewish orchestration of total mayhem in Ukraine. It’s Stockholm Syndrome on steroids. Whummies are so beholden to Jewish Power that they mentally block out the true nature of the 2020 horror and seek approval by volunteering for what is hyped as righteous apocalypse in Ukraine.

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  1. Notsofast says:

    “jewish supremacy” is the key to combating the zionist scourge, that is running rampant on the entire world. “the chosen” must be pointed out as just another form of supremacy and that we are taught that all forms of supremacy, are forms of prejudice. we must insist that all religions are equally valid (or invalid), so religious supremacy is a sin and anyone claiming supremacy of any kind is a racist and religious bigot, in need of cancellation (in the pursuit of equality, of course).

    • Agree: Fidelios Automata
    • Replies: @Wilfredo
  2. meamjojo says:

    Israel should round up the Palestinians and ship them all to Saudi Arabia. SA has plenty of unused desert for a Palestinian homeland.

  3. Jews have done great harm throughout history, especially to the west and America in particular.

    • Agree: Big Iron 44
  4. Druid says:

    With time, the Palestinians will get their land back, meamjo, you zio-arse!

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  5. Trinity says:

    All White nations should enthusiastically invite all Jews to return to the Middle East, Turkey, or wherever these mutts are from. Perhaps, Africa would fit the Jew since he loves negroes so much.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  6. Trinity says:

    IF ANY prominent figure with a large soap box stepped up to the plate and dropped the “hunnert” on Jewish deceit, Jewish power and influence, Jewish PURE HATRED for Whites and their plans of destroying White nations and even plans of genocide, that person would be a HERO overnight, at least to Whites with more than 2 brain cells.

    Trump had that opportunity when they stole the election. You have a man over 70 years of age, (no one lives forever), who had an opportunity on January 6th to speak truth to power. Instead Trump & Company talked about anything and everything but the real problem. Tucker & Tulsi won’t go near the JQ, but they have no problem talking about Aye-rabs, Russkies, or Chicoms, same thing with the gay guys at CNN. Tucker or Don Lemon, “what difference does it make,” both can’t or won’t talk about maniacal, Heeb Supremacists.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  7. Trinity says:

    What good would Jewish money do if there were no White, Black, Chinese, Hispanic, East Indian, etc. whores. What IF the entire world calls (((their))) BLUFF?

    Jewish “power” is like the old guy playing the “Great Oz” behind the curtains. All bark and no bite. Hanging on a thread. Overconfidence and arrogance always proceeds a reality check.

  8. @Trinity

    Trump had that opportunity when they stole the election.

    Trump still squeals like a pig with Zionist dong up his arse. He’s trying to convince Jews that the ‘squad’ controls the Democratic Party that is ‘antisemitic’. ROTFL.

    Yeah, Biden is surrounded by Palestinians.

    What a freaking joke.

    Trumpism: Jews slap you, you blame China. Jews treat whites like Palestinians, whites cheer Jewish destruction of Palestinians.

    Retardo world. Not that HBD-sphere is much better. Jared Taylor is hush-hush about Jewish role in anti-white agenda.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  9. @meamjojo

    Israel should round up the Palestinians and ship them all to Saudi Arabia.

    Or Jews in Israel can all move to San Fran. No need to occupy the Holy Land to indulge in globo-homo sodom and gomorrah antics.

  10. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    Grifter JT is the “white” Al Sharpton, both race pimp$.

    Al’s skin has gotten lighter over the years. When Al was an obese clown he was at least two shades darker.

    Give JT this, he has no problem at least talking about darkies while the Trumper cuddles with “Blacks For Trump” ( who probably voted for Biden/Caramel), Black football playas, Kanye, etc.

  11. Phibbs says:

    Thank you, Mr. Hitler, for culling the demonic Jew population. Just imagine if there were 6 million — realistically, 18 million with the descendants of culled Jews — more Jews today? Total havoc.

    • Agree: Big Iron 44
  12. Why Do Snakes Flick Their Tongues?

    NZ Prime Minister Exhibiting Human-Reptilian Hybrid Characteristics

    • Replies: @Wilfredo
  13. Wilfredo says:

    You mention Soros without identifying him as a both a globalist and a Talmudist supremacist Jewish cultist?

  14. anonymous[521] • Disclaimer says:

    Or, consider how Jewish-run US blames China of ‘genocide’ against Uighurs but China doesn’t blame US for sponsoring ‘genocide’ in West Bank. Jews are arrogant toward China, but Chinese are afraid of Jews. This fear must be overcome.

