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The Great Lesson of the Russo-Jewish War, Aka the Ukraine Conflict: Don't be Nice Unless You Hold the Megaphone - As It Happens, Neoconazis Got the Big Speakers
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Ukraine Is Committing Suicide by Cop – By the Saker

…I kept thinking about utter insanity of the Ukrainian actions. An outside observer could be forgiven for thinking that the Ukrainian people have some kind of death wish, and if maybe not most people, then at least the leaders of the Ukraine. And then it hit me. The Ukraine is doing what is known in the USA as “suicide by cop” …

A bulb went inside the head of Andrea Raevsky, aka the Saker, making him suddenly realize that the Ukraine Conflict is akin to ‘suicide by cop’, i.e. Ukrainian actions are so irrational and deranged that Russia has no choice but to apply full pressure. Raevsky has a point based purely on the externalities but fails with the internalities. After all, the meaning of ‘suicide by cop’ makes sense only in relation to the intentions of the suicidee-by-other-means. He wants to die but, for whatever reason, can’t make himself take his own life. Furthermore, in most such cases, the suicidee-by-cop has no intention of harming the police officers. Most often, he barges out of the house guns blaring but not aiming to kill. Or, he may shoot off blanks or make threatening gestures until the cops decide to put him down.

Kiev’s actions resemble those of a suicidee-by-cop only in that both were meant to provoke the stronger party to deadly action. But the intentions of Zelensky(and the Jewish Globalist Masters behind him), as well as those of the Ukro-Sub-Nazis, are entirely different from those of a genuine suicidee-by-cop. Unlike the latter who fires roughly toward cops only to provoke a deadly response, the Kiev regime has been targeting the Donbass region in particular(and Russia in general) for maximum harm. Whereas a suicidee-by-cop only feigns at being a homicidal maniac to draw gunfire from the cops, Zelensky and the Sub-Nazi scum around him are truly homicidal psychos driven by pathological impulses.

Zelensky’s worldview is in concert with that of his supremacist-minded tribal brethren, and the Sub-Nazi Slavs are merely the flipside of Cuck-Maggot-Slavs. If the Sub-Nazis bask in the nostalgia of the Aryan Nazi West waging war on the ‘Asiatic’ Slavic East, the Cuck-Maggot-Slavs wet their pants in the dream of being accepted, if only as servants and dogs, by the more affluent and supposedly more advanced, more sophisticated, more fashionable, and more ‘cool’ West.

Whether it’s reveling in Nazi Nostalgia fantasies or celebrating Globo-Homo & Negrolatry, it’s a case of self-loathing Slavs looking to the West for inspiration and approval. The Sub-Nazis hark back to the brief period when National Socialist Germany defined the fate of Continental Europe as the future of the West, whereas the Cuck-Maggots are slavish to the Current West dominated by Jewish Masters and Anglo Dogs.

Even though Sub-Nazi Ukrainians(who look to Hitler and Bandera) and Cuck-Maggot Ukrainians(the Cuck-Sacks) are diametrically opposed in many respects, they are united in their servility to their respective ideal vision of the West, be it ‘Aryan supremacist’ or ‘Jewish-Homo-Negro-centrist’. Especially as Russia partly defines itself as both Anti-Nazi(especially in relation to the Great Patriotic War) and Anti-Globo(especially in defiance of Jewish Supremacists who demand that the Russian Bear bend over and take it up the arse like Uncle Sam and others have done), it has resulted in the perverse alliance of the Far-Right and the Ultra-Cuck in Ukraine.
Something similar has been brewing in Poland. Prior to the Ukraine Conflict, the Polish Globalists and Polish Nationalists have often been at loggerheads. But if the two sides are united in one thing, it is self-loathing Slav-ism and contempt/hatred for Russia. The Globalists want Poland to go the way of Paris and London, even Los Angeles. As these people tend to be well-educated and urbane, they aren’t exactly Dumb Polacks.

