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Both 'Leftism' and 'White Supremacism' Are False Labels Undermining Our Understanding of Real World Problems — How Wokeness Imitates Christian Guilt Complex to Take Control of White Minds/Souls - White Supremacist vs White Dominant
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Proper terminology is of the essence. Indeed, many dissidents on our side have long argued that the Enemy willfully, stupidly, or just dishonestly uses false labels to smear the opposition. So, whites opting out of the globalist program are smeared as ‘white supremacists’. Nowadays, if you mock Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman’s X-mas offal, you’re a ‘white supremacist’. Parents who criticize CRT are ‘white supremacists’. Those who demand more investigation into the 2020 election are ‘white supremacists’. Whites who are okay being white are ‘white supremacists’. Dissidents on our side are rightfully angry that they are smeared with false terminology and slanderous labels. It’s like brand-hoaxing, but then, we live in a world where trannies are labeled as ‘women’ as if gender-confused maladies are a badge of pride.

If the great lie of the Jewish globalist cabal is to smear anything pro-white as ‘white supremacist’, the great lie of White Advocates & Dissident Rightists(and conservatives in general) is to use the ‘left’ label on their persecutors. The Jewish-led Cabal is no more ‘leftist’ than pro-white groups are ‘white supremacist’. (There is a small faction of genuine white supremacists but half of them happen to be recalcitrant neo-nazi and the other half are Feds.) Both sides dare not name it as it really is. Jewish Power(that is behind all this ‘woke’ garbage) and the Right spectrum are both incapable of seeing it like it is or saying it like it is.

It’s far worse for the Right because, whereas the Jewish Lie is to pinpoint and vastly exaggerate the White Politics of the Right, the White Lie(that employs the ‘leftist’ label as all-inclusive epithet) is to give cover to the identity of their main enemy. Imagine Bob and Billy are at loggerheads. Bob goes out of his way to name BILLY as the baddie and says “BAD BILLY is an a**hole”, “BAD BILLY is a shi*head”, “BAD BILLY is a psycho”, and etc. Bob calls Billy “Bad Billy” and associates Billy with all that is bad.
But, what does Billy do? Instead of calling out on Bob, let alone Bad Bob, he blames all of Bob’s nastiness on “Mr. Negativity”. So, Bob is never mentioned by name. All his nasty antics isn’t associated with his personage. Rather, they’re blamed on some vague generality called “Mr. Negativity”. Anyone listening to this debate would think, “Maybe Billy really is Bad Billy and responsible for all those awful things. And, if Billy is right, Negativity must be to blame for the other problems.” In this war of words, Billy is named but Bob isn’t. No matter how often Bob associates Billy with Bad Stuff, Billy never names Bob and blames Bob’s bad stuff on some vague ‘negativity’. Guess who’s going to win?

Even though both the ‘white supremacist’ and ‘leftist’ labels are misleading or downright falsehoods, the key difference is, whereas pro-white people feel the sting of being called ‘white supremacist’, Jews and globalist elite cucks love being called the ‘left’. It is precisely what they want. Imagine having all the power, privilege, connections, and advantages but being associated with radical egalitarianism. ROTFL. Imagine being George Soros and being called a ‘leftist’. Imagine being Michael Bloomberg or the Google Billionaires or some Zionist Jewish tycoon and being called a ‘leftist’ because one supports the smoke-and-mirrors false ‘leftism’ of gender-pronoun nuttery that is really the product of capitalist decadence and globo-homo neo-aristocratism.