    Please write your book introducing Jewish power to readers with little initial knowledge of alt-right ideas. I will help get it translated and published in China.

  15. anonymous[521] • Disclaimer says:

    “Hey, hordes of nonwhites, come across US borders and replace the white population”, and “White cuck soldiers, go overseas and violate the borders of other countries to spread Zio-globo-homo hegemony, Afro-savagery, and Jewish financial terrorism.”

    It’s important to be rigorous in denouncing Jewish power. I think the weakest element in this sentence is “Jewish financial terrorism”. In the first world, is there really any systemic fault with the way Jews run the business and financial worlds? Specifically talking about wrongs committed by Jews to help themselves as a group. People in America who work for 40 hours a week and don’t have kids out of wedlock are able to have a middle class life.

  16. Trinity says:

    The late Jim Trafficant (spelling?) might have been the stereotypical shady politician, bad rug and all, but he did finally come around to at least talk about the Israeli stranglehold on Washington. Trafficant MILDY complained about the Chosen State on Hannity and Greta years ago on (((Fox News.))) Pawn Vanity nearly shit his pants. What a Goober that clown is, where do (((they))) find these goy toys?

    But even Trafficant ONLY complained about Israel, he didn’t go against Criminal Organized Jewry and their domestic terrorism in America. Epstein, Pollard, the Jew York Times are “domestic” anti White and and anti America Jews. YES, Epstein is still alive in muh Israel with Pollard.

    Any moron can clearly see (((who))) was behind 911. IF that doesn’t wake people up than there s no hope for them.

  17. Miro23 says:

    … and Ukraine has fallen under the shadow of Jewish imperial ambition that eventually eyes the takeover of Russia, a vast territory that Jews regard as a world of drunken Slavs whose destiny is to serve Jews.

    A.H. had similar ideas:

    RUSSIANS: (1) “In the eyes of the Russian, the principle support of civilization is vodka. His ideal consists of never doing anything except the indispensable.”

    UKRAINE: (20) “We’ll supply the Ukrainians with scarves, glass beads and everything that colonial peoples like. The Germans – this is essential – will have to constitute among themselves a closed society, like a fortress. The least of our stable-lads must be superior to any native.” (11) “We’ll take the Southern part of the Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively German colony. There’ll be no harm in pushing out the population that’s there now. The German colonist must be the soldier-peasant and for that I’ll take professional soldiers, whatever their line may have been previously.”

    ” Hitler’s Table Talk”, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London 1953*

    It didn’t work out too well for the German Imperialists in 1941 so it’s interesting to see how it works for the Jewish Imperialists in 2022. The Germans equally had a lot of success in Empire building prior to launching their attack.

    *David Irving sees it as genuine which is good enough for me. I’m only surprised that there aren’t more transcriptions of Hitler’s conversations.

  18. @Wilfredo

    Tend to believe psychopathy is due to the evolutionary essence of a being’s soul, as much if not more so, than the neurological structures of its brain.

    Even among negative-extraterrestrial reptilian species.

  19. Athena says:

    Please share Eva Bartlett’s video. Russophone Ukrainians have been bombed, massacred, and tortured since 2014, using your taxes Canada, US, UK, and France.

    Also please share the film below from Anne-Laure Bonnel on the massacre of Russophone Ukrainians by US-Nato (NON-STOP since 2014). More than 10 000 Russophone Ukrainians have been killed since 2014, and it continues today because of your silence.

    Russophone Ukrainians were

    – forced to live in their basements
    – not allowed to speak their mother language (Russian)
    – their children not allowed to go to school or kindergarten
    – not allowed to work anymore
    – pension funds robbed from older peoples.

  20. Athena says:

    Since 2014, US-Nato and friends (UK and Canada) have killed, tortured, and bombed more than 10 000 Russophone Ukrainians.

    In 2014, ex-CIA agent Susan Lindauer posted pictures of the massacre sponsored by US-Nato backed coup in Ukraine (2014), ie people burned alive, on her Facebook page. Many people saw them.


    Odessa inhabitants massacred by the US-Nato backed nazis: May 2014, Odessa:

    (Warning, graphics:)

    ”People attacked and burned to the bones by the Right Sector thugs

    Firefighters only appeared when massive entrance doors were burned through.
    The number of killed people can be as high as 300. Most of people, especially children and women, were hashed with axes and clubbed to death with wooden sticks in the basement of the Trade Unions House.”

