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The Talk: Nonblack Version
Teach your children well.
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There is much talk about “the talk.”

“Sean O’Reilly was 16 when his mother gave him the talk that most black parents give their teenage sons,” Denisa R. Superville of the Hackensack (NJ) Record tells us. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta: “Her sons were 12 and 8 when Marlyn Tillman realized it was time for her to have the talk,” Gracie Bonds Staples writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Leonard Greene talks about the talk in the New York Post. Someone bylined as KJ Dell’Antonia talks about the talk in The New York Times. Darryl Owens talks about the talk in the Orlando Sentinel.

Yes, talk about the talk is all over.

There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too. My own kids, now 19 and 16, have had it in bits and pieces as subtopics have arisen. If I were to assemble it into a single talk, it would look something like the following.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

(1) Among your fellow citizens are forty million who identify as black, and whom I shall refer to as black. The cumbersome (and MLK-noncompliant) term “African-American” seems to be in decline, thank goodness. “Colored” and “Negro” are archaisms. What you must call “the ‘N’ word” is used freely among blacks but is taboo to nonblacks.

(2) American blacks are descended from West African populations, with some white and aboriginal-American admixture. The overall average of non-African admixture is 20-25 percent. The admixture distribution is nonlinear, though: “It seems that around 10 percent of the African American population is more than half European in ancestry.” (Same link.)

(3) Your own ancestry is mixed north-European and northeast-Asian, but blacks will take you to be white.

(4) The default principle in everyday personal encounters is, that as a fellow citizen, with the same rights and obligations as yourself, any individual black is entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to a nonblack citizen. That is basic good manners and good citizenship. In some unusual circumstances, however—e.g., paragraph (10h) below—this default principle should be overridden by considerations of personal safety.

(5) As with any population of such a size, there is great variation among blacks in every human trait (except, obviously, the trait of identifying oneself as black). They come fat, thin, tall, short, dumb, smart, introverted, extroverted, honest, crooked, athletic, sedentary, fastidious, sloppy, amiable, and obnoxious. There are black geniuses and black morons. There are black saints and black psychopaths. In a population of forty million, you will find almost any human type. Only at the far, far extremes of certain traits are there absences. There are, for example, no black Fields Medal winners. While this is civilizationally consequential, it will not likely ever be important to you personally. Most people live and die without ever meeting (or wishing to meet) a Fields Medal winner.

(6) As you go through life, however, you will experience an ever larger number of encounters with black Americans. Assuming your encounters are random—for example, not restricted only to black convicted murderers or to black investment bankers—the Law of Large Numbers will inevitably kick in. You will observe that the means—the averages—of many traits are very different for black and white Americans, as has been confirmed by methodical inquiries in the human sciences.

(7) Of most importance to your personal safety are the very different means for antisocial behavior, which you will see reflected in, for instance, school disciplinary measures, political corruption, and criminal convictions.

(8) These differences are magnified by the hostility many blacks feel toward whites. Thus, while black-on-black behavior is more antisocial in the average than is white-on-white behavior, average black-on-white behavior is a degree more antisocial yet.

(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.

(10) Thus, while always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

(10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.

(11) The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites. The least intelligent ten percent of whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of blacks have IQs that low. Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.”


(12) There is a magnifying effect here, too, caused by affirmative action. In a pure meritocracy there would be very low proportions of blacks in cognitively demanding jobs. Because of affirmative action, the proportions are higher. In government work, they are very high. Thus, in those encounters with strangers that involve cognitive engagement, ceteris paribus the black stranger will be less intelligent than the white. In such encounters, therefore—for example, at a government office—you will, on average, be dealt with more competently by a white than by a black. If that hostility-based magnifying effect (paragraph 8) is also in play, you will be dealt with more politely, too. “The DMV lady“ is a statistical truth, not a myth.

(13) In that pool of forty million, there are nonetheless many intelligent and well-socialized blacks. (I’ll use IWSB as an ad hoc abbreviation.) You should consciously seek opportunities to make friends with IWSBs. In addition to the ordinary pleasures of friendship, you will gain an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice.

(14) Be aware, however, that there is an issue of supply and demand here. Demand comes from organizations and businesses keen to display racial propriety by employing IWSBs, especially in positions at the interface with the general public—corporate sales reps, TV news presenters, press officers for government agencies, etc.—with corresponding depletion in less visible positions. There is also strong private demand from middle- and upper-class whites for personal bonds with IWSBs, for reasons given in the previous paragraph and also (next paragraph) as status markers.

(15) Unfortunately the demand is greater than the supply, so IWSBs are something of a luxury good, like antique furniture or corporate jets: boasted of by upper-class whites and wealthy organizations, coveted by the less prosperous. To be an IWSB in present-day US society is a height of felicity rarely before attained by any group of human beings in history. Try to curb your envy: it will be taken as prejudice (see paragraph 13).

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

You don’t have to follow my version of the talk point for point; but if you are white or Asian and have kids, you owe it to them to give them some version of the talk. It will save them a lot of time and trouble spent figuring things out for themselves. It may save their lives.

(Republished from Takimag by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Classic, Black Crime, Blacks, Race/Crime 
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  1. BenKenobi says:

    We’re still not polarized enough.

    But we’re getting close.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m a white guy. Most of the points here I agree with.

    But… you’re a smart guy.

    The fact is, (6) is poorly grounded. There is little reason whatsoever to think that any random person’s encounters with “African Americans” will be random. (Maybe a pollster seeking to get “African American” opinion will encounter such a random group, but no one else will.)

    If (6) is wrong, as it seems to be, then (10) seems to be wrong, as stated. Or maybe not precisely as stated. But the insinuation seems to be that “statistics” suggest that the average person will increasingly encounter a “random” selection of the “African American” population. I think that this is clearly the insinuation, as you write it. But this does not follow.

    As I read them, the subsidiary claims to (10) seem to be true, since each of them seems to presume random encounters. But (10) itself seems false.

    The facts seem to indicate that the average non-black American, when encountering a black American, will not be encountering a statistically average black American. That seems to be a fact, and facts matter.

    That leads to a whole different set of difficulties. Lest there be any confusion, I agree with the bulk of what you say.

  3. Yan Shen says:

    Thank you Mr. Derbyshire for doing the Lord’s good work! I mean uh how else would the rest of us know if we didn’t have you around warning us endlessly week after week after week after week about the Black Menace? No one heard you the first 10,000 times, so please repeat it another 20,000! Even better, why not make sure that all schoolchildren in this country have to know the Most Important Fact Ever, that uh on average blacks are less intelligent and more violent compared to other ethnic groups, before we let them graduate with a high school diploma?

    • Agree: DMZABO
    • Troll: Nuncle
  4. (10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

    (10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.


    1. Modify 10f by adding the following: …and if blacks gain political control of a district or municipality in which you live, relocate to a white run district as quickly as possible, regardless of expense involved.

    2. Revise 10g to read: Never under any circumstances vote for a black politician.

    • Agree: Alden, Nuncle, DMZABO, Legba
    • Replies: @Haole
  5. @Yan Shen

    A new set of kids become teenagers and legal adults every day, a fact that progs count on as they prey on their ignorance for votes before they grow wiser. In Derb’s case, new faces require educational repetition.

    • Replies: @Yan Shen
    , @Fred Flintstone
  6. Yan Shen says:
    @Nick Granite

    Yeah honestly I’ve always felt like the existing educational system in this country was a bit outdated, what with 4 year degrees and general requirements and the likes. I like that people like yourself and the Derb are ever so conscious of the future generation of young minds that need to be educated.

    When all is said and done, I think Mr. Derbyshire’s greatest legacy, surpassing even his work in popular mathematics, will have been his profound contributions to the field of Black Peopleology.

    Let’s replace the standard curriculum taught these days in our high schools and universities, mundane, boring subjects like math, physics, engineering, etc. with a rigorous grounding in the subject of uh Black People, which in case Mr. Derbyshire hasn’t made clear is the Most Important Topic Ever.

    Thank you professor Derbyshire, PhD in Black Peopleology, for your seminal contributions to the field. The Talk: Non-black Version was merely your doctoral thesis. Here’s hoping that you have many more fruitful years left to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge!

  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why is it that EVERY white population is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
    This is not required of ANY non white people
    White “privilege” is mass immigration and “diversity” forced on All & Only white populations.

    Anti whites call themselves anti racists” but their actions target only one race, the White race.
    Anti racist is a code for anti White.
    Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person.

    It’s W- G-

    • Agree: Nuncle, Augustus
    • Replies: @Yan Shen
    , @Stonehands
  8. Yan Shen says:

    I mostly support racial nationalism for Europe, Africa, and Asia. But when you think about it, North America, South America, and Australia weren’t populated by Europeans as recently as however many hundreds of years ago. Considering that the indigenous people in these lands have more or less been wiped out or been relegated into a permanent underclass due to competition, even considering the multi-cultural madness that seems to be par for the course these days, hard to argue that they didn’t get the worst of things compared to whites, who basically have to deal with increasing immigration to countries formed as a result of a ruthless free-for-all Darwinian orgy of conquest and genocide.

    In The End of History and the Last Man, Fukuyama talks about ideologies that collapse from the weight of their own internal contradictions. This is one of the core contradictions of white nationalism in my opinion. Complaining about immigration and fair play while living in a country only very recently formed through conquest and genocide is kind of like someone breaking into people’s houses, but then later on lecturing to everyone about the right of all individuals to the privacy of their own homes.

    Now, I’m not a huge fan of this new multi-cultural open borders crazy that seems to have captivated so many others in this country today, but I will admit that it’s kind of awkward talking about these things when, as I alluded to, the prior bad behavior of whites towards blacks and the various subjugated indigenous peoples who were totally dispossessed of their lands makes such kind smack every so slightly of hypocrisy. I mean, would you let OJ Simpson lecture to you about the evils of murder?

  9. Yan Shen says:

    Let me add a little to my previous comment. So in a perfect world, everyone would’ve respected each others borders and the major racial and ethnic groups would be largely concentrated in their respective geographic regions of origin. This is why as I stated above, I support racial nationalism for Africa, Asia, and Europe.

    However, this is much harder to argue for in the case of the United States. When I think about it, the country was formed from the interactions of the European settlers who originally came over, the Africans they brought to serve as slaves, and the various Native American tribes originally present in these lands. The idea that America historically has been a predominantly white country is both true and silly at the same time. Sure if you define the boundaries of the country as those lands currently settled by Europeans at any point in time, I suppose that’s a true statement. In actuality though, the Native Americans were slowly wiped out over time in North America as white settlers went from east to west.

