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The Jewish Trick of Servant Lording Over Master
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There is a great contradiction at the heart of Judaism. Jews conceived of the most powerful and greatest God of all time and all places. Indeed the only and only God. So, this God, as formulated by Jews, is infinitely greater than any people, place, or time. He isn’t just a great force above man but the greatest power beyond man’s capacity to fathom. He is non-specific to any single realm and is the owner & ruler of everything in the cosmos and beyond.
But if this the nature of God, the one and only Deity of all things and all times, then why would He have invested so much of His time and energy with a certain tribe? (It’d be like the time FBI diverted its resources to track down the insipid troll who baited Kurt Eichenwald on Twitter. Doesn’t the FBI have better things to do? It goes to show justice is never blind. Organs of the Law prioritize certain cases over others depending on which groups have the clout.) If a rich man had a billion dollars, would he care about one of his many dollars over the others? If God is so great and mighty, why would His destiny be affixed to the travails of some desert tribe? And, consider the man with whom God made the Covenant, Abram who was renamed Abraham. What was so great or notable about Abraham that he(and his descendants) deserved such a blessing from the one and only master of all the universe? Imagine if you’re the lord of all animals(that ever were, are, and will be) but choose a bunch of rabbits or rats as your ‘chosen’ creatures. But why would you do that? If you have lordship over all whales, elephants, lions, tigers, bears, wombats, kangaroos, sharks, dolphins, gorillas, rhinos, and etc, why would you favor a bunch of rabbits or rats as your special breed? And why would you give them special protection over others? Abraham may have been a good man — or better than most — , but he hardly exhibited greatness. So, why would God choose him & his tribe and bless them with great promise, power, and wealth? If God’s domain were limited to Earth alone, His special concern for Jews might be somewhat understandable — like a parent having a favorite child — , but as God happens to be creator, lord, and master over all things for all times, it means even ALL OF mankind is insignificant in His overall design. So, why would His fate be so closely tied to some tribe, half of whose members are either swindlers, comedians, and/or degenerates?

Was this a fair transaction and bargain betwee God and Jews? Which side gains more from the Covenant? If God is the owner and ruler of everything, what can Jews possibly do for Him? Even if Jews accumulated all the worldly wealth and offered it to God, it would be a pittance in the eyes of God who owns all the universe. It’d be like a homeless person offering his pennies, half-smoked cigarettes, and stained gumdrops to a billionaire. All the wealth on Earth would be nothing to God, the master and ruler of all the galaxies. So, there is nothing that Jews can do for God. Whatever Jews offer to God, God already has. Besides, if everything in the cosmos belongs to God, what Jews offer to God is His to begin with. Jews would only be taking something from God-owned world and offering it to God. It’d be like a kid buying a gift for his parents with allowance money given to him by his parents. So, God has no need for Jews. In contrast, Jews have everything to gain by being chosen by God. They would have protection and favoritism of the one and only God, the greatest power in the universe. Therefore, it’s a game in which Jews win, God loses. Jews get everything from God, God gets nothing from Jews.

HOUSE OF GAMES by David Mamet

So, how did Jews cover up the con or swindle? Jews created a narrative in which they portrayed themselves as beholden to God, faithful to God, and obedient to God. Jews would offer utmost devotion and to Him alone as the one and only God, the true God. Their fanatical subservience to Him would be such that, hopefully, He will take notice and offer them the blessings of protection, guidance, and favoritism. So, the Jewish Narrative would have us believe that Jews are the ones who are chained to God. They are the willing children, dogs, and servants of God who do complain of their bondage to Him. Whatever God tells them to do, they shall do it because God wills it and because there’s nothing holier to Jews than carrying out God’s will. So, given their obedience to God, it only seems proper that God should reciprocate and offer them good tidings in turn.

But this Jewish devotion to God is really useless to God. Why would God need such devotion from Jews or any other people when He has everything? He has all the power, matter, energy, truth, time, and wisdom of the universe. Jews could do nothing for Him. God is God regardless of what Jews or any people do, say, or believe. It’s like a person is a person regardless of what a colony of ants think. Suppose an ant comes to you and says its colony will be devoted to you. Okay, but what good will it do you? You have your life, your house, your wealth, and your happiness. And those things have nothing to do with some dinky dirt colony full of stupid ants. Whether the ant colony worship you or not, you are you and you have all your stuff. No matter how slavishly the ants try to worship and serve you, there isn’t a thing they can do for you. But, suppose these ants are tricky and persuade you that, in return for their undying loyalty to you, it’d be awful decent of you to return the favor and offer them protection(from all other critters) as the ‘chosen’ among all wild organisms. So, what is the nature of this bargain? You can actually do substantive things for the ants because a human is many times more powerful than a bunch of ants(whose colony can be destroyed a child’s foot or urine). You can offer them food, you can destroy critters that might harm the ants, you can build roof over them so that the colony won’t be soaked with rain, and etc. So, even though the ant narrative says they are slaves to you, you’ve really become a slave to them. After all, their supposed slavishness to you offers you nothing, but your favors for them make a huge difference.

Indeed, the Jewish art of trickery with God can be seen in the story of Abraham itself. In a way, the story seems to be about Abraham caught in a trap set by God. God gives Abraham a son, Isaac, and then, tests Abraham’s loyalty by ordering a blood sacrifice. Abraham dearly loves his son, but his main loyalty is to God, so he must do as God orders. So, he ties Isaac up and is about to slay him when God, in recognition of Abraham’s devotion, retracts His command and spares Isaac. So, on the surface, it sounds like a story of the first Jew’s unwavering obedience to God. But seen in another way, it is God who is placed in a trap and bound ever closer to the Jews. After all, if God goes through with His demand, He will still have

