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The Totalitarian Motive Behind the Democrats’ Fraudulent “White Nationalism” Hearing
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See also: The House’s White Nationalist Hearing Farcical—But Disturbing

This week on Capitol Hill the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee had a hearing on the threat of “white nationalism.”

I didn’t read very far into the transcripts of this event before I realized the complete bogosity of it. It was a pseudo-event, like one of those family squabbles about which, in calm reflection afterwards, people say: “It wasn’t really about what it was about.”

What it pretended to be about was, yes, the threat to our social order from white nationalism. Eight invited witnesses—four blacks, two Jews, a Muslim, and a lady from Google who I can’t pin down by any group affiliation—opined to 32 congresscritters: ten Republicans, 22 Democrats. (Some of the Democrats are pictured below, the gentleman in the lower right being named Hakeem.)

In his video report on the event (House Hearings on White Natio … er … Censorship, April 11, 2019), American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor called it “a miserable display of ignorance and arrogance.” I can’t improve on that; and I urge listeners to set aside fifteen minutes of time to watch Jared’s report.

The notion that our social order is under threat from white nationalism is, as I said, mere pretense. The hearings leaned heavily on statistics supplied by the Anti-Defamation League—itself, ironically, a Jewish Nationalist pressure group—purporting to show that white nationalist terrorism is real and rising.

The statistics are fake. Jared and Gregory Hood did a rigorous analysis of them, concluding that of nineteen deaths in 2017 claimed by the ADL as resulting from white nationalist terrorism, one was “clearly authentic,” one was plausible, and one ambiguous. The rest were bogus.

Considering there were, according to FBI statistics, over seventeen thousand homicides that year in the U.S.A., one authenticated white nationalist killing, one plausible, and one ambiguous doesn’t seem like something the republic should lose sleep over.

(That plausible one, by the way, was James Fields hitting Heather Heyer with his car at Charlottesville--an event which strikes many of us as more properly belonging in the “ambiguous” category.)

And’s James Fulford has pointed out that the anti-Semitic incidents the House Judiciary cited have mostly long since been exposed as Hate Hoaxes. Similarly, Steve Sailer recently published a detailed and devastating debunking of the New York Times“This Week In Hate” series—since quietly abandoned without explanation.

It’s a Thing.

So what was this hearing really about? My guess is, the motive is linguistic. When you control a powerful ideological narrative, and are determined to keep controlling it, language is key.

I went to Google’s Ngram to look up the comparative frequency in published books of the three terms “racist,” “white supremacist,” and “white nationalist.” My inquiries weren’t very successful as Ngram could only show me data up to 2008. I really want to see data for the past decade, but they don’t have it.

The data up to 2008 is suggestive, though.

“Racist” has been losing market share since the late 1990s, although it has stayed way ahead of the other two terms up to 2008. I bet this last eleven years it’s dropped a lot more.

If you remove “racist” from the Ngram scan, “white supremacist” was way ahead of “white nationalist,” around seventeen times the frequency, but starting to fall after 2003.

Every totalitarian power cult needs a vocabulary of vituperation—some way to talk about the enemies of the people: those wreckers, saboteurs, and counter-revolutionaries who are always trying to slow or divert society’s righteous march forward to a radiant future.

Cultural Marxism relied on “racist” through recent decades as the principal identifier for these enemies of the people. The word has worn thin with over-use, though.

It also suffers from the drawback of not being explicitly anti-white. The word “racist” contains within itself the possibility of applying it to nonwhite people. CultMarx philosophers have come up with arguments to prove that nonwhites can’t be racist. [Black people can’t be racist, by Sobantu Mzwakali, Pambazuka News, October 13, 2015] But these arguments never got much traction outside the faculty lounges, and popular mainstream or civic-nationalist commentators still score points with their audiences by tagging anti-white agitators as “racist.”

So “racist” was worn out and unsatisfactory. My impression is that for most of the past ten or a dozen years, there was a push by the ideologues to replace “racist” with “white supremacist.”

For reasons I don’t understand, but shall take some guesses at, “white supremacist” is now slipping out of favor. “White nationalist” is the preferred replacement, and this week’s congressional hearing was an effort by the ideologues to give “white nationalist” a clear stamp of (dis) approval.

My guesses as to why “white supremacist” has lost market share:

  • “White supremacist” sounds a bit antique. It brings to mind the old Jim Crow South—Bull Connor, George Wallace. Those images don’t have much purchase on people’s minds today, especially young people’s minds. Society has changed too much.
  • Hardly any of the people tagged as “white supremacist” actually desire supremacy over nonwhites. Mostly they just want to get away from them, or prevent their numbers from driving whites into minority status.
  • In the CultMarx worldview nationalism is evil because, you know, Hitler--Hitler--Hitler. And furthermore …
  • Donald Trump has declared himself a nationalist, so “white nationalist” rings the anti-Trump bell.

Those are my guesses. Possibly I’ve missed something.