    Another awkward fact is that obviously the land that currently is the state of Texas belonged prior to Mexico. White Americans were actually the original illegal immigrants into that land and later on when they outnumbered the Mexicans were able to wrestle control and declare independence. And of course the United States gained significant lands from Mexico as well as a result of the Mexican American War. It’s definitely a bit awkward when Americans now complain about illegal immigration into these states by Mexicans today.

    So unlike some people, I’m less convinced of racial nationalism as a justifiable ideology outside of the confines of Europe, Africa, or Asia.

    Now Mr. Derbyshire will no doubt lecture his kids about the dangers posed by blacks today. And he may not necessarily be wrong. I mean, when it comes to violent disorganized crime, African Americans clearly excel at a level far above other ethnic groups. I wonder though if he were one of the Native Americans facing the oncoming encroachment of white Europeans back in the day, what kind of talk he might’ve had with his kids then?

  10. @Yan Shen

    In the list of countries of the world, I would say off the cuff that the United States is one of the oldest countries of the world. Most of Europe, Russia and China have been reorganized into different political entities since 1776.
    The US, as a nation, is a newer idea and it was certainly formed by whites from Europe. Its our home.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  11. mr dirp is in high dudgeon today. he feels, he thinks, indeed he knows that his station is of the most refined on planet earth.
    i advise heeding mr dirp’s call to arms – if arms it must be.
    stick close to mama boys and girls.
    jump back into the pouch at the first scary other you see.
    it could save you from a life without bigotry.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @mark miller
  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Its our home.

    Yeah, you stole somebody else’s home, and made it “our” home. The theft on a mammoth scale continues unabated, in various forms… the cutest being called, Humanitarian Intervention.

    Greedy psychopathic wiggers, the likes of you, sure know how to spin words. 😀

  13. You seem to be taking this too personally.

    Are you as bothered by the much more relentless and ubiquitous Diversity propaganda? If not, why not?

  14. @anonymous

    Wars are not discussions. The winners don’t have the most reasoned arguments or the most moral position.

    ‘The Indians’ were many nations. Nation stealing was going on for millenia before DeSoto got here. We’re only the most recent group to claim this particular piece of ground. I couldn’t tell you if we’ve had it longer than any before. Someone will have it after us. But right now it is ours.

    Theft does go on in mammoth form and in smaller forms. The steer didn’t give over your last steak voluntarily you know.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Gleongelpi
    , @Deep Thought
  15. @anonymous

    America has always been the domain of Europeans.

    First Americans were European | Live Science

    Even if some of the European adventurers snatched some waifus on the way.

    DNA links Native Americans with Europeans | ScienceNordic

  16. Heros says:

    Instead of trying to equip a 100 pound teenage girl to deal emotionally with the dark skinned 230 lb feral front line of the school football team, how about trying to raise her in an environment where this problem is non-existent. Derb lives on long island which is far too close to the social-justice jungle for my tastes, especially if I had a modest and virgin teenaged daughter.

    The reality is that the majority of teenage girls have been isolated from their fathers in numerous direct and indirect ways, even if the mother has remained a faithful wife and mother. Most female millenials are skanky, tattooed, pierced and wear slutty clothes like yoga pants. They have nothing in common with their fathers.

    As a grandfather, I was disappointed that my last two grand children were female. Sooner, rather than later, the 3rd and 4th wave feminists will gain control of their brains, and like virtually the entire last generation of females, they will not only be worthless to civilization, they will likely accelerate its demise. I just hope they don’t blow the kazoo (talk nasally) like the slutty US girls do.

    So if your daughter supports Obama, LGBT, feminism and the rest of the con, then don’t waste your time on “The Talk”. As I said above, if you really need to give it then it is already too late.

  17. @Yan Shen

    You don’t do sarcasm well. Given the present Cult of Negro Veneration that functions as America’s de facto national religion, messages such as The Talk are much too few and far between.

    Why don’t you tell us your zip code? What’s its racial composition?

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There is an additional difficulty. What you call ‘the facts’ and what these ‘facts seem to indicate’ so far are nothing more than your own assertions. They may be true, or they may not be. But since you say ‘facts matter’ it would seem to behoove you to introduce some.

    Mr Derbyshire’s premise in #6 is in fact quite logical, and it doesn’t take a mathematics ace to figure that as the total number of encounters increases, the statistical means become more relevant.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Yan Shen

    You’re very much enamoured of the notion of collective guilt. Moreover, you practice it selectively, and are quite blind to the hypocrisy that entails. For these reasons, you indeed make a very good ‘social grievance warrior’.

    Meanwhile, even ignoring the internal contradictions of your stance, you haven’t advanced a coherent argument as to why (previously) white societies should commit mass suicide just to satisfy your peculiar version of historical morality. Every piece of land on the globe was ‘wrested’ from someone by someone else, at some point in time. Yet you believe only white people should be divested.

  20. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Yan Shen

    Disagree with what you say here. Trying to justify non-white immigration to North America and Australia as some kind of punishment for the Aboriginals displacement just does not wash with me. They were very few in number, nomadic and had no political organization. I see no reason why I should desire immigration from Asia or Africa.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  21. Derbyshire, you have to practice what you preach. Your Chinese wife and daughter voted for Obummer. If you did give them the talk, they obviously ignored you.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Troll: jamie b.
  22. FKA Max says: • Website

    Via Twitter:

    St. Petersburg teen sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder

    Le’Genius Wisdom Williams of St. Petersburg, who was 13 then, pleaded guilty to shooting 15-year-old Dinarick Ford three times after the older teen reportedly taunted him. Ford survived.


    The Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Trevor Moore: High in Church – “Geniuses”

    • Replies: @fish
  23. WJ says:
    @Yan Shen

    I have no idea of your background or experience but it appears your only knowledge of American Indians ( Native American is an absurd term since the Indians didn’t magically arise from North American soil) is the glimpse you might have of them at Pine Ridge or on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. The fact is that most American Indians have assimilated and blended in with modern society and are doing quite well. As far as the reservation Indians are concerned, their plight is a self inflicted one. They chose to stay on the rez despite numerous options available,including mostly free college educations, and they pay a price as a result of their desire not to leave their homes.

    You might have qualms about restricting immigration but anyone that has been south of the border knows better. Actually you can just go to the little Mexicos of many American cities if you want to see what un-restricted immigration will do to this country.

  24. Malla says:
    @Yan Shen

    Well the point you raised are based on certain assumptions, that the recent European expansion into the Americas and say Australia/New Zealand is the only one in history. But history is full of such cases where tribes have overcome other tribes militarily and have become the majority.
    For example, look at North Africa, where Arabs have overwhelmed the native Berber populations and have become a major chunk of the population. Should North Africa belong to everyone too? What about Central Asia. Before the Mongol and Islamic expansions, Central Asia was full of Nordic blond White people like



    Where are they now in their original form? (a few survive as Pamiris and the Russians arrived much later). Most of them are mixed with Mongols and muslims from the south and were genetically overwhelmed. Should Central Asia belong to every race now?
    During the bantu expansion a major part of Africa where the Khoi San and pygmies were overwhelmed by the taller Bantus. All of Africa except Cameroon/Nigeria (source of the Bantus) should be open to immigration from everywhere according to your logic.
    You also ignore the other nations of the Americans. What about the Caribbean? The blacks and Indians (in Guyana/Trinidad) are not the natives, yes they arrived as slaves or indentured servants and many blacks in the Caribbean have native American ancestry but that does not change the fact that they are not the real natives. Native Americans are a minority in Guyana and Trinidad but neither will the black brown populations go back to Africa/India, they will never allow unlimited immigration. Indeed during the Haitian crisis, even Barbados and Jamaica put a lot of restrictions on Haitian immigration. Restrictions on fellow blacks from the Caribbean! Anyways I understand why Barbados may do it as Barbados has a much higher standard of living than Haiti and a smaller population, so they were just protecting themselves but should not the Caribbean be open to unrestricted immigration from everywhere? And what about Brazil and Uruguay and Argentina and Venezuela? They should be open to unrestricted immigration too. They are not pure native Americans anymore. But trust me, the local populations of these countries will never agree to it how much ever you try to convince them. What about Taiwan? There the natives have become a minority, Taiwan became majority Han only in the last some centuries and are now 90% of the population. Should Taiwan belong to everyone now? Will the Taiwanese even agree to something like that? What about Irian Jaya in Indonesia where immigrants from other parts of Indonesia are making the native black Papuans a minority in their own land. And the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh, where colonists/ immigrants from the rest of muslim Bangladesh are making the native Chakma and others a minority in their own ancestral lands. HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT FROM WHITES OVERWHELMING NORTH AMEIRCANS? Chittaging Hill tracts of Bangladesh should belong to all mankind, why should only Bangladeshis get it? Try convincing a Bangladeshi that. What about Mauritius? The Indians and Africans are not native to that land. They should be thankful to Europeans for taking them there and making them the majority. Madagascar? The local population was formed when Malays came from South East Asia and got some blacks from Africa into the island. Madagascar should now belong to every people on Earth,right?

  25. fish says:
    @FKA Max

    Le’Genius Wisdom Williams of St. Petersburg, who was 13 then, pleaded guilty to shooting 15-year-old Dinarick Ford three times after the older teen reportedly taunted him. Ford survived.

    Fabolus inner city monikers, poor marksmanship, and Florida…..Gonna be tough to top this headline!

    (BONUS: from Teh Genius to Le’Genius……I see a MacArthur Fellowship in this youngsters future!)

  26. let all who wants to mix, mix. don’t force the ones who doesn’t. forcing it just creates that same problems as forcing the mixers apart.

    stops all discrimination dead in it’s tracks. both ways.

    not everyone will get along with everyone, that is just a simple fact of life that I am sure everyone who are older would understand.

    stop being “posers” and propose solutions if you have any.

    • Replies: @Malla
  27. @Yan Shen

    Actually, you do do sarcasm quite well. But the stats still favour Monsignor Derbyshire’s argument, which, broadly speaking, is that, per capita, blacks are more dangerous to whites than whites are to blacks. Black lives matter, as do white.

  28. Nice talk. I would add a few more:

    1) Don’t choose black doctors. Although there may be a few black doctors who are genuinely smart and qualified for medical school on their own merit, the majority would not have gotten in if it weren’t for massive affirmative action. This is especially true of graduates of elite medical schools like Harvard. The more elite the medical school, the bigger the affirmative action.

    2) Don’t take classes from black professors, the vast majority are affirmative action hires. This is especially true of any class that involves math and science. Only exception is if you take a class in African studies. But don’t take a class in African studies, it’s all propaganda written by Jews. Take a philosophy or music theory class instead.

    3) If I had a daughter, I would definitely advise her to never date a black man. Cheating is the norm among them. They have a hard time staying faithful, even the well educated ones. I would advise my sons to only date a black girl if she is exceptionally intelligent and nice, and not hung up on race.

