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It Is Time for the Carlito-Kleinfeld Rule: White Message to Jews Must be, "We're Even" — No More Favoritism for Jews Who've Gone Full Gangster
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Note: CARLITO’S WAY is the closest thing to a Passion Play in the Gangster genre. If ever a gangster movie was made for the Easter Season, this is it. No wonder it was voted by the French film journal Cahier du Cinema as the best film of the 1990s. Though France has long been secular, a certain Catholicist mindset continues to permeate throughout the culture. (The French Revolution sought to turn Paris into the secular Vatican of World Salvation.) As cinema could be said to be the New Religion of France, it is through movies that the French get anything like ‘religion’. Imagine Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock with a bit of Robert Bresson, and you have De Palma’s second gangster movie, possibly his best work. (He seems to think so.) All the Christian themes and motifs are interwoven throughout the movie. Carlito, sentenced to thirty years, is sprung to new life. He is like Lazarus or Jesus resurrected. He dreams of another world, a kind of heaven in Bahamas far away from the world of crime he’d known all his life. Carlito and Gail, pregnant with his child, are like Joseph and Mary seeking escape and sanctuary. Kleinfeld acts like a parody of the Old Testament God, especially the One confronted with Job’s questions. Pachanga turns out to be Judas. Benny Blanco is satan incarnate without possibility of redemption. The Italians are like the Romans. In a way, Carlito doesn’t die only for himself but for the sins of all gangsters. As such, he is the last of his kind. He knows they are all tainted, all sinners, and each deserves to die as much as he deserves to live. And one can find many other allusions to Christianity. But our concern here is the role and meaning of Kleinfeld in the story and how it relates to the Real Jew in our world.

In the Brian De Palma movie CARLITO’S WAY, Al Pacino’s character of Carlito Brigante owes David Kleinfeld(Sean Penn) big time. Carlito was sent away to rot in prison for 30 years, but Kleinfeld got him out after five. Even though Kleinfeld is a shady lawyer with mobsters as his clients, he is still a legitimate and ‘respected’ member of society. He attended law school, got a degree, and uses the law(and invokes legal and ethical principles) to aid his clients. He provides service to gangsters, but he isn’t outwardly a gangster. Whatever he does, he does it legally within the bounds of rules established by the system. Or that’s what Carlito thinks when is out of prison and a free man once again. He feels totally indebted to Kleinfeld and resolved to go clean. His release is like a miracle, and he doesn’t want to risk going to prison ever again. Once a major drug dealer raking in lots of cash, he is now content to dream about running a car rental place in the Caribbean. He wants to be in good graces with the law than bet against it. He knows Kleinfeld is tainted and shady given the nature of his clientele, but he also knows Kleinfeld works within than outside the law. (That is until he discovers otherwise later.)

For all his compromises and questionable methods, Kleinfeld is cut above people like Carlito and his ilk. He relies on brain power and the law. In contrast, gangsters rely mainly on muscle, guns, and brute force. While gangsters do business and have their own ‘code of the street’, when push comes to shove(and it happens quite often), it’s about who shoots first and dumps the body in the back of the car. Gangsters may take pride in their toughness, but they are like animals. Just as animals, though bigger and/or tougher than man, look up to humans as superior creatures with mysterious aura and abilities, gangsters like Carlito have a certain respect for guys like Kleinfeld who, without the use of guns and muscles, can find loopholes in the law to get thugs and murderers out of prison. Lawyers have the power of ‘magic’.

Even though the law exists to lock up criminals, its rules apply to lawmen as well as to outlaws. So, if lawmen violate any part of the law in their over-zealous prosecution of criminals, a crafty defense lawyer can turn the tables and use the law against them. That is how Kleinfeld became rich and successful, a hotshot lawyer who defends mobsters by invoking the sanctity of the law and looking for bugs in the prosecution. He spouts ACLU cliches to the benefit of his clients. He scours for the slightest error in the prosecution to nullify decisions of the court. When Carlito finds himself a free man, he knows that Kleinfeld and only Kleinfeld could have made the miracle come true. He regards Kleinfeld as a better man in so many ways. Smarter, knowledgeable, loyal, grateful, and a good friend. We learn that Kleinfeld’s first big clients came through Carlito the once-kingpin, and he hasn’t forgotten it. He did everything he could to get Carlito out of jail, and Carlito regards Kleinfeld as more than a friend. He is a ‘brother’. Among gangsters, Carlito knows there is no real friend, no one to really trust. Indeed, upon staring at the dead body of his cousin, he says: “…look at you. You said they were friends… but there ain’t no friends in this shit business.” There can be no trust among gangsters. They may smile and shake your hands, but they will kill you or rat you out at any opportunity. Indeed, when Carlito was in prison, his former gangster buddies did nothing to get him out. Granted, they didn’t have the means and know-how(as Kleinfeld does), but even if they could have gotten him out, would they have bothered? For them, it was just one less competition in the streets. In contrast, Kleinfeld went to all that trouble at his own expense to make Carlito free again. Then, it’s understandable why Carlito feels he owes big time to Kleinfeld. Indeed, he feels forever indebted. Of course, it’s all relative. To decent law-abiding folks Kleinfeld is a sleazy mob-lawyer, but to Carlito he might as well be the angel sent by the almighty. He appreciates what Kleinfeld did for him so much that he wants to be on good terms and graces with Kleinfeld to his dying day. He wants no bad blood between them. And despite his knowledge of Kleinfeld’s darker and nastier sides, he wants to focus on the good and even noble side of Kleinfeld. In a way, his appreciation blinds him to Kleinfeld’s hidden character. Indeed, Kleinfeld’s act of kindness turns out to be the exception that proves the rule. It was less a natural extension of Kleinfeld’s character than something that swam against it.

So, if Carlito regards it as the defining moment in their ‘friendship’ that binds them like ‘brothers’, Kleinfeld is more than willing to undo Carlito’s good fortune just to save his own skin with the district attorney prying into his affairs that have grown far more risque while Carlito was away. Kleinfeld hasn’t merely been servicing mobsters but acting increasingly like one of them, taking risks and grabbing more than he should. His ego isn’t satisfied with being a legal flunky of the hoodlums no matter how well-paid he may be. Instead of being told what to do, he wants to gain leverage over them and subordinate them to his will. He has something approaching like a god-complex, which especially shows itself when, near the very end, he talks to Carlito in the manner that God spoke to a hapless figure in the Book of Job.

