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Kanye, Nick Fuentes, and the Jews, or at the Most Crucial Crossroads in the Destiny of the Clown World West
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When Donald Trump ran on the populist platform in 2016 and called out Open Borders RINOS and Neocon warmongers, he angered Jewish Power that, for the next four years, was hell bent on doing whatever it took to dismantle his agenda and presidency. A sideshow at the time was Kanye West’s surprising support of Trump and unsurprisingly finding himself in hot water, much deeper than anyone realized at the time. One thing both figures had in common since that moment until recently was either subordination or silence about the power of Zion.

Even though Jews were at the forefront of the Dump-Trump campaign, the Donald understood they were too powerful for him to fight back effectively; Jews and goyim relying on Jewish support held all the cards in the institutions and industries that matter. Democratic Jews bashed him mercilessly, but all he could do was suck up to Israel and Neocon types(or Neocucks like Mike Pompeo) even more in the hope that Jews won’t whip him too badly. He could never hope for Jews being pro-Trump, only for Jews being somewhat less harsh on thump-Trump.

Trump likely wished that if he caved to every hardline Israeli demand, his Jewish ‘allies’ would communicate to Democratic Jews to ease the pain on the Bad Orange Man. The only choices were being rammed in the ass seven days a week OR rammed in the ass six days a week with one day off for ‘good behavior’. Needless to say, Jewish Power was doing a Good Jew/Bad Jew number on him. The ‘bad Jews’ would attack him relentlessly, forcing Trump to lean on ‘good Jews’ for help. Of course, the ‘good Jews’ understood Trump’s reliance on them stemmed from attacks by the ‘bad Jews’. The classic methodology of Good Cop/Bad Cop. For the Good Cop to get the goods, the suspect must come under immense pressure from the Bad Cop.

Then, it’s no wonder that even as the ‘good Jews’ pretended to be Trump’s friends, they hardly did anything to alleviate the endless needling and tormenting of Trump from the ‘bad Jews’. For all that Trump did for the ‘good Jews’, he got rammed in the ass seven days a week. He couldn’t even get Sunday off from the constant ass-ramming but nevertheless continued to cuck to the ‘good Jews’ in the hope that, gee whiz, maybe he could have at least one day without the Jewish dong up his bung. Trump gave Israel and Netanyahu all they demanded and rolled over and played fetch for Zion, even scrapping plans for improved relations with Russia, leaving US troops in Syria, and assassinating general Soleimani. It was truly a pathetic sight to behold.

And when it was time for Jewish Power to pull every trick in the book, the key election year of 2020 was torn asunder with Covid tyranny(and economic downturn) and BLM pogroms and mass protests. The very Jewish voices, who’d insisted everyone must stay put due to the pandemic, cheered on the riots and mass protests, as if Covid 19 virus somehow passes-over the ‘woke’, much like the Old Testament tells of God’s wrath passing over the Jews and only smiting the bad Egyptians.

Jewish Power did all this to Trump and dragged him through the dirt. It ruined his presidency and rigged elections(most certainly), and the cucked deep state was in on the sham. Meanwhile, Trump’s Jewish ‘allies’ hardly did anything to push back against the fraud and scandal, and most of them were probably working behind the scenes to get Joe Biden elected.

After all, both Jewish-Libs or Jewish-Cons are about Jews-uber-alles and Zionic supremacism, and so, why shouldn’t Jews on both sides of the aisle favor Biden over Trump when Biden is, incredibly enough, even more servile to the Jews? Whereas Trump played on being implicitly pro-white as well as explicitly pro-Jewish, Biden is explicitly pro-Jewish and explicitly anti-white(as long as his own white collaborator-clan get protection and privilege as ‘made men’). Even as Trump took it up his rump from Zion and delivered on just about every Israeli demand, he did stoke white populism, a total no-no in the eyes of Jews, ‘left’ or ‘right’.

Indeed, many Neocon Jews in the GOP attacked Trump ceaselessly(as their ideal white goy is someone like Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham) or even openly joined with the Democrats. For the longest time, Jews had regarded the Democratic Party as the Jewish Party and the GOP as the Other Party. Thus, the main reason why some Jews joined the GOP was not to adopt American Conservatism but to infiltrate and alter the party so that it would, at the very least, be servile to Zion.
The Democratic Party was 100% aligned with Jewish demands: Pro-Zionist, globalist, open borders, anti-gun, globo-homo, Negrolatry(against whites), and politically correct. The Republicans, on the other hand, stood for certain values and interests at odds with the Jewish-American domestic agenda, and this reality could have(and should have) led to the GOP being the Anti-Jewish Party. Jews feared such a development, and so, some joined the GOP as neocons and tantalized the Republicans with the hope that smart, rich, and energetic Jews(who also radiated with Holocaust Glow) would come to their side. Republicans and conservatives were so taken with the idea of Holy Genius Jews coming over to their camp that they went out of their way to roll out the red carpet(and silence anyone on their side who might displease these Jewish guests).

So, even as the GOP continued to support various interests at odds with the Jewish Agenda, it was completely committed to revering Zion, if only to appease the relatively few but oh-so-very-precious Jews in the Party. Indeed, the fact that the GOP disappointed, angered, or infuriated Jews on many domestic issues compelled Republicans to cuck even harder on Israel and foreign policy as compensation. It was especially so with the presidency of George W. Bush who handed the entirety of foreign policy to the Neocons on a silver platter.

The Trump Experiment or ‘Trumperiment’ has been eye-opening about the character of Jewish Power and its relation to whites. The essence of Trumperiment was to respect Jewish Power while insisting on the validity of white populist nationalism. In other words, Trump’s deal to the Jews went as follows: “We whites and Christians will support Israel and not badmouth Jews, and you Jews will, at the very least, tolerate(if not respect) white populism and nationalism as counterbalance against unfettered globalism. Something for you people and something for us, with Jews getting a larger share of the pie but not everything.

But, what has been the Jewish Response? It was to employ all means(that would make Joe McCarthy blush) to crush white identity, white pride, white unity, white interests, white history, white genetics, white everything. As for traditional values and social norms, down the toilet they go. The only way forward is globo-homo and tranny-wanny as proxies of Jewish Hegemonism. And if Trump, despite having cucked on Russia, didn’t provoke Russia to war, Biden’s Jewish-heavy administration did just that by taunting Putin as too pussy to do anything about it.

In other words, Trumperiment was an abject failure. Whereas Trump and MAGA were willing to make big concessions to Jews in exchange for Jewish tolerance(if not acceptance, let alone support) for American nationalism and populism, Jewish answer was “F*** you, get down on your knees, and suck my d***.” And it all came to a head in 2020. Despite Trump having allowed Jonathan Pollard the lowlife scum to fly off to Israel and take photos with beaming Netanyahu and despite his mob-hit on General Soleimani, Jews pushed their putsch just the same with Covid tyranny(that complicated elections, especially with mail-in voting) and BLM terrorism.

Yet, Trump is still using the old playbook, sucking up to Jews, shining their boots, kissing their ass, and sucking their d***. Jews tell Trump to get the shine box and always get their shoes shined while they mock and laugh at him. Spit-Shinin’ Trump is no Tommy(Joe Pesci) who won’t take that shit anymore.

Instead of waking up and being a real man and admitting, “I shined their shoes but they just f***ed me in the ass over and over”, he’s been whining and bleating about, “I did so much for Israel and I love you Jews, but boo hoo hoo, you Jews don’t love me back? Why not? I’m so hurt, boo hoo hooey.” He’s been acting like a pussy maggot since 2020.
And even though most MAGA types around Trump witnessed what we all did, they too have been mum about Jewish Power and its total war on them. MAGA is about pretending Jews are still the best of neighbors and friends even after they’ve burned down your house, raped your mother, murdered your father, and sold your brothers and sister to slavery. (Not that HDB is much better.)
So, Kari Lake goes on and on about election fraud but never mentions Jewish Power pulling the string. Her ilk will blame China but won’t mention Jews who control both parties, media, finance, law firms & courts, and all that matters. When push comes to shove, they are servants and slaves, dogs and cattle fearful of uttering the truth.

American Politics is essentially as follows: Jewish Masters and Deep State Operatives on top, and the Democratic Party as Alpha Dog and Republican Party as Beta Dog. Trump’s unforgivable sin in Jewish eyes was that he, as a Republican, barked like an alpha dog. Still, Trump remained a loyal dog to Jews, barking for Zion. But, a beta dog must play the role of beta, not act like alpha, and he simply had to be put down(as his obedience school training in NY had obviously failed). Trump is surely deeply angry over what happened in 2020, but he’s too afraid and too intertwined with Jewish Power to break free and speak the truth. Thus, his 2024 isn’t about MAGA and destroying the Deep State for good but about stoking his wounded ego. He wants to win again just to feel good about himself. He’s no longer a nationalist but a personalist trying to massage his butt-hurt pride. After taking it up his ass for four years, he got a red poker up his ass in 2020 from the Jews. And since 2020, Jews have gone after him with FBI raids, lawsuits, financial warfare, and endless hype about 1/6. But his main message is ‘muh lower taxes’ and ‘muh Israel’.

Trump sputters on as if Trumperiment hadn’t been a total failure, mainly on account of Jewish Power’s limitless will and unlimited means to get what it wants. Undeniably, Trumperiment failed spectacularly because it failed to assess the true character of the Jewish Will to Power and its depths of pathology and depravity. As with the Terminator, Jewish Power cannot be reasoned with. As Reagan said of the Cold War, “We win, they lose”, Jews see the whole world in those stark David-Mametian terms, and the main engine of Jewish Power is white cuckery and obeisance. Without whites as dogs and brown-nosers doing the bidding of Jews, Jews have no global power despite all their wealth. All these Wars for Zion wouldn’t be happening if whites weren’t such wheaks and whummies brown-nosing before the Jewish Supremacist arse. That is why Jews couldn’t stand a man like Trump.

