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Two Cheers for Trump’s Immigration Proposal–Especially “Interior Enforcement”
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Headliner of the week for immigration patriots was President Trump’s immigration reform proposal, which he sent to Congress for their perusal last Sunday. The proposal is a very detailed 70-point list under three main headings:

  1. Border Security (27 items)
  2. Interior Enforcement (39 items)
  3. Merit-Based Immigration System (four items)

Item-wise, the biggest heading there is the second one, “Interior Enforcement.” That’s very welcome.

Of course we need improved border security so that people don’t enter our country without permission. That comes under the first heading. An equally pressing problem, though, is the millions of foreigners who are living and working here, and using our schools and hospitals and public services, who should not be here.

The President’s proposals on interior enforcement cover all bases: Sanctuary cities, visa overstays, law-enforcement resources, compulsory E-Verify, more deportations, improved visa security.

This is a major, wonderful improvement in national policy, when you consider that less than a year ago the White House and Justice Department were run by committed open-borders fanatics. I thank the President and his staff for having put so much work into such a detailed proposal for restoring American sovereignty and the rights of American workers and taxpayers.

That said, here come the quibbles.

That third heading, “Merit-Based Immigration System,” with just four items, needs work. Setting aside improvements on visa controls under the other headings, this is really the only part of the proposal that covers legal immigration. In my opinion, it does so imperfectly.

There’s some good meat in there, mind. Three of the four items — numbers one, three, and four — got a fist-pump from me:

  • cutting down chain migration by limiting it to spouse and dependent children;
  • eliminating the Diversity Visa Lottery; and
  • limiting the number of refugees admitted, assuming this means severely cutting back on the numbers, preferably all the way to zero.

Good stuff. Item two, however, is a problem. Quote:

Establish a new, points-based system for the awarding of Green Cards (lawful permanent residents) based on factors that allow individuals to successfully assimilate and support themselves financially.

I know: It sounds OK, bringing in talented, well-educated, well-socialized people, rather than what the late Lee Kuan Yew referred to as “fruit-pickers.” Forgive me if I have a rather jaundiced view of this merit-based approach.

For most of my adult life I made a living as a computer programmer. I spent four years doing this in the U.S.A. through the mid-1970s. Then I came back in the late 1980s and worked at the same trade here through the 1990s. (Pictured right–my actual H-1B visa) That gave me two clear snapshots twenty years apart, of this particular corner of skilled middle-class employment in America.

In the 1970s a programming shop was legacy American, with only a thin scattering of foreigners like myself. Twenty years later programming had been considerably foreignized, thanks to the H-1B visa program. Now, twenty years further on, I believe legacy-American programmers are an endangered species.

So a well-paid and mentally rewarding corner of the middle-class job market has been handed over to foreigners — for the sole reason, of course, that they are cheaper than Americans. The desire for cheap labor explains 95 percent of U.S. immigration policy. The other five percent is sentimentality.

On so-called “merit-based immigration,” therefore, you can count me a cynic. I have no doubt that American firms could recruit all the computer programmers they need from among our legacy population. They used to do so, forty years ago. Then they discovered how to game the immigration system for cheaper labor.

Now they are brazen in their crime: you have heard, I’m sure, those stories about American workers being laid off, with severance packages conditional on their helping train their cheaper foreign replacements. That’s our legal immigration system in a nutshell. It’s a cheap-labor racket.

A “merit-based” points system won’t fix that. It will quickly and easily be gamed by employers to lay waste yet more middle-class occupational zones for Americans. If it was restricted to the higher levels of “merit,” we would just be importing a professional overclass of foreigners, most East and South Asians, to direct the labors of less-meritorious legacy Americans. How would that contribute to social harmony?

With coming up to a third of a billion people, the U.S.A. has all the talent, all the merit, it needs. You might make a case for a handful of certified geniuses like Einstein or worthy dissidents like Solzhenitsyn, but those cases aside, there is no reason at all to have guest-worker programs. They should all be shut down.

Some of these cheap-labor rackets don’t even need congressional action to shut them down; it can be done by regulatory change via executive order. The scandalous OPT-visa scam, for example, which brings in cheap workers under the guise of student visas.

Here is John Miano writing about the OPT program last month, quote:

Measured by the number of workers per year, the largest guestworker program in the entire immigration system is now student visas through the Optional Practical Training program (OPT). Last year over 154,000 aliens were approved to work on student visas. By comparison, 114,000 aliens entered the workforce on H-1B guestworker visas.

Because there is no reporting on how long guestworkers stay in the country, we do not know the total number of workers in each category. Nonetheless, the number of approvals for work on student visas has grown by 62 percent over the past four years so their numbers will soon dwarf those on H-1B visas.

The troubling fact is that the OPT program was created entirely through regulation with no authorization from Congress whatsoever. [A History of the ‘Optional Practical Training’ Guestworker Program, CIS, September 18, 2017]

End quote. (And a cheery wave of acknowledgement to John Miano here from one of the other seventeen people in the U.S.A. that knows the correct placement of the hyphen in “H-1B.”)

Our legal immigration system is addled with these scams. Don’t even get me started on the EB-5 investor’s visa. It all needs sweeping away.


So for preference I would rewrite that third heading to include, yes, items one, three, and four — cutting down chain migration, ending the Diversity Visa Lottery, and ending refugee settlement for anyone of less stature than Solzhenitsyn; but then, I’d replace item two with the following:

  1. End all guest-worker programs, with exceptions only for the highest levels of talent and accomplishment, limit one hundred visas per annum.