Actually, they’re worse; they are Stupid Polacks, hardly surprising since stupidity now defines much of Western elite culture and ideology. As for the Polish Nationalists, they stand on questionable foundations. Even though Poles are a Slavic People, Polish Nationalism is predicated on how different the Poles are from other Slavs, especially the ‘backward’ kinds in the East. Of course, the West will always look upon Poles as a bunch of Slavic bumpkins fit only to be plumbers and sausage-makers, but Poles are so eager for approval, if only as inferior or second-rate ‘Central’ Europeans. Then, it’s no wonder that Polish Globo-Homo idiots and Polish ‘patriot’ tards are currently united and working with Jews and Homos to prolong the war in Ukraine to hurt Russia.

Still, Poles aren’t as deranged as the Ukrainians. After all, due to their proximity to the West and Catholicism & Latin alphabet, Poles among the Slavs, along with Czechs and Croats, have forged something like a unique national identity. Likewise, even though Swedes and Danish are Germanic peoples, they are clearly distinct from Germans. But this has hardly been the case for Ukraine, of which there never was a single well-defined historical concept or cultural entity. Indeed, much of Ukraine is simply inconceivable without Russian civilization, which originated from parts of Ukraine.

Paradoxically, precisely because Ukrainian nationality is so inchoate and ambiguous on its own, i.e. artificially made distinct from Russia, extreme policies have been implemented by Ukrainian elites to exaggerate Ukro-Russian enmity and to dehumanize Russians in general. While the differences between Russian language/culture and Ukrainian language/culture have been greatly amplified, the similarities & shared histories have been suppressed, even criminalized.
Then, it’s no wonder both ‘neo-nazism’ and globo-homo have been so appealing to entire swaths of Ukrainian self-loathing Slavs. Via globo-homo, Ukrainians can conveniently set themselves against Russia that said NO to celebration of homo bung-donging and child-genital-mutilation. And via ‘Neo-Nazi’ antics, Ukrainians can pry their history apart from the Great Patriotic War Narrative that once united many Russians and Ukrainians in shared memory even after the end of the Cold War and the creation of Ukraine as an independent republic. Needless to say, Jews are privately appalled by Ukro-Sub-Nazi types but are willing to work with ANY group against what is deemed their biggest global enemy, Russia. Anything that can be used to stoke anti-Russian hatred is worth its gold to Zion. Furthermore, it’s a convenient way for Jews to persuade that the Great Famine was the doing of Big Bad Russia than by the Soviets, most of its top leadership during the political terror and massive starvation was composed of non-Russians, many of them Jews.

A faker, if at least to fool oneself, has to be more extreme than an authentic person. The fact remains that, for all its worthless loathsomeness, Polish nationality is clearly distinct from that of Russia, just like Vietnam is from China. But the concept of a wholly unique Ukrainian nationality is as much hokum as Taiwanese nationality contra China, all the more hilarious in Taiwan’s case because, for the longest time, the Taipei government claimed to be the sole legitimate representative of all China.

Now, this isn’t to state that Ukrainian nationhood need be dissolved into greater Russia but merely to acknowledge that no sense of Ukraine-ness would be complete without taking into account its profound connections with Russia. Indeed, it’s hard to discern where exactly Russia ends and where Ukraine begins. Only in parts of Western Ukraine can one speak of a culture distinct enough to merit a separate nationality from Russia.

Still, just because peoples have deep connections doesn’t mean they have to belong to one nation. Brits and Irish both speak English and have a deep shared history as well(though often contentious), but they belong to different nations(though it will be difficult to tell them apart in the future as both are being neo-colonized under the Jewish globalist regimen that demands open borders, globo-homo, and Negrolatry). The US and Canada developed as profoundly Anglo-European countries but remained separate countries, also true of Australia and New Zealand. And Mexico and Central American countries remain independent despite having the shared background of brown native cultures(that of ‘Tacoans’) and colonization at the hands of Spanish Conquistadors.

In the same spirit, it had been workable for Russia and Ukraine to remain separate countries while acknowledging their deep historical ties. Viktor Yanukovych sought a path that was conciliatory to Russia while remaining friendly with the EU. He accepted Russia’s more favorable deal over the EU’s proposal, but it didn’t preclude Ukraine from dealing with the West either.
But whereas Russia could accept Ukraine dealing with both the East and the West, the US and EU, under Jewish control, deemed it unacceptable and thereby engineered a coup, which finally succeeded with the recruitment of sub-nazi elements(and possibly Mossad assassins).

