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Yes, Virginia (Dare), Chinese Immigration DOES Pose A Security Risk. (And China Would Know What to Do)
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John Derbyshire teaching English (but not spying) in Communist China, Christmas 1982.

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Thirty-three years ago I was teaching English at a college in provincial China. This was the early post-Mao period, and foreigners were a rarity outside the big cities. I think I was the only one resident in that town since the Russians had left twenty years previously.

I was on friendly terms with some of the older students. When no-one else was around, they’d pass on things the college’s party secretaries had said in Political Study sessions, which were compulsory for all students and faculty.

One day one of these students told me that the chief party secretary, whose name was Dong, had told a political study class that I was a spy. “How do you know Mr. Derbyshire’s a spy?” asked one of the bolder spirits among the students. Replied Secretary Dong: “Of course he’s a spy! All foreigners are spies! Why would they come to China, if not to spy on us?”

That kind of mentality is still current among China’s rulers, as we shall see. Perhaps we could use a little of it ourselves:

Chinese espionage, both online and old-fashioned, represents a serious threat to American security and prosperity, as Washington, DC, has stated many times. Cyber theft and online pilfering of American intellectual property was castigated as “the greatest transfer of wealth in history” by the director of the National Security Agency back in 2012, and things have only gotten worse since then, with China taking the lead in stealing our secrets for profit and strategic advantage.

That’s from an April 22nd column by counterintelligence expert John Schindler in the New York Observer. Schindler is actually writing about the case of Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin, arrested last summer while about to board a plane for China, now relaxing in the brig at Norfolk, Virginia on two charges of espionage and three of attempted espionage.

The Lin case is stranger than usual (to the degree the Navy has told us anything about it—see below). Lin was apparently born in Taiwan in 1976. He came to the U.S.A. at age 14 in 1990. He enlisted in 1999, aged 23, and was commissioned three years later.

A key milestone in his life came in December 2008, when he spoke at a naturalization ceremony in Honolulu. He’d been in the Navy nine years at this point, commissioned as an officer for six years.

edward-linWhen did he become a naturalized citizen, though? The U.S. Navy account of his speech implies it was nine years previously, the same year he enlisted. The Washington Post report on his arrest, however, says he was naturalized at that 2008 ceremony.[The fall of Edward Lin, the Navy officer accused of espionage and patronizing a prostitute, By Dan Lamothe, April 11, 2016]

I don’t know which account is correct. I’m inclined to trust the Navy over the Post.

And I sure hope I’m right. If we’re allowing non-citizens to serve as officers in our Navy, then our laws and rules on citizenship and military enlistment aren’t just wrong, they are screaming insane.

As John Schindler says in that New York Observer report:

The most challenging part of how China spies on the United States is that Beijing’s modus operandi relies overwhelmingly on co-nationals. Chinese intelligence agencies seldom stray far from working with ethnic kin and Beijing-related spy cases here that do not involve ethnic Chinese are very much an exception.

The moral of the story is plain. Because Communist China 1) has a hostile posture towards the U.S.A., and is unscrupulous about stealing military, diplomatic, and commercial data, and because 2) they almost exclusively use Chinese-Americans and Chinese in America to do so, by ethnic appeals and threats to loved ones in China, 3) nobody with any connections to China should have access to sensitive data.

It would be less wearisome to say this if I hadn’t already said it before. Here I was saying it in year 2000, in reference to the Wen Ho Lee case. I repeat, this was the year 2000—sixteen years ago, Heaven help us. Quote from self, with an inner quote from Chinese-American novelist Gish Jen, who’d published a whiny op-ed about “discrimination” in the New York Times:

When we are faced by a power like China, which is violently anti-American in its propaganda to its own people, which has deployed a full triad of nuclear missiles, many of them aimed at us—whose government officials have, in fact, openly threatened us with nuclear attack—I think our own government is perfectly within its rights to deny employment in classified facilities to persons who have connections in China.

This may cause some hurt feelings among U.S. citizens; but do hurt feelings really outweigh the rather obvious dangers of a contrary policy?

Ms. Jen: “Since the Wen Ho Lee case began, the number of Asian and Asian-American scientists applying to work in our nation’s weapons labs has declined dramatically.”

Well, good. I think our nation’s security problems have therefore diminished in proportion—for which benefit, putting up with all that whining is a small price to pay.

Political Correctness is bad enough when it hampers law enforcement on our streets. When it threatens our national security, it’s collective suicide.

In our present condition of exquisite sensitivity to employment discrimination of any kind, I suppose that my suggestion to bar persons with China connections from sensitive national-security work will seem outrageously shocking to many; perhaps doubly so as I myself have such connections. Should I be barred from access to sensitive data?

Yes, I think I should. I have publicly expressed fondness for my Chinese relatives. It would be reasonable for an investigator, on learning that, to suppose that threats to my relatives in China might be effective in “turning” me.

(Whether they would or not, I can’t say. One never knows that kind of thing until it happens. I hope they wouldn’t be. That doesn’t alter the reasonableness of an outsider supposing that they might be.)


I can’t see that there is any hardship, anything to get indignant about, in being excluded from certain kinds of work on the grounds that harm might result. We are all excluded from many kinds of work for all sorts of reasons. I am excluded from working as a Professor of Philosophy on the grounds that I know next to nothing about philosophy. Blind people are excluded from work as commercial plane pilots, etc.

If I were to apply for a job with one of our national intelligence agencies, and were to be turned down because of my China connections, would I be indignant about it? No. It’s reasonable.

I am aware, however, that these are the attitudes of a person who came to maturity before the Western world went out of its collective mind over race, immigration, “discrimination,” and “rights.”

Political Correctness is probably also the reason the U.S. Navy has been sitting on this case for eight months and releasing only the sketchiest details about their Diversity poster boy and his acts of treason.