I’m pretty clear, though, that in the vituperation market, now is the time for wise investors to sell “white supremacist” and buy “white nationalist.”


2010-12-24dl[1]John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT(also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. MB says: • Website

    Just when you think the idiots are done, they outdo themselves.
    For all those who missed American history in 4th grade or 5th grade, for the record most people in this country are white.
    They are not Eskimoes, Chinese, African or Canadian.
    They are European, i.e. caucasian.

    You got a problem with that, go back to where you came from where you’d either go to prison or get shot for being this politically stupid/tone deaf.

    • Replies: @Travis
  2. MB says: • Website

    Just when you think the idiots are done, they outdo themselves.

    For all those who missed American history in 4th grade or 5th grade, for the record most people in this country are white.
    They are not Eskimoes, Chinese, African or even Canadians.
    They are European, i.e. caucasian.

    You got a problem with that, go back to where you came from where you’d either go to prison or get shot for being this politically stupid/tone deaf.

    Wait, I forgot. If Pinocchio can’t see the nose in front of his face that means he’s been drinking the professional politician kool aid and it’s gone to his head and terminal.

  3. MB says: • Website

    Wait, I forgot. If Pinocchio can’t see the nose in front of his face that means he’s been drinking the professional politician kool aid and it’s gone to his head and terminal.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  4. For years, leftists have been claiming that white nationalism is more dangerous than other forms of extremism, like say the radical Islamic extremism that resulted in the San Bernadino Massacre of 14, the Orlando mass shooting of 50, the mass shooting in Chattanooga of 5, Nadal Hassan’s mass shooting of 12, the Boston Marathon bombing, multiple mass shootings and mass stabbings at various Midwestern malls, the Paris concert mass shooting of 132, the Nice truck ramming murder of 80, the bombing of a kids’ concert in Manchester, the mass shooting on London Bridge, the mass murder at the German Christmas market, etc., etc.

    Leftists have short memories.

    Perhaps, it is an affliction of some sort, explaining why they prioritize health insurance over things like rent costs that have increased by 72% since 1995 and 40 years of falling wages in the USA due, in part, to endless waves of welfare-eligible immigrants who can afford to work for beans, not to mention the other negative consequence of out-of-control immigration: social unrest, violence and chaos.

    All murders and mass murders—very much including all of the violent acts committed by white nationalists—are heinous, evil and inexcusable.

    But leftists who claim that white nationalists in America are more dangerous than other extremists are cooking the books, counting things like the Holocaust, which occurred in Europe. And hundreds of thousands of young, white, Christian Americans died fighting the white nationalists who perpetrated the Holocaust, a fact that leftists determined to vilify whites overlook.

    Leftists who see white nationalism as a bigger threat than the radical Islamic terrorism behind the succession of mass murders in the years before the Trump victory must also be counting things like the Oklahoma bombing, even though the mass murderer in that case was an anti-government extremist, not so much a white nationalist. But why bother with little details that contradict the anti-white hyperbole.

  5. Travis says:

    not for long, as 2 million non-whites migrate into America each year.

    52% of Americans under the age of 20 are non-white today
    50% of those 10 and under are non-white

    more white people aged 50-60 than any other age cohort. As the elder whites die off , whites will soon be a minority within America. (even if we continue to count North Africans, Arabs, Persians and Turks as white)

    • Replies: @Daniel H
  6. Realist says:

    Hardly any of the people tagged as “white supremacist” actually desire supremacy over nonwhites.

    I want no responsibility for POCs what so ever. I do not want to suppress them. I do not want to eliminate them. I do not want to take advantage of them. I do not want to be around them.

    I am a White Nationalist. A lover and beliver in Western Civilization…..the greatest civilization ever.

  7. Realist says:

    Just this last week Tucker Carlson said he didn’t know what a White Nationalist was.

    Here is his quote: “You’ll notice that none of these dumb people pause even for a second to explain to you what a white nationalist is,” he said. “You probably still don’t know and neither do we. And, honestly, that’s because there are so very few of them in this country. There are probably about as many legitimate white nationalists in America as there are Russian spies.”

    He is living in a dream world….there are millions of White Nationalists in this country.

  8. jeppo says:

    “Racist” begat “white supremacist” begat “white nationalist” begat the newest anti-white slur, “white separatist.”

    Faceberg just banned Faith Goldy and some other dissident rightists thusly:

    Today we’re announcing a ban on praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on Facebook and Instagram, which we’ll start enforcing next week.

    So white separatism is now a hate crime on par with those older terms. This is new.

    Our policies have long prohibited hateful treatment of people based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity or religion — and that has always included white supremacy. We didn’t originally apply the same rationale to expressions of white nationalism and white separatism because we were thinking about broader concepts of nationalism and separatism — things like American pride and Basque separatism, which are an important part of people’s identity.

    So American pride is still OK, just as long as it’s in no way associated with the European Christian heritage of the American nation. Gotcha. Is it OK to specifically take pride in the British Protestant cultural core of the United States, using ethnicity (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish) rather than race (European/White) as a marker of ancestral pride? I want to know the rules.

