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Why Hasn't Brexit Happened?
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A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communitarianism.

Of what? “Communitarianism” is the name being used in academic political-science circles for one side of the Great Divide that has opened up among voters in the West this past few years. For the other side of the divide, the poli-sci eggheads favor “cosmopolitanism.”

My own designators, “provincialism” and “metropolitanism,” seem to have found no favor. Everyday news outlets, to the degree they have noticed this new Great Divide, use “populist” and “globalist.” For pejorative purposes, media polemicists use “far-right” as a synonym for “communitarianism.” There is of course no media pejorative for “cosmopolitanism.”

Communitarianism is facing its first great challenge in Britain this week. Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suffered a parliamentary setback to his Brexit plans—to his plans, that is, to implement the decision a majority of British voters made by referendum more than three years ago.

A great many non-Brits find the whole Brexit business massively confusing. The backstop, the Withdrawal Agreement, deal/no deal, endless parliamentary wrangling, wha?

For a guide to the perplexed, there is no better primer than Christopher Caldwell‘s essay “Why Hasn’t Brexit Happened?” in the Summer 2019 Claremont Review of Books, now available on the internet. It’s long—nearly 7,500 words, equal to about six average newspaper op-eds—but well worth your time.

One of the essay’s sub-themes relates to the issue of kritarchy that has been giving so much trouble to us here at recently. Britain’s original (that is, pre-EU) constitution was not kritarchic; the EU’s is. (And so, according to Caldwell, is America’s.)

There is much food for thought here. I had intended to include a few short teaser quotes in this post, but Caldwell’s essay is so densely eloquent, well-nigh the whole thing is quote-worthy. The following samples — almost all from just the first half of the essay — give the flavor of the thing.

Yes, Britain will regain its independence on October 31, if Brexit’s adversaries do not find a way to block it. But those adversaries include almost the whole of Britain’s political, economic, and journalistic elite, and they have been ingenious in finding ways to block it thus far. The largest and highest-stakes exercise in democracy that the country ever engaged in—the culmination of decades of soul-searching, in which the country insisted on its independence, its national identity, and the primacy of its constitutional system — is at risk of simply being ignored

In Britain as elsewhere in the world, the struggle has been unleashed by innovations in administration that have arisen since the Cold War. These shift power from electorates and parliaments to managers of information, inside government and out. From thousand-year-old constitutional ideas to five-year-old ones. From habeas corpus to gender identity. Because it was Britain that did the most to construct the ideal of liberty which is now being challenged, Brexit clarifies the constitutional stakes for the world as nothing else …

The Brexiteers are the party of the unwritten British constitution as it existed from the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89 until Britain’s accession to the E.U. in 1973. This is the tradition of “parliamentary supremacy,” as John Locke called it, or “parliamentary sovereignty,” as it more often came to be called … Remainers are the party of the European Union’s constitutional tradition, the tradition of human rights and judicial review … Only once the process of Britain’s secession got underway was it possible to understand fully the conflict between these two constitutional traditions. Federal Europe had penetrated British constitutional life much more thoroughly than Brexiteers could face or Remainers admit …

The E.U. destroyed the system of parliamentary sovereignty at the heart of Britain’s constitution. For all its royalist trappings, Britain has traditionally been a much purer representative democracy than the United States, because it excludes courts from reviewing legislation on any grounds … [T]hrough the back door, judicial review was being introduced into a constitutional culture that had never had it … Quangos and foundations began designing cases — concerning migrants’ rights, gay rights, search-and-seizure — that unraveled the centuries-old fabric woven from the rights and duties of British citizenship. A new fabric began to be woven, based (as are all such systems in Europe) on post-Civil Rights Act American law and on the litigative ethos of the American bar …

In 1998, Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair passed the Human Rights Act … [I]t quickly became the “functional equivalent” of the due process clause of the American 14th Amendment — grounds for all kinds of judicial adventurism …

These shifts in Britain’s constitutional culture have become obvious during the rolling European migration crisis of recent decades. The more courts took control of immigration policy, the harder immigration was to stop … Once the judiciary rules politics, all politicians are just talkers. Understand that, and you are most of the way to understanding Brexit …

