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Mass Emigration, Not Mass Immigration, Seems the Win-Win Solution for Both Globalists and Nationalists - Its Rejection Exposes the Bogus Logic of Jewish-Supremacist Steered and Cuck-Minted Western Globalism
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In the simplest terms, it’s come down to a contest of globalists vs nationalists. Generally speaking, nationalists believe in sovereignty, secure borders, a sense of identity rooted in history & culture, preservation of ethnic majority rule(usually based on ancestral-territorial claim), and national mythos founded on collective memory & appreciation. They are about shoring up and consolidating those elements of blood, land, and memory that have either long defined the people & culture or have proven most effective as unifying agents and rallying cries. Against the nationalists are the globalists whose preferred methodology is erosion. If nationalists want strong shorelines of rocks and fortified banks that withstand the waves, globalists favor a more fluid and flowing future where nationalist properties are weakened, fragmented, disintegrated, and sunk under the waves.

Globalist logic can be optimistic or pessimistic, though both modes may operate simultaneously. On the optimistic side, usually favored by globalist elites with the easiest access to new opportunities, is the notion that nationalism is an outmoded and anachronistic organizing principle and managerial method. The world is much smaller today with mass communication and ease of mobility, and it’s about time for all peoples to become ‘global citizens’ than to be anchored in the restrictions of identity, loyalty, sentimentality, and patriotism aligned to one particular nation. Besides, in a world defined by the Future, why let the past(of ancestry and history) define who you are and what you can do? One should choose one’s nationality, or buy-and-sell it like a commodity. If you want to be German, move to Germany and apply for citizenship. If bored with that after a few years, move to Japan and don ‘Japanese’-ness like an article of clothing. When that wears out, become a ‘Turk’ or ‘Thai’. Accept the Americanization(or Brazilization) of all nationalities, the supposedly liberating and happy notion that you may abandon what had defined your kind for centuries, even millennia, and just adopt a new identity, nationality, and loyalty in accordance with historical acceleration where everything is perpetually changing and nothing is for sure anymore.

And surely, for globally-minded elites and those aspiring to join the club, there are many more opportunities in the world than in one’s own country, especially if small or modest-sized. After all, didn’t Jews gain great wealth, prominence, and privilege through global networks(even when they inhabited ghettos)? Indeed, one could argue that even many on the Right take advantage of globalist opportunities. For example, many on the Dissident Right are based in countries not their own. A Swede could be in Georgia, an American could be in Ukraine, a Scotsman could be in Japan, and etc. They prefer to be nationalists in exile, and some of them admire the supposed nationalism of another people over the lack thereof among their own.

Globo-optimists may well be aware that globalism may not only erode but erase long-defined peoples and cultures around the world. But they hardly seem perturbed and even welcome it as a good thing — there are surely many white Americans who ecstatically cheer the prospect of whites becoming a racial minority in the US(and other parts of the West), either out of adherence to dogma or as repression of nagging doubts about Diversity. Having been raised with an anti-nationalist ideology, they regard traditional patriotism and sense of blood-and-soil to be outdated, even evil.

Besides, having been weaned on pop culture(that idolizes blackness and homosexuality uber alles) and the cult of celebrity, their main emotional attachments are to rockers, rappers, and movie/TV stars. Indeed, they even seek ‘spiritual’ succor from pop culture, now interwoven with political correctness of the academia & media(where ’empowerment’ and ‘justice’ now trump truth and principle).

For such types, nationalism and religion have no meaning… except as subordinate agents of pop culture and PC. In other words, American Nationalism may be justified if the chants of “USA, USA, USA” are about supporting more wars, hot and cold, to proselytize Globo-Homo and BLM. And Christianity is ‘cool’ as a purveyor of Jewish-concocted globo-homo ‘rainbow pride’ propaganda. (Even Sub-Nazi types in Ukraine are ‘heroic’ if allied with Globo-Homo Jews against ‘Christian Russia’.) Otherwise, nationalism, religion, and heritage are, at best, nuisances that would do better to enter the dustbin of History as far as globo-optimists are concerned. They figure, “We may lose our tradition and nation BUT gain something far more valuable.” One is the unrestricted freedom and opportunity to travel all around the world and choose one’s own identity, ideally devoid of ethnicity and history all around the world. (Of course, such freedoms remain secondary to sanctions placed by Jewish Power against peoples and nations hated by Zion. So, for all the Jewish globalist talk of ‘muh freedom’, you may NOT do business with Iran and Russia. Also, if you call for sanctions on Israel for its oppression of Palestinians, you shall be economically ruined in many states across the US that effectively prohibit BDS. It goes to show that even the freedoms promised by globalism take backseat to Jewish Supremacist priorities.)

