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The Psychonspiracy of the Knowing Elites & Conceited 'Progressives' and the Possible Plot-Within-a-Plot in the Covid-19 Conspiracy
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The following concerns the psychological culture of a community that would dare turn the world upside down for its tribal aggrandizement. What kind of a culture would produce the sort of individuals willing to sacrifice the well-being of the entire world in service to an agenda that tirelessly invokes justice only to force the greatest injustice upon all of humanity? How did such a mindset come to be? How does it play the game? And if the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was indeed part of the game, how did it come about?

We must go to the source of the problem, which is hidden. It is doubly hidden because we aren’t allowed to mention that Jewish Power’s supremacist control over the West. We pretend the West comprise ‘liberal democracies’ with fairly elected goy leaders who represent the will of the people. Actually, the West or Schwest is Jewish-Supremacist, and goy ‘liberal democratic’ leaders are shills of the ethno-oligarchy. So, Jewish Power usually goes unmentioned(and if mentioned, only in the most glowing terms). It doesn’t take much brain work to connect the dots and figure out which group has the real power, but many don’t bother. Still, there must be a fair number of people who know of the immensity of Jewish Power. One thing for sure, every elected politician and Deep Statist know this — how can they not? — , but they dare not say it. They must pretend Jews are still a beleaguered minority in need of protection from ‘antisemitism’, be it ‘white supremacist’, Paleo-Christian, or Arab/Palestinian/Iranian.

if Jewish Power is hidden(even if in plain sight), then what it does is often doubly hidden. This may well be the case with what really happened with the global Covid-19 outbreak. Besides, was it really the virus or the hype that did the most damage? One thing for sure, Jewish Elites have a tendency to hyperventilate and exaggerate. Long before World War II and the Shoah, Jews were invoking the ‘6 million’ numerical trope time and time again. 6 million Jews were murdered here, there, everywhere. Or 6 million were on the verge of being annihilated(wherever) UNLESS something was done about it. Millions of Jews surely perished in World War II, but the Holocaust was turned into a House of Horrors unique in time and place. Jewish hype and exaggeration have become a mode of Western Discourse. The falsehoods about the Russian Tsar’s role in the anti-Jewish pogroms became standard narrative material(and continues in new variations with the latest hysterics about Vladimir Putin). In truth, pogroms did take place but weren’t ordered by the Tsar. There was plenty of blame to go around. Jewish merchants were unscrupulous, Jewish radicals were troublesome, many Slavs were drunken roughnecks, and the Russian clergy could be demagogic.

Another example of Jewish hysterics: Prior to and during World War II, Jews in media scare-mongered the American Public about German submarines encircling US coastlines(and even aiming to take over Latin America). Granted, all sides used crazy paranoid war propaganda, Germans and Japanese too, but Jewish political hyperbole never abated after the war, and if anything, seems to have gotten worse, especially following the end of the Cold War. Sometimes, Jews employed bigger hyperbole against hyperbole or ‘out-hyperbolized’ the other side. It’s true that HUAC and Joe McCarthy exaggerated the communist threat during the ‘Red Scare’ for political and/or career purposes, but it was true enough that the US government under FDR had been seriously compromised by Soviet infiltration and the treachery(or naivete) of the ‘fellow-travelers’. Communist influence was especially dangerous because many in the arts, culture, and media leaned leftward and often fell for Soviet propaganda. It’s incredible that Harry Dexter White rose to such heights in FDR’s administration. And, the blueprint for the atomic bomb, the most carefully guarded secret in the US government, somehow ended up in Stalin’s hands, through a spy network headed by Jews. So, while McCarthy and HUAC did exaggerate, they inflated what was essentially truth. In contrast, the counter-hyperbole pushed by Jews and their goy liberal suckers was that drunken paranoid McCarthy fantasized the whole thing and victimized hapless victims, the very best of America. (And, any liberal or leftist who fingered the closet-communists was deemed a ‘rat’, much like the mafia does of its informers. Granted, men like Elia Kazan did so for opportunistic than principled reasons, but since when do Jewish crypto-tribalists care about principles? They use every trick in the book to pressure 1/6 defendants to rat out others, even by cooking up fake stories. And Jews seem perfectly fine with blackmail operations carried out by the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in cahoots with Israeli agencies.)

The Six Day War narrative is also mostly bunk, hyperbole on steroids. Even to this day, the Jewish Narrative is that Israel was on the verge of being wiped out by Nazi-like Arabs, BUT the brave Jews somehow miraculously managed to save themselves from the oven of history. In truth, the American assessment of the situation was Israel having the upper-hand, hardly faced with an ‘existential crisis’. Also, Israel attacked first with an eye to expand its territory, especially by taking West Bank and Golan Heights — a good chunk of Sinai was gobbled up as well, later used as bargaining chip in turning Egypt into a whore of the US empire.
And then, in the 70s and 80s, there was the shrieking shtick about SAVE SOVIET JEWS, as if Jews were being shipped to the Gulag. True, the Soviet Union was repressive toward ‘liberal’ Jews and those with Zionist leaning. Otherwise, Jews were better off than most people in the USSR. Jews did face discrimination but on the basis of Russia’s own version of ‘affirmative action’ than out of ethnic animus. Jews in the US mostly support the favoring of blacks over whites in the name of ‘fair’ representation. USSR followed the same logic about certain ethnicities being vastly over-represented in elite institutions and departments. If ‘affirmative action’ policies that target whites in the US are justified(as almost all Jews agree), what was wrong with favoring dimmer Slavs and other goyim over smarter Jews in the USSR?

But Jewish hyperbole really went bonkers after the end of the Cold War. Suddenly, everyone was a ‘new hitler’ or ‘new stalin’ — the smear was first used on Arabs and Muslims but eventually made its way to Americans as well, with Trump being ‘Literally Hitler’ and his supporters being ‘white supremacists’ or ‘nazis’, objects of bloody ‘mitzvah’ fantasies on Netflix shows. Saddam Hussein was both rolled into one, an Arab Hitler-Stalin. (True, he was a scumbag but hardly a global threat.) With the Soviet Union no longer around as the counter-balance to the US, Jews could conspire to use the Lone Superpower to smash all their perceived enemies.

Indeed, not only was Russia out of the geo-political game but it was carved up like a beached whale by the newly minted ‘oligarchs’, most of them Jewish. And with 9/11(that in retrospect seems very fishy), Jewish lies really went through the roof. Though Iraq was on the rope and just barely hanging on, we were told Hussein sat on a pile of WMD, waiting for the right opportunity to supply Jihadi terrorists with the means to blow up half the US. Hussein may have been a mass-killer but was no supporter of Muslim extremists. If anything, it was the US and its allies Pakistan and Saudi Arabia that had done most to fund and arm Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. With Russian power having receded from the Middle East, Neocons aimed to use the terrorist excuse to remake the Middle East by installing puppet ‘democratic’ regimes, and if that failed, to implement the Yinon Plan of sowing strife and discord all over the Middle East and North Africa, which entailed employing terrorists to destabilize secular modernizing Arab nations.

In retro, who can deny the Israeli hand in 9/11? Muslim nutters surely did their part, but it now appears their strings were being pulled. Just like the FBI use informants, agent provocateurs, and sucker-morons, it could be that the dummy Muslims were used in a plot-within-a-plot. But of special relevance to the current Covid Crisis is the way in which hyperbole and scare tactics had been used to gain public trust or at least to lower its resistance and skepticism.

Take the crazy book WORLD WAR IV by Norman Podhoretz. We were supposed to believe that the backward Arab/Muslim World constituted the new global threat. Never mind the Muslim World has never been a singularity. Never mind Saddam Hussein was hardly a beloved figure in the Arab World, especially among the Jihadi elements. Never mind Saudi Arabia and Egypt were puppet-satellites of the US. Never mind that, with the USSR out of the picture, Arab countries knew they were sitting ducks for the US military, and the last thing they wanted was trouble. (And never mind that the real problem of Muslim violence within Europe resulted from Jewish-led push for mass-immigration and mindless celebration of ‘diversity’, i.e. while Jews used whites to bomb Muslim nations, they also steered Arabs and Muslims to the West, to be recruited as partners against ‘white supremacism’ and/or ‘Islamophobia’. In other words, without the Jewish-favored Invade-Invite policy, and there would have been far less Muslim problem in the West. If anything, things might have been close to beautiful between the West and the Middle East if the Arabists had dominated US foreign policy — it would have been even better if Israel had never been created in the first place; if Jews really wanted a safe place to call home, Palestine was the worst possible geographic choice. If Arabists in the US state department and European governments had gained the upperhand, there would have been far less hostility between the West and the Middle East. The West would have done less to play divide-and-rule and foment wars in the Middle East. The West wouldn’t have plotted to smash Arab nations into smithereens, leading to despair and rage among the natives. Also, with better ties with the West, Arab/Muslim nations would have grown more in science and technology. With more economic development and fewer wars, more Arabs/Muslims would have remained in their own nations, and Europe would have fewer Muslim immigrants or ‘refugees’. No American soldier would have died in the desert. And all those 100,000s or even millions of Arabs/Muslims would still be alive and have a rather positive view of the West. And the price of oil would have been lower for the world. Alas, Israelists took over US foreign policy and purged all the Arabists, even in the EU. The result has been a disaster. If we are indeed caught up in a World War IV situation, the real enemy is not the Arabs or Muslims but Jewish Supremacists as the new hitler-stalin-like monsters. The 20th century cannot be properly understood without taking his great power into account. Recently, Sean McMeekin has filled in some blind spots about World War II by writing a tome about previously overlooked Stalin’s role in it. So, we know about Hitler’s role and now we know more about Stalin’s as well. But what about the role of World Jewry and its big guns in banks, governments, media, and the underworld? Hitler is one-fourth of the puzzle, Stalin is another one-fourth, and Anglos yet another. But the final one-fourth is Jewish Power, still undiscussed because the narrative demands that ALL Jews as simply innocent victims; it doesn’t distinguish powerful Jews in US and UK from powerless Jews in concentration camps. One reason why so many people are still in the dark as to the truths(or likely truths) about 9/11 & related events, the dangerous tensions with Russia, and the Covidian Cult is because the element of Jewish Power is banned from the acceptable narrative and discourse, ironically in the name of ‘liberal democratic’ values that can’t tolerate ‘hatred’ against certain ‘protected groups’. Even when Jewish Power is unmistakably a part of the puzzle, we must only name the players as individuals or ideologues than as agents of tribal interests. So, even though the driving animus behind Victoria Nuland’s anti-Russianism is Jewish-centrist and tribal, people like Tucker Carlson only name her as an official or ideologue(‘neocon’), as if her problem is excess zealotry for ‘liberal democracy’. Given the insidious conspiratorial ways of Jewish Power and its penchant for pushing the most outrageous lies about 9/11, Hussein’s WMD, destruction of Libya, Russia’s alleged ‘aggression’ in Georgia & Ukraine, Assad gassing his own people, the ‘genocide’ of Uighurs in China, Russia Collusion Hoax, obnoxious hysteria about ‘white supremacy’, and the like, why should it be surprising to anyone that the Covid Hysteria is just the latest manifestation of the Jewish Power move?)

It should be pretty well-established by now that Jewish Power is just about capable of ANYTHING. And the problem goes way beyond corruption, which is mostly about greed. If Jewish Power were merely corrupt, it’d be content with wealth and privilege. But take the late Sheldon Adelson, for whom money(lots of it) wasn’t enough. The meaning of his life came from Zionism, Jewish Pride, Jewish Power, Jewish Supremacism. He even suggested nuking Iran. His idea of ‘conscience’ was remorse for having served in the US military than in the IDF. Supremacism is far more dangerous than mere corruption. For Jewish Supremacism, corruption is a means, not an end. Their highest ambition is Jewish domination as either ordained by God, genetics(that made Jews smarter), or the power of will(or pride of chutzpah).

As an analogy, what kind of person is most dangerous? It’s the ego-driven person. Whereas an ideology-driven person can do great harm, there is one saving grace: He puts ideology above individuality. So, while a communist ideologue can be dangerous, he chooses principles(however misguided) over personal ego. He will kill for what he believes but also die for it, something higher than himself.
In contrast, an egomaniac or ‘egologue’ always puts himself at the center. No ideal, principle, or value is higher than his ego, pride, and vanity. Thus, he’s capable of exploiting any idea, value, or principle in the service of his ego. Anything goes if it serves his narrow interests and stokes his ego. Such a person is not to be confused with a pragmatist or opportunist. A pragmatist understands the imperfect and rather dystopian nature of the world and tries to make the best of it; he knows no ideology, however well-meaning, can create utopia. An opportunist wears many masks and changes colors like a chameleon, but he isn’t necessarily an egomaniac. He’s mainly trying to fit in, get along, win favors, or ‘survive’. He’s not trying to make the world revolve around him; rather, he’s seeking his own place in the orbit. In contrast, an egomaniac feels he’s the center of everything; the world and humanity exist to revolve around him.

Thus, the egomaniac is capable of just about anything. He doesn’t care about his mendacity, treachery, and vileness AS LONG AS he comes out on top and everyone kisses his arse. He not only believes in himself but believes all the others should ‘believe’ in him and bend to his will. He has a god-complex. Using individual egomania as an analogy to Jewish ethno-mania, we can better understand the nature of Jewish Power. It really boils down to “Is it great for Jewish Supremacism(or Jewish Prophetism, the real source of the Tribalist Supremacist Worldview)?” In the Jewish ethno-maniacal mind, there is no notion, ideal, value, principle, or cause higher than Jewish Awesomeness.
Now, if Jews were conventionally tribal in their ethnocentric views, they could just have a world of their own and leave the rest of humanity alone. But having developed their mindset in diaspora, Jewish ethnocentrism went from tribalism to ‘networkism’ and hegemonism. Jews are at once intensely insular and expansive, insisting on their own uniqueness while, at the same time, seeking to universalize among goyim the submission to this uniqueness. If Christians and Muslims spread their worldview to make everyone equal under God(or Allah), Jews seek to universalize among goyim the notion that Jews are uniquely blessed, whether by God, History, and/or Genetics. This ‘uniqueversalism’ is contradictory by employing the dynamics of universalism(usually associated with egalitarianism and colorblindness) to boost the particularism of Jews. Generally, tribal particularists are content with their allotted portion of the world and mainly want to be left alone. And global universalists want all of humanity to be united by the same set of principles or rules. In contrast, Jewish Prophetism insists on both Jewish particularism in excluding goyim and goy universalism in honoring the particularity of Jews. It’s utterly neurotic, but then, it stems from the fundamental contradiction of Judaism that posits the universal one-and-only God while also insisting that Jews alone are His Chosen.

This is why Jews wage war on ‘white nationalism’ in US and EU. Even when a certain manifestation of ‘white nationalism’ is the non-supremacist and limited kind, Jews find it intolerable for emboldening whites to prioritize their own interests. Why should whites shelve their own interests and needs in order to better serve Jewish interests, especially one in supremacist mode? The sheer chutzpah of the demand is amazing. It’s almost as Jews regard themselves as god.
At least in the past, when religion mattered greatly to Jews, God was above them. But most Jews today are secular and atheist. Without God to worship, Jewish ethnocentrism has turned to the pride of blood. They’ve become like Judeo-Nazis. In a way, one could argue that the Jewish God was the projection of Jewish Ego(or egos) onto the universe. In having extracted and abstracted that element of themselves and then casted toward heaven, Jews had something to bow down to, something to put before themselves and be humble towards. Perhaps, the Jewish God was like a social contract among Jews. Each Jew had chutzpah, egomaniacal drive to be #1 and bend other Jews to his will. But this could only lead to bad blood and disunity, even mayhem. Imagine 100 Howard Sterns, each of them trying to out-stern the other Sterns. Things would get pretty crazy. So, the mutual compromise among Jews, at least subconsciously, may have been to gather up all their fierce individual egos and fuse them into a Cosmic Singularity before which they all agreed to bow down. This way, they would be worshiping their own egos(as God is the projection of their combined egos) but also making peace with fellow Jews, i.e. the only thing higher than the individual Jewish ego is the combined Jewish ego, or ‘god’. Imagine Alan Dershowitz, Howard Stern, Ron Jeremy, Philip Roth, Don Rickles, and Rob Reiner getting on each other’s nerves over who should be the Top Jew. They’d be going at it all night with no end in sight. But suppose Seinfeld comes along and suggests, “Hey fellas, how about we combine all our egos into an abstract awesome-ego and then get on our knees and kiss its conceptual might as the representation of our collective pride?” Jews would be obliged to be humble before the awesome-ego, but, in a way, they’d be worshiping themselves because a piece of them has been added to the mix. Kind of like a game-theory of spiritual power.

