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The Spooks and the Hacks: Why Do They Hate Russia?
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Well, if you were wondering who really runs things in Washington, D.C.—where the real power lies—now you know: it’s with the intelligence agencies, with a little help from the Main Stream Media. Next question: why do they hate Russia so much?

December 29th, the day still-President Barack Obama expelled a raft of Russian diplomats on suspicion of having influenced our election, General Michael Flynn—at that point merely a private citizen but about to become President Trump’s national-security advisor —had a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador.

Nothing wrong with that. Or perhaps not quite nothing. There is a federal law called the Logan Act that prohibits private citizens from talking to foreign governments.[18 U.S. Code § 953 ] The Act was passed in 1799 when one George Logan, a Pennsylvania state legislator, had talks with the government of France, ticking off the John Adams administration, which had majorities in Congress. In the subsequent 218 years, there has been just one indictment under the Logan act, and zero actual prosecutions. The Act is regarded as a bit of a joke, and the jurisprudential consensus seems to be that it is in fact unconstitutional, although with zero prosecutions in 200-plus years, nobody thinks it’s worth the trouble to test the matter.

Well, our spooks listened in to that December 29th episode of personal diplomacy. Then they passed on what they’d heard to the FBI. Then someone—either a spook or a G-man—leaked to the press.

“According to a senior U.S. government official, Flynn phoned Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Dec. 29, the day the Obama administration announced the expulsion of 35 Russian officials as well as other measures in retaliation for the hacking. “[Why did Obama dawdle on Russia’s hacking?, By David Ignatius, January 12. 2017]

That is seriously illegal. It’s also highly irresponsible, as it gives the other party meta-intelligence—that’s intelligence about intelligence. Without knowing what we’re doing or how we’re doing it, the Russians now know a thing we can do: listen to their ambassador’s phone conversations in defiance of whatever kind of subterfuge or encryption he’s using.

But if there’s been a Main Stream Media hue and cry over that illegality and that irresponsibility on the part of our intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, I missed it. All the fuss has been about what Flynn told or did not tell Vice President Pence, and how the President was then briefed.

It’s penny-ante stuff; so much so you have to wonder—as some commentators have wondered—whether Trump used the whole nothingburger as an excuse to dump Flynn this week because he was dissatisfied with him.

It got blown up into a major story because of synergy between the intelligence people and the MSM, the spooks and the hacks. Dwight Eisenhower famously warned us about the military-industrial complex. What we’ve seen this week is the intelligence-media complex showing its strength.

The spooks can of course do major damage on their own. In alliance with the MSM, though, they are lethal. A leak is just a leak; the MSM decides what to make into a major story and what to leave as a filler item on page 23. And, working as they do in a pillar of the CultMarx establishment, the media hacks are happy to take what scraps and fragments the vengeful spooks pass on to them and work them into bricks to throw through Trump’s windows.

So again I ask: Whence all this hostility to Russia?

I am honestly baffled by it. In what way is Russia a threat to U.S. interests? They have no claims on our territory. They’re not a commercial rival. They’re not flooding us with cheap workers to depress our own people’s wages and burden our welfare services. They haven’t sent any terrorists to fly planes into our skyscrapers. Why are we even supposed to be bothered by their espionage activities?

It’s true that the present Russian government is unlovely. It’s true they might do mean things, like invading Estonia. That would be deplorable, but no sane person really thinks the U.S.A. would go to war over it, as the NATO charter technically requires.

Indeed, the temptation to show up NATO for the hollow sham it is, is the only reason I can think of for why Russia would invade Estonia.

The Estonians should make what arrangements for mutual defense they can with neighboring countries, and avoid provoking the bear. They face nothing worse than small countries with big neighbors have faced since the beginning of time.

Russia’s just another country, like Brazil or Indonesia. I can’t see any reason we shouldn’t get along with them on the same terms as with those countries. The Cold War’s been over for a quarter of a century, for Heaven’s sake.

I can’t even figure out a conspiracy theory about our Establishment’s hostility to Russia. Has the Homintern been at work, stirring up anti-Russian feeling because they won’t legalize same-sex marriage? Does someone think they want to dominate the Middle East so they can control the Arabs’ oil? Do influential American Jews still nurse resentment for the Kishinev Pogrom? None of that strikes me as even remotely plausible.