It’s worth pondering the reasons for Carlito’s sentimental mis-perception of the real Kleinfeld. Because of what Kleinfeld did for him, he assumes there is something essentially, even exceptionally, good about him. Not good in the conventional sense(as they are all crooks one way or another) but in terms of honor and friendship. (It’s sort of like the sentimental blind-spot of Noodles regarding Max in Sergio Leone’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA.) Because Carlito is so grateful, he forms a mental image of Kleinfeld that has little bearing on reality. He’s so relieved to be a free man again that he fails to question the real motives as to why Kleinfeld did what he did or how true his commitment to Carlito really is. Carlito just assumes that Kleinfeld is like a guardian angel watching out for him. Imagine that, a hotshot lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system never giving up on Carlito and pulling every trick in the book to get him released. Is that a friend or what? A ‘brother’.

Yet, despite Carlito’s wishful thinking(and ours as well as we want to believe in their ‘brotherly’ bond), Kleinfeld is quite something else. His one deed doesn’t determine his character. While it’s true that a person is mostly judged by what he does, actions mustn’t be confused for intention. Bad people may do good things not for morality and justice but to gain trust to get a leg-up in society. Furthermore, it’s not as if Kleinfeld has been acting like a standup guy all his life. Rather, he’s mostly been a snake playing fast and loose with the law in service to mobsters and big time crooks.

Therefore, his favor to Carlito wasn’t characteristic of his career as lawyer. Indeed, we have good reason to believe that it had been all ‘business’ between Carlito and Kleinfeld. Kleinfeld did it for money because Carlito was once awash in cash. And that is why Carlito had no reason to believe Kleinfeld would go out on a limb to get him released from a 30-yr sentence because, by then, Carlito had no money left. Kleinfeld could have just abandoned him and spent his energies on other clients still in the business. Therefore, Carlito is especially grateful to Kleinfeld for acting ‘personally’ on his behalf than merely acting in interest of ‘business’. Special moments make us assume too much. They make us dream up things as we imagine them to be. At the celebration following his release at a nightclub, Carlito tells Kleinfeld that he would marry him if he were a woman. It’s like when someone falls romantically in love, he or she is likely to see the other person as he or she imagines him/her to be. The sparkling rush of the moment undermines reason, criticality, skepticism, and evidence. Under the spell of love, the man might see the woman as a princess, or a woman might see the man as a hero.

It is no wonder so many love affairs eventually go awry as the person discovers that the other person is not what he or she idealized him/her to be. Because of the sheer euphoria of his release, Carlito feels something like man-love for Kleinfeld. Kleinfeld isn’t just his lawyer but his hero, his savior. And in that love, he assumes Kleinfeld feels for him the way he feels for Kleinfeld. And he figures that someone who’s been so true to him(while just about everyone else forgot him or gave up on him) wouldn’t dare do anything to jeopardize his future and well-being. Now, it’s likely that Kleinfeld did Carlito a favor for old-times-sake’s and because he personally likes Carlito. One may speculate that maybe he did it as a stunt to promote himself as a super-attorney to prospective clients or perhaps he figured on using Carlito in some way or another, especially as the ex-convict owes him something. But upon release, there’s no indication that Kleinfeld had an ulterior motive in doing this favor for Carlito. But we learn sooner than later that Kleinfeld has himself stepped over the line and has become a target in criminal investigations. It appears he’s not only using the law to aid criminal clients but taking part in crime for further gain(and perhaps to stoke his own ego as big shot). Gradually and then dramatically, Carlito discovers the truth about Kleinfeld. Carlito may have regarded Kleinfeld as something akin to a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold, the staple of so many Western movies.

Sure, Kleinfeld loves money and chose to whore himself out to crooks with big bucks, but when push comes to shove, he’s a real pal who comes through for you. As it turns out, Kleinfeld is really a pimp-with-an-ice-pick-for-a-heart. Never mistake the real man with his moment of grace. Even a predator sometimes goes easy on the prey and lets it go. Lions have been observed playing with gazelles. Polar bears have been seen playing with sled dogs. Kleinfeld’s good deed for Carlito was an exception, and Carlito’s problem is the fallacy of characterizing the essence of the man on the basis of his one act. After all, even Josef Stalin had his softer moments when he actually intervened to save innocent lives from persecution and possibly death. But just as it’d be absurd to assume Stalin’s core character on such decisions, it turns out to be a huge failure of imagination on Carlito’s part to assume that Kleinfeld could really be anything like a ‘brother’ to him. At best, he was nothing but a toy or just another plaything for Kleinfeld who feels himself to be better and smarter than anybody. In that sense, Kleinfeld is actually worse than any gangster. After all, if there’s one saving grace about criminals, it’s that they know they’re crooks and hoodlums. They act against the law. They accept their lot as members of the underworld. In contrast, Kleinfeld feels himself to be above everything. As a lawyer working within the law, his hands are technically clean, and that makes him better than lowly gangsters and criminals who rely on him for legal counsel. But he has no use for the law either as he increasingly violates its perimeters in the style of a gangster. He’s not a straight-up criminal against the law or a straight-up man of law against criminals. He’s not even a somewhat honorable defense attorney who represents criminals but within the bounds of the law.

Rather, he’s an egomaniac with a god-complex who thinks he’s so brilliant, awesome, and superior that he can play both criminals and the institutions like a game. Everything is a toy for the wunderkind. He sees all of humanity like Steven Spielberg sees the world through his movies. Like Harry Lime of THE THIRD MAN, he looks upon people like chips in a poker game. All the world is a house of games, like to the Joe Mantegna character in David Mamet’s debut film of that very title. And his arrogance and contempt for humanity is such that there is nothing to change his mind.

For Carlito, the release from prison was a life-altering moment. It really did change him, and he meant it. He saw it as a miracle, regarded Kleinfeld as his ‘brother’, and swore to himself to go clean. Carlito’s moral character possessed the possibility of being saved(in the Christian manner). In contrast, nothing can alter Kleinfeld’s character because his core character is all about feeling as the center of the universe(and feeling bitter at the world for not bending to his wishes and will). Kleinfeld has what E. Michael Jones calls the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. According to Jones, Jews are this way because they haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and therefore are still obsessed with turning the world upside down in search of might and/or right. Secular Jews are especially dangerous because, not believing in God, they consider their intellect & smarts to be the greatest thing in the world, or maybe even the universe. Jones is correct to note the especially ‘extreme’ nature of the Jewish Worldview, but I’m not sure this problem is rooted in their rejection of Christ. It could really be a function of their especially restless and obsessive personality that is likely the result of evolution than lack of salvation. It could be that the most obsessive scholars got the most reverence in the community and married the daughters of Jewish merchants and money-lenders with the most excessive kind of cunning and greed. The extreme prophet mentality got merged with the extreme profit mentality.

