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Russia and China in the Scales of Modern History and the Uncertain Future
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Russia and China are in the news lately for obvious reasons. During the Cold War, Russia, as the core of the Soviet Union, posed the greatest challenge to US hegemony(or the greatest threat to the Free World, depending on one’s perspective). And China, though backward, represented leadership in the Third World’s challenge to both US capitalism and Soviet Revisionism. But beginning with Nixon’s meeting with Mao and culminating with new policies under Jimmy Carter and Deng Xiaoping, China moved into the US orbit, at least geo-politically. Both would cooperate against Soviet influence and even jointly aid remnants of the Khmer Rouge against Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia. And both, especially as allies of Pakistan, were eager to see Soviet Union fail in Afghanistan. And then, following the reforms and peace treaties(between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev), the Warsaw Pact dissolved and Eastern European nations ran into the arms of the West, and the Soviet system was soon to collapse, leaving the US as the undisputed and unchallenged superpower not only militarily and economically but culturally and morally.

Of course, at the time of these momentous events, Western Europe was still recognizably overwhelmingly European and felt no shame about its ethnic or racial composition. Most people couldn’t imagine the likelihood of ‘gay marriage’ and Christianity degenerating into an idolatry of homo anus to lick, black feet to wash, and Jewish ass to kiss. If anything, Eastern Europeans who finally broke free of communist shackles probably felt liberated from the ‘Oriental Despotic’ yoke of the ‘mongoloid’ Russkies. At the time, they had no way of knowing that the New Western Values would be about ‘Diversity’, the Great Replacement(or White Nakba), cuckery, globo-homo, Negrolatry, and abandonment of civil liberties & individual freedoms to appease Jewish Power gone supremacist mad.

This was around the time when Francis Fukuyama proclaimed the End of History in an intellectual essay. Though now remembered mostly as a Neocon flunky(though he did infuriate Neocons when he disavowed the Iraq debacle), he probably didn’t write in flunky mode when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, not least because Neocons had yet consolidated their power over American Conservatism and revealed their true face as ruthless Jewish Supremacists, whereupon free thinker(albeit a naive one) Fukuyama essentially became the flunky ‘Fukyomama’.

At the time of the Berlin Wall’s fall, the US was truly at its height. The only nation touted as a potential challenger was Japan, one of the most dynamic economies of the Eighties that seemed to be dominating not only autos and electronics but computers. But even if the Japanese economy had overcome its looming problems and continued to grow apace, it was far too geo-politically limited to become a dominant world player.

As for China, the hopeful view among the American elites was that it would be taken over by Hong Kong than vice versa, not least because Chinese students were so awed by all-things-western in the Eighties. Indeed, it was incredible that, just around the time the Soviet system was on its last legs, the Chinese government was met with the greatest challenge to its authority since the establishment of CCP rule. In one decade, countless Chinese educated youth marched for ‘democracy’ and freedom, not unlike what happened in South Korea in the 1980s that led to the transition from military rule to electoral politics. Even though the Tiananmen protests eventually came to naught, the momentum seemed to be on the side of the protesters(and surely the next waves of social unrest would sweep the CCP into the dustbin of history). Though the insurrection failed, future attempts would likely succeed, as democratic systems eventually won out in South Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan. Many believed the CCP regime was living on borrowed time, awaiting its doom when a burgeoning Chinese middle class, better educated and westernized, made greater demands for freedom and basic rights. CCP regime would have to adapt and fundamentally transform itself or be resigned to eventual extinction.

The succession of capable but colorless technocratic leaders in China suggested such a trend. But more astute observers noticed that the regime, far from preparing for eventual surrender to the End-of-History model, was formulating a new kind of nationalism that would be inseparable from CCP rule, thereby lending the Party legitimacy and longevity way beyond ideology and economic results. (Surely, if a regime’s support relies wholly on economics, it will vanish in hard times. A spouse who married only for money will opt out when the money is gone. In contrast, a marriage based on values of love and loyalty will see it through the thick and thin. There is also the factor of respect for authority, i.e. during uncertain times, people look to a strong hand. Force as expression of resolve and conviction packs more power than than force as sign of fear and desperation, as was the case with the Shah of Iran.)

There was also the Singaporean model. And from a longer historical perspective, the success of Hong Kong didn’t owe to democracy. For all its economic libertinism, its politics was essentially British imperialist autocracy. And was Japan really a democracy(in the Western multi-party sense), or was it conceived(or rigged) from the beginning to be a ‘conservative’ one-party system remaining reliably obeisant to US hegemony? (The Cold War led to a sudden reversal of fortune whereby the merchant-conservative elements and even some ‘war criminals’ were favored over the Japanese Left, initially sought out by American occupiers as reliably staunch anti-militarists. Also, the electoral system was devised to favor rural areas, giving the Liberal Democratic Party a considerable advantage, which, however, has been fading with the emptying out of rural areas in a sterile and barren where people, taking after anime and video-game characters, have lost an organic sense of humanness and nationhood.)

And even though the rise of democratic politics in places like Taiwan, South Korea, and Philippines initially suggested at People Power and Nationalism, not least because the former dictatorships had been accused of serving as puppets of US neo-imperialism, it eventually dawned on astute observers, not least among the elites of China, that the advent of democracy, far from making the smaller East Asian nations more sovereign, made them even more servile and compliant to the Globalist Order dominated by the US.

Firstly, democracies are really directed by money power than people power. Profiteers will sell their nations and people down the river for more ‘muh profits’. Worse, being hollow of soul, they crave status as substitute for deep meaning, meaning they(and their bratty kids) tend to hop on the bandwagon of any trend or fashion to be with the in-crowd. Look how fast globo-homo spread among white elites in US and EU, and look how it caught on so effortlessly among the soulless elites of Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, and etc.

So-called ‘democracy’, far from representing the will of the people, came to serve as an instrument of globalist hegemony centered in NY, LA, DC, SF, London, and Tel Aviv. (Besides, what exactly is the Will of the People when the mass mind is so easily swayed by public education or official indoctrination, mass media, and entertainment or pop culture, increasingly heavily ideologized as Psy-Pop?) The all-too-predictable reactions of the globalist elites to events in Ukraine and Hungary give the game away, i.e. ‘democracy’ for them is less a principle or ideal than an instrument of power and control. Even though Viktor Orban was democratically elected by a solid majority, he is derided as an ‘autocrat’, whereas the current regime in Ukraine that was installed by a US-instigated coup that toppled a democratically elected government is praised as a ‘democracy’ that the ‘free world’ must unite to defend.

So-called ‘free press’ is deemed essential to democracy, but the mass media in US, EU, and East Asia are controlled by a handful of conglomerates. Recent events show the media are less about transparency than manipulation of news for ethnic interests and officially sanctioned idolatry. (In the US, there is also the problem of ethno-monopoly as Jews control nearly all the media and Big Tech, directly or indirectly.) Thus, even national will is distorted and corrupted by disingenuous propaganda. In many cases, the elites don’t have to forcibly enforce the globalist agenda because the gullible masses are easily buttered and buggered up with something like globo-homo agenda via TV shows, commercials, and pop music. Evidence sadly suggests that only a handful of people around the world have any capacity for mental autonomy or cultural curiosity, and most of what passes as ‘values’ in the Free World is whatever filth emanating from the urban centers of the US, typically worthless as vapid entertainment, but then the West has given up on highbrow art, serious thought, maturity, liberty, and even tolerance & free speech. So-called ‘tolerance’ for homosexuality really amounts to submission to compulsory homo-celebration. And ‘anti-racism’ essentially means blacks are above the law as the idolatrous pets controlled by Jews. It means you must favor and praise blacks even if they turn cities into new Detroits and Baltimores. And of course, ‘antisemitism’ these days includes any noticing of the corruption and abuses of Jewish Power.

Surely, even Francis Fukuyama in his private thoughts must know that so-called Liberal Democracy is in serious trouble, in no small part due to the rise of quasi-spiritual taboos that made free speech and discourse of controversial topics very difficult in the West, which is like a doctor forbidden to diagnose certain diseases. What good is a liberal democracy that cannot address issues pertaining to the biggest power in the West, which is Jewish? What use is a liberal democracy that cannot name the biggest endangerment to the day-to-day well-being of many in the West, which would be black thuggery? What use is a liberal democracy when one cannot freely discuss the corrosive influence of homos and trannies on culture and values? What use is a liberal democracy that mandates that everyone mindlessly chant the slogan ‘diversity is our strength’ and smears as ‘far right’ or ‘xenophobic’ any skepticism of mass immigration of foreigners whose presence fundamentally alters the national character, ethnic and cultural.

A true liberal democracy should always favor the integrity of freedom and courage over taboos of submission, but the neo-sacraments related to ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ have made it virtually impossible to speak candidly of the ills of the West. Worse, the West even exports these taboos onto other parts of the world, as if ‘white guilt'(as formulated by Jews) should be the mono-standard for all the world.

The Jewish Factor is key to understanding the nature of ‘white guilt’ in the Current Year. After all, given white/western domination over much of the world in the modern era, whites could theoretically be made to feel guilty just about anything. Whites could be guilt-baited for what they did to Philippines and Vietnam. Or what was done to Guatemala and, more recently, to the Arab World, not least the Palestinians. But notice that US embassies around the world aren’t flying ‘We are Sorry for Vietnam’ or ‘Vietnamese Lives Matter’ banners. Nor are they flying Palestinian-Lives-Matter banners. Or white-guilt banners about the century of humiliation forced on China. Or white-guilt banners about what the Anglos did to India or the Australian Aborigines. Or, even about the American Indians, the most tragic people of US History by far. No, the official propaganda of the US is mostly about Holocaustianity, BLM, and Globo-Homo.

So, this phenom called ‘white guilt’ is not the product of genuine conscience and moral agency. It’s not a case of whites, as free individuals, remembering their dark aspects of their past and atoning for what they deem to be ‘historical sins’. Rather, it’s about whites taking mental and emotional cues from Jews as to what to feel ‘guilty’ about. And that’s why most whites in US, Canada, and EU feel zero sympathy for what the Jewish-led West did to Syria, Libya, or Yemen but have conniptions about George Floyd and want to wash Negro feet, that is when they aren’t lighting candles to Anne Frank while ‘twerking’ their ass to the latest globo-homo tranny-wanny craze.

In other words, White Morality, as officially preached by G.A.E(Global-American Empire) is bogus bunk. It boils down to the rule of “Jewish Masters say, white goyim obey”. With the ascendancy of Jewish Power, whites with moral autonomy were purged in favor of whites with moral dependency. Whites with moral autonomy see the world in their own way and draw their own conclusions. Jimmy Carter has some of this(more than most politicians) as he could clearly see the injustice of what has been done to Palestinians in West Bank. But such whites have been purged from most institutions and industries. Not only do Jews and their minions do most of the hiring and firing but they exert a wide range of legal and financial pressures on entities they don’t directly control. And so, most white elites today are moral dependents who reliably look over their shoulder to see if it’s okay with Jews.

If Russia and China didn’t exist, History would be game over. Not with Fukuyama’s triumph of Free Market Liberal Democracy but with Jewish supremacist gangsterism with blacks as the holy thug and homos as the magic fairy. The only civilization that might, at least in the long run, stand apart might be India with its rich history/heritage, huge population, and considerable land mass. But Hindu power would be a local matter as Hindu-ness isn’t for export. Besides, Asian-Indians who’ve gained global prominence did so as agents, compradors, and collaborators of the Western Empire. In the US, Hindus serve Jews. Hindus did challenge Jewish Power in South Africa and had their asses handed to them by Jews with far greater firepower.

As for the white race, it is now a total disgrace. Anglos are almost invariably Anglo-cucks to Jews in US, Canada, Australia, and UK. Ireland is now just mini-Britain with the same globo-homo and Negrolatry nuttery. Germans have accepted eventual ethnic suicide as Holocaustianity and eternal-German-guilt are their religions. Scandinavians are soulless and sterile, resigned to seeing their nations overrun by Diversity. Italians, Greeks, and Spaniards are too confused, corrupt, and craven to get their act together. Half of Eastern Europe are totally servile to the richer West, and nationalist elements there simply don’t have the power and depth to resist the Jewish-run Western Influence for long.

Japan and smaller East Asian nations, much like white nations, are soulless and sterile. They’ve been severed spiritually and culturally from their roots. They live in IKEA-land of empty consumerism, and their status-obsessed elites imitate whatever is trendy in the West as the metropole. Latin America is as hopeless as ever. Middle East will never get its act together.

Some surmise the future of the West(at least in Europe) may be Islamic due to mass immigration and spiritual conviction among Muslims, but Arab birthrates aren’t what they used to be, and many children of Islam in the West turn to BLM and globo-homo; their main idea of culture is rap music and waving homo flags. If any race is likely to take over Europe, it’s black Africans who have super high-birthrates in their home countries and are near-worshiped by whites as badass rappers, athletes, and studs. Also, Jewish-promoted BLM makes blacks holy in ways Arabs will never be, and that means it’d be ‘racist’ for whites to say NO MORE to black African immigration(though they are still allowed to grumble about the influence of Islam). Still, as blacks are lower in IQ and act like jive-ass buffoons, they won’t be coming up with the next big ideas. They will merely be used as tool of Jewish Power.

So, a future without Russia and China is really the End of History, with Jewish supremacist gangsterism ruling the world. Whites have fully accepted their roles as cuck-dogs of Jews. Blacks will serve as muscle for Jews and intimidate white males into wussydom and colonize white wombs. Arabs will remain divided and hopeless, and Latin America will continue as the backyard of the US. And Japan and small East Asian nations will imitate the West like monkeys and dogs. India might withstand the Jewish-dominated world order but never challenge it. It will collaborate with Jews and, at best, prevent India from completing coming under Western Influence, like the pathetic Japan of late. Iran on its own would be doomed. Jewish gangster supremacism as the End of History would eventually prevail upon the isolated and strangulated Iran.

But there is China and Russia, and they do have a chance of not only withstanding the End of History but pushing back, possibly inspiring and emboldening others to do likewise. Jewish Power obviously can’t hates this reality, while whites, as cucky-wucks, naturally parrot the Jewish Line. Paleo-Conservatives like Pat Buchanan are of two minds. As they grew up cheering for US power(that was synonymous with white Christian might), they’ve been habituated to root for Americanism at every turn and have a knee-jerk animus against any rival power. On the other hand, they must know the US is now the satanic G.A.E.(global American empire), which stands for Jewish Supremacism, Negrolatry, Homo-celebration, the Great Replacement(or White Nakba), and pathetic white cuckery. Because people like Pat Buchanan spent entire lifetimes defending the position of what they deemed to be “God’s Country”, they have difficulty adjusting to the new reality. In contrast, young arch-conservatives like Nick Fuentes have no qualms about rooting for Russia-China against the US as they grew up in an America gone to pots of moral degeneracy, white cuckery, and cultural retardation. For all of Buchanan’s argument in favor of ‘republic, not an empire’, he came of age when America’s prestige was bound to its role as the Good Empire against the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union. Thus, the Cold War mentality still informs much of his worldview.

Russia and China can withstand the End of History(or Beginning of Idolatry) for several reasons. The most obvious is the land mass and population. Russians, though dwarfed by the Chinese demographics, is the largest of any European nation, and Russia has plenty of space to grow the population if natalism were to take off. China is the most populous country and one of the largest countries. China and Russia alone constitute a world unto their own. And both populations are reasonably talented. Russians, though perennial underachievers, have surprised the world time and time again in military and space technology and possess vast amounts of raw resources and then some. Mainland China has been johnny-come-lately to modernity and industrialism due to any number of reasons but has grown rapidly since the reforms in the 1980s.

Russia and China together on a map look formidable, especially if in alliance. Yet, looks can be deceiving. Despite their rich heritages and great power status through long stretches of history, both were also known for weakness and vulnerability, not least due to the unruliness of the vast territories. Before Russians got control of Siberia, southern Muslim territories, and parts of Eastern Europe, they were vulnerable to attack from all sides. And for long periods of Chinese history, much of what is recognized as China wasn’t even under Chinese control. In these areas, barbarian hordes could amass to strike at the heart of Chinese civilization. The rise of advanced technology finally sealed the advantage in favor of civilizations, but it was another story throughout pre-modern history. In a world of swords, arrows, spears, and axes, barbarians could fight just as well, or even better as every male member was trained for combat and pillage whereas most folks in civilization were peasants, craftsmen, or traders. The only ways pre-modern civilizations could defend themselves from barbarian attacks were strength in numbers, walled defenses, and organization. But in times of crises, order broke down and created a vacuum for barbarian invaders to fill. (Their differing responses to the barbarian/foreign threats are rather telling of their respective national characters: The Chinese doubled down on civilizational projects, like building massive walls, whereas Russians out-barbarized the barbarians, i.e. attacked and fought even harder, but then Russians were later to come to civilization and retained more of a culture of virility.)