For a clue as to how these things should be handled, the Department of the Navy might care to look at China herself. New York Times, April 19th, headline: China Sentences Man To Death For Espionage, Saying He Sold Secrets.

Story, executive summary: A 41-year-old Chinese citizen named Huang Yu worked for a research institute in interior China specializing in cryptography. He sold around 150,000 classified documents to an unspecified foreign power, apparently just for money. The material included military codes.

He’s been sentenced to death. Given that the news came out earlier this week on Chinese TV, the way they do things over there, he has most likely been shot already.

In related news, China has instituted a National Security Education Day, starting the ball rolling with warnings to female government workers not to talk to, “handsome and romantic,” round-eye men because, quote, “they are probably spies after state secrets .”[China orders female government workers not to talk to ‘handsome Western foreigners, By Linda Willgress, Daily Mail, April 19, 2016]

Ah, the spirit of Secretary Dong lives on!

I’m no fan of the Chinese Communist Party. But they are not such damn fools as to let political correctness hinder them in dealing with national security threats.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Espionage 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You would have more credibility in this stance if you would also apply the same standards to America’s biggest espionage threat which are Jews.

    But would you propose keeping Jews away from anything that is sensitive which could threaten America’s security? Of course not. There have been many many more cases of Jews stealing secrets from America to send back to Isreal but not a peep from the Derb.

    The other thing you “forgot” to mention is that the US spies on other countries at a far greater scale than the rest of the world combined. The US uses NGO’S, expats, recruits foreign students, etc ect.
    The west bugs all the tech and software to spy on foreign leaders.

    And we are not talking about just stealing military plans or anything. We are talking about using foreign espionage to overthrow leaders who oppose US bankers and hedgemony.

    But no, you wouldn’t mention any of that would you? It’s all just the US as a victim narrative that you are trying to push.

  2. unit472 says:

    My kneejerk reaction is to agree with you but then I recall the sad experience of the USSR. So intent ware they on stealing the latest Western technologies and designs that, by the time they got their hands on it, absorbed it and reverse engineered it, it was already obsolete!

    We are probably better off accepting some leakage of technical ‘secrets’ rather than hinder our own progress with overly restrictive policies. We also need to know who is spying and what they are after as that also provides opportunities to plant false information. I am reminded of the perhaps, apocryphal, story of the Concordski. As I recall the Soviets managed to steal what they thought were the blueprints for the Anglo-French SST Concorde. A few years later, at the Paris Air Show, the Soviets proudly displayed their clone of that aircraft. It crashed during its demonstration flight!

    Finally, I remember reading about the former Vietnamese boat refugee who ended up in charge of our military’s ordnance development program. When asked why she devoted herself to designing bombs this ethnic Chinese woman pointed out that were it not for the US giving her sanctuary her family would have been imprisoned for being enemy aliens by a xenophobic North Vietnamese government and that she wanted the US military to have the weapons it needed to defeat any enemy!

    • Replies: @random observer
  3. MEH 0910 says:

    It’s all just the US as a victim narrative that you are trying to push.

    I don’t think Derb is trying to push a victim narrative here, rather he is castigating the US as fools when it comes to national security threats.

  4. Not that this sort of espionage isn’t a threat, but the more serious threat comes from the likes of Bill Clinton who, it is alleged, may have traded rocketry secrets and nuclear warhead design secrets to the Chinese for campaign cash (from a klatch of impoverished Buddhist monks!). When a nation has leaders such as we do, who are not playing for the home team, then no amount of counter-espionage will ever be effective.

    And now we face the prospect of Clinton’s wife being made president. It’s suspected that she may have committed worse even treason, leaving state secrets exposed on her e-mail server in exchange for highly overpaid speeches given by her husband.

  5. Marcus says:

    Not surprising: I’ve heard that it’s very hard to leave mainland China without Party connections.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  6. Horzabky says:

    I am a retired French police officer. When I was in police academy, in the late 70s, we were told that if we had relatives in a foreign country, we wouldn’t be allowed to work in counter-espionage. That was the rule, and as far as I know nobody resented it. I had no intention to work in counter-espionage, so a few years later I married a young woman of East Asian descent, with relatives in half a dozen countries on four continents.

    Even then, there were rules for the lesser people, and rules for the VIPs. We had a Prime Minister, Raymond Barre, an excellent man with a Hungarian wife. Nobody bothered him about pesky national security regulations, even though Hungary, back then, was a member of the Warsaw Pact and a totalitarian state.

    Now, almost 40 years later, what do we have? A French government which has 4 ministers with dual nationality: 3 French-Moroccans (Audrey Azoulay, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Myriam El Khomri), and 1 French-German. When I say dual nationality, I say people who are citizens of two countries, not people of foreign extraction. Interestingly, the French-Moroccan ministers favor open door immigration policies.

    Nationality doesn’t mean anything anymore, at least in France. When a sizable, and rapidly growing, proportion of your “fellow citizens” dislike you because they resent the color of your skin, your religion, and what your ancestors did to their ancestors, you don’t have a country anymore.

    • Agree: gruff
    • Replies: @utu
  7. Exudd1 says:

    Exactly!! Excellent comment Anonymous. Thanks much!

  8. p s c says:

    I’ve been to many Army vs. Navy football games from the mid 1990’s through the present. The entire Army Corps of Cadets and and Navy Brigade of Midshipmen attend the game.

    While attending the games I’ve noticed that both of these academies (especially Navy) had a lot of Asian students.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  9. Jeffrey S. says: • Website


    Did you read Derb’s piece carefully? Here is what he says about the Chinese government:

    “Communist China 1) has a hostile posture towards the U.S.A.”

    Does that condition apply to Israel? Of course not. Even so, we don’t let our Jewish nationals give the Israelis secrets they aren’t supposed to have — which is why Pollard was behind bars for all those years.

