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The New 'Civil War' in America Will be White vs White
Civic Imperialism is Possible but not Civic Nationalism — US was a Race-Nationalist Republic — US Power as Headless Emperor
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Will there be a civil war in America? Of course, this means an intra-white war. There won’t be a civil war within the black community. Not one in the brown community. Not one in the Muslim or Asian community. Not in the Jewish community. While there are Liberal Zionists, Neocon Zionists, and some radical Jews, Jews are not into Jew-vs-Jew conflicts. Jews usually circle the wagons. Will there be a war among the various groups? Blacks vs browns vs Jews vs yellows vs Hindus vs Muslims vs etc? The only states where such is remotely possible are California and SW territories, Florida, New York, and few others. They are very diverse, and various groups don’t see eye to eye. Still, it’s unlikely because most nonwhites EXCEPT FOR BLACKS mostly get along, co-exist quietly, or at least tolerate one another.

Also, as Jews control media and academia, they’ve directed most non-white ire and animus toward Bad Whites. Anti-whiteness is the political glue among nonwhites. It is the one that nominally maintains the alliance of Jews, white cucks, nonwhites, and blacks EVEN THOUGH the group that ALL GROUPS have the most trouble with are blacks by far. But due to mass media manipulation, mass education/indoctrination, and the cult of black cool, there is a tendency among Jews and nonwhites to at least symbolically associate themselves with blackness that represents both natural supremacy(in sports, rap, and sexuality) and historical victimization(as slaves and marchers for Civil Rights).

Of course, if all whites were to vanish into the thin air in the US, the main conflict will be among Jews, nonwhites, and blacks. Without anti-white animus as the unifying glue, it could be hell for all involved. It’s like US and USSR became bitter enemies once Germany and Japan lost out in the game of global hegemony. In a US without whites, Jews and Muslims would be serious rivals, especially as white cucks wouldn’t be around as cheerleaders and foot-soldiers of Zionism and Wars for Israel.

One thing for sure, Jews aren’t going to fight their own battles, and they’ll have a hard time persuading nonwhites and blacks to side with Jews against Muslims. Also, without whitey to blame, most blacks and nonwhites will mainly feel resentful about Jewish wealth, privilege, and power. Without whites to scapegoat as the perennial villains, Jews will have a difficult time in deflecting the rage, resentment, and envy of blacks and nonwhites. I suppose Jews can try to scapegoat other groups. Make blacks and nonwhites resent Asians as too successful. Or try to set Muslims vs Browns vs Blacks. Or try to forge an alliance with Hindus against Muslims. But it will be a tough sell without whites as the all-purpose bad guys and always-reliable-cucks.

But whites do exist, and if there is a ‘civil war’ in the US, it will be a whites vs whites affair. It will mainly be between white priders and white guilters. Between white shucks and white cucks. White Priders will be animated by either overt white pride or refusal to succumb to the cult of ‘white guilt’. Even if civic nationalist than ethno-nationalist, they will reject the notion that whites are especially to blame for the wrongs of the world. Also, they will believe that, in the final equation, whites did far more good than bad in world history.

In contrast, White Guilters will believe that whites are uniquely to blame for what is wrong with the US and the world. Even so, as their minds are molded by Jews, they won’t particularly care for most peoples around the world, no matter how much they’ve been harmed by whites(as foot-soldiers of Jews). After all, most proggy types feel hardly any guilt about or sympathy for Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims whose lives were utterly destroyed by the US empire under Zionist control. They never utter “Palestinian Lives Matter”, “Arab Lives Matter”, “Syrian Lives Matter”, “Iranian Lives Matter”, and etc. They feel nothing for Russians who perished in the gangster capitalist 1990s dominated by Jewish globalists. As their minds are mushy clay toyed with by Jewish Hands, their main passion boils down to ‘white conservatives are nazis’, ‘blacks are so awesome and cool, therefore especially tragic for having suffered’, and ‘homos & trannies are the angels of new spirituality’.

Clearly, the white ‘right’ is far saner than the white ‘left’. Still, what is most tragic is neither side will understand why there is this rift within the white race. Why did so many whites come to hate their own kind, especially in service to Jews and blacks(and really no other people)? And why did they come to believe they are Good Whites on account of celebrating Sodomy while others are Bad Whites because they don’t believe Bruce Jenner is a ‘woman’? Because people on the white ‘right’ are relatively less mind-controlled by Jews, they are more independent and balanced than the morons on the white ‘left’ who are truly pathetic puppets of Jews who control academia and media.

But the problem is ‘white ‘conservatives’ are too stupid and/or ignorant to realize that the main reason for this white-vs-white hatred is Jewish Power. Even as they rant about the ‘left’, they hardly say anything about Jewish Power that has driven the wedge between white people, dividing them between ‘right’ and ‘left’. That Jewish Power has a hand in both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ is easily proven. Why is it that, even as the ‘right’ and ‘left’ berate and insult one another, they go out of their way to prove that they are supportive of Israel and happily servile to Jews?

Donald Trump and his minions were supposed to represent populism and the ‘right’, but there was hardly any talk of white identity/interests but instead endless gibberish about “Muh Israel”. In that sense, the white ‘right’ is only relatively more independent-minded than the white ‘left’. Sadly, it is beholden to Jewish Power even as Jews do everything to dump on it. Things are screwier yet. Jews are dominant in American Liberalism, and that means progs and ‘leftists’ are beholden to Jewish Money.

Also, Jews have funded blacks and nonwhites as allies against whites. But this also means that, at least on the grassroots level, there are many on the ‘left’ who sympathize with Palestinians against Zionists. And such numbers seem to be growing. But at the upper echelons of Liberalism, the power is entirely with Jews and their cuck-progs and toadies who grovel at the feet of Zion. Still, even if muted and muffled, the most vocal anti-Zionist voices are found on the American ‘left’ at the grassroots level. BDS is dominated by grassroots left and totally crushed by Jews.

In contrast, given the Jewish animus toward the American ‘right’, one would think most conservatives and the like would be anti-Jewish. But sadly, many on the ‘right’ are even more supportive of Jews and Israel than those on the grassroots ‘left’ are. In a sane America, both white ‘right’ and white ‘left’ should unite in a ‘civil war’ against Jewish Power, the real supremacist force in American Politics and foreign policy. But in Crazy America, the Jews, the most insanely tribal and supremacist people, have convinced idiot white ‘progs’ to revile and attack other white people as ‘supremacist’ on account of them saying “It’s Okay to be White.” White ‘progs’ seem to believe that Jews suppress ‘white supremacism’ for the sake of equality and social justice.

In truth, Jews suppress white identity/interests to make whites cuck to and serve Jewish Supremacism. Are white ‘progs’ really this retarded? If they are truly about justice and morality, why have they been silent about Wars for Israel under Obama and Hillary as puppets of Jews? For all their yammering about justice for all peoples around the world, their political perspective is so provincially centered on the US Big Media Narrative spun by Jewish oligarchs. They never question the education or information pushed on them; they just mindlessly believe on faith on account of being told that people who adopt such-and-such viewpoints are ‘woke’ and ‘progressive’. But in truth, the current ‘left’ and ‘right’ are fluid, both manipulated by those above.

Today’s ‘left’ is about globo-homo vanity over working class interests, and today’s ‘right’ is about ‘gay marriage is okay but trannies in washroom is not’… but wait a few years and ‘trannies in washroom’ will be the new ‘rightist’ value while the ‘left’ finds some other kooky issue to foam at the mouth over. The ‘left’ is retarded, but the ‘right’ is dumb. Haven’t white ‘rightists’ figured out that the Jewish agenda for them is White Nakba? Jews are using Diversity-Inclusion to bring about the Great Replacement of whites by non-whites in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US. Given such an agenda, when will whites wake up and begin to identify with Palestinians? But these idiot white ‘rightists’ go on supporting Jewish Supremacism EVEN AS Jews never tire of accusing them of ‘white supremacism’. Morons.

Now, there have been elements on the Right that have been critical of Jewish Power, but too many turned out to be Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Denier cranks. Richard Spencer is a prime example. Instead of arguing against Jewish Supremacism and neo-imperialism/globalism, he just wants Anglo-Germanic supremacy to gain dominance and mess up the world in some Nietzschean game of chess. What’s the point of opposing one supremacism to push another? What’s the point of vilifying Jewish supremacism if one is going to extol Nazi-German supremacism? It’s utterly idiotic.

The American Civil War was not a white-versus-white war, at least not thematically. Sure, it was mostly a war fought among whites, but the driving force behind the conflict was not anti-white animus. It wasn’t as if Northern whites were anti-white ‘ni**ger-lovers’ who decided to kill bushels of Southern whites. The war was over preservation of the Union vs Secession. While some Northern Whites were inspired by abolitionism, most supported the war to preserve the Union. Abraham Lincoln felt the same way. And in the years after the war ended, Northern Whites and Southern Whites came to an understanding, and they saw the need to control the blacks.

In contrast, many whites today are truly mentally deranged in their anti-white lunacy. But there is no logic or consistency to their worldview. The cult of ‘white guilt’ is purely selective, usually decided by Jews who push the mental buttons via their control of media and academia. After all, if indeed white progs are surely anti-supremacist, anti-tyranny, and anti-injustice, why were they so silent about or even supportive of Obama-Hillary puppet regime’s destruction of Libya and Syria? Why weren’t they supportive of efforts on Trump’s part to end US entanglement in Syria? Why are they silent about all those dead Iraqis and suffering Iranians as the result of US pro-Zionist policy? Why didn’t they march in support of Palestinians in the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Pogroms of 1948?

One thing for sure, the white ‘left’ is not motivated by true sense of justice but vain opportunism of virtue-signaling. Iraqi lives mattered when Evil Bush II was invading Iraq, but Libyan lives didn’t matter when Obama destroyed that country. Progs whine about ‘nazis’ but were silent about Jews working with quasi-nazi types in Ukraine. They claim to abhor supremacism, but they are okay with US foreign policy favoring Jews/Zionism over Palestinians. They’ve done nothing about blue cities/states banning BDS. They expressed outrage over ‘sexism’ when it came to Trump but feigned ignorance when it came to Bill Clinton, black athletes, and homo degenerates. There is no rhyme or reason to their moral logic. When illegals were detained under Obama, they were silent. When they were detained under Trump, it was the New Holocaust!!! They didn’t care about all the dead Muslims caused by Obama-Hillary’s wars(guided by Jewish supremacists), but they suddenly made a big fuss about all those poor-poor Muslims travel-banned by Trump.

They talk about history and ‘white guilt’, but they say almost nothing about American Indians, the most tragic people, the only one that suffered something like genocide in the New World. Even though mass immigration finished off the Indians, progs celebrate mass-immigration. So, what is prog mentality really about? It is just childish parroting of whatever is fed to stupid white minds by Jewish control of media and academia. If Jews say, “Be outraged about this”, white progs are outraged about ‘this’. Russia Collusion!!! If Jews say, “Be outraged about that”, white progs are outraged about ‘that’. Black Lives Matter!!! Never mind these urban progs supported stop-and-frisk, mass-immigration, and gentrification that pushed many blacks out of rich cities. The prog mind is all about fashion. It’s about the flavor of the month. It is the product of political advertising. It is so shallow that it lacks any sense of real history, memory, and moral logic.

But then, the American ‘right’ is only slightly better. Even as it chooses pride over guilt, it shares basically the same premise as that of the ‘left’, which is why it keeps losing the debate. The premise is, “Jews are especially wise and wonderful”, “blacks are holy and noble”, and “the greatest evil in the world is ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’.” So, the American ‘right’ agrees with all that but only argues that America isn’t so bad because it redeemed itself with progress and wealth-creation. But didn’t anyone realize that favoring Jews and blacks uber alles is a form of ‘racism'(defined as racial supremacism)? Just ask the Palestinians. And why is it a matter of justice to pay special heed to blacks even when they act like savage apes while ignoring the plight of other groups harmed by blacks? It’s one thing to redress historical wrongs but quite another to endow certain groups with the license to cheat, lie, steal, rob, rape, and murder on account of ‘muh victimhood’. It’d be like making excuses for American Indians who go from state to state to scalp people and hack them to death on account of ‘muh suffering’.

One thing for sure, the notion of ‘civic nationalism’ is total bull. There can be ‘civic imperialism’ but never ‘civic nationalism’. Many have a false impression of the US as a ‘civic nationalist’ republic for most of its history because of the Constitution, but in fact, the US has mostly been a racial-nationalist republic(if not a ethnic one). The facade of ‘civic nationalism’ was possible ONLY BECAUSE the US was a solidly white majority nation, one that was founded and built by Anglos who then Anglo-ized the Germanics.

Later, Anglo-Germanic America compelled all Europeans, from South and East, to assimilate into Anglo-Germanic norms. As most Europeans were racially close, they could blend into this new identity called ‘American’, which upon closer inspection was really Anglo-Germanic American. That was the essence of American Nationalism. It was race-nationalism. The solid white majority of Anglo-Germanic norms became the spine of American Nationalism. Unlike in Europe where each ethnic group maintained its separateness in their distinct territories, the understanding among various European immigrants to America was they would adopt the Anglo-Germanic norms as the main characteristics of Americanism; that gave them license to move, live, and settle anywhere in America. It was why the US didn’t end up like Yugoslavia. This Americanism was passed off as ‘civic nationalism’, but it worked only because most immigrants were white and could blend into Anglo-Germanic America in their willingness to assimilate. And many naturally wanted to assimilate as they readily realized that Anglos and Germans had created a superior order of productivity, relative liberty, and opportunity in the New World.

Would ‘civic nationalism’ have worked in the US if most immigrants from the beginning were from Africa, Asia, Middle East, brown parts of Latin America, and etc? No, it would have been much more difficult for nonwhites with strikingly different cultural backgrounds to assimilate into Anglo-Germanic America. Even after all these centuries, the color lines remain notable in Latin America even though Latin American nations officially make big noises about civic nationalism and people not seeing color. The US worked as a race-nationalist republic. All this talk of ‘muh constitution’ misses the point. Latin America had constitutions nearly identical to that of the US, but things turned out differently because the racial demographics and dynamics were different. Indeed, Canada didn’t rebel against the King, and Australia started out as a depressing penal colony, and yet, isn’t it odd that US, Canada, and Australia turned out more alike in many respects than with democracies in Latin America inspired by American Independence?