    And the Basques are allowed to separate as long as it’s done for Basque-ish reasons, not white ones. But the conservative white people of Idaho don’t get that option. Because reasons. White people aren’t even allowed to remain majorities anywhere in America, much less form separate, more racially and culturally homogeneous nation-states. No escape from the multicult for them, ever.

    But over the past three months our conversations with members of civil society and academics who are experts in race relations around the world have confirmed that white nationalism and white separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups. Our own review of hate figures and organizations – as defined by our Dangerous Individuals & Organizations policy – further revealed the overlap between white nationalism and white separatism and white supremacy. Going forward, while people will still be able to demonstrate pride in their ethnic heritage, we will not tolerate praise or support for white nationalism and white separatism.

    I for one am thankful that SOMEONE at long last is FINALLY “standing against hate.” Because if there’s one thing we all hate, it’s hate itself. And Zuck is even allowing us to still demonstrate pride in our ethnic heritage (as long as it’s not white), so what’s not to like?

    (((Their))) greatest fear is Us one day peacefully separating from Them. Hence “white separatists” are now lumped in with nazis etc. I’m not sure what “white separatism” is supposed to be exactly, but whatever it is I want in.

  9. “White nationalist” is how today’s communists describe heritage American patriots.

    It’s an attempt by the communists/socialist/leftists/globalists/progressives/Marxists to hijack the language for the purpose conducting an anti-white propaganda campaign.

    An examination of any dictionaries published more than five minutes ago shows “nationalist” and “patriot” to by synonymous.

    The leftists in politics and the MSM call us racists and nazis 24/7 without blinking.
    It’s long past time to quit being polite patsies and return the favor. Call every leftist a communist, and use every opportunity to remind folks that communists/socialists murdered more than 100 million human beings in the 20th century.

    • Replies: @densa
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  10. pearl says:

    Simple – white nationalism = threat to progressive utopia. We may defeat them, or we may separate ourselves from them, or both. They cannot survive without us, an they know it. The white slave must be kept on the plantation.

    • Agree: Realist
  11. KenH says:

    Considering there were, according to FBI statistics, over seventeen thousand homicides that year in the U.S.A., one authenticated white nationalist killing,

    And blacks are responsible for at least 9000 of them. So where’s the hearings about the real and dire threat to the social order posed by the presence of the large black population?

    The word racist was synonymous with white person who didn’t hate themself but the (((left))) rightly felt it was time for a new pejorative since “racist” was getting pretty long in the tooth and losing its effect. It had finally reached its half life.

    Something with more radioactivity was needed, hence “white nationalist” which is a real category and leads to the wide eyes and raised eyebrows that (((they))) need to demonize their opposition and galvanize their base of ignoramuses, black and brown nationalits and blue haired, nose ring wearing feministas.

  12. Renoman says:

    America, land of ridiculous idiots!

  13. @Realist

    “[Tucker Carlson] is living in a dream world….there are millions of White Nationalists in this country.”

    Perhaps they are becoming the New Silent Majority.

  14. res says:

    Those are my guesses. Possibly I’ve missed something.

    I think simple retorts about things like believing East Asians have higher average IQs make clear how wrong the “white supremacist” label is for many they want to target.

    Ngram could only show me data up to 2008. I really want to see data for the past decade, but they don’t have it.

    This is an interesting point. I am willing to bet THEY have the data, but just don’t make it available. I am a little surprised the 2008 ngram data is still available given how useful it is. The NYT simply took down their Chronicle page which did something similar with their articles. I assume this happened once the NYT staff realized how useful that was for quantifying various NYT biases. I wonder if an internal version of that still exists?

    See this comment and the preceding exchange for a look at “affirmative action” with the NYT Chronicle and Google Ngrams:

  15. White nationalists want normal white people to flourish securely in their own countries. This situates the white-nationalist world view in the humanist tradition, but oriented towards white people’s interests.

    I suggest some rebranding like calling ourselves “white humanists” might prove effective in getting our message out, especially in thwarting hostile algorithms in search engines.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  16. John

    Our side never figured out how to deal with the “RACISM!!” charge…. thereby allowing hyper-ethnic Jews….ADL….SPLC….to define the terms of the debate…

    And when you think about it….there was one….and only one way to deal with the “RACISM!!” charge:THROW THE RACISM!!!! CHARGE BACK AT DEMOCRATIC PARTY UNRELENTINGLY…..

    These days the Alt Right is in LUV!! with the Chinaman Andrew Yang…..Andrew Yang wants to massively increase the H1B…L1B Visa Program….And this would be program of OPEN GENOCIDE!!! against the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS!!!

    So…fuck you Richard Spencer….Evan Mclaren….Brad Griffith…..

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  17. @Endgame Napoleon

    I am currently reading Craig Robert’s “The Medusa File II” on the Oklahoma City bombing. Much of it is information I have not seen before–it was published in 2017.