Globo-optimism says anyone should be allowed to become Turkish, German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Greek, Indian, South African, or whatever on arrival, virtually instantly. Globalists laud the British, the Irish, the French, the Germans, and etc. as vanguards in transforming nationality from a matter of ethnicity, ancestry, and history to one of legality, choice, and/or whim. So, if a recently arrived black African in German insists he wants to be German, he is just as German as any European-German whose with deep cultural and especially racial roots in the land. Indeed, it’s become criminal in Germany and France to insist that there is a core ethnic German or Frenchman.

Unsurprisingly, globo-optimists tend to be elitists because they are best positioned to travel, connect with socio-economic counterparts around the world, and form political and/or business relations(for which Ukraine became a major hub). For the non-elites, globalism often means jobs being shipped overseas and mass immigration undercutting wages. There is the advantage of cheaper-prized goods(Made in China) and services(Said in India), but for the non-elites, more is lost than gained.

Still, there are plenty of globo-optimists among the non-elites due to mass education/indoctrination and the politicization of popular culture. Most young people in the West grow up attending public schools. Their minds are instilled with the ideology of DIE, or Diversity-Inclusion-Equity(which really boils down to the idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos). These are the new sacraments, and many youths in the West have no conception of the good except what is drummed into their minds by teachers and celebrities.

The brazen politicization of popular culture(along with commercialization of politics) has turned movies, TV shows, advertising, children’s books, and even video games into tools of mind control for the impressionable young who are manipulated to worship blackness, celebrate homosexuality, obey Jews, and idolize ‘diversity’, all the while expunging whatever is nationalistic within their hearts. It’s increasingly difficult to find fun as mindless escapism, a means to forget the world(if only for an hour or two), because fun-gone-‘woke’ serves as constant reminder of the prevailing ideology(ordained by Jewish Supremacism). Once, kids eagerly went to Disneyland as fun-day antidote to Sunday School, but now Disney products have become Sunday School sermons for ‘spiritualized’ degeneracy and satanism.

No wonder then that even many non-privileged people who lose out under globalism support its agenda against nationalism. Countless young ones in the UK and Ireland, weaned on pop culture tropes about Magical Africans and Homos as the primary source of creativity, pleasure, and liberation simply cannot break out of the ‘woke’ mold. Not that older folks are much better; in some cases, they are worse. Consider the boomer nostalgia of ‘All You Need Is Love’. As Paul McCartney once said, partly in response to ‘racism’ charges for the song “Get Back”, blacks are his favorite people, the logic of which implies it’s wrong to oppose black immigration for more Ebony and Ivory.

If globo-optimists focus on the advantages of globalism — more opportunities, enjoyments, & profits for the elites and more ‘muh restaurant’ & funky music for the masses — , globo-pessimists are well-aware of the downsides of globalism on Western nations. But for them, it is well-deserved punishment(and chance of redemption) for the historical ‘sins’ of the West. As the West conquered the World, the World must now conquer the West. As the West once exploited the World, the World must now plunder the West. True, globalism may well lead to the demise of the West and the extinction of the European race(s), but so be it. The West is deemed uniquely guilty, especially for its crimes against the Sacred Semites and Noble Negroes, the two holiest groups(apart from homos) in the globalist ‘woke’ firmament.

Then, it’s hardly surprising that there are so many whites who welcome globalism precisely because it is harmful to the white race and the West in general. There are German politicians in the Green Party who insist it’s a good thing for Germans to become minorities in their own cities and towns. (Angela Merkel is considered a ‘conservative’, but she was the one who opened the gates to ‘Sryian refugees’. It goes to show Germans have the political choice between absolute craziness and just plain craziness.) But wouldn’t that mean the end of Germany as we know it? “Who cares?”, say the globo-pessimists and righteous gloom-and-doomers? Germans are forever guilty of the Holocaust and deserve to be erased from History; ironically, Adolf Hitler wished the same fate for the Germans for having failed him. (On the other hand, if Germans are replaced by New Germans whose hands are innocent of the Holocaust, wouldn’t that mean the end of German moral obeisance to Jews? Why should Arabs, Muslims, and Africans, as the New Germans, give a rat’s ass about the Shoah, which their ancestors had nothing to do with?)

