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"The Star of County Down"—Ulster Protestants and Irish Catholics Both Suddenly Confronted with Globalism
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier (July 2020) by John Derbyshire: Ireland Has Become The Heart Of Wokeness

Sunday July 11th marks a hundred years since the truce that ended Ireland’s War of Independence. That led to peace talks with the British government and the Anglo-Irish Treaty. On December 6, 1922, the Irish Free State was born. Later it became, and still is today, the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland? Who cares?

Right now, NOBODY’S IN CHARGE AT THE WHITE HOUSE—well, nobody we elected—anarchist mobs are burning our cities, harmless protestors are jailed and beaten while arsonists go free, our justice system’s been bought and paid for by a Hungarian billionaire, our kids are being taught that white people are evil, the Third World is pouring in across our southern border, our middle class is being replaced by cheap foreign labor on guest-worker visas, our savings are being wiped out by inflation, we’re helicoptering people off the roof of our Afghanistan embassy, … Meanwhile Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are watching it all from their Barcaloungers, laughing and munching on popcorn.

OK, Ireland is provincial. The underlying issues, though, are ones we should all be thinking about and discussing: nationalism, globalism, religion, and related matters.

Consider some of the great issues that form the substance of serious conversation among thoughtful Americans nowadays. Terrorism vs. civil society; “diversityvs. monoculturalism; race and identity; the place of religion in a hedonistic popular culture; the future of nationhood in a globalizing world economy.

You want to talk about these things? Go to Ireland, where they are all in active play.

At this point in history, Almighty God, following his own unfathomable intentions, has chosen a small windswept patch of boggy turf in the North Atlantic as a test site for the next few decades of human development.

Whether this attention is something the Irish people should feel flattered by, or cursed by, is for them to tell you.

(By the way, I’m paraphrasing myself here, almost twenty years ago—March 2002),

There was a wrinkle in Irish independence. British politicians—well, most of them—had resigned themselves to Irish independence for years before it happened. The obstacle: the heavily Protestant six counties of Northern Ireland—now known colloquially as “Ulster,” the ancient Irish province it approximates. These Protestants, known to American (but not British) historiography by the entirely accurate sobriquet “Scotch-Irish,” felt very strongly that they did not want to be ruled by Roman Catholics, who were a majority in Ireland as a whole.

In 1920, while the War of Independence was going on, the British parliament had passed a Government of Ireland Act giving some autonomy to Ireland. Not independence, only some autonomy. Actually, autonomies: The six majority-Protestant counties of the north were to have a mini-government of their own; likewise the twenty-six counties of the south; but both territories were to remain parts of the U.K.

That was all supposed to come into effect in May of 1921. The Northern Irish were fine with it, but the Southerners fought on until that truce on July 11th.

So we’ve entered a whole clutch of centenaries here: Northern Ireland created as a separate part of the U.K., May 3rd. The truce that ended the War of Independence, July 11th. The Anglo-Irish Treaty establishing the Irish Free State, signed off on December 6th, came into effect a year later.

Here’s the BIG wrinkle. The Anglo-Irish Treaty had a clause saying that if the six northern counties didn’t want to be part of the Free State, they could stay part of the U.K. They took that option, and have remained part of the U.K. ever since. It’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

To further confuse the issue of commemorations…

(What’s that? You didn’t think they could be more confusing? Hey, listen: If simplicity is what you cherish, stay away from Irish history. It’s complicated, involuted, tangled, embrangled, snarled, knotted, raveled, and mazy. Thanks, Mr. Roget!)

So, to further confuse the issue, this coming Monday, July 12th, is The Twelfth, a great day for the Protestants of Northern Ireland. It celebrates victory in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, when Britain’s Catholic King James II was defeated by his Protestant son-in-law William of Orange (“King Billy”). James fled from the British Isles and never returned.

For Protestants of the North, the Twelfth is a very big deal, their July 4th. And then some: In the lead up to it there are bonfires, parades, parties, picnics…The Twelfth is just the climax. Catholics mainly stay home.

That’s enough history. What’s happening in the present?

You know about Brexit, of course. That was Britain’s voluntary departure from the European Union, which Brits voted for in a referendum five years ago. Brexit actually happened at last a year and a half ago, January 31st, 2020.

That created a problem in Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the U.K., so they left the EU along with England, Scotland, and Wales. However Southern Ireland, the Irish Republic, which of course is an independent country, has stayed in the EU.

So now the island of Ireland is divided in two parts: one in the EU, one not, with a land border between them.

You wouldn’t think that to be an insuperable problem. Lots of EU countries have land borders with non-EU countries: Greece with Albania, Finland with Russia, Serbia with Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, … Hey.

One part of the problem in Ireland is that there hasn’t been much of a consequential border for 48 years, while both the U.K. and the Irish Republic were EU members.

In fact, to my personal recollection, there wasn’t a very formidable border even before that, in the 1960s. (Although when the Troubles got seriously under way there was some militarization and beefing up of police presence around trouble spots).

To the degree people in Ireland remember real border posts, Ulster Protestants remember them as targets for IRA terrorists while Catholics remember them as manned by glowering British soldiers with guns at the ready.


That all came to an end with the Good Friday peace agreement of 1998. You can read the Agreement for yourself if you feel inclined, but I’d advise against it. Thirty-five pages of diplo-speranto is too much for me, and I’m actually interested in Irish affairs.

I did do a Ctrl-F on “EU,” though. It got me fifteen hits. There’s your problem right there. The Good Friday Agreement was drafted when Ireland and the U.K. were both EU members, and it assumes that will go on being true…for ever.

Good Friday really needs re-negotiating for the new situation. No-one wants to do that, though, for fear that any tinkering with it may upset the fragile peace it’s established.