    The bombing has Bill Clinton (and the intelligence community) fingerprints all over it–definitely worth the read.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  18. John

    The way more interesting way to approach math puzzles and teasers:find a thousand math puzzles-teasers-Olympiad problems that can be solved with group theory…..

  19. DAN III says:

    Mr. Bracken,

    I enjoy and appreciate your books and essays.

    For me, Patriots such as yourself are few in this fUSA and continuing to decline. Anyhow….I just want to thank you for your Nationalism, Leadership and Bravery….past, present and future.

    You sir, have my undying respect.

  20. rod1963 says:

    Tucker knows there are more but he can’t say it if he wants to remain on the air. As it is he’s come as close to speaking the truth about the situation as anyone can on MSM.

    Go any further and you get fired.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Svigor
  21. Lurker says:

    Most people, when asked, don’t seem to able to say what a racist is either.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  22. John

    I used go out into Cold Spring Harbor…THE HARBOR….I mean paddled out in a ducky(inflatable kayak) with a lantern-fishing pole-fishing gear…fishing for stripe bass and black fish between 12 am-4 am on the weekends…right off the boat landing……

    The harbor seal population is way up correlating with an increase in White Shark sightings of-the-too-close-for-comfort variety….and I’ll ya something:it’s a mighty strong correlation that should be taken mighty seriously these days in light of the fatal White Shark attack last summer on Martha Vineyards….


    If I was still in the Northwest Region of Long Island….on a sticky hot humid August summer night…..I wouldn’t take the risk of taking the inflatable ducky out into Cold Spring Harbor…..I have recurring dreams these days of being in a Nat Geo special where a Great White Pointer comes blasting out from below in ol bucolic Cold Spring Harbor….not too far from where the late night transpecies genome rearrangements are being carried out in Pyrex test tubes…..glowing in the dark…….THE SCREAMS OF WAR FOR BLAIR MOUNTAIN THE BACKGROUND MUZAK…..late night snack for a three thousand pound Great White Pointer…..If this had ever happened….would a deeper understanding of subadditivity and Jensen’s inequality have saved me?

  23. Anonymous [AKA "Tom_S"] says:

    Absolutely on the mark. Hitler was only “bad” by socialist standards, which has no moral component, in that he rejected international socialism; so he had to be cast out and distanced from Socialism. He was in direct competion with global communism; just as Shia mohammedanism is a direct competitor of Sunni mohammedanism and so must always be attacked, diminished, or proscribed as heresy when to their victims there isn’t a jot of difference between them.

    Political fascism is a tactic that is an integral part of Socialism; but the ComIntern successfully cast it as belonging only to nationalism, and nationalism = right = racist, by endless repetition of a lie. This is part of the reason for changing to the politically more odious (by fabrication) term nationalist. Can’t have people entertaining the possibility that there might be such a thing as white internationalism (or, more dangerously, pan-whiteism, which is part of white privilege by inference) plus the term nationalism is pre-freighted with negative connotations due to eighty years of rhetorical flogging by the ComIntern’s useful idiots in acadtopia and journostan.

    Don’t hesitate to call them out as ComIntern tools and point out the fact that Communism and Fascism is a political distinction without a real world difference and an intrinsic part of the Left. If someone attempts to dismiss you with a comment that the ComIntern was disbanded decades ago remind them that Mohammed has been dead (if he ever really existed) for 14 centuries yet participates in thousands of murders every year.

  24. @War for Blair Mountain


    Since we are on the most interesting topic of Cold Spring Harbor Lab late-at-night-experiments involving slimey-day-glow-green-slime(a perfect description of the late Teddy Kennedy) transpecies genome rearrangement experiments in a glowing Pyrex glass testube…..HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THE BIOLOGICAL MUTANT RACHEL MADDOW CAME INTO EXISTENCE?

    There have been very credible rumors for years that TEDDY KENNEDY was scrapped off from the inside of a South Boston Irish Bar turlet bowl that hadn’t been flushed of it’s content of digested cornbeef and cabbage 7 days after a Boston Saint Patrick’s Celebration…..

  25. @War for Blair Mountain

    “‘Perhaps my favorite problem of all concerns covering systems”…..Paul Erdos…..

  26. Speaking of Hate Crimes and racism:

    Granted, the story has just been breaking, and people are “innocent until proven guilty”. But so far, witnesses say a Black Man (who apparently did not know the victim) grabbed a little blond 5 year old boy and threw him over the 3rd floor railing at a mall. One man said he did not see it happen but saw the little boy lying in a pool of blood & motionless.

    You can be sure that this story will be buried quickly….UNLESS WE KEEP IT ALIVE!

