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The Taming of the Never Trumpers vs. the Disappointment of the Base
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You all know about the Never Trumpers—those neocons and Reaganites back in 2016 who told us Trump was utterly unsuited to be President by flaws of character and errors of policy.

A few of the Never Trumpers have stayed true to that original spirit of seamless hostility to all things Trump. Most, though, have swung round to grudging support for the President. Looking at the menagerie of candidates shuffling into position for the Democratic nomination next year, you have to be as hardened, as committed a neocon as Max Boot [Email him] to not see Trump as the lesser of two evils.

What about those disqualifying character flaws? A conventional wisdom has settled in on that—I mean, among the Former-Never Trumpers. Approximately: If sixty-three million voters were willing to overlook those flaws, why shouldn’t we? Do we have representative government, or what? Trump featured regularly in the tabloid press for twenty years before he ran for President. Nobody had any illusions about his character.

My old boss Rich Lowry [Email him] illustrates the shift towards acceptance. Rich’s latest column bears the title: Why the drive to primary Trump in 2020 is utterly pointless. Rich points out that significant primary challenges to sitting Republican Presidents come from the right: Reagan in ’76, Buchanan in ’92. Sample quote:

Trump is in a stronger position in the party now than he was then. He has been a rock on judges, abortion and religious liberty. Last time, many Republicans told themselves, “Well, at least compared to Hillary Clinton, we don’t know what we’re getting with Trump.”

Now, they are grateful for what they’ve gotten.

Call this the taming of the Never Trumpers. What we have gotten from Trump looks pretty meager to me; but yes, a great many voters are grateful for it none the less. I hear from those voters in my email bag every time I call the President lazy and incompetent. I categorize them in my mind as Ever Trumpers. They’ll vote for him enthusiastically, no matter what.

Meanwhile, as Never Trumpers like Rich Lowry have been migrating over to the Trump side, however grudgingly, and Ever Trumpers are cheering the President on at rallies, a lot of us who were keen supporters of Trump in 2016 have drifted the other way, waving at Rich Lowry as we pass, headed in opposite directions.

It’s too soon to call us Former Trumpers. I can’t imagine voting Democrat in 2020; and I agree with Rich that a primary challenge is a box canyon … although I had to look up “box canyon.” Go easy on the metaphors there, Rich, for the sake of us immigrants.

Here is the shift in a nutshell, as I see it.

  • 2015 Lowry: “Trump? No way! Never! Absolutely not!”
  • 2015 Derb: “Hey, Trump’s a National Conservative! He could be the one!”
  • 2016 Lowry: (Votes for Trump through gritted teeth.)
  • 2016 Derb: (Votes for Trump with broad happy smile.)
  • 2019 Lowry: “Trump has been a rock on judges, abortion and religious liberty.”
  • 2019 Derb: “We’re still inviting, still invading. How would Jeb Bush have been worse?”
  • 2020 Lowry: (Votes for Trump with a shrug.)
  • 2020 Derb: (Votes for Trump through gritted teeth.)
(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. neutral says:

    I hope that people by now realize that anyone who willingly licks jew ar$e is NEVER going to be good for whites, there is not a single exception to this. Trump is a disaster for white interests.

  2. Trump is a treasonous rat who pushes nation-wrecking mass legal immigration.

    Trump is a treasonous rat who pushes amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    Trump is a treasonous rat who pushes REFUGEE OVERLOAD.

    Trump is a treasonous rat who pushes for more guest worker scam foreigners and more visa scam foreigners and more foreigners of every fraudulent variety.

    Any Israel First Jews out there make the connection between Omar and REFUGEE OVERLOAD yet? You damn dopes!

    Trump is a treasonous rat who puts the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the United States.

    Trump pushes financialization, globalization and multiculturalism.

    Trump cut-and-pasted parts of that crappy TPP trade deal scam into his new NAFTA replacement called the USMCA trade deal scam.

    Trump has put Bolshevik Jew Jared Kushner in charge of Middle East foreign policy and immigration policy.