Is it just inertia? The Cold War created huge, entrenched sub-establishments within the federal government—lots of iron rice bowls. These sub-establishments don’t want their rice bowls broken. They don’t want their corner of the swamp to be drained. Swamp-draining-wise, they are massively conservative, in the style of the Third Duke of Norfolk: “I would all things were as hath been in times past.”


That’s not much more plausible than the conspiracy stuff, though. After twenty-six years, years that saw the War on Terror and the rise of China, are significant power centers in the U.S. government really still obsessing about Kremlin plots and tank divisions rolling through the Fulda Gap?

Hard to believe.

Is it just the perception that Vladimir Putin is a nationalist—a nationalist that will help other nationalists any way he can, funding Ms. Le Pen’s political campaigns [ Marine Le Pen’s links to Russia under US scrutiny, Telegraph, UK, December 21, 2016] and hacking the emails of Donald Trump’s opponents?

Possibly, and I can see that would rile up the CultMarx globalists. But why are the rest of us supposed to care?

It’s a mystery to me. I throw it open to the listenership. Why am I supposed to believe that Russia is our enemy? Why am I supposed to care about their hacking, so long as they don’t hack into my bank account?

Winston Churchill, following the Hitler-Stalin deal of 1939, said that Russian policy was “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

I’m feeling the same way about our own current Russia policy.

Can anyone enlighten me?

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, CIA, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. I’m afraid you’re looking at things through the lens of national interest, which doesn’t explain anything. I mean, what threat did white South Africa possibly pose to the US when it and its allies went about bringing the government down?

    You hint at the truth though.

    Russia is a white country, that explicitly promotes religion and nationalism, and is against gay rights. I mean, really, what’s there to explain? I remember 10 years or so ago gays in Russia was the biggest international story for a while. The law said that they couldn’t propagandize to children, they didn’t actually make homosexuality illegal. It was nothing compared to what third world countries do or what western states did to gays a few decades ago. But in two thousand whatever, a white nation going the “wrong way” on gays was absolutely unforgivable.

    Also opposes overthrowing Assad. The foreign policy establishment decided that since overthrowing dictators worked so well in Iraq and Libya, if only we had done it in Syria everything would be wonderful. Yes, they’re that crazy.

    Finally, they need a scapegoat for Hillary’s loss. For a few weeks after the election, they were running around with their hair on fire over “fake news,” the supposed juggernaut that brought down the queen. Then it became “The Russians stole it!” Because Russia is white and Christian, they can indulge in their hatreds without feeling much guilt about it.

    Sort of like how they need to believe that Russia is the driving force behind the rise of the “far right” in Europe. It can’t possibly be that the people dislike mass Islamic immigration, can it? Unthinkable! They must be being manipulated by the Kremlin! When the Soviet Union’s insane economic policies failed, they always needed to find a scapegoat lest anyone think that their fundamental assumptions are wrong.

    Russia is the white Christian boogeyman, responsible for the rise of Trump, resistance to mass migration, and the lack of transition to democracy in the Middle East. The only alternative for the establishment is to accept that their ideas are wrong and unworkable, which ideologues rarely do.

  2. inertial says:

    I think Cold War inertia accounts for most of it. In fact, it is the most parsimonious explanation for American foreign policy in the past 25 years. Everything, from war on Serbia, to war on Iraq, to colored revolutions could be explained as post-Cold War mopping-up operations. Every government that has been, or could have been, friendly to Russia had to be destroyed.

    For example, take Middle East. Did you know which Middle Eastern nations were Russian allies in the 1980? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and half of Yemen. Does this list remind you of something?

  3. inertial says:

    Incidentally, I’d like Derb to explain why the British establishment and the British press are even more deranged on Russia than the American ones. Are they still afraid that the Russians shall have Constantinople?

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hating Russia has nothing to do with it.

    It all goes back to Mackinder and controlling the Heartland. Under this model (which no less than Zbigniew Brezinski follows) the only way to control the world and gaurantee the primacy of the western empire is to keep the west and east separate.

    This way trade and control of other countries can be controlled through the navy via the various straights that control trade and oil.

    If Russia, which is the world’s largest country and sits in Asia and Europe, is able to act as a conduit between Asia and Europe it would create a multipolar world with many different powerfull players. It would mean the end to the petrodollar dollar and America would just be a powerfull country instead of THE empire.