And then there’s trade. The EU, of which Ireland is a member, has strict rules about member countries importing goods from non-members, especially food. Chilled meat products, for example, may not be imported. That means British sausages can’t be imported into the Irish Republic [Brexit: What’s the Northern Ireland Protocol?, BBC, June 30, 2021].

So what’s the problem? You just have border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The problem is, nobody on either side of the border wants them.

Here are the names of some border posts between north and south: Belleek, Belcoo, Swanlinbar, Magheraveely, Aughnacloy, Middletown, Derrynoose, … You get the idea.

My point is, have you ever heard of any of these places? Not likely. The border goes mainly through remote low-density districts where farming dominates the local economy. Irish farmers don’t want their eggs, milk, and meat held up crossing the border while trained customs inspectors check that produce follows EU and British rules, now different.

What to do? The diplomatic geniuses came up with something called the Northern Ireland Protocol—just “the Protocol” to its friends, who are few.

The Protocol basically puts the border between the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland in the Irish Sea, between the British mainland and Northern Ireland. Customs checking of goods to or from the Irish Republic is carried out in Northern Ireland ports.

That’s ticked off the Ulster Protestants, who are now grumbling that they’re second-class citizens in the U.K. You can see their point, but no-one’s been able to think of any better solution.

You’ve probably thought: Well, yes. A united Ireland would work a whole lot better, either in or out of the EU. Most likely it would be in: In that 2016 referendum, Northern Ireland voted against Brexit, 56 percent to 44 [EU referendum: The result in maps and charts, BBC, June 8, 2016].

And that Protestant majority in Ulster, that forced Britain’s hand a hundred years ago, no longer exists. That doesn’t mean there’s a Catholic majority, though. Neither religion has a majority. Protestants were just slightly ahead in a plurality at the last census ten years ago, 41.6 percent to 40.8 percent.

And I should add the customary caution here that “Protestant” and “Catholic” map only approximately on to “U.K. loyalist” and “Irish Republican.” A lot of northern Catholics prefer being subjects of the Crown. The health service, for one thing, is better than the Republic’s.

So: ten years ago, 41.6 percent Protestant to 40.8 percent Catholic. Now, ten years on, the Catholics may have inched ahead; but still only as a plurality, not a majority.

The interesting number is the seventeen percent not declaring any religion. That’s one person in six; and that percentage is also likely higher now.

Is there a trend? There sure is. Looking at the census figures for my own age cohort, aged 75 to 79, northerners are 58 percent Protestant, 32 percent Catholic, ten percent none. That’s the remnant of the old Protestant majority. Now look at my son’s age cohort, ages 25 to 29: 33 percent Protestant, 45 percent Catholic, 21 percent none.

So not only have Catholics caught up with and likely overtaken Protestants, but unbelievers have also doubled in that younger age cohort.

That looks like a sure foundation for a united Ireland at last.

The funny thing is that the wisest heads in Ireland say it ain’t gonna happen.

The wisest head I know of in Ireland is historian Ruth Dudley Edwards, who has been right about everything to do with the Emerald Isle for as long as I’ve been reading her, which is about thirty years.

Here she was on July 6th:

Ireland has a hard-won stability, and it doesn’t want it undermined. Unionists should stop worrying. Trustworthy polls show a united Ireland isn’t wanted and even if a border poll happened, Southern voters would vote no while claiming to have voted yes.

Unionists should fear not — the south does not want a united Ireland,

The “Unionists” she refers to are the Northern Irelanders who want to keep their union with Britain. They do not want a united Ireland. It’s confusing, I know.

Fundamentally what’s happened is that the strongest, most militant style of identitarianism in Ireland today is found not in the Republic, not at all, but among the Protestant working-class and underclass of the north [“The whole thing’s falling apart.” Northern Ireland’s unhappy birthday, Economist, July 6th 2021].

The fierce Irish Republicanism that was driving those events a hundred years ago—the events that led to Irish independence—and that kept the Troubles burning until twenty years ago, has been melted away by globalism and its allies: multiculturalism, feminism, atheism, hedonism, and the rest.

Sure, you can still hear old-style passionate Irish Republicans barking away in odd corners, but nobody pays attention.

The Republic of Ireland today is, as I noted in my May Diary last year, the Heart of Wokeness.

Nationalism? Religious identitarianism? That stuff is so old.

So, just as I wrote twenty years ago, if you want to see the deepest currents of modernity in their slow, quiet movements, there they are plain to see in Ireland.

Oh, that damn stupid Protocol? Looks like they’re stuck with it.


Some signout music. With all those Irish commemorations I’ve noted, obviously something Irish is called for. Since Monday is The Twelfth, a big day in Ulster, it should be something with a Northern color. On the other hand, with the centenary of the truce on Sunday and hopes that the vicious, bloody sectarianism of the Troubles are well and truly in the past, it should be something irenic and non-political.

So here’s the great John McCormack with “The Star of the County Down“—that county being one of the six in Ulster.

And before anyone makes the accusation, let me say that the fact of the lady in the song being named Rosie had no influence at all on my choice of music, absolutely none whatsoever.

Music clip: John McCormack, “Star of the County Down.”

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Brexit, Ireland, Northern Ireland 
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  1. Well, well, both Anglos and Celts mentally colonized by Jewish Supremacist concocted Tri-supremacism of Globo-Homo, Noble Negro, and Sacred Semites.

    Granted, Ireland is somewhat better than other nations on the Palestinian issue, but while it defends Palestinian nationhood, it rejects its own and welcomes White Nakba, i.e. the Irish meeting the fate of Palestinians via black and Muslim immigration.