What makes Jews so formidable is that their ethnocentrism is the sum of all their egocentrisms. After all, ethnocentrism can exist minus the egocentrism. Take the Japanese, long known for their ethnocentrism. But Japanese ethnocentrism is the product of elite Japanese forcing the Japanese masses to shut up, do as told, and obey. It’s the product of submission and obedience to the elite Japanese. It is not the result of a game theory where equally stubborn egos & personalities came to an understanding that they must find a way to work together. Japanese ethnocentrism was based on a caste system where the shogun ruled over daimyos who ruled over samurai who lorded over merchants and peasants. It was a strict hierarchy of power where blind obedience was key.
In contrast, the Jewish Way was anti-caste and based on the Covenant that all Jews, no matter how rich or poor, had equal shares in the Bank of God. This explains why Japanese ethnocentrism is fragile and weak. As most Japanese-as-individuals lack a strong ego, their ethnocentrism can survive only under a powerful Emperor system that demands duty and obedience. Once a Japanese is separated from such a system(via social change or physical exile), his ethnocentrism grows weak and fades. In contrast, even when Jewish individuals migrated to goy lands and were outnumbered & outmuscled, their ethnocentrism remained because it was founded upon a socio-spiritual contract among Jewish individuals with strong personalities. Because Jewish Power is rooted in ethnocentrism that is, in return, rooted in egocentrism, it tends to be doubly obsessive and fanatical in its supremacist tendencies. It’s like an oven in an oven. That’s a lot of heat.

Now, pondering the Covid ‘pandemic’, it is tempting to speculate the role of the Zionic Hand. Jews have immense power in the elite institutions and industries of the West. Of course, having power doesn’t mean using it. One can have all the power in the world and let things run their course. There’s an idea that says God intervenes in everything that happens but another idea(favored by Deists) that says God sits back and let things happen of their own accord. So, if the Covid 19 breakout was natural or accidental, Jewish Power could have remained disengaged or neutral or objective.
However, what is undeniable is Jewish Power went all in on hyping and sensationalizing the ‘pandemic’ for all it was worth(in the spirit of “don’t let a crisis go to waste”). Zionic power took to it like sharks upon a wounded whale. Jewish Globalist investment and involvement in the Covid Phenom was total and ‘epic’. In other words, it was exactly what the Jewish Power was hoping for and dreaming of. If indeed Covid-19 virus naturally went from some exotic animal to humans OR if the Chinese just happened to get sloppy and ‘spill’ it on the public, Jewish Power must be the luckiest in the world, as if Jewish wishes or ‘Jewishes’ always come true, as with 9/11. Never mind the Luck of the Irish. Luck of the Jewish must be downright spectacular.

Of course, anything is possible. You could wish for something, and it could come true out of the blue — people do win the jackpot at casinos — , and you can take full advantage of it. So, it’s possible that Jews were hoping for some catalyst to justify what they really wanted to do — push lockdowns on restless goyim, suppress nationalist rallies, punish middle class Middle America for letting Trumpism happen, reap record Big Pharma profits, enforce control mechanism such as mandatory masks akin to leashes on dogs, blame Trump for the runaway pandemic, ‘fortify’ elections under the cover of Covid, and etc. — and just got really lucky, especially on the eve of the election year of 2020.
Besides, the actual disease need not even be all that dangerous or deadly. If the good fortune of a pandemic falls on the Jewish lap, its dangers could be exaggerated to spread alarmism and to justify lockdowns(and massive mail-in voting). After all, Saddam Hussein didn’t really need to have WMD. Following 9/11 and mass anxiety over Muslim Terrorism, media hype and innuendoes were enough to spread the fear among Americans to sign onto the war because the NEXT ATTACK could be worse, maybe with terrorists armed with biological weapons and maybe even nuclear bombs supplied by Hussein. So, the majority of Americans were at least willing to consider Bush II’s proposals for remaking the Middle East(and the stuff about the ‘Axis of Evil’). In CITIZEN KANE, the newspaper tycoon’s wife says, “But people will think…” only to be interjected with Kane’s remark “… what I tell them to think.” If you got media power, you may not fool all the people all the time but you can fool at least half the people all the time or all the people half the time, as Abe Lincoln said. THE FOUNTAINHEAD and MEET JOHN DOE, though diametrically opposed in ideology, are agreed on how The Power has many means at its disposal to steer the narrative or shut it down altogether. Whether it’s the moralist-demagogue Toohey in THE FOUNTAINHEAD or the oligarch D.B. Norton, the masses can be played for suckers.

The George Floyd pandemonium was a case of the lucky ball landing on Jewish hands and being carried to the end zone for a touch down. Surely, Jews didn’t plan the death of George Floyd. It just happened in 2020, perfect timing for Jews who wanted something to shore up the black vote with BLM. It was also used as a threat, as if to say, “Look at all the riots and mayhem. If America re-elects Trump, things will get EVEN WORSE! So, make sure to vote him out.”

As with the WMD narrative, facts mattered less than the spin-worthiness. To any fair-minded person, George Floyd almost surely died of drug overdose. The official medical report was made under duress, just like the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial. Chauvin’s knee most certainly didn’t asphyxiate Floyd to death. The medical community’s behavior during the Covid ‘pandemic’ should be evidence enough that plenty of ‘experts’ are little more than hired guns for the Power than principled practitioners of their profession. The only thing that mattered to Jewish Power was the Floyd video could be exploited for pro-BLM purposes to get blacks all roused up against Trump’s ‘racist’ America, even though Floyd died in the overwhelmingly ‘blue’ Minneapolis.

Was the outbreak of the Covid ‘pandemic’ in 2019 like the George Floyd pandemonium? Jews were hoping to exploit such a crisis, and walla-and-by-golly, some virus went from bats to humans in China or some slovenly Chinese scientist spilled the virus onto the streets! Now, it’s possible. The spectacular Luck of the Jewish. I mean, what can we say? They are the Chosen People after all. For most people shit happens, but for Jews the hits just keep on coming. Manna from heaven, a miracle, like in the Good Book where Hebrews are bailed out by Yahweh time and time again.

But two great lucky breaks for Jewish Power for 2020? What are the odds? Also, whereas there was a haphazard aspect to the construction of the George Floyd narrative, as if improvised on the spot, the progress of events in the ‘pandemic’ seemed elaborately orchestrated, even rehearsed. With the Floyd Thing, the Power probably overplayed its hand and came to regret the excessive violence unleashed on the streets, even spilling into the tonier parts of Manhattan. The Power probably didn’t want Antifa goons to burn down federal buildings in Portland and Seattle. Things were bound to get somewhat crazier with the Floyd pandemonium because it energized lots of street scum who, like the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, could easily spiral out of control. It was like the Rolling Stones hiring the Hell’s Angels for security at Altamont. If the Floyd Agenda was about fiery chaos and the molotov cocktail, the Covid Agenda was about icy control and the syringe. And instead of relying on anarcho-types, it entailed the cooperation of professionals, agents, bureaucrats, ‘experts’, and the like. Fauci may be a ‘gangster’ of sorts but not one to smash windows. Things could go far more smoothly. But precisely because it required the involvement of complex systems and organizations, it would have been difficult to pull off without planning and orchestration, even if most of those involved in the planning were clueless as to what it was for.

Now, it is possible that Covid-19 went from animal to man somewhere in China. It’s possible there was a lab leak due to improper procedure at the Wuhan Lab, though some might argue that the leak was intentional by some Chinese traitor who took big money(and maybe green card for his family to the West) from US-Israeli agents; furthermore, the US could have funded certain risky researches at the Wuhan Lab with the ‘lab leak’ in mind. But let’s assume that, if there was a lab leak, it was purely accidental. A case of ‘shit happens’.

The other possibilities would be intentional, done with malice. Potential suspects? Some have claimed that the Chinese government released the germ on their own people to consolidate control over them. The arrival of Xi Jinping indeed has led to or coincided with greater controls in surveillance. Even a ‘social credit’ system was implemented across the nation. China has also clamped down on Hong Kong. Still, the idea that China would take such huge risks by releasing the virus on its own people sounds totally baked. Another theory is that China was creating a bio-weapon to use around the world but messed up and infected itself. It’s the drop-the-grenade theory. A soldier pulls the pin from the grenade but lobs the pin instead. In fright, he drops the grenade like a hot potato and it explodes. So, China intended to ‘detonate’ it on the West but blew itself up. This sounds far-fetched. If true, Chinese must be the most inept bunch of fools since the Three Stooges.

Possible culprits? Taiwan out of fear of the mainland? Japan due to rising tensions with China on various issues? Falun Gong organization eager to set off a crisis in China to delegitimize the CCP regime? Or some psycho Chinese scientist who, for whatever reasons(personal and/or ideological), wanted to bring down the whole system. There are some nutters out there, like academics who set forest fires in their own countries. If there are plenty of white Americans who cheer on the destruction of white heritage, there might be some similarly self-loathing Chinese who feel their country is evil and must be laid low somehow. In the repressive and hyper-competitive pressure cooker that is modern China, there are likely to be some nutters in all areas of life.

But, IF THE RELEASE OF COVID-19 WAS INTENTIONAL, the most likely culprits are the anti-China forces within the US government and anti-white Jewish Supremacist forces(that have the most power). Also, it was likely a plot within a plot, that is to say those carrying out Plot A didn’t know they were being played within the larger Plot B. It’s like the Chinese/Japanese Game of Go. You try to surround the opponent but you’re surrounded in turn. To better understand the plot-within-a-plot scenario, consider three film artists: David Mamet, David Cronenberg, and Chris Nolan. All three film-makers base their works on game theory. In Mamet’s HOUSE OF GAMES, the woman is led to believe she is in on the plot, or the con. She’s been initiated as one of the boys and, wink-wink, playing the game with them. It makes her feel a sense of mastery. But in truth, she herself is being played in a larger plot, and the real target is her. It’s a con within a con, with the ultimate goal being to take her money. The plot-within-a-plot becomes even more complicated in Mamet’s THE SPANISH PRISONER, and its downright on steroids in HEIST.

In David Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME and EXISTENZ, those in the game turn out to be in a bigger game. The players are played. In Christopher Nolan’s MEMENTO and INCEPTION, the riddle is wrapped in an enigma. The brain-damaged man in MEMENTO pieces together the puzzle to find the rapist-murderer of his wife, and he keeps crossing paths with a man who seems to be on his side. But it turns out this person was exploiting the man’s vengeful passion and amnesia to his own ends. In INCEPTION, there is the dream-within-a-dream(within-another-dream). It’s akin to the plot within a plot. Just when one thinks one has awoken from a dream and is thereby safe from psycho-manipulation, he is actually still within a dream. (There’s an element of plot-within-a-plot in genetics itself, if Richard Dawkins is right. The behavior of organisms, animal or human, deemed to be a matter of conscious choice could be the product of the hidden mechanisms of the Selfish Gene.)

Most likely, 9/11 was a plot within a plot. Zionists needed some crisis to use US power against perceived enemies or rivals in the Middle East. So, shadowy Jewish elements encouraged certain Islamic nutters(as there’s no shortage of them) to plot an attack and carefully cleared the path for them. Now, the only plot the Muslim nutters were aware of was their planned attack on infidel US. But their plot was actually part of a bigger hidden plot, that of Zionists who wanted some spectacular tragedy on US soil to rile up American support for wars in the Middle East.

Now, what could have been the plot-within-a-plot with the Covid ‘pandemic’ if indeed it was a ‘bio-weapon’ employed by the US/Israel? This is, of course, a big IF, and we lay-folks can only speculate with no means of finding out. Most likely, the simpler plot was directed at China by semi-rogue elements aligned with Trump. Trump might have suspected something, like Ronald Reagan knew something of the Iran-Contra deal but not the details.
The agents couldn’t have been entirely rogue as that would have been too risky. Rather, they were the types who straddle the fence between the Deep State and the Dark State. Members of the Dark State may not be fully legit but allowed to lurk in the shadows because of backing of powerful forces. Thus, Deep State members dare not call out on them. It’s like bureaucrats and clerks working for city government pretend not to notice when certain shady characters pass in the hallway to meet with the mayor and other officials. It’s like Deep State looked the other way when Chinese ‘businessmen’ met with the Clinton administration in the 1990s. It was ‘business’, and government isn’t about scout honor. Throughout US history, mayors had ties to mobsters, and CIA worked hand-in-glove with the underworld. Even Robert Kennedy who targeted mobsters recruited them to get Fidel Castro. (If the Selfish-Gene is the hidden mechanism of human/animal behavior, it could be the Selfish-Eugene is the real driver of so much goy behavior that naively believes in its own agency. Furthermore, even the Self-Eugene may not always be aware of its role in history just like the Self-Gene has no conscious awareness of its ‘actions’.)

Furthermore, even if the more legit members of the Deep State suspected a move was being planned against China, they dared not spill the beans. First, they have an us-versus-them kind of gangster-patriotism. Not ideal or pristine as patriotism goes, but it is about loyalty to our side against whatever is deemed as the enemy. China has been rising over the past decades. Many in the Deep State see it as the premier challenge to US supremacy in the coming century. So, what would happen if a conscientious deep state agent — to be sure, you don’t rise up the deep state with a clear conscience, as Edward Snowden can tell us — were to spill the beans and say the US was hatching a plan to release a deadly virus on China? It would be the greatest propaganda coup for China and the ‘enemies’ of America. American soft power depends on the myth of being ‘liberal democracy’, the beacon of liberty, and the champion of human rights. But it was plotting what? It was planning a major bio-warfare on another country? It’d be difficult for the US to recover from such moral fiasco. (Many Jews also feel a sense of moral blackmail if they were to expose Jewish corruption and ‘rat’ out other Jews. Especially as they were raised with the Holocaust as the main determinant of identity, they fear that airing dirty laundry may lead to ‘antisemitism’ and return of another strain of Nazism. The Never-Again mentality favors Jewish Loyalty above all else. Furthermore, this victim-mentality is perversely joined at the hip with the pride of tribal supremacy, i.e. Jews feel, “We are now so powerful that even crypto-Nazis hail Israel and kiss our behind.” Even ‘Literally Hitler’ Trump gets on his knees before Jewish leaders. Therefore, even Jews who suspected something odd about the Covid Hysteria most likely just played along. Besides, whereas a white person who calls foul on bad white behavior, real or imagined, is much praised, there is no such honor for a Jew who does the same for bad Jewish behavior. In the end, Norman Finkelstein couldn’t get tenure even at a second-tier university like DePaul. Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz, despite all his scandals and sleazy connections, still rubs shoulders with people in high places. Not only is a Jew like Finkelstein rejected by most powerful or influential Jews but he is also reviled by most goyim who themselves are invested in the cult of Jewish Victimhood. Goyim cling to this cult for two reasons. By wailing about Jewish suffering, they win favors from their Jewish Masters. But it’s also to feign as noble souls using their agency to defend helpless Jews from a world full of ‘anti-semites’, nowadays mostly Muslim or Arab. Thus, they can launder their craven servility toward Jews as compassionate white knighting.) So, even if someone in the deep state suspected something was up, he would have kept his mouth shut. Also, everyone in the Deep State believes in US hegemony and supremacism.

