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Elon Musk and Twitter, Free Speech as Gift Than Right, and Why Monopolies Must be Treated as Utilities
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There’s jubilation in some quarters about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and his promise to restore free speech, which had been more or less the de facto policy of Twitter until 2016 when the collusion of oligarchs and the deep state mustered all their strengths to rig the public discourse. Over the years, the censorship got worse, with coordination across the biggest platforms — Apple even shut down Parler, an alternative to Twitter, on trumped-up charges. Among so-called conservatives and rightists, the usual villain is the ‘Left’, but the Real Left, especially one critical of the Zionist (mis)treatment of Palestinians, Wars for Israel, anti-Russian hysteria, and Covid regimen, has also been suppressed, though generally not as much as voices on the Real Right. The Covid controversy got Naomi Wolf, a leftist, suspended from Twitter and relegated to sharing her views on Steve Bannon’s channel. It suggests the use of False Labels is a bigger problem than Fake News. Does it really make sense to call mega-billionaire Jewish supremacist oligarchs the ‘left’ or to decry as ‘liberal’ the very illiberal policies tightening the screws on free speech and open discussion?

Personally, I don’t share the enthusiasm for Elon Musk’s move or see his purchase as some kind of victory for free speech. While it’d be nice for Musk to live up to his word and restore open discussion on the platform, it’s rather distressing that the choice of Free or Not Free depends on the whim of a super-billionaire, currently said to be the richest man in the world. As such, free speech on Twitter has become an oligarchic gift from Musk. An open internet based on “money talks, bullshit walks”? Libertarians will surely point to Musk and argue that free markets are indeed the best solution. You see, all it took was for a super-billionaire to purchase Twitter and change its policies. But seriously, how many people are billionaires, let alone super-billionaires? Furthermore, Musk is an outlier among the super-rich, hardly typical of the uber-class. For every Musk, there are twenty others who oppose him on free speech for the unwashed, the deplorables, and of course True Leftists(who decry the Zionist destruction of remaining Palestine). When freedom of public discourse hinges on the eccentricities of an oddball oligarch, it means what was easily given could be taken away. Musk could wake up on the wrong side of the bed and his mind. Or he could get either bored or scared and sell it to others, most likely a bunch of Jewish supremacists.

How does one account for Musk’s outlier status? Is he the lone right-winger in the upper stratum filled with left-wingers? The idea of a bunch of super-rich ‘leftist’ oligarchs is too funny. No, these people are not leftist in any meaningful sense of the term. For example, Larry Fink of Blackrock is really an ultra-rightist Zionist who uses ‘progressive’ lingo to fortify Jewish domination of the system. If the likes of Fink are really committed to helping out the little guy, why the stone cold silence about suppression of BDS and the rights of Palestinian American rights? If ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ matter so much, why no effort among powerful Jews to recruit more voices sympathetic to Palestinians, Arabs, Russians, Iranians, and the working class folks(ravaged by globalism that has fattened the Jews)?

All this ‘woke’ stuff boils down to Jewish Power targeting and scapegoating whites(and Russians and sometimes Chinese) as misdirection from the fact that Jews have the most money and power. When Jews bleat about ‘disinformation’, they really mean they, as the godlike group, should have monopoly on what constitutes ‘facts’, ‘truth’, ‘science’, and ‘justice’. No wonder BLM could be promoted with such zeal. The movement is based on a total lie — ‘racist’ whites are slaughtering innocent blacks by the bushel when, in fact, it’s blacks who slaughter blacks and plenty of non-blacks as well — , but it’s useful to Jews as a ‘white guilt’-instilling mechanism(and as a means to keep blacks blaming and hating whitey and vote Democratic just to spite the ‘honkey-ass racist mothafuc*az’). There’s been talk of regulatory capture in medicine, but Jewish Power has achieved ‘capture’ in all areas: Media capture, information capture, narrative capture, idolatry capture, and etc. With one bunch of Jews(and their goy minions) in one sphere wink-wink colluding with a bunch of Jews(and their goy minions) in other departments, the official or approved voices say the same thing, creating the illusion of professional consensus when it’s just Jews working with Jews and shabbos goyim nodding along for their piece of the pie.

There’s been a lot of kvetching lately about the need to monitor and even censor free speech to protect the emotional(and even physical) well-being of certain ‘marginalized’ groups deserving of protection, but this is just a variation of the ‘human shield’ strategy. Jewish Power uses the ‘victim shield’ as illusion of remedying powerless groups, when what Jews really fear is more people waking up to the truth, i.e. Jews are the overlords of the West. A true liberal democracy is one where people can name and blame the most dominant forces, and as Jews are the most powerful group in the US(and by extension the world), it’s only right that a free people in a free society should discuss Jewish Power, giving it credit when due but blame when deserving.

Besides, since when do Jews care about powerless groups unless complementary to “Is it good for Jews” strategy? Jewish Power, Democratic and Republican, have been hard at work at silencing pro-Palestinian voices, and anti-BDS laws in half the country are more stringent(and constitutionally dubious) than anything during the so-called McCarthyite years. And if Jews really care so much about blacks, why did Jewish Music Industry promote gangsta rap that sensationalized the lifestyles of guns and drugs, surely leading to many deaths? (Oh yeah, we were told violent rap is a reflection of black social reality and we mustn’t kill the messenger… even though the message was leading to more black deaths.) And, didn’t Hollywood movies featuring Arabs/Muslims as subhuman terrorists have something to do with American indifference to the deaths resulting from the endless Wars for Israel? Of course, Jews feign compassion, like with the promotion of the White Helmets, the agit-prop wing of Alqaeda. Jews in US and Israel supported ISIS and Alqaeda elements to destroy Syria, but Jewish Hollywood doled out honors to the White Helmets as a humanitarian organization saving lives from butcher Assad. It can’t get any more vile and disgusting than that. To commit mass murder but then pose as saviors, the conscience of the world.