Globo-pessimists are prominent in many institutions and departments of the West. If their globalist push isn’t fixated on historical punishment, it’s about preventing the specter of ‘white supremacy’. As their minds are totally controlled by Jewish Power, they believe Neo-Nazis and ‘white supremacy’ are just around the corner, if only to add some meaning to their lives as crusaders against ‘hate’. The evil of ‘white supremacy’ justifies any means, even the Great Replacement and Black beatdowns on whites(to humiliate and intimidate), to prevent the next Hitler or, worse, the next Trump.

Of the two groups, globo-optimists are more prominent, if only because it’s easier to sell hope than mope(even if whites are believed to deserve their fate). And there are plenty of whites in elite circles to sell globo-hope as the #1 soap in the West. Why not, since elite whites who collaborate with Jewish Supremacist Hegemony are showered with all sorts of prizes. Take someone like Justin Trudeau, a total mediocrity. As a whore-collaborator of the Jewish Supremacists, he gets to play at Prime Minister of Canada with the support of all the hapless Cuck-Canucks whose current culture is mostly derived from PC of rage and pop culture of vanity. Even though most Western elites are certainly above average in I.Q. and well-credentialed in their respective fields, they are short on vision, character, and spine. The system selects those with just enough professional ability & personal ambition and wholly devoid of honor and integrity. And their shallow vanity prioritizes their membership in the club above all else. So, if globalism destroys their nations but admits them into the club, globalism it is.

As globo-optimism prevails over globo-pessimism(which nevertheless exerts quite an influence on those partial to masochism), its logic should be considered by nationalists as the basis for a formula of compromise(and even consensus) that should be acceptable to both sides, at least if globo-optimists are honest. (The fact that Jews do business on the global scale but also maintain their tribal identity and defend Israel as the Jewish State illustrates that the issue need not be an either/or proposition. One can accept global trade, international relations, the value of travel & discovery, and all that while also prioritizing the needs and interests of one’s own people and country. Jews do just that. Just because Jews do business in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned Jewishness or Zionism. Likewise, it’s perfectly possible for Russians, Chinese, and Iranians to do business with the whole world while also maintaining their national sovereignties. If anything, Jews have used their great profits to strengthen Jewish Power and Zionist influence. If Jews can operate globally while thinking tribally-nationally, why can’t the peoples of the West? Of course, they can also but dare not because appeasing Jews has become the de rigueur priority of most Westerners, even those on the so-called Dissident Right who dare not name the Jewish Power as the main source of white folks’ woes.)

If nationalists take the arguments of globo-optimists at their word, then there is a rather simple solution that can be win-win for both sides. Nationalists want self-preservation in their ancestral and/or established homelands. Europe is the homeland of the white European ethnos. The United States and Canada lack deep white history, but they materialized into being as the creations of white European conquerors, settlers, and immigrants(and even the Latinos from the South are either white, partially white, or have been profoundly influenced by European Spanish culture). Nationalism rejects old-style imperialism and globalism(as a new form of two-way imperialism that facilitates Western military & financial conquest of the Non-West and Non-West’s demographic invasion of the West). Whites into nationalist mode in the West don’t want to conquer or dominate other peoples. They just want their own nations to exist as homelands for their own peoples, the survival of their ethnos on the basis of blood-and-soil(that respects the blood-and-soil rights of other groups as well). At the very least, they want to maintain the solid majority of indigenous ethnic whites in their homelands, e.g. Hungarian majority in Hungary, Polish majority in Poland, Italian majority in Italy, and etc.

In contrast, white globalists believe Diversity is a moral imperative, at least for the West. If Diversity is magical, then many in the Third World should stay put as their lands are already diverse. India is dizzyingly diverse. So is Pakistan along tribal, ethnic, and sectarian lines. Latin America bursts with diversity at its seams. If Diversity is a panacea to everything, then Third World peoples should make the most of their already diverse countries.

While some non-Western nations are mostly homogeneous — Japan for example — , many are diverse because they are relatively newly conceived countries following decolonization after World War II. Not only were many of these entities artificially created during the colonialist period but also at the time of ‘liberation’. They were conceived in total disregard of tribal boundaries. There was a time, a saner one at that, when historians and political scientists identified colonial-created diversity as one of the main woes for post-colonial strife, especially in Africa and the Middle East(but similar problems plagued countries like Indonesia; and in Europe, there was the problem of Yugoslavia).

