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The U.S. Needs MORE Incarceration. the U.K., Surprisingly, May Already Have It.
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier, by Ann Coulter: Mass Incarceration Saved Black America

This headline from The Spectator, August 29th, naturally caught my eye: If anything, America has an under-incarceration problem. The byline is Pedro L. Gonzalez, a name not otherwise known to me. [ Note : Read Pedro L. Gonzalez at American Greatness and follow him on Twitter at @emeriticus]but if Pedro is ever out Long Island way, I’ll be glad to buy him a drink.

He takes us through some recent cases: John Marvin Weed, the 59-year-old white man beaten to death at Maryland State Fair last year by two young black brothers—I mean, they are actual brothers—aged 16 and 15.

Motions to try them as adults were denied. The older brother got probation; the younger is in a juvenile detention facility until he’s completed a behavioral modification program. [ Teen charged in deadly Great Frederick Fair assault to serve probation, by Jeremy Arias, Frederick News-Post, August 12, 2020]

Then Pedro tells the horrible story of five-year-old white child Cannon Hinnant, shot dead while riding his bike in his front yard by 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, who is black.

That was just last month so there’s no result from the courts yet; but we have learned that Sessoms is a felon with a long rap sheet.

And then, Joel Francisco, below, who got early release from jail last year under Jared Kushner’s First Step Act.

Shortly after his release, he stabbed a man to death. [He was released early from prison in February. Now he’s wanted for a murder on Federal Hill. Providence Journal, Oct 4, 2019]

And so on. This kind of thing is all too common. If you pay attention to your local news, you don’t have to pay attention for long before you read about someone on early release, or probation, or with outstanding warrants—someone who should really be locked up—who’s committed some new felony.

Pedro Gonzalez crunches the numbers and makes a good case. Just one short quote:

Most of what Americans have been told about mass incarceration is untrue, or takes half-truths and tortures them into whole lies.

A lot of that lying is in support of race denialism, our great National Lie. The stupendous differences in criminality between blacks and non-blacks must at all costs be kept hidden from the peasants, or else we’d be marching on the palace with pitchforks.

I once, in a scholarly discussion group with some quantitative social scientists, posed the question: Suppose we locked up black people at higher and higher rates until the level of black crime in society outside prisons and jails was equal to the nonblack rate? What proportion of incarcerated people would be black?

I couldn’t get an answer out of them, and wasn’t invited back to the group.

Now for the situation in the U.K. It has some similarities—and some differences.

Dame Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London, gave testimony this July before the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee. That’s equivalent to an American big-city police chief testifying to a congressional justice committee. Eye-stopping quote, from psychologist James Thompson‘s excellent coverage of this story:

Dame Cressida Dick fielded questions about how the police were dealing with the lockdown, and with knife crime and crime generally, with a focus on racial differences, particularly on the numbers of people stopped and searched.

British Justice, British Version,, September 9, 2020


Yes! Incredibly, Dame Cressida was open and forthcoming about race differences in crime!

She wasn’t as open and forthcoming as we are here at, needless to say; but for a person in her position, in a country as thoroughly race-cucked as Britain, she was remarkably frank:

You are four times more likely to be a victim of homicide if you are black and eight times more likely to be a perpetrator.[PDF]

If, in defiance of all the efforts of the U.S. Main Stream Media to keep the facts hidden from you, if you know American crime statistics, that eight times figure for homicide will be familiar. It’s more or less the same as the corresponding figure for us.

How odd.

James Thompson says it better than I can:

The figure is roughly the same as that for homicide for African Americans, despite their different histories. US Police and UK Police differ considerably, in that the latter are not usually armed. That does not appear to make a difference in the ratio of black to white offenders. Black British were originally from the West Indies, and after 70 years in the UK, whatever their experiences, they were not subjected to possibly 500 years of life in the US. It is either a coincidence that both homicide rates are equally raised, or it suggests that the US experiences are not a unique cause of Black homicide rates.

Surprisingly, in at least one crime statistic the British black-white disparity is actually greater than ours. Here’s the far-left British newspaper The Guardian reporting on a speech by a black socialist Member of parliament, David Lammy, complaining about what he says is anti-black bias in the criminal justice system.

The MP highlighted the fact that there was “greater disproportionality” in the number of black people in prisons in England and Wales than in the US. Black people make up 3 percent of population in England and Wales and 12 percent of the prison population, compared with 13 percent and 35 percent respectively, in the US.

Exposed: ‘racial bias’ in England and Wales criminal justice system, September 7th, 2017 .

So on those numbers from three years ago, British blacks are imprisoned at four times the nonblack rate, while in America it’s only 2.7 times.

And that was before Javanka got to work.

Ah, these racial gaps: When shall we ever see the end of them? Fix the schools! Defund the police! No justice, no peace!

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. There should be no prisons.

    The violent are predators on the rest of society. They need to be killed on the first offense; no need for a prison.

    The non violent that cause property loss should be required to work it off to actually pay back to the victim what they caused to disappear at some punishing rate, say 5 or 10 times; no need for a prison.

    The State needs prisons to house, feed, clothe and provide medical care for their workers. The State needs to have a group of people around to constantly scare the working class to remind them that it is the State that protects them; a lie, but the average person is stupid enough to believe it.

    Every adult should be armed and dangerous. In short order, tens of thousands of dirbags would be dead, never to offend again. A clean up of the society is what’s needed and with the State’s desire to always have scary human filth in the society, they won’t allow that to happen. It is the State that is the ultimate source for repeat crime.

  2. unit472 says:

    I note that no one seems to object pointing out the predilection of Native Americans to alcoholism. In fact, they acknowledge it themselves going so far as to ban the sale of liquor in many Native American communities. There also seems to be common recognition that the Chinese like to gamble more than other ethnic groups. There isn’t any political outrage in pointing out these relatively benign behavioral quirks between racial/ethnic groups. No one believes every American Indian ( or Irishman) is a drunk or that every Chinese man is addicted to gambling but people are aware of these traits even if they are nowhere near as pronounced as the racial disparity in crime rates between the negro and everyone else. We even allow for and take steps to ameliorate racial vulnerability when it comes to disease.

    For example, when the Dakota Sioux Indians saw how covid was ravaging the Navajo nation ( over 3% of whom have already DIED from the pandemic ) they locked down their reservations even expelling people who broke the rules of their self imposed quarantine. Of course Native Americans can do this because of their unique tribal status and because they control sovereign reservations.

    Maybe something similar should be tried with American negroes. They are an even more distinct population racially and culturally than Native Americans and their problem with violent crime, poor academic performance etc has proven intractable to government remedy. Might we grant ‘tribal’ status to African Americans and allow them to impose restrictions on themselves that would be unconstitutional if they applied to everyone. Let Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot deny the right of negroes in her jurisdiction the right to keep and bear arms. Everyone would benefit if negroes were no longer in possession of handguns. We let Native Americans in Alaska deny liquor to their tribal members.

  3. JEG says:

    I wonder how much of the difference in black and white crime rates has to do with the fact that blacks tend to have higher average testosterone levels than whites.

  4. The greatest martial artist I ever met ( TK Chiba, Shihan) spoke these words.

    “If anyone takes a hand to you, that person forfeits their life”.

    “If you want to defend yourself, buy a gun.”

    I have twice been the victim of unprovoked violence by black males. Whatever part “nature” shares in this is in my mind overshadowed by the malign “nurture” of our society’s “cultural creators”. I have watched a non stop pumping of hate from this sector much of my life. Any honest reckoning will hold them accountable.

    • Agree: Alternate History
    • Replies: @jamie b.
  5. Let’s kill two, maybe three birds with one stone, and put violent offenders in arenas to do gladitorial combat to the death. Bonus: To get around social-distancing requirements and crowd-size limits, we’ll call the BLM rallies.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  6. Svevlad says:

    The cause is reverse: violence raises testosterone, as the violent are frequently on the receiving end too. And testosterone boosts the body self-repair process

  7. David says:

    England should import a huge Mexican underclass to bring their non-black incarceration rate up and get that anti-black ratio of 4 down to American levels. Make sure they’re young Mexicans so their high crime rate can be explained away by age-adjusting it down to the aboriginal population’s.

    • Agree: Exile
  8. The MP highlighted the fact that there was “greater disproportionality” in the number of black people in prisons in England and Wales than in the US. Black people make up 3 percent of population in England and Wales and 12 percent of the prison population, compared with 13 percent and 35 percent respectively, in the US.

    You can find the same excuses in Jared Taylor’s book Paved With Good Intentions.

    BTW with BLM momentum some loony recommendations by this Lammy person, such as letting black felons go scot-fee if they admit crimes, may be adopted by the feckless Turkish prime minister.

    Ah, these racial gaps: When shall we ever see the end of them? Fix the schools ! Defund the police! No justice, no peace! …

    Bleeding hearts and the religion of denialism. Facts are simply too heretical.

    The post reminds me of Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton, a South African liberal of British stock. Though the novel was turned into an anti-racism propaganda film with James Earl Jones and Irish actor Richard Harris in the lead roles, the central theme is black on white crime. In the book the son of a farmer (played Harris) is murdered by a delinquent whose father is a rural Zulu preacher (Jones).

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
    , @SMK
  9. Exile says:

    The number of violent felons who walk among us every day is one of the highest-cost items in the Dindugeld.

    White Americans of centuries past would not have simply shrugged at the now-blase statistic that 1/3 of Black men have felony convictions.

    But instead of Making America Great Again with an infrastructure program that built hundreds of new jails nationwide to keep these orcs locked up – providing lots of construction jobs to those millions of White men without good jobs in the bargain – Orange Man gave booty-qwain Kim & her chocolate-fave-flavors “prison reform” in return for a whopping 5% more of the 13% at the polls.

    Hope all of our dead, raped & otherwise victimized White brothers & sisters think their impending sacrifice was worth it.

    • Replies: @obvious
  10. Thanks for this analysis, Mr. Derbyshire. As usual it is spot on.

    The USA gets a lot of bad press for its rates of imprisonment. However, the USA has a far worse crime problem than the countries doing the finger pointing. This problem is due almost entirely to the high proportion of Negros in the USA’s population. Now that so many other developed countries are unwisely importing congenitally criminal races the situation will be changing, as it apparently already is in the UK.

    It’s seldom mentioned but nonetheless a fact that the rates at which Negros commit violent crimes such as murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery are extremely high anywhere there is a sizable Negro population. Back in the day, when I did some work in criminology, I quickly learned that mentioning this fact during interviews, e.g. to explain why the USA had such high rates of homicide relative to other developed countries, was toxic to any chance of employment.

    There is a simple thought experiment that anyone can perform to see how badly the USA’s Negro population distorts measures of societal well-being such as levels of crime, educational attainment, employment rates, bastardy rates, poverty rates, etc. Compare US data on any of these measures with those of any other developed country. The USA invariably looks bad. Then do the same excluding Negros from the tabulations. The USA winds up outperforming most developed countries. My prog acquaintances suffer extreme symptoms of cognitive dissonance, often culminating in irrational rage, when I suggest they check this out for themselves.

  11. Exile says:

    There’s something to be said for much more prolific use of execution for violent crime – particular for repeat offenders.

    It would require more honest cops, prosecutors and judges but what part of the System doesn’t require more honest personnel for just results nowadays?

    My other main reservation is with the “punish both fighters” mentality our schoolmarmish society has adopted. I don’t want guys getting the rope for merely being involved in a fight.

    With a properly high threshold for what constitutes violent crime and better personnel to administer it, Dutton’s Knot is a just and useful means of making our streets safe and filtering our gene pool.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Richard Hill
  12. Wyatt says:

    I imagine this would result in a dramatic reduction in the black population.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. @Exile

    Get rid of the useless street cops. Let the armed public be the street cops. The public should be offered the current street cops marksmanship and gun training and then allow them to function as enforcers of quick justice.

    New rule – start a violent encounter and end up dead, either immediately, or later via execution once caught by the remaining detectives, investigators and forensics people, the only current police worth their salaries.

    Stop relying on the phony prosecutors and judges. You can see what they’ve wrought; a revolving door for the predators in the society. How else could you have a hoodlum with 103 arrests be out on the street to knock some old lady down for absolutely no reason as recently happened in New York?

    You want to fix the crime problem – kill the criminals.

  14. JimDandy says:

    NEWS ITEM: A reporter for The Frederick News-Post was asked to leave the courtroom Wednesday after Steinmetz asked that hearing be closed to the public. Judge Julie Stevenson Solt agreed, saying that much about the case that would be discussed, especially regarding the teen’s past and other details, would be too sensitive to be shared in open court.

    Judge Julie Stevenson Solt is a pig. Google her name and take a look at her fat, moronic face. It is not the fact of a judge, and it should not be the face of a judge. It is the face of the liberal white quisling. Those animals that killed an innocent man will almost certainly hurt more people , emboldened by the fact that they murdered someone on video without consequences. In 2020, the entire criminal element of black America feels similarly emboldened .

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  15. Seneca44 says:

    Minor correction: Mr. Weed was killed by two vibrant youth at the Great Frederick Fair, not the Maryland State Fair, which is held in a northern suburb of Baltimore called Timonium. What’s particularly surprising is that the two killers were treated so leniently in Frederick, which has historically been a red-leaning county. Unfortunately, we are being contaminated daily by commuters is search of cheap real estate and a desire to live among the noble savages.

    • Replies: @fnn
  16. SMK says: • Website
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Blacks are 13% of the US population, and 35% of those in state and federal prisons. And what percentage of the 35% are female? If 5%, then only 30% of inmates in state and federal prisons are black males albeit they commit over half of all violent and mala in se crimes and well over half of muggings and armed robberies, for example. Not nearly enough black males are in prison, a reality confirmed by the anarchy and mayhem and warfare in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, New York, ad nauseam.

    Black male criminals, including young men under age 18 who are absurdly defined as “children” and are thus even more coddled than those age 18 and older, such as the savages, age 15 and 16, who beat a white man to death and were sentenced to probation and a few months of “behavioral modification,” should comprise at least 60% if not 70% of the prison population. Only the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of black male criminals now free to commit violent and other mala in se crimes will significantly reduce the crime rates in our cities and restore and sustain a measure of order and civilization.

    • Replies: @SMK
    , @obvious
  17. @Wyatt

    There would be a dramatic decrease in the human filth population of predators that the State encourages through a process that guarantees there’s an ever increasing supply of them via a totally insane Justice System and welfare.

    People have to realize that the gov’t actively encourages the violence that the decent people have to live with due to their sacrosanct laws that the political class makes up out of nothing. How else would you have millions of moochers that vote for a living instead of working for a living which gives them time on their hands to commit crimes?

  18. jamie b. says:
    @Thomas Milton

    I have twice been the victim of unprovoked violence by black males.

    Twice? There must not have been many blacks in your high school.

  19. @RoatanBill

    The public should be offered the current street cops marksmanship and gun training

    God No! The average gun owner is better trained and a better shot than almost all cops. Cops routinely do multiple mag dumps missing their intended target and shooting anyone and anything behind them to shreds.

    Take the Rittenhouse example. He hit all three of his targets with no collateral damage. Put the typical cop in the same situation, he misses all 3 targets and hits 10 people standing behind them.

    Your typical black gangbanger shooting sideways is a better shot then your typical cop.

    Derbyshire, go back to the UK. This is not your nation and you do not belong here. Americans do not need your commentary on how to run our nation.

  20. @JimDandy

    This is common practice in the US and has been for decades. Courtrooms are routinely cleared for juvenile cases.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  21. There’s a difference between shooting at targets that your average person can get pretty good at and shooting at another person also armed or violent. Police training includes situational awareness when encountering a target that shoots back or is otherwise a threat. That’s valuable.

    If you take the practiced gun owner and allow him to partake of ‘professional’ training, I’m certain he can accept what he thinks is valuable and throw out the rest. I just don’t see how more training can hurt.

    As for Kyle, he shot targets within a few feet with a rifle. The barrel length alone acts like a shooting sight to just pointing the weapon is aiming at that close distance. He got lucky he didn’t hit others because he was firing upwards. That’s pure coincidence given his circumstances. Had he been standing and firing horizontally, he could easily have taken out others.

    A good part of your post is hyperbolic, stating as fact that which is not in evidence.

  22. JimDandy says:
    @Chris Mallory

    This was not a routine case. This was a high-profile hate crime murder. Do you think the judge would have made this move if a couple of Nazi skinheads beat an old black man to death? Do you think the “sentences” would have been the same?

    • Replies: @Poco
  23. Hundreds of thousands of non-violent criminals are incarcerated for drug charges. A significant percentage of them bogus. The drug war is a crime. And the cause of much violence.

    Clear the non-violent drug convicts out and maybe they’ll have room for your psychopaths.

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Ian Smith
    , @anon
  24. The problem is $800 for every fatherless hoodrat, plus housing and health benefits.
    Free the niggaz from the government welfare plantation and put them to work or lock the rats up in toxic internment camps where they live only a few years at most.
    You are welcome.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  25. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ll go a step further and declare the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama black reserves and force every negro in the US to move there. If they’re caught out of state, they would be shot. Lori Lightfoot could be the first potentate of Louisiana and if she wants to massacre half of her population because the ju ju’s bad, whites will not interfere. Only when the negro faces his own problems will most of our problems go away.

    • Agree: usNthem
  26. Exile says:

    The drug trade is built on violence – anyone engaging in it cannot honestly claim innocence. And the vast majority of those smuggled into the “non-violent drug offender” statistics would not be labeled as such in an honest accounting. These stats are agenda-driven and cooked just like every other statistic regarding crime & punishment in Woke Clown World.

    The Drug War is indeed corrupt on both sides but that doesn’t mean we should legalize everything and add pot, cocaine and opium to the daily litany of temptations that libertarian Social Darwinism presents to our kids.

    How about we start locking up the corrupt cops along with the drug dealers instead?

  27. SMK says: • Website

    If adult white females, especially teachers, had sex with one of the 15- and 16-year old who beat a white man to death and were sentenced to probation and a few months in a juvenile facility, they’d be sentenced to months in jail or years (or perhaps even decades) in prison and a lifetime or at least 20-30 years of quasi-totalitarian surveillance.