The Maidan crisis gives us a glimpse into the Jewish Way. Unlike most peoples who are okay with multi-polarities, Jewish Power insists on ‘my way or the highway’. It’s certainly been no different in the US, where all the ‘Arabists’ were purged from the US government and institutions. Jewish Power could only accept ultra-Zionists and pro-Israelites. And whites can’t even express a mild sentiment like “It’s Okay to be White”. Never mind overt ‘white supremacism’; a mere hint of positive white consciousness triggers the Jews who demand that whites totally negate and purge their own identity while offering complete loyalty to Jews and Israel.
Then, why would Jewish supremacist mentality be any different abroad? Just like whites in the West cannot be both pro-Jewish and pro-white — they must be totally anti-white and totally pro-Jewish — , it was intolerable that Ukraine under Yanukovich would negotiate with both the EU and Russia for its own national interests.
Rather, it was decreed by Jewish Supremacists that Ukraine must deal ONLY with the Jewish-controlled West(or Schwest) and cut all ties with Russia, even murdering Ukro-Russians who looked eastward or expressed the obvious: Russia and Ukraine have been joined at the hip forever. Also intolerable was any skepticism of Schwestern intentions.

A massive de-Russification campaign began, one of the most harrowing ethnic conflicts in European history after World War II. The West, which once sermonized against excessive ethnic enmity in former Yugoslavia, did everything to stoke ethnic hatred in Ukraine, even to the extent of recruiting, encouraging, and arming sub-nazi and far-right elements. Anything that was anti-Russian was funded and elevated in the institutions. Though Jews denounce people like Greg Johnson in the US, they recruited such Naziesque types who wished the Germans had prevailed in the East in WWII and reduced Russia into a German colony of Slavo-helots.

For Jewish Power, its word is final, indeed the word of god, and that’s that. Look how Jewish supremacists are at the forefront of purging Free Speech in the West. Now that they got the power and no longer need constitutional and legal guarantees of free speech for themselves(as they control most of the institutions and industries that matter in Narrative-creations and public discourse), what now goes by ‘free speech’ boils down to “Jews say, goyim obey.”

Indeed, the main reason why Russia and other relatively sovereign nations are pushing back against Globo-Homo has nothing to do with ‘gay rights’ per se, or the freedom of individual homos to be tooty and do their own thing. No, globo-homo isn’t about ‘gay rights’ but about homosexuality, trans-nuttery, and related deviances as the mandatory and official ‘spiritual’ themes of the Empire of Judea. In other words, politicians and prominent people in the West are compelled to march in the ‘gay pride’ parades and consent to public buildings & big companies displaying signs and symbols that would have us believe that homo-fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting are uniquely wonderful things, indeed so much so that an entire month must be devoted to affirming the West’s celebration of them.

Western goy elites, having become so accustomed to the rule of “Jews Decree, Goyim Agree”, hardly protested the demands made of the Ukrainian government following the ouster of Yanukovich in the Maidan ‘revolution’. Perhaps, privately some of these goy cuck-elites wanted a more moderate policy, but Jews had the whip-hand, and that meant working with the most cynical and most radical elements in Ukraine to use the country as a battering ram against Russia, to intimidate and demoralize it, as if to say, “We are right on your doorstep, we are stamping out Ukro-Russians, we are murdering people in the Donbass, and YOU RUSSIANS can’t do anything about it.”

In retrospect, it was foolish for Russians to think they could come to any terms with Zion. Russians should have realized, upon surveying conditions in the West, that Jewish Power, once sufficiently entrenched, won’t accept anything but total mastery. Indeed, consider the fate of the Anglos in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Anglo ‘peace’ with Jews isn’t an accommodation but a total surrender to all their demands. Why would things be any different with Jewish demands on Russia? And of course, once Russia was beaten, Jews would then have moved against the Ukro-Sub-Nazis, purging them once their usefulness was past due. Henry Kissinger once said, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”, but me thinks he was really talking about Jewish Power. After all, it’s dangerous for Russia and Iran to be the enemies of Jewish Power, but it’s been totally fatal for Anglos to be the friends of Jewish Power. Jewish Supremacists, as ‘friends’, gained complete access in the Anglo World to control everything and run Anglos into the dirt, where they now snort like pigs on a farm.

