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Black Racial Problems Run Deeper Because Blacks Not Only Lag But Drag Civilization Into the Dirt — Black Nature Prevents Blacks from Working in Good Faith with Whites and Non-Blacks Toward a More Harmonious Social Order
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Discussions of black racial problems overlook the most crucial factor. Blacks don’t just lag but drag, as in dragging society down to the ground. If the problem was simply a matter of lag, the problem would be far less dire. Blacks would simply trail other groups in achievement and productivity. Or, if blacks failed miserably but in their own manner and space, that too would be tolerable. After all, the social failures of American Indians and Australian Aborigines(or the issues of alcoholism related to Eskimos) are hardly threats to civilization and order. They are depressing and even self-destructive but not particularly destructive to others. The harm is implosive than explosive. In contrast, blacks don’t just lag but drag and drag everyone and everything down with them. The recently arrived black African immigrants in Australia have caused far more harm than the native Aborigines who remain below but don’t blow up society.

This is why the issue of Reparations fails to address the most important problem. Now, suppose blacks were doing their share to catch up but remained behind due to past disadvantages. Under such scenario, offering aid to blacks might go some ways to help them catch up more. It wouldn’t be money wasted.

However, in the current reality most blacks not only make NO EFFORT to improve their lot but go out of their way to waste everything provided for them, with zero understanding/appreciation of where the goods and services come from. Consider the amount of money spent on educating blacks. What do black kids do when bestowed with such advantages denied to most children around the world, especially in Black Africa? They act like apes and baboons in schools, which might as well be called zoochools.

Suppose a child is shorter than another child because he was fed less. So, while he’s still growing, it might make sense to offer him extra food and nutrients so he could grow up faster and catch up with other kids. This would be a case of lag. However, suppose the shorter kid is given food and vitamins to grow faster, but instead of dutifully taking advantage of them, he throws them everywhere and goes into endless tantrums. He drags the whole thing down to the dirt.

If blacks are behind due to past injustices and were at least making an effort to catch up, added social programs might be of some benefit. Even if blacks are less intelligent and innately deficient in some areas, their goodwill and effort would still lead to some positive outcomes. But too many blacks don’t make any such effort. Indeed, they seem totally bewildered by requisite standards of commitment and cooperation. At once, they want everything to be done for them but want all the credit for what others do for them. All too often, even once well-meaning whites become jaded or cynical, though they reliably remain too cowardly or ‘nice’ to acknowledge that black problem goes deeper into the realm of genetics. It’s not just a matter of lower IQ but wilder personality, egotism, psychopathy, and lack of empathy. Their advantage in muscle power made it worse as wild/aggressive personality + muscle power = thug arrogance toward the weaker races. Blacks have much to gain from respecting whites and appreciating white achievement, but thug arrogance looks upon whitey as sorryass mofo who done deserve no respect.

Imagine two groups of tower-builders. One group got a head start and built 50 stories already. The other got a later start and managed to build only 25. Even so, it built something. And somewhat later, the first group made it to 75 stories while the other made it to 50. Even though they aren’t equal, both groups are making progress. Even if the second group doesn’t catch up with the first, it too is rising higher and higher. Under such circumstances, one could argue for extra help for the second group so that it may rise to parity with the first group in the tower-building.

But it’d be a wholly different matter if the second group, upon finally having the chance to build its own tower, hardly makes an effort. Worse, even when the first group lends a hand and builds some stories for the second group, the latter expends most of its energy to tear it down! Just look what blacks have done with St. Louis(not to mention East St. Louis), Baltimore, parts of Milwaukee, Newark, Detroit, Birmingham, and so many black-majority places. They don’t just lag behind(like Mexicans for example) but go out of their way to drag everything down to the mud. If whites achieve more while browns tend to lag, blacks tear down what others make. Look what black Africans have done with foreign aid and investment. When it’s given to blacks, they squander it all on bling or whatever. Look what blacks did to Zimbabwe once whites were kicked out. Look what blacks did to Uganda after kicking out the Hindus. Now, whites and Hindus were no saints in Africa, but they built things and made something out of nothing. The black problem isn’t a matter of taking something and achieving less but turning something into nothing with their wild and savage ways. So, what use would reparations be when blacks will just take the money and blow it on nonsense? And then, they’ll be back to bitching and saying, “We need mo’, sheeeeeeiiiiit.”

Why are blacks like this? It’s genetics. Some will acknowledge black pathologies but blame them entirely on the historical trauma of slavery. But is black behavior different in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, or South Africa where they weren’t slaves of whites? No, we see the same patterns. Whites(and Hindus) come and build stuff, achieving some degree of development. Under white rule or Hindu management, blacks gain access to modernity. But once blacks begin to bitch about inequality & injustice and demand to take over everything, they drag everything into the dirt. And even when do-goody whites shower blacks with more free stuff, it isn’t long before blacks squander those as well and keep demanding more free stuff.