    Abigail Simon was convicted of having sex with a 6’3″ 220 lb. 15-year-old male student and football star whom she claims forced himself on her and “controlled her life” by threats and manipulation and sentenced to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of electronic parole-monitoring with an ankle-tether/”bracelet” she can never remove and a public sex-offender registration. Not a single person in the state of Michigan has been or will be any safer because of her 8-years of imprisonment, at least, followed by a lifetime of quasi-totalitarian persecution. Not one violent or other serious crime has been or will be prevented or deterred by her hideously draconian/Orwellian sentence.

    Also in Michigan, Kathryn Ronk was sentenced to 6-15 years in prison and decades if not lifetime of quasi-totalitarian persecution, under a plea-bargain -in a state in which, every year in Detroit alone, violent black criminals, virtually all of them recidivists, commit hundreds of rapes and murders and thousands of other violent and mala-in-se crimes.

    And Shannon Schmeider, a teacher in Georgia, was sentenced to 40-yera in prison for having sex with a young man of 14 who wasn’t her student. And Brittany Zamora, a teacher in Arizon and a newlywed, was sentenced to 20-years in prison with no chance for parole for having sex with a young man of 13 who was described as “very aggressive,” suggesting that he was the aggressor in and initiator of their illicit affair.

    First-offenders convicted of nonviolent and victimless and usually mala prohibita crimes, none of these women and many other whose lives have been blighted and destroyed by these insane and execrable and outrageous laws, have committed or will commit a violent or other serious crimes and are not a “threat to society” or to anyone or even a “danger to re-offend” by having sex with another young man under statutory age.

    I’m 99% that not one women teacher who was sentenced to jail or prison for having sex with a young men under statutory age has re-offended by transporting another underage biological man to sexual paradise. And I’m sure that none of them have re-offended by committing aggravated assaults, muggings, armed robberies, car-jackings, violent sexual assaults, kidnappings, acts of tortual and mutilation, and murders.

  28. @anon

    I’ll go a step further and declare the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama black reserves…

    Replace Alabama with South Carolina, and you’ve got an appropriate deal. Those are the only states that have ever had a black majority.

    It went back-and-forth in Louisiana, counting Indians; on some censuses every race was a minority. But the other two states were consistently majority-black for over a century.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  29. @CelestiaQuesta

    and put them to work…

    Have they been known to work at all in the last 400 years?

    Let’s stick to workable solutions.

  30. 36 ulster says:

    Your last sentence is spot on. But we know that the “community” can’t bear to confront the awful truth of its large-scale dysfunction. I suspect that “deflect and project”–what the shrinks used to call a “character disorder”– will be the tactic and strategy for the next few centuries.

  31. @JEG

    “blacks tend to have higher average testosterone levels”

    I’ve read that claim many times, but have not found the original research to confirm it. Do you have any citations you can share? Thanks!

  32. I would guess the damned dame is poaching American stats.

    Just a guess.

  33. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Did anyone else notice the absence of the name “Trump” in this same old column?

    Oh, wait …

    … who got early release from jail last year under Jared Kushner’s First Step Act.


    And that was before Javanka got to work.

    But we should still vote for the incumbent, who (supposedly) can’t stand up to his own kids? Do I have that Alt Right?

  34. “And that was before Javanka got to work.”

    So disappointed when the RNC pandered to criminals. They mentioned Jacob Swisscheese Blake twice without condemnation, and showcased a paroled cocaine kingpin, choosing to believe her mythical hagiography rather than her indictment and conviction. People called her a first-time offender, which makes no sense since she was a ringleader of a criminal organization, during operation of which she committed many, not just one, criminal transactions.

    One of the candidates in our local state’s attorney’s race is running on “criminal justice reform,” apparently unaware that our commonest violent offenders are paroled felons possessing guns illegally. The current state’s attorney assures us that the lives of gangbangers and law-abiders are equally valuable. And of course the violent teens and pre-teens, though just as vicious as the adults, reap the mercy of our stupid separate system of lenient justice for juveniles.

    This week one of our local trauma surgeons complained of the daily GSWs he’s treating, but you can be sure that his hospital is a vocal supporter of BLM. Sometimes the hospital even has to be locked down when a gang member is treated, in anticipation of attacks against him during his stay in the hospital.

  35. @RoatanBill

    It doesn’t work, Bill. The right to bear arms was fine before gunpowder, but turning that into the right to bear automatics, the uniquely American religious fanaticism, supposedly for “Freedom,” is nothing more than that, brainwashed Americans and their fanaticism. American exceptionalism.

    You would have a lot more freedom to do whatever you wanted within the law, walk around the streets, drive around the country, eat at the cafe or pub, if you knew no-one on the streets or in the cafe carried firearms and the police were unarmed.

    For Freedom’s sake, fight to end that murderous fanaticism!

    Or just go and live in Communist China, where the police are unarmed.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  36. @Ian Smith

    Typical lying spin obfuscation of a patent and obvious truth. From you and Slate, the dirty rag.

    “Only 20 percent of inmates in prisons (as opposed to jails) are locked up for drug offenses, compared with 50 percent for violent crimes and 20 percent for property offenses.”

    That’s what the article says. That’s what you say. Supposedly refuting my point about ending the drug war.

    You are lying with the truth. Slate is lying with the truth. It’s a classic Frank Luntz troll maneuver. Disraeli knew you inside out. More damned lies. Oh, you don’t think you can lie with the truth, eh? Just shows what a dumb cluck you are.

    Here’s the missing elephant in the room. Those 50% violent crimes and 20% property offenses? They are caused by the drug war. Some dealer shoots some other dealer. That’s a violent crime. Only it’s not. According to your damned lies, oh, oops, I mean “statistics,” it is. But as any fool can infer, any retarded, couldn’t-pass-a-test-if-he-knew-something bonehead, it is a drug crime.

    Thus, many more than 50% of the people in jail are in there because of drugs. Legalize drugs and sell standardized doses at nationalized drug stores, and all that crime goes away, poof, in a cloud of smoke. Including the “violent” and “property” crime, i.e., drug crime.

    You people are as disingenuous as a game of three card monte.

    • Troll: Ian Smith
    • Replies: @Exile
    , @The Soft Parade
  37. anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    Obama had a program to pardon Federal prisoners incarcerated for non-violent drug crimes. He did come up with a few, but it was surprisingly difficult. Pardons included some RICOed gang leaders, one of which was shot in a gang thing shortly after release.

    No one is in prison for mere possession, although occasionally violent felons are convicted of drug crimes in lieu of harder to prove offenses.

    • Agree: Ian Smith
  38. Dullx23 says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    I’m pretty sure that white people in the US have higher crime rates than white people in Europe. White non-Hispanic people are 35% of prisoners in the US, and we have 7-10 times the incarceration rate of European nations. Do the math-even if you assume every prisoner in Europe is white, that still results in US whites having much higher incarceration rates than whites in Europe.

    • Agree: TimeTraveller
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
  39. We need resources!! Blacks are denied resources! What can you do without resources? Diddly squat!

  40. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    That is false. Your comments are often worthy but not this one. The right to bear arms was the result of the colonial rebels having gunpowder.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  41. Biff says:

    The U.S. Needs MORE Incarceration.

    Low brow stupidity. Giving the State more license to accost and seize is not going to make the U.S. a better place – on the contrary. The main reason for penal system as it is in its current form is to extract wealth – doubling down is going to help?

    A new approach would be to start with jailing the bankers that launder the drug money. Then move up to the war profiteers.

    The examples of recidivism are just a reflection of how the “owners” really don’t care about the safety of the average person or neighborhood – which should serve as a hard dose of reality for the average American – “They don’t give a fuck about you!”

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  42. TKK says:

    I volunteered for a case in Obama’s Clemency Program. Without revealing any details- you are correct.

    The RICO predicates “proved” at the trial level made it very difficult to get sentences reduced.

    Many people are in state prison for repeat possession. I generally find I can keep my average opiate and heroin user out of prison by working out deals for felony probation with rehab- or something called drug court.

    If I have a client who will do their homework, I instruct them to attend daily NA meetings and we roll into our arraignment with 30 continuous NA meetings under our belt, a Substance Abuse assessment, proof of employment and anything else I can think up. This oils the track for client for the best deal.

    But most addicts get bored with delayed gratification.

    I can generally keep them out of prison until their 5th violation of their probation. Substantive violations- dirty urine screens (plural), new charges, and absconding.

    You see- this add ups to many many chances before they are actually send to prison. It’s actually difficult to get sent to prison if you are just a garden variety addict.

    This is negated if they have lengthly criminal histories- the score sheet comes into play. It’s a point system that is a bit confusing. But if they score a certain amount of points- it’s supposed to be mandatory DOC. The Judge has to deviate from Sentencing Guidelines.

    And, I have found that they generally deviate for white, well dressed well spoken whites who have well connected lawyers than blacks with assistant public defenders.

  43. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Lots of black criminals are easy to spot: they wear their pants “saggin”-style, often with ther entire underwear-covered backside visible, even if there is an embarrasing (or should be) brown stain on the underwear’s hindquarter area (have noticed that a few times). That got me to thinking on how they were subconciously projecting their ill character and intent:

    Know what “saggin” spells when read backwards?

    See, they are more conscientious than you racists thought!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. TKK says:

    We need segregated prisons.

    The blacks, both male and female, are responsible for incomprehensible misery and dread in prison.

    I beat that drum a lot, but it cannot be overstated.

    Specifics are helpful: A white person enters prison. He/she seems to have outside help with money (CRITICAL TO SURVIVAL).

    Any number of blacks will do the following: Demand money put on their JPAY account. Demand their cell/bunk be cleaned.Demand gross personal tasks such as rubbing their feet, or grooming their hair or clipping their toenails. Demand oral sex or variations. Demand their belongings. Demand what was just bought at the commissary.(Snacks, batteries, iPods, health and hygiene aids).

    Consequence for saying NO? Beating, sodomy, snitching, vandalizing, theft. (Yes, blacks snitch) .

    Guards do NOT get involved. They will not help you.

    The easiest time to “do” is with a bunch of white old timers. Not these mutant whiggers.

    Every prison I go to is packed to the gills with blacks. They are also notorious for using their feces as weapons. It is so repulsive and vile— they should be euthanized. (Anyone who does this should be). But it’s their MO.

    I have stood waiting to see a client and seen a young black man, completely naked, in an observation cell, and the glass was completely smeared with it, and he yelled and screamed and laughed.


    I love animals and hate to compare them- but it is noteworthy how many of these behaviors are simian.

  45. Whitewolf says:

    The difference in testosterone wouldn’t go anywhere near making up the difference in crime rates. Whilst Blacks might have more testosterone on average than Whites or Asians they don’t have multiples more like the difference between men and women.

    The fact that many young Blacks grow up without their fathers around would be a lot more significant than the high T numbers. It would maybe even be the cause of the higher T numbers.

  46. Exile says:

    You think this is some kind of a refutation of our point about drug offenders?

    We don’t want to live in a country where people shoot, stab and terrorize each other as part of their daily business.

    We don’t want people selling more addictive life-destroying drugs to our citizens – children or adults alike. And in response to the inevitable “what about alcohol and cigarettes” I say “we don’t need to keep adding to the list of unprincipled exceptions.”

    You can lead a perfectly happy meaningful life without a snoot full of cocaine or an arm full of heroin.

    As a White political dissident I’m probably considered a worse criminal than half of the “drug offenders” out there – ask Trump’s DHS.

    But that doesn’t mean I support turning the feral orcish population loose on America. Apparently you do.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
    , @Sollipsist
  47. @RoatanBill

    Says the guy who fled to some Caribbean shithole…lol

    You don’t even have the guts to defend your homeland. Why the fuck should we listen to a single word you have to say?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  48. @Reg Cæsar

    And yet mysteriously, there have been no riots, looting and large scale civil unrest in the South.

    You know why that is Reg.

    Those monkeys know you people kowtow to them.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  49. GMC says:

    Europe made their bug infested bed when they didn’t tell the European Union and especially Germany’s traitor Merkel, to F.. off when it came to forced black and brown immigration. Immigration that should have never happened, and in the way it did in todays case – the Middle East and African wars. The USA was a perfect example of decades of forced/planned savage social engineering by the Zionist Jews and the government traitors. Anyone could see by 1960 , America would be a solid, majority white European immigrant country before 2000. With 80% of all immigration coming from Europe, it was a shoe in. This all prior to the New Jew 1965 Open and Unlimited Immigration program that brought the white European immigration down to 8%. The Enemies have been the same ones, day in and day out – within the US and Europe and for 100 years now.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Francis Miville
  50. VDare is financed from Israel just like CUFI.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  51. @JEG

    Violence is often blamed on the perceived need to prove manliness, in other words, compensating for a small totty. Your statement probably comes from the same myth that black dicks are huge.
    Now fit that into your doublethink.
    Violence is mostly a function of poverty, and that shampoo ad with your favourite ‘white’ model cuddling up to a ‘black hunk’ serves more to motivate low-iQ criminals to “go get me sum” than anybody cares to investigate…I guess it would be racist to imply advertisements could influence behaviour?
    God forbid we accuse The Investor of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  52. @Exile

    An option to be considered is compulsory vasectomy for aggressive criminals. Since it is reversible it could be regarded as merciful. The benefit is hopefully breeding out of aggression in the population. There is an interesting book by Richard Wadham “The Goodness Paradox” which covers the heredity of violence.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  53. Ponder says:

    Let us kill all Negroes, whether in the Americas or even in Africa. They are useless eaters, born under racism, slavery, and all forms of discrimination, which they use as an excuse to be the most despicable filthy animals alive.

    How dare the Negro talk about equal rights and justice? Only a civilised white people deserves justice for injustices done unto them. The Negroes on the other hand, have no legitimate grievances that should be addressed, they are just savages plain and simple, who pretend to be discriminated against and prejudiced against. Even if we gave them a level playing field, they could never be successful and civilised. It was a real pity, when we allowed them to play sports as whitey’s equals on same play rules. See, they have proven to be quite our equals and even sometimes surpassing our prowess. This I say should not be allowed to stand. Let us return them to their place as inferior humans if they are even that. Whitey should not allow them any role whatsoever, since even the IQ tests proves them dimwitted. Who ever allowd them to be doctors and scientists and marines and …………. made a very big mistake.

    And after extinguishing the Negro, we can look for the next race which is inferior…….. oh wait, the Chinese are damn uppity now. Destroy them too. And then the middle eastern who dare refuse with our oil and stuff. Of course the Slavs should also not pollute our beautiful earth that God gave to us. What about the Indians? Too uncivilized, their whole country is a toilet; what filth.

    Is their any filth I left out? Feel free to exterminate them too.

  54. Of course, it is not the case at all that YouKay blacks hear and see the same trash, the same sewer-like “culture” enriching the Esquimos that control the global media industry…

    I do not think we owe anything to blacks or anyone else. But the lack of awareness for a few things, in you race-realist militants, is mildly tiresome:

    – We arrived at this state of things because “whites” did this to “whites”

    – Despite ultimately losing them via internal coup, my country fought a successful war for 13 years to keep its African territories, despite opposition of most European countries, Britain at the head. We managed it and the population fairly well and we kept the peace in a combined territory the size of Europe, with a pool of only 10 million of us.

    Am I to expect or believe that you, Mr. Derbyshire, or your compatriots will put race solidarity towards me and my country before the particular interest of Britain, unlike in the past?

    – Suppose your views convince the general public – will race realists endeavor to police racial mixing and purity? Will I be accused of insufficient whiteness instead of insufficient wokeness?

  55. Ponder says:

    And oh, I forgot the greatest of them all. The Jews; they must be the filth of the earth —— the source of all of whitey’s problems and yet whitey supports Israel unequivocally. Whites are God’s chosen people don’t you know…… forget the cognitive dissonance that Jesus was born Jewish. I cannot understand all this stuff. Jews are God’s chosen people and that is why US supports Israel, but Jews are evil and are the source of all our problems.

    All you white supremacists can whine all you want, but whiteys days of world rulership is over. All other races have figured out whitey’s enormous hypocrisy that he has been practicing and enticing the whole world with; talk a good moral, humane civilised cover while practising the darkest of evil. Talk international law when it favours him and discard and belittle international law when follow it would be unfavourable though just.

    We have seen the white race; satan’s spawn…….. them that turn bitter for sweet, truth for lies, war is peace, freedom is slavery………. that can drop atomic bombs on innocent civilians to demonstrate their superiority and turn around and justify such an insane act. That can taunt how smart they are, which they are, but instead of civility, use their smarts for destruction. Everywhere whitey is, there is destruction. Another evil such one talks about Haiti, and ignores whitey’s wicked evil hand in that country. Destroy Libya and now say what a shithole Libya is. That my friend is the white supremacist mindset. Always having weapons. Even among themselves, always killing. WW1 and WW2? Whitey. What about WW3? Whitey will start it. You can bet on it.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  56. The difficulty facing Mr Derbyshire is that he doesn’t believe that cultural differences have any role to play in explaining differences in violent behaviour. For him, these differences are all due to differences in intelligence. Hence, the relationship is simply:

    Intelligence =>Violent Behaviour

    The falsity of this view is easily demonstrated by comparing the prevalence of violence in societies whose populations are culturally distinct but of comparable average intelligence.

    To take an historical example, medieval England compared to modern England, or to take a current example, Liberia compared to Cameroon.

    Such comparisons show marked differences in the extent and type of violent behaviour, differences that can only be explained by taking into account cultural differences.

    Hence, the relationship is more like:

    IntelligenceCultureViolent Behaviour

    This is crucial to the formulation of measures to reduce the prevalence of violence within countries and within the different social groups that they comprise.

    As others have already argued, mistaken efforts to explain why some groups are socially and economically disadvantaged, followed by poorly thought out attempts to remedy that disadvantage, may lead to increased levels of disadvantage and increased levels of within-group and between-group violence.

  57. @Richard Hill

    Richard Wadham

    Richard Wrangham.

