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American 'Conservatism' Practices a Critical Race Theory of Its Own That Boils Down to Jewish Power Uber Alles — the Myth of Conservatism's Defense of Color-Blind Individualism
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The dirty secret of America is that ‘conservatives’ have a Critical Race Theory of their own: Philosemitism and Hypocritical-Cuckery or Hypocruckery. ‘Conservatives’ will say that, unlike the ‘left’, they are not obsessed with race and committed to seeing-and-treating people as individuals with agency and responsibility. So, the ‘left’ is all about Identity Politics(usually anti-white), whereas conservatism is about colorblind treatment of all peoples as individuals deserving of equal respect and protection.

But this is utter BS. ‘Conservatives’ don’t believe in equal treatment and dignity for all peoples, to be judged as individuals. No, they bleat about how Jews are so special in history, culture, values, ability, and etc. and therefore, Jews as an Entire Group are deserving of more respect, support, sympathy, praise, protection, favors, love, awe, and etc. Just ask any Palestinian or Syrian if American ‘conservatism’ is about colorblind treatment of all as equals.

In a way, ‘conservative’ version of Critical Race Theory(premised on Jews Uber Alles) is worse than the ‘leftist’ counterparts. Ironically, the so-called ‘leftist’ ones are actually more right-wing, i.e. they are based on tribal pride and empowerment. For blacks, CRT means more pride and power for blacks. For Jews, it means more pride and power for Jews(as if they don’t have enough). This can be said for other non-white groups as well. It’s about OUR interests vs YOUR interests(usually white-whatever).

In contrast, ‘conservative’ CRT is a wussy version of liberalism, or wiberalism. It’s about white people suppressing white pride and rejecting the concept of white power so as to meekly appeal to Jews, blacks, and nonwhites to adopt colorblind individualism. This might be viable IF Jews, blacks, and nonwhites showed any interest in adopting colorblindness for themselves, but there’s no such sign. Thus, it is utterly useless.

But it’s far worse. If, at the very least, ‘conservatives’ truly promoted colorblind individualism for all, they could in good faith argue that they are opposed to the dynamics of Critical Race Theory, i.e. they defend the rights and liberties of all individuals regardless of color than promote one group at the expense of others. But even this isn’t true given how American ‘conservatism’ favors and sucks up to Jewish Power uber alles. When have ‘conservatives’ been about colorblind equality between Arab-Americans and Jewish-Americans?

And in foreign policy, when has American ‘conservatism’ been about treating all nations with equal respect? No, the GOP foreign policy has been about defaming, demeaning, demonizing, alienating, and even invading/destroying other nations at the behest of Zionist Jewish Supremacists. If ‘leftist’ CRT is about Jews, blacks, and nonwhites propping up their own pride at the expense of others(especially whites), ‘rightist’ CRT is about whites suppressing their own power/pride and cheering on Jewish pride/power as the apex of Western Values, rather funny given that Jewish Power has been most effective in destroying whatever is left of Western Civilization.

So, if ‘conservatives’ claim to oppose Critical Race Theory on grounds that it favors certain groups at the expense of others and rejects dignity premised on colorblind individualism, they have failed miserably with their own words and actions that clearly favor Jews and Zion uber alles. Consider the cuck-governor Abbot of Texas. He claims to be for free speech and against Big Tech censorship, but he cucked to Zionists and waged war on GAB as an ‘antisemitic’ platform even though the site offers free speech to ALL groups. So, in other words, GAB is evil according to Abbot the ‘cuckservative’ because it offers free speech and equal time to both Jews/Zionists and Palestinians(and detractors of Jewish Power). According to American ‘conservatism’, free speech means JEWS GET TO SAY WHATEVER and those who dare to be critical must be silenced with Censchwarzship. And was Donald Trump any better? Even as Jews spat on him and smeared him with feces, all that the orange buffoon ever did was suck up to Jews and demean Palestinians.

