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“I’m practically crying, and I haven’t even read it.”Trudi Fraser

It’s almost as if Terry Gilliam believes ignorance is knowledge, or a kind of creative strength. While directing BRAZIL, he insisted on not having read George Orwell’s 1984 and only having heard of it. So, the movie is essentially Gilliam going off tangents on his impression of 1984’s basic concept(from hearsay, articles, movies, etc). Though critics were divided, it had its share of defenders, even being voted Best Film of the Year by Los Angeles Film Critics(though Gilliam enthusiasts dwindled with every new film with the exception of FISHER KING). Gilliam-ism is essentially a pop culture phenom sown with misconceived understanding of Art Cinema — he foolishly drew inspiration from Federico Fellini’s post-8 ½ films, the ones of increasing self-indulgence and blind megalomania — and unjustified self-aggrandizement(as he foolishly follows in the footsteps of giants, each of which could fill a thousand Gilliams; he is to Welles what the dwarfs are to ‘god’ in TIME BANDITS). The sheer discrepancy between his abilities and aspirations has rendered most of his projects moot as film art. It’s too bad because, with a more honest assessment of talent and limitations, he could have been a pretty good director. But then, Gilliam wouldn’t be Gilliam without the over-reaching. As with Ken Russell, he built his reputation of a ‘visionary’ for whom enough is never enough.

Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis in Terry Gilliam’s dreadfully over-reaching TWELVE MONKEYS

Gilliam is worth mentioning in relation to Quentin Tarantino whose imagination also happens to be tangential than integrally linked to the sources of his inspiration. Though stacked with encyclopedic knowledge of cinema and pop culture, his interest seems less that of a pedant than a peddler. He’s essentially a salesman or con-man than an artist; what matters is the deal than what is real. It’s about pulling a fast one, bamboozling the audience with just enough charm and bluff to make the sale. It’s been said a salesman is really selling himself, and this explains why Tarantino’s personality is essential to the success of his movies. He’s as much selling his brand as his movies. He lives the Glengarry-Glen-Ross lifestyle.

In the Sixties, Andrew Sarris and like-minded critics argued(persuasively) that the best of American Hollywood cinema was just as worthy of serious consideration as Art Cinema of Europe, Japan, and elsewhere. (Pauline Kael generally refrained from invoking ‘art’ to defend American Cinema that, in her eyes, required no justification other than their power as pop-mythology, with the added attraction of directness over obscurantism or pretension.) With Tarantino, the aesthetic logic works differently than with Sarris or even Kael. It’s one thing to recognize artistic worth in popular entertainment, which, after all, attracted countless first-rate talents over the years in music, theater, and cinema but quite another to wax obsessively about works that are obviously trash. It’s hard to imagine Andrew Sarris or Pauline Kael getting all excited about SWITCH BLADE SISTERS or exclaiming the ugly-demented Japanese movie BATTLE ROYALE as the best movie of the 1990s. At most, they might be intrigued by such features as socio-cultural phenomenon, as Kael was of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s TOPO, a work she detested on moral and aesthetic terms.

But then, the contrast illustrates the difference between critical acumen and creative attitude. The role of critics is to discriminate and evaluate, divide wheat from chaff. A critic may find something of worth even in a ‘bad’ movie, but he must seek what is good by standards higher than personal appeal. In contrast, creativity springs from inspiration, which can be drawn from just about anything — many artists were sparked by what, to most people, would seem trivial or nonsensical; the artistic eye sees more potential than the average eye, just like a musical talent can pick up few random notes as the basis for amazing variations. The problem with Tarantino is he’s developed both critical and creative outlooks, thereby conflating what inspires him with artistic value. Martin Scorsese shares the predilection though not to the same degree as Tarantino’s junk-addiction. Still, despite eccentricities of taste, the critical side of Scorsese has been sufficiently discerning in favor of works of historical significance and artistic & moral value. In contrast, Quentin Tarantino is a textbook case that there’s no accounting for taste. Tarantino is no dummy and has even exhibited brilliance in his works, but his sensibility is essentially trashy. His Japanese counterpart would be the vile and disgusting Takashi Miike who, like Tarantino, is not without talent but certainly without a soul. Except for his stunning debut RESERVOIR DOGS, his works have been devoid of value despite all the fashionable ‘hipsterics’ and loudmouthed preaching(especially by Samuel L. Jackson); of course, plenty of critics will disagree, especially in regards to PULP FICTION that many consider to be an all-time masterpiece — PULP FICTION generated tons of discussion, not least because its release coincided with rise of internet movie culture, but it was more about trivia than anything resembling truth. Both Tarantino and Kurt Cobain were major cultural icons in the 1990s, and in a way, BOTH blew their brains out. Cobain literally and Tarantino figuratively soon after his first feature that showed great promise that fail to materialize. At least, Fellini began to waste his talent after making several great films culminating in the incredible 8 ½. As for Gilliam, he never had much talent to waste in the first place and made a mess of his career by over-estimating his abilities.


Video Link

Some time ago, Vladimir Putin delivered an important speech to the Russian nation(though ignored by the Jewish-ruled West as expected) while the US Congresswoman Rashid Tlaid ruffled some feathers by appealing to the supposedly progressive wing of the Democratic Party, i.e. its values stand at odds with Israeli Apartheid. More than in previous speeches, Putin went further to detail Russia’s conflict with the Collective West(which should be called Schwest as it’s Jewish-supremacist-dominated), all but concluding that Russia can no longer hope to negotiate or compromise with what is now an Anti-Civilization given to Satanism; and Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American voice in the national government, went further than any US politician, Republican, Democratic, or Independent, in exposing the hypocrisy of American Politics, especially Democratic, that spouts forth about equal justice and ‘anti-racism’ while turning a blind eye to what is nakedly Jewish-Supremacist tyranny in Israel and West Bank, formerly Palestine. (Plenty of fellow Democrats piled on her for ‘antisemitism’; they framed her criticism as denying the right of Israel to exist without ever noting that the Zionist Colonization erased Palestine off the map, i.e. the existence of Israel rests on the eradication of Palestine. Apparently, while Israel has some God-given right to exist, Palestine doesn’t. Jews have often and willfully misquoted the Iranian government as having threatened to wipe Israel off the map, but it was the Zionists who erased Palestine with the full backing of the US. Just when Jewish Americans were doing their utmost to end racial discrimination in the US in the 50s and 60s, they were doing most to ensure that White America support the Zionist imperialist and colonization project against Palestinians and other Arabs. Intentionally or not, Jewish virtue-signaling on the one served to mask their vice-indulging on the other. Given the current Jewish globalist agenda, it appears Jews weren’t merely content with easing or ending racial discrimination in the US but pushing what amounts to White Nakba for Anglosphere and Europe. It wasn’t enough that white racial privileges ended in the US and the West in general; rather, whites are compelled to welcome the Great Replacement by nonwhites just like Palestinians were bamboozled into accepting continuous waves of Jewish immigration, sadly with the collaboration of Palestinian landowner elites who had much to gain financially from the back-dealing. Just like white elites will happily stab white masses in the back to get ‘what is mine’, Palestinian land-owners did much the same, selling large tracts to Jewish colonists with no consideration for the Arab masses. But then, it’s much worse in the current West because so many white people themselves have been mentally colonized to welcome and celebrate their own replacement; at the very least, the Palestinian people knew that endless Jewish Immigration was going to be disastrous. Not many ordinary Arabs were holding up signs saying “Welcome Jewish Migrants” or speechifying about how it is good and necessary that Arabs be reduced to a minority in Palestine.)