  29. Chuckie says:
    @Yan Shen

    Just check out how peoples ebb and flow through 100-year intervals on these maps. Many of these old tribes/cultures/religions were wiped out. It’s the way of the world. The stuff we Americans are taught about Native Americans is highly politicized and weaponized that way, teaching Americans to think in a suicidal way when it comes to preserving our country or culture or heritage. That is done to more easily enslave, control and dominate us — they teach us to do it to ourselves. Nothing is stronger than belief and the U.S. is nothing if not an example of a hugely successful propaganda campaign waged on a people to destroy themselves so corporations and oligarchs can rule. It’s already too late for America, I believe, unfortunately. Unless we have massive deportation/repatriation programs and an immigration moratorium. But I can’t see that happening because brainwashed Americans are ready to war against their own countrymen for the right to destroy their own future in this land, to erase their heritage, freedom and livelihoods.

  30. Chuckie says:
    @Yan Shen

    You don’t sound as if you’ve lived around concentrated numbers of blacks. I have. It’s like this:

    Crime Data

    Interracial felony killings in SC in 2017

    100% of all St. Louis murder suspects for 2017 are black

    Stop believing the lying MSM. Protecting and decriminalizing criminal behavior by blacks (e.g., Black Lives Matters getting people all riled up after police shoot a drug dealer who tries to hit police with their car and then leads police on high speed chase and shoots at them) will create a society that no one wants to live in. Like black-ruled Africa or Haiti.

    • Agree: Nuncle
    • Replies: @Tyronee Lemont
  31. Truth says:
    @Yan Shen

    PhD in Blackpeopleology!

    Dude, that hit the spot it was a rough week.

    But seriously Derb, I kicked it with Brother Sa-Neter in Harlem last week and he’s a little bored with the repetitiveness of your column, he wants you to write about your navy days or something else once in a while.

  32. @Malla

    He said that he does not agree with racial nationalism for North America, that does not imply he meant unresrticted migration from other countries. You can be a civic nationalist and oppose migration too.

    If whites want an ethno state then they should go to the pacific north West make an ethno state there. If that is the case, then blacks should be entittled an ethno state in the Missisipia Delta, The Chicanos entittled to Atzlan, and the eastern coast be multi racial.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Being a “mathematics ace” can sometimes mislead someone when it comes to predicting what will happen in actual human life, and it may be that this is what is happening with you and Mr. Derbyshire here.

    I believe there is reasonable evidence that shows that, ceteris paribus, humans become quite habituated as they age. (I think this happens unless they take active measures to counter this. Some do. Most don’t. I think. By all means counter me on this claim if you think you have evidence!)

    If humans tend to get habituated, they are likely to get better at increasing their encounters with those they prefer and decreasing their encounters with those they do not prefer. Most middle-upper class whites and Asians do not prefer encounters with lower class blacks, and learn how to avoid them. They get systematically better at this.

    In some ways, what I am saying here actually aligns with what Derbyshire says. But some of this happens unconsciously. It seems that middle-upper class whites and Asians will actually decrease the number of lower class blacks they encounter, even if they are not actively seeking this.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  34. @Anonymous

    You are somewhat correct on (6). People tend to choose their environments carefully so the odds of a middle/upper middle class white or Asian to meet statistically random blacks in their daily lives seems unlikely. They will seek out areas in which a middle/upper middle class white or Asian would feel comfortable, which are likely not the places most blacks would feel comfortable.

    However, your assertion begins to run into a couple of problems, in particular in relation to Derb’s (10). But even before (10), there’s the issue that in our daily lives, we are often in environments not of our choosing. So if I work downtown, I’ll be exposed to a much more random selection of blacks than I would be in my safe neighborhood. The same is true for many aspects of life, which leads to Derb’s (10).

    Derb’s points tend to focus on very public environments, ones where large numbers come into play. Amusement parks, fairs, ball games, government agencies that we must deal with, etc., those are the areas where one should use statistical averages to make decisions.

    But I push that idea further and say that one should use statistical averages and regession to the mean when evaluating even individuals of any color, at least when it will impact you and your family’s lives. There’s a reason that parents used to ask, “Well, does he (or she) comes from a good family” when evaluating potential husbands (wifes) for their children.

    My classic example is the “nice black family” that moves into the neighborhood. Salt of the earth, great people, but, sadly, also a potential danger. “Why?” you ask. “They’re such good people.” Quite true. But what will their children be like. They will regress to the black mean, which means lower test scores and higher propensity to violence – on average. Also, what about nice black family’s relatives who may come to visit or live. What about the blacks who are encouraged to live in your neighborhood because of this beachhead. More people means moving closer to the statistical mean.

    Of course, none of that may happen in this one case. Perhaps, nice black family comes from families that are far above the black statistical mean and thus their children are regressing to a different mean. Perhaps no relatives come to live. Perhaps no other black families start to move in. That’s entirely possible, but that doesn’t change the fact that the nice black family is a statistical danger.

    One very well may not be a problem but with each family, the odds that bad things will start to happen grow dramatically.

    Derb is right.

  35. Vinteuil says:
    @Yan Shen

    You have received the Troof(tm) seal of approval!

    Do not pass GO. Do not collect \$200.

    • Replies: @Truth
  36. Truth says:

    Hey Dawg, funny is funny. You should try it sometime.

    • Replies: @Anon
  37. Malla says:
    @Third world nationalist

    Yes I understand what you mean. If Whites would want an ethno state in North America, blacks and Native Americans will have to be given their parts too, as well as a mixed region would have to be set up. But many White nationalist separatists have always been cool with that. I was reading such a proposal being discussed on White separatist website of Amren several years ago and the proposal did talk about a black USA nation, independent native American nations and a mixed state along with the White USA nation. George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party was also of the opinion that blacks in the USA deserve a region/nation of their own most probably somewhere in the South.

  38. @Third world nationalist

    If whites want an ethno state then they should go to the pacific north West make an ethno state there.

    Have that. Moved to the Boston region in 2009 when my old home town outside DC became a gangbanger’s Disneyland amidst pretty substantial wealth. Plenty prosperous up here, no Blacks, the Hispanics fill what’s left of the Catholic Churches, send their kids to school, few of them speak Spanish, even to themselves out playing, in the stores, they all speak English up here. Fairfax County, Virginia however, has become far and away more representative of and filthy with the former inhabitants of India, Pakistan and China, Japan and Korea than the old South it actually was just 40 years ago. And the Hispanics and Vietnamese were pouring in, are still. Fairfax is top 2 or 3 in household income but a lot of it is in immigrant and foreign hands and so most service and technical functions are staffed by a highly racist and patriarchal Indian cabal and has been ruled so for over 20 years.

    While the Jews are tip-top in the defense industry around DC, these Indian ‘minorities’ are the folks at Freddie and Fannie (and all their crooked allies) that originated, settled worthless mortgages and then invented and packaged up Mortgage Securities and dealt them the world over through crooked brokerages. One thing they do in the big cities is they bring in their own. And to notice it is Ray-Ciss of course. I don’t buy into the H1 situation, there far too many illegals from India working throughout technical, financial and governmental agencies, H1’s don’t explain the darkening of whole regions of every city in this country. Indians take EEOC VERY seriously for themselves. They broke off a nice slice of racial privilege for themselves here. And it was THEY who set up the chain that brought us that disaster. So with the filthy conditions the Hispanics, Indians and Pakis bring, bailing to the Pac NW or New England region gives you your White, ethno-state lifestyle. Leave DC to the Jews, Muslims and migrants if you’re White, they hate Whites there, anyway. Up here, I think the races just HATE cold weather and so there are few Blacks and Southern-style immigrants. Some, not many. You can actually have a Merry Christmas here.

    Ethnostates aren’t going to be made or “set up” however, people have to migrate. But no matter what, Whites will always build the more civilized and higher-quality life. And then? We fuck it all up and share, dissipate and ruin it by letting in the races. Then we move and build anew and do it all over again. Throughout, they hate us, yet, they follow us, everywhere, like rodents. Show me where I’m wrong.

  39. @Yan Shen

    All sarcasm (such as it is) aside, help me out, here. Where exactly is the Derb wrong?

  40. @Jim Christian

    You’re not wrong. However, take a look at Chicago or Milwaukee or Detroit. If you think bad whether will keep out non-whites, you’re crazy.

    Build it and they will come.

    Btw, the only Jews that I know who have turned on the issue of immigration are Fairfax County Jews. The Indians and Chinese have begun moving into their neighborhoods and schools and competing fiercely against their children. What’s more, the Asians and Indians use every angle to move up both economically and politically. In essence, the Asians and Indians act like Jews, and the Jews really, really don’t like it.

    What’s more, the Asians and Indians are to some degree beating the Jews at their own game. Jews still have the brain power but many of them have lost their edge due to growing up soft and intermarrying with soft-hearted gentiles. The Asians and Indians are hungrier.

    White gentiles, of course, just continue to play their role of the Eloi, though this being the DC area, most of the whites are smart enough to fly above all of the ethnic infighting between Jews, Asians and Indians. Too good to get their hands dirty, so to speak. It won’t last. The whites will shrink over time until either we disappear or we wake up and realize that our shit stinks just like everyone else and that we have to fight for our place in this world.

  41. @Malla

    the federal govt will probably murder you all before that happens, just saying. mini apartheid states is not something the federal govt wants.

    • Replies: @Malla
  42. Build it and they will come.

    Indeed, 100 years back, they did build it and they did come, obsolete farm equipment, if Black. But their grandchildren made the cities such hellholes, Whites left them to the cities. Houston, we have a problem! Can’t maintain 120IQ accomplishment with <85 IQ abilities and the rest. Just LOOK at Detroit, Balto, Philly, look what they've become without Whites. DC's Metro train system is a good place to look, it's 93% Black, Whites need NOT apply. Well, til they needed contractors to repair what the Blacks who had the jobs would/could not, likely the latter.

  43. @Yan Shen

    Your position on this issue sounds like that of Lauren Southern.

    I’m beginning to suspect that your real name isn’t Ya Shen….

  44. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    When moving to a new area most people will use the phrase “good schools” as the reason why they chose that particular are. They choose that phrase because they do not want be seen as racist.Of course that most likely means “are there few blacks around”.
    Ten percent or more would disqualify that area even though housing prices and taxes are extremely low. Better to be safe than sorry.

  45. @europeasant

    Someone on iSteve once wrote that the surest way to determine whether an area has good schools is to park near its schools at about 3 in the afternoon and observe the children who emerge from them when the bell rings.

  46. yeah says:
    @Yan Shen

    Ignorance, in general and in particular about the history of nations and ethnicities, enables you to say that America and Australia are the exceptions to other racially purer peoples and nations. Not so, and you can find that out for yourself if you care to spend even a little time reading up on world history.