So much for my amendments to the President’s October 8th proposals. There is, though, one glaring omission from that 70-item list. The proposal has no mention at all of birthright citizenship.

An ad from a Chinese birth tourism website In a world of cheap, easy international travel, birthright citizenship is an anachronism. Most developed nations that had it twenty years ago have abandoned it. It leads to obstetric tourism: women well-advanced in pregnancy come to the U.S.A. to give birth, knowing that the child will be a U.S. citizen. It is deeply unpopular with Americans, once it’s explained to them.

Yes, yes, I know: some constitutional authorities argue that birthright citizenship is implied in the Fourteenth Amendment, although it is certain that the framers of that Amendment did not have foreign tourists or illegal entrants in mind. Other scholars think Congress could legislate against it.

The only way to find out is to have Congress legislate. If the courts strike down the legislation as unconstitutional, let’s then frame a constitutional amendment and put it to the people.

Getting rid of birthright citizenship might end up a long and difficult process. We might ultimately fail. The only way to find out is to get the process started. Failure to mention this in the President’s proposal is a very glaring omission.

Setting aside that, and the aforementioned reservations about working visas, I give two cheers to the proposal. 2010-12-24dl[1] John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com:FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. I agree with ending birthright citizenship. But Trump should wait until he can put at least one more strict constitutionalist in the supreme court. There will be a court challenge, and we need judges who can understand that if the 14th Amendment didn’t give automatic citizenship to American Indians it doesn’t give automatic citizenship to children of Mexican citizens who jumped our border.

    • Replies: @Capn Mike
  2. An equally pressing problem, though, is the millions of foreigners who are living and working here, and using our schools and hospitals and public services, who should not be here.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone other than me that the cost associated with foreign workers using our schools and hospitals and pubic services for free, is more than off-set by the cheap price being paid for grocery store items like boneless chicken breast, grapes, apples, peaches, lettuce etc, which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive even for the wealthy? Let alone relatively poor people (like myself) and those on fixed incomes? What un-thinking Americans want, is having their cake and eating it too. Well, in the real world, things just don’t work that way. It’s pay me now or pay me later. Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?

  3. @Carroll Price

    Japan works just fine with Japanese doing all the dirty, nasty jobs. Dirty, nasty jobs might be made less dirty and nasty if there weren’t an underclass willing to do almost anything to keep away from Central America and the poorer regions of Mexico. I think most Americans would prefer to pay the real costs associated with the production of goods and services and not transfer them to the public sector.

    Insofar as your personal situation is concerned, perhaps you would find yourself less “relatively poor” if you had a job with higher wages.

  4. John’s article, it seems to me, ignores the elephant in the room: the DACA colonists. Trump is offering this proposal, more or less, in return for some sort of semi-permanent regularization of their status. Bad trade, in my opinion. Ending DACA and sending those illegals back where they belong will have more real effect on illegal and legal immigration/colonization than all sorts of proposals to be implemented in the future, which can and will be changed by subsequent Administrations and Congresses.

    Trump would also be able to drive a much harder bargain with Congress (like maybe a moratorium on any immigration) if he had kept his campaign promise, ended DACA the afternoon of January 20, 2017, and busloads of DACA colonists were being sent south of the Rio Grande.

    The best hope for immigration patriots is that the Democrats are so wedded to Open Borders that the entire proposal dies and Trump, in disgust, reenacts Ike’s Operation Wetback.

    • Replies: @tjm
  5. bartok says:
    @Carroll Price

    Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?

    White people couldn’t possibly thrive without non-Whites! Why, without all of that ballast we’d ascend too near the sun.

  6. Well, in the real world, things just don’t work that way. It’s pay me now or pay me later. Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?

    Right, prior to 1965, Americans didn’t exist. They had all starved to death because, as everyone knows, no Americans will work to produce food and, even if they did, once Tyson chicken plants stop making 50 percent on capital they just shut down.

    If there were no Somalis in Minnesota, even Warren Buffett couldn’t afford grapes.

  7. Realist says:
    @Carroll Price

    “Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?”

    Eliminate welfare…then you’ll have plenty of workers.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  8. Randal says:
    @Carroll Price

    Probably people other than you have worked out that once their wages are not being continually undercut by cheap and easy immigrant competition, the American working classes will actually be able to earn enough to pay the increased prices for grocery store items, especially as the Americans who, along with machines, will replace those immigrants doing the “jobs Americans won’t do” will also be earning more and actually paying taxes on it.

    The “jobs Americans/Brits/etc won’t do” myth is a deliberate distortion of reality that ignores the laws of supply and demand. There are no jobs Americans etc won’t do, only jobs for which the employers are not prepared to pay wages high enough to make them worthwhile for Americans etc to do.

    Now of course it is more complicated than that. There are jobs that would not be economically viable if the required wages were to be paid, and there are marginal contributions to job creation by immigrant populations, but those aspects are in reality far less significant than the bosses seeking cheap labour want people to think they are.

    As a broad summary, a situation in which labour is tight, jobs are easy to come by and staff hard to hold on to is infinitely better for the ordinary working people of any nation than one in which there is a huge pool of excess labour, and therefore wages are low and employees disposable.

    You’d think anyone purporting to be on the “left”, in the sense of supporting working class people would understand that basic reality, but far too many on the left have been indoctrinated in radical leftist anti-racist and internationalist dogmas that make them functional stooges for big business and its mass immigration program.

  9. Illegal immigrants picking American produce is a false economy.

    Illegal immigrants are subsidized by the taxpayer in terms of public health, education, housing, and welfare.