Besides, even if a deep state member wanted to turn whistleblower, who would believe him? He could easily be dismissed as a nutter, a conspiracy theorist, a traitor and maybe even a Chinese agent trying to darken America’s name. Virtually, all his peers would turn against him, and he would hardly be able procure hard evidence. Very likely, he’ll be arrested and locked away. Consider the ending of THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Robert Redford’s character says he will take the secrets to the New York Times, but what if the media are with the deep state too? (In retrospect, Watergate was less about truth-loving idealistic journalists digging for dirt to bring down a corrupt politician than a case of media and deep state colluding to bring down someone they loathed. Look at the subsequent career of Bob Woodward, and it’s like he’s an asset of the deep state, a court scribe. Despite the veneer of probing into the dark recesses of power, his worldview aligns with the overall agenda of hegemonism. And he never gets to the source of the power: Jewish supremacism.)

If there was more of a skeptical, adversarial, and ‘paranoid’ political culture in the 1970s(in the arts, entertainment, and academic discourse) in regards to the institutions, it partly owed to less ethno-concentration of power. Wasps were in decline but still entrenched in highest elite circles. The pre-boomer generations with their more traditional outlook(and prejudices) still existed in large numbers; someone who fought in 1945 at the age of 20 would have been only 50 in 1975. Some of the World War I generation were around as well. Irish Machine controlled many key urban areas. Labor Unions were still a force. Boomers graduating from college were idealistic and wanted to make a difference. Jews hadn’t yet gained dominance in many elite power centers and looked upon much of the upper-world as essentially wasp-dominated or even peopled with Christian Right ‘antisemitic’ types. Therefore, if Jews sensed a wrong in government or business, they were more likely to use media power to expose the problem, not necessarily out of idealism or moral outrage but as a contest of ethnic power. Still, their behavior had to be somewhat exemplary and halfway principled, if only to convince others that Jews were worthy(and preferable) successors to the Wasp elites. Expose the Irish Catholics, the Italian Mafia, corrupt Unions, and especially the blue-bloods.

But over the years, almost all of the upper-world came to be dominated, directly or indirectly, by Jewish Power. Both political parties are utterly beholden to Jewish money, narrative, and demonology(of what’s sacred and what’s evil). So, if much of the power narrative in the 60s and 70s was about ‘punching up’, today it’s mostly about ‘punching down’. It’s about powerful Jews and members of the goy elite(and other status-seekers) protecting big business and the deep state while dumping much of the blame for social woes on populism, ‘deplorables’, white policemen, and anti-PC parents as potential ‘domestic terrorists’.
To be sure, most ‘woke’ types are not members of the elite. Many work at low-level jobs and have no chance of repaying their college debt. But as their minds have been so completely molded by entertainment and education directed from above by Jewish Globalists, they tend to focus less on economic issues and more on ‘culture war’ issues such as ‘nazis vs trannies'(despite the fact that many of them identify as ‘socialists’). What Thomas Frank bemoaned of the white working class conservatives in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS? applies to the ‘woke’ underclass. They get precious little from the globalist elites but prefer to attack the white working class and lower middle class as ‘less evolved’ on matters of gender and other nonsense.

If Wasps dominated department A while Jews dominated department B, there would be a greater chance of Jews in B exposing the abuses of Wasps in A, if only as a matter of ethnic competition. But what are the chances of Jews in B going after the folks in A if the latter are also Jewish? Italian-Americans working for Unions and Airports were less likely to call out on fellow Italian-Americans in the Mafia looking to rig votes or steal cash. But then, why did Jews rise so high and take over so many prized positions? Meritocracy played a big part, but it also owed to the taboo of ‘antisemitism’, whereby Jews could call foul on Wasps, white ethnics, and Christians BUT anyone calling out on Jewish abuses was labeled an ‘anti-semite’; today, even opposing Zionist abuses is deemed ‘antisemitic’.

At any rate, due to the current ethno-monopoly of the key institutions and industries, there’s bound to be less speaking-truth-to-power. When Jews did ‘punch up’ in the past, they targeted Wasps, Irish, and others. Today, speaking-truth-to-power would only expose Jewish power and privilege. Given the cultural mindset of Jewishness, Jews are more likely to circle the wagons and mute criticism of fellow Jews. Weak groups being tribal is no big deal, but when the ruling elites in a diverse imperial order behave in tribal mode, the result is more conspiracies and more corruption, and then more conspiracies and corruption to cover up earlier conspiracies and corruptions. What really happened with Jeffrey Epstein? Why didn’t the media look into it when it was obviously a coverup? And since when did ‘liberal’ journalists shill for censorship than stand up for free speech? How did it come to be that decent law-abiding Americans are denied financial services and fired from jobs for their ideology or creed while Antifa and BLM thugs are not only lavishly funded but legally protected?

Edward Snowden told the truth, but the Deep State went after his head. Worse, the media and most ‘progressives’ sided with the deep state. Committed to the false god of Obama-ism, they hated Snowden for not being a team player. (Proggies defended Julian Assange when Wikileaks released facts that hurt the GOP, but they turned on him when newly released info hurt the Democrats. In other words, proggies care more about partisanship and power than the truth. They are without honor and principles, not least because their idea of ‘justice’ is directed from above by completely unscrupulous Jewish Power.) Also, given Russia’s vilification at the hands of ‘liberal media’, anyone who gained asylum in Russia has to be a traitor or a Putinite. Julian Assange the maverick revealed many facts but establishment ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ alike want to throw him in jail and throw away the key.

The Russia Collusion Hoax proved the Deep State doesn’t operate on any set of principles. Just about everyone in the Deep State surely knew it was a hoax, a pile of cooked-up BS devised to get Trump, and 99.99% of the deep state just went along, and so did most of the media and the judicial system that signed onto so many requests. So did the GOP, a party of cucks. Though Trump proved to be all smoke and no fire or all thunder and no rain, his brash style did energize Republican hoi polloi who called upon their representatives to stand tall with a real pair of balls. But, cuckservatives preferred business-as-usual as they’d been selected and favored up the ladder precisely for their cravenness and spinelessness. It’s like the opening scene in SEVEN SAMURAI. The peasants sit in a circle and complain about the bandits but don’t know what to do. When one especially enraged individual says that they should stand up and fight, everyone crawls into his own shell. They bitch and moan but don’t want to stick their necks out and fight. Likewise, GOP politicians whine about the Democrats and the ‘left’, but when someone shows a pair of balls and says, “Let’s go fight”, they get cold feet and want to go-and-get-along to ‘survive’.

The Covid enterprise/campaign was vast & global in scope, involving many government departments, judiciaries, businesses, and organizations. One may ask, how could something so vast and complex be engineered by a handful of conspirators? Can a few men move a boulder? Of course not. Still, it depends on the position of the men in relation to the boulder. They have no chance of pushing a boulder up a mountain, but if he or they are atop a mountain next to a boulder on the precipice of tumbling over, all they need is to get it moving just a little, and then mass and gravity will do the rest.

Take the Iraq War. How could Bush II and his cronies pull off such a grand venture, a world-shaking event, the purpose of which was nothing less than to fundamentally remake the power dynamics in the Middle East? They could because many powerful forces were aligned with the agenda. The military-industrial complex always loves war. Deep State jumps at any chance to play the imperial game. Even the ‘liberal’ Jewish Media, NY Times and TV networks, wanted Hussein gone and Iraq turned into a ‘democratic’ satrapy of the Zio-US empire(or at least torn asunder by internal strife in the absence of Hussein’s centralizing authority). Most Jews despised or loathed Bush II, but he was useful enough for Zionic interests shared by both Neocon Jews and Neolib Jews. Feelers and signals, blatant and subtle, were sent out that the ruling Jewish Elites wanted war, and unsurprisingly, the majority of Democratic politicians handed Bush II carte blanche to invade. And GOP hoped to use the war to win over more Jews to its side. Back then, New Republic and other ‘liberal’ pushed many Neocon talking points(and do so even now as US Global policy is essentially to push Jewish Supremacism worldwide in the guise of ‘liberal democracy’).

The immediate aftermath of 9/11 was the Neocons’ day in the sun. So, all the pieces were in place. All Bush II and his gang had to do was to muster just enough ‘nudge’ to get the boulder rolling down the mountain of history. Still, the ‘nudge’ wasn’t easy to come by. The World Community despised Bush II and the Neocons. Also, Europeans saw it as a power grab by Americans for total hegemony over the Middle East to the detriment of EU interests. Russia and China new the US was exploiting than responding to 9/11(as the ‘logic’ of linking Hussein to 9/11 was a complete farce and the so-called ‘evidence’ even more so). Besides, despite the revulsion most Americans felt for Hussein, most people weren’t all that excited about war — many endorsed without enthusiasm. So, the ‘nudge’ was the key to getting enough people onboard and clearing the path. It was finally realized with the Vial Moment(involving Colin Powell). Unlike Bush II, Cheney, and Neocons, none of whom was particularly trusted or admired by the public or the world community, Colin Powell was regarded as a good soldier, man of honor, and of course, much-prized Magic Negro. While Europeans could be openly skeptical of men like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, it was a different matter with Colin Powell. Also, the great majority of Americans had special regard for Colin Powell due to Afromania and affirmative-action mentality, especially because he was a gentleman Negro, a role model for other blacks who weren’t so genteel and respectable. So, sending Powell before the U.N. with the vial of anthrax or sugar powder was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Much of the resistance thereafter either melted or was muted. It was unseemly to call out the Magic Negro as a liar or weasel. Most likely, Powell knew he was being used, but then, his entire career owed in large part to being useful as the respectable Magic Negro, so why quit now? Also, there was the matter of loyalty to the Bush family that had done so much for him, along with Condoleezza Rice, the Magic Negress. Even though he knew it was baloney, maybe he thought the war would go well and wash away his sins as nothing is more forgiving than victory. At any rate, once Powell appeared before the world with the vial between his fingers, the Plan got the final nudge, and the Iraq War boulder rock-and-rolled down the slope as Shock n Awe, war promoted as a rock concert.

To better understand how this works, compare and contrast the Russia Collusion Hoax(the 2016 election hysteria) and the Election Fraud Controversy of 2020. Whether it’s a matter of the boulder going downhill or uphill depends on the alignment of power. If the deep state were full of sincere individuals who abhor war, if Arab-Americans had as much power as Jews, if anti-Neocons controlled the media, and etc., then the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld gang’s attempt to start Iraq War would have been difficult, close to impossible. There would have been too many obstacles in their way. But the path was mostly cleared for them. Just get the Magic Negro Colin Powell out in the limelight with the vial, and it was smooth sailing to war. Jews, Neocon or Neolib, took full advantage of 9/11 to remold the Middle East to their liking.
Indeed, the fact that Neolibs and Neocons are Jewish-supremacist-first and ideologues second was demonstrated by what happened to the Middle East once Obama got into office. Obama promoted himself as the anti-war guy; Jews always hedge their bets, using Hillary to support the war, advising Obama to oppose the war. Furthermore, Neolib Jews could have it both ways by at once clearing the path in the media & the Democratic Party for the invasion of Iraq, thus getting rid of Hussein as a warning to all the Arab powers in the region, AND bashing Bush II as a warmongering ‘cowboy’ lest the GOP grow too powerful by exploiting the terrorism-issue. Ease-and-squeeze strategy.
Anyway, Jewish Power promoted Obama in 2008 as the guy who didn’t go along with Bush II’s plans, and this in part gave him a leg up against Hillary. But what did Obama do in office as the puppet-monkey of the Neolibs? He went about expanding the wars by smashing Libya and then, incredibly enough, aiding Alqaeda remnants and variants to destroy much of secular modern Syria. He also backed the near-genocidal Saudi war in Yemen. Obama, the supposed Mr. Peace, also ramped up tensions with Russia and China, forcing them into a partnership, at the behest of Neolibs who control the Democratic Party. And the fact that Victoria Nuland is welcome in both parties goes to show American Politics is really about Zion Uber Alles regardless of ideology.

Anyway, returning to the comparisons of Russia Collusion Hoax and 2020 Election Controversy, consider that the former was a total and absolute lie. Indeed, it was a lie cooked up by the Deep State, and anyone with two brain cells in the deep state, media, and academia knew, deep in their hearts, that it was a lie. Of course, many dummies and fools believed, but anyone-in-the-know knew it was to undermine Trump and vilify Russia(or kill two birds with one stone), just like many-in-the-know knew that WMD stuff was cooked up to fast-track the Iraq Invasion. And yet, this outrageous lie got tremendous traction. All it needed was a little nudge, some stuff about how SEVENTEEN US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES BELIEVE RUSSIA RIGGED THE ELECTION. Naturally, the deep state would gladly concoct such nonsense to protect the ‘swamp’. And as the media are totally controlled by Jews who hate Trump, of course they were going to run with it. Furthermore, countless so-called ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ in middle-management were either going to fall for it or pretend to believe the nonsense as team-players. And as Trump had been disruptive to GOP’s way of doing ‘business’ — he did crash the Party in 2016 — , Republican leadership wasn’t going to expose it for what it was either; they also had to consider the post-Trump future when Jewish Power would target anyone who’d jumped on the Trumpian bandwagon. If anything, John McCain took part in the deep state conspiracy against Trump, and the likes of Mitch ‘the bitch’ McConnell just went along knowing full well it was all bogus. So, even though it was a total lie, the Russia Collusion Hoax tumbled down the mountain and gained tremendous momentum, doing great damage to Trump’s presidency.

Now, consider the 2020 election controversy. To this day, we don’t know what actually happened. Maybe Trump really did lose, not because people liked Biden but because so many hated him. Besides, who can deny the cumulative effects of media manipulation, rigged polls, suppression of key news, Big Tech censorship, unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots, and other tricks to ‘fortify’ the election? At any rate, even though some on Trump’s team made outlandish claims in 2020 — “China, Iran, and Venezuela aided Biden” — , there were enough irregularities and testimonies by observers that the election and the vote-tallying hadn’t been done properly. In other words, compared to the Russia Collusion thing that was a complete hoax, there were legitimate grievances about the 2020 election, something that should have been carefully investigated by the media and the justice departments of the US. And yet, the very media voices and deep state forces, which had used everything in their arsenal to prop up the Russia Collusion thing, did everything to suppress or sabotage any fair and honest probe into the 2020 election. In other words, a lie with legs goes much further than a truth without. Lie on top of a hill has the potential for far more traction than truth on the bottom. One merely needs to roll down while the other must be pushed up against all odds.

Another example of this is the so-called Ukraine Scandal that led to Trump’s impeachment. Joe Biden had openly boasted of interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs and justice system. His son, Hunter, was involved in corrupt dealings with the oligarchs and gangsters within the Ukrainian puppet regime(installed by a ‘Ziobolical’ Neo-CIA-instigated coup). Yet, all of this was swept under the rug. The Bidens not only got a pass from the Deep State but the protection of the so-called Free Press(that the ‘Liberal West’ is so proud of). In contrast, all Trump did was probe into the affair(partly for political reasons no doubt), and he was made the villain conspiring against ‘democracy’ while the Bidens were treated with kid gloves, as if they were as pure as snow; and the GOP hardly did anything in defense of Trump, what with the Neocons at the National Review egging on the impeachment process. (And surely, the Obama Gang’s bogus excuse for spying on Trump’s campaign in 2016 was far worse than Watergate, but has anyone paid a price? This forces us to rethink the events that led to Nixon’s resignation, or ouster. Not that Nixon and his men were innocent — they clearly did something wrong — but it seems his fall was more the result of a powerplay within the Deep State, then full of East Coast ‘liberals’, and Judeo-Oligarchic media than anything to do with principles or justice.)

With that in mind, let us speculate as to how Covid-19 could have been used as a bio-weapon by elements in the US. At first glance, it would seem like an insurmountable undertaking that would require the cooperation of so many departments in government, non-governmental organizations, and industries. How would the conspirators get all of them onboard? Also, how could the secret be maintained IF more and more people are brought into the scheme? The longer one’s tail grows, more likely it will get stepped on. But this is a problem ONLY IF the various power centers are independent-minded, skeptical & truth-oriented, ethically principled, and/or tolerate dissent. Generally, if groups have something to gain from a crisis/hysteria by measure of power or profits, they will usually get onboard, no questions asked. Most likely, they will quietly pick up on the wink-wink signals of what’s really up and just go along.