His power but not the glory as just and righteous God. He will still be the most powerful and the one & only God of the physical universe, but He would make Himself a stranger in the moral universe. He could be reduced to a nihilistic cosmic gangster who delights in the murder of an innocent & helpless child. Thus, He would be a God to fear and obey but not one to love and honor. (Also, there is vanity in the conception of all gods, and they naturally want to be worshiped by people of quality. If God had made humans dog-like, He would have had devoted followers but also clone-like dolts and yes-men. God wants to be worshiped by People of Quality, just like a famous artist or actor wants to be admired by intelligent critics & scholars than by saliva-drooling fans. The problem is, the more ‘quality’ a people are, more difficult is to earn their admiration and devotion. So, the problem of Judaism is God has the following of a very intelligent people but their very intelligence often puts them at odds with God. God wants total obedience from a people capable of total freedom. A great contradiction.) So, by testing His power and Abraham’s loyalty, the result was Abraham’s moral victory over Him and, furthermore, His need to make amends to Abraham and his tribe. After all, Abraham was a man of love for his son and for God. He wanted to raise his son and worship God. There was moral consistency in his fatherly devotion to his son and his sincere devotion to whom he believed to be a good & wise God. So, when God commanded Abraham to kill his son, it was God who was the violator of the Covenant. He ordered Abraham to do something horrible and unseemly. Abraham’s soul was divided. He wanted to protect his son, and he wanted to serve God. But God, the great Being who’d given him the gift of a son, ordered him to kill that very son for no apparent reason than to prove his loyalty to God. This great moral contradiction meant that things could never be the same between Abraham and God if the order was carried through. It would mean Abraham proved his loyalty but to a God who is amoral, capricious, and unhinged. So, in order for God to be both masterful and honorable, He had no choice but to nullify His own order. So, it was God who was caught in a trap and reversed His order to save His reputation. And so He did. But it didn’t end there. Even though God has proven His goodness by allowing Abraham to keep his son, He still has to answer for the fact that He made called for blood sacrifice in the first place. The fact remains that He ordered Abraham to do something that no human should be made to do. The moral equation favors Abraham over God since Abraham didn’t want to kill Isaac but willed himself to do so in loyalty to or in fear of God. So, Abraham was right on both counts. His moral sense abhorred the terrible request. But his spiritual devotion remained true to God to the very last; or he understood that he didn’t have a choice since it was an-offer-he-couldn’t-refuse. After all, if God is all-powerful, disobedient Abraham could be robbed of everyone and everything dear, not just Isaac. So, if only to save the rest of the tribe, he had no choice but to offer what God demanded.

From the other side of the equation, God made a horrific request of a good man who’d already proved his devotion to God many times over. And even though God reversed the order and allowed Abraham to keep the kid, He’s confronted with two conclusions that bind His power. First, He discovers a power beyond godly power. Morality is bigger than God Himself. So, even though God has the power to transgress any moral law, so doing will remove the righteous crown from His head. So, God, despite His power and greatness, lost His nerves and called off the sacrifice. The greatest being in the universe got cold feet. He couldn’t go through what He Himself had ordered, whereas Abraham was willing to go through with it.

Second, He is faced with the silent truth that He did Abraham wrong and has to make amends. Abraham had long ago proven his loyalty to God in accordance to the Covenant, but his loyalty was tested once again and in such horrible manner. Also, God, despite His claim of being Lord of the all that is, came across as insecure and neurotic in His need to ascertain and confirm Abraham’s loyalty to Him. It’s like a jealous husband who is never sure that his wife is faithful to him despite her seemingly impeccable fidelity.

So, in a way, the story of God and Abraham is more the story of God falling into the trap of the Jews than vice versa. According to the narrative, God ordered Abraham to bind Isaac to a rock and slay him, and Abraham had no choice but to obey God. But in the process, it was God’s power that became bound to the bedrock of morality. It was God’s nihilistic tendencies that were sacrificed, whereupon God finds Himself bound to the Jewish tribe — like Atlas bound with the sky and Prometheus chained to a cliff — because its founder proved his utmost loyalty and worthiness before God. And yet, the great irony is Abraham proved his utmost loyalty in a deed that God simply couldn’t see through to the end if He were to retain His reputation as a good God. Abraham proved his utmost ‘goodness’ to God through his unstinting resolve to carry out God’s order, and God salvaged His glory by reversing His own command. So, in a way, everyone wins and everyone loses. But given the power imbalance between Abraham and God, the latter had more to lose.

George C. Scott as Abraham in THE BIBLE by John Huston

Anyway, the power dynamics between Jews and their God is now played out in global politics, especially in the relation between Jews and the USA, the sole superpower. (USA has become like the monotheistic god of power, or a mono-power.) A kind of ‘political monotheism’ has come to govern the world. It’s as if the United States is the One and Only True Nation(and it and only it may serve as the model for all other nations that are seen not so much as distinct national entities but mere supplicants, dependents, clones, and mini-me’s of America; even non-Americans must obey & serve America before their own nations, just like all gentiles in the US and the EU are expected to serve Jewish identity & interests before their own). United States is claimed to be the ‘exceptional’, ‘indispensable’, and the ‘greatest’ nation that ever was, is, and will be. Indeed, it is so great that it is more than a nation. It is the world itself. It must take in the whole world, and the whole world must reflect and receive Americanism as the only true and correct way of organization, production, consumption, and conduct. America deserves to be the sole hegemonic power in the whole world and not just militarily and financially but linguistically, culturally, intellectually, morally, ideologically, musically, leisurely, spiritually, fashionably, faddishly, and in every other way. So, if America is a ‘nation of immigrants’, all nations must re-brand them as such too. If America worships Jews, homos, and Negroes, all other nations must pay special heed to that holy trinity. Monopower-ism says America is above the conventional laws & norms of other nations(with the exception of Israel, of course). So, the US may do whatever it wants around the world. Whatever it does is right and ‘just’. And since the US controls global-media, it spins anything to fits its own warped narrative. So, even though the US has been the aggressive power against Russia and Iran at the behest of Jews and/or Israel, the world is often duped into seeing US in a defensive position against ‘aggressors’. It’s like how the saying goes: “A Jew cries in pain as he strikes you.” Jewish-controlled America is the main aggressor but whines the most about other ‘aggressors’. And even in cases where the world feels that the US has acted in unwarranted or criminal manner, there’s nothing that can be done about it since the US is the sole superpower that cannot be touched. Unlike Germany, Japan, and Iraq that paid a heavy price for their aggressions, the US can bomb & invade or subvert & destroy any number of nations but face no consequences or comeuppance. Whatever the US does is defended as matter of ‘defending human rights’ or ‘spreading democracy’ , and America has the gangster-muscle to back up whatever it chooses to do. The US can carry out a 1000 Pearl Harbors and laugh it off since no other nation can ever retaliate like the US did against Japan in WWII.

Even though the US was envisioned & created by Anglo conquerors and settlers, that narrative is no longer viable if the US is to ascend to its role as the One-and-Only-True-Nation-of-the-World. Thus, America is not a nation among many other nations but The Only Nation, the lone sun around which all other nations are mere planets. Indeed, other nations are not even real nations since America is the only nation that is also the world. Other nations exist only to be part of Pax Americana. America is about all the peoples of the world since their only true destiny is to become ‘New Americans’; some may opt to be ‘New Europeans’, ‘New Canadians’, or ‘New Australians’, but globalized Europe, Canada, and Australia are mere shadows of America. All peoples must be allowed to come to America and thereby transformed into ‘Americans’, and they must export Americanism to their places-of-origin that are to be relegated into planets revolving around the American Sun. Only America has the True Light, radiating from the torch of Lady Liberty and Hollywood, that outshines all other lights into irrelevance & insignificance. America is the One-and-Only-True-Nation and all other nations are false nations, just like the Bible says there is only one true God and all other gods are false idols. As false nations, they must abandon their false identities, histories, & territoriality, and instead, surrender to Americanism and remake themselves in the image of America: Rap Culture, Homomania, Jew-Worship & Holocaust Cult, Afrobatics, hedonism, materialism, and youth culture. If a nation like Russia or Iran rejects Americanism-as-the-only-correct-way, it must be smitten with fire and brimstone of economic sanctions, media denunciation, and/or military invasion. If a nation won’t accept the tenets of Americanism, then it must, at the very least, be slavish to the US in foreign policy. For example, Saudi Arabia rejects Americanism but remains in good graces with the US because it serves the US and Israel strategy of undermining other Muslim nations, especially Iran and its allies.