While Jewish Power isn’t only naming but DEFAMING whiteness by associating anything pro-white or race-neutral as ‘white supremacist’, those on the Right Spectrum dare not name the real power behind the anti-white lunacy(either due to craven fear of Jewish Power or the internalization of the notion that ANY anti-Jewish criticism is tantamount to naziesque ‘antisemitism’). According to Jewish-controlled ‘wokeness’, even ‘progressive’ whites are ‘white supremacist’. Now, this much reviled ‘whiteness’ really applies to Northern European(and pale-faced)whiteness, not to Latin whiteness. You’d think given the Latin/Hispanic lead in the conquest of the New World, the slave trade, and various ‘genocides’, Latin-American whites would especially get it in the neck from ‘wokeness’, but they’re relatively spared because they are useful allies against ‘gringos’, the real prize white horse on which Jewish Power sits astride. After all, if Jews had moved only to Latin America, would they be masters of the world? No, Jewish supremacism needed to harness the ability and competence of Anglo-Germanic whiteness.

‘Wokery’ says all (pale)whites are ‘white supremacist’, but the dividing line is between those who profess their sins vs those who refuse to repent. In other words, it shares the same moral-spiritual dynamics of Christianity that says ALL humans are sinners and must rely on Jesus for salvation. Thus, Christianity isn’t about the sinless vs the sinful but about the repentant sinful vs the unrepentant sinful. The repentant sinful feel more virtuous because they confess their sins and admit to the wickedness within their hearts, and this fills them with righteous fury toward those who reject the notion of sin and refuse to self-flagellate themselves. ‘Wokristianity’ says all whites are stained with the sin of ‘white supremacism’ because of history(though some even claim it’s ingrained in lame whitebread genetics, thereby the only way out is through ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs that makes white women give birth to sacred black babies, a kind of baptism of the white body with black semen, which seems to be the point of madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video).

‘Wokery’ insists that even the most proggy do-goody whites are ‘white supremacist’ either subconsciously or by habit, legacy, or social privileges. Thus, it’s not a matter of ‘white supremacism’ vs ‘white egalitarianism’ but between repentant ‘white supremacists’ who tirelessly purge their wicked hearts of this white ‘sin’ and ‘white supremacists’ who either revel in their supremacy or deny that they are supremacist even though they’re beneficiaries of ‘systemic racism’. This is why ‘woke’ whites are especially nutty. It’s not just a case of tribalism of us-vs-them but the righteous pride of spiritual atonement. What made Christian piety so insufferable is also what makes ‘wokeness’ so hard to stomach. It’s about people claiming, “I’m so much better than you because I atone and admit how totally shitty I am.” Self-abasement as stepping stone to self-aggrandizement.

Of course, this nuttery is appealing to white progs because it’s just pseudo-sophisticated enough to catch their fancy — ooh, ‘subconsciously racist’, that’s some psychologically intellectual stuff — and comes with a kernel of truth, i.e. society doesn’t suddenly change into what it professes to be but lingers(even for a long spell) with traces of the past, e.g. Modern India ideologically did away with the caste system, but the legacy lingers; China did away with Confucianism, but its cultural shadow still looms large; Japan hasn’t been a samurai society for over a century and half, but certain samuraish ways still remain.

But, the same could be said of Jews and blacks. Modern Jews claim to be mostly liberal and cosmopolitan, but their behavior continued to be guided by ancient tribalism. Blacks claim to be part of the modern world but are still driven by jungle-jive genetics.

The comprehensive use of ‘white supremacist’ to describe American History(and the West in general) is misleading. US was white-dominant than white-supremacist. It was founded by whites, and naturally whites created a new order in their image and on their heritage. (In a way, it was more Anglo-dominant as non-Anglo white immigrants were pressured to assimilate to Anglo-American norms. It’s certainly the reason we all speak English.) But, if America had been founded and settled from the Pacific by the Japanese, it would have been Japanese/Asian dominant. Every civilization has a dominant force, power, presence, rule. Arab World was Arab-dominant, and Muslim World was Muslim-dominant. Slavic World was Slavic Dominant, just like Turkey was Turkic-dominant. A kind of dominance remains in force even under foreign occupation; such sub-dominance later becomes the basis for national liberation. Even under Roman rule, Jewish communities within Judea were Jewish-dominant. Even under British rule, India was demographically and culturally Hindu-dominant. Even under Russian-Germanic imperial rule, Polish society was Polish-dominant, and this Polish sub-dominance later re-emerged as rallying cry for national autonomy.