  58. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    More than Sicily and Southern Italy? That is dubious. They assassinate judges in Palermo. Sweden, yes. Southern Italy…I’m dubious.

  59. Z-man says:

    …Jared Kushner’s First Step Act.

    One of the few stains in Trump’s presidency. The son in law and his ilk, that is.

    As I wrote brilliantly on another article here on Unz.
    The solution:
    More, many more prisons. No parole for most felonies. The Death penalty liberally enforced. Stop all immigration for a period of time and try to roundup a few million of those wet backs, from all over the world-not just Latin America, and send them packing. Genetic warfare; Reduction of fertility rates in non white populations. And most importantly, targeted assassinations of one to two thousand Chosen Ones, activist billionaires, ‘Think Tank’ presidents in DC, NEOCONS, media moguls, politicians and the like. I have a list…(emoji of an emoji running, clutching a piece of paper, here). (Grin) Ok ok ok, I can dwindle the list down to 985 but not a bastard less! I would put the head of Alan Douche-a-witz prominently displayed on a stick in Times Square for a month.

  60. @GeneralRipper

    What homeland is there to defend?

    Grey, cold, whigger and hoodrat-infested Southeast Michigan with its crumbling cities and rusting infrastructure and industrial graveyards?

    Which idiot would lay their life down for that [email protected]?

    For an East Coast political class that would not piss on average middle class whites like myself if we were on fire?

    I was told by my brother I had to fly back to sign a Power of Attorney in order to get my share of the money from the sale of my Grandfather’s lakeside cottage and the idea of being there for three weeks and spending thousands made me so sick I told my brother he could keep the money. I didn’t want to bother.

    Am I supposed to give my life for that?

    Especially when fat she-boons disgust me so much? So that what? I can ride the public bus and see chimp outs again?

    The blacks and Mexicans will never invade the sticks where hicks who post on Unz live. They are themselves repelled by rural poverty.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  61. Dumbo says:

    Europe made their bug infested bed when they didn’t tell the European Union and especially Germany’s traitor Merkel, to F.. off when it came to forced black and brown immigration

    A lot of jobs now in Germany, especially for women, are in the “refugee industry”. Teaching refugees, helping them settle, occasionally getting raped.

    Amon young people, German culture means being anti-German. They talk so much about “Nazis”, you’d think the Third Reich won the war. To them, anyone slightly to the right of Marx is a “Nazi”.

    But the worse is that they are forcing rapefugees to other countries. Many of the NGOs operating in Italy and Spain bringing Africans to those countries are German. They now also want to send some to Eastern Europe.

    I mean, one thing is hating and wanting to ruin your own country, but they seem to be set on ruining the whole of Europe.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  62. Dumbo says:

    Ivanka, Kushner… Well, blame Trump. He’s the president, not them.

    Most violent criminals are un-reformable psychopaths. Many are even incapable of understanding that they did anything “wrong”, as they have no empathy with other people. Only a few are redeemable, most should stay in prison or be executed.

    One has to say also that civil rights and Mexican immigration has been bad for blacks. White people will prefer to employ illegal Mexicans to blacks as it’s less risky to your health.

    In the ghetto, the stores are usually now owned by Asians and other minorities.

    What are Blacks going to do, at least the ones who are too dumb even for an AA job? Pimp, rob and sell drugs, or become “aspiring rappers”.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  63. Anon[258] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s the far-left British newspaper The Guardian”

    Left reads Guardian more than left reads Times or Sun Times .
    Trump is viewed liked followed and would be voted more by evangelical than by secular . Trump is not far – right or far- religious .
    Guardian and Trump serve same power and same project . Trump has more moments of idiocies than Guardian has moments of honest appraisals of socio economic situations .
    Last 2 are outshined by the commonality on China , Venezuela, NK , Syria , pro -Zionism , pro Washington consensus, love for neoliberalism , support for sanctions on Russia and for intervention in Africa . Did I include Assange Snowden Chlesea Manning !
    Guardian is a project of the empire . Give it the respect it deserves .

    It’s friend of the white . It just wants you learn the language . Trump is uncouth . Not fit for a royal banquet . He is much more like the food kitchen delivery van one sees on the construction site catering to the people of poor taste ,means ,or people in a hurry but making a killing .

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  64. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The 2nd Amendment is part of the US Constitution and was originated well into the age of gunpowder. The radicals that broke away from England knew who their enemy was – the British gov’t. The 2nd was an attempt to form a nationwide army of willing people to permanently keep the freedoms fought for.

    I’ll agree that an AR against an Apache helicopter is pretty ridiculous. The Fed Gov, the real enemy, totally out guns the civilian population and the 2nd is pretty useless for its original purpose. However, being armed with a deadly weapon in the US and elsewhere is the natural right of any human being, regardless of any bullshit laws.

    As long as the gov’t goons have weaponry, I’ll have weaponry, as best as I can muster, law or no law.

    Let’s look at the shithole of Londonistan for a moment, a city in an unarmed country. Wouldn’t it be better for the white British population to be armed against the Mohammedans that are daily threatening them? Don’t knives still exist and are the weapon of choice for the dirtbags in the society? Take away one weapon and another gets used. That’s human nature. I prefer a weapon built for purpose, and that’s a gun.

    If just 10% of the population of hard working decent people were carrying, there would be no need for the useless street cop. The dirtbags in the society are already armed and walking around because the law apparently doesn’t apply to them, at least not in practice. Evening up the weaponry on both sides seems reasonable. When one of the dirtbags acts up, there would be a handful of people nearby to fill him with well placed holes. What exactly is so wrong with that?

    If there were no useless street cops, the population would demand that their rights would include the rights street cops now have. The shop keeper could return fire when a brick is hurled through his window by some rioter intent on destruction or looting. A shotgun blast would almost guarantee the maiming of the thrower and would clear off his accomplices just from the noise. A second blast at closer range would finish the POS off. That’s real justice, not the revolving door in the current system.

    You apparently believe the law has some magical power. It doesn’t. The law is just the opinion of the sociopaths in the political class, nothing more. I obey the laws I agree with and ignore the ones I think are ridiculous, at least as best I can. I’ve carried a pistol on my person for decades, only pulled it twice and just its appearance resolved a situation, and all without gov’t approval.

    Sorry, but my life experience trumps your virtue signaling. I’m staying armed.

    • Agree: Poco
  65. A woman as head of any police force is a farce

    • Agree: nokangaroos, acementhead
  66. Higher incarceration rates in the US are simply not sustainable.

    Let me suggest an alternative, somewhat difficult, but more sustainable solution. The US needs to tolerate substantially higher crime rates in Black neighborhoods. The crime rates have fallen too low, pushed down to unsustainable low levels by over-aggressive policing in Black neighborhoods.

    The police should recalibrate their activities to lower over-monitoring and overly aggressive approaches in Black neighborhoods. They can reallocate the resources to other neighborhoods and to commercial districts. The crime rates in Black neighborhoods will rise, but that reflects the local preference.

  67. Z-man says:

    Ivanka, Kushner… Well, blame Trump. He’s the president, not them.

    Like I’ve said until I’m blue in the face if Donald is, God willing, reelected he should send his ditzy daughter and her weird husband packing back to ‘New York City One!’ They would probably head for the hills in bucolic New Jersey. Will that happen?, sadly not.

    • Agree: El Dato
  68. onebornfree says: • Website

    Reality check: This “just” in:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    ……..which means that once the true, core criminal nature of all governments everywhere is finally understood by the individual, then wanting, demanding and actually expecting a wholly criminal organization called “the police” to [and “should”] , protect anyone other than its criminal self and its criminal politicians and associated “higher-ups”, is a gloriously serious error in reality comprehension and logic.

    Bottom line: Government police are a criminal scam, essentially no different from the rest of the government.

    And so it goes….

    “Regards” onebornfree

  69. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:
    @paranoid goy

    Violence is mostly a function of poverty . . .

    You and the “root causes” argument have it backwards. Poverty among blacks is due to their violence. It’s not that they commit violent crimes because they come from the slums, but that they turn where they live into slums because of that violence.

  70. bro3886 says:

    Several years ago the black incarceration rate in Britain was much higher, 19% if memory serves, and 25% of female prisoners. There’s clearly been an effort to keep blacks out of jail there, and not because they’re committing less crime.

  71. unit472 says:

    Its not really necessary to imprison anyone save, perhaps some white collar swindlers. People can just be blinded by the surgical insertion of cataracts. Thieves, rapists even serial killers can’t operate if they can’t see. The blinded criminal would have his passport seized so he could not travel abroad and have his cataracts removed prior to the end of his sentence and just be released to his family. If he had no family the state would provide barracks for the blinded criminals to stay in. No walls or guards really necessary.

  72. @JEG

    black males do not have “higher average testosterone levels” than White Men. That is a bizarre myth endlessly repeated by (((you know who))) through the media and echoed by shills such as “Priss Factor”, along with a torrent of media images(often photoshopped)depicting black males as universally heavily muscled. White Men and black males have roughly equal levels of testosterone with slightly higher levels for White Men, but the difference is so small it is likely insignificant. A far more likely explanation for the absurdly high rate of criminal behavior of afros, wherever they they go, is that Sub-Saharan Africans, unlike every other human group, have an introgression of DNA from an archaic nonhuman hominin. The only candidate for this hominin is Homo Erectus as there is a temporal overlap between the extinction of H Erectus and the early millinea of Homo Sapiens. As to how much H Erectus is present in contemporary blacks, one study found 10%(from two archaic subspecies), the other found up to 19%. Genetic evidence is uneccesary for this conclusion, take any black face from Baltimore, Haiti, or Africa and compare it with a reconstruction of the face of Homo Erectus, the resemblence is obvious. Homo Erectus was around a very long time, over a million years, and went through considerable evolution, with the most primitive subspecies with the smallest brains found in Africa, the most advanced found only outside Africa. The maximum cranial volume of H Erectus was but 80% of modern humans, and that would be Java Man. Early African H Erectus had a brain but 2/3rds the size of Java Man, so I suspect that H Erectus is actually a series of subspecies. The study that found the 10% introgression distributed it 2% and 8% respectively of two archaic nonhuman hominins. It could be that SubSaharan Africans are the result of Homo Sapiens migrating back into Africa and mating with two subspecies of H Erectus. Certainly these new findings cast doubt on the “Out Of Africa Theory”, otherwise all Homo Sapiens would have an introgression of archaic nonhuman DNA. The reality is that blacks are quite literally less than human. It is of existential importance to The Human Race that all Homo Erectus DNA be purged from the gene pool.

    • Agree: unit472, acementhead
    • Thanks: Onan the Barbarian
  73. Ian Smith says:

    I strongly suspect that Mr. Obwandiyag is a troll; a less obvious version of Tiny Duck. The ‘lying with the truth’ made me suspect it.

    Then again, I used to more or less agree about muh War on Drugs and crime. The thing is, it doesn’t explain why a country like, say, Japan, can have very strict laws on narcotics AND manage to have very little crime.

    Also, lot of so-called non-violent drug felons actually are violent people. It is easier to bust someone with drugs on their person than other offenses that would require snitching and risking their life.

    And a lot of violence in the ‘hood is caused less by drugs and more by ‘nigga disrespek me n’ shit.’

  74. usNthem says:

    The problem is the would un-impose restrictions…

  75. Arnieus says:

    The US already has more people per capita in prison than communist China. First end prohibition on all drugs which will defund drug cartels. Institute a mandatory death sentence for anyone involved with child trafficking and chemical castration for rapists. Eliminate the DEA. and use their budget for forced reeducation of petty criminals. That will make plenty of room to incarcerate violent Marxist criminals.

  76. @SMK

    Hello, SMK. You keep using the word “mala”. Please explain its meaning and grammar (is it a plural?). Is it related to and ?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  77. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    You raise an interesting point with “saggin,” or coded language to discuss black crime without being accused of being a racist for stating the facts. It goes without saying that any mention of crime statistics without mentioning race nonetheless registers in the mind as “black,” just as the euphemism “a group of teens” now alludes to a gang of undomesticated, savage black teenagers less approachable than wild dogs, who’d kill any white unfortunate enough to cross their path just for the fun of it if they could get away with it.

    They don’t grunt in sub-literate jive rather than speak English because they’re black, but because their internalized inferiority and anti-white resentment is implanted in their minds by the nearly 100% kosher MSM, Hollywood, and music industry, not to mention the Democratic political machines in the cities keeping them cooped up in brutalist architectural hellholes to serve their white liberal masters as reliable voting blocs.

    My guess is that if someone points out in liberal company a point made here some time ago that America’s once beautiful cities would be among the safest places to live in the world were it not for the out-of-control criminality of the “martian” community, he’d be doubly hissed at for putting those liberals in the embarrassing position of explaining why they would assume you were talking about blacks. Many using blacks as cannon fodder are the same people who claim criticisms of usury, pornography, espionage, or using “anti-Christian” to describe enemies of America’a majority are thinly concealed forms of anti-Semitism and should be prosecuted as hate crimes. The UK seems to be there already and we’re probably not far behind on both counts of criminalizing the truth and rewarding the lie, which in this case keeps black people in perpetual enslavement to liberal manipulation.

    As Dietrich Doerner points out, mutatis mutandis, in his Logic of Failure, far greater evil is done to blacks by their do-good liberal handlers like Pelosi and Cuomo hiding their hateful manipulations behind “good intentions” than any outright evil people who are genuinely anti-black racists would dare to attempt.

  78. Trinity says:

    Prisons NEED TO BE SEGREGATED BY RACE. In states like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia for example, prison populations are overwhelmingly Black and often White inmates are subjected to beatings, extortion, or even rape. Not everyone incarcerated is Ted Bundy and one day these people will be released to the public. One shouldn’t have to be subjected to torture just because they robbed a convenience store. The prison guards are pathetic, often these slobs are not much better than the people they are hired to take care of, of course the guards could care less about an inmates safety and well being. There shouldn’t be any stories of some White kid going to a prison for say drug charges and having his head beat in multiple times a week by Blacks or being stabbed while sleeping in his cell. We saw just recently a Black man who stabbed a White man just because he was White in Columbus, Georgia was then placed in a cell with a small, slight White inmate. The Black man then proceeded to beat the White inmate to death. I have seen a video of a larger Native American inmate in a Canadian jail beat a small White inmate to death in their cell as well. The beating lasted for hours and no one came to help. Other inmates were banging on their cells, but no guard in sight. Next morning the Native American prisoner dragged the dead body out and dumped it into the shower stall and the other inmates started cleaning up the pod as if nothing happened at all. No way any first world nation should have a prison system this inept and pathetic.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @anon
  79. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Is their any filth I left out?”

    Yes, yourself. 😎

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Ponder
  80. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    As Alden or any other parole officer or DA on this site will confirm, torture of white inmates has actually all but vanished the white career criminal.

    The cat burglars, art thieves with their museum heists, bank robbers, crooked insurance agents tipping off burglary rings, extortionists, common or garden chop shop operators, fences have all gone straight.

    The only whites going to prison these days are young, dumb drug addicts and the sex maniacs who cannot stop no matter what. Common or garden white criminals no longer really exist. It’s not worth being a professional car thief or fence and being raped 50 times a day in prison.

    It makes you miss the days of ingenious crime-you know, the cat burglar who would rob 10th story penthouses or the art gallery thieves or diamond heists or points-shaving gambling bookies. These days, the only whites going to jail are tweakers who end up pulled over with stolen property in their rusted up pickup truck or Opoid addicts.

    The Three Strikes Law also had something to do with it.

    Even white serial killers are no longer as common. It is not worth becoming like Richard Speck and being pimped out or being killed like Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Fear of the BBC has really done a great deal to discourage whites from getting into crime hasn’t it?

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Trinity
    , @anonymous
  81. trickster says:

    Wrong ! The US needs more executions ! Just think. A thief needs some money. His sources tell him:

    1. There is an guy with a safe full of money and jewellery. His house is unprotected in any way.He is rarely home and lives alone. His family name is Sam Gravano OR

    2. There is an old fellow who just cashed his welfare cheque and has about $1200 in cash. He is usually home with his wife and 6 sons. His name is Sam Smith

    For the Trickster’s first prize of a donut, which house will the thief invade with his crew, beat and even murder the residents ?

    These guys do what they do because jail is a place of R & R. Any prison guard will tell you that the inmates are a regular crew ambling through the revolving door. Once a fellow knows and cares, or even if he does not know or care, that he will be executed, the problem with crime will soon diminish.

    Can anyone guess why there is virtually no crime in Singapore ?

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  82. SMK says: • Website

    Mala in se means “evil in-itself.” Mala is plural, malum is singular.

  83. Dumbo says:

    Fear of the BBC has really done a great deal to discourage whites from getting into crime hasn’t it?

    That’s an interesting perspective, which I hadn’t thought about. In some European countries there are still some white criminals because they won’t get raped in prison.

    Now, if we could only think of a similar approach to reduce black crime? How can we make them terrified of going to prison? Playing classical music in their cells, and absolutely no fried chicken?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anonymous
  84. @Bombercommand

    Spot on.
    When you combine the Iwo Eleru skulls (less than 15 kYBC), the presence of the “A00” Y chromosome in West African populations (branched off from the mainstream 300-700 kYBC, whereas the oldest undoubted sapiens remains are from about 160 kYBC), the well-known dental differences between blacks and non-blacks, the IQ distribution in Africa, the report of the Carthaginian seafarer Hanno etc., etc., the only possibly conclusion is that in the not-too-distant past – long after the presumed migrations from Africa – there was large-scale intermixing between modern Homines sapientes and residual Homines erecti in the Nigeria/Cameroon region, in particular involving (not-so-)sapiens females mating with (properly-so-called-)erectus males.
    And while the inner workings of the human brain are still poorly understood, the high rate of schizoid malfunctions among West Africans suggests that while the hybrid brain may appear anatomically modern, it is somewhat like a 64-bit processor running 32-bit software.
    It would be very interesting to have the primary IQ data for West Africa… I would not be too surprised to see a multimodal rather than a Gauss distribution.

  85. What we need to do is send a lot of people back. They can have a large open air prison.

  86. Wally says:

    This is what matters:

    Per FBI stats, on average, over 500 whites are murdered by blacks every year.

