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‘Latino’ or ‘Latinx’ Is an Insult to the True Identity of the Indigenous Peoples of What Is Called ‘Latin America’ — Indigeneity of the Original Peoples Was Destroyed by the Diversity Brought Forth by Spanish and Portuguese Imperialists Who Furthered Diversity with Massive Influxes of African Slaves — Diversity Conquered and Raped Indigeneity
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Mayan Civilization was not Latino. Then, why are peoples of Mayan backgrounds called ‘Latino'(or ‘Latinx’)?

Inca Civilization was not Latino. Then, why are peoples of Inca backgrounds called ‘Latino'(or ‘Latinx’)?

‘Latinos’ is out, ‘Latinx’ is in at UC San Diego in nod to evolving gender and sexuality terms

The real moral outrage should be this: Why use ‘Latino’ or ‘Latinx'(or Latin-whatever) to designate so many people of Mexico, Central America, and South America who are NOT of Latin identity, history, or heritage?

Latin-whatever is an IMPOSED identity in Mexico-Central-America-South-America UNLESS one happens to be of European Conquistador or Immigration-Invader origin(or have substantial white blood). In truth, the native peoples of those regions had an existence going back 10,000s of yrs. And some of them had histories and unique cultures going back 1,000s of yrs. So, they had an identity BEFORE the arrival of the Europeans who came as imperialists and conquerors. And under Latin-American rule, they were not co-masters of Mexico-Central-America-South-America but, more often than not, subjects and slaves of the European Conquerors. So, referring to ALL the people of that region as ‘Latino’ or ‘Latin-whatever’ is deeply insulting.

Imagine if we call Filipinos ‘Latin-Asians’ because they were ruled by the Spanish for centuries. Suppose we refer to Asian Indians as Anglo-Asians because of 250 yrs of British domination. And supposed we refer to black Africans as Latin-Africans, Gallic-Africans, Anglo-Africans, Dutch-Africans, Belgian-Africans, and etc. because much of Africa had been ruled by various European colonizers at one time. It is simply wrong to refer to the indigenous Meso-‘Americans’ as ‘Hispanics’ or ‘Latinos'(or the utterly ridiculous and decadent ‘Latinx’, which sounds like Latin-Dominatrix).

At the very least in the US, we don’t refer to blacks and American Indians as ‘Anglo’. Even though they came under Anglo power and learned to speak English, they are still referred to as ‘African’ or ‘Indian’ or ‘Native American’. That much of their true identity is respected. They are not labeled with the generic term of Anglo or Anglx. But for some reason, everyone( regardless of racial or cultural origin) in Mexico-Central-America-South-America is called ‘Latino’ and now ‘Latinx’ even if he or she(or ‘they’?) has no white blood or little white blood. The deep identity of the indigenous folks are disregarded, and they are merely labeled with the identity of the European imperialists who conquered them. It’s as if they had no history, identity, and culture prior to the arrival of Europeans. And blacks in and from that part of the world are also referred to as ‘Latino’ and now ‘Latinx’ even though they are really African in origin and were enslaved and brought by force by the Latin-European and Latin-Jewish slavers.

Using this logic, I suppose Palestinians living under Jewish rule should be called Judeo-Arabs. (Slavery under Jews was especially tragic. If European Christian slavers and Muslim slavers were at least willing to share God and Jesus/Muhammad with the slave population, Jews didn’t share the Covenant with their slaves. Via Conversion to Christianity or Islam, the slave was made the equal of the master at least in spiritual matters. But the Jewish Covenant was only for Jews, and Jewish masters never regarded the goy slaves as their spiritual equal.)

Another thing. This gender-bender ideology is just the latest in Western Cultural Imperialism(now gone decadent and degenerate under Jewish-capitalist globo-homo nuttery). Indeed, gender-ideology, Homomania, and LGBTQ-ism are essentially proxy forms of Judeo-globalism. It is the Jewish Imperialist equivalent of Christianity. Since Jews hate Christianity and no longer believe in something like Marxism, they need a neo-‘spiritual’ and missionary ideological agenda to unite all elites around the world. And their ‘spiritual’ weapon is Globo-Homomania. Why? Because gender-bender-ism poses no economic challenge to the ruling elites. After all, homos and trannies are naturally vain and narcissistic and suck up to the rich and powerful. Also, because homos and trannies everywhere are favored, lionized, and elevated by the power of the globalist elites, they become the most loyal servants of globo-homo world domination. ‘Gay rights’ turned into Gay Rites, the consecration of the homos and trannies by the Gay Ray of the sodomy ‘rainbow’.
Also, as every nation has its share of homos with grievances, those homos make ideal fifth-columnists who will be most willing to collaborate with globalist Jewish power. Jews and homos see eye-to-eye in favoring elite-minority rule over goyim and straights.