The transfer of competences from legislatures to courts is a superb thing for the rich, because of the way the constitution interacts with occupational sociology. Where the judiciary is drawn from the legal profession, and where the legal profession is credentialed by expensive and elite professional schools, judicialization always means a transfer of power from the country at large to the richest sliver of it. This is true no matter what glorious-sounding pretext is found to justify the shift — racial harmony, European peace, a fair shake for women. In a global age, judicial review is a tool that powerful people expect to find in a constitution, in the same way one might expect to find a hair dryer in a hotel room …

In England, at least, the electoral map of Brexit looked like the electoral map of Donald Trump’s presidential victory in America would look later that year. Remain was the choice of those who benefited from the global economy. It won overwhelmingly in a few compact islands of rich people, intellectuals, and minorities — London, Oxford, Cambridge. The ranks of Remain-aligned politicians were crowded with well-educated, tech-savvy, cosmopolitan people. Leave won everyplace else. It was the choice of yesterday’s Britain, the Britain of losers …

There have been scares before for those who run the institutions of global “governance” — the rise of Syriza in Greece, with its attack on the common European currency, the election of Donald Trump, the nation-based immigration restrictions put forward by Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini and Hungarian president Viktor Orbán. But it is Brexit that has hit bedrock.

Caldwell is really a treasure. If you have any reading energy left, his February piece on the Scramble for Europe at the Hoover Instituion website, “European Demographics and Migration,” is another tour de force. (And a bit shorter; only 5,700 words.)

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Brexit, Britain, EU 
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  1. Smith says:



    Stronger than the PM! Stronger than the Queen! Stronger than the people!

    Parliament can decide if they wish to follow the people’s wish, or nah, just gonna make some new laws to block it LOL

    This is why I oppose democracy, one guy rule is better than a bunch of guys’s rule.

  2. Hang on. Every bill requires Royal Assent. Now… suppose Johnson doesn’t present the papers to the Queen before next week?

    Alexander Mercouris (on The Duran) said Johnson can still perform a hat trick, even if the Bill passes all stages of both Houses. All he has to do is delay asking the Queen for the Royal Assent next Monday — which he is not obligated to do. If he delays, and Parliament is actually prorogued from Tuesday… that means the Bill falls and does not become law. And that’s that.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  3. BREXIT will make Britain more diverse.
    HAHAHAHA,What racists don’t know is that BREXIT will mean more immigration from South Asia and Africa.
    Snug white people who have always considered Britain as their private preserve are an endangered species. The demographic trends cannot be denied. In a few years white folks will become a minority in this country. So enjoy it while you can, Bubba, your days of driving the bus are numbered.
    Jared Taylor has been banned from Europe. That is great. White people deserve to go extinct. Our planet’s future depends on it
    A black person from Angola can go and visit his White Baby Mama in Germany but this so called Huwhite Nationalist can’t even enter Britain.
    Most white people are old and dying off
    White birth rates are low
    White girls are increasingly having Children of Color with Men of Color
    Open borders immigration is about to be a reality
    Darn it feels good to be a progressive.
    A UNITED KINGDOM is gonna be a reality.

    • Replies: @tyrell
  4. At times I have to go out and take photographs, at other times I’m a family man, then – not to forget there’s work_Im in a hurry right NOW, really – – but thanks for your appraisal of Christopher Caldwell’s essay. Thanks a lot – I’ have a look at it soon!

  5. A spectre is haunting Europe

    Yes, Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. @Smith

    It depends on who the one guy is, doesn’t it.

    • Replies: @Smith
  7. anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Nothing more difficult that Clark Griswald exiting a traffic circus. “I cannot get left! Hey, kids, there’s Big Ben, Parliament!”

  8. Kali says:

    Thank you for this John Derbyshire.

    I find that the majority of remainers simply repeat soundbites from media and political pundits with no idea what’s truly at stake here.

    Given that most of those remainers with whom I am in contact are members of my own family, who on so many other issues, seek and respect my opinion, but on this one seem to have been entirely blinded by the constant remain rhetoric being slung at them, I hope and pray they will remove their blinkers for long enough to see and understand the constitutional crisis we face.
    They have chosen to ignore me on this one issue alone.
    Maybe they will pay attention to a more distant voice and stop screaming about the ‘death of democracy’ whilst calling for the democratic will of the electorate to be ignored.

