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Semi-Open Thread: Future of Video Games and the Fusion of Gaming and Meta-Universe
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My view on videogames is much like Maude’s reaction to Harold’s penchant for visiting auto scrapyard for fun in the film HAROLD AND MAUDE. What’s the attraction? On occasion, I check youtube on the best videogames of the year, and despite advance in graphics and the like, they seem the same old same old, mostly about blasting everything to smithereens or hacking enemies with axes and swords with bloody abandon. But videogames are huge and, being so integral to high-tech, their implications are huger yet. The only videogame I really cared for and mastered was Flicky back in the 1980s, though Bobble Bubble was okay too.

Personal preferences, the likes and dislikes, are cause for blind-spots. Something could be fashionable and ‘happening’, but one could be utterly oblivious to it, especially in the internet age with availability of countless niche interests and subcultures. Still, some things are so big that they merit attention regardless of one’s personal feelings. One such subject is video games, surely one of the biggest beneficiaries of the computer age as it is essentially the most popular interface of advancing technology. While some things are enhanced or eclipsed by technology, the video game IS technology.
The video game industry is said to be much bigger than Hollywood. Indeed, the biggest movies these days are hardly distinguishable from video games. A kind of convergence has taken place, with videogames becoming more realistic and narrative-oriented while movies becoming more effect-driven and videogamey.

Everyone I know has video games, and many are immersed in the attendant culture of hype and anticipation. It used to be videogames were for kids, something one grew out of sooner than later, but over the years they’ve become a permanent fixture among adults as well. Video games are a key indicator of the state of culture from US to Japan to China to Europe and the rest of the world. Its importance is such that ‘culture warriors’ of ‘wokeness’ clawed into the industry to mandate ‘progressive’ themes while purging ‘problematic’ elements. That so much of the ‘culture war’ is fought in the arena of entertainment, gaming, advertising, and recreational activities suggests the prevailing view among the commissariat is ‘popular is political’. In our post-ideological age, power is about who controls the idols and icons than the ideas and principles.

The Game Wars and so-called ‘Gamer-gate’ made for strange political dynamics. Given the attacks from the Politically Correct faction, it became de rigueur for many on the Right to defend the gaming community when, if anything, its gaggle of geeks have precious little to do with conservative values or cultural traditionalism or even simple maturity. They’re just hooked to mindless shooting at objects and ass-kicking hot-babes.
There was also the issue that too many creators and programmers in the gaming industry are men, especially ‘cis-gender’ white men(though I’m sure there are plenty of Asians as well). A convenient way for untalented female hacks and grifters to sound off on yet another manufactured hot-button issue in their roles as would-be reformers and ‘social justice warriors’. That such inane nonsense became a sensation in political circles and even intruded into mainstream debate now seems quaint in the aftermath of the George Floyd BLM riots and Covid nuttery that shut down economies wholesale and enforced all manner of social control mechanisms. Gamers defending ‘hot babes’ in their favorite games now seem utterly trivial when the Power, with deep state collusion across the board, purged the very president of the US from internet social platforms.

Some years back when Roger Ebert was alive, he stirred up a bit of controversy with a throwaway comment that videogames are not art(somewhat echoed later when Martin Scorsese opined that superhero blockbuster movies aren’t quite cinema). He was rebuked by many of his adoring fans who insisted videogames, or at least the best of them, do qualify as art. Perhaps, the opposing sides would have understood each other better with a clearer definition of art. Gamers seem to think art is anything that is engaging, immersive, or have narrative potential. Contra Ebert, they argued that videogames have grown in sophistication and even allow ‘characters’ to go on journeys, like in movies. And, video games now have graphics more advanced than some of the most renowned science fiction movies in the past. Still, it isn’t necessarily criticism, let alone a put-down, of videogames or any kind of game to say that they aren’t art. While videogames can involve creativity in design, or what is called artistry, they function differently than art, which is a finished product based on the artist’s vision, understanding, or worldview. The artistic process may be game-like in that the artist goes on an adventure of discovery(or self-discovery), but art is the conclusion or summation of his journey brought into creative focus. Thus, art exists to be inspected and interpreted. Art is about the artist creating something and the audience responding to it. And, even though the audience’s response is crucial in the appreciation and interpretation, the artist is always at the center of art. He is the creator.