    The people of India, for example, are a mixture of wave upon wave of migrations from central Asia. One wave would displace the earlier “purer Indians”, and then they in turn would be displaced by another group. The Han Chinese are not as racially pure as they imagine themselves to be. There has been significant infusion of Mongol blood from the North, mixture of Cambodian, Vietnamese and other Asian blood from the Asian neighbors, and no doubt plenty of mixing up with Koreans as well – themselves mixed-up with Japanese and Central Asians. The proper Englishman, no doubt proud of his Englishness, has inherited some of his Englishness from the Romans.

    What defines to be Chinese, or English, or French, or Asian-Indian is not only race but also national consciousness, pride, and the strength and power of a nation-state to be able to assert uniqueness of identity. And it is this unique American identity that is presently under attack. This identity will evolve and change over centuries, as all groupings have, but attempts to fast-track a morphing into something else (a cute, multi-culti, multi-racial, multi-sexed amalgam?) is not only plain stupid but also a call to commit national hara-kiri. Unless mass stupidity descends upon most Americans – and there are ominous and dark clouds portending that – I don’t see white America slipping away into oblivion to make place for hordes of Africans, Latinos, and Asians. So your invitation to white America to fade away is very likely to elicit a reply back along the same lines.

    • Agree: Vinteuil
  47. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Sadly, experience and observation bear out the wisdom of your comment. Well, kindly, and effectively explained.

  48. @Malla

    After what they have done to us, and to every damn group in this country, with the greatest cruelty and avarice and sloth and sick pleasure in our pain and fear, blacks aren’t entitled to SHIT. But I mean that in the most kind and Christian way possible.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Malla
  49. @europeasant

    Actually, my favorite phrase – and one that I’ve heard several times from my own neighbors – used by Goodwhites acting bad is, “I don’t see color.”

    It’s brilliant when you think about. They can act as race realist as they want – move to white neighborhoods, send their kids to overwhelmingly white/Asian schools, have white friends and co-workers, etc. – and never have to admit to what they’re doing.

    Indeed, they can attack you if you bringing up their decisions. “Why, I never even looked at racial make-up of the area when we decided to move here. Why would I? I just looked for an area that looked nice and had good schools. This area could just as easily have been black or Hispanic. It didn’t matter to me. Why are you so racist? Why do you always bring things back to race. Some of us have moved beyond judging people on their skin color. You should do the same.”

    It’s genius!

    • LOL: Ben the Layabout
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. @RadicalCenter

    As Steve Sailer once said, we’re slowly trying to work our way back to the level of knowledge on genetics that every grandmother had in the 19th century.

    The Nice Black Family example shows why people used to defer to their elders for long-term decisions. Idealistic young people generally stick to Stage One thinking. They’re not good at moving to Stage Two and Stage Three thinking. No one asks the question, “And then what will happen?” Or the follow-up, “And what happens after that?”

    Older people naturally ask those questions because they’ve seen what happens when they don’t. It can make them look hard and inflexible to younger people when, in fact, the elders are the ones avoiding pain – for all sides – down the road.

  51. Malla says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    True That. Just like how the globalists would just not allow South Africa to be broken up among the races, which is something many black tribes wanted too.

  52. Truth says:

    But I mean that in the most kind and Christian way possible.

    Well that’s nice of you. From your fingers to God’s ears.

  53. @Yan Shen

    But when you think about it, North America, South America, and Australia weren’t populated by Europeans as recently as however many hundreds of years ago.

    This idea that “we’ve been hear longer; therefore, we have more right to this piece of land” is childish.

    The Neanderthals were here before us. Before them, the animals. Who cares.

    You know who has the right to any piece of land: The tribe willing to do what it takes to control it.

    Whites don’t have any right to North America, nor do Hispanics or blacks or Asians. And none of those people have the “rights” to where they live now. There’s no “We got here first.”

    Every Mexican who hops across the border has a right to live in the United States because the citizens of this country didn’t keep him out and don’t kick him out once they discover him. Same goes for every European who migrated to the New World. Or to those homo sapiens who migrated out of Africa.

    Nature is unkind to pussies.

    • Replies: @Vinteuil
  54. Malla says:

    I feel your pain but too bad, the Joos got them in such large numbers to the new world as slaves. Now the joos use them as weapons against Whitey. And don’t tell me the Joos were innocent about blacks, after all Moses Maimonides, Judaism’s most celebrated rabbinic ‘sage,’ has written that Blacks are “irrational animals” who are “below mankind but above monkeys” . They always knew HBD truths. They use such knowledge to their advantage.

  55. TER says:

    God bless you, Derb! And to your critics, I say this: Ekow N. Yankah can say as much to his children, and Whites are supposed to applaud as we hang our heads in shame, but when a White race-realist has the same conversation with his own kids, it is somehow criminal. Let’s stop being silly children about all the “diversity,” “anti-racism,” “white privilege,” “equality,” and “unconscious bias” being shoved down our throats by libs determined to destroy the world as we know it. We all know, if we give it even a brief moment of half-rational examination, to be a sham, nothing more than a cultural Marxist blame game to make Whites hate themselves and surrender everything they have (culture, material goods, civil rights, existence, etc.) to those poor, deserving non-whites joyfully lined up to take it all. Get real about it! This IS White genocide, like it or not. It is happening on YOUR watch. Quibbling about details and wording is stupid, and while we play this verbal/ideological game, trying to one-up each other, the unwashed hordes are storming the gate. If we don’t unite under our shared beliefs and move forward, then our petty differences will hasten our demise.

    Time is growing short. If you are not speaking up for yourself, you should be. If you are not standing up for yourself, you should be. If you are not taking CONCRETE steps to protect yourself and the future of your race from those determined to erase it from existence, then you deserve what you and your children get.

    If someone calls you a racist, own it. If someone says you aren’t showing compassion for people you have never met, who live 3000 miles away in some third-world shit hole, admit it. If someone claims you owe him something because you have benefitted from “white privilege,” tell him to go fuck himself.

    Keep up the good work, Derb.

  56. Vinteuil says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    “You know who has the right to any piece of land: The tribe willing to do what it takes to control it.”

    I.e., “right” has nothing to do with it.

    кто, кого?

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Third world nationalist

    If whites want an ethno state then they should go to the pacific north West make an ethno state there. If that is the case, then blacks should be entittled an ethno state in the Missisipia Delta, The Chicanos entittled to Atzlan, and the eastern coast be multi racial.

    The Pacific NW is a total goner. Gone are the days of mostly people of Nordic descent who worked for Boeing. Microsoft and Amazon brought in the Indian horde by the hundreds of thousands. Now many of them are running for office, all are hardcore progressives who campaigned on more diversity and more “affordable housing” aka apartments, so more hispanics and blacks can move into previously lily white suburbs. Meanwhile the corrupt government officials of mainland China who got priced out of Vancouver real estate all came down here, buying up all the homes. Seattle is now the hottest real estate market in the country, at least 1/3 of homes sold in the Seattle area are to mainland Chinese, a good number are left vacant and then resold a year later, total money laundering scheme.

    Bellevue, the largest city across from Seattle is now minority majority. All the elementary schools on the East side are now at least 50% Asian, evenly split between Chinese and Indian. On any given day you walk into the local library or community center and you’d think you’ve landed in Beijing or Mumbai. The University of Washington is now at least 40% Asian, including 15% international students, over half from China alone. UW, Microsoft and some university in China recently opened a new joint technology campus in Bellevue, so they can bring even more Chinese to Bellevue. Indian women are the most horrible drivers, and they double park!

    PNW is another paradise lost. The mainland Chinese are abominable neighbors. Most do not speak any English, are rude and crass, do not take care of their yards or their houses. Their kids act like spoiled brats in school and have the most horrible table manners. I’ve often wondered what visa they have, can’t possibly all have green cards or EB5, are they living here on tourist visa? All their homes are purchased with cash. Congress needs to crack down on this shit. Fucking Obama gave them tourist visa good for 10 years. We need to return it to 3 months, and end the EB5 now!

    Let’s make CA the mix state where all the Hispanics, Jews, Asians and gays go.It’s already 80% of the way there anyway.

  58. Wally says: • Website
    @Yan Shen

    Yet you are not willing to support the indigenous peoples of Europe and their right to their homelands, cultures, & languages.

    IOW, you’re a hypocrite.

    BTW, the ‘wiped out’ that you speak of is nonsense. Browns are everywhere.

  59. Svigor says:

    Hahaha Kato, I knew you’d be here. You really have a hate-on for Derb, don’t you? Almost as if you resent him for having a Chinese wife. Which can’t be true, because that would be very childish.

    • LOL: Vinteuil
    • Replies: @Vinteuil
    , @Anonymous
  60. Svigor says:

    This idea that “we’ve been here longer; therefore, we have more right to this piece of land” is childish.

    It’ll have weight when:

    1 the leftist elite start loudly and repeatedly telling Jews to pack up their shit and leave Israel. I mean as loudly and repeatedly as they push the most cherished of their pet causes, like diversity, tolerance, etc.
    2 the Jews pack up their shit and leave Israel.

    Until then, not so much.

    You know who has the right to any piece of land: The tribe willing to do what it takes to control it.

    This is how the Amerinds lived. By their law, America belongs to Whites.

    Yeah, you stole somebody else’s home, and made it “our” home. The theft on a mammoth scale continues unabated, in various forms… the cutest being called, Humanitarian Intervention.

    Greedy psychopathic wiggers, the likes of you, sure know how to spin words. 😀

    No, again, by the laws the “somebody else” lived by, he who takes it, owns it, so it’s the white man’s, fair and square. You have to get into all kinds of silliness about “the red man” (white man’s social construct; like Indians knew about race or DNA, lol), and collectivism, to make the counter-arguments.

    Sure, their whiny crybaby descendants will argue otherwise, now that a) their ancestors lost and b) whites reward non-white whining. But that’s just sour grapes.

    Disagree with what you say here. Trying to justify non-white immigration to North America and Australia as some kind of punishment for the Aboriginals displacement just does not wash with me. They were very few in number, nomadic and had no political organization. I see no reason why I should desire immigration from Asia or Africa.

    That’s the other monumentally stupid communist argument: “you deserve it because of what you did to the Indians.” The Indians fought to keep their territory, idiot communists; I’m happy to use their response to European encroachment as a role model for Whites.

  61. Svigor says:

    The Mongoloid race (Chinese, Mongols, etc.) have probably killed more innocent people than any other race. The Mongols, the most vile and evil people in history, killed something like 9 to 11 percent of the Old World’s population. Chinese communists murdered tens of millions of people. When the Chinese weren’t mutilating women’s feet or chopping mens’ peckers off or eating dogs, they were annihilating the Dzungars. Read up on the Dzungars; they’re gone, because the Chinese exterminated them.