    Apparently, thanks to establishment media bollox, my suport for brexit makes me a nationalist, which in turn makes me a racist, which in turn makes me a facsist. There are no other issues to be concidered regarding membership of the EU: This is the level of stupidity and ignorance the people of Britian (and the rest of the west) are being reduced to by globalist interests and social engineers.

    In the meantime our children are being raped and abused by so many players in this game of power and material gain at all levels and from all institutions.
    The only way I can see to bring this fucked up, evil practice to an end is to reduce the stakes and reduce the institutions of power until they no longer exist.
    Brexit is a step in the right direction to this end.

    Of course the anarchy of which I dream can only be acheived in practice by a well informed, well educated, united people. But, again, this can only be acheived buy a toppling of the system by which people are kept ignorant, divided and cowed.

    Off to read Caldwell now. And to draw more attebtion to this piece.

    Once again, thank you.

  9. Smith says:
    @Macon Richardson

    Yes, but at least we can always blame that one guy instead of multiple faces.

  10. how to form a witten?or , to form a council of untouchable elders to replace the queen?

    how do you go about reinstituting a constitution without talks breaking down into infighting over details?
    i’m sure there are a lot of traditionalists who would be scared to kicking the queen out.but this is what is needed.keep hitting her with grand juries.the queen was involved in the fake ariana grande manchester non-bomb.i’m sure she is a rothschild installed hesse-kassel interloper.did that bill go through the other year where the queen gave up the right to decide if the army went to war?that would be reason to kick her out.who says there should be a standing army anyway?
    who should then be responsible for upholding the constitution and the laws of righteousness?a hereditary individual?a supreme court?
    maybe no-one is needed to keep parliament in line if there is no parliament inventing new bs statutes and legislation all the time.a four year old is expected to know that violence and theft are isnt rocket isnt sorcery as they say here in the charlemagnian/napoleonic badlands.
    maybe no conflict is needed.just disobedience and non-compliance,a switch to other non-rothschild run money systems.make the current control structure irrelevent.
    it is difficult to reject the control structure if you are a wage slave without a support network.but what else can you do?go along and get along and hope your grandsons penis doesnt get mutilated in the brave new JWO, hope that your inheritence stays intact even though you know tax and usurious mortgages have been taking it away from your parents.
    i am childless.if i dont have the courage to draw a line in the sand who will?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  11. Svevlad says:

    Any system is good as long as scum don’t penetrate it. Hence why democracy was preferred – much harder for 200 scum to organize and take over, unlike 1-guy rule they thought, but everything suffers from entropy I guess

  12. tyrell says:
    @M Krauthammar

    Tiny duck please! Change your posting style ever so slightly when pretending to be a different poster. We always know its you. There’s only one tiny duck and he always says the same thing.

  13. Demographics demand a peoples vote to remain. 4-5 years since vote – millions of leave voters dead, millions of remain voters turned 18. Undemocratic not to stay in EU.

    Commonwealth twit types who think turd worlders speaking English w pic of Queen more rights than fellow attrractive , high IQ cultured fellow Whites. Don’t let bufonson’s Commonwealth cabinet (Patel javid (((raab)))) determine third world darks get priority over Irish, Swedes etc…

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  14. TGD says:

    Charles de Gaulle was correct when he opposed Britain’s application to join the Common Market in 1963. After de Gaulle died, PM Edward Heath persuaded French president Georges Pompidou to lift the French veto and the UK formally joined the Common Market in January, 1973.

    The UK House voted 356 to 244 in favor of the resolution to join. So there was no wild enthusiasm to connect with Europe from the beginning.

    De Gaulle knew that the average Brit had a lot more in common with the peoples of her former colonies than with a balkanized Europe. It was the British financial elites and ultra liberal globalists who pushed the UK into joining the Common Market.

    That being said, the UK is now joined at the hip with Europe and getting out will be well-nigh impossible.

  15. Dutch Boy says:

    Although we have judicial review in America, Congress may limit that review at its own discretion. It has chosen not to because it mostly represents the elite that the judiciary also represents. Parliament likewise represents the British elite, as shown by their recent sabotage of PM Johnson’s Brexit plan. Systems that rely on votes eventually mean reliance on money to buy the votes and it is the elite who have the spare change to get what they want.

    • Agree: Parfois1
  16. Caldwell (and Derbyshire) are lost in an alternative reality that looks nothing like our world, sadly. Caldwell’s world is a fine world, where conservatives believe in principals and are led by men of honor and determination.