    Police are more likely to shoot whites, not blacks:

    Florida black man beats, spits on 70-year-old man who asked him to social distance:

  87. El Dato says:

    For example, when the Dakota Sioux Indians saw how covid was ravaging the Navajo nation (over 3% of whom have already DIED from the pandemic )

    I challenge that meaningless number.

    3% of the population? That’s spanish flu levels.

  88. sarz says:

    A far more likely explanation [than higher testosterone] for the absurdly high rate of criminal behavior of afros, wherever they they go, is that Sub-Saharan Africans, unlike every other human group, have an introgression of DNA from an archaic nonhuman hominin.

    You haven’t explained anything with that until you show what sort of difference (eg, higher testosterone) results from that.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  89. @GMC

    It is the other way round : from the 1960’s onwards life was getting better for modest people and offering more prospects of social ascension to most in Western Europe than in America. People from Europe who could at last tour America for cheap saw that it was not the land of so easy opportnity they had been told about if you were not part of the right gang or peer group. The 1965 decision, which was but part of a much more long term series Eisenhower had already begun (Europeans were unliked more and more for being of socialistic or progressive mind most of the times, as McCarthy had complained and already called to prefer yellow immigrants : actually that was true, most of the social progress that then took place in the US was due to the pressure of recent immigrants from more left-wing Europe), took a certain time to translate into facts. But in the 1970’s the only ones to dream of the American dream in Europe were morally low class people such as the mafia-minded people of Greece and Calabria … and those stuck behind the Iron Curtain. In general dreaming to move to America was at that time in Europe synonymous to renouncing to any dream of bequeathing a better world not only to the future generations but to one’s own children : it was the gangster-minded people’s own Israel. Revenues for people who had not too demanding moral sense were still quite comfortable but quality of everything which had always been second grade was plunging. Europe did no longer provide the US with quality immigration except in very specific fields that concerned few people. Off-white people from South America or the Middle East were in general until about 1980 more interesting as they were more like the Europeans that had come from 1917 to 1957 : not idealizing America but doing their best to restart a creative life in a second country with a chance of positive evolution after the failure of their own to employ their talents. The politician who did change most the immigration for the worse after promising right the contrary was Ronald Reagan, under whom only it started to be really third world like. Most of the dirty job about immigration though was due to immigration lawyers.

  90. @Exile

    Millions of Americans have been arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for politically made-up “offenses” relating to cannabis. The most powerful, though non-addictive analgesic known to medical science. Cannabis has been used in Chinese medicine, for example, for thousands of years. The same is generally true with mushrooms and psychedelics, both of which have in recent years been used in closely monitored medical experiments for individuals dealing with various problems ,including ongoing experimental developments in the Veterans Administrationdealing with PTSD cases.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a prison-industrial complex. It is almost totally corrupt and highly profitable for the hundreds of “contractors” who provide food, medicine and other services to that system. If the vast numbers of cannabis and psychedelic prisoners were removed from the system (and in numerous instances granted reparations for what essentially was false-imprisonment on behalf of BIG Pharma and other entities benefiting from the corrupted system) there would be ample space and resources to house repeat, violent criminals who essentially are rootless predators.

    Though France’s Devil’s Island was a product of its era and quite over the top; the alternative policy of exiling extremely violent repeat offenders to a designated island or two in the outer Aleutian Islands may be worthy of consideration. Oversight in such venues would be minimal, mainly limited to food supply and medical care, so costs of maintenance would be relatively minimal.

    One further aspect that could be considered by this precedent, would be exile to similar currently uninhabited islands for the perpetrators of treason against the Republic by such actors as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and numbers of other Deep State actors who were responsible for the 911 Inside-Job; the Patriot Suppression Act and additional attacks on WE THE PEOPLE and our Bill of Rights.

  91. @Ian Smith

    The Slate article is highly suspect. With 5 percent of the world’s population, the U$ holds 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. You cannot convince me that Americans are five times more criminally inclined that other nations. In fact, add the populations of China and India (now close to a composite of 3 billion people) and that pairing compared with the U$ population of fewer than a quarter billion individuals, still has more prisoners than the two most populous nations at something greater than a 12-1 ratio. That is simply obscene. You are obviously guilty of seeking out sources which buttress your ill-informed preconceptions.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  92. @Dullx23

    I’m pretty sure that white people in the US have higher crime rates than white people in Europe.

    First, this does not at all effect the validity or outcome of my thought experiment, even if what you write were true. Second, cross-national comparisons of crime rates, let alone crime rates by race are fraught with difficulties. The American criminologist Alfred Blumstein wrote a monograph on this very subject several decades ago.

    Furthermore, American and European policing and correctional policies are radically different. Extreme examples are provided by the UK constabulary’s unwillingness to investigate Pakistani raping and pimping gangs, and so-called “no go” zones in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, et al. I once had a discussion with a friend who lived in Sweden for over a decade, regarding Sweden’s high suicide rate and low murder rate. His observations were that many deaths in Sweden that would have been investigated as homicides in the USA were immediately written off as suicides by Swedish authorities. European courts usually deal out far lower sentences or no sentence at all for crimes similar to those that are stiffly punished in the USA.

    You may be sure that Whites in the USA have higher crime rates than Whites in Europe. But that’s just an opinion. I have a different one. Either of us would have to put in a good deal of potentially futile effort, supporting either stance with valid research.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  93. @Exile

    If indeed you happen to genuinely be an exile, good riddance . Why keep mucking around with the political undercurrents in a country which you have deserted for “greener pastures”? You are likely correct about crooked cops, but that’s just the bottom end of the scrotum-pole. Prosticutors, judges and other members of the CJ apparatus also need to be shook up severely. The American Bar Association is merely a branch-office of the British Law Lords in City of London. That little monopoly, owing their primary allegiance to a hostile foreign power, needs to be dissolved.

  94. Trinity says:

    As we saw with Kyle Rittenhouse and James Fields, one can find themselves imprisoned nowadays for merely protecting themselves. The beating death of the white guy in Columbus, Georgia and the white inmate in Canada happened in county JAILS. Lest we forget most people in jail are awaiting trial and are at least presumed innocent until proven guilty. A simple misdemeanor DUI, or punching an obnoxious asshole in a bar could land a white non-criminal in a holding cell or pod with a dozens of Blacks. And correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the couple in St. Louis that defended their property facing trial? Could they not wind up doing time if they are railroaded just like the people in Charlottesville? Actually I think there are more Whites going to prison nowadays then there were decades ago or even 10 years ago given the system is harsher on Whites than nonwhites. I would suggest that the myth that Blacks serve more time for identical crimes than their White counterparts is yet another horseshit lie. Oh and btw, speaking of horseshit and myths, there are PLENTY of nonwhite serial killers out there. I could list many just off the top of my head, probably just as many nonwhite serial killers in America as White serial killers despite the nonwhite population being the minority.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  95. Zipzap says:

    I’ve always seen the violence perpetrated by some blacks to be nothing more than an extension of the tribal warfare that has existed in Africa for thousands of years.

    A propensity for violence seems to be bred in the bone. Because all of the efforts we’ve engaged in to better the lot of some blacks – education, housing, etc., have done little to ameliorate the problem.

    And lest anyone thinks I am racist, consider the following proposition. I am of largely Scots and Irish ancestry. Alcohol abuse has been a problem in both sides of my family, and I know that abuse of alcohol is common in Ireland and Scotland. It seems that the culture of both countries encourages and condones the overconsumption and abuse of alcohol.

    It’s such a prevalent, persistent problem that I can only conclude that the Scots and Irish are genetically predispoosed to this kind of problem. Skin colour has nothing to do with it.

  96. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    If you’re Renton and his Trainspotting crew why immigrate to Scots-Appalachia and be a street criminal for ghetto crumbs when you will die of AIDS in prison after having to have surgeries on your rectum for being sodomized so often, so roughly?

    I cannot prove it but it is probably the reason Gypsies and Pakistanis are so well behaved in the US. A Pakistani in America who is caught grooming is going to be groomed in prison.

    In some ways, blacks clean the streets of other criminals. A Pakistani attempting to groom at the Greyhound is going to be pimped himself. A gypsy woman trying to beg in the ghetto is going to wind up with fifty gangbangers raping her.

    Blacks do consider being locked up with “one percenter” bikers to be a punishment. Not because of fear of rape because the bikers can have sex with female prison guards or conjugal visits but because many bikers beat them up simply for being displeasing them.

  97. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    How can we make blacks fearful of going to prison? Wasn’t it Tom Wolfe in his I am Charlotte Simmons making the point that the deafening noise at night in America’s prisons is creaking from the beds of the black prisoners who masturbate all night long. Maybe mandatory chastity belts for prisoners would end black crime overnight.

  98. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Dr.C. Fhandrich"] says:

    Last night, 9/12/2020, two deputies were shot in the head while sitting in their patrol car in Los Angeles. The sheriff of L.A. Alex Villenuava, said he was pissed off. The Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti commented that it was a criminal act against the cops. Hmmmm, Garcetti just a month ago called the police, criminals and murderers…Have fun when the democratic party is in charge of the country. / PEACE.

  99. Ponder says:

    You are the pissest shit of them all. I did not leave myself out, since I am in one of those categories. Now, get on with it you white supremacist. Get on with killing them and stop talking. The more you try to exterminate them, the more they breed. The only ones not breeding enough are you guessed it “whitey”. Your hatred is getting you nowhere. Put it into practise you dipshit… need to hide behind statistics and shit, just implement your genocidal maniacal plans……you have always done it to others, so don’t stop. The only difference is that we have your number. We will not allow your actions to be hid behind nice sounding truism. We will continually expose your hypocrisy till you are for ed to face the reality of your evil. A people who always project their evil on others without any justification; no slavery for them, no colonialism for them, no atomic and other bombs dropped on them, no lack of necessities, etc but always at the forefront of death and destruction. Whitey faces a few social problems and free market competition and look how he behaves. Wait until unemployment and lack of opportunities catches with the sadists and see their behaviour. If the statistics they compare to others is such sordid when times are good wait until you see what’s coming……………….

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Ponder
  100. Ponder says:

    Whitey is always afraid of blacks getting more power. I get it, whitey is terrified of receiving the same treatment whitey dished out to blackie. Therein lies the true terror; reciprocity.

    No black on yellow crime. Chinese are in Africa, and you never hear any black on yellow crime. Why? Maybe because yellow doesn’t treat blackie like whitey does? Bingo

  101. @Dumbo

    What you are describing is a version of Theodore Kaufman`s Germany Must Perish, that is to be imposed on all of Europe.

    • Replies: @George F. Held
  102. Motions to try them as adults were denied. The older brother got probation; the younger is in a juvenile detention facility until he’s completed a behavioral modification program. [ Teen charged in deadly Great Frederick Fair assault to serve probation, by Jeremy Arias, Frederick News-Post, August 12, 2020]

    Wow – the headline writer calls a premeditated murder a mere “assault”.

  103. @Anon

    The Guardian hasn`t been left (an obsolete term) for decades. It has always been hasbara.

  104. @Exile

    Libertarians are like progressives; they believe that everybody should be smart enough not to hang themselves, so let’s give everybody plenty of rope.

    The only real difference is that progressives believe we can bear the consequences of their optimism, while libertarians believe we can bear the consequences of their callousness.

    Well, that and the fact that “smart enough” for a progressive means fully indoctrinated, and for a libertarian it means “screw anyone who isn’t.”

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  105. @trickster

    There are a number of reasons for virtually no crime in Singapore. The main one would be that it is primarily an Asian population. While different populations, they are generally used to more structured societies. What they consider crime may be different in some cases. However, I suggest that a large part of the difference is that the police and prosecution are less political. People in Singapore, it seems have faith in the system, and will act accordingly.
    The problem in most (((Western liberal democracies))) and the US in particular is that the justice system has become a conviction system. The police and prosecution decide you are guilty, then routinely ignore and suppress evidence that suggests otherwise. If they do it to people like Mike Flynn, you can bet your bottom dollar they are doing it to the rest of us.

  106. @RoatanBill

    Jackass. I shouldn’t have had to type that. There should be a button.

    You are welcome to your opinion. But you aren’t helping anything. And you know this. And it is unlikely you care.

  107. Trinity says:

    No black on yellow crime? ROTFLMMFAO. While Black on Yellow crime isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Black on White crime it does in fact exist and like Black on White crime, it is NEARLY ALWAYS Black perpetrators and Yellow victims.

    I think the only time Blacks are more likely to be victims is among each other and sometimes they are victimized by the Brown homies. I hear the Mexicans are doing a good job of running the Blacks out of Los Angeles. teehee.

    I bet a steak dinner, you are a Jew. Wanna talk about the Jewish role in the African Slave Trade, Shlomo?

    • Replies: @Ponder
  108. @sarz

    You have poor reading comprehension, I did “show what sort of difference…results from that”. Homo Erectus, even at its most advanced nonAfrican form, Java Man, had a cranial capacity 80% of modern non African humans. The African varieties of Homo Erectus had even smaller cranial capacity. Likely H Erectus had much less enfolding of its brain than Caucasians, or even East Asians, so its brain had not only a smaller volume, but was lighter per unit of volume as well. Result: extreme stupidity compared to Homo Sapiens. The striking feature of black criminality is its senseless idiocy, which frequently baffles Whites. A White cannot understand why a Somali, banned from a mall, would return to that mall, grab a 5 year old White child, and throw the child off a balcony, in full view of scores of people. A White cannot understand why a black male would rush out of his house and shoot a White child in the head who was playing on the black’s front lawn in front of all his neighbors. This subidiotic behavior is inexplicable if one accepts that humans-evolved-in-Africa-then-migrated-all-over-the-planet-so-all-humans-are-the-same-we-are-all-Africans-and-we-should-all-accept-each-other-as-equals-in-fact-beautiful-White-girls-should-have-intercourse-with-blacks-because-uh-reparations-and-stuff. However, if one accepts the FACT that subSaharan Africans are all mixed with Homo Erectus, a knuckleheaded prehuman species that should be extinct, and that Caucasians and East Asians have ZERO HOMO ERECTUS DNA, then the inexplicable suddenly becomes entirely explicable. Now, do you understand, sarz?

  109. @Trinity

    “with Kyle Rittenhouse and James Fields, one can find themselves imprisoned nowadays FOR MERELY PROTECTING THEMSELVES.”

    What planet are you on?

    He brought an assault rifle to a protest that everyone in the country at this point knew could escalate into a riot at the drop of a hat. Where are the parents?

    Where I live that would never have happened because we have laws that so far have kept our neck of the woods sane and safe. And we invented armed protest. My friends own guns and some big ones.

    The ones that have license to carry, carry. But it is not easy getting that license. The assault rifles they keep hidden away because they are illegal. My best friend is a firearms instructor for the police. He carries a UMP-45 when stuff happens around here. And we have a recent history of stuff happening. But not this bullshit. This bullshit doesn’t rate in my city.

    He was white, too. That’s kinda awkward for you, no?

    Is it so hard for you to admit Kyle Rittenhouse may have made a lot of really good decisions and choices in his life but that wasn’t one of them?

    I’ve seen an Antifa mob surround and attack a small contingent of American nationalists. From 2 yards away. I have video. The police rescued those people. Because they are good at what they do. They are proficient. They have good intel and good training. And nobody but the cops have guns. That is key.

    • Troll: Trinity
  110. anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff Stryker you don’t understand how prisons in the US work. any white who is tough and smart doesn’t have shit like this happen to them, it’s only dumbasses who weren’t raised well and don’t know how to deal with other groups.

    • Replies: @anon
  111. L. Guapo says:

    im with you on most of it chief but death for first violent offense? lets have some kind of standard. also how are you going to get blood from a stone? how u going to force someone to “work it off”?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  112. Mike Tre says:

    There should be no incarceration for habitual violent blacks, mestizos, or any other immigrant. Why should tax payers subsidize the existence of useless humans rotting in prison until the latter die?

    Deportation, or repatriation, period.

  113. L. Guapo says:

    toll paid. no sympathy whatsoever.

  114. L. Guapo says:

    and my comment about merely offering them $200K to renounce their citizenship and leave never makes it out of moderation?

    • Replies: @Ponder
  115. @L. Guapo

    I specified that many adults (all that want to be) would be armed as a replacement for the street cops. Therefore, any individual that causes a violent confrontation will likely get shot, maybe multiple times. Death is a distinct possibility. I would leave it up to the victim to pass judgement if the perp is only injured. If the victim wants to let the SOB go, that’s his option, else kill him.

    Half way measures have been tried and they simply don’t work. The current judicial system adds insult to injury by causing the public to support the POS for years, only to be released to offend again. I say one strike and you are potentially out, as the victim dictates, not some prosecutor or a jury that has no skin in the game. Swift justice.

    If the perp wants to stay alive, he will pay restitution to the victim on some schedule, not to the State. Till the debt is paid off, his life is on the line.

  116. obvious says:

    These “felony” convictions are mostly fake. Drug laws are just an excuse to enslave people of any race for that matter. There are no “whites” without jobs, this is a myth, most white people can’t do anything at this point. Construction firms would end up hiring mostly Hispanics.

    Why is the first impulse to “lock” anyone up? Did the Rangers or the Elves “lock up” Orcs? Anyone who sits there imaging what someone else “should do” is a do nothing scoundrel themselves.

    • Replies: @Alice in Wonderland
  117. obvious says:

    What a disgusting thought. Sweaty cages full of human stink? Why?? I guess you like the idea of guarding people and working at a prison. It’s amazing how many still don’t understand what prison is about or why it exists. Hope you never find yourself in there.

  118. obvious says:

    How about you jump out of your own body and fantasize about cartoons some more, old man? A whole lifetime and still cannae grow up a dinkins.

  119. Janus says:

    Navajo Nation population is 173,667. Number of Covid deaths in NN is 530.
    Comes out to .3%.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  120. Trinity says:

    Was that a midget that shot those two cops in Los Angeles or a kid? Good lawd, the perp looks like a munchkin. Wonder what color the perp is? Lemme guess?