Putin’s speech was the most ‘epic’ he ever gave. Prior to the Ukraine War(which is really a Judeo-Russo War), the Russians had always been accommodating and conciliatory, addressing Americans and Europeans as ‘our partners’ or ‘friends’. And even when Putin spoke of the need for national sovereignty and the end of Western Aggression(especially in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia), he discussed the issue as a matter of diplomacy. He characterized the West as misguided or delusional, not evil, demented, and satanic. In contrast, Putin’s latest declaration was more ominous-sounding than Ronald Reagan’s denunciation of the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire. If Reagan, a clueless politician without clear understanding of anything, was just reading from the Cold War script, Putin’s speech exposed some dark and discomfiting truths about the current state of the world, something other national leaders share as well but dared not say(out of fear of the Jewish-run US). Previously, even Russia had sidestepped the evil trajectory of the West, preferring negotiation and compromise over war, hot and cold. But any real negotiation was impossible since 2014 when the Schwest pulled off the Maidan Coup and even recruited Sub-Nazi lunatics, much like how Israel coordinates with Alqaeda remnants to torment Syria to no end. With the Schwest using Ukraine as a giant dildo to peg Russia in the arse, Putin understood it was time to finally throw down the gauntlet and spell out what is really what.

He came close but, alas, failed to mention the most important factor, which is Jewish Supremacism. Jews go Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia, but Russia, even at this crucial juncture, dare not say ‘Jew’ even once. It shows that Jewish Power isn’t only about control of finance and military but about souls. The West, including key elements in Russia, is so taken with the myth of Jewish Holiness(much of it associated with Shoah Narrative) that, even at this time of ‘existential’ crisis, Putin and other prominent Russians fear the backlash from naming the Jewish Power.

In the current West, most whites dare not struggle for white identity, interests, and independence, but many are willing to fight to the death over Jewish pride and power. It’s like what Nancy Pelosi said: Even if Congress burns down to the ground, the US will be there for Israel and Jews. (GOP’s message seems to be even more pitiful, i.e. even if Jews urinate and take a big dump on so-called conservatives, the latter will play dog and horse for Jewish Power.) In 2020, the Jewish-controlled US government hailed the BLM and Antifa mobs to burn and loot the D.C. area to flatter black rage narcissism and to belittle Donald ‘Cuck’ Trump. Then, it’s hardly surprising that the White West won’t fight for the White West but go into total war mode, even nuclear Armageddon mode, for the Jews, its master.


Video Link

On some level, Putin seems to understand this. Relations have utterly deteriorated between the West and Russia, and it’s about time Russia regarded the West as an implacable enemy(at least as long as Jews control it). If Jewish Power isn’t named, Jews will go on using the West to torment Russia. But if Jewish Power is named, Jews may go into full panic mode and engineer a total war, even World War III, against Russia, lest white people do indeed mull over the idea that Jews do indeed control the West. While the Russian rebuke of Europeans and the Collective West may upset some whites, the mostly cucky-wuck whites, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, can’t get very worked up about such things as they’ve been mentally colonized to believe that Western Whites aren’t deserving of pride and glory to begin with. After all, bashing the West has become a daily ritual in the West itself. In the UK, statues of historical figures have been torn down by blacks and cucky whites alike. In the American South, Jews order cuck politicians to order Southern White Men to bring down Confederate statues, and there is hardly any murmur of resistance, let alone show of action, among white Southerners.


Michael Lind: “Another answer is that members of the establishment are almost all nominalists. That is to say, if they give something a name, it takes on real existence in their minds. The Afghan National Army offers a perfect example. Because we called it an army, gave it lots of American money, equipment and training, and knew its order of battle, it was an army. But it wasn’t.”

‘Democracy’ is a word game in our political culture of nominalism, or judging things by name or brand than what it really is.

Fascist Theory of Power is true. All things of power turn ‘fascist’. Ideology gives into the true dynamics of power, and the winners(or at least survivors) subscribe to all or most of the pillars of power-essentialism.

Jews used to be socialist, anarchist, communist, liberal, libertarian, or etc. Today, Jews are overwhelmingly tribal. They are now focused on power, not principles. Of course, they tirelessly invoke principles but only to twist and bend them to the needs of power, not the other way around. Fascist theorists understood this nature of power and human nature. In time, all things, at least those with the will and wherewithal to survive and gain in strength, turn fascist. A movement can start from the right or the left, but the end result for survivors and winners is the intersection where fascist truths converge. It’s been said fascism was defeated in WWII, but only a kind of fascism met such fate. What we’ve seen since is the rise of new fascisms but guised as something other. Indeed, all post-WWII fascisms have postured as ‘anti-fascist’. Even fascists hate the label because it’s too candid and forthright about the nature of power. Just like people wear clothes to conceal their nakedness, most forms of power cloak themselves with rhetoric about ‘higher principles’, ‘freedom’, ‘social justice’, or ‘the people’. Indeed, even Italian Fascists and National Socialists did this with their overripe reliance on myths and cult of personality. It was to hide the essentially gangster nature of those in power who, far from embodying the noblest qualities of their civilizations, gained position by a good measure of cunning opportunism and backroom compromises.

Supposedly, the end of the Cold War was also the End of History, with liberal democratism and free markets triumphant all over the world. But Francis Fukuyama got it all wrong. The passing of the Ideological Age didn’t lead to the rise of the Individual Age but to the Globo-Tribal Age, one where a group(Jews) that refused to abandon its tribal identity &power urged upon all others to do just that. Following WWII, the ideal had been universal nationalism or universal tribalism: Each nation would embrace nationalism but against imperialism as a violator of national independence. Indeed, both the US empire and Soviet empire during the Cold War justified their hegemony as the guarantor of nationalism against the imperialism of the other side, e.g. USSR supported Cuban and Vietnamese nationalism against American Imperialism, and the US supported Polish and Hungarian nationalism against Soviet Imperialism.

But following the end of the Cold War, the new mantra wasn’t nationalism-for-all but one-world globalism, or the (not-so)gradual erasure of all nationalism to bring about a New World Order with US as the lone superpower guaranteeing freedom of individuals and markets all over the world. According to Fukuyama, the future was about universal individualism for all nations under the protective power of the US as the great post-national empire, one that used its might not to dominate and exploit others but to emancipate them and open them to opportunities.