It’s like, even under Jewish Rule over America, many white Christian communities remain white/Christian dominant. This fact appears to enrage Jews who want to substitute whiteness with total cuckery and Christianity with globo-homo-BLM ‘wokeness’. The difference between ‘supremacist’ and ‘dominant’ is the former tends to have no sense of limits and seeks hegemony over others. When Adolf Hitler was focused on German revival, he was for German Dominance. When he invaded Poland and later Russia, it was a case of German Supremacism. Most white Americans today have no use for world conquest or control — the US, a huge country with the best land in the world, is enough for them. European patriots want to keep their own nations, worlds of their own. They don’t want to conquer Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. Notwithstanding neo-imperialist morons like Richard Spencer(who thinks he’s 007 in Darth Vader helmet), most white American patriots had enough of overseas wars and want the military to guard US borders.

If any group is in supremacist mode in the US, it’s the Jews, homos, military-industrial complex, and the cuck-dogs of Zion(like John Bolton and so many others). It’s amusing indeed that the most supremacist and aggressive forces in America accuse white patriots of ‘white supremacism’. In other words, those who prefer peace and national security are ‘white supremacist’ while those who call for hegemony and more tensions with the rest of the world are for ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘equity’. What a joke to be ‘woke’.

Essentially, ‘wokeness’ is a Jewish psycho-moral weapon to guilt-bait whites into paralysis and submission, which is then used to manipulate whites into serving Jewish Power. The mental programming goes like this, “I’m a white person stained with the sin of ‘racism’ and ‘supremacism’. Thus, I deserve no agency and autonomy and must look to the sacred races for guidance. I must wash black feet and obey Jews, the Holy Holocaust people, and maybe just then, I’ll earn an ounce of redemption points.”
Even though conzos reject ‘wokeness’, they have their own variation which operates much the same way. After all, what is the GOP platform based on but “We are the good guys because we cuck to Israel more”? But, why would the Party of White Christian Conservatives need to cuck to Jews and Israel? It can only be explained in terms of “We white Christians are morally deficient, therefore we need the approval of Holy Holocaust Jews to attain real moral worth.” So, any Zio-Cuck conzo should look in the mirror before he or she lambastes the inner dynamics of ‘wokeness’.

The knee-jerk tendency of designating the Enemy as the ‘left’ has made it harder to drive a wedge between the globalist/cabalist elites and the masses of whites into the politics of justice. Granted, there are some genuine leftist types who call foul on globalism, corporatism, deep-statism, and the like. But as long as they’re lumped in with the billionaire oligarchs, Zionist-globalists, and the power elites, there will be far less inclination on their part to see the light and resist the real power.
Indeed, even though Jewish Supremacists sometimes blame the ‘right’, they are far less likely to go on and on about ‘the right, the right, the right’ because they’re focused on driving a wedge between elements within the Right Spectrum. By focusing on ‘white supremacism’, they seek to cause a rift between ‘decent conservatives’ and ‘those racists’. So, even as the Democratic Party is broadly ‘anti-right’, it offers an olive branch to ‘decent’ elements of conservatism, and this is what National Review runs on: “We are the good decent principled conservatives who cuck half the time, unlike those ‘racists’.”

In contrast, by constantly attacking the LEFT, the Right Spectrum only ends up strengthening the bonds between Jewish oligarchs/Big Capital and the white masses into Resistance Politics.

