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Beware of the Electric-Trojan or Electrojan Horse, or How the TV Became a Jewish Globalist Tool for Colonizing, Conquering, and Controlling Your Mind
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We’ve all heard of the Trojan Horse, the wooden structure offered by the Greeks to the Trojans as a gesture of truce. Both sides were weary of battle after ten years of stalemate. Greeks were tireless in offense whereas the Trojans were impenetrable in defense. Also, the gods were divided down the line in their sympathies for the warring parties. The Trojan War, like World War I and World War II, was particularly bloody due to parity between Trojans and Greeks. No wonder then the Greeks realized that the ONLY way to gain a decisive advantage was by trickery. Odysseus, the cleverest among them all, conceived of a deceptive plan: making war by peace. Greeks would trick the Trojans with a peace offering and appearance of departure. Even though the truce denied outright victory to either side, the undeniable act of Greek retreat would mean greater glory for the Trojans.

And so, the Trojans accepted the gift and celebrated their sort-of-victory on points. Little did they know that the very thing they’d come to prize as a war trophy would be their undoing. Within the Wooden Horse was a band of Greeks waiting to climb down in the dead of night and fling open the gates for a Greek ambush. And just like that, a war that had dragged on for ten bloody years was over in a single night. In a few hours, Greeks were masters over the Trojans who, if not killed, were condemned to slavery. What no amount of bronze and muscle could achieve over a decade, wit and wood did so by early morning. When we consider the Trojan Horse in the context of modernity, what comes to mind? The TV, of course.

Jews are only 2% of the population but over generations accumulated more money(and financial wizardry) than the goyim. Following the so-called Emancipation in the 19th century, they gained substantial control of the media. With all their wealth and connections, they figured investing in media-control was the key to power. That said, Jewish influence was far from total prior to the coming of the TV. Even Jewish domination of the American Movie Industry, or Hollywood, failed to ensure the kind of total power that came with the control of electronic media. After all, we go to the movies but movies don’t follow us home. Away from the silver screen in the pre-TV era, people filled up their lives with other things. There was radio to be sure, but its power was nothing like the combination of Sound and Image, which also happened to be controlled by a handful of industries.

Now, if the TV had been controlled by another group, things might have panned out differently. Suppose one TV channel was run by Jewish Liberals, another by Christian Conservatives, another by Muslims, and another by secular nationalists. Competing perspectives and different biases. But, as it turned out, Jews gained control of all the TV channels from the outset(and nothing has changed since).

While TV shows sometimes reflected reality, the reverse(where reality refers to TV) was always truer for two reasons. First, most people watch TV for escapism and entertainment, meaning they didn’t want too much grim reality; they wanted a world sanitized and idealized OR sensationalized and melo-dramatized. Secondly, Jews valued the TV as a mass-mind-control box conveying a ‘reality’ amenable to Jewish power, prestige, and privilege. For instance, consider the TV shows depicting in graphic detail the realistic-seeming horrors of the Shoah or the brutal injustice of black slavery in the American South, both to play on ‘white guilt’. Thus, whites are morally paralyzed and prepped to seek redemption on terms laid out by the Other(namely the Jews themselves). Notice that not a single TV show has been made about the Zionist Nakba pogroms against Palestinians, Zionist use of IDF death squads to mow down helpless Palestinian women & children, or the Jewish role in Bolshevism that led to the deaths of millions of Christian Slavs. And for sure, there won’t be any TV show or movie about how the Sacklers pushed opioids on the white working class to rake in billions while knowing full well of the dangers of addiction and deaths.

Thus, even when TV shows do reflect on grim reality, it is only what the Jews want us to see. Jewish-controlled media highlight, exaggerate, and sensationalize certain narratives to cast aspersions on whom they hate, fear, hold in contempt, and/or seek to control while the historical realities of Jewish perfidy go unmentioned. It’s like Jews notice black crime as a problem ONLY WHEN it affects Jews(and even then, Jews use loopy logic to blame black thuggery on ‘white supremacist systemic racism’, but then why not since so many whites are dumb enough to swallow the BS?) But then, it evens out between Jews and blacks. Black thugs brutalize Jews physically, Jewish crooks exploit blacks financially.

The sad fact is too many people still rely on the mass media for their view of reality. Even Americans who suspect the ‘authoritative’ media are full of lies still favor them over alternative sources, if only for convenience sake. As there is no definitive source of incontestable truth, ‘right’ or ‘left’ or ‘elitist’ or ‘populist’, a clearer(though never complete) impression emerges only through a constant dialectics of narratives. Unfortunately, partisanship saturates the way people consume the news in a ‘my side right or wrong’ manner. So, there are Fox-News-dependents and MSNBC-News-dependents when both remain with the Overton Window approved by Jewish supremacist power. Even Butt-Tucker Carlson, though edgier and bit more defiant, refuses to step on the third rail of Jewish Power and blames it all on the ‘left’.

Jews could not take over the goy world by brute force or numbers. How could the 2% control the 98%? Also, unlike the British Imperialists with their superior weaponry used ruthlessly against nonwhites(and rival-whites such as the French, Russians, and Germans), Jews had no chance against well-armed whites. Jews could only hope to gain control over white minds, and that meant control of the media.

No media has been as effective as the TV in the Jewish colonization of white minds. After all, unlike the cinema, the TV is always in the house, in many cases in every room. And given the nature of TV technology, it favored concentration of ownership, management, and communication. The sheer cost of production and infrastructure necessary to maintain a TV station meant that only a few players would dominate the industry. Later, even as Cable TV multiplied the channels, the number of media companies dwindled to a handful of oligopolies. More channels only meant More-of-the-Same.

Of course, Jews initially played it safe in their grand strategy of ethno-monopolization. In its inception, TV aired lots of programs deemed patriotic, normal, clean-cut, and even traditional. Consider when the airwaves were filled with programs like DONNA REED SHOW, LEAVE IT IN BEAVER, FATHER KNOWS BEST, GUNSMOKE, BONANZA, BRADY BUNCH, and the like. But guess what happened to American TV, especially beginning in the 1990s? And, the rise of Cable provided the excuse to fill the tubes with all manner of filth.

The degree to which the symbols and values of the great majority of Americans have been molded by TV cannot be overestimated, now truer than ever when, for most people, pop culture is the ONLY culture. In the first several decades of the TV era, many Americans were born BEFORE mass electronica, meaning, their values and vision of America had been molded by something other than whatever was on the telly. But beginning with the generation that came of age in the 1950s, not a day went by without watching something on TV. Many people watched several hours every day, and their main ‘experience’ of ‘life’ came from TV.

Especially with the decline of the family and the cultural connection to ancestors/relatives, the atomization & alienation of individuals, fading of religious authority/community, and the rise of single-parent households, the main ‘experience’ of culture came via the TV(as parent, teacher, preacher, hustler, seducer, dealer). The generation that grew up in the 1950s and 1960s are now old people, and that means virtually all Americans, from old to young, have one thing in common with the TV as the defining factor in their lives.

TV also made people less patient and tolerant of certain aspects of life and people. Why bother with the difficult challenges of reality when the World-according-to-TV is so much more compelling and digestible? TV staves off boredom but also makes life seem boring because TV creates the illusion of something always happening all the time.

Consider the TV addiction of Ellen Burstyn’s character in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Darren Aronofsky identified the electronic media as a mass opiate(at once collective and private), even an alternative-consciousness. Many people now feel their consciousness incomplete unless it’s tuned into some device. Their eyes and ears need to be charged into ‘good vibrations’ or else they don’t feel alive, as is the case with junkies who feel empty without drugs.

The TV set is like the Trojan Horse: We bring into the home as ours, but it comes to own us. We buy and own the TV, but the Power owns and controls the programming. Even though each individual has his or her own TV set, he or she is like countless others being mentally programmed by Jewish-Supremacist-Globalists.