  10. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Derbkins, that’s no way to go about it.

    If you want to discourage Chinee immigration, just tell Chinee fathers, “If you come here, you just no-good pimp who give daughter away to non-Chinee men. Your girl over here see white men like Derb who is big stud and then she no want to go with Chinee fella. She act like Amy Chua who marry big Jew. You give your girl away for big car and house in america? You just pimp. You no proud chinee man. Chinee father, stay in China and make your girl have kid with chinee man. If you come here, stud like Big Derb take your girl. It no good.”

  11. John,

    I’m the “reader in Kentucky” who sent you an email with my comments on one narrow exception to your proposal to ban anyone with Chinese connections from access to sensitive data.

    For the benefit of readers on this site, I’ll post my exception here as well.

    I believe that most Chinese adoptees who came to the U.S. as young children, especially those adopted out of orphanages, pose essentially no security risk. This also extends to their adoptive families in the U.S.

    As background, I personally know one Chinese adoptee; my best friend (we think of each other more as brother and sister) and her husband have a Chinese daughter whom they got just before her first birthday. (The girl is now a teenager.) Also, the parents of one of my law school classmates adopted a Chinese toddler while we were in law school (I’ve never met this girl).

    First, under PRC nationality law, any Chinese national who becomes a citizen of another country automatically loses Chinese nationality. This includes adoptees, since the PRC treats their parents as the children’s agents.

    Second, “ethnic appeals and threats to loved ones in China” would be a non-issue to the vast majority of Chinese adoptees in the U.S. From my anecdotal experience, most have white families, and are effectively being raised as white Americans with Chinese features. A large number of these families (including both of those I specifically mentioned) are evangelical Christians. (I’m a member of one of the country’s largest Protestant churches, and it’s not uncommon for me to see Chinese girls with white parents.) As for the issue of loved ones in China, virtually all Chinese adoptees were abandoned by their birth parents. Most are girls who got caught up in the PRC’s planned birth policy; a significant minority are special-needs children, both girls and boys. They don’t have loved ones in China to worry about—all of their loved ones are here. For many, the only ethnic Chinese they know well are fellow adoptees.

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeffrey S.

    Lol. How completely ignorant.

    Jews are not hostile to the US so long as we do their bidding. Any deviation from Jewish control and you will see what the Jews really feel for us.

    Ask the gentile Russian and German populations if the Jews were hostile to the gentiles there and see if you can get an honest answer.

    No one steals more top secret info that can damage the country than Isreal. They of course always get away with it and meek gentiles like the Derb won’t say jack.

    Pollard lol? Pollard was sentenced to life and then was released. Let that sink in for a minute. He did so much damage to our country that he was sentenced to life, but we let him go anyway because of Jewish pressure.

    • Replies: @random observer
  13. Are Jews are more closely related to foreign Jews than to their gentile neighbors?

    • Replies: @RaceRealist88
  14. Truth says:

    Wink…wink… Inside joke

    -The Derb.

  15. @Anonymous

    I’m assuming Derb focused on China because:

    1. That’s the actual case in the news. Topicality is actually a consideration when addressing the news.

    2. Even noting that Israel cannot be trusted to not spy on the US, has done so, was reported to have sold some secrets on to others, etc., and acts in its own interests rather than America’s [which is to be expected], it is not actually hostile to the United States or a major military/economic/political rival. China is all of those. Nor is it at all clear that Israel spies more on the US than China does.

    As for the rest, duh, of course the US spies on most everyone else. Everyone spies on everyone else, to the maximum extent of their capabilities and interests. That’s how it works. The US even spies on allies, and I hardly doubt they spy on the US. Probably less, since the price they would pay in US cooperation could be significant. But whatever they can get away with.

    Any nation that sets up a victim narrative, whatever that is, when spied on is doing it to score PR points in the idiot press and in front of their idiot citizens. Nobody actually feels ‘victimized’ by these wholly normal activities. You may recall the uproar in Germany a couple of years ago when it was found the US had been spying on them. Now, postwar German citizens come across as naïve idiots with optimistic ideas about the world [it’s their American psychological conditioning] and reacted accordingly, but any German officials who popped off were just engaging in pantomime for the crowds. Naturally, then there were similar revelations about the US and France, and the French officials totally blew it off as nothing. There are still aspects of statehood in which the French, not the Germans, are Europe’s grown-ups.

    None of which changes the fact that every state ought to be pragmatic about its own security, and act accordingly. That includes being observant for spies and traitors and punishing them accordingly. Although I wish it would, that doesn’t have to lead to a rope for all of them. If they are willing to give something up in return that the government needs, then degrees of leniency can and should be available. All at the discretion of state and court.

    That applies whether the spy is motivated by pure ego [Hansen], whatever it was that motivated the Walkers, money, ethnicity, some kind of weird idealism, or whatever. Take Pollard- his line was that the US was withholding information to which its ally Israel was entitled. I don’t actually know what that means. Some guy at the working level doesn’t get to make that call, and he took an oath to his own country. It would have been nice if he had been given the chair, but if the US deemed it politically expedient to keep him alive and in prison and then trade him to Israel for something, whatever. Or even if it was domestically expedient, whatever. He served a reasonably long sentence. If the next traitor has nothing to trade, he can get the chair instead.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. @MEH 0910

    True. But to not mention the outrageous espionage of Jewish Americans (American Jews?) and Israel against the United States is suspect to put it mildly.

  17. @Jeffrey S.

    Does that condition apply to Israel?

    Israel isn’t hostile to the U.S. in the same way a dog-owner isn’t hostile to their very obedient dog.

    Apparently, you missed the grovel-fest that every presidential candidate showed to AIPAC. Politicians that even hint at not towing the Israel line find their funding dry up and media coverage turned against them.