Then, it’s not surprising that the great land masses between Russia and China were often sources of dread and sorrow than pride and glory, seen more as curse than blessing; indeed for the longest time, the vast expanses were claimed by neither side and existed as frontiers of the uncharted. Of course, today, any Russian or Chinese perusing a world map will feel pride in their territorial claims. Gone are the days when barbarian hordes descended from the vast unknown like swarms of locusts.

One shared trauma of China and Russia has to do with the Mongol invasions. Though some in Russia/Europe have tended to conflate the Mongols and Chinese as one(as both are part of the East Asiatic race), Chinese dreaded the barbarian horsemen so adept at archery. In times of dynastic decay or political tumult in China, Mongols took advantage and once even managed to conquer all of China(and expand its borders). Incredibly, the Mongols even crossed Siberia and invaded Russia, even reaching parts of Poland. If not for the land mass and population of Russia to serve as shock absorber, who knows how the Mongols might altered the history of Europe. They might have outdone the Huns who even sacked Rome on occasion.
Prior to industrialization, it was no mean feat for any civilization to maintain control over vast areas. With transport and communication based solely on foot and hooves, stationing large numbers in far flung areas was prohibitively expensive, and besides, the sheer distance might even embolden the local commander to break free and set up his own kingdom.

But the dynamic changed with the advent of modern technology, a total winner for civilizations. With something like modern technology, the Romans would have crushed the barbarians completely, and Rome never would have been sacked. (To be sure, much of the Modern West is now being invaded by black savages and Third World semi-barbarians, but this is due to the loss of civilizational pride and racial will. The Modern West has the material power to hold back the hordes many times over but lacks the will as its soul has been colonized by Jewish globalist virus that reviles as ‘racist’ any desire among whites for self-preservation.)

Historically speaking, it’s easy to overrate the power of the Anglos, Chinese, and Russians based on geography alone. One might think they gained great swathes of territory because they were so tough. In truth, Russia is vast because it expanded mostly into empty territory, especially Siberia. When Russians were up against the populated western territories, it struggled to hold its own. Likewise, much of China still remains sparsely populated because the vast lands are barely fit for habitation. China didn’t so much conquer those areas as claim them as there were hardly anyone to say otherwise. Anglos were surely the luckiest people in history as they stumbled upon entire continents in the Americas and Australia underpopulated with pushover savages. Such easy pickings. North America turned out to be the most fertile land mass in the world with excellent climate and unimaginable amounts of natural resources(and lots of natural beauty). In contrast, when Anglos gained mastery over places like India, they could rule but not keep forever. Too many Hindus, who were also immune to Old World diseases and quick learners with a deep history of their own. If Brits had played it right, they could have colonized and kept vast swaths of Africa, but by then their birthrates had cratered and their imperial conviction called into doubt.

Of the three peoples, clearly the Anglos were the most dynamic, adventurous, industrious, and innovative. Still, Anglo power owed in large part to the fortune of having come upon vast amounts of prime real estate. They struck the gold mine of history, and there was no way men with tomahawks or boomerangs in the Americas and Australia were going to keep the Anglos at bay.

Anglo power was great but not invincible, though Anglo character + American material wealth almost made Anglo-Americans nearly invincible, at least for a time. For most of British History, Anglos played defense against Continental Europe and then the delicate game of balance-of-powers. Anglos preferred easier pickings away from Continental affairs. Oceans, once mastered, were open territories for discovery and trade, and non-European lands were targeted for their relative emptiness and/or backwardness, though in many cases Europeans voyaged to distant lands not to conquer and subdue but to admire, learn, and trade; in time their enterprise and curiosity expanded their knowledge to grow in strength, enabling them to defeat the mightiest non-Western civilizations with relative ease. It was less trouble to take over some part of Africa, Asia, or Oceania than become overly entangled in European affairs, especially as certain Continental powers were the equal of Britain.
There were relatively weaker European states that Britain could have dominated; but just as Britain sought alliances to prevent the preeminence of any single European power, Europeans sought alliances to keep Britain from gaining a foothold on the Continent.

British Empire was vast but hardly cohesive as slivers of British elites ruled over diverse bunch of nonwhites. As such, much of the energy of the empire was expended on keeping control, which turned into a game of whack-a-mole once the various subject populations, taking inspiration from European nationalism and race-ism, demanded independence and autonomy based on native racial pride.

In contrast, there was the United States. A cohesive empire-sized nation-state, its white population felt as citizens and patriots than as subjects. The American Civil War notwithstanding, the US government didn’t need to expend(or waste) inordinate amount of energy to keep the system together, and White America based on the Anglo-American template grew to great power, eventually expanding overseas. Unlike Britain that couldn’t hope to conquer or control the European Continent, the US could(and controls Europe to this day). To be sure, World War II and the implosion of Germany as the premier Continental power was key to US hegemony. And the threat of the Soviet Union made Europeans grudgingly compliant to US military presence, and then, over the years, the elites and masses in Europe, like those in Japan, just became accustomed to US power as integral to the way of the world. (And when Anglo-Americans lost out to Jews in the US, the whole thing fell onto the lap of Zion.)

In some ways, the 21st century is more normal from a broader historical perspective because of the global arraignment of power. China was the core civilization of East Asia over millennia. Though never a world power, it was a great power. (Mongols did however use China as the springboard for world power, but it failed to last.) Throughout history, China proved to have great absorptive qualities. Mongols and later Manchus who conquered China were ‘assimilated’, and Mongolia’s independence from China only happened because of Soviet influence. Invading China was, in the long run, like food invading the stomach. The invading force got digested.

But then, Mongols and Manchus were relatively backward and could only be impressed with Chinese civilization, much like the Germanic Barbarians who sacked Rome but then adopted its legacy as their own. But the dynamics changed in the 19th century when, for the first time, China was invaded and subjugated by peoples more advanced(and, more importantly, continually advancing at an ever faster rate). And it wasn’t just one bunch of invaders but several, with industrial Japan joining the imperialist club, though the multiplicity of invaders prevented an outright takeover by a single power, as the Manchus had achieved centuries earlier.

Unlike in the past with barbarian invaders, Chinese couldn’t just run out the clock and rely on time to serve as enzyme on the invaders. History was moving fast, and there was a real chance that China could be shattered into pieces like Humpty Dumpty, never to be put together again. Mere patience and resilience weren’t going to save China this time. Things had to change fundamentally, and Chinese had to swallow their pride(of conceit as the ‘Middle Kingdom’) and learn from the ‘foreign devils’. It was the only hope of recuperating from the shameful role of the ‘Sick Man of Asia’, kicked around even by Japanese ‘dwarfs’.

In the first half of the 20th century, China’s attempt to get its act together was met with one obstacle after another(internal and external), and then came the horrors of Japanese invasion. And then, the communists came to power, and it seemed as though Modern China finally stood up… except Mao had nutty ideas and brought upon more horrors(during peacetime). While Red China gained a measure of respect in the world, it remained an economic basket case and hopelessly behind in technology. It was only after Mao’s death and the reforms under Deng that China finally began to get things right, more or less, and then the economy took off. In the 70s, its economy was smaller than that of Canada, but it is now considered the second biggest economy in the world(though in per capita terms still behind many nations). In the 21st century, China has returned to the historical norm as a great power, something the Chinese had been striving to regain since the mid-19th century when things could only get much worse before getting better.

Russia too has regained its normal place in the world in the 21st century. Traditionally, Russia has been the more conservative power in Europe, more grounded in earth, spirituality, and community. Though part of Europe, it was also a world unto itself. Janus-like, its one-half looked to the temporality of the West as model while the other half drew inspiration from the Siberian East of eternal nature. And if Western Europe’s main influence was the Roman Empire and the neo-paganism of the Renaissance, Russia’s main cultural influence was Christian Byzantine(which more successful suppressed the classical pagan past). The pagan element in Russian culture comes from folklore, reverence for nature, and sense of earth and primal elements. This aspect of Russia kept it relatively backward vis-a-vis the West but also more stable and ‘soulful’ in certain respects. But all hell broke loose with the debacle of World War I that led to the Bolshevik Revolution that, overnight, turned Russia from the conservative reservoir of Europe into the cauldron of Revolution. It was as if the world was turned upside down. Russia went from the brake to the accelerator of History.

The Revolution resulted in both awesome achievements and catastrophic calamities, until its fire eventually burned out and the system collapsed from bureaucratic inertia and lack of individual initiative. And then, it seemed as though Russia was finished, and indeed its fate would have been dire if it continued to be headed by globalist flunkies like Boris Yeltsin. But, if the Soviet Union ultimately failed in most things, it did succeed in developing a talented deep state that outlived the system and formed the basis of the nationalist revival by means of byzantine intrigue, which continues to this day.

Today, Russia has taken up the mantle of traditionalism, though given the sheer craziness of the current West, it doesn’t take too much to be deemed ‘conservative’ or even ‘far right’. If you believe Hungarians should preserve their own nation, acknowledge Christianity’s centrality in European spirituality, and/or oppose ‘gay marriage’, you are deemed ‘extreme’ by standards of the nutty Jewish-controlled West. (But then, the supposedly anti-nationalist West is totally zealous in its support for Jewish tribalism, Jewish nationalism, and even Jewish supremacism, aka the Wars for Israel and neo-apartheid in West Bank. On the one hand, the West undermines Ukrainian nationalism by spreading globo-homo and Negrolatry, but on the other hand, it arms and supports the most ultra-nationalist Sub-Nazi types in Ukraine against Russia. It goes to show that current ‘Western Values’ are premised on little more than “Will it appease the Jews?” The very people who harp about ‘Nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’ will support Naziesque elements if it serves Jewish interests, among which anti-Russia agenda is near the top.)

Today’s Russia is hardly conservative by traditional standards but is deemed ‘ultra-conservative’ for the mere fact that it doesn’t celebrate homo fecal-penetration as one of the seven wonders of the world. All things are relative, and relative to the current West, Russia has reverted to its traditional position as the conservative anchor of Europe. With the rise of India as well, 21st century is indeed heading toward a return to historical normality where great civilizations once again take their ‘rightful’ places in the world. (Iran or Persia, as a key ally of Russia and China, may also grow more prominent as a regional hegemon despite the hostility of the West.)

The past few centuries were historically abnormal because Western Europeans(who also colonized the Americas and gained from its vast riches) catapulted past all other civilizations. They outpaced the rest of humanity to such a degree that, for a time, history became a matter of the “West and the Rest”. It didn’t matter if Hindus, Muslims, and Chinese had great civilizations and heritages of their own. In time, they also got conquered and subjugated, along with the primitive folks and savage races. Whether you were an ass-naked Bushmen in South Africa or a learned Brahmin in India, you both had to bow down to British Power.

The great civilizations had low regard for savages and barbarians, but as The Rest dominated by the West, both the civilized and the uncivilized outside Europe and North America came under Western Imperialism, and for a time in the 20th century there was a sense of solidarity among the peoples of ‘color’, like at the Bandung Conference under Sukarno. (Incredibly, the concept of the Third World even came to include Latin America despite its having come into existence as part of European Empire-building. But lagging behind North America & Europe and with huge mixed-raced & non-white populations, it too often came to be regarded as part of the Rest than the West.) But this was a historical anomaly, and among the Rest, some peoples were of more advanced cultures and better poised to make progress and emulate the West than other peoples for reasons ranging from geographic to cultural to genetic. And fast-forward to today, China and India have made far more progress than Africa. China is an industrial powerhouse, and tech-savvy & financial-minded Hindus are not just spreading out across Africa but Europe and America.

In the 20th Century, there were certain striking parallels between Russia and China, as well as stark contrasts. The most obvious similarities were in the sizes of their land mass, their relative backwardness, their titanic struggles with smaller but better organized nations, and their experience of communism. But early in the 20th century, the two civilizations confronted one another as rivals, even enemies. Russia was a co-imperialist aggressor against China along with the Western Powers and the US(that affected a certain neutrality, if only to grab its share from the ravenous Europeans and increasingly the Japanese as well). Indeed, at the turn of the century, China had most to fear from Russia. Whereas the great Western Powers came by boat and occupied coastal areas, Russia descended from above and had already taken a huge chunk of the Manchu-Han empire. To this day, the reason why Manchuria is denied access to the Pacific owes to Russian redrawing of the map, so as to link up with Korea. Later in the century, Japan would become China’s greatest threat, but no power was dreaded more than Imperial Russia by China, at least prior to the Russian Revolution. (Later, it was fear of Soviet Russia that made Mao rethink China’s relations with the US.)

To an extent, the Chinese hoped that other ‘foreign devils’ would check Russian advances(that wrested Mongolia away from China and eyed the Northwest territories as well, a good chunk of which had already been bitten off). Who knows how China’s relations with Russia and the West might have panned out if World War I didn’t happen, but it happened, and it hastened the downfall of the Tsarist system, followed by the collapse of the short-lived Provisional Government and the rise of the Bolsheviks.

For the Chinese, it was a great fortune as the Bolshevik Regime staked its moral claim as a revolutionary force at war with capitalist exploitation, of which imperialism was a larger symptom. Though the Bolsheviks continued to act like imperialists, they were ideologically at odds with the capitalist imperialists, who were also colored by a racial view of the world where nonwhites were deemed more or less inferior to the white race.

Suddenly, the empire that China had feared the most and lost the most territory to became the biggest inspiration for national renewal, social revolution, and resistance against the Western Imperialists and Japan, then rather friendly with the Europeans and Americans(who saw utility in Japan’s role against China and Russia). Though the KMT regime that ruled(or represented) China until 1949 turned staunchly anti-Soviet(though its founder Sun Yat-sen looked favorably upon the Soviet model), the Chinese Communist movement survived near-extinction during the Long March. Though the communist remnants in Yenan seemed hopelessly marginalized, they had the protection of the Soviet Union as the ruling KMT regime had yet to consolidate control over all of Chinese territory(just like Assad of Syria has tenuous control over his country, much of which is still occupied by US, Turkey, and their proxies).

More significantly perhaps, the dreamy-eyed sympathy of leftist Western intellectuals who, especially in the Depression years, came to espouse Marxism, if only because the other rising force at the time of crisis was fascism. Chinese communists played on this sympathy for all it was worth, presenting themselves as well-meaning social reformers than radical hotheads. They certainly did a number on Edgar Snow who wrote RED STAR OVER CHINA, comparable to John Reed’s TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD that dramatized the Bolshevik Revolution for Western intellectuals and artists.

As an irony of history, despite Chinese Communists’ stance against imperialism, they relied on imperialism to come to power. The Chinese, like the Ancient Romans, believed in the strategy of making barbarians fight barbarians. And lucky for Mao, the rivalry among imperialist powers(and between Imperial Japan and the KMT regime that bore the brunt of Japanese advances) created the paths for the eventual CCP victory. Bolshevik Russia’s influence(anti-imperialist in rhetoric but neo-imperialist in practice) provided sanctuary for Mao’s forces from KMT’s attacks.

But more significantly, imperialist Japan destroyed KMT dominance in China, and then Japan militarism was destroyed by the US and USSR, empires in their own right, leaving a giant power vacuum in China for the CCP to fill within a few years. It was one of the great ironies of history. Mao could form the most independent and sovereign Chinese state in the second half of the 20th century because imperialist powers created the conditions that favored a movement like Mao’s, which stood back from the general melee and then swooped in for the kill just when all the other powers were either defeated, exhausted, or disinterested.

If, in the first stage of imperialism, the various European powers, Russia, Japan, and the US came to a mutual understanding to carve up China like a cake, the fallout between Japan and the West turned the whole Pacific area into one big struggle for hegemony between Japan and the West(and to a lesser extent Russia, which would have its hands full with the German invasion). CCP had much to gain from this clash of empires if the cards were played right, and it sure did.

It’s often been said by Mao sympathizers that the reason why the communists eventually prevailed is because they appealed to the peasantry whereas KMT power and support were concentrated in cities. After all, China was overwhelmingly agricultural at the time. But it is false. Through most of history, most people were rural folks, but power always rested on who conquered and/or controlled cities. All throughout Chinese history, power was held in the cities. While the countryside had many more people, they were ill-informed, without political consciousness, and only aware of village interests. Even Mao as a young man(born to a farmer) didn’t know of the Empress Dowager’s death until several years later. When the Bolsheviks won the Civil War, the great majority of Russians were farming folks, not city folks, but the Reds defeated the Whites because they held the cities.
Cities are crucial because it’s where the power is concentrated, where masses are organized, where communication is most effective, where people are most likely to gain political consciousness. In the end, the CCP won the Civil War by taking over cities. Of course, Chinese communists recruited many troops from the peasantry, but the reason for KMT’s demise owed to erosion of its authority due to Japan’s invasion, without which the CCP had no chance of taking power even if it had recruited more hicks to take up arms. Likewise, while the Viet Cong did an effective job of tormenting the Saigon regime and US troops, they couldn’t take over the country. The final push from urban-centered forces in Hanoi ultimately united the south with the north. Some may point to Fidel Castro’s ragtag guerrilla army that took over Cuba, but the real problem for the Batista regime wasn’t the lack of sufficient manpower and materials in urban areas to repel the guerrillas. What it lacked crucially was the support, respect, and morale among the urbanites, many of whom were more than happy to see the US puppet regime toppled and exiled.