When the Trojans dragged the Wooden Horse inside their walls, they felt as triumphant owners of something that symbolized Trojan resilience and Greek retreat. But what happened is the Greeks gained entry into the city and soon conquered Troy. Same goes for the TV. You bring the TV into your home, but the TV is the portal through which Jewish Power conquers and colonizes your mind. (True decolonization comes with this knowledge. Whenever you’re watching TV, always remind yourself WHO makes the programs, WHAT animates their agenda, and WHY they target your people.)

In the film A SERIOUS MAN(by the Coen Brothers), the father gets on the roof to reposition the antennae for better signals. (Even with a slight change in elevation, he can see further than anyone on ground level.) Where do those signals come from? It comes from far away, from the towers that send the same signals to millions of other Americans. With the advent of the TV, more people, in inverse proportion, came under the spell of fewer number of people. Besides, whereas the written word facilitated some degree of critical thinking, the beams and booms of the TV left many viewers staring blankly, as if under mass hypnosis. And if every reader forms his own impressions, everyone glued to the TV watched and heard the exact same images and sounds.

If Jewish oligopolists used their control of TV in the spirit of fairness and truth, things wouldn’t have been so bad. But, the notion of 2% of Americans controlling nearly all of the TV medium was intrinsically unfair and doomed to fail where narrative balance was concerned. Imagine if a tiny minority of Catholics, Mormons, or Muslims controlled most of the TV programming in Israel. No way Jews would trust the goyim, let alone stand for it. And yet, America allowed Jewish ethno-monopoly of the all-important electronic mass media and pretended to see and hear no evil.

If anything, the main gripe was, gee whiz, it might be ‘antisemitic’ if anyone noticed Jewish domination of TV and media in general. Well, just ask the Palestinians IF Jewish monopoly of media makes a difference! If Jews shamelessly used the media to sway Americans on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, why would they be any different on other matters? Shouldn’t it be clear by now that Jewish Master Racists divide humanity in two categories: Jews and ‘Palestinians’? Jews are themselves, and Palestinians-as-Metaphor are all of us who are regarded as symbols, commodities, or pestilence. Just as Jews denied the right of identity, history, culture, and land to the Palestinians, they are doing the same to the rest of humanity via mass-migration-invasion, worship of globo-homo-mania, Afro-Mania, and Shoah-Worship(as if only Jewish Suffering deserves universal commemoration). And possibly the most effective weapon that Jews have in creating the Jew World Order is the TV.

Too many people apathetically regard the TV as a rectangle that offers news and entertainment and fail to recognize it as a portal through which Jewish supremacist power slips inside their minds to toy with. Even those who watch TV critically and skeptically can’t help falling under its spell to some degree because so much comes at the sensual and subliminal level. This is especially true in a world of failing families and fading religions, where most people reject community out of confusion caused by Diversity and/or in preference for the ersatz-community of the TV(or something like Tik-Tok). Consider Julie Christie’s character who virtually ‘lives’ through the TV set in FAHRENHEIT 451(Francois Truffaut’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury novel).

Even stupid TV shows and movies do their trick, just like junk food isn’t just junk food, as it does things to our bodies whether we think about it or not. Even things that seem trivial on the surface aren’t trivial in their impact and consequences. Cigarettes sure messed up lots of heart and lungs. When your body begins to suffer from an excess of junk food and tobacco, it will eventually affect the mind and mood as well.

Same goes for pop culture. Even as we may think little of it or dismiss it as escapism, the often-degrading sights and sounds do have a lingering and corrosive effect on the psyche, especially if they’re consumed day in and day out. Consider how people have become inured to gratuitous violence in movies & video-games. Even those who resist desensitization become habituated to depictions of gore/violence, foul language, crude behavior, toxic levels of vulgarity, and all sorts of trashy expressions that are everywhere. Would so many people have ugly and disgusting tattoos & piercings if not for the effect of TV on the mass mind? On that note, no movie is ‘just a movie’, and no TV show, no matter how seemingly trivial, is just a TV show.

Also, considering that so many people are dupes or idiots, what may not fool you will surely fool many others. Besides, the intelligent and/or the educated are often just as easily fooled as they too rely on institutions and industries for ‘facts’ and ‘values’. Plenty of smart people, from a young age, were molded to just ‘study hard’ and get on with the program. Consider the sheer lack of independent thought in elite colleges run amok with dogma and sacred cows.

In some ways, dumb stuff can be more dangerous than smart stuff. Dumb stuff puts us at ease, turns off our minds, and washes over us. Because our defenses are down, we end up taking in more than we’d ever want to. Of course, some dumb stuff pretends to be ‘serious’ or ‘heavy’, the stuff of soap operas, melodramas, and message-movies. But it doesn’t challenge us to question and think. Rather, it pushes a half-baked message loaded with simple emotions and is designed to flatter whomever nods along. Such sham-serious works do the thinking and emoting for us who are merely asked to grab our handkerchiefs and weep as intended or seethe with hate-hate-hate for the cartoonish Evildoers.

But then, why would Jews who control Hollywood favor true works of art that challenge us to break free of the comfort-zone when (1) most people prefer not to and (2) those that do may begin to ponder the true nature of reality, meaning, and justice? Notice that even works purporting to challenge us tend to keep us in the established boundaries of Jew-Worship, Negro-mania, and Homo reverence. The umpteenth movie about the Holocaust may be harrowing but asks no serious questions as to WHY Jews came to be reviled so much that such horrors could befall them.

Even as Jewish media controllers inundate the airwaves with junk, propaganda, and idolatry, they are nevertheless anxious about their own influence. There’s always the danger of the pusher getting high on his own supply. Consider the TV anxiety in POLTERGEIST(a Steven Spielberg project directed by Tobe Hooper). Or the films of David Cronenberg, especially VIDEODROME. Barry Levinson’s AVALON is a semi-(auto)biographical movie about a Jewish family in the TV retail business, but it ends on a dubious note. The old patriarch in the nursing home goes unnoticed by his great-grandson who stares blankly into the TV set.

Prior to the coming of TV, children grew up listening to stories of their parents & grandparents and partaking of rituals and customs. Jews gained great power via control of Hollywood and the Networks, but many have also gone astray with the onrush of pop culture. This is why Jews understand the need for CULTURAL BRAKES in a world in accelerationist mode. There is a driving logic behind any force that, without brakes, could rush headlong at breakneck speed into a wall or over the cliff. Jewish Power pushes accelerationism on all of us, but Jews want some brakes for themselves as they don’t want to go over the cliff with us. It’s like how American Indians hunted for bison by steering them toward the edge. The stampeding bison would just follow the leaders toward the impending doom. The Indians, of course, put on the ‘brakes’ and made sure their horses didn’t follow the bison over the cliff.

Jewish Power uses TV to control goyim but also worry that the Tribe too might fall under its spell as a soul-destroyer. What is the main Jewish brake against TV and Pop Culture in general? It is the Covenant and the Rituals to remind them of who they are and where they came from in blood, soil, and memory. Catholics have Confirmation and Communion, but such rituals don’t root them in race, soil, and history. After all, one can be a good Christian with mere faith alone. In contrast, the Jewish ritual of the Bar Mitzvah specifically grounds the Jew in his tribe, history, and ancient myth of sacred soil. When one is confirmed in the Catholic Church, one becomes one of the many Catholics around the world of various races, ethnic groups, nationalities, and etc. In contrast, to become a Jewish adult means the realization that you are special because you belong to a unique tribe and narrative.