    Funny how CNN & MSNBC are hush hush onn this story but yet they are looping a story featuring a couple of white cops beating up a “innocent youth” aka dindu nuffin in Georgia 24/7. And of course, we only see a small clip of the Georgia story. Go figure. Standard MO by the (((usual suspects.)))

    • Replies: @trickster
  121. @The Alarmist

    …we’ll call the BLM rallies.

    Would that be Battered, Bloodied or Butchered Lives Matter…?

  122. @GeneralRipper

    And yet mysteriously, there have been no riots, looting and large scale civil unrest in the South.

    Civil unrest tends to be more individual in the South:

    Reported violent crime rate in the U.S. in 2018, by state

    Besides, haven’t you noticed how the truly destructive riots have all been carried out by white kids? Blacks couldn’t pull off a real riot to save their lives. These overschooled and undereducated pale punks are following the destructive course set out by the likes of Karl Marx, Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldman, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    You know why that is Reg.

    Those monkeys know you people kowtow to them.

    On the other hand, Rip, they were able to trick you folks into thinking they were actually working. For hundreds of years, no less.

    It all fell apart when it came to arms. A bunch of draft dodgers, on both sides.

  123. Anonymous[320] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    “Mala” is the correct Latin plural of “malum” and was properly used in the post above.

    If you had read at least the initial paragraph of each of the two Wikipedia entries you linked, you would have found the following explanations:

    plural mala in se
    plural mala prohibita

    Unlike words like “millenium,” no “English” form of the plural such as “malums” is in common use among educated writers. (Non-educated writers should stay clear of Latin phrases.)

  124. Anonymous[320] • Disclaimer says:

    … Sub-Saharan Africans, unlike every other human group, have an introgression of DNA from an archaic nonhuman hominin.

    Europeans and Asians (East and South) all show significant introgression of Neanderthal genes. In addition, introgression from Denisovans is evident in Eastern Eurasia and (particularly) SE Asia.

  125. @Sollipsist

    Libertarians are like progressives; they believe that everybody should be smart enough not to hang themselves, so let’s give everybody plenty of rope.

    Or handguns. Oh, wait… there’s that Second Amendment thing. So it doesn’t count.

    Everyone has some libertarian in his woodpile.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  126. Wow! Awesome article! Good to know we got real patriots like VDare that are not afraid to expose these powerful people that are totally ruining our country and killing off the white race by the millions.

    Glad that they have finally exposed the dastardly black folk as well as imaginary communists that have taken over our institutions! When will one of these brave writers also expose the eskimos? They’re taking over, man! The eskimos are gonna ban bacon for the white race so they can have it all for themselves, they’re tired of eating walrus!

    I would also urge Vdare to find a brave soul willing to risk his clean pants to write about the sinister Asian plot called Dong of the 21st Century. This is a evil scheme thought up by Kim Jong Un and Xi to steal the schlong DNA of NBA stars like Dennis Rodman and use it to create toaster babies with huge mutant whackers. This is part of their plan to take over the world, they already have the high IQ, now they just need bigger schlongs and their plan for world domination can be completed.

    Thats why they’re keeping the Uiggers in concentration camps, these are really what they call “Dong Research Facilitys” or DRF’s, they using the Uiggers as guinea pigs, testing the dindu schlong DNA on them first. Its horrific! This is why they killed Kobe Bryant, he was going to spill the beans on the sneaky theft of dindu schlong DNA when the Asians have B-ball players over. When I started telling people about the plot, the Chicoms started sending agents to my house when I was away to crap in all my pants. These bastards are dangerous. True story.

    Keep up the top notch work Vdare! God bless Perdue Pharma and the Sackler family! Larry Fink dindu nuffin! Private equity kingpins are the saviors of the white race!

    • Replies: @nuyorwegian
  127. @SMK

    Hello SMK (and an anonymous answerer). Thank you for your explanation of the plurals “mala-in-se crimes” and “mala-prohibita crimes”.

  128. @obwandiyag

    Legalize drugs and sell standardized doses…and all the crime goes away.

    so ….you’re saying that if we legalized blacks ….

  129. Ponder says:

    Truth hurts eh. Every race has criminal elements. Remove those and there are no black on yellow crime. As I said, the Chinese are in Africa and there are no black on yellow crime. We do have criminal chinese imprisoned for crime but that is within the threshold.

    Gaslight on slavery. Slaves ended up in the Americas .. . . Muh Jews. Slave owners were whitey…….muh jews. Discriminants were whitey ……muh jews. Jim crow laws…….muh jews..

    We have your number . The greatest hypocrites of all times. Even try to convince the whole world that was is right in front of their eyes is false. E.g. Iran is the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. Wrong USA is. Chinese viruse………. fort detrick. MLK and Malcolm X already deciphered the white devil and indeed so he is.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  130. Ponder says:
    @L. Guapo

    That would be a solution but as always never honoured. Where they not supposed to get 40 acres and a mule way back when? Now, if you had offered them something like that and seen them continue in their “ways”, I would entertain your argument. But all I see is Justice for me but not for thee. Keep them down and oppressed without any future prospects give you what you have. Even the most poorest 3rd world countries, the peasants atleast own some land which gives them a little hope and a little food on the table. And if going hungry, the rains will alleviate that when they come in due season; hope.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  131. @anon

    I suppose it’s a bit quixotic to bother to reply to such a monumentally insane idea but some sense of hope in your humanity leads me to write. If you are even remotely serious I certainly pray that you be isolated from the rest of society. Are you just spouting unthinking verbal diarrhea or have you actually considered what your proposal means? You think it would be a good idea to undertake a forced relocation of millions of people? You think it would be a good idea to separate millions of interracial families? And who do propose to be the authority that determines who is and who is not a “negro”? And what of the millions of non-black residents of the states you mention? Are they to be forced to relocate? Or forced to live in a “black reserve”? Having written the foregoing I despair once again of it having any positive effect. Your proposal suggests you are a sociopath. You make the worst ghetto gangbanger seem humane. I’m sorry to have to say this to a person I’ve never met. I do wish you the very best and hope you find happiness in this lifetime. And pray you will have the fortune to have an experience which will reveal to you the humanity of people of African descent. If you do find such an opportunity I’m convinced you will become a much happier person. I deeply wish this for you.

  132. @redmudhooch

    Well, this is an awesome comment! Thank you redmudhooch! I just posted a reply in a serious vein to a truly insane comment, but perhaps Unz Review needs more of this a la The Onion. type material. Ron Unz himself seems like a pretty reasonable person and I’m sure we all appreciate his unique website which brings together such disparate viewpoints that don’t generally get heard in the mainstream. The one thing that I find hard to stomach is the putrid stench of racist venom which permeates the site to a great degree. So vile, so poisonous, so unhelpful to our current predicament. I can only assume that the purveyors of this malignancy have no meaningful relationships with non-white people. It’s a shame.

  133. anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    That would be most of the meth addicts and pill hounds who go from being an unhappy lower middle class son from a broken home and mother’s boy to being in prison for armed robbery or possession of a pound of meth with intent.


    They end up in prison with feral blacks who fought everyday of their lives and grew up watching mother getting screwed for twenty dollars worth of crack and have been in prison since the age of 13 when they kicked their female principal unconscious or fractured the skull of the teacher who was hassling them with a tire iron in the middle-school hallway.

    Of course the mob guys-though John Gotti was beaten up by a black inmate-or bikers are different. They are professional criminals and are used to rough situations and have already demonstrated a willingness to kill. They get into racial conflicts, as Gotti did, but are not raped. Probably because even a hypersexual black on the down-low cannot really find them attractive.

    The drug addicts are usually from lower middle class but not deprived homes and were usually semi-spoiled by their mothers and only a few three short years before they were trying crystal meth for the first time they are locked up.

    The risk of legalizing hard drugs is that the price won’t come down that far and your average young stupid white who tries meth will get hooked and will turn into a burglar and thief and robber within six months and by the time he realizes how bad his addiction is the black prison guards are ignoring his screams as he is raped in the prison shower.

    The bikers and mob guys have made a conscious choice to be a criminal and gone through vetting. In Biker clubs and Brooklyn Social Clubs there is a fair degree of prospecting and other bikers or made guys jump associates in twos or threes just to test him.

    Society has benefited to some degree. When was the last time you heard of a white mugger? They are now incredibly rare. It would surprise some readers here to know that back in the eighties white and even Chinese and Korean muggers were common. Now you’ll never find one.

    Whites have higher IQ’s, so the crimes they used to commit like carefully coordinated bank robberies, cat burglaries, art museum heists, home insurance tip offs to jewelry thieves, chop shop rings are now rare. It just is not worth dying of AIDS in prison.

    One of the problems however, is for homeless white men. You can be raped in a homeless shelter.

    Much of white Americans lives in the US are structure around fear of the BBC and the hypersexual sex drive of R strategy reproduction. Go to jail. Raped. Lose your house and wind up in a homeless shelter. Raped. Send your daughter to a public school in a major US city. She is raped.

    • Replies: @Onebelowall
  134. vot tak says:

    “The U.S. Needs MORE Incarceration.”

    Yes they do. Of:

    Corrupt zionazi owned politicians and bureaucrats.

    Corrupt military brass.

    War criminals.

    White supremacists.

    Crooked, corrupt cops.


    Oligarchs, and their lackeys.

    Lackeys of oligarch lackeys.

    Marketing “people” and their ilk.

    Then there are the zionazis who pretend to be anti- Jew to discredit anti-zionazism. Now that is a special class of criminal…

    • Replies: @trickster
  135. @Anonymous

    Neanderthals and Denisovs both belonged to the species Homo sapiens; Homo erectus did not.

  136. Anonymous[342] • Disclaimer says:

    You forgot caucasian cuckolds.

  137. @Anonymous

    Neanderthals split from Homo Sapiens, so they cannot have been an “archaic nonhuman hominin”. They were most likely a parallel subspecies, sharing a common ancestor with H Sapiens, and that was Homo Erectus. SubSaharan Africans have zero Neanderthal, supporting the split theory. What subSaharan Africans do have is an introgression of an “archaic nonhuman hominin”, this means a species that is earlier than Homo Sapiens. Compare reconstructions of the face of Homo Erectus with the face of Negroes, the similarity is obvious. There is no similarity between Caucasians and Homo Erectus. Therefore the only candidate for the introgression into Homo Sapiens that produced the Negro is Homo Erectus. This introgression occurred relatively recently, during the last Glacial epoch, that preceded the Interglacial we currently live in that started 12,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens is about 300,000 years old, with modern humans appearing 90,000 years ago during the Glacial epoch, meaning humans migrated back into Africa, mated with surviving groups of Homo Erectus, and thus produced the Negro(10%-19% H Erectus). Homo Erectus gifted the Negro with its ugly, retrograde facial features, black skin, wiry head hair, and extreme stupidity. The subSaharan African could not have migrated “out of Africa”, and spread throughout the world so that all humans are the decendants of Negroes, because in that case all modern humans would have the introgression of Homo Erectus, and they don’t, only Negroes do. The Big Lie is that Negroes are the root of Caucasians and East Asians. The fact is that Negroes are devolved Homo Sapiens, devolved by interbreeding with a primitive ancestor to humans.

  138. @obvious

    These “felony” convictions are mostly fake. Drug laws are just an excuse to enslave people of any race for that matter.


    Drug charges are just easier to prove. Plenty of those in jail on drug charges are murderers.

    Murderers and rapists should be executed. It is a shame to spend $$ on prisons for murderers and rapists.

    If criminals of all races are eliminated rather than incarcerated, then the average civility of the population increases.

    Prohibiting drugs is rational and reasonable. We don’t need stoned idiots laying about or worse, driving cars. Rubbish to call prohibiting drugs slavery.

    The folks enslaved in this system are taxpayers.

  139. trickster says:
    @vot tak

    LOL. That means the whole fucking population would be in jail………you too.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  140. @Ponder

    No black on yellow crime. Chinese are in Africa, and you never hear any black on yellow crime. Why? Maybe because yellow doesn’t treat blackie like whitey does? Bingo

    Are you actually bragging about the Chinese peacefully exploiting Africans?

    Do you really think they wouldn’t be as harsh as the colonial British if Western powers gave them a free pass?

    Anyways it is the Arabs that have been ruthless to Africans and that continues to this day.

    But don’t expect liberals or Black nationalists to point this out as it ruins the “Whitey done ruined Africa” narrative.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  141. @Ponder

    That would be a solution but as always never honored. Were they not supposed to get 40 acres and a mule way back when?

    No that is a myth propagated by liberals as justification of reparations.

    It was a field order by Sherman for a single plot of land. There was never a plan by Lincoln or congress to give every ex-slave 40 acres.

    Sherman never had the authority to enact the order.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  142. trickster says:

    It was actually a circus midget, race or colour unknown at this time and probably for a long time.

    The word is that this fellow was an orphan, a victim of institutional racism, systemic racism, personal racism, racism racism, forced to take drugs by the Crackers, forced to sell drugs by persons unknown, unemployed because he and his homies burned down his hood, ancestors were slaves, dog ran away when he was 4 years old, plumber did not show up to fix broken pipes in his tenement apartment, welfare cheque did not arrive in time and denied entry into Stanford for their nuclear physics degree.

    Add to that a long list of documented criminal activity all false of course and being fired from the circus for selling crack instead of hotdogs.

    Ample reasons for his actions no doubt and every reason to slap him with a $20 fine and 2 weeks community service. He had to be dealt with severely to send a clear message and this punishment ought to do the trick.

    I anticipate another round of riots because he was profiled, harassed and wrongfully arrested. The guy is innocent and clearly wrongfully accused. BLM forever.

  143. Trinity says:

    The TRUTH hurts your sorry ass that is why you are full of lies and horseshit. A few years back Blacks were attacking Orientals in Philadelphia for no reason other than the victims race. And I guess you don’t remember during the Rodney “Kang” riots how Blacks went after the Korean shop owners. You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit you in our sorry KOSHER azz. Nope, America is not the greatest state sponsor of terrorism, nor is it Iran, Shlomo, it is your beloved Israel, you know, that tiny nation that has occupied America as of now. Now quit trying to PRETEND you are Black, you ignorant HASBARAT.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  144. trickster says:

    Ponder, there is monstrous nigger on Chink crime in Africa you just dont hear about it because:
    1. It is covered up
    2. The Chinks pay the police to off the criminals
    3. The criminals pay the police when they rob the Chinese or pay off the judge in court
    4. The Police detectives pay the Police top brass
    5. The Politicians consider the Chinese fair game and take their bribes directly from them for State contracts
    6. Everyone black consider the Chinese fair game in that they wonder whats the big deal if Ngozo robs $500 from a Chinaman who has so much when blacks have nothing.

    and so on…….. Everyone gets a cut of the Chinese take. How do you think unemployed blacks in Africa pay the bills.

    Think about it. In Africa blacks rob the Chinese because they have stuff to rob. As to Chinese being friends of blacks you must be smoking that Freeway Rick Crack. The Chinese hold the blackman in utter contempt in a manner whites never did.

    Wake up Ponder. Suggestion: You should change your name to Donder…like in Donder Head.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  145. @Janus

    Don’t go using white supremacist math.

    (Who comprise most of the preeminent mathematicians? Not Goyim.)

  146. @trickster

    Sounds to me like candidates for an Ark B rocket ship to Mars and Beyond.

    No need to actually launch, have them take showers pre-launch, then once launched (via CGI) the occasional updates (CGI or just Tweets) from the final frontier.

  147. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    No John, I am not bragging about Chinese peaceful exploitation of Africans ——– I of dimwitted intelligence as per whitey constant abuse, are successful debunking rubbish that is kept thrown around at blacks. Now, that Africans are quietly agreeing to be exploited, we are laughed at and ridiculed, but when we start to raise the issue about Chinese exploitation, what happens? the same suspects that attack blacks as violent and animals turn around and say, we told you, fucking niggers gonna nig or something. So damned if you do and damned if you don’t. No Black on Chinese violence simply disapproves white supremacist justifications for their desire to exterminate Blacks, while hiding behind false accusations of barbarism. Most Africans own their land and so have a fallback option. African Americans have been enslaved, discriminated against, attacked by covert means such as CIA, flooding drugs to Blacks neighbourhoods which they took as an escape route to their miserable existence, then legislate drug laws to keep them incarcerated (many white friends did drugs in fact all I ever knew did drugs with most into marijuana. They never got incarcerated for it. When caught they would mostly be released. I never agreed to touch any of it for I knew the cards were stacked), destroy Black families by removing the father figure and decimate the race through planned parenthood —— Margaret Sanger anyone?

    Finally, all that you say about other races doing to Blacks is true too. But funny how Blacks are the worst criminals on earth eh. I often wonder how whitey would react if he was subjected to the same conditions by Blackie …….. oh never mind. If they are already constantly attacking Blackie while ignoring past and present injustices, what do you think they would say and do to real injustices by Blackie?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  148. Ponder says:

    I live in Africa. What are talking about? You know nothing and quickly go to propanga. There would be diplomatic rows between china and Africa. No videos in the age of mobile phones? Or you still think Africans live in mud huts? Do you know how many handsets are sold in Africa every year? Have you checked on how fast internet connections are accelerating in Africa? I am in the deepest of Africa preparing for coming apocalypse in a 100 acre forest food farm, while keeping all types of domesticated animals and fowls and still internet connected. You know nothing about Africa.

  149. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    And yet for all their generations of wealth creation for whitey not even 40 acres and mule per family if not per individual could be considered in your vast land as a token recompense for so gross an injustice?

    It wasn’t considered nor will it ever be, the truth of the nature of the white man is fully unveiled. You can no longer whitewash, nor obfuscate nor hide history now. Too much information accessible to all. No more can nice sounding serpentine words by whitey veil us to the truth; we see the actions done and understand. Blacks shall never be treated fairly and justly and some of what you see now by some Blackies, is actually blowback due to that understanding. See how violent they have became compared to time of MLK and Malcolm X? Can you decipher the same kind of anger from the Arabs? Can you understand some have immigrated to your country because theirs was destroyed by you? Do you know how much anger and hatred they carry within them towards you? Yeah, understand that your karma is coming. Nothing can stop it. You will finally be atomic bombed because you will indeed be ready to atomic bomb your faked enemies Russia and China and Iran and North Korea. Even Japanese hold a memorial for Hiroshima and Nagasaki; do you think they do it to honour whitey?