And even on the Dissident Right, there is a tendency to name-drop prominent Jews in the hope that, gee whiz, maybe the superior race will see the light and join with whites. It’s all so pathetic the non-stop swooning of how such-and-such Jew is a Fellow Conservative or Fellow Patriot when most Jewish Conservatives are for Jews Uber Alles at the expense of whites. David Mamet is a good example. He claims to be a libertarian who sees the wrongness of statism, but he’s totally for the US using all its might for Jews Uber Alles and Zionism; and his kind of libertarianism is perfectly fine with Jews amassing tons of cash and using it for Jews Uber Alles. It’s all a con-game on his part. It is time to put to rest the dichotomy of capital vs the state because, in the current climate, both deep pockets and the deep state are little more than the two arms of Jewish Power.

Even though ‘conservatives’ are most obsessed with Jews Uber Alles, they also practice a form of CRT with blacks. A black ‘conservative’ is treated like royalty on the basis of the person’s race. What he says carries more weight simply because he’s black. Kanye West has been a sick moron all his life, but he was praised to high heaven by ‘conservatives’ for donning a MAGA hat… that is until he took the remarkable position by naming the Jewish Power, whereupon he overnight became persona non grata, an ‘uppity nigger’.

Video Link

Most ‘conservatives’ look the other way on the issue of black-on-white crime or black crime in general… unless it impacts Jews. Oh, Jewish Lives are so precious, and black violence must be condemned ONLY WHEN it hurts Jews. When blacks were attacking cities and rioting, Trump and Maga-tards were more likely to blame the white Antifa for most of the violence(as if innocent blacks were goaded to act badly by ‘leftist’ whites); it was just another variation of blaming bad black behavior on whites. If ‘leftist’ whites blame ‘racist’ whites, ‘rightist’ whites blame ‘leftist’ whites. Apparently, blacks have no agency to act bad on their own.

According to ‘conservatism’, it was an unforgivable sin for Americans to have discriminated against blacks, BUT it’s totally ‘conservative’ to support Zionist apartheid, Jim Crowitz, and mass brutality against Palestinians. It’s so obvious that ‘conservatives’ practice a group-identity politics when it comes to Jews. Even when ‘conservatives’ acknowledge that Zionists can act brutally, they justify such violence on grounds of History. So, Jews are not to be judged as individuals doing bad things to Palestinians but as a group whose tragic history justifies their harsh oppression of Palestinians and wanton destruction of Arab/Muslim nations(even though the Shoah was the doing of Germans, not the Arab-Semites and Persians). What’s the difference between such philosemitic logic and the justification for black mayhem? You see, it’s ‘muh history’. Blacks are right to riot and loot because of ‘muh history’, and Jews are given license to wreck and destroy entire nations(and ruin millions of lives) because of ‘muh history’.

Apparently, crushing Palestinian aspirations for nation liberation is justified by the Never Again cult. But did Palestinians run the Treblinka camps? The notion that the Holocaust Card gives Jews-as-a-group license to commit countless acts of violence against the world is hardly different from the logic at the core of Identity Politics. So, any ‘conservative’ who claims to oppose and denounce CRT should look in the mirror and abandon his own Philosemitic version of CRT that says Jews as a group should be allowed to run amok as they please because… ‘muh history’.

Financial de-regulation and national legalization of gambling have led to a massive Jewish looting operation. Insider Jews rig the game and rake in gazillions. And Jewish casino monopoly means goyim are turned into degenerate gamblers and hand over their hard-earned money to Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and others who used pressure to get Jewish crooks pardoned from jail. It’s no wonder Jews support BLM. Jews get to loot the economy from the top, and blacks get to loot the economy from the bottom. Jews use their loot to finance black looting, and Jewish Power rubs ‘white guilt’ in all this mess. The understanding between Jews and blacks is Jews will fund and defend black pillaging IF blacks used their demigod status to support Jews and Zionism, thus providing moral cover for what Jews do to Palestinians. “Gee, how can Zionism be bad when Jews are allied with the People of MLK?”