In contrast, games are about players, not creators. Even the creator of a particular game provides possibilities for the players to fulfill on their own. The game-designer could be a man of brilliance, and players can play the game with finesse, but none of this is about art. Games are like sports. Dance, at least the choreographed kind, is physical art; sports are physical games. While videogames can be artistically designed, much like a chess set can be artfully crafted, the essence of the game is about the play, which has so many variables and possibilities; artistry is a mere backdrop in games. To play THE GODFATHER video game means anything is possible, nullifying any possibility of thematic consistency or unified meaning.

None of this is to suggest art is superior to games, only that they’re different creatures animated by different logics. Writing a drama is art, playing scrabble is a game. Art shapes chaos and endless possibilities into a particular vision or narrative, whereas games, despite the primacy of rules, thrive on the chaotic anarchy of endless possibilities. Of course, certain works of art can be approached like a mind-game, sort of like the Mandala in Buddhism, but it’s still a matter of interpretation than interaction. No matter how one interprets a work of art in his or her own way, its form is a constant, whereas virtually every game play ends up differently from other plays. The difference between art and game would have been obvious at one time, but post-modernism’s ‘deconstruction’ of art and ‘intellectual’ engagement with popular entertainment were a recipe for confusion that followed.

One of the interesting prospects(with profoundly dire consequences) seems to be the convergence of gaming culture and lived experience. While Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse isn’t exactly gaming, the concept owes much to the development of gaming technology. Increasingly, the distance between the player and the game has closed. Thus, the player doesn’t so much play the game as enter the game, become part of the game, is the game, in which case, he faces the danger of being played himself, like in David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ where the players can no longer tell reality apart from unreality. (One wonders if dystopian visions are really cautionary tales or fantasies of power in morality’s clothing. Franz Kafka’s novels might as well serve as the manual for Jewish Supremacist Power. And as Cronenberg outed himself as an ardent ultra-Zionist, perhaps eXistenZ is a mind-game on how to control goyim by trapping them in the Jewish Maze.) Zuckerberg markets Metaverse as a reality away from reality, or reality within reality, where people can interact in amazing ways of sights and sounds, associations, travel, purchases(for items real and virtual), and probably love too.

Technically, it isn’t gaming but operates on much the same principle, especially as virtual reality sphere invites people to try out things they wouldn’t dare in the real world. Risk-taking is a big part of video games one’s avatars get destroyed but never oneself. In cinematic reference, one might say the virtual-reality future is like the dream world in Chris Nolan’s INCEPTION. Its ‘psychomotional’ twist owes to the tragic fate of the dead wife: She became so immersed in the lucid dream world that she not only came to prefer it but mistook it for reality(and conversely came to regard the real world as a dream from which she had to awake). Something along those lines is suggested in the interview below: MILLENNIYULE 2021: HAPA PERSPECTIVE

Video Link

Personally, I haven’t played a video game in eons and never used a virtual-reality headset, but the interviewee(who goes by ‘Hapa Perspective’) seems well-informed and well-versed in the technology. At any rate, he says the technology has gotten so good and real-looking(or maybe more real than real) that his immersion in virtual reality became total and, if anything, he felt as if detached from true ‘reality’ when he took off the set and returned to his mundane surroundings. Sounds like a drug high, one that makes everything seem more intense, but then, there have been reports that micro-dosing on certain drugs is commonplace in the high-tech sector.
It seems virtual reality is intensified in ways subtle and unsubtle to engage one’s senses to the fullest, possibly similar to effect of cocaine: a sense of being boosted. This sense of intensity could be cerebral and/or sensual, the looks, sounds, and even the ‘feel’ of things. One of the appeals of games is the mental engagement in an activity at once escapist and challenging. Most people’s minds and bodies are under-utilized in day-to-day business of living. So, people go to the gym or ride a bike to work the body. Most jobs hardly engage the mind much at all, at least in a truly challenging way. Most people aren’t in the scientific/mathematical, entrepreneurial, or creative fields that require the full use of brain power. They aren’t qualified for highly cerebral work, but their brains are nevertheless more capable than for the day-to-day exertions of routine work. Then, it’s understandable why people need to expend some of this excess energy, and games seem the natural outlet. The minds become more fully engaged but without the anxiety of failure and endangerment.