  150. Ponder says:

    The onus is on your sorry ass to disapprove what I write. Show your sources and links to your claims. There is no black on yellow crime period. And Africa is swarming with Chinese. Many coming to do contract work and refuse to return to China and try to set up business in Africa. They having contacts back in China see the potential of making big bucks, and many do, by supplying the under classes with affordable goods. So ofcourse the Indians hate them because they undercut their businesses. Africans love them because they receive affordable goods. China leads in Africa with many goods like mobile phones with very good reliable handsets from companies like Techno ( I know, never heard of them: they have even bigger market share than Huawei on handsets) their prices are insane ——‐ 50 dollars for a high-end touch phone that does everything your android does including access to the same application store like you.

    Just like they did in the west, they have opened restaurants and mingle with us. When I venture to the markets for rarely needed supplies, guess who I meet? They love my ducks, turkeys, pigs and even rabbits. They even get donkeys and mules but not from me for I don’t keep those and occasional dogs when they can.

    So, in your propaganda, in those riots, the blacks went after the Koreans because they were Korean? Wrong, it’s a riot and they probably were looking at any targets just like riots now, destroy some black businesses. We see you. Just implement your genocidal maniacal plans and stop trying to justify thyself. If it was about Justice, you would have done it a long time ago, by compensating African Americans for slavery. Heck, forget Blackie, we all know he is Homo Erectus and all : which to me is amazing in and of itself that me an Homo Erectus can do what you superior race can ………. it would be remarkable to me if a gorilla could do what I could do, I would not seek to exterminate it for that but would actually marvel at its ability being inferior and all ……….another story anyway, so back to my point, when will you apologise to the Japanese for what you did to them? Of course you will never. You don’t have it in you. Forget compensating the remaining loved ones of your genocidal killings. Even a simple no cost apology cannot be forthcoming from you, although seeing I have no hate in me, I will throw the whole race to the dogs ———some whitey do acknowledge and are repentant of what was done before. To you they betray your race but to me, they are the humane ones. Even though those thugs for example humiliated one girl by asking her to apologise by kneeling in public about slavery ( I don’t agree with them for doing that and would have stood up for her if I was there), she did and you could genuinely see that she meant it —– being sorry for such an injustice. Give me her though she is white than any of my basest blackie any day. I value people by the content of their character and not their skin. I have many of my white friends who come to visit my farm when they are around on safari. Some even are thinking of joining me in my nice secluded food forest farm. One even went hunting up the hills and came with deer. Of course he wanted to hunt and we let him. We have no need to hunt wild game. We have all the food we will ever need bar a 3 year drought which would reduce us to eating stored legumes and maize. So there you have it mr. white supremacist.

  151. @anon

    Yeah. I was watching the movie Class of 1984 (1982) on Tubi last month. In that movie, a gang of white neo-Nazi punks run the school and even the black gangs are afraid of them. I can’t picture anyone taking a scenario like that seriously today.

  152. @Ponder

    There have never been any deer in subSaharan Africa, so your friend that visited you could not have gone up in the hills and hunted a deer. You do not live in Africa on a “nice secluded food forest farm”, you are lying. You. Are. A. Liar. I do want to express my appreciation that you read my comments explaining that the negro is interbred with Homo Erectus, and is therefore not human, this is a recently revealed truth and is spreading very quickly and very widely.

    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Ponder
  153. Poco says:

    If that was my father who was killed I would act like one of those disgusting whites who “forgive.” I’d make friends with them, act all goody goody to them. Then find some way to execute them myself without being caught. However long it took.

  154. anon[476] • Disclaimer says:

    That film was made in Canada. Michael J Fox’s first film.

    Nobody took that seriously in 1982. Stegman became the director of the Sopranos series. Tim Van Patton.

    Yes kids, Dutch pretty boys who play piano will terrorize schools in Toronto.

    I guess we can also believe teachers hot wire cars of students they dislike and crash them in parking lots too.

    • Replies: @Onebelowall
  155. Ponder says:

    I called it a deer to make it easier for understanding, it was either a water buck or a suni because it was slightly larger than a dik dik. I know it in my native tongue and frankly can’t be bothered to know what they are called in english. Of course everything must described to whitey using whitey’s terms. I used the closest term to describe wild meat because I don’t know its English name and do I really care to know it? I really don’t whether it be an impala or suni or whatever they are called in english, we have our own native names. I have news for you, there are so many native birds, animals and even plants that I don’t know their english nor scientific names and I don’t care and couldn’t be bothered to know. That we know them and we know what we are referring to is enough for me.


    It doesn’t matter what your theories about Blackie is. The truth is right before you but you will never know it…….just move to fantastic theorems that have no merit. All humans come from one man Adam. God is the creator of all creation. You keep on looking for other lifeforms in the universe and you will never find them. Are their any other beings in the universe? Sure just not in the physical realms; Angel’s and demons. Your occultic rulers know this and that is why the try to open portals into the spiritual realms. No evolution. Do you know how stupid the big bang sounds? For an intellectual people, you do have tendencies to being overly stupid. And evolution suddenly stopped or what? We should be seeing new evolved species all over the place from the numerous life we have around us.

    So keep look for unicorns and homo erectus and homo ……. in your stupid theories. That more intelligent beings than monkeys existed but where wiped out by man? Such tripe. Monkeys survive but not homo erectus? Aborigines survive but not homo whatever? Bush men survive but homo whatever was not smart enough to save his race? Tripe. Hint – that what you are looking for does exist but you won’t find it. It was cursed in Eden and now crawls on its belly having lost its limbs as the curse took effect. You will never find it because you are looking at the wrong places. We know what it is. And we are dimwitted I hear.

    God made man. Period. Say you are Christian’s and in the same breath negate God by big bang theory? Do you know what the mathematical probability of such a cosmic event happening at random and creating conditions for life to exist would be? Man just plays in the material for all his knowledge, man cannot even grasp the life that exists in plant life and whence it is recides…….. that is enough to stump man. How then could he scientifically isolate plant life from animal life? Another order of magnitude higher of a life form from plant life……… and then there is animal life and human life……… another magnitude higher of life. Have you ever heard of God in-dwelling animal life? Only demons do that but God only anoints humans……. His creation made in His image. You keep following your scientific theories or stupidic theories

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  156. Ponder says:

    Oh and I forgot…… you would like to negate my farm? Hahahahaha, you think you are so powerful that you can cause it to cease to exist by your declaration? I know all about you, you cannot stand to be bested as you view it. To you, if I have a forest food farm means I am better equipped to weather the coming apocalypse that will be initiated by whitey and that grinds you doesn’t it?

    If you can’t have it why should anyone inferior to you have it? To you I am competing with you and being uppity, while to me, I am living my life despite you. Well I do have it and I live off it. Let me grind you even further, I have designed ponds, I think they would be called, which we call dams (I better watch my language lest I be accused of lying. I haven’t checked the dimension that differentiate a pond from a dam technically, and I really don’t care). I have captured huge amounts of water from the hills. I have designed the farm with terraces that are 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep. They capture the water that spillover from the dams and they snake all around the farm storing huge amounts of water during the raining season, watering the farm abundantly. I have planted all sorts of fruit trees, herbs, spices, that withstand the conditions. I don’t have to do a lot of work since in between the plants, I have grass, which I feed my cattle and sheep. The plants have grown to heights beyond the cattle eating the tip. Also with enough grass, the cattle doesn’t bother the trees. So guess what, they live in the subdivided land like in paddocks totally ignoring the plants. The only trees they munch on are pomegranates, which I have isolated from them. They don’t bother the bananas nor the oranges nor the mangoes nor all the other trees. Its fascinating to watch. Though at fruit time, they are isolated since they will eat the fruits save the nuts. Would you like to know more? I can share my design principles and knowledge with you. From how to position trees for canopy , to how to manage crawlers, to how to utilise rhizomes and edible root plants like Taro, cassava, sweet potatoes etc.

    I saw what whitey was doing and concluded the end game.

    That is why I know that the 3rd WW is coming. White supremacists will not accept being relegated to not being the leader. Your privileges are coming to an end. You will try all you can short of war to contain Eurasia and it will fail. And once it fails, your mindset will not allow you second place. So what will you do? You will as always seek warfare through biological and chemical means but like Convid 19 amply demonstrated, you will realise it’s not containable to the “other”………Another in your face …… humans are one race. Then you will resort to preparation of nuclear attacks. But all your adversaries know what I am talking about. They tolerate your criminal activities in the hope of containing your genocidal tendencies to destroy them and they know it. They know what you will do when you lose your exorbitant privilege of dollar reserve currency. That is why they downplay their achievements. Finally when the truth cannot be hid anymore, whitey will seek to use nuclear weapons, which they will intercept and then nuke you. As they say Karma is a ………………

  157. @Reg Cæsar

    I guess the progressive/libertarian tension is baked into the country, and ourselves as ideological heirs. Isn’t that more or less what the Jeffersonian/Jacksonian debates were about?

  158. lance says:

    From all the comments, it appears that black people are responsible for all the violent crimes in America . Next you will be blaming them for the millions of innocent people this country has killed abroad. No tears shed here.
    The killing of unarmed black people has become a sport that should be taken to the Olympics to satisfy the macabre sickos among you.

  159. Meanwhile, Scientific American magazine makes its first endorsement in its history for a presidential candidate. That candidate is Joe Biden.

    Remember that interesting magazine we used to read, the one with the math problems and brain teasers in the back? Yeah, that one. It no longer exists. It’s gone with everything else.

    Scientific American backs Biden in first-ever endorsement

    The magazine’s editors wrote that they felt “compelled” to back Biden in his effort to unseat President Donald Trump. Scientific American cited Trump’s handling of Covid-19 and his skepticism of expert opinion and mainstream science on issues like climate change as the impetus for its decision.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  160. @anon

    Well, it might not be as outlandish as you think.

    When I grew up in Newark NJ, my section of the city (people don’t realize that Newark has a “white” section) had moved from being Italian (after being German and Polish) to being Portuguese. Most of them were faux macho pussies who acted like they were the cock of the walk Down-Neck, but would cower if they had to deal with the blacks from uptown. There was one Portuguese kid, in sixth grade (this would have been the late 1980’s), who was a violent sociopath and everybody Black, White, Latino, in the class was terrified of him. He had a friend who followed him, but the sociopath was really the one in charge. A few months into the school year, a Puerto Rican kid had moved into the district and thought these white boys were going to be completely overwhelmed by his unapologetic Puerto Rican-ness. The Portuguese sociopath beat that Puerto Rican so bad that they had to take the Rican to the emergency room. That was the final straw for the administration and they finally sent the kid to a school uptown figuring that the Black teachers there could handle him better. Last I heard, the sociopath got into a fight up there and punched the gym teacher in the face when he tried to break it up, giving the teacher a black eye.

  161. @Jefferson Temple

    And having flintlocks, right? No repeaters, no revolvers, no semi-automatics, … But now we have Americans shooting each other all the time, US police killing more citizens than any other police forces in the world, killings all the time in the name of … freedom?

    Boy, are you brainwashed!

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  162. nebulafox says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    There goes another shred of my childhood.

    Not the actual textbooks! Good luck making the hydrogen atom’s solution political. Hope I’m not tempting fate by saying that. They can be expensive, so I’d recommend Z-library, courtesy of another commentator here. Any sort of textbook you need, they are likely to have it. And it is run from Russia, so it is unlikely to be shut down by the Usual Suspects. Poor substitute for actual books, IMO, but when you are broke and your local library can’t give you what you need.

    And worse case, you can mass download now and save them before they try to change them? 😉

  163. @Ponder

    You called it a “deer” because you live in The United States, in a city, and know nothing of nature, so because deer are common in the Americas, Europe, and Asia you goofed up and thought deer lived in Africa too. So after I called you out, you got on Wikipedia to find some names of deerlike African animals, and google had a search return “suni deer” so you used that but then you goofed up again and confused a “water buck” with a “bush buck”, which if you really lived in Africa you would never do, even I know the differance. So you start telling me maybe it was a “water buck” or maybe a “suni” but you’re not sure because both are “slightly larger than a dik dik”. Yep, a 400lb “water buck” is “slightly larger than a dik dik”. How can you confuse a water buck that weighs 400lbs with a suni that weighs 10lbs? No one that lives in the bush in Africa would make that mistake, but a city dweller in America on the internet backing and filling too fast could. You say “suni” is an English name, like “water buck”, but if you were African you would know that “suni” is a local African name for that animal, while telling me you only know “native names” for these animals. Finally, why would someone living on a “food forest farm” in Africa be on the internet reading an American website called The Unz Review and getting twisted out of shape over “white supremacists” in The United States? You express yourself in American idiom, using a phrase like “karma is a bitch” and the new American fashion, just a few months old, of writing “white” in small case while insisting on capitalizing “Black”. I don’t feel like getting into the “food forest farm” nonsense, only a city dweller could believe such a thing exists. You are a total phony.

    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Ponder
  164. Ponder says:

    It sure is grinding you. Hahahahaha.

    You will even make me American now. Wow. I am African. I lived in a “western” country for a while, after finishing university study and working for sometime in my native Africa (I met nearly all my whitey mates in my postgraduate and work in said western country ——I am being very lean with details for Opsec reasons that I think you understand or maybe not. Anyway, I won’t give you personal details except generalities cause even my email at unz is fake). So, you did figure out one thing right that whitey who I knew called such kind of animal deer. You would have gotten more creative from your first hint. Your problem is your mindset and propaganda. You all see Africa as one country and the little you are shown on TV is all you know —-typical. My tribe has never really lived in mud huts except for the very lazy. We know how to make bricks —–for generations —– from mud and fire. All my fowl pen and hay store buildings are built from said bricks. I know we are beyond primitive, and So I am fibbing. And yeah a nigger couldn’t possibly know anything about the world let alone be at unz review. Man what a hooooot you are. You crack me up big time.


    Is it that I am too intelligent for a nigger? To factual for a nigger? Let me help you a bit. Humans are different because of nature. Most blacks have lived in favourable weather conditions — so, most developed accordingly. Necessity is the mother of invention it is often said, hence our backwardness. What adversity was there to make us creative? Not even war, for our tribal wars were for petty human squabbles and not existential. When one tribe became too violent and strong, the other simply moved. Now, whitey faced many existential threats, mostly winter. Skin adapted —–activating necessary Gene’s while deactivating unnecessary ones to cope; like melanin levels to allow absorption of sun giving vitamin D. Adversity led to innovation. There goes your homo whatever evolution crap. Times change and we all adapt. I can do what any other man can. I am no genius and so is most men. Don’t ask me what I have invented because what have you as an individual invented? I can do all you can do mr bombercommand and you can’t deal with it. Whitey once managed to subdue Chinese with drugs but they learned your tricks and methods. See, the human race is the same race : God created man. You will say I am reading the bible. Sure but what will escape you is the similarity of all the folklore of many people speaking of man having originated from one man. Try and research and be astonished. Look at most religious rituals and marvel at the similarities. Marvel at the snake god at nearly all of them and recognize the same story of the fall but twisted by satan to Prometheus the light bringer. Marvel my friend at Satan’s deception to humanity. And see that for all your intelligence, you have completely missed the point of mankind’s existence with your supremacist nonsense. Marvel my friend at all ancient religions having a madonna and a child. Why is that? All over Africa, Asia, Europe. Marvel my friend and open your eyes. Mankind’s adversary —- the devil —- knew back in Eden about God’s promise to man for salvation by promising the woman that she would have a seed. Ever wonder why Christianity was easily accepted in Africa? Yeah look and marvel. It fitted in nicely with the ancient beliefs even providing information regarding missing gaps in the folklore. Anyway, I better stop. To you I am an American Nigger.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  165. Ponder says:

    And I did not answer a crucial question you asked. Why would a nigger in a food forest farm care about white supremacists? Man you are brainwashed. Open your eyes. Can’t you see that you guys are destroying the whole planet with your supremacist shit. If it was contained only in the US, nobody would care. Whitey is destroying everywhere including Africa. You not being satisfied with havoc you have been creating in Africa have gone right ahead and set up Africom —- more death and destruction; between the British, France and US, no one has caused nor indeed can cause the kind of destruction you have and will continue to bring. And anybody wise enough when trying to identify and frame a problem, must understand the source and the mindset of the source if its human —- in this case US hiding behind Nato and former colonial and present neo-colonial masters. About the lingo, what do you think most of Africa watches? Oh I forgot, we live in mud huts and have no television or computers nor smartphones. Even certain slums have TV. And like I said before, nearly all slum dwellers seek to have a “better life” as shown by Hollywood. They have ancestral homes they came from. When they give up on city life, guess where they go, back to the villages. So, your interference is affecting even village life.

  166. @JEG

    Testosterone is just one of a number of hormones and neurotransmitters influencing human behaviour, so the influence is likely to be small. For example, women also differ a lot in terms of aggression, ambition, sex drive and criminality, yet all women have relatively low testosterone levels, so clearly something else must be influencing these traits in women.

    Similarly, middle-class and upper-class men have similar levels of male hormones to working class men, yet working class men commit a lot more violent crimes.

    The higher crime levels of blacks are likely due to a number of biologically influenced factors, including IQ, impulsiveness, extroversion/introversion, honesty/humility and overall frontal lobe development during childhood and puberty.

  167. ….has become a sport that should be taken to the Olympics to satisfy the macabre sickos among you…..

    now there is a sport i would pay to watch.