So, the dominant narrative where whites are ahead and blacks are lagging behind and in need of extra help to catch up is a false one. No, the reality isn’t that blacks are merely lagging behind. They are dragging civilization in the opposite direction. They are wasting most of what is handed to them, the kind of stuff that blacks on their own would never have attained. It’s not like a fast-walking white guy is roped to a slower-walking black guy. While the slower-walking black guy would slow down the white-guy, he would still be doing his part in the march forward. Thus, the white guy would need to make an extra effort, but he wouldn’t be doing all the pulling. But, suppose a fast-walking white guy is roped to a black guy who pulls in the opposite direction and jerks violently. Look at recent events in South Africa. Blacks have totally reverted to their jungle-jive nature. How can white and Asian minorities pull the black majority into modernity where so many blacks are pulling in the opposite direction of wanton savagery?

When whites are with Arabs, whites achieve more, Arabs achieve less. Still, many Arabs are doing their part to make things work. Arabs lag and burden whites somewhat, but it isn’t anti-civilizational. It’s much the same with whites and browns(mestizos from Latin America). But when it’s whites and blacks, the dynamics is whites pull one way while blacks pull in the other way. US has managed so far because blacks are a minority, but the situation in South Africa is proof that black nature is antipathic to the white one: It is anti-civilizational. But because blacks excite whites so much athletically, musically, and sexually, the white race sees the black race as one big Orb(or Negrorb) and just can’t let it go… and the rot has spread to Japan and elsewhere.

If blacks seemed to be making progress until the 1960s, it was because they were still under the domination of whites. While this could take the form of prejudice and injustice, it nevertheless had the effect of curtailing some of the more destructive and wilder tendencies of black nature. Also, as the culture was, by and large, more family-oriented and hierarchical, black men and women had some inhibitions about sexuality and black youths had some notion of respect. In the 1960s, Black America threw out the baby with the bathwater. While blacks got freedom and equality, they lost much in social discipline and culture of shame that had provided a measure of stability to the black community. Also, mass immigration meant blacks would have to compete with newcomers for manual jobs & small businesses; and, the welfare state encouraged single-motherhood among young black women who could always look to the federal check. And youth culture got dumber and more vulgar. Pop culture not only turned to trash but became the main culture. Academic freedom and genuine liberalism gave way to Political Correctness and now ‘wokeness’ that have no room for free thought and discussion. Without a culture of integrity and honesty, how can anyone address the real problem?

The 2020 BLM riots should have made it clear beyond a doubt to any honest person. The problem with blacks is not that they lag behind or simply have less. The problem is they burn what others build. They unmake what others make.

The history excuse isn’t very convincing. Consider Europe. For many centuries, the aristocrats had it all. They learned to read and write while the masses of serfs or peasant folks toiled from dawn to dusk. Most people had little time for learning. Many remained illiterate all their lives. Such were the conditions over the millennia. And even though people associate East Asia with education, the great majority of people there were dirt poor, illiterate, and ignorant until late modernity brought about by Westernization. For thousands of years, the only reality for most people was waking up to work all day long on the rice fields, like the peasants in SEVEN SAMURAI. A large share of the population were slaves or something like serfs. But when the caste/class discrimination ended, the children of the lower classes made rapid gains in schools and professions and ably competed with the children of the former aristocracy. When the communists came to power in China in 1949, the majority of adults were illiterate. And yet, when China finally got its act together and provided universal education, great strides were made. China still lags the West in many areas but has caught up considerably(and may even surpass the West in certain fields, as Japan has done). The problems of lag can be dealt with and managed.

But it’s entirely different with blacks. Blacks in Africa inherited so much from European Colonialists but destroyed them. Black Africans with some ability and talent opted to move overseas, especially to Western nations, because their skills could hardly be applied in a world where most people are stuck in ugabuga mentality and look upon modernity as just something to grab and loot. The problem with Detroit isn’t that blacks took over and did less than whites because of disadvantages stemming from past discrimination. If that were the case, Detroit would have remained a functional city, only less so than if whites managed it. The problem is Detroit is a total wreck because blacks have a jungle-approach to white-made things.