One striking similarity between Russia and China in the 20th century was the relative backwardness vis-a-vis highly anxious and ambitious smaller powers. Had World War I been purely between Germany and Russia, Germany would have won handily. Though disadvantaged in population, land mass, and resources, Germany was far more industrialized, better-organized, and more effectively ruled than Russia, then semi-industrialized and shapeless in authority and control. In World War I, both Russia and Germany lost for different reasons. Russia lost to Germany and then Germany lost to the combined forces of France, UK, and US.

In late 19th century, German elite opinion regarding Russia was divided between constructive & peaceful cooperation AND aggression & conquest of Russian empire’s western territories to secure Germany’s future as a great power. There was even a racial element to such a view. Just like John Wayne said the backward American Indians didn’t deserve to have America for themselves, Germans believed they could do more with the Russian land & resources than the slovenly Slavs — after all, the Tsarist ruling elites and many of the industrialists and traders who’d done much to develop Russia were Germans or German-in-origin. (Today, Jews feel as the rightful owners of Russia and are busy hatching plans to ‘decolonize’ Russia, a euphemism for dividing-and-conquering Russia as a colony of Jewish supremacism, much like the Anglosphere World.) Just like Anglos believed they were more deserving of North America and Australia than the backward natives who’d forever subsisted at the savage level — they felt likewise about Mexicans who failed to develop what would eventually become the Southwest territories of the United States — , there was a strain of German thought with imperial-colonialist designs on the East(and of course, Russians felt the same way about the backward and sparsely populated indigenous folks of Siberia and Alaska, once Russian territory).

There have been three competing ideas on geographic ownership or entitlement. One says the people who happen to live on the land are the rightful owners. This notion gained legitimacy especially with the rise of agriculture and settled societies, a departure from the ways of nomadic-primitive peoples who were constantly at war over turf, much like territoriality among wolves or lions. The notion persisted even in defeat to greater powers. When savage/primitive tribes fight for turf, the winning side takes total possession in a zero-sum struggle, that is until it is beaten and/or expelled by another tribe or just moves onto greener pastures.

In contrast, under an imperial system of civilizations, even the victorious power could acknowledge the special unity of culture and territory of the conquered peoples. So, even though the Romans defeated the Greeks and enforced their will on the political and military level, they nevertheless acknowledged a certain ownership right among the Greeks. Despite Roman hegemony, Hellas was still Greek in history, ancestry, and culture. Romans also acknowledged this of Syria and Palestine, much like the British, even as conquerors over India and Egypt, respected the historical, ancestral, and cultural claims of the natives.

Such notion differs from the simple might-is-right view of territoriality where the land simply belongs to whomever is most powerful; even as the imperial or hegemonic power insists on enforcing its demands(of administration, taxation, stationing or recruiting troops), it doesn’t deny the deeper cultural link between the land and the core native population. (It was more complicated with Jews because their claim to Land was via Heaven, i.e. it wasn’t merely the land of their ancestors or the land below their feet but specially promised to them by God Himself. Thus, even after eons of exile and diaspora, they were always homeward bound, like Paul Simon, toward Zion.)

The third concept of territoriality is somewhat similar to the might-is-right outlook among savage-warrior tribes but with a civilizational twist. Whereas mere pride of victory was sufficient for the savage tribe in the landgrab, an advanced civilization may ‘morally’ justify its conquest and total takeover on the basis of its superior ability and knowledge to do more with the land, resulting in achievements that may benefit a larger share of mankind. Such mindset resulted from the clash of advanced civilization and primitive folks.

So, whereas the Western approach to the Middle East, India, and China was one of hegemony, somewhat similar to Roman rule over Egypt and Judea, the Anglo drive into North America and Australia was predicated on total takeover. The native peoples were deemed too sparse, primitive, and backward to merit rightful ownership of their native lands. Russians felt much the same way about the Eskimo-like primitives across vast Siberia. Whereas Russians only ruled over Latvians, Poles, Georgians, and the like, they grabbed most of Siberia simply as more Russian territory.

In some cases, the native folks would simply be absorbed into the conquering culture. Or they might be limited to protected zones(or ‘reservations’ as they came to be called in the US). Or, it could be settled with genocide. At any rate, unlike the case of the stronger savages beating the weaker savages and calling it a day, the conquering civilization sought moral justifications for its actions. It could be argued, for example, if not for the Anglo colonization of North America, it would be a vast wilderness with aimless half-naked savages stuck in the stone age. Still, it comes with a bad taste because civilization made progress via ruthless violence.

As Anglos had no roots in the American Soil, the justification became largely spiritual(God’s country, the new Eden), ideological(an experiment in liberty and democracy), and/or economic(more opportunity for wealth). Arguably, the greatest historical ‘crime’ in the past 500 yrs happened in North America because entire tribal cultures were effectively erased and driven to extinction. In contrast, the natives of South America remained demographically significant as pure-bloods or mestizos. And the Russians were never so thorough in dealing with the native folks in Siberia.

Yet, the people who may have committed the ‘greatest historical crime’ also achieved the most and created a new order that much of the world came to respect, emulate, and wanted to become a part of(via immigration). Perhaps, it explains the nature of Anglo neurosis, a strange combination of both fulsome pride and excess guilt, especially as it continued to serve as a template for Anglo-America’s policies regarding the Other, ranging across new variations of Cowboys-and-Indians in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. Still, the ruthless invader & destroyer of millions were wrapped in the rhetoric of ‘democracy’ and ‘rules-based order’. In a perverse paradox of history, America’s greatest moral(or moralistic) claim is inseparable from its greatest ‘crime’ because the creation of the ‘greatest nation in the world’ required a territorial blank slate. With Indians out of the way, Anglos were far less hampered than the Spanish in Latin America.

What Germans and Japanese had in common in contrast to, respectively, the Russians and the Chinese was better organization, superior work ethic, and higher civic conscientiousness(not to be confused with personal conscience). It’s no wonder Germans became so adept at military matters and engineering. And it’s no wonder that Japan overtook China as the main supplier of tea to the West; its quality control was notably superior to that of the Chinese. Even today, people think of Germans as thoroughgoing, Japanese as diligent, Russians as slovenly, and Chinese as sloppy.
In the challenge of modernity, Germans made great strides in the 19th century, rapidly overtaking the French and then surpassing British industry. Russians lagged behind, and besides, much of its economy was actually managed by Germans. And in the East, Japan was the first to westernize/modernize whereas China hopelessly failed to meet the challenge. No wonder that there were certain elements in both Germany and Japan who felt it was a kind of cosmic injustice that inferior Slavs or Chinese should have so much land that should really belong to the superior peoples with more will and ability. (To the Germans, Slavs were a relatively backward people, almost half-barbarian, whereas to the Japanese, Chinese had decayed from too much ancientness.) In other words, their feelings were rather akin to Anglo view of American Indian savages having ‘too much’ land(or all those good-for-nothing ‘beaners’ sitting on the Southwest territories but doing precious little with it).

Such arrogance was a rather odd among the Japanese because they were a relative late-comer to civilization in East Asia. Chinese history is understood to be around 3,500 yrs old, whereas Japanese history dates back to 1,200 yrs, if that. Chinese civilization was the cultural sun that radiated its glory and wisdom to the lesser ones: Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan. Even if there never was a Japan, core East Asian culture would exist. China, the main land mass of East Asia, was the most foundational civilization in that part of the world, so much so that Asian culture north and east of India is almost inconceivable without it.

Matters are reversed in Europe. Russia, gigantic as it is, has been mostly peripheral to much of European history, which began in Greece, western Anatolia, and southern Italy, and then spread upwards toward Germania and Britain. In other words, despite Russia’s great land mass(and contribution to late European culture with literature, music, and arts), it hasn’t been essential to what most people consider to be ‘European’. Even if Russia had never existed, the core of Western Culture would have come into existence and thrived just the same. (However, one could argue that vast Russia served as a bulwark against Mongol invasions that otherwise might have overwhelmed the Europeans, who might have met the fates of the Persians and Iraqis. In the present, Russia remains the last major white nation that has proven resistant to Jewish Supremacist Hegemony with Zion, Globo-Homo, and BLM as the holy trinity. Its role as bulwark has once again been revived.)

If one tendency has been to characterize Russia as backward, another has been to characterize it as fundamentally different(for better or worse), almost as if it’s of another planet, a point of agreement between ‘Russophiles’ and ‘Russophobes’. (No wonder films like SOLARIS and HARD TO BE A GOD have resonated with those fascinated and perplexed by Slavosphere, which could feel like an alternate Earth than another part of Earth.)

Arguably, Russia is the only great European civilization formed equally of two streams: Byzantine/Eastern and Renaissance/Western. Despite the inexorable decline of the Byzantine Empire and its ultimate demise, its influence was profound upon Russia that breathed new life into the ancient spirituality and tradition. So much of Russian spirituality, temperament, and outlook has been shaped by the Byzantines, for good and ill. Byzantine spirituality persisted in parts of Southeastern Europe, but these societies were under the Ottoman, if not the Austrian/Catholic, yoke. None of them were consequential, except for Black Swan events, like when a Serbian radical shot the Archduke Ferdinand.

In contrast, Russia did grow into a great civilization in its own right. But if the Byzantine influence imbued Russia with a certain spiritual hues, it failed to provide the dynamism and individuality that ignited Western Europe since the Renaissance and paved the way to the Enlightenment, which eventually arrived in Russia as well, sometimes in watered down form, in other instances in more radicalized manifestations(especially as extreme variants of anarchism and communism deemed necessary to compensate for Russia’s backwardness and tyranny).

From the Western perspective, the Russia has been the great laggard, slower to adopt the new norms of the more progressive West. Serfdom existed well into mid-19th century in Russia. Yet, from the Eastern perspective, slavishly looking to the West as the superior model was foolish, i.e. if Russia to be truly free and independent, it must find its own ways than mindlessly ape the West as the paragon of progress and virtue. Russia should drop the inferiority complex(that so defines the Polish wanna-be-west identity) and appreciate itself as different than backward, a civilization steeped in deep ‘soul’ than animated by restless ‘spirit’. You can’t blame a bear for not being as trainable as a dog.

But then came the great reversal in the 20th century when the characteristically conservative Russia bypassed Marx’s laws of history and went straight from a ‘semi-feudalism’ to communism in one single superman-like leap and captured the imagination of the world as the vanguard of revolution.

Yet, there were as continuities as anomalies, and it was duly noted that the Soviet Union was in certain respects a continuation of authoritarianism(albeit in a more ruthless form) with roots in Oriental Despotism. In other words, Josef Stalin was really a new Tsar, and even the fact of his being non-Russian was in keeping with the centuries-old tradition of Tsars being Germanic than Russian. On the one hand, in terms of ideology and rhetoric, Soviet Russia sounded like the most radically-conceived civilization in the 20th century, leapfrogging from the laggard to the vanguard of Europe, yet in actual practice, something of Old Russia remained in the manner of rule and social outlook. (Besides, as Bolshevik Russia was at best semi-industrial, its priority was less leading the modern world than catching up to it. Most Third World modernizers, upon closer inspection of the capitalist West and communist Russia, tended to lean toward the former because they realized that, for all the Soviet propaganda about development and progress, the West had comfortably pulled ahead by most metrics of modernity.)

A series of tensions in the 19th century led to the epic clashes between Germany and Russia & between Japan and China. First, there was the world-shaking reverberations of Western Imperialism, essentially Anglo(and Anglo-American) and French. Spain and Portugal had once carved out huge empires as well, but became declined in power and dynamism in Europe(which goes to show having empires didn’t necessarily translate into strength, also true of the Ottomans). In contrast, the Anglos and French surged ahead, breaking new records in world hegemony. Germans, so full of talent, lagged behind for various reasons. They were later to unify into nationhood that could consolidate all the energies toward certain objectives.
Still, Austrians had their own diverse empire and expended their diminishing energy trying to keep it all together. If a united people of shared identity can act as one, an empire of diverse people loses a lot of energy just to prevent the crazy quilt from coming apart at the seams. By the time Germany finally united under Prussian leadership, the world had been mostly carved up and claimed. Germany could only go for crumbs(and lost even those following the defeat in the Great War).

So, there was the problem of pride. Germany came into unity and power at a time when great powers were defined by the size of their empires(or empire-sized national territories). Great Britain and France had global empires. US was an empire-sized country. Main Russia alone was an empire-sized country but had, in addition, imperial hegemony over much of Eastern Europe and Central Asia(and once claimed Alaska too). If united Germany had been a nation of middling people, it might have been content with the status quo of the world. But Germans were well-aware of their ability and potential. They regarded themselves as a race destined for great things, and a great people deserve an empire, or it seemed.

As most of the world was already taken by the other empires, some Germans began to think their only hope of empire was to move eastward and take land from Russia. Less aggressive minds hoped for a growing German-Russian economic ties and cooperation, which indeed had been in development until the Great War drove a fatal wedge between the two civilizations.

In a way, Germans wanted Russian lands out of simple acquisitiveness. Russians have ‘too much’ of it, so shouldn’t Germans take a chunk for themselves, especially in the murky territories of Ukraine? But, it also had to do with a growing sense among Germans that the Slavs were less deserving for being less capable, and the reasons could be racial. German idea went from the nationalist ‘blood and soil’ to imperialist ‘blood upon soil’, or those with better blood are more deserving of the soils of others, i.e. German toil on the land would be many times more productive.

With the rise of ‘scientific racism’ and ‘Aryanism’, more Germans viewed the Slavic East through the prism of imperialism. Such Germans hoped for better relations and happy cooperation with the Anglos, whom they regarded as racially equal if not better(but, ironically, Brits had a tendency to view Germans as half-domesticated Teutons who hadn’t fully arrived at civilization and rationality; they were deemed barbarians with modern technology, making them more dangerous than civilized folks with advanced machines or barbarians with crude weaponry. Though the Britons were even more barbaric than the Germanic tribes in the times of the Roman conquests, the Franco-Romance influence on British culture, language, and manners smoothed out the ‘rough’ Germanic edges, spurring the Brits to see themselves as apart from the Germanics, their closest ethno-linguistic cousins.) World War I, followed by Bolshevik Revolution and National Socialist ascension in Germany, pushed these ideas to further extremes, especially with the Jewish factor as agent behind both communism and financial capitalism.

If the most titanic struggle in 20th Century Europe was between Germans and Russo-Slavs, in Asia it was between China and Japan. The modern Japanese mind could only be neurotic. Japanese culture was uniquely weird to begin with as it had developed as a fusion of Heian court elegance and spartan samurai ardor. Also, as a military-ruled society, it was less ideologically dogmatic than China and Korea. The order tolerated various spiritualities and philosophies as long as they didn’t threaten the political order, which may explain why Japan retained more of its primitive animistic culture(Shintoism) alongside infusions of Buddhism and Confucianism. (It had also been rather receptive to Christianity UNTIL the ruling elites realized the main loyalty of samurai converts may be to the Vatican than to their daimyos. Thus, Christianity was seen as a political threat to the militarist order.)

The coming of Western Modernity made the Japanese especially neurotic. Initially, Japan reluctantly modernized as a self-defense mechanism: The paradoxical formula of learning from foreigners to keep the foreigners out. At this stage, Japan lamented the state of China and could hardly conceive of aggressing upon it. Japan simply wanted to avoid a similar fate. But the success of modernization earned Japan fulsome praise from the West. The very ‘gaijin’ threat against Japan became something of a partner, even ally. Growing in confidence, Japan wanted to be a member of this club of great white powers and even began to internalize white consciousness and attitudes, at one time even debating as to whether Japanese should adopt a European language. This put Japan in an odd situation. As honorary whites, they began to think of the Chinese as ‘chinks’, but being a bunch of slanty-eyed buggers themselves, resented being thought of as ‘Japs’.

Like Germany, Japan realized that most of the world had already been taken(and in World War I, Germany would lose its few holdings in Africa and Asia, of which Japan was given only crumbs despite having joined in the war against Germany). If imperialism became a bad word after World War II, empire was still a matter of prestige at the beginning of the 20th century. The greatest fortune was to have an empire-sized country, like the US and Russia. (Brazil and China were empire-sized, but Brazil had hopelessly fallen behind, and China was in tatters with Manchu imperial decline and countless socio-economic woes. Russia, though a great power, was poorly organized, politically inept under a foolish Tsar, and relatively backward in industry.)
If a nation wasn’t empire-sized, its great power status owed to far-flung imperial possessions(and control of trade routes), especially peoples of other races deemed inferior in development, culture/spirituality/morality, or blood. (Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires differed from Western European Empires in ruling over mostly other white folks, some deemed as or even more advanced.) The biggest prize of Britain was India. And France treasured Indochina and Algeria especially.