Now, ‘civic imperialism’, though problematic, is a possibility, as it was in the era of the Roman Empire. With no racial, ethnic, and/or spiritual core to unite all the people, Roman citizenship was a matter of the law and loyalty to the state. And Civic Imperialism seems to be the general direction of the globalist enterprise with the US as the Metropole. But unlike the Roman Empire where the Romans ruled, any people can come to the US and climb up the ladder to elite status. And whites, whose ancestors founded and built this country, are not only supposed to tolerate and accept this transformation but welcome and celebrate it as ‘progress’ based on ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’.

But then, this model in some ways resembles the Roman Empire in that the ruling elites will not be chosen purely on meritocratic or ideological basis. There will be meritocracy in that smarter ones will rise higher, and there will be ideology at work in that ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ will mandate the promotion of blacks and browns with lesser credentials. But at the very top will be Jewish Power that shall go unchallenged. Jews have the most money, control key institutions and mass media, dominate popular entertainment(that shapes so many minds), and etc.

Also, Jews know that MOST PEOPLE are apathetic and disengaged. So, all they have to do is buy off the ‘elites’ of various communities. It doesn’t matter if most blacks aren’t keen on Jews. As long as Jews control the black ‘leaders’, black politics won’t stand in the way of Zionism and Jewish Supremacism. Same with ‘Latinos’ and Asians. Even Muslims, especially those from nations like Pakistan who feel little affinity with Arabs. Still, to the extent that all peoples are allowed to emigrate to the US and climb up the elite ladder, the globo-homo US empire will be more like Byzantium where the leadership was far more varied than in the Western Empire.

While Civic Imperialism is doable, it’s extremely expensive. Unlike Civic Nationalism that can exist on a humble level, Civic Imperialism requires tremendous power and expenditure. Empire is about overreaching. It is about power at the epic level. It’s like the mega Hollywood Epic must spend lots of money and make lots of money. There is no other way. Nationalist loyalty isn’t based on super-power or super-wealth. A person could be living in a middling nation or even a poor nation. But he may still have a deep sense of nationalism and loyalty to country and folks for reasons of tradition, sentimentality, and sense of roots. It doesn’t require much for nationalism to operate. Rich nation or poor nation, nationalism is possible. Strong nation or weak nation, nationalism comes naturally.

But empire means stretching power over vast distances and diverse peoples, many of whom have little in common. Empire demands that these diverse peoples pledge allegiance to ANOTHER power that would play the role of center-of-the-universe. But the ONLY way to persuade various peoples to obey a foreign power is through the combination of big sticks and big carrots, both of which are extremely expensive. The various peoples must be threatened with force and/or bought with bribes. They must be made willing partners or unwilling partners. It is the ONLY way an empire can be maintained. It requires extra-exertion of power and wealth. For those in the metropole, it is both exhausting and exhilarating. The empire must always scramble for more lands and peoples to control. It’s a 24/7 enterprise of more wars, more markets, more peoples, more agendas.

Yet, those in the metropole feel the power and importance. They become addicted, just like the Romans did. And even though the peoples of other nations who become subjects to this neo-imperial power feel resentment, they also long to be a part of it. And as long as mass immigration is allowed, they would rather take part in the empire than resist it, especially as immigration to the US means a better material life. Also, PC gives the impression to nonwhites that they are on the rise, on the cusp of taking power. Even as they are submitting to and taking part in the empire, they feel that they are serving ‘social justice’ because they are rising at the expense of whites who are being diminished demographically, politically, and economically.

Thus, if old Western Imperialism was about white rule over nonwhites, the American neo-imperialist globalism is about maintaining an empire that facilitates the takeover of the West by the Non-West. At the twilight of the Age of Empires following World War II, the Non-West took up National Liberation against Western Imperialism. Today, the idea is that the Non-West should take part in the Neo-Imperialist Enterprise, a kind of mutual imperialism where the West and Non-West invade one another and merge into one.

Or so it seems. Because behind all this is Jewish Power that is determined to remain at the very top. No matter who rises and falls in the elite hierarchy, they are to serve the Jews and support Zion. And why? Jews got the money and power; they get to play thumbs up or thumbs down as to who joins the elite ranks and who doesn’t. Jews know that whites are too castrated and cucked to disobey the Jews. But Jews are taking no chances. They sniffed pitchfork populism in the candidacy of Donald Trump and intended to crush it for good. As for nonwhites, Jews know that the diverse bunch can never come together to take on Jewish Power. Jews can play divide-and-rule among the various groups forever.

Can this Civic Imperialist enterprise succeed? It may for some time because the US is so vast, rich in resources, & plentiful in food, and have so much talent. Past empires had an Achilles Heel in the size ratio. The imperial center was far smaller and poorer in natural resources than the imperial possessions. Thus, more sticks had to be used as there weren’t enough carrots to go around to bribe the subjects. But the US is an empire unto itself, especially with Alaska in tow. It has vast riches all on its own and generates excess food, fuel, and resources. It has a big stick but also lots of carrots to go around. So, unlike the Italian peninsula, Spain/Portugal, Britain, Holland, and France, it is better able to meet the demands of expenditure necessary to maintain the empire. (It also has Dollar Supremacy.)

Still, there are so many contradictions in the American Way. How long can Jewish Power remain hidden? Also, as long as it remains hidden, it’s hard to tell who is ruling America? If Jews, the top power in America, won’t declare themselves the ruling elites, who is the captain of the ship? White people? But white people have been so discredited morally, racially, and historically that this isn’t workable. Notice that white political candidates NEVER talk about white interests and instead try to justify their careers on what they’ve done for Jews, homos, and nonwhites, especially blacks. Are blacks in charge? The problem is blacks are too much in victim-complaint mode to take over as ruling elites. The mode of black politics isn’t “We have the broadness of vision and magnanimity to rule” but “blackity-blackness”. Their focus is too narrow to represent all of America. Black political mindset isn’t about “what is good for all Americans” but “what all Americans owe us blackity-blackity blacks.”

So, we have a strange situation. America is the most powerful nation on Earth, but it looks like a headless emperor. Jews are really the head of America but won’t show it. If the white head shows up, it is egged on as ‘white privilege’ or ‘white supremacism’. If the black head appears as the godhead of Americanism, all it says is “We da victim, gimme gimme gimme”, which isn’t exactly dignified or ‘presidential’. Obama did seem to introduce a new kind of black politics at a higher level, but he turned out to be a worthless puppet of Jewish Power and then ended up torching America with another round of black rage politics. It’s hard to tell the future under such circumstances.

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  1. Kim says:

    This article fails bcs it does not describe what a “civil war” would entail.

    Ofc Whites are under attack via a propaganda war and through myriad psyops, but that has been underway since the 1940s at least.

    If the author is talking about kinetic warfare, then there would be more players than just the races as the federal and state governments would also try to be involved, and even foreign governments.

    But that would all depend on what precipitated kinetic action and where. If, for example, there were an economic collapse, the value of the dollar halved, the prices of basic goods halved, and government employees were dismissed en masse, we might get crime waves…but in what parts of the country and what would be targeted?

    The only way that I can see mass organized violence is where local armed people organized themselves into resource-seeking criminal gangs or to defend themselves against predatory interlopers.

    That does not sound like White Vs White to me.

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Z-man
  2. Jim Yost says:

    A civil war won’t happen, because it would take a lot of hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice, all of which would cut into people’s TV and movie watching time.

  3. Kim says:

    Sorry, I meant prices of basic goods hyperinflated, not halved.

  4. Bill H. says:

    There are no adults. People become adults physically, but remain children emotionally and intellectually. They are not, as my generation was, taught those things that differentiate grownups from children.

    My sister used to provoke fights between myself and my brother. Once we were fighting, she would go tell our mother that we were fighting. The two of us would be in trouble for fighting, and she would get a cookie for being a good girl. My brother and I had to grow up in order to realize that it was our sister that was causing the fights.

    • Agree: Wokechoke
    • Thanks: Renard
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  5. @Bill H.

    Reminds me of the Rothschilds, playing all the countries of Europe against each other!

    • Agree: Zane, Irish Savant
  6. Northern whites decided to kill bushels of Southern whites. OUT OF CONTEXT, but actually the right answer.

  7. anarchyst says:

    Here is a prime example of Whites being “their own worst enemy”:
    One can easily tell that most Whites have been brainwashed by the incessant drumbeat of “racism” and “discrimination” being totally a fault of “white-run society”.
    A good example of “Whites being their own worst enemy” is the (White) opposition to the “safe spaces” movement being advocated by “people of color”, mostly blacks.
    When proposals were made at various “institutions of higher learning” to allow certain facilities (living spaces and other meeting places) to restrict admission to only “people of color”, the outcry from Whites was deafening. Complaints were made by well-meaning but misguided Whites that this would promote “discrimination” and “exclusion”…to which I say: “what’s wrong with that?”
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any racial and ethnic group voluntarily segregating themselves, as long as this policy is allowed “across the board” (including the right of us Whites to do so as well).
    Whites are missing an opportunity to restore true “freedom of association” not only for blacks, but for ourselves as well. If “people of color” can have their own exclusive facilities, so can us Whites.
    Of course, we will have to contend with the “elephant in the room” (jews) who are totally against any form of voluntary segregation, separation or preference, (except for themselves) as such a policy would dilute (((their))) parasitic, destructive ability to marginalize and debase societies for their own nefarious and criminal purposes.
    It is interesting to note that jews reserve the right to establish their own exclusionary societies while demanding that “the rest of us (goyim)” succumb to the false, destructive siren song of “multiculturalism and diversity”.
    A good example of jewish exclusion and the flouting of all “civil-rights” and “non-discrimination” laws can be found in “jews-only” communities such as Kiryas Joel, New York.

    • Agree: mark green, Renard
    • Replies: @c matt
    , @DanFromCT
  8. @Jim Yost

    I hope that sports, specifically football, baseball and basketball, were included in “people’s TV and movie watching time.” Many so-called “conservatives” can reel off “fuutbaw” or “basebaw” stastics on cue, but cannot tell the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. The motion-picture industry is the most powerful weapon ever devised by mankind, and it is solely in the hands of Hebrews.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
    , @anarchyst
    , @Eagle
  9. SafeNow says:
    @Jim Yost

    A civil war won’t happen, because it would take a lot of hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice…

    I actually witnessed it not happen. I was a student at a so-called elite New England University, late 60s – – exactly when and where the unraveling all began. Spineless students like me, and especially spineless faculty and administrators, could have stopped it right there. But no, too much hassle, a bit to maybe lose personally, so just keep your head down. So, I am sorry; I and my kind blew it.

  10. @Ivbin Band

    Is it time we make our own movies, then?

    • Replies: @Rooster16
  11. Now, there have been elements on the Right that have been critical of Jewish Power, but too many turned out to be Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Denier cranks.

    Funny how that keeps happening. Almost as if anyone who gets truly Jew-wise realizes that Hitler was more right than wrong, and the Holy Caust is irrelevant. The task of gatekeepers like J/F is the write 5000 words that’s sorta Jewwise but sneer at anyone who “gets silly” about it. Otherwise they might get really silly and you know, DO something.

    • Agree: Z-man, c matt, Exile
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @hillaire
  12. Jacobite2 says:

    There is an ‘American Nation’ which is about 60% of US residents, but there is no American state. Individuals are born into a nation (all sharing one common race, religion, language, culture, history, etc.), while citizenship in a state is a legal status.
    The fact that the US was an American state until the 1960s, was only due to the de jure and de facto segregation of Africans from white society. I am surprised that I never hear mentioned the fact that Africans have managed to live in the US for 400 years without becoming assimilated to American society or culture.
    Any time more than one human being, or group of humans inhabit the same territory, one person/group will be dominant (supreme) and any others will be subordinate. This is called the dominance hierarchy and is universal human behavior, as well as a mathematical matrix. The fact that this seems to be unknown among most whites is no accident. After all, when “white supremacy” is attacked as intolerable, any student of human behavior is going to ask: if not whites, who IS going to be supreme?

    • Replies: @KrisP
  13. A pattern in your essays is to cite and concede black supremacy in “athletics” or “sports”. You must know this is an illusion created by Jewish media promotion of the several sports in which blacks numerically dominate. Consider: Who are the world’s strongest men? Top ten WSM year after year: overwhelmingly white. Who is the world decathlon champion/record holder/”world’s greatest athlete”? World shot put, discus, javelin champions/record holders? CrossFit champions/”world’s fittest men”? Why do you not know their names?

  14. @Peter D. Bredon

    The task of gatekeepers like J/F is the write 5000 words that’s sorta Jewwise but sneer at anyone who “gets silly” about it. Otherwise they might get really silly and you know, DO something.

    Agree. Andrea is largely FoS and an ani-white, Jewish supremacist. Of course large parts of the holocaust are utter bs, and there is absolutely nothing crazy about resenting or questioning the story, or questioning why Americans should care or pay for the holocaust.

    And her black worship is more bs. Nobody respects, fears, admires, or desires blacks as a group. It’s funny that she mentions the “molding” of white minds and holds on to black worship as if it’s natural.

  15. anonymous[464] • Disclaimer says:

    Spineless Whites who will not stand up for other Whites, or themselves. White womyn are a disaster, but White men aren’t much, either.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  16. anarchyst says:
    @Ivbin Band

    I’ve been criticizing White men for supporting professional “sports” for more than a few decades. I never watched that garbage…
    Not only the “Negro Felon League” and the “Negro Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly White skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology. When (((they))) banned the “Stars and Bars” flag, a part of their history, NASCAR sealed its fate, along with the promotion of substandard “affirmative action” negro driver “bubba” wallace complaining about “racist” garage door pulls, NASCARs fate was set. To add insult to injury, recently “bubba” wallace’s typical black violent tendencies were on full display.
    Let’s not forget the billions spent by White male “sports fans” on negro ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), all to benefit the (((owners))) of the criminal steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.
    “Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…
    It is disgusting to see White men spout off useless and meaningless sports statistics and the adulation that they give these costumed players (actors). It is just sickening to see White men debase themselves.
    I realize that negro ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down derisively on grown White men who sport their favorite negro ball players clothing or other accouterments. I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”
    There are much better things for white men to do than watch negro ball sports.
    Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow Whites to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media and useless professional sports.
    Message to White men: Get away from the negro ball. You are much better than that…

  17. anon[198] • Disclaimer says:

    This article is relatively concise and covers a lot of useful ground.