    Look, I’m pretty impressed by Jews and Israel. A tiny minority of people have managed to take control of the foreign policy of the greatest power on earth. That’s amazing and will be written about in awe by future historians. What irks me is denying this fact. I don’t care that Jews are kicking our asses. (Well, I care a bit, but, hey, the best man won.) But please don’t piss on my head and tell me that it’s raining.

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @stickman
  18. @unit472

    That’s sensible. It never makes sense to go all paranoid and harass any individual without evidence, as the US has done before. It only makes sense to take all elements into consideration when selecting people for particular assignments. Chinese ethnicity is a pretty thin marker if a person is third generation native born, especially if they have no ties to the old country, and never forget a citizen is a citizen with rights and among those would be the benefit of the doubt.

    For someone who does have such ties, the proper test is full disclosure in advance and, through proper security training, a willingness to accept the possibility of future blackmail and express commitment to not succumb to it. If they sign those papers, then they are all the more punishable if they do so succumb later in their careers. If they don’t sign, then they are voluntarily declining to meet a reasonable screening criterion for this particular employment. No harm done, and no [valid] basis for legal claims.

  19. @Anonymous

    Interesting proposition.

    I would be willing to give benefit of the doubt to the Russian example, thought I’d be curious whether Russian Jews in the old Pale were more hostile to their Russian neighbours than those neighbours were to them. If the Jews were just hostile because the Russians kept beating them up and the Russian state kept sending in Cossacks or the Black Hundreds, then I’m probably ready to call Jewish hostility to Russians justified. Are there examples of the Jews heading off to massacre Russians? If so, which was the chicken, which the egg?

    For Germany, nonsense. Considering that German Jews were utterly assimilated, to the degree that when they went abroad they identified as German most of the time. In Germany, they practiced German culture and even contributed to it. I keep seeing and hearing people talk about what “the Jews” did to Germany and it’s always BS.

    Germany didn’t lose a war because of the Jews. Considering what a tiny minority they were, they can’t even be blamed for the collapse of morale on the home front. Germans were defeated at the front, stood no chance of victory in 1918 or 1919, were starving and impoverished at home, and the sailors at least didn’t want to die any more for nothing. Nobody forced Ludendorff to panic like a schoolgirl and ask for peace, nobody forced the ministers to accept his demand and ask for peace, which was inevitably leaked, and no Jewish plot is necessary for that admission of defeat to crush what was left of German morale. Nobody forced the sailors to mutiny. if they were good, pure Germans, presumably they should have been happy to die for nothing.

    The bulk of the political and economic ruling class were gentile Germans, Protestant or Catholic. Christians signed the armistice. Jews were not even a majority among the Social Democrats or Reds.

    Germany lost the great war because its gentile leaders were dumb enough to get into a war against enormous odds. They lucked out in 1917 by driving out Russia [by using a Communist conspirator and subversion, oddly enough…] and then still couldn’t win against the odds they had stacked up against them in the west.

    Then they started to blame their Jewish fellow citizens for their national failure, on the grounds that Germans couldn’t possibly lose in a fair fight. And even then, the evidence for Jewish Germans’ hostility to Germany is pretty thin. They seemed pretty willing to still see themselves as German and participate in German life as citizens, even as some parties decided to start blaming Jews for everything but the weather, and right up until the state decided to start treating them as fodder for beatings and property theft rather than citizens.

  20. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The much greater threat is the fact that Chinese legal immigrants and their US born gene-line will be enthusiastically voting whitey into a racial minority on Nov 8 2016…and every four years thereafter. Han People Race Power!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Donald Trump apparently has no problem with this-and tranny male perverts in the little girls bathroom. And Donald only wants a temporary ban on Muslim Legal Immigrants.

    Bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Google Socialist Labor Leader Samuel Gompers’ testimony before Congress in favor of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

    How come everybody in China looks Chinese?

    Just wait, we will have our out first Muslim “American” US Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander Mohammad Ahkbar…US Naval Academy blessed by diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…in a few years.

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  21. @Jeffrey S.

    why would china not be hostile when we send warships right up their coast line, fly spy planes right up to their door step? building military bases everywhere around it? aiming our nukes right at them?

    If china doesn’t view us as enemies, their leaders would be stupid, like ours.

    • Replies: @Historian
  22. Jeffrey S. says: • Website
    @random observer


    Well said. I’m afraid that when the subject of the Jews comes up, you are always going to attract the crazies. I like how ‘Anonymous’ calls Derb a “meek gentile” while he hides behind a pseudonym and Derb has literally been fired for speaking his mind about uncomfortable racial issues.

    The Jews aren’t perfect — what race is? But they are a people I find much to admire in and I think it is for the best they now have their own country to control their own destiny.

    • Replies: @5371
  23. @Anonymous

    Methinks we’ve got us a hidden descendant of Huangdi here….

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. Historian says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Exactly. This article addresses the wrong problem.

    Even if you banned all Chinese immigration and prohibited all government employment, it’s still not going to solve our espionage problem. How many government databases have been hacked? How much data have the Chinese traded with the Russians?

    You cannot save the Titanic by installing a more powerful radio.

    The real problem is our intention to force a confrontation with China. We’re treating their backyard like our playground. No Great Power can allow that. We enforced the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary with battleships and marines.

    If we stopped baiting the Chinese dragon, then Chinese spying wouldn’t be such a big deal. It would be no different from Israeli spying: a nuisance that does not threaten our national defense.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @random observer

    The point being who decides who is a threat and what should be done about them?

    Cetainly not guys like the Derb who are more influenced by racial views than what is an actual threat.

    Anyone who doesn’t place Isreal firmly at the top of our threat list is obviously Jewish or to meek to stand up to the Jews.

    And while you seem to want to pass off Jewish spying as mere due diligence on a neighbor that everyone else does on eachother that is obviously false.

    The kind of spying isreal does involves controlling the presidency itself. What more of a threat is there than that?