Then, is it any wonder that Modern Jews are in the habit of elevating Vice as the New Virtue, even going so far as to elevate globo-homo sodomism as the new official cult of the nation, even the world. And in David Kleinfeld, we see the combination of the both the profit mentality and the prophet mentality. He’s not only insatiably greedy but so full of himself as the truly deserving god-dude of the criminal world and the legal profession. Deep down inside, he’s tired of serving the hoodlums and wants to be their master. As the movie is set around the mid-70s, it was a time when Jews were still on the way up but without the ultimate power. Though Kleinfeld fails and eventually gets killed, other Jews with similar personalities, hangups, neuroses, drive, and obsessiveness did come to take over America(and then over the world under the hegemony of US as the lone superpower, aka the Empire of Judea).

Ironically, Jews were less successful in taking over organized crime than over ‘legitimate’ society. Jews failed against the ‘goombas’ but won over the ‘waspy’ Norwalks of the world(and that ensured Jewish power over the ‘goombas’ as well). Norwalk did bend the rules to put people like Carlito away, but when push comes to shove, he bows down to the Rule of Law. He’s not going to hire killers to wipe out Carlito and Kleinfeld. He has his limits. He might dirty his hands a bit but doesn’t want blood on them. In contrast, the mafia hoodlums and the likes of Benny Blanco(from the Bronx) will not hesitate to just blow people away. Against such animals, Jews had little chance. They were smarter than the Italians, but the ‘greaseballs’ were willing to shoot first, ask questions later. It’s like Ace Rothstein the Jew in CASINO is terrified of Nicky Santoro the Italian-American. And Morrie the Jew in GOODFELLAS gets whacked by Jimmy(DeNiro) and Tommy(Pesci). Gangsters act without one hand tied behind their back. In contrast, men who uphold the Rule of Law(however imperfectly) can’t simply do as they please. There are limits they dare not cross. Norwalk used illegal wiretaps to get Carlito, but he will not hire killers to wipe out people he sees as scum. His position relies on reputation and respect. And this is why Jews had an easier time taking power from Wasps than from ‘Wops’. Even though Wasps had far more institutional and financial power than the ‘Wops'(of organized crime), they played by certain rules based on meritocracy and penalty. So, if Bugs(Busy Urban Globalist Semites) are smarter and more capable, they could rise fast and even above Wasps. And if Wasps violated some aspect of the Rule, they could be called on the ‘foul’ and sent to the penalty box… and the Wasps adhered to the Rule out of shame. (Yet, Jews found a way not to submit to the rules themselves. By promoting themselves as the greatest victims of all time due to the ‘Holocaust'[which should be called Shoah, just like the Palestinian tragedy is properly called Nakba] and by associating any criticism of Jews as ‘antisemitism’, a sickness that led to Nazism and the ‘Holocaust’, it became dangerous to call ‘foul’ on Jewish bad behavior. When Bugs called out on Wasps, it was deemed a righteous attack on ‘white privilege’. But when Wasps called out on Bugs, it was denounced as vile indulgence in ‘antisemitic tropes’. Jews also shut white people up by promoting ‘white guilt’ about black slavery and ‘racism’ in the US. Blacks, a corrupt and opportunistic people, took money from the Jews and decided to blame everything on whitey while sparing the Jews, at least on the official level. Thus, whites were pushed into such a corner under barrage of Jewish and black judgmentalism that they dared not call on Jewish and black fouls even as Jews and blacks blamed EVERYTHING on ‘whitey’.)

Anyway, one thing Jews realized is that control of the law eventually leads to control over what had once been deemed as criminal activities. So, if Wasps control legality whereas ‘Wops’ control illegality, all Jews needed to do is gain control over the Wasps to beat the ‘Wops’ as well. Jews had a difficult time going head-to-head with no-holds-barred thugs. Now, there were Tough Jews who had no qualms about using bloody violence, but when it came to killing with guns and ice-picks, the Italians(and the Irish and blacks and Latinos) were just as capable and at times even more extreme. Though brain power was necessary in organized crime, guns and muscle mattered more when push came to shove. In contrast, brain power, cunning, and strong will were all that were necessary to gain power over Wasps, a people more prone to adhering to the Rule of Law. Once Jews beat the Wasps and gained control of the Law, they could then legalize what had once been illegal or, at best, legal in few localities, semi-legal, or legal-but-disreputable. Once it was made legal, it came under legal protection of the law than had to operate in the ever uncertain underworld.

Then, Jews could run the vice industries legally. Jews couldn’t compete with black street pimps in urban prostitution, but Jews could control the sex industry once pornography(aka electronic prostitution) was legalized. Jews had a tough time dealing with ‘Wops’ when gambling was illegal in most states, but Jews pretty much gained control of ALL of gambling once it became nearly universally legal(and even reputable, made so by advertising) across the US. Marijuana as an illegal drug was controlled by Mexicans and others, but as a legal product(that is also promoted for its ‘medicinal’ qualities), Jewish oligarchs are beginning to corner the market. Jews learned, “Don’t try to gain control of what’s illegal in contest with hoodlums. Rather, gain control of the law and then legalize what is illegal and then gain control over it under the protection of the law that happens to be dominated by Jews and Anglo-cucks or Anglucks.” Sadly for Kleinfeld, he’s a Jew who is still operating in an America where many vices were still illegal.