According to Jewish monotheism, there is only one true God, and all others are false gods. According to Americanism, there is only true nation, the United States, and all others are false nations. As such, America must be universal Rome-Israel-Mecca to all peoples in the literal or figurative sense. Peoples everywhere should aspire to abandon their own nations, make the journey to America, abandon their ancient identities for the superior American identity, and raise their kids in a culture of amnesia to grow up to be ideal consumer-hedonists. As for those who aren’t able to come to the US, they must do everything to turn their own nations ersatz-americas as much as possible. Instant gratification and immediacy of meaning — the hallmark of Pop Culture — should trump all other considerations. So, America is the only destination for emigration or the only model to follow. Margaret Thatcher once said, “America is philosophy, Europe is history.” But (Jewish)American-style globalism extinguishes all memories and cuts off all connective roots to the past. For religion there is homomania. For meaning, there is Jew-worship and Holocaust-cult for all humanity even though most peoples had nothing to do with World War II and the Holocaust. And for culture and mythos, there is rap music and Hollywood comic-book-blockbusters. For ‘art’(among those with more discriminating tastes), there is American TV shows touted as ‘mature’ entertainment in this supposedly ‘true golden age of TV’.

Presently, even European nations have lost their sense of history and connective roots. European youths have Eurovision and the ‘bearded lady’ as their cultural icon. They hardly feel any connection to their own histories that have been denigrated and dismissed as ‘atavistic’, ‘uncool’, ‘racist’, and ‘reactionary’. The only Europe that matters is the New Europe to be created by massive Diversity in the image of the New World.

So, does this mean that Europe, like the US, is now about ‘philosophy’ than ‘history’? Actually, that would be too kind as Americanism, in the current incarnation, is more about propaganda than principles. Perhaps, there was something genuinely philosophical about Americanism when Thatcher made her remark, but as practiced today, it is little more than False Advertising for Jewish Supremacism. The New Americanism is about hysteria, mania, and fashion, a constant barrage of sensationalist distractions to obfuscate Jewish designs on the whole world. In simplest terms, America is a Mass Cult of Ephemera contrived to serve the shifting interests of the GLOB(globalist masters). Indeed, it’s to Jewish advantage to keep the rules of Americanism as loose as possible because real principles will bind the rulers to their own rules, just like morality tied God’s hands to do the right thing by Abraham and spare Isaac. Jews don’t want to be bound to any law or principle when it comes to their insatiable lust for more wealth and power. So, if More-Jewish-Power calls for the killing of 100,000s of Iraq children, Americanism must be remolded to justify that. (But after having killed all those innocent Arab/Muslim kids, Jews feigned compassion by aiding Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, a maneuver to their advantage since Serbia was backed by Russia.) Vaguer the meaning of Americanism, greater leeway for Jews to play fast and loose to bolster and maximize their own power. So, Jews, who insisted on the separation of church and state in the past(as an iron principle), are now saying the US must allow special privileges for Muslims and Sikhs in schools and other public places/institutions in the name of Diversity. Especially if the US is to invade & intrude into the affairs of the Muslim World(for the sake of Israel and Zionist hegemony), it needs to justify its act of aggression and interference with displays of ‘good will’, ‘compassion’, and ‘tolerance’.

Was Americanism always thus? Of course not. Even though the Founding of the United States had an element of universal idealism, there was nothing to imply that the US must become a Universal Nation, let alone the one-and-only template for whole world, a concept all-too-cynically employed by Jews to justify their global meddling expand Jewish power — Americanism and Homomania are proxies and fronts to mask Jewish supremacist-imperialism. Besides, for the first hundred years, the priority of the nascent republic was to defend & sustain itself and then wrest more land from the indigenous folks via the westward expansion. It was only when the entire continent was claimed and settled that America began to vie for a place-in-the-sun as a world power. But even then, America saw itself as one of the several great powers with no special right or authority to lord over others. It was really with the devastation of World War I that America emerged as a semblance of the most powerful nation on earth. With Germany defeated, with Russia caught up in the throes of revolution, and with victorious Britain and France set back by tragic losses of life and wealth, it was only natural that unscathed America would emerge as the premier power. Even so, WWI elevated Japan’s role in the Pacific, Great Britain and France still retained their vast world empires, and communist Russia was re-emerging as an industrial power from the bloody revolution. Also, as yet unfamiliar with the notion of America-as-a-superpower, most Americans looked inward and had no interest in taking on the role of global hegemon during the inter-war years.

It was only with the catastrophe of WWII that the US emerged as the undisputed superpower. WWII finished off the Empire of Japan. Germany’s ambition to be a great power was gone forever. And the rise of nationalism around the world doomed the British and French empires, already on shaky legs because of crises of the two World Wars. And even though the USSR emerged as the other great power, even a ‘superpower’, its huge losses in the war and its unpopular occupation of Eastern Europe force it to relegate most of its resources on rebuilding and defense. Also, the Cold War drove Europe and Japan to the US for protection. Thus, they essentially became vassal-states despite their economic re-emergence in the post-war era. Perhaps, if it weren’t for the Cold War, the US might have retreated once again to serving its national interests, as it had following the Wilsonian setbacks of the post-WWI era. Or maybe US expansion was more the result of the breakup of the British and French empires. With the Third World no longer under the thumb of European powers, the US was tempted to step in and play the role of new boss or ‘policeman/salesman of the world’.

Even so, the notion that the US is the one-and-only true model for the entire world and that all national borders — except Israel’s — must be dissolved to facilitate mass migrations of peoples is a relatively new development. It is globalism, a radical departure from the internationalism — nations learning to cooperate and get along peacefully — of the postwar order. By massive movements of peoples across all nations — but especially headed to the West — , globalism’s agenda is to weaken and wipe out all distinct national identities and interests. So, what will replace national identities and national interests? After all, people need to feel as members of something, part of a community. Once all peoples are de-nationalized and deracinated, are they all to become ‘American’(as citizen or imitator)? This can be achieved by coming to America or by ‘Americanizing’ their own nations with Hollywood, MTV, Homomania, rap music, and PC. This globalism is really the brainchild of Jewish supremacists who loathe all nationalisms except their own in Israel and Judenia, Jewish networks of power-centers around the world. After all, nationalism commands that the elites of every nation are obliged to represent & defend the identity & heritage of their own people against the intrusions & interferences of other nations and imperial powers. For Jews, this means that every gentile nation must prioritize its own identity and interests against World Jewry that controls globalism.