Most Chinese are patriotic and stand with China, and most Iranians are patriotic and stand with Iran. But homos & trannies in China and Iran are likely to be disgruntled because they don’t get the adoration & adulation that homos(and increasingly trannies) receive in the Jewish controlled West. So, they will be most likely to collaborate with Jewish globalists to subvert their own nations. After all, if Jewish globo-homo ideology takes over China and Iran, the homos there will be elevated and celebrated as saints, angels, and even gods.

So, this ‘Latinx’ business is a double-assault on the indigenous folks of what is called ‘Latin America’. Their true indigenous identity is (1) buried under the imperialist identity of the European conquerors and (2) pasted over with the decadent & degenerate consumer-capitalist cultism of Jewish globo-homo world order. It is total BS.

A real movement for a truer sense of identity for all the indigenous folks in ‘Latin America’ should call for the rejection of the term ‘Latin’ altogether. ‘Latino’ or ‘Latin-whatever’ should ONLY apply to people in ‘Latin America’ who are white or mostly white of Spanish or Portuguese origin(and maybe Italian origin). People who are brown or mostly indigenous should recover & revive their own indigenous identities and insist that they be referred to as such than being labeled with the imperialist identity of the very people who conquered them, ‘genocided’ them, enslaved them, and ‘raped’ them(to create the mixed-race Mestizo).

What is called ‘Latin America’ is the most tragic part of the world. At least in North America and Australia(and Siberia), the native populations were small enough to be easily conquered and pacified. In contrast, it is estimated that there were 60 million people(with reasonably advanced and complex civilizations) in what is now referred to as ‘Latin America’. And around 55 million of them were killed, mostly by disease but also by guns and greed. At the very least, Asians, Middle Easterners, and Africans were immune to the diseases brought by Europeans. (If anything, a disease that began in Asia came to wipe out 1/3 of Europeans in the Bubonic Plague.) So, in time, Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners all regained their territories and independence from the Europeans. But the indigenous peoples and cultures of Mexico-Central-America-South-America came under permanent domination by the European Imperialist elites. And this takeover wasn’t merely political or economic but even in the area of cultural identity. By calling the indigenous brown people of Mexico-Central-America-South-America as ‘Latino’, ‘Latinx’ or ‘Latin-whatever’, they’ve been denied not only political independence(from European Conquistadoreans) but their own cultural and racial identity.

Sadly however, browns must be awful stupid because, instead of seeing the big picture, they think they won some great Culture War by being suckered by Jewish imperialism into embracing the globo-homo ‘Latinx’ idiocy as their true identity. No wonder they were so easily and permanently conquered by the Spanish and Conquistadors. They are estupidx.

Finally, it goes without saying that most Latin-Americans(of European background) prefer the vague and confused terminology of ‘Latino’(or ‘Latinx’) that obfuscates the identities of whites, browns, and blacks(and all the mixed-raced mestizos and mulattos). This way, white Latinos(of Conquistador background) can posture as ‘people of color’ and pretend to be ‘victims of gringo imperialismo’ and demand ‘affirmative action’. By posturing as people-of-color, they can pretend to have much in common with browns(whom they conquered and raped) and blacks(whom they enslaved and exploited). There are few things more disgusting than the sight of all those white Latin Americans(who still dominate most of ‘Latin America’ politically and economically) pretending that “race doesn’t matter in ‘Latin America’ because everyone is totally mixed” when, in fact, there are many color barriers and hierarchies in Mexico-Central-America-South-America. The loose terminology of ‘Latino’ allows white Latin Americans of Conquistador or Immigrant-Imperialist backgrounds to wash their hands clean of all their invasions, genocides, and acts of enslavement. After all, if a white Latin American and a indigenous brown person are both equally ‘Latino’(or ‘Latinx’), then it means they are one and the same or interchangeable. ROTFL.