In other words, events can unfold as a kind of mass ‘psychonspiracy’. Most who go along aren’t privy to the scheme, nowhere near the epicenter of the ‘initial shock/spring’. They may or may not suspect a lurking conspiracy. What really matters is they have something to gain, personally, politically, economically, or emotionally. Deep Statists with personal animus against Trump take delight in his mounting troubles. It is politically advantageous for the Democratic Party. Also, Jews and globalists could use it as gambit to shut down the rise of nationalist and populist voices then gathering steam across Europe, emboldened not least in part by Trump’s victory in 2016. Big Pharma and online businesses could make record profits. And all the Trump-haters could find emotional satisfaction in blaming the Orange Man for the disease claiming ‘countless’ innocent lives; it could almost be their new religion with angels(St. Fauci) and demons(the skeptics).
And at this point, there might be a sense among American Jews that it’s too late to change course as the die has been cast. Perhaps, there are plenty of Jews who’d wished for a different arrangement between Jews and Gentiles, i.e. Jewish Power hadn’t gotten so bold and extreme in paroxysms of supremacist hegemony, but they may now feel things have come to a boil where it’s a matter of all-or-nothing for Jews. Jewish Power crossed the Rubicon, and moderation is no longer possible — consider the push for BLM and CRT, as well as the dehumanization of patriotic conservatives and genuine liberals(who defend free speech) as ‘white supremacists’ or ‘domestic terrorists, as if Jewish Supremacism, the only acceptable mode of Jewish Power, is doomed unless goyim, especially whites, are totally soul-crushed and destroyed in morale and body. It’s like the only outcome for Nazi Germany following Operation Barbarossa was win-all or lose-all. And after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, diplomacy was no longer viable; Japan could defend its empire or lose it all under crushing defeat. Plenty of Germans and Japanese didn’t want war with Russia or US, but once it was on, there was no going back and the only game was “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Many Jews may feel the same way; they fear the Jewish Elites are playing with fire, but their sense of tribal pride and ‘Never Again’ grievance prevents them from sounding the alarm on bad/crazy Jews and working toward more moderate solutions with goyim. They fear any moderation that allows for honest investigation into Jewish abuses will open a Pandora’s Box that may give credence to ‘anti-semites’, anti-Zionists, and of course the Palestinians. Perhaps, Jewishness is intrinsically extreme as, without the element of fanaticism in identity and heritage(as well as deviousness whereby Jews ‘assimilated’ without being absorbed), how could Jews have survived for thousands of years, especially as minorities among goyim? Things that are inherently moderate can survive in a moderate world, but things that are inherently extreme could fall apart with moderation, e.g. communism is by its nature radical and extreme, and when Mikhail Gorbachev embarked on a more moderate path, the whole system collapsed almost overnight. Just like moderates are foolish to appease the extremists, the extremists are foolish to give into moderation. Moderates who appease extremism will fall into its trap, and extremists who agree to moderation will lose their grip.

Most people aren’t concerned with principles(and even if they are, can’t do little about it against the Power) and act more on the basis of power-calculus, prejudice(as every side has its own readymade heroes and villains), and/or anxiety. Take a sports game. Suppose the referee made what is clearly a bad call. But suppose it favors the home team. So, are all home-team fans in the stadium going to boo the referee and start shouting en masse to reverse the call in the name of fairness and principles? Regardless of whether the call resulted by mistake or corruption(bribery or blackmail), the overwhelming likelihood is the home-team fans are going to let it slide and pretend all-is-well. They really know the call was bad but, as their emotions are invested in their team winning, will pretend the call was fair or or rationalize that it was long overdue as payback because the other side got undeserved lucky breaks too.

So, if you want to pull some crazy shit, success-or-failure depends on how the forces are aligned. It shouldn’t be this way in a ‘liberal democracy’ based on Rule of Law but it is(and is getting worse because of Jewish ethno-monopolism across institutions, Jewish contempt toward goyim, Jewish paranoia about losing power & being found out about their abuses & atrocities, and just the sheer thrill of playing at ‘Tough Jew’ gangsterism). If the Power is with you, all you need to do is pull off the crazy shit to set the whole thing in motion. Not because the forces are in on the plot or even approve of it but because, wink-wink, there’s a ‘psychonspiratorial’ understanding between you and others that “it’s good for the team.” Even without it being said, people pick up signals, hints as to what is to be done.
Such mindset is more prevalent among ‘progressive’ types because of their b/w cult of justice and their absorption of Neo-Nietzscheanism, which went from the right to the left. Progs tend to see the world in terms of irredeemable ‘nazis’, ‘racists’, and ‘white supremacists’ against humanity led by noble Jews, blacks, and homos. As the villains are SO EVIL, just about ANYTHING is justified to defeat and suppress them. In other words, “there are no two sides”, and the villainous side doesn’t even deserve a hearing or free speech. The other reason is, what with the fall of Marxism and the discrediting of classic leftist ideologies, the prog-types came to focus on power for power’s sake. (Furthermore, as leftist and liberal Jews realized there was more to gain from capitalism, they became less principled in ideology and more obsessed with tribal power.) Ideas come and go, whereas the one constant in history is CONTROL, therefore anything that EMPOWERS your side is justified, even if it means pushing lies. Of course, there’s an additional reason why the ‘progressive’ side tends to be less principled on truth. It’s because Jews, blacks, and homos, though dominant on the so-called ‘left’, are really wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing, or ultra-rightist tribal-or-identity supremacists who ‘larp’ as ‘progressives’ to cover their real passions. Jews don’t want the US to give equal treatment to Palestinians. Homos, as neo-aristos, want to lord over straights. Blacks think dey be da kangz and queanz.
Not that one can hope for much truth from ‘conservatives’ who are craven, cucked, and stupid. I suspect many ‘conservatives’ were skeptical of the WMD farce(what with the Bush II regime making up ever sillier stories about Hussein and ‘yellow cake’ and the Nigerian connection to make nukes to blow up NY and Tel Aviv), but they figured they’d gain most to just go along, again for ‘psychonspiratorial’ reasons. They figured the Terror Scare and the Iraq War would be a great boon for the GOP and American Conservatism. Bush II would be hailed as the new Winston Churchill + FDR rolled into one, and even more crucially, Jews would finally begin their exodus to the Republican Party on account of Dubya having done so much for Israel and so on.

So, if Covid-19 outbreak and its worldwide impact were indeed the consequence of a US bio-weapon attack, the conspirators needed only to have pulled the trigger because all the pieces were already in place. Imagine there is a well-guarded hall with 2 million domino pieces. Your objective is to knock down all the dominos. But it isn’t exactly easy to gain access into the hall. But the thing is, upon gaining access, you don’t have to bother with knocking down each domino piece by piece, which would be the case only if each domino was set apart from others. If the dominos are placed in the classic manner for the domino-effect, then all you need to do is knock over ONE domino piece, and the rest, all 2 million of them, will follow. The covid-conspirators surely knew, once the first piece of the pandemic fell, everything would follow. Not because Covid-19 is the most dangerous disease ever but because the deep state, media, various departments & agencies, and big industries were all wink-wink ‘psychonspiratorially’ invested in using the crisis for maximum impact to suppress populism/nationalism and take out Trump.

It didn’t matter how the disease got started. What really mattered was that many among the elites knew, wink-wink, that this was a great political, social, and economic opportunity for them while proving fatal for Trump who ran on the economy and national pride. The Covid lockdowns would hurt the economy, and Trump would be smeared as a lazy fool or weakling who failed to protect the US from the worst disease ever. And countless among the proggy masses played along out of genuine naivete or ‘telekinetic’ understanding that the elites had cooked up something really delicious to scorch Trump’s ass really good. The sheep-like mentality of the proggies was plain to see when the official line went from ‘natural origin of the virus’ to ‘possible lab leak’. The very proggies, who were SO SURE it came from bats(or some animal) and rolled their eyes at anyone who suggested a lab leak, were suddenly saying, yeah sure, it could have been a lab leak… because New York Times changed its mind.

If Trump’s side, the populists & patriots, vaccine skeptics, anti-globalists, and the like had control of media and the deep state, they could have put lots of brakes into the Covid-Narrative. There would have been no assurance that the dominos would fall. But all the power and control were with Jews, globalists, and proggies who have near total domination of the institutions that matter and industries with virtual monopoly over us. It turned out even Fox News was, wink-wink, working with globalists to undermine Trump in 2020.

Still, even if all the dominos were assured to fall, the first one had to be knocked over in order for the process or chain-reaction to take off. Otherwise, it would have been no-go. It’s like all the firewood in the world don’t make fire unless someone strikes a match. If the hall with the dominos is well guarded, how do you get the dominoes to start falling? Perhaps, an object can be tossed in through the window to strike the first domino, which will then set off the reaction. Or, maybe one can gain access by pretending to be an inspector and place a robot toy by the first domino. This toy-bot is programmed to move in the middle of the night and knock down the first domino piece. Or maybe the first domino is replaced with a ‘loaded domino’ that is meant to fall on its own sometime later.

Now, gaining access to China wouldn’t have been difficult. Even though China is ruled by the authoritarian CCP regime, it’s mostly a free society as long as you don’t cause political trouble. Many millions of foreigners visit and travel across China every year. Any US intelligence agent or military personnel could have visited China as a ‘tourist’.
The bigger challenge would have been to procure the virus, one created in a secret US lab. Even with lots of power and connections, it would have been dicey for Jews or anyone to gain access to such bio-weapon and transport it to China(unless there’s a secret US lab somewhere in Asia, perhaps Southeast Asia, something which the national government there doesn’t even know about).

This is where the plot-within-a-plot becomes useful. Jews knew that Trump’s administration was profoundly anti-China, partly based on rational calculation. US has long been the dominant power in the world and is naturally anxious about China’s rise. Also, the military-industrial-complex welcomes any excuse for more tensions and ‘cold wars’. But there’s another reason, the fear of Jewish Power. Jewish Power isn’t just about money, as it’s still fair game to bash the rich, the 1%, the oligarchs, and etc. Japan and Saudi Arabia threw a lot of money around to lobby the US, only to see their efforts become a liability as criticism grew as to their ‘foreign influence’. Recently, China learned the same lesson in the US and Australia. They spread a lot of cash around, but for every taker, there was someone else howling about China ‘buying up’ everything. If Jews had only money power, they could also be dragged through the mud(as have been the case in the past) as a bunch of greedy weasels and scoundrels. But with their control of media, academia, and entertainment, Jews made Holocaustianity the new faith among white folks, most of whom have come to feel just about any criticism of Jews or Israel is ‘antisemitic’ and ‘hateful’, an affront to all that is good and holy. It means that Jews are untouchable.

But this poses a problem for both the Democrats & so-called ‘liberals’ AND Republicans & so-called ‘conservatives’. If indeed ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives’ in the Democratic Party are supposed to be about equality and justice, why don’t they call out on Jewish super-privilege, neo-imperialism, financial gangsterism, and Zionist tyranny? They dare not because the Democrats are utterly dependent on Jewish money. Also, all these progs were instilled from cradle to worship Jews as a bunch of Anne Franks. So, to scapegoat SOMETHING for all the problems, Democrats and ‘progressives’ go after imaginary ‘white supremacism’ and Russia-Russia-Russia. It’s as if there are a million Putin-clone-bots in the US carrying out all manner of sabotage on the state, economy, and even the electric grid(even though Edward Snowden’s revelations show it’s the US that has compromised electrical systems in other countries, even its allies).

But the Jewish Problem is much worse for the Republicans and ‘conservatives’. Despite the corrupting influence of Jewish Supremacist money & influence on the Democratic Party, the fact remains most of Jewish Power is with Democrats and urban globo-‘liberal’ class. At the very least, Jews don’t make a habit of bashing the Democrats and its main constituents: ‘Educated’ whites, homos, feminists, blacks, browns, immigrants, and etc. Granted, there is a hierarchy within these ranks. So, while white feminists must be believed when they accuse white males of ‘sexual harassment’ or ‘rape’, they are rebuked as ‘Karens’ when they call out on bad black behavior. And while blacks can dump on white ‘liberals’ as not ‘woke’ enough, they better shut up about Jews… or else. And while the Party champions immigrants against ‘white supremacists’ and ‘xenophobes’, it is silent about newcomers being robbed and murdered by precious Negroes. Arabs and Muslims are to be pitied as victims of ‘Islamophobia’ of Trump and the Deplorables but don’t you dare say anything about how Zionism and Neocon & Neolib policies led to the greatest destruction of Arab/Muslim countries. That said, Democrats can take pride in the Holy Holocaust people being overwhelmingly on their side.

Jewish Power tirelessly dumps on the GOP and the white lower-class and working class, especially those who want less immigration and prefer nationalism uber globalism. And while there are Jewish voices on the so-called ‘right’, their favorite identity-politics is ‘Muh Israel’ than what is good for White America or America-as-a-whole. Take Ben Shapiro, the kind of ‘conservative’ acceptable to ADL-shills at Twitter and Facebook. Because Jewish Power is so overwhelmingly hostile to the American Right, one would think most conservatives and patriots would be anti- or counter-Jewish. But, just like goy Democrats, they fear and tremble at the feet of Jewish Power because it’s not just about money but money plus sacredness(in the West that worships Holocaustianity as the highest holiness).

Thus, American Conservatism, caught between a rock and a hard place, is totally humiliated. Not only is it dumped on by Jews from the supposed ‘left’ but it’s increasingly called out as milquetoast cuck-garbage by vocal elements on the populist right that, if not outright ‘antisemitic’, have wised up considerably as to the true nature of Jewish Power. Bashed by both Jewish globalists as ‘white supremacist’ and patriot-populists as worthless ‘cucks’, the Establishment Right feels weak and wussy. So, what can it do to make itself look and feel tough? During the Cold War, there was big-bad Russia, and of course, anti-Russia diatribe is still a staple of the GOP and Fox News(minus Tucker). But as the Democrats have come to so totally own the Russia-Russia-Russia hysteria, American Conservatism must seize on something else, and it’s the China-China-China panic. “Chinaman poisoned the chop-suey and is gonna kill us all!!” Another reason for China-bashing is the hope that Jews will join in and shelve the anti-whiteness for the time being. Even opposing camps can join together against the common enemy, like when US and USSR joined against Nazi Germany and when US and Red China joined against the Soviet Union. So, if anti-China Policy becomes the new cold war, American Conservatism hopes Jews will go harder on China than on whites.

So, this is where the plot-within-the-plot becomes essential for Jews involved. For them to pull off the Covidian Plot all on their own would been too risky. But if they could link up with dark Anti-China elements in the Deep State and Trump’s administration, they could get the ball rolling. Jews know the Anti-China elements are narrowly focused on destabilizing China. Hit China with an uncertain virus and spread panic, and then maybe even the CCP government will fall from the ensuing nation-wide crisis. With Anti-China elements onboard, Jews have a better chance to procure the virus and have it released on China. They got the Anti-China forces on their side. One thing for sure, as decrepit as the Deep State may be, most agents would NOT take part in a plot to release a virus against the US, even the much loathed Trump’s America. That’s a bridge too far. But, a good number of them will do something down-and-dirty if meant to cripple China, which influential think-tanks have routinely compared to Germany in the late 19th century as the new autocratic threat to the ‘liberal democratic’ model.

But, the dirty secret is Jews are not really focused on China. Sure, some Jews feel uneasy about China’s rise. Some hate the fact that China is allied with Russia and buys oil from Iran. Still, Jewish Power is based in the West, especially the US, not in China. China may or may not grow to rival or even usurp US power, but for sure, Jewish Power depends on what happens in the US(and its whore EU). Also, Jewish Power depends on white goy cooperation via submission, which depends on white-goy-Christian moral inferiority vis-a-vis Jews, and that means stamping out any sign of white pride, white unity, white agency, and Christian sanctity. Even if a good number of Jews would like to see China hurt real bad, it’d be secondary to their fixation on Western power dynamics. What Jews fear most is the rise of white identity and white pride that may come by the way of populism and neo-nationalism.