Of course, under Jewish Supremacist tutelage in the West, ‘diversity’ is a panacea for all problems, which is like urging a lung cancer patient to smoke more or an obese person to consume more fat and sugar. While diversity comes with certain benefits in measured doses, diversity-gone–wild(or diversity-gone-cancerous) can only lead to social dissipation and disintegration. If ideological diversity alone can lead to civil war, ethnic diversity can lead to much worse. It’s easier to contain one people of same identity with opposing ideologies than two or more peoples with separate identities but same ideology. Rightist Jews and Leftist Jews see more eye-to-eye than Leftist Jews and Leftist Palestinians in Israel, let alone rightist Jews and rightist Palestinians. Of course, when ideology(and/or idolatry) grows cancerous, as it has recently in the West, a people can favor ideology/idolatry(of another) over their own people, and this is a recipe for disaster. So, we have Irish who, for ideological(‘muh diversity’) and idolatrous reasons(‘blacks are magic’ and ‘homos are holy’), would prefer to turn Ireland into a COD(or Colony of Diversity) than defend it as the Home of the Irish. Such Irish don’t want to fight the hostile non-Irish but invite them into Ireland while fighting the Irish who reject the ideology of Diversity and idolatry of Negro-Homo Worship. Same problem is eating away at Sweden and Minnesota, Germany and Wisconsin. Perhaps, the long acculturation under universalist one-world Christianity molded white minds toward favoring whatever is consecrated as ‘most virtuous’ for salvation over what is most vital for survival.

Anyway, if we follow the logic of Diversity, there is a win-win solution for both nationalists and globalists. Consider: The only demand of the nationalists is self-preservation in their homelands. Nothing more and nothing less. They don’t seek world domination and are happy to be rid of any vestige of past imperialism. Dutch Nationalists just want Holland and don’t want to retake Indonesia. Swedish nationalists simply want to preserve Sweden for the Swedes. In other words, their agenda is reasonable, moderate, pragmatic, and premised on good sense. Only an idiot or madman would argue that diversity is more amenable than homogeneity for social stability. While such moderate nationalists are called ‘far right’, the real problem is the Western Discourse is controlled by Jewish Supremacists, i.e. the real problem stems from Far-Semite or Far-Supremite(far-supremacist-semite) ideas governing Western thinking, not least because so many whites are naively foolish or careerist-opportunistic(therefore willing to spout any nonsense to ‘get what is mine’).

The Semitists or Supremitists seek to (re)order the entire world in subordination to the interests of Jewish supremacism and hegemonism. Just like European empires of old found diversity most useful in playing divide-and-conquer and divide-and-rule among the non-white subjects, Diversity is a weapon of Jewish Power. Jews know diversity weakens the subjects while strengthening the sovereign. Jews have sovereignty in the West, whereas whites have been relegated to the status of subjects. If Diversity is the answer for all peoples, Jews wouldn’t seek to maximize Jewish demography, power, and control in Israel(and the West Bank); instead, they would be calling for non-Jewish immigration to Israel to do away with the Jewish Majority. Jews would elevate a Jewish Joe Biden who would be telling fellow Jews to air more commercials featuring African men impregnating Jewish women and more educational shows celebrating how Arabs, Muslims, Africans, Christians, and Hindus are taking over from Jews in Israel, thereby making it a better place. Of course, Jews know the truth about Diversity, but too many whites don’t know, but then, they are white dummies, or whummies.

Still, if whummies were to truly practice what they claim to believe, the simplest solution would seem to be Mass Emigration, not Mass Immigration. If nothing is more important to globalist whummies than Diversity, which means whites not only being surrounded by non-whites but being outnumbered by them — notice that globalists in the West universally celebrate the prospective day when whites will be reduced to minorities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe, what with even Hungary being pressured to take in endless waves of Muslims and Africans — , then their dream can come true right away via Mass Emigration. They don’t need to count the years when the West will finally become majority non-white. They can just move to non-white nations and become instantly a member of the white minority there. Right away, they can find themselves surrounded by hordes of non-whites. And, since Diversity-addled globalist whummies fetishize blacks above all other races, they should move to places like Haiti, Jamaica, black parts of Brazil, or any black African country. What is the need for immigration for diversity-sake? No need to wait for the ‘utopian’ future when whites are finally rendered into minority groups in the West. Just embark on Mass Emigration, and all these whummy globalists can have their cake the moment they step off the airplane. Whites as insta-minorities surrounded by all that vibrancy. Emigrate to Nigeria with tons of blacks and tons of ethnic-tribal diversity. It has wonders of religious diversity as well, as Christians, Muslims, and various animists make clear every day.