    There seems to be a ‘narcissism of small differences’ between Anglos and Irish. Having been mentally colonized by Jews, they now compete for superiority in who’s more ‘woke’ or PC.

    Jews were very clever with this. They knew that pushing the Holocaust stuff only went so far. After all, people might still notice Jews are very rich and powerful. Also, Jews are the new imperialists in the Middle East. So, if Jews can’t take over a nation with Judeo-centric themes, use the proxies of globo-homo and Afromania. Homos are willing agents of Jewish globalism, and blacks are useful in subverting whiteness in Europe as MLK and Mandela are gods of the white race all over.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Triteleia Laxa
  2. The wokeness affecting the Irish Republic and Irish Republicanism does have its moments of grim humour. The principal one is how Sinn Fein has gone full Globohomo.

    Here is Sinn Fein councilor Greg Kelly, in Celtic shirt, harassing traditional Catholics who oppose the Globohomo agenda.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Brooklyn Dave
  3. Jtgw says:

    Indeed it’s fascinating to watch these gradual realignments. Twenty years ago I remember Unionists fretting about the coming Catholic majority but of course now they’d be grateful for rule by traditional Republicans as compared with the anti white globalist elite that rules both sides of the border.

  4. Long live, in our ears and hearts, John McCormack. What was the 20th century but a steady decline in taste? His songs are mostly from the 19th century, no? And what are we hearing today, whenever we go out in public and have music imposed on us through loudspeakers?

  5. @Jtgw

    Maybe you are pretty young and time passes slow, Jtgw, but I say “gradual”, hell, not compared to most of history. It’s been a generation and a half or since I spent more than a week there. It was a poor country for the West then, before all the IT work, with a population of 3 million or so. People would tell me that too many of the young people would leave the place for better opportunities. However, it was Ireland, and I don’t remember seeing anyone in the whole 10 days who wasn’t Irish or else a tourist like me.

  6. @Jtgw

    Actually, it’s the other way around. A surprising number of traditional Irish nationalists and republicans are now voting DUP. They reason – correctly – that they and their views would be offered some protection by a traditional protestant government. A fake Globohomo united Ireland, by contrast, guarantees their harassment and, later, full-blown legal persecution.

    You don’t seem to realise who much Irish nationalism and republicanism, at the political level, has gone full Globohomo. For traditional supporters, the options are few and stark. The same can be said for all traditionalists in the West.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Jtgw
  7. Trinity says:

    Whites will always defend nonwhites to the damn death, see American Civil War and WWII, but lack the courage to stand up for themselves. Whites will literally slaughter their own kind and defend others who OBVIOUSLY don’t give two shits about Whites. These WHITE idiots in Ireland, America, France, England, etc., who cry, “muh Palestinians” but don’t give a damn about their own nation and own people are beyond retarded. Don’t get me wrong, I have empathy for the Palestinians but my concern is for my own, first and foremost. Take care of your own backyard first, Whitey, and then worry about oppressed Brown people later. Worrying about oppressed or poor nonwhites has got you where you are today. I don’t see much gratitude toward Whitey from African Americans, Jews, or other nonwhites as Whitey falls all over himself to take a knee for Jews or kiss Black feet.

    Do you see any Jews kissing the feet of White Americans, White Englishmen or White Frenchman for saving their ass in WWII?

    Do you see any African Americans kissing the feet of Yankees in America?

    Stupid White people, man, can you be any dumber?

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
  8. 1500 or so years ago, repositories of of an important strain of Christianity developed in the places we call Ireland. It can be argued that these repositories kept alight a flame of Western Civilization that was distributed and fanned into powerful warmth across Europe over the next 300 years or so. It is further argued that the Irish saved and enabled a form of Western Civilization that we have mostly enjoyed ever since. Maybe not the Irish, but the rest of us in have. Arguably. It is argued otherwise as well.

    So who is going to fill the role of the Irish this time, when the great civilization passes and the scrum is on for a new version, or a new master entirely? I visited Ireland in 2018. Had a nice time. Found no reason to go back, and nothing of any real import going on. Just a place where black and brown people were making the place their own and the white people worked all as tour guides and tourist servants of one sort or another.

    So good luck to the Irish, and to us. Derb is right on the mark about the Ireland-as-a-microcosm theme. The trouble is that Ireland is already past, as are we.

  9. lavoisier says: • Website

    our justice system’s been bought and paid for by a Hungarian billionaire


    Say it JD clearly and unashamedly.

  10. anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    Catholic Ireland hated the Protestants but loves the, Gays, Jews Muslims and Africans.

  11. @anon

    Catholics in Ireland don’t hate Protestants, many of the most important figures in the fight for Irish freedom were Protestants

    The current problems the Ulster Unionists face are all of their own making, they need to start electing better leaders, I now expect to see a united Ireland, but it won’t be Sinn Fein who make it happen, it will be caused by Ulster unionists, go raibh maith agat buachaillí

  12. all this fascination with such nonsense. are we allowed to ask god for a re-d0? humans are just too dumb and, frankly, it’s all very embarrassing; i wanna be a squirrel.

    and i don’t care what colour.


  13. Dutch Boy says:

    The Unionists identify as British, not Irish. The conflict has always been misidentified by the MSM as religious, whereas the true conflict is nationalist (the mostly Catholic indigenous Irish vs. the descendants of the British colonists imported to garrison conquered Ireland). Even at that, the terrorist IRA Provos were Marxist and atheist, not Catholic. As has been pointed out, more than a few Protestants supported an independent Ireland because of their identification of Ireland as their homeland and their opposition to the continued exploitation by Britain. That conflict has been superseded by a new one: the globalist attempt to wipe out Christian Ireland, an effort that needs the solidarity of Christians of all stripes to defeat.