Japan, as an island nation, was a natural sea power, but the seas belonged to the Anglos(UK and US). Even most of Asia had already been taken and, in the case of China, was beginning the epic process of regaining sovereignty one step at a time. South Asia and Southeast Asia had already been taken by European powers. As long as the West dominated Eastern Pacific, Japan’s only hope was to take Taiwan, Korea, and a big chunk of Manchuria, opened up to Japanese encroachment following the Russo-Japanese War.

But several conditions made even this unfeasible in the long run. China, once written off as the ‘Sick Man of Asia’, began to coalesce into a recognizable power under the KMT. Also, the Western Powers that had been predatory against China began to embark on a more conciliatory approach as they regarded the KMT as a regime they could do business with: Restore a degree of sovereignty to China but maintain Western privileges in coastal cities and have Chinese youths lean toward the West culturally and intellectually. Also, the influence of Christian missionaries in China and rise of Western Leftists(who became prominent in Liberal Media) tilted the elite and public opinion in the West in favor of China against Japan, increasingly seen as belligerent. So, while Americans might see Chinese in the US as a bunch of ‘stupid chinks’, Chinese abroad might be regarded as noble ‘Chinamen’ struggling against the increasingly nasty ‘Japs’.

There were attempts by Japan to justify their encroachments on Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan, and parts of Northern China as counterweight to Western Imperialism, but it was the West that later championed Chinese nationalism against Japanese Imperialism, conveniently overlooking the fact that it had began the Imperial Project in China to begin with. Psycho-politically, Japan was walking a tightrope, at once identifying with white imperialists in the aggression against Asia and identifying with ‘fellow Asians’ against Western aggression. Something had to give sooner or later. In our time, the US supports ‘moderate rebels'(euphemism of radical Islamic terrorists) to undermine regimes such as Assad’s in Syria while justifying its intervention in the Middle East as a War on Terror. US is completely neurotic(or even psychotic) under Jewish Supremacist influence.

Japanese government and politics, evenly split between diplomatic civilian rule and adventurist military power before the militarist takeover, were torn apart by trying to accommodate Western interests, rein in Japanese forces in Manchuria that grew even more ravenous, and arrive at a compromise whereby the KMT would accept Japan’s rule over Manchuria and Taiwan. Japanese military called for more conquest while the civilians called for caution. Japanese masses didn’t want all-out war but were overcome with patriotic pride by reports of Japanese victories.
At the same time, the KMT found it ever more difficult to compromise due to increasing Japanese demands and mounting pressure from the communists(as the patriotic alternative), the outraged public, and international machinations. If militarist pressure prevailed over civilian authority and drove Japan to all-out war, the militarist regime in China relented under mass civilian pressure to meet the challenge; apparently, the Chinese masses seriously underestimated the ability of the ‘Japanese dwarves’ to wreak havoc on China.

In all this mess, Japanese neurosis went through the roof. Japan had entered the imperial game as an ‘honorary white’ partner of the West, but competing interests caused a rift between them, and then, Japan appealed to Asians as fellow yellow brethren against the Imperialist West. In other words, Japan wasn’t invading China and the rest Asia but merely liberating or shielding them from Western Imperialism so as to create one big happy co-prosperity sphere where Asian folks, freed from Western prejudice and exploitation, could live and trade in peace. But too many bridges had been burned by Japan for most Asians to buy such an offer, especially true of the Chinese who bore the brunt of Japanese horrors(though Taiwanese had it rather sweet under the Japanese and resented the KMT takeover more).

There were interesting parallels between Germany vs Russia and Japan vs China. In both cases, it was quality vs quantity. Pound for pound, the German and the Japanese soldier were respectively better than the Russian soldier and Chinese soldier. But quantity has a power all its own.
Granted, the discrepancy between Germany and Russia(especially by the outbreak of World War II when Russian industry had surpassed the German in scale) was nothing like that between Japan and China. Though Japan was less industrialized than Germany in World War II, it was many times more advanced than China, still in a mostly agricultural state of development and utterly dependent on foreign arms shipments and supplies. And despite massive US aid to the Soviet Union, it’s generally agreed that the Soviets produced the bulk of the weaponry that overwhelmed the Wehrmacht. In contrast, all that the Chinese could hope for in the war with Japan was a prolonged stalemate whereby Japanese forces be bogged down until being finished off by bigger powers, which ended up being the US and USSR. Still, the fact that so much of the Japanese war machine was mired all across China(and Southeast Asia) made it easier for the superior US military to defeat Japan.

World War II was most devastating to Soviet Russia and Red China(at least among the major nations) but also most advantageous in political and ‘narrative’ terms. Despite huge losses in life and devastations of cities & towns, the Soviet juggernaut not only regained lost territory but, in making it all the way to Berlin, swallowed up all of Eastern Europe, which, until the end of the Cold War, was part of the Soviet Empire. If not for Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia and subsequent defeat, Soviet Union would not have been the OTHER superpower in the second half of the 20th century.
As for the CCP, it only came to power because of the impact of Japan’s invasion of China and then its subsequent defeat to the US. If Stalin fought the Germans to preserve an existing system, Mao, for all his rhetoric about national unity against the Japanese, was eyeing opportunities availed by Japan’s destruction of the existing system, that of KMT dominance. In that sense, Mao’s movement was the most spectacular beneficiary of World War II. Even without WWII, the US would have been a great world power. And WWII only added territory and vassals to the Soviet Union. In contrast, CCP rule came into existence only through WWII.

And even though the Cold War pitted the Capitalist West vs the Communist East, the Western-dominated postwar narrative conceded a certain recognition of communism’s role in defeating Fascism, Nazism, and Japanese Militarism, deemed the worst things that ever happened to mankind. So, from the Western perspective, communism was bad but still not as bad as fascism, and furthermore, during WWII, the Capitalist West and Communist East fought side by side against the far greater evil. From the Russian perspective, WWII or the Great Patriotic War was even more significant as the Soviets had sacrificed most to defeat the Germans(and also did most to finish off Japan in Northern China). And as communist elements had led many of the Resistance movements in Europe under German Occupation, they played significant roles in politics and intellectual/cultural life even in Western Europe. And as influential Jewish-Americans were heavily represented in radical, leftist, and/or communist movements, they too helped push the line that communism, for all its flaws and crimes, was infinitely superior to Hitlerism and even McCarthyism — indeed, for the longest time, most American Liberals believed the Red Scare was a far graver threat to the American Way of Life than communist subversion, concerns about which was routinely dismissed as ‘hysteria’ and ‘scare-mongering’ in books, articles, PBS documentaries, and movies.

Of course, Jews are now less likely to make too much of bad ole McCarthy since their forms of repression and persecution are far more extensive than the so-called ‘McCarthyite Witch-hunts’, and furthermore, they are now the ones who are leading the hysteria about Russia-Russia-Russia, cooking up fantasies like Russia-Collusion Hoax and the notion that revanchist Russia is trying to reconstitute the old Soviet Empire when, in fact, it’s the Jews who cannot abide by any nation being sovereign to G.A.E, or Global-American-Empire that worships Negro Thugs, Homo Anus, and Jewish Exceptionalism.

At any rate, even during the darkest years of the Cold War, the Communist World got some relief from the Western-dominated narrative that vilified fascism above all, the prestige of communists as noble leaders of the Resistance, the prominence of Marxist theorists in the West, and the rising Jewish power’s greater antipathy to conservatism/rightism than to communism; when it came to Vietnam and Latin America, the Western Liberal press was often openly sympathetic to Marxist guerrillas or rebels than to regimes characterized as lackeys of US imperialism or far-right oligarchic. It’s been said Fidel Castro’s revolution was aided to considerable extent by the reporting of Herbert Matthews of the New York Times. Members of the Frankfurt School and men like Richard Hofstadter, though no fans of Stalinism, believed that the bigger threat to the Liberal Order was not communism(which was Over There) but latent forms of ur-fascism bubbling under the surface in the ‘authoritarian personality’ of American Conservatism. Some even began to argue that the Stalinist form of repression and American ‘authoritarian personality’ were two sides of the same coin, or the two Joes, Stalin and McCarthy.

It is then no wonder that in the Sixties the Western radicals increasingly lost interest in the Soviet Union, seen as grey and dull, and looked to Third World revolutionaries as the true freedom-fighters who had yet to be compartmentalized by the mechanics of modern managerial society. Third World fighters had the Tarzan element; they were in the jungles and the bush, expression of nature itself as kind of neo-Rousseau-ism. These were the glory days of Vietnam, Cuba, and China(especially in France where Maoism became chic among a certain segment of leftism). But the biggest fortune for CCP came, astoundingly enough, from right-wing Richard Nixon whose career was built on anti-communism. Mao’s reckless break with the Soviet Union paid off and the US media was full of glowing praises of Mao’s China in the aftermath of Nixon’s visit to China.

Soviet Union and China having been on the ‘right side of history’ in World War II sure paid big dividends, especially as Hitler became the iconic face of Evil and the Holocaust the greatest horror of all time and for all eternity… though, of late, Jewish Power, so eager to destroy Russia, has been working with Sub-Nazi elements in Ukraine even while decrying anything even mildly pro-white as ‘Nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’ in the West. There is also growing antipathy to China, if only as distraction from the reality of Jewish Supremacist domination of the West(and beyond). Given these developments, Japan and Germany are once again turning into challenges against, respectively, China and Russia. While it’s true that the US rehabilitated many Japanese ‘war criminals’ as the Cold War began and welcomed Japan into the community of Free Nations, China was hardly a major power in the 20th century. At most, it was too big to conquer. In reality, it didn’t even have the means to invade Taiwan. Therefore, there was no need for an outsized Japanese military, especially as the postwar Narrative held that Japan must forever renounce war for its unspeakable crimes in World War II, not least against China.

But now, China is a great power if not a superpower, and its military is growing. It is fully capable of taking Taiwan back by force and has the means to sink US aircraft carriers if war broke out. Therefore, the postwar narrative about Evil Imperial Japan is hardly heard anymore, and Japan is being goaded to join more alliances and increase its military, with even talks of obtaining nuclear weapons. How are the Japanese playing this? Are they content to be flunky running dogs of the US, one ruled by Jews? (If the Japanese lost to Anglo-Americans in WWII, both peoples are now in the same situation as the cuck-maggots of Jews. Japanese women became whores of the US, and now, under Jewish rule, white women are whores to blacks while white men have been reduced to ‘Jap’-like cucks who lost their women to US G.I.’s.) Or, are Japanese using the anti-China card as justification to build up their power to eventually break free from American Power? Unlikely as the Japanese lack the imagination to look that far ahead. (One thing for sure, Poland is using the anti-Russian card to take a chunk of Ukraine as what had once been Poland.)

In the 1980s, Japan-bashing was a favorite sport in the US, but the China Hysteria has made Japan more valuable to the US, which also pressures South Korea to bury the hatchet and make up with Japan because the real enemy is Big Bad China, and the South Koreans may take the bait as those brain-deaders, being mental slaves of the West, can’t think of anything higher than globo-homo: “China bad because it no like K-pop gayboys.”
Still, if Japan built up its strength in the first half of the 20th century as a sovereign power, its increasing militarism in the present is as a proxy of the Jewish globo-homo empire. It’s minion-militarism, and the same goes for Germany, for which the anti-Russian hysteria is a sort of respite from the usual narrative about Germany being the worst nation ever because of the Holocaust and Anne Frank. With Russia as the Evil Power, Germany can once again speak confidently and with belligerence, though just like Japan, as a proxy and cuck-puppet than a sovereign power. Japan and Germany are dogs but dogs that are allowed to bark loudly still feel better than ones made to feel ‘guilty’ all the time. Anti-Russianness is now worse than during the Cold War when leftist ideology was a real thing in the West. Even though most leftist Western intellectuals came to regard Soviet Union’s form of communism as a historical and moral failure, they nevertheless valued communism challenge to the excesses and flaws of the capitalist order. Thus, despite their anti-Soviet-ism, there was a residual sympathy for the ideology that created and animated Soviet society. With the Soviet Union gone, there is only Russian civilization, culture, and tradition, and the West has little feeling for those, especially as it abandoned ideology in favor of idolatry of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. As Russia displeases the sacred Jews, it must be pretty rotten. As Russia doesn’t worship Negroes(though it isn’t hostile to blacks or blackness), it isn’t properly enlightened(or ‘endarkened’). And it refuses to bend over to homos & trannies, it must be the Evil Empire as what is ‘more evolved’ and more blessed than using a rainbow-colored homo anus and offering one’s kids to drag queens and frankenstein doctors(many of them Jewish) who would cut off their genitals?
For some time, Germans were morally subordinate to both the West and East. They felt apologetic for abandoning ‘liberal democracy’ for fascism and igniting World War II; and of course, the biggest crime of all time, the Holocaust of the Holy Jews. But Germans also felt apologetic to what they’d done to Eastern Europe and Russia, killing millions of Polacks and Russians. But with all this Anti-Russian hysteria mandated by Jewish Supremacist Power, Germans are now able to give a middle finger to Russia and de-emphasize their crimes against Poland as both Germany and Poland are now part of the ‘liberal world order’ against Big Bad Russia. So, Germans, who’ve been professing for so long that they’d purged themselves of ethnic prejudices are now speaking and behaving as if Russians are beastly for reasons of Blut and Kultur as such hatred are now egged on by their masters, the Jews who, in all their supremacist dementedness, are now working with Sub-Nazi elements in Ukraine to destabilize Russia. Imagine that. Under Jewish Supremacist Hegemony, the morally reconstructed Germany is now avidly supporting Naziesque elements in Ukraine against Russia even though one of the objectives of Operation Barbarossa was to eradicate millions of Russo-Slavs to make way for the superior race of ‘Aryans’. Not that this change in German attitude does anything for German identity or nationalism; Germans, fatally cucked, are still committed to racial and cultural suicide to appease the Jews, BUT, finally they are allowed to HATE, shake their fists, and target a group based on ethnicity. Germans still can’t be pro-German, but they can be anti-Russian, just like White Degeneratists in the West aren’t allowed to be pro-white but can be aggressively and proudly ‘anti-white-supremacist’ and ‘anti-racist’. Even dogs and slaves don’t always want to be servile. Aggression is a part of animal/human nature, the warrior spirit thing. So, just like the minions of George Orwell’s 1984 aren’t only forced to obey but given an outlet for their repressed aggression by hollering at ‘Goldstein’, Germans and American White Degeneratists have given their respective outlets to vent their spleen. Germans, always cucked and browbeaten, finally get to howl at Russia, and White Degeneratists are allowed to feel warrior pride in screaming about ‘racism’, ‘white supremacism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘transphobia’, and etc. Of course, Jews are toying with the dummies, but Jews are smart, white goyim are dumb, like what Dark Helmut said of Lone Star. Jews triumph because whites are dumb.

Under Jewish Power, the once-mighty Anglos are now on the same plane as Mexicans, Filipinos, Hawaiians, South Koreans, Colombians, Panamanians, and etc. Or, actually it’s even worse because self-loathing ‘white guilt’ is key to Jewish control of whites, which is Jews especially target whites for dehumanization. While Wars for Israel have killed plenty of Arabs and Muslims, white populations in US, Canada, Australia, and EU have been soul-murdered into pathetic cuckery like one never would have believed possible. It used to be Anglos as apex rulers over the others, but now, they are just another group living at the feet of Jewish Supremacism. And even much of the Dissident Right is about competing with others to win Pokemon points as the top flunky of Jews, rather like rivalry between House Negroes and Field Niggers. Blacks, Asians, Latinos & Browns, and various white camps all competing to be favored as ‘House Negroes’ of the Jews. No matter how much Jews shame, insult, and humiliate whites, all we get from even white ‘conservatives’ and ‘rightists’ is, “We love Israel more and Jews are bigger than Jesus, so please oh please choose us to be your top dog or whore because we whites have been completely purged of ‘antisemitism’ whereas the OTHER groups aren’t so sensitive about Jewish matters.” So pathetically cucky- wucky.

The most natural pairing would be a robust Germany and proud Russia as the two nations are so complementary. Germans with their work ethic & knowhow and Russians with their vast resources. But the opportunist was lost with World War I, and then the bloodiest war in European History happened between Germany and Russia. Since the end of the war, despite economic successes, Germany has failed to regain sovereignty and fated to pass away from history. It’s so weak of ethnic interests and political will that it let the Anglo-Zionist World subvert and destroy the modest attempt between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin to increase trade in energy and goods.
In retrospect, the conflict between Pan-Germanism and Pan-Slavicism proved to be one of the most tragic in European History. The local business between Austrians and Serbians embroiled the larger Germanic and Slavic worlds to go head to head and unleash the furies that came to define so much of the 20th century in all its radical horrors. Just think how history might have been different if something like Pan-German-Slavicism had been achieved. But that’s all water under the bridge, just like the hope of Sino-Japanese cooperation, fatally undermined when Japan chose to join the Imperialist Club against China, alienating both China and other imperialist powers that found Japan to be over-ambitious at the expense of others.

One thing for sure, both Germans and Russians are European folks, and Chinese and Japanese are East Asian folks. But Germans and Japanese are totally defeated and cucked populations with no will of their own and locked in the ‘Western’ camp. Their fates are all the worse because Anglos have joined them in their cuckiness and spinelessness. Germans, Japanese, and Anglos are now pretty much on the same plane as cuck-dogs of Jews, which makes things far worse.