For Jews, it didn’t matter that Trumpism was premised on favoritism for Jews, i.e. Jews as the top gods of the West. Jews insist on being the ONLY GOD of the whole world as globalism means everyone everywhere must submit to the ‘gods’ controlled by Jews.
Jews are only 2% of the US population, but Trumpism reserved a vaunted place for Jews. The US would remain pro-Israel and bring back anti-Iranian sanctions. It would scrap friendlier ties with Russia. Trump would appoint a whole host of neocons and neo-cucks(despite his anti-war stance) and go on and on about how much he loves Israel, how much Israelis love him(LOL), and how we worship ‘muh holocaust’.

Now, any other group in the US would have jumped at such an offer. Greek-Americans would find it more than fair if they were offered such a deal. They might even blush that they’re being favored this way. But, it wasn’t enough for Jews who want it all. They insist on absolute mastery over America, which means over the world as the US is the lone superpower. So, Jews cannot tolerate even the slightest expression of white agency and autonomy.

Trumpism, despite its doggish servility to Jews, was still predicated on some degree of bargaining, i.e. whites support Jews but Jews have to give something in return, like secure borders, modicum of concern for the white working class, respect for Christianity, and no more excessive ‘wokeness’ as Jewish proxy. But Jews had to have it all, and so, they ambushed MAGA especially hard in 2020 with BLM riots and Covid nuttery. And then with Biden’s Jewish-heavy regime, the US implemented the most radically anti-white and anti-normal agenda in US history, with the likes of Rachel Levine working with Big Pharma to determine health in America. Border security, a big theme of Trump, was totally gone. Globo-Homo was expanded hundred fold, and Negrolatry is everywhere. A war was provoked against Russia. And in order for the Democrats to own the anti-China line, Biden has been even more anti-China than Trump.

Even after all that, Republicans hardly gained anything in the 2022 elections, hopelessly rigged in the aftermath of the changes implemented by Jews in the 2020 election where ballot-harvesting pretty much legalized ballot-stuffing and encouraged lazy-voting by people who usually wouldn’t vote. The ‘most likely voter’ category is obsolete as the Jewish Machine is revved to reach every apathetic lazy moron who is likely to vote Democratic. And what is the main message from the GOP? ‘Muh Ukraine’ and ‘Trump bad for speaking with Kanye and Nick Fuentes’. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene is back to sucking Zionist dong.

Even with things falling apart in ‘blue’ areas, most people there will continue to vote Democratic because Jews control the gods. It’s like Christians will always support corrupt and bad Christians against Satanists because, however compromised the Church may be, the Temple of Satan is far far worse. Likewise, blue-city-and-suburban ‘wheaks’ and ‘whummies’ are so brainwashed with Jewish Dogma that they see Trump and MAGA as not only wrong but downright evil, worse than Hitler, and etc. while they regard Jews, blacks, and homos as the holiest of the holy. In their minds, they’re on the side of angelic ‘love’ while the other worships demonic ‘hate’, but then, why not since the GOP and even MAGA more or less play by the same rulebook as their highest gods are Jews(‘muh Israel’ and ‘we must honor Jews even when they kick us’) and blacks(the fantasy notion that MLK was a model Republican and the KKK was Democratic) and increasingly even homos. Unless whites effectively reject and demolish the gods controlled by Jews and elevate their own, they will always lose in the ‘spiritual’ war. You don’t let your enemy dictate the terms of what is good and evil. Jews would lose the spiritual argument with Christians if they accepted Jesus as the Messiah, and Christians would lose the spiritual argument with Muslims if they accepted Muhammad as the last great prophet. Whites lose to Jews because they accept the gods created or favored by Jewish Power than having their own set of gods. This is why ‘Christ Is King’ is triggering to Jews; it implies that there is some power that is higher and holier than Jews, blacks, and homos, albeit higher than whites as well. According to Jews, Christianity ideally should be Cucktianity that worships Jews, blacks, and homos than for Jews to convert to the True Faith, for blacks to remind themselves of a holy power greater than their silly megalomania, and for homos to repent for for their sins of sexual deviancy and fecal-penetration.

And this is why the Kanye-Fuentes-Milo moment matters. Now, this Milo character is rather Loki-like(from the Germanic mythology). He’s slippery and two-faced, and he may well have ulterior motives. But whatever his reasons may be, he did name the Jewish Power and call out on Trump as a hopeless ass-kisser of Zion. Some of Trump’s ass-kissing in 2016 made sense as some kind of compromise still seemed a possible even if the odds weren’t good.
But after what happened in 2020, his clinging to the discredited old formula is a sight to behold. A totally busted and broken man who’s been rammed in the ass like a bitch but still begging for more. The Trump-n-Jews Show goes like this. Most Jews say, “you’re disgusting and we hate you”, and Trump says, “I love you and did everything for Israel, so why don’t you like me, oh boo hoo hoo.” If some people hate you, hate them back. What’s the point of unconditionally loving those who murderously hate you. It’d be like a Jew who loves Himmler and the SS. It’s a form of dog-mentality as a dog that is abused still wishes to gain the approval of its master. Jews are the mental, moral, intellectual, political, and spiritual masters of whites. It’s embarrassing to see the white race turned into a bunch of wheaks and whummies. Weak-minded fools without core values and those dumb enough to fall for every Jewish Supremacist lie. It may well be that fully 90% of whites are either wheaks or whummies.

Now, it could be Trump doesn’t really care for most Jews and even suspect those around him. Maybe he’s playing 4-D checkers, a game of ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer’, but he’s no Michael Corleone. We all know that Jews are so powerful that all politicians must maneuver in a war zone over which Jews have air supremacy. Well, Trump played that game for four years, and it was a total disaster IF his intention was to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and ‘Make America Great Again’.
At this point in his life and the nation’s history, his main purpose shouldn’t be to win an election or keep his wealth. He’s an old man, so how many more years does he have to live? He’s had his full of luxury and lifestyles of the rich and famous. He tried his luck at the presidency and discovered there isn’t much a politician can do between the Scylla and Charybdis of Jewish Supremacism and the Deep State. The ONLY thing he can do for the good of the country is to spill the beans on Jewish Power. Sure, he will be dragged through the mud and won’t win in 2024, and Jews will try to take away his last penny, but he will have played the Spartacusian role of calling out the true tyranny of the US empire, which is the Jewish Master Race ideology. Is Trump the kind of man who is willing to cross the Rubicon to break the existing Narrative? No, and that’s why Nick Fuentes and Kanye West matter.

What Kanye West or ‘Ye’ is doing isn’t anything new. Many in the dissident communities and alternative outlets have been saying it forever. Even some in the ‘respectable’ academia and media have discussed Jewish Power and its problems, albeit in a more ‘civil’ manner. But what goes by the name of ‘public discourse’ isn’t just a matter of WHAT is said but WHO says it. You can be a little known person and say a lot of things on Twitter but go unnoticed for the longest time. But if some famous person, politician or celebrity, says the same thing, it becomes ‘news’, the talk of the town or the whole world through the worldwide web. And that’s why Kanye matters. Not because of WHAT he said but WHO he is.

Indeed, he matters even more because of WHAT HE IS, which is black. He’s not only famous and has millions of fans/followers but is a Negro, and Jews have sought to own and control blackness as a moral bludgeon, not least because they, as the wealthiest and most privileged people on Earth, are finding it increasingly difficult to portray themselves as a ‘victim’ group. (Conservatives insist on Jewish-victim-status for mere opportunism to have smart and rich Jews come over to the Cuckservatives side. “Look! All those darkies hate you Jews whose riches and privileges can be secured only by us servile white cuck dogs.”) Jews also know whites are most likely to feel guilty about blacks because so many whites worship blacks as athletic, sexual, musical, and/or oratorical gods. If the Holocaust is traumatic to whites because of the idea of 6 million Albert Einsteins dead, Black Slavery is traumatic because of the idea of millions of Jay-Z made to pick cotton and whipped to say he’s name is ‘Toby’, not ‘Jay-Z’.

Also, the Jewish-Black symbiosis carries a certain logic as the combo beats whites both mentally and physically. While Jews can outwit whites, they aren’t stronger than whites. So, even as a ‘dumb polack’ loses to a Jew in wit, he can win with muscle, like with the Eugene character in the movie GREASE.

But if Jews are allied with blacks, the Jew-Black Union can beat whites mentally and physically. Jews use blacks to beat whites and use whites to beat Arabs and others on the shit-list of Zion. Jews certainly got a lot of mileage using Joe Louis to pummel Max Schmeling in the first round. So, the Holy Holocaust people get their revenge on whites with wits, and the Sacred Slavery people get their revenge with fists(and dongs, what with Jews pushing ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs as the main theme of commercials on TV and internet). This is why Jews are extremely nervous about cracks in the Jew-Negro alliance and ruthlessly destroy any Jew or any Black who threatens this mutual wink-wink understanding.

Unlike Kanye, Donald Sterling didn’t publicize his views, which were leaked by a worthless ‘ho’, but Jewish Power still had to take him down for the ‘breach’. Of course, Jews knew about Sterling’s personal feelings(and largely share them in private), but they made a big show of how the JEWISH COMMUNITY will not tolerate any Jew, however rich and prominent, who says ‘racist’ things about the Noble Negroes, who be black gold in the Jewish ‘moral’ crusade against whites. Sterling, like so many Jews and blacks who’d violated the ‘deal’, relented under pressure.