  62. @Vinteuil

    History is written by the victors.

    The Romans led a genocide against the Gauls but no one cares. It might even have been a long-term plus for the region. But what “right” did the Romans have to Gaul. For that matter, what right did the Gauls have to that territory having taken it from others.

    “Right” is an opinion. What “right” did the Europeans have to take over North and South America and wipe out the natives (granted, mostly through their germs but still). What “right” did the Sioux have to take over lands of other native tribes?

    Their right was that they wanted the land and were capable of taking it and holding it. Simple as that.

    I do believe in morality and “right and wrong” within a society/tribe, but once you step outside your tribe, those ideals become much more flexible. Personally, I just want peaceful self-determination for all peoples, no need to bash anybody’s head in. However, this idea that every group that at this moment controls their little piece of land has a “right” to that land is ridiculous. It’s basically the most recent victors asking that the game be stopped.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  63. @Svigor

    This is how the Amerinds lived. By their law, America belongs to Whites.

    Well, it did until we lost our will to defend it. To paraphrase, the race doesn’t alsway go to the swift or the battle to the strong if the swift and strong stop participating.

    My fellow whites remind me a guy I knew in high school. He was a terrific athlete but just had no interest in playing sports. It doesn’t matter if you can beat the other guy if you can’t muster the interest to play the game.

    Kind of a pathetic way to go gentle into that good night.

  64. @Svigor

    Interesting tidbit about the Mongols. Not only did they often kill every man, woman and child (and dog) that they could find in a conquered city, they would send detachments back to the city a few days later to kill anyone who had managed to hide and then came back out to bury their dead. They were intent that not a single person survived.

    So don’t tell me about how whites are some special breed of evil. We’re pikers compared to many races. We just had better tools and organization.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  65. Truth says:

    So if somebody breaks into your car he has the right to keep it?

    • Replies: @Anon
  66. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Unless I’m willing to do what it takes to control it, i.e. call the police. Or shoot him, if he’s carjacking me. Whatever.

    • Replies: @Truth
  67. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Is Tamerlan Tsarnaev Named After a Brutal Warlord?

    Amir Temur, also known as Tamerlane, was a Central Asian ruler and warlord who lived in the 14th and 15th centuries. Scholars estimate that his military campaigns throughout Central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the modern Middle East killed about 17 million people, or 5 percent of the world’s population at the time.
    Should probably avoid these regions in particular, to not to import all these wannabe Genghis Khans:

    Source: 1 in 200 Men Direct Descendants of Genghis Khan [likely a low-activity MAO-A aka “warrior gene” carrier]

    The Rehabilitation Of Tamerlane

    The Tamerlane coffee-table book counters reassuringly that its hero “had no intention to take possession of the world.” His subjugation of what are now Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, southern Russia, Syria, India and elsewhere, like his final, unrealized campaign to China that ended with his death in 1405, were driven mostly by a desire to help the oppressed and build civilizations, the book claims.

    The book indicates he was also a great thinker (experts say he probably was illiterate), and a pocket version of “The Utterances of Amir Temur” (with, naturally, an introduction by Karimov) collects his wisdom along the lines of Mao Tse-tung’s Little Red Book.

    Goodbye Lenin, Hello Timur


    Genghis Khan killed so many people, that it was actually good for the environment, new study claims

    The wars led in his name killed some 40 million people (about 10% of the world’s population at the time)! But, as a new study showed, these bloody conquests helped the environment – removing nearly 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

    While the Mongol ruler wasn’t even thinking about it, he was causing the first man-made global cooling.

    War, Plague No Match for Deforestation in Driving CO2 Buildup

    “We found that during the short events such as the Black Death and the Ming Dynasty collapse, the forest re-growth wasn’t enough to overcome the emissions from decaying material in the soil,” says Pongratz. “But during the longer-lasting ones like the Mongol invasion and the conquest of the Americas there was enough time for the forests to re-grow and absorb significant amounts of carbon.”

    I guess this is what Kevin Dutton means when he speaks about the (unintentional/accidental) “Wisdom [and environmentalism] of Psychopaths”:

    The Wisdom of Psychopaths: Kevin Dutton

    • Replies: @Vinteuil
    , @Lost American
  68. Truth says:

    Police? What police? Shoot him I can see, but he took it, he now owns it, if you don’t like it go get it back.

    The police are equivalent to the UN the liberals, and all of these other busybodies who are constantly castigating white people, aren’t they?

    I say law of the jungle, baby! I thought I had found a kindred spirit here.

    • Replies: @Anon
  69. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If the liberals are going to help me, why can’t I use their help? This is why the jungle always beats you, Senyor la Verdad. Smart people chop it down and build farms.

  70. Svigor says:

    So if somebody breaks into your car he has the right to keep it?

    Only to the extent that I have the right to keep his skull on my mantelpiece as a trophy.

  71. Svigor says:

    Kind of a pathetic way to go gentle into that good night.

    Indeed. And the encouragement (“lie down and take a nap, whitey”; “surrender, whitey”) is ill-intended.

  72. Vinteuil says:

    “a hate-on”

    That’s good. That’s very good.

  73. Vinteuil says:
    @FKA Max

    So what’s your point?

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  74. @Svigor

    True dat.

    But a people shouldn’t have to be encouraged to survive. My suspicion is that the white herd – after centuries having little to no competition – needs a bit of culling.

  75. FKA Max says: • Website

    So what’s your point?

    I thought that was obvious?!

    That Steven Pinker is wrong, of course!

    [T]he low-activity version of the gene is even more common in Chinese men ([55] percent of whom carry it), and the Chinese are neither descended from warriors in their recent history nor particularly prone to social pathology in modern societies. –

    Video time-stamped to 9 min 53 sec:

    The Stupid Stupidity Surrounding the Warrior Gene, MAOA, is Stupid

    Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese man

    Sources: and

    • Replies: @Vinteuil
  76. Malla says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    let all who wants to mix, mix. don’t force the ones who doesn’t. forcing it just creates that same problems as forcing the mixers apart.

  77. I’m glad this has been reprinted. I didn’t see it the first time around until it was too late to comment. Without disagreeing with Derb’s main points, I have a few quibbles.

    First, the black version of “the talk” isn’t about whites in general being dangerous to blacks–it’s about police being dangerous to them. Obviously that’s because the police deal with black violence and criminality every day, but law-abiding blacks do have to take special care to avoid being treated like criminals.

    Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

    This isn’t one of those situations where you have nothing but statistics to go by. If you’ve done your research on a city and found it to be a good place to live, and it has a black mayor who’s been in office long enough to mess it up if he was going to, why not move there?

    Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

    I dunno. . . seems to me that if you’re expecting character flaws in a black politician, you won’t need to look as hard to find them as you would at a white with the same flaws. Besides, do you really care about a politicians character? “He’s a sonofabitch, but he’s my sonofabitch” is a perfectly valid sentiment.

    You should consciously seek opportunities to make friends with IWSBs.. . . you will gain an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice.

    No, I’m afraid you won’t. People who claimed “some of my best friends are ____” were seen as closet racists back when the polite way to fill in the black was “Negroes”.

  78. Svigor says:

    True dat.

    But a people shouldn’t have to be encouraged to survive. My suspicion is that the white herd – after centuries having little to no competition – needs a bit of culling.

    I’m sure every herd could use a culling. But let’s not pretend the White herd hasn’t been carefully and expertly indoctrinated over generations. The fact is, Whites (with very few exceptions) don’t even have the mental framework to process “survival” in the sense we’re discussing. They don’t see the genocide. They have been indoctrinated to scoff at the very idea. Hell, there are tons of Whites on our side of the fence who are opposed to mass immigration on cultural and other non-racial grounds, and they can’t process survival in the sense we’re discussing, either.

    As for culling, that is precisely what’s happening, in relatively slow motion. Eventually, if the process isn’t stopped, the only Whites left will be the “racist” Whites. With the idiot sheep genes culled, the population bottleneck will have been passed through, and a new, hardened White race will be able to flourish and grow. (Actually I think it will be a matter of the hardened Whites becoming a large enough percentage of the White population to effect their dominance over the remaining idiot sheep Whites)

    Vinteuil: that one isn’t mine, but I agree, it rings.

  79. @Rex Little

    fill in the black

    Oops, I meant fill in the blank.

  80. @Rex Little

    but law-abiding blacks do have to take special care to avoid being treated like criminals.

    Yes, because police have to take special care with blacks due to their insane levels of violence.

    Law-abiding blacks should be having the “Talk” with their kids about the ridiculous levels of violence in the black community and how their kids should be a hell of a lot more afraid of other blacks than the police, but that, yes, you have to be extra cautious and courteous with the police because the police deal day in and day out with your jungle-minded cousins and therefore are very quick to put a black man to the ground because otherwise that police officer might not make it home that night.

    If blacks had any honesty, they would admit this. But they don’t. That or they are too stupid to figure it out. Either way . . .

  81. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    That was a mantra of Stephen Colbert’s on his old show, where he poked fun at goodwhite conservatives.

  82. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    Interesting testimony. I too watched Fairfax County go right down the tubes. It’s a sprawling third-world hellhole now, obscenely crowded and (as you observe) lorded over by a cadre of wealthy Jews and subcontinent Indians.

    Not incidentally, Fairfax has been instrumental in transforming Virginia from a red state to blue in less than one generation.

    Congrats on escaping.

  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The personal remarks about Derbyshire’s family are quite puerile. I don’t care if he’d married an Australian aborigine. Is his argument good? That’s all that matters and that’s why we read his work.

    In the current political environment, he’s a breathtakingly courageous writer and thinker.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @geokat62
  84. Truth says:

    He’s an immigrant who is married to an immigrant who claims to be “anti-immigration.”

    He’s white who is married to, and has children with a non-white and claims to be a “white heritage preserver.”

    What exactly is puerile, and looking at his life choices, what are his arguments?

    What you are screams so loudly in my ears, I cannot hear what you say.
    -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  85. @Truth

    Hey Truth. Good points. Here’s something else Derbyshire does not want to deal with regarding the Chinese. The Chinese steal many US defense secrets.

    Derbyshire’s Chinese son just got out of the US Army. Derbyshire was happy that the Army whipped his son into shape. Apparently the son was very ornery. middle of article shows his son

    So his ornery Chinese son is now a trained soldier. What could he do to the USA? Could he turn out to be an Elliot Rodger?

    These Asian women do not make good wives, mothers.

    Ramzpaul provided a list of mass shooters in the USA. Middle Easterners are first, but Asians are second.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  86. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You guys give racism a bad name. I’d like to think that even if I immigrated to some other country, and even if I committed apostasy by marrying outside my caste, I could still see clearly and keep my head on straight. Maybe even keep my adopted country’s best interests at heart. Mr Derbyshire’s done this, and doesn’t pretend otherwise.