Most Latin Americans who gain favoritism via Affirmative Action in elite institutions are white or mostly white. Their ancestors pioneered the conquest of the Americas and carried out the first ‘genocides’ and mass-rapes of the natives. But now, they go around pretending to be ‘people of color’, poor victims of Yanqui Imperialismo, and take advantage of Affirmative Action programs that were designed to help black Americans and American Indians. Such a shameless people without an ounce of honor. Look at Guillermo Del Toro and Marco Rubio. They are white-as-can-be, but they pretend to be spokesmen for the People of Color. They call for mass-migration as a human right when, in fact, it was the mass-migration of European Conquistadors into the New World that set off the worst mass deaths and exploitation in human history. The story of mass migration has been about Human Might, not Human Right. The more powerful people migrated into other lands and took them over. Just ask the Palestinians what mass migration of Jews did to that part of the world.
If people like Guillermo Del Toro and Marco Rubio really believe in mass-migration as a good, how about all the white Latinos in Mexico-Central-America-South-America migrating back to Europe and handing over the lands back to the indigenous peoples who were destroyed by the Imperialism? Restore indigeneity by removing diversity.

Guillermo Del Toro of European Conquistador background is a Latino.

This indigenous brown woman is a ‘Latina’. ROTFL.

Cubano Marco Rubio of Conquistador background is a Latino.

Evo Morales of Indigenous Blood is also ‘Latino’. ROTFL.

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  1. It varies A LOT by country, of course – but most inhabitants of today’s Latin America are mixed to some degree. (Thanks Spanish and Portuguese ‘conquistadores’!)

    Surely: People like Marco Rubio are in fact White, despite [Marco Rubio] being around 9% non-White. Bolsonaro, by the way, is probably 100% White – his ancestors are not ‘conquistadores’, but RECENT German and Italian immigrants.

    Speaking of Brazil: I’d think between 15% to 30% of Brazil’s population is White, depending on how ‘Nordicist’ your definition of ‘White’ is. (Meanwhile, around 40% to 45% of Brazilians self-classify as ‘White’.) I’m sure, in Brazil, people who self-classify as ‘Black alone’ are waaay more mixed than Brazilians who self-classify as ‘White alone’ – I honestly think it’ll be hard to find a full-blooded African in Brazil; regarding the autochthonous peoples of Brazil, there are NOT many left… but, surely, the remaining ones who live in the forests are unmixed. (P.S.: Brazil has also a sizable East Asian minority; and an even more sizable population of peoples from the Levant.)

  2. KDE1711 says:

    Great article. Jung-Freud has a knack for original and incisive thinking conveyed in simple, direct language.
    My mestizo race was created through sexual domination. The Spaniards came with their guns, beards, and advantage in height, making incels out of an untold number of the Indians who didn’t succumb to disease. Individual Spaniards would take harems of Indian women. Spanish women coming over and marrying Indian men? It didn’t happen.
    The conquest was overall a positive thing, because it brought the natives the Catholic faith. But the heroic priests who attended to the Indians’ souls could rarely protect them from the predations of the secular colonists.
    Race-mixing is a form of violence. On the individual level, it’s not inherently immoral or unnatural. But whenever it’s allowed to become a common practice, it always manifests as the men of one tribe humiliating the men of another tribe. I’m married to a mestiza, and will expect our children to follow our example.
    The author’s sensitivity to the injustice visited on the indigenous peoples of the Americas is laudable. Indeed, sympathy for the Indian is a rare area of close alignment between my views and the left. No enemy of the globalist elite should be indifferent to their ongoing ordeal. The sterilization of Peruvian women in the 1990’s, for example, presaged the globalists’ long-term plans for the rest of us.

    *Note to admin: I made a similar post under a different handle a few weeks ago, but I’m not a spammer. I restarted the network settings on my phone and lost the auto-fill for the fictitious email from my original handle. I’ll stick to this one henceforth. Thanks.

  3. Franz says:

    All us palefaces are… what? Caux?

    No more of this “white” stuff. We’re caux and we’re proud.

  4. Let’s say “Filipino”, “Filipinx” is out, a tribute to the beast who so bloodily suppressed the Reformation in the Netherlands.

  5. Notsofast says:

    if anything good can come out of the planned demolition of the west, it might be central and south america regaining sovereignty. the monroe doctrine is a joke and you can be sure that china and russia will move in quickly after the u.s. response to taiwan and ukraine.

    they are already talking about expanding the brics block into a new g8. the record oil prices are going to fuel the venezuelan, mexican, and brazilian economies. i have been impressed with obrador, especially by his actions during during the bolivan coup, granting morales sanctuary that saved his life.