    One may think that China is the larger threat to western primacy, but it actually isn’t. It is Russia.

    If Russia can be controlled and broken up into many territories, it will be hard for China to unite east and west through the one belt one road initiative. Without Russia, dealing with China is just a matter of blocking non Russian routes through Europe which traverses many more unstable countries. And dealing with the Chinese navy in the South China Seas.

    So if Russia is taken out, but not China, the west will still be able to control the world with no other rivals emerging.

    If China can be taken out, but not Russia, it will still lead to a multipolar world. Combining the resources of the east and west, even without China, would create an enormous trading block independent of the west.

    So it is clear to me why Russia is being targetted.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Longfisher
  5. For the ‘spooks’, I think it’s like a game. Once you join the intelligence community, it’s like spy vs spy. You get so caught up in the game that you play for pride and prejudice. You don’t even think ideologically. You don’t care who is president AS LONG AS he lets you play the game. The US has been playing this game against Russia for so long that many in the intelligence community is addicted to the anti-Russian game. They see bear-hunting and bear-baiting as a rite of passage, pastime, and ritual. It’s like what became of fox-hunting in Britain, what became of bullfighting in Spain. Too much of the culture.

    Just like your standard journalist in the US was trained to think in terms of re-fighting the Civil Rights Movement — the righteous and noble cause of rooting out ‘racism’ and other evils — , US spies and intelligence operatives were trained to fight the grand foreign enemy, and Russia’s been the ONLY enemy worth setting sight on. There is China, but Chinese dragon hides in the lair and don’t make a good enemy.
    Russians just have this badass image, rather unwarranted, but it goes back to communism and even before that when the British Empire used to be nervous about Russia for this or that reason. Many in US intelligence think in terms of power and prestige of scoring more points. They think US should rule the world, and US is surely most dominant nation. But Russia gets in the way in parts of EU and Middle East, and that means the game must go on until the US totally wins. So, it is US vs Russia. Also, having played this game forever, there is too much pride involved. It’s like players on a sports team. They’ve been in the game for so long that they want to keep playing. Someone on the Dallas Cowboys have no personal animus against people on other teams. But having become associated with the Cowboys, you just wanna keep playing and winning and bashing other teams and making it to the superbowl just one more time. And for many in the US intelligence, they’ve been playing this game with Russia as long as they can remember. Their lives are intertwined with it. Their lives would have no meaning without this hunt for the great bear, their Moby Dick.
    And even though US won the Cold War, Russia sort of rebounded and poses an obstacle to total US dominance. And that is NOT okay for US intelligence. So, when Trump comes along and calls for end to Refreeze War, many is US intelligence is angry as hell. They see the battle as unfinished and unwon. Their entire lives were devoted to fighting Bad Russia, and now Trump wants to call it off? It’s like Michael Corleone telling Pantengeli to go easy on the Rosato Brothers and Roth cuz he has business to do. Pantengeli is pissed. For him, the battle is still on.
    Or it’s like Deniro character in MIDNIGHT RUN. After awhile, it’s not even about the money. He’s got so deeply involved that it’s all about pride. He just wants to prove he can go all the way, finish it, and come out on top. It’s like Ness in UNTOUCHABLES. Ness isn’t even all that concerned about the Prohibition. He would be fine if they legalized alcohol again. But he serves the government, and that means he has to enforce the laws. And since Al Capone is the big bad guy, his pride in wrapped up getting him. He’s become addicted to the game.


    Most US intelligence people are hardcore professionals. They are not really about ideology. Sure, they like to believe that they represent democracy, human rights, and rule of law as opposed to Russia that is ruled by gangsters and oligarchs. (To be sure, the real conflict is between Russian gangsters led by Putin and Jewish gangsters who rule America. But the operatives in the spy game are too caught up in the game to think deep about ideology. They are like members of the US hockey team or basketball team playing the Russkies in the big game. They are addicted to the thrill of the game.) They are like spy-athletes enthralled with the game, and they see Trump’s attempt to end the Refreeze War as ‘stab in the back’. It’s like the coach stopping the game at midpoint and saying, both sides should shake hands and go home. The spy-athletes just can’t stand that. They’ve been playing too hard to just quit without winning and taking home the trophy. They are like dogs who’ve been in the hunt for so long. They think they surrounded the bear to bring it down and tear it to pieces. They smell the blood, and they are so excited. So, when Trump says, ‘no more of that’, let’s go home and let the bear alone, they are like frustrated dogs.