The following argues why Big Tech monopolies must operate like utilities. Of course, it’s naive to assume things will work according to principle or fair play. In the end, the Power decides, e.g. Antifa and BLM are usually let off the hook while those who fight back(such as the Proud Boys) are handed stiff sentences and locked up for years. Even at upper echelons, Donald Trump’s presidency was hamstrung by fake news about Russia Collusion while Deep State operators didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for the various crimes. And for all the talk of foreign interference in US politics, Israel and World Jewry routinely interfere everywhere and anyhow.

Of course, the Power could act with some sense of honor and idealism, and there have been such cases(and Musk is one such example, however rare). But given the political psychology of Jewish ruling elites that runs the gamut from extreme paranoia to pathological hubris, we can’t hope for much. But then, that is the very reason why free speech is so crucial. Not as a means to gratuitously hurt the feelings of poor marginalized groups but to name the Jewish Power and expose its abuses around the world, which is what Jews really fear about free speech. And, also to call out on the cravenness of the goyim, especially the fallen Anglos, who play along to Jewish Power as cucks and weaklings. Even if an ideal solution is out of reach, we still need to uphold and remind ourselves of the principles that make for a free and fair society.

In the RT panel below, Nick Fuentes argues for the Nationalization of Twitter, but that isn’t necessary. After all, telephone companies were not nationalized but offer service to all. Monopoly platforms only need to be regulated to be NEUTRAL and TRANSPARENT(especially in their algorithms).

Video Link

Some argue that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, and other Internet Monopolies have the right to censor or deny services to just about anyone because they are private companies. But this argument is utterly bogus. They are not merely companies but monopolies, and furthermore, they got to be so HUGE because they offered their products and services to all of us with the promise of fairness, integrity, and neutrality. After all, Google’s motto used to be “Don’t do evil”. Now, ‘evil’ is a vague term, but the general understanding was that Google would not rig the system to favor certain interests over others. It would play the role of a fair arbiter and referee. As for Twitter, it expanded worldwide because of its stated commitment to Free Speech. It presented itself as a forum providing free exchange of ideas even for those living in repressive un-democratic nations. And Paypal had no stated ideological agendas. It offered payment processing services to people around the world. And it is precisely for those reasons that so many people of all identities and ideologies signed up to use their services. It was on the assumption that the companies would act fairly and without favor to any one particular group. Would any of them have become the behemoths they are now IF, in their incarnations, they’d stated their long-term ideological and tribal goals outright? No, many people would have refused their services and gravitated toward other alternative platforms. Why would so many people have signed up for services and products by companies that pledge to push agendas against their kind? For example, if Twitter had stated from the very beginning that it would favor globalists, Zionists, the Deep State, anti-white cretins, nasty blacks, homosexuals & trannies, crazed feminists, and the like WHILE targeting conservatives, moral people, white folks, Palestinians, race-realists, Christians, pro-family people, patriots, nationalists, and etc for shadow-banning, censorship, and blacklisting, countless millions of people would never have signed up with Twitter. People of all ideological convictions signed up to Twitter because the word was that Twitter does not play favorites: It lives by principles, integrity, and basic sense of fairness. It doesn’t favor agendas by ideology or identity EVEN IF most Twitter employees happen to lean in a particular way politically. Our understanding was that Twitter employees’ politics would be a personal matter and not affect their professionalism as maintainers of a social platform committed to Free Speech.

All these companies didn’t gain prominence simply by appealing to one side of the ideological spectrum or favoring one identity over another. Google didn’t start out by saying, “Our system will favor Progs over Conservatives, globalists over nationalists, Zionists over Palestinians, homos & trannies over natural-normal decent folks.” If it had been forthright about its long-term political and cultural agenda, there is no doubt that most peoples disfavored by Google Jews would never have used the service, thereby preventing its becoming a Search Engine Monopoly around the world hogging over 85% of the traffic. Google got BIG on the promise and pledge of neutrality and fairness. People signed up and used the service because they thought they could trust Google to stick to its pledge of “Don’t be evil.”
Imagine if Paypal had stated in its startup phase that it would favor certain identities and ideologies while denying service to a whole spectrum of identities and ideologies, especially those related to Palestinian causes, white identity, and Natural Morality, the kind that believes it makes zero sense to celebrate homo fecal penetration & tranny penis-cutting. Many people would have thought twice about signing up for Paypal. The success of all those companies(even to the point of becoming global monopolies) depended on their ideological neutrality. Imagine if Paypal had been started up by a bunch of white nationalist-patriots who sympathize with Palestinians, and suppose their stated purpose for the company was to favor white patriots, Palestinians, pro-family people, and Christians while denying service to a host of Zionist figures(on the basis of Jewish Hate and Tyranny against Palestinians), radical feminists, Deep State globalists(for their wanton destruction of the Middle East via Wars for Israel), and homo-tranny radicals(for spreading degeneration and perversion as hate propaganda against morality and normality). If such had been the stated principles of the company, then we know that many people would not have signed up for Paypal because its values and agenda offend them. Even moderate Liberals and Progressives might not have signed up(even if they wouldn’t have been denied service) because they find the notion of a company censoring or denying service to their ideological allies to be offensive. Indeed, if a white-nationalist-patriot-run Paypal had hidden its long-term agenda and persuaded countless millions to sign up to its service on the promise of ideological neutrality, then it would have a responsibility to stick to those principles. After all, the ONLY reason why so many people signed up was on the basis that the company has no ideological bias.
Now, suppose this white-nationalist-patriot Paypal grew super-huge into a monopoly by pretending to be ideologically unbiased but, upon gaining near-total-dominance, decided to purge a whole bunch of people deemed to be Zionist haters, globalist-imperialists, homo-tranny degenerates, radical feminists, and etc. Even if most moderate Liberals and Progressives are not denied service, wouldn’t they feel cheated that they’d been led to sign up on the premise of the company’s ideological neutrality? Their memberships made the company a dominant player in global business, but suddenly, the company targets many people on the ‘leftist’ side of the spectrum. And Jewish members are left wondering why Zionists are being especially targeted for ‘hate speech’ when Palestinian anti-Zionist ‘hate speech’ is not only allowed by endorsed.

