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Jesus a Palestinian? or Palestine as Christ? How the Palestinian Fire May Heal and Save the World
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A controversy made the US news some years back. It was about whether Jesus was a Palestinian or not, and the arguments got rather amusing. Jews, who hate Jesus(and wish He’d never existed) and despise Christianity above all religions, suddenly got very possessive of Him. He was a Mizrai Jew, not a Palestinian Jew, they insisted. Jews can’t conceive of anything worse than their own kind converting to Christianity — for many Jews, it’s worse than death, more unfathomable than the Holocaust. When Jews go secular or take up Buddhism, they are still regarded as members of the Tribe. But Jews who convert to Christianity are beyond the pale. So, why not let the Palestinians, a people Jews hate almost as much as Jesus, have Mr. Christ for themselves? But that cannot be allowed. One reason is, despite their boundless hatred for Jesus, He is one of the greatest figures in history and theology, and there is prickly pride in the knowledge that all those saphead goyim revere as God some hippie Jew rejected by fellow tribesmen as a loser. As newly minted Christians, goyim persecuted Jews as Christ-killers, but they were nevertheless under the magic spell of a Jew.

The other reason, probably more important, is Jesus still matters a great deal to white folks around the world; therefore, if Jesus were to be associated with Palestinian Identity, white and/or Christian sympathies may shift from Jews(as the Chosen and/or the Holochrist folks) to Palestinians. Whiteness must be emphasized in this equation because not all Christians are crazy about Jews or Israel. Arab Christians don’t subscribe to the notion that Jews are the Chosen with special claim to the Holy Land. (Given that Jews turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah with massive globo-homo parades, a Christian who supports Israel should be labeled a Christian-Sodomist than a Christian Zionist. Even non-religious people should be offended by what Zionists have done to the land so rich in historical and spiritual significance; it’s like turning a holy temple into a ‘gay’ bathhouse. After all, even an infidel is offended by pork thrown into a mosque and even a non-Christian(at least if not Jewish) is offended by Antifa-like Pussy Riot antics inside a Russian Orthodox Church.

In a way, the globo-homo stuff in Israel is a smart move. Jews know Evangelical Christians are DUMB and can easily be swayed into believing God blesses those who bless Israel. Chrummies, or Christian dummies, are too moronic to connect the dots and trace their decline to Jewish ascendancy. Jews feel assured that chrummies will blindly support Israel no matter what. The real problem is with so-called secular ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ whites. They are post-Christian and can’t be swayed by simple God-talk. Their proggy conceit has them craving new meanings from narratives and agendas; they want to feel ahead of the curve, or ‘more evolved’ than others, or fashion uber tradition. Of late, Globo-Homo has become a big thing for them, even of ‘spiritual’ import, i.e. they are so full of love, tolerance, and inclusion whereas the ‘homophobes’, often fueled by religious bigotry, are blind to the ‘rainbow’ wonders of dongs entering bungs or dongs morphing into poons. Jews know the old time religious angle is a hard-sell for such libby-did white dummies or whummies. There’s even the danger of white progs taking up the BDS banner because the GOP has become synonymous with hardline Zionism and hatred against Palestinians.

But, having embraced globo-homo cult as their neo-religion, white progs revere Israel as the homo-place-to-be, not unlike the pitch of Las-Vegas-as-the-Christmas-place-to-be in Albert Brooks’ LOST IN AMERICA. It worked like magic because nothing, with the possible exception of the adoration of George Floyd, is more sacred to libby-dibs than globo-homo; therefore, they are willing to turn a blind eye to Zionist tyranny over Palestinians because ‘gay pride’ > Palestinian justice.

So, Jews got the support of both Evangelical chrummies who idolize Jew as pious Chosen folks and libby-dib whummies who cheer on Israel as the premier ‘gay’ disco-mecca of the world. The use of globo-homo issue as moral cover is called ‘pink-washing’, and it illustrates the sickness of our times where something is deemed sacred on account of its association with sodomy and tranny genital-mutilation. Sadly, even many Palestinians have jumped on this bandwagon because they too have been colonized by Jewish-conceived ‘wokeness’ or understand the idolatrous nature of Western morality whereby value derives from association than inherent merit, i.e. just like religious folks claim to have God on their side, modern morality is about which side has the blessing of sacralized groups, namely Jews-homos-blacks who function as spiritual-common-currency in the Western-hegemonized world order.

American ‘morality’ for both ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ is less about who is right or wrong in the conflict between Jews and Palestinians than about which political party has the blessing of holy Jews. Neither Republicans nor Democrats care as to whether Jews and Israel are doing right or wrong because their idolatrous mindset assumes Jews to be always right and noble on account of the Chosen People myth and/or the Holocaust Narrative.
Therefore, it’s never about either political party judging Jewish political behavior but about being favorably judged by Jewish Power as the almighty and ultimate arbiter of right-and-wrong in America, the World, and the whole cosmos. As Palestinians have no chance of gaining Jewish blessing, they reach out to homo and black communities to impress the white progs, who also worship homos and blacks alongside Jews, but this is a doomed strategy because homos, apart from few dissidents, are totally allied with Jews in the globalist enterprise. As for self-aggrandizing blacks, most will go with the money that flows from the Jewish fountain.)

This article — — speaks of Palestinian envy for all things Jewish, but the same charge could be leveled at all goy Christians or Muslims. What are most Christians but goyim who adopted the Jewish God as their own? And what is Islam but an Arab appropriation of Jewish narratives and Christian myths? Granted, going further back, one could argue that Jews ‘enviously stole’ the ideas and myths of neighboring pagan tribes in the creation of their own religion.

And speaking of envy, Jews are top contenders as well. True, Jews have been the objects of goy envy, not least for their money-making acumen, intellectual achievements, and spiritual power, but Jewish History is replete with coutnless examples of enviously eyeing goyim and lusting after what’s theirs. Indeed, why else would Jews enviously seek to gain control over goy nations instead of just letting them be in the spirit of live-and-let-live?

Sometimes, the enviousness can be downright neurotic, e.g. Jews prizing Aryans as especially attractive, the gold standard of beauty, but also putting them down as ‘shikses’ whose beauty-as-false-god must be destroyed by race-mixing. Jews have long prized the profit-potential of blacks as singers and athletes — among the main gripes of Louis Farrakhan — but privately referred to blacks as ‘schvartzes’ and even ‘ni**ers’. Jews today bitterly envy the plight of Palestinians because their own claim to victimhood is slipping(which is why we must be reminded constantly of the Holy Holocaust)while the tragedy of Palestinians, especially in Gaza, is beginning to resemble Jewish conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Problematic are the multiple meanings of ‘Palestinian’. It has ethnic but also historical and territorial meaning. A Mexican-American is legally an American citizen, therefore an American, but he may choose not to identify as such(a goddamned gringo or yanqui) and instead declare himself a proud Mexican. Amnesty would turn lots of illegals into ‘Americans’, but patriots would reject that they are. When European Jews began their migration into Palestine in the late 19th century, they identified as ‘Palestinian'(even if disingenuously to allay the fears of the native population), and the Jewish newspapers back then had names like ‘The Palestinian Times’. Such murky definition of ‘Palestine’ allows for all manner of interpretation. If anyone who lives or has lived in the Palestinian territory counts as ‘Palestinian’, then all current Jews living there would count as ‘Palestinian’. And Jesus and His Disciples could also be counted among the ‘Palestinians’. But then, so would the Romans, Ottomans, and the British as occupiers of Palestine. Of course, current Palestinians living in Israel count as ‘Arab Israelis’, which complicates matters even further.

For this reason, the most meaningful definition of ‘Palestinian’ is ethnic, not geographic. Saying Jews who lived in Palestine were ‘Palestinians’ would be as absurd as saying Philistines who lived in Judea(another name for roughly the same territory) were ‘Jews’. Consider the problems of geographism in EU where anyone who gains entry may count as ‘European’, effectively demeaning the racial roots of European-ness that go back tens of thousands of years. By rules of globalism and the Great Reset, a nonwhite stepping into European soil has the same claim to European-ness as a white European with ancestral roots going back perhaps 40,000 years. Worse, Jewish-controlled media in Europe now colonize even the European past by featuring nonwhites, especially blacks, in white historical roles. Such is the madness of globalism, at least for goyim, as it never ever questions the deep roots of identity and territoriality among Jews who are allowed pass-over privileges against globalism’s deracinating and dispossessing agendas.

Anyway, the Palestinians got it backward. Instead of positing that Jesus was a Palestinian, they’d be better off proposing Palestine as the new jesus. Can an entire people be thus sacralized? It sure happened for Jews as Holo-christs crucified by ‘antisemitic’ Christian Europe. The cult of Shoah has resurrected Jewishness as the holiest theme in the West, supplanting Christianity that, if anything, has been delegitimized as either craven collaborator of or ineffective weakling against Nazi power.
In part, the demographic Great Replacement logically follows from the spiritual-moral great replacement whereupon the narrative went from “Jews killed Christ” to “Christians killed Jews”. (If Christians failed to convert most Jews over nearly 2,000 yrs, Jews easily converted most whites to the new faith of Holocaustianity. Indeed, even most diehard Christians today put Jews and Israel above God and Jesus. Your average Christian Republican will favor Zionists who arm ISIS and spread globo-homo over Arab Christians who’ve kept the flame alive for 1,500 years against all odds in a sea of Islam.)

Even an IDF soldier bashing the skull of a Palestinian boy is deemed part of the divine Anne Frank tribe — whatever Jews do is justified within the framework of ‘Never Again’, despite Palestinians having had nothing to do with Jewish tragedies in the 20th century and Jewish Power coming to resemble the Nazis. ‘Never Again’ turned into ‘Again but against Goyim’.
When IDF soldiers shoot Palestinian women in Gaza, US government sees poor helpless Jews defending themselves against Arab Nazis. It’s as if every Jew has been issued an Anne Frank card of instant moral absolution. Likewise, all blacks have been sacralized on account of ‘muh slavery’. Even George Floyd the lowlife junkie has been canonized as the latest Negro Saint, perhaps ingesting fentanyl in heaven alongside Gentle Giant Michael Brown smoking pot-laced blunts he lifted from a convenience store. It’s as if all blacks, even worthless crazy thugs and looters, are black-christs before whom we must kneel to suck their toes.

Of course, blacks are especially valuable to Jews, and not only to guilt-bait whites. It’s also because, during the Cold War, Palestinians were allied with the ANC in South Africa whereas Israel was the closest ally of the Apartheid regime. For most of their political careers, the likes of Mandela and Desmond Tutu were bosom buddies with Yasser Arafat while condemning ‘racist’ Israel. Lest anyone open up that can of worms, Jews have gone the extra mile to bribe, flatter, and threaten blacks to stick with Jews. Whatever sympathy blacks may have for Palestinians, they are above all about ‘gots to have me'(not that white goyim are any better), which translates into most blacks taking 30 pieces of silver from Jews than doing what’s right. Cornel West may be wrong on lots of issues but deserves respect for refusing the silver and calling out on the House Negroes who failed to do likewise.

Of course, it all gets very complicated in the game of Tug-A-Gro(‘gro’ being Negro). In 2020, Jewish Power fanned BLM riots to shore up black support for the Democratic Party, but Palestinians also waved the BLM flag, tying their struggle with the black cause in the US. Jews and Palestinians found themselves on the same side(BLM-mania) but for very different reasons. Jews used BLM against whites, and Palestinians tried to use it against Zionism. But as Jews held the purse-strings, blacks did the bidding of Jews and, if anything, looted and burned down countless Arab-owned stores.

One thing for sure, no politician, institution, or city street promoted the message, “Palestinian Lives Matter”. Because of American History of racial discrimination against blacks and the persistent problems of black poverty and underachievement, there’s a tendency to associate black ‘struggle’ with anti-American and anti-Zionist struggles around the world, but it is based on a false narrative. Blacks haven’t been oppressed for quite some time in the US and, if anything, are lionized like no other group except for Jews and homos. Contrary to libby-dib moral outrage that 10,000 innocent blacks are gunned down every year by ‘racist’ white cops, truth is precious few unarmed blacks are killed thus and almost invariably for violently resisting arrest. If a Jihadi gains instant access to 77 virgins in heaven upon blowing himself up, even the lousiest black thug gains instant sainthood upon being killed by cops.
In fact, blacks are top criminals(or ‘crimperialists’), the #1 victimizers of other races and other blacks in the US. But, due to Jewish control of global media and their endless commemorations of Emmett Till(now with competition from Fentanyl Floyd), the World is still under the spell that WHITES or ‘white supremacists’ go around lynching innocent Negroes. (While it’s true that organized whites once ganged up against blacks, usually thugs or criminals, the very necessity of such group-behavior suggests at white fear and anxiety than white supremacy. Whites had to act as a team because, one-on-one, they were no match for tougher and more muscular blacks. It’s like the only chance wolves have against bears or cougars is as a pack or team because a single wolf is no match for bear or cougar. But, once white unity based on identity and loyalty became taboo in the US, whites could no longer organize against blacks, which meant the confrontations came down to white individual vs black individual, which usually advantaged the tougher blacks. Worse, as blacks were allowed to organize along racial lines, they not only beat up whites on the individual level but on the organized mob level. But all of this goes ignored because Jewish Power, the dominant force in the US, has as its top priority the subjugation of whites, not least by ‘white guilt’ about blacks.)

Panic about ‘white racism'(especially against Holy Blacks as the ‘iconic’ race) is what the Jews want, and it’s also why they hide their own power and shout down anyone who notices it as an ‘Anti-Semite’. The truth would make people the world over realize Jewish Supremacists rule America and, if anything, use blacks and homos as their allies, agents, thugs, and/or commissars.
All said and done, Jewish Power relies on the submission and obeisance of whites, e.g. if Jews want some Arab country to be smashed, they need white generals, managers, and soldiers to obediently carry out the mission. If whites were to wake up and stand with Palestinians and challenge Jewish Power, profound changes are possible, and that is what Jews fear most. But as long as white dummies or whummies keep with their roles as saps, cucks, puppets, and soul-slaves of Jews, they will just keep taking it up the arse.
Worse, as the visible enforcers and executioners of the Jewish Supremacist will, the world will see THEM as the Power in America. (It’s like the current administration is infested with Jewish Supremacists and globo-terrorists, but it goes by the name of “Biden’s regime”, as if that senile ice-cream-slurping fool has any say on policy matters.) Instead of showing any gratitude for white subservience, Jews just signal to the world, “Look, it’s the WHITES who are doing it!”

Anyway, if all Jews or all blacks can be sacralized, then so can all Palestinians. Even if Jesus wasn’t a Palestinian, Palestinians can be the new jesus, or ‘Palechristinians’. Nakba can be viewed as the Second Crucifixion, and Murdered Palestine can stand as the symbol for the World, the dream of its resurrection representing the hope of all mankind living under Jewish Supremacist tyranny in one way or another. Jewish-controlled US, as lone superpower, rules, threatens, or destroys the world, and Palestine has been at the epicenter of what Jewish Evil is capable of. The Nakba narrative and template(as what was done to the Palestinians now serves as blueprint against whites in the West and other goyim as well) also undermine the Shoah Narrative as the ultimate lesson Jews took from World War II was not to join with humanity against supremacism but to hoist their own supremacist flag, often masked with globo-homo and BLM symbolism, in every country. Jews are now caught in a moral trap where they feel a need to scream ‘nazi, nazi, nazi'(when not ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’) ever more loudly to hide the fact of their super-nazi-like dominance over the world.

Palestine-as-jesus or Palestine-as-christ iconography is especially useful, as well as urgently necessary, because Jewish Power is pushing for White Nakba, and if things continue as desired by the likes of George Soros, Ben Shapiro, Jennifer Rubin, Chuck Schumer, Rachel Levine, Merrick Garland, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Steven Spielberg, and etc., white folks will end up as the New Palestinians in their own ancestral homelands, which Jews regard merely as real estate to buy and sell than as racial-cultural inheritance of goyim. Look how Hollywood Jews take delight in the total eclipse of whites in California. Look how Jewish globalists celebrate the Great Replacement in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Malmo, and Brussels. Look how Jews decry Poland and Hungary’s efforts to preserve their lands and cultures. Before White Nakba, there was the original Palestinian Nakba, the template for the grand design for the world. New York Times certainly push it on Japan.