The difference about Kanye is that, more the Jews push, he pushes back. Also, he said it sober and straight unlike Mel Gibson who was under the influence and spoke gibberish along with the hard talk about Jewish power fomenting all these wars. Also unlike Mel Gibson who disingenuously said he had NO IDEAR what he was ranting about on the night of the pull-over for DUI, Kanye doubled down on his statement and went even further in a manner righteous and riotous. Jews stole most of his money, but he refused to bow down and got even more defiant. (It’s amusing that Jews are diagnosing Kanye as mentally ill. While he is clearly mentally unstable, Jews have been promoting every nut-job demento pervert celebrity forever. Jews promoted gangsta rap, the main themes of which were ‘bitchass ho’ and ‘shoot dat nigga’. Jews even argued for First Amendment rights for Ice-T’s song about wanting to kill cops. Jews pushed skank Miley Cyrus as a role model for young girls. And we’re to believe Rachel Levine is an ideal person to be lecturing to us about health. And a fat hairy man is really a ‘woman’ if he so insists. And the elites have no problem with fashion industries like Balenciaga. But suddenly, these people detect mental illness in Kanye and why? For noticing that Jews control the music industry and banking. Yeah, Ye is really delusional! I suppose Rick Sanchez was mentally ill too for noticing Jews are very prominent in the media. We live in a world of inversion. The real mental illness of the West is the inability or unwillingness to notice the 900 lb. gorilla in the room: JEWS GOT THE POWER AND ABUSE IT IN THE MOST NEFARIOUS WAYS. Ever heard of FTX, anyone? The US is rabidly and virulently Philo-Semitic. Trump’s main sickness is begging to suck Zionist cock after it’s been rammed up his ass so many times. Now, THAT is sick.)

It’s no wonder Jewish Power has been so obsessed about using ‘handlers’(or controllers) to keep the flock on the farm. Jewish elites cannot tolerate a Randall McMurphy(of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST). You don’t want to work on Maggie’s Farm no more? Well, there is Desolation Row.

Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood
With his memories in a trunk
Passed this way an hour ago
With his friend, a jealous monk
Now he looked so immaculately frightful
As he bummed a cigarette
Then he went off sniffing drainpipes
And reciting the alphabet
You would not think to look at him
But he was famous long ago
For playing the electric violin
On Desolation Row

Dr. Filth, he keeps his world
Inside of a leather cup
But all his sexless patients
They’re trying to blow it up
Now his nurse, some local loser
She’s in charge of the cyanide hole
And she also keeps the cards that read
“Have mercy on his soul”
They all play on the pennywhistle
You can hear them blow
If you lean your head out far enough
From Desolation Row

Personally, I have no use for rap music and don’t care for Kanye’s stuff any more than the foul-mouthed nursery rhymes of his peers. I understand some rappers have a knack for what they do, but the genre seems mainly an attitude of arrogance of ignorance. And that is one of the drawbacks of Kanye West’s current controversy. In naming the Jewish Power, he has stepped on the third rail of American Politics, but is he up to the job? The defiant style of the rapper has prepped him with a damn-the-torpedoes attitude, but will he try to understand the issue better(in the manner of Malcolm X who grew over the years) or will he keep shooting from the hip(hop) just to reap cheap attention?
Did he really think this out or has he just gone off the reservation(only to return when he’s grown tired of all the notoriety)? Does he know that there’s no going back because he’s gone too far and that this latest chapter of his life has to be played more intelligently, even wisely, than the kind of energy went into his rap album projects? (He would drive the Jews crazy if he did a rap album in tribute to the Palestinians and all those Arabs killed in the Wars for Zion, but will he? Or will he just stir up more dumb attention talking about hitler-and-nazis?) The way is to say FREE PALESTINE than say dumb things about Hitler.


Video Link

In contrast, Nick Fuentes, for all his immaturity, egotism, and narcissism(and various oddities), has really thought about the Jewish Factor in America and the World. He came to political consciousness like so many mainstream conservatives and then realized the ONLY HONEST way to understand what’s happening is to focus on the top power, Jewish Supremacist and vile. He grew attached to Trump because the Donald in 2016 broke through the ‘Neocon-sensus’ that had long mandated GOP’s priorities. For a young man, it was exciting to see American Conservatism come alive as an exercise in exuberance and irreverence of the established way of doing things.

Though Richard Spencer turned out to be a pretty loathsome and despicable character, it need be acknowledged that he refused the thirty pieces of silver from mainstream Conservatism Inc., where he could easily have been the Next Mitt Romney. Likewise, Nick Fuentes was a standout personality among the new crop of conservatives, and many doors would have opened for him had he taken the Charlie Kirk road. But he risked losing all that by choosing truth over opportunity. The difference between Fuentes and people like Steven Crowder is the substance matches the style. Fuentes talks big about big issues, the biggest one being the Jewish Influence in the US and the world. In contrast, so many conservatives act macho and talk big in style but steer clear of the Jewish Question in substance, a template perfected by Rush Limbaugh, a blowhard who fulminated on taxes, terrorists, and ‘Chicoms’ but always sucked up to Zion. Donald Trump and Alex Jones along belong in this category: Talking Big and Walking Tall but always careful to tiptoe around the question of Jewish Power. Unlike WASP elites that tolerated and even appreciated criticism, Jewish Power does not, and that means one has a choice: Serve one’s career by shutting up about the Real Power or jeopardize one’s career by speaking truth to power. Because that’s how Jews play power-politics, those are the only two options, aka the ‘red pill’ or the ‘blue pill’.

Jewish Media and cucks have denounced Nick Fuentes of being a ‘Holocaust Denier’ based on a Cookie Monster joke he made about Nazi concentration camps. It was more Shmolocaust-mockery than Holocaust Denial. (By the way, does it make sense to treat history like religion, whereby one must ‘believe’ or else be condemned for the blasphemy of ‘denying’?) Holocaust is the actual historical tragedy, whereas Shmolocaust is the shameless Jewish milking of it as a cult and cash cow. While people who mock the actual event deserve censure, the Shoah-business invites parody, just like phony Televangelist types deserve all the ridicule. Genuinely devout Christians who’d be offended by blasphemy against God and Jesus don’t mind charlatans and fraudsters in their midst being exposed for what they are. Faith in God is one thing but feigning sanctimony to amass fame and fortune is quite another.

It is undeniable that Jewish Power has milked the Holocaust for all it’s worth, constantly invoking ‘muh Anne Frank’ to justify so many abuses and crimes, even Crimes-against-Humanity. If anything, the real problem is Shmolocaust Denial by Jews, i.e. Jews denying their shameless exploitation of the WWII tragedy to maximize their power and privilege, incredibly even to wage wars predicated on a Master Race Ideology not unlike that of the Nazis. In the irony of ironies, the Neocon Jews are now allied with Sub-Nazi elements in Ukraine, making them Neoconazis. Via their near-monopoly of finance, deep state, academia, and media, Jews have made themselves so godlike via the Shmolocaust that we mustn’t question their enabling of quasi-nazi elements to get what they want.

If Fuentes had been less of a provocateur, he could easily have avoided that joke(that became the basis of his notoriety as a ‘holocaust denier’) and instead focused on all the victims of Jewish Supremacism around the world. Instead of diminishing Jewish victimhood(even if exaggerated), it’s so much better to focus on victimization of so many at the hands of Jews. Only belatedly did David Duke learn that it’s better to make common cause with victims of World Jewry than don a stupid KKK robe and make a fool of himself. Likewise, Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach would have gotten more mileage against Jewish Power if they dropped the ‘Sieg Heil’ clown world antics.

But, concern for the oppressed is difficult for many rightist-leaning people because of the dynamics of powerism and powerlessism that animates the right and the left. Essentially, those on the right tend to be powerists. Powerism comes in two types: Submission to the existing power and the dream of the Ideal Power. Most white ‘conservatives’ are brown-nosing cucks to the existing power, i.e. they will kiss the ass of whomever or whatever happens to be on top. As Jews are now on top, GOP is mostly about sucking up to Jews. Thus, so-called ‘conservatives’ are really just Servatives or servant-squires. Mitt the Shit Romney, Lindsey the Pansy Graham, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, and just about every Republican are in awe of Jewish Power and get on their knees. This type of quisling powerists are like the East German Stasi. Many who’d been part of the National Socialist power structure were soon serving the new boss in town, the communists backed by the Soviets.

But another kind of powerism refuses to submit to what it deems to be the wrong power even when it holds the whip-hand. This is what sets people like Nick Fuentes from those in Conservatism Inc. who suck up to Ben Shapiro as the master gatekeeper. He is Jewish after all, and what is current ‘conservatism’ about but brown-nosing to win some more cigars from Jews?
Cuck-powerists are like those whites who accepted blacks as the new champions in sports because they’re about sucking up to the top winners, whoever they may be. In contrast, idealist-powerists are deeply troubled that the sports ‘heroes’ went from white to black in the West; they idealize a system that upholds the iconic status of whites, even if it means excluding blacks and others who threaten white dominance, at least within the white order.
Contra the cuck-powerists, Nick Fuentes and the Christian Nationalist crowd have a counter vision of powerism wherein their side should be on top. But because powerism fixates on the prestige of power itself, it tends to ignore or even impugn the powerless or the ‘victims’ of society, a common sentiment among those on the Right. This may seem odd because rightists and conservatives are now the powerless ones dehumanized by Jewish Globalism.

Look what was done to the 1/6 protesters. Look how even Trump, the president, was debanked and deplatformed. Given the lowly status of whites in the West, shouldn’t pro-white patriots and nationalists identify with the Palestinians and the like? After all, White Nakba is pretty much following the trajectory of the original Palestinian Nakba. But this is a difficult psychological hurdle for right-leaning powerists because they are so in awe of power as prestige.
For cucks, current power or any power is enough for them to serve and obey; they just want to be with the winning team. If Hindus or Chinese were to rule the US in the future, men like Romney and McConnell will grovel at their feet.
For the proud nationalist types, however, the power must be in accordance with their vision and values, BUT they still get high on the mania for power. They love the mighty and feel contempt for the weak; their side may be the loser now but wants to be the winner and crush the enemy without mercy.