If globalist whummies embark on Mass Emigration, there’s win-win for the globalists and the nationalists. Nationalists stay put in their own homelands and have homogeneity, majority dominance, and a sense of connection to history and heritage. Meanwhile, globalists are reveling in their paradises of Diversity where whites as minorities are pulsating to the vibrancy that only diversity can offer. And especially in Black Africa, white women can get their fill of Jungle Fever and white cucky males their fill of Ken-Burns-style wussiness. They get everything they dream of and right away.

And Jewish Globalists should especially take up the offer because the dominant globalist narrative(concocted by Jewish-dominated academia, news media, and entertainment) has been WHITES ARE BAD and BLACKS ARE GOOD. Well, I don’t see whites, especially the nationalists, forcing Jews to remain stuck in white lands. Jews have all the freedom to emigrate from white lands to black lands. And with all their wealth too. Let blacks handle Jewish wealth and manage Jewish affairs. Blacks are so much smarter, wiser, and better in every way… or so the Jewish-controlled media and academia have been constantly reminding us. Well, Jewish Globalists need to put their money where their mouth is. Move Blackrock to a black country and hire only blacks to run it.

This is such an obvious win-win for both sides. Take Sweden and Ireland for example. Suppose half the Irish and Swedish populations want nationalist preservation whereas the other half want globalism, i.e. the Irish and Swedes to be surrounded and ruled by non-whites and live as minorities. Well, both sides can get their wish if the Irish and Swedish globalists embrace Mass Emigration, the Great White Exodus to the Milk and Honey of Diversity. Irish and Swedish globalist whummies can become instant minorities and can get their fill of vibrancy and live under non-white rule the minute they move to places like Africa or India. And once they leave Ireland and Sweden, the nationalists who remain can have their idea of a Good Society. No need for Mass Immigration. Mass Emigration seems to be the solution that fulfills the dreams of both the nationalists and the globalists. It kills two birds with one stone.

But of course, the globalists won’t take up the offer. For Jewish Globalists or Supremites(Supremacist Semites), there’s nothing like the White Horse as the backbone of Jewish Power. Once whiteness was tamed, especially with the substitution of Christianity with Holocaustianity, the white race became the most useful and effective War Horse of Jewish Power. Indeed, white internalization of Jewish Superiority, intellectual-spiritual-and/or-moral, is such that even many white dissident right types believe the ONLY SOLUTION is to win over Jews than to push back against it because (1) Jewish Power is too awesome and won’t budge or (2) Jews are so awesome that white folks, even the race-realists, would be lost without their guidance and wisdom, their prophetic powers of Big Thought.

Paradoxically, Jews impugn and denigrate whiteness precisely because they find it so useful and valuable. If whites totally sucked and had no civilizational value, Jews wouldn’t bother with whiteness. Like mankind-and-fire, Jews-and-whiteness is a matter of control: To be prized as the greatest asset under Jewish control but to be feared as the biggest threat if free of Jewish control. Jews know whiteness in service to itself can work against Jews, and Jewish History is well-aware of the fearsome power of the white race, either as pagans(Roman legions and Germanic warriors) or Christians(who pointed fingers at Jews as Christ-Killers). Yet, your biggest enemy can become your greatest advantage if you bring it to heel. A powerful horse that might trample you to death can be most useful if broken and subordinate to your will. This explains the the Trump Derangement Syndrome among Jews especially. For all of Trump’s carefully laid out pro-Zionist talking points, all the commotion at the rallies sounded like so many horses neighing that they no longer want to carry Neocon Overlords on their backs. They want to run free.

There are two kinds of hatred or hostility, repulsive and possessive. Suppose there’s a big fat ugly woman who is vile and disgusting. A man will likely hate her very presence. Nothing would make him happier if she just went away and never entered his life again. But suppose there’s another woman who’s gorgeous and attractive. The man will likely want her and could end up hating her if she won’t put out and be his ‘ho’. Likewise, there are peoples Jews don’t give a crap about. If Jews never crossed paths with Bolivian Indians or Nepalese Buddhists, they would hardly lose any sleep. Jews hold them in low regard, as essentially a bunch of useless losers, the dregs of the world. But whites are a different matter, and Jewish hatred is largely possessive. Jews know that whites have proven themselves capable of great things, and the Modern World simply wouldn’t have come into existence without the White West. For this very reason, Jewish Power must work with white folks, but the problem is white folks may have their own agendas that deviate from or even go against Jewish Supremacist interests. Therefore, Jews must take possession of white hearts and minds. That way, white bodies are also owned as mind and heart guide the body. This is why Jews must push anti-whiteness. Not because Jews regard whiteness as worthless but because they regard it as most worthy as an instrument of power. As a coach, you may hate the worst player and wish to see him gone. But if the best player murmurs about playing for another team, you will hate him precisely because you want to keep him as the best asset for a winning season.