And black destructiveness isn’t the result of resentment and envy for what whites have achieved. If, at the very least, blacks had a fuller, deeper, and richer understanding of West’s contribution to World History, they might appreciate the true value of white-made stuff. But most blacks have no understanding of the origins of white achievements. They just think it be like bananas that grow on trees. Things just be, and blacks feel they deserve more of it just because. It’s like one bunch of chimps angry that another bunch of chimps got more bananas. Now, if indeed modern goods all grow on trees, blacks would have a point. Why should non-blacks have more of the bananas when bananas just be growing naturally? Recent events in South Africa attest to this. Whites and Asians go through the labor of production and commerce, but the simpleminded black mentality just can’t process any of it. It just thinks, “Why whites and Hindus got more bananas?” Their apelike appetites hunger for more bananas and uses any excuse — the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma — to go apeshit and grab all they can.

As for blacks who do understand that modern goods are man-made, they believe they should have the most because Jewish-run PC education and Afrocentric fantasies pushed the nuttery that Egyptians were black and invented everything in the Ancient World, which was then stolen by the evil ‘racist’ Greeks. Or, it’s a case of PC nonsense taught in schools that convinced not only blacks but plenty of whites that American Wealth owes mainly to black slave labor and that even whitey-on-the-moon was made possible by three black women more advanced in math than Einstein. With ignorance such as this, is it any wonder that blacks think they should have the most, if not all?

It is really time to do away with this charade. It’s not like blacks are making an effort to catch up but lagging due to past wrongs. If that were the case, regardless of whether blacks can catch up or not, the racial problem would be far less because, at the very least, white efforts at amelioration would be appreciated and used constructively. Even if the extra help doesn’t have the desired effect of closing the gap, there would be mutual amity in white good-will and black striving.

But what is really happening? Blacks wasting most education dollars in schools that have come to resemble zoos. Blacks using any excuse to rob, loot, and burn down cities. Black enmity dead-set against honesty & self-criticality and instead blaming whitey for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Granted, it’s made been far worse by the toxic venality of Jewish Power whose main interest is to manipulate white-black relations to maximize Jewish supremacist power. Jewish priority is to perpetuate and bait ‘white guilt’, which has been so effective in suppressing white identity/interests and goading sorry whites into seeking Jewish advice and counsel on redemption. Of course, Jews tell whites to kiss Zionist ass and say a million ‘hail martins’ or ‘hail mandelas’. As long as Jews control the West and covet ‘white guilt’ about blacks as the surest means of controlling white hearts-and-minds, the official narrative will have whites believing that well-meaning and striving blacks are held back ONLY BECAUSE of past ‘racism’. In truth, blacks are free. They are free and wild and doing everything to drag white civilization into the ground. Too Many Blacks result in Detroit, Baltimore, Haiti, or South Africa.

In Mexico, whites ruled over browns, and browns still lag behind. The reasons could be genetic(higher white IQ), cultural(backward brown culture), historical(browns were disadvantaged), emotional(browns are more passive and resigned), or whatever. But the white-brown problem in Mexico and Southwest America is one of lag. Browns don’t rise to the level of whites, but they do their part to maintain civilization(and do make some progress). But it’s a very different matter with blacks outwardly hostile to the very idea of modern civilization and the norms required to sustain it. Blacks are a total drag on modern civilization, but as long as they serve as the Orb or Negrorb of silly whites mind-altered by Jewish media & academia, blacks may well succeed in dragging everything down to the level of Africanery.

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  1. Mark G. says:

    It’s true that we will never bring blacks up to the level of whites in the U.S. because of genetic reasons. The question is, where do we go from here? It’s not likely we are going to round them up and send them back to Africa. In spite of them complaining about white racism, they know they are better off here among whites than in Africa and won’t want to leave.

    Government policies can exacerbate the problems of blacks. Before the sixties, black labor participation rates and marriage rates were higher than they are now. Black crime rates were higher than whites but lower than they are now. Black culture was more civilized. Compare Duke Ellington to the typical present-day rapper.

    We really just need to look at the past and see what our ancestors did and go back to it. We don’t need to return to legal segregation, but we need to move to freedom of association so people can voluntarily self-segregate and form communities of like-minded individuals. Middle class blacks can integrate with middle class whites and both groups can avoid the crime prone black underclass.

  2. It should be obvious that the gov’t provides the environment and rules that encourage the present conditions surrounding the black population. Take just one example, the recent “peaceful protests” sponsored by blm and antifa. If the business owners weren’t more afraid of the gov’t than the destroyers, they would have shotgunned a few of the cretins and the protest would have been over. It is the gov’t that prevents the solution every thinking individual knows is required.

    Keep voting people. You are getting exactly what you deserve because you are sponsoring this insanity and refuse to acknowledge it is your support of the regime that is slowly genociding you.

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. BuelahMan says:
    @Mark G.