  18. Blacks mostly get along? I’m glad this moron put that in early so I could skip the rest. Fucking idiocy. Sorry.

    • Replies: @Kim
  19. Everytime I read your stuff (but not the incredibily long posts…I have more important things to do) I wonder…where do you come up with this stuff? Oh, and your perspective on Jews is interesting condidering Freud was Jewish and Jung was also Jewish….Hmmmmmm…..

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  20. Kim says:
    @Michael Fury

    The world’s best boxers have been White and latino for decades.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @Jeffrey A Freeman
  21. Inserting skin color or race into the social divide in America confuses the real issue. That issue is social class. There are two middle classes in America: the Newer Knowledge-Welfare Class and the Older Business-Farmer-Independent Worker Class. The Knowledge Class mainly depends on government outlays or regulations that create government outlays; the “Takers”. They are composed of professionals, academics, media, Hollywood, educators, therapists and the para-professionals. The Business Class are the “Makers” and producers, but not producers of knowledge or narratives by which we view the world.

    With the long term likelihood of a contracting economy, the welfare state will have less to support the Knowledge Class. So, they have declared uncivil war on those states, occupations, and voluntary organizations of the Working-Business Class by secession via choreographed race riots, by medical tyranny to deny government support to the Working Class wherever they can get away with it, the kidnapping and brainwashing of children and turning them into the opposite sex, etc., etc., etc.

    I would suggest reading Michael Lind’s book The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite.

  22. Kim says:
    @Jim Christian

    He also referred to “holocaust denier cranks”.

    He is a retard.

    • Agree: Jim Christian, boynkin
  23. Thomm says:

    The faultline between whites is not where the article says it is.

    No discussion of race/HBD is complete without a deep examination of the unusually high variance in the quality of whites, which is revealed with research that I have posted here.

    The white genome has a special feature that ensures that all undesirable traits fall into a small fraction of the population (estimated at 10-20%), and the remaining 80-90% of us this remain fully free of flaws.

    This creates a bi-modal distribution of white ‘quality’. Hence, white quality is not even a continuum, but rather a functional race of exceptional people, daylight in between, and a defective subrace where 10-20% reside. This subrace effectively functions as a wastebasket into which unwanted genetic waste is dumped, for efficient removal from our genome.

    The quality of the parents has no bearing on whether their offspring will be functional or a member of this ‘wastebasket’ subrace. Poor, uneducated white parents still produce functional offspring 80-90% of the time, while even the most impressive parents produce an offspring designed for wastebasket purposes 10-20% of the time. In that way, the white genome is very egalitarian as far as which parents are going to bear the misfortune of a boy that becomes a WN fag, or a girl that becomes a radical feminist.

    Since this defective subrace is not meant to reproduce, it entirely explains why the men become White Trashionalists, while the women become the fat bluehaired feminists. Both of these groups are equal in number, and neither has a significant presence of people from the other gender.

    More proof :

    In the 2020 election, we saw that at least 54% of white women voted for Trump and downticket GOP candidates. Yet the White Trashionalist community has virtually zero women in it, aside from a couple of elderly fag hags (Rosie and Alden, in the case of this website). The WN community obviously has nothing to do with the GOP or support of President Trump.

    How can there be no women? Could it have something to do with the fact that 40%+ of WNs openly and proudly say that :

    i) They would rather have sex with a white man than a black woman, since racial loyalty trumps sexual orientation, and producing no baby is better than producing a mulatto baby.
    ii) They have no problem with transgenderism, since the race of the person did not change, so nothing meaningfully changed about their suitability as a sexual partner.

    This pattern becomes evident from viewing the comments on any WN-heavy website. The overwhelming homosexuality of the WN community is just one of the reasons that the ideology will never be able to recruit heterosexuals.

    Politics is a circle, and that is why WNs and antifags freely cross over, given the almost total ideological similarities between the two. In fact, participating in antifa-type activities gives WN wiggers rare access to the females of their defective subrace. Hence, when the police round up the degenerates, the photos of arrestees looks like this :

    Notice how defective they look, from their faces alone. They are too far removed from the functional white race to be considered members of the same race. Once again, politics is a circle, and WNs and antifags freely cross over into each others’ ranks (see : Andrew Anglin). The two should not even be distinguished, for reasons described above.

  24. IronForge says:

    Author needs to take a breather; and look at the Legal+Illegal Migrations and Birth Stats.

    Strangely, Author mentions “Latinos” only once in this Article; but Murica will have a Hispanic Majority in the next few decades – and will probably have Spanish and English as Official Languages.

    OpenBorders Advocates and Traffickers managed to steer the Demographic Shift into an irreversible direction.

    The Woked Social Manipulators aren’t helping at All. I just recently saw a MTV Ad on a Generic Oldies Sitcom Station at a Hospital Waiting Area for a Drag Queen Show during Meal Hours – Fat, Ugly, Crossdressers with Heavy Makeup – shown as if they were some type of glamour? Models… I don’t see the Entertainment/Educational/Artistic – Value? They didn’t appear to be comedians or musicians. I thought Cable/Fiber/Streaming Services had specialized Channels for those bizarre lifestyles.

    Murican Parents may need to keep their attention focused not only on “Storybook Hours”; but also on Hormone-Altering Schemes in Schools.

    Sorry, Folks – I’m leaving this Crazy Train.

    I hope for the Best for All Law Abiding Peoples here in the USA.

    • Replies: @Copperhead
  25. White Windbags will quietly retreat to their reservations. It is all bombast and bluster. US population is simply too domesticated into servicing credit card debt and car loans. They are easily corralled by Facebook and Google and Apple to be good little drones

  26. RVIDXR says:

    This article assumes a lot of things that there’s currently no evidence for and is seemingly gaming out several different scenarios that would only be possible on several conflicting contingencies, all of it taken together as one unified prediction is wholly unrealistic.

    The fact is won’t be anything resembling the original Civil War because American Whites are intracially multicultural, the majority of them have an implicitly, if not explicitly, negative racial identity and they’re so atomized that any willful collective action on their part is physically impossible outside of being reactionary. That’s been the default state for a long long time now, something that has kept the GOP alive despite that party being utterly worthless. Outside of some external event that breaks civilization down enough to force survival conditions, like an economic collapse and mass looting for survival, not just looting flat screen TVs but actual food, nothing will force Whites collectivize and resort to organized violence to defend themselves. Even in that scenario it won’t be explicitly racial it’ll just organically play out that way due to racial differences in demographics.

    It’s also possible that sincere secessionist movements will sprout up as civilization decays but that would require basic needs to be removed and enough like minded Whites concentrated together to work, something the federal government is actively working against with ceaseless forced diversity policies. Then there’s the question of how far these hypothetical secessionists and in turn the federal government would be willing to go to enact their will and the effective might of each opposing group. The federal government is totally lacking in conscience so wouldn’t hesitate to react with extreme violence but how far would they go and vice versa, would the secessionists be willing to go all the way? Then there’s the question of which side would have the competence necessary to win?

    That’s a lot of what ifs that are next to impossible to predict right now and all of it hinges on how well ZOG manages the decline of the US, if they can keep people fed and housed in perpetuity it’s virtually guaranteed they’ll run down the demographic clock on White people, both from ethnic cleansing and Whites fleeing, but if some type of collapse happens while there’s still a lot of Whites around then that outcome is far from assured.

    In any case people need to be sober minded about what the future holds, the only thing we can predict with any accuracy is that things are going to get really bad, outside of a deus ex machina that’s guaranteed but beyond that nothing is certain.

    • Agree: boynkin
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @anonymous
  27. Franz says:

    How long can Jewish Power remain hidden?

    This is the 20th anniversary of hundreds of people in California, and other places, wearing “NO WAR FOR ISRAEL” tee shirts. We ended up with… about 20 years of wars for Israel.

    So saying it and even demonstrating it has happened. Big news wouldn’t cover it so our Masters just waited it out, knowing whites will find something to fight each other about and forget as usual.

  28. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s hard to tell the future under such circumstances.

    Not that hard if you get to a high level of abstraction. In fact, you said it yourself:

    While Civic Imperialism is doable, it’s extremely expensive. Unlike Civic Nationalism that can exist on a humble level, Civic Imperialism requires tremendous power and expenditure. Empire is about overreaching. It is about power at the epic level. It’s like the mega Hollywood Epic must spend lots of money and make lots of money.

    In the old aphorism, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.”

    The present system is possible because the US Federal Government’s (USFG’s) income is borrowed, and is thus independent of the American taxpayer. The USFG can borrow money only because of globalism, which requires that the US suppress local wars and police the sea lanes. The US has lost its ability to do either.

    This is demonstrated by the transformation of DoD from an expeditionary military force to a regime protection force. In the previous DoD, SOF served essentially as scouts, USMC and Airborne as pioneers, followed by the regular Army infantry/armor/artillery. The new DoD is intended for use against the civil populace. The COVID immunization affair is about purging members of DoD who will not blindly follow orders. Blindly following orders is necessary and sufficient in a regime protection force (which does not fight a peer opponent), but not in a regime protection force, which fights the civil populace, which is its own recruiting pool.

    By the same token, the US Navy has transformed into a CVN heavy blue water Navy, good only for dominating the seas and useless for patrolling sea lanes.

    This has resulted in a highly unstable world situation, in which the US attempt to expand globalization into the Levant and Afghanistan has failed, and the US is being ejected from Eurasia. Even if the US wins the Ukraine/Russian Federation (RF) war, the US will no longer be able to sell debt to a deindustrialized Europe, nor are RF and the People’s Republic of China apt to buy US debt.

    In short, there will be no money, and the current system will fail. I’d say that the current political situation is much like that of Naipaul’s_A Bend in the River_ (1979), in which officials, seeing that their government would not last long, tried to steal as much as they could while they could because they would need money to survive after losing their current jobs.

    I should like to point out that the US is run by political parties (AKA “political machines”), and that the Jewish coalition appears to have lost heavily to the Black coalition, having lost control of the media and being classified as White under the Civil Rights Act ( ). Furthermore, we can no longer criticize Blacks, while Blacks can criticize the Jewish establishment (see W. Goldberg’s remarks on the “Holocaust”, and Ye’s remarks on “Jewish power”, either of which would have been suppressed before 2008). This suggests that the Black coalition (which controls most US urban areas, the “chocolate cities”) is now dominant.

    I should also point out that the apparently dominant Black coalition appears to be bringing the US system of government and economic / international system to an end, in effect destroying the income stream they need to maintain the current system. The Black coalition apparently intends to rule through force, as African governments rule.

    So, yes, what you say is all too true. Your success indicates that your opposition has lost, and you are mopping up. I say that, while mopping, watch your back. There is a new coalition in power.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
    , @Kim
  29. Nobody who knows of the crimes committed in the name of Communism, in Russia and China in particular, would ever say that the Germans are Uniquely Evil. And the more I think of it now, the more I realize that when they say The Holocaust is Uniquely Evil, that is their veiled way of making the claim that the German people are.

    (((They))) are never against Hate Speech in principle. Always remember that. After all, what is the purpose of Holocaust Education? The purpose of Holocaust Education is to teach people to hate Germans, Germany, and all things German!

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  30. GMC says:

    In all of the US History , divide and conquer the people has always been in play. From the Indians to the chinese, japanese, germans, irish, blacks and now the white people.
    Why would an intelligent president set the slaves free with a civil war raging ? Why wouldn’t he have made a statement that the slaves will be set free 5 yrs. after the War ends, so they could help rebuild the South and Northern towns destroyed . And in return, they will recieve land to built their homes on – or something to that effect. So simple, but that doesn’t go along with the divide and conquer plan that always supersedes Intelligence. This “There can be only one ” plan needs to be hung out and buried.

  31. @Anonymous

    Our only hope, is that a rift occurs between the Blacks and the Jews!

  32. But whites do exist, and if there is a ‘civil war’ in the US, it will be a whites vs whites affair. It will mainly be between white priders and white guilters.


    It will be between (mainly) white separatists who have become a People without a country and what is left of the Federal Government after Russia, China and the death of the American Dollar are finished with it. Other races or ethnicities may want to carve out jurisdictions of their own. State and local governments and foreign nationals could be involved on either side. The States are already not united. With or without war the lower 48 will balkanize. Some States will break apart as well. Whether or not some whites “feel” proud or guilty will not affect the outcome.

    • Replies: @Marcion
  33. Z-man says:

    Long friggin article, skimmed thru the first half then inferred 😄 and went to the comments.
    You mentioned kinetic warfare, well you have dumb Ukrainians supported by dumb Polacks fighting the Russians. That’s white vs white but yeah it’s in far off very eastern Europe. But, even though it’s in far off Kievan Rus the Jews have their hands deep in it, and that’s mostly American Jews-of both the NEOCON and Bolshevik variety. Very diverse, no?
    As far as America goes, the almost total control of the media and money by the Cabal and Vampire Squid (one and the same) has to be broken. Maybe kinetic warfare will be required.
    Or, it might/will take Devine intervention to… resolve.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  34. Kim says:

    The blacks are not in charge and never will be. They are hand puppets for the kikes. And the fairy tale you are telling of the yids losing power to the coons is ridiculous on its face, an obvious yid cover story they are using to draw fire away from their own gangsterism.

    Get back to us again with that funny little story when the coons are running the banks and the media.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    History does repeat, just the names and places change. The Rhine is now the Rio Grande. Instead of Octavian saying give me back my legions, it will be some president saying give me back my carrier groups. The army once reflected native sons voluntarily fighting for it nations survival, now its mostly people joining for pay and benefits. The founders of this nation were refering to European diversity, not worldwide diversity, they would have never considered todays nightmare policies. Every empire goes through collapse, some take longer than others. Ours will take longer because of size and resources. The author of this article makes some good points, however, I believe he grossly underestimates the number of white people who are disgusted at what this nation has become and are only waiting for the chance to respond. Take away the federal government and you’ll see what we really think and feel, we are legion, but the media will never report this fact. Only the misfits and morons get any attention. Silent Running.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  36. I’m glad the author recognises ‘civic nationalism’ is impossible. A little more effort to recognise that “Holocaust Denier cranks” aren’t necessarily neo-nazi white supremacists. Everything including the “Holocaust” is debatable. Truth matters.