Whites-Going-Their-Own-Way is what terrifies Jews the most. Because Jewish Supremacism needs to own and use whites, white heads must be drummed with the idea that whiteness on its own is sick, demented, vile, hideous, and evil. Therefore, whites must forgo any notion of white identity, white heritage, white history, white worth, white culture, white genetics. No, whites must always think in terms of, “How can we whites, tainted with ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’ forever, find a measure of redemption?” And it is then that Jewish Power steps in and blurts, “By kissing our big fat Zionist arse!” For all the yammering about ‘diversity’ and ‘equity’, it’s really all about the Jews because if whites were to choose the path of sincere and principled ‘anti-racism’ by pledging to be equally fair-minded toward Jews/Israelis/Zionists and Arabs/Iranians/Muslims, Jews would flip out and holler louder than Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel in THE PRODUCERS.

At any rate, for all their anti-white and pro-black rhetoric, Jews know their hegemonic power cannot exist without white subservience. And were they to move en masse to Black Africa, it won’t be long before their wealth is looted and their bodies harmed on a daily basis under a state of bongo lunacy. Jews maintain their wealth in South Africa only because whites and Asians(especially Hindus) are still around in sufficient numbers to serve as the managerial and security buffer. (By the way, did it do white Afrikaners any good for siding with Israel in the 1980s? Even as Israel took full advantage of its alliance with South Africa, World Jewry still turned against the Boers. And, Israel has been acting like it’s always been best-friends-forever with blacks in South Africa since the end of Apartheid. The notion that your people will be spared the wrath of World Jewry if you suck up to Israel and Zionism has been utterly discredited by the fates of South Africa and Donald Trump.)

As for white globalists, they too will not take up the offer of Mass Emigration to the non-white world. Why not? Deep down inside, they must know they have it pretty good as white folks in the US that still has a lot of white people and white-majority towns and suburbs. Why would they give that all up for an uncertain future(even as they claim to be 100% certain that Diversity is a wonder of wonders). So, why do they bleat so much about Diversity? Much of it’s just virtue-signaling as most white people are incapable of formulating their own value system and worldview, relying utterly on those above to provide the framework and perspective. For all the myth about America being a ‘classless society’, the sense of white worth has largely been driven by class or status considerations. Of course, populist-minded whites tend to care less about elite approval, which is precisely why they are held in contempt(as ‘deplorables’) by not only the elites but elite-wanna-be’s and elite-suck-ups.

For the elites and elite-minded, ‘truth’ originates at the top and trickles down unto the rest. As Jews gained control over the once-dominant Anglo-Americans, WASP thought today is just Jewish-shaped SWPL nonsense inflected with ‘wokeness’. As white elites espouse such nonsense, white aspirants of class/status go that way as well, without much in the way of reflection or critical agency. The fact that tranny nuttery caught on like wildfire among white elites and elite-wanna-be’s is a sure sign of this. Jews provide the scent, white elites track them like bloodhounds, and white aspirants tag along. As Jews proclaim, ‘diversity is our strength’, white elites follow suit, and the white status-seekers all chant along.

However, the recent reaction of wealthy whites in Martha’s Vineyard gives the game away. These people love to virtue-signal and claim moral credit for pushing for Diversity, but they don’t want their values to materialize on their doorsteps. It’s like the scum devil pope at the Vatican preaches for open hearts and open borders all across Europe, but he lives surrounded by luxury and privilege. Same with the British Royalty and the European managerial elites.

At any rate, even if some globalist whummies really are committed to Diversity, they’re too lazy to start anew in another part of the world and, just like Scarlett O’Hara, they’d rather have the Future take care of it. Still, if globalists were truly impassioned about Diversity, there is such an easy solution to the problem where both sides can win. Nationalists keep their nations, and globalists get their much vaunted ‘vibrancy’ in its fullest dose. What’s not to like?