So, while the Anti-China elements in the possible conspiracy were fixated on hurting China with the Covid virus, Jews were really looking to use it against the West, especially the US, to regain absolute control over the nation. (The sheer number of Jews in the Biden administration suggest Jews are taking no chances this time with shabbos goyim. They must take direct control and do whatever necessary to break the spine of White America.)
Since 2016 Jews have been censoring and blacklisting people on the basis of political ideology, but with Covid hysteria they could go the extra mile and censor people on the basis of ‘science’ and ‘disinformation’, and of course a vastly disproportionate number of the affected will be on the Right as they tend to be more defiantly individualistic when it comes to government mandates and official ‘expertise’, perceived to be dominated by globalists. Indeed, if people were to be censored purely on the basis of rejecting global warming hypothesis, more than 90% would be on the Right. Via Covid hysteria, Jews could also push mask-mandates, the real purpose of which is to habitualize goy masses into a culture of obedience, like putting leashes on dogs or saddles on horses. It’s not unlike what the government does in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND with fake stories of the poison gas leak. Also, by creating a culture of fear and anxiety, people will think twice about gathering in churches and rallies.

Jews have long been experts at the plot-within-a-plot. Take the Housing Bubble of the early 2000s. It was promoted, with the enthusiasm of both political parties, as a means to create an ownership society and end racial discrimination in housing. That was the official line or agenda, but for the heavily Jewish Wall Street it was a means to use ‘derivatives’ and ‘cds’ to rake in massive profits by bundling tons of debt and selling them around the world. And when the whole thing caved from excess toxicity, the big banks had the ‘insurance’ of government bailouts. It’s like Paulie in GOODFELLAS who strips a restaurant of all its assets and then burns it down for insurance. So many people thought the Housing Bubble was about more homes for more people, but the hidden plot was for Wall Street to use yet another scheme to make out like thieves. Isaac Asimov’s FOUNDATION series are about plot-within-a-plot-within-a-plot. The lesser minds think the plot is working for them, but there is another hidden plot that ultimately favors another group, with the possibility of yet another hidden plot that favors yet another power. It’s like how Hyman Roth uses the Rosato Brothers in THE GODFATHER PART 2. The Rosatos, like Pentangeli, are ‘small potatoes’. For them, it’s about getting the better of a rival local mafia chief. But for Roth, his aid to the Rosatos is to ultimately get at Michael. It’s like fisherman use little fish to catch big fish.

In a similar vein, even though the Anti-China conspirators were focused on using the virus to cripple or destroy China, the Jewish co-conspirators were likely looking to turn the virus back on the West, their real base of power and control. And Jews could do this by their control of media and upper echelons of power. And even if the Anti-China elements realized they were played by the Jews, what are they going to do? Spill the beans? But there’s no way of outing Jewish perfidy without outing their own. So, they fell into the trap, like in THE SPANISH PRISONER by David Mamet.

Now, one might say people like Mamet and others are just fiction writers or movie-makers, and we shouldn’t take their ideas/scenarios too seriously. But, they are also Jewish-centric game-theorists, and is it so far-fetched to believe there are Jews in elite/secret organizations who think and plot along similar lines to further and expand Jewish Power? While most Mexicans are content with tacos and cerveza, lots of Jews are tireless in their Will to Power. It’s like some dog breeds tend to be restless while others just want to take it easy.

Turning the clock back to 2019, the Anti-China conspirators aim to hurt China, and they think they’re off to a good start as Covid-19 takes off in Wuhan. In contrast, the Jewish conspirators are patiently looking to make it spread to the West so that it can be exploited to lock down and muzzle the goyim. Also, it places Trump between Scylla and Charybdis. If he goes along with the lockdown, the so-called ‘Trumpian Economy’ goes south; it was what he hoped to run on in 2020. But, if he hesitates, he can be blamed for the deaths. And as Jews control the medical agencies, media, and deep state, any death can be labeled as a ‘covid death’ if the dead person had some covid in his blood. And, it’s not like Jewish Power has to go to every agency & department and spell out what has to be done. Rather, as most elite members of society hate Trump and are willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of him, they go along with the wink-wink understanding that it will hurt his ass in 2020. While Jews hate Trump and populism as threat to Jewish tribal supremacism, white goy elites are into the status-vanity of virtue-signaling that they are oh-so-progressive and would do anything to bring down ‘literally-hitler’ Trump the leader of the ‘racists’. As for the skeptics among the scientific and ‘liberal’ community, what are they going to do? The majority of the elites are with the ‘psychonspiracy’ and committed to derailing, demoting, and destroying anyone who won’t go along. The conscientious skeptics were bound to be as ineffective as Paleo-cons who railed against Neocons and the Iraq War.

At some point, the Anti-China conspirators surely realized they’d been had. They’d been ‘spanish-prisoned’ by the smarter Jews who redirected the covid outbreak to the West. Based on circumstantial evidence, Jewish Power wanted covid to ravage the US and EU by far. First, even as wild and sensational stories about the ‘pandemic’ in Wuhan spread in the social media, most of US government and mass media(totally controlled by Jewish globalists) were rather nonchalant about it. And when Trump made some noises about banning travel from China to prevent the spread, he was shot down by big-name Democrats as ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist’. The likes of Pelosi were urging Americans to join the Chinese New Year festival and Hug-a-Chiner. At this point, Trump probably thought the Democrats didn’t think the ‘pandemic’ was a big deal.
But then, all of a sudden, alarm bells went off in the mass media that, by golly, the disease is HERE and the most draconian measures must be taken to stop its spread. The very people who’d poo-poo-ed Trump’s proposal for a travel ban(or limitation) were suddenly demanding strict controls. Trump, who’d taken the nonchalance of the Democratic Party and media as a sign that the virus was no big deal, was like a deer in the headlights and argued for more moderate measures. But this was exactly what the Jewish elites wanted. They could now portray Trump as an uncaring pig who would let countless Americans die for ‘muh economy’ and ‘muh re-election’.

If US were a free and sane country, the Jewish Hand would have been called out on this. But the US is really a Jewish-supremacist gangster-fascist oligarchy. Therefore and rather belatedly, Tucker Carlson and Trump thought the ONLY OPTION was to suddenly OUTDO the Democrats on the lockdown and try to own the issue. Sacrifice the economy so that Trump won’t be blamed on the mass deaths at least. But, of course, Jewish Power was not only about to gloat about the economic downturn but do everything to blame Trump for the ‘mass deaths’, even though so many lives could have been saved if NY and other blue cities hadn’t pushed so many old folks into infected nursing homes.
Furthermore, many more lives could have been saved IF doctors were given leeway in administering medicines on their patients. But the official decree was that doctors could do NOTHING and just wait for the ‘vaccines’ to arrive. So, many lives that might have been saved with hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were left to die just so Jewish Power could push the numbers higher. In Russia of the 90s, Jews were willing to destroy millions of lives to loot the economy. Madeleine Albright said it’s okay to kill half a million Arab kids in the Middle East. Zionist-globalist-driven policies have repeatedly shown that powerful Jews regard goy lives as expendable. All those lives in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and of course Gaza & West Bank are worth destroying if in service to Jewish Power. Look at the mess in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland’s vicious countenance is like Albright Unplugged, raw and naked. And for the longest time, Jewish media suppressed the connection between the Sackler Clan and White Death reaching above half-a-million. So, would it be so surprising that Jewish Power would use the Covid hysteria to wreak havoc on American Society to safeguard tribal supremacism?

There’s even more circumstantial evidence that the Covid Hysteria was orchestrated as Anti-Trump agenda. The very elites, who told us that Covid was an unprecedented pandemic threatening countless lives, suddenly backtracked on the lockdown for the George Floyd ‘mostly-peaceful’ protesters, rioters, and looters. The media were suddenly full of glowing reports of how these brave and noble souls were out in the streets in force in the name of ‘social justice’. In other words, whatever fit the Narrative and the Agenda, as if Covid’s a deadly killer when you’re at home but suddenly not so dangerous when you’re out in the streets throwing a Molotov Cocktail.

Furthermore, if Covid really came out of the blue, why were these mega-pharmaceutical companies and especially Israel all revved up to manufacture and roll out the ‘vaccine’ in record time? And who can forget how Big Pharma withheld reports of ‘vaccine’ readiness on the eve of the election lest it boost Trump’s chances? So, the medical community was certainly in on the Big Fix. Again, the Jews and globalist goy elites in Big Media and Big Pharma need not have been in on the Plot. They need not have known there was a Plot. The only thing that mattered was that, once the cat was out of the bag, the show was on and they had roles to play. Even without being told, they picked up the signals. To be Jewish means to be on the same wavelength with other Jews. To feel the vibe. Every culture has an element of this. Every society relies on acculturation so that, even without being told, most people know what is expected of them in certain situations. In Japan, people know how to behave in certain settings, what not to say, what not to do, and without being told. This ‘sixth sense’ is more powerful among Jews because they had to pick up intra-tribal signals in a sea of goyim. They had to be more esoteric, more keen to hints and innuendo. Also, due to the diaspora, the World Jewry across the globe had to, wink-wink, read each other’s minds without being sent memos with instructions in bold letters.

Of course, it’s still within the realm of possibility that it was a spectacular case of the Luck of the Jewish. Heading into 2020, Jews wished for some world-shaking event to consolidate power and ‘fortify’ the election, and by golly, it just so happened that some Chinese guy ate a bat and spread the virus. Or, some sloppy Chinese scientist at the Wuhan Lab dropped a tray of covid-19 like a carton of chop suey. And dummy Trump really fumbled the ball during the crisis, and it was picked up by Jews who ran for a touchdown. Luck is a factor in history, and maybe Jews really got lucky in 2020. But what are the odds?

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  1. milosevic says:

    This “start the rock rolling downhill” theory, wherein one merely releases already-existing forces and energies in a direction that will serve one’s own agenda, is a very valuable addition to the analysis of the global COVID-1984 psyop/flu-d’etat. The analogy with the real origins of the Iraq War is illuminating; certainly this idea is much more plausible than proposing the existence of a truly “massive conspiracy”, against which the usual “somebody would have blabbed” objection would surely apply.

    However, what evidence is there that the top-level COVID-1984 control group is specifically Jewish? Certainly, self-identified “Jews” are disproportionately represented in the Euro-American ruling class, relative to their proportion in the total population, as discussed in the article. But why must their influence in the COVID-1984 operation/hoax be disproportionate to their role in the ruling elite as a whole?

    Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Antony Fauci, by far the most prominent COVID-1984 operatives, are not Jewish. It will be said that they are only the public frontment for the operation, not the actual controllers. Perhaps so. But then what do we actually know about the real control group? From the publicly available evidence, it is hard to discern even their ultimate objectives (what is the real purpose of the poison “vaccine”? why genocide the goyim/slaves?), much less their individual identities.

    What do we actually know, or can reasonably infer, about the people who planned and initiated this world-destroying event?

    (note: This comment is not intended to obscure Jewish involvement in the COVID-1984 hoax. Their central role in the medical establishment and the corporate pharma cartel, which are of essential importance to the progress of the operation, are plain enough to see.)

  2. Renoman says:

    Surely there must be a way to spit it out quicker than that? How about a 1 page summary for the vast majority who skim the article and get to the comments?

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Wokechoke
  3. The article substantiates everything that I believe.

    Covid is a way to put in place control mechanisms.

    All of it was planned by the nose.

    Video Link

  4. @Renoman

    Why bother with even that?

    This new Author’s previous submissions have been verbose expositions of acknowledged ignorance about pop music and hunting, spiced up with anti-PC naughty talk.

    An unfortunate trend — see also, Raches, although a complementary megalomaniac — that can only discredit TUR, which the publisher has refused to explain. (Which is why I’m following the comments.)

    • Agree: New Dealer
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  5. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Greta Handel

    I think the author is coming to terms with the massive evil of that is the ZOG conspiracy built around nominally Hebe-Yid blood, but that is truly reptilian in nature, and will most certainly turn against the Hebe-Yids who started the ZOG conspiracy in the same way Communism turned against them, or public corporations turn against their founders when they become problematic.

    The author is 99% further than most Americans in identifying the ((Jewish)) problem, which is also a problem for (barely) civilized Jews.

    Having said that, scientifically speaking I would argue that ((Jewish)) problem is actually a problem of the civilized tolerating those knowingly operating out of their reptilian brains, and manipulating or coercing others into joining them in this conspiracy of “reptiles” who have consciously or subconsciously given up on civilization and seek to return to a primitive state, because they just can’t handle the pressure of living a civilized life.

    Theologically speaking, I would argue Moses sought to relive them of this pressure by taking off their heads.

  6. @milosevic

    No point in trying to mitigate the jewish involvement as it is evident to anyone who is capable of exercising pattern recognition.

    What group desires control over others at any cost?

    What group is insanely paranoid regarding the danger of other groups of human beings?

    What group controls the media that hyped the fake news covid agenda?

    Your claim is one that they try to use to debunk KMAC’s work but it doesn’t fly.

    Organized jewry is the NECESSARY condition…..and they have the wealth and power to enlist others on a large scale…..and they also use coercion and intimidation.

    You can look into these issues and discover that jewish run organizations war game all sorts of things that then “spontaneously” manifest IRL.

    “Clean Break” was just a little thought experiment that foretold the destabilization of the ME to “secure the realm” for Israel.

    Likewise, there were covid symposiums to war game what would transpire if a coronavirus just happened to attack the human population.

    The Amish don’t sit around and meditate on the various ways they can fuck over humanity…..there is only one group that entertains such thoughts.

  7. @milosevic

    Even “the Jews” is misleading. I am well acquainted with several Jews, most of whom work/worked in “regular” jobs, including one that was a taxi driver. For the most part, these people are like anyone else, except for the mandatory parroting of

    Millions of Jews surely perished in World War II

    (lol) which leads to “Israel has the right to defend itself” (by attacking others) narrative.
    The real problem is more the elite of the Jews, rather than the Jewish elite. IMO, “Jewish elite” can apply to all Jews, because, unlike the overwhelming majority of Caucasians, they still are proud of being Jews.
    It seems to me that it is the elite of Jews that finds goyim like Schwab, Fauci, and Gates to be their front men or useful idiots. They will be well taken care of as long as they are useful. Once the usefulness is gone, so are they.

    • Agree: Da's Reich
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  8. Wokechoke says:

    The Pfizer chief is a Jewish fellow by the name of Bourla.

  9. Wokechoke says:

    When the first news of Covid19 was emerging I said to a chick at a grad program I was on, “give it seven months and they’ll claim they fast tracked the vaccination they’ve already got sitting on the shelf in Israel.” The vaccine at a Bion tech was substantially and officially ready to go, ahem, within a week or two of the rna sequence being published out of Australia/China.

  10. Wokechoke says:

    This article is dangerously spot on. It could do with some streamlining but it’s a reasonable explanation of the events.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  11. @milosevic

    If the Jews were central, why was everyone in Israel forced to get the vaccine?

    • Thanks: Right_On
  12. @Curmudgeon

    Even “the Jews” is misleading. I am well acquainted with several Jews, most of whom work/worked in “regular” jobs, including one that was a taxi driver.

    No one’s talking about regular Jews. ‘Jews’ means those with power.

    It’s like when we say ‘Germans invaded Poland’, we don’t mean every German or that every German endorsed the war or supported the war.

    True, language is problematic.

    For example, we often hear ‘US invaded Iraq’, but which US? Many people opposed the war and hated Bush. We even say ‘WE did this’ or ‘WE did that’. But we don’t really mean we as in you, me, and everyone. In such case, ‘we’ means the ruling elites who claim to represent OUR will(when they clearly don’t).

    When someone says “We are sanctioning Iran”, he or she doesn’t mean each of us. He or she means the US government that’s supposed to represent us.

  13. @restless94110

    If the Jews were central, why was everyone in Israel forced to get the vaccine?

    Some say the ‘vaccines’ are supposed to kill off entire populations. I don’t believe this. It sounds nuts.

    It could be that Jewish-dominated Big Pharma really thinks the ‘vaccines’ do work, or it’s preferable to get jabbed than not despite the risks.