    ”From where has the barricade appeared? It was built by the Right Sector thugs in order to lock people trying to save themselves on the above floors”

    ”This man was shot in the head. Judging from clearly visible blood puddle, the murderer fired at point-blank so the bullet passed through the skull.”

    ”Dead woman near the elevator with clothes absent below her waist. Most likely, she was raped, then doused with a flammable mixture and set aflame.”

    ”The same picture again: burnt heads, hands and shoulders, lower body untouched by fire.”

    ”The scariest picture. Most likely it is a pregnant woman, who was one of the employees working on holidays, cleaning offices and watering flowers. She was strangled by an electric wire. She tried to resist – one can see discarded flower on the floor.”

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  21. The term “White” when referring to people. should always be capitalized. In fairness, I also capitalize Black.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  22. @meamjojo

    All Israeli Jews must be forcibly deported from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which should thereafter remain Arab forever. Syria must get the Golan back. The world should blockade Israel until this happens. Palestine must be given independence and their own military so they can defend themselves against their former oppressors. The Israelis will consider themselves lucky we let them keep the 2/3 of Palestine that they stole.

  23. @Fidelios Automata

    Don’t forget these instances: __% Black / __% White (e.g., 25% Black / 75% White).

  24. Alrenous says: • Website

    Today, repetition of my own stuff.

    I got a threefer. Test time!


    1. Form a sentence wherein “the” is not a redundant waste of space.


    1. Give a real-life example where knowing arithmetic can noticeably improve your outcome, such as saving you at least 15% of the time you would otherwise have spent.

    US History:

    1. Describe the personality flaws and phsyiognomic tells of the Founding Fathers Mothers.

    2.1 How do these flaws still resonate in America today?
    2.2 Do you know anyone who was passed over for a job or position due to failing to mirror the physiognomic detriments of the Founding Mothers?

    3. Name three principles of Greek thought upheld by the Founding Mothers. Cite the first known thinker who stated them.

    4. Name the lobbyist responsible for legalizing running over toddlers in America. What were his parents like?

    5. List the top three expenses of a municipal suburban neighbourhood, and approximate the magnitude of these expenses.

    6. List the top three municipal revenue generators of a suburban neighbourhood, and approximate the magnitude of these expenses.

    7. Who was McGovern, and who were his political allies and enemies?

    8. Who was personally responsible for writing the zoning laws which apply to your neighbourhood?


    Look, just use the spellchecker, for the love of god.


    1. Name three edible or useful weeds that grow around here.

    2. On the day of this test, is it cloudy?

    3. What types of clouds are they?

    4. How did they form, or fail to do so?

    5. What does this indicate about how the weather is likely to be for the rest of the week?

    6. What is the sunset going to be like, and are you going to set aside time to go look?

    I actually don’t know the answers to some of these questions. I bet nobody else does either, but hey, I might as well ask?

    Now for the roll call.


    You can just kinda reject the government and go your own way. Security is possible. It’s not illegal, surprisingly.

    You can just:
    use adblock
    not take the vaccine
    not abort your own kid
    not send that kid to school
    not divorce the kid’s mother
    not watch the news, and not vote
    not volunteer or give money to charity
    not work at a firm with an HR department
    not join or support the police or military in particular
    And if you’re really dedicated, you can be a net tax consumer.

    Despite everything, America is still a free country. It gets the government it consents to.

    If you don’t do these things, you fundamentally assent to the government. You are the demand; the government merely the supply.

    Anyway, Fascism.

    Fascism is theocratic, fundamentalist Egalitarianism.

    It’s Satanism, really. Christianity is also Egalitarian Satanism, but with some adulterations since unadulterated Christianity has a tendency to starve its adherents to death. Sophism was Greek Satanism, and likely Yeshua’s major influence. Sophism is a slow degenerative disease. It killed Greece, it killed Rome, and it has been killing Europe as a whole since 1085 AD.

    You can also call it the politics of narcissism. Black governments love narcissists because they’re atomized and easy to manipulate. A black government is, among its many problems, always a eugenics program designed to make the population as narcissistic as possible. (Which is one reason the roll call is so important.)

    The six diagnostic features of Fascism:

    1. Dogmatism and xenophobia. (Theocracy, duh.)

    2. Utopianism and rejection of wu wei. Like a child, the Fascist is outraged when the world isn’t perfect.

    3. Obsession with the Plot of a State Enemy. Obviously the world is perfect by default, and only terrible heretics (anyone who opposes the Fascist State) can explain any imperfection.