Now, what can we learn about Jewish Power in our world by pondering the Carlito-Kleinfeld relationship? Just ask yourself, why did Carlito feel obligated to go along on the boat ride to lend a hand in the prison-breakout of Tony Taglialucci? Obviously, it was the last thing Carlito wanted to get involved with. Miraculously, he was a free man again, and the last thing he wants to do is anything that might jeopardize his precious liberty. And yet, Kleinfeld made the request. Under normal circumstances, he would have said NO, but he feels obligated to say Yes because he feels he owes so much to Kleinfeld. But it’s not only that. Kleinfeld, a passive/aggressive Jew, concocts a tear-jerker about how he’s been wrongfully accused of stealing money from Taglialucci — a million dollars to be exact — and how he will be murdered if he doesn’t do as told. Carlito, who still thinks highly of Kleinfeld, gives him the benefit of a doubt and agrees to take part in the expedition to fish Taglialucci from the water surrounding the prison-ferry. Even though Kleinfeld’s request is a risky and dangerous proposition for Carlito, he regards it as an offer he can’t refuse. Not in the way as it’s meant in THE GODFATHER — under threat of violence or death — but as a matter of friendship and brotherhood. After all, Kleinfeld is like a ‘brother’. There are only two people Carlito will give his life for: Kleinfeld and Gail, the woman he loves.

So, in Kleinfeld’s hour of need, how could Carlito say NO? And yet, it begins to dawn more and more on Carlito that Kleinfeld’s story isn’t as it seems. For one thing, Carlito notices that Kleinfeld acts more and more arrogant, reckless, contemptuous, nasty, and hostile. He notices that Kleinfeld isn’t driven only by smarts and greed but angst and insecurity. When Carlito gets into a row with Benny Blanco, Kleinfeld uncharacteristically pulls out his gun, as if he too is a gangster. He becomes more indulgent in the use of drugs, especially cocaine. And on the eve of the boat expedition, he keeps baiting Carlito with hints about the ‘trip’ in front of Gail even though Carlito patiently pleads with him to stop. But Carlito’s worst fears are realized when (1) Kleinfeld kills Taglialucci and his son, which means that he really brought Carlito onboard as an accomplice to murder and (2) Kleinfeld admits he did steal the million dollars from Taglialucci. He played the role of pitiful victim of intimidation by crazy-paranoid Taglialucci, but he was the real transgressor who stole mob money and then murdered those he’d wronged. He tugged at Carlito’s heartstrings and abused Carlito’s debt to him in the worst possible way. In doing something so crazy, he not only put a bigger price on his own head but possibly on Carlito’s as well. Carlito truly believed he owed the world to Kleinfeld, but after what went down, he is adamant that it is EVEN between them and that Kleinfeld better agree. The scene is as compelling as the one in EL CID where Charlton Heston’s hero presses upon the young king to swear to the truth. Carlito is not going to be Kleinfeld’s Job(of the Bible). Kleinfeld, for all his brilliance and daring, is not god. Kleinfeld exhausted his moral capital with Carlito who knows something about how debts, monetary or personal, work.

So, how does this tie in with our Jewish Problem? It tells us that it is time — indeed, it’s been long past due — for the West to say that it is EVEN with the Jews. Even prior to Jewish vileness baring its fangs since the end of the Cold War, one could argue that the West was more than EVEN with the Jews. Sure, there was the history of ‘antisemitism’, but Jews had also exploited Europeans since the dawn of time. Furthermore, Jewish financiers, merchants, and theorists collaborated with Europeans in the imperialist enterprise around the world. In addition, Jews played a decisive role in communism that destroyed millions of European/Slavic lives. And it wasn’t as if Germans woke up one morning to hate Jews for the hell of it in the 1920s and 1930s. No, during the Weirmar Period, many horrible Jews came out of the woodwork and acted in the most disgraceful manner to spread decadence and degeneracy far beyond any sane society should tolerate. Still, given the horrors of the Shoah and Nazi madness, it was understandable why the Western World especially felt sympathy for Jews. Though the ‘Holocaust’ was greatly exaggerated, there was an extermination campaign against Jews, and a very large percentage of Jews(of all ages) were massacred in certain nations and territories, especially in the East.

Of course, one could argue that, instead of the West feeling morally indebted to Jews, it should be the other way around. After all, UK and US could have allied with Nazi Germany just like USSR did for a time. But UK and US joined forces with USSR to defeat Nazi Germany. White goyim lost tremendous number of lives to finally destroy Hitler’s empire, and Jews were saved. Given those facts, it should be Jews who should be forever indebted to the Good White Goyim who saved them. But Jews being Jews, clever and cunning, they decided to flip the moral dynamics and make the West feel guilty for not having done enough sooner than later. After all, while Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill dragged their feet in the liberation-invasion of France, it was the Soviets who did the bulk of fighting and dying. And this is why certain Jews, especially of leftist persuasion, felt a certain sentimentality about the Soviet Union after WWII. But then, Soviet Union fought Germany ONLY BECAUSE Hitler decided to invade Russia. Prior, Nazi Germany and Soviet Union not only had a non-aggression pact but cooperated in the invasion of Poland. Furthermore, Stalin’s crimes were on the scale of Hitler’s, and even a good number of Jews eventually ended up on his chopping block.

Jews are experts at flipping the script. Indeed, it is what Kleinfeld does in the opening of CARLITO’S WAY. Even though Carlito was a killer and drug-dealer, he is presented as an ‘innocent’ victim of over-zealous prosecutors who violated the law to get their man. During the so-called ‘Red Scare’, many Jewish agents spied for the USSR and sought to undermine American Security, but the Jew-run media and academia spread the notion that pure-as-snow innocent idealists were rounded up in a dragnet of paranoia that saw ‘communists’ everywhere. And even though Jews played a key role in Soviet Communism that destroyed so many lives, American Jews in the 1980s were making Soviet Jews out to be the biggest victims of communist tyranny, thereby needing to be brought over to the US with full rights as ‘refugees’. Even though homos indulged in putrid sodomy and spread HIV all over in the 1980s and 1990s, Jews made homos out to be angelic victims of ‘homophobia’.

And even though Jews conquered Palestine and wiped it off the map, they whine about how the Palestinians don’t recognize the right of Israel to exist. Israel has 300 illegal nukes made from material stolen from the US while Iran has no nukes and allows international inspections, but Jewish Power in the US would have us believe that Iran is the threat to the world. Even though Jew-run US encroaches upon Russian territory and surrounds it with military bases all around, Jews kvetch about ‘Russian Aggression’. Even though Jews vilify whites as a race, they act like they are helpless victims of ‘white supremacist’ antisemitism. Indeed, Jewish supremacists project their own supremacism onto whites who want liberation and release from Jewish perfidy and Wars for Israel. Even though so many white goy lives were expended in the defeat of Nazi Germany, Jews act as if they sacrificed themselves for the salvation of the West. No, the West died for the survival of Jews. If anything, Jews had played a crucial role in the rise of National Socialism because so many Germans got sick of Jewish gangsterism, exploitation, and radicalism. To be sure, it’s not true that US, UK, and USSR fought Nazi Germany mainly to save Jews. While Jewish influence played a key role in preventing US and UK from cutting a deal with Germany, saving-the-Jews was NOT a priority in any nation. (Of course, things are different today when the #1 reason for any war is predicated on “Is it good for Jews?”)