    If businesses didn’t have access to cheap and subsidized illegal alien labor, they would be compelled to resort to more farm automation to reduce cost.

    Cheap illegal alien labor delays the inevitable use of newer farm automation technologies.

    Many Americans would likely prefer a machine touch their food rather than a illegal alien with strange hygiene practices.

    In addition, anti-American Democrats and neocons prefer certain kinds of illegal aliens because they bolster their diversity scheme.

  10. @Realist

    Unfortunately, that train left the station long ago. With or without welfare, there’s simply no way soft, spoiled, lazy, over-indulged Americans who have never hit a lick at anything their life, will ever perform manual labor for anyone, including themselves.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @MBlanc46
  11. @Carroll Price

    What the hell are you even doing reading a John Derbyshire column?

    And boneless chicken breast? Are you gay?

    • Agree: MBlanc46
  12. @Carroll Price

    “Has it ever occurred to anyone other than me that the cost associated with foreign workers using our schools and hospitals and pubic services for free, is more than off-set by the cheap price being paid for grocery store items like boneless chicken breast, grapes, apples, peaches, lettuce etc, which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive even for the wealthy?”

    Sure, its occurred to us. Rags like the War Street Journal assert it often. However it is just that – an assertion. It is not supported by any actual evidence of which I am aware.

    Btw, is “pubic services” a typo, or some reference to Rotherham?

  13. @Randal

    Probably people other than you have worked out that once their wages are not being continually undercut by cheap and easy immigrant competition, the American working classes will actually be able to earn enough to pay the increased prices for grocery store items, especially as the Americans who, along with machines, will replace those immigrants doing the “jobs Americans won’t do” will also be earning more and actually paying taxes on it.

    There might be some truth in this. When I was a student in England in the 60’s I spent every summer working on farms, picking hops, apples, pears, potatoes and made some money and had a lot of fun too and became an expert farm tractor operator.

    No reason why US students and high school seniors should not pick up a lot of the slack. Young people like camping in the countryside and sleeping rough, plus lots of opportunity to meet others, have sex, smoke weed, drink beer, or whatever. If you get a free vacation plus a nice check at the end, that makes the relatively low wages worthwhile. It is not always a question of how much you are paid, but how much you can save.

  14. We can fix the EB-5 visa scam. My suggestion: charge would-be “investors” \$1 million to enter the US. This \$1 is not refundable under any circumstance. It is paid when the “investor’s” visa is approved. If the “investor” is convicted of a felony, he is deported. He may bring no one with him. No wife, no child, no aunt, no uncle. Unless he pays \$1 million for that person.
    We will get a few thousand Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes a year under this program
    As to fixing the H-1B visa program, we charge employer users of the program say \$25,000 per year per employee. We require the employers to inform all employees that if any is asked to train a replacement, he should inform the DOJ immediately. The DOJ investigates and if true, charges managerial employees who asked that a replacement be trained with fraud.
    As to birthright citizenship: I say make it a five-year felony to have a child while in the US illegally. Make it a condition of getting a tourist visa that one not be pregnant. If the tourist visa lasts say 60 days and the woman has a child while in the US, she gets charged with fraud.
    None of these suggestions requires a constitutional amendment.

    • Replies: @Another Realist
  15. vx37 says:
    @Carroll Price

    When you have a third-world population you’ll be a third-world country, full stop. These people probably aren’t paying for themselves now, much less than in the future when there will be more of them, and when more of them have full claim to welfare and affirmative action benefits. There’s a reason Mexico isn’t a super-power, and it ain’t the climate. Add to that the political impact of them putting the far left into permanent power and you’re all set for a social and economic melt-down. (What will happen when the world rejects Third-World America’s [TWA] dollar as a reserve currency, the same way they reject the peso as a major reserve currency?)

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @MBlanc46
  16. Derbyshire, the Chinese cartoon. What’s up with that? Are you finally realizing the Chinese aren’t all they’re made out to be? Do you finally understand they are right behind (or maybe even with Mexico) with their illegals in the USA?

  17. In the United States middle class prosperity reached its apogee in 1965 – before the disastrous (and eminently foreseeable) wage-lowering consequence of the Hart-Celler Open Immigration Act’s massive admission of foreigners increased the supply of labor which began to lower middle class prosperity and to shrink and eradicate the middle class.

    It was in 1965 that ordinary Americans, enjoying maximum employment because employers were forced to compete for Americans’ talents and labor, wielded their peak purchasing power. Since 1970 wages have remained stagnant, and since 1965 the purchasing power of ordinary Americans has gone into steep decline.

    It is long past time to halt Perpetual Mass Immigration into the United States, to end birthright citizenship, and to deport all illegal aliens – if, that is, our leaders genuinely care about and represent us ordinary Americans instead of continuing their legislative, policy, and judicial enrichment of the 1-percenter campaign donor/rentier class of transnational Globali\$t Open Border\$ E\$tabli\$hment \$ellout\$.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  18. Re the birthright citizenship argument, that is not settled law in that SCOTUS has never ruled on the question of whether a child born in the US is thereby a citizen if the parents are illegally present. Way back in 1897, SCOTUS did resolve the issue of whether a child born to alien parents who were legally present was thereby a citizen. That case is U.S. vs Wong Kim Ark 169 US 649. SCOTUS ruled in favor of citizenship. If that was a justiciable issue how much more so is it when the parents are illegally present?

    My thinking is that the result would be the same but, at least, the question would be settled. I cannot see justices returning a toddler to Beijing or worse. They would never have invitations to cocktail parties again for the shame heaped upon them for such uncaring conduct. Today, the title of citizen is conferred simply by bureaucratic rule, not by judicial order.