Technically, gaming means play, a recreational activity, but it can also be a way of living, even a philosophical outlook whereby one’s every thought, word, and move is calibrated on the basis of game theory. For some, it’s a way to feel more alive, a civilized return to the laws of the jungle where one is predator or prey. ‘Equality’ is for the suckers, the hoi polloi. Whether it’s the brutish thugs in GOODFELLAS, the casino mogul who lives by his wits in CASINO, or the financial hustler in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, it’s about life as a non-stop game of predators and prey, winners and losers, the fuc*ers and the suckers. It’s the only way such people feel alive, even if or especially because their lives are sometimes at stake. Or, consider the cinema of David Mamet, a nonstop house-of-games where individuals are always on the lookout for the take, not only as a matter of gain but habit(and pride), as if the one’s wits must relentlessly be sharpened like the incisors of a rodent.

One problem of the Deep State could be there are too many people with gamer-mentality or ‘gamentality'(alongside gay-mentality, of course). They are more competitive by nature and look to stir up trouble just to play or stay in the game. Crisis in some part of the world is to them like the scent of blood is to sharks. Or, they’re eager to create a crisis where there was none or hardly any just to ramp up the game, what makes them feel alive and worthy.
While only a few at the top(mostly Jewish Supremacists) make the pivotal decisions, the Deep State teems with those eager to play the game, much like athletes in the football field. Jewish Supremacist high-gamers play to gain more power for themselves, whereas the goy low-gamers play just to feel alive, adventurous, special, or ‘heroic’ in some way. Jews, as tribal-players, tend to be high-gamers as it’s not just about being on the winning side but about Jews Winning. In contrast, many goyim in the Deep State are merely team-players. Jews must make sure that Jews win, whereas the likes of Mike Pompeo serve Jews because Jews are on top, but they’d be playing for the Latter Day Saints if Mormons ruled America. Jewish maneuvers against Russia are to maximize Jewish Power, whereas goyim follow and play along because they’re grateful simply to be in the game. Of course, if Jews had swallowed Russia in the 1990s(like they did the US), there would be no ‘new cold war’ between US and Russia as both would be political colonies of the Empire of Judea flying globo-homo flags and kneeling at the BLM altar, like all the Anglo-Cucks in US, Canada, Australia, and UK. With Jewish Power ordering the US deep state to be nice to Russia, there wouldn’t be any drum-beating about invasions and wars. Jews lead, goyim follow.

People with competitive personalities naturally have more of a gamer-view of the world. They tend to see the world/humanity in binary terms of winners and losers. Gamer-view comes more naturally to capitalism/individualism/nihilism/globalism than to humanism/socialism/nationalism(the anti-imperialist kind). (Communism, though about equality and the brotherhood of man, is very much into game-theory as its ultimate objective is to convert all the world. It’s about winning. Only after total victory will it give up on the game.) It isn’t difficult to spot people with gamer-outlook-on-life. Even in mundane situations, much of what they say and do is about gaining an edge, if only for egotistical or psychological edification, a sense of “I know more than you, or I’m smarter than you.” It seems such traits are more pronounced among Jews than among easier-going goyim. Notice how Jews are the drivers of tensions with Russia, whereas Russians would rather have all sides just calm down. The rodent-like mentality of Jewish Power ceaselessly gnaws away whereas the Russian bear wants to return to hibernation. Even goyim with game-mentality care more about the fun of play(even if it means losing), whereas Jews tend to be ruthless winners and sore losers(with a vengeful streak, indeed of Yahweh Himself). It’s like what is said of Ace Rothstein in CASINO. He wasn’t the type to bet just for fun. He had to see all the angles and calculate a winning strategy every time. He reduced chance to a minimum whereas the element of chance is what makes gambling fun for most people. Most people play just to play, whereas some play only to win. The latter rules over the former. It’s like most Americans take part in elections with the understanding that their preferred candidates might win or lose. Either way, they accept the outcome and get back to living. But Jews cannot tolerate losing. After the 2016 debacle with Donald Trump, they had to use whatever means by hook and by crook to ‘fortify’ the election in 2020. And Jews just can’t let Russia go. They must heighten tensions out of revenge(for having lost what isn’t even theirs) or the dream of ultimate takeover. After all, even a tireless rat can kill a slumbering bear.