Because the Shoah got elevated to such a ridiculous degree in the West(and thereby the World), it came to dominate and define everyone’s view of Jews, as well as Jewish self-perception. Indeed, majority of Jews say the most important factor in their Jewish Identity is the Shoah. We’re supposed to see all of Jewish history, culture, behavior, values, and deeds in relation to that single event. It suggests that Jews were always poor pitiful victims(and innocent to boot) who were set upon by mobs or hordes of deranged ‘anti-Semites’. So, all the anti-Jewish feelings in the past were merely manifestations of proto-Nazism. And because of the ‘Holocaust’ and the imperative of NEVER AGAIN, Jews of the present and the future are deserving of all the power they can amass to secure their existence. So, all cases of goyim pushing back against Jews throughout history were just rehearsals for the ‘Holocaust’ and all Jewish-Zionists acts of force and violence are morally justified as means to fend off ‘antisemitism’ or ‘neo-nazism’ and ensure Jewish survival. Is that a sane way to see the world? Suppose there’s a guy who was terribly wronged at a point in his life. Does that mean his entire life is about being a poor victim? Should we view every moment of his life and his every deed, bad as well as the good, through the prism of his moment of victimization? Should the moment serve as a monument? A man who does a heroic act can also do dastardly things. A momentary hero can later go onto steal, rape, rob, and etc.

After all, the US military fought some ‘good wars’ but also some bad ones. Just because the Soviets liberated Eastern Europe from Nazi Germany in 1945 doesn’t mean that Soviet tanks that rolled into Hungary in 1956 and into Czechoslovakia in 1968 were also doing something laudable. In THE GODFATHER, we see the Corleones acting honorable and even decent at times. But that doesn’t mean they’re honorable and decent at all times to all sides. Young Michael Corleone, not yet a gangster, was clearly wronged by the corrupt police chief — he was also a ‘war hero’ — , but that doesn’t mean he remains an innocent civilian or a noble patriot all his life. If anything, he becomes even more ruthless and formidable than his father. We can’t judge an entire life by one heroic deed or one wicked deed. Likewise, it’s stupid to define the character of an entire people by one historical event. Americans may have fought nobly for independence and liberty against the British in the Revolutionary War, but not all of US history was about struggle for justice and liberty. US history has also been one of ‘genocide’, slavery, imperialism, mass theft, and alliances with some of the most unsavory regimes around the world. Russians may have fought the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis with much valor and stamina, but Russian history is a complex web of noble and ignoble moments.

Then, how ridiculous for us to define the essence of Jewishness based on a single historical event? It’d be like judging Kleinfeld by his one noble deed for his friend Carlito. But just like Carlito realizes there are many sides to Kleinfeld, some far darker than Carlito ever imagined, it’s about time we realized there are many sides to Jewishness, the ugly and demented as well as the wise and inspired, the murderous and megalomaniacal as well as the kind and compassionate. Unless we have a nuanced and balanced view of Jews, we will remain under the mandate of regarding Jews as the Perfect People. Do we want to worship Jews like ancient Jews worshiped God? Perfect no matter what? Upon agreeing to such a mental contract, we can’t be anything but ‘spiritual’ slaves of Jews. Sadly, so many have signed it already, and it explains why the Western Policy is essentially “Jews demand, we deliver.”

Even if we ignore all the Jewish evils and ‘historical crimes’ in the modern era prior to the end of the Cold War, it is time for the West to say, “WE ARE EVEN with the Jews.” There should be no more burden of guilt or moral debt. Why? Because the Real Jew has reared its ugly head too many times in the latter half of the 20th century and especially in the last decade of the 20th century and all throughout the 21st century. This Real Jew is so far from the myth of the Ideal Jew perpetrated by the Cult of the Holocaust. Jews are not a bunch of Anne Franks, and to be frank, Anne Frank was no saint either. She was just some stuck-up Jewish girl who died of disease in a Nazi concentration camp. Not only has the Real Jew(that especially revealed itself with the Jewish takeover of America) exploded the myth of the Ideal Jew but it has given credence to so many anti-Jewish views and feelings of the past. Via the Holocaust Cult, the Western World was led to believe that the slightest hint of anti-Jewish feelings or perspectives was ‘antisemitic’, totally irrational and unfounded in facts, and not only wrong but evil and paved the way that finally led to the Shoah. But recent events deriving from Jewish attitudes and actions have proven beyond a doubt that the Real Jew is closer to the ‘antisemitic’ stereotype than ‘philosemitic’ fantasy.

This isn’t to deny the Jews their greatness, but as greatness is an extreme quality that cannot be separated entirely from ambition, arrogance, aggression, hostility, contempt, obsession, vanity, egotism, megalomania, and/or radicalism, the Jewish Personality is bound to be wrapped up in all sorts of neuroses associated with greatness. After all, moderation in all things doesn’t lead to greatness. While a society is best if most people are moderate, the great individuals cannot be moderate but must push it to the limit. Whether it’s the first person to climb the mountain, the latest person to lift the heaviest amount of weights, or a composer hellbent on writing the greatest symphony/opera, he is driven by something other than moderation and balance. Richard Wagner was a great artist and had all the flaws associated with an extreme personality. It’s like it’s impossible to separate the honey from the bees that make it. The sweetness is the product of insects with vicious stings. Society needs great people with extreme personalities, but there cannot be too many of them… just like nature needs lions and wolves but they must be far fewer than the herbivores. People with extreme personalities associated with greatness may do awesome things, but the difficulty of their personality makes them dangerous if there are too many of them or if people come to worship them as demi-gods. Imagine what German society would have been like if every German had the personality and vision of Richard Wagner. Everyone would act as if the world should revolve around him.