    Trump must be challenged from the SAM FRANCIS patriotic portion of the White Core American voter base.

    Trump is nothing more than a filthy globalizer whore for Shelly Adelson and the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable and the ISRAEL FIRST faction of the GOP and the GOP Cheap Labor Faction.

    Trump has abandoned his White Core American supporters and his White Core American former supporters will abandon him.

    Many of us loved the wrecking ball promise of Trump, but Trumpy has made himself unlovable by being a stooge whore for the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire.

    • Agree: Bloody Bill, republic
  3. Never Trumpers have migrated to his side because they realized that underneath all of the bluster, Trump really was Jeb Bush. He’s a Boomer, Colorblind, Chamber of Commerce CivNat who will continue on the path of white disempowerment and dispossession.

    Better to vote Democrat and ramp up the speed of the disintegration so that whites might have a shot at waking up while we still have decent numbers.

  4. dearieme says:

    Trump was the lesser of two evils – considerably the lesser.

    The only Dem candidate who is worth tuppence is the fair Tulsi. He should grab her as his running mate pronto – well, not literally grab her, obvs. He could always start by giving her cabinet office in his administration: Minister Against Silly Wars.

  5. @Charles Pewitt

    Down boy, down.

    Trump on his worst day is preferable to any Marxocrat on his or her best day. Hold your nose and vote for Trump on the appointed day.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  6. It is blatantly obvious why never Trumpers have come around because Trump gets closer and closer to being Jeb Bush or Rubio everyday. In fact, there is almost no difference between Trump and those two anymore. He is a neocon/Reaganite not a populist nationalist like he ran on. The boomercons will support Trump no matter what he does they worship him as a personality not based off what hes achieved, which is basically nothing in terms of what he ran on. He could open the borders and the boomers would probably still support him.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. TG says:

    Trump is poised to do to the Republican base, what Obama did to the Democratic base. Utterly betray them, but because people have invested so much hope in him, they can no longer allow themselves to admit how badly they have been betrayed. It’s all the fault of the other side preventing him from doing what he really (really!) wants to do…

    We can now settle down to business as usual, where fake-liberals and fake-conservatives scream at each other in a crazy circus, and real policy is made by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates etc.

  8. I think a lot of Deplorables are like me. Ever Trump until something better comes along. Just now there is nothing better on the horizon.

    Some of the Never Trumpers may have finally realized that they are obsolete. That their choice is Trump or the Wilderness. Others, Rod Dreher is one, were just slow realizing how dangerous Trump’s enemies really are.

  9. @Charles Pewitt

    Who is your preferred candidate or likely candidate for President?

  10. G. Poulin says:

    I predict that the dweeb Dreher will revert to form any day now.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  11. @WorkingClass

    Who is your preferred candidate or likely candidate for President?

    I ain’t voting for Trump or any Democrat Party chump.

    I would like to vote for a presidential candidate who explicitly campaigns on advancing the interests of Whites.

    I would like to vote for a presidential candidate who identifies Whites as the ancestral core of the United States.

    I would like to vote for a candidate that identifies as a White Core American Patriot.

    My exploratory committee to mull over running for president is very close to making prelimanary plans to make an announcement of some sort or another.

  12. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Btw, I actually like Trump and think that despite a fair number of self-inflicted wounds, he’s done about the best that he could. It’s just that in his heart, he’s a CivNat Boomer who generally believes in the blank slate. His push for record amounts of legal immigration proves that.

    I believe that he really does want to put “Americans” first; it’s just that he believes that anyone can become an American, that whether European, African, Asian, Indian, whatever, anyone can be transformed into a colorblind, BBQing, suburban, law-and-order accountant who loves baseball, mom and apple pie and, definitely, never ever thinks tribally. In essence, Trump believes in Magic Dirt.

    Of course, technically, he’s correct. Anyone can become an American citizen. About the rest, well, he’s simply wrong. Being an American citizen means less and less by the day.