After all, for all their adventurousness and hegemonic tendencies through modern history, Anglos had a sense of limits and a modicum of respect for the other. In war they could be utterly ruthless but in peace, somewhat magnanimous with a live-and-let-live attitude. So, after turning Japan and Germany into ashes and then into ‘democracies’, Anglos didn’t intervene in what the Germans or Japanese thought or did, nor did they insist on an Anglo-American solution to everything. For instance, if Christmas became a thing in mostly non-Christian Japan, it was because Japanese thought it might be fun to ‘larp’ with a bucket of KFC.

Anglo-America didn’t pressure Germany and Japan to embrace ‘diversity’ and the like. Rather, it was the Jews who made the Anglosphere swallow such loads of BS and then used US power to spread the craziness to all parts of the West and the Cuck-East, which is why there is globo-homo garbage in just about every European country and Cuck-East nations.

Anglos may have regarded themselves better than the rest but weren’t hellbent on turning everything Anglonic, and preferred the mode of tolerance with the Other. In contrast, Jews feel contempt for goyim and insist that all the world feel, think, and do as Jews order them to. Just consider: Anglo-American Christians have been far less insistent on spreading their brand of faith to Russia and Japan than Jews have been on trying to shove globo-homo up the arse of every nation. American Evangelicals may want all the world to accept JESUS, but they aren’t losing sleep oer their brand of faith failing to make inroads into Russia and Japan, but Jews get all antsy and furious about ANY targeted nation saying NO to celebrating bung-donging and tranny-penis-cutting. I don’t recall Evangelicals flipping out over Japan remaining Shinto-Buddhist or Russia remaining Orthodox than embracing Hillbilly-Hallelujah-Faith, but Jews have been spitting mad and seething with venom about Russia saying NO to allowing toots and trannies, along with Pussy Riot skanks, to desecrate the hallowed ground of Red Square where Russians remember and honor the defense of the Motherland. One thing for sure, Western Europe under the thumb of Anglo-dominated US was a far saner place than it is today when it cowers before Jews who insist on sticking a globo-homo dildo into the ass of every white guy and a Negro dong in every white vagina.

Anglo-America had a history of ‘isolationism’ as well as ‘interventionism’, but the balance has been broken with Jewish Power insisting on the US sticking its nose and dong into every affair around the world. It’s also worth remembering, Anglo-American interventionism, colored by Christian ethos, had an element of Justice for All. While American Christian Missionaries in China could be construed as ‘cultural imperialists’, they spread the Gospel so that the converts could be saved and as loved by God and Jesus as the proselytizers themselves, i.e. once the conversion took place, a Chinese soul was just as redeemed as a white soul. Christianity does wage war on other cultures, but conversion renders all Christians equal on the spiritual plane, and this was the basis of the Black Civil Rights Movement.

In contrast, the Judaic mindset views the world in terms of the Chosen vs the lowly goyim, and this means there is no chance of equal justice for Jews and goyim in a Jewish-controlled order. Just ask the Palestinians. It accounts as to why the West under Jewish rule is especially dangerous. Even when Western Imperialism was colored by sense of racial supremacism, there was nevertheless a Christian sense that all peoples could equally be saved and loved by God, i.e. whites could be superior in mind and body but not in heart and soul.

In contrast, the very foundation of Jewish identity and worldview is premised on the cosmo-spiritual conviction that the God of All the Universe and All of Time favors Jews uber alles, meaning that goyim exist only to serve Jews. Thus, Jewish Supremacism isn’t only of the blood but of the spirit. Granted, the most powerful Jews aren’t particularly religious, but their historical mindset has passed down to the modern era. How else can one explain the likes of Victoria Nuland, Wendy Sherman, Anthony Blinken, and David Frum? Whether such Jews pose as ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’, it’s essentially a ploy to expand Jewish ethnic interests on the cosmic interpretation of Chosenness.

All parts of the West, including Japan, are now so caught in the claws of Jewish Supremacism that their sovereignty is close to irretrievable. So, there won’t be any meaningful German-Russian or Chinese-Japanese cooperation. For all the trade between China and Japan, it’s quite clear Japanese have chosen whoredom for the indefinite future(or it has been chosen for them). Germany is in an even more pathetic state.

And that means the only consequential partnership must be between Russia and China, which is as unnatural as natural. On the unnatural side, they are of different races and very different cultures, just about the only commonality being some of the similarities brought about under Mongol rule. Even though China and Russia have a long border around Manchuria, few Russians live in East Siberia. During the Soviet Era when Kazakhstan was part of the Russian Empire, the borders between China and ‘Russia’ were considerable. Also true when Mongolia was part of the Chinese Empire. But due to the Soviet-induced independence of Mongolia and the founding of Kazakhstan as an independent state, the common border areas between China and Russia have been greatly reduced, perhaps lessening tensions. Still, with modern travel and communication, the vast areas of ‘wasteland’ no longer need to separate the two civilizations as had been the case through most of history. Also, those ‘wastelands’, full of natural resources, could yield tremendous amounts of material via Sino-Russian cooperation in skill and technology.

In a way, the developing ‘alliance’ between China and Russia is natural as they’re giant neighbors with much to gain from trade and cooperation. But it’s also been hastened by external factors, especially the hostility of the Jewish-controlled West that is feverishly employing NATO and Cuck-East to maintain ‘Western’ hegemony. The Jewish-controlled West hoped to back both countries up against the wall, but they were backed into one another and now watch each other’s backs, like in a Western barroom brawl. If Kissinger did his best to divide the two giants, the current Jews have done everything to push them together. Current Jews figure, “Identify Russia as part of the Orient, thus un-European, thereby unworthy of any meaningful ties with the ‘Liberal West’.” More than the combined strength of Russia and China, what Jews fear most is that the current ‘conservative’ national resurgence in Russia might infect or inspire white folks in the West, now the hegemonic domain of Jewish Supremacy.

Ideally, Russia and China would like to work closely but too closely. While it’s mutually beneficial for both to be friendly terms, they can’t help but be wary neighbors because of their troubled history(which may once again be points of contention and flare into future conflicts) and cultural differences. (On the other hand, the fact that the two cultures are so different may be better for relations as they needn’t worry about the ‘narcissism of small differences’, a problem plaguing various Slavic peoples, e.g. Russia vs Ukraine vs Poland. Racially and culturally, Russia is far closer to the rest of Europe, and that is why Europeans react more viscerally to Russia’s rejection of ‘Western’ norms than to the Chinese rejection of them, i.e. that such a racially and culturally similar people could diverge so much from ‘European Values’, which now amounts to cucking-to-Jewish-Power, is an affront to them. The European Core prides itself as the happiest appeasers of the awesome and holy Jews, and this pride-of-shame cannot abide by Russia’s willful defiance of Jewish Narratives and Idols; indeed, how dare they, as Greta Thunberg might chortle. In contrast, Russia and China in their profound differences understand they must adopt a live-and-let-live attitude and not expect the other to conform to the norms of the one, which actually was a problem when both nations were doctrinairely communist and vied to be beacon of True Communism.)

Until recently, good working relations between Russia and China have failed to materialize for one reason or another. For most of history, with vast distances between them, each could ignore the other. Even when Russia began its expansion into Siberia, China mostly overlooked the development as the northern areas were considered cold and useless wastelands, unfit even for Mongol barbarians; so, who cares if Russians move into them?

Mongol rule did once bring China and Russia into a single empire, but neither civilization had any choice in the matter; they were confederated only under tyranny. The postwar communist era opened the door for close cooperation, but Stalin treated Mao shabbily, and then Mao treated Khrushchev shabbily, and the two giants went from vowing eternal brotherhood to decrying the other as the worst of all evils, even leading to violent skirmishes in borderlands. The bad blood began to drain with Deng Xiaoping’s pragmatism and Mikhail Gorbachev’s less ideological approach to world affairs.

But in the 1990s, China experienced rapid growth while post-Soviet Russia spiraled into the abyss, leading some to argue that the CCP had done right to maintain power(because the end of communist rule in Russia didn’t lead to democracy and prosperity but anarchy and gangsterism). Not only the Chinese ruling elites but even Western observers opined that Deng had taken the more sensible path, i.e. reform economics before politics.

However, after two decades of the Putin Era, the Soviet-Russian Way had its advantages as well, the greatest of which is a historical honesty that is missing in China. With the monopoly of communist rule gone forever, Russia today is remarkably honest about its place in the 20th century, acknowledging Soviet horrors but also its great achievements. In the long run, a future built on truth has a sounder foundation. Furthermore, even as Russia admits to its historical ‘crimes’, it hasn’t allowed non-Russians or Jews to take total control of the Narrative to emasculate Russianness into pathetic wussy-ass cuckery, which is the sad case of the current West. In contrast, while the political dominance of the CCP has provided stability and continuity, China stands on False History that has yet to face up to Mao’s great crimes against his own people.

Sino-Soviet Rift seemed a great lost opportunity for Russia and China while a golden opportunity for the West to exploit the division, which came to fruition with Nixon’s recognition of the Beijing regime as the rightful claimant of all China, even Taiwan. The rift when it happened was especially damaging to China, then under the devastation of the Great Leap Forward, a misnomer if there ever was one. If Stalin sacrificed agricultural productivity for heavy industry in his forced-collectivization campaigns, Mao incredibly managed to wreck both.

Following the split, Mao was confronted with two enemies, the US and USSR. And despite Red China’s rhetorical appeal to the Third World, it was too poor to offer much in the way of aid except for second-rate knockoffs of the AK-47. Yet, inadvertently, the rift laid the groundworks for the US-China rapprochement that would have a profound impact in years to come. Besides, had the Sino-Soviet not occurred, China might have continued as a JUNIOR partner of the Soviet Union than forge ahead with genuine sense of national sovereignty. Following the clean break, China was going to be no one’s little brother, and despite its backwardness and poverty, opened diplomatic ties with the US in 1972 from what Zhou En-Lai called a ‘position of strength’. The break with the Soviet Union led to much anxiety but also the confidence that China could go it alone and chart its own destiny. And when China and Russia once again met for negotiations in the late 1980s, it was as equals. Mao’s break made such attitude possible.

Arguably of greater importance, the rift, along with the insane Cultural Revolution, did much to undermine the bureaucratic apparatus of the CCP, thereby(and once again inadvertently) paving the way for the rise of market systems across China in the relative absence of statist obstructions. Despite his own Stalinist tendencies, Mao refused to model his governance on the Soviet managerial model, and this was especially true following the Sino-Soviet Rift. Mao’s rule was disastrous, but one silver lining was that all the chaos in foreign policy and internal politics made it impossible to establish the kind of iron-clad bureaucratic structures that came to govern the Soviet Union.

Even though Mao pushed his agenda in the name of an even more purist form of communism, the end-result from the ensuing anarchy and confusion was the breakdown of central control over much of the country, which gave the peasants in the latter half of the Seventies to quietly embark on ‘reforms’ of their own, which were later adopted by the desperate Deng regime as a nation-wide policy. Move toward market economics wasn’t necessarily top-down but bottom-top-down, meaning the government got word of peasants doing their own thing and increasing economic activity and decided not to quash but encourage it for the entire nation. The Cultural Revolution was a calamity but had the positive unintended consequence of loosening governmental or bureaucratic grip over much of China. Also, while no one dared to say it openly, many Chinese just about had enough of hardcore communism and wanted Maoism to serve only as a unifying cult or symbol. Indeed, even the members of the Red Guard got burned by being sent off to the countryside, some for several years separated from family and friends, and so, the Lost Generation of firebrand radicalism became, in their later years, rather somber and pragmatic, less trusting of authority and all-consuming passions.

Mao was a titanic figure with a seismic impact on Chinese History, but the long-term effects were almost the diametric opposites of what he’d intended(and that was a good thing). In one respect, however, one might argue a variant of Maoism won out over other forms of Leftism that emphasized order, discipline, and dogma. Even Stalin, less intellectual than Trotsky, ruled with an iron-fist and kept things under wraps. In contrast, Maoism failed to develop a coherent theory apart from guerrilla-warfare-as-metaphor and was mostly about The Feeling. If all prior communist movements had strictly controlled youth cultures and activities, Mao unleashed the fury of youth, even on the communist bureaucracy in a let-history-sort-it-out manner.
Thus, the Cultural Revolution was unprecedented in communist history. It was one thing to use the secret police to purge one’s enemies, as Stalin had done, but quite another to risk all-out social mayhem to attack one’s rivals and as social experiment. Though such strains of Maoism have been stamped out in China, the so-called ‘Woke Left’ in the West resembles certain aspects of Maoism in its anti-intellectualism, exultation in mayhem, mass derangement, and favor of delirium over discipline.

To be sure, ‘wokeness’ has nothing to do with Maoism and, if anything, is the tool of Jewish super-capitalists, but in its politics of derangement syndrome, the emotional content is closer to Maoism than Marxism-Leninism(or Stalinism). Communism was always dogmatic, but it was also an intellectual exercise with big ideas and grand theories, but Maoism reduced it all down to slogans, chants, and passion. The idolatry of Mao mattered more than ideology of Marx in China. Likewise, ideology is gone from so-called ‘leftism’ in the Current West, and it’s essentially an idolatry of Jew-Worship, Negro-Faith, and Homo-Revelry. In that sense, an aspect of Maoism may have proven to be the most long-lasting and resilient form of radicalism. You don’t need to read or think, must scream and holler. Easy to do for any idiot on TikTok.

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  1. Franz says:

    Japan and smaller East Asian nations, much like white nations, are soulless and sterile.

    A bit overdone here.

    Japan was in the game early in the 20th century and may still have cards up her sleeve.

    Mostly forgotten is Teddy Roosevelt, “Nobel Peace Prize” winner for making the treaty between Japan and Russia, was actually offering the Japanese a secret deal: Japan can take Korea and the USA would get the Philippines. It actually worked for a number of years. Alas, one of Teddy’s relatives wanted Americans to fight in Europe with Churchill’s guys and reneged on that, plus cut off their oil supply, and forced Japan into WWII.

    Ordinarily when Japan signs a treaty, they abide by it. Nobody told them the clique running the USA has done nothing but break treaties from the get-go.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  2. All wars are over hegemony. Empire has replaced empire throughout history – all for power. Every empire eventually faces the war it is trying to avoid, its own downfall. Today we are trying to avoid WW III: it looks like failing.

  3. Mainland China has been johnny-come-lately to modernity and industrialism due to any number of reasons but has grown rapidly since the reforms in the 1980s…Mao had nutty ideas and brought upon more horrors(during peacetime). While Red China gained a measure of respect in the world, it remained an economic basket case and hopelessly behind in technology…Arguably of greater importance, the rift, along with the insane Cultural Revolution, did much to undermine the bureaucratic apparatus of the CCP, thereby(and once again inadvertently) paving the way for the rise of market systems across China in the relative absence of statist obstructions. Mao’s rule was disastrous

    This is the West’s official China narrative which, like most Western geopolitical narratives, is bullshit.

    For 25 years, through successful revolutions–land, agrarian, and cultural–Mao grew GDP 6-7.5%, twice as fast as the US in its prime.

    Mao’s era was one of the greatest modernization in world history, comparable with the most intense industrialization in several major latecomers in modern times, such as Germany, Japan and Russia.” German economic growth from 1880-1914 was 33% per decade. In Japan from 1874-1929 the rate was 43%. The Soviet Union between 1928-58 the decadal increase was 54%. In Mao’s China the decadal rate between 1952-72 was 64%. Yale’s Maurice Meissner.

    Starting with little but rubble, under massive Western sanctions and embargoes, here is what Mao accomplished before retiring and leaving China debt free:
    1) reunification of the country,
    2) chasing out foreign powers,
    3) providing basic universal health care services
    4) lifting average life expectancy from 35 to 68,
    5) quadrupling literacy
    6) massive infrastructure building of dams, rail, and roads.
    7) major technological breakthroughs like nuclear bombs, rockets, satellites.
    8) creating the concept of 3rd world nations
    9) using the geopolitical strategy of the cold War to break US led sanction against china
    10) paving the way for PRC to replace Taiwan as the legitimate government of China in the UN
    11) Defeating the US in Korea.

  4. “but it [China] is now considered the second biggest economy in the world”.
    How often is this fiction repeated.
    In purchasing power terms, China has been the biggest economy for years.
    And if GDP calculation was a less imaginative affair China would be the biggest here too. ( how much of US GDP is based on fictitious asset values? How much on purely financial shenanigans & military industrial “cost + 10%” nonsense.
    China actually produces “stuff”.

    • Agree: JR Foley, Decoy
    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  5. Thanks again for the good article!
    ” In contrast, while the political dominance of the CCP has provided stability and continuity, China stands on False History that has yet to face up to Mao’s great crimes against his own people.”