    The jews’ corruption is harder on blacks than whites, but corruptible nevertheless.

    • Disagree: Drapetomaniac
  4. in the current reality most blacks not only make NO EFFORT to improve their lot

    Given that we’ve spent 300 years torturing and/or killing every black entrepreneur, leader, and visionary, is it surprising that they no longer make an effort?
    How many hard-working middle class blacks have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2018?
    The blacks are destroying the society that destroyed them.

    • Disagree: P. Cleburne
    • LOL: Rich, fnn
    • Troll: AceDeuce, Hitmarck, Pastit
  5. Tucker says:

    We can’t go back to legal segregation? Says who?

    This racial cancer that is destroying America can only be solved by the collapse and breakup of the current dis-United States, followed by the creation of racially exclusive ethno-states where Whites will have their own chunk of territory and in-which there will be no blacks or other non-whites allowed to reside. This prohibition will specifically exclude jews, as they are the prime culprits who are responsible for turning America into a dysfunctional, chaotic, violent, crime ridden and unlivable multi-racial hell hole where they have used their control of our media to program every non-white race to hate Whites and to single them out as targets for their parasitism and criminal violence.

    Exclusion of jews from the White Ethno-state drastically reduces the chance that they’ll do the same thing to our new ethno-state. As for self-hating, self-loathing, racially suicidal White liberals – they can choose to live in the new black Wakanda-babwe, if they are accepted.

    Oh, and in that new White Ethno-state of the future? Shabez goyim White race traitors who’ve been allied with the jews take note: You will not be allowed residence in this new ethno-state either, so you’d better start begging your jewish master for an Israeli passport.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  6. gT says:

    “Black Nature prevents Blacks from working in good faith with Whites and Non-Blacks or even their own fellow Blacks toward a more harmonious social order”, there, fixed it up for you.

  7. QCIC says:

    A stable difference of one to two standard deviations is a lot for a socially crucial issue such as intelligence. This is the matter of fact explanation for the entire problem. Unfortunately, this point doesn’t carry much meaning for > 95% of the American populace. This leaves authors to long-winded explanations such as this article. These pieces are inevitably seen as extremely racist and are mostly read by people already in agreement with the thesis.

    Affirmative Action and other aspects of the situation have created an enormous backward drag on US society, but this racial issue is only one of several factors.

    At the end of the day, various commenters will accurately point out that Blacks have little agency and are simply being used as a club to break up US and Western society. This means the problem can only be sorted out by looking higher up the food chain.

    • Agree: Kim Jong Il
  8. Anon[262] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve long said America doesn’t have a race problem, but a problem race. This article is the proof of that.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  9. Rich says:

    The owners of America have looked at the problem and have come up with a solution. They are importing tens of millions of Central and S Americans to take the place of blacks in the US. It’s already done 2 more years of Biden’s open border and blacks will be an insignificant minority in the US. Expect an amnesty, then a return to some kind of law and order. That appears to be the plan, we’ll see how it works out.

  10. Nico X says:

    Just watch the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968) to see how its all going to end.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  11. Legba says:

    That was a wonderful song and we in the choir enjoyed vey much

  12. @Godfree Roberts

    What a low IQ comment.

    We have catered to and kissed black ass for the last 50 years, and we still get nothing but criticism and crime from the negro community.

    MASSIVE crime…..incited by the propaganda of organized jewry lying to dumb blacks about non-existent white “racism.”

    Blacks lost homes to foreclosure? Well boohoo! Whose fault is that? Greedy jews making shit loans to shiftless lowlife blacks…..what could go wrong?

    America would be heaven without blacks and jews fucking it up and blaming everything on innocent Whites.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  13. Trinity says:

    Arabs and Pakis are raping White females and even White boys in Europe. These Brown “Caucasians” have no business living in Europe. They earned their nickname “sand nigger” for a reason. Worked with a Lebanese guy who knew how to use the Jewy technique of pitting Blacks against Whites. He was always putting down Whites, particularly “blondes.” Granted I can see how Arabs could and would hate Whites because of how the JewSA has killed so many of them in the name of the Jew, but this
    guy was intelligent enough to realize the average Joe has no power in this nation and that the (((narrative))) is controlled by Jews not “blondes.”

    The nigra? I like a great deal of R&B, soul, and funk, hate rap but then again I hate most all of the scrap post 1990s. Black athletes? Sports are great for the body and mind IF taken in healthy doses. I haven’t watched a football game in years because the (((NFL))) like the (((NBA))) is run by Jews. Admiration for Black athletes? Yep some earn my respect but they are mostly old school from long ago. Respect not worship these jocks just as I do their White and Brown counterparts. Have met Mike Weaver, Hagler and the Spinks brothers, Weaver was very cool. All seemed down to earth.