    I guess that we all hoped that Trump really was a secret white nationalist, or, at least, someone who wanted to protect whites. That turned out not to be the case.

    Regardless, whites aren’t going to vote our way out of this, except by voting in the most virulent anti-white candidates so they can start pushing their agenda and hopefully wake up enough whites.

    Time to turn up the heat on that frog.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  13. @Charles Pewitt

    I suggest voting Democrat. Time to start pouring gas on this fire.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  14. Thomm says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I suggest voting Democrat. Time to start pouring gas on this fire.

    This would not be a stretch for WN wiggers at all, since WN wiggers have left-wing economic views (most of them seriously evaluated Bernie Sanders as their candidate).

    Remember, what is in the interest of mainstream, functional whites is to get the wastematter whites (20%) stripped out and jettisoned. The males of the wastematter subrace are the WN wiggers. The females of the wastematter subrace are the fat bluehaired feminists. Both genders of the wastematter subrace have parasitic designs on the functional 80% of whites.

    I want WN wiggers and fat bluehaired feminists to start voting for Sanders-like Nationalist-Leftists.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  15. @Charles Pewitt

    Yeah. I used to rail against lesserevilism. I voted mostly for independent and third party candidates. But then the so called left made it plain that they want me dead. DEAD. So I vote for whoever has the best chance against them. The only one with a chance of winning against the people who want to kill you is Trump. So far. Your guy doesn’t even exist. So far. When you publish a rant against Trump think about the comfort you provide to the people who hate your guts.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  16. @G. Poulin

    Dreher got his eyes open during the Kavanaugh conformation. It took an attack on an elite for Dreher to realize he might be next. He is still bashing Trump while acknowledging Trump is the lessor evil.

    I don’t know his reasoning but around the same time Erick Erick Erick Erickson let go of his Never Trumpism.

    Both judge Trump as if they think they are St. Peter.

  17. not surprised the NT’s are now supporting Trump…

    only that it took so long for these neo-con Jews and their White cucks to realize

    that he is one of them,

    not us. But I am somewhat surprised at the White

    ever-Trumpers. Clearly,

    they enjoy the punishment: BOHICA!

  18. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Good point! I’m tired of gritting my teeth and voting for the lesser of evils. I’m reminded of the last scene in George Orwell’s Animal Farm where the animals outside the farmhouse look from the faces of the pigs to the faces of the humans, but find that they can no longer tell the difference.

  19. Feryl says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    We need a return to intellectualism and empircism, not romantic sentimental BS about the “greatness of America”. New Deal America was, for all it’s problems (nothing is perfect and never will be), was defined by being (relatively) cool-headed and analytical. Rational analysis of America over the last 40 years would reveal ample signs of physical decay (obesity, literal weakness), intellectual decay (people are taught utter manure on campuses), and a society rife with political and financial corruption (pay day loans, tolerance of outrageously exploitative financial practicies in general, record amounts of money spent on “elections”). The Reaganite zombies will never shake their addiction to “freedom” of the intellectual and economic marketplace. There’s no greater evil, to them, than the collective unit imposing it’s will on the desires and needs of the individual. Remember Thatcher? “There’s no such thing as society”. You don’t say. Cowardly pissant Reaganites will always bad-mouth any attempt to mount a considerable organized effort to restore society, in so far as reining in inept elites. “Elites” (those with money and power) worked their butts off to gain what they have; it’s just envy and “class” warfare to resent them. Right?

    New Dealers would be horrified to see the gradual atrophy of any sense of civic pride and well-being in modern America. It’s the Boomers, of course, who always trash-talked the Progressive and New Deal eras as “racist”, “dull”, “over-regulated”, “cold”, and so on. Well, now that society is well into 40 years of corruption and brain-death, I hope the Boomers are happy. Society is now incapable of even recognizing common sense wholseome reform, let alone implementing it. We’ve splintered apart; we don’t have universal heroes or villains anymore; we permit leaders and “intellectuals” to enjoy esteem and continued power long after they’ve proven to be worthless at anything besides treason.