Whatever one thinks of this idea, pro or con, the people who gained dominance in the West had other ideas. While Jews pushed deracinated globalist individualism to everyone around the world, they themselves stuck to Jewish supremacist tribal-nationalist-imperialism. Thus, the New World Order was really Jew World Order, with one set of rules for most of the world and another set of rules for the Jews. This contradiction has perhaps been best exemplified by the diabolical figure of George Soros.
Jewish aim wasn’t to simply join the global humanity but to rule as the master race over the rest. Notice Jewish Power has been about mass migration for all nations but NOT for Israel. Jews insist on white deracination but demand that whites praise and champion Jewish Power and Zionism.

As such, the agenda of universal individualist-globalism was deeply marred(and even doomed) because its most fervent proponents, the Jews, refused to apply it to themselves. It’s like the Sacklers pushing opioid junk on goyim. As far as Jews were concerned, globo-individualism was for goy suckers, not for themselves. It was to weaken goyim and bring about their dissipation into atomized individuals, all the while Jews would empower their networks and embolden their identity. (True, many Jews intermarry with goyim, but the children are raised as Jews, just like black-white pairings lead to ‘black’ kids. In any race-mixing, one race gains dominance over the other. It’s like all those mestizos are labeled as Latino, a European-derived identity.)

So, the New World Order after the Cold War was a two-faced beast. On the one hand, as Fukuyama pontificated, it was about the spread of post-ideological and post-national global-universalism of individualism, free trade, and rule of law. (Rule of Law is problematic in a world where a tiny cabal uses its legal and financial dominance to rewrite any set of laws. While goyim are expected to obey the laws, Jews get to rewrite them as they please. Rule of Law used to mean defense of free speech as a Western principle, but with Jewish rewriting of laws, it now means the police can arrest you for speaking truth to Jewish power, Homo idolatry, or Black thuggery. Worse, Rule of Law is useless when Jewish-controlled US, as the lone superpower, does as it pleases around the world. US is illegally occupying the oil-rich parts of Syria but gets away with it. So much for Rule of Law.)

Now, post-national globo-individualism is anathema to many on the Right(and some on the Left who oppose capitalism), but it was doomed to create havoc because of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy. Perhaps, the globalist agenda would have panned out better in Russia had Jewish advisers been more principled and dedicated to fairness and justice. Instead, Jews exploited the opportunity to rape Russia… which turned most Russians against globalism. And in the US, Jewish Power grew ever greedier. Via ethically dubious machinations of finance and big tech, Jews got richer and richer. By suppressing BDS, Jews created a system where Jews can call for boycott of any political group or any Muslim nation but no one can call for boycotts against Jews and Zionism. Jews in power get to decide what is ‘terrorism’. When Israel does it or supports it, it’s never called ‘terrorism’, but false-flag events in Syria, of which Assad isn’t guilty, are labeled as such. Even non-existent crimes of Assad are deemed ‘terrorist’ by US State Department and Jewish-controlled mass media, whereas Israel’s endless terror-bombings of Syria and its support of ISIS goons never are.

But if the GOP wants to survive, it better figure out Realpolitik real fast. A key point: Making the Democrats the black party requires understanding how much Hispanics disdain and in some cases dislike blacks, and why remaining in the party does not serve Hispanic interests.
The Democrat coalition is a hodgepodge of loud, non-white, sometimes sexually-deviant sub-groups with conflicting interests. Try getting Aztlan irredentists, black nationalists, homosexual activists, Islamic grievance hustlers, and leftist Jews in one room.

Democratic Party is the Jewish Party. It’s about ultra-right Jews larping as ‘leftists’. It is also the white-elite-party that makes it so formidable. Majority of Democratic voters are still whites, the bulk of the most educated and well-connected.

In truth, only Jews, blacks, and homos matter in the American Political Drama. Crumbs are thrown at Muslims, but they got zero power, and most Americans don’t like them(even true of blues state folks). Browns are numerous but hopeless. Look at Latin America. After several centuries, white minorities still rule over mostly passive brown folks. Most browns are Tacoans, not Aztlanists. In other words, they live for taco and cerveza y limon, not the strong brew of contentious politics. Even the crime problem in Mexico is the product of most browns being tacoan beaners. They are nice people and don’t stand up to drug cartels and the like. They keep their heads low.

Americans love winners, and that’s why only Jews(winners of brain power), blacks(winners of sports & pop music), and homos(winners of fashion & style) matter. Yellows do well in school but are ‘lame’ and don’t count in identity-idolatry. Hindus seem to count more but they are mainly useful as collaborators. Under British Rule, Hindus became adept at working with the West. Sure, Indians eventually gained independence but PEACEFULLY and by adopting Western ‘values’. It also became the “world’s biggest democracy”, which goes to show how culturally servile to Anglosphere it became.

We must never underestimate the one huge advantage for the Democrats. Most white elites are Democrats, and they either control or manage all the elite institutions. This matters big time because it’s the Deep State that constitutes the permanent government. In the stupid movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD, Matt Damon’s CIA character says his WASP folks own the US and the rest of Americans are mere guests. Deep State thinking is the same. Its members are the permanent rulers, and the politicians are mere guests. Politicians come and go, but the deep state remains.

So, while politicians rely on the votes of the hoi polloi every 2, 4, or 6 yrs, once ensconced in office their chief roles are focused on appeasing big donors and the deep state. This is why the GOP is utterly useless even when they got majority hold of Congress and the presidency. In their day to day operations, all politicians must deal with the institutions of power and industries with big money. They reach out to their constituents only during election seasons, if that(as most don’t even do that), and spend of their time at the feet of Big Money and Big Government. They know the best assurance for re-election is appeasing big donors and assenting to the Deep State.

The real problem with the GOP is not elections but its total absence in the Deep State. Washington DC institutions are 95% Democratic. So, even if GOP were to win ALL the seats in Congress and have the presidency, they must deal with entrenched institutions that are wholly Democrat-controlled.
Government is a fish tank. So, Republicans lose even when they win. Imagine if politics were about land animals versus aquatic animals, BUT the government is situated in the water. Thus, wateriness always prevails. So, even when land animals win the majority of seats, they struggle to remain barely afloat in the domain of dolphins, turtles, sharks, and fishes. How can you drain the tank(or the swamp) when all the levers of power are held by the water creatures?

Now, does that mean the institutions are progressive and into social justice because they’re all Democratic? No, that’s just a ruse. The Deep State is about power for power’s sake, and it’s currently controlled by Jews who got the most money, select the puppets & whores, and control the gods(the sacred symbols & narratives of society).