But, Jewish globalists and globalist whummies are either dishonest or decrepit in their thinking. Of course, it could be that whummies have become so demented under Jewish Mind Control that it’s not enough that they alone end up with Diversity. It’s as if ALL whites must be dragged to it as well. It’s like it wasn’t enough for Jim Jones and his inner circle to kill themselves. They had to make sure EVERYONE ELSE in Jonestown also ‘drank the Kool aid’. Maybe some whummies think all whites must partake of diversity as a wonder drug. But surely some whummies do sense that Diversity(especially involving lots of blacks) will have dire consequences for whites. Then, why must ALL whites be made to take part in this crazy experiment that may indeed turn out disastrously? Why not just themselves by removing their asses from the West and going to Black Africa? Because ALL WHITES must swallow the poison as historical punishment. In other words, why should punishment be meted out only to ‘good’ and ‘virtuous’ whites for the historical crimes of the West? ALL WHITES must pay. What a bunch of whumbats with such shallow reading of History. Haven’t these idiots figured it out that Current Historiography is constructed to maximize the cult of ‘white guilt’ to facilitate white goy obeisance to the Jewish Supremacism? Alas, whummies will be whummies.

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  1. meamjojo says:

    If you don’t like Jews, then please, feel free to emigrate somewhere else. We don’t need your sorry ass.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @SteveK9
  2. anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Generally speaking, nationalists believe in sovereignty, secure borders, a sense of identity rooted in history & culture, preservation of ethnic majority rule(usually based on ancestral-territorial claim), and national mythos founded on collective memory & appreciation. They are about shoring up and consolidating those elements of blood, land, and memory that have either long defined the people & culture or have proven most effective as unifying agents and rallying cries.

    Superb articulation of principles. It reminds me of the last photo of Vicki Weaver. In one photo everything you said was summed up. I wonder if this image can be used as a rallying cry to carve out a new country from part of the Western US?

    Something so startling about this photo. Like watching her from the eyes of an alien predator.

    • Agree: Franz
  3. Republic says:

    The War In Ukraine is a war between the Nationalists and the Globalist.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  4. anonymous[335] • Disclaimer says:

    So saith the parasitic and thieving jew.

    • Agree: Pastit
  5. A123 says: • Website

    Mass emigration of Muslims out of Infidel countries would be a huge win for Christians, and Hindus, and Jews, and Buddhists, and…

        Muslim Colonies are the Problem!
                Muslim Decolonization is the Answer!

    This applies in:
    • Germany
    • Lebanon
    • France
    • Jewish Palestine
    • Italy
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • India

    And, so on….

    Imagine how much easier this Winter would be without millions of non-European, MENA origin parasites.

    The scourge of IslamoGloboHomo must be resisted. No one wants SJW Islamic culture.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Ramstein
  6. SteveK9 says:

    Who is this we? Are you an Israeli? If you are an American, well, my God, you really do think you own the place.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  7. @Republic

    It’s between aggressive Jewish Imperialism and defensive Russian Imperialism with Russo-Ukrainians and West-Ukrainians caught in the middle.

  8. meamjojo says:

    Many of the posters here say Jews own America. What am I missing?

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  9. The ONLY solution to the Jew Problem and the third-world savage problem in White countries is to solve these things by FORCE. That is the ONLY way to send the proper message and to regain the upper hand of Whites along with our moral superiority.
    It is worth fighting a civil war no matter how brutal and ugly. The near future is going to get very ugly no matter what. Whites WILL win if they will fight. The cowardly Whites currently being all happy clappy with our nonWhite enemies will change their tune when power shifts to proper White men and women who care about preserving civilization.

    • LOL: meamjojo
  10. “It’s Happening! But They Rothschilds Don’t Want You To Know…”

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  11. Ramstein says:

    You’re wrong, jew. The scourge of GloboHomoShlomo must be resisted. There, I fixed it for you.

    • Replies: @A123
  12. @loner feral cat

    What happened in Srilanka was not what you think it was. It was a coup arranged by America because the previous President was too leaning towards China. Therefore Rothschild must have approved that coup.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  13. @Old Brown Fool

    Just a meager messenger trying desperately to keep his mouth shut.

    Nevertheless, find this site to be rather relevant and knowledge-dense.

    Of course, you need to decide for yourself.

    “Why Sri Lanka Is Collapsing: The Coming Global Food Crisis”

    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  14. Thomasina says:

    “What am I missing?”

    You’re missing the future.

  15. A123 says: • Website

    I am Christian. So let me repeat the TRUTH for you because:

    The scourge of IslamoGloboHomo must be resisted. No one wants SJW Islamic culture.

    Try to retain it this time.