Then, it’s no wonder that, despite having been Palestinianized by the Jews, most rightist or ‘conservative’ whites don’t want to have anything to do with Palestinians. They want to be associated with the winners or want to be the winners; they don’t want to be with the ‘losers’, those pathetic lowly Palestinians and the like.
For some, sucking up to Jews is enough because, even if most Jews are anti-white and anti-conservative, Jews are the biggest winners in the world, and it’s just so ‘cool’ to be rooting for Zion and World Jewry as the New Master Holy Holocaust Race, rah rah. For others, ‘white nationalism’ shall somehow prevail thanks to “Christ Is King” or “They Saved Hitler’s Brains”.

Consider the biker community in America. Most bikers don’t have much, and many are just hanging on. But they see themselves as modern Viking warriors and a good number are military veterans. They feel powerful-like because they once flew choppers or own two dozen assault rifles. Never mind the military they served took orders from Jews pushing globo-homo and BLM. Never mind all their guns are useless without a viable ideology and vanguard. It’s no wonder ‘muh military’ and celebrations of veterans mean so much to conservatives. Even without power themselves, their fixation on the might of the US military and the heroism of the soldiers make them feel on the side of the winners, the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. So, even as MAGA types cheered for Trump’s anti-neocon-war rhetoric, they still swooned at Trump’s pledge to increase military spending and blow up any part of the world standing against the will of the US as the lone superpower.

Even in their lowly status, they see themselves as ‘winners’ because they’re ‘badass’. And this goes a long way to explain why MAGA and Nick Fuentes have been reluctant to warm up to Palestinians and other victims of Jews. They have no use for ‘losers’ and either want to serve winners or be the winners. So, as Jewish Power pummels whites to the ground as the New Palestinians, the brown-nosing cucks whimper, “But we want to serve you great awesome Jews” while the nationalist types say, “We want your power to rule the world as WE please.”

Such fixation on winning and contempt for losing turn a blind eye to the victims of Jewish Supremacism. With the likes of Richard Spencer and Himmlerist Greg Johnson, one got the impression that their main grievance with Jewish Supremacism was it was Jewish, not that it was supremacist. In other words, move aside Jews, because ‘We Anglos and Germanics should have the real supremacist hegemony over the world.’ Johnson speaks of nationalism for all, but it’s never convincing because he’s obviously committed to the Naziesque ideology in Ukraine that works with Jews to destroy Russia.

If right-wing types favor powerism, left-wing types favor powerlessism. For the left, there is no shame in being powerless. If anything, the powerless deserve more sympathy, respect, and representation. The Left doesn’t see the powerless as a bunch of ‘losers’. Then, it’s no wonder that more people on the Left(and I mean the Real Left) than on the Right feel sympathy for the Palestinians. The powerist mentality of the Right favors Jews and Zionists over Palestinians because Jews are ‘winners’ and Palestinians are ‘losers’. (Never mind Jesus favored the losers over winners at every turn.)
Even those on the Right who call out on Jews and express ‘antisemitic’ views tend to snub the Palestinians. Some on the Right, like David Duke, have come to the defense of the Palestinians, but BDS is heavily dominated by the (real) Left.

The problem for whites on the Right is they’re stuck in the powerist mentality when they’ve become so powerless and without prestige, indeed even to the point of dehumanization. White goy elites are still rich, privileged, and well-connected but lack agency and pride; regardless of their possessions, they must prostrate themselves before the perversion of homos and verbal abuse from blacks, the two groups most stage-managed by Jewish Supremacists. When not kowtowing to blacks and homos, white goy elites of both parties are gutless tools of Jewish Power. Jews say, they obey.

There’s the ever-shrinking white middle class, and white working class & rural folks have been made to bear the burden for ‘white privilege’; in other words, a truly privileged white goy has a better chance of entering an elite institution or top industry than a white middle class or working class person without privilege. Indeed, white communities, no matter how economically depressed, are targeted for exclusion by Jewish-dominated bastions of power and prestige. For all the talk of the evils of ‘white privilege’, Jews favor privileged white goyim over unprivileged white goyim because (1) the privileged ones are more likely to be status-striving brown-nosers indoctrinated by Jewish media/academia and (2) official recognition of unprivileged whites would give the lie to the notion that ALL whites enjoy some great advantage in life.

If the Right fixates on the powerism either out of craven brown-nosing desire to suck up to the winners or to grab power for itself, the Left runs on powerlessism, calling for justice for the unheard, the broken, and poorly represented. This is why the Left has a moral advantage against the Right, especially as the West is still defined by Christian Morality(even in the currently perverted state).

While leftism can get out of hand(just like rightism), the element of powerlessism is valuable as, all throughout history, every group had its time with its face in the dirt. Thus, it is only decent to sympathize and help out the less fortunate, the oppressed, the dehumanized. When Jews dehumanize whites, whites would do better to understand the plight of Palestinians who’ve for so long been kicked around by Jews. If whites must ‘take the knee’, it should be in atonement for their aiding and abetting the Zionist erasure of Palestine. But too many whites on the right, either due to brown-nosing tendencies(to serve the current winner) or supremacist urges(i.e. “WE WHITES, not the Jews, should rule the world!”) either suck up to Jewish Master Race ideology or ‘Aryan’ master race ideology. It was Russia that bailed out Syria from the vile machinations of Jewish Supremacists and their cuck-minions, whereas most on the Right remained utterly silent about the horror unleashed by the Jewish-run US, Israel, and their proxies against the people of Syria.

The problem with powerlessism is when ‘eternalization’ trumps conditionality. Powerlessness is a condition, not a permanent status. Germanic tribes that had been powerless before the Roman onslaught later trounced their former conquerors and went so far as to sack Rome. Aztecs, once so powerful, collapsed before the Spanish Conquistadors. Once mighty monarchies and aristocracies crumbled into dust. Anglos, once the backwater of Europe, came to world dominance; today, they are reduced to hapless cuck-dogs at the feet of Jewish Power. Hindus, once at the mercy of the Mughal Empire and then the British Empire, are now rising in the world. Blacks, once used as slaves in the American South, are now venerated as the stud-athlete-and-rapper race by today’s whites reduced to pitiful cuckery. Throughout history, great empires fell and once-nobodies rose to greatness.

So, in order for leftism to be sensible, it has to focus on the conditionality of powerlessness, which is never a permanent status. Poor can become rich, the rich can become poor. Dominant religions can fade, even vanish. Elites of yesterday may be nowhere today.
And if History is used as excuse for permanent-powerless-status, every group can dredge up their own sad stories and demand permanent-victimhood.
Besides, history tells us that even people who were conquered and/or oppressed often gained something from the experience due to contact with a more advanced civilization. While the Atlantic Slave Trade was horrible and black suffering in America is undeniable, what would blacks be without contact with the West? Bunch of jungle savages or savanna bunnies chucking spears at hippos and beating on bongo drums. And what would China and India be today if they had been left to their own devices? Chinese would still be binding women’s feet, and Hindus would still be torching widows. So, even as the powerless do suffer under the powerful, they also gain and learn. For one thing, the black argument against slavery is a moral internalization of Western values. Even Gandhi, who found much wanting about Western Civilization, admitted Hindus had something to learn from it.

Powerlessness or victim status is like one’s stay at the hospital. It’s conditional, not an entitlement. You stay as long as you’re sick and then leave when you’ve recovered to make room for other patients. You don’t stay in bed indefinitely on account of your illness having been particularly nasty. It’s your right to remember your sickness, but you’re no longer sick once you’re back on your feet.
The problem with Jewish Power is plays Permanent Patient in the ward even though it is by far the strongest player in the US as Lone Superpower. And Jews don’t occupy just one bed in one room but lay claim to entire floors of the hospital. And when you look down the hallway and notice it’s furnished like a lavish mansion with people are throwing parties with caviar and champagne, you wonder why they’re still pretending to be sick and weak. But when you call out on this, you get called an ‘anti-semite’. Oddly enough, the truly tragic European Jews in the aftermath of WWII had more grit and decency than the super-rich Jews today who act as if they’re the feeblest of all victims.

The most insidious feature of the current West is that ultra-powerist Jews — one is hard-pressed to think of another people with a comparable Weasel Will to Power — have eternalized certain powerless-narratives so as to own and manipulate so-called ‘leftism’ to their advantage. No doubt, Jews learned a thing or two from Christianity, which mastered the art of invoking ‘holy victimhood’ long after its adherents gained overwhelming dominance and ruthlessly crushed whatever and whomever stood in their way. Destroy pagan arts & culture and pile up countless bodies of ‘heathens’ but lament about the killings of Jesus and the Apostles(and the Early Christians fed to lions) as if they happened only yesterday and forever sanctified Christians as holy victims regardless of their current hierarchy in the power sweepstakes.

Christians had a long run with this hypocrisy for nearly 1500 years. They eternalized their once-powerlessness to such degree that grew blind to all their abuses and excesses. Their remembrance of oppression under Jews and the Romans produced a holy narrative whereby the mere fact of being Christian made one a member of the Holy Victim Club. It was when this hypocrisy was exposed and inveighed upon that Christians came to terms with their true history. It also led to their demise. Then, it’s no wonder that, even as Jews pull the same trick, they are determined not to make the same mistake. Unlike Christian Whites who admitted their betrayal of Christian ideals for conquest and plunder, Jews haven’t confessed, let alone atoned for, any of their historical ‘crimes’ and ‘sins’ though their list is as long as that of any other great people, even longer considering they have the longest continuous culture.