  37. Corvinus says:

    The U.S. has always been civic nationalist and will continue to be that way.

    • Replies: @Kim
  38. Judd says:

    Lex Friedman is an idiot; this dude single-handedly destroys the idea of the “smart” Jew; the guy is a fucking retard.

  39. @Michael Fury

    Back in her Andrea Ostrov Letania days, J-F was nauseatingly consistent in her conceding superior sexual and athletic performance to Blacks. It is a sort of signature.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  40. Interestingly, all this fixation on the sins of The Third Reich, and to a lesser extent on the sins of The Soviet Union could, paradox of paradox, actually reveal the US Media’s racist attitudes towards East Asian peoples. And, what do I mean by that? Well, perhaps the US Media does not care about those who died at the hands of the likes of Mao Zedong, Chaing Keishek, or Tojo and all of their evil henchmen. After all, most of their victims were other little yellow, black haired, and slant eyed people.

    Well, it is something to carefully consider. It is an epiphany that occurred to me just today. Mind you, coming back to the point of this article, I am not quite sure that “America” will last that much longer. After all, why does it very much matter what one’s exact Ethnic Background is, provided of course, one does not exhibit Ethnic Pride? Intriguingly, though White Supremacy and anti-Semitism are condemned, Ethnic Pride is not! I wonder why? And, that is something else to consider!

    It makes one wonder: what ever happened to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, the idea that anyone born in The United States is a US Citizen, with all the rights and privileges thereof?

    • Replies: @anon
  41. A. Clifton says: • Website

    Key word : REMNANT.

    Modern day so-called {{{{JEWS}}} are not Israel.

    John 8:44.

    See Rev, 7.

    No One on Earth HAS to believe {{{{{{{LIES}}}}}}.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  42. Kim says:

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 limited naturalization to “free white people…of good character.”

    Sound like racial nationalism to me.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  43. Anon[236] • Disclaimer says:

    Another retard article from Jung Freud. You better believe there is a civil war in the Asian American community. The black community is just chaos.

  44. “back in her day” sorry

  45. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet another sign that Jewish rule is over. This made today:

    The degree of anti-Christian hatred in Israel is something the media has omitted for longer than Israel has been a formal state. Why now, and why in the Drudge report, which still has a fairly large audience?

    This looks like several of the campaigns to move the Overton Window. You get the first theme appearance (“Whites are intrinsically racist”) followed by notice that the bad person who said that has been fired/demoted/suspended/ whatever. Brief silent interval, then another report of a person saying it, and that person is criticized but not fired, etc. Then you see articles on the subject. At first, the articles are denouncing the formerly taboo assertion, but they swing neutral, then to favorable, with sections denouncing those who disagree. At that point, the Overton Window has been moved, and it’s time to start pushing for legislation.

    So, the Jewish coalition is out, and the Black coalition is in. The Black coalition is in, has taken over the media, knocked down statues of whoever isn’t them, lifted law enforcement against Blacks, has a fairly powerful urban paramilitary force (ready to riot) on its side, is trying to remove all political support for its predecessor, the Jewish coalition, and is apparently converting the US Federal Government into an armed force against their political enemies. Just like in Africa.

    Just as the Jewish coalition did in the 1960s and 1970s, but more thoroughly, more brute force and massive ignorance African style. The Black coalition is doing much more damage to the population it rules ( , than did the Jewish coalition.

  46. Old Prude says:

    First shot in Civil War II was fired two years ago today; Not White on White. Black federal cop murdered Ashli Babbitt, young white woman protesting a stolen election. That the cop was never charged, makes sense if one considers him a soldier on one side of Civil War II: The side that controls the federal government. We, working white citizens, are the enemy of the government. They can kill you on live TV without sanction.

    • Agree: martin_2, A. Clifton
    • Replies: @boynkin
  47. Uh … the “New Civil War” of which the author speaks, between Whites, is already underway. It is currently (mostly) confined within the the boundaries of legislation and law. As to when it will burst those boundaries is anyone’s guess, but it’ll probably be sooner rather than later. I put the beginning of this conflict with the Obama administration, but arguments could be made for the chaos of the 60s.

    The “good” Whites believe negroes and other coloreds are their “allies,” but negroes and other coloreds don’t like sexual degenerates, and just go along with the “good” Whites for the gibs. If the situation goes kinetic, the negroes and other coloreds will just build their own enclaves and prey on Whites for booty/resources. The “good” Whites have been consolidating their position in the Federal government, specifically the Executive, and have a fair amount of resources at their disposal, including force.

    The “bad” Whites have numbers and geography on their side, overwhelmingly so, but are scattered, leaderless, and distracted. They have hundreds of millions of firearms, but no organization. It’s anybody’s guess if and when a leader will appear to bind them together. Trump was a false leader. DeSantis smells like an opportunist, but it remains to be seen. There are other possible candidates, but we haven’t seen much from them.

    As for the Jews, the “good” and “bad” Whites are just golems of their creation. We are already in the endgame; they see the coming destruction and are already looting the economy and the treasury. They will exit stage left with the civil war goes hot. Count on it.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  48. In America civil war is not a spontaneous eruption of sanctioned violence between two groups who decide to engage in hostilities but rather it’s when DC attacks some part of the country for not conforming to their ever changing standards. Can it happen again?

    I’d say it’s already on. 🔥

    But only one side is actually waging “civil” war.

  49. @Kim

    Both reigning world heavyweight boxing champions are white Christians. Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. White Power!!

    • Thanks: Kim
  50. Anonymous[500] • Disclaimer says:
    @A. Clifton

    Also read Romans chapters 9 through 11. There will be a Jewish remnant saved one day who will be in the millennial kingdom after Jesus returns to the earth, but it certainly won’t be the so-called Jews (mostly Ashkenazi) of today, who are the Synagogue of Satan referred to in Revelation and certainly will be around during the 7 year tribulation – Daniel’s 70th week. Jews of today are nothing special biblically and must get saved the same way everyone else does – see Ephesians 1:13, I Corinthians 15:1-4, and Romans chapter 3 through 5.

    • Replies: @Gene Urtel
  51. Z-man says:

    Ah, it’s a woman, a windbag and a Jewess, figures. Thanks for illuminating.

  52. Legba says:
    @Jim Yost

    Not to mention pornoing time and getting high time

  53. geokat62 says:

    Haven’t white ‘rightists’ figured out that the Jewish agenda for them is White Nakba? Jews are using Diversity-Inclusion to bring about the Great Replacement of whites by non-whites in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US.

    For future reference, White Nakba should be tied to DIE… Diversion, Inclusion, and Equity, as DIE reinforces Nakba.

  54. Good article. But “Holocaust Denier cranks”? Really? Holocaustianity is the bedrock of Jewish power and if it were shown to be false then that power would be seriously impaired. Having said that larping around with swastikas and other NS paraphernalia is counter-productive,

    • Agree: P. Cleburne, mark green
  55. “Iraqi lives mattered when Evil Bush II was invading Iraq, but Libyan lives didn’t matter when Obama destroyed that country.”

    I used to know a woman – those of you on Twitter will find her as @felonisssalt – who in 2006, when I knew her on Orkut, wanted to “skin Bush alive”. Ten years later, on Fakebook, this same Kandeda Trefil was extolling this same George W Shrub. Because he made some kind of anti Trump speech and hung around with Ellen DeGenerate.

    “…the globo-homo US empire will be more like Byzantium where the leadership was far more varied than in the Western Empire.”

    You are aware that the Byzantine Empire outlived the Western Roman Empire by a thousand years?

  56. anon[279] • Disclaimer says:
    @Twin Ruler

    China and Japan need to bury the hatchet and unite like yesterday. In fact all Mongoloids need to unite NOW. In fact, one reason I distrust the CCP is their extreme narrow obsession with anti-Japanese ideology while the rest of the non-Asian world just sees them as subhuman virus-carriers who need to be nuked.

  57. @OilcanFloyd

    It’s true that many whites worship blacks due to constant jewish propaganda.

    Despite the NFL/NBA taking a knee, many white men still watch pro sports.

    White kids love rap music.

    And I think the jews have taught white women that white men are dorks and that black men are better sex partners… see this pattern all over the jewish media.

    And sadly, many white people are just stupid and they eat up the jew propaganda and wind up with jewbrain.

    Over the holidays I had a disgusting conversation with a jewbrained white woman who lectured me about the “awful discrimination and prejudice that blacks have faced.” I told her about the JQ and she claimed that she’d never heard such things before. It’s not likely that I could have much impact on a mind that has had decades of anti-white pro-black propaganda from the jew run educational system and the jew owned media.

    So, you’re right that the redpilled people do not admire blacks, but we are a small percentage of the population.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Kim
    , @OilcanFloyd
  58. @OilcanFloyd


    One point of view is not to touch the Nazi question, or question the lolocaust, to not step too far out of line.

    The time for that is over. They are never going to leave us alone. The holocaust didn’t happen more than it did, the overall narrative is garbage. A lot of Jews died, but Auschwitz is an amusement park. It’s also the keystone of Jewish defence. It must be shattered in order to break their stranglehold over us.

    All they have to do is cry “muh shoah” and every single politician screams “never again” and does exactly what they’re told to. The narrative is cracking, on social media, even normie groups are full of doubters. We need to openly mock and shame any politician who espouses it.

    • Agree: anarchyst, A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  59. @Z-man

    Yeah it astounds me that despite all their historical experience of Jewish manipulation the Slavs have been manouevred into yet another fratricidal war. Depressing.

    • Agree: Z-man
  60. @omegabooks

    Jung was not Jewish. In fact he was accused of antisemitism at one point.

    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  61. Kim says:

    The overwhelming homosexuality of the WN community…

    To faggots, everyone admirable is a faggot, or in denial that he’s a faggot, or would like to be a faggot.

    But you guys apparently now have Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz on your team.

    Can’t you just be happy with that?

  62. @anon

    China must never forgive. The undead colonialists and undead militarists do not see forgiveness as what it is. They see forgiveness as another weakness they could further exploit.

    Similar argument applies to the Japanese. These Japanese are “occupationists” originally from the Asian mainland and they therefore do not deserve the land of Japan. They don’t deserve mainland Asia either because they had since gone back and committed uncountable atrocities. No one there would want them. Thinking about it, they only deserve the nuke. This must be something the Japanese themselves agree- for they have a undying fondness for the people who had nuked them.

  63. Kim says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It would be nice to have a handy pack of JP (jewish problem, bcs there is certainly no question) playing cards to give people, showing things like…

    ….yid over-representation in cabinets, the media, high military positions, big pharma scammers, atom spies, soviet agents and convicted traitors, feminism, mass immigration wormholing, cpusa membership, the yid-911 connection and Luck Larry Silverstein, bolsheviks, mass murderers, Leo Frank and the ADL, the soviet-funded yids behind MLK, Murder Incorporated and the gangsterism of Edgar Bronfman, Bernie Madoff and other disgraceful yid ponzi schemers, those poisoners of America, the Sacklers …

    There is more than enough material for 52 cards.

    • Agree: A. Clifton, Robert Dolan
    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Che Guava
  64. Eagle says:
    @Ivbin Band

    They aren’t Hebrews. Most of the so-called Jews are descended from ancient Khazaria. They are converts to so-called Judaism. Most so-called Jews don’t have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins. They definitely aren’t Semites. As it says in the Holy Bible, they are those who say they are Jews, but are not Jews; they are of the Synagogue of Satan.

  65. anarchyst says:
    @Twin Ruler

    One important but overlooked aspect of that great fraud “holocaustianity™” is the indoctrination and brainwashing of young children into the “holocaustianity™ cult”.
    In the USA, there are a number of states that are mandating “holocaust™ education” for pre-teen and teen-age children, primarily public school students. This brainwashing starts with young children visiting those “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust™ museums”.
    This is clearly brainwashing and child abuse and must be resisted at all costs.
    My children and grandchildren have been thoroughly inoculated against such brainwashing.
    Using logic, engineering and historical facts, it is possible to debunk every claim put forth by “holocaust™” fraudsters.

  66. Israel, though, will not let “America” fall. After all, if “America” did, where would Israel get most of its foreign aid from? Now, answer me that!

  67. boynkin says:

    We all know who the real enemy is (and their minions). No more brother wars.

  68. folkvangr says:
    @Jim Yost

    Who knows. Maybe operation “Died Suddenly” will force whites to finally turn the tables on folks with dual loyalty and demand accountability and reparations. If that ever happens, let’s not sell ourselves short. lol

    • Replies: @Derer
  69. boynkin says:
    @Old Prude

    My apologies, I”d have to look it up and I don’t have time this morning, but didn’t a black female cop beat a white women to death, too?

  70. @anarchyst

    Yes, and they grow up to be anti-German bigots!

  71. Truth says:

    The New ‘Civil War’ in America Will be White vs White

    Well Duh!

    Anyone with two brain cells could tell that just by reading this site for an hour. White Americans are a motley collection of extremely selfish egotists who are united by exactly one thing; they hate niggers more than each other.* Name one other thing that you are unified on, even on this site which supposedly represents an elite sliver of white men? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    (* Unfortunately for some, I believe that is changing).

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  72. @IronForge

    Where do you recommend going? Serious question, not implying that there is nowhere better to go as so many dismissively do.

    • Replies: @IronForge
    , @Renard
  73. @anon

    non-Asian world just sees them as subhuman virus-carriers who need to be nuked.

    You mean the MSM indoctrinated West……aka 15% of the world.

    Please tour the other 85% of the world when you get a chance, and ask them their opinions about their opinions of China. You will be very surprised.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. hillaire says:

    There is also a genetic issue at play…most of the miserable left (not withstanding the educated and privileged who feign wokeness for shekels..)..

    are simply the product of dysgenic breeding practice…. polyamorous mothers and no substantial male role models… or moral instruction.. and ahem…allopathic interventions from childhood…

    this problem is vast in the so called West..and has resulted in these mutated and often ungainly demented creatures that can’t differentiate between their arseholes or elbows..

    or men and women…

    and that’s because most of them are brain damaged… making them susceptible to regime brainwashing…

    So it should be fun watching them all battle it out for the ‘jews’ that created this Golem.. because most need some good hardships and a fair number need to just die… because that would be sensible..and therapeutic for those still eminently sensible….

    and of course these ‘jews’ ..yes yes…dear dear….who.. as usual.. haven’t thought it through very well and have had to fall back on their old standby ‘The Big Lie’ (which they do very well and consistently)….mainly because they are far too venal and greedy..

    and self obsessed…

    and because the ‘holohoax’ never happened… which of course… people are noticing…

  75. Z-man says:

    Larry Silverstein, LOL I met him once at a restaurant. As soon as he left I was talking to the maitre’d and he was complaining to me that he left a cheap tip for his dinner. Figures 🤣

    • Replies: @Z-man
  76. c matt says:

    EVEN THOUGH the group that ALL GROUPS have the most trouble with are blacks by far.