Some people take umbrage at the notion that a movie is just a movie. They believe that the impact of cinema(and entertainment in general) is far profounder than its commercial purpose or fun element. Movies serve to normalize certain attitudes, endorse certain behaviors, encourage certain biases, and instill certain outlooks. A movie with Muslim terrorists may be shallow entertainment, but they do ingrain certain feelings about Arabs/Muslims that may be characterized as ‘Orientalist’, useful to Zionists when Israel wants to drag the US into another war against the ‘Muzzies’.

In EYES WIDE SHUT, the couple learns that a dream is never just a dream. In a similar vein, it could be said a game is not just a game. (What seems like play among kittens is actually a honing of their fighting and hunting skills later in life.) In the simplest terms, the notion of game-isn’t-just-game explains why there are videogames with Nazis as the bad guys(to be shot at and blown up in endless ways), but no one dares to design a game where Zionists or IDF are the bad guys. A game called INTIFADA might go well in many parts of the world, but forget about Silicon Valley creating one.

But in more complicated ways, the gamer who plays the game is also played in ways he or she doesn’t even suspect. Consider the character of Jack Torrance in THE SHINING who nurtures dreams of being master of the castle with an eagle’s eye view of the maze, yet he too is a figure in a bigger maze, the one he is incapable of noticing or seeing through. He is a player who is being played. Win or lose, who owns and controls the game? People win and lose at casinos as players, but who is playing them? It’s the House that, in the end, plays them and rakes it all in because the odds are gamed in its favor.

Or, take the so-called democracy which is supposed to be Rule by the People, but the actual republican system of government means the vast majority of people are resigned to leaving matters up to their elected representatives who, however, are really controlled by donors and hemmed in by the media(owned by billionaires). It’s a rigged game than a ritual of liberty.
For many gamer-minded folks, politics absorbs much of their attention because of its sports-like qualities of win-and-lose, rise and fall, brilliant maneuvers and lucky breaks. Pat Buchanan’s autobiography RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING details how he got hooked to the Washington D.C. culture of politics, something he came to relish like a blood-sport. Buchanan certainly developed a game-mentality early in life, especially through his father who introduced him to the writings of Westbrook Pegler and through old school Catholicism that pit the righteous against the wrong.

But politics in its official capacity seems less interesting than the power behind the scene, especially with the rise of Jewish Power. Even though athletes play for super-rich owners, they really do play the game. In the heat of competition, it is really up to them to win or lose. But politicians, more lackluster than ever, hardly make for an exciting spectacle these days — a book about the current period might be called PROFILES IN COWARDICE — , though the Donald Trump phenomenon certainly ruffled a lot of feathers as something finally came along to threaten the well-established arrangement among the allotted players, leading to derangement among so many. As things turned out, Trump was more bluster than bunker-buster, but his rousing up of populism, a variant of which recently shook Canada, came to be regarded as much bigger than the man himself. Even if the Deep State sees Trump per se as no big deal, a clown really, his playing with matches with populism offended the professionalist conceit of the managerial class and its cozy servility to the Jewish Supremacists above it.

As important as politics(or those who really control it) is, the fact remains a lot of people don’t pay much attention to political issues and races. Half the nation doesn’t vote, and those who do must wait four years for the next big election. So, the real control over the masses isn’t through politics and has to be through other means. With the fading of traditionalism and culture of community, just about the only remaining culture for many is entertainment, celebrity gossip, and various other diversions. No wonder then that so much of the ‘culture war’ has been waged in these fields. It’s come down to the control of idols, impacting even videogames.
Still, gamer-gate and related controversies seem like small potatoes compared to what the likes of Mark Zuckerberg have in mind. Metaverse would allow Zuck to game the masses in a manner that they don’t even realize what’s being done to them. That is real power. Facebook was a service, a platform. People joined and ‘friended’ people they knew personally or shared similar interests with. Facebook rigged news and search results, but otherwise, it left the interactions up to the users. There was a limit to which Facebook could manipulate and control its users. One became reliant on Zuckerberg’s service but not caught up in his web. And there was a clear distinction and distance between the user and the service.