Pedro Alvarado focuses on the rift between brown voters and black voters, but that’s about the powerless rabble on the bottom. It ignores the white ‘liberals’ at the top in the institutions working with and for Jews. Even if more browns vote GOP and send more Republicans to Washington D.C., the latter will just end up doing the bidding of the Deep State that serves Jewish Supremacism. Look at the likes of Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Youngkin, and so many others.And let’s stop pretending Democrats are Jewish Leftists. Just ask the Palestinians how the Jews really care about ‘social justice’. The likes of Chuck Schumer are closer to Netanyahu and do everything to suppress BDS. Most of Jewish ‘Leftism’ is just a masquerade. It’s Jewish ultra-rightist supremacism laundered as ‘progressive’. That said, there are genuine Jewish Leftists like Max Blumenthal. Like them or not, there is a certain consistency in their principled stance. But with most Jewish Democrats? Forget about it.

What to do about blacks? Bolsheviks had the Cheka, later replaced by OGPU that morphed into the KGB. A movie was made about Chekists:

The main driver of ‘wokeness’ isn’t ideology but idolatry and of what? Jews control ‘wokeness’ and mainly use the idolatries of globo-homo and BLM. During the Obama yrs, globo-homo was most prominent. Jews didn’t worry about black loyalty then because having Obama assured virtually all black votes for the Democrats.

But after Obama, blacks were less enthralled of the Party because, looking back on the 8 yrs under Obama, Jews and homos got most of the goodies(and immigrants gained a lot) while blacks got little but symbolism. No wonder Donald Trump increased his share of black vote. Not by much but every vote counts in some blue states. Also, in the 2016 election, many blacks in Michigan didn’t vote at all.

So, in the final yrs of Trump’s presidency, Jews decided to go big on BLM or black idolatry. Thus, politics since then has been stoking black ego and erecting monuments to blackity blackness, like George Floyd statues, ROTFL. It even led to de facto human sacrifice in riots(as offerings to angry black gods) and the bogus trial of Derek Chauvin who most certainly did not kill Floyd, the fentanyl junkie.

Anyway, if early Soviet Union was terrorized by the Cheka or Chekists, one could say the current order is tyrannized by Blacka(or Bleka) and its Blackists(or Blekists). This is what it should be called. Blackism or Blekism(to play a word game on Chekism). And it is of course a reign of terror because it goes against truth and common sense. The obvious lie can be enforced only with threat and violence.


Proper terminology is of the essence. Indeed, many dissidents on our side have long argued that the Enemy willfully, stupidly, or just dishonestly uses false labels to smear the opposition. So, whites opting out of the globalist program are smeared as ‘white supremacists’. Nowadays, if you mock Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman’s X-mas offal, you’re a ‘white supremacist’. Parents who criticize CRT are ‘white supremacists’. Those who demand more investigation into the 2020 election are ‘white supremacists’. Whites who are okay being white are ‘white supremacists’. Dissidents on our side are rightfully angry that they are smeared with false terminology and slanderous labels. It’s like brand-hoaxing, but then, we live in a world where trannies are labeled as ‘women’ as if gender-confused maladies are a badge of pride.

If the great lie of the Jewish globalist cabal is to smear anything pro-white as ‘white supremacist’, the great lie of White Advocates & Dissident Rightists(and conservatives in general) is to use the ‘left’ label on their persecutors. The Jewish-led Cabal is no more ‘leftist’ than pro-white groups are ‘white supremacist’. (There is a small faction of genuine white supremacists but half of them happen to be recalcitrant neo-nazi and the other half are Feds.) Both sides dare not name it as it really is. Jewish Power(that is behind all this ‘woke’ garbage) and the Right spectrum are both incapable of seeing it like it is or saying it like it is.

It’s far worse for the Right because, whereas the Jewish Lie is to pinpoint and vastly exaggerate the White Politics of the Right, the White Lie(that employs the ‘leftist’ label as all-inclusive epithet) is to give cover to the identity of their main enemy. Imagine Bob and Billy are at loggerheads. Bob goes out of his way to name BILLY as the baddie and says “BAD BILLY is an a**hole”, “BAD BILLY is a shi*head”, “BAD BILLY is a psycho”, and etc. Bob calls Billy “Bad Billy” and associates Billy with all that is bad.
But, what does Billy do? Instead of calling out on Bob, let alone Bad Bob, he blames all of Bob’s nastiness on “Mr. Negativity”. So, Bob is never mentioned by name. All his nasty antics isn’t associated with his personage. Rather, they’re blamed on some vague generality called “Mr. Negativity”. Anyone listening to this debate would think, “Maybe Billy really is Bad Billy and responsible for all those awful things. And, if Billy is right, Negativity must be to blame for the other problems.” In this war of words, Billy is named but Bob isn’t. No matter how often Bob associates Billy with Bad Stuff, Billy never names Bob and blames Bob’s bad stuff on some vague ‘negativity’. Guess who’s going to win?

Even though both the ‘white supremacist’ and ‘leftist’ labels are misleading or downright falsehoods, the key difference is, whereas pro-white people feel the sting of being called ‘white supremacist’, Jews and globalist elite cucks love being called the ‘left’. It is precisely what they want. Imagine having all the power, privilege, connections, and advantages but being associated with radical egalitarianism. ROTFL. Imagine being George Soros and being called a ‘leftist’. Imagine being Michael Bloomberg or the Google Billionaires or some Zionist Jewish tycoon and being called a ‘leftist’ because one supports the smoke-and-mirrors false ‘leftism’ of gender-pronoun nuttery that is really the product of capitalist decadence and globo-homo neo-aristocratism.

While Jewish Power isn’t only naming but DEFAMING whiteness by associating anything pro-white or race-neutral as ‘white supremacist’, those on the Right Spectrum dare not name the real power behind the anti-white lunacy(either due to craven fear of Jewish Power or the internalization of the notion that ANY anti-Jewish criticism is tantamount to naziesque ‘antisemitism’). According to Jewish-controlled ‘wokeness’, even ‘progressive’ whites are ‘white supremacist’. Now, this much reviled ‘whiteness’ really applies to Northern European(and pale-faced)whiteness, not to Latin whiteness. You’d think given the Latin/Hispanic lead in the conquest of the New World, the slave trade, and various ‘genocides’, Latin-American whites would especially get it in the neck from ‘wokeness’, but they’re relatively spared because they are useful allies against ‘gringos’, the real prize white horse on which Jewish Power sits astride. After all, if Jews had moved only to Latin America, would they be masters of the world? No, Jewish supremacism needed to harness the ability and competence of Anglo-Germanic whiteness.