  14. I don’t get the ethnic angle of this Anglo/Irish joke.

    • LOL: Trinity, SafeNow
  15. And then there’s the one about the Irishman who sued himself for reparations and took all he had.

  16. SafeNow says:

    In the new world of pandemics and third-world invasions, being an island, and a white one, is a big deal. Ireland needs a unified, and protective, policy about this. It’s nice to debate unified policy about cross-border trade in eggs and sausages. I love sausages ‘n eggs. But a unified, protective policy about demography and plagues is the big one. And, when I say “protective,” I mean it.

  17. @Dutch Boy

    The % of committed Marxists in the PIRA was never very high IMO, I know someone who was involved with the provos in the 80s and 90s, and he says he has never once voted for Sinn Fein because he detests Marxism, he’s just an Irish nationalist who wants a united Ireland,

  18. Bite Moi says:

    Verymuchalive——–Well,ya don’t see that every day.

  19. Bite Moi says:

    This would be a hell of a lot funnier if the same stupid shyte wasn’t happening in America.

  20. MEH 0910 says:

    Van Morrison & The Chieftains – The Star of the County Down (Live Over Ireland)

    Van Morrison & The Chieftains · Irish Heartbeat album playlist:

  21. What the white world needs is a Raceissance, the race-ist renaissance.

    Europe, after many years of Medieval theologism, reconnected with it vital pagan roots. It was the combination of Hebraic spiritual compass and Hellenic spark of discovery that led to great advances. Too much paganism and the wheels come off from excess action, adventure, and experimentation. Too much Christianity, and you end up like the Byzantium that slowly decayed. But the West had the balance of spiritual moralism and visionary adventurism. No Renaissance and recovery of the pagan past, then no Modern Europe.

    Again, the West has fallen into a kind of theocratism. The excessive moralism, the witch-hunting-and-burning-at-the-stake, the self-righteousness holier-than-thou tirades. But it’s worse. Christianity, though misused, was a great and profound religion. In contrast, black savagery, homo degeneracy, and Jewish mendacity are the holy trinity of the new idolatrous faith. The Deformation is upon us. Only a people fattened by too much food and degraded by too much leisure could mistake trash as treasure, but that’s where we are at. ‘Rachel Levine’ preaches to us about mental health.
    And according to these freaks, ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ are the worst of all sins. Never mind they practice group preferences of their own. They favor tranny freaks over real women. They favor homo-fecal penetration over real sexuality. They celebrate and revere men who stick bungs with dongs. Never mind they favor blacks over non-blacks. So much weeping over one dead worthless Negro, Fentanyl Floyd, but total silence about victims of black thugs. And if ‘antisemitism’ is evil because it denies the humanity of a people, why do Jews and anti-anti-semites support Jewish-Zionist agenda against Palestinians, a semitic people whose humanity has been denied by Jews? So, the ‘woke’ are really just as ‘racist’ as any other.
    It’s that in a world where idolatry trumps ideology, morality is a matter of favoring certain groups over others than about judging all groups with the same yardstick. In other words, supporting Jews and blacks even when they are wrong is ‘moral’ because ‘wokeness’ says Jews and blacks are better than others. This is what passes for ‘anti-racism’ among the PC crowd. And you can see it among HBD clowns too, like John Derbyshire and Jared Taylor, two cucks to Jews despite all the Jewish hostility towards them. And of course, conzos. Many of them think they are moral because they are always pro-Jewish. Jewishness = moral sanctity. This is pure idolatry. Jews are the most anti-white group in the US. They racially oppress Palestinians. But conzos are blind to all that because they believe Jews are the eternal-holy-holocaust people forever and ever.

    Against this neo-theocratic idolatry, we need Raceissance, the rebirth of awesome race-ism that speaks the truth about race and biology. Want to understand why the world is as it is? Because race-ism is awesomely true. Races do exist and they are different. Jews are smarter. Who can deny this? Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Who can deny this? Look at world finance, media, and high-tech, and who dominates and why? Look at world sports and criminal violence. Who dominates? The ONLY satisfying answer is with awesome race-ism.
    The hell with weakling conzos and their BS, ‘Democrats are the real racists’ or the libertarian BS that Detroit will become prosperous with Ayn Rand books. Or that school choice will improve grades of blacks. That too is part of the PC theocracy that denies the reality of race.

    Raceissance can be useful to all groups. Take Mexicans. If they wonder, “hey, how come we are not rich like Jews and don’t play in NBA, even on LA Lakers?”, Raceissance can tell them the truth: “You can’t compete with Jews cuz they are smarter and pushier than you Guillermos. And how can a bunch of Guillermos compete with blacks who are bigger and tougher?” Mexicans might appreciate some real truth such as that than the usual BS about how it’s all the gringo’s fault and how some new policy is gonna make Mexicans take charge of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    This is why we need a big push, a big awakening, the Raceissance, which isn’t to be confused with the dumb ‘racism’ of ‘white supremacism’ that insisted whites are better at everything. So much of US history could have been different if white folks, in a loud and clear voice, said BLACKS ARE STRONGER AND WILDER AND WILL KICK OUR ASS IF WE ARE RACIALLY INTEGRATED. That could have been the basis for policies to permanently separate the races. But nope, it was ironically the pride of ‘white supremacism’ that prevented whites from speaking the truth. Whites didn’t want to come across as ‘cowardly’, so used were they to the notion of being tops in everything. And because they didn’t speak the truth, the ideological pipedream of colorblind society took hold.