So much of the Jewish global agenda can be understood with a close examination of what was done to Palestine. Palestinians, even more than the Russians of the rabid Bolshevik period and Germans during the degenerate Weimar period, were the first complete victims of what Jewish Power is capable of. Always look to the first crime for clues to future crimes. Before other Christians came under the sword and met their martyrdom, Jesus got it first. Christianity eventually triumphed and why? Because Early Christians never forgot what happened to Jesus and kept the flame alive. In time, the Gospel spread and more people were won over to the Faith, even among the Roman elites.

In a similar way, Palestine can become the universal symbol for all the goyim crying out to be free from Jewish Supremacism that is baked into the cake of New Americanism emanating from the US as lone superpower. All peoples faced with cultural degeneration(from Jewish-promoted globo-homo) and demographic doom(from Jewish-promoted anti-natalism, diversity worship, and great replacement) could learn a thing or two from Palestinians who were the first victims of the Grand Jewish Design following World War II. As their own crucifixions loom in the future, goyim the world over should look to the destruction of Palestine as the first overt symptom of Jewish Power as the cancer of modernity.

Another factor makes the fate of Palestine resemble that of Jesus. Even though the Shoah has become central to 20th century victimology, what happened to Jews was akin to what befell Germans, Japanese, Italians, and Russians(and to a lesser extent to Anglos and French). Jews played with fire and got burned. While there is no moral justification for the killing of millions of Jews, it was an insane backlash against the real evils of Jewish Power. Likewise, while no sane person could justify the mass rape of German women or the incineration of Japanese babies by nukes, Germans and Japanese got smashed because their leaders played with fire and too many of them went along. This is even true of what happened to Russians as Stalin’s regime gambled just like Hitler’s regime. Stalin, a devil himself, made a pact with the devil in Hitler. While most Russians had no say in any of this, it’s generally been the case that the masses also get consumed in the conflagration set by their leaders. If too many high-powered Jews hadn’t done vile things in the interwar period as either finance-capitalist gangsters or radical communist fanatics, there would have been far less likelihood of someone like Adolf Hitler coming to power. World Jewry constituted a great power, and many innocent Jews got burned as the result of vile machinations of Jewish elites, just like plenty of Germans, Japanese, and Russians suffered as the result of reckless policies of their leaders.

In contrast, Palestinians were destroyed for no reason at all. They were a totally powerless people who posed no threat to anyone. They had no role in global imperialism, communism, fascism, World War I, World War II, and all the other destructive events and movements in the 20th century. They were just a people in a tiny corner of the world minding their own business. Yet, just because Zionists coveted their land, they had to be dehumanized and displaced. And it was done with the complicity of great powers that, following World War II, hypocritically preached to the world about human rights, especially in light of horrible atrocities committed by Axis Powers. Yet, when Jews chose to act like Judeo-Nazis, the Great Powers either lent their support or turned a blind eye.

It is especially in this sense that the destruction of the Palestinians was like the torture and crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus wasn’t some big shot who got a well-deserved comeuppance. He didn’t preach violence. He wasn’t out for world domination. He didn’t tell people to hate another bunch of people. And yet, He had to be destroyed because Jews saw Him as a threat. Plenty of people were killed in retaliation for their violence, ambition, terror, greed, and the like. The killers may have been hardly better or even worse, but the killed had it coming or sort of. In contrast, Jesus didn’t crave worldly power and didn’t preach violence to His flock. Yet, He was killed. Whatever one thinks of men like Julius Caesar, they had it coming as they were very much in the bloody game of power.
Palestinians, like Jesus, weren’t in the game. They were among the poorest and most powerless people on Earth. This isn’t to say they were saints and angels because, as individuals, many among them were surely lowlifes, skunks, idiots, and cutthroats like the rest of humanity. But on the global scale, they amounted to nothing and had no hand in 20th century tragedies. Yet, they had to be destroyed because Jews insisted on it and pressured the great powers to back them up.

In that sense, even though far fewer Palestinians died in the Nakba than Jews in Shoah(and Russians, Germans, and Japanese in WWII), theirs was a greater injustice within the context of power dynamics. Whereas other peoples got burned for playing with fire, Palestinians got torched for no reason at all but for the fact that they happened to live on the land that Jews coveted. Now, given Jewish historical and spiritual links to that land, it’s understandable why they wanted it for themselves. But Palestinians also have a history on that land that goes back as far as that of the Jews. Besides, Palestinians were accepting of some degree of Jewish immigration. When Jews trickled in and set up shops as mere neighbors, Palestinians didn’t mind so much. Alas, it was part of a long-term trick. It was when the Palestinians couldn’t help but realize the true nature of Zionism that they began to resist, but they were hopelessly outmatched as Jews had the backing not only of World Jewry but of the great goy powers. Also, Jews scripted the narrative via control of media and influence over Western leaders. So, even though Jews were the real masters of modern terrorism in Palestine, it was always the Arabs who were made out to be the murderous savages.

According to post-World War II neo-theology and historiography, the Christian Narrative of Jewish Deicide was worse than fiction; it was libel against an innocent people who had little or nothing to do with the killing of Christ. It was the Romans who done it. The New Narrative said the early Christians, in order to gain favor with the Romans, exaggerated the role of Jews while more-or-less exonerating the Romans via Pilate as an reluctant figure pressured by the blood-thirsty Jewish Mob. Thus, Christianity holds that Jewish hands were stained not only with blood but bloodlust.

Of course, none of us know what really happened. There’s no way to resolve this issue without a Time Machine to take us back some 2000 yrs, though some scholars insist Jesus never existed and was really a figment of imagination, a patchwork of various pagan myths fused with Jewish ideas.

That said, given Jewish behavior in regard to Palestine — assuming that Jewish character has remained consistent over the years — , it seems rather credible that Jews would have pressured the Romans into killing Jesus. (Likewise, Jewish behavior in the Post-WW II era lends credence to ‘antisemitism’ of earlier times. Jews insist that utterly irrational and baseless ‘antisemitism’ culminated in the Holocaust, but how likely is it that pre-WWII Jews behaved utterly unlike post-WWII Jews? Of course, Jews will insist they’ve done nothing wrong since the end of WWII. Yeah, just ask Russians of the 1990s, the Palestinians, and all those Arab/Muslim victims of Neocon wars. And consider 2020, the banner year of Jewish-promoted Covid nuttery and BLM lunacy.) There’s an uncanny similarity between the Jews-killed-Jesus Narrative and Jews-destroyed-Palestine Narrative. In both cases, Jews called on the authority and power of the dominant empire. Jews couldn’t have grabbed Palestine on their own. Jews needed to play games with the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, Soviet Union, even National Socialist Germany, and finally the United States as the New Rome in the aftermath of World War II.

By the end of the war, Jews had come damn near close to fully realizing the Zionist project. The wood and nails were ready and set to crucify Palestine. But for the final act, Jews needed the backing of the preeminent world power, either USSR or US. Jews pleaded with, cajoled, bribed, threatened, and bullied Harry S. Truman, a weak and unimaginative figurehead, into sealing the deal that would finally murder Palestine. Truman was like the New Pilate, and when push came to shove, he relented and let the Jews have their way. And just like that, Palestine was finished with the so-called partition designed to provoke a war that would give Jews the green light to carry out the Nakba. (Now, from a purely Machiavellian realpolitik viewpoint, the American policy might have been worthwhile IF Jews felt gratitude and good will towards the White American Christian Community. But not only did it turn out to be a great moral failure but a strategic mistake as well because the ultimate Jewish Plan was nothing less than White Nakba, to reduce whites in US, Canada, Australia, and EU to the status of the Occupied, or the New Palestinians. Look how the likes of Jennifer Rubin are cackling with hideous glee about how whites are doomed to be minorities, not unlike Palestinians in what became Israel. In a sick way, it’s a smart move by the Jews. After all, even if Romans acceded to Jewish demands to have Jesus killed, Judea was eventually smashed by the Empire that scattered Jews to the four corners of the world. Apparently, modern Jews figured that THEY themselves should take over as the New Romans this time and do to white people what was done to the Jews under the Romans, i.e. ironically, whites, like the Palestinians, are to end up like Ancient Jews while modern Jews would be like the Ancient Romans at their height — no wonder Mark Zuckerberg likes to roleplay as Augustus. In 1948, Anglo-America was the New Rome, and Jews had to plead and beg to get what they wanted. But by 1990, Jewish Power became the New Rome, albeit a stealthy one, in overdrive in dehumanizing, demoralizing, dispossessing, displacing, and dispersing whites folks all around the world. The way things are going, Europe will become majority black African, and many whites will undoubtedly flee to other places. Whites remaining in Europe will be white whores with jungle fever and white dorks with cold feet. And there will also be tons of other nonwhites from Middle East and Asia, and the once-all-white Europe will resemble some multicultural bazaar in North Africa. In aiding and abetting the Jewish-Zionist destruction of Palestine, White Christian American not only committed itself to moral failure but strategic catastrophe on the grandest scale. Did they believe in reciprocity between whites and Jews: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”? What they got was, “I scratched your back, and you buggered my butt!” Sadly, even faced with the grim reality, most whites remain in the dark because their supposed white ‘leaders’, who actually do know what has taken place, have been lavishly bought off — the Bushes, Clintons, Bidens, and etc. of the world don’t need to worry about their family wealth, privilege, and connections — and go on duping the white masses that Americanism is all about ‘Muh Israel’ and ‘scape-krauting’ the Germans for the Holocaust in which pure-as-snow Jews, all six million of them, got killed. As it turned out, MAGA-Man Donald Trump didn’t turn out any different; even after being tarred-and-feather and ass-raped by Jewish Power, he only whimpers about how it’s only fitting that the Jewish Lobby should have total control over Congress. At least when Romans kicked Jewish butt, Jews knew they were beat. In contrast, white masses are so duped by white cuck elites that they believe their duty is to kiss the Jewish foot that kicks them.)

Pilate may have washed his hands of Jesus’s fate, but the Romans became complicit just the same. Even if driven by Jewish Rabbinical and mob fury, Romans served as executioners. Romans had the power and relented under Jewish pressure. Likewise, the US(and the West in general) has been complicit in the crucifixion of Palestine. It was the Western Empire, especially Great Britain, that led the way for the eventual destruction of Palestine. And it was the US that hammered in the final nails during Harry Truman’s administration. But why? What did Palestinians ever do to the West? Did they attack Europe? Did they threaten the US? Did they pose a danger to the world order? Were they responsible for the great atrocities in the 19th and 20th centuries? In the 19th century, the US wiped out entire indigenous populations and fomented a war with lazy backward Mexicans to grab territory. In the first half of the 20th century, Russia carried out communist atrocities, and Germany committed horrors against neighboring countries and Jews in World War II. Japanese aggression led to incalculable suffering in Asia. Palestinians had NOTHING to do with any of those ghastly horrors, but they ended up far worse than any of those people. Germany and Japan were smashed but allowed to recover and rebuild. Following WWII, US and Soviet Union became superpowers. And Jews, whose actions led to the rise of communism(fueled by Jewish radicalism) and National Socialism(in large part in reaction to Jewish perfidy), grew to great power and wealth in the latter part of the 20th century.
But Palestinians, who were responsible for no horrors in the 20th century, were wiped off the map by the Jews with the aid of Britain(for a time), Germany(for a time, as Zionists worked with Hitler to send more Jews to Palestine), Soviet Union(for a time), and the US(then and seemingly forever).

Injustice isn’t simply a matter of suffering but proportionality and culpability. For example, Germans and Japanese suffered a great deal in World War II, and their tragedies would rank among the greatest crimes ever had they been visited upon them gratuitously for no conceivable reason, like the horrors in the Book of Job. However, what they suffered in large measure was in retaliation to their own aggressions and atrocities. Even though Jews(and their cuck shills) don’t want to admit it, the Shoah was not unlike the horrors that befell the Japanese and Germans. Just like many innocent Germans and Japanese perished as the result of their elites’ malevolent policies, many innocent Jews bore the brunt of the backlash against vile actions of World Jewry(a great power in their own right) and the general acquiescence of the Jewish population. In contrast, Palestinians were wiped off the map for having done NOTHING. As such, in proportional terms, they were the biggest victims of the 20th century. A people who’d done NOTHING were robbed of EVERYTHING.

Are things all that different today? Have Jews learned the lessons of history like Germans, Japanese, Russians, and others did so at least in part? Jews committed terrible wrongs in Russia of the 1990s, but many upper-middle class and middle class Jews in academia and media mostly went along with the Jewish elite-driven agenda and narrative. How does the average Jew(who is above-average in education, income, and privilege by goy standards) feel about the Jewish-Zionist globalist elite’s warmongering and destruction of Arab/Muslim nations? Most of them just look the other way or fully support the vicious policies.

Take Bari Weiss, the supposed dissident intellectual of the Dark Web. She poses as a Little Jew dissed by the big shots at New York Times, but what is her poor little Jewess schtick? It’s to silence critics of Israel and to push the hardline on Jewish Power. To be generous, we may argue most Jews are simply ignorant of what’s going on because, like most idiot goyim, they are into video games and celebrity culture. But haven’t we been told that Jews are the most intelligent, informed, and educated people in the US and the whole world? Haven’t we been told that people with more education and privilege should be more cognizant and conscientious about how power is used? ‘Silence is violence’, we’ve been told many times by Jewish media and academia. Haven’t we been told of the Tikkun Olam mindset among Jews that is so concerned with human rights and the redemption of humanity?

If so, why are so many ‘little Jews’ so compliant with what are clearly the evil agendas of Big Jews? It’s been asked of the Germans, “How could the most educated and most cultured people in Europe support such a regime that brought about World War II and carried out the Holocaust?” In other words, the German people have no excuse because they were more advanced than most. (To their credit, Germans stuck with Weimar Democracy for fifteen hellish years of national humiliation and seemingly endless depression before they finally had enough, and even then, only one-third voted for Hitler.) Well, Jews are even more educated than the Germans ever were. Then, why have so many Little Jews been resigned to or supportive of the supremacist agenda of Jewish Power?

Sure, Jews yammer about how they’re opposed to ‘hate’, ostensibly the reason for their attempts to clamp down on ‘hate speech’ in the name of social justice or whatever. But in truth, Jews push ‘hate speech’ policies because they want to shield and carry on with their hateful ACTIONS. Jewish-controlled US foreign policy is a grocery list of murderous actions. US supports the Zionist destruction of Palestine. But if you criticize Zionism, you’re an ‘Anti-Semite’ guilty of ‘hate speech’. That’s how it works. By characterizing your criticism of Israel and Jewish Power as ‘hate speech’, the Power silences you and then, Jews can go on with their hateful actions against Palestinians without exposure and pushback. Or, consider the hateful actions against Syria, Iran, and Russia.

If you were to call out Jewish Power, then ADL and SPLC will sound the alarm on ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Speech’ and get you censored & de-platformed. And then, having silenced all criticism, Jewish power reverts to its hateful actions around the world via monopoly over US foreign policy. But then, Jewish Power pulls the same trick INSIDE the US. If any decent Christian florist or baker refuses to service satanic rituals like ‘gay wedding’, he or she will be slandered as ‘hateful’ and driven out of business.
In truth, what is more hateful than the globo-homo agenda that wages nihilistic war on normality and decency? After all, homos aren’t content to be left alone to do their own thing; they must make their agenda compulsory so that all of us must observe month-long celebrations of their deviancy and degeneracy. And globo-homo is part of Jewish Power’s world agenda. Homos within the Deep State work with Jewish Power to wage wars, subvert national economies, and spread cultural degeneracy. If you call out on these hateful actions, you will be the one accused of ‘hate speech’ because you dared to name the homo as partner-in-crime in globalist neo-hegemonism. If you ask a Jew, “Why are you hatefully murdering the Palestinians?”, the Power will accuse YOU of ‘hate speech’ for daring to notice the hateful actions of Jewish Power.

And now, chickens have come home to roost for white Americans who mindlessly supported and blessed Jewish Power and Zionism. It was not so long ago when, in the aftermath of 9/11, Jewish Power, via control of government and media, called on All Americans as One Patriotic People to unite in the War on Terror because, if we didn’t fight them over there, we would have to fight them over here.
Never mind the fishy circumstances around 9/11, and it wasn’t long before Jewish Power and its shills concocted ludicrous lies as rationale to invade Iraq, a nation that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. And then, with Barack Obama as their pet monkey, Jewish Power turned the so-called War on Terror into War with Terror against Libya and Syria. And all those ‘good anti-war liberals’ who had denounced George W. Bush as a no-good christo-fascist warmonger were either silent or supportive of this new policy that turned out to be even worse. Well, well, silence is violence.