  27. @War for Blair Mountain


    I have spent the better part of a year reading the scientific literature on how Teddy Kennedy came into existence….Apparently, the biologists are divided on this very urgent scientific matter… a recent conference at the esteemed Karolinskii Institute in Sweden on the repellelant green-slime-mold origins of Teddy Kennedy…..there were two camps of biologist…One camp……1000 green-slime-mold-Scientific Experts……claimed that Teddy Kennedy was scrapped off the inside of a South Boston Irish Bar turlet bowl 7 days after a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration…..The other camp…one person actually…..the late Professor Rose Kennedy of Hyanus Port MA…..stated emphatically and flatulently, that according to her very precise measurements, that Teddy Kennedy was scrapped off the inside of a South Boston Irish Bar turlet bowl exactly 9 fucking months after she had a six pack and rotting cornbeeef and rotting cabbage(enough to feed the gd whole Kennedy Family of Hyanus Port MA….)….on Saint Pat’s Day….

  28. @War for Blair Mountain

    The late Mrs. Rose Kennedy’s filthy syphllitic anus….

    The origins of….



    Mrs. Rose Kennedy of Hyanus Port….

    Her filthy SYPHYLLITIC anus

    Enumerated all the SYPHYLLITIC Kennedy brood…

    Rose’s filthy syphyllitic anus…the Kennedy Family covering set…….mod( Mrs. Rose Kennedy’s anus)…

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  29. RVBlake says:

    Carlson claims ignorance of the definition of “White Nationalist” yet knows there are “so very few of them in this country.” M’kay.

  30. Daniel H says:

    not for long, as 2 million non-whites migrate into America each year.

    52% of Americans under the age of 20 are non-white today
    50% of those 10 and under are non-white

    Yep. We have done it to ourselves, to our posterity. The Republicans are more to blame than the Democrats because they exalted an ethos where capital reigns supreme. All other values and considerations are subordinated to the quest for capital. A Hindu, Chinese, African, Meso-American, whomever, they all have as much claim to this land as traditional Americans do as long as they contribute to the accumulation of capital, that is the Republican/Cuck ethos. Trump can’t/won’t make a difference at this point. He’s just good for a few laughs as the ship goes down.

    • Replies: @Wally
  31. @RVBlake

    Tucker Carlson…”WE ARE ALL AMERICANS….ALL AMERICANS”…..I suppose Tucker Carlson’s “WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!….includes Andrew Yang’s fellow Han People who are enthusically voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…..very rapidly….

    How exactly is the MUZZIE Congressman Omar an American?

  32. @MB

    Wait, I forgot. If Pinocchio can’t see the nose in front of his face that means he’s been drinking the professional politician kool aid and it’s gone to his head and terminal.

    He can see. He’s lying.

    You’ve got to approach this with a lot more cynicism if you want to understand it.

  33. @Lurker

    Most people, when asked, don’t seem to able to say what a racist is either.

    That’s the whole point.

  34. @War for Blair Mountain

    Please, that’s more than enough proctology for the day.

  35. @Reg Cæsar

    The late Dr. Rose Kennedy….Hyanus Port’s leadng proctologist with her patented HoneyFitz gel provided relief to all Kennedy Girls of Hyanus Port….

    A one Rush Limbaugh had an outbreak of anal warts during the Vietnam War…and as consequence….according to Mr. Limbaugh…….. He wasn’t able to serve our country and protect our freedom…..threatened by Communist aggression!!!!!!!……He really did want to serve his country in Vietnam you know…..although, later, after the Vietnam War… Mr. Limbaugh recovered from the anal warts affliction of his youth…and these days Mr. Limbaugh does his patriotic duty by encourage young White Working Class Teenage Males to protect our FREEDOMS!!! by joining the US Military by doing 7 tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq…

    Mr. Limbaugh attributes his remarkable recovery from the anal warts affliction of his youth to the talents of the late Hyanus Port Proctologist Dr. Rose Kennedy and her patented HoneyFitz Gel….

  36. Wally says:
    @Daniel H

    As if Democrats don’t ‘accumulate capital’.

    This beats the Democrats any day:

    Complete List of President Trump’s Accomplishments in the Two Years Since His Historic 2016 Election Win

    Trump’s 60-point accomplishment list :
    Giving Trump’s accomplishments their due :

    • Replies: @Daniel H
  37. Why are these Chosen females (Eileen Hershenov) so frighteningly ugly?

  38. @swimologist

    Heidi Bierich…..The repellant day-glow-green-slime-mold in the test tube next to the repellant green slime mold labeled Rachel Maddow in the lab of a post-Doc student named Zheng from China….late at night…Cold Spring Harbor Lab……..there are no rumors that Bill Clinton attempted copulation with either of these repellant day-glow green slime molds….

  39. @War for Blair Mountain

    My understanding is that most alt-right types who support Yang do so on a “burn it all down” basis. They know that all the Presidential candidates are likely to disappoint on immigration, but they want to take their share of the UBI Yang advocates and watch the country burn.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  40. Daniel H says:

    But it’s too late. For the Trump administration to have any positive effect, all immigration would have to be ended, immediately. Everything else is trivial and frivolous compared to this. Trump is not going to do anything to accomplish this. He couldn’t accomplish this even if he wanted to. We would need the legislation to be passed, and then Trump could sign it. Not going to happen. The CuckPublicans and Democrats want more immigration. The demographic shift inexorably continues. There is nothing we can do to avoid the awful consequences of this shift. It is too late.