The druggy Bar Mitzvah scene in A SERIOUS MAN may have been inspired by Aldous Huxley’s THE ISLAND where young ones are initiated into adulthood with a mix of hallucinogens and sacrament. Inadvertently, the son in A SERIOUS MAN has exactly that kind of epiphany where his druggy prank ends up enhancing the meaning of his rite-of-passage. Jews possess and prize such cultural brakes in the modern accelerationist world, but most goyim do not. Also, Jews, being smarter and more contemplative about power, do think about their control of the media. Therefore, they understand that the media are more than a news-and-entertainment platform. They conceive of the electronic media on two levels: Image and Sub-Image, akin to Text and Subtext, or the Conscious and the Subconscious.

Jews know that the electronic media are an instrument of power that can never be objective because of inherent biases of the people who control it. This wouldn’t be a problem in a theocracy, ideocracy, or a particularist nation-state where the biases are obvious and openly admitted. It’d be hardly surprising if a Muslim media network presented an Islamic perspective, a communist network employed Marxist-Leninist analysis, or a nation like Israel made pro-Zionist arguments. But the US, especially following World War II, prided itself as a Liberal Democracy that didn’t play favorites on matters of race, religion, and creed; and indeed, Jews were at the forefront in pushing this very conception of America, i.e. the US media must be committed to liberal principles that respected conflicting grievances and differing perspectives in the spirit of fairness and objectivity. But, were such principles viable when most of the media was controlled by Jews who comprised only 2% of the population? The great secret contradiction was Jews knew of their own deep-seated biases(and were committed to serving them) but pretended to be ‘liberals’ committed to fair and objective consideration of all views and values. Goyim were obviously asleep at the wheel.

After all, the media controlled by Jews and the media controlled by goyim are two different things. Imagine if Muslim-Americans controlled most of the media. Now, this should be plain as day, but the West continues with its uncritical reliance on the Jewish-controlled media as the voice of ‘liberal democracy’. Never mind the so-called ‘free press’ is totally controlled by Jewish oligarchies with ties to the Deep State(which is largely shaped by Jewish money and control of the ‘gods’). There’s also the Jew Taboo. In other parts of the world, it’s fair game to blurt out who controls the media. Russians, for instance, know that much of Russian Media is state-run. People in China know that the CCP controls most of the media. Like it or not, they know who has power over the media. But in the West, the Jew Taboo precludes any honest assessment of media control. When people, mostly ‘conservatives’, do air grievances about the media, they blame ‘liberals’ or the ‘left’ without ever mentioning that it’s been the Jews all along.

Now, we cannot do without the TV set. Even those who forgo TV shows use the screen to watch movies and the like(much of which is also produced by Jewish-owned corporations). No sense in being Luddites. People may strive to gain a foothold in the arts & culture, but for all the yammering about ‘free speech’ and ‘liberal democracy’, the West is really a neo-theocracy or an ideocracy captive to worship of certain idols.

In other words, the ‘political’ climate in the arts & entertainment is such that those refusing to subscribe to the Magic Negro myth, Holy Homo cult, and Wonderful Jew worship are immediately locked out of the gates.

Things have gotten only worse with ever tighter Jewish control of elite institutions & industries and with the fading of white, Christian, and traditional moral authority(that had once served as a barrier to Jewish tribalism, radicalism, and/or subversion). Just ask Sam Hyde and Gavin McInnes what it’s like to navigate the media waters. There have emerged certain amateur voices on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, but as those platforms are under Jewish ethno-monopolistic domination, dissenting voices among whites and Palestinians are ultimately at the whim of Jewish biases. If Jews must choose between free speech & principles and tribal power & privilege, they opt for the latter when push comes to shove. Also, as Jews control the finances of America, they shut down the cash flow to anyone deemed threatening to Jewish Supremacism. Jews, who easily force all Americans to sanction Russia and Iran, can make things difficult for dissident voices on both the real right and the real left. Sadly, virtually all of American Conservatism Inc. is about sucking up to Jews.

Take Mike Pence, the so-called Christian Conservative. Given Jews have been the primary force behind globo-homo that targets Christian America, one would think Pence would speak up against Jews. But no, the dumb wussy cuck is just another sack of shit toady. And when humiliated at a performance of HAMILTON, he responded in the most craven way possible. He talks tough about Russia, Iran, and North Korea(that are far away) but is a total pussy to Jewish globo-homo power that wages a war of destruction against Christian Conservatives. Jewish Power declawed & neutered Conservatism Inc. and only feel threatened by dissident voices that dare to speak freely like the boy in THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES.

Things would be more honest if Jews admitted that they are the new authoritarians and the US is really a Jewish gangster-imperialist-fascist state(as opposed to a humanist-nationalist-fascist one), but even as Jews shut down free speech and freedom of assembly, they posture as champions and defenders of ‘liberal democracy’ against authoritarian forces around the world. Of course, when Jews say ‘democracy’, they really mean goyim-sucking-up-to-Soros-and-Zion. Jews certainly have no use for democracy when it favors men like Viktor Orban. They like ‘democracy’ ONLY WHEN it props up wussy-cucks like Emmanuel Macron.

Jews even activated Sub-Nazi elements in Ukraine to topple a democratically elected government. And even though Jews claim to be on the ‘left’, they turned against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on a dime. This is why calling Jewish Power ‘leftist’ is so counterproductive. The false dialectics of ‘rightism’ vs ‘leftism’ only maintain the axiom of “Is it good for Jews?” Indeed, a Jewish ‘leftist’ has more in common with a Jewish ‘rightist’ and vice versa than a Jewish ‘leftist’ has with goy leftists or a Jewish ‘rightist’ has with goy rightists.

Jews claim to be for ‘free speech’ but then dish out lawfare talk of ‘hate speech’(where they decide what is ‘hate’ against so-called ‘protected groups’) to suppress honest debate. Of course, the very notion of ‘protected groups’ is inherently biased, even hateful, since some groups are being favored over others. For example, favoring Jews over Palestinians perpetuates the hate campaign against Palestinian Rights in the West Bank. The only way to ensure free speech is to give all sides — Jews, Palestinians, whites, etc. — equal opportunity to express their views.

Now, some will argue that unfettered free speech among the powerful can be dangerous to powerless groups because an enraged mob of the powerful majority can do harm to a weak minority. But if true, then Jewish Speech should be curtailed the most since Jews have supremacist control over the West and wield the means of the state(and the mob driven by media frenzy) to mete out acts of sanctioned violence. After all, the Zionist speech of Powerful Jews has justified the tyranny over Palestinians. The neo-imperialist speech of Neocons, Jewish globalists, and the like has led to ‘new cold war’ with Russia, Wars for Israel, and many other crises around the world, as well as heaps of dead goy bodies.

Indeed, what is more dangerous than Jewish Speech in a world where the lone superpower, the US, is controlled by arrogant and contemptuous Jewish supremacists? But according to Jewish Logic, Jews must forever be categorized as a ‘protected group’, whereas even the white underclass and Palestinians must be vilified and suppressed lest they blurt out the Truth that Jews cannot tolerate. When Jews say ‘hate speech’, it means they hate speech that speaks truth to Jewish Power. The vilest among them defame any speech critical of Jews as ‘nazi’ even though they are the ones who act like Nazis with their racial supremacism and forever wars.

We cannot NOT own a TV. And even though many have tuned out, many more remain glued to the screen, consuming several hours of programs per day. TV is their life. Still, a TV viewer can play it smart or dumb, critical or gullible. What’s the difference between a child and an adult? Children accept answers whereas adults ask questions. Granted, many adults are childlike and have no use for anything outside pop culture, and their jaded cynicism is just a form of apathy. Many so-called cynics are really ‘cynnocent’ whereby the vacuum of distrust is readily filled by yet another sucker fantasy. (Cynics about Trump were suckered by the Russia Collusion Hoax, and cynics about the Democrats fell for bogus Q-narratives.) In their preference for simple truisms, they fall for the next baloney after waking from the earlier one, much like the TV audience in THE TRUMAN SHOW hanker for the next sensation after Truman’s breaking free of the programming.