But, like in the story of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, more and more Americans began to notice that Jewish Power is full of baloney. Even many Republicans who’d supported the Iraq War felt lied to and manipulated; with eggs on their faces, a few even apologized to their constituents. So, when Donald Trump lumbered along and said NO MORE to Neocon Wars(though he went super-Neocon on Iran), many looked to him as a real leader, even a savior, and incredibly, it was the conservatives who were more likely to be anti-war and critical of the Pentagon(whereas Democrats and RINOS were egging on Trump to do more bombing & invading and also to ramp up tensions against Russia and China).

The Jewish Script was beginning to unravel, but did Jews self-reflect on any of this? No, all they cared about was their power and control, and they embarked on unprecedented levels of censorship and denied financial services based on ideology. The very people who’ve been bitching endlessly about the Red Scare and Joe McCarthy were now pushing the Russia Collusion Paranoia and withholding financial services to American citizens based on ideology — everyone, regardless of ideology, has to pay taxes to bail out banks but banks can deny you service based on your political views, though don’t expect any institution or industry to cut off Zionists and Neocons for the ‘genocide’ against Palestinians and destructive wars against Arabs/Muslims. If Joe McCarthy got some pushback because powerful institutions and industries even then were controlled by Liberals and Leftists, there has been no pushback against the Jewish power-grab because Jews control everything and everyone, including the whore-politicians of the GOP.

You’d think some Republicans would probe into why Americans have been denied financial services based on ideology. Or why law firms have been pressured not to represent certain clients. By now, it should be obvious to all that Jewish hypocrisy knows no bounds. They very Jews who still rant about evil Joe McCarthy have NO PROBLEM with local governments(‘blue’ and ‘red’) shilling for Jewish Power to effectively criminalize BDS. The very Jews who called for boycott of Apartheid South Africa in the 80s(even as Israel was working with the Boer Republic) now pull strings to ensure Israel won’t face similar challenges even though Zionist crimes against Palestinians are 1000x worse than what white settlers did to blacks in South Africa. After all, the reason why whites needed apartheid was they’d allowed blacks to remain the demographic majority. In contrast, Jews expelled the vast majority of Palestinians in the Nakba pogroms to ensure Jewish demographic dominance in Israel proper(and the same game plan is being played in West Bank, which is being murdered with a thousand cuts). In West Bank where Jews are currently still in the minority, they practice their own kind of apartheid. But all these Jews, who pride themselves as ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’, use their money and influence, as well as the fear factor and blackmail, to pressure goy shills to deny any voice to Palestinian-Americans.

It gives the lie to ‘Jewish Liberalism’ because, if Jews were truly liberal in principle, they would stand by the First Amendment regardless of tribal interests. It now seems Jewish support of civil liberties in the past was strategic than principled. It was really to amass power to be used to silence rivals, opponents, and critics, which include conscientious Jews who are smeared as ‘self-loathing Jews’. With their current dominance, Jews play every trick in the book to ensure all the goyim will grovel at their feet. The very Jews who recount for the umpteenth time the Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s are utterly mum about Palestinian-American professionals who’ve been fired or demoted on account of refusing to pledge loyalty to Zionist ideology that has destroyed their people. Being bad is bad enough but to be so hypocritical as well… Apparently, many Jews don’t lose any sleep over this.

What was done to Palestinians is now being done to White Americans, especially to nationalists and populists. Malignant scumbag Merrick Garland sic the dogs on Americans who oppose CRT(Critical Race Theory), which isn’t really about racial justice but Jewish use of blacks to guilt-bait whites into shame and submission. If indeed CRT is about racial justice for all, why nothing about Zionist tyranny over Palestinians? And why nothing about black thuggery and terrorization of the weaker races? Is there anything in CRT that calls on blacks to shoulder responsibility for all the violence they’ve committed against whites and non-blacks? Of course not. CRT sanctifies black identity and narrative to burden whites with guilt and self-doubt, all the easier for Jews to steer rudderless white souls into serving Jews(and homos and blacks as allies of Jews). One thing for sure, CRT overlooks how mass immigration led to the ‘genocide’ of American Indians. But then, mass-immigration of nonwhites is part of the Jewish Plan to increase Diversity, which makes divide-and-rule over goyim so much easier.

There was a time when Jews like Merrick Garland called on White Americans to support Israel against the Arabs(usually portrayed as terrorists by Jewish Hollywood). But now, his ilk is vilifying White Americans as ‘terrorists’ for pushing back on CRT that aims to dehumanize white people. White people assumed(and many of them still stupidly do) that whites and Jews are allies against them no good Ay-rabs, thus blinding themselves to reality. In truth, Jewish Power has been the biggest sponsor of terrorism(just like Jewish gangsters played as big if not bigger role than the Italians, who were usually depicted as gangsters in popular fiction). Israel plays backup to ISIS scum in Syria. Obama the puppet of Jews armed the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ who were really a bunch of foreign Jihadi scum sent into Syria to tear it apart. Iran, along with Russia, saved Syria from terrorists, but Jewish Power used clowns like Trump and Pelosi to blame Iran for the terrorism. Trump had Soleimani killed at the behest of Jewish Supremacists. Whatever Trump may have said on the campaign trail, he proved to be another big fat whore of Israel, but Jews still hated him for stirring up white political consciousness that, following his example, grew disrespectful of the gatekeeping GOP establishment. Though Trump was style than substance, his swagger encouraged white populists to show defiance and push back(and to never apologize). Not since Charles Lindbergh — Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon were small potatoes by comparison — have Jews been so triggered. But if Jewish animus against Lindbergh was understandable as a survival instinct(as millions of Jews were endangered in Europe by Nazi Germany), Jewish animus against Trump was mostly about tribal megalomania as their main concern today isn’t survival but global hegemony, something Jewish Supremacists have grown accustomed to as their birthright and destiny. If the main Jewish worry in the 1940s was how many tribesmen might be killed by Nazi wrath, the main worry today is how many goyim might be spared the Zionist-Globalist wrath. Jews hate the idea of anyone standing in their war path(with goy mercenaries to fill up the body bags of course). In foreign policy, Jews hated Trump as an obstacle to Jewish Neocons and Neolibs going ‘full nazi’ on whomever they hated. In other words, Jews hate Trump not so much because he was ‘literally Hitler’ but because he blocked the total Hitlerization of Jewish Power. But with total puppet Biden in office, Judeo-Nazis are saber-rattling against Russia and China.

At any rate, not only was Trump caricatured into a Hitler-like figure but his followers were painted as ‘domestic terrorists’. It’s come to a point where the Jewish-controlled Deep State now regards half the nation as quasi-terrorist, somewhat akin to how Arabs were depicted in the 1980s and 1990s. In other words, White American nationalists and populists found themselves in the same camp with Hamas and Hezbollah.

Then, how can the healing begin? One way is by revisiting the Palestinian issue. It is by atonement on the part of whites, especially Americans, and the transference of sympathy(and favored iconography) from Jews to the Palestinians. There is no other way given the nature of Jewish Power in our times.

Indeed, how did the healing begin following the death of Jesus Christ? It was with the realization that an innocent person had been killed, and furthermore, people had been either complicit in the killing or too afraid to speak out — even Peter denied Jesus three times. Jesus didn’t strive for worldly power and, if anything, said “give unto Caesar what is his”. He wasn’t about greed. He didn’t call for mass uprisings and wars. He preached compassion and peace but got killed real bad. The mob, fueled by Rabbinical authorities, called for blood and jeered on the violence directed at an innocent(though, to be sure, we can understand why Jews would have regarded Jesus as a heretic of the worst kind given the theological controversy). The killing of Jesus wasn’t like the execution of a captured criminal or fallen tyrant. It was His innocence that later inspired others to atone, repent, and spread the faith. The healing began with the acknowledgement of Jesus’s innocence and the murderous fanaticism of Jewish authorities & the cold-bloodedness of Romans executioners who did what was deemed politically most expedient. For sin to be cleansed, it must first be acknowledged and atoned for. The ensuing rise of Christianity turned the world around.

Likewise, there can be no healing and no hope for white people unless they repent for their crimes against Palestinians. Harry Truman’s Pilate moment and the destruction of Palestine sealed the fate of the US and the West in general, morally and strategically. In a way, Truman was worse than Pilate who, at the very least, sought to absolve himself of the bloodletting. In contrast, even though Truman initially acted with reluctance(and resentment toward Jews who strong-armed him), his administration ultimately went all-in on behalf of Jews whose Zionist dream had always been Great Replacement of the Palestinians.

It is through the realization of their complicity in the destruction of Palestine that whites can begin to understand the true nature of their bargain with the devil: Jews now intend to do to them what was done to Palestinians, i.e. Palestinian Nakba was mere dress rehearsal for White Nakba being implemented across the West by the likes of George Soros with full endorsement of New York Times, Harvard University, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the Deep State packed with servile dogs of Zion.

Jews recruited whites to support Israel against Arab ‘terrorists’ but now label countless millions of white Americans as ‘domestic terrorists’. And why? Because whites dared to protest the rigged election of 2020 — the art of Jewish Regime Change went from Iraq to Libya to Ukraine and finally came back to the US; indeed, Jews in media happily gloated about how the cabal had ‘fortified’ the election. ‘Democracy’ has simply come to mean whatever-Jews-want. Then, it’s only natural that Jews would deem as ‘terrorists’ half the nation because it objected to the dubious election of 2020. Or, because sane people dare to push back against CRT and tranny-nuttery. Or, because patriots don’t want illegals to pour across the US border. To great many Jews, opposing illegal immigration is tantamount to repeating the Holocaust, even though what the opposition to unrestricted illegal crossings has to do with Nazi crimes is anyone’s guess; after all, if Nazis were guilty of anything, it was illegally trespassing across national borders. (Perhaps, Jews conflate the opposition to mass immigration, legal and illegal, with rejection of Jewish immigrants/refugees during World War II, but that would imply that all these countries from which immigrants originate are akin to Hitler’s regime, a most ludicrous notion. In fact, most of these migrants/immigrants are not members of beleaguered minorities but of the majority population. Also, given what Jewish immigrants have done to Palestine and historic white America, did it ever occur to the Tribe as to why goyim were reluctant to take in large numbers of Jews with their long record of subversion, radicalism, and other forms of unpleasantness? Now, Matthew Yglesias is calling for billion more immigrants so that the Tribe, as the neo-brahmin caste allied with Hindu collaborators, can rule over ever more diverse goy helots who official religion shall forever be mindless worship of Jews-blacks-homos. The likes of him have zero feelings about the European stock that founded this country with a unique cultural imprint. To Jews, whites are simply more goy cattle to own and control. Whatever gifts Jews may have, self-awareness has never been their strong suit.)

Given most Jews are Democratic and given most Republican Jews are like Jennifer Rubin and Ben Shapiro invested in the Great Replacement or White Nakba, what hope is there for whites who continue to sidle up to Jewish Power in the ‘hail mary’-like hope that, golly gee whiz, maybe Jews will finally make nice IF whites, for the umpteenth time, reiterate their support for Israel’s destruction of remaining Palestinian territories and for Zionist war plans against Iran, as well as mindless vilification of Russia. The politics of Jewish demographics is as follows: 85% Democratic, 10% Neocon Republican(like Jennifer Rubin), and maybe 5% sympathetic to the interests of White Americans. And that 5% is utterly powerless and usually canceled like anyone else who opposes Jewish Power. Laura Loomer is an ardent Zionist, but she was censored for supporting Trumpian nationalism over globalism. Jewish Power is what it is. Therefore, even from a purely strategic viewpoint, there is no room for white agency because Jewish insistence on white submission simply cannot tolerate white identity & interests in the slightest. It’s not okay to be white, and on that point, the most ‘woke’ Jew is in full agreement with Jennifer Rubin and Chris Wallace. The ideal white male for Jewish Neocons is David French, a cuck-faced maggot who plays cheerleader to IDF death squads mowing down Palestinian women and children.

In a nutshell, the Jewish-White Alliance rests on the white misconception that Jewish feelings toward whites mirror white feelings toward Jews: sympathy, admiration, and positivity. In truth, Jews feel mostly fear, contempt, paranoia, and loathing in regard to whites(and who can blame them when so many whites are craven careerist cucks, idiot hillbillies, drunken ‘white trash’, and ‘dumb polacks’?) Now, if certain whites are perfectly content to take on inferior dog-like role vis-a-vis Jews, then the alliance is contractually valid. For sure, white cuckservatives, wimperals, and ‘Christian Zionist’ Evangelicals are more than happy to play the roles of sidekick, servant, and water-boy. But any proud white warrior who’d hoped for a roughly equal alliance of mutual respect needs to tear the contract as it’s as fraudulent as what Allen Klein tried to pull on the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

The only way forward is with a new foundation, one that regards Palestine as the modern metaphorical jesus crucified by Jewish Power. Under the Zionist spell, white people see Jews as a sacred race of innocent Anne Franks, indeed to the point where they can’t tell Anne Frank from Leo Frank, who’s also been turned into a symbol of ‘innocent’ martyrdom despite ample evidence of the rape/murder.

As a result, whites cannot mentally process the fact that Israel was created by the destruction of an innocent people, the Palestinians. After all, if Jews are eternally an innocent people and if Jewishness is synonymous with holy victimhood, how could they have victimized or wronged another people? Then, it’s no wonder whites assume Palestinians got what they deserved, no less than Germans and Japanese in World War II. (Granted, Jewish victimology is effective precisely because it comes fused with Jewish ‘victorology’. Generally, people reserve their sympathy for wronged winners than wronged losers.) But what crime did Palestinians commit exactly, except for living on the land of their ancestors and wanting to keep it?

Sadly, the irrational and sacral assumption of eternal Jewish innocence blinds whites to the truth. To an objective mind, Man A attacking Man B is clearly the aggressor. But to a mind that assumes that Man A is eternally innocent, Man A could not have wronged Man B. Rather, Man B rudely happened to be standing in the way of noble Man A’s fist. So, Man B is to blame for having been knocked to the ground. Such is the dynamics of Narrative Logic, and Jews now employ it against White America with BLM. Like Jews, blacks are deemed eternally noble and innocent. So, if a black person acts violently, he did nothing wrong because blackness is deemed innately noble. If a black felon violently resists arrest and someone(felon, cop, or hapless bystander) gets killed, he mustn’t be blamed because blackness is a moral shield. By invoking ‘systemic racism’, even an obviously criminal act is rationalized as a form of resistance or understandable rage. The police officer in Ferguson who defended himself against Michael Brown found out the hard way.

Objective grasp of reality and true justice are impossible when we are led to assume certain peoples are innately noble and innocent simply on the basis of identity(defined by selective historiography); it is just another form of racial supremacism, evident in the West’s perspective on Jews and Palestinians. Holocaust Narrative isn’t merely a history lesson but a consecration of Jews as the eternal Anne Frank race(no matter what they do). Imagine fooling ourselves that Japanese everywhere and for all time are to be deemed angelic and innocent because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We don’t believe that Russians are eternally noble because of the Siege of Leningrad or that Chinese are forever innocent because of the Nanking Massacre. But for some reason, Holocaust has been made eternally synonymous with Jewishness, which means Jewishness might as well be a license to steal and kill since it’s been canonized as holy regardless of Jewish behavior. Indeed, noticing bad Jewish behavior is to indulge in the secular sin of using an ‘Anti-Semitic trope’, akin to using the Lord’s name in vain. Jews, blacks, and homos, the canonical groups.

Since 2020, blacks have been running around beating, looting, and murdering, but no matter, as BLM and CRT assure us that blacks are always right and, if nonwhites got hurt, they probably had it coming. We must pretend black rampages are ‘mostly peaceful protests’ while any noticing of bad black behavior is ‘racist’. FBI statistics, artificial intelligence on criminal patterns, and SAT scores are also ‘racist’ for indicating black over-representation in criminality and under-representation in intellectual ability. Of course, the pathological ‘woke’ fantasies about blacks are inseparable from philosemitic fantasies of Jews as eternal saints because both the Anne Frank cult and George Floyd cult were concocted by Jewish Power.