  41. @Endgame Napoleon

    How about the jews’ killing of 3000 on 9/11?

  42. Inductivist says: • Website

    Here are recent trends in search interest in “white nationalist” and “white supremacist,” according to Google Trends:,white%20nationalist

  43. Realist says:

    Tucker knows there are more but he can’t say it if he wants to remain on the air. As it is he’s come as close to speaking the truth about the situation as anyone can on MSM.

    Yes, at times Tucker has astounded me with his monologue. He does push it. But the sad part is telling the truth is ‘pushing it’.

  44. Web of Slime: The CIA Public-Private Partnership as Covert Political, Social Action

  45. @Justvisiting

    James Corbett has a couple of great pieces on his site tearing apart the OKC lie.

    • Replies: @Republic
  46. Anonymous [AKA "fdagasfd"] says:

    I think “white supremacist” has too clear a definition. It’s had ample play being associated with skinhead gangs and actual racists in movies and TV to the point where if you call an average conservative that it really doesn’t fit the bill at all.

    All our data suggests there are ~10k actual white supremacists in America. Over 63 million people voted for Trump. Dems want to blacklist all of these people, they want to call them all “white supremacist”, it’s just too big a lie to work.

    “White nationalist” is less well defined so a better term to conflate conservatives with. It’s still commonly associated with “white supremacist” so you still got your bad-guy branding going on, it’s just slightly less obvious bullshit.

  47. densa says:
    @Matt Bracken

    It’s the best defense is a good offense strategy. If they had to acknowledge they advocate national deconstruction and that white people have no right to expect their nation or its government to function on their behalf, it wouldn’t be so popular among confused whites. The nation destroyers have already brought tremendous harm. Before history’s ink is dry, I expect the current tyranny will outdo prior excesses. Dehumanization, censorship, selective law enforcement, unaccountable government, media incitement . . . it’s all in place.

  48. I couldn’t find your (Derbyshire’s) email address, but for your novelty song, I guessed: “Yes, we have no bananas!”

    .. only because it mentions bagels and lox (~2:40).

  49. Coemgen says:

    Isn’t a white nationalist simply a white person who is neither a globalist nor a tribalist?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  50. @Matt Bracken

    Hey, Matt Bracken. It’s great to see you writing here on! I sent you cash in the mail for your first novel, Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, about 10 years back (no, not under this name ;-} ). It was a great read. Thank you for your hard work on those books.

    Though there is very intelligent discussion here, after immediately disregarding the flat-out Commies/Mao-sackhangers and their commenting soy-boys who take up 1/3 or so of the site, even the good guys like Steve Sailer, this guy ^, etc, and their frequent commenters just CANNOT make the connection between big Feral Government and the problems they are fighting against. They rail against the immigration invasion, yet don’t know why they can’t just “get the government to be on our side”, haha. They don’t mind Socialism, so long as it’s OUR Socialism, like it’s just gonna sit there and to the right things for us.

    Then, if you bring up the US Constitution, like my man Ron Paul does, to explain how things have gone wrong, you are just one of those “muh Constitutionalists”. The commenters will bring up so many good points on how the white people, most especially and importantly, men, have been screwed over for 50 years, but no, it’s not the welfare state’s fault at all. No, no, no, that’s a belief in “social Darwinism” (comment from yesteday, in fact). (Sorry, other commenters, I don’t mean to direct this at everyone, it’s maybe about 60%.)

    I’m starting to think the the creation of the most free nation ever seen on Earth, before or since, by our wonderful Founders was just a fluke. Was it all just that large amount of land, and British decendants with the genetics and 1,000-year history of understanding the concepts of freedom with no large power across a border? The likes of it may never be seen again, at least on this planet. OK, that was out there a bit – I hope you write some more in the comments, including under Steve Sailer posts, Mr. Bracken.

  51. Oh, on the John Derbyshire post itself (I tend to reply to commenters more than the articles sometimes): I lean toward the interpretation that these blowhards on display on TV are both stupid and are lying. They are not smart enough to get into details on the stats that Jared Taylor aptly set straight. Even if some are, they don’t care about lying for their points, as they are not principled people. What would you expect?

    This kind of thing is just a display of power, just like the silly talk of being offended by “niggardly” long ago now, and the rest of the everyday instances of someone objecting to a word, title, meme, etc. They may very well know it’s all silly, but that makes it all the better for them. They realize they have the power now to make Americans take this stuff seriously, no matter how stupid we all know it is. They only have this power because YOU PEOPLE still give a crap about the stupidity on TV (scroll down) and the rest of the Lyin’ Press. Get over it. TURN IT OFF!

  52. Was the passage of…


    A RACIST HATE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. Yo Yo Ma on the US Mexican border….

    playing the cello to

    fat pregnant short Mixtec female wet backs

    Chinese “American” Federal Judges

    Rule to make it impossible for Trump to deport them

    Chinese “American” Andrew Yang wants to massively increase the H1B….L1B VISA PROGAM=WHITE GENOCIDE!!!