    But in our world Brexit is simply a scam promoted by sleazy conmen like Farage in order to achieve some notoriety. It is supported by billionaire Hedge Fund managers looking to make money on a volatility play and aristocrats looking to make the UK into a tax shelter. There is no plan for Britain to „regain“ its independence. Best case it will become a dependency of the US and will have far less leverage in the new arrangement than it did in the EU. The Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Nigerians will continue to pour in. The referendum was a farce – not legally binding and full of irregularities. Boris Johnson is a joke. Much like Trump, he was a clown before he won leadership and appears determined to remain a clown. The conservative movement seems determined to follow these wastrels into the abyss.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @dfordoom
  17. @Peter Akuleyev

    I’ve just read both of Christopher Calwells quite insightful essays. And I know some of Dominic Cummings’ texts about the Brexit matter. It is true: There is a divide between pro-open borders people/ Anywheres here and Somewheres / Remainers there. And it’s true too, that the British parliamentary system is at least a tad better than the pretty much non-democratic = Oligocratic/Kritarchic EU.

    Dieter Grimm, one of the most renowned German juridical scholars and retired judge of the German Bundesverfassungsgericht (ca. our Supreme Court) put it this way not long ago in a 5000 words article in the FAZ: The EU law cannibalizes the national law of its member states – without, and this is the crucial point: Without any democratic control. EU-law is at its very core a thing of a ruling highly qualified international elite – David Goodhart’s Anywheres. (I missed a reference of Caldwell to this discussion – Bernhard Schlink, Udo Di Fabio and Ulrich Voßgerau are other debaters with clear arguments and juridical expertise. Btw. – even in this juridical context, Thilo Sarrazin shines – he is the most important figure in this whole debate in Europe – this, Christopher Calwell understands well – – – Kudos to him, not least therefor. In Germany, Immigration and Euro-critic Thilo Sarrazin ist the most underrated public intellectual.

    And then there is Steve Sailer’s most important graph in the world which is indeed just that: The most important graph in the world.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  18. @Paul.Martin

    A 16th Century institution called the Privy Council is a way around Johnson refusing to ask for Royal Assent. Bercow, the speaker, can go to them.

  19. Brexit hasn’t happened because it has been blocked by its most vocal supporters three times. May offered a means of Withdrawal but the Tary ginger group the European Reform Group wanted a more extreme version. So they blocked it. Johnson voted with them.

    The ERG is a particularly elite group. After 10 January next year, all EU residents will be required to declare their offshore tax accounts for tax inspection. (Not declaring means that the money will not be transferable into the EU at later dates). Draw your own conclusions about what motivates them. Lesser version of Brexit do not protect them as well.

    The CAmeron government described three options in a supporting document for the referendum. European Economic Association (like Norway) – my preferred outcome, a strong Free tRade Agreement (like Canada) and a negotiated exit to the World Trade Organization terms. None of these are even in play. The current proposal is to leave without negotiations and hope the insulin (all imported from Denmark) doesn’t run out when the trucks aer delayed. Apparently we will have the food we need, although not what we want.

    Today, Johnson was photographed with a mass of oolice in uniform standing behind him.

    We need to bulldoze the Houses of Parliament, not repair them. The Union Parliament should move to the North. Isuggest manchster between teh station and airport. The English Parliament can stay in London. The Queen and the Privy Council should go and we need PR, a constitution and a Governor General (a weak president). This is not a personal rant. The rally I went to tonight in Cardiff, 500 people in a small city, was demanding these reforms as well as a referendum on the finally agreed terms for leaving the EU.

  20. Brexit is like copyright extensions in America. The constitution says copyrights shall be protected for a limited term. We just keep extending the limit, so we can have perpetual copyright without going to the bother of amending the constitution.

  21. @silviosilver

    Yes, Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    Haunting or stalking?

  22. @geoffrey of martigny

    You sound like Kevin Barrett. Lots of allegations, but no proof.

    The reality is that the Commons, over hundreds of years, has stripped the Monarch of any real power, and turned the Lords into a club for the moneylenders who have bought and paid for the political whores in the Commons, who pass the legislation they want. If legislated, the Queen would have to sign her own death warrant.