This isn’t to deny the historical tragedies of Jews or blacks(though they seem to ignore the sufferings, past and present, of just about all other groups). All peoples have been winners and losers throughout history; they been both tyrants and the tyrannized. History moves on, however, and it’s ludicrous for a people to eternalize a moment in history as their defining identity. Imagine a super-rich person pegging himself as always poor because he was once poor or because his ancestors were poor. The problem isn’t with Jews remembering the Holocaust but invoking it as a constant reminder to morally launder even their worst behavior. If Jewish Power keep getting its way without pushback, 21st century is going to make the 20th century look like a picnic. For how long will this charade go on?

We’re faced with a political paradox. Jews have made themselves out to be ‘powerless’ and ‘vulnerable’ precisely because they are so powerful. They control the narrative and iconography. While Jews weren’t the first and certainly not the only people who exploited victimology — American Revolutionaries certainly exaggerated the extent of British tyranny, if such even existed, over the New World colonies — , they seem unwilling to own up to the fact that they are the masters of the world and that entities like ‘US’ and ‘EU’ now have no meaning or purpose other than as malignant instruments of Jewish Power gone rabid and virulent. When Anglo-Americans or WASPS ruled, it was admitted by the elites and understood by all as to who held the power. But even with all their power and supremacist designs on the world, Jews would have us believe fragile and tender ‘liberal democracy’ is threatened by ‘white supremacists’. It’s like a billionaire accusing a working class person of ‘greed’. One thing for sure, powerful people who refuse to acknowledge their own power are unfit to rule. What has been said of Hitler is also true of Jewish Power. Appeasement never works, and anyone who wants to give another inch to Jews in the hope that “maybe just maybe, they will go easy and finally make nice” is a retard. Just ask the Palestinians if Jewish power lust has any self-restraining mechanism.

As it stands, the white world comprises two kinds of people. Total cuck-slaves who’ve surrendered everything to Jews and are happy to be slaves. The Bushes, Clintons, Bidens, and Blairs of the world. Jews are their masters, a condition they’ve accepted in their roles as ‘house negroes’. Whatever Jews want, shabbos goyim labor to get for them. If the Tribe wants globo-homo in every corner of the world, its wish is their command. If Jews want the West inundated with nonwhites, of course it’s a great idea. Plenty of white ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ fit this mold.

The other kind of whites is more hesitant, even defiant at times, but doesn’t represent freedom either. These whites too have accepted the terms of agreement rendering them subordinate to Jews. As Evangelicals, they might revere Jews as the Chosen, i.e. God blesses those whose who bless the Jews. As libertarians, they might admire Jews for reasons of wealth and privilege. As crypto-‘racists’, they may vicariously partake of Zionism as a form of surrogate supremacism as white power of any kind is taboo. As Philo-Semites, they might be entranced with Jewish achievements in arts and culture. As adherents of HBD(human bio-diversity), they may be in awe of high IQ Jews as ideal philosopher kings, hopefully with whites as their preferred sidekicks: Jewish sires and white squires. Charles Murray and Jared Taylor disagree on lots of things but are totally agreed on the template of whites as junior partners of superior Jews(with also the aura of moral superiority as historical victims of ‘antisemitism’). Neither has ever expressed any sympathy for Palestinians. HBD mentality has a hardon for IQ and tends to be anti-humanist in its dismissal of ‘losers’ and the ‘mediocre’. It too can be a form of nihilism.

As Jews are clearly smarter and more successful than Palestinians(by a factor of 1000), HBD community feels Jewish winners have the natural right to kick Palestinian ‘losers’ around as a bunch of worthless helots, the punching bag of history. Even though Charles Murray feigns sympathy for working class white folks, he’s no George Bailey(IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE) and shares with the likes of John Bolton and Michael Pompeo a simpering servility to the Neocons, the crowd at Commentary Magazine.

Following such moral logic — the smart can do as they wish to the dumb — , why shouldn’t Jews push the White Nakba agenda and reduce less intelligent whites to penury as the New Palestinians? HBD mentality is under the delusion that Jews harbor a certain sentimentality when it comes to whites. It’s like a dog in China hoping it won’t end up in the pot. Even a doomed dog cannot break free of the canine nature of obedience to superior humans, and HBD mentality is essentially dog-like towards Jews as the master race. So, even the slightest hint of pro-white attitude among Jews is grounds for ecstasy among HBD types. “Master loves me!”

So, HBD-types get all excited over Eric Zemmour of France even though his anti-Islam campaign is essentially Judeo-centric. He seems okay with the Great Replacement as long as newcomers partake of ‘French Culture’, which is a degenerate joke at this point. Also, for every Zemmour or Stephen Miller, there are 20 Jews with utmost hostility toward whites. But HBD sentimentality clings to hope of Jews as saviors. Indeed, if most HBD-ers had a choice between saving-the-white-race-by-offending-Jewish-feelings and losing-the-white-race-by-sparing-Jewish-feelings, they will opt for the latter.

Therefore, both kinds of whites are of the slave mentality. One kind has not only surrendered but is happy with its lot, somewhat understandable in their roles as favored ‘house negroes’. The other kind accepts Jews as masters but nevertheless longs for a degree of pride and autonomy. In other words, accept slavery in the hope of not being treated like a slave. But why would one not be treated as a slave if one has accepted slavery? John Derbyshire, for example, believes whites have no hope without winning over Jews. In other words, forget about white liberation, white autonomy, white independence. No, white future is inseparable from Jewish power; therefore, the most one can hope for is to convince Jewish Power not to kick whites around too much.
Thus, the conflict isn’t between white freedom and white slavery but between white slavery that kisses Jewish ass vs white slavery that begs not to be kicked in the butt. All said and done, both sides are a bunch of cucks. How low the Anglos have fallen. It turns out, for all the cult of individualism and liberty, Anglos are really about hierarchy and obedience, always in need of some top dog to serve. They need SOMEONE to dish out orders, and the most that Anglos can hope for is to be treated better by the Jewish Master.

One bunch of whites embraces unconditional slavery and another bunch of whites embraces conditional slavery. In a way, conditional slavery is worse because one who chooses slavery might as well go all the way. It’s like a whore who says “I’ll suck but won’t swallow.” To be free, one must totally reject slavery. True white freedom means deciding one’s own destiny regardless of what Jews feel, think, or want. The only sensitivity that matters is for whites to respect the freedoms of others as they expect their own freedom to be respected. Then, how odd and embarrassing that whites are most loyal to the very group that has done most to rob them of freedom.

Besides, why be sensitive to Jewish feelings when Jews are utterly oblivious to white feelings and, if anything, go out of their way to insult, mock, and condemn whites in the worst ways. What is this Congressional Gold Medal for Emmett Till about? It’s not about Till per se or about blacks in general. It’s essentially to rub the white nose in historical guilt complex, a denial of pride and heritage. When Jews pull such stunts, why don’t whites offer prizes to Palestinians and other victims of Jewish Evil? Or, how about posthumously to the victims of Jonathan Pollard as his treachery led to the executions of double agents in the USSR?

This is why whites lose. Jewish Power blows snot on the white face, but whites only think to lick and swallow the phlegm, which only encourages more arrogance and contempt among Jews. Jews control the gods, which is why the central political debate in the US has devolved into two sides yapping about “White Republicans are racists” and “White Democrats are the real racists.” Never mind there have been countless WHITE Emmett Tills brutalized by black savagery, especially since the Sixties. It never occurs to whites that Jewish treatment of Palestinians has been far worse than the Black American experience in the 20th century. It never occurs to whites to call out on what Zionist-Yinonist foreign policy has done to Arabs and Muslims of Middle East and North Africa. Whites of both stripes are utterly incapable of creating and controlling their own gods, which is why they bow to the grand narrative of Jewish Power.

Jews have accused whites of ‘white supremacism’ a million times, but one hardly hears any accusation of Jewish Supremacism from whites. Jews even sensationalize black ‘hate hoaxes’ to push the ‘white supremacist’ narrative, but whites don’t point to the actual Zionist hate campaigns against Palestinians(and other Arabs, especially in Syria) as obvious proof of Jewish Supremacism. Jews operate a global network — American Jews feel closer to Jews in Israel and other parts of the world than to goy Americans — , but they have the temerity to blame Donald Trump and the MAGA movement of ‘treason’ for having ‘colluded’ with Russia, an allegation more surreal than Jussie Smollett’s story of being half-lynched while holding a submarine sandwich. Jews never get accused of their daily treasonous activities in favor of World Jewry against American interests, but they level accusations of treason against whites based on pure fantasy. According to Jews, the 2020 riots and mayhem, where BLM and Antifa were given free rein by the Democrats and the Deep State, were ‘mostly peaceful protests’, whereas the 1/6 protest with limited violence was an ‘insurrection’, maybe the greatest tragedy in US history.
While Jewish obnoxiousness must be called out, white cravenness is also to blame. A bully just gets bullier unless he is pushed back, but no one dares to push back against Jewish Power. The current climate is like someone accusing you of murder you didn’t commit while you dare not call the accuser out for murder he is committing right in front of your eyes.

Besides, what is this talk of ‘treason’ when the current official globalist policy of the US is inherently treasonous and seditious? Open borders to illegal invaders, dehumanization of the white majority, legal protection for black thugs, slap on the wrist for Antifa degenerates, pardoning of the likes of Jonathan Pollard, and so much more. The current regime doesn’t serve majority American interests but minority Jewish global hegemonic interests. The white majority pledging loyalty to this regime would be like Hindus in Old India licking British boots as a show of patriotism. With complete takeover by the Empire of Judea, America is no more and so-called liberal democracy exists only as a shell. If American Jews conspire with World Jewry, whites should do likewise and link up with World Whitey or World Honkry. Even Trump who ran on AMERICA FIRST did little but serve ISRAEL FIRST. If anything, it’s too bad the MAGA movement did NOT collaborate with Russia and other pro-white forces around the world. If US Jews can work so closely with Israeli and Ukrainian Jews, why shouldn’t whites do likewise on an international scale? Are whites so terrified of what Jews may think and say? Then, they are soul-slaves yet to be liberated.

Even though Palestinians are in terrible straits of territorial loss and physical torment, they are in some respects better off than affluent whites in the West. They are mentally and spiritually free. They have no illusions of their situation, how it came about, and who did it. They know who their enemies are. They know it’s the Jews. They know whites in the West are pathetic, craven, and sappy cucks who grovel at the feet of Jews. Thus, Palestinians souls are free despite their bodies being stomped by the Zion-Boot.

In contrast, even the most affluent, comfy, and ‘well-educated’ whites in the West are soul-slaves in the Jewish Power Matrix. They lack autonomy of heart and mind to even realize they’ve been robbed of liberty and agency. But then, working class MAGA-tards are hardly better off when it comes to soul freedom. Their supposed nationalist hero Trump did precious little during his term but suck up to Zion whose idea of gratitude was to spread Covid hysteria to rig elections and fan BLM thuggery to intimidate whites, but I’m sure MAGA-tards will once again come out in droves to shout support for Trump every time he bleats about ‘Muh Israel’.

Just think. Palestinians got nothing but are soul-free, whereas whites got so much but are soul-enslaved. Imagine the possibility if the soul-freedom of Palestinians were to unite with the material-power of whites. Given that Palestinians are soul-free despite being body-crushed, there is a valuable lesson for whites: White healing and white liberation could begin by identifying with and learning from Palestinians. Thus, at the very least, whites can begin the rehab of breaking free of the addiction to Jewish Power, much like countless working class whites struggle every day to break free of the opioids pushed by the Sackler dynasty that cared not in the slightest for all the white dead. Then, like the Palestinians, whites can know who their real enemies are and what these people have in store for them.

However mighty you may be, you are fated to grow weaker and die if you fail to pinpoint the source of your woes. Even the strongest and healthiest man unaware of a malignant tumor will eventually succumb to cancer and die. In contrast, no matter how sick and debilitated you are, you can get on the road to recovery if the source of the disease is identified. Correct diagnosis is of the essence. In material terms, whites are currently infinitely better off than Palestinians, Arabs, and Iranians, but in the long run, they are doomed because they mistake their enemy as their dearest friend, even their master and god. Palestinians and Iranians know Jewish Power smears them as ‘terrorists’ and is out to get them. In contrast, whites are under the delusion that Jews are the best people in the world whose wisdom and advice must be heeded for whites to gain an ounce of redemption and a glimpse of heaven. Palestinians know all too well of the Zionist cancer that is out to destroy them, and they resist with all their strength, even if it’s just rocks in the hands of children. In contrast, white dummies or whummies look upon the metastasizing cancer of Jewish Power as the surest sign of health for Western Civilization. No wonder whites will go on losing out in territory, wealth, status, demography, and power.

However, if whites were to break free of the delusion and begin to identify with Palestinians, they will finally see the cancer for what it is and seek out proper treatment. Whites must embark on an intifada of their own against the George Soroses & Paul Singers of the world and the whole spectrum of Jewish Power Complex. Some whites place their hopes on figures like Yoram Hazony, someone who denies nationalist rights for Palestinians, someone who reserves tribal ethno-nationalism only for Jews while pushing milquetoast ‘civic nationalism’ on whites. It’s a losing hand.

The winning hand says whites of all stripes have much to gain by identifying with Palestinians. First, by following the Palestinian lead, whites can be freed of the illusion of Jewish friendship. White Christians identifying with Palestinians will realize Jewish Power targets Christianity for destruction. Jewish Power doesn’t lose sleep over all those dead or maimed Christian-Americans soldiers of Middle East wars. Jews don’t care about the destruction of ancient Arab Christian communities in the wake of US invasions that, if anything, emboldened Islamic terrorist elements who’d been held at bay by secular Arab leaders. If anything, Jewish Power aided extreme Islamic elements in Syria hellbent on murdering every Syrian Christian protected by Assad. In the US, Jews have pushed the globo-homo-ization of churches. Every Mainline church clown who’s come under Jewish Influence ends up worshiping George Floyd and Harvey Milk over God and Jesus.

Now, it’s understandable why some Christians saw Jews as less of a threat than the Muslims. Historically speaking, whereas Jews lived under Christian power, Muslims not only conquered the Holy Land but made inroads into Europe, even ruling over Spain, Greece, and parts of the Balkans for centuries. Also, whereas Judaism was always limited to Jews, proselytizing Islam and Christianity battled one another for the souls of the world. Jews didn’t try to convert Christians and Muslims, whereas Christians and Muslims sought to convert the other to their own faith.

But modern Jews have been different from their more insular ancestors. While they too weren’t interested in turning goyim into New Jews, they were zealously committed to bending all goyim to Jewish supremacist will. Jews planned on global mastery through finance, gangsterism, power of academia & media, secular quasi-prophetism, addicting goyim to vice(gambling, sex industry, drugs), universal goy guilt for having failed to prevent the Holocaust, the cult of Jewish Genius, and buying off most of goy whore politicians, especially in Anglosphere and EU. Also, by using homos and blacks as key allies to spread Globo-Homo and Afromania, both funded and coordinated by Jews, as means to spread the gospel of minority-elite-worship: Every society should elevate homos uber alles for their creativity, and every society should revere blacks as top rappers, athletes, and studs. Thus, even though Jewishness was limited only to Jews, Jewish Influence was meant to conquer and ‘convert’ all the world to cuckery before Jewish Power. At the very least, every Christian convert was theoretically equal to all other Christians in the eyes of God, and same was true of all Muslim converts before Allah. In contrast, to be ‘converted’ to Jewish Influence meant your kind would be relegated to inferior status with Jews and their proxies as the main gods.

When White Christians in the US sided with Jewish Zionists against Christian Arabs/Palestinians, they effectively sold their souls to the Devil. Perhaps, in their vengeful minds the Zionist project was like a proxy Crusade to take back the Holy Land, but a good number of Palestinians were actually Christian, and if anything, it was the white Christians who were being used as proxies of Jews. Also, Muslims revere Jesus even if they don’t worship Him as God. In contrast, Jews hate Christianity even more than Islam and revile Jesus & the Apostles as the worst traitors in Jewish History for having transferred the Jewish God to the filthy goyim; Jews much prefer Jonathan Pollard who passed US secrets to Israel.