    I believe that Xi knows very well the errors and crimes of Mao but understands that it’e not good to concentrate on them because its helps nothing and he works for the future.
    XI is more intellectual, democratic and pragmatic person than a typical authoritarian communist leader who depends on history and Marx. He is not lead only by communist theory and ideology and not fixated on the ‘Trotskyite’ international theory but he creates his own theory with the party. It’s difficult to see him to be burdened by Mao’s tradition because he is not shackled by it but creates something new which is important for future and what the situation demands. That’s real and pragmatic democratic socialism, not international nwo-communism of the R-sild Banker-mafia.
    I see China’s communist party is more a community party.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Abbybwood
  6. bwuce wee says:

    Experts: anti- LGBTQ rhetoric could galvanize extremists? you are ending with this?!!?!? your topic is russia and china and you conclude with a bogus FBI fake terror event?!?!?!

    these PF guys are FBI tools and this whole patriot front arrest was a publicity stunt. already a retired federal marshal has come out and stated for the record that this whole thing was BS. he observed that none of the suspects were searched before they were carted off, violating all training and procedures of federal agents. i personally have watched videos of other protests where these guys wearing the exact same costumes were walking around masked at other prior public gatherings. the attendees noted them and followed them around with cameras saying they were clearly fed plants! so what we are seeing is another windup for a flase flag. antifa will be called out to ‘fight the good fight to defend the poor misunderstood gays’ from the imaginary ‘white supremacist terrorists’. this scenario makes leftists the good guys. they have been telegraphing their intent ever since biden declared conservative white males the greatest terror threat america is facing. and here is young fraud- right on cue leading the gullible by the nose to expect another summer of rage from the good guys: antifa and BLM.

  7. Unit472 says:

    Problem for China and Russia is that NATO is real and SCO is not and neither is BRIC. Putin’s Russia doesn’t fit into anyone’s geopolitical playbook as it is spent power chasing after its lost Empire. It can’t even pick the low hanging fruit and develop a modern industrial base 75 years after WW2 and the looting of western and German know how.

    When South Korea decided it had enough of military rule it got with the program and fast. Realizing it needed an auto industry it had Toyota build a turn key auto plant there and Hyundai was born. Russia, otoh, just tried to keep its Lend Lease Studebaker 2.5 ton trucks operating well into the 1960’s. Where it did copy western technology it was for prestige projects like cloning the already obsolete B-29 bomber, the A-Bomb and most ridiculous of all, The Concordski, only to have it explode at the Paris Air Show.

    China notices Russia is quickly becoming a failed state and while it will let what Navy and aviation assets it still has left or can cobble together participate in joint exercises it still does not recognize Putin’s ”conquest” of Crimea and that matters because without international recognition Crimea is just another DPR that Moscow must underwrite. Cruise ships and foreign airlines will not visit and FDI investment is impossible. China is not going to put its trade with the west in jeopardy to help Putin extract himself from his Ukrainian tarbaby or back any escalation to nuclear weapons so Putin is finished. Its not self evident that China’s authoritarian model can keep Chinese industry at the apex either.

    • Replies: @Derer
  8. Wokechoke says:

    Most white guys in the US know their job and know enough to keep their car running and roof from leaking. Most cannot quite see the level of Jewish manipulation and have been conditioned to view whites discussing it as psychotic. Generally a white guy will joke about Jews being cheap and skinflints. When they encounter an actual Jew it’s normally much later in life with a professional/supervisor or client who is personally quite polite and generous with money. So those jokes about cheap Jews are kind of weird. where do they really come from? Only rich whites at elite private schools ever encounter Jews in Schools and even then very rarely. The first encounter will be in College. Explaining the poison of the “philantropy” of “generous” Jewish donors takes too much time.

    The zany-craziness of LBGTQ Light Infantry Units and Drag Queen Story Hour is seen as Shitlibs rather than Jewish Subversion. Many white guys in the trades are muttering about why the US can’t just land troops in Ukraine and stop Russia. They cannot see why cheap oil and plentiful lumber from Russia is actually what keeps them comfortable and employed. The sanctions on Russia are designed to enrich Jews and impoverish whites.

    Putin basically froze Jews out of the Russian economy but most people cant see that in the Industrial and Building trades in the US.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Z-man
  9. GeeBee says:

    except for Black Swan events, like when a Serbian radical shot the Archduke Ferdinand

    When a certain ‘Serbian radical’ was, in fact’, one of the (((innumerable))) ‘Jewish radicals’. It’s a very different notion from anyone from another of the mainstream Serbs.

  10. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Communist China is and always has been a proxy for global Jewish supremacism.

    The Pyramid of Power

    Who Rules Today’s “Governments”?


    1 – Bank of England (1694-today)

    2 – Rothschild (1769-today)

    3 – Brotherhood of the Covenant (1843-today)

    4 – WZO (1897-today)

    5 – Federal Reserve Bank (1913-today)

    6 – CFR (1921-today)

    7 – CCP (1921-today)

    8 – BIS (1930-today)

    9 – World Bank Group (1944-today)

    10 – UN (1945-today)

    11 – ISIS (1948-today)

    12 – NATO (1949-today)

    13 – Bilderberg Group (1954-today)

    14 – EU (1967-today)

    15 – Trilateral Commission (1973-today)

    16 – ECB (1988-today)

    17 – AIIB (2015-today)

    Welcome to the COVID WORLD ORDER.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @GMC
  11. Rahan says:

    Surely, even Francis Fukuyama in his private thoughts must know that so-called Liberal Democracy is in serious trouble,

    That’s what the man’s books are about in the last years.

  12. Dumbo says:

    A complicated issue. But in any case, what’s sure is that the West, through hubris or other reasons, has become mad. Lots of people really believe the transgender stuff, printing dollars forever, etc.

    It can’t last. And it won’t.

    Not even the Jews can control the world — although perhaps they could destroy it, not sure.

  13. Derer says:

    China is not going to put its trade with the west in jeopardy to help Putin

    Have you come up with this nonsense all by yourself? Actually it is the West jeopardy of collapsing from discontinued Chinese imports (chicken or the egg). That would occur in a long transition period similar to current Russian energy reduced supplies. The West became consumers of foreign goods and the producers of military hardware.

    For years Russia is a nuclear superpower and they would be foolish not to use if attacked. Rational people understand that the game is over if diplomacy fails resolving international conflicts. Unfortunately, the cold war relic NATO is run by irrational people – creating enemies and conflicts is their full time activity.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  14. @Derer

    I agree. His stammerings resemble the college freshman taking a 101 survey course, thus making him an expert to project and extend into space and time with defective vision without glasses in a 2 dimensional plane while under the influence of marihoocie. Imagine this tyke when he gets to be a sophistmore.

  15. @Wokechoke

    The jew screeching over abortion likely woke up a LOT of people.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  16. SafeNow says:

    Most of this long article simply recaps what the people who read this site are already very knowledgeable about. But if there is a nuclear holocaust (50% chance) and future historians come upon this article, it will do a good job of giving perspective to their assessment of what the heck happened.

    Anyway, I welcomed the attention given to territoriality, because I believe that this component of “the biological imperative” is an important driving force motivating how national leaders behave. I would have hoped for additional psychological insights from a writer (writers?) named Jung-Freud.

    China wouldn’t sink a carrier, it’s got a nuclear reactors onboard. Disable the rudder and propellers.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  17. Russia is still an atomic super power. Still an energy giant. Self sufficient in food, and a major exporter of non GMO grain. What race/religion problems they have are manageable. Diamonds, Chromium, titanium, etc. Forests full of timber. There is pollution and environmental destruction but considering the size of the country, they can be contained. Dialectical materialism, central planning, criminalisation of the profit motive are all dead and buried. Seeing as the Russian Constitution recognises religion’s role in society, Russia is now carrying the torch of Western Civilisation. I see a bright future for Russia.
    Don’t want to belittle China because they have come so far so fast but what have they really done except re-invent the wheel over and over? Walking in space, atomic bomb, giant hog farms, high speed rail—been there done that. China has horrendous pollution and sanitation problems. Their agriculture leads to soil depletion, erosion, and water scarcity. They cannot feed their people without importing vast amounts of food. Wealth disparity is so huge and so obvious that a communist revolution is possible.

  18. Trinity says:

    (((Soviet Union, Britain, Jew-sa))), Germany would have defeated the Soviet Union and Jew loving Limeys one at a time with no problem. Japan had already defeated the Russkies in 1904-05 and lest we forget the poor performance by the Russkies in World War 1.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  19. I have only read about half of this interesting, provocative, and characteristically rambling essay. I got the overwhelming impression that the pen-pusher (ok, keyboard striker) is actually a woman, Andrea Ostrov Letania, who has been working in the field of “alternative syntheses” for some time.

    Anyone know otherwise?

  20. Trinity says:

    (((Western radicals))) took to the color revolution ala Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky. (((Trotsky))) had thought the “color folk” would be more enthusiastic about embracing (((communism aka Jew “globalism”))) because nonwhites had either been defeated by Whites either in war, economically or by colonialism. Jew boy Trotsky was thinking the Slavic people weren’t embracing class warfare as enthusiastic as he hoped and a color revolution would be more profitable to the Jew crew. Notice (((who))) led all those hippie movements, the swindle Whites movement, the feminism movement, all about the same time period when the (((Western radicals))) starting embracing their Mao, their North Vietnamese, their Che…..

  21. @Trinity

    Under Brusilov, the Russians pushed back the Austro-Hungarians…

  22. Interesting topics, but I didn’t come here to read a book, so I skimmed. In the future, please break up articles such as this into shorter and more focused topics.

    Who agrees? Then hit AGREE.

  23. Anonymous[970] • Disclaimer says:

    Who cares about Jews? This article was far too long.

  24. How “good” Russia and China are is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether they are “right”, “left”, “communist”, “socialist”, “capitalist” or any of that nonsense. It doesn’t matter what their histories are. It doesn’t even matter who or what they are at all.

    All that matters is that they stand in the way of JUSA. Globohomo. GAE. The Jews. Whatever you want to call it. This is the most evil force that’s ever been present on the earth. All you have to do is open your eyes and observe the world around you to understand that.

    If Russia and China stand in the way of this entity, they must be supported. No questions needed. The same goes for Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and anyone else who wants to resist.

    This isn’t about purity tests and this isn’t a Jewlywood movie about good guys and bad guys. Time to wake up and see the big picture, sleepyhead.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  25. JR Foley says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    The Tiananmen tankman–one second you view him staring down a tank —but where are the follow up photos —a red blotch under the treads of that tank ?? There are NONE ! Reason Why?? The tank was in reverse. Tankman then walked across the road—sat down a spell and later went home.

    • Agree: dogbumbreath
  26. Panadechi says:

    First identify the type of poison, and you will be able to find the antidote.

    • Replies: @Malla
  27. But Hindu power would be a local matter as Hindu-ness isn’t for export. Besides, Asian-Indians who’ve gained global prominence did so as agents, compradors, and collaborators of the Western Empire. In the US, Hindus serve Jews.

    India might withstand the Jewish-dominated world order but never challenge it.

    I am sorry where you got your ideas about Hindu culture and India from, but I would suggest a serious review of them. What I understand is that you accuse the Jews, some of them, not all of them, of attempts to build a layered society, where a very small minority (2 -3%) would rule, with the help of select minorities (LGBT+, Blacks, Asian Indians, etc, another 10 – 15%), over the remaining masses, mostly White working class, who will be impoverished, to make them servile – a techno- feudalism.

    Now, such a society is exactly the ideal that Hindu scriptures have been aiming at, for millennia! A small minority (Brahmins – about 3%) will “guide” the rulers (Kshatriyas – about 5%) to rule over the masses of various degrees of subjects (Vaisya, Sudra, Panchama – literally, commoner, workers and serfs). All Hindu rulers had Brahmin gurus. Brahmins believe that they are chosen by gods for their role; yes, by birth. Now the Hindu society is not monolithic; its internal contradictions are unbelievably complex. There are religions that deny the existence of a God, sects that decry the influence of Brahmins, saints that preach equality, but all of them are, at the end of the day, defeated by the Brahmin – Ruler – Banker combo. In short, the ideal Hindu society will be the wet dream of any small minority that tries run the world forever under its thumb.

    Now, a Hindu in the US can understand that society is layered, some people are to be worshipped and others to be kicked down. No Hindu scripture speaks of Liberty, Equality of Fraternity. An American White will hesitate to suppress his fellow men for the sake of the ruling class; a Hindu will never hesitate, because it is his duty to assist the rulers! A Muslim is given only two choices under a regime hostile to Islam – Jihad or Hijrat – fight or flight. A Hindu under an oppressive regime has no choice but to carry on; he cannot question the injustice of his king – his scriptures explicitly prohibit that; he cannot even flee – he cannot leave his caste and community! An oppressive king will be punished by gods, may be in this life, may be in the next; and you will be rewarded for your toils in your next life, but for now, pull on. This is the official philosophy taught to people. Do you expect this people to understand oppression and to stand up against it? Even if the society has to fight an oppressive ruler, the leadership has to come from Brahmins! Yes, please check the history of India’s struggle against the British rule carefully, you will find a very substantial number of Indian people liked the British rule, they had no objections to it, some of them even protested its departure. Imagine a society which finds alien rule to be impartial and better! What sort of sacrifice do you expect from such a society? The Hindu will not fight the Jewish world order – he is greatly at home in it.

  28. Dr. Doom says:

    The “Jewish” Century is now over. 1913-2016. 103 years of rubbish.
    The New World Order is Ethnonationalism.

    China gets it. Whites have learned it through negative conditioning.
    Russia is still multiracial and therefore problematic, but they’re trying.

    The Old Order of post WWII is now done. “Democracy” never works.
    Global Hegemony is now in a state of change. The UN is dying.

    Globullism is a dying ideology based on Zion Pig self delusion.
    )))They((( are The Synagogue of Satan, they don’t worship God.

    The End of History was the dying of the previous World Order.
    The pretense of success due to the End of The Soviet Union.

    However, the Zion Pigs lost that one with their “diversity” and multiracial crap.
    Everyone went their separate ways after the Berlin Wall fell down.

    Much like Yugoslavia, “Amerika” will also fall apart.
    These races desire their own spaces, and no Zion Pig will hold them together.

    The Stupid Zion Pigs tried to model )))their((( Amerika after the failed Soviet model.
    Lack of ideas and imagination really. No creativity there at all.

    Satan is all about Enlightenment. He set )))them((( up to fail.
    Everything is going along with The Book. The End Times.

    There can be no progress with the Stupid Lazy Zion Pigs.
    They steal everything and have no ideas of their own.

    Satan doesn’t “choose” meat puppets that can think for themselves.
    He is not Stupid. The Zion Pig delusion served its purposes.

    Now is The New World Order. No more multiracial empire building.
    Space stations, Moon bases, Martian colonies, etc., etc., etc.

    Take that “White Man’s Burden” and dump it on the Trashheap of History.
    We are Legion. The Corporation still rules. We go by The Book.
    As Above, So Below. The Official Motto of The Corporation.

  29. GMC says:
    @Jon Chance

    Nice list JC – the truth hurts and just think of all the sub-agencies { Soldiers} that these 17 have under their control. They care little about how many countries fail , because they own/control most of what everyone of these countries Need. But it’s looking like Russia has gone rogue with regards to their World Domination plans.

  30. @Godfree Roberts

    Excellent post!!!!!!!! Mao was the greatest figure of the 20th century, bar none.

  31. At least China and Russia do not have the political-social international criminal record of Western whites in which the dead number in the billions. Racism and white greed have turned them into the great tragedy for humanity and the worst thing is that they are two things that their only solution is education and in the long term for several generations and in the meantime many will continue to die.

  32. @inspector general

    Yes, you are right. “Jung-Freud” = “Priss Factor” = “Andrea Ostrov Letania”, an American woman of Slavic (Russian?) descent. She has her own website under her real name, here:

    You can recognise her true identity behind her aliases by her typical terms which she has herself created and her stress on Homo-Negro-Jew worship in the West.

    I find her articles and comments, though often too long, very insightful, especially in the realm of group psychology.

    • Thanks: Dumbo
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  33. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Agree. Not enough commenting to use AGREE/DISAGREE/ETC.

  34. In the end whoever has kids, and can feed them, will win the history prize. Right now neither China or Russia is having kids. However Russia can feed them, while Chinese imperialism is setting up a network to feed the future. Jews are popping out the obligatory replacement, but they are expecting some goy to feed them high end food. Most of their goys who can grow food are really old. Blacks can’t feed themselves. Indians are another chosen base mindset that will roll for the Jew when necessary but are also slowly conquering Europe and Africa. They can now feed themselves. Since the Jew can only elevate on the backs of their hosts, the Indian will eventually win the history prize unless China and Russia start having kids.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  35. @Old and Grumpy

    With 2,159 children per woman in 2022, India’s Total Fertility Rate has already sunk to a mere replacement level and it keeps slowly declining. More economic growth will surely cause further decline.


    The only region that keeps growing is sub-Sahara Africa, which is expected to reach 4,2 billion at the end of this century.