  6. The inventors of Latinx probably don’t even have a clue about the actual genetic make up of many, and in some countries, most of the people who reside in the Spanish speaking Americas. Gender focus is the flavor of the day, and inventing the silly little term Latinx is the “fix” they provided.

  7. Totally agree with your premise, but to what continent do white ppl go when the Great Cleansing begins? Type “indigenous people of Europe” into Google and see what you get, or “European people history.” We are supposedly native to no place on Earth. Maybe we get Antarctica!

    • Replies: @Anon
  8. An interesting article. The chutzpah of these people to impose an identity upon people like Latin Americans, without their permission or approval is astounding. Most Latin Americans reject the term “latinx” as demeaning and counterproductive.

  9. Emilia says:

    It’s very interesting to compare the history of Latin America with that of the Philippines. Even though both places (other than Brazil in the Americas) fell under Spanish control, the influence of Spain in Latin America is much greater, both genetically and culturally. There was race-mixing in the Philippines, but because relatively few Spaniards went there, the number of Filipino mestizos was small. Latin America took on a “father knows best” mentality, with the majority of mixed Latin Americans taking on the customs of their European fathers – most notably the Spanish language – while in the Philippines, “father” was usually a Filipino man.

    With regard to Native American men becoming “incels,” the same thing happened to a smaller degree among the Bounty mutineers: the Tahitian women all chose to go with the European men on the Bounty, and those who had Polynesian husbands left them or, at least, failed to produce any children with them once they were on Pitcairn Island (one of the women apparently had an older daughter by a Polynesian man when the Bounty men came to Tahiti). Some say any pregnancies they had with Polynesian men were aborted (Polynesians apparently had techniques to terminate pregnancies).

    Another example of men from the “subordinate” group being excluded from the gene pool occurred on the Cape Verde islands, a former Portuguese colony off Africa. The population apparently stems from a mixture of African slaves and European settlers. Since European Y chromosomes constitute a significant part of the gene pool (and European mitochondrial lineages from females almost nothing), that implies that a considerable number of African males were probably left mateless.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
  10. KDE1711 says:

    Fascinating stuff.
    I’ve wondered why the Spaniards didn’t significantly mix with the Filipinos. The Castilian tongue was well-established among the elite before the WASP “liberators” repressed it, however. It’s remarkable that Catholicism has held on firmly in the Philippines despite 120 years of WASP/Masonic occupation. In Central America and Brazil, the faith has taken a beating from Evangelicalism (aka Jew-and-money-worship).
    Regarding Brazil, Lusification didn’t really take off until the eighteenth century. For the first couple centuries of colonization, the lingua franca remained Tupi.
    In my first comment, I probably exaggerated the degree of miscegenation in Mexico and elsewhere. The thriving survival of indigenous populations today belies the notion of total racial transformation. It’s likely that mestizos only gradually came to outnumber natives, through breeding with them. As white blood became more widely diffused, its average concentration among mestizos likely diminished, although continued European immigration reinforced the white presence.
    Note that racial-sexual hierarchy isn’t necessarily based on supposed objective standards of aesthetics or sexual prowess, but on arbitrary cultural values. Cantonese women, for example, looked down upon Portuguese men. Neither they nor the women of Cabo Verde – who did mate with the Portuguese – seem to have been swayed by relative priapic talent. Contrary to what porn would have you believe, women generally do not find blacks desirable. Mating with a black affords idiotic young women (usually but not always white) a heightened status in liberal society. I was at the mall the other day and saw three such couples. This country sold its soul to Mammon and Zion, and is paying the price.

  11. Dimitrie says:

    The peoples of Central & South America are the result of mixing between Spaniards and indigenes. Spaniards are latin as culture, language (and in a great degree blood) so why is a problem to call latin their off spring? Is this an attempt of political correctness?

    Let’s do not be so impressed about the so called “great civilization” of pre-Columbian. They were rotten to the core, their inner matrix was irremediable dead (and that before the arrival of europeans). Otherwise no way to fall so completely. Let’s do not idolize the aztec-inca-maya noble savage and their failure!