    • Replies: @Another Realist
  19. Arguments Against Fourteenth Amendment Anchor Baby Interpretation
    J. Paige Straley

    Part One. Anchor Baby Argument, Mexican Case.
    The ruling part of the US Constitution is Amendment Fourteen: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

    Here is the ruling part of the Mexican Constitution, Section II, Article Thirty:
    Article 30
    Mexican nationality is acquired by birth or by naturalization:
    A. Mexicans by birth are:
    I. Those born in the territory of the Republic, regardless of the nationality of
    their parents:
    II. Those born in a foreign country of Mexican parents; of a Mexican father and
    a foreign mother; or of a Mexican mother and an unknown father;
    III. Those born on Mexican vessels or airships, either war or merchant vessels. ”

    A baby born to Mexican nationals within the United States is automatically a Mexican citizen. Under the anchor baby reasoning, this baby acquires US citizenship at the same time and so is a dual citizen. Mexican citizenship is primary because it stems from a primary source, the parents’ citizenship and the law of Mexico. The Mexican Constitution states the child of Mexican parents is automatically a Mexican citizen at birth no matter where the birth occurs. Since the child would be a Mexican citizen in any country, and becomes an American citizen only if born in America, it is clear that Mexico has the primary claim of citizenry on the child. This alone should be enough to satisfy the Fourteenth Amendment jurisdiction thereof argument. Since Mexican citizenship is primary, it has primary jurisdiction; thus by the plain words of the Fourteenth such child is not an American citizen at birth.


    There is a second argument for primary Mexican citizenship in the case of anchor babies. Citizenship, whether Mexican or American, establishes rights and duties. Citizenship is a reciprocal relationship, thus establishing jurisdiction. This case for primary Mexican citizenship is supported by the fact that Mexico allows and encourages Mexicans resident in the US, either illegal aliens or legal residents, to vote in Mexican elections. They are counted as Mexican citizens abroad, even if dual citizens, and their government provides widespread consular services as well as voting access to Mexicans residing in the US. As far as Mexico is concerned, these persons are not Mexican in name only, but have a civil relationship strong enough to allow a political voice; in essence, full citizenship. Clearly, all this is the expression of typical reciprocal civic relationships expressed in legal citizenship, further supporting the establishment of jurisdiction.

    Part Two: Wong Kim Ark (1898) case. (Birthright Citizenship)

    The Wong Kim Ark (WKA) case is often cited as the essential legal reasoning and precedent for application of the fourteenth amendment as applied to aliens. There has been plenty of commentary on WKA, but the truly narrow application of the case is emphasized reviewing a concise statement of the question the case was meant to decide, written by Hon. Horace Gray, Justice for the majority in this decision.

    “[W]hether a child born in the United States, of parents of Chinese descent, who, at the time of his birth, are subjects of the Emperor of China, but have a permanent domicile and residence in the United States, and are there carrying on business, and are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity under the Emperor of China, becomes at the time of his birth a citizen of the United States by virtue of the first clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.” (Italics added.)

    For WKA to justify birthright citizenship, the parents must have “…permanent domicile and residence…” But how can an illegal alien have permanent residence when the threat of deportation is constantly present? There is no statute of limitation for illegal presence in the US and the passage of time does not eliminate the legal remedy of deportation. This alone would seem to invalidate WKA as a support and precedent for illegal alien birthright citizenship.

    If illegal (or legal) alien parents are unemployed, unemployable, illegally employed, or if they get their living by illegal means, then they are not “. . .carrying on business. . .”, and so the children of indigent or criminal aliens may not be eligible for birthright citizenship

    If legal aliens meet the two tests provided in WKA, birthright citizenship applies. Clearly the WKA case addresses the specific situation of the children of legal aliens, and so is not an applicable precedent to justify birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens.

    Part three. Birth Tourism

    Occasionally foreign couples take a trip to the US during the last phase of the wife’s pregnancy so she can give birth in the US, thus conferring birthright citizenship on the child. This practice is called “birth tourism.” WKA provides two tests for birthright citizenship: permanent domicile and residence and doing business, and a temporary visit answers neither condition. WKA is therefore disqualified as justification for a “birth tourism” child to be granted birthright citizenship.

  20. Realist says:
    @Carroll Price

    Then let them starve to death. The Pilgrims nipped that dumb ass idea (welfare) in the bud

    • Replies: @Ivy
  21. @vx37

    (What will happen when the world rejects Third-World America’s [TWA] dollar as a reserve currency, the same way they reject the peso as a major reserve currency?)

    Can’t hardly wait for it to happen. The 3rd-world immigrants everyone’s bitching about getting all the freebies, won’t know the difference, while over-weight, pampered Americans will simply starve. And good riddance to the useless eaters.

  22. @Carroll Price

    When the illegal immigrants are gone the companies that hire them will have to raise wages. Yes, they will then have to raise prices. The result will be a net transfer of wealth from the middle and upper classes to the working poor. Most Republicans and all Democrats oppose this. I’m fine with it.

  23. Alfa158 says:
    @Carroll Price

    Please look up;History; United States; pre mid-twentieth century. I’m pretty sure Americans were eating chicken, grapes, apples, peaches, lettuce, etc. prior to that period. I don’t think their diet consisted of venison and tree bark.
    But since I wasn’t there, maybe I’m wrong and that is actually what they were eating.
    I know some people born in the 1920’s; I’ll check with them and let you know what they say.