Anyway, if there is any lesson to take from the Russo-Jewish War, aka the Ukrainian Conflict, it’s that there’s no use being nice if you don’t control the megaphone. Suppose Bill is a big tough guy and can do real damage to little Bob. Bill wants Bob to listen and show some respect. He doesn’t want to hurt Bob too badly. He decides to play nice, relatively speaking. Knock Bob a few times but not deliver the knockout blow and punch out his teeth. Now, if Bill commanded the megaphone and made it well known to Bob and observers that he’s going easy because he doesn’t want to hurt or kill Bob, his relatively humane approach would be noted, even respected. He would be acting from the position of strength, not only in raw muscle power and bigger size but getting the message across for all to hear, especially Bob.

But, what if Bill doesn’t control the megaphone. Then, his ‘humane’ approach(given he could do serious damage if he really wanted to) is likely to be counterproductive to his aims. Bill is being nice, but suppose the owner of the megaphone spins the ‘narrative’ so that Bill is failing to deliver the fatal blow because he’s a wuss, he’s a pussy, he’s scared, he’s lazy, he’s incompetent, he’s confused, he’s all talk and no walk. Bob, emboldened by this spin, is likely to taunt Bill and hurl objects at him. Bob drops his pants and moons Bill and say, “kiss my ass, you fa**ot!” Then, he turns around and pulls out his dong and say, “Suck on this, maggot!” Meanwhile, the observers, taking their cues from the megaphone, will cheer on Bob as the defiant and feisty underdog standing up to Big Dumb Bully Bill who gets no respect, not from Bob, not from the crowd. Thus, Bill’s ‘nice’ approach would have been for naught. He only would have wasted time, and the Bill-Bob conflict would have been prolonged, with both getting hurt far more than had Bill gone all in to knock out Bob real quick.

It’s possible that something along those happened in the Ukraine Conflict. Russia’s relatively humane approach, sparing most civilian infrastructures and being rather conciliatory in tone, went totally unappreciated by most people in Ukraine and the West(though not so much in the non-West with their independent media that, over the years, have grown cynical of the US and EU). Every time Russia was trying to be ‘nice’ and come to the negotiating table, it wasn’t appreciated as an offer from a position of strength but desperation from a position of weakness, even cowardice by a paper bear that needs to rip out computer chips from washing machines to launch missiles. Russia hadn’t gone all in against Ukraine, but the Jewish-controlled megaphone assured Ukrainians and Western observers that Russian power is spent and all out of missiles, bombs, tanks, artillery, and men, most of whom are running with tails behind their legs to hide under the bed and cry to mama. In other words, Russians are just like Italian mama’s boys.

Furthermore, even though Russia’s rather light approach limited civilian casualties, it was ignored and made hardly any difference in Western opinion. Again, Russian efforts not only went unappreciated but were defamed by the Jewish-controlled megaphone that spun the conflict as the GREATEST HUMAN CATASTROPHE since the Holocaust. The megaphone told the West that evil Russians were wantonly targeting hospitals, blowing up schools & concert halls, and indiscriminately murdering civilians on a massive scale. Much of this ‘reporting’ was just projection of Ukrainian war crimes since 2014. Even though the Jewish-controlled Kiev regime used sub-nazi morons to bomb civilians in the Donbass region, the megaphone made it seem as if Russians are the ones routinely terrorizing Ukrainian innocents. And whenever Ukrainian atrocities were discovered, they were blamed on Russians with full complicity of the Western Media that take their cues from Jewish Supremacists.