Jews want elites of every gentile nation to serve Jewish supermacism than represent and defend their own people. Jews like people like Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz and hate Viktor Orban because Merkel and Scholz serve Jewish supremacists against Germans whereas Orban serves Hungarians against Jewish supremacists.

But Jews target not only gentile elites for conversion but gentiles masses so that deracinated mobs will pressure their own elites to ditch nationalism and adopt Diversity, Homomania, and Globorgy-ism. This has happened already in Ireland where the majority voted for ‘gay marriage’ and, being addicted to Afromania in sports-music-sex, demand that Ireland welcome more demographic imperialism to erase Ireland as a distinctly European and Celtic civilization. So many Irish now want Ireland to become a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America where anyone can be ‘Irish for a day’. Ireland has become just a Shamrock Puerto Rico of globo-America. Globalism is about the Puerto-Ricanization of the World. Because Jews control the academia, they infect elite minds all over the world with their brand of PC. And because Jews control mass media, Hollywood, and music industry(and much of the internet which they manipulate to favor their brand of ‘fake news), they’ve been able to sway countless gentiles from top to bottom with their globalist agenda — the Americanization of the World. Jews hate Trump’s talk of nationalism-over-globalism because, without US hegemony, the New-Jew-World-Order cannot be sustained. Jewish supremacist power piggybacks on the back of American might-and-muscle. Without the US as sole hegemon, nations of the world will revert to the national-sovereignty mode, and that means it will be more difficult for globalist Jews to penetrate and take over. As rich and powerful as Jews are, they need the obedience & cooperation of US muscle to do their bidding around the world.

For the above-mentioned reasons, America is now hailed and celebrated as the One-and-Only-True-Nation. It isn’t only the lone superpower but the only nation worth emulating and obeying. In the Jewish mind, there is America, ‘America’, and “America”. America is a normal nation, one among many other nations. It may be the most powerful nation, but its power and wealth don’t invalidate or negate the uniqueness, autonomy, and values of other nations. The way of this America is for America only, and it isn’t necessarily suitable for other nations. Jews are allergic to this notion of America with its own unique history, dominant culture, and core majority population. Jews prefer the notion of an ‘America’ that is ‘fluid’ and in constant flux of ‘reinvention’. This ‘America’ is always changing, and ‘Americans’ aren’t supposed to settle upon who and what they really are. The ONE AND ONLY PERMISSIBLE CONSTANT in this formulation of ‘America’ is Jewish supremacist domination gaining added leverage the more ‘Americans’ become clueless about their identity, thereby more compliant to the vicissitudes of fads and fashions controlled by the Jew-run academia, media, and entertainment.

Katy Perry’s ‘Murica

With the rug under their feet constantly pulled away geographically, culturally, ideologically, and politically, it will be difficult for ‘Americans’ to consolidate a strong sense of who they are, where they came from, and where they are headed. Instead of a continuous thread running through various fabrics of Americanism, Jews favor the replacement of whole cloths in an ‘America’ gone demographically shopoholic as a ‘nation of immigrants’. Prior to the rise of globalism, white Americans had felt some degree of racial, cultural, and historical continuity from the time of the first settlers to the present period. But with massive arrivals of non-whites(whose children are indoctrinated with anti-white and anti-Christian vitriol), the white narrative has become increasingly paved over with New Narratives. And with unceasing waves of immigration, the New Americans will, in turn, be buried under More New Americans. It’s as if all Americans, ‘old’ and ‘new’, are condemned to be bored & enervated, therefore needing to be replaced by newer New Americans who, as fresh immigrants, might appreciate the good fortune of being in America and slavishly work for or vote for the globalist elites who let them in.

The only constant will be the Rule by Jewish Elites who will go on playing the game of ‘divide-and-rule’ between Settled Americans and New Americans. So, if Jews now encourage Mexicans to take over from whites as the New Americans, in the future Jews will use Chinese, Hindus, and Muslims against Mexicans. The Jew giveth, the Jew taketh away. If America is the literal nation and if ‘America’ is the proposition of what Jews want it to be, “America” is the Jewish supremacist project to turn the entire world into reflection of ‘America’. So, every corner of the world, with the exception of Israel, must be turned into “America”.

But there’s another interesting facet to the conceit of America as the One-and-Only-True-Nation, one that is ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’. Its relation with Jews has striking similarities to God’s relation with Jews. Recall that the Covenant between God and Jews is ostensibly about humble Jews faithfully serving the mighty God, yet upon closer inspection, it really has God serving the Jews since He can give so much to Jews whereas Jews can’t give Him anything He doesn’t already have. Jews can only offer Him prayers.

Likewise, Jews would have us believe (1) America is the greatest power in the world and (2) Jews are its most loyal & patriotic servants carrying out its true mission. But as 2% of America, there’s only so much Jews can do for America. Jews also say Israel is the most loyal and committed ally of the US. Because Israel is so devoted to America, it seems only right and fair for the US to return the favor and bestow gifts on the Jewish State. But in truth, Israel isn’t crucial to the US at all. If Israel were to disappear from the Earth, the US will do just fine, and maybe even better as one of the key obstacles to good relations with Muslim nations would be gone forever. Indeed, the notion of Israel as an outpost of ‘Western Civilization’ defending Europe and America is laughable. If anything, all the Wars for Israel concocted by Zionists and Neocons have destabilized the Middle East & North Africa and set off massive non-white migrant-invasions of Europe, a horror that is being aided by Israelis. So, the moral claims of the covenant between the US and Israel are fraudulent. Jews would have us believe Israel is so loyal to the US and indispensable for its well-being, but in fact, all the favors flow totally from the US to Israel. Without the US, Israel would be vulnerable and exposed. But without Israel, the US would do just fine.