    WRT immigration, any objective review of the stats, and cultural cycles, will show that the Right-wing neo-liberals, not the Leftist New Dealers, are the one who cheered on immigration de-regulation and permitted it to happen in obscene excess. Since controls on elites (high tax levels, labor unions being strong, etc.) have been relaxed over the last 40 or so years), immigration levels have exploded. Relaxation of controls on elites is a hallmark of Right-wing ideology; we have record high incarceration levels, mostly of street criminals, but we can’t be bothered to jail bankers. “Liberal” Bill Clinton over-saw massive punishment of drug dealers, robbers, and sex offendors, while he also heavily de-regulated the finance (legalized rape) industry. Bill Clinton was the most (ideogically) Right-wing president this country had since the early 20th century. FDR was spinning in his grave.

  20. Feryl says:

    Thomm, I hate to break it to you, but “economic conservative” people are never going to permit cultural harmony and stability, including in the context of ethnic matters. The National Socialists were cultural conservatives, but they (as well as all popular parties of the 1930’s-1960’s) were economic Leftists.

    The “economic conservatives” believe primarily in Social Darwinism, which elevates the indulgent tendencies of elites, whose moral worth is regarded as very high based on their status which is thought to derived from “hard work”. Less successful people are written off as defective, lazy, stupid. Now, think about it: is the message that privileged people are entitled to do as they wish with no regard to it’s effects on the lower classes, really healthy for our overall stability? The Progressive Era (about 1890-1930) was about people coming to their senses about the dangers of Social Darwinism (which is really what “economic conservatism” is about); the New Deal Era (1930-1980) was about widespread agreement that elites had to mind their manners and see to it that the lower classes be given a fair shake, and certainly not be held in contempt.

    The economic conservatives have mostly gotten their way over the last 40 years (tax cuts for the rich, private sector unions are moribund, lots of immigrants undermining wages, general social belief that resources are endless and inexhaustible). And this has destroyed cultural and ethnic stability in the English speaking countries, since more and more elites no longer believe in collective works to strengthen the middle class and national sovereignty (globalism has occurred in the context of the death of socialism in the modern West, while localism flourished in the quasi-socialist New Deal era of circa 1930-1980). We now have decadent, selfish, and arrogant elites adamant that populist movements be squashed, mainly on the grounds that they constitute “unfair” economic class warfare against the rich, and this after the last 30-40 years of stagnant wages and rising living costs.

  21. Donald Trump is Jeb Bush – but without Jeb’s grit and charisma.

    • LOL: follyofwar
  22. MBlanc46 says:

    I don’t think I want to belong to any club to which Rich Lowry belongs.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  23. MBlanc46 says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I agree with the first paragraph, but not the second. Vote for John Derbyshire. Vote for yourself. Vote for Mickey Mouse. Never vote Dem.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  24. @Charles_Martel

    Actually the other Charles is right. Where have we gotten since the 1960’s by supporting cucks and sell outs? It just means a slightly slowed down version of creeping Marxism, that ironically, makes it more palatable and less easy to detect to the masses.

    Time for something radical and new. Embrace accelerationism with the acceptance that it may mean the final destruction of the nation. That last point is key, this can’t be done as a tantrum. It must be done in the spirit of wishing to see a final cleansing fire and destruction.

    If you can’t bring yourself to vote for the most far out leftist you can find, at least stay home but ffs do not support the man (Trump) who’s going to do the most to help bring globohomo’s plans to fruition.

  25. Coemgen says:

    I had illusions regarding Donald Trump. I assumed he would be yet another believer in Globalism Uber Alles until he started speaking against Globalism.

    Aside, isn’t it droll how Bill Clinton’s flaws served to humanize him when he was POTUS.

    • Replies: @Truth
  26. TheOldOne says:

    Vote populist right 3’rd party; your vote is wasted anyway, so you might as well make your true feelings known.