Jews are extremely powerist at heart, thereby ultra-rightist when it comes to tribal will and unity, but they know hubris invariably leads to downfall. Better to nag about victimhood than brag of victory, especially when they’re vastly outnumbered by goyim and when their global power is centered in the West, which, despite being post-Christian, is guided by Christian sanctimony, which can be turned against itself, as indeed Christians who’d historically accused Jews of being Christ-Killers are now on their knees begging forgiveness for having been Jew-killers. In other words, smarter for Jews to hide their ultra-powerism with endless kvetching of powerlessism. (And, Jews figure it isn’t smart to emulate the individual conscience of Christianity because they would then have to confess their trespasses unto others as well as complain of trespasses unto them. No, whereas Christian morality is premised upon all peoples and every individual being sinful and capable of evil, Jewish morality, at least vis-a-vis goyim, is about Jews always being perfect innocent victims of those pesky ‘Anti-Semites’. It is Group-centered Morality whereby Jews are always right simply for being Jews, or Chosen. Christians believe goodness is a matter of individual salvation. Jews, in contrast, believe they’re always right and owe nothing unto others, BUT all the goy world owes it to Jews and must apologize if they fail to live up to this obligation. To be Christian is merely a starting point to being a good person, and fulfilment comes with being a good person onto others. In contrast, the mere fact of being Jewish makes Jews better than goyim. While being Jewish isn’t enough to make one a good Jew in the eyes of the Jewish community, it is enough to make a Jew, any Jew, superior to any goy. And the highest moral-spiritual obligation of Jews is to be good for other Jews, which means if Jews swindle goyim for Jewish gain, it is GOOD. Some Jews put forth the Tikkun Olam argument that Jews are especially moral and righteous for the benefit of all mankind, but if Jews are so universally minded, why not join with the rest of humanity than stick to a tribal identity? Besides, the notion that Jews are especially conscientious and morally-minded is just another form of supremacism, i.e. Jews must rule over goyim because Jews are wiser and have a better grasp of what’s really good for the goyim than the goyim do themselves. Yeah, like drag-queen story hour for toddlers.)

The current so-called ‘leftism’ has been rendered useless because it is essentially Jewish powerism hiding behind the rhetoric of powerlessism. ADL exists to remind and intimidate us that Jews are to be seen as Forever Holy Holocaust Victims despite their riches, power, and harm to the world. But then, ADL was founded upon the lie that a sicko pervert rapist-murderer Leo Frank was some kind of an innocent victim. Some(including Jews) call out on ADL for Jewish hyper-sensitivity and extremism, but it seems most institutions and industries controlled by Jews more or less march in lockstep with the ADL(and SPLC) agenda. Is there any notable difference among ADL, New York Times, Harvard, Hollywood, Big Tech, FBI, and Blackrock? Jonathan Greenblatt isn’t the cause, any more than Abe Foxman before him, but rather the symptom of dirty Jewish tricks of laundering Jewish Powerism as Jewish Powerlessism.

To make things even worse, Jews have extended this eternalist privilege to blacks and homos. Blacks, by far the biggest thugs, rapists, robbers, and murderers in the US(even unto one another), are to be regarded as Forever Slaves jim-crowing without end. And even though homos brought upon the AIDS fiasco unto themselves and now work with US Deep State as the most fervid agents of globalist imperialism and warmongering(for Zion), we are to celebrate homos as heavenly angels. And let’s pretend trannies are tragic victims of TERF women infected with ‘transphobia’. These tranny men demolish women in sports, but THEY are the victims! And via homos and trannies, we are on the path of even normalizing pedophiles, now called MAPS in the ‘more evolved’ communities.

Jews are nothing if not clever(and goyim are nothing if not dumb), and they pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in modern history. I’m sure they’re awfully proud of themselves and perhaps deserve to be because hoodwinking so many people, up and down, left and right, is no mean feat. Just how is it that the most supremacist group in the world driven by a Master Race Ideology managed to fool so many people that it stands with the ‘left’ and the powerless? Sure, there’s stuff about morality and justice in Judaism, but it’s for Jews only, the Chosen. And when those ideas of justice were universalized under Christianity(and Islam), most Jews rejected them and kept with the Chosen Master Tribe Narrative. It was only with communism that many Jews sincerely joined the universalist cause and dreamed of a future of the New Man(but not the man as ‘new woman’). But despite initial Jewish successes with the Marxist enterprise, Jewish Global Power took off in the capitalist world, especially in the US. And if communism suppressed Zionism and insisted upon Jews to be good comrades(or patriotic ‘Russians’, ‘Poles’, ‘Hungarians’, etc.), capitalism not only allowed Jews to amass unprecedented fortunes but to favor Zionism and Holocaustianity as the defining themes of Jewishness.

Jews in the West kvetch about ‘atavistic’ nationalism and tribalism among the goyim, but they ultimately chose the Capitalist West over the Communist East for tribal reasons. The Communist East had no use for Zionism as it compromised Jewish loyalty to the Union of Workers, and besides, Israel chose to lean to the US. Also, even though communism regarded Nazism as the worst of all evils, it had more or less equal consideration for ALL victims of ‘fascism’.
In contrast, the capitalist West not only allowed Jews to embrace Zionist tribalism but did nothing to counter Jewish efforts to elevate the Holocaust as biggest tragedy of World War II, maybe of all time.
Holocaustianity was conceived to sacralize Jews forever while cursing white goyim for either having killed Jews, collaborated in the killing of Jews, stood by and let Jews die, or been too slow to come to aid of Jews. It is a totally Judeo-centric view of World War II, and of course it ignores all the Jewish provocations that drove Germans crazy enough to support a demagogue like Adolf Hitler.

The perversely disproportionate attention given to Jewish victims ironically smacks of Master Race Ideology as it implies Jewish Lives matter more than goy lives. It ignores the fact that the Nazi plan for countless Russian Slavs was almost indistinguishable from the plan for Jews. Heinrich Himmler surmised that 30 million Eastern Slavs would have to be eliminated to make room for German colonization. That being so, shouldn’t Russians also be counted as ‘holocaust survivors’? Consider: To qualify as a ‘Holocaust Survivor’, a Jew need not have been anywhere near a concentration/death camp; if he happened to reside in any part of Europe under Nazi control, he or she qualifies as a ‘Holocaust survivor’. Using such logic, tens of millions of Russians and other Slavs under Nazi German control should also count as ‘Holocaust Survivors’ since Nazis had an extermination plan for them as well. But what are Jews doing today? Jewish Neocons are working with Ukro-Sub-Nazis against Russia that has every right to be as appalled with the Jewish Master Race Ideology as with the German ‘Aryan’ one, which is why the Russo-Jewish War is a struggle against Neoconazis.

It’s surreal how Jews insist they’re especially sensitive about injustice because they suffered from ‘antisemitism’ and the Shoah but then use all means to ever expand upon the Jewish Master Race agenda. Within the West, powerful Jews now act like gangsters with brazenness that is breathtaking. If Bernie Madoff got caught today, would he even go to prison? It seems like Sam Bankman-Fried is being treated with kid gloves because he’s a ‘made guy’. The release of Jonathan Pollard, the biggest traitor in US history, sent a message to Jews and goyim alike that the Elites of Zion are the Master Race of America and you better just suck it up… or else.

Watch FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried SQUIRM Under Questioning!

Whether it’s Wall Street, Big Pharma, Mass Media, or legal institutions, the only rule is “cuz Jews feel like it.” It’s become a national ritual with presidents of both parties to pardon Jewish crooks who’ve done the worst things. Aid to Israel is essentially a tribute since Israel is rich and can be funded by World Jewry who are richer than all the Russians, Chinese, and Indians combined. Israel receives the most ‘aid’ from the US as a symbolism of who’s the boss. Even though it’s really tribute to Jews as the Master Race, it’s designated as ‘aid’ to further the impression that the US is helping out a defenseless ally. It’s like those TV ads about Holocaust Survivors living in poverty. With all the money Jews have, why should any ‘holocaust survivor’ be going hungry? Don’t Jews take care of their own? Of course they do, but they air such ads to create the impression that Jews, as ‘holocaust survivors’, cannot even afford food. How shamelessly sleazy. But then, the goyim are SO DUMB and fall for it Every Single Time.

Still, playing devil’s advocate, it’s understandable why Jews turned out the way they did. Supposing many leftist Jews in the early part of the 20th century were sincere about the Brotherhood of Man under communism or liberal democracy led by the US, why did they end up with Zionism and Jewish Master Race ideology? Perhaps, it was because, despite all their sincere(and even radical) effort, Jews couldn’t help realize that goyim are SO DUMB. Jews in Russia couldn’t help noticing Slavs are lazy, stupid, and clueless. And Jews in the US couldn’t help but realize that Anglos are really a silly and shallow bunch, white ethnics are a bunch of morons, Asians are a bunch of servile dogs, Mexicans are a bunch of beaners, and blacks are a bunch of wildass mofos.
Just think. If Jews observed that Slavs are as smart and driven as themselves, would they have turned against Slavs and socialism? Would they have so brazenly ripped off Russians in the 1990s.
Sure, what Jews did was terrible, but what the hell were Russians doing by letting a bunch of Jewish weasels rob the whole country? As for the US, what the hell were the Anglos doing handing over their great legacy to the Jews and falling for every BS cooked up by Jewish academia and media? And non-Anglo Americans are even dumber.
Of course, if Jews were truly decent, they wouldn’t have taken advantage of other peoples being dumb and dumber. But there was bound to be an itch to toy with the goy, like how the Marx Brothers can’t resist whenever they cross paths with a bunch of DUMB goyim. Or like in a David Mamet movie where the clever take advantage of the dim, where the strong-willed conquer the weak-willed. Why? Because it’s a jungle out there, dummy.

Robert Barnes bitches about Nick Fuentes being a ‘grifter’ with VivaFrei
Video Link

Robert Barnes addressed the Nick-Fuentes-Kanye-West controversy on VivaFrei’s show, and his shtick was ad hominen attacks and name-calling. Supposedly, people like Milo Yiannpolis and Nick Fuentes are ‘grifters’. Milo certainly chased after fame and fortune, the fast life of a celebrity, but he would have gotten more mileage by toning it down and not associating with the Alt Right in 2016. Had he gone the way of Douglas Murray or Jordan Peterson(or Charlie Kirk), he’d be much bigger and richer. But he dared tread where others wouldn’t, and he paid a big price. THAT doesn’t sound like the definition of ‘grifting’. He’s clearly a slippery character(as Kanye is an unbalanced figure), but he still chose a far more courageous path than his peers and more than paid the price.