  24. Ivy says:

    The Ant and the Grasshopper, another example of hate speech indoctrinating impressionable young minds, I tell ya! Now if we could only get a program going for all those marginalized grasshoppers, and someone to run it, all for just a slight tax increase, but think of the grasshopperlets.

    First they came for Babar, and then for Prince Charming, and then for Mike and his Steam Shovel. Fortunately, our kids got to hear about all those, and more 🙂

  25. wayfarer says:

    “State of Emergency Declared as California’s Hepatitis-A Outbreak Accelerates”

    “Hepatitis-A is Endemic in Mexico”

    “California Becomes ‘Sanctuary State’ with Gov. Brown Signature”

    “Los Angeles Preempts Trump’s Deportation Plans by Finally Decriminalizing Street Vending”

    “Patient Education: Hepatitis-A (Beyond the Basics)”

  26. utu says:

    There is, though, one glaring omission from that 70-item list.

    Is there anything about enforcement of existing laws to penalize employers hiring illegals? If there is not then all the talk about the wall is just a hype. Large percentage of illegals are people who came legally on temporary visas and overstayed. No wall will stop them.

    The root of the problem is capitalism always wanting cheap labor. Immigrants, legal and illegal are scabs. Strong unions and labor laws favoring workers could help enforcement of immigration and illegal labor laws.

    • Replies: @tjm
  27. @Carroll Price

    “Can’t hardly”

    Why do people raised poor always talk about “useless eaters” when the subject is their own white people, and love, love, love “hard-working” brown immigrants, even when most of those “hard-working” brown immigrants are truthfully on the dole?

    The blind, angry self-hatred so characteristic of this class has always puzzled me. Is it “potter against potter,” as Aristotle had it – that is, white trash against white trash? Or is there a crypto thing going on? Or just an embrace of the oppressor’s narrative for reasons of status-climbing?

    When you tell these people, “Move to Africa/Mexico/wherever if you disprefer your white racial family so much,” they can only respond with 1960s Kumbaya drivel so embarrassing it would make an SJW from NYC blush. Something they were “learned” in school.

    If any group of people needs to die out quick (“simply starve…good riddance”), it’s this group of elderly pale-skinned inveterate white-haters from the Southern United States.

  28. JGarbo says:

    I heard that Pres Trump likes your suggestions. He asked, ‘Can you put that in a Twitter for me?’

  29. neutral says:
    @Carroll Price

    Can’t hardly wait for it to happen.

    Why wait, you can easily go to a lot of different third world states right now. I suggest you go to Lagos, it is full of wonderful vibrant people, much better than those useless white people. I am sure you would feel right at home there.

  30. JD, you have only just begun to deal with the damage done to the skilled middle class by H-1B visas. What’s to stop the jobs being offshored? Does it matter if the inspection and assessment of work on software is done by looking over the worker’s shoulder in America or by Skype?

    • Replies: @anon
  31. MBlanc46 says:
    @Carroll Price

    Says the Pope, speaking ex cathedra.

  32. tjm says:
    @Diversity Heretic


    Trump is a Trojan Horse. He is NO patriot, he is a Zionist, with one goal, destroy America.

    THIS IS A PROPOSAL, which means nothing. Obama did much of the same, offer proposals to make himself look good, but in the end, he gave into globalist Zionist legislation.

    Trump WILL GIVE AMNESTY TO MILLIONS, that is the ONLY reason he did not just kill DACA, instead sent it to Zionist controlled Congress, so they could form some hidden poison pill, that will grant amnesty now, and promise a crack down that will never come.

    I am so sick of these comments that still push the idea that Chump is some how fighting for America…Even as he breaks one promise after another.

  33. tjm says:


    When Trump pushed for a wall, every American with a brain should have seen through this as a scam.

    Work place enforcement is the only thing that works, but Trump can do that all on his own, thus we can’t have the Washington theatrics of sending it to Congress to get bogged down.

    That is to say, Trump wants open borders and amnesty, he is a Zionist shill, pure and simple.

  34. MBlanc46 says:
    @Auntie Analogue

    “Genuinely care about…ordinary Americans…..” In some other possible world, perhaps.

  35. Thank you and spot on. Trump’s new proposal has no teeth, and is still a far cry from what he promised on the campaign trail. He has done absolutely nothing on H-1b and OPT, two visas that must go if he were to live up to his promise of “Hire American”. The top 10 largest users of the H-1B are all outsourcing firms, 7 of which Indian, plus 3 “American” companies in name only, IBM, Accenture and Deloitte. These outsourcing firms big and small have collectively decimated the software development career options for our citizens, turning them over to all foreign workers under the perpetual guise of “skills shortage”. The H-1b might as well be called the “Indian Full Employment Act”, or the Make India Great Again (MIGA) visa.

    The EB-5 is just a get-out-of-jail on the cheap visa for corrupt Chinese government officials and businessmen. The \$500k threshold was set in 1990 and has not been updated in 27 years! All other developed countries have upped their investor visa limit to \$5M or more, we are still at parity with Portugal. Portugal! Senators Feinstein and Grassley have both proposed to end this visa, and Congress continues to extend it unchanged every time it is up for renewal. Trump is doing nothing about it because his son-in-law’s family firm is trying hard to get rich Chinese to invest in their family property the infamous 666 Fifth Avenue.

    And yes it’s absolutely time to end birthright citizenship. All other developed countries require at least one parent to be citizen before baby can be granted citizenship, it’s high time we do the same.

    In addition, annual refugees should be set by the president but Congress should limit it to never more than 10,000. Congress should also reduce annual green card allotment to no more than 100,000 for the next 20 years — zero if I have my say, we need a 20 year moratorium on immigration to absorb and assimilate those already here.