    But, of course, there are those with the grand vision of things.

    For them, ‘Russian’ is codeword for anyone who resists Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order.

    So, even though the Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order(or AZGO) is the aggressive and expansive power in the world, we are led to believe that Russia is the aggressor for resisting the ‘inevitable’ End of History.

    So, if voices in the US and EU call for an end of hostilities toward Russia and a peaceful multi-polar world, they are labeled as ‘Russian’ by the globalist media and paid-politicians.

    ‘Russian’ is becoming synonymous with ‘nationalism over globalism’.

    In contrast, ‘American’ has become synonymous with ‘globalism over nationalism’.

    What is the ‘Russian’ way? It means each nation guarding its sovereignty, political independence, sense of history, and sense of identity/culture.

    What is the ‘American’ way? It means all nations must obey the US, copy the US, follow the US, and see the ‘American’ way as the only correct one.

    No wonder Duterte is leaning to Russia. America offers the cash but on condition that Philippines plays the whore, whereas Russia says ‘be yourself and remain politically independent’. Russia wants good relations, not dominance over other nations.

    Russia says Russia should pursue its own path in accordance to its culture, values, and history. And Russia respects the same rights for China, Iran, Syria, Philippines, etc. Russia doesn’t try to force its culture, attitude, and values on other nations. Russia doesn’t believe there is ONE way for all nations.

    In contrast, America, as the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation, the lone superpower, feels it has the right to invade, intervene, and infect every nation with whatever happens to be fashionable in the Current Year. So, if the neo-religion of the US is homomania, then the entire world must go along because the American Way of the Current Year is the Only Way.

    Inside every ‘gook’ is an American trying to get out.

    Trump has been good to speak of pulling America out of the imperialist game and fixing problems at home. On the other hand, he is foolishly messing things up Asia by toying with the One-China policy. It’d be like China saying Alaska isn’t part of the US.

    While Japan is rich — far richer than Russia — , it is politically poor. Russia controls its own government, military, intelligence institutions, and everything. In contrast, Japan got rich as a whore to Uncle Sam(now Uncle Samstein). So, even though a rich nation, it is just a rich whore… like Taiwan.

    If you’re Iranian, to be ‘Russian’ means to guard and defend your Iranian identity, nationality, territory, and sovereignty. Like Russia does.
    On the other hand, for an Iranian to be ‘American’ means to surrender his identity, territory, and sovereignty to the forces of American celebrity trash culture, open borders, and national autonomy.

    Of course, these meanings are dictated by Jewish-controlled media. To be ‘American’ no longer means what it used to mean. America wasn’t always about spreading homomania and fighting Wars for Israel and Jewish-globalist interests. That is the New America under Jewish domination. From the Jewish supremacist-globalist perspective, ‘American’ power means spreading Jewish influence everywhere and weakening all identities and borders(except in Israel) so that Jewish-controlled finance, media, entertainment, and ideology can penetrate and dictate terms & themes in all nations. Like George Soros and Paul Singer have done in nation after nation.
    Jews are now pro-‘American’ because the New America as globalist empire is no longer about gentile nation-states. It is about Jewish supremacists using American power to destroy and weaken other nations. Since Russia is the resistant force against this massive globalist agenda, Jews have equated ‘Russia’ with everything evil and unpleasant. We are told Putin is ‘new hitler’. That’s hilarious since Hitler was an aggressive war-monger. If anyone people are like Nazis, it is the current Jews. And if any nation is like Nazi Germany, it is the US that has made wrecks of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. US also aided Neo-Nazis to overthrow the democratically elected regime in Ukraine.

    It’s all a mind-trick by the globalists.
    Just think. If to-be-‘Russian’ means for each nation to be proud of itself, protect its borders, and secure its sovereignty, then, going ‘Russian’ means national independence. This so-called ‘Russian influence’ is nothing more than ‘nationalism for every country’ and that means liberation from Jewish supremacist globalism. And of course, Jews know this.