  168. @Ponder

    Evasion and distraction will not work for you. First you called the game animal your White friend shot in the hills a “deer”. When I pointed out deer do not live in subSaharan Africa, you evaded and said you called it a deer “to make it easier for understanding”. Now you evade again and say it was your White hunter friend who called it a “deer”. You cant keep your story straight. No White hunter in Africa would call his quarry a “deer”. Those of us that dream of hunting Africa, and I am one, study African game animals in detail, we can name them by appearance, know their habitats and habits, and their anatomy for shot placement. We study African countries’ hunting regulations and culture. We know hunting in Africa, for forgieners, is only permitted through Hunting Lodges, with a PH, only on licensed hunting blocks, often with a government game inspector along, and no game taken without a paid for game tag(a lower priced Kudu tag is over $2000USD). Hunting in Africa is important business, it helps prevent poaching, and those lodges each employ 30-40 Africans, to service 2-4 White Hunters. There is no way your White friend could show up with a rifle, walk casually into the bush and hunt game. Your story is ridiculous. Then you stated it was either a “water buck” or a “suni”, but you were not sure and you don’t know English names for these animals only “native tongue” names. But you do use English names anyway and don’t supply any “native tongue” names, exceedingly odd. Despite all that, and being “African”, you should know that “suni” is an African “native tongue” name for that antelope. You also stated “impala” is an English name when you should know “impala” is closely derived from the local African “native tongue” name. Big holes in all your stories. You haven’t explained how an African living in the bush, like yourself, couldn’t decide if that animal was a “suni” or a “water buck”, when a suni weighs 10lbs and a water buck weighs 400lbs. You do say it was “slightly larger than a dik dik”, trying to give the impression you are familiar with African hoofed game, then say you aren’t sure what it is, but you are sure it was either a 400lb water buck or a 10lb suni. You are totally ridiculous.

    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Ponder
    , @Ponder
  169. Ponder says:

    You are too stupid to argue with. You try to put words in my mouth to justify thyself and by latching to a none point to the central argument use that to derail my debunking of your tripe.


    I never said my white friend called it a deer (quote the qoute). I said I called it a deer for easier conversation. I also said my white friends would call most of the game caught a deer in the west as we would inevitably discuss wildlife in Africa seeing I am tada African. I told you I could not be bothered to find out what the wildlife real names are in English. How many for example swahili animal names do you know? Apart from Simba, what else do you know? Why are you not bothered to know them when you say you have studied many Aftican game? Using your stupid logic, I should disqualify you from your statement because you can name them in an African tongue. I have news for you, we use English for communication purposes but are not hung-up in knowing everything as described in English ——- my vocabulary is larger in my mother tongue than in english and there are things we convey better in our mother tongues than can ever be conveyed in english —— yeah, I know that went right over your head.

    I can mention a puma and a cougar and a panther and I would need someone to confirm them to me save from seeing them in pictures and video. We don’t have native names for such because our ancestors never knew such. Even when we give name native names, that is modern improvisation. I know you are too dull to connect what I have written above for all your I intelligence, so I will break it down for you. I don’t care to know what names in English we call most of our native wildlife —- that would require me to try and match all our names into the english names to make sure we are speaking of the same animal. Why would I do that? Give me a good reason to engage in that activity ? To communicate to who? I say it’s like a deer or say he went after deer is enough to convey my message to any westerners. Unless I get an anal asshole like you who is interested in try to use that to negate the very points I am making and never address the point.

    I am not trying to impress you with naming some African game. Even your refutation is infantile — how old are you? That I confuse a water buck of 400 lbs to a suni of 10 lbs? First, I did not say it was fully grown — your assumption. So there is no water buck of 25lbs, they are all 400lbs? Even when growing its 400 lbs? Man you are too stupid even for this Nigger. Let write to you in my native tongue, so that I can at least lay this to rest. You can try Google translate Haha Haha it ain’t there even in Google.

    Ketawa nthya ( I have just I formed my tribe mate what animal was killed. Nthya.
    Ninìsì weisya ningukengana Nundu vatingwa andù manenaà uù ( let me translate — I know you will say this is not a language that is spoken)
    Ndia èno nikulea kwitikila nayièndèa kukanania (this fool will still refuse and continue arguing)

    Finally, I never said he went hunting with a gun. He went hunting with bow and arrows. His hobby was archery and nthya isu yae naùito wa 20 kgs —– that deer or water buck or suni was 20kgs in weight.

    There are monkeys, baboons, snakes, fox like cats and some bigger known as nthimbo, I think they are called honey badgers in English ( black slightly larger than cats that like climbing trees and getting honey from our hives, squirrels, hares, wild ducks, wild geese, wild flamingos like water birds but slightly smaller, dik diks, etc. In the eighties we had hyenas, leopards and even to this day, elephants occasionally come around. Most of those moved further inland as more of us started setting up farms. So, a wide variety of wild animals still come around. I live your dream life which you will try and brainwash me that I am missing out on your consumerism crap while the truth is you are still saving to come for a safari, while I live a safari. now, do you understand why my whitey mates come around? Eat your pride and let it go. That I wrote is among the gazillion bantu languages. Africa has broadly 3 main groups. I the west you all say African are Bantu —— not exactly true because we have cushites like the maasai and nilotes like the Sudanese or somali and predominantly bantu like the Zulu. At least you got a bit of African enlightenment. Hahaha

    • Replies: @Ponder
  170. Ponder says:

    Cannot name them in an African tongue

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  171. Ponder says:

    And yes I can share with you this much, I can speak 4 different African languages, including the main African language (I say main not because that’s its official status but because it is widely spoken in over 13 countries and even in an Arab country: Oman. So, yes I can speak to you in Swahili. I can even lay my mother tongue or any African language I choose against swahili language for you to compare for authenticity. And since both languages will be in Bantu, you can clearly see similarities. I wrote this last part because I can guess that you will probably say because it is not in Google, then it is made up ( very many African languages are not in Google but Swahili is).


    English Swahili ?
    Lion Simba Munthambo
    Hallo Habari uvoo
    Fool Mjinga Ndia
    Good Mzuri nzio (none living) musio
    Enemy Adui mumaidha
    Life uhai thayù

    At least you can check English to swahili conversion in Google. Either I am lying or I am a genius who can form my own language at will. If you want to catch me, if I am lying, all you have to do is ask for a translation of individual words at random and then string a sentence with some of them and see if my translation will include my translated words, of course leaving room for nuances like in French, since my tongue would probably translate more like in French than in English. Like up there good can be translated differently depending on if its living or inanimate. Kitu kizuri — swahili for something good —– kindu kisio in ? Language.
    Mtu mzuri—– swahili for a good person —- mundu musio in ? Language.

    Test me or let it rest. I am not telling you the language for opsec. Who ever tries to find it of course can find out what language it is, but they will find out it is spoken in several countries. Though they will have an idea of where I could be, they won’t know where. And it really means they really are after my ass for something. So, clearly I am banking on anonymity by obscurity. Unz can probably see the African service provider.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  172. @Ponder

    I your comment #161 you state you only know the names of these animals in your “native tongue”.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  173. Ponder says:

    Nimekubali kushindwa. Nakubali Hakuna deer Afrika. Basi turidi mwanzoni.
    I accept defeat. I accept that there are no deer in Africa. Now, let us return to the original issues.

    There is no food forest farm. And no deer in Africa and I was lying. I concede those points.

    Now that I have shutdown those points by conceding can we return to the true pertinent issues?

    • Is Africa a fast growing internet connected place?
    • are there millions of mobile phones sold in Africa?
    • Are there a lot of Chinese in Africa at present?
    • Do we have any black on Chinese crime?
    • Do we have any statistics or video or photo footage of said crime?
    • is it fair to say that you hear more Chinese to African racism that African to Chinese racism?
    • Did God create man or did man evolve from animal life?

    Answer those questions first and then we can continue to debate on where we disagree, if you don’t already see that it’s a lost course.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  174. Ponder says:

    In comment 161 I said I know them in my native tongue. Correct. I asked you where I said “my white friend who killed it called called it a deer”? Show me that quote for in 161 bit sure ain’t there. Pluck out that sentence from there. Show it. You have no integrity. You are projecting onto me what you are doing; claiming falsely that I said what I did not say —- even to the point of insisting on a comment number #161 which anybody on this site can verify for themselves and easily find that there isn’t such a sentence.


    And like a real sociopath, shutdown any more intelligent debate by doubling down on a lie. I own your ass. It is recorded fir all internet time that I owned your ass.

    Ignore my Swahili and African language cause that what is called KO. Game over for where you had pinned all your Hope for a takedown. Dumb ass who is oh so intelligent than me. An African owned you. All your base are belong to us. Hahahahaha.

    Go find a nigger at your level of intellect, I form beyond your pay grade. You are in too deep beyond your capability level. And even worse, you interjected your self into the conversation. Learn from your white supremacist friends who quietly disengaged when they knew they were too deep beyond their intelligence and left you holding the bag. You? Too stupid even for self awareness.

    Mtu mbumbavu sana. Ata akili ya kujua imeshindwa hauna. Haujui hata ikakuuma matokini mwako. Mazungumzo yako ni kama ya ibilisi ambaye ndiye babako.

    Use Google translate if you want to know what I said. You don’t deserve the courtesy of me translating it for you mr dumb ass. It’s in swahili if you can even Google translate. That how stupid I think you are.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  175. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Exactly the opposite of that. I was brainwashed for years in thinking that the weapons themselves were the problem.

    In fact, it is the sickness of our society/culture that brings about the high numbers of gun deaths. Even Michael Moore admitted so in his anti 2A movie Bowling for Columbine. Canada, with similar rates of gun ownership, did not have high rates of gun violence. America is sick. The cure, whatever it may be, does not include giving up our rights. More than we already have anyway.

  176. @Ponder

    African Americans have been enslaved, discriminated against, attacked by covert means such as CIA, flooding drugs to Blacks neighbourhoods which they took as an escape route to their miserable existence, then legislate drug laws to keep them incarcerated

    Blaming the CIA? When did that supposedly happen? The 80s? Black dealers don’t have any responsibility? Did White spooks force Black dealers of Detroit to buy stupid cars and furs instead of investing in legitimate businesses?

    This is your problem right here. You have swallowed the White liberal poison that Blacks are never responsible for their own communities and countries. It’s always something Whitey did in the past. How does that actually help anyone?

    Black communities are a mess and look at how many Blacks still fallback to these White liberal excuses. What is the result?

    You probably think I am some A level ahole and yet I would like Blacks to stop blaming Whites for their own good. Stop repeating these excuses dreamed up by liberal profs that have never even been to a Black area.

    I often wonder how whitey would react if he was subjected to the same conditions by Blackie

    Should probably brush up on your history. Britain was colonized by the Romans and yet we have never heard someone talk about how the Romans ruined Britain. White people have also been enslaved (ever heard of the word Slav?) but last I checked the Ukrainians don’t march around every year and blame their problems on Muslim slave drivers.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  177. @Ponder

    So, in your propaganda, in those riots, the blacks went after the Koreans because they were Korean? Wrong, it’s a riot and they probably were looking at any targets just like riots now, destroy some black businesses.

    You really don’t know what you are talking about. Yes Blacks went after Koreans because of the Latasha Harlins shooting.

    There was also natural resentment against them for owning businesses in the Black community.

    The same thing happened in the Detroit riots. They targeted the Jewish district.

    Go play somewhere else. You haven’t figured out how much of your Western education is really just egalitarian BS. This is the deep end and you are in here with your floaties thinking you are swimming with us.

  178. @Ponder

    Comment #170, lines 19,20,21&22: “So, you did figure one thing out right that whitey who I knew called such kind of animal deer”.

  179. @Ponder

    Telling us you speak Swahili makes your story about the White friend stink even more.

    Tourism hunting by Whites is what funds conservation in Africa and it is extremely regulated in countries like Tanzania.

    But here you are telling us that a White friend took a deer from your food forest ??? cause you didn’t care and White people are destroying Africa.

    Then you talk about how the Chinese like your market goods.

    If you were actually in the safari business you wouldn’t be selling turkeys to the Chinese.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  180. orionyx says:

    What were the Navajo doing on the Sioux reservation, anyway?

  181. @Jus' Sayin'...

    John Derbyshire showed that if you remove blacks and hispanics, the remaining crime rates in the USA are comparable to the safer (N/W) European countries.

  182. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    Pffft another idiot. Answer the questions pertaining to the argument. Your gaslighting will not work. We know how you operate; we lied, we stole, we cheated ——- whitey’s way ——- lie, obfuscate, gaslight, deflect, dehumanise, belittle, then destroy and kill. Nothing has changed for years; satan’s spawn ——-always after more —–always after what is not their’s; whitey will criminalise the other with the sole intention of taking what is not theirs either by guile or by violence.

    Example, ask stupid well known questions like no black drug dealers? No black responsibility for drugs? Etc. If you point out a simple historical example like British opium wars against China pfffft it’s like you haven’t even identified anything. They will try to find out something to discredit you no matter how mundane and stick to that until you give up. If you point out the impossibility of drugs flooding black neighbourhoods due to the resources and logistics required without government turning a blind eye? They will argue none issues, While ignoring the obvious of how drugs can be said to swarm US with all the war on drugs efforts : how can all those efforts be so useless, and vehemenently deny obvious reports here and there of CIA planes crashing with tonnes of drugs on board. They will then ask for proof. Do you think if you provide they will bulge? You have a lot to learn if you think that. They just double down —- just like Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. That’s their way. Always was always will be. The blue eyed white devil – Malcolm X. The great Satan – Iran. You are exposed—- big time.

    Were always weasels, liars and killers. They were that everywhere they went, decimated native populations justifying their genocides that those natives were savages. Haha what projection

    They were that when they enslaved so called dehumanized savages.

    They were that when they colonised so called dehumanized savages

    They still are that right now, by demonising dehumanizing all others where they are decimating native populations. Whether it is Venezuela, or Africa, or middle east, or Russia, or China now, or wherever; Same modus operandi. Same demons.

    Destroy international law by accusing the other of violations but if you chase it down even briefly, boom the truth hits like a ton of bricks : it’s still the same lying, stealing, cheating, dehumanizing techniques.

    Attack Chinese now as thieves of technology. Hahaha even where the Chinese have a lead? —– Have you not learned anything yet? The Chinese stole our technology even though we haven’t invented it yet. You see, they came to study here and stole our technology. Then proceed to dehumanize, belittle …… know the drill.

    Pick any place right now on earth where whitey is involved and see if what I write is not true. Come on pick any conflict right now where whitney is involved and see if it ain’t so.

    Watch their responses to my challenge and see if it’s not so. Nobody will even remotely try to engage me on the accusation level. Watch what every one of them will try to do ? If it’s not to attack my character, dehumanise me, gaslight the issues I will commit harakiri right now. Just look at this Johnson dude that jumped right in. Ignore the questions and attack even my swahili after the other idiot tried to prove I was not African. And even when provided with a good enough response to their question, guess what they will do? Yep like clockwork Double down; examples? Skripal poisoning, Nalvany poisoning, MH17, Hezbollah, Iran etc etc etc

  183. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    Hahaha never heard whites complain about yadayada. Now let me demonstrate to you what I just elucidated about whitey’s modus operandi. All I have to do to prove that his statement is a lie is just point to one example to disapprove the statement ” Britain was colonised by the Roman and …………”. Once I do that, then watch what will happen. I can game out all their responses right here. Now watch

    What about present day South Africa and Zimbabwe? What’s whitey complaining about? He took land that was not his by killing and stealing. When blacks took over, whites refused to share the ill-gotten land. Years passed with the issue being gaslight, obfuscated, twisted etc — the usual. But when finally the original inhabitants overrun said farms? What happened? Yep like clockwork. Justice for me but for thee. And if you point out that no fighting and killing is going on to whites elsewhere in the country except in the land reforms areas? That point will Never be researched and acknowledged that that is indeed true. So what happened; white farmers refused land reform recommendations and insisted on not sharing their land with the original landowners. After seeing that no justice would be forth coming ( hello African Americans), many took the matter into their hands and killed the resisting farmers who were armed and defending “their farms” by of course doing what? You guessed it killing those “invading”. Can you say blowback? Can you say blowback in the US? Yeah thought so.

    Now, watch the response to the above since I have just disapproved his main point so easily?

    He will go trying to prove how the blacks have unjustly attacked white farmers, completely ignoring the original premise for his statement. That way he will get me to spent time arguing about farms this, white farmers that? But the main point he was raising was to show that blacks should not now complain about their injustices and situation but rather take responsibility for their shitty conditions in life while ignoring the societal issues. Even if you point out that right now in the US, whites who lack resources just like blackie are in the same exact plight as blackie. Can’t accept the obvious because it will diminish their argument and force them to acknowledge the societal issues being raised. Nope can’t have that. Can’t accept the obvious and change my mindset. It would be better to play a guitar to a goat, the goat might perhaps appreciate your effort.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  184. @Ponder

    I have respect for a man who admits when he dissembled, very few can. Regarding your seven questions, I have too little knowledge to venture an opinion on any but #6, and to that I would advise any African, or AfroAmerican, to expect no mercy from any Chinese.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  185. Ponder says:

    Now, this is very interesting my friend. I thought we were the savages—— less human and most barbaric of races. But here you advice me that we should not expect mercy from the Chinese. Do you know how remarkable your answer is? Do you know that you have actually, offered us the benefit of the doubt at that barbaric thing we get accused endlessly about? That we just might be another shitty race like all the rest at equal par? And indeed is that not the truth of it? Isn’t that exactly what God said in


    Rev 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
    Revelation:7:10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.

    All nations and peoples and tongues are righteous and therefore consequently, the rest of other all nations and kindred and peoples and tongues are evil. God judges the character of the individual and not skin colour. There are as many evil whites are there are whites as their are yellow. This is not skin colour issue but a right versus wrong issue. And if your all argument is to denigrate other races, then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. So, if you are a man of integrity, then approach the issue fairly justly and humanely —– if in doubt, then always apply the golden rule

    Mathew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

    And that my friend is the only Just system. There is no other.

    And thanks for the advise. It is sound advise seeing that man is prone to evil continually. And yet I cannot pre judge someone as guilty until they are.

    Peace must friend and learn to be more fair. I only attacked whitney that way in our conversation to try and destroy the mindset that seems pervasive and indeed destructive to see if you can at least balance that all are human and we all hate injustices.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  186. Ponder says:

    [You have had many long totally off-topic comments. Stay on the topic if you want your comments published.]