    If Jews in Big Pharma really do believe in the efficacy of the drug, of course they would prioritize its use in Israel uber alles.

    There’s some conspiracy about how the ‘vaccines’ used in Israel are different and safer, but I don’t know about this. Sounds like a bridge too far.
    Granted, Israel has done funny things with shots given to Ethiopian ‘Jews’ though official denials have also been made.

    • Thanks: restless94110
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  14. @restless94110

    “If the Jews were central, why was everyone in Israel forced to get the vaccine?”

    Maybe they are not getting the same “vaccine” that others are getting.

    Or, maybe the Big Jews are once again screwing the Little Jews. The historical pattern played out a hundred times is that the Big Jews go too far and the goyim fights back and then the Little Jews have to pay.

    The Covid simulations surely included plans for population surveillance which is the main goal of the entire scam. Digital ID’s, digital currency… control of humanity at the flick of a switch.

    If they find someone who’s having “bad thoughts”…..they simply cut off their money supply and they are unable to live. In fact the jews are already doing this with folks on the far right.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  15. @restless94110

    I think organized jewry operates on the philosophy that sacrifices can be made to promote the overall agenda, even if it means some of their own get taken down with friendly fire.

    For instance….the Jmedia incites the negroes to savage violence knowing that blacks don’t know the difference between jews and whites… if some little jews get offed, the Big Jews believe it’s worth it if a much larger number of goy get burned and stomped and raped and slaughtered.

    And if it was obvious that Israel was not jabbed up that would give it away, so they kind of have to make a big deal out of claiming that Israel is “vaccinated.” This calms the goy into thinking the jab is legit if the Israelis are taking it.

    Could also be that initially they hoped the jab would work without too many side effects and they didn’t anticipate so many blood clots and strokes and heart attacks and nerve damage…..but now they are in too deep…..they are not going to say opps we fucked up and apologize. That’s not how they roll. When they fuck up they just double down, which is consistent with the egomania the author mentioned in the article.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  16. All aspects of the COVID-19 hoax and the COVID vaccines are
    created, managed and approved of by Talmudic Jews!

    CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Former CDC Director, Robert Redfield, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    CDC Deputy Director, Ann Schucat, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri Berger, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    FDA Vaccines, Dr. Eric Rubin, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    FDA Vaccines, Dr. Arno Monto, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Dr.Eric Rubin, during an FDA hearing on the safety of the vaccine for children said to Dr. Arno Monto, –>
    “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it.”
    Former FDA Commisioner, Stephen Hahn, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Former FDA Commisioner, Scott Gottlieb, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Former FDA Commisioner, David Kessler, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Former FDA Commisioner, Andrew Eschenbach, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    HHS Ass.Secretary, Rachel Levine, Trans-gender, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Pfizer CEO: Albert Bourla , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Albert Bourla was recently awarded the “Honorary Jew” award from Israel for the
    Vaccine partnership between the State of Israel and Pfizer.
    This means that Israel is implicated in the ongoing genocide ( over 2 million killed in US)
    of humanity using the bioweapon known as the COVID vaccine.
    Johnson & Johnson CEO: Alex Gorsky , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Astrazeneca CEO: Pascal Soriot , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Moderna’s Vaccine Creator: Tal Zaks , Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    Vaccine Passport System (Currently in use around the world)
    US Patent # 11,107,588 B2 , August 31, 2021
    Gal Ehrlich, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Ramat-Gan, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Maier Fenster, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Petach-Tikva, Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Made in ISRAEL

    Vaccine Approvals –> Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Vaccine Maker — > Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia
    Vaccine Passport –> Talmudic Jew/Khazarian Mafia

    The COVID-19 hoax and the Quack-cines are a Jewish Mafia operation.
    Don’t believe for a second that Israel is poisoning it’s own citizens with their own poisonous jab.
    They are lying as they always do.
    Lies, lies and more lies, all the time to cover their own tracks.
    Just like the Wall Street Banker bailout of 2008. Just like the 9/11 attacks.
    Just like the assassination of JFK, RFK.
    Open your eyes

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  17. @Robert Dolan

    While your scenarios are possible, I don’t think they are adequate to explain the Israel policy on covid vaccinations.

    I personally thing that a lot more people are going to have drop dead in the next year or so before things are more fully revealed.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Cogitosus
  18. @Robert Dolan

    I think the theories you are floating here are all a bit of a stretch. And recent shootings in New York and the East Coast a few of them have been in part a reaction to aggressive jewish incursions into black neighborhoods attempting to buy up property, so blacks can tell the difference between jewish and goy.

    It’s murky so I’m willing to wait until the murk clears and whatever is going on becomes clearer.

  19. @restless94110

    The simplest explanation is that they lie all the time about everything.

    And THAT is the truth.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  20. @Robert Dolan

    I expect the non-elite Jews in Israel are getting the same ‘vaccine’ which is being pushed upon non-elites everywhere. Israel seems to have a high death-rate among the vaccinated. Those who call the shots in Israel are probably getting saline shots, like the nominal clowns in charge elsewhere. Notice all the open, maskless parties the pols are fond of attending – and the way they rub it in everyone’s face? It’s been documented many times and in many places that elite Jews like Soros or Fink will not hesitate to cause the deaths of their non-elite tribesmen in order to advance their evil plans. Just look at the list of dead in the 9/11 operation for one relatively recent example (approx. the same rate of Jews as in the NYC general population).

    As you noted, the big Jews are likely screwing over the little Jews – the usual pattern. Notice what happened to the Jewish doctor who used HCQ early on? They memory-holed that poor sucker in no time at all. If he got too feisty they’d arrange for some whacked-out Muslim to take his head off. If anyone is expecting non-elite Jews to rise up and oppose their masters, you just as well expect the sun to rise in the west. The very few who do usually pay a terrible cost for stepping out of line. The Jewish collective, exemplified by the ADL, is an organized crime racket masquerading as a religious group. To paraphrase the famous line from Hotel California: members the outfit can check-out any time they like – but they can never leave.

  21. Van says:

    Thank you for an interesting essay. The circumstantial evidence that the pandemic was planned would have benefited from including a discussion of the Iranian Covid-19 outbreak. The possibility that Israel may have been involved in planning and executing the release of the pathogen in Iran as an act of state terror is more credible than ascribing it to a vague religion-baed conspiracy. A prosecutor would start with the probable cause most easily proven and then proceed to larger conspiracies, if they exist.

  22. Cogitosus says:

    The Jews always show a united front against their common enemy, the Gentiles. As a result, the Gentiles imagine that “The Jews” always act as one single group. This idea is false. Globally, and even in Israel, Judaism is divided against itself.

    The most powerful Jewish factions are the National and the International (hat tip to Henry Ford). Like the Pharisees and Sadducees, they absolutely hate one another. National Jews (like Sheldon Adelson) wanted a decent American economy so they could keep skimming money off the Gentiles. International Jews (like the Rothchilds) want to destroy Western Christian civilization and replace it with a dictatorship of the bankers, not the proletariat. That is the real purpose of the Covid hoax.

    None of these elite Jews would ever dream of moving to Israel. They despise both the country and the people. From their point of view, killing several thousand Israeli Jews is a small price to pay in order to reinvigorate the suffering-Semite pity party that always seems to prove their innocence.

  23. @milosevic

    Elite Jews are central in the ruling Western oligarchies, particularly in finance. So they MUST be actively engaged in the efforts to preserve that oligarchy and its power and wealth.
    The Western oligarchs face a number of intractable problems. Global ecological collapse threatens all humanity, including the elites. The planet’s teeming billions cannot ever reach living standards equivalent to the West’s vanishing middle class, else the planet’s biosphere will even more rapidly collapse.
    Economic inequality and stagnation, plus unpayable indebtedness, signal the end of market capitalism, that system that produces elite wealth and power. Despite unremitting brainwashing, class consciousness is re-emerging, so Divide and Rule tactics, along racial, religious, gender, sexual proclivities and ideological divides are increasing to frenzied levels.
    And, after 500 years of brutal global dominance, the West’s bolt is shot. China has, in 70 years, outdone what the West achieved in 200, and is now by far the largest economy, by very far the most productive, the most innovative and expert at developing technologies, and militarily strong enough to resist any Western attacks.
    All these intractable problems mean that the Jewish elites’ amazing triumph in taking over Western States, particularly the Anglosphere powers, through straight bribery, ‘antisemitism’ hysteria and slander and financial control, will be as nought, unless something is done. Hence CoViD19, the ‘vaccines’, vaccine passports, Green New Deals that do nothing but put more power in the hands of the oligarchs and insanely vicious race hatred directed at China, and cultural hatred directed at Russia and Iran, plus heightened subversion, sabotage, sanction and aggression everywhere that does not bow down to the West. Considering the makeup of Brandon’s ‘Jews Only’ administration, elite Jews might not be the sole force behind the great crack-up, but they are certainly in the very vanguard of efforts.

  24. @Cogitosus

    The perennial Judaic mentality of hostility, xenophobia and discord, even among themselves, must surely have placed tremendous tensions on Jewish psyches. Hence, I would say, the very multiplicity of Judaic sects, doctrines and exegeses. One can see one outgrowth of this psychology in the sheer vicious sadism of the treatment of the Palestinians, and the hysteria of aggressive lying that destroyed Corbyn and UK Labour. The rage and aggression of an agitated Zionazi tends to impress and frighten those of more placid temperament-a most useful tool.
    One place where you can see Jews attempting to assuage this global rage and vengefulness directed at the Other, is in music. Jews are absolutely central to the Western musical tradition, if more so in performance than creation.In music I imagine that the better among the Jews find a solace and a connection with the cosmos as a whole, as a part of the great ocean of being, not some lunatic asylum island of universal supremacism and superiority. To actually believe that you are, by virtue of the accident of birth, some superior, indeed God-like being, is, in my opinion, a deep and dire psychological disease, and fighting it off successfully a wholly admirable achievement.

  25. Former President Donald Trump said, “I’ll tell you, the Evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country.”

    This is what happens when people reject their indigenous spiritualities for alien ones. They serve foreign gods and thus become slaves of foreign peoples. The West and the Muslim world’s problem is that they messed with the wrong people. Now they are paying for it. China isn’t entirely immune to it either since Communism is like a sister religion to Christianity and Islam. Shaping the reality of dumber peoples is “Jewish Power.” How else could Trump say such a thing? He probably is right too.

    Their “promised land” is a dump but the idiot Europeans, Arabs, and Persians wouldn’t leave them alone. Would their crap ever have been written down if not for the Babylonian captivity done by Nebuchadnezzar the Idiot? Cyrus the Zionist released them with the greatest evil ever recorded in tow. The people of the Middle East can blame their ancestors, especially the Iraqis, Iranians, and Syrians. Your ancestors are why you suffer, messing with Jews, and serving “Jewish Power.” All the Jews wanted was to be a self-absorbed narcissistic cult off the Mediterranean coast but other human beings wouldn’t leave them alone. Now the descendants of these people are paying dearly for their ancestors’ mistake.

  26. anonymous[409] • Disclaimer says:

    Jung-Freud misses major things. Bob Woodward of Watergate fame was a Navy Intel officer under Admiral Maurer, who was head of the military Joint Chiefs when military & CIA ran the Watergate coup to remove Nixon, coup revenge for Nixon’s peace with commies and his populist measures for USA plebs. Woodward was planted at the CIA Washington Post to help the ‘Silent Coup’ (see book of that name), Woodward so hugely incompetent at first he needed remedial writing training.

    Every major government knows that anti-9-11-truth Snowden & Assange are CIA frauds and ‘rat traps’, made famous by CIA media, to help identify and maybe silence & kill real dissidents, Assange apparently never really ‘living’ at that embassy etc … huge evidence, long story, see link

    Jung-Freud doesn’t adequately consider that Chinese and Western-Jewish elites worked TOGETHER on the covid scam, with the agenda that white-people Western countries would be destroyed first. Notice how China led the panic-mongering with death-in-the-streets videos that now seem very fake, see many re-posted as ‘webm’ videos on a 4chan thread archived here. With ‘covid’, China was able to crush Hong Kong rebellion, eliminate many of its own dissidents, then magically near-eliminate ‘covid’; while deaths continue in vaxed-up Western countries, white people getting vaxed-up with endless ‘boosters’ that may leave the more rebellion-capable white societies entirely destroyed … after which Chinese and Jewish-Western elites can handle the remainder of the planet.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Jung Freud
  27. They must pretend Jews are still a beleaguered minority in need of protection from ‘antisemitism’, be it ‘white supremacist’, Paleo-Christian, or Arab/Palestinian/Iranian.

    Goyim, we are indeed, “a beleaguered minority in need of protection from antisemitism,” and we’ll destroy anyone who claims otherwise with our vast powerlessness.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  28. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    It could be that Jewish-dominated Big Pharma really thinks the ‘vaccines’ do work

    The vaccines “work” for what they are meant to do, which is, give Big Pharma a lot of money, and establish global digital passports valid for six months or so and renewable forever. In this sense, the “little Jews” are no different than the rest of the global population.

    Some say the ‘vaccines’ are supposed to kill off entire populations. I don’t believe this. It sounds nuts.

    While they are probably not massive killers, their use on young people and children is insane. Here a story about a 20-year old girl in Slovenia who died, from the J&J, but there are similar stories for Pfizer or Moderna:

    People who get those vaccines have a 1 in 100,000 chance of getting blood clots and other dangerous side effects. Perhaps it’s low, but the probability for young people to die from Covid is even lower. In children it is almost zero. What is going on?

  29. Wokechoke says:

    If Jan6 was a coup, yes, what was a watergate if not a collusion between navy intel and the fbi?

  30. Dumbo says:

    Btw, this was really long, I couldn’t read it all, sorry. Is “Jung-Freud” actually Priss Factor?

    Anyway, Jews live in a constant state of paranoia (which is by constantly reinforced their religion and their education), and many of them, at least the rich ones, appear to be germaphobes, so I guess this is normal for them, but they want to push it on everyone as the “new normal”.

    Coming from a bat or a lab, it doesn’t matter, “Covid” would not be that much of a big deal if the “fight against Covid”, from lockdowns to “vaccine passports” and “mandatory vaccines every six months” didn’t make it ten thousand times worse.

    From the beginning, it should have been treated just like a flu. Focus on early treatment and on the people more at risk, make vaccines optional and again focus on those more at risk, and forget all attempts to “not let a crisis go to wast” and try to use it as a chance to redefine society.

    What has been going on under the excuse of the “fight against Covid” impacted many more people, in many worse ways, than Covid ever did. And it didn’t even work, as it did nothing against the spread “Covid”, and two years later the situation is worse in all ways. Of course, it was all just an excuse, what do they care.

  31. Pheasant says:

    This article needs to be edited and formatted urgently. I counted a dozen speeling mistakes/ spacing errors.

  32. @Cogitosus

    Reading your comment, I started thinking I had walked into Madame Gitana’s Fortune Telling store.

    You seem so certain of your amazing knowledge.

    But to most of us it just looks like some guy rationalizing. He starts at the end and works his way backwards too the beginning.

    That’s just stupid.

    You could not possibly know about any of t he stuff you said unless you it is first-hand for you whicb would mean you are the top Zionazi on earth. Are you?

    Why would you lower yourself to reveal the whole thing here n this comment threat?

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  33. @anonymous

    Jung-Freud doesn’t adequately consider that Chinese and Western-Jewish elites worked TOGETHER on the covid scam, with the agenda that white-people Western countries would be destroyed first. Notice how China led the panic-mongering with death-in-the-streets videos that now seem very fake, see many re-posted as ‘webm’ videos on a 4chan thread archived here.

    Such a possibility was discussed last year because both Jewish Power and China hated Trump and had something to gain from his defeat. Jews hated him for arousing white populism, and China hated him for bashing Beijing all the time.

    So, could Jews and Chinese have worked together? Possibly. But if so, Chinese must now feel stabbed in the back by their Jewish partners-in-crime. Initially, the Jewish-controlled Western Media insisted the diseased occurred NATURALLY and there could be NO OTHER EXPLANATION. The media and Jewish-controlled Big Tech censored anyone who speculated as to a possible lab leak. The censorship hinted at a possible collusion between Jews and Chinese. After all, the last thing China wanted was to be blamed for its negligence at Wuhan that messed up the world. It seemed Jewish Power was holding up its end of the bargain.