    What Jews fear in America is not this ‘Russian influence’ but the rise of American gentile nationalism, esp of the white kind. This nationalism isn’t owned by Russia. It isn’t controlled by Russia. It isn’t directly influenced by Russia. But it is partly *inspired* by Russia. Russia is not inspiring White Americans to obey Russia or bow down to Moscow. Rather, the Russian Example is inspiring Americans to regain their own autonomy, independence, and sovereignty from globalist tyranny(like Russians in WWII inspired the world with their rollback of Nazi Germany; today, Russia seems to be inspiring other nations to roll back the Ashke-Nazi America). After all, even though the US is the center of globalist empire, American people are also cowed subjects of globalist rule controlled by the oligarchs, elites, and their commissars. For too long, the American people went unheard as the globalist oligarchs fleeced the nation financially and flung open the borders for massive foreign invasion, a ploy to reduce white Americans into minority status so that globo-elites could play divide-and-rule among the various warring gentile groups. Also, Jews figure that massive race-mixing will weaken nationalism among the gentiles. (In contrast, Israel enforces the policy of Jews mating with Jews so as to strengthen the sense of Jewish identity and unity. Israel doesn’t encourage Jews to mate with Arabs or Africans.)

    So, to go ‘Russian’ means to regain one’s own national independence and sovereignty from Anglo-Zio-Homo globalism.
    And that is why the globo Media goes rabid with talk of ‘Russian, Russian, Russian’. It is a mind-trick to fool American gentiles(esp whites) that their true-blue nationalism is controlled by Russia, a foreign power.
    But surely, inspiration isn’t same as influence or intervention. Suppose John, Bob, Tyrus, Jack, and Ivan are slaves. Suppose Ivan is the first one to break free. Suppose John looks at what Ivan has done and tries to do the same to free himself. He has made himself free of the master, but then, the master tries to fool him that he is now under the influence of Ivan. But in fact, Ivan was just an inspiration that taught John that he can be free too. John’s following in the footsteps of Ivan to free himself doesn’t make him the puppet of Ivan. What really matters is John is no longer the slave of the master.

    Russia, for all its problems and horrors(there are many), did manage to break free from globo-oligarchic control under Putin. It partly freed itself from the Anglo-Zionist globo-oligarchy, and its example may be inspiring to others. If other nations do as Russia did, they would be following Russia’s lead to regain independence and sovereignty. But the globalists would like for us to believe that breaking out of globalist domination is akin to coming under Russian control.

    Because the US is the center of globo-oligarchic power, Americans were supposed to just shut up, hunker down, and obey the globo-oligarchs with their grand agenda. But enough white Americans rebelled in 2016 and made Trump president. Though Trump is pro-Zionist, his agenda is at odds with Anglo-Zionist globalism. He also fired up nationalist feelings among the hoi polloi. It’s derided as ‘populism’ by the know-it-all elites. Trump is for American nationalism, and he is also for less American imperialist meddling overseas. It means the rise of Americanism and NO to globalism. But globalism is the agenda of the Jewish globalists who hate the idea of nationalism that erects walls against penetration of the tentacles of the Zionist-Globo Octopus.

    So, Jews who control the media tell us night and day that the revival of Americanism is ‘Russian intervention’. But it is really the rise of American independence from Zionist-Globalist Control that is the real alien force in American politics. Jewish-Americans don’t identify with most Americans. After all, the main loyalty of American Jews isn’t to fellow Americans of gentile kind but to fellow Jews around the world. Jewish-Americans feel closer to Jews in Europe and Israel than with ‘all those deplorable subhuman white trash living in trailer parks’. That’s how Jews really see the world. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Paris and London than with Evangelicals, working class whites, Texas whites, and etc.
    Does anyone think George Soros and his ilk cares about gentiles? They foment wars all over the Middle East, unleash massive ‘refugee’ crisis, and then pressure Europe to take in all those invaders uprooted by Wars for Israel.
    And consider how so many Jewish Americans serve in Israeli military than in US military. Yet, these very Jews pressure EU to take in more ‘refugees’, all while being totally OK with Israel taking in ONLY Jewish immigrants and keeping Golan Heights stolen from Syria.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  6. Stogumber says:

    The most obvious motive is greed: the unfulfilled dream of the Yeltsin era – a deal in which the Americans help Russian “liberals” to the throne and the same Russian “liberals” help American capitalists to take possession of the natural riches and resources of Russia.
    It has been tried. It has been stopped by Putin (who, like a new Tsar, constrained Jewish advancement to the top). It will be tried again.