This is why society, even as it appreciates the achievements of great individuals, should be wary of the neurosis associated with greatness. Admire the greatness but beware of the extreme ego that fueled the drive toward greatness. When people totally fall under the cult of greatness, the result is something like Nazi Germany or Maoist China. While Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong were remarkable individuals with greatness of will and vision, they were also monsters of ego and vanity. The world must regard Jews in the way that a sane/stable society regards great individuals. Admire and appreciate the ability and achievement but beware of the ego and arrogance. Jews are a great people, no doubt, but that very obsession with greatness has made them in general a very abrasive, arrogant, difficult, dangerous, vicious, and vile people. Karl Marx was a great prophet of the modern age but also of a tyrannical personality.

The cult of personality around Ayn Rand cannot be divorced from her strong and often ugly personality. Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest film-makers but also a super-a**hole. Jews are to humanity what the great individual is to society. Jews achieved greatness but at the cost of losing much that is moderate, sound, and balanced. Jews denounce Hitler and yet seek Hitler-like power over all of us. They are the fuhrers of the world, and all the world must revolve around them. So, while there is greatness in the Real Jew, there is also much that is vile, hideous. It’s like there are remarkable aspects to Kleinfeld. He’s obviously very smart and committed to mastery of his profession. He knows the law inside and out. But his is the kind of personality for which enough is never enough. It’s not enough to succeed as a mob lawyer; his big fat ego needs to compete with the mob and push it around than the other way around. He’s Mr. Brains and did well by it, but he must also be Mr. Tough Guy.

Whites must realize that the score is EVEN between whites and Jews. Jews say that 6 million of their kind died in the Shoah, but those are bogus numbers. Most likely, 2 to 3 million Jews died in World War II, and not all of them were exterminated by the Nazi Killing Machine but were ground down by the general destruction of war. But even if we were to say everyone of those Jews were killed by Germans(or Western Civilization that fostered ‘antisemitism’), let us do a historical audit of Jewish ‘historical crimes’. Now, we can mention all the people who died as the result of Jewish role in communism, but let’s be generous and overlook that. Let’s just focus on what Jewish Power has done since the End of the Cold War. First, let’s consider the Jewish Rape of the Russian Economy in the 1990s. This economic shock was stupendous for Jews but so horrible for the Russian masses that it’s been estimated that a million or even millions of Russians were destroyed one way or another. If we add up all the people who died due to misery or lack of essential services — and all the children who weren’t born but could have been if not for the Rape of Russia — , the number is clearly in the millions.

Then, let’s consider what Jewish control of US foreign policy did to Iraq in the 1990s. After the Gulf War, Iraq was hit with crippling sanctions that mostly affected the lives of ordinary people, especially women, children, and old folks. This was collective punishment, hardly different from Biblical accounts of entire populations being targeted by God’s wrath. For the sake of destroying Iraq for the interests of Israel, the sanctions had a devastating effect on the nation. By most estimates, 100,000s of Iraqis died in the decade. By some estimates, 500,000 women and children were killed by disease, malnutrition, or hardship. All of this could have been avoided if the US hadn’t become so slavish to Jewish Power, servility to which is the one thing that binds both political parties. Though Gulf War was a response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, records indicate that the George H.W. Bush regime, in concert with Neocons, sent mixed signals to Hussein that the US would not oppose the invasion.

Furthermore, contrary to new image of Hussein as the latest incarnation of Hitler, the fact is the US had essentially triggered the Iran-Iraq War by encouraging Hussein to attack Iran in the early 80s. US supplied arms to Iraq(and even secretly to Iran to keep the war continuing), and this all happened when Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy team was increasingly coming under the influence of Zionist Neocons and their shabbos goy collaborators. It’s been said that about a million people died in the Iran-Iraq War, and in a way, it served as a template for Jewish-controlled America to use divide-and-conquer strategy in the region. Though Jews were not the only ones pushing for more intervention in the Middle East, they led the charge, especially against the ‘Arabists’, American foreign policy advisers who called for more balanced approach. It was intolerable to Jews that the US should be fair to all sides in the problems in the Middle East. Jews insisted that everything had to be boiled down to “Is it good for Jews?” So, if the cost of Judeo-centric foreign policy is the deaths of 100,000s or even millions of Arab or goy lives, so be it. Now, how is this mentality all that different from the Nazi ‘Aryan’ ideology of racial supremacism? Jewish supremacist logic says a single Jewish life is more precious than any number of goy lives. But the madness didn’t end there.

Even though 9/11 has been blamed on Muslim radicals who did indeed carry it out, the fact remains that Alqaeda came into existence because the US, increasingly under Jewish Power, worked with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to foster Sunni Muslim extremists as bulwark and/or terrorist-aggressors against initially Soviets in Afghanistan and then against Shia Iran and certain secular Arab states that continued to defy pro-Zionist US foreign policy. 9/11 happened because the very Muslim terrorists created by the US, Israel, Saudis, and Pakistan came to view the American Empire as the main aggressor against Islam. Furthermore, there is no doubt that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad knew about the plot and knowingly didn’t alert US authorities. If anything, they nudge-nudged the terrorists along to complete the mission because ‘the biggest terrorist attack on US soil’ could be capitalized like Pearl Harbor to wage a series of Wars for Israel that began under George W. Bush and continued under Barack Obama(and didn’t end under Donald Trump, another puppet of the Jews; and things got even worse with the JAB or Jews-around-Biden). To the extent that Israel knew about the plot but didn’t alert the US but, if anything, secretly guided the terrorists means that Global Jewish Power is at least half-responsible for the attack.

Video Link

But 9/11 was nothing compared to the tragedies that would unfold next in the Middle East, North Africa, and all across Europe as the result of Jewish perfidy and monstrosity. Not only did Jewish Neocons in government use 9/11 to scaremonger Americans into the invasion of Iraq but they did it in concert with Jewish monopolists of Big Media who knowingly pushed lies about WMD. But the project of turning Iraq into a complete US puppet didn’t go so well. With the Shia majority in power, the nation leaned closer to Iran. With Iran with allies in Iraq and Syria, Jews began to worry about the ‘Shia Crescent’. The bloodbath unleashed by the Iraq War wasn’t enough to dampen Jewish enthusiasm for more mayhem; if anything, it actually excited Jewish blood-lust even more, like sharks and vampires are driven to greater frenzy by the scent of blood.

With Obama as their ‘nigger behind the trigger’, evil Jewish Supremacists took out Libya on false pretext by arming Jihadi elements, and then the US, under evil Jewish spell, sent weapons in Libya to terrorists in Syria to tear that nation apart. Libya, once the most successful nation in Africa, is now a wasteland. The resulting war in Syria has led to nearly half-a-million deaths. Israel, the Jew-run US, and its puppets or partners, especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey, swooped down upon Syria like a flock of vultures. Syria remains a nation only because Russia and Iran interceded to prevent it from becoming another Libya. To this day, the Jew-run US illegally occupies parts of Syria.