    Raceissance would reject both ‘woke’ PC and old stupid ‘white supremacist’ ‘racism’ that refused to be fully honest about race and racial differences. The way things are going, the West is doomed without it.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @Chris Moore
  22. There are no Ulster Protestants in Ireland. They are British colonists who started coming over to Ireland during the time of the Ulster Plantation. They have no business being in Ireland and should be sent back to Britain by any means necessary.

  23. @Dutch Boy

    The Protestants are British colonists who should be removed from Ireland and sent back to Britain by any means necessary.

  24. @anon

    The Protestants are British colonists who have oppressed the native Irish Catholics for centuries. Would you love an invader who oppressed your people for centuries?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  25. Trinity says:
    @Joe Walker

    I see your point but maybe get the Brown and Black invaders out first?

    • Agree: BluEidDvl, lavoisier
    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  26. It seems the Core Anxiety among both Irish and Anglos is about status and reputation. In other words, there is no essential sense of self-worth or ethnic worth independent of what others think. If Anglos and Irish must choose between self-worth centered on ethnic pride AND self-worth based on others’ perceptions, they will almost always choose the latter. How OTHERS think of them matters more than how they feel about themselves.

    In this regard, Jews have been different. Surrounded by goyim — pagan, Christian, or Muslim — , Jews also felt the pressures and anxieties. It’s natural for people to fit in, adapt, conform, and be approved. Jews were often disapproved because of their separate identity and distinct culture. But despite all the pressures and anxieties, they stuck to their pride of identity because their Core Anxiety was about loss of identity & worth rooted in the sacred Covenant than about lack of approval by the larger community of non-Jews or goyim.

    So, when push comes to shove, Anglos and Irish generally prioritize the approval of others(even if it means loss of individuality and identity) than defense of self-worth based on tribalism/nationalism(if it means loss of approval, reputation, and status in the eyes of officialdom).

    All said and done, Jews have self-worth regardless of what the world thinks. Even if all the world thinks Jews are vermin, they believe they are special and, if anything, better than the rest. Jews will risk loss of reputation to defend their core identity and heritage.

    While Anglos and Irish aren’t without identity and heritage, their Core Anxiety centered on need for approval trumps all other considerations. A Jew will remain a proud Jew even if he’s called a Dirty Jew, lowlife weasel, or Jewish supremacist. But an Anglo and Irish will fall apart if called a ‘white supremacist’ or ‘racist’ and grovel at your feet to prove otherwise, that is IF the prevailing dogma is ‘anti-racist’.

    Of course, it wasn’t always so. There was a time when the Anglos and Irish didn’t mind being tribal, racial, and/or national. They took pride in sticking together and being proud of their might and power. But then, such pride was more a matter of approval than inner worth. In other words, the ruling elites were racially-minded and powerfully nationalist. Nationalist Pride was established as the Norm, and thus, it was respectable and obligatory to be racially-minded and stick up for British pride and superiority.

    If Anglo or Irish race-ism was based mainly on Anxiety of Status and Reputation — back then, it was necessary to be ‘racist’ in order to possess good repute and honor in society — , Jewish race-ism was based on a powerful sense of inner-worth regardless of what others(esp the goyim) think.

    This may explain why race-ism faded so quickly among Anglos and the Irish once the rules of officialdom changed. Their race-ism didn’t have much in the way of innate worth. Rather, Anglos and Irish adopted race-ism and ‘racist’ attitudes because the elites deemed those as the respectable ones to have.
    But precisely because of Anxiety of Reputation is paramount among Anglos and Irish, once the officialdom changed and required one to be ‘anti-racist’ in order to be of good reputation, most Anglos and Irish suddenly did an about face and fell over one another to prove that one is not ‘racist'(or ‘anti-semitic’ or ‘homophobic’ or whatever).
    We see this in that worthless cuck Charles Murray. He used to be anti-‘gay marriage’, but once it became The Thing among respectable and his affluent ‘gay’ friends adopted kids, he fell in line because Anxiety of Reputation is what counts most to him. Even when he writes a seemingly anti-PC book like FACING REALITY, it is to suppress the emergence of White Identity lest it hurt Jewish Power that he reveres so much because officialdom says Jews are Holy and ‘antisemitism’ is the worst of all ‘racisms’.

    A people who feel pride of identity regardless of what others think will eventually prevail over a people whose pride(or shame) of identity is largely the product of the opinions of others(deemed socially superior).

    Irish seemed to be somewhat different from the Anglos in their pugnacious and feisty clannishness and tribalism, but recent developments have shown that, no less than Anglos, status and reputation come before even self-worth premised on pride of tribe among the potatoheads. Once they made some money and got some fancy learning, they’ve craved the right kind of reputation.

    In contrast, Jews are richer than all other peoples and, even as they propagate anti-race-ism and anti-tribalism to whites and other goyim, they stick to their ‘racist’ identity and pride of tribe in total disregard to what others think.

    The only way to counter Jewish Power is to do what they do, disobey what they say.

  27. Daniel H says:
    @Dutch Boy

    The Unionists identify as British, not Irish.

    You don’t know too many Unionists then. Actually, the Unionists identify VERY strongly as Irish and VERY strongly as citizens/members of the UK, subjects of the Crown. Yes, certain effects of Irish nationalism, such as the promotion of the Irish language, the fad of naming with Irish spelling/alphabet, they find silly, annoying and a waste of time, but then a substantial number of Catholics feel the same way.

    Traditional Unionists and Catholics will need each other to survive the relentless onslaught of Globohomo.

  28. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    As usual an entertaining and informative exposition from Priss.

  29. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Whites didn’t want to come across as ‘cowardly’, so used were they to the notion of being tops in everything. And because they didn’t speak the truth, the ideological pipedream of colorblind society took hold

    Whites are guilty of Pride.

    PIGG’S WELL: Pride, Ignorance, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust, License.