    And more important let’s take their history as a remember to us of what can happen if we forget our way in front of God.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
    , @Vergissmeinnicht
  12. Emilia says:

    Hi, KDE1711. I think that race mixing was less prevalent in the Philippines because few Spaniards (and other Europeans) went there. With regard to the Spanish language in the Philippines, if the Americans had not come, Spanish would have probably become the “lingua franca” of the elite (as English is in India, for example), but without a huge influx of Spaniards and a resulting mestizo population, Spanish would not have become the mother tongue of most Filipinos.

    • Thanks: KDE1711
  13. KDE1711 says:

    “And more important let’s take their history as a remember to us of what can happen if we forget our way in front of God.“

    Amen. I don’t think the Americans, who’ve sacrificed millions of fetuses to their matriarchal sex cult, are any less bloody than the Mexica (Aztec was the coinage of a German ethnographer). We just keep the slaughter out of public view.

    • Replies: @Dimitrie
  14. Emilia says:

    Regarding the Philippines, one Spanish book referred to the Philippines as part of “Hispanoasia” (I suppose the rest of “Hispanoasia” might include the island of Guam, for instance?), which in itself is not “wrong.” For example, the Indonesian islands are sometimes called the “Dutch East Indies,” even though the Netherlands had much less impact on Indonesia than Spain had on the Philippines. However, the Spanish book also made some questionable claims, such as that Spanish men fathered millions of mestizos in the Philippines (there do not seem to have been enough Spaniards in the Philippines to spawn a large-scaled mestizo population).

    About Indians being “Anglo-Asians,” there is a population called the Anglo-Indians, descendants of British (or other European) men and Asian Indian women. A famous Anglo-Indian is the singer Engelbert Humperdinck (aka Arnold George Dorsey). However, the Anglo-Indians were a miniscule portion of the Indian population, so unlike mestizos (and mulattoes) in Latin America, they never managed to transform India’s character.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  15. Emilia says:

    Sorry, I mean to say “large-scale” population.

  16. Emilia says:

    Also, about the Filipinos and the Spanish language, I find (at least judging from the Filipino community here in Canada where I live), the older Filipinos speak Spanish well enough (perhaps because Spanish was at one time a mandatory subject in schools in the Philippines), but the younger ones do not generally know it at all.

    • Replies: @JustBrooklyn Here
  17. Trinity says:

    I call all Beaners by their correct name, “Hispanic.”

    What I can’t stand is when people call mixed race Hispanic people, “Spanish.”

    Cue: Never Been To Spain by Three Dog Night

  18. Trinity says:

    Native Americans aka Injuns usually have no love for Mexicans. Matter of fact Puerto Ricans usually have no love for Mexicans and vice versa. I’ll take a Mexican over a Puerto Rican most of the time. Mexicans are the rednecks of Hispanics while the Ricans are like the negroids of the Hispanic people.

  19. They’re all Beaners if they’re in this country.

    Include the street-shitters in that, for fun.

    But it’s handier to call any and all, “Mexicans”.

    • Agree: Trinity
  20. JF you finally got the size of the article right, but now you’ve got the title too long. Keep trying, though.

  21. SafeNow says:

    My ancestors lived in Nottingham. The demonym is “Nottinghamian.” Thus, when people ask about my genealogy, I have a cool-sounding demonym (Plus there’s the cool Robin Hood aspect.). But the history is that, originally, way back, Nottingham was called “Snotta.” So, if it weren’t for the change, when people ask, SafeNow, what’s your ancestry, I would be answering with Snotta + the demonym suffix. So the moral of the story is that sometimes the demonym change is a good thing. Just imagine going through elementary school and middle school with the old version.

  22. Latin America was coined by the French a century ago. It was then called Hispanic America. They wanted to have their share.

    The identity of most of the indigenous people was indeed destroyed, including human sacrifices at a scale never seen. The population boomed after the initial impact. The treatment of the natives was much different by the Anglo-Saxons.

  23. @KDE1711

    > I’ve wondered why the Spaniards didn’t significantly mix with the Filipinos.

    Because only a very few Spanish could be sent there. Only soldiers and priests. The Philippines were ruled via the Nueva España, Mexico.

    • Thanks: KDE1711
  24. Substitute the word “Catholic” for “Latin”. Should clarify things a bit.

    Best Regards,

  25. @Dimitrie

    The peoples of Central & South America are the result of mixing between Spaniards and indigenes.

    To a degree, but depends on the country – and within-country, depends on the region.
    There are unmixed so-called ‘natives’ in Latin America, and unmixed White people as well; also, in countries like Colombia and Ecuador there are tons of Blacks and Mulattoes.