What we really need to do is drive a wedge between the elites and the leftist masses and then build a bridge between white populists and white socialists. Socialism isn’t to be confused with communism, which is dead and has no chance. Socialism is necessary because the current system is a rigged game. The government is no longer interested in going after monopolies. ‘Free trade’ undermined unions. The Covid regimen showed how the Power can push a few buttons and destroy countless middle class businesses while fattening the wallets of the already-super-rich. Any notion of free and fair competition under such a system is a pipe dream. Now, the socialism I have in mind isn’t anything like communism and accepts the role of capitalism. But it also understands that capitalism leads to monopolies, concentrations of power, and corporate collusion between big capital and big state(something totally overlooked by libertarians who seem to idealize capitalists as principled individualists when many of them are unscrupulous tribalists or gangstoids). The socialism I have in mind uses political tools to combat the worst abuses of capitalism and its cancerous coordination with elite power centers.

Also, this socialism isn’t to be confused with statism(with is really status-ism via collusion of state and capital). True socialism is about use of power to favor the people, the powerless, and the under-represented. In contrast, statism is about careerism via government jobs or state funded programs. While socialism always needs to use the power of the state, statism is far less concerned with the interests of the people than for the individuals who procure roles for themselves in government or by NGO funding. Though statists often claim to be working for ‘social justice’ or the People, they are only in it for themselves. They are looking for sinecures and the like. The proof is in the pudding. Notice how so many urban educated ‘woke’ types and blacks claim to be ‘socialist’ but all they care about is obtaining some statist job or gaining funding so they can sustain status and lifestyle on par with the professional class. When have these ‘woke’ statist types ever spoken up for the workers, the underclass, and the like? No, it’s mostly about globo-homo or tranny nuttery. Or pie-in-the-sky schemes related to global warming, which means all they have to do is produce more paperwork and ‘studies’ without doing anything concrete or real. Or, it’s about More Immigrants so that Big Business can have cheaper hirelings. Or, it’s about the mindless adulation of blackness as a kind of racial fetish when anyone really interested in black well-being would call for less immigration(thus raising wages for blacks) and more police protection(that not only shields whites from blacks but suppresses black-on-black violence).

The future must be neo-fascist or social-nationalist. It has to be about the union of rightism and leftism as both have much value to offer. So, stop dumping on the ‘left’ and focus on the supremacist manipulators of globalism, capitalism, and statism. At the top, it’s Jewish Power. Speak up for Palestinians because what Zionists did to Palestinians was dress rehearsal for what is being done to the West. Do everything to make the people, ‘right’ or ‘left’, more aware of who really rules the West. Point out that the core tenets of Globalism are really fueled by ultra-right Zionist Supremacism, not by Leftism. For proof, look how Jewish Power has totally suppressed BDS and pro-Palestinian voices within the supposedly ‘leftist’ Democratic Party. Point out to the progs of their misguidedness in opposing ‘white supremacism'(when whites only want liberation from Jewish supremacism) while, in effect, doing the bidding of Jewish Supremacists who are the main drivers of wars and imperialism around the world. Indeed, what better way to save the world than via White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism. Once whites say NO to Jewish Power, Zio-Globalism will no longer have a white war horse to ride on to trample around the globe.

Among many on the Right Spectrum, there’s the image of the Democratic Party being driven to the Far Left. Nothing can be further from the truth. The problem is the Democratic Party is totally beholden to the Imperial Center. Biden’s regime is filled with Jewish Supremacists and totally in cahoots with Big Capital. It sees eye-to-eye with Zion. It is favored by the Military Industrial Complex that revs the engine for wars with Russia, China, and/or Iran. Sure, there’s massive border crisis and tranny-gender nuttery, but both are favored by Jewish Supremacist-capitalists. The True Left didn’t come up with globo-homo, even though plenty of leftists foolishly signed on in deference to Jewish Power(but then so did plenty of conzos). If the Democratic Party were truly controlled by the Far Left, things would actually be far better. The War Industry would be called out. Wall Street would be denounced. Big Pharma would be condemned. Homos would be criticized for working in the deep state to spread wars and terror. Blacks would be called on to favor universal justice over racial idolatry. There would be calls to treat Jews and Palestinians equally. But where do you see that in the Democratic Party? In truth, the agenda is purely Imperial Centrist, aka Jewish-capitalist-supremacist.