To this day, Israel aids terrorists in Syria and lobs missiles into that country. When we add up all the deaths, direct and indirect, from the violence unleashed by the Jew-run US, the numbers are staggering(and many more are likely to result from the Jewish strategy of making goyim fight goyim). Jews even goaded the US to support Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen because of the perception that Houthis have some ties to Iran. So, Jews don’t care how many Arabs and Muslims are slaughtered. As if that wasn’t enough, Jewish hegemonists decided to engineer a coup in Ukraine, ironically with the aid of Sub-Nazi-like elements who revere Ukrainian collaborators with the Germans in World War II. Ukraine has been a total mess ever since, and many thousands have died, and there’s now even talk of igniting World War III. (One wonders about men like David Petraeus. How can any military man of honor and conscience continue to serve the Jewish Supremacist globo-homo empire that uses BLM to burn down US cities?)

So, what is the death toll from the Jewish Rape of Russia, Zionist sanction of Iraq in the 1990s, the 9/11 tragedy, the Iraq War, the fall of Libya, the Syrian War, Yemen War, and the Ukraine Crisis? Add to that the number of people who were killed by opioids pushed on the white population by the Jewish Sackler family. It’s surely in the 100,000s, but they were mostly silent tragedies as the White Death was mostly suppressed by the Jew-run media run by scumbags who surely giggled with hideous glee over the horror. Add up all the numbers, and they surely equal or exceed the 2 to 3 million Jewish dead in World War II. And why did Jews do all this? For one reason only: Jewish Supremacism and Hegemonism.

But the disaster didn’t end there. All these wars led to tons of refugees, and many opted to migrate to Europe. Also, the breakdown of authority and barriers in Libya meant that countless black Africans had an open bridge to demographically invade Europe. And Israel, which is hellbent on securing its own borders, sent its agents and ‘aid workers’ to Europe to ‘welcome the refugees’. In other words, Jews did the most to cause the refugee crisis by wrecking entire nations but then took ‘moral credit’ by pretending to ‘rescue’ the refugees by herding most of them to Europe. If Jews are truly a redemptive people, one might expect them to fess up about their genocidal and/or imperialist wars and apologize and say NEVER AGAIN. You’d expect them to pledge to end all such wars so that people could stay in their own nations and not wander as migrants. But no, Jews want MORE Wars for Israel, more dead Arabs/Muslims, and more non-white migrants or refugees to head toward Europe.

In some ways, Jews are worse than Nazis. Nazis were horrible but never pretended to be humanitarians. In contrast, Jews act just like Nazis in pushing their own brand of supremacist wars and mayhem but then also masquerade as people-of-compassion and saintly saviors who go out on a limb to offer aid and comfort to the refugees and migrants. Imagine the Nazis invading and destroying Poland & Russia, all the while pretending to be oh-so-caring humanitarians by demanding that OTHER nations take in Polish and Russian refugees. Yes, the Nazis were vile but not that vile. Jews are that vile. Utterly shameless in their abject hideousness.

Jews are the 2% that owns close to 40% of the wealth in the US — indeed, even more when most goy big business do the bidding of the Jewish Agenda given their reliance on Jewish finance and indoctrination by Jewish-controlled media/academia. Jews are the 2% that controls 95% of the media. They are the 2% that controls 99% of all the politicians. Whatever differences the two political parties have in the US, they are agreed on total cucking to Israel and total worship of Jewish Power. Jews also control social platforms & finance and deny speech and funding to those whom they accuse of ‘hate speech’, but of course, Jews get to decide what is ‘hate’. Zionist tyranny over Palestinians isn’t ‘hate’ apparently. Jews who once made so much noise about the Constitution and Free Speech now throw their money around and make politicians of both parties support the anti-constitutional clampdown on BDS and free speech calling for justice for Palestinians.

Also, the very Jews who whined endlessly about the paranoia of McCarthyism now spread lies & hysteria and accuse Russia of doing something it didn’t do, like interfering with US elections to make Donald Trump president. Of course, it is the US that interferes with governments all around the world. Jews have also spread gambling, drug use, loose sex, anti-white forms of feminism, and pornification of mainstream culture that have surely led to many deaths from problems of broken lives, depression, addiction, degradation, and degeneracy. Wittingly or not, the Real Jew has shown his face to be hardly different from so many ‘antisemitic’ stereotypes. Yes, Jews today are the main robbers via finance, main spreaders of drugs & degeneracy, main perpetrators of national ruin all across the West(not least by pushing the Great Replacement or White Nakba), main instigators of wars(especially in the Middle East & North Africa), and main purveyors of rabid & virulent hatred. Consider how many people in the West have been made to hate, hate, hate Russia, Iran, Syria, Arabs, Palestinians, and etc. If you’re ‘liberal’, you probably hate Russia, Russia, Russia. If you’re a ‘conservative’, you probably hate Iran, Iran, Iran, though lately it’s been China, China, China.

But of course, everyone LOVES Jews; everyone better love Israel. Jewish vileness can be seen in the utterly hypocritical Zionist-controlled US policy toward Iran and Israel. Iran has no nukes and passed all international inspections. Israel has 300 nukes, not just any nukes but ones made from material stolen from the US. And yet, Israel is showered with praise and billions of dollars while Iran is sanctioned for destruction. How many lives suffered or died in Iran as the result of those sanctions? At this point, Jewish vileness is beyond belief. It is bottomless in its monstrosity. It’s not enough for Jews to promote degeneracy, which is bad enough, but they promote it as the new holiness. Jews figure that as long as decadence and degeneracy are merely tolerated, they will still be looked upon with distaste and even disgust. So, the winds may turn against Jewish-backed cultural pollution. That’s why Jews decided to ‘sacralize’ decadence and degeneracy as the new sacrament(and ’empowerment). Globo-Homo Queertianity is to replace Christianity. The trashy vice of gambling has been moralized by associating it with reparations for American Indians. “Desert Inn has heart, Desert Inn has heart.” We have seen the Real Jew at last, and he is so vile and has caused so much damage to all the world that it’s no longer tenable — indeed, it’d be downright retarded — to perceive Jews primarily through the prism of the Shoah.