In retrospect, all these companies became behemoths and monopolies via false advertising. They couldn’t have become so big if they’d stated their ideological biases in their start-up phase. After all, if a company says it will go out of its way to favor ONE side while discriminating against the OTHER, then people on the Other side will support another company that especially caters to them. If a hamburger chain opens with the express ideological statement against conservatives, then most conservatives will not patronize the place. They will look for another chain that caters especially to conservatives and works against liberals. The reason why certain businesses got so big is that they claimed to be ideologically neutral and unbiased. Thus, they pulled customers from the entire ideological spectrum and from all identities. McDonalds and Walmart didn’t start out by saying they’ll favor certain kind of customers with particular ideological views while disfavoring other kinds of customers. The understanding was that, regardless of your identity or ideology, if you order their products, you will be treated well as a customer. If either company had started out with a stated ideological bias, it would have alienated tons of customers.
Now, imagine if Walmart, upon gaining retail supremacy, declares that it will treat customers with certain ideological bias better than other customers. So, certain customers will get discounts and special deals while other kinds of customers will be over-charged or banned from stores. That would be pretty lousy, wouldn’t it, especially since the company got SO BIG by having led all Americans into believing that it’s a fair and neutral retail outlet for ALL customers.

Same logic applies to the Internet Monopolies. They got so big because they promised neutrality, fairness, and lack of bias. Google didn’t start out saying that its search engines will favor globalists over nationalist, progs over conservatives, homos & trannies over natural-normal folks, and etc. When it turned out that some Jews in Israel rigged the engine to hide Pat Buchanan from search recommendations, Google quickly fixed the problem. So, we were led to be believe that, while there were some bad apples at Google, the top management was committed to fairness and neutrality. But now, we know that the rottenest apples are at the very top of Google. Indeed, the Google Jews fooled us into believing that they have integrity & principle and would not stoop so low to rig the algorithms to favor their agenda. If insider-trading is illegal, why isn’t insider-algorithm-rigging illegal, especially when Google search results affect the lives of countless peoples around the world? There was a time when Google started out as a little guy, and perhaps, it did identify with the upstarts, mavericks, rebels, and the like. But once Google became one of the biggest companies in the world, its CEO’s and oligarchs identified with the Deep State, Establishment, Globo-Homo Hegemony, and Zionist Tyranny. But then, even when they were starting at the ‘bottom’, Google Jews were elitists with connections with some of the most powerful people in America and the world. And given their tribal links with Israelis who oppress Palestinians, for how long could Google be equally fair to Jews and Palestinians? The history of the Google Doodle illustrates how the company became increasingly more ideological and tribal. It became ever more Jewish-supremacist, and its ideology was the globo-homo kind meant to subvert and undermine the cultures and values of all goy nations. (The fact that Google and other Jew-dominated companies are not really leftist can be seen in the fact that Google Doodles never celebrate Palestinian heroes and martyrs. And given that 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map, you’d think Google would do *something* to honor the tragedy of the powerless and helpless Palestinians. Aren’t leftists supposed to care for the underdog, the downtrodden, and wretched of the earth? If Google is really leftist, where is its concern for Palestinians? Name one doodle in honor in Yasser Arafat or for the brave Palestinian children who took part in the Intifada. And if Google is really leftist, why hasn’t it condemned the globalist imperialist Wars for Israel that turned the Middle East upside down? Why no Google Doodle to commemorate all the Muslims or Arabs[many of them Christian] maimed or killed by these Zionist-made wars? Google, like so many Jews, are only faux-leftists. They don’t care about the downtrodden, the poor, and the wretched of the earth. They only care about wealth, privilege, power, and monopoly, mostly to be concentrated in Jewish hands.
Jews are tribal supremacists who invoke symbolic ideology to appear ‘progressive’, which in our time, mainly means worship of homos and trannies, a practice that only goes to help the rich and powerful since the vain & narcissistic homos and trannies love to cater to the wealthy and powerful.)