  23. sally says:

    One guy or 200 guys, capitalism, communism, socialism, whatever, when the governed masses are kept in the dark as to the actions and activities of those who run the government; and when the governed masses are not given the access, authority and opportunity to call out, and prosecute, with immunity, those in the active government (at all levels) who violate the public trust; then the government becomes an article in commerce available for sale to the highest bidder.

    To maintain a government that responds to the will of the masses; it is necessary that

    trust violators

    be held accountable in a court that is independent [of the functioning government]. Any member of the governed masses should be able to prosecute a

    trust violator

    in a universal human rights court. And the court needs the power to not only convict the “trust violator” but also to attach a suitable punishment to the guilty.

    Any system of government that does not allow the governed to prosecute violators of the public trust while such public trust violator is connected with, or a part of, the government, will approach a limit defined by corruption. The bureaucracy, the military and the judiciary establish and develop for themselves an immutable highly self-serving homeostasis, that evolves into self serving “systems of public trust corruption” that cannot be easily changed… the bureaucracy, the military and the judiciary have block chain staying power.. ..which in time grows to be beyond the power of the elected to challenge.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  24. @David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey

    Commonwealth twit types who think turd worlders speaking English w pic of Queen more rights than fellow attrractive , high IQ cultured fellow Whites. Don’t let bufonson’s Commonwealth cabinet (Patel javid (((raab)))) determine third world darks get priority over Irish, Swedes etc…

    Bojangles was married to a half Indian. Being a mutt I doubt he cares about Britain remaining white or European though he appears to disdain certain ‘darkies’ from Africa.

    He doesn’t even look British especially with color hair like Dr. Oz. His sister who looks like a man is no English rose either.

  25. Anonymous[564] • Disclaimer says:

    The simple answer is that the British Deep State doesn’t want Brexit – so therefore it won’t happen.
    That puppet show at Westminster is just a farce strictly for the entertainment of the peasants.


    If you want to know what the British Deep State wants – and therefore gets – read The Economist.
    The Economist came out all guns blazing against Brexit – therefore count in it that it won’t happen.

  26. @Dieter Kief

    It seems to me the EU actually has very little power at all, it is primarily a mechanism for Germany to bully smaller states. That is what makes it so undemocratic for anyone other than Germans. But the Brexit arguments usually make up scare stories about unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, wen they are not the real problem. EU laws have very little direct influence on British daily life other than allowing thousands of Poles and Romanians to move in. I would have thought the Poles and Romanians a nice European bulwark against the increasing numbers of Africans and South Asians, who will be coming to Britain whether Brexit happens or not, but I guess that’s just me. Originally the UK was strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Germany in a united Europe, but they no longer are, so Brexit means essentially surrendering and running away. Britain is turning the clock back to the 15th century when they were a minor peripheral player on the edge of Europe rather than a dominant power.

  27. Lol says:

    Brexit didn’t happen because the mandate for it was very slim and based on Farage’s delusion that most Europeans sell goods in Britain instead of the truth which is that the effects of hard Brexit would be an economic rounding error for most Europeans compared to the effects on the British economy. At this point, there’s not even a majority of British people that still support Brexit.

    To be honest, I’m quite disappointed the EU entertained these negotiations so far instead of making sure as much capital and as many jobs as possible will leave the UK for the EU. Since Britain is leaving ,the EU should concern itself with the interests of those who stay exclusively and a majority of Europeans oppose any deal whth the UK that doesn’t include freedom of movement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The trouble is that millions upon millions of ‘EU citizens’ ‘entitled’ to loot the British welfare state aren’t ethnically European at all.

    The British people know this. And they know they will come here and suck the country dry.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  29. Lol says:

    Parliament can choose to ignore the people because a majority of Brits now oppose Brexit and the entire mandate for it was razor slim and based on Farage’s lies. If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be terrified of a third referendum on EU membership.

    • Replies: @Smith
  30. Tom Verso says:

    For all the intellectual accolades lacing this article, in essence it is just another pathetic elitists’ journalist pro Brexit cliché.


    “Remain was the choice of those who benefited from the global economy. It won overwhelmingly in a few compact islands of rich people, intellectuals, and minorities — London, Oxford, Cambridge. The ranks of Remain-aligned politicians were crowded with well-educated, tech-savvy, cosmopolitan people. Leave won everyplace else. It was the choice of yesterday’s Britain, the Britain of losers …

    Really? London, Oxford, Cambridge!