    • Agree: Ben the Layabout
    • Replies: @Truth
  87. geokat62 says:

    … he’s a breathtakingly courageous writer and thinker.

    Very courageous, indeed:

    Yes, indeed I was, and am, “afraid of offending Jews.” Of course I am! For a person like myself, a Gentile who is a very minor name in American opinion journalism, desirous of ascending to some slightly less minor status, ticking off Jews is a very, very bad career strategy. – excerpt from Wrestling with Derbyshire’s Law, a dialogue with Joey Kurtzman:

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  88. Truth says:

    “I immigrated to some other country…and I committed apostasy by marrying outside my caste”… Mr Derbyshire’s done this, and doesn’t pretend otherwise.


    • Replies: @attilathehen
  89. @geokat62

    Thank you!!! This proves everything that I’ve been saying. This also reveals what VDare is really about. Derbyshire has been writing with a forked pen for years and very few people call him out on this. This is because Jews have high intermarriage rates with blacks/Asians. And VDare has a lot of semitophiles in its organization. The idea that a white man can write about saving the West when his Chinese wife and daughter voted for Obama reveals the degeneracy of this man. Big picture, I still don’t blame the Jews for all the problems in world. I put the blame on the RCC/Zioevangizers/Freemasons who give the Jews their “power.” If you believe in “universal brotherhood,” which leads to the belief in the equality of people, your organization is a non-starter. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes.

    We know that world history can be summed up in 2 words: IQ. You need to have an IQ of 90+ to have a functioning society. Then there is the Faustian spirit that exists only in Caucasians. We know what destroyed the ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) and ancient Aryan Indians, mixing with blacks/Asians. This requires deportation/separation from these groups. A person cannot marry someone very different from him. He will be compromised. I don’t have problems with the Christian Arabs from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. They are Caucasian and Western and assimilate very easily to the West. Ralph Nader and his brilliant siblings are an example. The high-caste (and high IQ) Euro-mestizos of Latin America are another example. They are small in number and assimilate easily. But this leaves out blacks/Chinese, Vietnamese, Thais etc. Just the people Derbyshire would side with.

  90. @Truth

    Thanks Truth. I tried to post a comment asking Anonymous if he was a particular Anonymous with whom I had many unpleasant exchanges, but Unz Review did not post the comment. I hope you recall how he described himself, so his defense of Derbyshire makes sense.

  91. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    He’s waiting for you.

  92. Humbles says:
    @Yan Shen

    “Most important fact ever”?! It’s not an insignificant fact, given how much of the Official Narrative depends on it being false, and how much energy is expended suppressing and denying the fact.

  93. Iberiano [AKA "Scotty"] says:
    @Yan Shen

    The Mexicans of which you speak of, in Texas, were Spaniards, just as they were in California, and Louisiana. When I hear people lament, particularly Latinos, about this or that being “stolen” or from “our people”, 90 percent of the time it is from mestizos that would have been looked down upon by the very “Mexicans” they speak of. Those early Mexicans running the Mexican government, and most positions of power were blue bloods, and in fact there was a very distinct caste system, much of which was the cause of issues between Texas and Mexico (and btw, you are also wrong about the White settlers, they were WELCOMED by the white Mexican government proper, in the first place).

    Btw, I’m a Iberian-American–Spanish speaker as well.

    • Agree: Augustus
  94. Alden says:
    @Yan Shen

    There were about 1 million American Indians in what is the United States in 1600 AD. There are now about 3 million American Indians in the United States. That is not “genocide”.

    As for Latin America, just kook at the population, there are more Indians and mestizos than Whites.

    It’s obvious you are a very young and naive college student who believes the propaganda that has been poured into your empty vessel of a brain since 1st grade.

    • Replies: @Truth
  95. woodNfish says:

    When the US colapses into third world browness, whites can go to Argentina and Uruguay. Both are mostly white, and Uruguay plans to stay that way.

    • Replies: @Truth
  96. The talk, this is as old as the hills as far as I am concerned. My parents gave me the talk way back in the early seventies before heading into second grade. I was probably around seven years old and about to be bused all the way across the city into an all black neighborhood and an all black school even though I had a school not two blocks from our house. They warned me in graphic detail about blacks. I have yet to see anything in my life that has proven my white parents wrong on this matter. It all basically boils down to that phrase “when around blacks, watch your back.” ALWAYS!

  97. Truth says:

    How accurate could a census have been before we had roads outside of the northeast or motor vehicles?

  98. Truth says:

    There are going to be a lot of people in a place the size of Georgia.

  99. @workforlivn

    You are definitely right about one thing. Indians were many nations. When Tecumseh try to form an Indian alliance against the European invaders colonizing the continent (Americans), he met with abject failure. Throughout the whole 19th century, in fact, many aborigines sided with one group of whites or another against other Indians.

  100. Patricus says:

    Why not place the Blacks, Mexicans and Asians on some beautiful island. They would love Haiti and Thrive in perfect racial harmony.

    • Replies: @MuslimGuyInCanada
  101. @anon

    ‘…They were very few in number, nomadic and had no political organization…’

    They also failed to keep the invaders out. There’s a moral there.

  102. @Patricus

    Ah fuck no man. I do not want to associate with blacks and most latinos

  103. @Malla

    I’m of a South Asian backgroun and damn. Thanks for the comment. That first clip though..sharing to some of my friends. You are a good man

  104. jhan says:

    (9) video is removed, where can I see it?

  105. @Anonymous

    Tell me how to avoid the typical/average African in downtown Los Angeles where I work. Cannot be done. It’s unrealistic for many of us in many cities.

  106. I never, ever trust blacks. If I needed something to articulate why, it is all of the above.

  107. mongo77 says: • Website

    Yeah, you stole somebody else’s home, and made it “our” home. yeah like in 1948 and changed the name to israel for a 2million dollar bribe behind closed doors his name was truman

  108. Fun fact: The national outcry over this article is how I found the unauthorized right. If John Derbyshire hadn’t been fired for it, I may have never bumped into all this stuff. Crazy.

  109. Anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    I am a white man and an older victim of the Great Recession. My once promising career is in ruins. No one wants to give an old man a chance. Through no choice of my own I live on the edge of a black ghetto in one of the blackest and consequently most dangerous cities in the United States.

    Everything John Derbyshire says is true. I have been mugged, robbed at gunpoint, and nearly murdered. Blacks did it every time.

    In the United States you can’t tell the truth about blacks. This is almost as scary as they are.

  110. There is no race like the white race. It is the best, the most enlightened, and the most intelligent race. Why should we mix with any other race? We can be polite to each other or work together for the good of the country but that is about where it should end. Be white. Be proud you are white regardless what you leftist professor says. To hell with some government ‘multiculturalists’. Mixing with other races does not help white people. We should obviously stay to ourselves and obviously get really vocal whey we are being discriminated against. Stay with your own white race. It is the best environment for you. Regardless what the television says……stay white. Do what you can to destroy this multiculturalist culture. Promote white, western culture and do not be ashamed of it. Be rabidly proud of it and if it comes to fighting for it….,fight. I say forget about trying to be ‘diverse’. It is not our strength…it is our weakness. No one can make you be friends with any black or Mexican or anyone else. Stay white….be white. Blackness is soooo ’60’s.

    • Replies: @ben sampson
  111. @anonymous

    You’re going to have to physically “bring it” if you want a place of your own.

    But that ain’t going to happen.

    The average white man/woman is a hand- wringing terminally fat, neurotic adherent to PC.
    Their so called pathological empathy is really just plain old cowardice.

  112. @Anon

    Black people scary to a white man?

    the world is really changing and the white man has lost it.

    who has been the scourge of the planet for 500 years..not Black people but white..the scariest, most psychotic MF who ever roamed the earth?

    and he is calling Black people scary now?

    incredible! the man has lost his memory. and he really thinks that he is exceptional..that he can do as he wishes for centuries on the planet without any equal and opposite reactions that catches up with him at some point

    sweet! the white man created the entire suicidal mess that is america, with a global reach that will surely take the human species down with it. the white capitalist man has not stopped. he has simply stopped taking care of ordinary white people because he thinks he does not need then anymore as he used to.

    now our old white man here whom the system no longer needs, has used up, is crying bawling with nothing and and one to turn to, wrapped up in his old white propaganda and resulting insane exceptionalism that he cant eat or use to defend himself against his former victims. and no white cavalry is riding up to save him

    oh how silly it is. you all made some Black people into animals…the intention was to make all Black people into animals but we are sturdier than that. but Black animals and low IQ are the results of centuries of white exploitation and utter emotional devastation of American Black people. a whole lot of us are still broken and will be for some time until massive correction is undertaken

    but it is white ordinary people who are in trouble..tossed by the system and totally unprepared for a world in which they are equal and that no one cares..least of all the white system, deep state etc. their plans long past ordinary white people and systematic racism. it was never about racism but about social control. now that social control is achieved in other ways the capitalist do not need systematic racism no more. He wont clean it up..he just does not need it and have left the mess t on the ground for the victims to deal with..which includes white ordinary people

    isn’t it sweet!

    this is a stupid thread.. low level discussion. no matter what the society involved there is always the TALK for parents to do with their children, to give the their best survival chances. that was always the case and will always be a need in society..the job or parents to teach and guide their children. we can and must and do take that for granted. the fact that Derbyshire has turned it into racist nonsense is more of the same propaganda that keeps the people misdirected, inaccurately focused and led to slaughter. this issue here is not the problem in the USA at all, at all

    the question is how to solve the mess that is America..that is the problem..before it kills us all. and for that to take place the capitalists must be removed from power and capitalism revolutionized. that’s it. Derbyshire and his pal Kesey are fiddling while Rome burns..calling people to dance rather than how to get water to douse the fire

  113. @carnac 123

    are you serious man!?

    more incredible on this thread the more of it I see…

    the world is poisoned by pollutants, WiFi is tearing up human biology globally, we are on the edge of nuclear war, wallowing in the detritus of systematic racism that the white capitalist used to achieved social control of the planet that he wont clean up..war everywhere, smashing progressive nationalist efforts that really keep humanity back something awful.

    humanity is on the verge of nuclear war, awash in propaganda that ties up the human mind, flush with religious nonsense that justifies all the evil on the of education that produces graduates trained in the plunder of the rest of humanity..for that is the system by which global society lives under PLUNDER! FINANCIAL PLUNDER!

    and there is absolutely no way out for ordinary people for capitalism is all about profit not god outcomes for those who work and produce the wealth that is transferred away from them into the pockets of the few

    there can be no good social outcome from capitalism. capitalism has been on place for a long time now and there have been no good outcomes for the people. if so when will there be good outcomes? there cant be….that is not the point and purpose of capitalism.

    an every time a nation gets up and tries to do better the white race attacks them. beats them to a pulp, murders millions and forces the situation back under their control which is to control the finances of every nation by taking their dollar and banking system an using it to bleed them.

    that is the insane world white people have created..with massive weapons everywhere and offensive scientific manipulations and weapons that they will surely unleash on the planet if and when they are losing

    and white people have lied about everything..the history of humanity in particular. they have lied to keep the people foolish..both white and Black people..indeed all the people of the world.

    that and so much more destructive crap is what the white people have built on planet earth. and this is what you sit back and sing praises to?

    oh my! heaven help us all!