At any rate, what we all need to do is develop a stronger immunity to TV and pop culture. What explains human health despite all the germs and toxins in the air and water? It’s because of our immunity to all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and poisons. Without such, we end up like AIDS patients at the mercy of something as mild as the common cold or minor infection. Given the cultural pollution and toxicity of so much of what’s on TV and in pop culture, we need stronger immunities than ever. Otherwise, the cultural germs and poisons will overpower us, and our souls will be colonized by Jewish supremacist venality and globo-homo vileness.

However, with the mental immunity of critical thinking and asking-the-relevant-questions, we could process and critique the current media for what they are, and that very knowledge can strengthen our resistance to the creators. For example, if you don’t question the moral legitimacy of communism, you could fall under the sway of its propaganda. But if you know communism for what it is, you will see through communist propaganda(made transparent by critical faculties) at the machinery of deception. Though MATRIX is a dumb movie, there is a revealing moment when Neo(Keanu Reeves)’s vision penetrates through the illusion and sees the very codes propping up a false reality.

Now, MATRIX is a bogus movie, of which the vision of ‘truth’ is even more fantastic than the ‘false reality’. Still, its message resonates like that of THE WIZARD OF OZ, i.e. seeing through the curtain of deception at the manipulator behind the illusion. Why do Jews fear the loss of this illusion? Because once a person stops believing, it’s nearly impossible to make him believe again. A child who learns Santa isn’t real can’t be made to believe again. The Genie can’t be put back in the bottle, no more than virginity can be regained after it’s lost.

Jews fear the programming may be wearing off on a lot of people. This is why they push for ‘woke’-training for children at ever young ages. If adults are waking up to the truth, then children must be conditioned from the earliest age possible and inculcated with idolatrous passions than with rational thinking. Imprint their psyches with ‘woke’ faith when they are most impressionable and gullible. And this methodology seems to have worked among Millennials, surely the stupidest generation that ever was(but then, what did the American Right offer as an alternative but George W. Bush and cuckservatism?) They grew up with political correctness from cradle, and their parents, either lackadaisical late boomers or libertine early Gen-X-ers, did little to counter this.

But there is a way for children to be acculturated into becoming thinking adults whose lives don’t revolve around mindless consumerism or mindless trigger-unhappy hysterics of the ‘woke’ variety. In these times, a parent would have to be an idiot to treat the TV as just another household appliance. While most TV shows were shallow or stupid, most weren’t toxic prior to the 1990s. If kids wasted time watching FATHER KNOWS BEST, BRADY BUNCH, EIGHT IS ENOUGH, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, GUNSMOKE, RIFLEMAN, HONEYMOONERS, or even THREE’S COMPANY or SANFORD AND SON, it still wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. And, there was a time when Reality TV used to be something like PEOPLE’S COURT where judge Joseph Wapner did a creditable job. And the Phil Donahue Show did halfway seriously broach many controversial topics.

But over the years, rampant vulgarity and shameless narcissism came to define the new sensationalism. It went from somewhat interesting PHIL DONAHUE SHOW to the brazen trashiness of JERRY SPRINGER SHOW and new age fakery & cult of personality of OPRAH. The relative ‘innocence’ of THREE’S COMPANY(which relied mostly on double entendres) gave way to the open sewage of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. And today, just about every TV ad is about globo-homo propaganda, jungle fever, cultural deviance, or white male cucky-wuckery. Just about every TV show about the American Family has some ‘gay’ or ‘tranny’ child or relative even though only 2% of Americans are truly of the LGBTQXYX orientation/persuasion.

In the current cultural climate, the idiot box isn’t merely idiotic but downright insane. Even so-called reality-based shows are willfully twisted perceptions of the world. Most interracial crimes are black-on-white or black-on-non-black, but notice the Jewish-run media perpetuates the myth that innocent blacks are set upon by evil white cops or white ‘supremacists’. And notice there hasn’t been a single TV show about the Nakba or what the Palestinians must face every day under Zionist tyranny. There are tons of Russian villains in entertainment, but there hasn’t been a single show about Jewish role in Soviet communism and in the mass looting of Russia in the 90s. The Power gets to decide who are the ‘Cowboys’ and who are the ‘Indians’, even to the point where ‘Cowboys’ are the ‘New Indians’ and the ‘Indians’ are the ‘New Cowboys’. Nothing is essential in a world where Jewish Power can render anything ‘fluid’ or inversionary, of course except with the eternal truth of “Is it good for Jews?” Jewish-run media promoted plastic surgery and extreme-narcissism on shows such as THE SWAN where ‘ugly ducklings’ were sold on the dream that anyone could be ‘beautiful’, and such mentality laid the groundwork for acceptance of homo vanity and tranny narcissism. Now, even big fat ugly men can pretend to be ‘beautiful women’ who must be celebrated with a straight face. Being sexually straight is suspect, but you better be totally straight in accepting globo-homo as the New Normal.

TV is a one-way street/stream where Jewish globalists have complete power over the message. At least with the internet, one can interact and counter the dominant narrative. TV, in contrast, conditioned generations to be passive consumers. It’s better to expose children to the best critical or dissident voices than to the official megaphone, that is unless the parental wish is to raise kids as mindless parrots of power.

One must ask of TV and the electronic-media, WHO OWNS THE INDUSTRY AND WHO MADE THESE PROGRAMS? WHAT IS THE REAL AGENDA BEHIND THE PROGRAMS? WHY DO THE MAKERS THINK AND FEEL THUS? WHAT RELATION DOES WHAT-IS-SHOWN HAVE WITH THE REAL WORLD? WHAT IS THE DISCREPANCY BETWEEN WHAT THE POWER CLAIMS AND WHAT IT REALLY DOES? We all need to wake up. And this goes for Conservatives as well as Liberals. If Liberals are blind to their foolishness due to their conceit of being rational and open-minded, Conservatives are stuck in USA-USA-USA mode of whatever’s wrapped in the American Flag, which today represents little but Israel-First, Globo-Homo cultural imperialism, and mass cult of Black Athletes.

If Liberals are brainwashed, Conservatives are braindead. Fools will always be manipulated and controlled by the clever, and it’s no wonder that brainwashed goy Liberals and braindead goy Conservatives are putty in the hands of smart Jews.

Just remember that Jews, via ethno-monopolistic control of the electronic media, have gained scanner-power over our minds, the kind in David Cronenberg’s horror movie SCANNERS. And with Google, Jewish Power now tracks whatever we do wherever we are. There was a period when the platforms were relatively fair, when Google’s motto was “Don’t be Evil”, and we could ‘scan’ the Power as the Power ‘scanned’ us. But now, Jewish monopolists have rigged the game in cahoots with gangster-operations like ADL & SPLC and the Deep State so that we are ‘scanned’ but we can’t ‘scan’ back and speak truth to power. Consider all the Youtube channels and videos that were taken down for their defiance.

David Duke ‘scans’ the power and speaks truth to power. Duke is far from perfect, but when he speaks truth to Jewish Power, more often than not he hits the bull’s eye. How Zionists Divide and Conquer.

Video Link

Brother Nathanael has been invaluable in ‘scanning’ Jewish Power for its abuses and hypocrisies. Even though Youtube tolerated him for years, he was finally removed from the platform for his gaining popularity. Jewish Power sure hustled us real good. They made assurances of objectivity & fairness to gain dominance, but once their monopoly was assured, they shut down dissent and heterodoxy in the name of combating ‘hate speech’. Predictably, American Conservatism Inc. mostly remained mum.