In contrast, Meta-verse is meant to envelope and absorb the user into the Zuckotopia. Sure, there will be the illusion of choice, a semblance of shaping one’s own space based on personal preferences, but the user will be swallowed into a world designed with the purpose of conjoining his mind to the hive. One’s choice will be limited to what is offered and what is allowed. This is true of any service, but this will be more than a mere service or product: it will be a ‘world’, one meant to be preferred over the real one.

In the interview with Millennial Woes, Mr. Hapa Perspective says one of the first things he countered in the virtual world was Anne Frank iconography. Now, what does Anne Frank have to do with recreation, entertainment, or escapism? Nothing, of course, but it reveals something about the ulterior motive embedded in the commerce. Apart from the obvious greed for profits, there’s the obsession to convert and contain the masses within the Judeo-centric power agenda.

Jewish Power has been doing this for as long as we can remember. Indeed, even over the many centuries of ‘Anti-Semitic’ Christianity, goyim were under the Jewish spell as their God, iconography, and narratives were drawn from Jewish Biblical texts. Unfortunately for Jews, European Christians were under heretical Jewish influence(that of Jesus and early Christians) against the core of Jewish community and tradition. This state of affairs finally ended with World War II whereupon Jews propped up ‘antisemitism’ as the gravest of all sins, something Christianity must answer for. Thus, Jews not only elevated the Holocaust as the new faith of the West but subverted the moral-spiritual prestige of Christianity and guilt-baited it into what it is today, a globo-homo BLM faith that preaches in favor of the Great Replacement.
Jews also shaped white minds with their control of History and Entertainment. With control over History Departments in academia and publishing, Jews have increasingly pushed a mono-narrative for both the elites and the masses. It’s mostly about ‘white guilt’ about blacks, Western guilt over the Holocaust, and the thought crime of ‘homophobia’. And Hollywood produced a slew of movies about Negro Nobility and how white ‘racists’ used to lynch and slaughter countless pure-as-snow innocent blacks. Under Jewish Power, US is a place where Emmett Till and George Floyd are bigger than jesus and where MLK is bigger than god. Also, Jews control advertising and bombard viewers with endless images of interracism favoring ACOWW(Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs) and globo-homo-tranny degeneracy.

Still, people like Zuckerberg feel that such control over goyim hasn’t been enough. After all, Donald Trump managed to win in 2016 in a country where the white share of the population has been drastically reduced over the years. Quite possibly, Trump also won in 2020, but of course, Jews pulled all stops to ‘fortify’ the election. For all their manipulations over the dimwit goy masses, what if the tide is beginning to go in the other direction? Even among the younger generation, there is pushback against ‘wokeness’, though no one in the mainstream has yet to name the Jewish Power as the mastermind. On some level, Jews must realize that, for all their massive power and control over institutions and industries, they are fighting an uphill battle because so much of what they’re pushing is unnatural and abnormal as the so-called New Normal/Natural. Indeed, the reason for the relentless propagandizing is because most people will revert to natural norms if left to their own devices and leanings. Minus the brainwashing and propagandization, who believes “It’s Okay to be White” is tantamount to ‘white supremacism’ or that George Floyd was some kind of saint or that ‘Rachel’ Levine is really a ‘woman’? Or that homo fecal-penetration is grounds for marriage and association with the rainbow?

Then, it makes sense that Zuckerberg promotes the Metaverse where his control over the masses will be utterly pervasive and intrusive. And paradoxically, people will be less aware of the manipulation precisely because they are so totally immersed in it. It’s like one loses the sense of wetness when one is in the water where wetness is the overwhelming reality than a condition that interferes with dryness.
When one watches a TV commercial, however dazzling and enticing, it retains a separateness from you, the viewer. Commercial is something on TV whereas you are in reality; you can even walk away from the TV and do something else. But in the Metaverse, what is advertised, blatantly or subtly, becomes the very fabric of your newfound ‘reality’, and it’s constantly all around you. The distance between the viewer and the product has dissolved. It’s as if one has been sucked(or zucked) into the ad.

Furthermore, when one considers that the Metaverse will be designed and programmed by Zionists and Zio-compliant ‘woke’ geeks, it certainly won’t be a neutral other-realm where one has agency to discover his own truths and meanings. Rather, even when you’re within what you believe to be your own space with your compatriots, it will be encapsulated within a larger environment designed to push a certain agenda and set of ‘values’ — imagine the flashing billboards within the Metaverse that will be flashing like a thousand Time Squares with ‘woke’ messaging concocted by Zionists who, of course, will suppress anything related to Israel’s dehumanization of Palestinians; it will be about Anne Frank and Emmett Till, and maybe shrines to George Floyd.