‘Wokery’ says all (pale)whites are ‘white supremacist’, but the dividing line is between those who profess their sins vs those who refuse to repent. In other words, it shares the same moral-spiritual dynamics of Christianity that says ALL humans are sinners and must rely on Jesus for salvation. Thus, Christianity isn’t about the sinless vs the sinful but about the repentant sinful vs the unrepentant sinful. The repentant sinful feel more virtuous because they confess their sins and admit to the wickedness within their hearts, and this fills them with righteous fury toward those who reject the notion of sin and refuse to self-flagellate themselves. ‘Wokristianity’ says all whites are stained with the sin of ‘white supremacism’ because of history(though some even claim it’s ingrained in lame whitebread genetics, thereby the only way out is through ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs that makes white women give birth to sacred black babies, a kind of baptism of the white body with black semen, which seems to be the point of madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video).

‘Wokery’ insists that even the most proggy do-goody whites are ‘white supremacist’ either subconsciously or by habit, legacy, or social privileges. Thus, it’s not a matter of ‘white supremacism’ vs ‘white egalitarianism’ but between repentant ‘white supremacists’ who tirelessly purge their wicked hearts of this white ‘sin’ and ‘white supremacists’ who either revel in their supremacy or deny that they are supremacist even though they’re beneficiaries of ‘systemic racism’. This is why ‘woke’ whites are especially nutty. It’s not just a case of tribalism of us-vs-them but the righteous pride of spiritual atonement. What made Christian piety so insufferable is also what makes ‘wokeness’ so hard to stomach. It’s about people claiming, “I’m so much better than you because I atone and admit how totally shitty I am.” Self-abasement as stepping stone to self-aggrandizement.


Small may be beautiful, but big is powerful. Dog beats a cat, bear beats a wolf, lion beats a leopard, and elephant beats a rhino. And a heavyweight boxer beats a welterweight boxer. Of course, on a pound-for-pound basis, the smaller may be tougher. A cat the size of a dog would destroy the latter instantly. Also, quantity isn’t necessarily quality. Some countries are huge but lacking in fertile soil and/or natural resources. Some countries have large populations but without much discernible aptitude for wealth creation and social organization. And in the world of sports, Jamaica alone produces faster sprinters than China, India, and the White West combined. Arabs and Muslims far outnumber Jews in Israel and possess far more territory and resources but haven’t made much of their advantages. Brazil is a gigantic country with tons of resources but hasn’t lived up to its potential due to its lackluster Latin leadership, diversity & division, and, worst of all, a very large black population(who are equally good at soccer and crime).

That said, World History from the 18th century to the 20th century seemed ‘unnatural’ or imbalanced, in large part due to the rise of certain key nations in the West, especially France, England, and Germany. Spain and Portugal gained a head start in the discovery and exploitation of the New World, but their subsequent fates cohered with the ‘natural’ logic of History, just another chapter in the cycles of rises and declines/falls from the dawn of civilization. It seemed only ‘right’ that such limited kingdoms couldn’t effectively rule over such vast territories across the seas for long. Also, the maddening diversity of Latin America seemed fated for conflict and confusion, a world of wariness and mutual distrust leading to apathy and enervation than unity and morale.

In contrast, Britain, France, and later Germany went from strength to strength, and it was almost as if they’d arrived at the secret formula of eternal greatness, an overcoming of the historical cycle of rises and falls. The supposition held even in the 20th century following the calamitous double whammies of World War I and World War II, after which Europe rebounded quickly and provided living standards superior to any previous period. Even after wholesale destruction of cities and the death of millions, it was as if the Modern West would only move forward and onward. And certain non-Western nations proved adept at emulating the West; Japan was the prime example, rapidly rebuilding following the Pacific War, possibly the biggest calamity in Japanese history.

Just like economists in their search to break free of boom-bust cycles, it was as if the West had been seeking, if only subconsciously, to transcend or at least bypass the Iron Law of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations. The West certainly stumbled upon something because, not only did it avert the declines but kept rising higher and faster even after momentous setbacks, thought at the moment to be the death knell of civilization.
While the West came upon this formula(that broke free from History to make History), the Rest seemed dazed and confused, unable to make heads or tails of the profound changes emanating from the West and utterly clueless as to how to respond to them. China was typical in ignoring the problem and hoping it would just go away. Civilizations that were so accustomed to the rise-and-fall model of history perhaps thought that the West, despite all its dizzying successes, would sooner or later succumb to the historical logic and decline, like all the kingdoms, dynasties, and/or empires. But what happened to Spain and Portugal(and to Greece and Rome long before them) didn’t happen to certain key powers in the West. Also, unlike Spain and Portugal that failed to create viable world powers in Latin America, the Anglos who founded and settled North America laid the foundations of what would become the greatest power the world had ever seen.

If far-seeing space aliens had visited Earth around 1500 A.D., they would likely have bet the future on the consolidation of several great powers: China, Indo-sphere, Russia, Europe, and whoever comes to dominate the Americas, especially North America. China then was obviously a great civilization with deep history, rich culture, lots of talent, and large land mass with considerable resources. Indo-sphere, though to coalesce into a modern ‘nation-state’ only under and via independence from the British Empire, was also well-populated with peoples who made key contributions to the world, not least in spirituality. Russia would have seemed backward then, but the potential was tremendous. Europe, by which we mean Western and Central regions, was a special case.


Discussions of black racial problems overlook the most crucial factor. Blacks don’t just lag but drag, as in dragging society down to the ground. If the problem was simply a matter of lag, the problem would be far less dire. Blacks would simply trail other groups in achievement and productivity. Or, if blacks failed miserably but in their own manner and space, that too would be tolerable. After all, the social failures of American Indians and Australian Aborigines(or the issues of alcoholism related to Eskimos) are hardly threats to civilization and order. They are depressing and even self-destructive but not particularly destructive to others. The harm is implosive than explosive. In contrast, blacks don’t just lag but drag and drag everyone and everything down with them. The recently arrived black African immigrants in Australia have caused far more harm than the native Aborigines who remain below but don’t blow up society.

This is why the issue of Reparations fails to address the most important problem. Now, suppose blacks were doing their share to catch up but remained behind due to past disadvantages. Under such scenario, offering aid to blacks might go some ways to help them catch up more. It wouldn’t be money wasted.

However, in the current reality most blacks not only make NO EFFORT to improve their lot but go out of their way to waste everything provided for them, with zero understanding/appreciation of where the goods and services come from. Consider the amount of money spent on educating blacks. What do black kids do when bestowed with such advantages denied to most children around the world, especially in Black Africa? They act like apes and baboons in schools, which might as well be called zoochools.

Suppose a child is shorter than another child because he was fed less. So, while he’s still growing, it might make sense to offer him extra food and nutrients so he could grow up faster and catch up with other kids. This would be a case of lag. However, suppose the shorter kid is given food and vitamins to grow faster, but instead of dutifully taking advantage of them, he throws them everywhere and goes into endless tantrums. He drags the whole thing down to the dirt.