Brother Nathanael – The Day America Died

Video Link

One way to define ‘conservatism’ is “deference to authority, hierarchy, and power”. As Jews rule at the top, the deferential conservative mindset sucks up to Jewish Power in our increasingly Kafka-esque order. If Jews hate the truth but you dare speak it, you are accused of ‘hate speech’ and suppressed for reasons that make no sense in relation to reality. The nonconformist goy(or honest Jew) is now Joseph K, and Jewish Power is the shadowy judge and jury over our speech, money, guns, and freedom.

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... And that is precisely why Jewish Power vilifies White Race-ism above all else.
Uselessness of White Comprador Leadership that serves Jewish Globo-Oligarchs than represents White America
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  1. Odyssey says:

    Odysseus, the cleverest among them all, conceived of a deceptive plan: making war by peace.

    Thanks, JF. You are right, it is a big scam. At that time, Greeks did not live in today’s Greece at all. The Trojans were of course not Greeks. So, who were they? And who was I? I wasn’t Greek either. Nor Achilles. Nor Homer. How could the Greeks have Olympian mythology when they only saw Mt Olympus 900 years after the battle? In fact, they didn’t even have that name then. So who gave it to them? And the Iliad was translated almost 600 years after the battle. From which language? Who transmitted that epic orally for 600 years? And they never had a state and kings, they only had polisies. Meanwhile, there were Dark Ages and we don’t know where the Greeks were and what they were doing for several hundred years. They must have been preparing for the First Olympics since they just made history with it. Something terrible is fishy there. I’m waiting for Lauren to take it into her own hands and clear up this historical mess.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Observator
  2. Were it not for the Communists, there would not have been Fascism either. Indeed, Fascism arose in reaction, yet in imitation, of Communism. One could say Fascism arose in revenge for Communism. This, of course, was especially so of the most infamous type of Fascism, namely German National Socialism– what most call Nazism.

    By the way, it is really amusing to hear Marxists claim that the Nazis were not true Socialists, since they set up such a cruel and evil dictatorship. If so, then neither the Soviet Communists or the Chinese Communists were true Socialists either. After all, Stalin and Mao set up cruel and evil dictatorships as well. Think either Stalin or Mao, and all their minions, were above sending their victims to Prison Camps? Think again!

  3. Intriguingly, I have never thought of it like that. Much of my ideological worldview, of course, came from watching too much television. Looking back, I regret it. The Trojan Horse, of course, is a good metaphor.

  4. Trinity says:

    I have heard that 2% horseshit my whole life. Does that number just count “religious” Jews and exclude atheist Jews, Jewish Satanists, Jewbros, Jew/Spics, Khazars, Fake Jews, etc?

  5. @Trinity

    Here in France ethnic statistics are forbidden, yet sometimes the mass media tells us Muslims are 5% of French citizens exactly like in the 80’s, even though they have a higher birthrate and are coming in droves years after years, which makes it absolutely impossible of course. I’m sure the US government can play those same tricks on the number of Jews in the US, you can pretty much manipulate statistics however the hell you want.

    • Replies: @Rhett
  6. @Trinity

    Perhaps, just perhaps, Jewish people are undercounted in the US Census. Of course, I seriously doubt that Germans really are the largest Ethnic Group in America. America always seemed to me to be a very anti-German country!

    • Replies: @Malla
  7. I am a 71 year-old retired industrial electrician and I do not watch ANY television. I try to stay on top of things by going to alternative-news websites, such as Unz and Global Research. My main criteria for selecting websites is that they condemn BOTH the “Democrats” and “Republicans” equally, since, in my opinion, one party is as corrupt and bought-off as the other.

    Years ago, I enjoyed watching television but nowadays, there is absolutely nothing on TV that I would want to watch. I try to keep busy by doing things around the house, reading non-fiction books (mainly covering economic, history and political subjects) and my hobby of amateur radio (ham radio).

    I am now nearing completion of watching the entire series of Gunsmoke. I bought the complete collection on DVD and all I can say is what excellent programming it was – unlike the trash and filth on TV nowadays.

    Thank you.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Katrinka
  8. @Trinity

    Ok, give or take 1%

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  9. songbird says:

    I’d encourage anyone to listen to old clips of Rod Serling being interviewed or giving talks to college students.

    Frankly, it is shocking to hear a guy who entered into fame in ’50s America, express what seems to be such barely-hidden contempt and malice for normal Americans (i.e. for “whites”) and to be so open about his desire to be subversive.

    His favorite mode of interjection is to take Christ’s name in vain. What kind of odd wiring would a person need in order to feel comfortable with committing that sort of habitual impropriety against an outside group – even if it is the dominant one?

    He tries to downplay black riots, and speaks with condemnation against a “white lash.” He demands full equality for blacks. Absolutely reviles the South, which I suspect is just a function of it being a proxy for ethnocentric Euros, and for the fact that not many Jews live there.

    I’d also encourage people to watch the Twilight Zone movie (1983), which Serling, having died years previously, had nothing to do with. It is bad art, but sociologically interesting. The first story has to be seen to be believed, it is such naked and malice-filled propaganda, and three people, including two kids, and the star of the segment (the actor who plays the racist, antisemitic white man) died during its filming. Second segment, Spielberg’s, is about a numinous Negro.

    • Replies: @QCIC
    , @Joe Paluka
  10. niggers, chins, and japs had been trying to fight the whiteys culturally for centuries only to find themselves succumbed to the whiteys’s cultural hegemony. jews are the only ones who can push back the whiteys’s cultural expansionism and weaken it little by little over many centuries. it was the jews who inspired the asians and africans to fight the whiteys once again using the means invented by the jews. it is clear for the asians and africans that the jews are the representatives of the light and the whiteys the darkness. jews are about peace and progress, while whiteys are about war and decadence. from now on, jews are their hope, while whiteys are their regret.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Malla
  11. @Priss Factor

    Personally, I suspect that Jews are really the largest Ethnic Group in America, rather than the Germans. After all, notice how much power the Jews have. (((They))) just might be concealing their true numbers! I think that the Arab Muslims are doing the same thing, too.

    • Replies: @Rhett
  12. anarchyst says:

    The “elephant in the room” that “shall not be spoken of” is those who own our mass-media, entertainment, financial institutions, and the like (the “chosen”) who own and are directly responsible for the coarsening and debasement of our culture.

    It’s all by design.

    The “chosen” are laughing their asses off at the “stupid goyim” who rabidly suck up the degenerate debasement of a once-proud and vigorous society. We truly live in an age of “bread and circuses”, where grown men openly espouse and make idols of useless “sports figures”, “rap stars” and other degenerate figures and institutions. As long as the beer is cold and the “big game” is on with their useless “sports heroes”, all is well with the world.

    What used to be considered “good” is now “bad”. Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, and other perversions are not only to be tolerated, but accepted, while those who strive to live a chaste life are seen as “bigots”, “close-minded”, intolerant individuals and are to be criticized and marginalized at all costs. At the “top of the heap” for derision and ridicule are heterosexual white males, especially those with families and a female spouse.

    Hopefully, these “successes” that the “chosen” are implementing will be short lived as more and more people realize that we are being manipulated for the benefit of the “chosen”.

    Thankfully, we have an open forum known as the internet that (((they))) are trying to close off. (((They))) will be unsuccessful…

    The so-called “holocaust” is already losing its effectiveness as a “control tool” as more and more people are recognizing it as a massive fraud upon the world.