    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Malla
  36. Che Guava says:

    Priss, this is very long and meandering.

    Not to say that you are not making many good points.

    Quite a few about many places, I would contradict. However, I will keep it short, and stay at only three or four points.

    Japan’s real history goes back 1,600 years, not 1,200 that you state, and 1,800 years from statements in the Chinese Wei Chronicles, if what was described has some connection to the later state. Archaeology implies that it had.

    Japan’s adventure in China from late 19th was a result of a very simple idea. Mongolian language has a similar grammar, Manchu and Korean, too, so the idea from early Meiji times was ‘It is our turn to rule Korea and China, those other people did’.

    This was an old idea, Hideyoshi had the same idea before the Tokugawa took control, 400 years ago, but was defeated.

    Saigo Takamori wanted to try the same thing, but was expelled from the govt.

    After which, he began his very organised rebellion, including setting up schools.

    As history records, he was eventually beheaded, not without a good fight by his forces, but the government was applying his ideas within twenty years.

    The Nationalists in China may have been a mess, but the ‘Long March’ just destroyed the ‘People’s Army’. Sure, I enjoy some Chinese propaganda on the theme, but they were insignificant and studiously avoided fighting our invaders. Unlike the Nationalists, who did, when they could.

    The key event in the eventual CPC victory has nothing to do with any of their tales, and everything to do with the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, handing the CPC a fixed base of operations on a plate.

    • Replies: @PseudoCryptic
  37. Japan and smaller East Asian nations, much like white nations, are soulless and sterile.

    “Soul” is a subjective measure, I suppose those happy-go-lucky Jamaican types also have lots of “soul”, but sterility, or rather fertility can be quantified, and it doesn’t look good for China.

    The figures for megapolises like Beijing and Shanghai, which are a magnet for the best of Chinese society, are quite worrying from an HBD perspective as these cities are acting as a waste incinerator for the nation’s smartest.

    Also notice the contrast between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, the former being a sovereign country mostly populated by Mongols and the latter being a province of China, formerly part of the Mongolian sphere but later having its demographics transformed to become 80-20 Han-Mongol after decades of settlement by Han from elsewhere.

  38. @animalogic

    “but it [China] is now considered the second biggest economy in the world”.
    How often is this fiction repeated.
    In purchasing power terms, China has been the biggest economy for years.
    And if GDP calculation was a less imaginative affair China would be the biggest here too. ( how much of US GDP is based on fictitious asset values? How much on purely financial shenanigans & military industrial “cost + 10%” nonsense.
    China actually produces “stuff”.

    I always suspected the high US GDP per capita is due to the US currency being the global currency reserve enabling it to print fiat money with impunity since the mid 70s. I believe the actual GDP per capita should be closer to UK, France and Germany. That’s a 35% downgrade.

  39. @inspector general

    I concur. If only Ron Unz wasn’t high on his own verbiage, he would limit the length of article submissions to 2,500 words, 3,000 words tops. Beyond that, it can get tiresome. If one cannot articulate one’s ideas in that many words, they should submit their articles in installments.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  40. Mefobills says:

    Though the KMT regime that ruled(or represented) China until 1949 turned staunchly anti-Soviet(though its founder Sun Yat-sen looked favorably upon the Soviet model), the Chinese Communist movement survived near-extinction during the Long March.

    Sun Yat-Sen was of the “American System of Economy” model, which invented in the Colonies, and was overturned in the U.S., due to (((rigged))) election in 1912.

    Though the KMT regime that ruled (or represented) China until 1949 turned staunchly anti-Soviet (though its founder Sun Yat-sen looked favorably upon the Soviet model), the Chinese Communist movement survived near-extinction during the Long March.

    It was Seward-Burlingame Treaty with China and Americans, such as Gilpin– often close allies of Lincoln – who were responsible for bringing Chinese students to America after the Civil War, including a young revolutionary named Sun Yat-sen, who came to America in 1879 to train himself and his allies in political economy and American constitutional law.

    Sun Yat-sen learned of the success of the Chinese revolution in 1911. Thirty years later, Denver was chosen as the location to launch the sale of a stamp which featured Sun Yat-sen and Abraham Lincoln, former presidents of their respective nations, with the caption “Of the People, By the People, For the People” upon which Sun Yat-sen modelled his Three Principles of the People – “民族, 民權, 民生,” which roughly translates as “A nation of the People, government by the People, for the People’s welfare” – which also appear on the stamp.

    China does not have natural internal waterways and tributaries, and hence moving people, and goods about was the major factor in her remaining backward. Sun Yat Sen wanted rail to open up the country, in what was the forerunner of the belt and road.

    Sun Yat-sen’s designs for Chinese rail development were published in his 1920 report, International Development of China, featuring tens of thousands of kilometers of rail, as well as dozens of ports and transportation corridors, opening China up by sea and rail to the international community [see image at link]. Buried for decades, it was revived only in recent years as a guiding force behind what has now become known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

    In this case, the international community, would be trade with other republics.

    Forecasting an interconnected Eurasian railway system and US-Asia alliance, Sun Yat-sen echoed the spirit of Gilpin, Seward and Whitney, famously stating in his 1917 treatise:

    “The world has been greatly benefited by the development of America as an industrial and a commercial Nation. So a developed China with her four hundred millions of population, will be another New World in the economic sense. The nations which will take part in this development will reap immense advantages. Furthermore, international cooperation of this kind cannot but help to strengthen the Brotherhood of Man.”

    Note that Sun Yat Sen was not a London Atlantacist. He was in the Colonial/American System Industrial Capitalism camp. Industrial Capitalism involves State Credit emitted from the Sovereign, and channeling into industry and the commons. At the time, industrial capitalism was closely associated with republics, given especially that Lincoln had revived the system.

    Sun Yat Sen was for a modern republic. Of course, now we know that republics can be easily usurped as the U.S. election of 1912 shows. Our (((friends))) operate as string pullers, maneuvering in the background, and republicanism cannot defeat the parasite.

    The 1894–1895 Sino-Japanese War was a disastrous defeat for the Qing government, feeding into calls for reform. Some reformers sought a gradual modernization of imperial China, but Sun Yat-sen called for the end of the empire and the establishment of a modern republic.

    So no. Sun did not look favorably upon the communist model, he looked toward the Republican model, and the American System of Economy (industrial capitalism).

    It turns out that Xi has much more in common with Sun Yat Sen than he does with Mao.

    Sun did form an alliance of convenience with the communists, because Sun was against Imperial China; Sun wanted a republic:

    From Wiki:

    In 1923, he invited representatives of the Communist International to Canton (Guangzhou) to re-organize his party and formed a brittle alliance with the Chinese Communist Party. He did not live to see his party unify the country under his successor, Chiang Kai-shek, in the Northern Expedition. He died in Peking (Beijing) of gallbladder cancer on 12 March 1925.[2]

    A republic doesn’t have the balls to smash Oligarchies and vested interests. But, Sun didn’t know that.

    Even a weak imperial ruler cannot summon forth testicular fortitude. For example, at end of WW2, it took U.S. military power to smash the Zaibatsu land holding class in Japan. The land reform, and then wiping out of Imperial debts, and then creating a new Yen, allowed Japan to have its economic take off.

  41. Russia lost to Germany and then Germany lost to the combined forces of France, UK, and US.

    how come more German soldier lost their lives as much as 2/3 in eastern front, while UK and USA, but Frances? are facing Germany old and child soldiers at home because all the adult is bogged down in Soviet

    • Replies: @Trinity
  42. Agent76 says:


    The most animating template of the West’s “information war” lately against Russia is, perhaps, its distorted projection of the China-Russia relationship in the context of the Ukraine crisis. This dubious enterprise has practical implications for the “endgame” in Ukraine, the West’s efforts to “erase” Russia and the US’ struggle with China — above all, it is fraught with consequences for the emerging world order.

    Jun 19, 2022 We can’t even take Russia out of our economy — what would happen if it was China that started a war?

    On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the recent launch of China’s third aircraft carrier, a significant milestone for the nation’s advancing military. If the demonization of Russia while it’s engaged in a war has been so ineffective thus far — Russia still manages to export oil and gas to Western countries that simply need the exports too much — imagine what China could still do after declaring war on say, Taiwan?

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  43. Jimmy1969 says:

    Too friggin long.

  44. @Justrambling

    You are speaking for yourself here. Her style is different, the form less structured. I don’t have problems because I taught myself how to read faster with no sacrifice in comprehension.

  45. Trinity says:
    @american are simpleton mind

    A captive German officer was asked what he thought of American troops. The German officer said they viewed the Americans the same way the Americans viewed the Eye-talians.

    German soldiers spoke of how physically and mentally unfit many American and British troops were, how often American troops seemed intimidated. You would think that Germany would have been conquered much more easily when you look at the overwhelming odds stacked against her. Germany was still trying to get up and running from the first World War, and then to.have take on 3 huge empires, France, colonial troops, etc.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  46. AndrewR says:

    Japs had the samurai/bushido spirit up until the end of the war. Some might argue it lasted into the 1980s. But the social malaise that has manifested there in recent decades is probably irreversible. And the trauma of the war is etched into their collective psyche, making real remilitarization unlikely, even when disregarding the pure soyboy that the average Japanese man has become.

    China, OTOH, tries to discourage degeneracy and promote masculinity/nationalism as best as it can.

  47. AndrewR says:
    @inspector general

    I’m pretty sure this is the longest essay in this site’s history, and if that’s not true than this author definitely wrote the longer one[s] too.

    Insightful but rambling and repetitious.

  48. China is the future of humanity and mankind. Why? Because they dont believe in a dude who walked on water.

    Bye. Start brushing your mandarin. I am.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  49. Ronehjr says:

    Did nobody think to edit this down from book size to article size?

  50. @Franklin Ryckaert

    As you know, Mr. Ryckaert, I frequently agree with you—indeed, I agree with you far more often than not. Here, alas, I disagree utterly with your third paragraph. I think that Andrea Ostrov Letania is perhaps the most foolish, most ludicrous, most absurdly pretentious, and least informed contributor to this site. (The “perhaps” is essential because, as I think you’ll agree, there’s a great deal of competition in that arena.)

    The best thing that can be said for the present article is that it is less offensive in its misrepresentation of history than her previous one, the one with the endless title beginning with “Chauvinism.” Although that article was one-sixth the length of this one, there was in the earlier article hardly a single clause that did not misrepresent or misinterpret Greco-Roman antiquity, especially in the ludicrous analogies she drew with the British and US empires. The fact that that article also drew out the nutty commenter who claims that every important, useful, or merely clever thing ever done was done by a Serb certainly didn’t lighten a reader’s burden.

  51. @Poupon Marx

    You are speaking for yourself here.

    What you actually mean is that Justrambling is not speaking for you.

    I assure you, however, that he is speaking for me, at least in referring to Letania as tiresome. Indeed, he is charitably understating her failings in this regard to a heroic extent.

  52. @Godfree Roberts

    I think that there’s a small typo in what you meant. Where that graph says “per 100,000” it almost certainly meant “per 1,000.” Just a small printing error.

  53. @RJ Macready

    Sorry to break the news, but “The Future Is Queer”. I actually saw that on the back of a t-shirt worn by an ugly fat purple haired lesbian in my local grocery store. As I was standing behind her, I thought to myself, what heterosexual male would want to have sex with that stinking folding slab of fat man hater? I started daydreaming and having wicked thoughts of planting C4 with RC switch in her cart to detonate when she got into her car, then I noticed all the cameras. Besides where am I going to get C4 on a Saturday afternoon when all the white supremacists/domestic terrorists WMD supply depots are closed?
    I’m sure you don’t see these kind of gender freaks in China.
    Sum ting wong, my first mandarin lesson.

    • LOL: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  54. nsa says:

    “Jung-Freud = Priss Factor”
    Only Priss uses prissisms like white nabka, nuttery, fecal anal penetration, cuckery, negrolatry, etc.

  55. Rich says:

    The idea that White women’s wombs are being “colonized” is ridiculous. Only 10% of children are born to interracial couples, of that 10%, about half are Hispanic-White, second at about 16% is White-Asian and the majority of both of those are White males and minority females. Only 10% of interracial children are White-Black. That’s 10% of 10%, hardly a colonization. White males, in this hedonistic society, are actually the prize all females are seeking. At least to have children with.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
    , @Priss Factor
  56. jimmy1969 says:

    More frustrated rantings with generalized nonsense saying nothing like some nut case on a Shrinks couch screeching out lunacy. The trouble with you Freudy is that you are a walking talking tautology…maybe this but maybe that , but nothing scientifically falsifiable. That is why you are no different than a punk kid writing a high school essay….that is why you do not have a real PhD behind your fake name.

    • Replies: @Herald
  57. Herald says:

    Keep up the bluster, it just might work.

  58. “Hindus did challenge Jewish Power in South Africa and had their asses handed to them by Jews with far greater firepower.”

    The Jew in South Africa had the real White boys to put the Hindu his place, just like in India during the two hundred years of servitude. For his monthly rations, the ‘Whitey’ did his two bits around the world and the Tribe is greatful for handing the Jew Rothschild enough money to rule the world, while the pale-face camps out on the sidewalks of America.

  59. @Trinity

    German soldiers spoke of how physically and mentally unfit many American and British troops were, how often American troops seemed intimidated.

    But Hollywood movie soldiers are what counts. Saving the world and getting all the chicks.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  60. Trinity says:
    @Brian Damage

    Well the German medal count from the 1936 Olympics adds credibility to the German being at least physically superior at that time to either the American or Brit despite the outstanding performance by negro Jesse Owens.

  61. @CelestiaQuesta

    “Sorry to break the news, but “The Future Is Queer”.”

    And, I am sorry to inform you that R J McCready is already queer.

  62. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The only region that keeps growing is sub-Sahara Africa, which is expected to reach 4,2 billion at the end of this century.

    That’s a lot of Black folk for ((Jews)) to enslave. They’re likely to be overwhelmed. We’ve got to keep shoving Black folk into the Anglosphere until the ((Jews)) and their stooges quit their jihad against Christian civilization. If that doesn’t work, start shoving them into Israel.

    Nothing like a Black son-in-law to separate a ((Jew)) from his kikeing of Whites.

    Remember the scene in Traffic directed by ((Steven Soderbergh)) where the White daughter of the conservative U.S.drug czar gets addicted to drugs and ends up sleeping with her Black dealer?

    Yeah, that’s got to happen to the ((Jew’s)) daughter a few million times before the ((Jew)) will relent. The problem is, the ((Jew)) is such a sick sadomasochist, he’ll probably enjoy it.

  63. 迪路 says:

    Empires always fall from within, and Chinese policy makers understood this, so they chose to turn some of the real Jews against the Khazar Jews. After all, only khazar Jews are guilty of crimes against humanity.
    The only way to deal with these arrogant bastards is to unite with all the forces that can be united with.
    As to whether China is as vulnerable as you think, I suggest you visit western China for yourself.
    If these areas are really backward compared to the Eastern seaboard, then you should find a way to make them not backward, not empty talk.

  64. Z-man says:

    The Jews hate Putin as much as Christ because he reestablished Christian Orthodoxy to Mother Russia.
    Good post BTW.

  65. Abbybwood says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    Gonzalo Lira was on a podcast today at The Duran and he was mentioning that China’s various “Covid Lockdowns” now of millions here and there has nothing to do with Covid but is rather a dress rehearsal for lockdowns in the event of nuclear war with the West.

    Now that is something to chew on, especially after listening to Pompeo’s most recent speech (which Gonzalo breaks down in the podcast).

    Check it out.

  66. @Old Brown Fool

    The Hindu will not fight the Jewish world order – he is greatly at home in it.

    Recent article at “The Cradle” showing similarities between Hindutva and Zionism….much more in common than people wish to think:

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
    , @Malla
  67. @Agent76

    Free Julian Assange. Next—war never works. Nancy Pelosi and Soros tried to stir up trouble in Hong Kong 2019 and their little game with Jimmy ( the thug) Lai failed. Things are not 100% in Hong Kong ( as they iare in places like Portland Oregon- Seattle Washington – South Chicago or Baltimore) but the recent 5 year plan will have 100,000 housing units for those who have lived in bird cages built during the time London ruled Hong Kong with iron fist ( smashing trade union movement 1967) and earlier years with signs at Victoria Park “No Dogs or Chinese”. NOW –Taiwan will re-unite with the Mainland–economics and the fact one country 2 systems works –Macao is another. NOW Free Julian Assange –PLEASE !!! USA pal Shinzo Abe took a hit —when did he head to USA????

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  68. Anymike says:

    I always think of that scene in the movie _Private Benjamin_ where Judy Benjamin (Goldie Hawn) after impulsively joining the Army when her husband dies suddenly looks around and says, “I joined a different Army. I joined the one with the condos and the private rooms.”

    Call it metaphor for an age. Someday, a lot of people are going to look around and say, this isn’t the same end of history I signed up for. I wanted the one with the condos and the super salaried 20-hour jobs and the three-a-year vacations. This time, there’s going to be no choice. There’s going to no rich parent and congressman to bail you out if you change your mind and no assignment in Brussels if you decide to go through with it. You’re going to be surrounded by barbarians and warrior men. You either join them, or you die.