    I don’t think it was Christianity that made Whites arrogant, reckless, self-righteous, and guilty of all shortcomings on that list; I think it was collectively the “White” post-Christian Enlightenment.

    WW2 seemingly wasn’t a religious war, but it was. It was a crypto-Zionist war that tapped into all the self-righteous fury of the Enlightenment to bury Christianity once and for all.

    But it wasn’t really for the Enlightenment. It was for ((Jewry)) and international Zionism, which is why the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  30. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey Derb, a bit heavy on the potato eaters this week.

    • Replies: @(((They))) Live
  31. @Trinity

    A number of my own paternal and maternal lineages moved to Northern Ireland starting in about the 1600s. As Recusant English Catholics, they no longer felt it wise to dwell on their (rapidly diminishing due to relentless fines and confiscations) Big Island ancestral lands, which they had provably held since the 1200s (literally 1066, in mum’s family’s case).

    Coaeval with the advent there of the repulsive and extraordinarily violent, truly ancient and basically atheist Border Scots (and a few Cumbrian/Geordie) tribes.
    Expelled by the then-current, very Protestant Scottish king for irreligion, and suspected popery. But mostly for irredentist violence against all comers, regardless. From whom the fabled American “Scotch-Irish” mostly descend.

    I mean how disgusting and savage do you have to be to outrank .. even the MacLeods, or Campbells, in royal disfavour?

    They invented phrases such as Blood-feu’d, Deadlie-feu’d, Black-mail, Hot-trod and Hame-sucken (still a serious charge in Scots Law) to describe their hobbies. Among others. Nane o’ thame guid.

  32. @Anon

    I love the Derb almost as much as I love spuds

  33. @Joe Walker

    Good one. I agree.
    Just as soon as all “Famine” (about as authentic as Guatemalan ‘refugees’, just “looking for a better life”) Irish descendants (ca. 180 years ago) are relocated from nasty unfair Protestant Scotland to cosy Catholic (United) Ireland, and all those demonic Plantation “Irish” (ca. 400 years ago, well before the USA existed) are relocated to Presbyterian (Independent) Ayrshire, Lothian or Fife, or wherever.

  34. JimDandy says:
    @Priss Factor

    Ok, so, can you–or anyone reading this–explain Soros’ motivation? Why is he working so hard to destroy American cities–to promote black crime, etc.? Cui bono? And how?

  35. That’s ticked off the Ulster Protestants, who are now grumbling that they’re second-class citizens in the U.K.

    Makes no sense to me. Northern Ireland already breaks from British laws on a number of issues–hell you can even apply for and get a handgun for personal use. Try that in Birmingham. And now they’re whining that they want to be 100% British subjects?

    • Agree: Hibernian
  36. Getaclue says:

    He’s a front man for the Rothschilds — they operate thru him and he takes the fire they don’t want and he is paid very, very well to do so — this lays out the history of Soros few are aware of — he just plays a part and does what he’s told and then brags about himself….:

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  37. @JimDandy

    Terrorizing cities is the means, not the end.

    The terror is directed at White America.

    1. Moral Terror. It’s about baiting ‘white guilt’ about blacks.

    2. Physical Terror. “If you whites don’t do enough to unseat Trump, we will create more black terror for you whites.”

    Sure, some Jews suffered from this as well, but there is no gain without pain. It’s like the gambit in chess. You lose a piece but gain an edge.

    Think of the Cultural Revolution in China. Did Mao want cities to be wrecked? No, but he thought it was worth the price for consolidating his power. So, he used Red Guards to attack his enemies and terrorize the whole country to send a message that Maoism is still number 1.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  38. Athena says:

    The Anglo-Irish Treaty had a clause saying that if the six northern counties didn’t want to be part of the Free State, they could stay part of the U.K. They took that option, and have remained part of the U.K. ever since. It’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Notably, the President of the Irish Republic Éamon de Valera refused to ratify the treaty.

    ”Of course I wrote most of the Constitution myself. I remember hesitating for a long time over the US presidential system. But it wouldn’t have done – we were too trained in English democracy to sit down under a dictatorship which is what the American system really is.”

    ”Partition is after all only an old fortress of crumbled masonry – held together with the plaster of fiction.”

    – Eamon de Valera

    Treaty of Association between Ireland and the British Commonwealth presented by Eamon de Valera to Dail Eireann1

    Dublin, January 1922

    Ireland said NO to the Lisbon treaty, and was asked to vote again i.e. say yea to Lisbon.

    100 reasons why Ireland should have say Nyet is Nyet to Lisbon:

    35. ” The increased militarisation of Europe is of great concern to many people who would prefer to see Ireland retain neutrality. In the referendums on Nice, Ireland was assured that a European Army would never happen, but now the basis for a common defence policy and EU battlegroups are in place. Lisbon looks toward a ‘progressive framing of a common Union defence policy’.”

    46. ‘Since concerns over Irish neutrality and European militarisation were a key reason for voting No in the first referendum, according to the Irish Times and TNS surveys in May and June 2008, why should the Irish people accept the Lisbon treaty take two?”

  39. JimDandy says:

    Thanks a lot for that link. It seems like the author is arguing that Soros is an intellectual utopian idealist; his Jewishness is a sidenote, and his almost religious devotion to a grand cause is as least as great as his desire to make money. The answer to my question, in this context, would be that Soros is bent on crushing American identity to erase another “tribe” from the planet, paving the way for the brave new world Popper and his predecessors preached of.

  40. JimDandy says:
    @Priss Factor

    Mao’s motivation seems relatively simple and concrete–he used Red Guards to help his goal of attaining absolute power over the Chinese people. Who or what specifically was Soros serving by creating urban terror to help get Trump out of office?