Also, contrary to Neo-Evangelical delusions, Christianity emerged in opposition to Judaism, thereby effectively nullifying the original Covenant. If indeed there was nothing wrong with Judaism, what need for Christianity? But Christian Zionists place Jews, Jewish feelings, and Jewish ambition above themselves, even above Jesus and Christian precepts. They are morons. And for all their Christian piety, they cackle with sadistic glee at Palestinian suffering and conflate Palestinian resistance to the Occupation in West Bank with black thug riots in the US. Intifada against Israeli tanks and invader-settlers is akin to blacks breaking windows and fleeing with Air Jordans in Christian Zionist eyes. Worse, they seem willfully blind to(or even supportive of) what Jews have done to the Holy Land, which is now a circus arena for globo-homo sodom-and-gomorrah debauchery. Christian sympathy for Jews who survived the horrors of World War II made sense given the Faith’s special concern for the weak and vulnerable. But over the years, Chri\$tian\$(especially in winner-takes-all America) have come to admire Jews for their power, money, and influence. So, even though super-powerful Jews have been crushing the weak and powerless Palestinians, Christian America plays whore to the Jewish pimp and kicks Palestinian women and children into the dirt.

Just consider what Christian America would gain, morally and spiritually, by directing its sympathy toward Palestinians. One thing for sure, the Holy Land would be a lot holier if Arabs, Christian and Muslim, had maintained control over it. There would be no month-long globo-homo degeneracy out in the streets. And, the Holy Land wouldn’t be the source of seismic tremors threatening the entire region. It is precisely because Jews control Israel/Palestine that the West has been destabilizing Middle East and North Africa. An Arab-dominant Palestine would have no incentive to foment wars in service to demonic Jewish interests. Of course, it would have been even better if Jewish Power hadn’t been allowed absolute control over Anglosphere, but that’s another story.

American Christians won’t be the only ones to gain by identifying with Palestinians. So will ‘based’ whites(or base-ists) who believe in the preservation of their race; yes, the so-called ‘racists’ according to Jewish-controlled academia/media. White racial consciousness and Palestinian ethnic consciousness have something in common in that both are targeted for deconstruction by Jewish Power. Jews say there’s no such thing as whiteness and, to the extent it exists, only serves evil. Likewise, many Jews deny the very concept of Palestinian as a mere historical construct.
If ‘Palestinian’ is a social construct, why not argue the same for ‘Jewishness’? After all, Jews and Arabs have much in common genetically. Furthermore, isn’t modern Israel also a social construct as it bears little resemblance to ancient Judea, which, by the way, was never all-Jewish. But don’t expect any logical consistency among Jews who twist any argument to their tribal ends. When Jewish Power impugns both white identity and Palestinian identity, isn’t it about time white ‘racists’ and Palestinian nationalists see eye to eye? Isn’t it foolish for people like Pat Condell and Jared Taylor to go on dreaming of some magical alliance with Jews by dumping on Arabs and Muslims?

To an extent, the pro-Israeli stance among many whites is a racial as well as a cultural or spiritual issue. Denied racial identity and pride in their own homelands, many whites channel their repressed ‘racism’ toward supporting Europeanized Jews(who stand for Western Civilization and ersatz whiteness) against Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims who are seen as brown or the ‘other’. This is, of course, rather ironic since white Christian Europe and the modern ‘Aryan’ West regarded Jews as the ‘other’, even of another race entirely. The Shoah was predicated on Jews constituting a separate race with an innate urge to subvert and destroy goy orders(something Jewish behavior has been amply demonstrating in the past decades as if to prove the Nazis right). Also, at least 50% of Jews in Israel are from the Middle East and North Africa, and they look more like Arabs than Europeans. But just like what the kid says of ghosts in THE SIXTH SENSE, people will see what they want to see.

White Liberals(and I mean real liberals who uphold liberty and tolerance than the fake mandatorian shillibs who shill for the Deep State) also have much to gain by identifying with Palestinians. If indeed liberals are committed to equal justice and constitutional protections, what are they doing sucking up to almighty Jewish Power that so often resorts to Kafkaesque tyranny? Jewish-dominated Democratic Party’s suppression of BDS is anti-liberty and anti-Constitutional. It also denies equal justice for Palestinians. How can white liberals sleep at night while aiding and abetting naked Jewish-Zionist violation of basic liberties and human rights?

White conservatives will also gain by identifying with Palestinians, especially at a time when the vile gangstoid Merrick Garland targets them as ‘domestic terrorists’. And, just like Zionists aid ISIS terrorists to tear communities apart in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, Jewish Power in the US funds and protects BLM and Antifa thugs who rampage around destroying property and beating up patriots. When Jewish Power treats white conservatives like Israel treats Palestinians, what are conservatives doing sucking up to Jewish Power and turning their backs on the plight of Palestinians?

None of this is to suggest Palestinians are angels. As individuals, they are no better or worse than the rest of humanity. And, many Palestinian terrorist acts were as counter-productive as cruel and vicious. The cold-blooded(or maybe hot-blooded) murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 was one such incident(though US routinely retaliates with drone strikes that take out entire families and bystanders). On the other hand, did the Jewish-Palestinian conflict begin in 1972? MUNICH by Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner would have the viewer believe it all began with Palestinian violence against Israeli athletes. In retaliation, we observe Israeli operatives acting as heroically as ruthlessly; there’s even the suggestion that Israelis have scruples and wouldn’t dare harm children — sure, just ask the Gazans on that issue. Thus, even though the Israelis act cold-bloodedly, their violence seems justified within the historical framework. But the conflict didn’t begin in 1972 but in 1948, which can further be traced back to the 19th century when Zionist project hatched a secret plan to erase Palestine from the map. But, weasels Spielberg and Kushner didn’t begin the story there because doing so would have justified Palestinian violence as retaliation against Jewish Imperialist destruction of Palestine.

In individual acts of violence, Palestinians have been as deranged and unhinged as the Jews — some of their attacks in the 1990s cannot be rationalized on any grounds, though the US that retaliated against Pearl Harbor by slaughtering millions of Japanese civilians is hardly one to judge. However, in the framework of larger history, Palestinian violence is clearly more justified than the Jewish kind because Zionism initiated plan to destroy Palestine and reduce the native Arab population into helots.

Some may argue that what was done is done, water under the bridge, and Palestinians must accept the new reality because Israel isn’t going to go away, just like American Indians had no choice but to make peace with White America and like Germans after World War II had to accept the loss of German territory to Poland. But, even this argument fails because Jews won’t allow Palestinians to keep even West Bank, which, despite being majority Palestinian, is being taken gobbled up by Jewish ‘settlers’ with total support of the US whose whore politicians are in pockets of Jewish donors and blackmailers. In other words, Nakba didn’t end in 1948. It continues in West Bank. And Zionism has turned into Yinonism of destabilizing and wrecking Arab/Muslims nations in MENA(Middle East and North Africa). Jews have also de facto declared White Nakba on the West. Given these dire developments, how can there be any peace with Jewish Supremacist power?

Palestinian suffering didn’t turn Palestinians into saints and angels; that much must be understood, and the world mustn’t make the same mistake as it did with Jews, blacks, and homos, though owing largely to Jewish control of media and Western governments. We must never assume a Palestinian individual is better than us simply for his identity, as is often the case with Jews, homos, and blacks.

Rather, the Palestinian Question should be treated as (1) a failed moral crisis on the global scale and (2) matter of symbolism and metaphor. Palestinians as individuals are not little jesuses or christs; however, Palestine as an ethnic, historical, cultural, and geographical entity has been kicked into the dirt, dragged through the mud, and crucified. And why? A people who had no hand in the great crimes of the 20th century were robbed of their land, dignity, and humanity by Zionists with the full backing of the greatest powers in the world. How can these powers preach about ‘human rights’ when they helped destroy an innocent people? At least the US had Pearl Harbor as reason for destroying Japan. What did Palestinians ever do to Americans or to the rest of the world? Furthermore, given Jewish Power’s virulent hatred for White America, how perverse is it for whites to unconditionally appease Jewish demands while spitting on Palestinians whose tragedy was mere prelude for what Jews have in store for whites?

Romans took part in the killing of Jesus but eventually came around to admitting wrong. Roman authority participated in the torture and killing of an innocent who, unlike the Zealots, didn’t call for violent uprising against the Empire. A man who preached universal love and peace. White Americans must realize their neo-Romanic role against Palestine as the jesus among nations/peoples. They took part in the crucifixion of Palestine; they aided and abetted in the Nakba.

Like the Romans, whites can come to a reckoning with what they’d been party to and embark on the righteous path, healing not only their souls but Palestinian bodies. By embracing Palestine as a symbol of resistance to Jewish Supremacism, the entire world may be inspired to strike at the tentacles of Jewish financial parasitism, imperialist wars, cultural degeneracy, and demographic transformation. Palestinians never stopped resisting despite their weakness in relation to Israel, which is not only the most powerful nation in the Middle East but has the backing of US, the lone superpower, and all its satellites. Even Russia and China more-or-less look the other way, cozying up to Israel while only giving lip-service to Palestinian rights. Same goes for most Arab countries. Only Iran has been a steadfast supporter of the Palestinians, even at great economic cost to itself.

Palestinian resistance against Jewish Supremacist nihilism can serve as a model for all peoples. Whites have no future if they accept roles as servants and dogs to Jewish Power. However, they may yet reverse course and save themselves if they shelter the Palestinian fire from the Zionist storm. Then, one day, it can spread into a World Fire that engulfs and destroys the ambitions of Jewish Supremacism.

It will be good for Jews too, as nothing is more sobering and humanizing than defeat, especially of evil that resides in the hearts of all men of all peoples. Norman Finkelstein argued that Zionism, in all its manifestations, has grown so toxic, blind, arrogant, and out-of-control that only serious setbacks or defeat can restore some semblance of reality and decency among Jews of US and Israel. When hubris takes over, the only solution is to slay the beast. Palestinian children have only rocks in their intifada, but if whites were to join the struggle against the Zionist Goliath, the world may yet be saved. It is the only path forward if Palestinians and Whites are to be free.

Indeed, white freedom is now inconceivable without Palestinian freedom — the two have been joined at the hip by historical circumstances — as both peoples are dehumanized by the same enemy. As long as whites endorse the Zionist project, they are emboldening Jews to be amoral. Then, why would amoral Jews who stomp on Palestinian faces be any nicer to white faces? If the events of 2020 didn’t offer 20/20 vision to whites as to the true nature of Jewish Power, whites are just plain dumb.

Just like Jews conflate their minority-elite supremacism with globo-homo hegemony, whites need to realize their aspirations and Palestinian aspirations are one and the same. The Palestinianization of white folks is now the grim reality engulfing the West. US now has a two-tier legal system. Jewish globalists who pushed Russia Collusion Hoax, spread Covid Hysteria, and fanned BLM flames are sitting pretty without repercussions, indeed with all the privileges in the world and more profits than ever. But Mike Lindell has been de-banked for calling out on election fraud. And even Donald Trump, the President of the US, was de-platformed by Big Tech with the backing of the Deep State, which protected all the corruptions of the Clintons and Bidens as stooges of Jewish Power.
In other words, unless whites totally submit to Zion, they are to be treated like Palestinians. And yet, all we get from the likes of Trump and Lindell is ‘Muh Israel’ and “Why do you Jews beat on me when I beat on Palestinians real good?” Just pathetic. Whites who embolden Jewish immorality against Palestinians are shocked, just SHOCKED, when it is turned against whites. It’s like some jerk egging on a thug beating up a child but then whining when the thug punches him in the face.

If you’re a slave and witness the master beating another slave, will you attain freedom by siding with the master against the bloodied slave OR by siding with the bloodied slave against the master? Whites have been cucking to Jews for decades, and how have things turned out? The man currently in charge of the justice department is Merrick Garland who sees a ‘terrorist’ in any uppity white goy who says NO. What did Donald Trump get from Israel and American Jews after four years of taking the Zion-Dong up his bung? When will whites wake up and say enough is enough?

Jews regard whites as slaves, therefore the white dream of Jews-and-whites as partners-in-crime is a dumb illusion. The only path for white salvation and survival is by atoning for the white/Christian role in the great crime of Nakba. Only then can the white race be freed from bondage to the Judeo-Nazi Cabal.

Does anyone really think there is a future for the white race at the feet of the likes of Chuck Schumer, Jennifer Rubin, Rob Reiner, Jerry Nadler, William Kristol, Alan Dershowitz, Yoram Hazony, Ben Shapiro, Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Bloomberg, Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Barney Frank, Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner, Sarah Silverman, Howard Stern, Elena Kagan, Victoria Nuland, Madeleine Albright, and etc.?

Needless to say, the obvious disadvantage of siding with Palestinians against Jews is the former got nothing while the latter got everything. From a purely strategic perspective, an alliance with Palestinians against Jews would go against the principles of realpolitik but if and only if Jews were supportive of whites, i.e. if most Jews were like Eric Zemmour than Paul Singer. But, given Jews are as hostile to whites as to Palestinians, any dream of a Jewish-White alliance is a pipedream.
In contrast, white alliance with Palestinians would not only be good moralpolitik(or idealpolitik) but good realpolitik because REALITY has Jewish Power denouncing the slightest sign of white identity as ‘white supremacist’, white pride as ‘nazi’, white awareness of Jewish power as ‘antisemitic’, and white desire for national autonomy as ‘unacceptable’ and ‘undemocratic’. According to Jewish Power, Hungary is intolerably ‘autocratic’ and ‘anti-democratic’ because the majority of its people oppose demographic replacement. In other words, the Jewish Plan insists on White Nakba.

This doesn’t mean Jews as individuals cannot join with whites, but they will remain as outliers because Jewish Power and the overwhelming majority within Jewish communities favor globalism and the Democratic Party(though GOP isn’t far behind in groveling before the Tribe). At any rate, Jews who join with whites mustn’t lay down conditions — American Conservatism appeased Jewish-dominated Neo-Conservatism, and how did that turn out?
While whites have a responsibility to reject supremacist tendencies of their own(as aggression and arrogance are coded into the human DNA), they must insist on the preservation of the white race regardless of the sensitivities of Jews or any other people.

As for white Christians, they need to uphold the old time religion without apologetics to Jews. While certain aspects of Christianity may be offensive to Jews, such goes for any religion; surely there are passages in the Talmud that are shocking to goyim, but we don’t see Jews bleating and crying about it. Whites should accept friendly Jewish individuals as allies, not totems. There’s a tendency among whites, especially so-called conservatives, to prop up some token-totem black or Jew(or even homo) as a sacred shamanic figure or human banner. Take Candace Owens. Nothing she’s said hasn’t been said by countless white conservatives, the only difference being she is black, as if to imply a statement is truer simply for emerging from black(or Jewish or homo) lips. So, one black saying 2 + 2 = 4 one time has more value than a thousand whites having said it a thousand times.

Such assumptions are a depressing sign that even white ‘conservatives’ have internalized the gods chosen by the Jews. Why else would white ‘conservatives’ fall over each other to roll out the red carpet for the likes of Yoram Hazony? “A Jew, we have a precious Jew on our side!” It’s as if even whites on the political right feel whiteness is insufficient for validation and must rely on the stamp of approval from one of the sacred groups: Jews, blacks, and homos. Never mind Hazony-ism is only the latest reiteration of ethno-nationalism-for-Jews-only while whites are handed ‘civic nationalism’. Red meat for Jews, veggie burger for goyim. Oddly enough, so-called civic nationalism has value ONLY WHEN grounded in ethno-nationalism. In the past, non-Anglo whites and nonwhite minorities genuinely strove to assimilate into Anglo-America because it was taken for granted that American character was essentially of British origin.

Ideally, a people will want to ally with the friendly superior against the hostile superior. Or a people may appease the friendly superior against the inconvenient inferior. But, it works out ONLY IF the superior is friendly. The problem is the superior has a tendency to look upon inferiors as subjects than allies. This is where whites misconstrued their relations with Jewish Power. Whites were aware of the superior qualities of Jews, not least in finance, academics, and prophetic prowess. Whites had no reason to hate or hurt Palestinians, but Arab natives stood in the way as an obstacle to Jewish ambitions and as an inconvenience to whites currying favor with rapidly ascendant Jews. So, whites, in the hope of gaining Jews as allies, looked the other way while Jews destroyed Palestine.