If the Russian side had been heard throughout Ukraine, perhaps more Ukrainians would have considered Russia’s reasons and its offers. But, most Ukrainians got the news only from Kievian and Western sources, and all they heard was ‘Russians are monsters’, ‘Russians are scum’, ‘Russians are the worst of the worst’, and etc. But then, since the end of the Cold War(and especially following the Maidan Coup), generations of Ukrainians were indoctrinated with a nationalism that defined itself AGAINST Russia. Many young Ukrainians came to feel that London and Los Angeles are culturally closer to Ukraine than Russia is. That’s how retarded a lot of Ukrainians are. So, even as Russians went in regarding Ukrainians as Slavic brothers and sisters, Ukrainians saw themselves as part of the ‘West’ and regarded Russians as ‘orcs’.

So, what’s the point of being nice if you’re going to be blamed as the worst monster that ever lived anyway? If the megaphone is going to vilify you NO MATTER WHAT, you might as well go King Kong or Godzilla and really deal a heavy blow to show who’s boss. Niceness has value only when respected, appreciated, and reciprocated. But when it’s seen as weakness or stupidity, it will be wasted. That’s where Neville Chamberlain failed with Adolf Hitler, where Nikita Khushchev failed with Mao Zedong, and where Vladimir Putin failed with the Jews.

Niceness is nice ONLY IF met with gratitude. Otherwise, it’s just vulnerability and weakness, something that will only be abused. Indeed, the whole of Russian approach since the end of the Cold War has been fatally flawed for being overly nice to those who are hostile and hellbent on gaining supremacy over Russia, from Jewish eyes nothing but the land of dumb, lazy, and drunken Slavs. While Russians were referring to the US and EU as ‘our friends’ and ‘our partners’, the Jewish-run West ran countless articles about gangster Putin, new hitler Putin, thug Putin, and about all those stupid dumb retarded Russians.

Perhaps, one could argue that Russia’s friendly diplomacy was necessary, at least until now. Far weaker than it is today, Russia had to swallow its pride, choose caution above all, and play for time while developing its industrial and military capabilities, as well as ties with key non-Western nations, especially in Asia and the Middle East. But one thing for sure, in the current Ukraine Conflict, every ‘nice’ action by Russia went ignored, impugned, ridiculed, spun, and/or defamed. From this perspective, Russia would have done better to have Pavel Craig Robertsky at the helm instead of Putin. Fully aware of the mendacity and contempt that runs through the Western Media, Pavel the Terrible, Horrible, and Awesome(and his top commander General Asskickovich) would have brushed aside any proposal of going in ‘nice’. His motto would have been “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.

At this stage in the conflict, Russia has only one option left. Totally smash and dismantle Ukraine, take all of the eastern half. Those who want to stay are to be welcomed as brothers and sisters. Those who hate Russia must be forced into the western part of Ukraine. And there can be no mercy for those Ukrainians whose nationality is defined by self-loathing Slavism, fantasy ‘Aryanism’, imitating Dumb Polack-ism, and celebrating globo-homo-ism. There’s nothing to mourn or regret in killing as many of those scum as possible.


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  1. The Maidan crisis gives us a glimpse into the Jewish Way. Unlike most peoples who are okay with multi-polarities, Jewish Power insists on ‘my way or the highway’. It’s certainly been no different in the US, where all the ‘Arabists’ were purged from the US government and institutions.

    Good job putting “Arabists” in quotes, because that was just an epithet the jews used to attack and silence anyone in the State Department whom they felt was insufficiently deferential to zionist interests.

    Now they just use the word “white” because after decades of their propaganda it’s the new epithet of choice. The sad part is how many white people have been brainwashed to go right along with it.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne, Inverness
  2. I don’t like your PCR picture, your depiction of him, and I blame Nasty Abhorrent Terrorist Organization for the Ukraine strife, but you’ve given us a good description of what’s behind the latter, Satan’s operatives. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  3. Tsigantes says:

    Thank you and 2 points:

    1. “Ukraine” means ‘borderland’ in Russian. Ironic that EU plans to incorporate Borderland into its club.

    2. Russia being nice, apart from being genuine, was for Rest-of-World consumption. NOT for anglo-american [aka “West”] consumption. Why bother with the latter when its only coin is the shameless lie, glaringly apparent to all outside its sphere….which includes half of the EU.