If anything, Jewish-led events and trends especially since the end of the Cold War have given us another meaning and lesson of the ‘Holocaust’. Surely, one meaning is that Germans went crazy and committed horrors. But the other lesson is that IF Jews keep acting like monsters, there could very well be another backlash that may lead to ANOTHER ‘holocaust’. Given our understanding of the Real Jew, we can no longer believe that pure-as-snow Jews were set upon by evil goyim for no good reason at all. Rather, there were many good reasons to dislike and hate Jews. It’s just that Germans went too far.

But the way Jews are carrying on in our world and in our time, they just might drive humanity over the edge and unleash another round of horrors. Germans learned the lesson of WWII. They learned that, just because Germans had been wronged by the Versailles Treaty and suffered terribly in the Great Depression, it didn’t give them license to act like supremacist-imperialists and treat other nations with murderous contempt. But Jews seemed to have come away with exactly the opposite lesson. The lesson they drew from the tragedy is that they are always right no matter what they do. It led to Shoah Nihilism, or Shoah-chauvinism or Shoahvinism. The moral cover of the Shoah gives Jews the ‘right’ to do whatever. They can act like the New Nazis all the while accusing others of being New Hitlers. It’s like Kleinfeld thinks he can ask Carlito for ANY FAVOR since Carlito owes him.

Jews once had Holocaust Credit but they’ve spent it all and then borrowed more and spent that as well, and they are now in the business of printing ever more Holocaust Dollars to push more Wars for Israel and Jewish Supremacism. This must come to an end It must be over. Enough is enough. WE ARE EVEN. No more moral credit to Jews who’ve bared their true face as the Real Jew, and it is an ugly monstrous creature indeed. Jews have shown themselves to be Full-Gangster in their greed, sadism, nihilism, and blood-lust. Anne Frank is now Anne-Frankenstein. The world carrying on as if Jewish gangsters are saints would be like pretending vampires are selfless blood donors. Say it. “We’re even. We’re even.” And then and only then can goyim be free at last, free at last.

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  1. i have not seen this movie. are there some zionist sex scenes in Carlito’s Way? if there are, i would try to find the pirated dvd of this movie.

  2. (((Sean Penn))) always does a great job portraying a Jew…

    because he doesn’t even have to act.

  3. Franz says:

    Jews once had Holocaust Credit but they’ve spent it all and then borrowed more


    If anything, that subject is creating more hate for Jews among Europeans, including the ones who live outside Europe.

    The whole H-bomb trope is a slag against anybody white. That’s all.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  4. lloyd says: • Website

    The awful truth is American Jews in high places are just not interesting. They don’t look like Jews, not even Ashkenazi. They have the bloated non descript faces of rich capitalist whites. But are even uglier. Nuland looks and acts like a blob. Who will champion them when their chips are down? Their Holocaust self definition is a big public bore. The culture they impose is sordid and uninspiring. Einstein has become Epstein in public perceptions of them. I think Weinstein’s punishment is undeserved but a degeneration from Billy Wilder.

    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  5. @Franz

    jewish communism is responsible for over 100 MILLION deaths in the 20th century.

    In my estimate, less than one million jews perished in WWII, while 55 MILLION non-jews were slaughtered.

    The Germans/Nazis were NOT “vile,” as they were merely trying to save their nation from a Bolshevik takeover.

    I’d say the blame scale weighs far more heavily on the side of the jewish killing machine.

    I don’t think we owe them a thing…..other than a swift kick in the ass.

    • Agree: Polistra, anarchyst, Franz
    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  6. Polistra says:

    Wow, PF, you’ve outdone yourself! 100,000 words in a single post.

    Sure, there was the history of ‘antisemitism’, but Jews had also exploited Europeans since the dawn of time.

    Jews are responsible for approximately 100% of anti-semitism.

    Now they’ve hijacked the USA and are doing their level best to drive it to ruin. As though that were not enough, they’re doing their best to ruin all other nations which were once white.

    Considering the knock-on effects from that, it’s fair to say that they’re destroying western civilization in its entirety. Ace work, hymies.

    No, we’re not “even” or anything close to it. They’ve wrecked everything I and my people have created, and no one has ever created more or better. How could they ever repay that debt? Even if (ha!) they were ever inclined to make amends.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  7. @lloyd

    Nuland a “blob”? Didn’t you hear that fat-shaming is off limits?

    I relish every utterance that oozes from her snarly little matzah hole,and although her porcine smile is not kosher,you must admit it is quite seductive.

  8. A. Clifton says: • Website


    No One on Earth HAS to be a {{{PROSELYTE}}} to Talmudic Judaism !!!

    No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…..

    No {{{{PROSELYTES}}}} to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament !!!!

    “wailing and gnashing of teeth” …[email protected] Matthew 13:39-43 !!!!

    think about a “PURE” language undefiled by {{{{JEWISH}}} lies…..

  9. “We must not confuse content for intent” All “good” deeds the Jews do have much different motivations hidden within.

  10. Did you forget to mention the jewjabs?

    The latest estimate is 25 million deaths world wide. Of course the die-off will make the electorate just that much more vengeful.

  11. HoekomSA says:

    The first world war had the added agenda of the Balfour declaration.
    The second was about making the Jews into Zionists.
    Churchill was funded by a Jewish group called the focus and Chamberlain blamed the war on the “Jews” a number of times.

    But on the other side the Financial/Zionists Jews funded Hitler’s rise to power. there are a number of reports of Jewish support of Jewish financing of the Nazi party both from German (Bruning) and Jewish sources (Untermyer)

    “Hitlerism enables us to convert all Jews to Zionism”” said Zionist Nahum Sokolow.

    The Zionist had an active hand with Naziism through the transfer agreement (E Black) and this collaboration did not cease during the war (see Ben Hecht Perfidy).

    Zionist Jews were quite willing to sacrifice millions of Jews to achieve their objective to obtain Israel.

    PS the six comes from a missing Shin in Deuteronomy. Gematria are very important in kabalistic and Talmudic symbolism

    • Thanks: Odd Rabbit
  12. Thomasina says:

    “We’re even.”

    Even? Even? An almost total destruction of Western Civilization, and we’re even? You have got to be kidding me!

  13. @Robert Dolan

    “–In my estimate, less than one million jews perished in WWII, while 55 MILLION non-jews were slaughtered.–”
    That’s my opinion too.

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