    True. But the group that stirs up the most trouble for every other group is the small hat group.

  77. Pablo says:

    The Main Obstacle keeping Whites from protecting themselves is that, unlike almost ALL other Races, Whites do NOT have any sense of Identity. Whites are nor or will not join together to defend their Race. And this is critical because the current friction in American Society is framed by Race. Jewish Radicals have been telling ALL of the other non White Races that Whitey is oppressing them. This is a Race War! Without a sense of unity the whites in this Country will disappear.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Jeffrey A Freeman
  78. CSFurious says:

    “NBC News” should be called “NBC Jews”.

  79. Z-man says:

    That’s it! He gave the coat check girl $3 for 4 coats plus probably a cheap tip at the table. Typical for a tribes-man.

  80. Rooster16 says:
    @Twin Ruler

    I’m not trying to be a Debbie-downer here, as I would absolutely love that, but how could that actually be accomplished in our current environment? (((They))) control everything when it comes to the channels of entertainment: legal, news, dissemination, etc.

    At first whiff of a pro-White content, they would ostracize the director, any actors who participated, they wouldn’t give legal rights for viewership on any platform, and then the smear campaign would kick in with a full industry and news blitz to bury anyone remotely involved. They’d make an example out of the “perpetrators” to warn others of ever trying it again.

    The bottom line is in our current state, it’s impossible to have pro-White entertainment on a national level; websites like this are the closest you’ll get. The entire system needs to come down before any pro-White entertainment can thrive. Focus your efforts on destroying the system, that will be much more fruitful and maybe one day set the stage for entertainment we can appreciate.

    • Thanks: Renard
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  81. Collapse, cleansing and expulsion, reclamation and partitioning. It’s going to be fine. It’s what humans do.

  82. c matt says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any racial and ethnic group voluntarily segregating themselves, as long as this policy is allowed “across the board” (including the right of us Whites to do so as well).

    Therein lies the reason for the opposition – POCs were allowed these spaces, but Whites were not.

  83. @anonymous

    The ones presented on tv aren’t.
    There are tens of millions of white people with various skills and degrees of preparation watching carefully.
    Fighting over transgender statues and Confederate bathrooms is not “the hill we want to die on”… but don’t believe everything you see on tv.

  84. c matt says:
    @Michael Fury

    Even sports where they do have a numerically superior, or at least equal presence, they are not “dominant” except perhaps at certain positions. Who are the greatest quarterbacks? In soccer, who makes the GOAT top ten – yes, there will be blacks on it, but more Whites (even the debate of the best player of this era is between two Whites – Messi and Cristiano).

    • Thanks: Gore 2004
  85. DanFromCT says:

    Whites should be protesting BIPOC “safe spaces” so that the Left ensures these spaces proliferate. Instead of punishing whites as intended, white-only safe spaces would be created by default on every high school and college campus. Eventually there might even be “safe courses” for BIPOCs, allowing whites by default to get a white education.

  86. IronForge says:

    I’ve recommended Non-Masonic, Non-Zionist(includes Ethnic Jewish), Non-Catholic Whites and Asians to:

    A) Consider places where Masons/Zionists/Catholics aren’t in Ruling Govt or Oligarchy.

    or to

    B) Secede in the Northwest through a Constitutional Convention and a “Relocation Land Swap” of Sorts.

    Europe looked attractive until recently; and from what I’ve seen from Last Year’s GeoPolitical Show – I’m going to pass on the €U as a business region myself.

    I’m an US Citizen born abroad via my Late Father being stationed in the Far East; and I was stationed there as a Naval Officer myself. I’ve a Family Situation where I’m relocating my Elderly Mother back Home (she’s outlived her Murican In-Laws) where she can be visited by her Relatives+Associates’ Descendants.

    I’m probably going to be around the Far East and SCO/RCEP.

    Best Wishes.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  87. @Johnny LeBlanc

    They have hundreds of millions of firearms, but no organization. It’s anybody’s guess if and when a leader will appear to bind them together

    There are a couple of dozen intelligence agencies working 24/7 to make sure such a leader does not appear and could not effectively communicate if they did appear.

    So far those efforts have been successful.

    It may take a financial crisis to weaken the state apparatus enough so that the information warfare “guard rails” would fail as well.

    Then–watch out…

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  88. DanFromCT says:

    You say, “Well Duh!” Just curious, but are you “gay” or just a fruitcake?

    • Replies: @Truth
  89. Panadechi says:

    If the whitey-goy do not mobilize, they will only be a fun memory, for non-whites.

  90. @Thomm

    I could swear those pics of Antifa are Bevis and Butthead offspring. They look like rejects from a psycho ward let’s loose on the public, paid in free drugs by local rabbi’s disguised as drag queens.

    Zombie Apocalypse has arrived.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @loner feral cat
  91. Remember the old days before and during the civil war…? …when white people were killing white people… and Senate and House members carried firearms on the floor during speeches and such… when Preston Brooks of South Carolina beat the crap out of Charles Sumner in the Senate chamber caning him into unconsciousness…

    … the good old days of reason and enlightenment now celebrated every May 22nd.

  92. JimDandy says:

    It’s weird to me that I’ve never seen an in-depth expose of Antifa–recruiting, training, funding, organizing, mobilizing, legal wing, etc.

    They seem to primarily draw from the young malformed weirdly ugly meth addict demographic.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  93. @RVIDXR

    If US of Zion and its five eyes controlled ZOG states can equip its proxies with WMD’s, nukes, bio weapons, paid mercenaries, Terrorism, regime change,, imagine what it will do to its own people who refuse to play along.

    (See J6 as an example and using BLM/Antifa, GlobalHomo, DOJ/FBI declaring Whites Supremacists/Domestic Terrorists, big tech censorship, pay portals cancelled, ad neausium… disempower white Americans.

    CW 2.0 couldn’t come any sooner,

    • Replies: @RVIDXR
  94. @Rooster16

    A good first step would be to boycott Hollywood. Then, one can throw away the TV. Mind you, I find one possibility very intriguing to consider. I wonder if Steven Spielberg is an anti-Vietnamese bigot? Mind you, most would not blame him for hating Germans, and by extension White gentiles in general, because of The Holocaust. Still, if Steven Spielberg is anti-Vietnamese, that would be another thing entirely. After all, we all know what happened to those two, poor Vietnamese children who died in the set of the movie Twilight Zone. Something to explore!

    • Replies: @Rooster16
  95. @Truth

    Something kosher comes to mind but I just can’t remember it now, starts with a J and has an ish sound to it.

    Help me out Troof, imma stuck in KFC grease, Schitt……be a sport….

    • Replies: @Truth
  96. hillaire says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    The scribbler of this somewhat windy and unsatisfying ‘article’ sounds suspiciously like one of the commenters hereabouts…

    Who consistently writes the same type of comments….wittering on about how all white bitches crave superior black ‘schlongs’ (his words) and how the ‘jews’ are omnipotent… and a master race….. and how ‘cucked’ (his words) whitey is and how he is finished etc etc

    all the stuff you get here in this one.. (and the last one he published)..

    funnily enough..

    He could possibly be a disgruntled ‘Mexican’.. worried about his Californian condo…and perilous border crossings..

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  97. Gene Urtel says: • Website

    The Bible nowhere has promised a 1,000 year political rule of Christ before Judgement Day.

    “The Bible clearly says, ‘Of that day and hour-when He will come-knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven’. But some who claim to be better informed than the Almighty have set the exact time of the Savior’s reappearing, only by that error to be revealed as false prophets and to cause unspeakable sorrow among the masses of their disillusioned followers. The Bible, preserving our Lord’s own Word, declares, ‘My kingdom is not of this world’. But men who claim to know more than the Son of God contradict and say that Jesus will have a temporal kingdom on this earth” (Walter A. Maier, Jesus Christ Our Hope [Saint Louis: Concordia, 1946], page 137).

    As Thomas Jefferson once cut out from his Bible those sections he did not like, so Calvinistic and Arminian ideology perpetually has self-inflicted itself with ever-new silly teachings because its main premise is to allow man’s pride to be the final editor, not the biblical words themselves as they read.

    Indeed, Jesus Christ promised that there would be many false prophets with their prophecies.

    • Replies: @RoboMoralFascist 1st
  98. hillaire says:

    Of course…it could be a woman.. which would explain the particularities…

  99. KenH says:

    This article was obviously written by the commenter “Priss Factor” under the name of Jung-Freud. While this is a good article it is looooong and verbose much like some of Priss’s comments in other threads.

    But in Crazy America, the Jews, the most insanely tribal and supremacist people, have convinced idiot white ‘progs’ to revile and attack other white people as ‘supremacist’ on account of them saying “It’s Okay to be White.”

    Yet the same proggy, anti-white whites cheer madly when blacks and other non-whites express pride in their race. These proggy whites buy into the Jew narrative that allowing whites to have racial pride and racial interests means that bad things will then befall Jews and non-whites. Allowing whites to be proud and have interests will lead to another holohoax of Jews living in the diaspora. So whites simply cannot be allowed to have a racial identity and it must be suppressed by any and all means necessary.

    Jews, blacks and other non-whites don’t fight bitterly among themselves over racism, abortion, transsexuality, homo marriage, the scope of the second amendment and other issues. Jews make sure that whites destroy each other over these things while the feed non-whites a much simpler narrative that we whites are their enemy and must be dealt with and moved out of the way.

    The Jewish led and controlled Democrat party is now openly and unabashedly anti-white yet 40% of the white population still reliably vote for them. This is not good and a sign that a large chunk of our people not only can’t be saved and have virtually no common sense or racial consciousness but that no amount of anti-whiteness from the establishment will change their mind. Leftism and anti-whitism has become a fundamentalist religion to these whites which they are willing to fight and die for.

  100. anarchyst says:

    You can bet that the “deep state” agencies are helping them to organize.

  101. Richard Spencer?

    An alphabet agency creation, without a doubt. If Mr Jung-Freud didn’t perceive that, I’m not too eager to stick with him. The dismissal of Holocaust™ questioners is also quite suspect.

  102. Rooster16 says:
    @Twin Ruler

    People are boycotting Hollywood, movie revenues are wayyyy down along with attendance. I went to a movie at a movie theatre for the first time in 3 years (family dragged me along). There were a total of 20 people in the theatre that seats about 200. The movie was Avatar, so it was a pretty big release. Hollywood and the Networks are losing money and viewership but still pump out “woke” junk because of who runs them and the fact they are protected political entities within the U.S.

    One ray of hope is the dollar losing reserve currency status, that will be a death blow to these industries propped up by funny money. Anyways, keep up the good fight, we’re not alone.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  103. JimDandy says:

    Yeah, absolutely. But why no Tucker Carlson multi-part investigative series? Or Glen Greenwald book? There is a shocking dearth of light shone on what is obviously a highly-organized, well-funded, deeply impactful phenomenon. Who could be behind it? Ok, let’s see… who can’t you criticize in our society?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  104. Derer says:

    “Dual loyalty” is an artificial term – does not exist.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  105. @Shitposter_in Chief

    A lot of the details of the Holocaust Narrative seem false, some outrageously so.

    But the Nazis did kill lots of Jews, especially in the blood lands during WWII. Just shot them out in the fields.

    So many prominent Jews who had relatives in Central and Eastern Europe never heard of them again. Take Henry Kissinger. Many Jewish friends of his were never seen again. So, there was mass killing of Jews by the Nazis.

    Almost certainly, it wasn’t 6 million, and gassing wasn’t used so prominently.

    Anyway, the truth isn’t ‘worship the 6 million and never question the holocaust’ or ‘none of it happened, and Hitler was a jolly good fellow’. It’s somewhere in between.

    Of course, the great irony is that Jews, who detest Holocaust Deniers, have themselves become Holocaust Doers by instigating Yinonist Wars for Zion that have killed so many lives.

    And judging by Jewish attitude toward Russia, their master racism is on par with Nazism.

    • Disagree: Che Guava
    • Troll: Mike Tre
  106. @anarchyst

    Most all chaos around the world is a product of deep state infiltration, from J6 to fentanyl OD’s, to burn loot murder and rape of whitey, to open border replacement, to the one party DemonRats ZOGs now running things.

  107. @Gene Urtel

    Agreed. From William Miller (1843) to Harold Camping (2011) and also noting Hal Lindsey of The Late Great Planet Earth (Lindsey declared the end of the world by the close of 1981)… these heretics have caused serious trouble with eschatological drivel that they shop around to weak Christians.

    It is reported that Harold Camping of Family Radio in his end of the world heresy took down approx. $100 million from his followers and he and his family (owners of Family Radio) refused to return any of the money once proven they were heretics and thieves.

    “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3: 3 (KJV)

  108. Truth says:

    That’s not an answer.

  109. Truth says:

    Not true.

    Most of the writers here (extreme WN’s) say the Jews are GREAT people.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  110. Rurik says:

    the great irony is that Jews, who detest Holocaust Deniers, have themselves become Holocaust Doers

    I would say that the Great Irony is that Germany and Germans were not guilty of any ‘Holocaust” or genocide during WWII, (even if a lot of commie Jews were righteously shot on sight, and as with all others, some innocent Jews also died in the carnage).

    But the Great Irony is that the ‘evil’ Germany of the ‘Nazis’ were innocent of genocide

    whereas the ‘good’ Germans of post-WWII, now today, are in fact guilty of genocide, because they’re going alone with the genocide in Palestine.

    Made all the more reprehensible with the recent vote at the UN

  111. The country will balkanise and it will be organised from
    the top. Heritage Americans are being targeted for separation to start a new civilisation called the “Anglosphere Federation” with the other Anglo countries. When you combine the natural resources of the 5 Anglo countries they make the number 1 economy knocking out China, Russia and Europe and that’s without accounting for human capital. In all 5 countries they are working to achieve this goal simultaneously. Globalisation is over and Anglo/ Nordic / Germanics are divorcing diversity (including the Irish).