Dissecting “Anti-Semitism” – Angelo John Gage

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  1. biden in an interview: “you don’t have to be a jewish to be a zionist. i am a catholic and a zionist. a friend of mine is a protestant and he has been an ardent zionist since he was a teenager.”

  2. It is really interesting to me. Ever since I learnt about Front Companies of the Mafia, it occurred to me that entire countries, and indeed all countries on Earth, could actually be merely fronts for a vast, Secret Society– a super mob of global proportions if one will. Yes, and as anti-Semitic as it may sound, I firmly suspect that one, or more, of the members of the super mob were born into the Jewish faith. Likely, quite likely, most of them are.

    If there is a Global System of White Supremacy, as some have claimed, it is not ruled by the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (at least not anymore). It is certainly not ruled by the Germans. The Germany of today is merely a satellite of The United States of America. Who would rule it?

  3. Trinity says:

    Tank you from a REAL liberal White Sue-preme-a-cissssst

  4. The Ukrainian Khazars are guilty of Ukrainian Khazar supremacy. And to hide it they call themselves Jews and hide behind the claim that its a religion.

    • Replies: @AlexanderEngUK
  5. Trinity says:

    Pretty soon there won’t even be a straight White male to even vote for, God knows, that even the heterosexual White males in Washington now are freaks. Bitch McConnell is the stereotypical White male who marries an Oriental. And damn it, Jim, it is time for Lindsey Graham to embrace his homersexuality. Believe me, no NORMAL South Carolina redneck is voting this guy in. Must be Yankees or elections are indeed phony. Probably the latter

  6. it is time for Lindsey Graham to embrace his homersexuality

    He so much resembles the homo in MEAN STREETS.

    • LOL: Trinity
  7. As a historian, I find it fascinating that some go to such great pains to distinguish Christianity from its parent cult. It is supremely ironic, given its long track record of Jew hate, that Christianity carries on the arrogance and intolerance of the Second Temple Period Judaism of its central figure. That man’s teachings were clearly those of a conservative Jewish nationalist. He would unquestionably have condemned his later transition into the literal “son of god” as a most repulsive heresy. The legend of his redemptive return to life after three days in the underworld is nothing more than the pagan winter solstice cycle, applied to him long after his death, by non-Jews who knew of him only through hearsay. And the Christian conceit about being uniquely “saved” is the toxic myth of being “chosen” restated in the larger world outside of an insignificant Roman province.

  8. The assumption is that there’s something wrong with being White Supremacist. Why exactly is that?

  9. Trinity says:

    I’m A White Nationalist, not a White Supremacist. Big difference. White Nationalist want THEIR nations back and to be left alone. A Supremacist would want to conquer others, think they are superior and have others under their thumb. Sounds like the Jew to me. A White Nationalist is the polar opposite of a Supremacist, he or she does not only not wish to rule over nonwhites, they don’t even want to be around them. What benefit do Whites acquire by living around non whites and “Brown Caucasians? Better choice of restaurants? lolol.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. Both ‘Leftism’ and ‘White Supremacism’ Are False Labels

    Of course they are, but the owners know that people like labels and want to identify with a “brand”. The media blitz sells the brand. Repeat a lie often enough, and people believe it is true. “Apple Pie and Chevrolet” means people buying Ford, Chrysler and American Motors, weren’t really Americans and probably communists. Everyone is lying to you, get used to it.

  11. anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:

    most white American patriots had enough of overseas wars and want the military to guard US borders.

    Conservatives like Tucker Carlson who are mostly isolationist are keen to confront rather than trade/work with China. In the end confrontation maintains a huge military industrial complex that will be misused for Middle East wars.

  12. I wonder if Jews really believe their own hype?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  13. @Trinity

    I’m A White Nationalist

    ‘White Nationalist’ sounds too generic, even white bread.

    White identity needs to be rooted in something deep.

    Consider two archaeological sites prior to the rise of various European civilizations. Before there were the Greeks and Romans and Germanics and Anglos, there were these earlier white cultures.