    But some time after Trump’s departure, the new narrative was suddenly “It could have been a leak at the WUHAN LAB due to Chinese incompetence, and furthermore, the virus could have been a Chinese Bio-Weapon than something out of nature”, and it served as the go-ahead for every media person and ‘expert’ to appropriate the very point Trump had been making all along. During the election cycle, Trump said the ‘pandemic’ likely resulted from a lab leak, this Wu-Flu or Kung Flu or China Flu or whatever. The media and medical community had been in lockstep in rejecting such a scenario, of which they were 100% sure. Naturally among the conformist PC-addled ‘believe the science’ crowd, it could only have been ‘natural’ and anyone claiming or speculating otherwise was a deplorable moron, conspiracy theorist, or anti-Chinese bigot.

    But, once the official narrative pondered and even encouraged other possibilities, those who’d been 100% sure it was ‘natural’ suddenly changed their tune and discussed the possibility of lab leak, meaning China is to blame. So, when the ‘blame China’ might have aided Trump in 2020, it had to be suppressed. But with Trump gone, the JAB(Jews around Biden) could use it as political leverage against China. They could now own and exploit the issue.

    So, if Jews and Chinese did collude in the Covid-19 conspiracy, Chinese must feel betrayed because the understanding had to have been that the disease is ‘natural’ because, otherwise, China could be blamed. Given such dangers, i.e. China blamed for the disease by the world community, would Beijing have accepted such a massive risk just to aid in the removal of Trump? I think not. Of course, it could be the Chinese really are that stupid.

    Imagine if Chinese and Jews got together and the former suggested, “Hey, let’s start the outbreak in Israel and then spread around the world.” Jews would say NO WAY, knowing full well the Jewish State could be blamed by the world for having dropped the ball on such a ‘deadly’ disease. Chinese would likely have said NO as well. But maybe they are still rice-bowl bumpkins who can be suckered by the cleverer Jews.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  34. I’ve stated it a thousand times, the more you become involved in using movies for your guide in life, the more deluded you will become. Very hard for movie fanatics to accept this message. Very unfortunate for them. Movies are used by certain elite, to create distraction from their agenda’s. Period. If you examine even the television shows of the past 60 years, you will find the same is true. /Peace.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  35. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I’ve stated it a thousand times, the more you become involved in using movies for your guide in life, the more deluded you will become.

    Movies as guide-in-LIFE would be crazy. In reality, Benjamin Braddock wouldn’t have pulled off what he did in THE GRADUATE. Movies as reflection of larger reality would also be misleading, very much so. Few movies accurately depict their subjects. GOODFELLAS and PRINCE OF THE CITY are among the few exceptions.

    Still, movies can convey something of the psychology of power and the ruthless gamesmanship involved in powerful circles. Whether someone in a chemical company really employed hired assassins, I don’t know, but Tilda Swinton’s portrayal of an executive in the pressure cooker setting of the corporate world is highly convincing in MICHAEL CLAYTON. Pushed to such limits, we can believe anything is possible.

    Also, David Mamet, though a playwright and artist, is an ultra-Zionist. His split with liberalism has less to do with ideology than identity. He operates as a game-theorist, and surely the darker elements are carrying out ‘war games’ all the time, and some of these turn into real plots.

    Shakespeare is a poor guide to what actually happened in history but an excellent guide through the psychology of power, ambition, and paranoia.

    We lay folks have no way of knowing what really happened, but we can guess as to the mindset of those working in the shadows of the deep state. Jewish Supremacists rule the West, and it just so happens that so many events have been in sync with what-Jews-want.

  36. @Wokechoke

    Good article.

    I am fascinated that the left (which used to hate Big Business/Big Pharma) has now become its lapdog.

    They are gonna figure it out eventually, right?


    • Replies: @Dumbo
  37. man says:

    I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
    Christ Jesus speaking to those who believe in Him

  38. Dumbo says:

    This just shows that the Left/progressives don’t really believe in anything, except in “whatever is the most socially conformist opinion these days”.

    First they were (supposedly) against Big Pharma and Big Business and in favour of “organic” or alternative stuff, many were even against vaccines, now it’s exactly the opposite. Their ideas can be infinitely molded, because they don’t have any. It’s just about accepting what is ordered from above.

  39. PJ London says:

    The article is reminiscent of Moses and I am surprised that it did not start with the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt. It wanders aimlessly through a desert of stories and facts about jews for what seems like forty years. None of the information is new and there is no apparent aim or purpose to the article except for increasing the number of words. (Please Ron pay by the impact not the word-count)
    The Jewish culture is around very few issues.
    1) Tribalism. Not only are jews important they are everything. Non-jews are on a par with beasts, there to provide for and be used by the tribe. Pretend whatever is necessary to stop the beasts from devouring you but always remember they are not Jews and therefore not real ‘people’.
    2)Avarice. A horse or cow does not “own” property. Only the farmer ‘owns’ anything. The horse may use things and may be required to take care of things (little horses for instance) but it cannot “own” or be entitled to anything. Everything rightfully belongs to the Jew.
    3) Cunning. Never let anyone, not even another Jew, know what you are thinking or doing. Always have a plan, to survive and to acquire more. Never reveal the plan except to the people who you need to execute parts of your plan. Where possible make sure that if anything goes wrong or if anyone realises that you are taking stuff, have a scapegoat available as part of the plan.
    4) Paranoia. Realise that others (including other Jews) will attack you once they know your true intentions. Never trust others, not even family, for they too have plans. Use anyone or anything but never trust them.
    With these traits, Jews have a simple commercial philosophy. “Sell to everyone but only buy from a Jew.” This means that as a tribe they get very rich. Money flows into the tribe but never out. When resources are required from outsiders then do everything you can to bilk them from their profit. Steal the resource if you can, (it really belongs to you anyway) but cheat when possible.
    This culture has permeated, carried, and controlled Jewish thought for 4,000 years, it is developed and formalised in the Talmud which is the true Jewish bible.

    But here is a thought.
    What if in the early middle ages a group of very wealthy, very clever businessmen in Italy, Germany, Holland and England decide to use the very same culture? The first thing you would find is that the plebs will want to kill you. So what you do is use the Jews as a “Cat’s paw”, then the Plebs will burn the Jews and not you. You become the hero by expelling the ‘evil’ ones, of course confiscating what you have allowed them to accumulate after charging them ‘rent’ to carry out business in your territory. You are home free and you can let them back again after a suitable period.
    I have a feeling that enough time has gone by that the majority of people are starting to get very angry with the society and culture that they are living in. Time to expel the Jews again (after the necessary killing, burning and torture of a good number of them) to convince the populace that all will be well once they are gotten rid of. It has worked 200 times before another few will make no difference. This time not only the various groups in other countries but also the 6 million living in the Jewish “Homeland” can also be expunged. Which will fulfil both Christian and Judean prophecy.

    This time the problem is that the future is the orient. Jews will not be able to reside incognito in the Orient. Of course Caucasians can’t hide there either, so a new scenario has to be found by the ‘hidden elite’ to allow for continued enrichment of their fortunes.
    I have no idea what their plan is other than to hang on to what they have got.
    This is all total BS by me of course, but it fits the facts better than other stories.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  40. @Robert Dolan

    It is because of their father. As Jesus taught:

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. (John 8:44)

  41. @Robert Dolan

    Now, Xavier Becerra is a reptile and a man i loathe. But a Talmudic Jew? What’s the proof?

  42. With multiple mentions of the little nudge, how did this pop culture reference not get included?

    The Joker of Christopher Nolan’s excellent The Dark Knight would be a prime suspect in the current madness, if he actually existed.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  43. @restless94110

    I often find myself desiring references for the comments I see here. However I have heard the claim that the whole ordeal of the Trump years was the result of a Jewish Civil War. It’s not that outlandish an idea.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  44. @Priss Factor

    Ok, sure. They are playing this town like a harp from Hell.

  45. Richard Dawkins is an avowed Satanist who has been working against our societies. Otherwise an interesting article. Thanks

  46. @Jefferson Temple

    A jewish civil war infers that:

    -the sides are conscious (as opposed to subconscious) at war
    -there are clear sides that can be verbalized clearly
    -there is some clear reasons to cause a civil war among jews.
    -both sides wish the capitulation of the other side.

    None of the above is true. Therefore, it’s just made up nonsense to distract.

    The fact is, who cares if there is or is not a civil war? Who cares if there is a coven in the basement of the Museum of the Brotherhood.

    That’s impossible to know or to prove. I’d rather stick with the things we can know and prove.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  47. @restless94110

    A jewish civil war infers that…
    None of the above is true. Therefore, it’s just made up nonsense to distract.

    It’s more like a family feud. But at the end of the day, the family stays together. It’s like members may disagree in the Corleone family in THE GODFATHER, but they all line up together in the end.

    If anything, Jews have made sure that Jews don’t fight other Jews in the US. American History is one of betrayal from the beginning. Anglo-Colonials sided with the French and fought the mother country and loyal Anglo-Colonials. German-Americans were forced to turn on Germany and fight and kill other Germans. Same with Italian-Americans. Japanese-Americans, though interned and dispossessed, volunteered to fight for America. Muslim-Americans join the US military and drop bombs on other Muslims. Russian-Americans must kill Russians if a war breaks out. Chinese-Americans must fight and kill Chinese if there’s war. And so on.

    Given America’s history of betrayal at the founding and the betrayal of immigrant groups upon their countries of origin, Jews knew it could turn into Jewish-Americans being badgered into hating other World Jewry. This is why Jews reacted so violently to the Red Scare. Though McCarthy and HUAC didn’t name the Jews, many of the targets of investigation were Jews. Jewish Americans could be pressured to side not just against Jewish Soviet agents but World Jewry. So, Jews took up the banner of civil liberties, which they didn’t really care about — look how Jews got the power now and do everything to suppress civil liberties and constitutional rights.
    And given America’s endless sermonizing about ‘human rights’, Israel is an ideal target for US intervention on behalf of Palestinians. Jews can’t have that, and so they spent tons of money and used their media monopoly, as well as Holocaust blackmail, to drum into American heads the mantra “Israel is our greatest ally, Israel is our greatest ally, Israel is our greatest ally…” and it has become one of those truisms that no one questions anymore. They wake up thinking, “Israel is our greatest ally” and fall asleep with the same mantra reverberating in their minds.

    If there really is a civil war within the Jewish community, one half the Jews would call on the US government to be fair to Palestinians. Now, such Jews do exist but on the bottom, not at the top where it really matters. On the top, both neocon Jews and neolib Jews are agreed that goyim must be trained to say, “Israel is our greatest ally”. The ‘Jewish Civil War’ scenario is a pipe-dream of people like Trump and ‘conservatives’ who wish to win over the pro-Israel Jews away from anti-Israel Jews, but the fact is even most Democratic Jews, esp at the top, are totally pro-Zionist and make sure most Democrat politicians fall in line on the Middle East issue. Even Obama’s Iran Deal wasn’t about going soft on Iran but trying to pry Iran away from Russia and China. Also, it succeeded in halting the uranium enrichment. Even most Jews who are critical of Israel only focus on the occupation of the West Bank, not what Israel is doing around the region with the Yinon plan.

    Jewish hypocrisy is truly outrageous… but in a way, Jews are the most admirable group in the US because they alone among all groups remained true and loyal to their deep origins. Jewish History is 3,500 yrs old whereas American History is around 250 yrs. The idea of favoring the new thin citizenry over a deep rich heritage is shallow. The idea of turning one’s back on a tribal community with 3,500 yr pedigree in favor of a political proposition going back 250 yrs is for the birds or boy scouts.
    It means being bribed by ‘money’ and ‘liberty’ to turn on one’s own deep community. Sure, the US offered opportunities to newcomers, and one should try to be good citizens and get along, but should one favor this ‘Americanism’ over one’s deeper community?

    Also, who determines what Americanism is? It was never the people. It was always the ruling elite with the power to sway and control the idiot masses for its own often devious ends. For proof, look at the state of America ever since it went from Anglo-Christian hands to Jewish hands. Jewish elites got to decide what Americanism is. It’s now about ‘gay marriage’, the new elites say, and most American dummies fall in line and nod along. It’s about Wars for Israel, the new elites say, and most Americans don’t object to their shabbos goy politicians shilling for Zion. In 2020, Jews say Americanism is about the 1619 project and about BLM burning down cities while politicians take the knee and with Trump singing hosannas to George Floyd in heaven. THAT is Americanism because the elites say so. Jews say Americanism is about going after parents who oppose CRT. Those parents are ‘domestic terrorists’. Meanwhile, Israelis can spy on America at every level. It won’t be long before Jonathan Pollard is seen as a great American hero.

    Jews among all the immigrant groups figured this out, i.e. the so-called ‘patriotism’ is a ploy used the ruling elites to hoodwink and control the masses. While most immigrants came under the spell of the Wasp elites, Jews kept their deeper identity and loyalty and stuck to their own worldview. This is why Jews remained free of Wasp control and, over time, came to take over with their deeper sense of who they are. While Anglo-Americans prided their place in US history for having turned against the mother country, Jewish-Americans took pride in the connection between themselves and Jews in other parts of the world and throughout history. No wonder even capitalist Jews at times worked with socialist Jews in Russia and Europe. Beneath the ideology, they valued the identity.

    Now, consider the idiot German Americans. Prior to World War I, they had their own communities. Many spoke German as well as English. They had German-language newspapers. They were proud of their German culture and identity. But World War I came along, and the Anglo-American elites persecuted the German-American community as disloyal. Anti-German campaigns broke out all across America. German-Americans were often suspected of treason or being ‘un-American’. They got cold feet and went out of their way to demonstrate their patriotism before their vicious persecutors.

    But it was neither Germany nor German-Americans that were guilty of treachery. It was the Anglos in UK and US. Germany didn’t want war with UK that could easily have stayed out, in which case the war would have been over in less than a year. But Anglo-Brits were paranoid about German power and aided the French. It led to countless and needless deaths. Germany was forced to fight UK. It was the UK that entered a war that wasn’t theirs. That was treachery. (And I don’t want to hear about UK siding with fellow democracy France against autocratic Germany. UK and France were allied with far more autocratic Russia.)
    But even worse were the Anglo-American elites. If Germany didn’t want war with UK, it most absolutely didn’t want war with the US. And German-Americans were loyal to both their mother country and to the US, which they saw as having no good reason to enter the war against Germany. So, neither Germany nor German-Americans were anti-American. Rather, it was the Anglo-American elites who joined with Anglo-Brits in their deranged Anti-Germanism. It was they who manipulated events so that Germany and US would butt heads. It was they who acted with treachery and disgraced Americanism. But they were the ruling elites with the power to sway the sucker masses, and so war fever took off, and it became the most patriotic thing to hate on Germany and to pressure German-Americans to abandon German culture and identity and become mindless minions of the Anglo-American empire and march off to war to kill their own ethnic brethren.

    Jews know of this history, of how the weak identities of goyim led immigrant-goyim to fight and murder their own kind overseas.

    So far, there have been two kind of Americanisms:

    1. The Anglo-American way is for all newcomers and immigrants to become ‘good Americans'(defined by ruling elites) and turning against their nations of origin.

    2. The Jewish-American way is for all newcomers and immigrants to become friends of Israel and puppets of the Jewish ruling elites. So, while all goy groups must favor Jew-SA over their nations of origin, Jewish-Americans’ main loyalty is to themselves and Israel.

    The Anglo-American Way(1) is now useless, especially because Anglo-Americans betrayed their own principles. The very group that pressured German-Americans, Italian-Americans, and Japanese-Americans to turn against their own tribal-ethnic origins ended up handing over elite levers of power to the group that most resolutely refused to turn their backs against their own kind around the world. Yes, the Jews.
    So, how do you like that? Anglo-Americans had been telling all newcomers to change their loyalty from the mother country to the new country on the basis of money and liberty; after all, Anglo-colonials had done just that in the founding of America when they worked with Monarcho-France to overthrow British rule in the colonies. But if this is the logic of Americanism, why didn’t the Anglos make sure Jews conformed to it as well? Given that Jews refused to, why did Wasps pass their power to the Tribe? Anglo-American Way ended up rewarding most the very group that did most to reject the Iron Law laid down by Anglos.