    The GOP’s refusal to reduce immigration is the reason why Steve Bannon is declaring war on the GOP. We need to primary out all the immigrant loving traitors like Paul Ryan. With Republicans like him, who needs Democrats? Unless Trump gets a lot tougher on immigration, he too should be primary out. I’m already pissed enough at him about his broken promises on no more wars, now he’s pissing me off even more with this toothless immigration proposal. We thought we elected Trump, but the president we really elected was Jared Kushner.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  36. MBlanc46 says:

    What! What about Magic Dirt? Don’t you realize that once the landless Mexican peasant sets foot on transformative American soil, he morphs into an entrepreneurial giant, ready to create the next Apple or Google. And if he doesn’t, his daughter surely will. If we have to deport a few of the worthless natives to make room for this guy, that’s just the price if progress.

  37. @Carroll Price

    More farmers will automate if cheap labor isn’t so abundant. Liberal elites like Bill Gates are saying we should not automate when there are so many poor people looking for work in the world, so we end up importing tens of millions people in to do this work. Cheap labor hinders automation. It’s why the Industrial revolution did not happen in China or India, because they had abundant cheap labor. Now we too will fall behind in automation thanks to abundant cheap imported labor, while we slowly turn into a 3rd world hell hole resembling the native environment of our cheap labor because unlike machines, people bring with them their IQ and culture.

    Even without automation, we will have no trouble finding native born farm labor once we deport all the illegals. Many of the rural poor will work the farm if they aren’t surrounded by Spanish speaking people, and made to feel like foreigners in their own country. In addition, once we cut off welfare, many of the urban poor will have no choice but to work, and all the jobs now done by illegals, from farm to construction, fast food, meat packing, back restaurant, janitorial, etc. can all be done by this urban welfare class. The reasons they don’t do these jobs now are a) they don’t have to because welfare payment is enough to keep them afloat, b) they don’t want to be surrounded by Spanish speaking foreigners and c) the well-meaning, misguided liberals will be screaming bloody racism and modern day slavery as soon as they see a black man working the farm or any other low paid job. These liberals would rather see blacks unemployed and living on welfare.

  38. @Randal

    You’d think anyone purporting to be on the “left”, in the sense of supporting working class people would understand that basic reality, but far too many on the left have been indoctrinated in radical leftist anti-racist and internationalist dogmas that make them functional stooges for big business and its mass immigration program.

    Well said. The left are always contradicting themselves. The same people who want open borders and mass immigration will be the first to decry environmental degradation and over development in their neighborhoods. They can’t seem to make that logical connection that more people coming in means more trees will be cut down to make room for more homes, more apartments, more roads, more cars, more pollution…

    If liberals understood logic, they wouldn’t be liberals.

  39. @George Weinbaum

    As to birthright citizenship: I say make it a five-year felony to have a child while in the US illegally. Make it a condition of getting a tourist visa that one not be pregnant. If the tourist visa lasts say 60 days and the woman has a child while in the US, she gets charged with fraud.

    What will you do with the pregnant illegal? Send her to jail? Wait until she gives birth then send her to jail? Wait for the outcry from the libtards.

    As for the tourist visa, this is already done. US embassies overseas always try to make sure a woman is not visibly pregnant when they apply for a tourist visa. But the Chinese who are now the biggest abusers of birthright citizenship found ways to get around that. The birth tourism hotel operators in LA advise their clients in China to wear lose clothing and lie about pregnancy status, many also arrive early now like around 5 months pregnant before they start to really show, and live in a birth hotel in LA until they give birth. There are entire apartment complexes in LA used as birth hotels for rich Chinese, also private homes that house up to 10 pregnant women. Many of the operators(all Chinese nationals with green card) are so sleazy they even fill out forms saying the women giving birth are low income with no insurance so they get to give birth in our hospitals for free while we pick up the tab with our insurance, and pocket the \$4,000+ fee they get from each of their clients. Meanwhile these supposed poor pregnant women routinely go on shopping sprees buying luxury goods.

    Thanks to Obama now the tourist visa granted to Chinese citizens is valid for 10 years. Trump needs to rescind that agreement and limit it back to 3 months.

  40. Our universities play a major role in pushing for the Optional Practical Training(OPT), it is a major selling point for them in luring full pay foreign students to their schools. Bush Jr. the traitor GOP started this visa, it was originally for only up to 12 months, Obama extended it to 3 years. Meanwhile this visa actually gives US employers tax incentives to hire foreign grads ahead of our own graduates, in any major, for up to 3 years, giving these foreign students the crucial entry level experience that will pave their way to higher level employment after 3 years. Our own graduates are being cheated out of these entry level jobs by tax incentives, utter madness.

    Obama also gave the spouses of H1b workers permission to work, the end result is my local clinics are filled with Indian women whose husbands work in the tech industry. So each H1b now comes with 2 full time workers, not just 1. In my state (WA) their children also get to attend our colleges with in-state tuition, courtesy of a lobby by Microsoft. Our tech companies and universities are conspiring to sell out the country to the cheapest labor. This gravy train needs to end.

  41. @Jim Sweeney

    All developed countries from Japan to Europe to Australia & NZ have a law that says at least one parent must be citizen for a baby born on their soil to be citizen, the US would simply fall in line with all other countries. The baby will get the same status as the highest status parent. If one parent has a green card the child gets a green card. If the parent is on a visa like H1b, F1, Eb5 or tourist visa, the child gets dependent visa status. The Supreme Court judges are supposed to look out for American’s interest first and foremost, not foreign nationals’. They are SCOTUS of the USA, not SCOTUS of the world.