Also, think of the possibility of eavesdropping. Facebook has already served as a means by which the corporation and deep state gathered up tons of data on its users. Imagine the possibility with Metaverse where one is likely to be even less inhibited about one’s personal thoughts as virtual reality is accepted as new reality, even as one’s preferred ‘private space’.

Technically, Metaverse experience wouldn’t be a game, but users will effectively be turned into duped players in the grand Jewish Power game. And being Anne-Franked, like Mr. Hapa Perspective was, will only be the beginning. In the movie INCEPTION, what matters in the end is who-is-in-whose-dream. If you’re unknowingly in someone else’s dream(mistaken as your own), you can be manipulated according to the whims of the other. It’s almost as if Zuckerberg created a literal version of this dream space. Countless millions are invited into his dream-universe which they mistake for their own ‘virtual reality’. They are to be exposed to manipulation by Zuckerberg and his Zio-‘woke’ crew of profiteering would-be-prophets.

It could be Zuckerberg has conceived of gaming on the grandest scale, not in the ordinary sense of playing videogames but in drawing masses around the world into his universe to be combed over for every last ounce of data and to be imprinted with sights and sounds amenable to the Judeo-centric globalist agenda.

Then, what is the righteous way? To reject the Metaverse or to create a counter-meta-verse free of globalist mind control? But is there much promise for mankind in being sucked into any kind of false reality(even free of Jewish supremacist influence)? Of course, one could argue it’s already been the case with churches, cinemas, radios, TV’s, and videogames that have captivated so many hearts and minds, so many fantasies and imaginations. Still, with those there has always been the reminding presence of reality, however diminished or peripheralized, between the audience and the product, whereas virtual reality competes not as an enhancement or partial escape from reality but as a substitute reality with claim of superiority in every way.

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  1. Video games are for imbecilic children.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Troll: atlantis_dweller
  2. samoan says:

    It’s easy. The less engaged you are into gay globohomo pop “culture” and other nonsense the more free you are. Stop watching the damn talmud-vision already and go outside.

  3. Speaking of games, does anyone know the outcome of yesterday’s Super Bowl? Today, I checked all the major media outlets and didn’t see any prominent headlines nor was anything featured in the sports sections of CNN, NBC and the like.

    I’d heard that a white guy was the MVP and the quarterback of the winning team was white so I guess the game doesn’t lend itself to promoting the incessant drumbeat of blackedy black black. The most prominent story on ABC news was about a black player whose wife gave birth to a baby during the game. Other outlets discussed the half time show and the effectiveness of TV commercials aired during the game. This one went down the memory hole in record time.

    These were the only available (small type, obscure, easily missed) items on webpages:

  4. Computer games can now produce a Matrix-like movie in real-time. Thirteen minutes to blow your mind.
    Watch closely:

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  5. Hitmarck says:

    In my, and everyone I ever gamed with, experience it is good advice to simply leave the server as soon as ever cheating Russians appear.

    Precisely because we play for fun and to test our limits, which only works if no one cheats.
    Russians dont work that way.

    This might be an experience that thanks to server response times players in America or Australia are spared from.

    Why is it strange that conservatives aid gamers?
    Because they went after boobies in games once?
    That is totally in line with aiding gamers.

    Games for kids! Remember?

    So the adults keep kid spaces boobie free.
    So the adults step in, in case some political opperation targets kids. What gamer gate was.
    Gamer Gate was a nearly 30 year old canadian adult attacking kids and teens.
    Conservatives took again the adult stance.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
  6. Dumbo says:

    I used to play games a lot as a teen, which was a long time ago. I also played more recently but in general video games bore me. Although I was addicted to Call of Duty for a while, once.

    While graphics have improved, not much has changed in terms of game mechanics. Blowing up stuff and fighting bosses at the end of every level. It’s still like this for perhaps 90% of the games.

    Some more narrative or intelectual puzzle-like games are more interesting, at least for me. But in general, I care very little about games and can live without them. I haven’t played in years now.