    PEACE 😇


  16. nsa says:

    The Palestinians can at least figure out the tribe effing them over. The Magastinians are so stupid they couldn’t figure out who is behind their replacement with turd worlders even if given a thousand years to think about it..

  17. move to Japan and don ‘Japanese’-ness like an article of clothing.

    It worked for Bond:

  18. bert33 says:

    china will one day govern the planet pretty much, strength in numbers and all that. Asia total ha like 5 billion people in it, if they all get organized they wil eventually sooner than later migrate into the african continent then europe an then the US. 8 billion worldwide as of november, as per the UN. gonna be strange and gonna get crowded here and abroad

  19. anonymous[143] • Disclaimer says:

    If we are to talk about win-win solutions. Do you think secession is worth attempting? Could a new traditional American nation emerge from the area west of a line drawn from Austin to Fargo? The West Coast would off course not be included although southern Oregon would need to be added to the new traditional American nation for ocean access. There was an advisory referendum in May in which several Oregon counties voted for annexation by Idaho.

    In rural Oregon, voters in several counties want their state to go from Democratic blue to Republican red — and to do that, they hope to leave Oregon altogether and join neighboring Idaho. Five counties approved ballot measures this week, joining two others that had already voted in favor of the idea.

    “This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon,” said Mike McCarter, president of the advocacy group Citizens for Greater Idaho.

    He added, “If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”

    All seven counties voted heavily for former President Donald Trump — whose name appears 17 times in the advocacy group’s 41-page proposal to shift the borders.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  20. A123 says: • Website

    The Greater Idaho concept has potential. As it does not change the number of States it is a local issue. Phase I of the proposal can advance with wins in both states and the counties to be moved.

    This can occur without the Phase II part of California shown on the map. While it makes sense, that piece might not be available


    Given the financial difficulties faced by the State of Oregon, giving them cash to agree to the transfer would be tricky, but possible.

    The idea of a national partition seems far fetched. What would happen to military assets, U.S. debt, etc… Plus, the actual political distribution on the ground looks like this:


    There is no “neat” border separating red and blue. There are blue islands in a red sea. Borders would be contentious. The Blues, would rightly correctly fear being 100% surrounded by New Red America. However, anything providing a contiguous Blue nation would leave too many genuine Americans in Blue territory.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @anonymous
  21. anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:

    The idea of a national partition seems far fetched. What would happen to military assets, U.S. debt, etc… Plus, the actual political distribution on the ground looks like this:

    A new country founded between 100th and 120th merdian west with ocean access through southern Oregon would give white Christian people the hope of a new start. If Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico were left out there would only be one liberal metro area (Denver). The 80% white Christian country would be able to deal with having one liberal city. The military bases would be leased to the US. The national debt would be divided by number of people who depart. The key is the promise of a new America with a 80% white Christian population and preserving the old America.

  22. A new country founded between 100th and 120th merdian west with ocean access through southern Oregon would give white Christian people the hope of a new start.

    There’s little water in the West.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. Anymike says:

    Don’t you know? Boundary changes are verboten under the Glob0-homo-Zogo-Waspo-Sino-Krauto world order. Not just disallowed or not permitted. Verboten.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  24. anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Lack of water could be considered a strength because population density is kept low. Not many big cities would emerge, meaning liberation. The Jewish and black dynamic imposing white guilt could not emerge. The arrangement has permanence unlike Texas independence (with Greater Houston, Austin, etc.) If Texas seceded completely intact the same old cultural fights and white guilt erosion of identity would start up again.

  25. anonymous[944] • Disclaimer says:

    A Washington Post columnist likes the idea of Texas and Oklahoma seceding.

    It makes sense to the ruling elites to dump white Christians into a separate country. It’s hard to win presidential elections and control the Senate with so many conservative whites still citizens of the US. Important institutions like the military are becoming dysfunctional because the suspiscion of disloyalty against ruling elites is causing ruling elites to ruin those same organizations to keep them politically reliable. The US military can’t meet recruitment targets because of the vaccine mandate. However, the vaccine mandate absurd on the surface is necessary to ensure no future disobedience during a political crisis with widespread doubts about the integrity of the presidential election. If the US military continues to miss recruitment targets by tens of thousands in a single year then the ability of the US military to defend Israel becomes worriesome.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  26. @anonymous

    Let Mexico take back the whole SW.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  27. anonymous[272] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    I humbly request your serious thoughts about the proposal, a write up, and conclusion as to whether it is viable way for white Christians to save themselves.

    What’s a catchy name for the new nation? The MAGA Republic?

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