    I think it’s stupid that people like Marco Rubio/Ted Cruz having the ‘Latino advantage’ regarding quotas and Affirmative Action – as if they are REAL ‘people of colour’! No! They are White people with a Castilian surname!
    Even more stupid is calling Adam Laxalt (who might become a Senator this year) ‘Hispanic’ – ‘Laxalt’ is a Basque surname! Basques (like Catalans) are NOT Spanish, in fact, they are being oppressed by Spaniards, they want independence from the Spanish Crown!

    • Replies: @Dimitrie
  26. @Emilia

    It wouldn’t take many White men of any kind to father a lot of kids in the Philippines in pre-birth control days.

    • Replies: @Emilia
  27. Slide says:

    – appreciate article and photos, one on inca nice, also shows how far people went to have defense, against the destroyer ilk. Couple other notes, pyramd first phot, didn’t originaly have squared ledges, top along supposed ledges is pasted over to appear flat strip, lower facings grinded to change look of where original blocks are, and top pyrmd cut off, shack there instead, and ramps with steps tacked on sides. used to be whole smooth pyrmd, same as mid east. cut down by destroyer ilk, same as now.

  28. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Can I start referring to people who get inebriated too often as DRUNX?

  29. @Emilia

    Tagalog has a lot of Spanish words.

    • Replies: @Emilia
  30. 1) As Sir Canning wrote above, your title is entirely too long. This one would be better as an abstract, but then this is nothing approaching a scholarly paper.

    2) Writing “People of Color” makes you sound like some woke bastard. I hadn’t thought you were, judging from some of your other titles.

    3) I’m perfectly fine with the Conquistadors having beaten all hell out of, and conquered the Central and South American native savages. As brutal as the Spanish and Portuguese were in doing this, they had NOTHING over the violence of the natives (see MS-13).

    The Peak Stupidity blog, being more anti-cannibalism than than the author here is, has more about the subject of the alleged “noble savage” in “Cannibalism is microAggression writ Large and A visual fisking of Cortez the Killer.

    It’s just the movies, of course, but the reader may want to get a better, errr, taste, of this by watching The Green Inferno* and Apocalypto.


    * Part 2 of that review.

  31. Mac_ says:

    Well on claiming to be latinos, it seems now people are what they say they are, remember, that warren person claiming to be indian, Lying Talker would be the indian name there.

    And you know, since those in goverment and lawyers doing these things use false identities and push doing that, and I think the supreme court posers claimed trans gender people are whatever they say they are -though there is no such thing (can’t change our chromosomes), can’t remember the case some teen front doing an act about using a bathroom or something, anyway, also since we know elections are fakes, if people can say they’re whatever race, or gender, or president, or governor, we should just get together groups of us and declare ourselves president and governors and whatever else ..There’s really nothing standing in the way, except maybe some drones etc but we could figure it out.

    So who wants to be governor of what state, or head of which county, and who wants to be judges wherever ..

  32. Dumbo says:

    “Latino” just means Latin American, meaning someone born in any of the countries in this region colonized by European nations with Latin-origin languages. It is not a racial nor religious nor even a linguistic category (as you have people who speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and indigenous languages).

    “Hispanic” just seems to mean anyone who speaks Spanish as a mother tongue. Which includes Spaniards but not Brazilians.

    “Latinx” doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t even make sense in Spanish grammar.

    So, we should not talk about “Latinos” as a race or ethnicity, but simply of whites, natives, mestizos, mulattoes, mamelukes, zambos, blacks etc. as they used to do during colonization.

  33. @Dumbo

    Americans who can trace their heritage back to Québec should say they are ‘Latinos’ to the Census – Québec is ‘Latin American’, after all! Hence, be eligible for Gov’t benefits and quotas.

  34. Trinity says:

    Just call every Beaner, “Chico” or Jose.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  35. Cris M. says:

    Interesting article, on the latin -x thing, beside being false grouping, in putting x across everything, the cons made many of the letters and words, and put labels on everyone to use people. Notice ‘x, first used to mean none, or dead, then later they used as multiply, math, then they made the word se’x’ and used it, then triple ‘x on their smut, and use it in words, such as example, then slap it on more labels such as here. They put it everywhere to mess with our brain.