    If the Anglo-American Way is toast, what about the Jewish-American Way(2) that currently serves as orthodoxy? It sucks big time because it’s about shabbos goyim groveling at the feet of Jews. It’s embarrassing. Jews are praised for their tribalism or putting Jewishness uber alles, BUT goyim are reproached for even thinking to favor their deeper identity over the New Americanism that isn’t even about generic citizenism but about how all must bow down before Zion and hate whomever and whatever happens to be on the Jewish shitlist. Hate Russia and Iran! Turn your back on the Palestinians! Who cares about all those dead Arabs/Muslims from the Wars for Israel? And maybe China is on the shit list too, so hate it too! Any goy who falls for this is an idiot.

    So, is there a Third American Way? Yes, and it calls upon all groups to emulate the Jews to a degree and favor their own deep identity and history over the Anglo-American Way(now defunct as Anglos betrayed their own principles by sucking up to ultra-tribal Jews) and over the Jewish-American Way(that hypocritically says Jews must favor Jewishness uber alles while all goy groups put Jewish-controlled Americanism over their own identities and cultures).

    The only way forward is for American goy groups to rediscover and reconnect with their own kind. So, if you’re Russian-American, choose Russia over Jewish-dominated US. If you’re Iranian, choose Iran over the Jew-SA. If you’re Chinese, favor China over US as the Zion King. If you’re Mexican, hell with gringos-who-cuck-to-Jewez.

    As for the German-American community, it must revive what was so rudely interrupted during World War I. Bring back German language, culture, pride, and heritage. And rewrite the World War I narrative. It wasn’t Germany and German-Americans who turned on the Anglo World but vice versa… with grave consequences for all the world. Anglos must bear blame for their perfidy, especially against their racial cousins.
    German-Americans must first and foremost become Germans uber alles.

    And if any milquetoast conzo or libby-dib whines, “But what about Americanism?”, just ask the idiot, “If you care about Americanism as a universal proposition, why does it revolve around Jewish Supremacism?”

    For Anglo-America to have passed the throne to ultra-tribalist Jews and then bitch and complain about how ‘goy groups must favor generic colorblind Americanism over their own tribes’ is truly rich in irony and hypocrisy. If they really believe this, they should begin with Jews who are the premier violators of the principle. But current Americanism is a stupidism that is incapable of saying what must be said.

  48. It’s more like a family feud. But at the end of the day, the family stays together

    Again, there is no way you could possibly know that. You have decided an outcome and then are working your way backward to flesh it out.

    The rest of your writing appears to be an overlong rationalization of your own personal fantasies. Your reply is overwhelming and I have no desire to be overwhelmed by reading any of it.

    Because the bottom line will always be that Zionists radically believe in a murderous, inhumane, evil philosophy whose goal is to overrun traditional and existing for millennials practices, and replace them with a foreign and unworkable new “reset.”

    The motives may be a deep-seated fear of the gentile. Or not. But it doesn’t matter what it’s from. It is just a terrible terrible philosophy, a misguided way about doing things.

    It’s a waste of time to speculate and theorize who wanted this and that. It’s just all wrong. It doesn’t matter the details of who wants that. None at all.

    Save your deep deep “research” It does not matter at all where it came from. You just know it is just really wrong. Act accordingly.

    So therefore, put the keyboard down, little locust, and calm yourself. Then move on the idiotic and harmful aspects of this hysteria.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  49. Again, there is no way you could possibly know that. You have decided an outcome and then are working your way backward to flesh it out.

    Look… there’s no way of knowing what anyone is really really really thinking unless we have mind-reading machines.

    Even when it’s ascertained that someone murdered someone, do we really know WHY he did it? Even the murderer may not understand his own motives.

    So, I’m not claiming to be able to read the Jewish Mind. Similarly, Jews can’t read non-Jewish minds… even though Jews seem to know everything about what ‘anti-semites’, ‘racists’, ‘white supremacists’, and etc are thinking.

    Still, we can observe what people say and what people do.

    If what they say and what they do are aligned, we can say the people involved practice what they preach. They do what they say.

    If what they say and what they do are at odds, the possibility is they are liars or hypocrites blind to their own BS(as many people are).

    Jews have immense power, and Zionism(that has dehumanized Palestinians and destroyed countless Arab/Muslim lives) suggests at Jewish Supremacism. In that case, Jewish words and Jewish actions often go together. Especially in Israel itself, Jews speak openly about crushing Arabs and taking all of West Bank. Zionist pundits speak of spreading strife all over the Middle East.

    In the West, what Jews preach, they don’t practice. They condemn Hungary for its nationalism but demand that goyim support Jewish nationalism(now fully blown into imperialist-supremacism). Jews pushed tough law-and-order policies to bring down black crime in NY but did an about face and pushed BLM to win black votes against Trump.
    In other words, Jewish Power is all about control, and it will tell any lie and push any hypocrisy to get their way. Notice how Jews use history to drag out skeletons from the goy closet but scream ‘antisemitic’ if they get the same treatment. What does such hypocrisy suggest?

    I don’t have to read minds, which by the way, NO ONE can. The most anyone can do is observe phenomena and connect the dots and make educated guesses:

    What people say, what people do. What people say but don’t do. What people don’t say but do anyway.

    And upon observing these patterns among Jews, who can deny they are in supremacist mode? Of course, there’s the teenie-weenie percentage that Jews don’t want all this power and control but just accidentally stumbled on a course of action that led to lots of power and control without them wanting it. But really…

  50. Wokechoke says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Omnipotent Powerlessness.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  51. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Again, there is no way you could possibly know that. You have decided an outcome and then are working your way backward to flesh it out”
    Jewish groups have come up in support of with those positions themselves.

    They condemn any attempt by gentile to discuss Israeli crimes,obstinacies,intransigence, or impact of American support of Israel on middle east and on negative impacts on America.
    They want the discussion should be conducted by Jewish and in private.

    They have sold the idea that Israel is America’s family and staunchest reliable ally of USA and democratic open egalitarian partner of US . Ask Kagan Kristol Blinken Schumer gang . They have scolded other jewish not to make Israel an issue of Democrat vs GOP. To them,American Jews shoukd not make it a partisan issue ( despite issue being one of the defining charecters of the base of democrats in post Obama and despite issue being onetime defining charecter of GOP before gulf war )
    They have openly advised to other Jews and to gentiles that ‘ we can discuss the differneces privately ‘
    That means no public exposure,input,undersanding.

    Yes you can. How can you otherwise explaine the consensus on Iran,Iraq,Libya,Palestine reached by the Jewish figures sitting on opposite sides of aisle?
    Why does ADL chastize Americans jews when they veer off the consensus on those countries /( ehich means the positiin staked out by Israel) but never bother about Jews ‘s views on abortion, economy, banking or climate change and so on.
    ADL isnt alone. AIPAC ,FDD ,JINSA make the same positions clear. Thats why Vietnam would be opposed by some Jews but American supports for Israeli aggression in 1967 had to be supported by the jews in the college campuses ,media,and in synagogues and congress.

    Democratic’s spokewoman sister of Dana Milbank of WaPo thought democratic party should ask Israel how to formulate and what to pursue middle eastern policies. GOP presidential candidates declared that they would ask Israel what should be done about ME.

    Emmanuel in Obama administration pounded on the table in white house calling Obama Hamas member during Israeli attack on Gaza . Dennnis Ross advises sitting in Obama cabinet how to scuttle Iranian diplomacy and ask Israel to show felixibiility notin action but in aspirations.
    Both talk of human right violations by Iran ,Sudan, Iraq .

    Israel and its supporters have always asserted that Israel should be bipartisan and shoukd be duscussed inside in closed

    Dershowitz Kristl Schumer WaPo NYT and Fox when on same page on Israel and on Israeli enemies , its clear how they differ on most isssues but always come to the synagigue to thrash out any differnces to present one unified Jewish interests .

    May be it just a phone call for non observant Jewish like Dershowitz. .

    • Replies: @restless94110
  52. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    “It’s a waste of time to speculate and theorize who wanted this and that. It’s just all wrong. It doesn’t matter the details of who wants that. None at all.”

    We can argue in favor of lack of responibility of Hitler . Question speculation and theories to claim Hitler ordered murder of Jews and Gypsies .
    We can claim Bush did not know that Saddam had no WMD . We cab say Bush was interested in womans rights and democracy because he said so. He was against sufferrings of Iraqis because he said so.

    We can say the silence of media regarding Anthrax investigation by justice and FBI and vociferous loud screaming of blaming the anthrax attack to Iraq had nothing to do with the already made -up decision to attack Iraq and need to find causes to attack.

    Because neither you nor anybody actually heard Hitler or Bush or media saying and affirming those decisions .
    To the contrary now you dont believe that democracy,freedom and escape from sufferrings were ever on the minds of lying Bush though you had heard him saying that was his aims.

    Are the Jews pushing USA to attack Iran? You bet they are. But they are not saying thatits good for Israel and bad for America .

    Did they push America to attack Iraq? Yes ,they did but saying that in2002 would have been conjectures and antisemitism though saying same now in context of Iran wont be . Anti muslim hysteria undertaken by Israel has softened any resistance to Israeli manipulation. Noone today would question Israel for things that woukd have 30 years ago or 20 years ago woukd have been unthinkable . There is accecptance that Americans can die for Israeli interests . Well Nancy Pelosi and Biden have said so. So have many right wing radio hosts .
    Saying that in 2000 would have been a treason.Did this change occur because of Israeli manipulation? Yes. Israel has always worked to the goal of being granted automatically anything it wants or requires . It has always wanted to be above any fray or debate ? It has always presented its case as abstract as expression of American value that America should defend . Before the birth of Israel,it was Zionism that was according to Weizmann American ideology and American values shich America should respect and defend .
    When he was told about the interests of the majority of Arabs against the minority of Jews,his reply
    ‘ Memory is more important ‘ implying Jewish presence some 2500 years ago.
    Did he believe the shit! No. Did America believe the shitty rationale ? No. But it worked perfectly . That sentiment killed the conversation and closed the door on thejust claims of Arabs.

    Did Israel use terrorism as excuse ? Well again I did not enter into its head but two things I know.
    Israel claimed Saddam was using terrorism and claims Iran is funding terrorism against west . But Trump took Sudan off the terror list because its military agreed to norma,ize relations with Israel. Was Kushner’s influnce the reason ? Absoluetly . But we didnt hear Kushner say so. Was terrorism an excuse and nithing else to Israel? Absolutely . But yiu didnt hear them say so.
    Was Sudan engaged into terrorism against Israel? No .No more than Israel being against westen nations, Sudan but was against its own people and may be USA.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  53. @anon

    Jewish groups have come up in support of with those positions themselves.

    Which proves nothing

    They condemn any attempt by gentile to discuss Israeli crimes,obstinacies,intransigence, or impact of American support of Israel on middle east and on negative impacts on America.
    They want the discussion should be conducted by Jewish and in private

    Who is the “they” in your paragraph above? How do you know them personally?

    Beyond this? I just could not take the time to read your long long long long long long writings which consist of “they do this” and “they do that”

    This is the typical scatter gun approach to discourse: write 10,000 words on 50 topics with every comment reply. I’m not playing that. You constructed it all from your conclusion not from evidence.

    • Replies: @anon
  54. @anon

    You were not satisfied with one 10,000 word reply so you wrote a 2nd one?

    Try writing a 2 paragraph (maximum) reply and we’ll talk. Until then, I’ll stand on your replies just being backwards constructions: conclusion first; reasoning last.

    Remember: 2 paragraphs max. and 1 paragraph is preferable to two.

  55. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Read Read Read Go to Mondoweiss Go to go and surf Counterpunch .com, Read Haaretz and if you dare you can challenge Philip Giraldi here on UNZ

    Or simply read these articles to start the journey .
    1- Men from JINSA and CSP- The Nation
    2-Kissinger Connection by Patrick Foy – Taki’s Magazine


    Start working on this “And he [Paul Wolfowitz Under Secretary of Defense,] said, but one thing we did learn, he said, we learned that we can use our military in the region in the Middle East and the Soviets won’t stop us. He said, and we have got about five or ten years to clean up those all Soviet client regimes; Syria, Iran, Iraq, – before the next great super power comes on to challenge us” General Wesley Clark at the Commonwealth Club in 2007 .

    You can illuminate yourself more by searching the article – Sunshine Warrior- NYTimes -

    Also see how Jewish state as a concept came to exist , answer – by breaching the trust.

    “The first U.S. official to call on Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state was then-U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, after an Israeli diplomat convinced an aide to slip the phrase into a 2001 speech” without the knowledge of anyone . This was claimed by Israeli ambassador to USA that he persuaded the aide to do it.

    You will find “they “ who “they are “ and what they do and how .

    May be you should find Who Whats and When by reading g a bit about Truman’s election and roles of Jewish mony and threats along with bribes and threats to the ambassadors of India Cuba France Liberia Philippines Nicaragua by Jewish figures including by Frankfurter – the justice of supreme court .

    Read .

    • Replies: @restless94110
  56. I am not sure which is more worst, trite somniferous drivel, or the comments.

    If half of what you wrote were true, we Jews are so powerful that you deserve to be our slaves. What else can one conclude from this overwrought mediocre blather? We are born to rule over you dimwits.

    • Disagree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
  57. If half of what you wrote were true, we Jews are so powerful that you deserve to be our slaves.

    We done pick da cotton, massuh. How’s about some chicken and melons for x-mas?

  58. Wokechoke says:
    @PJ London

    Jewish money lenders bankrolled aggressive wars back in those days. Without massive lending medieval wars were short and unsustainable. With Jewish lending they turned into real problems. See Josce of Gloucester and his cosy relationship with Brian de Clare Earl of Pembroke AKA Strongbow and how Strongbow started the colonisation of Ireland with Jewish capital. It’s just fact.

    There’s strong evidence that Roman legions in certain periods of the Republic were Jewish financed. Pompey and Mark Anthony in particular were very close to Jewish slavers. See Pro Flacco.

  59. @anon

    If I see more than 2 paragraphs from you, I’m not reading anything you say at all.

    Pare it down. Make 1 paragraph. Then hit “Publish Comment” You will feel so much better. And so will I and so will everyone else.

  60. Anon[413] • Disclaimer says:

    Will this be of some help then ?

    You don’t know much .That can be forgiven but what can’t be is the fact that you don’t know how to find information .

    Making sense of the information is the next level in the intelligence .You are not there yet . Bye!

  61. Thomasina says:
    @Jung Freud

    I don’t think China has a choice. They shook hands with the Devil decades ago when they were pitched the idea of becoming America’s manufacturer and accepted the offer. The Americans got cheap labor and China ate the pollution. A marriage made in Heaven for the Chinese and American elites; both got filthy rich. The Chinese elite moved to the West with their gains. The Chinese people were gainfully employed in the cities.

    And now they have China by the balls. “Hey, Xi, want to continue to play ball, or do you want us to pack up and move our manufacturing to Vietnam or India? How long do you think you’ll last if we do that? We both want Trump gone. We’re going to rig the election, anyway, but at least the chaos gives us a plausible reason for Trump losing. Capiche?”

    The U.S. elites will own China’s banking system, if they don’t already, while the Chinese people get hooked up on the new opium – consumerism.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  62. @Thomasina

    Xi seems to have realized this. Still, what can he do?

  63. timodei says:

    The most thorough and wide- ranging map /history of strategy and tactics in the subversion
    and conquest of possibly the most succeessful example of enlightened self -governance to date .
    Though it probably makes tiresome reading from a Talmudic perspective , it’s a concise examination
    of the problem , not a word too long , and the flak ,(of the thinly veiled threats to the publisher
    variety) testifies to the veracity of his analysis. I commend TUR for putting it out there .

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