Now, the relation between America and Jewish-Americans is more complicated. Obviously, Jews take more from the 98% of Americans who are gentile(especially from European-Americans) than the other way around. If the US were to lose all its gentiles and just have Jews, it would hardly be a great power. It would be a nation of 6 million Jews without the gentile population on whom Jewish wealth and power depend. But if Jewish-Americans were to vanish, the US would still be a great rich and powerful nation. In some ways, America might do better without those devious Jews playing tricks on Wall Street and those deviant Jews promoting decadence & degeneracy via media, entertainment, and vice industries(like gambling). After all, Iceland reversed its economic setbacks more effectively because it didn’t have to contend with Jewish elites with a lock on elite institutions, the state, and courts. Iceland is Icelandic and ruled by its own people. So, gentile America could do just as well without Jewish-America, but Jewish-America wouldn’t amount to much without gentile America(and especially Anglo-America that laid down Property Laws and other elements of Rule of Law that made rapid Jewish success possible like nowhere else on Earth). But Jews have hoodwinked or browbeaten gentile America into believing that the US must dole out favors to Jews because Jews are the most loyal and conscientious bunch of Americans when it comes to ‘true’ meaning of America. (Jews are also supposedly deserving of extra sympathy because the ‘world’ hadn’t done enough to prevent the Holocaust. The US, as the preeminent World Power during WWII, is especially culpable and in need of redemption for having failed to throw a lifeline to the Jews. If Germany is forever guilty for having killed the Jews, America is forever tainted for not having saved the Jews.) Of course, the Jewish meaning of ‘America’ is profoundly different from the original meaning of America as a nation founded and settled by Anglo-Europeans.

But just as Jews subtly rewrote the meaning of God, they rewrote the meaning of America. If indeed God is the master of the universe, there’s no reason for Him to be bound to some ridiculous tribe. Imagine some super-rich and super-handsome guy(who can have all the women in the world) being persuaded to stick with a nasty homely woman. She would be getting a lot from him, but what would he be getting from her? It’d be like Clint Eastwood, a world famous movie-star, being stuck with the crazy woman in PLAY MISTY FOR ME.

Likewise, given that the US had already developed into a rich and powerful nation without substantial input from Jews(who arrived in substantial numbers only in the late 19th century and early 20th century) — furthermore, Anglos everywhere amply proved that they can build successful economies on their own without Jews — , there was no need for the US to take in Jews or be bound to their destiny. Despite Jewish claims, the US would have done just fine even if not a single Jew had set foot on American soil. It’s like most nations of Western Europe following WWII were virtually Jew-free, but they did just fine without them. If anything, European postwar decline can be traced to the 60s generation that fell under the sway of radical Jewish ideas. Consider how Sweden would have done better without any advice from Jews. Also, the May 68 fiasco in France was led by Jews.

Anyway, just like ancient Jews disingenuously convinced God that His glory and grand design must be bound to the fate of Jews, modern Jews slyly hustled and conned America into believing that it needs Jews to serve and fulfill its ‘true’ meaning and purpose. So, God ended up doing a whole bunch of things for Jews(who never did Him any good in return), and the US ended up doing everything for Jews(who hardly reciprocated in kind). In both cases, passive/aggressive Jews feigned as loyal servants while pulling every trick in the book to make themselves the true master in the equation. Posing as eternal objects of pity supplicating at the feet of the great noble power, be it God or America, Jews feel deserving as the main beneficiaries of favors and protections granted by the ultimate power. Furthermore, Jews, playing their role of the most-tragic-and-wise-victims-of-history to the hilt, play on the moral vanity of the great power that also wants moral sanctification. Given the moral-and-spiritual capital of the Jews based on the Bible Narrative and the Holocaust Cult(the only thing that finally neutralized and overcame Christian ‘antisemitism’), what holier people than the Jews to offer benediction to a great power? Just like Abraham played on God’s moral vanity, Jews have played on America’s. If Jews say America is so great, it must be great since no people are as tragic, wise, and holy as the Jews. But just as God, in exchange for moral flattery from Abraham’s tribe, felt compelled to favor Jews over all other peoples, America, in exchange for the Jewish blessing, feels obliged to live up to Jewish ‘hope’ and ‘dream’ of what America should really be. (In a way, the rise of Christianity can be seen as God’s attempt to liberate Himself from Jews whom He couldn’t stand any longer. Perhaps, God figured that if He must do favors for pitiable creatures, why not for all of mankind than for pesky Jews? On the other hand, we are not being entirely fair to Jews. After all, God wouldn’t exist without the Jews, His creator. So, in a way, it is only right that Jews should really be the master in the equation, however disingenuously, since man created gods, not the other way around. So, if God is the one-and-only God and the sole master of the universe, He owes it to the power of Jewish imagination and thought. As God doesn’t exist except as an idea in the minds of men, His power is wholly dependent on what people think of Him. He is the Lord ONLY IF there are people to believe in Him as such. So, as long as God belonged only to Jews, Jews had the power to destroy God. If Jews were gone, God was also gone since ONLY Jews believe in Him. Jews could also finish off God simply by no longer believing in Him. So, His insurance for survival was through Christianity in case Jews were wiped off the face of the Earth or wiped Him out of their minds in favor of secularism or the Golden Calf. That way, it doesn’t matter what Jews do or think. Others will believe in Him even if Jews don’t, and that will ensure His survival as the idea of the one-and-only God, the master of all that is. It should also be noted that the relation between America and Jews has been a complicated one. While the US would still be a great, rich, and powerful nation even if not a single Jew had set foot on America — whereas Jews would be lost without gentiles — , it’s inarguable that, along with people of Anglo-or-Northern-European stock, Jews have made the most contribution to America in terms of wealth-creation, science, technology, medicine, literature, music, cinema, and ideas. True, Jews did a lot of bad things, and the current Jewish Globalist Agenda is downright wicked, but the positive contributions by Jews have been inestimable.)

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  1. Your Chance to Be Godlike

    Either…OR ?  A Quiz

    Either:  A modern society, worldwide with all the amenities we have come to expect.
    Either: Ready access to autos, trains, busses and airplanes.
    Either: Unlimited travel to destinations of choice by air, sea or land.
    Either: Adequate housing for all.
    Either: Potable drinking water for all.
    Either:  Enough food at hand.  Including the flesh of countless animals raised for this purpose.
    Either: Forests subject to demand for wood products in unlimited quantity.
    Either; The seas harvested constantly for their bounty.
    Either: Relief from constant strife of global warming caused by incursions into the health of the Biosphere.

    OR…Eight billion human beings occupying the finite Planet Earth.

    You can’t have both.

    • Disagree: Bro43rd
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Likewise, given that the US had already developed into a rich and powerful nation without substantial input from Jews(who arrived in substantial numbers only in the late 19th century and early 20th century) — furthermore, Anglos everywhere amply proved that they can build successful economies on their own without Jews — , there was no need for the US to take in Jews or be bound to their destiny. Despite Jewish claims, the US would have done just fine even if not a single Jew had set foot on American soil. It’s like most nations of Western Europe following WWII were virtually Jew-free, but they did just fine without them. If anything, European postwar decline can be traced to the 60s generation that fell under the sway of radical Jewish ideas. Consider how Sweden would have done better without any advice from Jews. Also, the May 68 fiasco in France was led by Jews.