  27. @WorkingClass

    Who would I vote for?

    Ever since GHWB’s disastrous first Gulf War, I have always voted for the person whom I thought was more anti-intervention. That’s why I voted for Obama twice as I reasoned that “Bomb Iran” McCain and Bibi’s best bud Romney were worse. I still think they would have been worse and there would have been a war against Iran.

    I enthusiastically voted for peace with Russia Trump in 2016. But I won’t vote for him again for many reasons that I won’t enumerate here. Even if we escape a major war in Trump’s first term, I fear what might happen in a second one when he wouldn’t have to worry about running again. I do wish that one person – Rand Paul – would primary him, but no doubt he’s looking to be viable in 2024.

    I’m not opposed to voting for an anti-war democrat, and I would enthusiastically vote for Tulsi Gabbard regardless of her domestic policies. Andrew Yang is interesting also, but I don’t know enough of his views besides his support for UBI. The rest are, quite frankly, garbage. If it’s Trump vs someone like Kamala I’ll either stay home, vote third party, or write someone (maybe myself) in.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  28. @MBlanc46

    Wasn’t Derb born in England? That would make him ineligible.

  29. @WorkingClass

    The only candidate so far who has even addressed the plight of whites is Andrew Yang with his plan for Universal Basis Income. So, naturally, he has no chance.

  30. @Bloody Bill

    Trump may not have officially opened the borders, but what has he done besides rant and initiate a phony government shut down? – which he lost. Per Tucker Carlson illegal immigration last month was the highest it’s been in years. Apparently he has not been able to stop the caravans, and don’t look for Congress to do anything about changing the law. They are doing nothing besides trying to impeach him and kowtowing to Israel.

  31. @Charles Pewitt

    My exploratory committee to mull over running for president is very close to making prelimanary plans to make an announcement of some sort or another.

    My exploratory committee to mull over running for president is very close to making plans to make an announcement of some sort or another. The announcement I expect to get from my presidential campaign exploratory committee is that I spelled the word PRELIMINARY wrong.

    These exploratory committee people are very helpful. I’ll reward them with some hardtack and grog left over from the US Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842.

  32. Anonymous [AKA "supe"] says:

    63 million voted for candidate Trump. This person is not who is in office. Candidate Trump was going to get our military out of foreign interventions.

    • Replies: @Truth
  33. @follyofwar

    Thanks. I really don’t know anything about Mr. Yang. I will check him out.

  34. @follyofwar

    I have been an anti-imperialist since serving under Johnson in the mid sixties. I too voted Trump thinking him considerably less interventionist than Hillary. Turns out he is no better in that regard.


    Trump is doing a pretty good job of dismantling the empire albeit unintentionally. It would not surprise me to see him withdraw from NATO. That would be a huge step in the right direction.

    If I get the opportunity I will vote for Gabbard in the Dem primary. But war and peace are no longer my first issue. Today that would be my gender and skin color. If Jesus was a Democrat I would not vote for him.

  35. Truth says:

    Well now, Willie didn’t go to all possible lengths to be an Ass, now did he?

  36. Truth says:

    No, they voted for Camacho, and they got Camacho. Lying and bloviating self-promotion has made this clown quite rich over the past 50 years. Why would he change now?

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @MarkinLA
  37. By-tor says:

    Camacho, the movie character, was a Negro. The next Negro US president, if there is one, will be an openly bigoted, semi-literate chicken bone-thrower, more similar to John Lewis and Maxine Waters than to Obama. Obama was a smooth talking Harvard mulatto, a golf-playing, under-the-wire bigot that TV-world suburban whites preferred to look at over the two war-crazed, elitist, stiff-suits the GOP ‘nominated’.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Truth
  38. MarkinLA says:

    Yes but his Supreme Court appointments showed there was some glimmer of hope that with the right people around him (and public pressure) keeping him from sticking his head up his ass that he might come through for us every now and then. Nobody knew of his psychotic behavior relating to his daughter.