But, Jews had no real desire to be friendly, let alone equal, with whites. For reasons of resentment(history of persecution), paranoia(far greater white numbers), envy(white looks especially), contempt(hostility toward Christianity), and arrogance(whites as a bunch of ‘dumb polacks’), Jews sought mastery over whites, not equal partnership. (By the way, how could it have been equal even if Jews opted for friendliness when 2% of the population would have the same prestige as the white goy majority? The idea was doomed at its very conception.) Even when whites went out on a limb to be especially supportive of the Tribe and Israel, Jews were hellbent on turning whites into minorities, infecting white souls with ‘guilt’, pushing jungle fever on white women & cuckery on white men, replacing Christianity with queertianity, and encouraging nonwhites to dump on whites.

Even though whites gorged on philo-semitism, Jews refused to even take a sip of pro-white sentimentality. After all, the era of good feelings can vanish overnight. Germany, which had historically been among the kinder nations to Jews, became the most anti-Jewish, but then why? Jews are loathe to admit it, but they fear the revival of white ‘antisemitism’ due to Jewish penchant for scoundrelism, radicalism, subversion, and corruption. Besides, a kind of omerta(or ‘omerscha’) prevents even relatively good Jews from blowing the whistle on bad Jews. In order for good will to prevail between whites and Jews, both sides must settle on mutuality and reciprocity, but too many Jews are like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Bernie Madoff, Jordan Belfort, and Jonathan Pollard. And when push comes to shove, even good Jews will back those bad Jews against good goyim. Jewish Tribalism disingenuously invokes universal justice to renege on their mutuality contract with White America. Apparently, White America has been too ‘sinful’ for Jews to honor the agreement, but then, whites better not say anything about the dark aspects of Jewish History lest they be delegitimized as ‘Anti-Semites’.

What better example than Jonathan Pollard to illustrate the problems of White-Jewish Alliance? He was surely one of the worst spies in US history, but Jewish Power had him sprung from jail, padded with a fat bank account, flown to Israel in a private jet, settled into a plush job, and giving a big fat middle finger to the US while standing next to Netanyahu no less. We can understand bad Jews trying to have Pollard freed, but good Jews did nothing to stop it. But then, even most so-called ‘liberal Jews’ choose tribal solidarity over any consideration for Palestinians who are on the verge of losing West Bank as well. These so-called ‘liberal’ Jews turn a blind eye to Israel’s support of ISIS against Syria. Given such attitude and behavior among too many Jews, what goes by the name of ‘antisemitism’ is, as often as not, rational and justified. The tragedy of National Socialism was it exploited this rational reaction to Jewish perfidy to push Germany’s own kind of supremacist madness.

When the superior is hostile to your kind, the only option is to side with inferiors against it. Take the Cold War. US was locked in global conflict with Soviet Union as the other superpower. Given ideological differences and geopolitical disagreements, US and USSR could only be hostile superiors. So, what did the US do? It sided with inferior China that, in the seventies, was a basket-case nation in fear of the Soviet behemoth. So, despite tensions, the US grew nearer to inferior China against superior Soviet Union, and it made the Russians mad as hell.

While the superior has a great advantage over the inferior, an alliance of various inferiors can restrain the superior, like the current alliance of Russia, China, and Iran against the Jewish-controlled US as the lone superpower with EU and Japan in its pocket. It’s like a bear can destroy any lone wolf but a pack of wolves makes a bear nervous and may even bring it down.

Furthermore, siding with the inferior can be morally advantageous IF the inferior is portrayed as the victim of the superior. This worked like magic for the Soviet Union in the Vietnam War: powerful imperialist US crushing the national aspirations of poor Vietnamese peasants. US later used the same trick against the USSR: freedom-loving Afghan resistance against the Evil Empire. Jews certainly played similar cards in American politics and culture. Jews used blacks, an inferior element in the US, against whites as the dominant element by pulling out the ‘racist’ card from their sleeve ever so often; it put White America on the ropes morally.

Jews also gained key advantages by claiming inferiority(or vulnerability as hapless Jews hounded by ‘antisemitism’ from the dawn of time) as a moral shield against criticism: Rich and powerful Jews donning the Anne Frank mask as the perennial get-out-of-jail pass. And even though Zionists enjoyed decisive advantage over Palestinians from the moment of Israel’s inception, Israel was always portrayed as the underdog on the verge of being wiped out by quasi-nazi Arabs; later, Jews willfully mistranslated the remarks by the Iranian president Ahmadinejad as meaning ‘wipe Israel off the map’ when he said the existing Israeli regime will pass from history.

Any honest assessment of reality leads to one conclusion. By now, it should be no-brainer that whites have so much more to gain by siding with Palestinians. Not only is an alliance with Jews a moral failure but a strategic failure as well because Jewish Power insists on being a Hostile Superior toward whites. Of course, Palestinians, as a pipsqueak inferior, don’t have much to bring to the bargaining table in terms of money, talent, skills, and connections. Still, they have great symbolic value as an innocent people horribly wronged by Jewish Power. The fate of Palestinians is a terrifying demonstration of what Jewish Power is capable of. And given that Jews across the political spectrum have chosen to ignore the worsening plight of the Palestinian people, the Myth of Jewish Morality is finally coming to light.

Even a so-called ‘liberal’ Jew is more offended by an “It’s Okay to be White” poster than Sheldon Adelson’s chilling remark that an atomic bomb should be dropped on Iran as a lesson; these secular Jews may not worship God but sure worship their own ethno-ego as the final arbiter of which peoples should be smitten or spared. Now and then, Jews, especially of ‘liberal’ pedigree, will make some fuss about ‘social justice’, but it’s mainly to distract us from Jewish Supremacist power(and its baleful impact on the world, not least to Palestinians) by getting people all worked up about Ukrainians(about to be invaded by Russians), Uighurs(about to be ‘genocided’ by Han Chinese), Kurds(about to be butchered by Syrians), and of course blacks(about to be mass-murdered by white ‘racist’ cops) & illegal invaders(about to be denied sanctuary and meet the fate of Jews in the Holocaust). Or, it’s all about how trannies represent the latest in human evolution, so go cancel some T.E.R.F who refuses to accept a man with balls as a ‘woman’.

Another advantage of siding with Palestinians(and Arabs in general) is that they will never gain the upper-hand over whites. The average Arab IQ is what? Somewhere around 90 or 95? The only worry for whites is the numbers, and while Arab/Muslim demography may be a problem in Europe, it isn’t in the US. Besides, the most vocal proponents of mass immigration in EU and the US have been Jewish. Neither Arabs nor Muslims will ever gain demographic dominance over the US. (Some say Islam becomes problematic when Muslims reach 10% of the population, but Islam will never take over North America. At any rate, it’s even truer that Jews become far more problematic with much lower numbers, at even below 1%. Just ask the Russians who survived the dark 1990s in a country where Jews comprised barely 1% of the population. Jews are less than 2% of the US, but look what they’ve done to the country.)

White alliance with Jews was always nerve-racking because of Jewish superiority: higher intelligence and stronger stomach for cunning and ruthlessness, aka chutzpah. Whites always crossed their fingers and hoped for the best with Jews, especially as Holocaustianity rendered as taboo any criticism of the Tribe(while Jews tirelessly pulled out every embarrassing skeletos from the white closet). But whites need have no such worries about Palestinians and Arab-Americans because those dummies couldn’t gain the upper-hand over whites even if they tried. Arabs are lower-IQ, divided, confused, and a rather silly people, like Peter O’Toole as T. E. Lawrence said.

It’s like the difference between whites living with blacks and whites living with browns. Whites living with blacks are understandably nervous because blacks are naturally more muscular and aggressive. So, in order for whites to be safe, blacks must be good. Blacks must be like the latter-day George Foreman who laughed heartily and cooked burgers for white folks on infomercials. But if blacks act like early Mike Tyson, whites are in big trouble.
In contrast, while there are some tough and nasty browns, most are shorter and smaller than whites. So, an average white guy has little to fear from even a brown baddie, that is unless the fool hooks up with a Mexican drug gang and goes loco.

This is why it’s always a safer bet to ally with others who are on par with or inferior to your kind. They pose less of a threat. A coyote is better off allying with a badger than with a wolf or cougar. The problem is Americans are obsessed with winning, like George C. Scott as George Patton said. America will not ‘tolerate a loser’, and so, whites got to cheering for blacks as winners in sports and revering Jews as winners in brainy fields. Whites may have done so in the hope that black winners would be ‘nice’ toward whites like Joe Louis the ‘brown bomber’ or in the hope that Jewish winners would be endearing like Henny Youngman of ‘take my wife’ fame. Whites dreamed of Sidney Poitier but ended up with burning cities and Detroit. Whites dreamed of Neil Simon but ended up with the deep state shoved up their arse by the likes of Merrick Garland and Victoria Nuland.

Though pro-Palestinian voices are more prevalent among Western leftists, Western nationalists have the better argument in favor of the Palestinian cause. After all, Palestinians are seeking national liberation and autonomy. Furthermore, Palestine was wiped off the map as the result of mass immigration. The Western Left is confused and contradictory because it denounces the Zionist-Israeli encroachment on West Bank but, at the same time, calls for the Great Replacement or White Nakba in the West. In the Western leftist mind, it’s wrong for Jews to replace Palestinians in West Bank, but it’s wonderful for nonwhite hordes to replace whites in Europe, the homeland of the white race for many eons. (Race is most important because it predated civilization, culture, and history. No white race, no white whatever-else-that-followed. Race = life. Just as a person must first come into existence as life before adopting an ideology, there can be no white culture/history/civilization without there being the white race in the first place. White Race is the foundation of white-everything-else.)

Take Jeremy Corbyn and Roger Waters, both on the Left. It’s good of them to speak up for Palestinians who are living under Zionist tyranny. Surely, they know of the Nakba and the current Occupation. Yet, Corbyn and Waters are for massive invasion of Europe by nonwhites. They call for tearing down all walls in the West. If being replaced was terrible for Palestinians, why is it wonderful for whites? The Western Left admires the Palestinian resistance against the Great Replacement but then demands that whites welcome and celebrate their own demographic demise in Europe, America, Australia, and Canada. The Western Left is totally schizo.

But then, much of the so-called Right in the West is also schizo, if only out of fear of Jewish Power. So, even though Hungarian and Polish nationalists must know that the grand Jewish Plan is White Nakba, they mouth the usual platitudes in support of Israel, Israel, Israel. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson embody this right-schizo mindset. Trump sought to decrease illegal border crossings but fully endorsed the ongoing Zionist caravans into West Bank. Tucker Carlson praises Israel for its strict border policy without ever mentioning that such was denied to Palestinians who were replaced by Jewish invader-immigrants.

But then, the Palestinian diaspora is equally confused. Even though Palestinians lost their homeland to mass immigration(of Jews), in their role as immigrants in other countries(especially white majority ones) they support the agenda of great replacement, or White Nakba. Whites are faced with White Nakba but cheer on the Palestinian Nakba while Palestinians who suffered the Palestinian Nakba cheer on the White Nakba.

These retardations must come to an end, and the only solution is an Honest Left-Right fusion that calls for universal nationalism and opposes any form of neo-imperialism, which, by the way, was the core political-moral template during the Cold War when both empires, US and USSR, championed national aspirations against the Other Empire. But with US as the lone superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the new global formula has been New World Order, now even more insane with the likes of Klaus Schwab, Mr. Magoo gone mad.

A white awakening and sympathy-alliance with Palestinians will be a real game-changer, one that will fundamentally transform the political-moral paradigm for all the world. Of course, it cannot begin with the white elites who have been bought-and-sold by the Zionic Cabal. Collaborators will collaborate, and they are simply in too deep with Jewish Power.
The awakening must begin at the margins with baby steps before taking giant ones. The great moral tragedy for Jews is in having exploited a great historical horror as moral cover to perpetrate great horrors of their own. It’s a recurring theme in history. Christians used the name of slain Christ to do the most unchristian things. Communists preached social justice as rationale to tyrannize and murder. National Socialists invoked German humiliation of the Weimar years to humiliate other nations and deny them autonomy.

With Jews, the moral betrayal is especially contemptible because no historical event has been as sanctified as the Shoah. It was as if, through such an earth-shattering tragedy, Jews had attained knowledge and wisdom beyond those of any other people. But, it wasn’t long before Jewish Power milked the Holocaust as Holy Cow to silence all opposition, in the process becoming more abusive, arrogant, corrupt, and greedy. Twenty-two years into the 21st century, the world is on the precipice of World War III because Jewish Supremacist Hegemonism and its Anglo-Cuck minions simply cannot tolerate any nation, people, community, or movement that refuses to bend to the agendas and icons of Zion.

Once the paradigm begins to shift and white liberation from Jewish Supremacism dawns on the horizon, whites also need to form a holy alliance with the American Indians. Not for nothing have some Palestinians made the link between themselves and the so-called ‘Native Americans’. Both peoples were erased by mass migration/immigration/invasion. An alliance of whites and American Indians is most promising for both moral and strategic reasons. In moral terms, the greatest and most tragic casualties of American History were the Red Savages. Most nonwhites around the world regained independence from Western Imperialism, whereas the American Indians lost their ancestral lands forever.

Still, as the late Chief David Yeagley pointed out, it wouldn’t have been a total loss for the Red Man if whites hadn’t opened the gates to the world. As long as the US remained an overwhelmingly white majority nation with a White Narrative, Indians had a special place in US history and moral geography. The pride of white achievement in the New World was laced with tragic sense of what befell the natives. White Triumph was wedded to Indian Tragedy.
Therefore, apart from their own interests, whites felt obligated to prioritize the identity, history, and the needs of the American Indians above all else. With that in mind, the last thing the US should be doing is fling open the gates to all the world. If Indians losing their lands to whites was tragic enough, it would be doubly, triply, and quadruply tragic for remaining Indians to lose the land to all the world, not least to obnoxious Asian-Indians without an ounce of warrior pride and always talking funny.

The best moral argument against further mass immigration is to restore the pride and dignity of the Indians. Also, acknowledging American Indians as the most tragic figures in US history will knock Jews down a peg or two. Indeed, why is there so much stuff about the Holocaust in the US when it didn’t happen here? If any ‘genocide’ did take place on American soil, it was to the American Indians.

It was Jewish moral authority that made mass immigration into a MORAL issue. Just ask yourself. What moral justification does anyone around the world have in demanding entry into the US(or, for that matter, into Europe that now follows in the footsteps of America)? It was one thing for Asian-Indians to lay claim to India, Algerians to lay claim to Algeria, or for the Vietnamese to lay claim to Vietnam. After all, they were natives living under occupation by foreign powers. The ONLY non-white people with a MORAL claim to America are the American Indians. They alone have a compelling deep-rooted case of territoriality. (If Zionism carries any moral legitimacy, it’s because Jews do have historic roots in the Holy Land.) White Americans also have a moral case of ownership because, despite having taken land from Indians, they founded and built a civilization that couldn’t have come into existence otherwise.

But why does the rest of the world have any MORAL claim on America? Such is the bogus ‘moral construct’ of Jewish Power that has America as some ‘propositional’ beacon/haven for all the ‘wretched around the world’, by which the likes of Emma Lazarus mainly meant fellow Jews. She sure didn’t care one iota about the red natives who were massacred or herded into reservations to subsist as wretched refuses ignored by the world. Besides, Jewish merchants took part in the ‘genocide’ of the tomahawk-wielding Red Savages.

Jews fashioned their tribal ambition into a moral imperative. While the Jewish desire to emigrate to America was understandable from a material perspective, it had no moral justification, indeed even less so than the project of Zionism as Jews had historical and spiritual roots in the Holy Land. If any people have a quasi-zionic claim to America, it’s the American Indians who’d lived on the land not only for centuries or millennia but for tens of millennia. For them, it wasn’t the New Land but the Old Land of their forebears. Jews sentimentalized their dream of America into a moral imperative and then projected this dream onto all wanna-be immigrants, especially nonwhite ones, as Jews planned on using Diversity to play divide-and-rule among goyim.


Video Link

The moral imperative must be transferred back to the American Indians. But because Indians are too lazy, drunk, or hooked on TV, it’s up to whites to do the job for them. Well, why not? Blacks were too childish and disorganized to do anything on their own, so Jews stepped in and ran black organizations that later proved advantageous for Jewish control over blacks. Much of blackness was stage-managed by Jews. Then, whites must do it for the Indians and elevate Indian spokesmen, leaders, and politicians up the totem pole. It’s about time whites stopped with silly games like playing ‘pretendians’ and got down to the real business of being best friends with the Indians, like Lone Ranger and Tonto. It’s like Jews didn’t have to pretend to be black to lend support to blacks(and use them for Jewish interests).