The Jewish Factor is all-important in the understanding of how these internet giants operate. The rigged game isn’t only about ideology. It’s not really about Left vs Right. With Jews, it’s all about manipulating ideology to serve identity. Jews hide behind ‘leftism’ to give the impression that they are for ‘social justice’ and the ‘little guy’. In fact, they are for the minority elite supremacists, namely themselves. Jews promote ‘leftism’ to encourage the gentile majority to turn against itself. Jews want whites to be ‘leftist’ in siding with non-whites(and Jews) against white patriots. It’s classic divide-and-rule strategy. These white ‘leftists’ are never supposed to notice that Jews got the Real Power. Consider Michael Moore who makes so much noise about Big Money but never says anything about Jews. He’s a useful tool for the Tribe. Even when Neocon Jews were instigating 9/11, Moore only went after Bush and Big Oil when, in fact, it was the Big Jew, not Big Oil, that clamored for Wars for Israel. The clearest indication that Jews support ‘leftist’ ideology only as a ploy can be seen in the case of Jeremy Corbyn. Like him or not, Corbyn takes his leftism more seriously than others. He sees the world in terms of the lowly masses(of all the world) vs the elites. So, he naturally sides with brown Arabs and Palestinians against Jewish bankers and elites. So, how have so-called Jewish ‘leftists’ responded to this? With favor and sympathy? No, with utmost vitriol. You see, ‘leftism’ is wonderful when Jews can use it to ideologically divide whites into two camps at each other’s throats. But, when it is used more sincerely and consistently, as when white leftists ally with brown masses against Jewish elites(who control the Anglo cuck-collaborator elites), Jews flip out and foam at the mouth.
This is why people who call Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Paypal ‘leftist’ are really doing a favor to the Jewish Oligarchs of Big Tech. It makes rich and powerful Jews sigh with relief. It gives the false impression that Silicon Valley is run by people who really care about the downtrodden, the less privileged, and the marginalized. That is, of course, a total myth. Silicon Valley is run by super-rich Jewish supremacists who fully support the Deep State, the Warfare state, Wall Street financial gangsterism, the ‘new cold war’ with Russia, the strangulation of Iran, Homomania(the quasi-religious cult of globalism), and the Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. These Jews work with cuck-white-collaborators and with Asian-Indian elites(some of whom are oligarchs themselves) who are totally obsessed with money, power, and privilege. By hiring some publicity clowns to make ‘progressive’-seeming doodles or gestures, companies like Google manufacture the impression that it’s all about the ‘little guy’ or the ‘oppressed’. It’s about as convincing as the aristocratic elites of Old Europe feigning humility and piety via Christian rituals ostensibly about atonement and sacrifice. (How sincerely spiritual was Michael Corleone when he stood in the Church as godfather for the child whose father he was plotting to kill? Jewish elites use ‘leftism’ like the Mafia used the Catholic Church. As moral perfume to mask the stench of power.)

In fact, the only thing most aristocrats ever cared about was their own vanity, privilege, and power. Power eventually comes to obsess over itself. We saw this with communist elites who gradually turned into the new Power Elites whose main objective was to maintain power for its own sake. Behind the symbolism and chorus of righteousness, everything turns ‘fascist’. Look what happened to the once idealistic boomer generation. They became the Clintons. They became the likes of Joe Biden and John Kerry, once an anti-war activist but ultimately just another operative of the Deep State using American Power in a game of neo-imperialist hegemony.

This is why the current censorship makes no sense purely from an ideological viewpoint. After all, most of the Real Left sympathizes with the Palestinians against Zionist Occupiers. And yet, the behavior of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, and etc. are all geared to favor Zionists and Jewish supremacists. Members of BDS that tried to highlight the 70th anniversary of the Nakba pogroms were banned from Twitter.

Much of Google is operated from Israel, and those working on the algorithms are nasty vicious Zionist Jews. Facebook is working with Neocon warmongers to shut down ‘hate speech’. Now, any honest person would say the most consequentially hateful speech is Zionist Imperialism. In its name, an entire people have been ethnically cleansed, humiliated, brutalized, occupied, and periodically killed in escalations of violence. And in the name of securing the supremacy of Israel, Zionists in the US have hatched one crazy war plot after another resulting in ruined nations all across Middle East and North Africa. And if Jews don’t destroy nations with US and Israel bombs, it is with financial strangulation. Since the US controls much of Asia and EU, nations like Japan, Germany, UK, and France do like the US tells them to. And since Jews run the US, most of the advanced world is about serving Jews. And even nations like Russia and China that have sovereignty are affected by this Jewish supremacist power because they rely on world trade dominated by the US that is dominated by Jews.

We need to identify and label Jewish power properly. Calling it ‘leftist’ does it too much credit, and indeed, that is exactly what Jews want. The concept of the ‘Alt Right’ was flawed in that it too saw the world in terms of right vs left. In fact, a people need both leftism and rightism. This is the necessary truth of neo-fascism. Indeed, such is the formula for Jewish success. Jews don’t divide themselves into Jewish Left against Jewish Right and vice versa. No, the secret of Zionism was meaningfully integrating Jewish nationalism with socialism and capitalism. Only stupid children see the world in terms of black-and-white. This was the great promise of Fascism, but Mussolini and Hitler failed in the first round because of the Cult of Personality and Imperialism. And this is also why Zionism has failed morally. Had it been merely a nationalist phenomenon, it would have made political and moral sense. But, it turned imperialist, megalomaniacal-supremacist, and pathological in its hegemonic ambitions. Jews have become the New Nazis, or Judeo-Nazis. When people like Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Nicholas Fuentes, James Allsup, Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and the rest of them refer to Big Tech as ‘leftist’, the Silicon Valley Jew-oligarchs are loving it and laughing their asses off. Here they are, playing the Power Game of supremacy as Tribal Jewish Hegemonists, and a bunch of Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, and Conservative types are calling them ‘leftists’, creating the impression that all those super-rich psychopathic Jewish supremacists who aid-and-abet in the ruthless tyranny over Palestinians are a bunch of naive do-gooders whose hearts melt at ‘little people’. If anything, many in the Alt Right are far more leftist(in the genuine sense) than Jewish globalists are.
The trick is to avoid something as extreme as communism. We don’t need pure leftism, just like we don’t need pure rightism. We need a healthy combination of Left and Right. Left-Right, not ‘Alt Right’, is the real formula for truth, justice, and success. Without Rightism, leftism has no focus or gravity. No ideology can be totally universal and about ALL people. It’s difficult enough to manage, protect, and preserve your own nation. Imagine if your people had to take care of three or four nations. Next, imagine if your people had to take care of all the world. Swedes are discovering how stupid their ‘moral superpower’ posturing really is. Not only is it naive and silly, it’s arrogant and closet-supremacist. Swedes seem to believe that they must take care of other nations and peoples because most of the world is incapable of doing so on its own. It’s as if Swedes are overly qualified to manage their own nation only with its small population. With their surplus energy and talent, they should take care of Africa and Middle East too. Now, it’s not a bad thing to lend help to less fortunate or capable peoples. But it’s a mad sign of hubris to believe that one’s own people could play moral superman to the world. This is why Leftism must revolve around a Rightist Core. That way, the idealism of leftism has a specific gravity and purpose. Just like Leftism needs a rightist gravitational core, Rightism needs leftist expansiveness. Imagine a society where the ruling elites only care about their own power, privilege, and prestige. Suppose they snub and look down on the masses as dirty, ignorant, and worthless. Aristocrats treated serfs in such manner. And today, Jewish supremacist elites have ordered their white cuck-collaborate elites to look upon the white masses in the same way: As Trash. This is why Jews are faux-leftists. They don’t care about the white masses. Jews fear that a left-right unity among white elites and white masses(as during the New Deal and Eisenhower Era) will weaken white goy-elites servitude to Jews. Jews want white elites to serve Jews, not to lead and represent the white people. Jews want white elites to be ‘rightist’ or ‘leftist’ but not left-right.
If white elites are totally ‘rightist’(or libertarian, self-centered, and greedy), then they will become like GOP cucks who don’t have the trust or support of white people. What white person respects that turd Paul Ryan who only shills for the Koch Brothers and Israel?
If white elites were totally ‘leftist’, they will be too busy attacking any sign of white success and wealth to forge a unity between white elites and white masses. This is why white ‘socialist’ types just don’t get it. By hating on all vestiges of wealth, they don’t think to forge a unity of white mind and white body. White ‘right’-libertarians can be found in Congress and think-tanks. White ‘left’-socialists can be found in academia and bunch of organizations. Because they lack a sense of racial consciousness(something that existed even in FDR’s time), they judge everything ideologically or just cynically suck up to Power.