    As for VR, I don’t think it’s that great. It is good perhaps for very short immersive experiences (I saw one in a museum which was interesting), but in general it doesn’t add that much to games in themselves, and it is known to cause nausea and other problems.

    The thing is, videogames, like social media and smartphones, are hypnotic, or like a drug. So even if they don’t do much for you, you get addicted.

    Also, lots of people have bad, sad lives and they really prefer to be in a game, or a metaverse.

    • Agree: meamjojo
    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  7. anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    This is a new offering on gaming site Steam, described there as a ‘thought-provoking game on police brutality in America’

    Price of initial game is under \$1, but as often with gaming there are extras. For \$9.99 there is Tyrone’s gold-coloured ‘blicky’ or pistol for game shooting: ‘Buy it. Tyrone would.’
    Official game launch trailer video

  8. Mr Anatta says:

    The author here really lacks understanding of the human mind and when they say that gamers mind’s become more engaged,the exact opposite is the case in fact because gaming is Zen and gaming IS so huge because the gamer mind is far less engaged(or not even engaged at all when in the zone of instinct) and that is why their sense of time when gaming seems to go by much faster, than for example when one is sitting in a chair alone doing nothing when the mind IS fully engaged and the time seems to really slow down to a snails pace when the trick of the mind that is boredom, of which like the mind is the opposite of Zen is running rampant.

    I actually pity adults who don’t get gaming because they also don’t enjoy a little bit of sublime daily Zen in their hum drum and ‘mind fully engaged at all times day time lives’ and Zen always brings one closer to the mind less and boredom free and time goes by fast when you are having fun God.

  9. Mr Anatta says:

    How can you sure that you are not part of a ‘virtual reality style game’ and that video games and sleep provide a temporary escape from the game?.

    • Replies: @American Citizen
  10. TV + Rock & Roll are joined at the hip. The same sugared dog turd giving the same worthless carb high.

    Video games (and movies) are no different except one is yet farther removed from reality.

    And what is reality?

    Language is pretty much that which describes work. Notation. When hands and brain are joined to form MIND. Reality is in understanding this join.

    Reality doesn’t ever require electricity. (False god).

    To be denied access to electrical service (any sort) is now seen as being cut off from civilization.

    To be denied entrance to any facility which itself is electrified. To any area or region served.

    Yet civilization has never required such to be operative.

    Reality is easily manipulated once even a step away from the continued creation of Mind as that knowledge our hands give our brain to change what is, to what’s possible, is severed.

    Make electricity the mediator — fool the brain, ultimately the self — and all “experience” telescopes inwards on itself down into nothing(ness).

    This essay may as well be subtitled, The Accelerating Call for a Right to be Entertained. (Be the rat pushing the cocaine reward bar).


    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  11. Mr Anatta says:

    ‘And what is reality?.’

    Reality is the completely false belief in existence,because all physicality in this dream realm is merely a vibration that is very clearly seen to hold no ‘real’ substance once the veil that masks the illusion of physicality and self is removed and the ‘game’ (or level in the greater game perhaps) is to eventually come to this spiritual understanding and then find a way to permanently escape the game,or the level in the game(Nibbana) and not keep on and on and on reincarnating back into it(Samsara).

    And there is a way but Mr know it all Google won’t be telling you how.

  12. @Mr Anatta

    Perhaps we’re in a simulation that’s so advanced we as simulation bots are creating our own simulations inside a simulation.

    Makes you wonder.

    • Replies: @Mr Anatta
  13. Mr Anatta says:
    @American Citizen

    No it isn’t a simulation because that suggests that there is a pro-gramming inventor of the simulation but dreams are just dreams sprung from no where and spiritual teaching is partly about duality and its nothing ness and this very real seeming dream world made up of vibrations but those that wonder about this new simulation theory are definitely on the right track, unlike all those sleeping billions that very wrongly believe in reality.

  14. Dr. Doom says:

    These games still look fake. Meta just tanked Zuckerberg.
    Videogames won’t be immersive until AI is real.

    These games lack the real feel of a simulated world.
    Cartoon physics and dead eyes.

    There needs to be a real AI to bring life to the digital world.
    Of course, you won’t be able to control everything that way.

    But that’s what makes it like real life.
    AI logic will bring reality to you on consoles or PC.