    • Replies: @Marty
  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Grandpa Jack

    Spotted the Hasbara.

  27. 5371 says:
    @Jeffrey S.

    [I think it is for the best they now have their own country to control their own destiny]

    Must be why they all live there.

  28. CCP officials are damned fools, just not in that way.

  29. Forbes says:

    turned down because of my China connections, would I be indignant about it? No. It’s reasonable.

    Indignant is the operative emotion driving PC. Reasonable does not exist with PC.

  30. Note to USG: Don’t trust Derbyshire, he’s vulnerable to blackmail, coercion, or being placed under duress due to Oriental bush.

  31. bunga says:
    @Jeffrey S.

    WE give Israel the intelligence data – often raw- . They get it from the people who are supposed to conduct our diplomatic business with so called “hostile ‘ countries” , with utmost secrecy
    They fly before and after the sanctions against Iran . They pass information that the cabinet decides behind closed doors .

  32. bunga says:
    @random observer

    You dont have to be crazy to figure out that the war Germany lost in 1917 was not to be lost if America stayed out of the way . But America was brought in . Germany was offering even truce that was much favorable to UK at a time when it had the upper hand and did not have to return the land or the gains .But it offered .
    1919 Peace Conference exposed the duplicity of the international Jewry So did the Bolshevik exposure about the conspiracies involving Balfour Declaration ( promising Britain of US support in war ) .

  33. Michelle says:

    Have to admit, I love, love, love, East Asians. Growing up in Oakland CA any smart Caucasian ended up hanging out with the Chinese-Americans. I admire them tremendously, except, however, for their driving skills, or lack thereof. If most Chinese, Chinese-Americans, understood that you can make a right hand turn on a red light, or a left hand turn on to a one way street, everyone in America would love them as much as I do. Until they stop waiting for the green light and gunning it as pedestrians begin to cross the street, they will be some of the most despised people on the planet.

  34. Marty [AKA "Harvard Hates America"] says:

    Israel … “is not actually hostile to the United States …”

    You seem to have missed this part of the post.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. Daniel H says:

    Is the future, to be, Mrs. Derbyshire in that photograph?

  36. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    If a psychopath and sociopath cannot feel sympathy for others, what is the name for a pathological person who feels excessive sympathy, to the point of self-harm?

    Sympapath? Softopath?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No I didn’t.

    isreal is not hostile to the US so long as America knows it’s place and does Isreals bidding.

    If America resists, it’s likely Americans will face the same fate as Russian and German civilians who refused to be owned by jewery. Guys like Derb just don’t want to face the truth.

  38. Hacienda says:

    I always try to keep a respectful distance from white people. But some white people don’t keep a respectful distance from me. That’s a problem. Then there’s some white people who not only don’t keep a respectful distance, but are positively blinkered, at best, hypocritical at worst in publicly wanting me to keep a respectful distance from whites, but not keeping themselves at a respectful distance.

  39. @Marcus

    this is absolute nonsense

  40. when ethnic Chinese should get in contact to confidential information than the same should be true for ethnic Indians, and actually for people with ancestry with any non-US country with the technological aptitude to make use of such information. This would lead to a situation where the only immigrants with the right to get in contact to such information would be immigrants from low-IQ third world countries like Congo or Haiti.

  41. anonymouse says: • Website

    Like Kissinger I suppose? Hard for American Chinese to distinguish between their Han racial superiority complex and the PRC government’s interests, so yes they would be a security risk if in their heart of hearts they believed in their natal superiority.

    Some/many/most American jews hold the opinion that the constinuing existence of Israel the nation is a good thing. That is not an issue for China for China is an enduring national/racial polity. No existential challenge for them.

    At one time, way back, the expressed Israel government position was that foreign nation jews were NEVER to be coopted for spying because if it came out it would look bad for the jews.You could safely predict that this policy claim would be ignored by the types who run spy agencies. The Mossad argument to American jews they are trying to suborn is “we would NEVER ask you to act against the interests of the US, to be disloyal to your fellow Americans.” Whereas, the PRC spy agencies presumably appeal to their prospective American Chinese spy’s racial superiority complex. The Israeli spy agencies do not appeal the American Jew’s racial superiority complex. Why? Because American jews are mostly secular. I submit that secularity for Jews implies abandoning one’s racial superiority complex together with abandonning prior religious beliefs/practices. Like Kissinger. Please do not conflate enjoying a racial superiority complex with thinking oneself quite the superior character because of personal achievement.

    It goes without saying that many thoughtful American Chinese do not believe in innate Han racial superiority as for example Mrs. Derbyshire.

  42. George says:

    Maybe the problem is not Chinese but legacy whites? Why are virtually all technical jobs in the US being done by Asians with White front men taking the credit? It is not that Chinese are more likely to be disloyal, it is that they are just more numerous than you perceive. You look at the front men for Google, Apple ect and you think these are mostly white organizations. But you look at pictures of the troops, they are mostly South and East Asians.

    Look at the pension crisis in California. That is a huge amount of money being paid to old white people from the work young Asian engineers.

    Lot’s of the ‘traitors’ of the 50s were Eastern European types, often with some sort of vague Jewish ancestry. So?

    • Replies: @Rdm
  43. I.W. says:
    @MEH 0910

    “I don’t think Derb is trying to push a victim narrative here, rather he is castigating the US as fools when it comes to national security threats.”

    Agreed. But Derb could make his case by acknowledging “Israel”, to whom the U.S. pays tribute while being done serious damage (and “Israel” allegedly steals from U.S., sells to China).

    Another poster, claiming to be resigned to the current U.S./West enslavement, said “best man won”, which is rather like congratulating a thief who has just made off with everything you own after selling you down the river.