In contrast, because Jews do have a strong tribal sense, their leftism and rightism can be shaped to serve something deeper than ideology: Identity. It is Jewish identity that serves as the gravitational pull to their ideological inclinations. Identity is real and concrete. A Jewish people really exist, and they want territory and power; and they have a history. Abstractions must serve something tangible and real. Even with their religion, Jews used the Covenant to partially reverse man’s servitude to God. Without the Covenant, the abstract God is at the center, and Jews must serve Him and His abstract, cosmic, and universal Truth. Since God is the Lord of all that is, Jews would feel compelled to serve OTHER peoples as the children of God. But the Covenant makes God ‘serve’ the Jews as the Chosen People. The Covenant serves as a contract between God and Jews. Jews are to honor and glorify His greatness, and in turn, He is to favor and support the Jews over all other peoples and their gods and cults.
The problem with Christianity is there is no specific covenant between God and Christians. Though Jesus’ promise is considered the New Covenant, it is too universal and pervasive to have a meaningful purpose, at least since the West has spread the Gospel all over the world. When Western Power was limited to Europe, Christianity did serve as a defacto ‘white’ religion, especially as European Christians were at war with mighty Arabs, North Africa, and Turkic Muslims. Back then, Christian Europe was not richer nor more powerful than other parts of the world. There seemed little likelihood that Europe would dominate the world and spread Christianity to other peoples. But as the West did begin to expand and conquer other lands, Christianity gradually transformed from a European/white religion and faith to a universal faith. Thus, it lost the defacto quasi-covenant feature it once had for Europeans. When Jews conquer a people like the Palestinians, the last thing they try to do is convert them to Jewishness. The Covenant is between God and the Jews. It is not to be shared with non-Jews. Thus, the core principles of Jewishness work against Conversion. Even Reform Judaism that allows conversion does so without enthusiasm and with reluctance. It allows conversion but doesn’t encourage it. In contrast, the core principle of Christianity is conversion. After all, Europe itself went from Paganism to Christianity via massive conversion. That Christianity was defacto a European religion for so long was due to an accident of history. Until the rise of modernity, Europe simply didn’t have the means to conquer and dominate other peoples. If anything, it came close to being invaded by others such as Moors, Mongols, and the Turks. But once Europeans gained dominance around the world, the core principle of Christianity awoke in a spectacular way and mass conversions were planned for non-white subjects. Indeed, white Christian masters converted black slaves to Christianity. Despite social differences between whites and blacks, whites were willing to turn blacks into the spiritual equals of whites. And given what Jesus stood for, black slaves were bound to be favored by Christian sentimentality, which explains the rise of Abolitionism driven by religious fury.
In contrast, Jewish slave-owners in the South never dreamed of turning their black slaves into fellow Jews, no more than any Jew in Israel wants to convert Palestinians and Arabs into New Jewish Brothers. For Jews, the Tribe and goyim are different in both body and soul. In contrast, white Christian masters, even as they separated white bodies from black bodies, preached a Gospel that said whites and blacks were at least united in spirit and the love of Christian God and Jesus. This may be seen as the noble element of Christianity, but as the Faith takes in more and more converts from all over the world, its meaning and spirit becomes ever more abstract and confused because they have to cater to just about all peoples whose identities, appearances, customs, histories, values, and group-personalities are so different. And look at the Catholic Church today. It is a hodgepodge of confusion, with a globo-homo cuck-pope presiding over Africans, Asians, and the Third World. As for Mainline Protestantism, what the hell is that nowadays? On the one hand, it’s supposed to be about saving all the world, and yet its main obsession is Homomania that is the darling cult of over-privileged-and-pampered urban elites.