  69. Petermx says:

    The question is how hard the US will fall and what will America’s allies do when it falls. The US has been surpassed by China in the size of its economy and surpassed by Russia as a military power but like broke Russia in the 1990’s, it is still a military superpower. It also still has great scientific talent but I suspect that is waning too. The US economy and the GDP that measures it is not made up of something physical, manufacturing and industry, but rather stocks and other paper assets that often represent apps, software and companies that don’t make a profit and will eventually go bankrupt. The US, probably more accurately Jews, have tremendous influence in Europe and maybe other areas where pro American and Jewish propaganda are pushed in media there controlled by them. Also, Soros deep pockets and his organizations have contributed to western Europe’s fall from greatness. It was destroyed and broke in 1945 and now it’s incompetent, ugly and pathetic. The question is, if the US does take a hard fall, will Europe break free of the American yoke as eastern Europe broke free of the Russian yoke and then what will happen to Jewish power. It will still be great but I think diminished. If this happens, that will be Europe’s opportunity to improve things if they can take advantage of the failure of the west and replace their incompetent, guilt ridden leadership with competent leadership intent on improving their own standard of living rather than destroying it. If they could elect some “Putins” intent on improving the economies of their countries and do this without restarting old rivalries leading to new wars, that would be a great first step but many will say I’m dreaming.

  70. Anymike says:
    @Poupon Marx

    The problem with war with China is – where and over what is this war going to be fought? No evidence that China aspires to taking over and absorbing the Korean peninsula. Japan is out of the question. Asiatic Russia is out of the question. Taiwan is about it, and the arc of world history say that China and Taiwan will be united again someday. Maybe not soon, but someday, and what, by reputation, is the Asian mind if not patient? What else is there? A few disputed islands in the South China sea? Can anybody think of anything else? I can’t.

    In my fertile geopolitical mind, I can think of something very radical that the United States could unilaterally do to entirely upset the geopolitical balance of the Far East and probably force China into sitting for a comprehensive Postwar geopolitical settlement in the Far East in the mode of the Helsinki Accords. It is something that is not violent and not in any way a violation of international law. But it is so radical and so out of left field that even I, with my let-it-all-hang-out and say-whatever-you-think attitude, do not dare say what it is. Don’t bother to ask. I won’t tell you.

  71. Anymike says:
    @Poupon Marx

    I have little patience for complaints about how features are written or what their content is. The same for videos and the complaints about the speaking voice of the narrator or the use of robot voices. If geopolitics is your thing, there probably are a million features and a 100,000 videos available on the internet. If you are prepared the deal with the flaws of autotranslation, then there are many more available.

    My pet peeve is youthful tag-team video presenters. Until proven otherwise, I assume that they are substituting low-grade sadistic humor for knowledge of the subject, and I am usually right about that. But you know what I do? I change the channel.

  72. @Franklin Ryckaert

    With 2,159 children per woman in 2022,

    In one year? How is that possible?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  73. @GomezAdddams

    I have the champers on ice, awaiting the news from Japan.

  74. Slonym says:

    Yes. It is better to divide such long articles into separate topics

  75. Hacienda says:

    This is the attitude that got white boys into the fix they are in today. Boy, you’re thick and you’re being used. By everybody. Including your mom and dad, if they haven’t thrown you out yet. On the street or in some public school or expensive diploma mill, just to keep your sorry ass from killing yourself or some school children.

    • LOL: Rich
    • Replies: @Rich
  76. Rich says:

    The fix we’re in? We’re wealthy, good looking and run the country. We let a handful of you monkeys dress up like us, we make you talk like us and then we force you to do our bidding. Keep protesting, keep getting high, you know that deep down you wish you were White, and who could blame you? Just look at our cathedrals, look at your huts, look at our ships, look at your canoes, look at the cities we built, look at the filthy ghettos you create. We’re better than you, and you know it.

  77. @Poupon Marx

    The only determinant is this: ask yourself after reading an article, thesis, etc: Did I learn something new? Did my understanding increase? Does this author have credibility.

    Anything else is peripheral and rather trivial.

  78. @Badger Down

    Sorry I made a mistake. I should have written 2.159, which is of course a statistical average with 3 decimal digits.

  79. @Rich

    European cuck elites are welcoming 100 millions of black African males to Europe.

    In US, Jewish-run media instill young white minds with interracism and jungle fever in movies, ads, education, and etc. Young white generation will grow up with jungle fever and jungle faith.

    • Replies: @Rich
  80. Rich says:
    @Priss Factor

    Your fantasy just isn’t reality. With all the propaganda, women still prefer Whitey. Europe doesn’t have anywhere close to 100 million Africans. I suppose if your life is spent watching television or modern movies it would appear that White-black relationships are very common, but they aren’t. It’s more common than historically, but still uncommon. Especially in Europe. In the US, the high Hispanic-White marriage rate will definitely change the face of America, turning it into a more Latin-American country, but African blood won’t be the one that triumphs.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  81. @Rich

    Even if the majority of white women don’t go that way, the official image matters as the world and Americans themselves define themselves according to that image.

    It’s like Egypt under Roman rule was still majority Egyptian, but the images of the pharaohs were Roman, and that defined the norms of New Egypt.

  82. @dogbumbreath

    If the Zionists really study the beliefs of the Brahmins, they will be offended!

  83. antibeast says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    In contrast, while the political dominance of the CCP has provided stability and continuity, China stands on False History that has yet to face up to Mao’s great crimes against his own people.

    The only thing true about the author’s statement is the Fake History being peddled by Western propagandists in cahoots with their Dengist collaborators since the 1990s.

    The rift when it happened was especially damaging to China, then under the devastation of the Great Leap Forward, a misnomer if there ever was one. If Stalin sacrificed agricultural productivity for heavy industry in his forced-collectivization campaigns, Mao incredibly managed to wreck both.

    The Sino-Soviet Split was caused by Khrushchev’s betrayal of Mao’s request for Soviet assistance in developing China’s first A-bomb. The Great Leap Forward was just a facade that Mao used to cover up his top-secret ‘Two Bombs and One Satellite’ program to build China’s first A-bomb, H-bomb and rocket engine. After Khrushchev reneged on the 1957 ‘grains-for-nukes’ Sino-Soviet deal in 1959, China stopped exporting its surplus grains to the USSR in 1960. That’s when Liu started dismantling the State-owned agricultural communes in favor of Socially-owned communal enterprises called TVEs (Town and Village Enterprises) which became the precursor to the Privately-owned capitalist enterprises after Deng unleashed market reforms in the 1980s and 1990s. The idea of agricultural collectivization itself is not bad as it promoted bigger farm acreage, better farm management, higher farm productivity and more farm mechanization. The only difference between the two modes of agricultural collectivization is the nature of ownership, i.e., who owns the output of the collective: State or Society.

    Following the split, Mao was confronted with two enemies, the US and USSR. And despite Red China’s rhetorical appeal to the Third World, it was too poor to offer much in the way of aid except for second-rate knockoffs of the AK-47.

    Following the Sino-Soviet Split in 1960, Mao built China’s first A-bomb, first H-bomb and launched China’s first satellite and ICBM without any help from anyone including the USSR which withdrew ALL its technical personnel in 1960. Mao also backed Ho Chi-Minh by arming the Vietnamese Communists with conventional weapons. China also fought and won the 1962 Sino-Indian border war as well as the 1969 Sino-Soviet border war.

    Yet, inadvertently, the rift laid the groundworks for the US-China rapprochement that would have a profound impact in years to come. Besides, had the Sino-Soviet not occurred, China might have continued as a JUNIOR partner of the Soviet Union than forge ahead with genuine sense of national sovereignty. Following the clean break, China was going to be no one’s little brother, and despite its backwardness and poverty, opened diplomatic ties with the US in 1972 from what Zhou En-Lai called a ‘position of strength’. The break with the Soviet Union led to much anxiety but also the confidence that China could go it alone and chart its own destiny. And when China and Russia once again met for negotiations in the late 1980s, it was as equals. Mao’s break made such attitude possible.

    The 1969 Sino-Soviet border war laid the foundation for the Sino-American detente towards the end of the Vietnam War. As USA could no longer afford to continue the Vietnam War after he nixed the Gold Standard in 1971, Nixon met Mao in 1972 to negotiate the Sino-American detente which called for the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam and Taiwan in 1973 and 1975, respectively.

    That’s Maoist China which surpassed ‘democratic India’ in life expectancy during his entire 27-year reign. That’s hardly the ‘disaster’ that Western propaganda repeats ad infinitum.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  84. antibeast says:

    Here’s a video documentary on the ‘Two Bombs and One Satellite’ project:

  85. Malla says:

    ((They)) screwed Persia too after opening the gates of Babylon to the Persian forces (opening gates of Visigothic Spain for Moorish invaders. repeat later). Remember Haman, the Persian nationalist hero but the villain of Purim.

  86. Malla says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    you will find a very substantial number of Indian people liked the British rule, they had no objections to it,

    Lower caste leaders like Periyar were afraid that if the British left, there will be Brahman Raj which would be disaster for the lower caste dalits.

  87. Mr. Allen says:

    Yikes. Authors talk about lack of ideological depth in with Chinese communists? Even concluded article with “You don’t need to read or think, must scream and holler. Easy to do for any idiot on TikTok.”

    Is it possible to have an idiot on aunt?

    Article actually reads scattered brained. Bits of opinions stitched together. But no central theme to hold things together.

    … Perhaps author has too much Ideological depth and breath, making things sound like a long rant to the uninitiated?

    The history author presents sounds to me, narrow, forced, lacking depth and insight, unprofessional, and ultimately unpersuasive….

    Take the rest with a large grain of salt!

  88. Malla says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Most people (including villagers) want to educate their children to escape poverty and schooling is quite expensive now. Also most urban Indian youth marry as late as late twenties to early thirties. Most Middle class urban Indians have their first children by early 30s to mid 30s.
    My native state (UP) and a neighbouring state (Bihar), basically the hick states of India (derogatorily called cow-belt people by other Indians) , are the only two states with substantial fertility while South Indian states have already gone below replacement.
    Now the problem is, that South Indian states are going to loose seats in the parliament because of falling population and the two backward states will gain seats which is unfair, so they have frozen the seat allotments (MPs for parliament) for decades now.

  89. Malla says:

    An article which does not get to the heart of the matter. I am not a fan of Hindutva at all.
    Firstly Modi is just the figure head of Hindutva, Hindutva is a mas movement. Even if Modi dies tomorrow, Hindutva will not end.
    Secondly, Hindutva is decolonization movement part 2. For Hindutvas both the British as well Islamic rule over India were a sign of foreign occupation. That is how the majority of Hindus think.
    Thirdly, Marxists have played a big p[art in inflating up Hindutva. the psychotic Marxist de-colonisation/ post-colonial ideology fueled Hindutva in the past and in turn took material from Hindutva. Marxist obsession with (falsely) the West for everything, fueled Third world nationalist movement.
    One example, the bullshit lie that Colonial powers were “looting colonies” has fueled Hindutva enormously. On the other side, the British “destroyed” Hindu culture bullshit of Hindutva was blindly picked up by Western Marxists. Both sides fuled each others few decades back.
    Marxists have built up a false historical narrative that before European colonialism everything was honky dory in the World and European colonialism was unique EVUL. Which is bullshit. This mentality fueled early Hindutva too. it is only that they have now trained those propaganda guns on the Islamic period and the Marxists are screeching and screaming around like a bunch of buffoons because the Hindutvas are not following orders (only Euro colonialism please).
    In India the masses follow Hindutva, it is son of the soil, grassroots movement and the Leftists are just a bunch of posh snobs, who nobody listens to anymore.

    And one more mistake she made was that Zionism did not have a anti-colonial past. the truth is Zionsits were attacking British soldiers and the British Imperial resources along with Arabs. Typical historical propaganda by this Amrit Wilson.

  90. @Malla

    the bullshit lie that Colonial powers were “looting colonies”

    LOL. What the hell did those Westerners bother to build all those ships and send their armies to colonise India, etc.? You mean that one morning some Europeans of influence and power suddenly woke up and said to themselves “We’ve got to get out there and civilise those savages”. Maybe some missionaries thought like that but they were part and parcel of the expedition to actually go out and loot the resources of other countries. The European powers even fought each other over who’d get to loot what and where. If they were out to educate and raise the savages out of barbarism they could have at least got together to do such noble deeds peacefully.

    • Agree: Mary Marianne, JR Foley
    • Replies: @Malla
  91. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    What the hell did those Westerners bother to build all those ships and send their armies to colonise India,

    They sent ships to trade, to break the trade monopoly of Muslims. And then inter European competitions led to conquests. In India, the British had zero interests in conquests. The British started interfering in Indian affairs only because of the interference of the French (and in few cases the Dutch). And this interference was because of one Frenchman Dupliex, who was popular among Indian powers like Bahadur Jung and Hyder Ali. And there were letters from France to Dupleix, to not waste money on conquests and to concentrate on the profitable business of trade.

    You mean that one morning some Europeans of influence and power suddenly woke up and said to themselves “We’ve got to get out there and civilise those savages”.

    Firstly, those Europeans included Russians. And in many cases civilizing savages included trying to root out the culture of slavery in Africa. The Chinese take pride in ending the feudal system of the Lamas in Tibet. And so called civilizing savages is common from some of the earliest times of history. For example, in South East Asia, the larger populations formed in rice plains have been trying to “civilize” the savages of the hill tribes. Why did the Muslims come to India? Did the Hindus invite them?
    The truth is Marxist anti-colonial ideology played a big part in inflating Hindutva ideology in the past and also picking up Hindutva bullshit. The post colonialists/ Marxists were lookign around for any scrap of anti-colonial bullshit, form whatever source to include in their scholarship. I have written about a cunning Brahmin fooling two leftist Western professors that the caste system was started by the British. The idea is so ridiculous, yet those big leftist professors lapped it like, they lapped up the cunning Brahmin’s cum. One reading of major anti-caste revolutionary activities like Mahatma Jyotiba Phule or Periyar would have informed them that the British were the saviours of the lower castes. Yet those leftist professors ignored all that and picked up the bullshit because they were combing the garbage heaps for any scrap of anti-colonial bullshit.

  92. @Old Brown Fool

    If this is indeed the true nature of Indian civilization, then the whole world is fxcked, because they will be the most populous country in the whole world in one or two years, surpassing even the 1.4 billion Chinese population. Siddhartha Gautama tried before to explain to the Indian that all humans are born equal and should be measured by their deeds, not by the family or caste they’re born in — but his words ultimately didn’t stick. Let’s hope that the modern Indian will reflect and reform his society to be more in line with Siddhartha’s teachings.

  93. @TheAntidoteToToxins

    I see a bright future for Russia.
    Don’t want to

    belittle China

    Russia and China are different, but like neighbors, they agree on the vital importance of supporting each other. If your neighbor is getting strong, and he is your friend, than you are also getting strong, and your whole village is prospering. This is the Russo-Chinese mind-set.

    So they are equals, now and in the long run. Sometimes, one is ahead, sometimes the other. It is a FRIENDLY competition, like two friends seeing who can run faster or lift more, but afterwards, they will go to each others’ house and have a barbecue and drink together.

    Don’t be a troll for the Western Globalists, trying to divide Russia from China. This is only helping the bad guys. Do you know that Chinese don’t look down on Russians? But the West always says China will enslave Russia. LOL, that’s only fantasy.

  94. @Che Guava

    the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, handing the CPC a fixed base of operations on a plate.

    Sure, that is well known.

    What is not known is that the Soviets wanted the Communists to stop attacking at the Yangtze River, so that China could remain divided between North (CPC-ruled and part of the Soviet empire) and South (KMT-ruled and part of the American empire).

    The Chinese had other ideas. After 150 years of humiliation, they would bow to no one, not even Big Brother Russia. They wanted to have a new unified China, so they decisively defeated the KMT even without any Soviet support.

    And so today's China was born.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  95. Che Guava says:

    Having read much of the history, I never read of that before. I know that the Sovs official policy was to suport KMT for some years, but only because CPC was so ineffectual, also from Marxist ideas that a nationalist ‘revolution’ must precede socialist ‘revolution’.

    Of course, neither the CPUSSR nor the CPC came to power by a ‘revolution’, in Russian empire it was a coup d”etat followed by civil war, in China, Sov intervention in Manchukuo followed by civil war.

    Can you point me to any good reference on USSR intentions for nth.-sth. divided China?

  96. @Malla

    One example, the bullshit lie that Colonial powers were “looting colonies” has fueled Hindutva enormously.

    Come on Malla, it’s not colonialism if there is no looting (culture, spirit etc..). Vijay Prashard is an Indian…you Malla, who knows:

  97. Zeus says:

    Excellent article, I commend the author for being able to articulate many of the real causes of the past 150 years (thereabouts) of geopolitical happenings. An article I can see myself using as a reference. Kudos!

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