    Now, finally, if you really want to see how they that oppress operate, if you have never been wise to it, then watch the Democrats and what they are doing to Trump.

    • Constantly attack and dehumanise him at every turn.
    • Make up false accusations and false evidence. Watch what they are doing to Mike Flynn. Research a bit and see that the guy is innocent of all charges. They are all trumped up and without any merit at all. Marvel at the whole system from news networks, to the FBI, to the CIA, to the Democrats in Congress and Senate with their Republican enablers. Watch the Judiciary, perform despicable illegal acts. All against Flynn just to destroy the man and cripple the Trump administration.
    • Watch how much chaos is unleashed in the US just to destroy Trumps presidency. And then watch them deny with a straight face that there is no conspiracy.

    Watch the whole drama unfold before you and learn how this is orchestrated world wide. Unfortunately, instead of us sitting up and taking notice and seeing the real adversary. We continue in our bigotry and hate and whatever. Can’t even see that we are all niggers now. Same fate awaits us all; whether whitey, blackie, yellow, red, or brown. We are all on the chopping blocks. Now, how is your bigotry and hate going to help you?

    Open your eyes and see. Know thy enemy.

  187. Ponder says:

    Ok moderator let me start afresh.

    This is another essay about black on white crime and the supposed need for incarceration for said black race. That’s the argument.

    To prove that there is no such thing, I can use any number of vectors, for example,
    • I can push back on the hypothesis by going to the beginning of how the issues started and evolved in the US ——that would be slavery and discrimination and subjugation. I can approach that any number of ways for example, To prove that crime in black neighbourhood’s is engineered, I can talk about the fake war on drugs that is infact a form of subdueing and subjugating African Americans by flooding them with said drugs and then Incarcerating them. To make my case in that vector, I can use examples of Opium trade in Afghanistan protected by the CIA and US military even against the Taliban religious edicts to destroy the poppy plants (source of drugs). I can point to the drug cartels supported by the CIA in central and south America, say Colombia (operation of the scheme). I can further detail multiple plane crashes of private CIA run planes with drugs on board (methods used for transport and logistics) and finally tie it to the historical British Chinese opium wars to demonstrate how such a “conspiracy” is implemented.

    • Another approach I can use is compare black on white crime to black on “another” race crime to prove that the hypothesis is shallow and flawed because it did not delve deeper into underlying causes of said black on white crime statistics. One way to do that would be to invoke another premise—- of no black on Chinese crime in Africa (where majority of blacks live) against a minority Chinese. I could use that to negate the hypothesis since how can the author or their supporter explain the discrepancy between the two different outcomes? For indeed if blacks were violent unreasonably, how to explain no black On Chinese crime but in that same Africa, their is black on white crime? That’s the approach I took and in so doing went on ahead and pointed why it could be so —— by showing time and time again the same modus operandi of whites. Though you may disagree with my approach, I think I could successfully defend my approach to being exactly in line with the debate on the essay. Inevitably, due to gas gaslighting, the conversation strays. But even you can attest to me trying to bring it back to the central debate. Shouldn’t you also have cautioned them to stop going in that direction because they Were using a single issue of “forest food farm” to attack my character and thus disapprove my points? Wasn’t I simply trying to defend my honour so that they would not use that to negate my very valid points? Maybe I did go too far. Indeed I and them did. Anyway ……….. since this is in line with the debate, I hope you won’t censure and block it.

    • I can use statistics to negate the interpretation arrived at by the author by either showing other statistics that disapprove the hypothesis or prove that the statistics are skewed by for example, taking the incident of Ahmaud Arberry to demonstrate that there are a lot of white on black crime that is not being recorded. This I would do by showing that weeks after Arberry murder, no such crime was recorded and it wasn’t until weeks later, wgen one of the whites involved actually posted the killing video that eventually brought it to the spot light. Thus demonstrating the writers premise assumptions and source of data is indeed misleading. Further, I can now, by combining the issue of discrimination and subjugation of blacks, demonstrate that that is still probably what is at the heart of the problem; the issue is still about racial discrimination which is the primary source of misleading data by under reporting white on black crime.

  188. @Ponder

    I did not intend that to be taken in the general sense, that all people are capable of evil. Such a general premise is useless to the point of no meaning. I know the Chinese, I live among them, and they are number one for ethnocentrism, xenophobia, racist extremism, and limitless arrogance, and all without the least understanding, or inclination to understand, other peoples and cultures, despite having emigrated all over the planet. As a White Man, I know the Chinese male has grudging respect to the point of awe, fear to the point of panic, and mentally ill blind rage for me, largely because the White Man punctures their thin skinned arrogance, effortlessly and without trying(their Girls love us, different story that goes back to the Tian Basin Mummies). However, to the Chinese, the Black Man is less than nothing. The Chinese absolutely reject the Out Of Africa theory. Science or no science, they will insist there is no possible biologic connection between Black and Chinese. European White People are the least racist of any people on the planet. Black People have caused us nothing but problems, costs, and damage, but still we make excuses for you and accommodate you, let you live among us and try to guide you in a positive direction. But it is to no avail, you still are in a frothing rage against us, blame us for your failings, and angrily demand more material gifts and unearned praise with childish resentment. At this point we have “negro fatigue”, and only those Whites soaked in media brainwashing still feign tolerance, and yet, still we tolerate. The Chinese are completely different, they don’t like you and have no use for you, they will exterminate you without hesitation or second thoughts. The Chinese want from Africa only its resources, and they must trade with you now as they are not yet a global power, but when that time comes you will experience what I meant with “expect no mercy from the Chinese”.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  189. Ponder says:

    I like this new you. Anyway, I accept most of what you say. I even understand your viewpoint as presented about whites helping blacks. I cannot say that you are through and through evil, if I am being honest and true. We blacks have benefited from our interaction with the white man as a race ( macro perspective).

    But also on your part, accept that there are somethings that whites have done to blacks that have hurt them deeply. If our two groups would just honestly agree to the obvious and then seek mutual dialogue in trying to address the challenges faced and the negative feelings and attitudes that have developed over time. My premise is that if we started in that direction, in a generation, we could be all good —– my optimism is due to the present interactions between our races among the young generation which don’t really care about what happened years ago but are concerned about what is going on now. Even if we don’t try, I believe the animosity between blacks and whites is diminishing and will continue to diminish as time progresses.

    Also, as time progresses, most of the hurt, being at mostly individual (micro) level, Racial conflicts between us will diminish. The trend of mixed marriages and relationship ( whether one agrees with it or not), is an indication of how much tension and taboo things have been diminished.

    And for your information, I do agree that among all the other races, blacks being viewed by all the others as inferior ( no need to sugarcoat reality it is what it is that blacks are considered the most inferior of all races) -‐- the white race is the most welcoming of them all. That also is true. And believe me when I tell, no other combination would have been so fruitful like unity of blacks and whites. Blacks deep down don’t hate you guys —– infact on the contrary, we love you guys. We would just like some respect and not always be belittled. This just creates our animosity. I can point out an example to you —You see when blacks become poor performers at work? The truth is most of them don’t feel motivated enough to excel because they feel belittled and not appreciated. So, it’s a kind of involuntary but willingly accepted individual form of protest (i.e. it’s not a coordinated act). Like a go slow, but never really caring about the outcome because they feel alienated from the success achieved. Others may even downright sabotage. So, yes blacks can be very vindictive.

    Not that I agree with it but to demonstrate further my point. That black that shot that innocent white child, I would not be surprised and can almost guarantee it, the black has been having issues with the white neighbor(s) and this pent up frustration, whether justified or not ( as in, if he has truly been harassed before in a running feud in which he is the innocent or villain — I don’t know but can guarantee that from his perspective, he may have felt aggrieved) and just snapped by the simple act of a child riding on his lawn and just erupted in blind rage seeing the child as part of the people tormenting him. I am just presenting you a very plausible hypothesis of what could have happened, who solution could the one I propose below.

    Many African Americans could be in such a state of mind —- hopelessness combined with rage of feeling oppressed. Now, my friend, if we truly wanted to fix this type of issue, do you think the present trajectory your nation is moving will solve it easily? Some form of a truth and reconciliation program with those genuinely interested in better interracial relationships ( not sexual), could participate. This would heal many problems and much pent-up anger and malice. Blacks just like to be treated as humans as they see it. That kind of a program would solve so many issues and blacks would even feel proud of the US history and being part of the US. I know that seems impossible and even utopian, many blacks understand that it is what it was. Their bone of contention is still in perceiving that slavery was just the beginning of the on going discrimination against blacks.

    The problem is solvable but faces insurmountable challenges due to those who want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves as both our livelihoods are diminished and we remain distracted to what is happening. That truly is a big shame — to me anyway.

    Peace Bro.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  190. jay says:

    Capital punishment would be far better in regards to violent crime.

  191. @Ponder

    What about present day South Africa and Zimbabwe? What’s whitey complaining about? He took land that was not his by killing and stealing. When blacks took over, whites refused to share the ill-gotten land.

    Most of cape colony was empty as the locals considered it worthless since according to them it was too cold. Africans were not fishing until Europeans showed them how.

    South Africa is the most advanced nation of sub-Saharan Africa and it just happens to have the most White people. But you and the left tell us that the problem is with White people. If only Black people had their own countries that didn’t have Whites ….. oh wait they do have that and yet those are the poorest countries in the world.

    Zimbabwe was handed over to Blacks and their dear leader Bob inflated the currency to one million to one dollar since he refused to listen to Western economists. That was the same leader that White egalitarians all of the world cheered as he killed White farmers. It was going to be a new era and you can dig up leftist articles on how Bob was gonna stick it to those racist White farming bastards that were feeding the country.

    You thought you were going to walk in here and teach us backwoods rednecks a lesson and now you are now realizing that the lesson is for you as your Western teachers and TEEVEE haven’t told you everything.

    The entire West is filled to the brim with egalitarian BS. You assume we spend all our time hating Blacks when in fact most of us would just like to look some of these problems honestly. I don’t blame Blacks or Africans for all our problems. White liberals and egalitarians are the problem. Their strategy of lying about race and history just isn’t working and wastes time as it distracts from real solutions.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @Ponder
  192. @Ponder

    Not that I agree with it but to demonstrate further my point. That black that shot that innocent white child, I would not be surprised and can almost guarantee it, the black has been having issues with the white neighbor(s) and this pent up frustration

    You can’t even hold a child murdered responsible for his own actions. White people must be to blame somehow.

    Pathetic and reprehensible.

    Eventually DNA will be full mapped and the liars of this world will have to face the harsh truth which is that we the racial realists were right the whole time and egalitarians actually caused destruction to all races by trying to believe a lie.

    The egalitarians and liars in charge are unable to see how creating some bastardized world culture where all unequal outcomes are blame on Whites has no end. Trying to turn aboriginals into Swedes is about as rational as trying to turn llamas into horses. Oh but let’s just keep kicking both in the butt until nature acquiesces.

    It also doesn’t dawn on liberals and Blacks like yourself that it might actually be a huge waste of time trying to blame Whites on everything instead of trying to look for constructive solutions. There is a billion dollar excuse industry in the schools and where has that taken Blacks in the US? It’s 2020 and Blacks and liberals are actually rallying around criminals.

  193. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    Only one word for you Libya — the citizens lived far better than you in US —- free education including university and guaranteed job placement.

    You patronize all you want and too stupid to see that you will be at African levels in 30 years for the majority of you. And now, you insult me and speak of how superior you are. I am probably more well off than you in your superiority. I own my own land — freehold not leased. I designed and build my own house of quarry stone and not wood — by the way who builds wooden houses in fire prone areas? Sheesh for all your intelligence. I have pond water and tank water. I have solar panels and diesel generators as back up. I eat my own food and whatever. What about you mr intelligence? What happens to you when, not if but when, your just in time food delivery systems are disrupted and fail? What will you do? You can insult me all you want but I am smarter than you as I can feed myself. You?

    You say we blame you for our problems to escape responsibility for the problems that you actually cause. We know what you always do — demonize the other to deflect from legitimate grievances. You have enslaved and profited from your slavery (despite all you lying of no benefit — why did do for so long if you never benefited even to the point of having a civil war with slavery as part of the cause of your war? Bloviate your shit here please). You have plundered other nations resources all the time pretending not to — even Pompeo acknowledges it and Trump also — we shall keep their oil meaning Syria. That is no isolated incident, that your modus operandi. And then pretend oh they have problems because they are stupid while destroying their country. No integrity to go accept your role in their situation. Enslave, discriminate, subjugate and then turn around and say they are just stupid that’s all; they deflect their problems and blame it on us. But your yoke is starting to be broken. So, we will see how rich you will be in 20 years time when your exorbitant privilege the dollar is taken away. Gloat your last for your time is up. No more stealing and living off other peoples wealth and then insulting them.

    Whatever I write you will employ your modus operandi—— say I blamed a child, you blatant lying imbecile. I said the innocent child, hit the target it seems because you quickly went to your usual shit. I have nothing for to say to you. You live your already starting shitty life. It’s all downhill from here. You are one person I would not even want to ever know let alone engage with at any capacity. Bye

  194. You patronize all you want and too stupid to see that you will be at African levels in 30 years for the majority of you.

    So you are you threatening that the US will become like the third world. Funny that you aren’t threatening that Africa will modernize and we will be wrong. That is what leftists claimed would happen by now and that “the science” was on their side.

    You say we blame you for our problems to escape responsibility for the problems that you actually cause.

    You are upset that I spoiled your “Whitey done ruined Africa” worldview. You are upset I know about African history and geography and how blaming Whites doesn’t explain countries like Liberia.

    You obviously believed the Western narrative of anyone that questions the establishment view of race must be “ignorant” and you marched in here thinking you would teach us a lesson. Now you realize the establishment simply blames Whites without regard for history in a false hope that we can somehow equalize everyone through lies and deceit. Well some of us are growing tired of those lies and deceit when they cost billions per year. Some of us would also like to solve these problems and yet the system keeps out the honest and rational less unfortunate facts might get in the way.

    Gloat your last for your time is up.

    No you have that backwards. The age of egalitarian bullshit and blaming Whitey will be ending.

    You live your already starting shitty life. It’s all downhill from here.

    I actually live really well. I’m just insulted by an establishment where PhDs can’t answer simple questions about race and are in fact terrified by small websites like this one. I’m supposed to be the problem even though my predictions about race have been more accurate than entire departments.

    You came in here with the establishment view and look how upset you became within 48 hours. What makes you think I am the problem? I point out aspects of African history that aren’t taught in schools and you become highly emotional. What does that say about your worldview?

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Ponder
  195. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    The only thing white men have to do is leave, and then whether it is Africa or Detroit or Haiti…the place collapses.

    Usually like the Koreans in LA or the Chinese in Africa, some Asians replace the whites. This lasts for awhile, and the come the fiery looting and rioting.

    Whites don’t have to do anything to triumph. They only have to move away 40 miles.

    What will result from this summer of looting and rioting is that more whites will flee the US cities and they will have less fiscal funds and will blacks will be more poor.

    We can theorize all day why, but that will be the end result. Quite a few US cities will see a mass white flight-winter is now arriving and the weather will stop the rioting and looting anyhow-and then those cities like Detroit will become Haiti with snow.

    Nor is it only IQ. There are some incredibly stupid whites but the follow the general laws of modern society-get an education or skill, don’t start a family until you are 25, don’t have more than 2 children, don’t use hard drugs. As a result of these three or four guidelines, they manage to fare better than the black who might have an IQ of 105 but drops out of high school at 15 and has 5 kids by the time he is in his late teens and gets hooked on PCP or crack or meth.

    There are not that many whites left to blame. We’ve shrunk as a race and were always less numerous than other races to begin with.

    You can see all this in the US Rustbelt. The whites left Flint Michigan and there was no money even for basic infrastructure and soon lead poison was flowing out the kitchen taps. Blacks had three children at age 18 and were stuck and even the Federal government no longer cared at all.

  196. Ponder says:
    @John Johnson

    That you have pointed out history that isn’t taught? That I am emotional because ………….. That PHDs blah blah blah.

    You haven’t addressed shit. I cannot talk to a liar, a thief who calls himself a Christian, a killer who pretends nothing happened, a fool with no self awareness to even recognize they are completely whipped, and a psychopath who that’s just a demon in human body. Refer to comment #193 on simple ways to refute a hypothesis. You? Where is your logic? Where is your refutation to any major points I raised on the issue? Minor distractions does not a debate make? And your responses to my issues, you should be embarrassed, it’s totally infantile. Now, why would I want to continue debating such a mental midget or high social forming psychopathic killer? When you can respond to any weighty point I raised, then I can engaged you, bar that why should I waste my time with you? Address
    • Libya – how was it before and who destroyed it?
    • Why no black on Chinese crime?
    • Address what impact slavery and discrimination can do to people —- of course to you it’s none ziltch zero —– .
    • Address why blacks should stop pointing out issues that’s whites cause while you white supremacists harp on endlessly muh Jews.
    • Address why your country has over 800 bases all over the world? Address what they are doing?
    • Address what right your nation has to interfere with other nations like Iran and Venezuela? Why your nation interferes with nations conducting legal international trade among each other.

    You know what, forget it. You will only lie, obfuscate demonize, dehumanise, destroy and kill. And then try to pretend nothing happened.

    Ps for all your prowess, you asked why I did not say that Africa will improve but said US will diminish. You can’t even figure it out. Its because your looting and killing and plundering is coming to an end. If you can’t compete now with China with all that looting and plundering, what happens when you can no longer print paper and force the rest of the world to use it? Yes I am talking about your dollar which is the world reserve currency only maintaining that position with the threat of military destruction ( Iraq – oil for euros, Iran – proposed oil course without dollar, Libya – proposed African currency backed by gold, I could go and on and on. Threaten Russia and China – Independent economic models that shut out US plunder) when all that is gone, which is the trajectory? And your response? Muh blacks………

    Why would I engage you seeing your level of knowledge, logic, gaslighting, and sociopathy? I responded to make it very very plain why I don’t need to engage you.

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