  15. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Badger Down

    Sure. And Star Citizen will come out any day now.
    No Man’s Sky is, like, totally procedural, bro.
    I have a one-liner: Cyberpunk 2077. lol.

    It’s true that game developers are quite good at producing beautiful youtube videos. Gamers have long run out of any excuse to give them the slightest benefit of the doubt though.

  16. Alrenous says: • Website

    Video games per se are great. Actual video games that get made are amazingly terrible.

    One example: almost every game, even the “good” ones, are best played by ignoring most of the mechanics.
    Some are so easy you have to discard over half the mechanics before the game even considers fighting back. The situation is so bad that any game that isn’t entirely faceroll trivial gets to market itself as “hard.”

    I assume it’s a publisher problem. And an Americoid problem.

    The publishers actively filter out any good game – as they actively filter out good books and good movies. I cannot fully explain this, but the mechanic is undeniable.

    In the rambling spirit of OP let’s talk about the writer’s strike. Remember when hollywood writers went on strike? Do you remember how their signs were amazingly well written? Apparently there’s some very talented and very tasteful writers employed by the movie industry. Why does ~none of this writing get into movies? Why are they all dumb schlock?

    Well, basically, executive meddling. Do they hate beauty and excellence? They certainly behave as if they do.

    Independent publishing has never been easier. Stuff like Vampire Survivor and SNKRX and Nova Drift show that it’s super easy to throw together a small, simple game, and if you don’t fuck it up, you just bankrolled yourself. Use the money to bootstrap up to a game of arbitrary budget. The “major” publishers have hamstrung themselves so badly they barely even count as competition.

    Why don’t indies start making games that are about having fun instead of about various degenerate things, such as politics? (ProTip: try not putting allusions to buttsex in your games. You’ll be happier. Your players will be happier.)

    The market for games that actually fight back (look, Battletoads doesn’t have good difficulty, but at least it had real difficulty) is completely unserved. No matter how low demand is, price is high because supply is zero.

    Vampire Survivor is, ironically, a major offender. It’s a very easy game – you can win without even moving (speaking of ignoring mechanics) – but it goes hard on the Skinner box elements and it creates an illusion of difficulty via crafty use of bad design.

    When you pick up a chest, did you earn it? No, you literally just walked into it. But it sure makes you feel like you earned it, by pandering as hard as anime does. Every time you level up the game shows a shower of wealth to you. The actual gameplay is about enemies constantly going pop. Yay! Lots of numbers! Yay! Big numbers!
    It’s not hard to figure out why folk like playing this game. The “game” part isn’t the reason, it’s just an excuse.

    Likewise the “difficulty.” VAMPIRE! SURVIVOR! Right from the name you’re primed to think of a dark survival horror. And when you first start playing, victory is extraordinarily difficult, and perhaps mathematically impossible. This anchors you into thinking the game is “hard.” (Darkest Dungeon pulls a similar scam.)

    Then you learn about evolving weapons and buy some of the meta-progression. In actual fact the game gets so easy that, as mentioned, you can win by standing still. But all “gamers” agree to tell each other it’s a “hard” game so they can pat each other on the back.

    In the very rare case that someone investigates the claim instead of believing whatever peer pressure tells them to believe, of course they run into the anchoring phase and also find the game is “hard.” Clever.

    Like music, TV, and movies, the games that get published are games that want you to be sick and weak. I have never touched a CoD game and the idea of playing Fortnite is laughable.

    Why is battle royale so popular? Because it makes cope easy. Every idiot with Parkinson’s can claim they “could” win a match if they got “lucky” enough.
    World of Tanks is rigged, and who loves rigging the most? Losers, obviously. WoT is a game for losers, and it’s very, very popular.

    This doesn’t mean VG is inherently for losers, any more than the Marvel universe means movies are inherently bad narratives.

    It does mean you have to be extremely picky about what you play, and even then, have to be careful about how you play it.

  17. joelc says:

    I do believe your reaction to video games is a bit akin to the Catholic Church reaction to early cinema.

    I think it’s an evolving deep artform yes. The possibilities always go beyond the surface stuff of perpetually repeating genre of first person shooter. There’s probably not yet been a Citizen Kane to establish video game full potential.

    It isn’t going away, it is central to our current culture. Just like the novel was central to XIXth century culture. Just like cinema was for the XXth century.

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