  54. Why doesn’t China welcome the 4’9” pregnant Mixtecs into China?…

    I read that 50 thousand Chinese Youth study the Classical Piano in China…..

    these Chinese Youth could play soothing Classical Lullabies for the little Mixtecs in mama Mixtec’s belly…..Yo Yo Man could fly to China and play his cello to the unborn Mixtecs…….

  55. Why don’t the KIND….CARING….WITH A VERY ADVANCED JEWISH MORAL CODE…….Jewish People of OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!!!….welcome these very fertile fat pregnant 4’9” Mixtec wetback Women…with those world renown great big SHALOMI NO BALONEY JEWISH HUGS!!!!……Oey vey

  56. Pssh…you give them way too much credit. This was nothing more than a CSPAN production to try to rally more of their “base” (non-whites) to the polls next fall. Sort of like the 11,749 votes to repeal Obamacare when the Republicans were a majority. Nothing will come of this, and everyone knows it, but they need to distract people from the fact that they (the “representatives”) are getting rich from lobbyists in defense, PHARMA, health “Care”, and other such scams.

  57. Just heard it on MSNBC fr0m the bio mutant Rachel Maddow:

    According to MSNBC….The Goverment of our very JEWISH FRIEND ISRAEL!!!!…the most KIND…..CARING……FUZZY WUZZY WARM………people on the planet…has just announced that Israel will welcome all undocumented pregnant Hispanic immigrants on America’s border with Mexco with great big warm Jewish hugs!!!

    I knew in my heart that OUR VERY VERY JEWISH FRIEND ISRAEL!!!! would come through!!!!

  58. Republic says:
    @Bill Jones

    That was an impressive piece of investigation. exposes many dark secrets.

  59. Svigor says:

    *Normal white person watches Eileen Hershenov for 30 seconds, closes browser tab, concludes that if she hates them, they can’t be all bad…*

  60. Svigor says:

    It’s actually a good play by Tucker, IMO; draw them into defining WNism. Depending on replies, he can then use a number of “babe in the woods” tactics:


    Jew: “It’s murdering black people and Jews”
    Tucka: “Oh well everybody’s against that. There are like, what, five people in the country who fit your definition?”
    Jew: “No, there’s bazillions of them!”
    Tucka: “Citation needed. Got quotes?”


    Jew: “It’s pro-white advocacy.”
    Tucka: “Do we really need to turn the internet into a gulag to prevent people from being pro-white? Do you have anything real to bitch about?”
    Jew: “Slippery slope!”
    Tucka: “Yeah that’s a textbook fallacy for a reason.”


    Jew: “Look at this fedpost!”
    Tucka: “There’s a lot of shitposting on the ‘net. I can find you some REEEALLLY nasty leftists that no one seems to want to censor, or even condemn…”


    Who knows? He might even grow a really big set and drop a few bombs, like:

    “What about white people who want to do white ‘Gentile’ versions of Zionism and Israel? What should we do with them? How could we support Zionism and Israel, but refuse to support such people, at least in principle?”

    But yeah, Realist is right, between us and our sympathizers there are quite a few millions of us already.

  61. Svigor says:

    I like ethnopatriot. It’s race-neutral, leaving out the politically-charged “white” and openly suggesting the universal nature of racial nationalism. It uses “ethnic” in place of “race,” again, a less-charged term. And it uses “patriot,” which leftists still like and haven’t shit all over – there should be no synonyms for nationalist or nationalism that leftists still like and haven’t shit all over – they should all be our words.

    And it’s more euphonious than “ethnonationalist.”

    P.S., I’ve long thought we need to reclaim the term, “humanist.” Leftism is anti-humanist, fights human nature at every turn. Ethnopatriotism is humanist, perfectly aligned with human nature.

  62. Svigor says:

    That and a shitposting basis. Most are in it for the memes and lulz. They know Yang hasn’t got a prayer, regardless.

  63. Calvin Hobbes [AKA "Calvin X Hobbes"] says:

    Today’s example of Totalitarianism in Higher Education:

    Protest Over White Nationalist Grad Student

    “Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on Wednesday held a protest over the revelation in leaked documents that a graduate student is a member of Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group, reported. Identity Evropa has been visible on many campuses, with racially charged posters going up in the middle of the night. But in most of those cases, authorities have determined that the group’s members did not actually have ties to campus.

    Students in the protest said that the university was too focused on protecting the rights of the grad student and not enough on those who feel threatened by his presence on campus. University officials said that they would take action against any conduct that violates university rules or the law, but that they were limited legally in what they could do about a student’s membership in a group, however offensive.”

  64. @Calvin Hobbes

    Do they feel threatened by grad students who are members of LA RAZA…BLACK LIVES MATTER?…MUSLIM STUUDENT ASSOCIATION?

    America is going to end in violent race war…THEY WANT US DEAD!!!!