    How about the 16,141,241 people who voted in the referendum to STAY in the EU i.e. 48.1% of the total polled; e.g. majority of voters in N. Ireland and Scotland; 48% in Wales). All of these people constitute a “few compact islands of rich people, intellectuals, and minorities — London, Oxford, Cambridge.”

    Since Plato, political philosophers have concerned themselves with the concept of “Tyranny of the Majority” and concluded that referendum forms of government are not the most virtuous and democratic. Rather, parliamentary government protects the rights of the minority by demanding compromise.

    This week, the British Parliament voted to respect the rights of the 16,141,241 Brits who voted to stay in the EU by demanding that the concerns of those people be taken into consideration (e.g border with N. Ireland), and some sort of compromise be made between the Leave and the Stay.

    What Plato could not have anticipated is the tyranny of bias journalism. See: Israel Shair’s “Brexit and the Prison House of Nations” in Unz Review 9/5/19 for another pro Brexit cliché wherein the opinions of 16,141,241 people disappear.

    But then again, this is a typical John Derbyshire article, always more concerned with witty phrasing then reality. Always a pleasure to read but never a learning experience.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  31. Anonymous[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Because those who govern, who aren’t of course the voters, don’t find it as suiting their goals.

  32. Anonymous[211] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, the EU is yesterday’s news.

    Economically, it’s been stagnating for the past 30 odd years at least. In the not too distant future EU wealth per capita will be no higher than global wealth per capita, a truly shameful affair since, we must note, global GDP per capita includes the vast vast hordes of raggedy assed paupers of Africa, India etc in the denominator.

    No. The future belongs to east Asia. That’s where the wealth and trade are. Time for Britain to unshackle itself from this putrid economic and political corpse and boldly face the opportunities of the open sea!

  33. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Peter Akuleyev

    There is no plan for Britain to „regain“ its independence. Best case it will become a dependency of the US and will have far less leverage in the new arrangement than it did in the EU. The Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Nigerians will continue to pour in.

    Unfortunately that’s the most likely scenario.

    The most dangerous enemies of Britain are not to be found in Brussels but in Whitehall. They’re Britain’s own elites and they’re not going to let Brexit divert them from their globalist agenda.

    Being ruled from Washington is likely to be even worse than being ruled by Brussels.

  34. Brexit hasn’t happened because it’s a Really Really Stupid Idea. The (slightly) more clued-up Members of Parliament know this, apart from the hucksters wanting to make a quick buck.
    Yes, the people are discontent and want to take back control, but the EU was never the problem. Control over our currency, the Pound Sterling was given away to international Banksters. It was they who ordained Austerity to help their asset-stripping operations.
    War, and the power to call it are now in the gift of the deep security-NATO gangsters. We have no control over them either. Hence the Salisbury Skripal theatrics to frighten the proles.
    So a big thank you to the brave souls who are dragging out the Brexit process. But don’t expect the real controllers to be reined in anytime soon!

  35. @Anonymous

    The Muslim hordes in France and Germany for the most part have no desire to go get their pockets picked by their Pakistani co-religionists in the UK. And they have no need to move since their current homes are more generous with hand outs than the UK. It really is mostly white Eastern Europeans (Romanian gypsies excepted) that Brexit will successfully exclude.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. @Peter Akuleyev

    Germany does not need the Euro – that’s Thilo Sarrazin’s book from 2016, and it is still absolutely valid. – Cf. Switzerland with an economy which is pretty much alike and prospers without the Euro!

    If one looks at the GDP growths rates from EU. europa.EU from Eurostat, one finds that GDPs of certain European states – those with open borders suffer, those with restricted immigration prosper – as a rule of thump. Unfortunately, I couldn’t copy the graph here.


      7 Std.vor 7 Stunden
    Recent EU stats on economic growth. In the top half 11 of 12 have restrictive immigration. In the bottom half 2 of 12 have restrictive immigration.  Diversity poster boys Germany, the UK, and Sweden now how shrinking economies.

  37. Anonymous[855] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    There are currently millions of so-called ‘refugee’ putative welfare abusers sequestered in Greece, Italy etc.
    It’s only a matter of time before they swamp the UK. Thousands of ‘Portuguese’ Brazilians already are.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  38. Brexit vs EU is homologous with my reiterated opinion that America’s “muh Constitution” sucks and is the root of all our problems. Brexit represents the superior British system while the EU is imposing American-style “rights” and “judicial review”.