If blacks are behind due to past injustices and were at least making an effort to catch up, added social programs might be of some benefit. Even if blacks are less intelligent and innately deficient in some areas, their goodwill and effort would still lead to some positive outcomes. But too many blacks don’t make any such effort. Indeed, they seem totally bewildered by requisite standards of commitment and cooperation. At once, they want everything to be done for them but want all the credit for what others do for them. All too often, even once well-meaning whites become jaded or cynical, though they reliably remain too cowardly or ‘nice’ to acknowledge that black problem goes deeper into the realm of genetics. It’s not just a matter of lower IQ but wilder personality, egotism, psychopathy, and lack of empathy. Their advantage in muscle power made it worse as wild/aggressive personality + muscle power = thug arrogance toward the weaker races. Blacks have much to gain from respecting whites and appreciating white achievement, but thug arrogance looks upon whitey as sorryass mofo who done deserve no respect.

Imagine two groups of tower-builders. One group got a head start and built 50 stories already. The other got a later start and managed to build only 25. Even so, it built something. And somewhat later, the first group made it to 75 stories while the other made it to 50. Even though they aren’t equal, both groups are making progress. Even if the second group doesn’t catch up with the first, it too is rising higher and higher. Under such circumstances, one could argue for extra help for the second group so that it may rise to parity with the first group in the tower-building.

But it’d be a wholly different matter if the second group, upon finally having the chance to build its own tower, hardly makes an effort. Worse, even when the first group lends a hand and builds some stories for the second group, the latter expends most of its energy to tear it down! Just look what blacks have done with St. Louis(not to mention East St. Louis), Baltimore, parts of Milwaukee, Newark, Detroit, Birmingham, and so many black-majority places. They don’t just lag behind(like Mexicans for example) but go out of their way to drag everything down to the mud. If whites achieve more while browns tend to lag, blacks tear down what others make. Look what black Africans have done with foreign aid and investment. When it’s given to blacks, they squander it all on bling or whatever. Look what blacks did to Zimbabwe once whites were kicked out. Look what blacks did to Uganda after kicking out the Hindus. Now, whites and Hindus were no saints in Africa, but they built things and made something out of nothing. The black problem isn’t a matter of taking something and achieving less but turning something into nothing with their wild and savage ways. So, what use would reparations be when blacks will just take the money and blow it on nonsense? And then, they’ll be back to bitching and saying, “We need mo’, sheeeeeeiiiiit.”

Why are blacks like this? It’s genetics. Some will acknowledge black pathologies but blame them entirely on the historical trauma of slavery. But is black behavior different in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, or South Africa where they weren’t slaves of whites? No, we see the same patterns. Whites(and Hindus) come and build stuff, achieving some degree of development. Under white rule or Hindu management, blacks gain access to modernity. But once blacks begin to bitch about inequality & injustice and demand to take over everything, they drag everything into the dirt. And even when do-goody whites shower blacks with more free stuff, it isn’t long before blacks squander those as well and keep demanding more free stuff.

So, the dominant narrative where whites are ahead and blacks are lagging behind and in need of extra help to catch up is a false one. No, the reality isn’t that blacks are merely lagging behind. They are dragging civilization in the opposite direction. They are wasting most of what is handed to them, the kind of stuff that blacks on their own would never have attained. It’s not like a fast-walking white guy is roped to a slower-walking black guy. While the slower-walking black guy would slow down the white-guy, he would still be doing his part in the march forward. Thus, the white guy would need to make an extra effort, but he wouldn’t be doing all the pulling. But, suppose a fast-walking white guy is roped to a black guy who pulls in the opposite direction and jerks violently. Look at recent events in South Africa. Blacks have totally reverted to their jungle-jive nature. How can white and Asian minorities pull the black majority into modernity where so many blacks are pulling in the opposite direction of wanton savagery?


With the US being rocked by Covid Hysteria and BLM pogroms, you’d think the heroic US military would step in to protect Americans from the insane institutions. But nope, the cuck soldiers are overseas destroying other nations instead. Remember 2020 and 2021? While BLM and Antifa thugs were looting, rioting, and attacking innocent people(and burning down entire parts of cities), the US military did NOTHING to protect American lives and properties — and it took a young kid named Kyle Rittenhouse to attempt to protect his town from being set aflame by deranged lunatics, but HE has been railroaded by the system, the activist lawyers and the Jewish-run media. When some over-zealous patriots, goaded by FBI informants, breached security and entered the Capitol building for a couple of hours, tens of thousands of soldiers were soon stationed in D.C. to ‘protect’ the whore politicians who do the bidding of Jewish Supremacists. Whatever soldiers may think and feel as individuals, they are nothing but robots on the institutional level.

THE HELL WITH VETERANS DAY. Soldiers simply do as told. They are heroes ONLY in defense of country. Most US soldiers have been involved in invading or occupying other places around the world. They are in effect mercenaries abroad, not heroes of homeland. They are no better than the German Wehrmacht or Japanese Imperial Troops who did as told without asking questions. It’s the exact same mentality.

If true patriotism is about freedom and speaking truth to power, patriots need to stop hero-worshiping military men and veterans as insta-heroes. While soldiers do put their lives on the line, it’s noble only in defense of motherland, not in fantastical pursuit of ‘monsters’ to slay around the world; besides, for every dead American ‘hero’, there have been many more non-American victims, many of them women and children. It’s all the worse now because, at the very least, America once used to be a sane country with something to offer to the world(besides money and technology). But what do American soldiers unquestioningly serve and spread around the world today? The sicko zio-globo-homo-afro-maniacal anti-values of the globalist elites whose hearts-and-minds have been soul-corrupted by Jewish supremacism.

The IMAGE ABOVE(promoted by Jewish-run Google) is all you need to know what the American Empire is all about under Zionist Supremacism. It’s about mindless idolization of blacks(as natural heroes and saints) and mockery of whites as whiteness has value ONLY in association with homosexuality and trans-nuttery. Also, blacks need to shut up about BLM and ‘racism’. If they are so sensitive on matters of injustice, what the hell are they doing serving in the US imperialist murder machine around the world? Where is Black Guilt on what the brothas did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and etc? And what about all the black rapes, murders, and other crimes in US military bases around the world? Heroes? Gimme a break.

Because of the victim-historiography of blacks in the US and the Holocaust-cult around Jews, these two groups can fully take part in US imperialism and hegemonism(and reap tons of racial-tribal benefits, like white Christians used to) but also avoid all blame and responsibility. It’s like they have the best of both worlds: Practice Western Imperialism but also pose as its eternal holy victims. So, even if black soldiers take part in raping and murdering some part of the world, they are not seen as US imperialists but icons of how far black Americans have come from slave-ship to championship.

US is a Jewish-supremacist crazy state that sanctifies the worthless thug George Floyd and scapegoats the police while idolizing US soldiers who’ve slaughtered countless innocents around the world at the behest of Jewish Supremacists. In US wars in the 20th and 21st centuries, blacks did their share in the Mass Murder Inc. because all they really care about is their own position/privilege in the US empire than about what their participation does to the rest of the world. As long as they get theirs in the system, blacks don’t care.