As for NIck Fuentes, he could have taken his thirty pieces of silver and been another Charlie Kirk. With his engaging cartoonish looney tunes personality, he could have been as big as Ben Shapiro, but he forged his own path because he decided the JQ is too important to ignore for a true understanding of what’s happening and what-is-to-be-done. He’s said some crazy things(ironically or not) and has his share of weird peccadillos, but he’s certainly not a grifter. A grifter doesn’t stick to his guns and gets deplatformed and de-banked and denied air travel, a prohibition that was lifted only after a year.

If anything, Robert Barnes is more the grifter because he won’t address the JQ and disingenuously mischaracterizes those who. (People like Barnes claim that we blame Jews for ALL OUR PROBLEMS and ALL THE PROBLEMS in the world. No, we blame Jewish Power for what it does and way out in the open. Sam Bankman-Fried is not a Hawaiian or a Polack. Mexican-Americans didn’t provoke the war in Ukraine. Hillbillies in West Virginia didn’t cook up CRT. American Indians are not the ones funding tranny stuff and globo-homo. Greek-Americans didn’t come up with Covid madness, medical tyranny, and election ‘fortifying’.)

Those who bring up the JQ are not saying ALL Jews are up to no good or that ALL Jews are in positions of power and doing bad shit. After all, conservative or liberal, there are principled Jews like Glenn Greenwald who, at the very minimum, stick to classical liberal principles of free speech and transparency. JQ is about the reality of Jewish Power and its increasingly pathological agendas with ‘no reverse gear’. There is a Jewish Hive Mentality among the elites and wanna-be-elites, and their agenda is driven by Jewish Master Race ideology.

How else can we explain the madness that now bedevils every corner of American life? Jews get away with so much bad behavior at all levels of society. It wasn’t just Bernie Madoff but all of Wall Street behind the 2008 financial fiasco. It’s Blackrock weaponizing ‘woke’ morality, not for genuine social justice but Jewish supremacism because Blackrock not only ignores the Palestinian issue and the Wars for Israel but has no use for BDS. Would Blackrock support any company that pledges moral support to Syrians under attack from ISIS backed by Israel? When pigs fly.
There’s also Jewish backing of globo-homo and all the associated cultural ills, which have now grown cancerous with drag queen story hours for children, genital mutilation galore, and even murmurs of normalizing pedophilia.
As for foreign policy, virtually every major overseas crisis has been orchestrated by ‘neocons’ and ‘neolibs’ in pursuit of the Jewish Master Race agenda. So many nations wrecked and so many lives destroyed, from North Africa to Ukraine, because Jews must have it all.
And there’s the relentless anti-white agenda, indeed to the point where whiteness is almost synonymous with ‘sinful’, ‘wicked’, ‘soiled’, ‘stained’, ‘irredeemable’, and etc. It might as well mean ‘nazi’. Because whiteness has been so degraded, people are afraid to attribute any positive emotion or quality to whiteness. So, ‘white pride’ can only mean the ‘pride of evil’. ‘White Nation’ means a diseased order, one that can be remedied only with ‘diversity’ of endless nonwhite immigration-invasion and ACOWW.
Sure, blacks and various nonwhites utter all kinds of anti-white invective but what is the source of this torrent of abuse and hostility? The river of hatred flows from the lake of Jewish Master Race ideology that is hell-bent on CRT-ing whiteness to the point where whites are so browbeaten and ashamed that they will cling to Jews(and blacks and homos) for redemption. Whiteness alone is either worthless or wicked, and therefore, whites can only be good in association with certain idolized groups, the Tri-Idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos.

But, Robert Barnes overlooks the blatantly obvious and pretends people who bring up the JQ are closet-nazis and nutcases who indiscriminately hate ALL Jews, blame ALL JEWS, and see nothing good about Jews. While there are serious neo-nazi nutcases out there, the core of JQ is about speaking truth to power. It’s about noticing that the US isn’t run merely by big money, the elites, the oligarchy, the military-industrial-complex, tech geeks, and the like; no, there clearly is an ethnic component to the direction of American Power, and it is committed to Jewish Master Race ideology. Barnes supports Russia in the current war and sees nothing good about the US continuing to occupy parts of the Middle East and bringing misery to the peoples over there. But he won’t name the Jewish Power behind this mess. He won’t address the issue of Israel supporting ISIS in Syria. Like so many right-wing types, he’s opposed to the Jewish Agenda but cannot name the Jewish Power behind the agenda.

Reason for Barnes’ soreness: Nick Fuentes bitch-slapped his stupid bald head in the debate about Israel – ROBERT BARNES FREAKS OUT, CALLS NICK FUENTES A NAZI AFTER LOSING DEBATE ABOUT ISRAEL
Video Link

Barnes is really sore at Nick Fuentes because someone less than half his age totally mopped the floor with him in the debate about Israel. Over 70% of people said Nick Fuentes slapped that big fat bald head of his. It was like Bambi vs Godzilla. Did Fuentes win decisively because he’s smarter? No, Barnes, from his various appearances on podcasts and videos, is a pretty smart guy and a grizzled veteran who’s seen politics from inside out. The main reason why Fuentes won for the simple reason of being candid about Jewish Power and its manipulations of US policy premised on the false notion that “Israel is America’s greatest ally.” Says who? Says the Jew, and that makes it the final word in America!

In truth, the US supports or submits to Zion not because Israel per se is so important to America’s standing in the world but because Jewish Power decides who rises and falls in the socio-political-economic hierarchy. In other words, even if you privately believe that Israel is detrimental to US interests in the Middle East(and elsewhere), you better keep your mouth shut if you want to move up the ladder. So, it’s not as if Fuentes’ genius beat Barnes’ imbecility but that simple honesty noticed Emperor Barnes’ fatso nakedness on the subject. But the baldo-beardo fool just couldn’t admit defeat and doubled down on sucking up to Zion. And now, he’s reduced to calling Nick Fuentes a ‘grifter’. If Fuentes is a ‘grifter’, he has to be the least competent of the lot because he said things that made almost all doors close on him. It’s a testament to his real talent(for something, whatever it is) that he has maintained his visibility in the Culture War despite all the suppression and blacklisting.

As for Tim Pool’s interview with Kanye, Fuentes, and Milo, it would have been better if they’d finished the interview instead of impetuously walking off over a perceived slight. You can’t be thin-skinned in this game. At the very least, Fuentes should have remained the complete the interview instead of choosing loyalty to Kanye. Loyalty is a virtue to a point; no sense being a lemming.

Still, it’s understandable why Kanye was exasperated with Tim Tool’s contention that his problem was with ‘individuals’ who happen to be Jewish than with Jewish Power itself. After all, the entire Jewish Power Structure closed the walls on Kanye from all directions the instant he named the Jewish Power, albeit not very sensibly. Tim Fool should know that old canard about Jews being mere individuals has no currency with the honest. If indeed most Jews merely acted as individuals, one could argue that they just happen to be Jewish. It’s like most bald people just happen to be bald and don’t act in service to bald power. Same with fatsos. For all the noise about the ‘body positive movement’, there is no fatso empowerment agenda. Most fatties just happen to be fat and aren’t working for the fat hegemony. If someone happens to be fat, bald, and Jewish, the chances are he just happens to be fat and bald BUT is guided and driven by his Jewishness. Take meathead Rob Reiner who is indeed fat, bald, and Jewish. Guess which characteristic informs his worldview? I never heard of a homeland for fatsos or global plan by baldies.

It’s undeniable that Jews act as Jews and insist on others to venerate Jews, revere the Holocaust Cult, condemn all criticism of Jewish Power as ‘antisemitism’, and support Israel’s ethnic erasure of Palestine(because opposing Zionism has also been added to the laundry list of ‘antisemitism’). When AIPAC applies pressure on all members of Congress, is it just a case of individuals who happen to be Jewish doing the bidding of a foreign state(which lords over as the spiritual mecca of the entire West)? While there are indeed people who happen to be Jewish but act as individuals in the public sphere, that’s hardly the case with most Jews in the upper echelons of power.

Among Jewish individuals who refrain from acting on the basis of Jewishness-First are those who reject Judaism and Jewish culture/power. Often labeled ‘self-loathing Jews’, they see Jewishness as just another or even the worst of all identity politics. Then, there are Jews who are very consciously Jewish but only in their personal lives. In the public sphere, they act in accordance with civic duty, not tribal loyalty or empowerment. There are also Jews who are proud to be Jewish but are critical of Jewish Power because they see the current manifestation as corrupt and ill-suited to serve the interests of the overwhelming majority population that is not Jewish. Norman Finkelstein is harsh on Israel because he believes its actions have betrayed the core principles of Jewish values.

At any rate, such Jews don’t command the power in the US. Rather, it’s Jews like Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Janet Yellen, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, the Google Oligarchs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Fink, and so many others who are clearly totally Zionist, Jewish Supremacist, and contemptuous of goyim(as Fink’s social-justice decrees are totally selective and have no place for BDS).
Does Tim Ghoul really believe that Hollywood is run by individuals who just happen to be Jewish, which is merely incidental to their worldview? If Martin Scorsese announced an interest in a project about the Palestinian Nakba, all those ‘individual’ Jews will be on the phone huffing and puffing to ruin Scorsese’s career and reputation.
Tim Mule claims to be a free thinker opposed to political correctness and ‘woke’ censorship, but he’s got to be playing dumb to keep his Youtube account. He wants to have the cake and eat it too: Invite controversial guests but then feign ignorance about certain matters lest he too be labeled an ‘anti-Semite’ and face deplatforming.