    Celebrities? I have met a few. My friends and I saw Matt Dillon ( the little dude, not Marshall Dillon) in a club. TBH, the guy was smaller than I imagined. Was about a foot away from Liz Taylor in 1986. Looked pretty damn good for a woman of her age back then. Anyhow, people worshipping Hollywood actors is ridiculous as well.

    In all fairness, Greedy RICH Jews and Yankees, brought already enslaved Blacks to America and sold them to RICH, greedy Southerners. Meanwhile Blacks would watch as Orientals, Jews, Arabs, Cubans would come here and receive more benefits that poor Whites and Black people would not receive. Well now Blackie is at the top of freebies but well under the nation wrecking Heeb. Poor and working class Whitey aka the people who built America and owned no slaves? The very bottom.

    • Agree: Kim Jong Il
  14. Trinity says:

    Like Lincoln said it is unfair to expect Blacks to live like Whites and function in a White society, but is also unfair to ask Whites to tolerate a society with a race that is so different. Now the JEW who is inciting Black rage and criminality is bringing in every Black, Brown and Yellow malcontent you can think of. (((Who))) were the idiots who shipped Blacks into America?

    BTW, MOST Whites are not turned on sexually by Blacks in the least. Whites with jungle fever are a tiny minority. IF anything Jews are preoccupied with interracial sex, anal sex, pedophilia, etc.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
  15. @Nico X

    Just watch the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968) to see how its all going to end.

    Apes didn’t represent blacks in that movie.

    That begins with CONQUEST.

  16. @Robert Dolan

    Apparently, blacks need more Idi Amins.

  17. @Trinity

    Blacks are a total drag on modern civilization, but as long as they serve as the Orb or Negrorb of silly whites mind-altered by Jewish media & academia, blacks may well succeed in dragging everything down to the level of Africanery.

    Like Lincoln said it is unfair to expect Blacks to live like Whites and function in a White society, but is also unfair to ask Whites to tolerate a society with a race that is so different.

    But what is to be done? We had a big success electing Trump in 2016 and he nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court with the result that the Court is now 6 to 3. Maybe they will start the process of overturning Affirmative Action. That would be a start, but we also need to reaffirm the right to not have negroes in private spaces.

    We also need to drive a wedge into the heart of the corrupt political machine. I would propose to focus on a limited number of races in Arizona, Michigan and perhaps one other place. Devote enough resources to overwhelm the corrupt, negro vote counting machine, expose the chicanery, and make it painful to try to throw an election.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  18. chas says:

    Many races have tan, brown, or dark brown skin. Compared to white races, members of tan and brown races enjoy additional protection against the destructive effects of sunlight. However, the skin of blacks has several times more pigment than is needed for protection from sunlight. The intense black pigment of African skin provides blacks the additional advantage of disguise while operating at night. When one is hunting, or trying to avoid being hunted, it is better to be unseen.

    Wherever electric lighting has been installed, blacks have lost an important native advantage. And aversion to light of any type seems to be a noticeable characteristic. But I’m not sure that is related to their skin pigment. More research is needed.

  19. anarchyst says:
    @James Speaks

    The old time segregationists were right, all along. Coming of age in the era of (forced) “civil-rights (for some)”, I predicted what the results would be decades and generations down the road.
    I KNEW that government-backed and forced integration would not last. I expected government-forced and backed integration to be over by now, but was off by a few decades.
    Finally, there are cracks forming in the integration movement–a good sign.
    Of course, most whites have been brainwashed by the “civil-rights (for some)” movement for generations and still insist that voluntary segregation should be “illegal”.
    When I see these well-meaning, but misguided whites complain about segregated college dorms, meetings and other spaces and events deemed “for people of color (only)”, I think to myself, “what the hell is wrong with you?”
    Voluntary segregation should not only be tolerated, but encouraged FOR ALL.
    If voluntary segregation was the norm, us whites could be properly warned about businesses, institutions, and even areas where we are not welcome. “People of color” would actually be doing us whites a favor by letting us know where we are not wanted. Of course, us whites could reciprocate and inform certain “people of color” where ((they)) are not welcome, as well.
    Present-day examples exist today, although unwittingly…Most whites are aware that any street, avenue, or boulevard names after “Martin Luther (Michael) King” are areas for whites to stay away from.
    That being said, whether governments or (jew civil-rights troublemakers) want it or not, racial segregation IS the wave of the future.