    It is long overdue for our present-day “Weimar Republic” to fall on the ash heap of history”…

    It’s time to make preparation for expulsions #110

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  13. anarchyst says:

    The cultural and social “rot” that demonizes straight white males has been going on for decades, if not generations…
    All one has to do is look how white males are portrayed on television sitcoms for the last sixty-years or so.
    The white male is always portrayed as a bumbling idiot, dominated by his all-knowing condescending wife and smart-assed children. He is relegated to being a buffoon, not worthy of respect.
    It has gotten worse, today. The nuclear white family is NEVER shown, instead a black husband and white wife is the norm, as well as homosexual and transgender “couples” being the present-day “norm”.
    In most entertainment programming, the smartest individual is almost always portrayed as a black man, telling his lesser-abled (dumber) white subordinates what to do.
    Homosexuality, transsexuality and pedophilia are now looked upon as desirable “lifestyles” by the media elites. We are expected to not only “tolerate”, but embrace such behavior. In fact, pedophilia is about to be “legalized” by calling pedophiles “minor-attracted adults”.
    We have been on a downward slide to hell for a long time.
    Despite being the only race that has uplifted all of humanity to levels not even imagined, us gentile white males are still the “whipping boys” and blamed for every societal ill that are perpetrated solely by “people of color”.
    The start of our modern-day slide to perversity and cultural destruction began with the enactment of so-called “civil-rights” laws, which outlawed true “freedom of association” (but unconstitutional laws and statutes directed and solely enacted against whites) and replaced it with government-backed and enforced “public accommodation”.
    When the elites saw that whites would “knuckle-under” and capitulate to armed federal troops enforcing unconstitutional “civil-rights” edicts, the stage was set for our eventual dispossession.
    Hollywood (jews) types have been at the forefront of racial brainwashing, pushing the false mantra of “racial equality”. While in the 1920s and 1930s, Hollywood portrayal of blacks in film bordered on valid stereotypes, (which still DO have a large semblance of TRUTH), blacks were not seen as “equals” but being of a different race, showing a lack of cultural and social maturity, and best, left to their own to “figure out” how to exist in the white-dominated society of the day.
    That all changed in the 1950s where miscegenation became the rule, rather than the exception in Hollywood films. The apex of the miscegenation movement, and the idea that “blacks were just as capable as whites, if not more so” came to fruition with race-mixing movies such as “To Sir, With Love” and the seminal miscegenation film, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”, the prime example being actor Sidney Poitier, who was always portrayed as a soft-spoken, highly intelligent, supremely intellectual negro while his white charges were almost always portrayed as intolerant “ne-er-do-wells” and even as savages.
    The rest is history. Miscegenation and the false notion of “black superiority” is now not only ingrained in Hollywood movies but in the rest of popular culture as well.
    In movies, whites almost always report to a black superior, although in real-life, that is almost never the case. Blacks are seen as socially and intellectually superior, while whites are portrayed as “pasty-white” ignorant “bumpkins”.
    The “mainstream media” has also become complicit in the “brainwashing” of white society, always making excuses for black criminality and misbehavior, calling young black criminals “teens”, and many times not mentioning race, although it is well known, when the “mainstream media” talks about “teens”, they are actually talking about “blacks”.
    Behind this cultural rot and the demonization of straight white males is the bolshevik jews…it’s always the jews.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
  14. There is a quote from Fr. Leonard E. Feeney, MICM, from “The Point” magazine 1957:

    “Having a television in your home, is like having a Jew in your living room”.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  15. anarchyst says:

    I’ve been criticizing White men for supporting professional “sports” for more than a few decades. I never watched that garbage…

    Not only the “Negro Felon League” and the “Negro Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly white skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology. When (((they))) banned the “Stars and Bars” flag, a part of their history, NASCAR sealed its fate, along with the promotion of substandard “affirmative action” negro driver “bubba” wallace complaining about “racist” garage door pulls triggering an FBI investigation, NASCAR’s fate was set. To add insult to injury, recently “bubba” wallace’s typical black violent tendencies were on full display.

    Let’s not forget the billions spent by White male “sports fans” on negro ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), all to benefit the (((owners))) of the criminal steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.

    “Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…

    It is disgusting to see White men spout off useless and meaningless sports statistics and the adulation that they give these costumed players (actors). It is just sickening to see White men debase themselves while not giving a damn about the country.

    I realize that negro ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down derisively on grown White men who sport their favorite negro ball players clothing or other accouterments. I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”

    There are much better things for white men to do than watch negro ball sports.

    Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow Whites to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media and useless professional sports.

    Message to White men: Get away from the negro ball. You are much better than that…

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  16. Mac_ says:

    Such important piece. Also think as a tactic the smart fone thing is attempt to steer groups, they can send whatever to specific groups, by age or area or race, hispanics different than chinese, or east indians, or blacks, or whites, so each doesn’t see what is being spun at others. Though, some immigrants can be wary of what’s fed, since some come from places as dictatorial as here. In any event some quests as practice to self-direct thinking –

    what is most important, what I should think about

    who do I let influence thinking, if any

    what should I be doing

    what truther friends do I have that are similar

    The last graphic in article, fact and bad. Seriously appreciate the work JF.

  17. @anarchyst

    Not only the “Negro Felon League” and the “Negro Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly white skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology.

    Wokery may be a problem for Asscar, but black-dominated sports are more dangerous without the ‘wokeness’. The main danger is the celebration of BAMMAMA and ACOWW. Even if NFL and NBA were totally ‘patriotic’, what are white guys rooting for? Black guys dominating as the alpha males and relegating white guys to bench-warmer status. White women cheering for blacks who hump white girls. Indeed, so many white morons, even in the South, fell for NFL and the like precisely because, for the longest time, they played up the patriotic symbols.

    If anything, the increasing wokery in NFL and the like is promising because maybe just maybe(though I wouldn’t bet on it), white males will finally wake up and see the utter stupidity for indulging in sports that spread Afro-domination as the American/Western Ideal.

  18. @Scripted Reality

    “Having a television in your home, is like having a Jew in your living room”.

    Things got really bad when EVERYTHING became politicized.

    It used to be that political stuff was for serious documentaries and docu-drama, and the rest was for fun.

    But a vulgarization of Gramscian ‘cultural hegemony’ led to the idea that everything, even comic books and videogames, must be used to push ideology or correct idolatry. Make sure there is no respite from the official ideology. Of course, the official ideology and idolatry also changed. Everything must be Jew-homo-Negro.

  19. Rhett says:

    As an American Muslim, I can tell you that the official statistics have been frozen about Muslim demographics for decades. When I was in college in the early 1990s, there were supposed to be 6 million Muslims in the US. In 2023, the officials statistics remains at 6 million, despite decades of immigration, conversion and Muslims having children here. My personal estimate is that there are probably close to 20 million Muslims in America at this point. However, the Zionist media is terrified of letting Muslims know how large our numbers are for fear that the we will actually wake up and start having political influence in the US. I am sure France is in a similar situation.

  20. The cuckservatives have tried to outlaw criticism of Israel, which I think shows us Jewish Power’s Achilles heel. We can offer facts about what they’re doing to the Palestinians and support the Two State solution. Any rational person (including your typical liberal Jew) can see that that’s not anti-Jewish, just pro-human rights. We also need Bible scholars to combat the Scofield Bible fraud and wean evangelicals away from their worship of the Christian-hating Jewish state.

  21. Rhett says:
    @Twin Ruler

    As a Muslim in the US, I can tell you that we are the most clueless and disorganized community in the country. We certainly have zero influence over the Zionist media. The idea that Muslims are conspiring to keep our numbers hidden — when in reality we cannot even conspire to come to an agreement as to which day Ramadan begins — is ludicrous. I agree that our numbers are being underrepresented, but it’s not Muslims who are doing it — it’s the Zionist media that wants to keep Muslims powerless and unaware of our own numerical strength so that we stay out of American politics and keep Israel unchallenged.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
    , @Twin Ruler
  22. @Rhett

    The Jews could be, also, conspiring to make the Census underestimate the number of Jews in this country. I am sure they are deliberately lying about both their numbers and the number of Muslims in America.