    Cf. why Trump can’t do anything without some judge in Tiki Village Hawaii overruling him at once. Also why Dems want to eliminate the Electoral College (prime minister is head of party that wins most seats = winning electoral college).

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  39. Jason Liu says:

    1. Democracy and gridlock

    2. The nationalist right wasn’t aggressive enough and delayed too many actions

  40. Parfois1 says:

    Fully agree. But that’s a very revolutionary way to look at the way people are ruled. The conventional three seats of power (legislative, executive, judiciary) in the modern state has no room for People in it, only the elites are in (professional politicians and lawyers).

    A People’s Tribunal to bring the rulers to account would indeed be a great improvement and put the fear of popular justice into their actions and misdeeds. Bring it on!

  41. Parfois1 says:
    @James J. O'Meara

    Brexit represents the superior British system while the EU is imposing American-style “rights” and “judicial review”.

    “Superior British system” clearly shows your parochial mentality.

    For your information, judicial review has been part of the common law for at least 300 years and human rights laws incorporated into the British justice system through the European Convention on Human Rights long before accession to the EEC in 1973.

    The article and Caldwell reflect a jaundiced view of what is going on with the Brexit farce. I have no dog in it, just correct malicious intent. If anything , it would have been better for Europe had the UK stayed out.

  42. Smith says:

    Yeah, that is opposite to prove, but another referendum of DO YOU REALLY WANT BREXIT is a mockery of the 1st referendum.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  43. dfordoom says: • Website

    Yeah, that is opposite to prove, but another referendum of DO YOU REALLY WANT BREXIT is a mockery of the 1st referendum.

    Not really. At the time of the first referendum Brexit sounded like a really good idea. It might not seem like such a good idea now when people have had time to realise the downsides of the idea.

    Assuming that voters still want Brexit then a second referendum would be the best way to resolve the issue without risking a constitutional crisis. But Leavers think they’d lose a second referendum, which they probably would, so they’ll fight bitterly against it.

    The worst thing about a post-Brexit Britain would be having Boris Johnson in charge of it, which is something Derb seems to be starting to realise.

    • Replies: @Herald
  44. English judges often used explain their decisions by saying that a particular verdict would be “against natural justice”.

    It’s a long time since I’ve heard this phrase used. Has the idea of “natural justice” been expunged from the English legal system? Must every legal decision be understood in terms of the rights conferred by the European Convention on Human Rights?

  45. @Anonymous

    After Brexit, the UN princip!e of asylum seekers choice will apply rather than the EU’s internal policy of first safe country. What happens when we have an open border with Ireland on UN terms?

  46. Herald says:

    Whether in or out of the EU matters a great deal, but it pales into insignificance compared to the risks of having a power hungry rogue as prime minister. Boris Johnson is the real problem now confronting the UK. Bleak times lie ahead.

  47. Philip Neal says: • Website

    Caldwell’s article is excvellent in the main, but I would dispute the insinuation here and there that Brexit is part of a revolt against global capitalism, as distinct from open borders. Pro-EU campaigners have for the past thirty years tried to portray the Tory Brexiteers as isolationists and protectionists when in fact they are free market conservatives in the tradition of Peel and Churchill. As somebody said, they want “to let the beautiful beast of capitalism run free”.

    (By the way, where do we get the linkage of free trade with free movement from? It was not mainstream conservative belief in the Reagan-Thatcher period and only started to gain traction under Clinton and Blair. It has always been more a matter of social than economic policy.)

    Though Brexit is in part a revolt against an elite, it is not only that, it is also a split in the political class. In Britain, though not on the continent, the EU has always been sold purely as a free trade zone. Since that has never been its real purpose, it has increasingly become impossible to persuade people who, like most British conservative politicians and commentators, actually do want free trade of the benefits of membership and that is why we find natural cosmopolitans like Boris Johnson at the head of an ostensibly “populist” movement.

  48. @Tom Verso

    e.g. majority of voters in N. Ireland and Scotland; 48% in Wales).

    In other words, the regions countries which opposed entry into the EU– when it was still the EEC– in the original vote.

    That the Celts now like the English idea more than the English themselves suggest that the latter were wrong, have been damaged by it, realise it, and are right to reconsider their parents’ and grandparents’ hasty decision.

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