Video Link

Now, Tiny Tim may regard himself as an individualist, a centrist, a libertarian, and etc. but it doesn’t matter what YOU are if the other person thinks differently. Even if you consider yourself an individualist and sees others as individuals, there’s no guarantee that they will think and act as individuals or regard you as merely an individual. You can see a bunch of Muslims as ‘individuals who happen to be Muslim’ but they may think and act in accordance with shared Muslim beliefs. One can look upon Hindus as mere individuals who just happen to be Hindu, but they may think and act as a team, as members of a cultural and historical community.
Of course, there are Jews, Muslims, and Hindus in the West who do primarily act as individuals, at least in the public sphere, and do not mix civic duty and professionalism with tribalism, but not all people function as either deracinated libertarians or principled liberals(with a colorblind sense of fairness). Some are committed to identity politics & tribal power, and their individualism is in service to a ‘higher good’ of tribal loyalty and power-maximization.

If most Jews are indeed mere individuals, isn’t it strange that so many of them work in concert to shut down BDS in every state while pressuring politicians of all parties to support Israeli Jews over Palestinians living in apartheid conditions? While plenty of tribalist-supremacist Jews have succeeded at the individual level(as inventors, innovators, enterprisers, brokers, etc), at the end of the day they also coordinate at the tribal-cultural level to expand and fortify Jewish Power while weakening goy rivals and destroying all goyim deemed as ‘enemies’. For example, it’s well known that Jews have a deep-seated hatred, contempt, and fear of Eastern Slavs, and the current US foreign policy toward Russia cannot be understood apart from Jewish psycho-politics about Russia.

One thing for sure, it’s now all come to a head. What some of us have been saying forever has been forced out of the ghetto into the public square by Nick Fuentes and Kanye West. It is the truth that NOTHING is possible unless we address the problem of Jewish Power. It has to be exposed and examined, discussed as the ruling power of the West that exerts unrivaled influence on the economy, culture, and foreign policy, sometimes for the good, often for the bad(as Jewish Power has grown corrupt on the maxim of “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”). Jews came to realize they don’t need a secret police like the Cheka or Gestapo to gain near-absolute power. Just control the ‘gods’ and remold goyim into idolaters of those ‘gods’. Once the masses are turned into ‘pod people’ like in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, Jews only need to direct their finger at someone and yell ‘Nazi’ or ‘Anti-Semite’ and then howling mobs of PC or ‘woke’ types will mobilize into hysterical action. Indeed, so many white Democrats now support Censchwarzship and all manner of Deep State abuses because Jews have convinced them that anything pro-white is ‘nazi’ and anything critical of Jews is ‘antisemitism’ and ‘hate’.

After 2020, there is only one crucial choice left, and that’s why Nick Fuentes and Kanye matter. We must talk about Jewish Power. All the advices, ideas, tactics, tricks, proposals, and hopes that sidestepped the JQ have failed. Trump was a clown, but the Trump Test made one thing clear. Jews won’t accept a partnership with white populism-patriotism. It’s either their way or the highway. Even though Trump and MAGA offered Jews total support for Israel and fulsome respect for Jewish power, privilege, and wealth, that wasn’t good enough for Jews demand control and command of everything. In Jewish eyes, whites are merely More Palestinians. Whites are to be shepherded and controlled in the Jewish Animal Farm.
With BLM and Covid, it became clear Jews will go to any length to get what they want. They unloosed black thugs on whites. Jewish lawyers protected Antifa thugs who destroyed entire city blocks and even attempted to burn federal buildings. Jews even sunk the entire economy with medical tyranny to control people with fear and to ‘fortify’ elections. They keep dredging up Emmett Till as if ALL whites are forever guilty for what happened to some black punk who sexually harassed and threatened a white woman. Jews push globo-homo and tranny-wanny degeneracy to the point where the unofficial religion of the West is the holy homo anus and the mutilated genitals of trannies.

At this juncture not only in politics but History Itself, all those who’ve refrained from addressing the JQ should hang their heads in shame. Never mind the GOP and its cucked RINOS and careerists. Even on the so-called alternative sphere and dissident right, all those who advised against calling out on Jewish Power need to face the music.
The cancer has spread far and deep, and the ONLY WAY to heal the body is to properly diagnose the primary source of the disease, and it is Jewish Supremacist Power. Robert Barnes, Steve Turley, Jared Taylor, Steven Crowder, Pat Buchanan, Pedro Gonzalez, John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson, and etc. have come up short because they refused to address the central issue of American Power. It’s not good enough if you run 99.99% of the marathon IF YOU DON’T CROSS THE FINISH LINE. Naming the Jewish Power is to cross the finish line and complete the race. It won’t be the End of History or an answer to our prayer, but it will be a genuine start from which REAL solutions can be formulated on a sound foundation. The correct diagnosis doesn’t end the disease, but it is the beginning of the healing.

The real problem isn’t that the Democratic Party is the ‘black party’ but that both parties, or the ‘uniparty’, are so thoroughly controlled by anti-white Jews. Even Kevin MacDonald has held onto his Twitter account by blaming the ‘left’ than the Jews. I understand the tactic, but it’s just another form of compromise. Steve Sailer spoke of the MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH, which is of the Black African Population Bomb, but the MOST IMPORTANT GAFFE — Michael Kingsley said “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth” — is that Jews totally control the US, and this absolute power has rotted the souls of Jewish elites and corrupted the entire system of government, finance, communication, and education. It has also degraded the value of respectability. The old bourgeoisie may have been narrow-minded, petty, and shallow in their status-anxiety, but the themes back then were infinitely sounder than what we have today. What kind of respectable middle class value takes one’s children to drag queen story hours and worse? What kind of elite society holds as the highest virtue the veneration of the holy homo anus that is fisted and donged countless times?

Nick Fuentes and Kanye matter because they went right to it: The problem is Jewish Power, and it has to be addressed. Whether they will succeed or not, it is the ONLY way forward if there is to be any kind of solution, any kind of real healing, any kind of reversal of the rot all around us. Focusing on trannies and the military-industrial-complex doesn’t go far enough because both are now tools of Jewish Power. Railing against the puppets turns one’s gaze away from the puppet master.

Nick-Kanye show is a shit-show, but it need to be said: Anyone who obsesses over the symptoms but refuses to name the disease is the enemy or worse. I understand that there was once the hope that if our side was nice to Jews and just complained about their agenda but never mentioned them(and also praised Israel to high heaven), then the smart and rich Jews would come over to our side or, at the very least, not be too nasty towards us. That ship-of-fools has sailed after 2016 and especially after 2020. Jews are in by-any-means-necessary mode and will use any gangster tactic to destroy us. The time for playing ‘nice guy’ or being part of ‘polite society’ is past. Anyone who bitches about homos, trannies, blacks, immigrants, and etc. but doesn’t talk about the Jewish Power that has weaponized all of them against whites, conservatives, true liberals(like Tulsi Gabbard), true leftists(who support BDS), and much of the world isn’t for real. After 2020, those who are still allergic to the JQ are next to worthless. Ultimately, those who speak the truth are masters over those who lie or tell half-truths. To the extent that Nick Fuentes and Kanye will not back down on the JQ, they are masters of the likes of Jared Taylor and Robert Barnes.

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  1. Mac_ says:

    Not trying to be first to comment just thinking klown with k instead of c when describing sinister. klownz

    Only retardz continue reaching for more klownz.

    those who red the article would not be retards. they would be better informed, or rather out formed from being informed by inversion schemes (down is up). Appreciate the article JF.

    • Replies: @Path O' Logical
  2. By no means am I a fan of Trump, but even I can’t help noticing that the entire MSM (even Britain’s Daily Mail) are in total lockstep with their new “Trump called for the Constitution to be terminated” lie.

    Just a glance at what Trump actually said will make it clear that he maintains that the Election 2020 skullduggery is tantamount to terminating the Constitution. Something very different—the opposite in fact—from what they’re pinning on him with this latest Big Lie technique.

    But people read the headlines, not the source material. And they see it repeated everywhere. And the entire mass media are in on it.

    • Agree: Renard
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Meebs
  3. Wow, so much detail – de-tailed?!
    Trump and “the Jews” are not separate.
    Trump is a Jew! The supposed division/Trump is fake.
    There is no difference between Repooblicans & DemocRats;
    two sides of one coin coned for the Jew at the expense of everyone else.

  4. Trump failed the litmus test at least twice:
    1. His luring of supporters into the Jews’ 6th of January trap.
    2. Trump restarting electioneering after the whole world could see that elections are fake.
    Trump is part of the parcel (of the satanic project).

    • Agree: Trinity
  5. A10 QB says:

    Your (mis-)characterization of “powerism” on the right makes you sound like a faggot. There is less than nothing to be gained for whites by “sympathizing” with Palestinians. You ought to consider that more soundly. Are you white?

  6. BuelahMan says:

    Trump the hero ‘playing the jews’ is a tired, sad, idiotic excuse for a shabbos goy who has been controlled by jews his entire life.

    Idiotic rambling from someone who should know better.

    Video Link

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Thanks: Trinity
  7. Anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly. But what do you expect from Talmudos? Talmudoism is a liars culture from the upside down world. They speak in reverso. And they think we are stupid.

  8. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Recorded history is a 6-7 thousand year period yet only the brief period between 1933-1945 is to be questioned. Moreover the events being questioned are documented with extensive court testimony by the perpetrators as well as video and photo evidence and testimony of survivors. Events 2000 years ago are accepted as fact without any documentation.

  9. Meebs says:

    Other Big Lies: “six million”, “it’s a vaccine”, “CO2 is a greenhouse gas”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Anonymous[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Islam is the religion of peace

  11. anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Fulsome servility to the jew does not work; they still hate you. Amity and staunch support of Israel doesn’t work; the jews still hate you. Letting them plunder your treasury and drag you into costly wars doesn’t work; the jews still hate you. Obeisance invites their scorn and even more malevolence. They only respect power, and those willing to use power. No country that has ever partnered with these sociopaths has been better in the end. Might be time for whites to start noticing who their real friends and enemies are.