    • Agree: Son of a jedi
  4. Nikita Khushchev failed with Mao Zedong?

    Mao wasn’t Nikita’s only failure. His stupid de-Stalinization campaign was bullshit, and destroyed the Union. Gorbachev was the patsy.

    As to his relations with Mao, after the Hungarian revolt of 1956, Mao (who always saw violences as it is: a desperate last resort) sharply criticized the Russians for sending Soviet tanks into Budapest without first consulting with other members of the Socialist camp. In Mao’s view, such Soviet unilateralism violated the spirit of fraternal consultation and deliberation and was symptomatic of Khrushchev’s growing attitude of ‘great-nation Chauvinism’.

    We have met great nationism, and he is us.

    Who will be America’s patsy? The first President to be torn limb from limb by an enraged, starving, homeless mob? A president whose pre-gubernatorial profession was torturing people in the military?

    • Replies: @hillaire
  5. At this point I have no idea what “Nazi” even means anymore…The russians are nazis, the ukrainians are nazis, germans are nazis, White people are nazis.

  6. OT: I tried to read the author’s last piece about Tarantino but the site kept crashing. I assumed it was because our esteemed author finally outdid himself with his prodigious column lengths and finally overloaded the system, but from the comment count it appears quite a few were able to read it. What gives?

  7. Trinity says:

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”…. Mao Tse Tung. Well, that Chink was right about something.

    Say what you want but the only thing people respect (or is it fear) at the end of the day is ” might makes right.” Ask the Native Americans how much good negotiating and capitulating to the White man did them? Of course the Indian only capitulated after giving all he had, he went out on his shield mostly. There were some cuckold and sellouts bought off by Whitey, but nothing like we see today with the White race.

    Was or does big bad Whitey live up to his reputation as the great warrior? Well, defeating Indians who couldn’t match Whitey and his firepower is not that noteworthy at all. Not as bad as Israelis defeating rock throwing Palestinians but not awe inspiring either.And Custer and Company were slaughtered at Little Big Horn. It was one of the few times the Indian had the numbers and firepower on his side. Seems like Whitey only goes into beast mode when he is slaughterering other Whites for the benefit of Jews or in the case of the American Civil War, killing each other for negroes, both still happen today. Of course Whitey will go off and kill Aye-rabs for Jews as well.

    Whitey had too much firepower and manpower for tiny Japan but somehow he wasn’t as ferocious in Korea or Vietnam . Leftist “white” rejects who are probably prone to panic attacks will attack NORMAL Whites on site for Jews and Blacks barking orders to them. These modern day white traitor trash are the equivalent of the Indian tribes who joined forces with the White man to defeat the more dominant tribes like the Cheyenne or Suoix.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  8. @Trinity

    The chinese did this….the indians did that…the white man did some things…the russians did something else..
    Humans are flawed creatures and possibly 50% are insane. Race is the only thing that matters. Protect and fortify your heritage.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  9. hillaire says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    The problem with tyranny and mass slaughter ..something Mao employed quite liberally.. is that it’s unsustainable and quite frankly the Tool of despots and totalitarians and cult leaders…

    Something you seem to admire… (mind being a communist cheerleader or perhaps somethings far worse is hardly a recommendation either.. but makes your position understandable if somewhat dubious)…

  10. Trinity says:
    @P. Cleburne

    Whitey needs to stop fighting Whitey for Jews that steal White land, genocide Whites aka the Holodomor, exploit Whites, etc.

    That is “insanity.”

    Russians and Ukrainians are as similar as Germans and Austrians. ALL Whites need to UNITE against Jews, and the non whites who threaten OUR existence.