  42. Alden says:

    Being a middle class person wo was actually there in Palo Alto when all the White American men I went to college with got jobs in Silicon Valley I am totally and absolutely against HI-B workers. With 300 million people we can train our own STEM people. It doesn’t take a genius to write code.

    I voted for Trump because I’ll vote for anything that isn’t a democrat. But Microsoft is right now recruiting in China.

  43. Alden says:
    @Carroll Price

    One of my tenants is a UNION meat cutter for one of the huge Kroger stores. He makes about \$65,000 a year which is why he can afford to live in my building without a section 8 voucher, support his daughter and own a car. It’s the meat cutters right in the store who cut up whole chickens into boneless chicken breasts.

    Back in the olden days when I was young the store meat cutters and slaughter house butchers were all well paid UNION members who owned their homes and supported their wives and children without food stamps, section 8 vouchers and free breakfast, lunch and after school snack and summer vacation breakfast and lunch.

    Of course back in the olden days, the cost of living and the wages paid to the average working class person were in sync and anyone with a job need not go on welfare. When the food workers were native born Americans making a family living wage we could all afford fruit and vegetables and bread an meat.

    And the food was far cheaper in relation to wages 60 and 50 years ago than it is now. In my 75 years I’ve gone from lobster at least twice a month at my parent’s house to steak and thick pork chops and roast lamb to chicken and rice and chicken and chicken and chicken. It was lobster and roast lamb as a child in the 1950’s to steak and thick pork chops in the 1960’s and early 70’s and chicken since 1975 due solely to wages stagnating and prices inflating.

    I capitalized UNION worker because conservatives are fools who pay more attention to being against abortion for blacks and browns and jealously of the few UNION workers around.

    Believe me, the average American ate far, far better back in the olden days when food growing and processing and selling was done by native born Americans.

    The main reason Americans have become so obese since 1980 is because we can’t afford much meat and fish anymore so we eat lots and lots of carbohydrates. And all carbohydrates turn into glucose, pure sugar by the time they get into the blood stream. That’s all carbs, from a Whole Paycheck plain baked potato to a glass of pure corn syrup.
    Speak with you Mother and grandmother about the cost of food in relation to wages when they were young.

    FYI, apples are about the cheapest fruit around.

    FYI I drive through the state of California through the farm valleys several times a year. I never see any men working in the fields, just hordes of hispanic men loitering around town. At planting and picking time I generally wee 2 or 3 guys and a big machine in a 75 acre field

    Rice for instance is grown entirely by machinery. Somebody opens the gate, the water floods in, a few days later a plane flies over and drops the rice seed and a few months later the rice is harvested by machine.

    And in the months between planting and picking field crops, planes kill the weeds with pesticides and no workers are needed until picking time and the workers run the machinery. So the workers are only needed to run the machines about 2 months a year.

    And there are plenty of 3 rd generation native born American Mexes living in those towns who run the machinery.

    FYI the most expensive chain, Whole Foods pays its workers minimum wages to start but its food is far more costly than the Union stores who pay their workers decent wages from day one.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  44. Durruti says:

    News Flash:

    Minnie Mouse accuses Weinstein of Rape!

    • Replies: @Capn Mike
  45. Capn Mike says:

    OK, These are the ass-clowns of the Supreme Court who invented birthright citizenship in the 1898 Wong Kim Ark case: Gray, Brewer, Brown, Shiras, White, Peckham.
    I suggest that we seek out any and all statues and plaques honoring these guys and pull ’em DOWN!

  46. Capn Mike says:

    Actually, that claim was dismissed because it was well known at the time that she was fucking Goofy! (old joke)

  47. @Carroll Price

    “Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?”

    The thirteenth amendment outlaws slavery, but with an exception:

    “…except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

    So, you ask “…then what?…” Prison labor, that’s what. Put all the convicts to work doing those nasty jobs. I bet you that ricidivism and the prison population would both plummet.

    And maybe, just maybe, make it a law that the parents of criminals must share in their children’s punishment. Unless say, they have notified the authorities of their children’s criminal tendencies, disowned them, and provided the state with child support for their custodial care and “rehabilitation”.

    Such a program would reduce crime, incentivise personal vocational planning, and compel responsible sexual conduct, responsible child bearing and responsible child rearing.

    Such a plan would have to include guaranteed access to a job, make-work if necessary. Overseeing prison work-release labor crews, perhaps.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  48. @Carroll Price

    Once all the undocumented workers who are doing all the dirty, nasty jobs Americans refuse to do are run out the country, then what?

    I wonder if the computer programmers, will pick up the tab, and run to the fields of California, and assist us with bringing those items to the grocery store!

    We do have a program now, where people get ‘work permits’ to come and do the farm work for us. It is for 7 or 9 months duration. Should leave that alone. However, I hate when those foreign people (Students) walk all high and tight, believing that they are much, much better than us natives! So, yes, the companies who wonder the world over, to find workers, deserve our boycott and derision.

  49. @Alden

    Mr. Alden:

    From a Christian perspective, abandoning God, has its consequences! I remember back in the 80s, still have People worshiping God, and were really conservative, I don’t mean the actual so called conservatives who are a joke. Only use the word loosely. Besides, now a day, most kids can care less, about anything, are lazy, want the latest I phone, newest car, etc. We never owned a car in my childhood. biked, and walked a lot.
    You mention lobster, etc. I was lucky if we had steak in our plate, was beans, and rice, and now and then chicken. I thank God that I joined the Military, and was given the opportunity to get an education.
    I see with dismay how the police is better armed than us when we were deployed! Who needs a militarized police force? I bet when you were younger we did not have a militarized police force! And back then people care for their neighbors, etc. So there you have it Sr. in a nutshell!