  12. Thus, the main reason why some Jews joined the GOP was not to adopt American Conservatism but to infiltrate and alter the party so that it would, at the very least, be servile to Zion.

    On a related point, this is where “Southern Patriots” go wrong. They point to surveys showing how Southern Christians overwhelmingly support non-woke “cultural” issues (no gay marriage, no gender swapping etc.) but ignore how these same Evangelicals are totally in the bag for Israel, and in fact are the main motivators of pro-Zionist foreign policy.

    Southern Patriots are dumb enough to live with blacks in shitholes like Alabama or Arkansas, which the Jews don’t want anyway, and Jews are OK with them playing with their “social issues” as long as they continue to provide money and blood (“Ye-haw, let’s fight a war!”) for Israel.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  13. So, even as the GOP continued to support various interests at odds with the Jewish Agenda, it was completely committed to revering Zion, if only to appease the relatively few but oh-so-very-precious Jews in the Party. Indeed, the fact that the GOP disappointed, angered, or infuriated Jews on many domestic issues compelled Republicans to cuck even harder on Israel and foreign policy as compensation.

    GOPers are like Eddie Deezen, pencil-necked high school nerds who still hope that they can get the jocks (blacks) and cheerleaders (Jews) to like them, if only they cuck enough.

    The whole damned world is just as obsessed
    With who’s the best dressed and who’s having sex
    Who’s in the club and who’s on the drugs
    Who’s throwing up before they digest
    And you still don’t have the right look
    And you don’t have the right friends
    And you still listen to the same shit you did back then
    High school never ends
    Oh oh, oh oh oh-oh, oh oh oh-oh, oh oh oh-oh
    (High school never ends)

  14. Destroy pagan arts & culture and pile up countless bodies of ‘heathens’ but lament about the killings of Jesus and the Apostles(and the Early Christians fed to lions) as if they happened only yesterday and forever sanctified Christians as holy victims regardless of their current hierarchy in the power sweepstakes. Christians had a long run with this hypocrisy for nearly 1500 years. They eternalized their once-powerlessness to such degree that grew blind to all their abuses and excesses. Their remembrance of oppression under Jews and the Romans produced a holy narrative whereby the mere fact of being Christian made one a member of the Holy Victim Club.

    Not quite. The story of “persecution” was a lie, right from the beginning. Jews learned how to create a false martyrdom narrative from the Christians.

    The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom by Candida R. Moss

  15. So far, Ye and Nick have performed the invaluable service of exposing the bought voices for all to see.

  16. anastasia says:

    Excuse me, but could the author name a politician in Washington who has voted against the interests of the Israelis?

    Why get angry with the Jews?. They fill the vacuum left by us because we don’t want to dirty our hands with the job. We say usury is bad, so they become the bankers, while we, against usury, learn to borrow from them.

    You tell me who is at fault for their strength?

    We’re not supposed to hang around with them, not because we are supposed to hate them, but because by embracing them, borrowing from them, and inviting them into our homes, we pick up their bad habits. Frankly, we have picked up every bad habits of action and mind.

    And now you want to blame them? They know not what they do. We do

    • Replies: @40 Lashes Less One
  17. @anastasia

    You may as well say “hello fellow white nationalists!”

  18. What a lazy writer, really. And thinker too. What a mush mouth spewing mouthful after mouthful of wet verbal oatmeal mush!

    The one key point: the US has protected domestic freedom of speech more than any country in the history of the world. It’s probably the greatest political action the US has ever done. Freedom of speech means saying your opinion about anything. Criticizing the powerful is the right of all US citizens.

    Attack all the efforts to suppress freedom of speech and you will win. Do you want to win?

    Pretending that a greedy for power and money white man is ‘cucking to jewish power’ is such obvious hypocrisy it’ll never fly. That is, the low IQ types will lap it up and repeat it and sit in the plane on the runway and wait twenty lifetimes and that plane will never take off.

    Greedy for power and money white men are just like greedy for power and money jewish men and black men and of course women. None of these people have a religion, or should I say their religion is greed and power. What is the root of power and money greed? It’s not genetic. It’s the most powerful selfish entity ever created on earth: the ego.

  19. anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    May 14, 2023

    The Apartheid State will turn 75. Genocide does not win friends.

    “I’m worried this new government is going to take steps that will bring American Jews to the point where they ask: ‘Why even bother with Israel? What’s the use? It’s a racist place and they don’t respect our form of Judaism. Why should we give any of them anything?’,” Katz went on to say.

  20. Durruti says:

    You often cite Hollywood movies to strengthen your argument.

    Here’s one thought (on Method) that might be helpful to review & belongs here – as well as on any other column.

    Yes, Liberal Democrat San Francisco is to arm ROBOTS with, not only shotguns, but EXPLOSIVES. I can’t make this stuff up. I don’t have to. Here it is. Thanks to Jimmy Dore, who, as a comedian, appreciates the irony.

    The Movie this insanity brings to memory, is, or course, I ROBOT.!&&p=1494a007b239d01dJmltdHM9MTY3MDQ1NzYwMCZpZ3VpZD0yNTEzNjRlZC04ZjM2LTYxMGUtMGEyYy03Njk5OGU4ODYwN2YmaW5zaWQ9NTIzMA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=251364ed-8f36-610e-0a2c-76998e88607f&psq=i+robot+movie&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaW1kYi5jb20vdGl0bGUvdHQwMzQzODE4Lw&ntb=1

    The Hollywood effort insists that Robots are Human. Robots have feelings, and must not be discriminated against, or brutalised, or resisted.

    If I have been of any help, send the check to me at my Anarchist Mailbox.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  21. A. Clifton says: • Website

    Just for the RECORD….

    There are no {{{{JEWS}}}} in the Old Testament.

    There are NO {{{PROSELYTES}}} to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament.

    The Old Testament is not about Khazar/Ashkenazim {{{PROSELYTES}}} to
    Talmudic Judaism….!

    Israel is a people….SEE Genesis 49. {no Jews}

    The Synagogue of Satan {{{ZIONIST}}} -{{{BOLSHEVIK}}}

    Global Crime Syndicate… not “our” government.

  22. @James J. O'Meara

    The South, Appalachia, rural Pennsylvania, midwestern Rust Belt towns, probably Wyoming and Montana. These cognitive dissonant people are really all over America. And they can get so close to being red-pilled, yet still so far away.

    Right in the middle of most small Pennsylvania towns can be found the “Honor Roll” monument of the community’s veterans.

  23. The problem is Jewish Power, and it has to be addressed.

    Jung-Freud’s diagnosis of the problem itself is spot on: this is the main problem the world faces today. The Jewish Question pervades practically all other essential questions the West and even the rest of the world must face. But one thing is diagnosing the problem, which Jung-Freud does very well, and another completely different thing is to answer the question: how must we deal with this problem? And it is when he proposes solutions to this problem that Jung-Freud becomes unhinged.

    What is Jung-Freud proposing we do in order to face the problem of Jewish power? This:

    Anyone who obsesses over the symptoms but refuses to name the disease [Jewish Power] is the enemy or worse.

    Jung-Freud then makes a list of those who have “come up short” by refusing to name the Jew: Robert Barnes, Steve Turley, Jared Taylor, Steven Crowder, Pat Buchanan, Pedro Gonzalez, John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson, and Steve Sailer. And he even takes a swipe at Kevin MacDonald himself, blamed for pointing to “the left” instead of to (((the real culprits))) in order to avoid being banned from Twitter.

    Jung-Freud has a radical agenda: we must ALWAYS name the Jew; we MUST consider the gentlemen he listed as “enemies” because they did not name the Jew; if we don’t do this, we will take the wrong turn at the “crossroads” where we currently find ourselves and will thus be taken down the road to destruction and doom.

    Does anybody here on TUR buy these proposals? OK, maybe JF is being histrionic in order to make a point. Maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt. He definitely has a lot of writing talent. But these are not serious proposals, are they? Is it worth it to throw everybody who doesn’t “name the Jew” under the bus and write them off as hopeless? Who would be left?

    Ron Unz himself, in many of his essays, refuses to name the Jew, and I called him out on it the last couple of times he has written about historical omissions (after all, who has the massive power of media blackout AND academic whitewashing?). But does this fact make Unz the “enemy”? If Jung-Freud was being coherent, he would label Unz the enemy and stop publishing here on TUR. I hope this doesn’t happen because Jung-Freud has an impressive writing style that could be used more wisely, instead of being wasted in hopeless and irrational proposals.

  24. FACT CHECK: Things are not “falling apart in blue areas” — the Blue Areas are the only parts of the country where anything of value is produced. “Red Areas’” principal export are the wHITE fentanyl addicts who are polluting the streets of major cities.

    We’re going to send them back.

  25. Che Guava says:

    the longest continuous culture.

    Priss, you are verbose as always, I agree with most, but the above is pure bullshit,

    Too many discontinuities. I would rephrase it as ‘longest tradition of economic vampirism’.

    When did it start? According to them, Joshua in Egypt. There are no Egyptian records attesting to his existence.

    From the O.T. in general, one can see that they were an evil people, but that wasn’t collected, in Greek, until about 2nd century B.C., and their own version, 4th or so century A.D.

    Rome had a longer history (7th century B.C. to 16th A.D., and one may count Europe, including Russia, as something of a continuation at times), as does China, again, discontinuities, and not quite so old, but much the same span.

  26. WCH says:

    Russia should build a military base in Palastine and point hypersonics at Israel. That would turn the tide…

  27. @Mac_

    By believing The HoloCo$t was/is a real event all the previous analysis
    circles the drain as anal Isis.

    • Replies: @Palerider1861
  28. @Path O' Logical

    You’re so right.

    Believing the ‘holocaust’ happened during the Third Reich is the biggest cuck move of all!

    Unfortunately, it renders null and void all the other good points made, IMO.

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