  7. john cronk says: • Website

    You’ve already answered your own question, John. It’s simply inertia and preservation of those rice bowls.

  8. Anonym says:

    I think one reason the media don’t like Russia probably harkens back to the removal of the oligarchs.

  9. @Anonymous

    I read all the comments above this one with disbelief that commenters, honorable commenters BTW, seemed not to have grasped the forward-looking if but entirely malicious motives of the U.S. deep state, but rather, had the idea that the Russo-phobia we’re currently seeing is but the continuance of previous threat over-estimation or just plain old habits.

    It’s not.

    As the above comment quite correctly points out the current and increasing rivalry between the U.S. and Russia has to do with containing China and preventing the creation of a Eurasian economic block that the U.S. neoliberals couldn’t control. The Silk Road from Vladivostok to Lisbon is what scares the Devil out of the neoliberals. And, they’ll break up Russia, if needed, to prevent it.

    A Google Search on the terms neoliberal (or Hillary, or, Kissinger, or, Zbigniew Brzezinski) and “break up Russia” would prove illuminating to anyone who doubts this.


  10. @Jeremy Cooper

    Congratulations for the best , most concise depiction of the russian situation ever posted here on UNZ.
    It’s all about gays, mass migration and the fact that they hate VP because he is NOT communist.
    If he was a commie they would love him.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society meber of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
  11. EL Dato says:

    I remember the Saker revving up about this a while ago:

    But even without overthinking this, isn’t it just be the establishment’s dream of “everything going exactly as planned” and countries “being saved from evil” having been wrecked.

    Political religion is currently the dream of seeing nations and countries on the borderlands merging without resistance into the big capitalist/democraticist/nonthreatening/nonmilitarist/keynesian-stimulusist/multiculturalist/anti-anti-semitic melting pot of “The West”. Indeed, it seems necessary for the domain to grow at all cost. Is there any sense in the “with us or against us” EU enlargement and NATO task accrual at all?

    Remember that the situation deteriorated when not all went smoothly in Georgia back in 2008. Up to then, Russia was considered a tolerable, grumpy bear, playing on the Evil side in Yougsolavia, stomping on Chechnya, poisoning dissidents abroad, doing mischief in Moldavia, but basically keeping its mouth shut about the Afghan/Iraq freakshow (or the wrecking of Lebanon), i.e. the birthpangs of the New Middle East could proceed. So ok.

    After that, not so much.

  12. Anonymous [AKA "cano"] says:

    The neocon strategy, and hence American foreign policy, holds that no other nation should be permitted to even think about regional dominance, much less global dominance. Every other nation must either be our vassal state or be subject to sanctions, coup or outright invasion when they defy us. Russia seeks to be a regional power without submitting to us, as does Iran. Our strategy demands that we never accept that. We have already sanctioned Russia and Iran without success. Hence the belligerent attitude that could easily lead to war. It doesn’t matter that both those countries are fighting our only real enemies, the jihadis. We will always oppose them until they give up any independent national aspirations.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  13. The fact that Russia supports Israel’s enemies in the middle east (e.g. Syria) is probably a factor that a lot people don’t want to mention.

    Inertia is probably a lot of it too, as others have said. There hasn’t been nearly enough re-thinking of things since the Cold War ended. Or rather, there has been thinking and writing about it, just not a lot of doing anything.

    I recently read Samuel Huntington’s book Clash of Civilizations, which was written soon after the end of the Cold War. I think a lot of people formed opinions of the book without actually reading it, incorrectly assuming that the title implied a prediction of some massive world war between the West and Islam. In fact the word “clash” just means conflict, not even necessarily war, also including diplomatic conflict, etc.

    The main point was that with the end of the divide over Communism vs Capitalism, the world would revert to really a more natural divide based on race, religion, ethnicity, or at a larger scale “civilizations” – Western civ, Islamic civ, and what he called Orthodox (Christian) civilization for Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. (He also talked about Asian, Hindu, and other civ but I’m bringing it up in regards to Russia.)

    Anyway, he totally predicted what happened in the Ukraine. Here were two good recommendations he made:
    1. Ukraine should split into two countries, let the Eastern (Orthodox) part be independent and then the Western (in both the civilizational and navigational sense) can join NATO.
    2. NATO should become an organization for the defense of “Western” civilization – so keep Estonia in but boot out the Greeks and Turks.