  41. Ireland wouldn’t be stuffed to the gills on globohomo if it was more anti-Protestant. All the philosemitic Covenanter Old Testament worshippers were the tip of the spear.

  42. Small nations are best, Northern Ireland is distinct with a unique culture and history all its own. It should leave Britain and have friendly relations with Eire and the UK, while keeping its independence. Northern Ireland is roughly the size and population of Slovenia, has a high standard of living and would do very well on it’s own.

  43. anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    August 9th will be the 50th anniversary of Operation Demetrius when almost 2,000 Catholics were eventually interned. It’s probably a similar rate of mass internment of Uighur secession sympathizers in Xinjiang (the 1 million figures includes all the kids who have gone through residential schools).

  44. @Joe Walker

    What about all the Irish Catholics that went to Scotland and England to find work in the past 200 years? Should they be sent back to Ireland? They number about 11 million today.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Bill Jones
  45. I know, without bragging, much about Irish history & identity.

    But, regarding anti-national elites (New left, globohomo, radical feminism, Islamolatry, Negrolatry, leukophobia, anti-normalcy, miso-oikogeneia, ..) : We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

  46. Trinity says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Good point. And lest we forget, it was some English dudes that came over to America first, not the Irish, not the Italians ( well there was a guy named Columbus, but was he a jew or an Italian?) not the Germans, not the Norwegians ( Erik The Red aside), not the Dindu, etc.

    But then we have the American Injun who might have a say about the Englishman.

    But all this is irrelevant at the moment because all these Whites decided and volunteered to be lorded over by parasitical lazy jews.

  47. Derbyshire is partly right that Ireland is the heart of wokeness. The Irish middle class certainly have taken to it with gusto. However, I think it is still less prevalent among working class Irish folks. And Sinn Fein is currently gobbling up the support of the Irish working class.

    In the next few years, Unionists may find themselves confronting Sinn Fein-led governments both north and south of the Irish border. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

  48. Tony says:

    The land of the stubby irishman will soon be the land of long dong silver.

  49. It is telling and not at all surprising that Derbyshire relates all this with no mention of the sub-continental swill that the usual suspects have, and are, flooding both the North and South.

  50. Woodsie says:

    Barring a re-united Ireland, the solution is for the Republic to leave the EU. The UK is Ireland’s most important trading partner, and agreements with the USA on trade can be aligned as well. Near as I can see, the only thing standing in the way is the “wokeness” of the Irish electorate. It is a pity they have turned their back on their hard-won independence.

  51. @Joe Paluka

    There is also the point that the first English excursions to Ireland were to stop the raids that the vikings based there were launching.
    Ireland’s been a base for terrorism in England for 1500 years.
    I’ve yet to see a mick whingeing about famines explain what they grazed on before an Englishman introduced them to the potato.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @FitsMan
  52. @Priss Factor

    Do you ever look at yourself writing this stuff and just feel tired? Like a “hey, that’s not actually me. It is a weird performance, that I have trapped myself in, to cope with my life.”

    All coping mechanisms have expiration dates and I sense a tremendous tiredness in yours.

  53. @JimDandy

    George Soros’ prime motivation for all his involvements is open borders for all Western nations. The support for BLM is for open borders, the support for radical leftist candidates running for attorney general is for open borders, and the support for transsexual insanity is for open borders. Soros was a student of philosopher of science Karl Popper as a college student after WWII, and Soros’ father was an advocate for Esperanto. Soros’ Jewish family was therefore presumably supportive of open borders for Europe before Hïtler, in the interests of preservation of the Jews.

  54. Rob McX says:

    Ireland, Britain, Ulster, Irish Republic…all irrelevant in the long term. All that matters is that their populations are being replaced. If things continue in the way they’re headed, both islands will be mostly African and Asian. Fools squabble over Orange parades and flying the triclour flag while Africa unloads its surplus population on us, day in day out.

  55. JimDandy says:
    @Eric Novak

    Thanks. Karl Popper was anti-Zionist and came from a family of secular-Jews-turned-Lutheran. Is Soros, in your opinion, an anti-Zionist? Will his next crusade be for open borders in Israel followed by a color revolution there?

  56. Soros bought a massive plot of land in rural Argentine Patagonia for retiring and recovering veterans of the Israeli Defense Force to effectively colonize. Is this pro-Zionist? It certainly is pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish. Raheem Kassam must be one of the primary experts on Soros, with several decades of analysis behind him. Kassam’s family was bankrupted by Soros’ short of the British Pound in 1992 that earned him a billion dollars in a single day.

  57. @anon

    “Catholic Ireland hated the Protestants but loves the, Gays, Jews Muslims and Africans.”

    No, it’s post-Catholic Ireland that does that. They are woker-than-woke. Catholic Ireland was a lot more based.

    If you’ve not noticed, Ireland isn’t very Catholic any more. The cultural collapse has been even faster than in the UK, our 60-year Cultural Revolution only took 30 there.

    Can’t help wondering if there’s some kind of post-cultural-colonial thing going on – when we last stayed in Dublin the attitude of our middle-class hosts to Brexit was one of polite but bemused condescension with a hint of schadenfreude. The (imagined) thought process:

    “Poor Brits! After leading for so long they’re actually looking backward! Here in Ireland we’re outward-looking, welcoming – look at who’s here – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, all the financial companies and banks…”

    They put a chain round their necks and think it’s a garland.

    When an Irish kid gets stabbed by a black kid in Cork or Dublin it’s amazing how similar the GoodWhite responses in the local comment sections are to the ones in the UK papers. Noticing patterns is verboten.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  58. @Bill Jones

    “I’ve yet to see a mick whingeing about famines explain what they grazed on before an Englishman introduced them to the potato.”