What goes for religion goes for ideology. After all, religions are spiritual ideologies. Unless a faith is connected to something specific and tangible, it grows bigger and bigger. It seems to be growing in power but actually grows diffuse and diluted as it has to appeal to more and more peoples who are so much at odds in tangible matters. This is why even universal-seeming ideologies work best only in specified settings. ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ is a good universal principle, but it’s best if Turks enforce it among themselves. We don’t want Turkish police and courts to be responsible to law-and-order all around the world. And I doubt if Turks want the responsibility either. Then, how stupid for the US to be the ‘policeman of the world’. Worse, given that the US is ruled by nasty vicious Jews, its foreign policy is usually that of a gangster even as it pretends to be the defender of ‘human rights’ and ‘liberal democratic’ values in five continents. While it’s good for nations to share ideas and advise other nations against doing evil, most peoples are best off when they mind their own business. It’s like the Sun warms all the planet, but each people use the sunlight to grow food on their land. Solar-based agriculture is a universal practice wherever there is soil, but each nation has its own national farms. Drinking water is also universal, but that doesn’t mean the US should supply water to all the world or that the whole world must come to the US for water. Education is a universal ideal, but each nation has its own obligation to educate their national folks. It’s not up to the US to educate the world. Besides, these days, US academic influence means spreading Homomania, Afromania, and Shoah-Worship to all nations. Outside hard sciences, so much of US academia and media have gotten utterly decadent and corrupt due to Jewish and Homo influence.

Anyway, Big-Tech got to be monopolies by drawing users from the entire spectrum of ideological allegiances. If the intent of Big Tech companies such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook was to rig the algorithm and manipulate results to favor ONE side over another, it should have made known from the beginning. Then, many on the Right would have sought alternative platforms. Indeed, the reason why a social platform site like Gab was a late-comer to the game was because it was unnecessary when Twitter more or less remained true to the principles of Free Speech and allowing views from all sides. Even Andrew Torba surely thought something like Gab would have been pointless a few years ago. Why offer a Free Speech platform when Twitter was being fair and allowing views all across the ideological spectrum? But ever since Donald Trump won, Jewish Wall Street has been tempting Jack Dorsey with investment and higher stock prices IF he would allow Zionist supremacist groups like ADL to monitor for ‘hate’, which means whatever Jewish Supremacists don’t like. The main targets have been those who mock Jewish tyranny, call for white emancipation from Jewish supremacism, and espouse pro-Palestinian causes. Jews even spread the lie that the most effective pro-Trump voices, such as that of ‘Ricky Vaughn’, were Russian agents. At least Joe McCarthy was right about the existence of a vast web of Soviet spies in postwar US government agencies. All this stuff about Russia has been made of whole cloth by Jews who simply cannot stand a fair fight.
Too many Jews act dirty. They fixed baseball games and boxing matches in the past. They use media and money to make sure that US foreign policy is rigged in favor of Zionist supremacist imperialists than of Palestinians who are oppressed, murdered, and terrorized. Jews are without character and principles. Because of their verbal IQ, they are very adept at making themselves sound intellectual and sophisticated, but it’s mostly sophistry,a dirty game of power and control to fool us. The fact is Jews simply cannot stand anything that goes against their own power and agenda. So, the Jewish idea of ‘liberal democracy’ is only one where the masses vote in the way that Jews want. Rule by Jewish oligarchy and elites is ‘liberal democracy’ according to Jews. If the masses vote against Jewish globo-elite wishes, it’s called ‘populism’. According to Jews, people are good only when they obey Jewish elites. Jewish elitism = Liberal Democracy. If the people think on their own and vote for their needs and against Jewish agenda, it’s demeaned as ‘populism’. Jews hate ‘populism’ because it is a call by the goy masses upon goy elites to lead them. Jews want goy elites to serve Jewish-super-elites, just like British or French Imperialists wanted local non-white elites of the empire to serve the Imperial overlords than their own native folks. The imperialists wanted comprador elites than comrade elites. Comprador elites collaborated with the Imperialist overlords whereas the comrade elites sided with the native masses against the imperialists. Today, Jewish globo-homo supremacist elites rule the West, and there is nothing they fear more than the unity of white elites and white masses. Jews think, “How dare those white elites represent and defend their own people than serve us Jewish masters!”


Video Link

It is time all good Americans denounced the Big Lie of the Big Tech companies. They got to be monopolies because of the participation of everyone, and everyone participated in their services and products because of the understanding that Big Tech companies will be fair and neutral. If Big Tech had made their ideological agenda known from the beginning, they would have missed out on tons of customers and users because countless people would have been outraged and offended by the agenda. Imagine if Twitter got started by having made its ideological biases and pro-Zionist tribal agenda well-known. Then, something like Gab would have been viable as it would have offered a truly Free Speech platform. But Twitter was dishonest. It promoted itself as a Free Speech platform and drew in users from all over the world and all across the ideological spectrum. And with such promise, it became a monopoly. But with its great power and influence(made possible by promise of Free Speech), it is now rigging the system to favor one identity, Jewish supremacism, above all others and favoring globo-homo ideology over other views. According to current Twitter(and Facebook) policy, someone who says that real sex only happens between man and woman is accused of ‘hate speech’ against Homomaniacs who celebrate man-to-man fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting. We must never criticize perversion and degeneracy, especially the kind favored by Jewish Globalists. Twitter will even allow Jewish-controlled porn that feature white women as sex meat and cumbuckets to be traded and sold by Jewish adult-entertainment industry moguls. But if you’re a decent traditional person or a good Christian who is off-put by homo fecal penetration and say so, you will be suspended and eventually deleted.