If American Values were about true morality, we wouldn’t be defunding the police but the US military that has truly been a murderer and destroyer of innocents. And yet, the life of George Floyd(who actually died of Fentanyl abuse under police care) is dearer than those of millions of lives destroyed by the Pentagon Murder Machine. But as long as American Morality = Racial Idolatry, it doesn’t matter WHAT happened; the only thing that matters is WHO are involved. So, even if Jews and blacks do much that is bad, it must be ‘good’ because Jews and blacks are automatically holy. But whatever whites do is suspect because it is tainted with ‘whiteness’. And if Jews send white cuck-soldiers and black thug-soldiers to murder bushels of Arabs and Muslims, what does it matter when the victims rank low on the ethno-idolatry hierarchy?

So, if patriots want to do themselves a favor, they need to drop the sick habit of lionizing the military or pretending that US soldiers ‘serve the country’. If US soldiers were true heroes, they would defy the US government and guard the southern borders that are being inundated with freeloader ‘migrant’ invaders. They would be freeing most of the 1/6 prisoners. They would have run to the side of Kyle Rittenhouse while waging war on Antifa and BLM thugs who do the bidding of anti-white Jewish Supremacism. Indeed, Kyle Rittenhouse’s great sin was he dared to do what the US military won’t do… as US soldiers are mostly cowards whose main priority is gaining benefits and career opportunities for their blood-money service to the empire.

But in reality, military men(and women) do NOTHING that serves true patriotism and instead obey orders to be shipped overseas to wreak havoc on other peoples and lands who pose NO threat to America. DEFUND THE MILITARY, and every US city should build a monument to all those invaded, bombed, raped, and/or murdered by the US military that has been, more often than not, the henchmen of US neo-imperialism(which is now controlled by Jews and promotes globo-homo celebration and Negro-worship as the highest values).

American ‘heroes’ at work in Abu Grahib even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, which was really orchestrated by Jewish Supremacist Cabal.


Video Link


Americans, especially White Americans, the descendants of the founding stock of the nation, no longer have a country because they are so lacking in self-awareness. Both elitism and populism among white Americans have failed.

White ‘liberals’ tend to be elitist, and this has meant most of them coming under the influence of Jewish-dominated academia, media, and think-tanks. This thing called ‘Critical Theory’ that whites soak up in academia doesn’t mean development of a critical mindset but Jewish-directed critical subversion of all things white, European, patriotic, and Christian. It has no room for critical approach toward Jewish Power, Homo vanity, or Negro-megalomania(or Negrolomania). So, white ‘liberals’ become mindless parrots of Jewish/Globalist Power.

This affects even the elites of the Christian Church. They soak up the same influences in academia & media dominated by Jews and try to remold the Church to promote the Tri-Supremacism of Jewish Power, Black Rage, and Homo Vanity. Or, many who claim to be ‘Christian’ are really globalist agents serving as wolf(or weasel) in sheep-skin.

White ‘liberals’ dominate white elite circles because they are more inclined toward intellectual, cultural, and/or statist pursuits, but as they follow the lead of Jewish Power, they never conceive of an agenda or policy that is good for whites. They submit to a set of ‘values’ that are said to be about ‘justice’ and ‘equity’, but it really means whites lose out to facilitate Jews getting richer, blacks grabbing privilege, homos receiving adulation, and masses of non-white immigrants replacing whites as the peons of the Holy Three of Jews, blacks, and homos. (Women don’t gain much either. Even though Jews used feminism to pit white women against white men, Jews don’t like women-power because women also represent a ‘majority’. There are many many of them. Jews prefer elite-minority supremacist power, and that is why Jewish Power insists that women take a backseat to trannies.

So, if a fat ugly guy with voluminous pair of balls and a fat penis insists he’s a ‘woman’, women better agree OR ELSE be condemned for ‘hatred’ and ‘non-inclusion of trannies into womanhood’. White ‘liberal’ women are among the most PC and conformist-minded. Lacking balls, they are even more likely to cave to the prevailing authority. So, their idea of ‘resistance’ is never independently formulated and instead whatever the Power defines for them. It never occurs to them that true resistance against The Power would necessitate speaking Truth to Jewish Power. Because lesbians have metaphorical balls, they are ironically more likely to push against the notion of fat-ugly-men-with-big-balls pretending to be ‘women’. Tranny vs Terf war is between having-male-balls-to-declare-oneself-female and having-proverbial-balls-to-safeguard-bitchdom. At any rate, Jews prefer the minority-‘womanhood’ of trannies to the majority-womanhood of real women. Tranny supremacism better complements their status as the minority elite rulers over the West and its empire.)

White ‘conservatives’ tend to be populist, and this has meant most of them coming under the influence of demagogues, yahoos, charlatans, and ignoramuses. While populists feel more real as red-white-and-blue Americans who steer clear of elitist and globalist prattle, the sad truth is that most leaders and spokesmen of populism are unscrupulous, opportunistic, compromised, and/or demented(like Ted Nugent). Take Rush Limbaugh. His neo-Archie-Bunkerism was amusing at times but fed on the smugness of the masses. Limbaugh pushed globalism(especially ‘free trade’) along with vestiges of real conservatism. He denounced Pat Buchanan in 2000 as a ‘populist, not a conservative’, but his own style from the beginning was pure populism. If anything, Buchanan was more the conservative as he began to question GOP policies that were doing harm to American Sovereignty. Limbaugh was essentially the shill for the GOP and Bush II’s policy of more war and more unregulated trade. Just about the only thing he disagreed with Bush on was amnesty.

Because populists go with emotions than with ideas and intellect, they can easily be swayed like the spellbound crowd by Mark Anthony after Julius Caesar’s death. Oftentimes, populists don’t even realize they’ve been led astray or betrayed in some fundamental way. As they’re more fixated on personalities or symbols, their enthusiasm can be led from Point A to Point B. Notice how the many ‘dittoheads’ made peace with ‘gay marriage’ because Rush Limbaugh, under pressure from globalist sponsors who pay for advertising, gave up on resisting the homo agenda. So-called ‘conservatives’ have given up on the ‘gay’ issue and are now pretending to stand firm against trannies. But with Lady Maga being promoted at Trump rallies, how long can that last?

Another problem with populism is the anti-intellectualism. While it’s true that ordinary people have every reason to be skeptical of the so-called ‘Best and the Brightest'(and their ‘expert’ claims that brought us endless wars, financial gimcrackery, lying media, and deep state shenanigans), the fact is ignorance is no effective counter against knowledge(even false knowledge). Against false or corrupt intellect, there must be honest intellect, but populism throws out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to academia. So, while the ‘liberal’ community suffers from over-production of elites, the ‘conservative’ community suffers from under-production of elites. Even if Washington DC is 50% GOP in terms of elected officials, it is 95% Democratic in state operations and bureaucracies. Republicans, even when they have majorities in House and Senate, must always swim in a sea of Blue. So, elite academia, media, and institutions are dominated by ‘liberals’.