    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  112. @Pablo

    They don’t fear white supremacy.

    Which doesn’t even exist…

    No, they fear White Solidarity.

    Which also doesn’t even exist.

  113. Rurik says:

    say the Jews are GREAT people.

    some are

    just as some blacks are exemplary people. If you’re a black man or woman, and you simply want to live your life, with malice towards none, and nothing but good works, then I’d have no problems saying such a person is a great person, regardless of race or creed.

    There are many blacks (and whites and others) who are like that.

    The problem with some (many, most?) blacks, is their kneejerk racial fealty, even for the worst scum.

    There are blacks who want to free Mona Nelson, (or any number of brutal black criminals) because they feel what she/they did was understandable, under the circumstances. Maybe it can be tough to live in America as a black person. I don’t know. But when they become militant, and hateful and harmful, then I don’t care how hard it’s been. I’d say put them down like a rabid dog, no matter what their race. Leo Frank got what was coming to him Ditto a lot of black (and white) criminals.

    Just because someone was lynched, doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve it.

    But the dishonest narrative that racist blacks (and Jews) push, is that every black that was ever lynched in America, was innocent and only lynched because he was black.

    These piles of lying human shit – are a disgusting lot, and they should be pointed out for the racist, lying scum they are, at every opportunity.

    By pretending that blacks are always innocent, and whites are always guilty, black militants (and Jewish supremacists) are creating the kind of white society that will understandably and justifiably start to consider all blacks as worthless, irredeemable trash, (niggers). And that would be very unfortunate, because they aren’t all niggers, and many (most?) blacks are decent folks, and I hope they learn to think in more nuanced ways, than kneejerk racist tropes.

    • Thanks: Gore 2004
  114. folkvangr says:

    Could B’nai B’rith International be the shadow world government and US “deep state” only one of their lodges?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  115. Not much to add here. Pretty thorough job. You should do something on the woke game played on this Buffalo Football player with the heart attack and the canceling of the game and all of the sickening groveling that has been done over this guy who signed up for millions after a free education and questionable SAT scores….to play a violent game. After all of the fake accolades…they never once mentioned the one elephant in the room in Buffalo….why almost no white people go over to the east side of Buffalo east of Main St for the last 50 years. The liberal Buffalo News owned by the billionaire Warren Buffet for over 50 years had a blanket on race topics, but finally admitted recently that 99% of the gun crimes in Buffalo were committed by Blacks.

  116. @Rooster16

    That is good news. I wonder if Steven Spielberg is anti-Vietnamese? Would be a true scandal if that were to turn out to be true!

  117. Things went bad, ever since America lost in Vietnam. Now, almost nobody is patriotic to America anymore. Even most “Conservatives” are more loyal to The State of Israel than they are to their own country!

    • Replies: @HT
  118. @IronForge

    Might consider Uruguay. Nothing great about it but it’s cheap, largely White and afaik pretty low crime rates.

  119. @Derer

    As Sam Francis said, “we’d be delighted with dual loyalty”.

  120. Corvinus says:

    It was temporary. No surprise there of the standard in 1790. But it says in our preamble to the Constitution “our posterity”—future generations decide as to who is part of U.S. Always has been, always will be.

  121. @loner feral cat

    The very conception of White Privilege, of course, is a lie.

  122. “natural supremacy(in sports, rap, and sexuality”

    What’s the above statement to mean? Natural supremacy in sports: What sports? Definitely not swimming. Natural supremacy in rap: they can have it. Natural supremacy in sexuality: Old belief in the the negro male’s magical, powerful, superior mandingo, held onto by white male sports fan’s in their fantasies of being locked up in prison with Levon Jackson and submitting their body orifices to him. I hope that the author doesn’t fit into this camp.

  123. @Michael Fury

    J.F., whoever he is is obviously a fan of negroball and doesn’t care about any other sports.

  124. Rob Lee says:

    Better yet, become a better athlete than ANY of them and learn a sub-second draw from the waistband, how to offensively wield a knife, how to deliver a proper knee-smashing side kick, or the proper method of toughening your fingers in pea and gravel buckets until you can properly insert your fingers through the eye-socket. The largest, most muscular man in the world cannot fight on one leg, or without vision.

    Teach all of that to your sons and daughters. In short order, those will be the only athletic skills that actually matter…

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Kim
  125. @inspector general

    I always thought J-F was a guy. I’ve never heard of of Andrea Ostrov Letania, but ran her name and saw who she is. She should take some writing lessons from some of the better writers on here who are able to write an article and keep it under 2000 words. My favorite writer here is Philip Giraldi, he has the shortest articles but manages to package so much into them. My only wish is that he allow commentators.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  126. The USA has never in its history been a “race-nationalist republic.” It has always been an oligarchical liberal-capitalist empire. That the oligarchy chose to make use of race to secure their power at one point in history does not mean the empire was “race nationalist.”

  127. HT says:

    There will no civil war because our military is already being tooled to kill any whites who try to fight back against what is happening to them. Does anyone actually believe they are being force fed CRT and other anti-white ideology just to have a discussion?

  128. geokat62 says:
    @Joe Paluka

    My only wish is that he allow commentators.

    I’ve been commenting under Phil Giraldi’s articles for eight consecutive years. Never had an issue.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  129. Anymike says:

    Be nice. Only about nine or ten of the twenty-four are clearly defective. The rest just slipped off the tracks.

  130. Anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you for the comment. I also took the time to read many of your prior comments. I am 58 and look older than Mr. Unz. I am completely unathletic, mediocre at sports and have always been painfully shy. I never married and never had a girlfriend. I retired from my federal job the day I was eligible. Now I just stay home with my four rescue dogs, read the Bible, watch You Tubes, and try to walk five to seven miles per day. Your comment above helped explain why my life has turned out the way it did. Clearly I am in the 10-20% wastebasket of whites. My goal has long been to mind my own business and create as little harm to others as possible. I read this website mostly for the anti-war and anti-Deep State articles because I really don’t believe in white supremacy.

    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  131. HT says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Things went bad, ever since America lost in Vietnam.

    They were going bad during and after our “victory” in WWII where we rescued communism and brought the Jew cultural Marxists into our country and culture which they promptly destroyed.

    • Agree: Inverness
  132. @Jim Yost


    A civil war won’t happen, because it would take a lot of hard work, dedication, and self-sacrifice, all of which would cut into people’s TV and movie watching time.

    And then the power goes out ….

    It would be kind of funny if all the White Christians pulled out of places like NYC and left it to the jews and blacks to work things out for themselves.

    BTW, a lot of those Palestinians are Christians, yet all the “Christian” leaders of the USA stand proudly with Israel.

  133. @Michael Fury

    Why do you not know their names?

    I do not know their names because I don’t care. I’d rather read a book or listen to a symphony orchestra than watch someone (white, black, or mixed) throw something, jump over something, slide down something, or run like the devil is after him/her/”them.”

    • Replies: @Michael Fury
  134. apollonian says: • Website

    Remember: History Is CYCLIC According To Spengler, Biblic Book Of Revelations

    Well, the civil war never ended fm time of the 1860s, of course, but the present is STILL the same old satanic (led by Jews, of course) vs. the REAL Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6); truth vs. lies; objective-determinist vs. subjectivism and HUBRIS of a perfectly “free” human will that equates w. Godliness, etc., including the usual fallacious, delusionary “good-evil” for the goons and children, as always.

    More specifically and existentially, the problem is the criminal central bank, the US Federal Reserve (the “fed”), issuing all the fiat-currency (legalized counterfeiting), giving the ruling oligarchs and satanists an overwhelming power, beginning in finance as according to the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”–and they head the “globalist”-satanists-atheist “leftist” faction, leading the over-populated masses of “liberals” and “progressive” goons.

    The pretended “opposition” to these “globalist”-leftists is everyone else in general, but they’re mostly led by the vaguely “Christian,” but especially by the hereticalist “Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see for expo) who pretend Christ was “Jew” and support terror-state of Israel (why they get the funding fm a few dissident Jews who oppose–or pretend to oppose–the leftists)–these are the main “players” in the “good-cop vs. bad-cop” charade featured and hyped by the Jews-media and others, like the public edjewmacation establishment.

    And this “good-cop vs. bad cop” charade will continue till the central-bank, the “fed,” goes bust, which looks like it might well be pretty soon, the Petro-dollar tottering and getting ready to collapse. So the “solution” is simply the exhaustion of the present system of central-banking, but also secession of the states and nullification of the un-Constitutional laws–pretty simple, really (see Also the hereticalist JCs need to be dealt with, part of the strength of the Jews, but that will be relatively easy w. passing of the imperialist-fascist ZOG gov. and “fed.”

    Real Christianity will RESURRECT. But note, as history is CYCLIC things will corrupt again in the future and next cycle. Such is tragic human existence, never forget.

  135. @Irish Savant

    Jung was not Jewish. In fact he was accused of antisemitism at one point.

    He’s even been accused of being a Nazi sympathizer from his safe space in Switzerland during the war. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but it seems irrelevant to the school of psychology he developed.

    Jung of course broke ranks with the Jew Freud, not over politics but concerning the nature of the unconscious.

  136. The new civil war will be a farce.

    • Replies: @Kim
  137. Tumi says:

    “ try to set Muslims vs Browns vs Blacks. Or try to forge an alliance with Hindus against Muslims.”

    Around 2006, Tom Lantos ( May devil tie his indie around his neck ) along with Ackerman was feting Indian Hindu in the Congress . The Indian gentleman was representing BJP gov.
    Lantos told : India is inhabtated by 150 millions Muslim and Israel is surrounded by 150 millions .

    There was no reason for him to bring religion , ethnicity and issues in India into the fray . But he did . It was uncalled for .
    Israeli agents working in the Congress basically green lighted war against Indian Muslim by BJP gov .

  138. Marcion says:

    I think you defined a more likely future.

  139. @Michael Fury

    Greatest swimmers, bike riders, skiers, cross-country skiers, short and long track skaters, gymnasts, wrestlers, archers, shooters, Formula drivers, motocross, horse riders, mountaineers, deep divers, high jumpers, pole vaulters, hammer throwers, big game hunters, bow hunters…there’s more but I’ve run out of energy.

    As you say, Jewmedia favors those particular jumping and sprinting sports that acclimate Whites to submit to the Jew’s black street thugs.

    • Agree: Michael Fury
    • Replies: @martin_2
  140. Kim says:
    @Rob Lee

    I am afraid the the unarmed self defense advice that you give is very poor indeed. I invite you to watch video clips of real self defense situations – many are available – and reassess the likelihood of being able to smash an attacker’s knee with a sidekick.

    The most sensible self defense is to be alert and avoid bad people and places. Be careful where you park your car. Lock your doors. Attend to home security and lighting. Stuff like that.

    As to personal safety, the best advice is to be big and strong and look intimidating so that you don’t get picked as a victim. But that is an option only for a few.

    As you get older, stay healthy, don’t lose the ability to run just bcs you are getting older. You should be able to sprint 30 yards to somewhere safer or better lit. Maintain mobility so that you look spritely as you get in and out of the car.

    Do resistance exercises to maintain muscle mass and bone thickness so that you are more resistant to physical attacks and falls. I fell off a roof a few weeks ago. It should have smashed me, but as I have maintained muscle mass I absorbed the impact with the ground very well. Got straight up.

    When you do fall, say you are pushed over or struck, or tripped, curl up a little and lift your shoulders to your ears and lift your head so you don’t have skull contact with the ground.

    Maintain leg strength so you can stand and stay standing. You will be hurt much more being kicked on the ground than if standing in a cover guard against a wall. Always bend the knees in self defense situations. You can move and absorb if you have bent knees.

    If you are being beaten while standing, rotate from side to side in your cover guard. A surprising number of blows will miss, slide off, or be weakened.

    Don’t be concerned with body shots. They very rarely hurt anyone outside the ring. Just cover guard your head and neck. Try to keep your upper body upright bcs the attacker will try to get you to bend at the waist so he can knee your head and/or drag you to the ground.

    If you are being dragged by your clothes, stay upright and bend at the knees and even squat down. The attacker will quickly find you too tiresome for that manouveur.

    Always maintain the cover guard.

    Don’t assume it is over just bcs it has paused. Keep your shoulders to your ears until you are away from the predators

    If someone approaches you suspiciously, move away and off the approacher’s line. He will see he has lost the element of surprise that makes many street attacks work.

    Do not verbally engage with sus people.

    Note that none of this is fighting advice, although all of it involves fighting basics.

    That is bcs the first goal of self defense is not to “win”, it is to not get badly hurt or die.

    • Thanks: Etruscan Film Star
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  141. Kim says:
    @Priss Factor

    NPC in his “gray man” outfit.

    Be unmemorable.

  142. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Add another 16% straight, the population of India. Westerners were too nice, the Indians were super-angry and super racist against the Chinese. There were rumours in India that “some Chinese person ate a snake in Wuhan and infected the World with the virus”, Indians look down on the Chinese (and all non Hindus but especially the Chinese) as uncivilized as the Chinese have lets say….great diversity in their nourishment, which the Indians find as barbaric (Hindu Culture: You eat meat? Eat beef? —-Yuck, you mlecch, you filthy barbarian, you dirty!). Soon after the lockdowns declared by their President Modi, angry Indians barged into Chinese mukbang shows online, where some Chinese were eating octopus etc.. and started abusing the Chinese hosts in the comments section.

    • Thanks: littlereddot
  143. JimmyS says:

    “Despite the political divide in the country overall, most Jewish voters share priorities and beliefs on the key issues that will decide elections in November,” said former Rep. Martin Frost (D-TX), Chair of JEI. “Especially on securing the future of democracy, protecting abortion access, and taking action on gun safety, an overwhelming majority of Jewish voters are motivated to vote in November for candidates who share their values.”