    • Agree: Trinity
  20. Trinity says:

    The negro HAS PROVEN that like the Jew, he wants to rule over Whites, maybe even wishes to genocide the White race. Any nicca with 2 brain cells knows damn well that Africans brought here were sold out by their own people and they know damn well about how inhumane the Jew and Arab were/are to the Black race, but Whitey is the only one they can shakedown. And they also know that “white traitor trash elites” who along with Jews that run the West were the slave owners back in the day? Yet they beat up and rape old White women, poor Whites taking public transportation, etc.

    IF I were king of JewSA for a day, the best karma would be to send ALL Blacks in the West to Arab/Persian nations and/or Africa. We would send the cream of the crop Blacks to Israel along with the anti White Jews that create a stench in White nations. Browns and Yellows would be cordially invited to return to their home nations.

    Reparations to Arab/Persian nations for the Middle Eastern wars paid by Jews and “whites” who were in power. The average American had no responsibility at all, just as the average Southerner is not responsible for muh slavery. “White elites” should pay reparations” to poor and working class Whites who have suffered because of their policies as well. Yes, IF I were king of the forest

    Cue: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland

  21. DanFromCT says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    See if you can follow this. The “root causes” argument says blacks are violent and indolent because they come from the slums, when the truth is that every black society becomes a slum because blacks are violent and indolent.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  22. I married a black woman, lived in Harlem, and have known many blacks. None was violent or indolent.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  23. We need Pacific Heights to be integrated. This would help. A large Section 8 complex next to the Pelosi mansion might help to elevate the community. They could form a Community Watch Group to protect against vegan nudist activists coming and attacking seniors at 2 in the morning.

    • Replies: @phw1940
  24. @DanFromCT

    Also, prior to contact with the white man, blacks were a bunch of bunners in the Dark Continent and didn’t even have the wheel.

    Blacks came to greatness in certain areas due to contact with whites. Even if whites never met blacks, white civilization would be great. On their own blacks would be a bunch of savages running from hippos. But because of contact with whites, blacks became global rappers and athletes, and Jews use black dongs as sexual cannons to conquer the world.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @René Fries
  25. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    WHY didn’t the White man leave the Black man where he belonged? ColonialISM had to be Jewy IF it wasn’t just plain ole good ole fashioned ” white traitor trash elite” behavior. Working class and poor Whites had their own worries without worrying about helping or hurting nonwhites. Opinions vary on whether Whitey/Jew colonialism was good or bad for each nonwhite. It sure as he’ll didn’t help REGULAR Whites. IF the Black race was fine running around half naked, muh diking, and squabbling with other Blacks, that is their way of life as nature and God intended. It was Jews, “white elite traitor trash” and Arabs not minding their own bidness. IF not for Jews and WETT, Blacks would still be in Africa or in Arab countries.

    Truth be told the White “dong” has done more swirling than any muh dik Black buck or slimy mud shark alive. Ask any sailor, soldier, or air men out there?? What about all those mixed race “brown” Hispanics, all the red bone and high yeller Blacks. And don’t forget all the white dudes with Yeller Fever. And white trash like Hugh Hefner pimped out White chicks to be abused by Jew and Black celebs. Hefner had to be a crypto. RIH Huey.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  26. Most conservative whites think that blacks are just white people coated in chocolate with a squishy and tasty conservative core just waiting to get out. Any opportunity they get to prove this, they take full advantage of it. A perfect example of this is the Republican promotion of the very primitive looking Hershel Walker to run for the Senate. Despite the endorsement of Republican heavies, they haven’t been able to pull this one off. Most blacks see any black that runs for the Republican party as being an Uncle Tom and being a traitor to their race. Most blacks see other blacks as their people and have a certain amount of loyalty to each other, compare this to many whites who will cut each other’s throats for a couple of shekels.

  27. anarchyst says:

    Your question:

    “WHY didn’t the White man leave the Black man where he belonged?”

    …deserves an honest answer.

    It is JEWS who ran the slave trade, owned and insured the ships, paid the crews to sail the ships, ran the slave auction houses (which were always closed on the sabbath), provided financing for those who wished to procure slaves, and in general, the whole “kit and kaboodle” was squarely the province of JEWS.
    To this day, jews have never repudiated “that peculiar institution”, of slavery and to this day, slavery is still condoned in jewish circles. It’s all in their talmud.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  28. @Godfree Roberts

    How many hard-working middle class blacks have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2018?

    How many people who made their house payments had their homes foreclosed on? If they are hard working and middle class, I expect them to pay their bills.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac
  29. This is why I can honestly say that I’m not a racist. I’m a supremacist. I don’t hate blacks I just know I’m of a superior race.

  30. Hitmarck says:

    Their advantage in muscle power made it worse as wild/aggressive personality + muscle power = thug arrogance toward the weaker races.