    If one thinks of ((Jews)) as the ultimate con artists, grifters, and mentally ill organized criminals, who periodically were disciplined by foresightful hardliners (Moses, Hitler) and reformers (Jesus) only to quickly again succumb to their natural scumbag level, every disaster they have lured the US into from slave profiteering to WW2 to the 9/11 inside job and consequential “War on Islamofascism” can be viewed as karma or spiritual punishment for taking the easy money (the metaphorical 30 pieces of silver as a temporal reward for doing evil deeds) or it can be viewed as the inevitable outcome of bad behavior that eventually catches up with the coalition of criminals (who just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper, today with the ((Zelensky))/Biden led war on Russia).

    The Judeofascist criminals and their stooges say there is no such thing as good and evil. The rapid meltdown of ZOG-Merca and the ((Jewish)) fall from post-Holocaust grace proves otherwise.

    Never before in the history of the world have the seemingly invincible mighty fallen so hard and fast–just like the Twins and Building 7 on 9/11.

    Karma’s a bitch.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  3. Inverness says:

    A fascinating, prolix rant, almost like a stream of consciousness screen dump but actually closely argued for the most part.

    PF is a strange bird, but oddly compelling as well. I wish i had more time to read more of what he writes. At least when he’s not worshipping negro males.

    P.S. The God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are two separate and very different Gods. Actually they’re diametrically opposed.

    • Agree: Polistra
    • Replies: @gay troll
    , @animalogic
  4. Polistra says:

    Indeed, the Jewish art of trickery with God can be seen in the story of Abraham itself.

    Not least in the endless kosher laws, which jews invented and then claimed that their god foisted upon them. And for which jews have spent the intervening centuries dreaming up countless subterfuges to circumvent but still keep the approval of the local rabbi.

    Many if not most of these subterfuges offer a tragicomic view of the chosen people and their god. Outwitted and outsmarted by those crafty chosenites at every turn. Why doesn’t yahweh just throw in the towel? He will, when he ceases to be of use.

  5. I do not agree that jews have made great contributions to America, though at one time I probably believed that.

    No…..all of jewish intellectual effort is ethnic warfare and it’s always been that way….whether people have the intelligence to see it or not.

    The jewish revolutionary spirit is ingrained in organized jewry…’s genetic…..and the subversion drops from the small hat tribe as naturally as elephants shitting in the Kalahari.

    They are NOT the chosen people anymore, and in fact they are surely the un-chosen…..God divorced them 2000 years ago.

    Abraham’s seed is Christ and the body of Christ.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  6. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Leaving this here just to help anybody who’s on the fence, you’re not insane if you suspect Jung-Freud is a moderate effort troll testing how far he can push the ignorance and stupidity of the online right and the openness of Unz’s publication policy.

    I’ve looked at a few of these pieces and they all make cases which are based on common rightward talking points but worked around so as to flow from self-defeating, insulting, or humiliating foundations and assumptions. This is obfuscated by massive (for the internet at least) wordcounts and an unpleasant and self-indulgent style which makes skipping through inevitable. Also his pieces with active comment sections tend to contain at least one personality who writes exactly like him under another name offering the same kinds of poisoned agreement with the dumber parts of the Unz readership.

    I generally approve of mischief and play in the form of writing. But my main problem is that these pieces aren’t enjoyable or clever or funny. They don’t give me the impression of a laughing high spirit confidently superior to the subject matter. More one of a genuinely seething saboteur writing from a sense of spite. I’ve known people like this online and irl. Their lives might be devoted to jokes, but they don’t laugh and they aren’t happy.

    I’m not checking back on this comment. In fact I’m probably never looking at Unz again. This site has stunningly low standards and nothing to offer beyond the personal character of Unz himself.

  7. Franz says:

    They are NOT the chosen people anymore

    Anymore? Never were.

    Augustine said of Christianity “It’s the oldest religion in the world. There was never a time when it did not exist.” So it was hijacked.

    And Christ’s importance to Europe is singular. He does well elsewhere, but as the Orthodox sometimes say, “He is the White Christ.”

    I don’t see chosen Jews in any of that, ever.

  8. Mikes says:

    Incredibly brave and accurate article

  9. anon[661] • Disclaimer says:

    I feel it’s time for us to gear up. Now is our moment. Russia is a very tough spot. Anatoly Karlin predicts Russia could be facing 3 years of stalemate in the Donbas with high casualties. It becomes a contest of which state first collapses in 2025. Russia should obviously adopt bold strategies instead of bleed itself white fighting against the NATO arsenal in Donbas.

    You have kept on calling for the sovereign powers of the world to start naming the Jew. I think Russia would be smart to do this because the Russian nation could be destroyed. Naming the Jew is the verbal equivalent of using a nuclear weapon. If Russia names the Jew and gets the message across to members of the US military than it will help break the hold of Jewish Supremeacist Power on the US military. If Russia could get US troops to no longer want to fight for Israel then Russia has leverage agaisnt Jewish Supremacist Power. Leverage makes JSP think twice about continuing the Ukraine War.

    One idea is for Russia to start flying banner planes around US carrier tasks forces 24/7. The banner should read the simple slogan of “Don’t Die for Israel”. What ideas can you think of? I think this is our chance to make a breakthrough against Jewish Supremacist Power. I think you should save the abstract history articles for later. It’s time to create practical suggestions and slogans.

    • Agree: Bruce Arney
    • Replies: @Bruce Arney
    , @Chris Moore
  10. anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Jung-Freud is the greatest writer to emerge from the Unz Review. There’s no one writer Jewish power should be more afraid of than J-F.

    • LOL: Chris Mallory
  11. According to the Learned Elders of Zion, to entertain even one single doubt about the actual divinity of the self-chosen god of tribal Jewry, is a blatant act of blasphemy and sacrilege, punishable by complete banishment from all social media. 6 million social credits will be immediately and permanently deducted from your account, forcing you to eat geneticly modified crickets, specially formulated by, well, god’s self-chosen ones, natch.

  12. What if the “Angel” who interceded to prevent Abraham from killing his son, Isaac, was really The Devil? That is something to seriously ponder. Perhaps, had Abraham succeeded things would have been a lot different in the world.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  13. @Anonymous

    So you drop a stink bomb and promptly exit the room?

  14. @anon

    Pretty much, we can either gear up or die in place. All it takes is some sane soldier refusing to enter the launch code. That soldier is waiting for our voice of sanity in a world gone mad.

  15. Chris Moore says: • Website

    One idea is for Russia to start flying banner planes around US carrier tasks forces 24/7. The banner should read the simple slogan of “Don’t Die for Israel”.