  50. @Another Realist

    I’m already pissed enough at him about his broken promises on no more wars…

    Sr, I am in agreement with you. HOWEVER, how often his supporters stand up for the President? We are cowed into our little corners when his enemies are all over him, frustrating his ability to do more of his promises! I even fight my own family when its time to support the president. I am also against wars and the increase in military spending, i.e. I am a vet, so I remember the wastefulness in the services, buying stuff we did not need. Also the Military’s way of spending has to go. ‘if you don’t use the funds this fiscal year, next year you will get less’. If that is not wasteful, I don’t know what is! The one hundred billion dollars more in defense, is enough to fix the roads, and infrastructure we so desperate need fixing. Heck, that much money could pay for college for the kids who want but can’t go to college! etc. So yes, he upset me with his endless, Bush, Oboso wars! He promised to get us out, but I guess his enemies are too powerful, and his supporters bunch of talkers, whose support he desperately needs..

  51. Anonymous [AKA "jackthereaper"] says:

    They will never reinforce security on borders, the rulers of the world are Mexicans and Jews, and they want to take over USA, so borders will remain open. USA is full of terror of Mexican power, even though Mexico has a very weak Army and old planes, old weapons, no nuclear power, etc. It is very strange, USA attacks sometimes strong countries, or politicians are not friendly with Russia or China, and USA imposes sanctions vs Russia, but if Mexico appears, USA feels terrified and accepts all the orders that Mexicans dictate, as if Mexico is the most powerful nation of the world. USA always offers love to Mexicans, protection for dreamers, DACA, welfare for illegals. If Mexico lacks of money for something, (because their politicians steal it) USA offers to pay. Maybe in future, USA will offer to pay medical services for all Mexican population IN MEXICO, all paid with American money. Thousands of Mexicans have killed American people in many ways, and USA never punishes Mexico. It is unexplainable but it is happening, the weak Mexico is the Emperor of the world, all other nations fear Mexico.

  52. @Jeff Davis

    Thanks Jeff. You offer one of the few sensible responses I’ve seen to my earlier comment. As to prison labor being used to perform menial task like cutting grass on public property, clearing right-of-ways for roads, and cleaning ditches etc, that ended many years ago, as a result of congress being lobbied and bribed by privately owned businesses who wanted to make big profits by hiring wage slaves to perform the same jobs being done by convicts. Which of course, puts 100% of the expense associated with convict up-keep on the tax payer. While growing up South Carolina and Georgia during the 1950s and 60s, it was a common sight to see 25 or 30 chain gang inmates cutting bushes and cleaning ditches along public roadways, with armed guards prepared and ready to shoot and kill any inmate attempting to escape. Needless to say, theft and other such petty crimes were few and far between.

  53. More BAMMAMA.

    Does it make sense to bring over tons of people who are bigger, more muscled, and more aggressive than your own?

    What do white men get from African invasion of Europe? These aggressive muscled low IQ brutes push white boys around and feel ZERO respect for white wussies. White women lose respect for white cucks and get jungle fever and welcome colonization of their wombs by African seed.

    This is what EU elites promote? To see white manhood destroyed by black males and to see white wombs be colonized by jungle thugs?


    Happening to Japan too now.

    • Replies: @denk
  54. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    JD, you have only just begun to deal with the damage done to the skilled middle class by H-1B visas. What’s to stop the jobs being offshored? Does it matter if the inspection and assessment of work on software is done by looking over the worker’s shoulder in America or by Skype?

    Great point!

    Why not use the IRS? They’re as blood thirsty as they come. Maybe create an additional corporate fee / tax for having offshore employees in addition to their salary. Then whack the employee for the privilege of filing an annual remote 1099. It’s a win win.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  55. denk says:
    @Priss Factor

    Happening to Japan too now.

    It has been going on for 70 years now buddy !

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  56. @anon

    Then the IRS bosses can get bonuses, prizes and applause by the economies effected by offshoring their own more or less routine work.

  57. @denk

    I’m not talking of rape. I’m talking of Japanese women flying to Jamaica to have mulatto kids. Or Japanese women who have kids of Nigerian men in Tokyo.

    • Replies: @denk
  58. denk says:
    @Priss Factor

    Murkkans dont like being ‘swarmed by chinks../gooks. eh ?

    Can you imagine how the Jap./Pinoy etc feel ,to be invaded by brutes who ‘colonise Jap./Pinoy etc women’s wombs’ at gun point ??

    In Murkka white chicks fall over themselves to have sex with ‘Black hunks’ and you should complain ?

  59. Anonymous [AKA "JackRipper"] says:

    The key point for the victory of immigrants over the anti-immigrants is that immigrants and the governments of their countries spend a lot of money to pay people that help them to win, like attorneys, judges, politicians, advisors, publicity, etc. while anti-immigration groups and government dont spend money. Hillary and Obama spent much more money than Trump in the Presidential campaign, that is why Hillary was very close to win. Trump should have won by large margin if he had spent same amount of money. The meanness of government will allow the immigrants to win and they will take over the nation.

  60. Sam J. says:
    @Carroll Price

    I read all the comments and one came close but…one word. robots. If a computer can drive a car surely it can pick a apple or a head of lettuce. If it won’t this year then a few years from now it will.

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