    I recommend Strong Men contests.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  31. What we are experiencing is “US government sponsored terrorism” (((USGST))) against non-blacks across America, primarily against whites. Our justice system and LEO’s have been turned into rogue elements of an illegitimate administration run by GlobalHomo, Zionists, Holocaust Survivor’s and WOKE Wiggers.
    The next phase of white replacement will be a DEFCON 4 Forever War invasion and attack using blacks and MEs in primarily white populated countries (Russia, EU, US, AUS, NZ), until whites will have nothing and be happy.
    Oh wait, that’s already happened, they must be in DEFCON 5 by now, total annihilation of the white human race by 2030 by whatever means necessary.

  32. @Priss Factor

    On their own blacks would be a bunch of savages running from hippos

    …there are different Blacks; a Bantu, a Foulbé and an Ethiopian are as different between themselves as are Arabs, Greeks and Luxembourgers.

    Besides, it’s the Ethiopians precisely that have proved they’re – and were – anything but a bunch of savages. In linguistics it is well-known that generally, it is the dominant culture that gives “Lehnwörter” to others, vide the German (misunderstood) word “Handy” for cell phone, or the French “fioul” stemming from “fuel”. It may be as surprising to you as it was to me, that a certain number of Ethiopian words have found their way into the qur’ân, 32 of them being analyzed in a contribution (“Äthiopische Arabesken im Koran”) from Manfred Kropp, pp. 384-410 in Schlaglichter, Hans Schiler Verlag, Berlin 2008: Such as a’rāf, fatḥ, fataḥa, fițra, ğahannam, ḥawāriyy, ḥizb, munāfiq, šaytan, šir’a and šarī’a to name but the most well-known. And indeed, the Ethiopians once HAVE dominated large swaths of the southern Arab peninsula – even the Ka’aba in Mecca having first been an axoumite church as is well-known.

    You may say – and I would agree – that the qur’ânic Islam is nothing but “ein Sammelsurium aus zusammenhanglosen Erzählungen, Ratschlägen und Gesetzen // a hodgepodge of incoherent stories, counsels and laws” (Mazdak Bamdadan, in Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion V, Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin und Tübingen 2020, p. 157) fabricated, as I already have quoted elsewhere, by “at least 30, at most 100, most probably around 50 authors”, the said authors having generally been misunderstood (“… dass die Exegeten selbst den Koran aus dem Abstand von oft mehr als 200 Jahren und ohne philologische Kenntnisse nicht verstanden haben können // that the exegets themselves after often more than 200 years and without philological knowledge, were unable to understand the qur’ân”) by the most canonical exegets such as Ṭabarī. Of whom, at p. 477 in Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion VI (Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin und Tübingen 2021), it is said that Luxenberg generally quotes Ṭabarī only because he, “anhand der Ratlosigkeit Ṭabarīs bei bestimmten Koranversen leicht herausfinden kann, wo die damaligen Exegeten selbst die grössten Probleme hatten, wo es sich somit am meisten lohnt, nachzuhaken // given Ṭabarī’s perplexity regarding certain qur’ânic verses, easily can determine where the then exegets themselves had the biggest problems, where thus it was most worthwile to rehash” (italics in the original).

    Nevertheless, it is quite refreshing, is it not, to see that cultural influence can go the other way as that one generally accepted to be true..

  33. Trinity says:

    Eddie Hall is a beast and can swim like a shark. He is a natural athlete and would have been physically superior had he never touched a weight. He even looks like he has some punching power judging by his boxing training for his past matchup against “Thor” ( do not know “strongman’s” name) but Hall lost the match. Hall did the NFL combine and did surprisingly well for his age and size.

    MOST Blacks are not into weight training but those that are do become strong as fuck whether Olympic lifting, powerlifting, or bodybuilding. Big Jim Williams bench pressed nearly 700lbs in a t shirt in 1972. Back then, they had a longer pause on the chest, no ridiculous bench shirts, and the only PED was probably dianabol. When America dominated Olympic lifting, John Davis and Jim Bradford put up some impressive numbers without the aid of drugs. Tons of great Black powerlifters. Larry Wheels??

  34. Trinity says:

    Regarding Blacks and weight lifting strength ( different measures of strength and believe it or not weight lifting is like anything else, muscle memory and skill.)I have never seen anyone overhead standing press 405lbs as easy or as strictly as Wheels. This lift is easier sitting down because the back is braced. Wheels probably weighed about 275lbs whereas someone like Hall or “The Mountain” are running 320-380lbs in their prime. I doubt even Eddie Hall could STRICT press 405lbs that easy. Of course Hall and Wheels take a shit load of drugs as well. Without the drugs, Wheels would be lucky to OHP 300lbs.