    Be fair. At the time of the famine Ireland was pretty much 100% the responsibility of the UK, a responsibility they discharged very poorly indeed.

    It’s interesting that the disaster in Scotland, though smaller scale, is almost forgotten.

    One reason perhaps is that the peasant farmers were tenants of Highland chiefs, not English landlords.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  59. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Eric Novak

    George Soros’ prime motivation for all his involvements is open borders for all Western nations. The support for BLM is for open borders, the support for radical leftist candidates running for attorney general is for open borders, and the support for transsexual insanity is for open borders… Soros’ Jewish family was therefore presumably supportive of open borders for Europe before Hïtler, in the interests of preservation of the Jews.

    Soros is a ((Jew)), not a Moses Jew. He worships mammon, himself, and his own international crime gang, as do all ((Jews)). They’ve assumed the moral authority of Moses Jews, though, because they want to exploit the identity to gain fabulous wealth, and the international power to crucify all truth-tellers. As does the rest of America’s back-stabbing Globalist leadership.

    You can’t serve nation and mammon. Kikes insist they must for the “safety” of “the Jews.” They’re self-evidently the biggest threat to Moses Jews, to the rule of law, and to the world. So are money-grubbing kike suckers.

    Moses knew exactly how to deal with the treasonous lot of them. That’s why they secretly (and not so secretly) hate Moses Judaism. They’re the anti-Jew posing as the Jew.

  60. Signs proclaiming Black Lives Matter are an insult to Blacks.

    The thought that people have to be constantly reminded of that fact makes Blacks feel subconsciously inferior.

    Imagine signs plastered everywhere with your name on them, proclaiming you’re not a criminal. How would you feel?

  61. MEH 0910 says:

  62. @Art Deco

    Soros, like many Israeli progressives, supports closed borders for Israel yet supports Palestinian integration in Israel and no borders for Palestinians. Soros has also donated large sums to both West Bank and Golan Heights. Israel’s current government must be more than a little angry with Soros, a major donor, to call him an open borders advocate.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  63. @YetAnotherAnon

    I missed the Scotland thing.
    I like to be an equal opportunity insulter so I’ll get right on that.

  64. Art Deco says:
    @Eric Novak

    I have a suspicion Israel’s government has a better handle on Soros’ actual views than you do.

    His father was a promoter of Esperanto, actually changed the family name, and collaborated with the German occupiers. The family has no interest in the welfare of Jews qua Jews.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  65. @Art Deco

    Soros also bought massive amounts of ranch land in Patagonia for IDF veterans. I suspect your knowledge of Soros comes from Breitbart posters, not actual scholarship. At least 20 books have been written on Soros. Try reading one mmkay?

  66. lysias says:

    Even back in 1921, two of Northern Ireland’s six counties — Fermanagh and Tyrone — far from being heavily Protestant, had Catholic and Nationalist majorities. And now it’s four of the six counties that have Catholic majorities.

    • Thanks: Hibernian
  67. FitsMan says:

    I think the Irish, not unreasonably, dislike the English and their lackeys of whatever faith. The minority Protestants in Ireland fare far better than the nearly majority Catholics fare in Northern Ireland. (Let’s pass the hat for poor Harry and Megan!!)

    • Agree: Hibernian
  68. Bob85 says:

    Of course I’ve heard of Belleek. The others,…

  69. FitsMan says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Yes, the IRA engaged in acts that might be construed as “terrorism” (although it is a very shortsighted guerilla army that alienates the population. Of course, the Brits frequently did not relay timely advance warnings of bomb detonations, since Irisih lives of any stripe mean nothing to them, and casualties served their propaganda agenda) However, the British army and protestant terror organizations likewise committed reprehensible acts q.v. Bloody sunday, Shankill Butchers, etc.

  70. FitsMan says:
    @Bill Jones

    Billy boy, your ignorance of history is astounding, even for an Anglophile. I suggest you limit your comments to odes of praise for the Saxe-Gotha-Coberg-Mountbatten-Battenberg-Windsors. Norman warlords invaded Ireland, by invitation, to conquer territory a full century after the Vikings were gone from the scene: there were plenty of Vikings resident in perfidious Albion (I.e. Danelaw, Danegeld) and thus no need to invade a distant land to combat them. The wingeing mick ate beef, mutton and cereal grains prior to the introduction of the potato, a crop widely relied on by peasants from Iceland to Russia. (wondering who would score lower on an IQ test, Bill Jones or Maegan’s husband.)

  71. Jtgw says:

    I think you are echoing my point though. These ancient sectarian divisions are being replaced by something else.

  72. @Verymuchalive

    As an American with heritage that goes back to Co. Derry -gt. grandparents came to NY in 1880s- I am aware of what is happening on the Catholic/Republican side of the entity called N. Ireland, but would be classified as fairly clueless as to what is happening (or not happening) among Ulster Protestants. Would I be wrong to say that they have not marched as cheerily in the Woke Parade? Watching the woke antics of Sinn Fein over the past number of years fills me with total disgust. For years I was an American supporter of the nationalist cause, even though I realized (but not to the full extent) they were full blown leftists. Today I could never cheer on a party which is anything but nationalist. As I have educated myself (in my near dotage lol) by reading the contributing authors to this site and that of Kevin Macdonald, I have more sympathy and understanding for the Ulster Unionists. I regard both communities as fellow white people who are in dire straits, with both supposedly cherished cultures headed for a royal flush down the nearest loo. I have no answers to the problems of N. Ireland, but do want to see both sides go beyond the past bitter history in order to confront an even uglier future that will make the Troubles look like a walk in the sun if some sort of action is not taken.

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