    • Replies: @Truth
  39. Baxter says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I think your on to something there. This country is done. It was done a long time ago. Whatever hastens the impending disintegration of America is a positive good. The demographics have almost tipped anyway. Once Texas goes blue its over.

  40. @follyofwar

    And who exactly will disproportionately benefit from UBI, and who will disproportionately pay for it?

    Answer one: Africans and Mexicans.
    Answer two: whites and Asians.

    UBI doesn’t sound like a policy to help white Americans, overall.

    I’d almost go for an Elizabeth Warren wealth tax with no wiggle room, as that would nail our overlords while not affecting us. But there, too, the mob’s resentment of more intelligent, more productive, more disciplined, more creative people would inevitably lead to a lower and lower threshold for the wealth tax. It could start at fifty million but end up at one million.

    Alternately, they could just use an inadequate inflation index, like the trump tax bill, so that bracket creep would bring non-elites under the wealth tax more and more.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  41. @By-tor

    Maybe the white-hating sow who narrrowly lost the Georgia governor’s race, Abrams. That’s a fairly significant State electorally and is trending away from the republicans. Beto on top of the ticket and Abrams as Veep. (Shudder)

  42. @Baxter

    Yep. At some point, either Texas, Florida, Georgia or Arizona will go blue with the others following. Texas or Florida flipping virtually eliminates the chances of a GOP president, but when a couple of those states go, the real presidential race will be in the Dem primaries.

    There’s a good chance Trump in the last GOP president, really the last president of what was still kind of the United States. Win or lose, Trump means four more years of continued mass legal and illegal immigration to the U.S. That should be enough time to flip one of those states. I suppose that GOP could have one last shot in 2024, but that’s it. By 2028, Texas or Florida will be lost, probably along with Georgio or Arizona.

    A permanent Dem president means a permanent Prog Supreme Court which, of course, means that those Constitution-loving CivNats are in for a rude awakening as they learn that the Constitution is just pretty words on a piece of paper, not some holy shield that will protect them.

    American whites simply won’t wake up until pushed into a corner. (Although if you look at South Africa, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever wake up.) The question is how many of us will there be in that corner when it happens.

    Every day, non-whites grow as a % of the population and we fall. It’s far better for us to accelerate the decline than to stretch it out.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  43. peterAUS says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Pretty much.


    American whites simply won’t wake up until pushed into a corner. (Although if you look at South Africa, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever wake up.) The question is how many of us will there be in that corner when it happens.

    Things will definitely start to get more……interesting…. in the coming years. Not in a pleasant way I think.
    On the plus side, “hard times make hard men”…..

  44. densa says:

    a lot of us who were keen supporters of Trump in 2016 have drifted the other way, waving at Rich Lowry as we pass, headed in opposite directions.

    Congratulations, Chamber of Commerce et. al., on thwarting the 63 million Americans who voted for Anyone But More of the Same. You’ve turned MAGA into MAGGOT.

    A. Primary from the right is a box canyon. No, a primary from the right would continue the people having the smallest say in their future. The Chamber of Horrors has parasitized our former spokes-personage and unlikely president, turning him/her/it into Jeb!/Hill/Obama’s third term.

    B. Too bad, losers, you’ve got no where to go. Watch me. “If the election were held today, would you vote for Donald J. Trump, again?” No. He has betrayed us on every issue. His new respectability is his reward for rubbing elbows with the Job Creators. Thus we need more and more immigrants to fill jobs, and boots, and be taxpayer subsidized customers. The last thing they want is white citizens with any memory of the absolute decline in our standard of living. Home free, once we’re gone.

    While he had our attention focused on doing nothing, the GOP of business has been busy running through regulatory bodies, turning them into lobbyist playgrounds. My personal favorite is the mandatory vaccination reaper on the way to making us pure property for the Chamber’s further enrichment. If they can mandate hepatitis vaccines at birth, I imagine the can mandate weight loss, heart transplants and colonoscopies as well. If you can’t say no to herd management, what does that make you? Trump admires these people. I don’t.