    Key findings of the poll released today include:

    70% of Jewish voters approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president, a 7% increase from a JEI poll in April 2022.
    70% of Jewish voters would support a Democratic candidate for Congress if the election were held today while only 24% would vote for the Republican candidate, representing a 10% increase in the Democratic lead over a JEI poll in April 2022.
    19% of Jewish voters hold a favorable opinion of Donald Trump
    92% of Jewish voters are concerned about antisemitism, and by a 52-20% margin, trust Democrats more than Republicans to fight it.
    61% of Jewish voters are more concerned about antisemitism originating from right-wing groups and individuals compared to 24% who are more concerned about antisemitism coming from left-wing groups and individuals.
    82% of Jewish voters disapprove of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, with 56% saying that the decision makes them more motivated to vote.
    68% of Jewish voters support the U.S. reentering the Iran nuclear deal.
    The survey found near-unanimous support for gun safety measures, with 96% of Jewish voters supporting requiring comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases and 91% support raising the minimum age to purchase a gun from 18 to 21.

    Entire survey infographic page linked below

    • Thanks: Inverness
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  144. RVIDXR says:

    You’re right, they will spare no expense, they didn’t the original civil war either for that matter. I think seeing ZOG’s ugly face up close and personal will be a rude awakening for a lot of people if civil war 2.0 ever breaks out, they don’t care about optics just maintaining power no matter what.

    “CW 2.0 couldn’t come any sooner”

    Agreed, the sooner it happens the more numbers we have on our side.

  145. @Truth

    The greatest black performer ever was Michael Jackson and even he didn’t want to be black, and look what they did to him.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  146. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    The blacks are not in charge and never will be.

    Right. Look at the failed attempts to drive Europeans out of Africa post 1946. Consider how the Blacks tried and failed to take over the Union of South Africa, which had nuclear weapons. Fools to try to take the government of a First World nuclear armed country. And Rhodesia! The failure there was obvious — the Blacks could never overcome some of the best small force anti-insurgency groups in history.

    Yes, the lesson of Black failure in Africa shows that Blacks simply cannot take a country from Whites.

    If any more were needed, consider the Black failures at taking over cities in the United States, which had a huge White majority and had a stable bi-racial society in its Southeast. Failure was foredoomed. As for Black migration into Europe/UK, the utter failure of that migration need not be discussed.

    Or, perhaps not. Perhaps you’re a simple propagandist pretending to be redneck or liberal fool right out of Central Casting, and the Black failures listed above were actually Black successes.

    Doubtless your reply (if any) will be that Jewish supermen were responsible for all the Black successes. Really? All of them? Participants, maybe, but when it came to massive muscle on the ground it was Blacks every time. Here’s what the process looks like from the Jewish side in the US ( ). The end result of Jewish mobilization of the Blacks against the Whites was always fixed — the “golem” would attack the Jews.

    • Replies: @Inverness
  147. Che Guava says:

    You may be surprised to hear that commercial and technical ties remain stronger than the U.S. empire would prefer, despite the behaviour of our political class in Japan lately, and despite China basically having used the early high-speed rail tender processes to steal tech. from Japan Rail and SNCF, and their contractors.

    AFAIK, no major contract was awarded to either Japan or France.

    This was at the cost of hundreds of lives. China has the worst safety record in HSR because of some major accidents early on, in turn because they only wanted to copy things, and weren’t willing to even make a contract for technical safety systems.

  148. Che Guava says:

    Kim, you should be more ambitious, organise them into suits so people can play card games with them.

    Suit symbols may all be framed by the hexagram, with hammer and sickle in one, dollar sign, rainbow patch, and perhaps menorah or U.S. flag in others.

    Bankman-Fraud and his equally ultra-dorkey looking gf would be a great pair.

    B.T.W. watch for the latter two being allowed to run away to Israel or receiving very lenient treatment from the U.S. ‘justice’ system.

  149. Che Guava says:

    Priss is J-F is Andrea …

    I like some of the words.

    Since she or he has had the J-F platform, posts as ‘Priss Factor’ have become quite brief, not like before.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  150. KenH says:

    You forgot to tell people that you are the mystery meat guy with dyed blond hair in the second to last row.

    One of your conservative heroes is in the news for fondling a younger man. No doubt you are jealous because you weren’t there to do the fondling or be fondled by Schlapp.

  151. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Of course, the great irony is that Jews, who detest Holocaust Deniers, have themselves become Holocaust Doers by instigating Yinonist Wars for Zion that have killed so many lives.

    The problem there is

    have themselves become

    , read the O.T., read mediaeval history from places that suffered their presence, read Soviet history until Stalin finally brought them to heel, read Soviet and related history until and after they were in a position to seize power again under the Yeltsin coup, entirely exploited by zionists, many in the U.S.A., many in Israel, to rape the corpse of the U.S.S.R. again. Also the current Jewish-dominated polity of the Ukraine.

    You know all of those things, but come out with nonsense like

    have themselves become

    , so you demonstrate there, what I had doubted for a long time, that you are just a zionist, as other commenters were saying for years, is true.

    I’d never say that all Jews are horrid people, I know of exceptions, I would hope our host, many other somewhat public figures, several I’ve met and been friends with in person, but most are if one isn’t Jewish.

    It seems to show in the face, too, Norman Finkelstein and Ron Unz are quite good-looking for their respective ages.

  152. @Robert Dolan

    It’s true that many whites worship blacks due to constant jewish propaganda….

    I think worship is way too strong of a word. Most whites just want to relate to the culture around them and live a normal life, but don’t yet understand that they no longer control their own nation and culture. Some are waking up.

    Immigration is required to enforce cultural change and power teansfer long-term. Media lies and distortion only work for so long before reality and natural preferences kick in. Blacks and black culture can not replace whites and Westetn culture. The same can be said about Jews in regards to white Europeans. Otherwise, Jews would just enjoy the wealth and privilege the were allowed in the West. But they do not want to fit in, and they can’t replace or subdue whites without a massive inglux of outsiders, who, ironically, would likely oppose Jewish power eventually.

    And I think the jews have taught white women that white men are dorks and that black men are better sex partners… see this pattern all over the jewish media.

    That’s not my experience. Trashy virtue signalers are one thing, and I don’t care if they ruin their lives in the process, but most of the leftists that I know, date and marry people of the same background and with the same views. Most of the wokies that I know hate sports, and are more likely to want to spread “high culture” to minorities than incorporate more than token multiculturalism for themselves. I don’t think they care much for immigrants or minorities, but they do care about hating whites like me.

  153. @Priss Factor

    But the Nazis did kill lots of Jews, especially in the blood lands during WWII. Just shot them out in the fields.

    So many prominent Jews who had relatives in Central and Eastern Europe never heard of them again. Take Henry Kissinger. Many Jewish friends of his were never seen again. So, there was mass killing of Jews by the Nazis.

    Lots of people were killed during the war, mostly because they were active opposition, or due to the settling of scores from the pre-war period, and Jews were not the only group to be targeted, but they are the only major group to be counted as one group and not broken down by nationality, which is a big deal for victim status after the war. My guess is far more Germans were targeted and actually murdered after the war.

    It’s obvious that the numerical claims of Jewish deaths make no sense, and that the mounds of corpses often shown as murder victims (that could be anybody if any background) were likely deaths due to starvation and disease, which was common towards the end of the war all over Europe. The walking skeletons LIBERATED from the camps are good proof that the intent was not to murder. Lots of people list relatives and loved ones during the war who were never heard from again afterwards. That doesn’t mean they were all systemstically gassed and murdered.

    The problem with Jews is that they want to be ruthless power players and influencers on the big stage, but always play the innocent victims after things blow up. I’m sure the same will happen the next time if Jews are still around after the next bug conflict.

  154. @Anglo Saxon

    Globalisation is over and Anglo/ Nordic / Germanics are divorcing diversity (including the Irish).

    Yes! Let’s look on the bright side. Even if it’s a fantasy at the moment.

  155. @Anonymous

    I am completely unathletic, mediocre at sports and have always been painfully shy. I never married and never had a girlfriend.

    It makes me feel kind of sad to read that. Look, 58 isn’t so damn old. Don’t close off possibilities prematurely. You can still find a girlfriend (well, womanfriend), perhaps get married if you choose.

    Clearly I am in the 10-20% wastebasket of whites. My goal has long been to mind my own business and create as little harm to others as possible.

    You are not in any wastebasket if you “mind [your] own business and create as little harm to others as possible.”

  156. Renard says:
    @Priss Factor

    Relying upon hearsay and political propaganda, you’ve (sort of) managed to document hundreds, maybe thousands of deaths. So what? Tens of millions were killed. So what? Why exactly are you shilling for the tribe?

  157. Renard says:

    New Zealand was attractive, I thought, but it’s rapidly wokifying and much of the best real estate has been purchased by Jewish billionaires from the U.S., U.K. and Israel.

    Sheer coincidence of course. But doesn’t bode well.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  158. One of the problems with US Whites is that they feel they have too much to lose if they rock the boat. So they don’t do anything. This is especially prevalent among Whites who possess guns. They feel that as long as they have their guns, they can always take action in the future to “right the wrongs” against them, but not now.

    Those in control of the Government know this, and that is why the Federal gun laws may be nibbled at, but the Feds will not go cold turkey and ban guns. Banning guns and/or Federal registration of guns will force Whites to make a choice: give up all self-protection or go rogue.

    Now the vast majority of Whites would probably take the knee and turn in their guns if forced to make a choice. However, it would not take very many rebels who now feel they have nothing to lose, to cause problems throughout the US. Assuming 100 million Whites have guns; if only 5 percent decide to fight, that is 5 million Whites who are willing to shoot it out. Remember, the Beltway Snipers caused chaos in 2002, and that was only 2 people. Imagine what could happen with 5 million motivated Whites with nothing to lose.

    That is why guns will never be taken from Americans on a Federal scale. It is better to let Whites snooze in their delusion that they are safe and secure with their guns by their side, than present them with reality.

    • Replies: @Dr. Doom
  159. Renard says:
    @Twin Ruler

    The purpose of Holocaust Education is to teach people to hate Germans, Germany, and all things German!

    It may have started that way, but the jews discovered that it was an effective cudgel to use against all white people.

    Why is there a holocaust museum on the national mall in Washington DC? Why is jewish institutional hatred focused upon American and British men, the very same people who saved their asses in WW2?

    • Agree: Inverness
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  160. Inverness says:

    Why not post some mugshots of your antifa heroes?

    Every group has its underclass, and they are all generally objectionable.

    But none are so repellent (not to mention smelly) as you and your fellow Shudra & Dalits, which is of course why you are happy to live anywhere on earth–except among your own kind.

  161. Inverness says:

    So you consider Zimbabwe, South Africa, Detroit and St Louis to be black success stories? Here’s a helpful hint: all of those places (and many more like them) were once civilized and eminently livable. No more.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  162. To be honest, USA needed a policy like the one Singapore has. To preserve the racial make up of the country. whites 80%, blacks 10%, other minorities 10%.

    It is all too late now IMO. This country will become a richer version of Brazil within 20-30 years.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Hulkamania
  163. dan9999 says:

    the writer is obsessed with Jews, granted ome Jews are prominent among multicutral liberal advocates , but gentile Whites have agency and many of them are liberal because of they own convictions, not because of “brainwashing”

  164. @geokat62

    Sorry, my mistake, I meant Paul Craig Roberts.

    • LOL: Che Guava
  165. @Thomm

    If the quality of the white gene pool were judged from driver’s license photos, almost 100% of the people would fall into commentator Thomm’s defective wastebasket. I recently renewed my driver’s license and any of my friends and family that have seen the photo agree that the photo makes me look like I’ve just got out of State Prison. The only thing missing is the number. The photos shown above are taken with the same type of camera as a cell phone, which distort the face and make most people look like they have a fat face and large neck. Note to those using singles websites, don’t use cellphone pictures, get a couple of professionally taken pictures and use them.

  166. @Renard

    New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but one of the most geologically active. Maybe it’s in the divine plan to get all the worst people in the world to move there and let nature take it’s course. No plans for an ark this time.

  167. @Kim

    This advice should probably be appended to Derbyshire’s The Talk.

    As an aside, what wreckage our society has become when our senior citizens have to keep such considerations in mind, rather than enjoy their dotage after a lifetime of hard work.

    Our self-styled cultural élite has spent decades instructing everyone that young white people are cannon fodder (if male) and free prostitutes (female) while old white people are fair game for crimes of (supposed) retribution.

  168. @Etruscan Film Star

    The comment was addressed to the author. But even if you do not consciously care for or “follow” athletics, the imagery and aesthetics of physical culture are a powerful aspect of the ongoing propaganda war against European man, not least for their effect on the white female hindbrain. White physical excellence and its idealization in Art is part of our Classical inheritance. Recognition of this is requisite to appreciating our unique versatility as a race.

    • Agree: martin_2
    • Replies: @Z-man
  169. @Astuteobservor II

    This country will become a richer version of Brazil within 20-30 years.

    Brasil has a predatory overclass but it’s nothing as pernicious as ours. Ours is hard at work attacking and denigrating the nation’s founding stock 24/7/365 and has virtually complete control over the MSM to make it happen. Virtually complete control over the rest of society anyway — institutions, government, corporations, what have you. Most of Brasil remains in the hands of actual Brasilians.

    Nope, it’s not Brasil that we’re slouching toward—it’s South Africa. And it won’t be pretty. Whites will be enslaved and exterminated, at the whim of our cultural overlords. Negroes will do whatever the jews tell them, as they always have.

    No genocide in human history has ever had one-tenth the groundwork laid for it as this one has.

    The weird thing is how many Whites are on board with the program. Exhibit A, demonstrating the power of propaganda.

    • Agree: Renard
  170. Z-man says:
    @Michael Fury

    To your point, the number of successful black athletes with white wives/concubines is disturbing.
    But, I still enjoy watching my football team on Sunday.

    PS. I started watching pro football as a kid in the ’60’s when blacks were a ‘minority’ in the sport. Ah, the good old days. (Grin)

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  171. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    So you consider Zimbabwe, South Africa, Detroit and St Louis to be black success stories? Here’s a helpful hint: all of those places (and many more like them) were once civilized and eminently livable. No more.

    And Blacks prefer them that way, and the Blacks occupy them and you don’t and can’t. So, yes, a Black success story, from the Blacks’ point of view, which is the only one that matters to them. Surely isn’t your success story. You don’t approve, and why is that important?

    Right now, there is a Black out-migration from some heavily Black areas. This might be considered the death knell of these places, but note that there is no move to make these areas more White, nor is such a move likely.