    Then it would be ok for Russia to have influence within its affiliated civilization, which would not arouse fear or resentment among countries like Serbia or the new East Ukraine that genuinely shared those affinities and loyalties. Much unlike how Catholic Poland would fear and resent Russian power because Poland’s natural home is with the West.

    • Replies: @Forbes
  14. dearieme says:

    Because Putin is a butch homosexualist whereas Obama is a camp homosexualist?

    Nah, doesn’t sound plausible at all. So I suppose the answer is witch-hunting, with Russians as the witches. Because the US population still has a memory of the time when the Russians of the Soviet Union did horrible things such as invade Afghanistan. Hang on, can that be right?

  15. Russia says she won’t be Washington’s bitch. She must therefore be destroyed. The same goes for anyone reading this.

  16. pyrrhus says:

    The CIA doesn’t hate Russia. But without stirring up wars and conflict, it’s difficult for this gang of parasites to justify its existence and enormous (black) budget, so war it must be!

  17. @inertial

    Why would they not be deranged about Russia? They’re deranged about everything else.

    • Agree: Randal
  18. Forbes says:

    Curiously, I too, recently read Huntington’s book, and at the distance of 25 years from its publication it’s frightening how prescient he was about how the world order would play out in the post-cold war era. The emergence of China, Islamic terrorism, Orthodox Russia are all sketched out, plus the failure to Westernize Mexico, Turkey, Russia in the race to modernization.

    Inasmuch as you can’t be more mainstream than Harvard (Huntington’s home), it’s as if everyone and anyone in foreign policy circles ignored Huntington’s blueprint as if it were the folly of some obscure academic writing from East Bum4uck.

    • Replies: @Loveofknowledge
  19. The answer is right in front of our noses. The present clash between Russia and the US/Anglosphere is nothing more than a clash between great powers, empires if you will, about who ends up with what. It is The Great Game on a global scale.

    It reminds me of two very big strong friends of mine I once observed elbowing each other out to get the last ice cream in the fridge, which then devolved into a good-natured, bellowing wrestling match on the living room floor.

    In a like way, empires rub elbows and try to push each other out of the way. That is just what empires do. It’s all about spheres of influence, in a great zero-sum game, in which to lose, one merely has to sit back and let the other win.

    A good book: The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia, by Peter Hopkirk. Things have not changed much. As in Central Asia in the 1800’s, time-tested games are played to influence individual countries/rulers on the great chessboard.

    Just make sure that the rubes don’t see the obvious for what it is. They might opt for less empire building, posturing and subterfuge. Then we all go down the shoots!

    Enter the Lame Steam Media and the vital role it plays to shunt attention to more rights for gay people, people that have pussies, and the “Rule of Law” when it comes to Crimea (but not when it comes to Israel), etcetera. Just pick an issue, shunt attention, create a narrative, and silently do what you need to do. But then, everybody who reads this site knows that.

    So, as others have noted above, the worst fear of the U.S. is to have Europe united with Russia united with China (hell maybe Israel might even see which side is winning and eventually throw in with Russia), leaving the United States as a relatively unimportant island. And hell, the way the U.S. is is going, not very well unified as a nation at present, the chances of being some kind of prosperous non-interventionalist Switzerland seems to be receding.

    Same game ad infinitum. It just sucks because we only have one planet.

  20. Louis says:

    Mr. Derbyshire I hope this adds to the discussion.