    One found at Provadia in Bulgaria:

    An even older one in Serbia. Lepenski Vir:

    Go to the source of history. Therefore, instead of ‘white nationalism’, something like ‘provadian’ or ‘virism’. I prefer ‘virism’ and ‘virist’. By looking to archaeology, one’s identity has deeper roots than history itself, one that dates back to pre-history, eons of it. Before there was History, there was Existence, and European Existence predates European History by at least 40,000 yrs. Indeed, the white race was created long before there was any European Civilization. In the end, what matters most is the survival of the race. People like Pat Buchanan point to Christianity as the soul of Europe, but it’s a late-coming Semitic religion that spread all over, and now there are more non-whites into the faith.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. @Twin Ruler

    I wonder if Jews really believe their own hype?

    That’s for the suckers and cuck maggots.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  15. Dually says:

    Thanks to Calvin’s doctrine of predestination, Protestant Christians cannot accept any responsibility for their own failures. Thus, they must project any natural human qualities – like a natural pride in their own race – on the “Racist” Other – outsiders, Arabs, poor whites, Russians etc. To admit to the “sin” of being a normal human being is to admit that maybe you weren’t one of the predestined chosen people – hence their affinity with the Jews and their self-identification as a “Lost Tribe” of Israel.

    In reality, Christians and Jews, like all other true Americans, worship money (no matter how acquired) and hate the poor. Maybe they could just admit to their class-bigotry and get over themselves, but because of religion, they find it intolerable to admit to being any less than 100% perfect. It is easier to tokenize a relatively tiny minority of coloreds, and to blame the true victims – the vast majority of poor and working class whites – for their own economic exploitation because they are “racist” (i.e. normal human beings), than it is for the religious to take any responsibility themselves and thus, to stop being total hypocrites.

  16. @Priss Factor

    Oh. I doubt Jews really feel any sympathy for Blacks.

  17. “–The future must be neo-fascist or social-nationalist. It has to be about the union of rightism and leftism as both have much value to offer.–”

    A great wisdom. Exactly so, unity is the key … different people must unite for the future, for goals that serve the whole people and not only the globalist elite.
    Some say that Chinese unity is based on the suppression of the individual for the sake of the common good and national unity guaranteed by the state, and that it is only a unity based on the solidarity of weak individuals.
    I would not see it that way. The suppression of greedy individualism serves the unity of the whole nation and when individuals invest in the common good – e.g. education and health care, social security – they themselves benefit because the standard of life of the whole nation is raised and it is able to function more efficiently, which in the end always also benefits every non-criminal and mentally healthy individual because without this common good he himself could not even enjoy it because it would not exist if he had acted selfishly and only for his own benefit.
    This is real wisdom that does not stifle such healthy freedom of speech and creativity which serves the future of the nation. A healthy society does not suppress individualism, only puts barriers for greedy selfish and criminal people who are destructive and dangerous for its success.

  18. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    “white bread?” Wasn’t that a (((slur against suburban, Protestants, mayonnaise eating, milk drinking, generic Whites))) started by Jews as well.

    Admittedly, I did eat sammiches made with white bread in the 1960s and up to the mid 1970s as a kid. My Southern cousins called it ” light bread.” Oh by the way, I don’t like mayo but drink milk by the gallons even at 60 plus. Not GOMAD any more but at least a gallon every 2 days of skim no longer whole milk. Haven’t had a slice of white bread in nearly 50 years.

    Almost every White person in my circle eats wheat bread for the most part. Mayo? Most like it, some like me can do without it.

    Cue: Pope Of Greenwich Village
    Scene: Georgia born Eric Roberts ( weird accent on that guy, speech impediment?) playing a NYC wop tells a pale skinned Mickey Rourke that WASPS have no color because they eat white bread. Rourke who is Irish was playing a half Irish and half Italian. Real Irish are not known for their bronze tans. I have to burn 100 times before I turn orange. Lolol.