    • Agree: Kim Jong Il, P. Cleburne
  11. @P. Cleburne

    Indeed. However, the same applies to “Fascist”, “Communist” and other political terms. The Fascists are allegedly “far right” but the real ones are opposed to the usury of banks. Any attempt to regulate the excesses of the international banking cartel – capitalists – is “communist”. All political terms today are meaningless.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  12. SafeNow says:

    Prior to the “invasion” I posted on Unz the fact that I had played hundreds of chess games against Russians, and they tended to favor what chess players call “quiet moves.” I speculated that this “quiet moves” pattern of thought could be extrapolated to Russia’s national leaders. (U.S. players, by contrast, often pursued reckless, impatient adventures.) I now believe even more strongly that there is a “quiet moves” tendency flowing through Russian veins.

    • Replies: @John1955
  13. @P. Cleburne

    On a related point, in Stalinist times such as these, where access to “the megaphone” is strictly controlled, writers will often go So Far and No Farther. Usually there’s some shibboleth, some line they won’t cross, lest you think they’re completely off the reservation and in Miles Mathis territory.

    So you’ll note that J/F always includes a ritual denunciation of “genociding Slav hating Nazis” to (hopefully) balance out his/her deviations from the MSM line.

    “You may think my heterodox views mean I’m a neo-Nazi as well, but no, I hates me some Nazis! You MSM sure are right about them. I expose everything else you Jews say and teach, but not that! Hitler bad! We hates him forever!”

    A film allusion she/he will appreciate: “Still shakin’ the bush here, boss!”

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  14. @James J. O'Meara

    So you’ll note that J/F always includes a ritual denunciation of “genociding Slav hating Nazis” to (hopefully) balance out his/her deviations from the MSM line.

    Probably not the case with J/F. There seems to be genuine fondness for authentic Slavic culture(which is close to the soil) and real loathing for Slavs who wanna be ‘west’.

    Also, Nazis went beyond Napoleon. Had Nappy won, Russians would have gained some with more liberties and treated as human beings. Nazi ideology was genuinely pathological to Eastern Slavs, and only psychos could wish Hitler had won, at least in the East. (In the West, German domination did more good than bad, except in Greece, which was bailed out for Italians who, unlike their Roman forbears, totally sucked at war.)

    The biggest failing and sickness of Nazi ideology was its anti-Slavicism and given German intentions in the East, the Soviets were right to crush Germany.

  15. Did Moscow drag out the war into winter knowing that the weather will finish the job once Kiev’s power and fuel are taken out?

    No need for Russian troops to do the job. Just make it impossible to live in Kiev without heat and electricity, and the Kiev regime will have to evacuate on its own.

  16. Andreas says:

    So, what’s the point of being nice if you’re going to be blamed as the worst monster that ever lived anyway? If the megaphone is going to vilify you NO MATTER WHAT, you might as well go King Kong or Godzilla and really deal a heavy blow to show who’s boss.

    The point is that when you’re done being not nice, you’ll have to pry that megaphone from the mangled fingers of the bloody, smashed, cuck-maggot corpse that you lied to, cheated and stole from and start spewing more lies in an hysterical effort to blame others or distract them from your crimes. Or will you then let others hold you to account?

    Does anyone you know resemble that remark?

    When you become as your enemy, it is the enemy that has prevailed, even when slain.

    I believe many do not fully appreciate that what is at stake can only be defined in spiritual terms. Americans especially, who through the Hollywood movie industry have been brainwashed as surely as any Manchurian Candidate – lol – that they are wearing the white hats, seem unaware that they are in the grip of a force that is as dark as can be humanly expressed. It is the same dark force that expressed itself through totalitarian Marxism in the 20th century. This dark force has always been here, too, but lurking in the shadows. Yet it is predominant now. And it demands nothing less than complete and total cradle-to-grave submission, and where the reward for each act of submission is to demand ever greater acts of obeisance and ultimately the forfeiture of your very soul and a head like a hole in exchange for safety and security from the crawling chaos of its own evil manifestations unfolding like an entropic Boschian hellscape.

    The Russians are keeping their eye on the ball.

  17. I think that Slavs are crude and cleverly dumb. Neither side is worth siding with. I had a refrigerator that was broken. The repairman with a Slavic accent quoted $1900 to fix it. Don’t know what “Jim” was but the accent broke the deal.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  18. John1955 says:

    Yes, my friend, if the World Chess Champion Alexander Alekhine ( the way he looks – he is 1000% Russian 🙂 ) is to be believed – there ARE such things as Jewish Chess Strategy & Aryan Chess Strategy.