  23. ObserverX says:

    So what can you do if you have young children? It is impossible to shield them from television and pop culture where they get indoctrinated. They will be outcasts among their peers.

  24. @ObserverX

    That is a good question. I do not know!

  25. QCIC says:

    (((Rod Serling))) —> very single time, is uncanny.

  26. UR2 says:

    It is not impossible to protect them:
    Parents reading for their own relaxation and recreation; children’s books always available; frequent forays into the great book of nature; music at home along with music lessons and tickets to the symphony and opera; mom or dad always at home; a ceremony of family dinner together every evening with good conversation; intelligent calculated progression in mathematics and classic literature; daily reading outloud by child from King James or Douay-Rheims Bible; Catholic Mass every sunday and Holy Day.
    At 18, when your child graduates from your homeschool, he will be a sought-after, popular friend with his freshness, optimism, knowledge and lovingkindness.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  27. Notsofast says:

    please don’t let nato know any of this, as they are furiously building a giant wooden horse right now, as the last and best hope for ukraine and that information would really take the wind out of their sails.

    • LOL: Odyssey
  28. @anarchyst

    “What used to be considered “good” is now “bad”. Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, and other perversions are not only to be tolerated, but accepted, while those who strive to live a chaste life are seen as “bigots”, “close-minded”, intolerant individuals and are to be criticized and marginalized at all costs. At the “top of the heap” for derision and ridicule are heterosexual white males, especially those with families and a female spouse.”

    The inversion of good and evil that you describe is precisely what the marxists set out to do; this is a conscious and concerted effort to subvert and debase the western world.

  29. @Priss Factor

    I was invited to a Super Bowl party tonight and I declined.

    Fuck the NFL and fuck BLM.

    • Agree: Priss Factor
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  30. anarchyst says:

    It can be done.
    By limiting the Talmudvision you will have children that are MORE aware and better educated.
    Television can be used for streaming “good stuff” as well as avoiding the cultural “rot” that exists in Talmudvision programming.
    I have relatives who restrict Talmudvision from their children. Their children are extremely well-adjusted and are truly educated beyond their ages.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Corpse Tooth
  31. Trinity says:

    You should know thing or two about outcasts after being 86’ed on 109 occasions, Shlomo.

    MOST people rarely watch television and only freaks waste money on those stupid movies Jewywood has been putting out.

    Welcome to the 21st century, Heebie. Things are a changing.


  32. Malla says:

    At a particular age (maybe 14 to 18), they have to be given the red pills. The facts about who controls the media, the global finances etc…their true nature. The truth about race, IQ etc… The truth about history about the Third Reich, Communism, Fascist Italy, European Colonial Empires, Japanese Empire, U.S. South, French Revolution, South Africa, Rhodesia etc…. About MK Ultra mind control.
    After knowing the truth, you cannot “un-know” it.
    Next, they have to PRETEND on the surface to go along with globo-ghetto-homo to get along with their peers until when that pretention is not needed anymore.

    • Agree: Trinity, anarchyst
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  33. Malla says:
    @Kim Jong Il

    jews are about peace and progress

    Iraq invaded during Jewish festival of Purim
    Gaddafi destroyed during the Jewish festival of Purim.

    That is peace for you. Shalom.

    • Replies: @Kim Jong Il
  34. @songbird

    Never liked the Twilight Zone or anything else Rod Serling did. He’s worshiped by members of his fellow ethnic group and lauded as a genius by them. Compared to the better script writers of the period like Sterling Siliphant, he was mediocre to say the least.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  35. @Priss Factor

    What’s the obsession for watching sports anyway? I’m a very masculine male but have always been bored by spectator sports. Since I was a child, I always wanted to go out and physically do something, create something, read something or tackle some mental challenge. Once I was taking a course across the country (for a company I was working for at the time), the guys that I was taking the course with wanted to go to a baseball or football game and some guys that were from overseas were more than anxious to experience American sports first hand. I politely declined (not saying the truth that I would’ve rather gone to get a Root Canal). Why should I have to cover up my true feelings to just be polite?

    • Replies: @Corpse Tooth
  36. @Priss Factor

    What’s the obsession for watching sports anyway? I have always been bored by spectator sports since I was a child, I always wanted to go out and physically do something, create something, read something or tackle some mental challenge. Once I was taking a course across the country (for a company I was working for at the time), the guys that I was taking the course with wanted to go to a baseball or football game and some guys that were from overseas were more than anxious to experience American sports first hand. I politely declined (not saying the truth that I would’ve rather gone to get a Root Canal). Sportsball is so ingrained in the American and European male psyche that anyone who doesn’t have the urge to watch it is looked upon as some kind of outcast. As society gets more and more dumbed down and degenerate, I’m enjoying my outcast status more and more.

  37. @Rhett

    To be fair to the Muslims, though, at least they are against Homosexuality. I would say that for them!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  38. @Malla

    that was a good timing. vietcong started to enter hanoi on lunar new year. taliban attacked an american base on the last day of ramadhan. wagner group started to enter artyomovsk (bakhmut) on christmas eve. a festival day is always a good time to attack.

    what is “shalom”?

    • Replies: @Malla
  39. @Joe Paluka

    Never liked the Twilight Zone or anything else Rod Serling did.

    TZ had some good episodes, some sucky ones. Still, it was one of the better shows on TV. Also, they did amazing things with low budget, showing how ingenuity often tops production values.

    Serling’s adaptation of PLANET OF THE APES was quite good.

    • Replies: @Corpse Tooth
  40. @Malla

    The problem is a lot of the ‘red pilling’ stuff are dispersed. It’s too much to ask young ones to find articles on Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, and etc.

    Something like the Communist Manifesto needs to take the red pill essentials and bring them all together in powerful prose.

    Most communists never read Das Kapital. They got the gist from the Communist Manifesto, a mere pamphlet that set the world on fire.

    Marx wrote in prophetic terms, merging history and vision of destiny. It was powerful stuff.

    • Replies: @Malla
  41. Trinity says:
    @Twin Ruler

    Yeah but how about beastiality and pedophilia? Me thinks the Muzzies have lot of homersexual men on the DL as well. Just like the Black and Hispanic communities.

  42. @Priss Factor

    Most of the content in Serling’s draft had to be chucked for budget reasons — Ape City was depicted as a high-tech future megalopolis. Veteran re-writer Michael Wilson was brought in and reduced Ape civilization down to a mid 1800s level. An alteration which gave the film a Western feel. Serling’s script was also obsessively talky (natch); Wilson scrubbed most of that to give room for the action sequences (fortunately). Wilson, working closely with director Franklin J. Schaffner, saved the film from Serling’s pre-woke predations.

  43. @Joe Paluka

    “What’s the obsession for watching sports anyway?”

    Growing up I lamented that this was a form of male bonding. I had and have no interest in being reduced into a consumer of televised corporate sports and still don’t. I played football (offensive tackle, guard, center) four years high school and one year college. I didn’t parlay that experience into becoming a passive observer, prey to the intense commercial messaging one is subjected to during corporate sports spectacles. That arena of plebian diversion leaves me bored and irritated.

  44. @anarchyst


    Restricting TV viewing is a start. But the kids these days are addicted to devices that spew the entire stream of Babylonian nightmares. The kids are doomed because the adults in their lives are similarly addicted to the devices and nightmare stream.