    • Troll: R.G. Camara
  114. Antwen says:

    I had a talk with my kids but it short and right to the point. It was stay away from Goddamn nigger’s. They have no self control and will kill, rob or rape you over nothing. And if you want to know where the good one’s are i’ll drive you over to Westside Cemetery where they bury the black bastards. And never ask one about his dad because nigger’s don’t have a father. End of story.

  115. Junghans says:

    Derb’s article is basically forthright, logical and sensible. Probably one of his best. However, point #13 is ridiculous on its face. Only self-deluded (aka, silly ass) White fools would irrationally think that ‘window dressing’ with a Negro “friend” could possibly bring them redress from ginned up “racism” allegations. It is just another form of hypocritical White virtue signalling.

  116. Alfred says:

    Please correct link.

    (10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible

  117. Haole says:
    @Carroll Price


    1. Modify 10f by adding the following: …and if blacks gain political control of a district or municipality in which you live, relocate to a white run district as quickly as possible, regardless of expense involved.

    2. Revise 10g to read: Never under any circumstances vote for a black politician.

    Just use the term “Democrats” , there are white democrats too and they will put you on the same path as a black democrat, they are just slower to get to the destination. Democrat includes yellow and brown politicians, they end up in a better version of Detroit but definitely not Eisenhower’s Kansas, visit Hawaii or California.

    You should live in a republican controlled area, but know that it is on the same path as a democrat controlled area, but you have a few more decades.

  118. Anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Being raised in the North, but part of a family largely located in the South; I received the “talk”. In those pre civil rights days, segregation was simply accepted as a given “we don’t mix”. The talk largely centered around giving blacks their privacy, proper forms of adress, and matters that could be discussed with the barber.

  119. Goddard says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    My classic example is the “nice black family” that moves into the neighborhood. Salt of the earth, great people, but, sadly, also a potential danger. “Why?” you ask. “They’re such good people.” Quite true. But what will their children be like.

    Last year a black family moved next door to my parents. First black family in the neighborhood. Middle to upper-middle class neighborhood. Little to no crime. Daughter gets busted stealing Amazon delivery from a house near the neighborhood school bus stop. The house had a camera and filmed everything. She just walked right up and took the box. Now the probation officer arrives each day to take the daughter to school. My parents no longer leave the garage door open, as they used to, and they keep the doors locked at all times. “And these were supposed to be the good ones,” my parents said. They’re in their 70s.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  120. kikz says:

    fast fwd to 2020. while advisement to avoid large masses/groups of blacks is still prudent, in these times, a single black may present as much of a potential threat as a group.

    when out in public, you are on safari. treat all potential threats as you would large, wild omnivores. avoid enclosed spaces such public transport, elevators, restrooms, etc.

    hailing from the South, my fav examples are to give them as much situational attention/wide berth as you would a poisonous snake, or a large gator. do not enter their known territories, and should you find one in yours, maintain situational awareness until you or the treat have left the vicinity.

    you cannot afford to be ‘polar beared’ or worse standing in the checkout line at the groc, or simply out shopping/running errands. stay alert my friends, stay safe, stay alive.

    women, especially White women, do not leave your purse in a shopping cart in the store, this is foolish. also foolish, is to be oblivious to threats in parking lots/garages, you are a walking target, digging for your keys in your luggage sized purse, or yapping/thumbing your fone. always lock your car on entry/exit. always be aware.

    the law of the jungle/street, if you’re not watching your ass, you can bet something else is.

    • Agree: Lost American
  121. Nuncle says:
    @Yan Shen

    ‘when you think about it, North America, South America, and Australia weren’t populated by Europeans as recently as however many hundreds of years ago.’

    Same for Asia Minor and the Middle East. The Turks and the Arabs need to be expelled from the region and the region returned to the Greeks. North Africa was white until the Arab invasions and it’s clear that this has not been beneficial to the area. It needs to be returned to the Italians. In short, the late Roman and Byzantine empires need to be reconstituted.

  122. @Nick Granite

    Are you serious-become friends with a black (#13)? I’d sooner eat cow dung. Even if you meet an intelligent black, he or she still has thug friends and relatives. It’s not worth it. Then you constantly have to be careful what you say, no way could you joke around. In my experience I’ve had about 4-5 black friends and in each case they eventually ask to “borrow” money which, of course, is never returned.
    My girlfriend has twin nieces, 8 years old, who ask me to quiz them on spelling. Both can spell words with silent w like whole or wheel and have no difficulty with the ie rule. It breaks my heart that they will someday have to encounter a member of this most wretched of races.

    • Agree: WSG
  123. ProudBLM says:

    In Trinidad/Guyana Indian politicians when in state office/power have plotted to bring millions of immigrants from India to create Hindu dominated states complete with plans to re name the Island or Guyana into a a future state called “Indesh” this plan began in the 1940’s when India was granted Independence and the new PM of Indian Nehru instructed his diplomats in Guyana,Trinidad and Fiji to stir up racial strife so as to force the British to partition Guyana/Trinidad etc, Thankfully the British govt prevented this from happening as they had given the new Indian govt the German “enigma” code machines that their diplomatic staff used and were able to read these messages and thus sabotage these plans, if this had been done the Indian govt would’ve fully supported this with millions of settlers as was done by Europeans in other parts of the world for their benefit.

  124. R.C. says:

    There are sundry PC responses above which seem aimed to appease the gods of that inanity; most of same are simply subconscious virtue signalling.

  125. @FKA Max

    FKA Max- the video is very interesting. I read Hare’s book in the 1980s. I have to believe that the rate of sociopathy and psychopathy has increased in the last 40 years.
    The DSM ( the book the psychiatrists and psychologists use for diagnosis) does not use the terms sociopathy and psychopathy but I still use the terms because they make the best sense. We have too many fools rearranging textbooks and diagnostic manuals.

    I wish I was more in tune with how people operated when I was young. I am now in my 70s but I learned a whole lot over the past 30 years.
    In the late 60s when I was in the Marines I had a sixth sense about physical danger and when I was anywhere near what we would call unconcerned or sociopathic high rankers I got a strange feeling which was part of my internal warning system which let me know when people were up to no good. I just couldn’t seem to verbalize very well. I just knew (like lots of other people are able to do). The Unz Review has commenters who seem to be able to explain things, and older age helps because we see the same patterns in life. Some are blessed at a young age with the ability to see through the lies and bullshit.

    The white collar sociopaths seem to be able to very quickly detect those of us who see through their actions. Women who are up to no good also seem to sense those of us who see through their selfish and dangerous intentions.
    I spoke with leftists in 2015-16. They adored Hilary Clinton and I explained just why she was a top notch sociopath. Of course, they brushed off what I had to say.
    If we want to know what things are then watch what they do. By their fruits you will know them.

  126. @ben sampson

    Are you not aware of the unending tribal wars that have gone on in Africa for ages? Right now there is brutal fighting in half of the African continent. Are you not aware of what happened in Rwanda in 1994 where the Hutus killed over 800,000 Tutsis? The total death toll was over 1,000,000. Look up who the Interhahamwe were/are.
    Read some of the writing from the French who were in Africa in the 1700s and the writings of Brits in the 1800s.
    Are you not aware of the uprising in Haiti 1802-1803 where the Black Haitians were ordered to kill all the whites and anyone with white blood (mulattos)?

    The mainstream media does not teach its readership about what Blacks have done to each other.
    Today , look up African tribal wars.
    Look up what the Interahamwe did to the Tutsis and also to the white missionaries.

    The violence of black on black is unending.

  127. @Heros

    Heros- I am in my 70s. Our observations and assessments are the same. It is also irritating to see the young people looking down at a smart phone all day. The phone is an extension of the appendage.
    Civilization as we knew it is gone.

  128. @ben sampson

    I appreciate a good troll. But this was too long. TL; DR. 5/10.

  129. @Goddard

    The phrase “there goes the neighborhood” for when blacks moved in emerged for a reason.

  130. The USA would be a much better place if whites lived by these rules.

  131. Augustus says:
    @Lawrence Fitton


    Ever heard of pattern recognition? It is as old as all living creatures on this planet. If you deny it, as in being against profiling, you are fighting uphill against nature. That path will be a losing one.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  132. @Yan Shen

    I like your comment about disorganised crime. I have met a few organised criminals but the disorganised are far more numerous even in groups the police think are well organised.

    I like to point out that the Australian criminal, Alan Bond, was convicted of stealing a billion Australian dollars and outdid the total stolen by all Aboriginal thieves since the British came to Australia. I enjoy telling Aboriginal friends that Aborigines should give up theft because they suck at it. It always gets a grin.

    If pressed, I point out that no Australian conman who got into the banks for less than a billion Australian dollars is known of by the Australian public because it isn’t reported by the Australian media. Too trivial after the big ten in the 1980s.

    The Queensland police stated publicly in the 1990s that they wouldn’t even investigate any swindle of less than half a million. Vigorously encouraging training and ambition didn’t produce a single Aboriginal bank or general community swindler. Family organised corruption in Aboriginal projects and businesses is a completely different matter with the victims being other Aborigines. [email protected]

  133. tonystark says:

    There is an additional difficulty. What you call ‘the facts’ and what these ‘facts seem to indicate’ so far are nothing more than your own assertions. They may be true, or they may not be. But since you say ‘facts matter’ it would seem to behoove you to introduce some.

  134. Pringles says:
    @Yan Shen

    Its refreshing to finally hear someone speak the truth publicly. I mean its not like kids are being indoctrinated in our schools, book shops, commercials, movies to hate whites now is it?

  135. Pringles says:

    I see you were paying close attention to your woke indoctrination classes. You know whats amazing…. you so called, woke people, dont understand that youre not free, thinkers like you try to profess you are, you are simply pawns regurgitating everything your professors have laid upon you on a daily basis. Your replies are all similar, different wording, same message. White man bad, white man kills and takes over, white man to blame for all blacks problems. When will you get it that your hand has been over played and you need to start taking responsibility for your own lives, instead of trying to blame everything on one race. Use more critical thinking skills.