  65. @Calvin Hobbes

    This White Grad Student should challenge these filthy Democratic Party Cockroaches….to a public debate…..

    If he does….hyper-document the double standard unrelentingly………talk about the WAR CRIMES OF HILLARY CLINTON….AND THE HOMOSEXUAL KENYAN…..

    Frame the issue exclusively in terms of the interests of the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..


  66. The Mueller report nothwitstanding………..Russia Gate will not die because:









  67. Calvin Hobbes [AKA "Calvin X Hobbes"] says:
    @Calvin Hobbes

    Another article about the very dangerous “white nationalist” student at he University of Alabama at Birmingham:

    The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist. The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom.

    The guy is a danger to nobody, and he’s not even a member of Identity Evropa anymore, not that Identity Evropa ever posed a danger to anyone either.

  68. @Calvin Hobbes

    The student is no more…no less RACIALIZED than every nonwhite student on the campus…

    Yet he gets called a NAZI!!

    And here is the logic of the NAZI!!! charge:Engage in White Racial Identity Politics=RACIST!!!…..RACIST=NAZI if you are NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN……and since WHITE RACIST=NAZI….Well….we killed NAZIS during WW2….WE WILL KILL YOU!!!..

    Who was KILLING NAZIS DURING WW2? NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MEN whose views of themselves were effectively ALT RIGHT AND WHITE NATIONALIST……So with an available Time Machine in 2019….the Campus SJW would enthusiastically go back in time and murder the YOUNG NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MEN WHO LANDED ON NORMANDY BEACH July 1944…

    This White Graduate Student should not back down nor apologize…

  69. Richard Spencer

    You should openly challenge the ANTIFA LEADERS to a public debate…any place….any time…….

    Publicly challenge the University of Virginia ANTIFA PROFESSOR who threatened James Fields with a military assault rifle……Dwayne what’s his name… a public debate….perhaps in a town square somewhere….

  70. While Steve Jobs Jr. works on building a rocket ship that will take him to Mars, Blacks in Africa struggle to learn how to flush the toilet.

  71. @Coemgen

    That seems like a reasonable definition, but it’s not about reason. It’s about creating a pejorative label with a life of its own. The truth is that the ideology that creates these labels actively works against the literal definitions – Orwellian doublespeak that equates racism with a specific race, sexism with a specific sex, etc.

    They want to phase out nationalism entirely, but unfortunately there’s still a lot of nationalism that falls under their “protect and encourage” category. But “white nationalism” is fair game, and a useful transition to inextricably link a reasonably defensible concept to a reflexively forbidden one.

  72. MEH 0910 says:

    Columbia Journalism Review:

    The fascist next door: how to cover hate
    By Sam Thielman
    May 9, 2019

    That challenge is made more difficult by closer commerce than most journalists like to admit between far-right news outlets that advocate for ethnic cleansing and political intellectuals at major publications. Many vocal white supremacists have bylines at respected outlets such as The National Review and The American Conservative; Peter Brimelow, founder of anti-immigrant website VDare, was an editor at the Review, now he publishes fellow white supremacists John Derbyshire and Steve Sailer, both Review veterans.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  73. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  74. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  75. For years, leftists have been claiming that white nationalism is more dangerous than other forms of extremism, like say the radical Islamic extremism that resulted in:

    the San Bernadino Massacre of 14, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the Orlando mass shooting of 50, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the mass shooting in Chattanooga of ??? probably
    Nadal Hassan’s mass shooting of 12,FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the Boston Marathon bombing, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    multiple mass shootings and mass stabbings at various Midwestern malls … BE SPECIFIC
    the Paris concert mass shooting of 132, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the Nice truck ramming murder of 80, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the bombing of a kids’ concert in Manchester,FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the mass shooting on London Bridge, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO
    the mass murder at the German Christmas market, etc., etc. FALSE FLAG -GLADIO

    It wasn’t the Muslims, silly.

    Understand this; it’s all theatre. I could name a dozen more, but here’s just a few you missed:
    NYC, NY, September 11, 2001, FASLS FLAG – GLADIO operation
    Parkland school shooting, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op
    Sandy Hook, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op
    Las Vegas, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op
    El Paso Tx. FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op
    Christ Church New Zealandm, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op
    Paris Fr. Charlie Hebdo attacks, FALSE FLAG -GLADIO op

    First, I’m not saying no one died. However, when I mention Gladio I am refering to the CIA/Masonic Lodge P3/et al/ This was an operation begun in Italy after WW2. It’s purpose was to go what ever it took to prevent communist and leftist parties from gaining power 1st in Italy, but spread throughout Europe, and extended into S. America. If you old enough to remember the Red Brigade in Italy and the German Baader–Meinhof Group in Germany, then your mature enough to be told they were rogue terrorist groups created by Western intelligence agencies, primarily CIA. If you have a strong constitution please read Paul Williams book OPERATION GLADIO. Very enlightening, You will have to buy it as the public libraries don’t have it. It’s worth the $20.

  76. My comment above is a reply to Endgame Napolian’s comment #4

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