Besides, if ‘white guilt’ is really a thing, what do whites have to be most guilty of? Most will agree that genocide is the worst possible crime, and as the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians resulted from endless waves of immigrant invasions from the Old World, the overriding moral imperative of 21st century America must be to end all immigration and pull all resources to revive American Indian communities.
And then, to associate the cause of American Indians with that of the Palestinians. As for the Holocaust, it happened in Europe and should be of no concern to Americans. Unlike the Nakba that was carried out with US backing, the Holocaust was an entirely a Nazi-German affair. US took part in the murder of Palestine, not the murder of Jews.
If Americans don’t lose sleep over millions of Ukrainians killed by Bolshevism or millions of Cambodians slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge, why should they prioritize the Jewish Holocaust as something of special significance to Americans? If Americans need to remember a genocide, it is of the American Indians. And if white Americans really want to atone for past history of racial discrimination, they need to address the issue of Jim Crowitz, apartheid, and Nakba over in Palestine, now Israel(that is fast gobbling up West Bank).

At any rate, there’s a strategic angle as well in the White-Indian Alliance. No matter how much whites sympathize with and gush over American Indians, the latter will never gain the upper-hand over whites because they simply don’t have the numbers, intelligence, cunning, skills, and the will. White-Indian alliance would be one where whites would forever remain dominant, whereas the White-Jewish alliance turned into Jews lording over whites reduced to the level of cucky-wuck dogs.

It all begins with a paradigm shift among whites on the Palestinian issue. Palestine as jesus, the first flicker that may catch on until it grows into a World Fire. Of course, it’s a long shot as most whites are dummies, but then, who ever gave Christianity a chance when its early adherents were being kicked around like a soccer ball between Jews and Romans?

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  1. Great article. I love the terms Chrummie, Whummie and Libby Dibs. Just as long as they don’t turn the Church of the Holy Sepulcher into Christco Disco -I am mildly relieved. Christians fall into different categories, You have a very large section of evangelicals who have swallowed that Scofield Bible like the greasiest quarter pounder one can purchase at Mickey D’s. Roman Catholics would never be as extreme in their view of Jews. Judaism, Zionism etc as your run of the mill evangelical. Cathoics theologize their sympathies to a far lesser degree. The Catholic approach would be more akin to a very pro-Jewish/pro-Zionist secular approach. Woke Catholics would do stuff like banish the traditional Lenten readings of Holy Week because they would consider them to be too anti-Semitic -have St Floyd banners draping the altar as well as rainbow flags decorating the altar during the month of June (Pride Month). I am waiting for the mechanical dildos that morph into poons. There has to be a good hymn they can come up with to accompany that. The only branch of Christianity that has largely escaped the insanity of turning Yeshua into YeShoah is Eastern Orthodoxy. I am not saying that there aren’t any woke Christian Orthodox (but they do their woke thing on their own time).

  2. gay troll says:

    I tried to read one of these Young Freud things once, and was so bored and appalled at its meaninglessness, that I will never again attempt to look into such a 20,000 word “essay” (which etymologically is derived from the meaning of attempt or trial in French, meaning that a given opus by this author would be more properly labeled an “echec”, or failure), no matter how invitingly stupid the title.

    So you may assume that I have only read the title of this echec, and in sympathy to anyone who endured more, I’ll try to keep it brief. Author says Jesus Christ “healed the world”. Since author also implies Jesus Christ was a real person, we can take it to mean he thinks Jesus literally healed the world, because this is exactly what the Gospels tell us: that Jesus was a traveling healer. Maybe he heals even more in resurrection, but the Gospels make it clear: Jesus can and does cure anyone of anything, including death. Additionally, this is why he is famous. If Jesus did not magically make people well, no one would have been in attendance at the sermon on the Mount. He was a miracle worker and for this reason he must have been extremely famous throughout the entire region.

    One slight problem though: no historical figure arrests to the life of Jesus Christ. There is no independent witness. There are in fact multiple layers of a truncated literary tradition that are in direct conflict with each other. Jesus was a Jew, sure, but his variety is fictional, not Mizrai or Palestinian, Paul made him up to advertise Judaism to the goyim, and after Titus purged the Temple, Mark began the tradition of a celebrity exorcist who preached to Jews the error of their ways, and was by some regarded as their king. Everyone else is a copy, embellishment, and/or knockoff of Paul and Mark. Paul and Mark do not actually agree with each other at all. Corinthians should be the first book of the New Testament. And outside of the New Testament there is nothing about Jesus Christ in the historical record, just crude little forgeries scattered through the ancient texts that the Christians left unburned.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes, raga10
    • Disagree: Fr. John
  3. So you need almost 20 thousand words to explain something that shouldn’t make a danged bit of difference to the FACT that Christ is the Son of God, period, end of story? Sheesh! Maybe you should stick to pop culture stuff! At least the Bible doesn’t engage in semantics!

    • Replies: @vrtclygftd
  4. A123 says: • Website

    Problematic are the multiple meanings of ‘Palestinian’. It has ethnic but also historical and territorial meaning.

    For clarity, one should substitute “Levantine” for Palestinian when discussing ethnicity. That gives the proper wide geography encompassing modern day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel.

    There are only two surviving, authentic Palestinian religions — Judaism and Christianity. Muhammad the Settler Prophet led his Colonial Jihad to Palestine ~600 AD. Now, ~1,400 years later his non-indigenous Muslim Settlements still infect Palestine like a disease.

        — Muslim Colonies are the problem. —
        — Muslim Decolonization is the answer. —

    The non-native descendents of Muhammad the Settler’s Jihadi invasion did not ask to be non-indigenous, religious occupiers. An honorable compensated buy out allowing them to return to their religious homeland is the viable solution.

    Continued attempts to steal, settle, and colonize non-Muslim, Infidel lands will only perpetuate the religious violence. As this is a 100% religious matter the specifics of broad Levantine ethnicity is not relevant.

    Many Palestinian Jews have a disdain for East Bank Christians. This is understandable as Christians frequently collaborate with non-Palestinian Muslim occupiers in Judea & Samaria. The Catch 22 is that non-indigenous Islam leaves those Christians little choice. Refusal to collaborate with Colonial Muslims is punished harshly.

    Once the non-native Muslim occupation ends, there is good reason to believe that native Palestinians Christians and indigenous Palestinian Jews will be able to coexist. It is the contamination of non-Palestinian Islam that creates the vast majority of the conflict.

    PEACE 😇

  5. @gay troll

    I haven’t commented enough recently to earn the right to reaction buttons, so I am thanking you in extenso for your interesting comment. I suddenly feel like I should read Corinthians and see whether it changes the way I see the Christian religion and its origins.

  6. mojoincc says:

    Hey moron, Muslims revere both Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary.

    • Replies: @cjk
  7. @A123

    I don’t know why A123 (A Brazen Liar 123) keeps this up, but I suggest everyone read Gilad Atzmon’s great book The Wandering Who? which really blows ABL123’s nonsense to shreds.

    It’s a book with fantastic independent blurbs on the first (prenumbered) pages. It provides good comments on earlier books such as Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People, etc.

    There’s much that is hugely forceful, including a good debunking of the “Holocaust”.

    But see pp. 142–143:

    Though most contemporary Jews are utterly convinced that their ancestors are the Biblical Israelites who were brutally exiled by the Romans, the truth is that contemporary Jews have nothing to do with these ancient Israelites, who were never even sent into exile, the Roman exile is just another Jewish myth.

    … the logical conclusion: if the people of Israel were not expelled, then the real descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judea must be the Palestinians.

    • LOL: A123
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  8. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And, The Wandering Who? p. 144:

    If the Palestinians are the “real Jews”, then, who are those people who call themselves Jews? …

    Read the book!

    • Replies: @Edward Huguenin
  9. Speaking of fake jews!

    In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

    Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

    Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

    Israeli Report admits they are Descendants of Khazars

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  10. Franz says:

    Learn brevity. This is actually a very old idea.

    Karim El Koussa has written eloquently and in scholarly detail that JC was Lebanese, hence a non-Jewish man from the same general area as ancient Judea. His proof is worth your time. The first book he wrote was The Phoenician Code, the other one is below.

    His website:

    From the Details of Jesus the Phoenician:

    By investigating and analyzing the Old and New Testaments, as well as numerous other books, Apocrypha, and scholarly sources, Jesus the Phoenician systematically debunks the traditionally accepted Jewish story of Jesus and synthesizes a groundbreaking explanation for this historical and theological blunder.

    By delving into the history of the Canaano-Phoenicians and disproving the accuracy of the established story of Jesus Christ, Jesus the Phoenician begs the reader to think outside of biblical tradition and to consider, as have scholars, theologians, and writers throughout history, the proof herein that denies the identity of Jesus the Jew.

    • Replies: @cjk
  11. man says:
    @gay troll

    You must be an ignorant person, otherwise how can you miss Flavius Josephus writing on Christ Jesus.

    • Replies: @Observator
  12. Amusing how this author rages against Jews while so strongly continuing the homophobia and ethnocentric hatred that were major elements of second temple period Judaism. The Jesus-as-Palestinian trope is quite ironically hilarious given that the real guy (or the composite of a bunch of guys) on whom the myth is based was a failed fundamentalist Jewish nationalist. He became the universal savior of mankind largely through deliberate falsification of Jewish beliefs by men who knew of him only through hearsay, decades after his ignominious death.

    The most evident explanation for his sedition conviction and execution by Roman authorities is not Jewish perfidy but that in his messiah mania, Jesus deliberately contrived to violate a Roman law that carried the death penalty. He did so because he saw himself as the mythic perfect sacrificial lamb (an idea enshrined in misunderstood context as “Agnus dei, qui tollis peccata mundi” of early Christian prayer). He tragically imagined his gesture would be so pleasing that Yahweh would return in power to rescue him at the last moment, just as he saved Isaac from Abraham, and then institute his universal kingdom – as Jesus repeatedly, specifically predicted would happen in the lifetimes of his followers – to establish his chosen Jews as rulers of the world on his behalf.

    If Jesus had been a leader of an actual rebel movement there would have been hundreds if not thousands of crucifixions. But he perished alone, realizing at last the catastrophic mistake he made in his dying words, “father why have you abandoned me?” There is no more moving testimony in literature to the tragedy of mental illness and the danger of religious faith than this simple phrase.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
    , @cjk
  13. @man

    A major problem with the “Testamentum Flavianum” is that no Christian writer before the fourth century makes a single reference to these two sentences in all their attacks on paganism. In the third century, Origen quotes from Josephus extensively, yet he makes no reference to the “golden paragraph” which would have clinched his argument against those who proposed that the Christ figure was merely a literary fiction.

    It seems reasonable to conclude that Origen did not quote the 127 word passage because it had not yet been written. The first person known to have quoted this paragraph was Eusebius, the self-described “liar-for-god”, about the year 340 CE. It does not match Josephus’ customary style or vocabulary, and is found inserted awkwardly in a chapter on a different subject, the miseries suffered by Jews during Pilate’s term as Prefect. As an observant Jew, Josephus would never have referred to Jesus as he is in this paragraph “a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works… the anointed one [literal translation of ‘Messiah’].”

    Interestingly, Josephus does report in his autobiography that when he was sixteen, in our year 53, he went on a spiritual quest in Judea, where he encountered Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes, and “a fourth sect of Jewish philosophy,” a new cult centered on a Galilean who had been crucified by Rome for leading an insurrection – not Jesus, but Judah, who met his well-documented fate in 6 CE, a generation before Jesus. No mention is made of the numerous Christian communities that Acts of Apostles alleges were flourishing in Judea at that time.

    • Replies: @Wayne Lusvardi
  14. A fantastic article if a mite too long. You had me convinced 1/4 of the way in. I’ve supported the Pals almost continuously, except for a brief period when the Intifada got carried away and killed innocent children. Whites must not only support Palestinian equality but statehood, as they can never live in peace with the Jews who so cruelly oppressed them. At the same time, Israel must survive, if only to keep the millions of Jews living there from fleeing to the USA to accelerate their political and cultural subversion. Biggest difficulty: doing so without getting canceled by Jewish power. We will need to tread lightly, always stressing the right of Israel to exist WITHIN ITS PRE-1967 BORDERS. Simultaneously and more importantly, we mu st push for regulation of the financial industry to remove their ability to un-person us. What happened to Nick Fuentes must be undone and never be allowed to happen again!

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  15. @Observator

    I’ve had lots of gay friends – until I came out for Trump and most of them disowned me. I’m totally against persecuting them, but at the same time, I never believed that homosexuality (and especially not transsexuality) should be elevated above or even to a par with normal human sexuality, as it is now. If that’s homophobia, count me in.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  16. @Fidelios Automata

    Permission vs promotion.

    Yes to the former; fuck no, are you insane, to the latter.

  17. @omegabooks

    There are numerous people called sons of god in the Bible, it’s not a literal thing. It’s a metaphorical term for “I really like this person.” Solomon and David were both considered Sons of God.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  18. Wyatt says:

    When Jews go secular or take up Buddhism, they are still regarded as members of the Tribe. But Jews who convert to Christianity are beyond the pale.

    Truly, Christ redeems. Or at least burns evil.

  19. @Fidelios Automata

    Why is it anathema for Palestinians to kill innocent children, while Israel slaughters them, and tortures them, and kills their relative and friends and destroys their houses, with sadistic glee?

  20. @A123

    Why not be honest for once in your sordid existence, and end with ‘Hate’, rather than rendering ‘Peace’ despicable in its cynical hypocrisy.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  21. @gay troll

    Look, as someone with an academic background in the sociology of religion, there are so many social fictions that people unknowingly and knowingly believe in, why pick out the Jesus story? Sure, there was no third party police report to validate the claim of Jesus’s life or crucifixion. But, many Christians are aware of this and believe anyway. Faith is something for which there is no evidence, in contrast with belief in what is believed to be evidence. Life is uncertainty, which is what religion should be about.

    Jesus was a Galilean, not Judean. Galilee was purged of Judeans twice before the advent of Christ: once when the Mesopotamian ruler Sargon deported Judean tribes from Galilee and replaced them with Aryans and Arabs and again when in 164 B.C. when Simon Maccabee forced Judeans out of Galilee to assure ethnic and religious purity. The Judeans and the Galileans were two different ethnic and cultural groups, as the Galileans may have migrated from Russia?

    As far back as the Book of Kings (2 Kings 17:6) Galilee was known as “the district of the Gentiles”. When living in Jerusalem, Isaiah the Prophet describes it as “Galilee of the Gentiles”. The Judaic general and scholar Josephus even described the Galileans as a separate “race”:

    “It is a sturdy race, and has developed a fervid patriotism and nationalistic spirit – a hill people, lovers of liberty and ready defenders of their homes”.

    The Galileans were despised by the Judeans, as the Christian scriptures attest. But Jesus was a Galilean.

    If there were such a thing as an immaculate (purified) New Testament, it would be composed of the the anti-Judaic Gospel of John, Paul’s letters, and the letters of Ignatius of Antioch; no Old Testament, no Gospels of Mark, Matthew or Luke, no letters of James or Hebrews. My thesis is that the first three Gospels (Mark, Matthew & Luke) were written by Judeans as propaganda to win back those who had converted to Christianity with a story of Jesus the Judean. This also gave Judaism mind control over even Rome after it adopted Christianity as the religion of empire. The story of Jesus the Judean still has power over minds to this day, witness Evangelical Christianity.

    • Replies: @raga10
  22. @Observator

    The one passage in historian Josephus’s writings referring to “Chrestus” was inserted in later versions by someone else, as pointed out by Jewish independent researcher Harold Leidner in his book The Fabrication of the Christ Myth. The prior versions do not contain this passage.

  23. raga10 says:
    @Wayne Lusvardi

    Faith is something for which there is no evidence

    And if Christians left it at that, there would be no argument. But as you probably noticed there is a whole industry devoted to demonstrating historical authenticity of Jesus and of events described in the Bible, so it’s only fair to examine and debunk their claims.