  136. Anonymous[180] • Disclaimer says:

    tl; dr

    Around blacks, never relax.

  137. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    I am an average white guy who received “the talk” from my father in the early 60’s. A bit of history, my father was Southern, my mother Northern. I lived in New England but frequently visited in the South. “The Talk” was episodic. Around age 12, I began to encounter a large number of blacks, for instance most barbers were black, as were many carpenters, brick masons and landscapers.. I was cautioned about those matters I should speak with them about. As I recall, mostly matters involving my family, probably others which escaped my recollection. When I got my driver’s license, and would be driving in the South, my father cautioned me against giving a lift to black hitchhikers, explaining that I would only “embarrass them”. In no event was any hostility to blacks mentioned. I suppose an acceptance of things as they were was implied.

    Other recollections from that era. The “N-word” was more frequently heard in the North than the South. The now archaic “Coloreds” being much preferred. Discourtesy to blacks might not get you shunned, but it was “impolite”. I have to admit that the still prevailing Jim Crow made me uncomfortable, particularly since I expected to “give way” to adults. I am sure many civil rights were violated, but at that age I wouldn’t have recognized it.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  138. @Yan Shen

    We should force O.J. To lecture White women on the dangers of miscegenation.

  139. @Anonymous

    One bit of advice my father used to give, was, always request a brand new bottle of catchup in diners, greasy spoons, coney’s etc.

    He’d witnessed way too many black families allow their kids to run wild. He told me their chilluns would lick the bottle.

  140. Nachum says:

    Don’t sell something with no one else around. It might, um, “go wrong.”

  141. @Chuckie

    I taught 6th grade in a majority black public school with a black principal.

    The students entered the year testing in the 2nd grade on state tests. This was a middle class suburb.
    I quit after 2 years. Things are much, much worse than you’ll ever know.

  142. I call them Negroes/Negresses, because I want to, they can’t stop me.

  143. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Genocide against the Gauls? Are all wars of conquest genocides by definition? I guess that’s arguable.

    But Gauls were becoming full Roman citizens from at least the 1st Century BC onward, contributing countless legionnaires, many equites and even Senators. I’ve read historians with multicultural values depicting the resistance of conservative Romans to Julius Caesar’s proposal to allow Gallic Senators as a “lesson for our time.” Not much later, a Gaul became Emperor. And not too long after that, the Empire began to disintegrate under its own sprawling multicultural weight. The Gauls even got their own Roman Empire for a few centuries.

    Worst genocide ever. Well, unless you count the Holocaust, which seems to be leading to similar results in an even shorter time frame.

  144. HenryB says:

    Letter to Harvard Community 19 April

    Harvard University – Office of the President
    Dear Members of the Harvard Community,


    Recent weeks have brought yet more devastating tragedies across our nation. The heartbreaking killings of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright, two young people who had so much of their lives yet to live, and the gut-wrenching testimony recounting George Floyd’s final minutes, have focused this country again on the killings of African Americans and other people of color by police. The list of those whose names we know is long, and a full list would include many others whose names we do not know, and whose deaths did not occur in broad daylight, in full view of multiple witnesses, or with cell phone or body cameras recording.

    No words can capture the hurt, fear, anger, and grief felt about these tragedies by so many in our community, across this country, and around the world. It is appalling and unjust that people in our nation, by virtue of the color of their skin, face a greater risk of being killed in a police encounter if they are driving with an expired tag or a burnt-out taillight, if they make a rolling stop, if they somehow arouse a store clerk’s suspicion, or if they are just coming home from a family dinner.

    The terrible impact of these tragedies goes far beyond the lives lost, children deprived of their parents and parents deprived of their children. In a system in which police have vast discretion to stop people on suspicion of minor offenses, so many people of color in this country live with an ever-present sense of vulnerability because of the possibility that a police encounter will result in tragedy.

    Harvard’s motto, Veritas, requires a commitment to truth. The truth is that racism runs through the history of the United States and continues to have deadly effects on people of color in this country today. The truth is that our society is far from eradicating the evil of racism, whatever the verdict in the latest trial.

    We, as a community, must stand against racism. We must commit ourselves to the unfinished work of building a just society—one in which everyone’s rights and safety are protected, and everyone’s dignity is honored.


    Lawrence S. Bacow
    President, Harvard University

    Tomiko Brown-Nagin
    Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

    Nancy Coleman
    Dean, Harvard Division of Continuing Education

    George Q. Daley
    Dean, Harvard Medical School

    Srikant Datar
    Dean, Harvard Business School

    Emma Dench
    Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Francis J. Doyle III
    Dean, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Douglas Elmendorf
    Dean, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    Alan M. Garber
    Provost, Harvard University

    Claudine Gay
    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

    William V. Giannobile
    Dean, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

    David N. Hempton
    Dean, Harvard Divinity School

    David F. Holland
    Acting Dean, Harvard Divinity School

    Rakesh Khurana
    Dean, Harvard College

    Katie Lapp
    Executive Vice President, Harvard University

    Bridget Terry Long
    Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education

    John F. Manning
    Dean, Harvard Law School

    Sarah M. Whiting
    Dean, Graduate School of Design

    Michelle A. Williams
    Dean, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    © 2021 The President and Fellows of Harvard College |

    Harvard University | Cambridge, MA 02138
    Harvard respects your privacy. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

    Removal Instructions: If you no longer wish to receive Special Announcement email messages from Harvard University Leadership, please unsubscribe.

  145. That’s an awful lot of words to say, “Never relax”.

  146. SethApex says:

    Point 13 doesn’t work anymore. If they accuse you of prejudice, having IWSB friends will not protect you.

  147. anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    The only race is human, you idiot. And don’t assume all readers here are white. I am not.

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  148. @anon

    But what you are is a cowardly, non-White cuck, posting as “anon,” and I’ll bet a lot of money you live in a mostly-White neighborhood.

    Before you call Derb an idiot, I want you to do an experiment of late-night walks through White neighborhoods, and then do the same in black neighborhoods. If you survive the latter, by all means, relocate to one of those black areas, and put your kids in the local schools. You have no credibility til you walk the walk. Then come back in a couple years and tell us about your experiences, and how we’re all the human race and thus the same. . LOL.

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  149. Stick says:
    @Yan Shen

    The original state of Texas was Comanche. Santa Ana offered large free homesteads to Americans as a cheap way for him to defend San Antonio. Americans were invited to civilize Texas. And they did.

  150. These points should be taken and acted upon by every human, ( read white here), American.
    The negroe primate is as violent and predatory as any chimp or baboon, our two races are not compatable. I personally make it a point to avoid any place where blacks congregate, or tend to visit.

  151. Kat Grey says:

    Good schools and nice neighbourhoods are code for no blacks although there might be a few “nice negroes” who pose no risk to whites or Asians

  152. Kat Grey says:
    @Automatic Slim

    I agree. How many white people would rather their car broke down in an Asian or white area rather than majority black?!!!

  153. I do not dispute any of your claims but I find eerie similarities between Point 9 of yours

    (9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.

    and some real situation in the world today:

    A small cohort of white Westerners—in my experience, around 10 percent—is ferociously hostile to the Chinese and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm the latter. A larger cohort of such whites—around 35%—will go along actively if the five percent take leadership in some event. Another 50% will do so passively. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that the Chinese have it coming.

    That leaves only about 5% of white Westerners who are willing to examine the rights and wrongs of the events critically.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  154. @Deep Thought


    “…around 35%—will go along actively if the five percent take leadership”

    should be

    “…around 35%—will go along actively if the 10 percent take leadership”

  155. @Anon

    Sorry to read about your troubles. Btw what was your once promising career? And if it isn’t too much to ask how old were you in 2008?

  156. @workforlivn

    Nation stealing was going on for millenia before DeSoto got here.

    The same is true for people stealing from other people!!!

    We’re only the most recent group to claim this particular piece of ground.

    NO! You are NOT “the most recent group”. New immigrant, legal or illegal, are arriving everyday.

    I couldn’t tell you if we’ve had it longer than any before. Someone will have it after us. But right now it is ours.

    Yes, “Someone will have it after you.” The non-whites are in the process of repossessing the land of America. So, enjoy it while you can.

  157. I believe it’s not difficult to find in Africa some bright kids to invite to US universities. They could well grow up to be model citizens. I’ve read that in Japan they prefer African blacks to US blacks. At my university, we’ve had some very respectable African students. I’ve read that among the Nigerians, the Ibo (or Igbo) are quite bright. Go over there with a stack of IQ tests. Try them out and offer scholarships to some of them. American companies operating in Africa can also offer you some tips. Companies can get stuck with hiring family members of politicians, but some companies sometimes have a way of finding good ones.

  158. 10g applied rigorously across all ethnicities would save us all from a world of hurt.

  159. anon[283] • Disclaimer says:

    Derb got roundly condemned for The Talk and canned by The National Review

    Libtards give their kids the same talk
    Middle-class blacks give their kids a version of the the talk
    Conservatives who canned him give their kids the same talk


  160. Anonymike says:

    I can sum it up in short sentence. Walk like a Cartesian.

  161. Vinnie O says:

    “The Talk”, at least amongst White people, is an explanation of the basics of male-female intercourse and pregnancy. This is typically given to your children when they’re around 13 years old.

    No White person I’ve ever heard of bothers to give a “talk” to their children about Negroes. This is especially true if you live surrounded by White neighbors. I grew up living next to Robbins, IL, a suburban Black slum. NO ONE thought it was worth the trouble to discuss Robbins itself or the people who lived there. Although I was told that the Robbins Chief of Police was arrested (by the Illinois State Police) for RUNNING a stolen car ring.

    But in general, the Chicago Metro area had enough Negroes on the streets and in stores and such that White people could tell by simple observation what Negroes were like. A good example is the movie “Blues Brothers”. The car chase scenes were filmed inside a shopping mall that was ABANDONED when White shoppers decided that there were too many Black shoppers there. And of course it isn’t possible to attract stores to a mall with no White shoppers. Think about that: you shop in YOUR stores; we’ll shop in ours.

    Separate but “equal” is the way to go.

  162. MoiMyself says:

    From 1 to 5 I thought, yeah, wokey-bla bla, I would have other concerns — and then comes the rest, culminating in 10a-z, which unfortunately has to be told as well. Good job. Sad but true stats. Living in Europe, I would substitute Muslim for Black, and then same same.

    However, especially for girls, typically “The Talk” is more about procreation and its avoidance.

    Another point:
    US Blacks and EU Muslims are considered THE problem by absolutely all other groups, be it whites, asians, christians, atheists etc. – except of course (both cases) by woke green liberals.

  163. @Lawrence Fitton

    On a risk adjusted basis, avoiding negros is just as sensible as avoiding processed meats etc. The latter at least have some gustatory appeal.

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