  19. @UkiesJewkies

    The genetic studies show conclusively that the large majority of ashkenazi jews originate in and around modern-day Israel three to two thousand years ago.

    • LOL: Trinity
  20. I agree with most of the article, probably the most important dynamic is jewish supremacy versus Whites, although it’s obvious that leftist Whites buy into the subversive jewish supremacist / woke ideas and anti-White prejudice more than Whites on the right.

    But all that doesn’t touch on why Whites and Western and European countries have become so vulnerable to jewish supremacist attacks and control. If you look at White and Western countries in the 1800s it was commonly understood that there are natural racial differences and that jews needed to be held in check or they’d take over and things would go badly for us.

    To understand the root of the current problems, it’s necessary to look at things like genetic mutation buildup and dysgenic breeding including within-race outbreeding over the last couple of centuries in the West since the Western Industrial Revolution with its very low youth mortality. Professor Edward Dutton / The Jolly Heretic has a good, introductory video on this called The Rise of Spiteful Mutants:

  21. But all that doesn’t touch on why Whites and Western and European countries have become so vulnerable to jewish supremacist attacks and control.

    Whites are wheaks and whummies.

    Wheaks are not necessarily dumb but weak in will and egoism. So, they look up to strong-willed Jews who act god.

    Whummies are white dummies who are dumb enough to swallow the Jewish Supremacist BS.

  22. The Republicans are now the party of the reprobate working class that Democrats can’t stop hating. The employees who vote Democrat are either highly skilled professionals whose pay would be high anywhere in the world or public servants protected against foreign competition.

    The Democrats support a system of billionaire censorship because they can’t imagine that the Democrats could ever fail to be the billionaire party. Aren’t billionaires rich and famous? Who was Trump talking about when he said “I’d just grab them by the pussy. When you’re rich and famous, they let you”. There are leftists among the Democrats but they have no power in that billionaire-owned organisation. Republicans have been conned.

    The only way to resist censorship and punishment for your beliefs is to add those with beliefs (ie everybody) to the list of protected people in your civil rights legislation. Otherwise, you will always be oppressed by the “protected” who are offended by your beliefs. Under current US law, it’s irrelevant whether your beliefs are obviously right and the “offended protected person” is an obvious idiot, whether lying or not. It’s necessary to accept the reality of US law. It’s not up to the standard of any third world nation. US exceptionalism is sometimes an accurate description. [email protected]

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  23. When Adolf Hitler was focused on German revival, he was for German Dominance. When he invaded Poland and later Russia, it was a case of German Supremacism.

    This tidy formula and categorization does not quite jibe with the complicated facts.

    The Polish ‘territory’ Hitler invaded was over 90% German-inhabited. The vast majority of residents there (Danzig Corridor) sought re-union with Germany when Hitler invaded in 1939. In either case, it was a territorial dispute. The USSR also snatched part of Poland.

    Before WWI, much of this ‘Polish territory’ was actually German territory. Hitler was a nationalist. Unlike the commies, he never attempted to ‘take over the world’.

    As for Germany’s invasion of the USSR, it was a strategic (but necessary) move by Germany to counter the communist threat and apparent Soviet plan to attack Germany. This fact of an imminent attack on Germany by Stalin has been disclosed by more than one former-Soviet historian. Germany did want more space but this was partly due to the territorial losses Germany suffered following the Treaty of Versailles.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  24. @mark green

    Hitler took more. He took half of Poland and the other half was given to Stalin.

    In retrospect, Polacks suck so bad that I don’t care any more. Hitler and Stalin should have wiped Poland off the earth.

  25. @Donald A Thomson

    The only way to resist censorship and punishment for your beliefs is to add those with beliefs (ie everybody) to the list of protected people in your civil rights legislation.

    1. Name the Jewish Power.

    2. Expose how so-called proggism is really Jewish Supremacism that forces US to support Zionist genocide of Palestinians and wage Wars for Israel.

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