    Dump the Chump
    Tucker 2020

    • Agree: Hail
  45. Truth says:

    Camacho, the movie character, was a Negro.

    When all one has is a hammer…

  46. Truth says:

    My friend, they have created a fantasy world for you and you are living in it. I mean this as no offense, you can escape but for a man over thirty it is probably at least a three year commitment.

    Everything you have come to identify as “US politics” is a ruse. Everything.

  47. Hail says: • Website

    2020 Derb: (Votes for Trump through gritted teeth.)

    Don’t do it, Derb.


    See densa, above:

    Dump the Chump
    Tucker 2020

  48. Yes, it’s true: there’s no denying that Trump has been an utter disappointment on every issue that matters.

    But there’s still one faint glimmer of hope: with Bolton as NSA and Pompeo as SecState, Trump’s foreign policy might be so ridiculously over-the-top that it actually hastens the downfall of The Empire, giving us the chance to take over and start over. For example, the Trumpsters have royally pissed off the Germans–first by opposing Nordstream II, and now by demanding protection money for NATO:

    And our own Mike Whitney has reported on their serial provocations towards Turkey:

    Are we living through the last days of NATO? I hope so!

    And then there’s Washington’s pathetic failed color-rev attempt in Venezuala. Interim President ‘Some Random Guaidó’ apparently has no backing on the street. Ooops …

    Add to all of that trouble with Saudi Arabia, Brexit (not Trump’s doing, but he’s clearly pro) and rising levels of populism in Eastern and Central Europe, and we may have the makings of a major realignment over seas.

    Whatever his real intentions may be, it’s probably better have bull-in-a-china-shop Trump in office right now than someone like smooth-move Obama.

  49. Amon says:

    There’s something similar about Trump, Obama and G. W. Bush. All three sailed into the white house with a strong vote base backing based on their campaign promises and high approval rating and all three followed the same script.

    Massive tax cuts for those who don’t pay taxes, huge wasteful wars and economic policies that devastate the national economy, meddling in the internal affairs and politics of foreign nations while profiting off foreign nations doing the same in the USA.

    Bush and Obama won a second term, barely, and by the time they left office their approval ratings had sunk pretty damn low.

    I think Trump will be the same. He’ll win a second term, barely and will continue on as a lame duck president flushing his approval rating down the crapper while doing his out most to make as much profit off his last four years in the oval office as he can.

    • Replies: @Hail
  50. Hail says: • Website

    I sincerely hope he breaks the script and loses.

    Let it be a lesson to those who would sell out the Nation: Sell us out and we withdraw our support. Support is always conditional. We don’t do personality cults. Anything less (staying ‘loyal’ as MAGA-talker Candidate Trump tore off the mask to reveal the oily skin and hideous visage of President Jebkushner) makes us laughably weak in political terms.

    The nationalist-minded White vote is up for grabs for any snake-oil salesman?

  51. peterAUS says:

    The nationalist-minded White vote is up for grabs for any snake-oil salesman?

    Not quite.
    More likely:
    “The White vote is up for grabs for any snake-oil salesman?”

    WHY is that is an interesting question, but, not popular at this stage.

    In time.

  52. Hail says: • Website

    Did John Derbyshire personally write this:

    If so: Thank you, Derb.


    Proposed new slogan:

    Dump The Chump
    Ann Coulter 2020

  53. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  54. @WorkingClass

    Did the potful of Soros money to marching-to-Somalia wimmen boil over and run dry?

    Don’t you hate when that happens? It sets off the smoke alarms.

  55. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  56. Rosie says:

    Answer two: whites and Asians.

    Mostly the ones who have benefited from (and enthusiastically support) globalization. Cry me a river.

  57. Clemsnman says:

    Politically, I am ready for a divorce from the blue states. Full on socialism might cause another secessionist movement, but the socialists wouldn’t let us go without spilling a lot blood first. Their goal isn’t to have their socialist utopia, it’s to subdue us.

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