Now, if Twitter weren’t a monopoly, it wouldn’t matter. If it was just one among many social platforms offering its kind of services, those banned by Twitter can go to another platform. The problem is Twitter is virtually a monopoly, and it got to be such because of its false promise of Free Speech to all sides. That was why other similarly-conceived companies couldn’t compete with it. What’s the point of creating another Free Speech platform when Twitter was just that? It would have been redundant. And because of its reputation for free speech and neutrality, so many people signed up and made Twitter a total monopoly. If Twitter had been honest about its intentions from the beginning, an alternative platform would have been viable because people would have known from the outset that Twitter is a pro-Zionist, pro-Globo-Homo, anti-white, and anti-Palestinian platform. A company like Gab would have had a chance and would have grown(even bigger than Twitter) if people years ago knew that Twitter would not allow Free Speech. (Of course, Twitter is totally erratic in its regulation of ‘hate speech’. It bans Jared Taylor but allows David Duke, a figure who is far more extreme than Taylor. Why? Precisely because Taylor is an especially intelligent and rational voice on the Right about race, intelligence, and other matters. ADL that gives orders to that pathetic cuck Jack Dorsey simply cannot stand a man like Jared Taylor. ADL would prefer if most people associated White Interests with David Duke who is forever denigrated for his KKK past.
To be sure, Taylor’s one big failure is his loyalty to Jewish Power despite the fact that Jews are his main persecutors. When will Jared Taylor wake up and understand, as does Kevin MacDonald, that it’s hopeless with most Jews. Sure, there will be some Jews who do have principles and will do what’s right. But most Jews have no qualms about playing a dirty game to get what THEY want. Jews developed as merchants whose main objective was profit. They weren’t shaped by the ethos of noblemen who, despite their exploitative nature, had a sense of honor and pride. Jews are essentially fixers than fitters. Not to be trusted. And their influence is deeply corrupting. Their control over the white cuck-elites have turned even people of Northern European stock into pathetic dogs like John McCain and Ben Sasse, gutless and spineless toadies who suck up to Jewish supremacist power but pretend they are helping a poor helpless ‘survivors of the Holocaust’. From a cosmic perspective, it’s all very funny. Unfortunately, we don’t live in cosmic dimensions as gods do but in the human world where we all suffer from the sheer rottenness of the Tribe.

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  1. It’s absolutely unreal how much this person can type. Doubly so because so much of what he says makes sense. No, not all of it, but consider how many people you think are perfect. If you’re sane, probably none.

    Thanks again to Ron for giving PF his own column. And that said, PF could really use an editor and proofreader.

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  2. Notsofast says:

    ….larry (rat)fink of blackrock is really an ultra rightist zionist…. exactly right, there is no “left” left. where is p.l.m., palestian lives matter? why isn’t jamie dimon kneeling down for the palestian people, who are a thousand times more oppressed than any black person in the last 70 years?

    the “left” has been hollowed out and is now being worn like a “buffalo bill” designer coat.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  3. The trick is to avoid something as extreme as communism. We don’t need pure leftism, just like we don’t need pure rightism. We need a healthy combination of Left and Right.

    Forget left and right. We need competence and honesty.

    You know. Like the Chinese.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  4. As has been said elsewhere, Elon Musk presents a direct challenge to the Regime, which cannot function without the engineering of consent. If full media spectrum dominance is compromised, the messaging is compromised and likely revealed for the naked propaganda that it actually is. This means that two existential issues are facing the Regime now: receding American imperial power and a grave threat to the manufacture of opinion which legitimises it.

    The Regime has staked everything on Ukraine, the confluence of its insane neoconservative policies and its propaganda power. It is an existential battle – one which it is losing. Musk is, if sincere, playing with fire and it will be interesting to see what happens next, as the narrative of a Russian defeat begins to unspool in even the most loyal of Regime organs.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  5. anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Musk IS the Establishment

    another fake ‘hero’ supplied by powers that be, as they pivot a little to herd the anti-woke sheeple

    the way Musk tortures and kills animals for his brain implant programme, serves to indicate what kind of man he is

    WEF Young Global Leader Elon Musk and his friend Klaus Schwab:

    • Replies: @Bobbyfischer
  6. BuelahMan says:

    If you find a jew in the woodpile, you can rest assured the pile is tainted. The problem is that jews permeate ALL woodpiles.

  7. @Notsofast

    I’ve always wanted to know what well known phrase is the christian equivalent to the jews anti sematism. They get to make up words and terms as a method of propaganda and it seems no one notices.

  8. Much of Google is operated from Israel, and those working on the algorithms are nasty vicious Zionist Jews.

    Why not name them? They have lists of us, we ought to have lists of them.

    Otherwise impeccable article.

  9. I hate to nitpick an article that should actually be printed off and stuffed in every mailbox in America, but I have found David Duke’s messages to be reasonable.

    Hard to feel too sorry for Taylor when one can’t even broach the JQ topic at AmRen.

    I’m glad you mentioned the tie between Greenblatt and censorship. He is probably one of the biggest powers behind cancel culture. Don’t forget the SPLC!

    Perhaps all of this Jewish censorship can be traced back to their having Jesus Christ crucified. This was followed by their persecution of the nascent Christian church as described in the book of Acts. So cancel culture has been a tradition with them.

    I would imagine that the modern censorship era began in earnest with burying the truth about the USS Liberty in 1967. Jews in the west consolidated their power in the 1960s and 1970s until it became impossible for public figures to criticize them. By the time social media became popular around 2005 they had a fortified infrastructure (hate speech) to censor most information that they wanted to remain hidden. But, since Obama’s second term, it has been extremely intense.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  10. Bite Moi says:
    @Frank Wright

    Frank Wright.———-Freedom of speech is now dependent on billionaires. And yeah,Elon Musk has a touch of autism.Frankly,i prefer autistic to sociopath,which is what we have in DC.

    • Agree: Fidelios Automata
    • Replies: @lloyd
  11. @Godfree Roberts

    I actually think China’s right about a lot of things (excluding lockdowns for a phony virus and oppression of minorities) but how many Chinese citizens would trust that an “anonymous” answer wouldn’t come back to bite them?

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  12. Not to cast blame on all Jews, but their ancestors got rich on the slave trade and have conveniently forgotten that fact. Have you ever asked a Jew about the Palestinians? Many will start spouting racist invective that would make a Klan member blush. As for their vaunted ADL, it was formed after failing in the effort to blame an innocent Black working man for a wealthy Jew’s detestable crimes. Hypocrites, as Jesus called them.

  13. Jon Chance says: • Website

    That’s an excellent essay, but it could use a bit of editing.