And of course, both are protected by ‘muh history’. We can’t denounce Jewish looting because it’d be ‘antisemitic’, and we can’t denounce black looting because it’d be ‘racist’. Jews are forever the holy holocaust people, and blacks are forever the sacred slavery people, as if genocide only happened to Jews and slavery only happened to blacks. But there it is, Jews have effectively monopolized genocide-sanctity and blacks have monopolized slavery-sanctity(with help from Jews, of course). So, whites are robbed from top and bottom, but what do white ‘conservatives’ have to offer? “Uh duh…. it’s the communists and the Chinese! We must protect rich capitalist Jews from socialists!” “Uh duh… white Antifa are making good decent patriotic blacks riots and loot.” “Uh duh, Joe Biden is an Anti-Semite because he might make a deal with Iran. Israel forever!” Ridiculous.

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  1. American Conservatism:

    1. Oppose any increase in the minimum wage (the floor of all wages).

    2. Decrease taxes on the wealthy (the real wealthy).

    3. Continue to bad-mouth Social Security (though be smart enough not to oppose it directly).

    4. Unlimited immigration (just bad mouth those coming on their own – they must be shackled to an employer).

    5. Find magic “minorities” like footballer Herschel Walker to front them.

    6. Give out cryptic “dog whistles” about “those people” without any action about it at all.

    7. Oppose abortion until they need it (hint: Herschel Walker).

    8. Giggle like third rate actor Ronald Reagan at opposing views.

    9. EMBRACE any and all wars.

    10. Enlist untalented celebrities like Arnold “Roids” Schwarzenegger and “Dr.” Oz.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  2. American Conservatism=The National Review=The Homosexual Pederast Review=Ronnie Reagan’s Whitehouse….

  3. anon[198] • Disclaimer says:

    I came here prepared to criticize excessive verbiage, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this writer is capable to sticking to a coherent thesis and getting his point across in less than 2000 words. This is an improvement over previous columns under the same byline.

    • Thanks: Fidelios Automata
  4. Kanye is 100% right. I am really sick of pious, sanctimonious Jews telling us what we can and cannot do. I have no problem with those who leave me the hell alone (the so-called “self-hating” Jews.) If that makes me an anti-Semite, so be it.

  5. Excellent article–in fact, instant classic–by Jung-Freud.

  6. ATBOTL says:

    Everyone who reads the Unz Review should spend some time on It used to be the biggest conservative website. It’s full of elderly white protestant evangelicals, mostly from the deep south and rural areas, who love jews and who are christian zionists. These kinds of elderly white boomers just LOVE jews, they treat jews like a mascot who they can cheer for. The attitude is like “jews are OUR pet minority, since the ‘libruls’ have the blacks.” They are proud to be Israel First and often cite Dispensationalist “End Times” zionist-theology when discussing any issue having to do with foreign policy. For example, they support destroying Russia because Russia is “anti-semitic.”

    There is a huge block of older white evangelicals who are hardcore and deeply committed philo-semites and jewish supremacists. Many of these people have heard white nationalist ideas and explicitly reject them. They often had relatives when they were young who were white nationalists or were exposed to WN material over the years and they don’t agree with us about anything. They are passionaately committed to multi-racialism. They are passionately opposed to white ethnocentrism. What’s so strange is that they are in their 70’s and 80’s now and still think this way.

  7. These kinds of elderly white boomers just LOVE jews, they treat jews like a mascot who they can cheer for.

    More like they are the mascots of the Jews.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  8. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    In the late 1800’s – early 1900’s, Protestant groups were infiltrated by two insidious schisms. The first was what we refer to today by the oxymoron “Christian Zionism”.
    This was a subterfuge by the zionist Jews including Harold Untermeyer who put up the convicted embezzler Cyrus Scofield with his “notes” to the King James Version of the Bible in which they reached back to the unscriptural dispensational nonsense of Charles Darby and by twisting the scriptures for people that don’t bother to read it for themselves, the heresy of “israel and the rapture” was invented to lay the ground work for this crypto-jewish fraud that has pumped millions of dollars and votes into the khazar jew scam.
    Since the jews control the media and have lots of money to buy off crooked gentiles, this religious scam is now wide spread having really got going with the religious con-man Jerry Falwell who was bought off just like jewmerica’s politicians. T.V. “evangelism” are full of these shills including Pat Robertson, and fat pig John Hagee with his mega church for israel.

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