    I would change that to “Don’t Die for Judeofascism” because the problem is not just the state of Israel, but its fifth columns as well, including ((Jews)), neocons, rabbi-molested shitlibs, the kosher Chamber of Commerce, and “Christian” Zionists.

    The Synagogue of Satan is inclusive, so long as you’ve affirmed your wickedness.

  16. Chris Moore says: • Website

    So, in a way, the story of God and Abraham is more the story of God falling into the trap of the Jews than vice versa. According to the narrative, God ordered Abraham to bind Isaac to a rock and slay him, and Abraham had no choice but to obey God. But in the process, it was God’s power that became bound to the bedrock of morality. It was God’s nihilistic tendencies that were sacrificed, whereupon God finds Himself bound to the Jewish tribe — like Atlas bound with the sky and Prometheus chained to a cliff — because its founder proved his utmost loyalty and worthiness before God. And yet, the great irony is Abraham proved his utmost loyalty in a deed that God simply couldn’t see through to the end if He were to retain His reputation as a good God. Abraham proved his utmost ‘goodness’ to God through his unstinting resolve to carry out God’s order, and God salvaged His glory by reversing His own command. So, in a way, everyone wins and everyone loses. But given the power imbalance between Abraham and God, the latter had more to lose.

    This is a morality tale for the good Jews and Christians. The bad ((Jews)) would interpret it the way you have, which is that God is a schizo who constantly and arbitrarily changes his mind. In fact, the God of the Bible is a nihilistic schizo, which is why Jesus came along to set things straight. Moses, as well. Those two and some of the Prophets are used to illustrate the correct path, the Way.

    The ((Jews)) are still a schizophrenic people. Their stooges are a schizophrenic people. They ultimately need the wisdom of Jesus, but also the strong hand of Moses to slap them into shape when their schizophrenia gets out of control.

    The U.S., under assault from schizophrenic ((Jews)) and their stooges for over a century now, shows what becomes of nations who extend “tolerance” to the schizo Golden Calf freaks, Moneychangers, reprobates, grifters, killers and organized criminals.

  17. MarylinM says:

    What a claptrap – purest example of super elongated Cognitive Dissonance.
    God was invented by the Jews to control and to manipulate the goyim into voluntary, masturbative slaughter. Invented. It does not exist, it is a fake. Chew on that a little.

  18. gay troll says:

    The God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are two separate and very different Gods. Actually they’re diametrically opposed.

    Yes…and they both regard the other as Satan. This can become very confusing. Almost as confusing as the Jew who was not a Jew – the king who was not a king.

    Kristna is the better emissary of Heaven, and the earlier.


  19. gay troll [AKA "Sue Dunham"] says:


    God was invented by the Jews

    Demonstrably false, if God was “invented” by anybody it was the Hindus. Only “G-d” was invented by the Jews, i.e. the God who is not God, the fake God who wants Jews to establish the black altar of Zion in the name of their chosen Semitic forefathers. “G-d” is also known as YHWH (pronounced “Yow”), which was a real name for God in the first millennium BC. The Jews took that name of God and spelled it in a new language which they adapted from the Israeli/Phoenician script. This language is now named Hebrew after the fictional desert people in the Torah. Y in Hebrew means Jew and HWH means creator (or mother; it’s related to EVE). YHWH literally means Jew begetter. But in fact it was the Jews who begot YHWH.

    If words have meaning, then God is all that is real. It is the totality of oneself. Belief in God is not strictly necessary. But then God may also stop believing in you.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  20. @Robert Dolan

    Colossians, Chapter 3, verses 11 and 12:

    Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian,* slave, free; but Christ is all and in all.

    Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

    The bold font is mine. Paul is telling the young Christian church that they are now the “chosen ones.”

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
  21. But this Jewish devotion to God is really useless to God. Why would God need such devotion from Jews or any other people when He has everything? He has all the power, matter, energy, truth, time, and wisdom of the universe. Jews could do nothing for Him. God is God regardless of what Jews or any people do, say, or believe.

    Well, that’s the 64,000 shekel question, isn’t it? It’s all explained in the Book of Enoch. That’s a very later Jewish work, so late it didn’t make it into the Hebrew Bible. Hence, it’s considered “apocryphal,” but it gets quoted in the epistles of Jude and Peter, which makes it hard to dismiss. Clearly someone felt a need to finally get the whole thing worked out.


    In the beginning, God (aka YHVH-1) created three orders of angels, each with a leader or “archangel.” Warriors (Michael), messengers (Gabriel), and praisers (Lucifer). Lucifer, by the way, was a giant musical instrument.

    Why did all-wise, powerful, etc. God need any of this? Don’t know.

    Actually, Lucifer had the same question. Who needs God? I can praise myself. (“I am the only complete man in the industry” — Burroughs, Naked Lunch). “Iniquity was found in him.” Why did all-wise, powerful, etc. God make a defective archangel? Don’t know.

    “There was a battle in Heaven” and Michael defeated Lucifer. (Some include Jesus fighting alongside Michael, or as the same as Michael). Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven, along with his 1/3 of the angels, and began floating around in the first heaven aka the upper atmosphere.

    Now God had another problem. If he is truly God, then he must be praised. IF he is not being praised, he won’t be God, and Lucifer (“I am god”) will win.

    To solve this new problem, he created man. Man was created to praise God in Heaven forever, after a period of testing his obedience on the Earth. But then Lucifer dropped down and corrupted Adam and Eve (more “iniquity,” trying to become God, etc.).

    Well, enough of this tedious Bronze Age nonsense. Here’s the point: man was created, because God needed people to praise him, because otherwise he wouldn’t really be God.

    Obviously this makes no sense, has only the appearance of “logic,” but there you are.

    Like the Protocols, it may not be “authentic” but it sure explains a lot. Especially about the psychological mess of the people who thought this up; “I must be constantly praised or I will disappear; God must be the same!”

    In addition to your question, it also explains why Christianity can’t really talk about Heaven, other than nonsense about clouds and harps. The only thing you do is praise God over and over, forever. HOLY HOLY HOLY over and over, forever. The Muslim heaven, by contrast, is full of “materialistic” delights, like virgins, wine, etc. Same with Mormons, everyone rules their own planet with a huge family and plantation. Christianity, ah, let’s not talk about it. That’s also why Christians actually spend all their time talking about Hell: Heaven is only attractive by contrast. (Who reads or remembers Dante’s Purgatory or Heaven?)

  22. @Twin Ruler

    Now that would make for some really interesting midrash.

    So I guess Abe really didn’t pass the test, since he fell for Satan’s imitation of God, giving him a ram as a substitute.

    There are smiley face Christians who think God is on our side, wants “the best” for us (as defined by us, of course, like children who want endless supplies of candy), and on the other hand hardcore Christians who think any “worldly” happiness or success is ipso facto of the devil.