‘Conservatives’ might take comfort in the notion that, whereas ‘communist’ and ‘statist’ Liberals control big government, the patriotic ‘conservatives’ are dominant in business, industry, and enterprise. But they are just fooling themselves. Most people who succeed in business are products of elite schools, and they too come under the same ideological or ‘woke’ influence EVEN IF their main goal is to make lots of money. Even if they just fake ideological affinity with the ‘left’ for status-sake or ‘respectability’, the result is their money, support, and endorsement go against nationalism, conservatism, and patriotism. Also, people focused on money generally have no higher value than ‘what is mine’. So, if they must endorse A to make more money, they will do so. While not every ‘woke’ or PC agenda is good for business — promoting BLM that is associated with riots and mayhem seems foolish from business perspective — , the fact remains that not endorsing PC, not to mention going against it, could mean a severe blow to reputation(which is determined by Jewish-controlled media), which could leads to total loss. It’s like endorsing Zionism, AIPAC, and Jewish Power has its downsides, but refusal to do so means certain doom for a politician or businessman. So, the notion that ‘conservative’ business sector serves as an effective counter to ‘liberal’ government sector has proven to be total baloney.


The last year’s collapse of US-backed Afghan government hints at something about History. The Afghan military had lots of men and tons of the best equipment in the world supplied by the US. But after 20 yrs and 2 trillion dollars of so-called ‘nation-building’ by the US as the lone superpower, the Afghan Regime crumbled like a house of cards, and there was hardly any support for it. The US dominated with things, with material support, but not with themes, with spiritual meaning. There was talk of ‘democracy’, but if democracy is about majority rule, Afghan version wasn’t going to be like the ‘liberal West’.

Some have compared the Afghan debacle with US retreat from Saigon, and indeed South Vietnam had more people and more material than North Vietnam. Even when US cut off aid to South Vietnam, it still had more than enough people and arms to fend off the North. They had lots of things but not a compelling enough theme to unite and inspire the people to sacrifice their lives for the cause.

Now, will, unity, discipline, and morale alone don’t ensure victory. Germany and Japan in World War were united and hardy but still met their doom. In terms of iron will and determination, Germany met its match in the USSR. And Japan couldn’t compete in things with the US that, furthermore, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, had all the determination, unity, and morale to destroy the ‘Japs’. Still, so much of history has been decided by the lack of will despite sufficient men and availability of resources. Somehow, the link between the elites and the masses was lost. Also, the masses no longer regarded themselves as one people united by common values and shared themes; they no longer worshiped the same gods and hated the same devils — consider there was a time when even most white Liberals worshiped God and looked upon homosexuality as a grave sin or clinical sickness.

Once a regime loses the respect for the people, the latter is less likely to follow orders from above. They are less likely to be good citizens and more likely to look out for their own interests without much sense of the public good. And once a people lose fear of the elites, they are less likely to comply with its dictates. The people of North Vietnam feared but also respected their government. It was this combination of fear and respect that made the NVA so formidable.

After all, respect alone doesn’t cut it. Even if you respect a certain power, you may not choose to risk your life for the cause because it’s natural for people to choose life/happiness over death/agony. Plenty of Russians saw the need to fight the Germans in the Great Patriotic War, but how many would have stuck out their necks if not for the fear of their own regime? It was patriotism against German invaders + fear of the Soviet regime that drove so many Russians to march into battle. So, respect alone isn’t the magic formula. (Likewise, National Socialist Germany was so formidable because Germans both feared and respected the regime.) But then, fear alone isn’t effective in the long run either. If you’re operating only on fear, it’s no different from bank tellers giving money to the bank robbers. It’s purely motivated by fear, not loyalty or respect. Anyone can make anyone do something by holding a gun to his head. Real loyalty is when the person is willing to serve you even when you don’t hold a gun to his head.

North Vietnamese feared their government but also respected its legitimacy earned from resistance against French Imperialism. This combination of fear and respect made for powerful loyalty. Also, communism, while stifling and stagnant in the long run, was a powerful tool of centralization, organization, and indoctrination in the short run. So, while the capitalist economy of South Vietnam would have far surpassed the communist economy of North Vietnam in the long run, the North had the ‘spartan’ advantage in the short term, the window of opportunity the North needed to prevail over the South.

The problem of the US in South Vietnam owed to its schizo nature. The US took lots of terrifying action to strike fear into the enemy. Lots of bombings and terror campaigns. But the US also turned Saigon into Surf City and promoted laissez-faire-ism that made them more like tourists with guns than real soldiers. So, while the US military could be fearsome in combat, it seemed loose and lost in the urban setting. South Vietnamese soon came to navigate around Americans, who seemed to be all about dollars and cents, coca-cola and sex(and lots of drugs). Thus, the US struck fear only with bombs and bullets. They could be negotiated with. So, there was little need to fear the Americans unless one was suspected of being a Viet Cong in the rice paddies of Vietnam. As Americans came across as tourists with guns, they didn’t get much respect either. Not much fear, not much respect. Hardly ingredients for loyalty.

As for the South Vietnamese regime, how could it win much respect when it relied on foreign occupation for defense of territory? (“We need to be occupied by foreigners to be protected from our own kind.”) Also, American values had a destabilizing impact on South Vietnam. If American values are about freedom, then freedom in South Vietnam meant dissension and opposition to the US-backed regime. The opposition could come from not only communist elements but various other groups, idealists and opportunists alike. While a strong and stable regime could weather dissension, a weak regime could only be hobbled.

Of course, US knew this and backed an authoritarian regime, but then, this seemed like a betrayal of American values. America preached freedom while propping up a ‘dictatorial’ system. (At the very least, the Romans who propped up Herod didn’t pretend to be for freedom and liberty.) Because the system was authoritarian than totalitarian, there was just enough freedom for various groups to make trouble for the government while the government used just enough force to crack down and be labeled as tyrannical. Thus, it undermined both genuine popular participation and effective enforcement of authority.

Perhaps, in the long run, absent an existential threat(like communist-totalitarian North Vietnam), an authoritarian system of semi-freedom could work out, e.g. Taiwan evolved from authoritarianism to democracy(though it is still a political and ideological puppet of the US). But it was fatal for South Vietnam that was free enough for social chaos and repressive enough for condemnation by world opinion because of the threat of North Vietnam. This was also the problem in Latin America, though the US mostly succeeded in destroying Marxist-Leninist insurgencies there(except in Cuba and Nicaragua). US backed right-wing military regimes that allowed just enough freedom for insurgencies and used more than enough violence to alienate world opinion.

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