    During interviews with two Spanish newspapers in September 1941, Alekhine criticised Jewish chess strategy. In one of these, he said that Aryan chess was aggressive but “the Semitic concept admitted the idea of pure defence”, thus the “Jewish” style was supposed to focus merely on exploiting the opponents’ mistakes. Also Alekhine defined Jewish chess as “material profit at all costs”.

    “Jewish and Aryan Chess” series of articles by Alexander Alekhine are in public domain.

  19. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I take back my quibble re PCR. Reading more I see a great philosopher in Jung-Freud, making hugely valuable contributions to UR.

  20. Jung-Freud knows full well that the Russians are NOT at war against the Jews, for if they were they would launch a full frontal attack on the head of the hydra itself: Wall Street, The City and The Tower of Basel. As it is, they can’t even get rid of the fifth-column inside their own territory, what with its Central Bank and other financial institutions run by the likes of Elvira Nabiullina. (See “Is Russia’s Central Bank Chief a “Hostile Foreign Agent” Deliberately Sabotaging the Russian Economy?”, here at Unz Review.)

    Couldn’t Putin just get rid of this with just a pen stroke? But no, she’s been there for almost 10 years, and meanwhile Russia has it’s foreign reserves blocked all throughout the Jew-controlled international financial system.

    I’ll start believing that there is a “Russo-Jewish” war only when Russia gets rid of its own bloodletting financial parasites.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  21. As for the Jews’ “megaphone”, it may increase in power with the new Artificial Intelligence bots — which they obviously already control, as per the example below. All I did was type in one of the sentences of Jung-Freud’s article in the AI and it spewed back Jew-controlled text. Amazing. Not only do they control the thoughts of brainwashed goyim through control of the media, but they also already have a grip on the programming of Artificial Intelligence:

    Jung-Freud sentence: “At this stage in the conflict, Russia has only one option left. Totally smash and dismantle Ukraine, take all of the eastern half.”

    AI bot continues the sentence above: “No, this is not an option. War should never be the first or only option. Russia should work to resolve the conflict through diplomacy and negotiation with Ukraine. Other options could include economic sanctions, financial support, and the deployment of peacekeeping forces. The only way to resolve the conflict is for both sides to reach a negotiated settlement. All parties must work together to create a peaceful and stable environment in the region. This includes ensuring that all sides respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Additionally, all sides should seek to promote economic and social development in the region.”

    Now let’s try the reverse, where the sentence I put in the AI bot was unfavorable for the Russian side. I think we all know what the response will be.

    Jung-Freud (slightly modified) sentence: “Russians are routinely terrorizing Ukrainians”.

    AI bot response: “Yes, reports indicate that Russian forces have been responsible for a great deal of violence and terror against Ukrainian citizens in areas of the country that have been subject to Russian occupation. The United Nations has reported that more than 13,000 people have been killed since the outbreak of violence in 2014, and the international community has condemned Russia’s actions.”

    See how easy it is to be a troll here at Unz or any other sites with “alternative” views? Try it out for yourselves, fellow Unz Review commenters!

  22. @Fin of a Cobra

    Russians are NOT at war against the Jews

    Partly true. Jews are at war with Russia, but Russia is at war with Jews in only a roundabout way.

    Jews go for frontal assault on Russia and call out Russia as bad, barbaric, savage, and evil.
    Russian pushes back against this Jewish War but without calling out on the Jews, instead blaming ‘nazis’ and ‘anglos’. It goes to show Russia still fears Jews. Not only are Jews very connected and powerful but whites in the West will go to the ends of the earth for Jews but not for themselves. Whites will not fight for white civilization from darkies but will sacrifice white civilization for Jews.
    Whites are more pro-Jewish than pro-white, and Russia understands this.

    So, it’s an overt Jewish war on Russia and a covert Russian war on Jews. Russians are pushing back against Jewish Power but cannot spell it out. But same with HBD cucks. They tremble at the mere mention of Jews.

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