    In other words, this article is being published at a time when a small group, “by way of deception…” has center stage and waves its Samson Option, the world in thrall:

    Writing an article about China as a spy threat, without acknowledging “Israel” – i.e., without perspective – is bound to draw fire. The U.S. too, at large, seems focused on Russia and China instead of “Israel”, to the detriment of the U.S. One is reminded of Voltaire’s “Lord protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.”

  44. I.W. says:
    @MEH 0910

    “I don’t think Derb is trying to push a victim narrative here, rather he is castigating the US as fools when it comes to national security threats.”

    Agreed. But Derb could make his case by acknowledging “Israel”, to whom the U.S. pays tribute while being done serious damage (and “Israel” allegedly steals from U.S., sells to China).

    Another poster, claiming to be resigned to the current U.S./West enslavement, said “best man won”, which is rather like congratulating a thief who has just made off with everything you own after selling you down the river.

    In other words, this article is being published at a time when a small group, “by way of deception…” has center stage and waves its Samson Option, the world in thrall:

    Writing an article about China as a threat, without acknowledging “Israel” – i.e., without perspective – is bound to draw fire. The U.S. too, at least “our” mainstream media, seems to be focusing on Russia and China instead of “Israel”, to the detriment of the U.S. One is reminded of Voltaire’s “Lord protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.”

  45. KenH says:

    I’m no fan of the Chinese Communist Party. But they are not such damn fools as to let political correctness hinder them in dealing with national security threats.

    Neither are they fools to import tens of millions of non-Chinese into their lands like the round eye under the false pretext of China being some universal nation where racial diversity is a strength.

  46. I.W. says:
    @MEH 0910

    “I don’t think Derb is trying to push a victim narrative here, rather he is castigating the US as fools when it comes to national security threats.”

    Agreed. But Derb could make his case by acknowledging “Israel”, to whom the U.S. pays tribute while being done serious damage (and while “Israel” steals or “takes” from U.S., sells to China).

    Another poster, claiming to be resigned to the current U.S./West enslavement, said “best man won”, which is rather like congratulating a thief who has just made off with everything you own after selling you yourself down the river. The U.S. should be printing its own money.

    In other words, this article is being published at a time when a small group, “by way of deception…” has center stage and waves its Samson Option, the world in thrall:

    Writing an article about China as a threat, without acknowledging “Israel” – i.e., without perspective – is bound to draw fire. It should.

    The U.S. too seems to be focusing on Russia and China instead of “Israel”, to its detriment. One is reminded of Voltaire’s “Lord protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.”

    • Replies: @I.W.
  47. Dr. X says:
    @random observer

    Then they started to blame their Jewish fellow citizens for their national failure, on the grounds that Germans couldn’t possibly lose in a fair fight.

    I think what they really started to blame the Jews for was not so much the loss of World War I itself, but the subsequent Jewish-led communist revolutions in Berlin, Bavaria, and Hungary in 1919. Marx himself was, of course, a Jew; Rosa Luxembourg led the Spartacist revolution and Kurt Eisner and Eugen Levine created the Bavarian Soviet Republic. Bela Kun created a communist dictatorship in Hungary in 1919 also. These actions were inspired by Trotsky in the USSR, whose job as head of the Comintern was to spread the revolution. The NSADP was founded in 1920 after all of that.

    Hitler’s attitude toward the Jews was really quite similar to the one that Derbyshire is postulating here: Jews were “foreigners,” and foreigners cannot be trusted to be loyal to the state.

    I don’t think that Hitler blamed the tactical defeat of Germany in World War I itself on the Jews. As a decorated combat veteran, he held the Prussian Junker military aristocracy in contempt, and distrusted them greatly (indeed it was a Prussian officer, Klaus von Stauffenberg, who tried to kill him). He believed that international Jewry was complicit in the Versailles agreement, which enabled “Jewish Bolshevism” to foment the revolutions against a now-prostrate Germany.

  48. KenH says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Really not that amazing of a feat when you consider the white majority is taught from birth that all races are equal even though on the other side of their mouth they say race really doesn’t exist. And that the Jews are chosen and just a little bit better than most and that since they suffered mightily in WWII they have every right to commit treason in the USA and kill and maim non-Jews in the Middle East to prevent another holocaust.

    If whites were taught the truth about race and the effect Jews have on our societies it would be a totally different ballgame which is why they continue to look for ways to punish “anti-semites” and restrict the scope of the first amendment to exclude “hate speech” which is just anything the Jews don’t like or disagree with or “holocaust denial” which is a propaganda tool they will never abandon.

  49. utu says:

    “Nationality doesn’t mean anything anymore” – Yes, but you can still be Jewish. That is the only nationality that still means something. Partly because other do not mean much anymore.

  50. I.W. says:

    Moderator, please discard my two prior posts (here by my mistake) and use this one. My apology.

  51. denk says:

    *The moral of the story is plain. Because Communist China 1) has a hostile posture towards the U.S.A.,*

    really. ?
    if i were xi jing ping, i’d order all murkkan *ambassadors* to wear electronic tagging devices.
    ban all murkka ngo’s. these two groups are proven agent provocateurs/coup plotters all over the world.
    matter of fact, murkkans who teach english in china like derbyshire should be required by law to wear electronic bugs on them, so that chinese officials could monitor what craps they pass on to their students besides english language !!

    in the case of china, its particularly imperative to do so, murkka’s track record of covert/overt assaults on china speaks for itself.

    cia orchestrated tibet rebellion, 1959
    tam destabilisation/demonisation,
    tibe/xinjiang destabilisation, bloodbath,
    sars, bird flu…
    hk destabilisation,
    bombing of chinese embassy in ex yugo, 3 half dead,
    hainan spy plane provocation, chinese pilot dead,
    cia sponsored sabotaged, terrarists attacks on chinese in afpak/africa/sea….
    *asia pivot* aka war by proxies ,
    serial explosions in 2015/6
    etc etc…………….
    partial list.

    moral of the story….
    derbyshire’s whining about *chinese hostility* is yet another of classic case of,

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  52. stickman says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I$rael happens to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rothschild crime family. The first Jewish immigration to Ottoman Palestine in the 1870’s came about through the agency of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. The I$rael $upreme Court building was financed and designed by the Rothschilds. The most exclusive residential street in that country is Rothschild Boulevard. Jerusalem happens to be the designated world capitol for the New World Order ~ another Rothschild brainchild. They also happen to be primary owners of the U$ “Federal” Reserve Bank Corporation.