    The Left-Right Dialectic is the Jews’ most effective form of tyranny.

    I’d like to discuss specific solutions to these problems, such as the proposals below, and would appreciate it if those imposing destructive political censorship here on Ron’s website would refrain from deleting my contributions.


    Thank you.

    Article 23.

    23.1 – Privately owned monopolistic corporations and trusts, being a threat to
    a free and fair market-based economy and the rights of Citizens, Counties, and
    States, are expressly prohibited from operating within these United States.

    23.2 – No corporation, limited-liability entity, private trust, holding
    company, individual, family, monarchy, religious establishment, theocracy,
    tribe, nation, state, nor any of the owners or proxies of these or other
    similar entities, shall own or control more than one fiftieth of the market
    share of any agricultural, financial, industrial, media, or other commercial
    sectors operating within these United States, nor shall any collusion or
    cooperation among such entities, without the public permission and public terms
    thereof granted by the Counties, the States, and the Congress, be allowed to
    operate within these United States.

    23.3 – No corporation, limited-liability entity, private trust, holding
    company, individual, family, monarchy, religious establishment, theocracy,
    tribe, foreign nation, foreign state, nor any of the owners or proxies of these
    or other similar entities, shall lease or control more than one hundred
    thousand volumetric meters of territory within the jurisdiction of these United
    States, nor shall any collusion or cooperation among such entities, without the
    public permission and public terms thereof granted by the Counties, the States,
    and the Congress, be allowed to operate within these United States.

    23.4 – All corporations and other limited-liability entities shall be licensed
    by the Counties and States wherein they operate for a period of five years, and
    they shall be permitted renewal of license by State Courts, with independent
    and Constitutionally informed juries of resident Citizens, every five years

    Article 24.

    24.1 – All corporations, limited-liability entities, private trusts, holding
    companies, and other commercial organizations, are expressly excluded from the
    Constitutional rights of Citizens, Counties, and the States.

    24.2 – All corporations and other limited-liability entities, including
    healthcare and financial organizations, with more than one thousand employees,
    members, owners, or private contractors, shall be organized as cooperatives,
    shall provide all participants with equal voting rights in determining
    representation of such cooperatives’ highest levels of management, and shall
    maintain a maximum ratio of remuneration among participants not exceeding a
    value of ten to one.

  14. @Fidelios Automata

    Whether or not the virus is real, China’s excess deaths attributed to it are 99.9% lower, and occasional, localized lockdowns have contributed to that success.

    China doesn’t oppress minorities. That’s what we do. China does suppress US-sponsored terrorists within its borders, but their minorities are treated far better than ours, Canada’s, and Australia’s.

    Speech in China is much freer than it is here. They can (and do) publicly praise Hitler, and observe that the ‘holocaust’ is a PR creation. They can (and do) publicly criticize their government, often more virulently than our critics. Their journalism is of a much higher quality, and their investigative journalists are far more influential than ours. And their censorship is infinitely superior to our creepy censorship. See

  15. @HammerJack

    Endnotes are magick. Just a hint.

  16. lloyd says: • Website
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I just checked. David Duke has sneaked back this month on Twitter as Real David Duke. He plaintively asks to be allowed back on. This will be a real test for Musk. Duke has always been careful at least on Twitter to abide by the Second Amendment. Duke should have the right to say, Jews collude to run world affairs. Others should have the right to say, it is because Jews have a predilection and talent to fight for causes. Otherwise, Twitter would be no better than obversely Nazi censorship. Others to take a middle path which I endorse that Jews naturally as a race gravitate to each other and end up assisting one another.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  17. lloyd says: • Website
    @Bite Moi

    Elon Musk is stereotypical of Afrikaner South Africans born in racial privilege and then fell on hard times. In Musk’s cases, he found undreamt of riches. He is pretty rough and can be insensitive in his outlook and comments. His South African experiences of the blacks give him no illusions about an MLK world. However Afrikaners, as they would put it, loved and were humane to their black servants. He dislikes an oppressive rule bound State as he experienced in the last years of Apartheid. The Apartheid regime controlled its left wings dissenters by labelling them as Communists and then restricting their activities. He probably sees that as akin to the labelling of hate speech.

  18. Thank you again. A great tour with ’Joy-Killer’, or ’Reality-Guide’. …artificial and hypocritical fake-joy must be destroyed in order to experience real joy, the joy of truth. Another tank full … got what I was suspecting about Musk and Twitter.

  19. @lloyd

    Others to take a middle path which I endorse that Jews naturally as a race gravitate to each other and end up assisting one another.

    And that’s putting it mildly.

  20. @anonymous

    Yes, yes all troubling. Plus he’s working on ai (skynet) and self driving cars that will take the unvaxxed straight to the ziostapo.

    But, but, is the government going to break up the tech monopolies? Run the new commons as utilities? Nationalize them and sell off the parts? No. Is Northcom going to sieze the techies as enemies of the constitution? No.

    So all we have are efforts of a quirky billionaire. That’s our hope.

  21. Free speech — EEEK!!

    If we have free speech, the next thing you know it will be acceptable to say the White race should not be eliminated.

    You might think I’m being hysterical, but mark my words, that will happen!

  22. Alrenous says: • Website

    1. Fascism is leftism.
    2. America is a Fascist country. Rather than having no real leftists, it has no real rightists.

    Naturally when you flatly refuse to acknowledge how radically left-wing America is, you end up having feverish delusions about the difference between left and right. It’s very simple: rightism is responsibility, leftism is irresponsibility.

    Naturally the bill of rights is a leftist document. Mainly irresponsible lies. Most of the “rights” are very far from inalienable, and if for the ones that are, they shouldn’t be. Being unable to sell your property is irresponsible.

  23. How did Public Education become Pubic Indoctrination?

    If you think Freudianism was bad, we now have Foucaultianism.

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