    4. Monogenderism. Radical egalitarianism can’t conceive of androgyny, so either everyone is a man (Germany, Russia) or everyone is a woman (America).

    5. Newspeak. Fascism works out to be a child’s rendition of stone-age economics, and to avoid collapse from terminal embarrassment, it has to constantly dress up as something new and exciting lest you notice the parallel.

    6. Unprincipled exceptions. Fascism, pursued to the end point, is Communism, which is omnicidal. Nobody who isn’t completely insane – and thus completely incompetent and ineffective – can genuinely have faith in the Fascist fundamentalism. Exceptions must be found to, you know, not die. And why not designed the exceptions along kto kogo lines? No really, why not?

    The difference between Fascism and Communism is basically: nothing. Nobody who isn’t suffering from the narcissism of small differences can even tell them apart. We can lump Democracy into this pot as well, though historically governments which called themselves Fascist or Communist were monogendered masculine and the Democracies are monogendered feminine.

    The latter is more stable because nobody likes the anti-woman campaign that monogender masculine has to wage. Women don’t like it, obviously, and men don’t like doing it. The anti-male campaign is far more palatable for everyone. Men largely see it as an excuse to show off how nonconformist they are. “See, I’m not like the other boys.” A real chad, of course, just flatly ignores what he’s “supposed” to do (toxic masculinity 100) and women love him for it.

    Further, women are less principled. Monogender feminine has far more excuses for unprincipled exceptions so as to, you know, not die.

    The fact the Bible has a bunch of unprincipled exceptions and Fascism has a bunch of unprincipled exceptions is what we call [not a coincidence].

    If you really want to, you can say a Fascist is someone who wants to have faith in perfect Egalitarian Communism but, in a very Gnostic way, has had their faith broken by the fallen world. They think God wishes to reward them for these delusions, but can’t, so they compromise. Despirited Communists. Constantly trying to find out how it’s their sin, not the sin of the world, which would then allow them to repent and become more perfect Communists. (Without, you know, all starving to death.)

    The final way to characterize Fascism is return to monke.

    Modern industrial society is an environment wildly incompatible with grass-monkey genetics. The peasants constantly demand that society be made more like a nomadic savannah-roaming hunter tribe. Fascism responds by going, “Okay, sure.” Only peasants are kinda dumb. Further, the black government wants everyone arrested in the dependent narcissist-child stage of development. Result: a child’s view of stone-age economics.

    So, for example, in a stone-age tribe, basically everyone is related. They’re also trustworthy, not coincidentally the same way the small child assumes every adult they meet is trustworthy, simply because they were allowed to meet them.
    You don’t need much in the way of laws, since all these closely-related folk all know how they’re supposed to act.
    The child doesn’t need to defend himself. (Which is good, because he can’t.) The tribe bigman will take care of it.
    Kumbaya. All these closely relations and care about each other, so even if they do something bad, it wasn’t with malicious intent. An “immigrant” is merely a long-lost brother returning to daddy.
    Trade is downright dubious, since this is basically your family you’re talking about. Don’t charge for hugs, weirdo.
    You can’t criticize the government, because government is Mommy, and we all love Mommy, don’t we? Mommy is the best. Mommy loves you too, sweety.

    Und so weiter.
    This is all wildly incompatible with industrial society. Result: decay and poverty. Ultimately omnicide as the carrying capacity returns to pre-technological levels and the population must suddenly contract to pre-technological levels.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  25. @Athena

    Donbass was treated like Gaza and West Bank.

  26. meamjojo says:

    “With time, the Palestinians will get their land back, meamjo, you zio-arse!”

    Special for you:

  27. @Alrenous

    Interesting, thanks.

    Submitted answers to the grammar and arithmetic questions, but they disappeared.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  28. Alrenous says: • Website
    @loner feral cat

    You’re welcome.

    Unfortunately, it’s a good idea to do a quick ctrl-a ctrl-c before you post any comment. Have to secure the words against unreliable world wide web coding standards.

    In some browsers you can do a quick back-button and it will have remembered what was in the form. Sometimes.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  29. @Alrenous

    Appreciate the technical advice. Don’t think it was a Ctrl+A and/or Ctrl+C issue, although will double check.

    As of late, UR moderators seem to be ghosting pending posts. At least this has been my experience within the past month.

    Now trying to be somewhat more careful with post content. As it’s understood, that free speech unleashed is a tyrant’s worst nightmare.

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