    Every time we see x it’s mind twisting. Should spell it secs instead. No reason not to, only ones who would argue are the filth cons. Need to make own labels, stop letting them label everything and us. The comment further up at 28. said can they start referring to people who get inebriated as ‘drunx’, -ha. and why spell it drunks instead of x, should question, compare.

    Agree should consider separate original browns from the schemer browns and whites. Should add at this point obviously people should be thinking in natural law, predatory ourselves, predatory offense in defense, for right purpose is morally right, and different than the schemers doing poison and destruction.

  36. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Red Pill Angel

    The Birth of the Peoples Republic of Antarctica.

    1983 by John Calvin Bachelor

    Its a book from the 80s, concerns mass immigration from the third world into Europe and the displacement and extermination of the Europeans, the survivors flee by ship to Antarctica.

    Stark by Ben Elton is another book worth reading.

    Atlantis Rising by Clive Cussler also.

    • Thanks: Red Pill Angel
  37. Emilia says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I guess by “millions” I think of, say, at least 30 million, 40 million or more. Given that European DNA in the Philippine population is not particularly large, “millions” seems a bit high.

  38. Emilia says:
    @JustBrooklyn Here

    It does. For example, the other day I was passing by a Filipino woman talking on her cell phone in Tagalog or some other Filipino language and heard her saying “Trabajo” (“work”) in Spanish.

  39. Emilia says:
    @Carlos Andres

    From the (relatively few) studies on admixture in the Philippines I’ve seen, it seems that mixing between Spaniards and Filipinas (I’m using the feminine here because almost all such pairing involved Spanish men and Filipino women) were more common in less remote regions (i.e. cities and lowland areas).

  40. AceDeuce says:

    I just call’em all “Spix”, and have done with it…

  41. In truth, the native peoples of those regions had an existence going back 10,000s of yrs. And some of them had histories and unique cultures going back 1,000s of yrs. So, they had an identity BEFORE the arrival of the Europeans who came as imperialists and conquerors.

    Indeed. Since people of the Right (POR, People of the Right) like to quote Spengler rather than read him, it should be noted that Spengler included the Mesoamerican (Inca/Mayan) among his eight “high cultures,” right along with Classical and Gothic Europe.

    This is an important point because while Mesoamerica had actual nations and civilizations, North American “Indians” were nothing but small bands of hunter/gatherers. The Pilgrims did not “invade” or “defeat” some nation, nor were they “immigrants” (which implies going from one nation to another) but simply moved into mostly empty space., while fending off attacks from the barbarian tribes.

    This needs to be understood, so as to resist the half-truths and lies that make up the Woke narrative (e.g., “we are all immigrants,” or “the Pilgrims invaded America” etc.)

  42. Stealth says:

    I have noticed a sharp reduction in, shall we say, mall couples this summer (the stereotype that AAs stay inside during the winter months appears to be largely true). Not that I never see them anymore, but I don’t spot these couples every time I turn my head, which was almost literally true during 2020 and 2021. I think that trend was given a short term boost by the mass hysteria resulting from George Floyd’s death. There are certainly attractive people of both sexes in every race, but the black guys young white women are choosing to date these days are not good looking at all. Like you, I think there’s no chance they’re actually attracted to them.

    • Agree: KDE1711
    • Replies: @KDE1711
  43. @Carlos Andres

    Bingo. This is also noticeable in Filipino cuisine, heavily influenced by that of … Mexico, not Spain. The famous ‘Manila galleons’ came from Nueva España and returned there. The only Filipino language which has a fair number of Spanish cognates is Viscayan – more than Tagalog (the language taught in schools now). The Spanish first landed on Cebu as I recall, which is one of the middle islands where Viscayan is the native tongue.

    On the subject of admixture in the Philippines, the Chinese first landed there circa. 800 so there are probably some Chinese (probably Cantonese) genes floating around in certain places there. Of course with American and Japanese (however brief) rule in the 20th century, a genetic map of Philippines would be quite an interesting one.

    • Replies: @Emilia
  44. Any person of reasonable intelligence who is aware of the history of those people called “Hispanic” or “Latin” in the United States can see for themselves that these terms can only be properly used in referring to those that use of Spanish language. It can be plainly seen that these people cover the racial spectrum from pure black, mulatto (black white mix), zambo (black indian mix), mestizo (indian white mix) pure indians, and pure whites. These terms were created by communists that wanted to create another group to sew further racial divisions and strife in the US. The US government census department calls pure white people from Central and South America Hispanic, but calls brown-skinned Arabs and Iranians white. What gives?