  35. Great article; summarizes well what I hate about blacks.

    There are 41.6M blacks in the US. If US blacks were an independent country, they’d be the 36th most populous one, with a few million more people than either Poland (36.8M) or Canada (36.7M). Can you ever in your wildest dreams imagine them running their own country?

    What would happen if all non-blacks in the US disappeared, and blacks were left with the US on their own? What would they do after they had looted all the stores?

    The comparison to chimpanzees seems apt to me. They simply ARE an inferior race, and until our politics recognizes that, even if only implicitly, we will be in disarray.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  36. anarchyst says:

    Let’s look at the differences between blacks and every other race…

    Europeans and Asians lived in harsh climates where life was (and still is) a struggle. In order to feed one’s self and family, it was necessary to domesticate both plants and animals. Ways were found that stressed preparing for the future, as there would be “lean” as well as “good” years when it came to animal and plant production.
    Both Europeans and Asians found ways to use plants and animals to insure their survival. Planning for the future was always a part of the European and Asian psyches. Social structures stressing “commonality of race and purpose” and preparing for uncertain futures was always part of the plan.

    Contrast that with blacks on the African continent, where both wildlife and animals were abundant. It was not necessary for Africans to establish agriculture or animal husbandry, as both were “there for the taking”. Africans cared little for future planning, not being able to develop any inventions, such as the wheel or boat. Among black Africans, there is no quest for exploration beyond searching for food—the next meal. Despite being situated on a great ocean, black Africans never pondered what lied beyond…

    African blacks have no concept of proportion. Although blacks are aware of direction, such as “up”, “down”, “left” and “right” asking them to determine “how high” or “how much” results in a quizzical, confused look on their faces as they cannot comprehend proportion. This is why almost all blacks fail at mathematics.

    Black DNA does not possess the capacity for exploration, future planning, or invention.
    The “grand experiment” of “civil-rights”, “(forced) integration”, and (misperceived) “equality” (that is still being pushed by globalists and others) is destined to fail.

    From an emotional standpoint, black behavior is even worse. Determining the consequences of one’s actions is absent in black psyche. Blacks are “wired” to act without regard to the consequences for their actions. This also extends to the (mis)perception of “respect” and “disrespect”. Even if no disrespect is intended, blacks always react violently to those who supposedly “disrespect” them. This applies to blacks during a traffic stop who almost always accuse the police officer of “disrespect” for the traffic stop.

    Thomas Jefferson realized over two-hundred years ago that blacks would not be able to co-exist without being treated as the different species that they are. The attempts to equalize and normalize this species was doomed from the start.

    Segregation and eventual repatriation to the African continent is the only real solution.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  37. @anarchyst

    Contrast that with blacks on the African continent, where both wildlife and animals were abundant.

    It’s true blacks didn’t have to worry about cold winters, but the heat could be almost unbearable in parts of Africa, and surviving wasn’t easy.

    Also, Africa was full of terrifying animals. Huge crocs, angry hippos, raging rhinos, vicious hyenas, monstrous lions, terrifying leopards, crazy cape buffalos, marauding baboons, howling gorillas, and etc. More than any part of the world, blacks could become food to other animals or just gored or stomped to death. One great thing about being a hippo was it could see a lowlife black and just stomp him to death without a care about being called a ‘racist’. Hippo would have laughed at such accusation.

    If things were so easy, blacks wouldn’t have become so tough and muscular. They got that way because the weak and slow were weeded out in a ruthless evolutionary competition. If you couldn’t climb a tree fast enough to escape the lions, you’d be dinner.

    • Agree: Twin Ruler
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  38. @Priss Factor

    That is an interesting point. I suppose, that is precisely why Blacks are so good at sports. Mind you, Charles Darwin was much more of a racist than most secularists would like to believe. One should read “Descent of Man”, on that point!

  39. @Tucker

    You ignored those who originally wanted out of the sh-t show governments that are the cause of all of this insanity.


  40. phw1940 says:
    @Reverend Goody

    I am familiar with Section 8 and other low income housing. In fact, I have owned some. My experience has been that it makes no difference what color your skin is-it matters who you are inside your skin. My experience and others, including governmental experiences, has been that the lowest socioeconomic groups are very destructive and posess few to no useful skills. I cannot see where the color of your skin has all that much difference in that population group. At one time, I was required to take a course in the mentalty of poverty (taught by a black instructor) and it explained a lot about how different population groups behave and very littke of it mattered about what your skin color was. By the way, I am of Native Anerican ancestory.

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