    Historically, there have been actually been instances of Blacks asking for a White return. Here’s how that worked out in Haiti:
    Zimbabwe seems to be maybe half through the same process as Haiti:
    ““Mashonaland West and the Midlands provinces have the highest number of white lessees. That being the case, the land reform is now a joke.”

    So — consider Black occupation to be a failure if you want, or consider angels dancing on a pinhead, and I’ll give you a quote from Huntress Thompson that might prove useful to you in future: “As your attorney, I advise you to drink heavily”. Note that this is a quote, not legal advice. Makes it easier to see the pink elephants, which would also be a matter of your opinion.

  172. anonymous[667] • Disclaimer says:

    I would not count on an economic collapse because even when the US becomes 49% white, there will be a huge population of smart people. They will figure out how to keep things running. The economy will stop growing in the future because of declining productivity due to black/brown population share growth and high debt load. However, this is far, far from any kind of economic collapse.

    White people have only one bargaining chip at the strategic level. The Jerusalem U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration of July 14, 2022.

    The United States and Israel reaffirm the unbreakable bonds between our two countries and the enduring commitment of the United States to Israel’s security. Our countries further reaffirm that the strategic U.S.-Israel partnership is based on a bedrock of shared values, shared interests, and true friendship.

    The United States stresses that integral to this pledge is the commitment never to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, and that it is prepared to use all elements of its national power to ensure that outcome.

    White people have to be persuaded to fight the Iran War so Israel does not have to face a nuclear armed Iran. The Jewish community is willing to accept secession of a small part of the US to keep white morale stable to fight the Iran War.

  173. @CelestiaQuesta

    The greatest black performer ever was Michael Jackson and even he didn’t want to be black, and look what they did to him.

    I thought it was James Brown, and his face looked like a gorilla mask. He was proud of it.

  174. @JimmyS

    70% of Jewish voters approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president

    In other words, they approve of his role as shabbos goy tool.

  175. martin_2 says:

    Unfortunately blacks are good at the sports most people care about or like to watch. Soccer being the obvious example. No-one pays to watch archery or table tennis. (However, at one time I remember the BBC would show live action mountaineering.)

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  176. hillaire says:
    @Che Guava

    Yes..thanks for the’s quite obvious.

  177. @Astuteobservor II

    This country will become a richer version of Brazil within 20-30 years.

    That is fantasy. The USA will not be richer than Brazil. It will be much poorer.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  178. It is interesting how devoted Jews are to The State of Israel. If only Whites had a similar devotion to Apartheid South Africa. Think of how the world would be different!

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  179. @Twin Ruler

    It is interesting how devoted Jews are to The State of Israel. If only Whites had a similar devotion to Apartheid South Africa. Think of how the world would be different!

    Whatever the faults of Jews, their devotion to returning to their ancestral homeland is admirable.

    Following your thought process:

    If Whites had the same devotion to return to Europe, think of how different the world would be?

    North and South Amerindians, Zulus, Australian Aborigines, Maoris, Hawaiians ….3++ continents of people will be celebrating.

  180. anarchyst says:

    The U S Congress is “Knesset West”.

  181. anarchyst says:

    Se my comment #16.
    You are better than that. Let go of the negroball.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  182. Apartheid South Africa should never have fallen!

  183. jsigur says:

    Jews always fight their own battles, it’s just not the battles pointed out on MSM News and the Unz Report and I beg to differ with you as to whether Jews will be involved in a white on white civil war. They’ll be leading the charge as they did during the Russian Revolution and about any revolution before or since. \

    They will identify themselves as “white”
    The Battles Jews fight are never covered by the MSM since they own for all intents and purposes all the major media outlets.
    Don’t look now but a Jew runs the most popular alternative media site which keeps it from going all in on the anti Jewish rhetoric
    That’s why, for all intents and purposes, the site is staffed with limited hangouts (self censored or paid) It’s also why the comment section is filled with so many silly rules (to keep the “pitchforks” from taking over the site)

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  184. @littlereddot

    Whatever the faults of Jews, their devotion to returning to their ancestral homeland is admirable


    Except Palestine is the ancestral homeland of the Palestinians, who are likely far more related to the ancient peoples of the area than the Jews of Europe and North Africa are.

  185. jsigur says:

    Much better to obsess on Jews than blacks.

    Remember, but for the MSM hiding the fact, Jews were the leaders in support of the North American Slave trade and any non white does well to remember that though the Jew may look like your friend now, when you have fulfilled your purpose for him, he will not remember how you helped him, in fact, he will distort the history to make it as if you didn’t help him at all!
    White Man! The Jew uses your race hate by secretly running your movements and telling you to scream. This is to assure that all non whites see you as the problem and forget about him. You might as well gift wrap your subservience!

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  186. Z-man says:

    Thanks, but I can separate spectator sports from racial… awareness.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  187. Dr. Doom says:
    @cylindrical crown

    Do not underestimate the stupidity of the Synagogue of Satan.
    They are born losers when it comes to do what they want.

    Satan made them what they are.
    They are meat puppets and not smart.

    Everything is going according to the plan.
    It was implemented in 1776.

    The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, World War I, II and III were all planned back then.

    The Bagel Boyz are expendable assets.
    They don’t win in The End.

    The White Men should focus on building the New Holy Roman Empire.
    That is the New World Order plan.

    Israel was meant to stymie the Muslim.
    Let them destroy each other.

    Atheists need to get a grip on reality.
    Man has a spiritual need to fulfill.

    Christ is not a trick of the Bagel Boyz.
    He really is The Word. Number one Son.

  188. anarchyst says:

    You are wrong…
    Jews NEVER fight their own battles.
    The two “world wars” and many previous and subsequent wars have been fought for the benefit of the jews. The banksters financed both sides (except Germany).
    Even the jews in biblical times got “others” (Pontius Pilate) to do their “dirty work” for them with the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, Pilate washing his hands of the whole affair, with the jews taking full responsibility for Christ’s crucifixion and death on themselves
    In fact, the jews’ favorite military song is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

  189. anarchyst says:

    Just maybe I am quite dense…and do not understand…
    …but I cannot get enjoyment from watching steroid-addled overpaid, costumed “actors” playing children’s games while raking in millions of shekels for themselves and their “masters” in their taxpayer-funded “playpens”.
    Perhaps it’s just me…
    I have much better things to do with my time…
    Best regards,

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Z-man
  190. @martin_2

    And ABC’s Wide World of Sports actually lived up to its hype: “Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition.”

  191. @anarchyst

    Steroids are an abomination. The difference in physique between Muhammad Ali and today’s boxers is, well, self evident. Same with football players etc. In a way, today’s athletes aren’t human anymore; same for bimbos with plastic jugs.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @Kim
  192. anarchyst says:

    I have NEVER trusted jews. I learned at an early age…starting out in business.
    My first large contracting job which was at an extremely fair price for value received was constantly “nitpicked” by my jewish “customer” despite meeting and exceeding all regulatory and statutory requirements.
    I eventually got my money, but not without a lot of “back-and-forth” effort. It was only when I threatened to place a lien on the property when the “customer” realized that I was not going to back down. I hurriedly cashed the check as I was uncertain if there would be enough “funds” in the customer’s account.
    I would trust a Muslim over a jew any day. They may “haggle” which is a middle eastern custom, but I have never had to take legal action against a Muslim. The agreed upon price was always paid without any rancor or negativity.

  193. @Twin Ruler

    The real crime of the Nazis was that they exposed the truth that Germany, purged of Jews, was not only no worse off but actually better off than when she was tolerant of Jews.

    Most of Europe recognized the truth of the German rejection of Judaism and either did nothing to help the Jews or actively took steps to deport them. For going along with the demonstration that Jews were nonessential, Europe herself had to be punished.

    • Agree: Twin Ruler
  194. Z-man says:

    No, you are not dense. I agree with most of your points but since I grew up watching baseball, football, hockey and basketball, it’s become a pastime of mine. I don’t follow basketball or hockey anymore but I do enjoy following my teams in the two biggest spectator sports.
    But I don’t go to many games and I understand the damage that these sports can do to the culture. Consider me a wary fanatic. I didn’t get my son dressed up in team jerseys when he was a kid. He only wore those in Little League.
    As my mother used to tell me when I was a kid, ‘They’re not going to give you any money for rooting for those teams’. She was right of course.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  195. @Hulkamania

    Well, imo, hispanics are way better than whites. So, a better version of brazil is my prediction.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  196. @ThreeCranes

    Steroids are an abomination. The difference in physique between Muhammad Ali and today’s boxers is, well, self evident.

    I agree about steroids. I doubt that Tyson Fury is on steroids. Some of the differences could be diet and training, but probably most top-tier athletes are on something. Anyone who has witnessed what steroids can do for an athlete understands that PEDs are commonly used.

  197. martin_2 says:

    No they wouldn’t. Wherever white people go the place improves. America (North and South), Australia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the rest of Asia. Everywhere, basically.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  198. Z-man says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    I was scrolling and saw your post. Your logic escapes me. If Hispanics are better than whites then why will the USA be a better version of Brazil? Unless you want to eradicate all the American whites and replace them with Brazilians.
    Oh and BTW, they speak ‘Portugee’ in Brazil so they’re not even Hispanic.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  199. @Z-man

    sorry typo, it should be black.

  200. @martin_2

    No they wouldn’t. Wherever white people go the place improves. America (North and South), Australia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the rest of Asia. Everywhere, basically.

    By that same reasoning, wherever the Koreans go, the place also improves. Shall we give the USA to the Koreans?

  201. Kim says:

    Modern boxers are not on steriods. It is not advantageous to be heavily muscled in the sub-heavyweight divisions. Past three rounds they fag out.

    Occasionally someone gets caught using a PED. Ridiculously, Big Baby Miller, who is naturally huge, has been caught twice.

  202. That Guy says:

    It’s easy actually.

    1. Boycott everything “They” endorse, create, promote, sell, support

    2. Educate others to the truth so they see who the instigators are …..

    3. Put “them” on the outside of the circle, and everyone avoid everything “They” have anything to do with.

  203. martin_2 says:

    Are blacks in charge? The problem is blacks are too much in victim-complaint mode to take over as ruling elites. The mode of black politics isn’t “We have the broadness of vision and magnanimity to rule” but “blackity-blackness”. Their focus is too narrow to represent all of America. Black political mindset isn’t about “what is good for all Americans” but “what all Americans owe us blackity-blackity blacks.”

    I think this is a most important point. Blacks are small minded, they have no vision of how society should be beyond what they perceive to be good for them. In the George Floyd case, there are recordings of the killings of white men by police officers worse than that of George Floyd. Wouldn’t it have been great for their cause if they had protested on behalf of white victims as well. For once, blacks would’ve been standing up for whites as well as blacks. What terrific PR that would have been. But no. The blacks read the usual script. It was the usual blackity blackity black drivel.

  204. Natural black supremacy in sports, sexually? Do you have experience with black men sexually? America is still waiting for a great black hope heavyweight champion for the last 20 years. This is not your fathers century.

  205. anarchyst says:

    The civil war will be between rural Whites and urban and suburban White race traitors. By “race traitors”, I do not necessarily mean blacks vs. Whites, but urban and suburban Whites and their jewish enablers vs. rural Whites.

  206. Hallelue says:

    Gays have nothing in common with trans activists. Trans ideology actually tries to erase gays.
    Except for that stupid comment, an otherwise good essay.

  207. @Renard

    Those who hate Germans in particular, hate Whites in general; those who hate Whites in general, hate Germans in particular!

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  208. anarchyst says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Germany has been saddled with its own “Stockholm Syndrome” ever since the summation of the Second World War.
    There are some brave Germans who have gone against the “official narrative” of WW2 with Germany seen as being on “the wrong side of history” and as such are (still) considered to be “the bad guys”, but they are either too few or afraid of being “outed” as “holocaust™ deniers”, subject to severe punishment, and yes, Nazis (which is unfairly still a pejorative term in Germany and in much of the rest of the western civilized world). Even Canada has criminalized honest investigation into the so-called “holocaust™”.
    This is especially bolstered by the (in)famous “jewish holocaust™” fable which was created by the Allies in order to keep Germany permanently demonized.
    In fact, it was Russian jews who “rebuilt” Auschwitz after the war in its own propagandistic way, creating and amplifying engineering errors that the Germans would have never done. Hollywood could not have done a better job in perpetuating the falsehoods and propaganda.
    From non-sealed “gas chambers” with wooden doors that “swing the wrong way” to no means for inserting and ventilating the poison gases, using a delousing agent as an ineffective “poison gas”, anyone with an engineering background can easily poke holes in all of the claims made by holocaust™ promoters.
    Let’s not forget that jewish “holocaustianity™” has been deemed to be a state religion in many countries from which no deviation is permitted. Prosecution, fines and imprisonment await those who seek the truth about this false, contrived event in history. If the “holocaust™” is based on “truth” why not encourage a full impartial investigation into this “event”? What are “holocaust™” promoters afraid of?
    Jews have always been excellent propaganda agents, tugging at heartstrings by always showing jews as being “downtrodden” victims and always being marginalized and victimized. This is a “feature” and not a “bug” as it has been successful in keeping the holocaust™ fable going to the present day.
    Jewish “holocaust™ museums” (actually jewish freak shows) display piles of shoes, glasses, clothing, and other piles of “who knows what” in order to claim that 6,000,000 jews were “gassed out of existence”. Of course, these piles of shoes, eyeglasses, clothing and other items were all purchased at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.
    These jewish freaks shows get massive amounts of taxpayer dollars despite being totally out of place in American society. Schoolchildren are brainwashed and propagandized in these freak shows, which is actually child abuse to allow children into these “holocaust™” museums. Even states have mandated “holocaust™” brainwashing for school children…not good.
    It could be safely argued that even Americans have been unwitting victims of this same “Stockholm Syndrome” especially when it comes to “all things holocaust™”.
    It is long overdue to conduct a full, impartial, honest of all holocaust™ claims and to “let the chips fall where they may” and finally expose it as the massive jewish fraud of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  209. @anarchyst

    No, Americans want to believe the worst about the Germans. That is how they justify, to themselves, terror bombing so many of them during “The Good War.” Without the Holocaust narrative, then Americans would see no need for the entire Military-Industrial Complex. See the problem there?

    • Thanks: anarchyst
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