    BTW, according to Matthew (27:51,52,53) at the moment when Jesus died earth shook, rocks were split and a number of dead rose from their graves and went for a stroll around town, appearing “to many people”. One might wonder what happened to them afterwards… did they just quietly go back to their graves? Anyhow – strangely enough, both earthquake and zombie invasion went completely unnoticed not only by Roman authorities and their historians, but also by writers of other gospels…

  24. I’m not religious, I could be called atheist or agnostic and not be offended, but I am politically pro-Christian and in favor of Christian Nationalism. It gives me great joy to see a video from Brother Nathanael, thank you.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  25. @James of Africa

    Same. Deep down, I’m completely convinced – as in, there is zero doubt in my mind – that Christianity is utter codswallop. But I would still prefer it if there was more Christianity rather than less. When people become atheists, they tend to become either degenerate woke sickos or psychopathic sickos. So judging it “by its fruits,” precious little good comes of atheism.

    Besides that, most of us at least at one time or another have felt there is a “greater power” or a “supreme being.” Viewing Christianity as simply a “spiritual tradition” rather than a religion allows you to access that spiritual realm in a way that is culturally familiar, while at the same time allowing you to dispense with Christianity’s sillier claims about reality (eg the “real presence” in the eucharist).

    For those who prefer to defend more traditional notions of Christian faith, I highly recommend Catholic apologist Trent Horn, whose youtube channel is called The Counsel of Trent. This guy is scary good, unquestionably holding his own against the very best atheists. Had I encountered him at the time I first became an atheist, I may have never become one.

  26. @silviosilver

    Thanks for the suggestions! I see religion as an instinct, and religions are systems to manage that instinct. It’s an instinct that becomes disruptive if it is ignored. Christianity has carefully observed and documented humanity for a very long time, it would be a mistake to throw away that knowledge or to fear reading it just because it is framed in religious language. The new narrative seems awfully dishonest or naïve about the nature of man.

    I think a reason many atheists can be obnoxious generally is because they have freed themselves from a religion, but they still think in a religious way. Magical thinking is when someone feels the correct thoughts have an influence on reality, if I’m not mistaken. Personally I don’t think it’s unfair to call atheism a religion even if it’s not exactly correct.

    I felt great anger towards Christianity as a youngster, but in time I realized that I had always been treated fairly and kindly by Christians.

  27. anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    19800 words?! Fcuk, and I thought 10k word essays were far too long. Not that I read every word of this often repetitive rambling prose.

    The essence of this supremacist vermin’s essay appears to be that whitevil psychopaths should be supportive of the “pipsqueak” Pals, and by extension muslims(?), but more in a master(superior) / slave(inferior) relationship, as one of the means to break the stranglehold the judevil have over them.

    Lol! Fcuk you, scum!!

    We muslims don’t need you pagan/godless supremacist vermin on our side (has your kind ever truly been on our side?). We are the true monotheists, we have the One and only on our side. If the Almighty One, in His infinite wisdom, wills the Pals’ (or Syrian or…) suffering, then who can end it, but Him. The collective Ummah will not be out of His favour forever, you know. After all, even the most evil and mischievous Chrizzies/Juden or the godless Chinese are having their moment of glory at present, yeah?

    Don’t you see, what we muslims indeed need most is the “Whitevil Nakba.” That is because the whitevils will never stop fellating the juden (who best to ally with against muslims, but the most implacable enemies of Islam), as a counter against the slow and peaceful onslaught of Islamic True Monotheism on the hearts and minds of mankind… and only a sufficient decline in numbers and strength of these chrizzie/juden-albinoroaches can give muslims some breathing space and the will to rise.

    The idea of Islamic true monotheism is of course unassailable and can never be conquered, most certainly not by pagan polytheist garbage of the trinity or the trimurti and such, but muslims certainly have been defeated and have been shown their place, for now, and thus we do need our enemies sufficiently weakened from within.

    Since as a true monotheist, I cannot possibly condone violent white-genocide, as evil as this race has always been, and as improbable it is at the hands of us “pipsqueak” muslims, “whitevil nakba,” through lower TFR, miscegenation & overall internal decadence, is the most peaceable solution for all.

    But that said, if you vermin were to indulge in some playful, “you and him fight,” i.e. between various whitevil entities, then… *shrug* Not that there is any possibility of that happening, because the whitevils have learned their lesson, and it is far easier now to crush much weaker foes, just for the sake of it.

    And what is Islam but an Arab appropriation of Jewish narratives and Christian myths?

    This betrays the superficial comprehension of Islam, of those accursed kafirs who fancy themselves intellectuals, of those kafirs who have the gall to present interminable rambling essays. Get it through you thick skulls, you pagan godless vermin have little to no comprehension of Islam.

    Islam is the very definition of pure unbending monotheism… God is ONE, and the only One worthy of worship, and has NO equivalent. This same message was brought forth by the first man, Prophet Adam PBUH. Islam has never been an “appropriation of Jewish narratives and Christian myths,” both of which subscribe to the abomination of “in-his-image” mangod(s), in singular or plural (while being singular at the same time, sheesh!).

    Islam has always been the most pure and faithful “appropriation” of the Almighty One’s commandments for mankind!

    Now, it’s understandable why some Christians saw Jews as less of a threat than the Muslims. … proselytizing Islam and Christianity battled one another for the souls of the world. Jews didn’t try to convert Christians and Muslims, whereas Christians and Muslims sought to convert the other to their own faith.

    The chrizzies will always view the juden as less of a threat than muslims. Why? Because the pagan godless deceit of Chrizzianity can never prevail over the True Monotheism of Islam, while the “in-his-image” mangods-worship of both bind them together forever. The two paganisms are a match made in Hell.

    The father/son pagan mangods-worship of Chrizzianity will always remain a bastard child of Judenism. You deserve each other, and may you walk the road to perdition together. God willing.

  28. anonymous[118] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m completely convinced – as in, there is zero doubt in my mind – that Christianity is utter codswallop…

    Christianity is “codswallop,” which of course it is, but you still wish to only live in a society drowning in this pagan polytheist spiritual sewerage. After all, Christianity is nothing without its pagan mangods-worship, polytheism, cannibalistic ritualism, and dollops of deceit to make any sense of all that. If you desire to live with such cognitive dissonance, even finding some value in all that deceit, then you must be partly insane.

    Besides that, most of us at least at one time or another have felt there is a “greater power” or a “supreme being.”

    Interesting use of singularity there, the most natural realisation for a thinking human. The very essence of Islam. Perhaps what you pagan/godless need is to adopt Islam with western characteristics… Lol! Impossible, yeah!

    So, onward march to Hell for y’all, the pagan and the godless!

    Trent Horn… This guy is scary good, unquestionably holding his own against the very best atheists.

    Lol! You seem to enjoy a theist beating an atheist at debate. So, are you indeed an atheist as you imply? Try to be honest with yourself.

    Anyway, atheists are a single query, “where is the proof of God?,” pathetic wimps, in the context of debating theism! It should hardly take much for your hero to “hold his own.”

    This pagan polytheist moron you seem to admire should take on a true monotheist Islamic scholar of some repute. The pagan will no doubt get chewed up by the true monotheist. What a hilarious spectacle that would be.

    Christian Pagan: Jesus is Lord!

    True Monotheist: Why do think “Jesus is Lord”?

    Pagan: Because this book says so.

    True Monotheist: (trying not to laugh) But, there are books which claim Zeus is god, or Shiva is god. Are they true too?

    Pagan: Of course not! My book is the Truth! Their’s is not!

    True Monotheist: You are not providing any logical proof of your claim, except some hearsay books. Anyway, the essence of Islam is, God is One. Do you dispute that?

    Pagan: No, but he is 3in1, or so I am told.

    True Monotheist: No “buts.” Do you dispute it or not?

    Pagan: No, but…

    True Monotheist: See, you could not dispute the core of Islam, and I had no need to bring a Book to the debate. Get it?

    Pagan: (crestfallen face)

    True Monotheist: Ok, we are done here. Someone come and pick up the pieces of this moron. Bye.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  29. @anonymous

    Islam is pure filth. Fuck all muzz. I’m glad you replied though. This Priss twit needs to get it through its obstinate skull that there is ZERO in it for pro-whites to support the Pals. That is a 100% leftard cause. If Israel is wrecked I would be more likely to celebrate than to cry, but it would be a victory for leftards, not a victory for pro-whites.

    • Troll: RedpilledAF
  30. raga10 says:

    True Monotheist: Anyway, the essence of Islam is, God is One. Do you dispute that?

    Pagan: Disambiguate your statement, please. Do I dispute that God is One, or do I dispute the statement “the essence of Islam is that God is One”? The first is meaningless to me – God is neither One, or Two, or Three, since he doesn’t exist. As to what the essence of Islam is, I neither dispute it or care – that’s for you to interpret your faith; nothing to do with me.

    • Replies: @raga10
  31. raga10 says:

    … OK, what I wrote is clearly Atheist position, not “Pagan”. I should not speak for Pagans, but I speak for Atheists.

  32. cjk says:

    No they don’t, they say He’s a liar.
    Their false Jesus isn’t the Son of God nor did He die on the cross.
    Saying that the Almighty Son of God is a mere prophet is an insult and blasphemy

  33. cjk says:

    Ridiculous He is the son of David the greatest Jewish King and a direct descendant of Jacob (Israel) via his son Judah.

  34. cjk says:

    No mistake was made and He made it clear when He rose from the dead three days later.

  35. These 20k words are too diffuse for me to figure out what the “theme” is (and from me, that’s saying a lot!) but since it starts off talking about the Christian hard on for Jesus the wandering rabbi, I might suggest a look at a recent book by Robert H. Price (former evangelical, 2xPhd, Lovecraft scholar and Trump supporter) on the current obsession with “the Jewish Jesus” which has little to do with scholarship and much to do with some kind of token of “interfaith” understanding.

    Robert M. Price
    Judaizing Jesus: How New Testament Scholars Created the Ecumenical Golem
    Durham, N.C.: Pitchstone Publishing, 2021


  36. @vrtclygftd

    The original Hebrews were polytheists like everyone else. El Elyon, the chief god, had many “sons” such as Yahweh. After the Babylonian captivity, the returning “elite” which had imbibed Zoroastrianism re-wrote the scriptures, demoting everyone except Yahweh to the status of “angels” or “sons of God”. Hence all the confusion about sons of God, angels, Yahweh, El Elyon, Elohim (supposedly “God” but a plural), sons of God mating with human women and producing a race of giants, etc.

  37. geokat62 says:

    Congratulations on your first post, Priss. I trust we’ll be reading many more in the future.

  38. Fr. John says:
    @gay troll

    Oh, you’re a faggot. Never mind. A psyche so utterly deranged cannot be argued with.

    Anathema si.

  39. Fr. John says:

    “Jews, who hate Jesus (and wish He’d never existed) and despise Christianity above all religions, suddenly got very possessive of Him. He was a Mizrai Jew, not a Palestinian Jew, they insisted. Jews can’t conceive of anything worse than their own kind converting to Christianity — for many Jews, it’s worse than death, more unfathomable than the Holocaust. When Jews go secular or take up Buddhism, they are still regarded as members of the Tribe. But Jews who convert to Christianity are beyond the pale.”

    This is utter BS. Why? Because Arabs are not the Adam of God.

    “…most [of the] Jews are thieves,” as the founding father [ of “Israel” ] David Ben-Gurion, said.
    “Now the historian Adam Raz wrote about it: “Looting of Arab Property in the War of Independence,” and Haaretz’s Ofer Aderet reported on it in a shocking article in Haaretz on Friday. It should weigh on what is left of the conscience of any proper Zionist, and flood us with feelings of deep shame and guilt even after 72 years.

    The authorities turned a blind eye and thus encouraged the looting, despite all the denunciations, the pretense and a few ridiculous trials. The looting served a national purpose: to quickly complete the ethnic cleansing of most of the country of its Arabs, and to see to it that 700,000 refugees would never even imagine returning to their homes.”

    Such a race, cannot be of the ‘Elect,’ when they are such evil incarnations. As I said to Jared Taylor:

    1) Adam, as the summum bonum of Creation, was created specially. We all know that part- Genesis 1, etc. What we don’t know (or have not been told/i.e., were lied to) is that He was the LAST in a long line of hominids on this plane, at least from the evolutionary/anthropological record. Caucasoid CIVILIZATION only appears roughly @6,000 years ago. We cannot date honestly before that, as carbon-dating presumes much that it cannot prove. But the fallacy that Adam was the ‘father of all hominids’ flies in the face of sanity, genetics, and DNA recombination, no matter how much the ‘Out of Africa’ theory has been debunked. Adam is the FATHER….. of ADAMITY, and none other.

    2) Records of people from this period, show clearly WHITE/Caucasoid features- Blue eyes, Blond/Red hair of those who WERE THE ARISTOS of the age. Not a coincidence. Why?

    3) Because the word ‘Adam’ in the Hebrew (per the Strong’s Concordance) means ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush.’ Even Talmudic apocryphal legend corroborates this idea, when talking about NOAH: “Jewish Apocryphal legend represents Noah at his birth as having a body white like snow, hair white as wool, and eyes like sunbeams….” -
    [BLOND hair in full sun appears as white, and sunbeams come from a sky of BLUE.]

    The Apocryphal Book of Enoch confirms this:
“Lamech, frightened at this sight, went to consult Methuselah, telling him that his grandchild resembled an angel more than a child. Lamech further informed his father that he foresaw some accident would befall the earth during the lifetime of his son; he therefore asked Methuselah to consult Enoch, who was then among the angels, and who consequently would know what was to happen. Methuselah, accordingly, went to the ends of the earth to confer with Enoch, who announced to him that a flood would destroy the world, that only the new-born son and his future sons, three in number, would survive. Enoch also told him to name the child “Noah,” inasmuch as he would console the earth for its destruction (Enoch, cvi.-cvii.).”

    4) Christ both identified with Adam, and is the immaculate fruit of Parthenogensis (another stumbling block to the unbelieving) which means his GENETICS are divinely chosen. And, as St. Paul says Christ is the ‘Last’ Adam [I Cor. 15:45] – that word ‘last’ in the Greek is ‘eschatos’ – or the “Eschatological Adam” – the Recapitulation of all Adamic Humanity past, present, OR Future! Christ (as Megyn Kelly was brave enough to articulate) is WHITE, because He is Adamic 
Moreover, the description of the RISEN CHRIST in Revelation is yet further corroboration. White Hair, Skin like Bronze, and Eyes of Fire [cf. Dan. 10:6, Rev. 2:18] a) As I’ve noted: Blond/Light hair in full Mediterranean Sun, appears almost White (like wool) -ever hear of “Towhead” Blonds?!? b) only CAUCASOID skin can TAN like Bronze/brass! And, c) most importantly, the chemical composition of fire and the ‘eyes like fire’ must be noted. In most fires, where the fire IS HOTTEST, the flame burns BLUE! Christ’s eyes are not demonstrably dark brown, i.e., eyes like some demon- but BLUE- like the Son of God’s eyes SHOULD be!

    5) Your next comment: “As Europe became Christian, Christianity became European. The outward forms of today’s Christianity — especially Christmas — would have astonished Jesus and the early Christians,” presumes far more than it actually corroborates. Hilaire Belloc, a Catholic (and therefore, ‘universal’ Christian) wrote in the 1920’s, ‘Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”
And therein lies the nugget you don’t wish to discover.

    6) Christendom IS the ‘Ecumene’ or the ‘Inhabited [sic] WORLD’ of the Apostle’s and St. Paul’s day.
St. Paul makes this geographic delimiter clear in Romans 1:16-17 ‘To the Judean first, and then to the Hellene.” In the Greek, these are GEOGRAPHIC and not necessarily ‘racial ingroup’ descriptors-
    7) Lastly, even by St. John’s writing of the Apocalypse, the early Church knew that the Jews ‘were not Jews, but merely a synagogue of Satan.” [Rev. 2:8,9] So, already there was a RACIAL SEGREGATION divinely going on, between the adulterous Pharisees and the simple ADAMIC Christians! This event was corroborated all over Europe. It was the ADAMIC ‘lost tribes’ (another witness, for another column or site like) that converted to Christianity, not some swarthy, adulterated miscegenated Arab underclass that later all converted to either Talmudism or Islam.
Even the Pope of Rome, when seeing the first English Christians, said they looked like ANGELS- again, that blond hair/blue-eyed genome of the Adamic Humanity.

    Please, take your judaized mythos, and tell it to the AshkeNAZIS. Real Christians know that Christ is one of US, and we are of HIS BODY, the ‘fair, pure, WHITE’ Body of Christ… and not the miscegenated Mischling GOLEM of a post-schismatic Rome or Protestant universalist heresy.

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