  53. Biff says:

    Blaming anyone but the Jews is simply gonna make the happy posters here pissed off.
    Then again, maybe that was the intention.

  54. @Priss Factor

    the current form is called politically correct.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  55. @denk

    actually, derb and people like him are the american version of you denk. you guys are exactly the same but on different sides, from rival countries.

    • Replies: @denk
  56. @random observer

    ” Are there examples of the Jews heading off to massacre Russians?”

    How about Trotsky, Yagoda, Kamenev, Sokolnikov, Zinoviev, etc.? The early Bolsheviks were disproportionately Jewish, and they killed quite a few ethnic Russians.

  57. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @Astuteobservor II

    Most PC are either just stupid or cynical.

    I mean the true believers.

    Besides, PC Jews and blacks are not into altruism.

  58. AndrewR says:

    And based on your labelling of Tim Wise and Susan Sonntag as “self-hating whites [sic]”, apparently English immigration also poses a major threat to the American people.

    • Replies: @Crawfurdmuir
  59. @AndrewR

    Ah…Tim Wise isn’t, and Susan Sontag wasn’t, “English.”

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  60. Max Payne says:

    “Why would they come to China”

    Even the Chinese know China is a shit hole.

    Long story short: If you ever get offered a good job in China just because it has cities that look Western I assure their civility is far from it. And I don’t care that they have “5000 years of civilization” which they must work around (that’s the excuse most Chinese people will give you when you ask why their savagery hasn’t been domesticated). Egypt has 500 years on top of that and their barbarity doesn’t even come remotely close to the backwardness that is witnessed in Chinese first-tier cities.

    I like how the author doesn’t even acknowledge the countless times Israel sold technology to China when the US refused (due to national security). Chinese-American citizens might be causing leaks here and there but Israel is the massive hole in the side of the ship.

    • Replies: @denk
  61. denk says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    pot and kettle u mean ?
    that implies equal blame.
    how could it be when one is a robber , the other the robbed.
    thats why i say english is crap, chinese say it better…

    *two rival country*

    who say im from china *wise* guy ??

    i told the poster *astuteobserver* he’s anything but astute,
    now we’ve a mark2.

  62. @p s c

    I’m not sure why the number of Asians stands out to you. The US is 5 percent Asian, Military Academy 5.5 percent, and the Naval Academy 5.9 percent. While noticeable, hardly enough to overwhelm the senses.

    Obviously most Asians at civilian colleges don’t show up to football games, but in a state like Michigan that has a 3 percent Asian population, UM is 12.2 percent Asian-American undergraduates and a significant portion of their foreign students are Asian. I would expect this to especially stand out to someone from Detroit or the Upper Peninsula visiting and walking around campus.

  63. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Derbkins, maybe yellow clowns like this one does more harm to America.

    They are TEACHING kids in college.

    • Replies: @George
  64. denk says:
    @Max Payne

    *that’s the excuse most Chinese people will give you when you ask why their savagery hasn’t been domesticated* [sic]

    if china today is ‘savage’ [sic], murkka is still stuck at china’s yuan dynasty !!!
    [for clueless murkkans, cue genghis khan !]

    yet another robber crying robbery par excellence !
    is it something in the genes i wonder ???

  65. George says:
    @Priss Factor

    Ueno is a throat singer, which can only be done by people from Tibet, Tuvia, and Bronxville without it being culturally appropriated. He has other videos online that are more musical. I kind of like that he was able to convert a vaudeville act into a government pension. The kids would learn something from this guy if only they would observe instead of listen to him.

  66. ZZZ says:

    Very misinformed article. There are more Chinese Americans spying for US than spying on the US. Also projects like the F-35 need Chinese programmers or will be further delayed. Rising number of Chinese spy cases in the news are due to ethnic profiling and most cases collapse before going to court. Lee Wen Ho is the first example. There are no data to show that Chinese Americans are more prone to treason than other ethnic groups. As your policy recommendation is directed toward Chinese alone, supported by only your personal opinions and not by data, what you express is pure racism and ignorance on your part.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  67. JD – what about getting over the American (yes Australian too) instinctive revulsion against surveillance to be a bit practical and discriminating about it.

    You would need to start with some watching the watcher arrangements combining imagination, worldly experience and integrity, to make abuse of surveillance very very risky. But then you say to the contesting domestic dispute parties before you have separation, custody orders and injunctions against approaching the matrimonial home the option of putting surveillance cameras and microphones discreetly around the domus. In the case of your Chinese connected you sit them down with a friendly and smart FBI person and, if necessary, his tech adviser and work out a way to make it too risky for the ethnically suspect person to be a spy – and for Chinese government people to approach him.

  68. A lot of the US’s problems derive from its failure to enlist China long ago in managing the world’s problems, aiming for a net gain even after China’s theft of IP and other spying. No doubt a foolish belief that the system of government which Americans ludicrously call democracy has a sanctity and universality which precludes realism is one reason that the US has squandered so many hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of messed up soldiers lives even while making people hate America by bombing and drone attacks over the last 20+ years.