    “He who loves the world hates Me.” How does Abe’s love of Isaac fit in with “He who does not hate his mother and father” etc.?

    Satan does the same thing when he tempts Christ in the desert. IF you are the Messiah, it is written, etc. Turn stones into bread, jump off the temple, take possession of all the kingdoms of Earth. Jesus passes the test, but Abe doesn’t.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  23. @Anonymous

    Found the jew!

    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    • Thanks: Renard
  24. The Jews’ grand Pooh-Bah god is no more real than any other, so relax. One biblical incident strikes me as perfectly archetypal of that tribe’s characteristically sick thinking. When the Babylonians destroyed the Jerusalem Temple, you’d think sensible people would have thought, well heck, looks like we’ve been worshipping the wrong guy, let’s go with the new, really powerful god whose guys busted up our guy’s house. Instead their scheming priests, rather than accept that the gravy train had stopped rolling, came up with the utterly insane idea that old I-Am-Who-Am was sooo powerful that he used the infidels, chose to let them wreck his home and holy city, just to show Jews they hadn’t worshipped him properly! Absolutely bonkers but it keeps the shekels rolling in to this day.

    And seeing those poor souls at the Waling Wall in their bizarre costumes chanting and swaying so very precisely really lends weight to the theory that religion is basically institutionalized obsessive-compulsive disorder. Make a mistake, say “ugga bugga” instead of “ooga booga” and you’ve got to say it all over again from the start, or the Invisible Man will be very angry. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  25. @Observator

    The folks I despise the most are the Evangelical morons who think they can force Christ to come back like a ventriloquist’s dummy if they only go through the right motions, such as restoring the Temple and sacrificing a perfect red heifer. Some dumbshit American rancher actually has a breeding program for the latter. All goyish dupes of the fraudulent Scofield Bible. I hope to see their plans come to fruition in my lifetime so I can see the looks on their foolish faces when nothing happens. No trumpets, no heavenly choir. And I’m just laughing my geriatric ass off.

    • Agree: anarchyst, René Fries
  26. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    Whenever one writes about god and the jews, it must be pointed out that their god is not THE god, but just a lesser, tribal god out of a council of deities (the Elohim mentioned in Genesis) who arrogantly thought of himself as unique. This is why he had no compunction ordering the Israelites to commit atrocities up to and including genocide.

  27. @gay troll

    Fully agree, and I suppose (…) their chosen Semitic forefathers may be regarded as sarcastic, for there were no such forefathers of course. The 10 books (6.977 pages) of the “Inârah” series I now have complete, mention in depth each and every influence early Islam is indebted to, among which Judaism also, the current rabbinic Judaism dating back to +/- 100 AD, not earlier.

  28. @James J. O'Meara

    Abe’s love of Isaac

    interesting, a non-existing Nobody loving another non-existing Nobody.

  29. @Inverness

    “prolix” is a defining trait with this writer – he needs to go 10 rounds with an aggressive editor.
    How many times does he repeat the contention (correct in itself) that the US has no need of it’s Jews, whereas the opposite is the case ? My god, we get the point man !

  30. eudion2 says:

    In the Old Testament of the Bible, Joseph the Jew is asked to interpret a dream for the king of Egypt. The king is so grateful that he appoints Joseph to run the entire kingdom, while the king retreats into the background and is never heard from again. Joseph invites the rest of his (Jewish) family into Egypt, and they proceed to bankrupt the peasantry into debt slavery. The story of Moses and the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt occurs centuries after this takeover.

    The ancient Jewish state known as Judah is conquered by Babylon, and the Daniel the Jew interprets a dream of the Babylonian king who then favors Daniel. Daniel is placed in charge of the kingdom while the king goes insane and acts like a wild beast for seven years.

    In later ‘books’ of the Bible, Persian kings once again appoint Jews to top positions in their kingdoms while the kings themselves seemingly disappear from the scene. The Jews proceed to advance their own interests and oppress everyone else.

    You see the trope. Jews infiltrate royal courts and took on the power of the king while the king himself becomes nothing but a figurehead. This Old Testament history doesn’t accord with modern archaeological findings and is likely to have been fabricated power fantasies of the Jewish priesthood.

    Nonetheless, secular history over the past two thousand years seems to show a similar pattern of Jews infiltrating royal courts, befriending the ruler, taking power and oppressing everyone while the ruler himself becomes nothing but a figurehead.

    1. Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire becomes a Christian, and selects Eusibius, bishop of Jerusalem, to organize a state christian church. Eusibius proceeds to centralize christianity under his authority, persecuting all christians whose doctrine varies with his own. Meanwhile, Constantine becomes mad to the point of assassinating members of his own family. Does it need to be pointed out that christianity is a religious scam created by Jews to exploit gentiles, and that Eusibius, hailing from Jerusalem, was ethnically Jewish himself?

    2. King George III of England befriends the Rothschilds. Meanwhile, the king goes mad and the Rothschilds take control of the Bank of England and soon dominate the British government.

    3. President Joe Biden of the United States appoints Jews to major positions in his cabinet while he himself descends into advanced senility.

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  31. In other words, the hysterical screech of “Evulz😈 Jooozzzz!!!🕎” is simply another synonym for the American Deep State empire.

    ✡️ = 🇺🇲

  32. @Observator

    And seeing those poor souls at the Waling Wall in their bizarre costumes chanting and swaying so very precisely really lends weight to the theory that religion is basically institutionalized obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Not “religion” as such but Judaism. Either Israel Shahak suggested that, or else I thought it up when reading him. Christianity, on the other had, is schizophrenia (invisible friends, voices, etc.)

    “Religion” is simply what we now call “mental illness.” Although Nietzsche would point out that inflicting such mental or physical illness may be a condition of civilization. How else control the goyim?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  33. @eudion2

    This Old Testament history doesn’t accord with modern archaeological findings and is likely to have been fabricated power fantasies of the Jewish priesthood.

    More to the point, an instruction manual. It’s kinda brilliant: lay out the method, but as history or fiction (take your choice) so the goyim don’t notice.

    “Revelation of the Method.”

  34. @James J. O'Meara

    “Religion” is simply what we now call “mental illness.”

    But the scientific community that decide what mental illness now say that a man who says he’s a ‘she’ or ‘they’ is perfectly sane and correct and, furthermore, it’s perfectly mentally sound to want to cut off your dick to get a fake vagina. If anything, those who say is crazy are the mentally ill ones, or ‘transphobic’.

    And we know what came of the ‘science’ of covid.

    It seems religiosity is always there regardless of religions.

  35. The ISRAELITES were God’s Chosen people, not the Jews.

  36. Lurker says:
    @Chris Moore

    The Judeofascist criminals

    Judeobolshevik criminals.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  37. Tony says:

    You really are a blasphemous bastard.

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