  45. Jews downplay their numbers not to seem too powerful so as to look like rare talented partners rather than an invasive species, as they also downplay their financial clout so as to better ascribe their own wrongdoings to general American business rather than to themselves. If the Catholic church had been that streetwise in the USA they would count only the Catholic militant clergy as real catholics, together with the manifestly Catholic dynasties and the best talents working for their cause. Actually, if you question Americans about religion or about various philosophical issues far more people will give back answers in conformity with Judaism or common Jewish mentality than with that of the whole of Christianity. Most Evangelical cults are actually composed of would-be Jews for Jesus, and praying for Jesus to make them into better, wiser and street-wiser Jews, than even pro-Jewish Christians. Prosperity Gospel is Jewer than Jew so to speak. Actually in case of civil war involving Israel as the best ally of one camp, the Jews would dispose of far more people crying for them and ready to die for them than any other religion, ethnic group or cultural entity like the Wasps or the US Catholics : visible Jews are a hereditary clergy, a kind of Western brahmanic caste, not a people, and they reign supreme on their de facto wider religion like Indian brahmins are the tip of a far bigger iceberg comprising 80% of India.

    In the year 1956 the US government refused quite a few things to Israel, like the Sinai, because the undisputed Jewish capital of the world was Manhattan, not Tel Aviv in any way, and because the Manhattan Jewry ordered not to yield too easily to that then leftist experimental utopian state’s demands. Kissinger is still one of those diplomats of the Leo Strauss school that consider that the only promised land really promised to them is the whole planet, not Israel which might risk diverting too much attention and ressources from the other greater promised land rather to be governed from Davos now.

    One example of that advantageous downplaying of their own numbers and power by the Jewish entity is the Southern question : the brutal fact, nearly unmentioned by all history books, is that in Revolutionary times Jews, then nearly all Sephardic (though that comprised many from Holland), were 3% or maybe more in the young English America, and concentrated in the South and in some Northern towns that sided with South, and among othered ensured the main sponsorship that made the Revolution possible. Thanks to their special demand the US were founded as a strictly secular state endowed with citizens’ rights to disobey any religion, and not as a Protestant state which would normally have been the great majority’s wish. Lo, the only non-Christian religion that could really benefit from the presence of a secular state was Judaism because even Catholicism was definitely too identified with unfriendly forces to be welcome. Of course that initial Jewish power throve thanks to the slave economy first and foremost and they were remarkable for the fact that that religion and cultural group had practically no abolitionist within their ranks. That important chaper of US history had to be erased : after the civil war the Jews behaved exactly as in South Africa later : laying the whole blame on the white peasants, and pretending that their presence in America would start only with Ashkenazi immigration from Eastern Europe, a far more progressive and leftist one though not necessarily in the right direction.

    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
    , @anarchyst
  46. @Francis Miville

    I would go so far as to say that I suspect the Jews to be the largest Ethnic Group in America. I further suspect that Blacks are also undercounted.

  47. Katrinka says:

    Guaranteed there are more jews in the U.S. than in Israel. This is a huge problem.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  48. Katrinka says:
    @Brad Anbro

    I have lots of old TV western DVDs, including Gunsmoke.

  49. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    It gets worse…
    The “non-profit” Negro Felon League bills the American taxpayers for the military displays during its “sporting events”.
    There is no altruism or real concern for the military by the Negro Felon League. It’s all about the shekels.
    Everything is scripted. There is nothing given away for free…the taxpayers pay for it all.

  50. anarchyst says:
    @Francis Miville

    Under American federal law, it is prohibited for any government agency, even the Department of Commerce which runs the census, to categorize the jews. This is ensconced in federal law.
    Another lesser-known but valid concern is the mutilation of gentile male infants with circumcision (actually male genital mutilation) which further obscures the
    ability of jews to be identified and counted.
    If I had my way, male genital mutilation of male infants would be outlawed. If jews want to have it done, they can go to israel.

  51. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    The colors are actually “job identifiers” which immediately identify the job of the wearer. This is necessary on aircraft carriers, as operations on the flight deck are extremely dangerous. It is necessary to know where every person is at, at all times.
    The similarity to LGBTQXYZ mental illness may just be cohencidental.

  52. Trinity says:

    Israel was only created as an escape route for “Jews” who are guilty of heinous crimes against the goyim. These (((liars))) were so mistreated and faced so much oppression than what in the hell are (((they))) still doing here?? How can you tell if a “Jew” is lying? Every time you see his or her mouth moving.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  53. @Trinity

    Israel was only created as an escape route for “Jews” who are guilty of heinous crimes against the goyim.

    Things have changed. Jonathan Pollard didn’t need to escape to Israel.
    He was freed in the US by one president and allowed to travel freely to Israel by another.

    US is now such a Jewish gangster paradise that Jews can move back and forth between US and Israel and do whatever.

  54. Malla says:
    @Kim Jong Il

    that was a good timing

    Good timing for war and destruction.

    what is “shalom”?

    Peace. They Jews will give you the opposite of Shalom.

  55. Malla says:
    @Twin Ruler

    There was this video on Youtube about an American woman who grew up as Christian but it was later revealed to her of some heritage of Satanic rituals, performed under the Church!!! She later realised that she was Jewish and she claimed that a good chunk of the U.S. population might be Marranos.
    I am not sure if this is true but only Allah knows what is true.

  56. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    The problem is a lot of the ‘red pilling’ stuff are dispersed. It’s too much to ask young ones to find articles on Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, and etc.

    It is the duty of the parents to get all that red pilled stuff together.

    Something like the Communist Manifesto needs to take the red pill essentials and bring them all together in powerful prose.

    Good point.

  57. It’s “Plato’s cave” my dear,
    study it if you haven’t.
    If you take someone out of the black box,
    he will accuse you of lying to him.

  58. @Odyssey

    Uh oh, does that mean that fair Athena didn’t really send two great serpents to kill Laocoon and his sons for daring to warn the Trojans of the deception? Quidquid id est timeo Danaos et dona ferentes is how Virgil remembered what he said about untrustworthy Greeks bearing gifts – Danaans being a name for Hellenes used in the distant past. A variant of that name appears, tantalizingly, in the Hebrew Bible where it is applied to alien inferiors who had the temerity to settle in the Promised Land. Some think these were veterans of the Trojan War who chose not to return to their homeland.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  59. Odyssey says:

    A very interesting point of observation. I could talk about the origin of the name Danaos. By the way, neither ‘Helens’ nor ‘greek’ (nor ‘danaos’) are Greek words. It’s interesting about war veterans. Until now, I did not connect that with, for example, the arrival of the Philistines in the Promised Land, which happened at that time.

    A few years ago, the entire world press wrote about the discovery of King David’s castle (it was in the area of a closed military zone) that was given to him by their enemies the Philistines, where he found refuge. It is known that Goliath and Delilah were Philistines. Who were the Philistines?

    Archaeologists and geneticists say people from the (mainland) Balkans (no one mentioned the Greeks since they didn’t even live in the Balkans at that time). Who were these people from the Balkans?

    Since then, we have had silence from scientists, and I can suggest that some linguists start from the name of the above mentioned big guy and let them row backwards.
    Keep presenting us similar details time to time.

  60. Jung-Freud,

    E. Michael Jones has several quotes I’d like to hear your thoughts on even though you do not share this worldview: 1) The Jews became revolutionaries when they called for the crucifixion of the Logos Incarnate, and that has been the nucleus of their identity to the present day. 2) This should come as no surprise because as anyone who has read The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit can testify, all of human history is a Catholic-Jewish battle fought between the descendants of those Jews who accepted Jesus Christ as the Logos Incarnate and the Jews who crucified him and became revolutionaries in the process.

    My dad always had this question about why American society had such a high need to be entertained. My question for you in a similar vein is why are the Jews so completely able to control us? Why do Whites suck up to Jews? Why are we such brown nosers? Why are Whites so easily manipulated?

    Thank you for all you do.

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