  69. denk says:

    jd is a fucking racist, that goes without saying. [1]
    but i couldnt imagine anyone so stupid as to swallow washington’s bs hook line and sinker !
    *omfg, those damned chicoms have been dipping into all our top secret databases, including those of lockheed martin and stole all our ultra top secrets !!*
    i really cant believe so many murkkans are so fucking stupid, especially white guys like jd who keep telling us white men possess the highest iq of all, this is mind blowing stupidity!!

    otoh, isnt lockheed martin the producer of the trillions$$$ boondongle , that f35 flying wonder ?
    perhaps that explains why its cyber security is so horrendous that even those zero iq chinese [as per white guys like jd] could break in and siphon off the data at will ?
    exept if zero iq chinese could do it, how come high iq white guys like the germans, french, hmmm, russians couldnt or wouldnt wanna share the goodies as well ?
    the only reason i guess, only those zero iq chinese would want to steal such craps like the f35 ?

    omfg, the intrigue is so fucking convoluted and stupid, it makes me roflmao, !

  70. Clyde says:

    Thanks. Chinese will never admit to spying and treason here, USA, by other Chinese, Taiwanese born PRC agents and Chinese-Americans. Your blockhead approach is to deny and restate on an infinite loop. So much for Oriental creativity!

    • Replies: @denk
  71. Rdm says:

    This is true.

    For a person like Derby, who has passed his life through in China by teaching English, and born in UK, and now nobody gives a damn shit about THE GREAT Britain anymore, he wrote something about the White nationalist country, THE USA.

    He married a Chinese wife.

    Imagine if Derby marries a Jewish Wife, would he write “Israel is a threat to the US”?

  72. What John says here makes sense. However, I’m not certain its a real issue. There is no law that prohibits one with a dual citizenship from running for public office and indeed many of our politicians do have dual citizenship. National politicians are usually privy to classified information.

    Given this fact, it is silly to believe that being married to a Japanese national should preclude me from the handling of classified information.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  73. denk says:

    how do we know it isnt another lee wen ho,
    the *spook* that jd *busted* in 2000, as he so proudly reminds us ?

    is this what murkkan justice all about ,
    guilty until proven innocence ??

  74. @Curious Odus

    Yes. All Jews are related to each other. They’re more closely related to each other than they are to the goyim.

  75. @denk

    When I read about innocence of Lee Wen Ho in the post by denk,
    a popular joke came to mind (duplicate):

    — I suspect something about my wife, but don’t have convincing evidence.
    — And what is the matter?
    — The other day she met a man, whom I do not know. They went to a restaurant nearby, and I waited for them across the street. Then they entered a housing building, and I followed them. They entered an apartment, and I started to watch through the keyhole. They took off all their clothes.
    And here again came the damn uncertainty: they turned off the lights.
    In Russian: (Опять проклятая неизвестность: они потушили свет!!! )

    As soon as I read in newspapers at the time, that (supposedly his daughter) used at Berkeley his access to Los Alamos server to get connected with China, “because she lost her Berkeley password” or something like that,
    the damn uncertainty descended upon me.

    • Replies: @denk
  76. denk says:
    @Immigrant from former USSR

    yeah whats the big deal about lee wen ho’s ordeal, ?
    after all, tens of thousands of terrorists suspects have already been extra judicially executed by hellfires missiles, blown to smithereens….personally approved by the nobel peace laureate in wh.
    i love it when china aprehended cia sponsored uighurs death squads and put them on trial,
    murkkan state dept screamed that ‘ their boys’ might not get a fair trial. !

    i see u love your adopted home, murder inc. !

  77. @denk

    Mr. denk:
    thank you for your reaction.
    I am quite sure that Uighur separatists
    have strong financial and other support of the USA,
    and I do not approve such actions of the USA,
    as well as the actions of the USA to promote
    “Arab Spring” and “Color Revolutions” in Europe
    (meaning that I also disapprove them.)
    Yes, I love my adopted home, USA, where my kids have got educated;
    were all of my 3 grand-kids live.
    Sure, my social status is considerably lower here than it was in former USSR
    (but not in the first years of Russia).
    My colleagues at work are very nice and smart people,
    and I am happy to be with them.
    I am happy that there are such people in the USA as Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire,
    wise man Dr. Charles Murray (of Bell Curve fame),
    whose political opinions I humbly do not share
    (who am I to declare that, but still …),
    wise man Dr. Steve Hsu , ,
    and many, many other remarkable people.

    Best to you , Mr. denk.

  78. Well Derbyshire has sunk to a new low here hasn’t he? If his list of things white kids need to know about Africans wasn’t offensive enough, now he suggests we discriminate against virtually any group with some members who have an axe to grind with the USA. He thinks we should deny government security clearances to Chinese nationals or their family members just because China has nuclear weapons pointed at the USA and has expressed a willingness to use them. Really John? And I suppose you’d make the same argument about Russians? Should we deny Russians or North Koreans access to our nuclear launch codes or locations of our nuclear submarine fleet? What about Wahhabis? I suppose Mr Derbyshire would try making the case that we should deny them job opportunities at NORAD or access to nuclear fissile materials? And dare I even ask about America’s strongest ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, a nation whose citizens are no stranger to discrimination and persecution, our dear dear dear friends in Israel? Well Mr Derbyshire? Would you deny national security jobs to Jewish Americans or those who hold dual citizenship with our strongest ally and greatest friend in democracy, Israel? It is nothing but the rankest form of bigotry and discrimination to even for a moment imagine that a Jew might be disloyal to America and steal State secrets that might compromise America’s security. Only a mad Nazi lunatic would suggest such a thing even possible. Obviously Mr Derbyshire failed to learn anything from his experience with National Review. Clearly he must be banished from all respectable outlets permanently and before his bigoted mania can do any more damage than it already has. First Africans, now Chinese, soon Russians and Wahhabis, and ultimately even Israel he imagines in his fevered imagination as potential security risks. That’s not who we are Derbyshire, you are on the wrong side of history..

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