  45. KDE1711 says:

    I own a kindle, and half the time I open it up I see ads for trashy women’s romance novels. What race is the man on the cover? Always white. Even the woke af Amazon won’t let the faith trump profit when it truly counts.

  46. Dimitrie says:

    It is true what you said. America and a whole lot of european countries we are in the same bucket with this. I use wrong “if we forget”. Correct it is “If we don’t remember urgently soon”.

    • Replies: @TheJester
  47. @Trinity

    ‘Tacoan’ for the brown ones.

  48. Emilia says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    Here is a recent study on Filipino genetic makeup:

    It showed that less than 1% of all individuals in the study presented a low level of “West Eurasian” admixture. It noted that most of these less than 1% were “lowlanders” i.e. as opposed to people in more remote areas. However, another study (see below) found a “modest” amount of European ancestry (around 3.4%) in self-described Filipinos in California. Presumably, the Filipinos in the California sample were from less remote parts of the Philippines, so their ancestors would have had more possibilities of mixing with Europeans.

  49. Dimitrie says:

    Yeah, Latin-America is a real mosaic. But people abhor fine shades. So it’s simpler (and more or less wrong) to put template: latin Americans – they speak Spanish, most had a Spanish ancestor, catholic, play at the guitar, spaniards are a latin people ergo south americans are latins! Never mind that a roman I very much doubt that he will recognize in Evo Morales (or Marco Rubio for instance :D) a kinsmen.

  50. Andy says:

    only those who are originally from Lazio (Italy) can be properly called latinos

  51. The gay/tranny mania will only backfire on the people it’s supposed to benefit in places like China, Africa, and Latin America. (In the Islamic world, they’re doomed regardless.) Of course, the globalists don’t actually care about these “brave” sexual minorities they elevate to god-status. Look at how they view their Ukrainian cannon fodder.

  52. Anymike says:
    @Carlos Andres

    There is a bizarre story about a Spanish soldier from the Philippines named Gil Perez suddenly appearing in colonial era Mexico City in 1593. He was, of course, immediately taken into custody. He told the authorities that he had no idea how he had gotten there and furthermore offered them the information that the Spanish governor in the Philippines had just been murdered by pirates. He was kept in custody, and the church authorities sought to treat him as a demonic entity.

    Within a couple of months, verification of the events he described arrived in Mexico and further investigation verified his identity. He eventually was sent back to the Philippines and resumed his military duties.

    Did it happen? Well, opinion is divided between teleportation and alien abduction. But folklorists call it a legend. The foundation of the tale though is the existence of regular sea communication between the Philippines and New Spain within less than a century after Columbus. It took only that long to establish an entire civilization. An entire English civilization established in North America in only a few decades.

  53. @Dumbo

    “Hispanic” just seems to mean anyone who speaks Spanish as a mother tongue. Which includes Spaniards but not Brazilians.

    I beg to disagree on that. If you go back to ancient Roman Empire maps, you’ll see that the entire Iberian peninsula (i.e. modern day Spain plus Portugal) is referred to as “Hispania”.

  54. TheJester says:

    The millions of innocent children lost to abortion in the post-WWII United States, as well as Western Europe, would require one, I would think, to reorder the list of the traditional “purveyors of evil” in the world based on the raw numbers killed. The US numbers alone are more than 63.6 million unborn babies killed since 1973 … and this does not include the statistics from chemical abortions nor the abortions performed in New York and California that are not reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    In this reordering, the Germans would no longer be anywhere near the top of the list of “purveyors of evil” based on, let’s say, the 27 million Russians plus the 6 million Jews killed in the “holocaust” at their hands in WWII. Likewise, a reordering is in order for Europeans in general when measured against the estimated 55 million indigenous peoples killed by Europeans during the European conquest of the Americas from 1492 through 1600 as well as the estimated 12.8 million Africans enslaved and shipped across the Atlantic over a span of 400 years.

    The result: Neoliberal America takes the award for organizing the largest-scaled massacre in human history.

  55. c matt says:

    Just call them Indigenx.

  56. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Let’s say “Filipino”

    Better yet, “Philippine”, which is English. Or “Pilipino”, as F is a phoneme alien to them. (As it is, ironically, to the Finns.)

    Individual tribal names would be even better, if they still exist. Urbanization has probably shuffled everyone together by now.

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