    This hatred of Russia goes back much further than the cold war. The division is rooted in the split between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire and the split between the Catholic and Orthodox churches. English history books are full of venom for Eastern Christians which Putin and Russia are direct descendants of. Muslims and Jews and every other religion do not want to see this wound healed. When Christians were united they were invincible. The Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire. After the squabbles began Christians were not so invincible anymore. Justinian could not bring the Empire back together. Also at this time heresies pervaded the Church doing damage not unlike the damage Cultural Marxism & Liberation theology (gnosticism) have inflicted on it today. In all the confusion Christians lashed out against each other. Byzantine Emperor Heraclius declared any Christian who did not do as they were told would have their ear sliced off. Many Christians in the Middle East decided they wanted out of the empire and INVITED the Muslims in. Later after centuries of Christian bickering. St. Vladimir Christianized the Russians and choose Eastern Orthodoxy over Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. If the US and Russia do not get it together the Muslims will be permitted to overrun Europe just like Mohammed’s armies were permitted to overrun the once Christian Middle East. See the following books for how Muslims conquered the Middle East: Religious, Cultural, Political History of the Maronites by Rev. Boutros Dao, The History of the Maronite Church by Pierre Dib, and The Lost History of Christianity by Phillip Jenkins.
    THE MUSLIMS, ARIAN HERETICS, AND LATER THE ALBIGENSIAN (GNOSTIC) HERETICS SIMPLY EXPLOITED THE DIVISION BETWEEN CHRISTIANS THAT HAD ALREADY APPEARED. As Jenkins points out the Muslims classified Jews and Christians as people of the book so many Christians did NOT fear them at the time. Sound Familiar? Look around the world religion is driving everything again. Our Western leaders are too stupid to see the world in religious terms. By the way a lot of the hostility from “conservatives” in the Catholic church are from people who HATE the idea of reuniting the churches. Pope Francis likes Patriarch Kirill and wants a reunion with all of the Orthodox.

  21. @Forbes

    Yes indeed. Knowing what I know now, having imbibed the likes of Sailer and Derbyshire for a while, I think the reason for Huntington’s prescience is simply that he understood human nature. Specifically, he appreciated the significance of religion and ethnicity – the eternal power that group identities have over human hearts.

    His work probably didn’t resonate with policymakers because they thought religion and nationality were bizarre, baffling anachronisms that would fade away soon enough, and they reduced everything to economics and individualism.

    He had another book called Who Are We, written in 2005, that I’m curious to read now. It’s about immigration and multiculturalism in America, and I’m guessing that his ideas about the current prospects of the “melting pot” will be less sentimental and idealistic (and again, likely more accurate) than the prevailing elite consensus.

    I’m giving both foreign and domestic policymakers the benefit of the doubt here that they’re just confused. Of course they may not actually believe their own B.S. in either case and just have ulterior motives. It’s probably a mixture of both.

    • Replies: @Fredrik
  22. @Priss Factor

    OMG! you are awesome, truthfully I am awe struck by your comments, Priss Factor. Of course every line in your comment is amazing and deep. Thank you, it was worth to read your comment, and thank you for enlighten us, thank you.

  23. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Can anyone enlighten me?

    Russia is the only nation in the world which US can not defeat conventionally. US can not simply deploy all her (and NATO’s) available force on Russia’s border (vicinity) and hope to do the “Desert Storm thing” all over again. This force will be defeated. Without claim to the ability of defeating anyone anywhere (globally) all US claims to being global hyper -super-pooper-what have you power are just an empty bluster and that is a huge metaphysical and real political problem. In other words, Russia (and to a lesser degree China) stands in a way of USA realizing herself as global empire and exceptional nation. Considering an extremely low cultural and educational level of US political class and “elites” it becomes inevitable that their desperation from either understanding (very few of them) or sensing (majority of them) this reality results, instead of internalization and dealing with this reality, in hysteria, hatred and, in general, self-destruction. I wrote precisely on this issue couple days ago in my blog. In the end, compare Russia’s and US histories in general, and military ones in particular. In the country whose political (I underscore it–political) culture is based on penis measuring contests, it is the one she can not win. US lost since Korean War all wars it unleashed–this is not my opinion, this is opinion of very many US military professionals. This is in a nutshell, the issue, of course, is much more complex.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  24. Cyrano says:

    US (not only the spooks and the hawks) hate Russia because it represents an alternative. It always had and it still is. It was an alternative to Napoleon and Hitler and to capitalism and now to imperialism. Communism is long gone, but Russia is still the only major obstacle to overcome in order to truly subjugate the world. It is the only country that has the military muscle – China might be getting there, but they are too dependent on trade with the west to be considered a serious opposition.

    Russia is a continent sized country that’s pretty much self-sufficient in most major commodities and to a certain extent in technology as well. You can’t cut the oil supply to them by blocking the naval supply routes, economic sanctions can make their life harder, but they can withstand them.

    The reason why Russia is so scary to deranged minds dreaming of world domination is that they are the most resilient country thanks to abundance of natural resources and military strength that can withstand anything short of destroying the planet. It represents an alternative to the vision of the world dominated by one country and gives hope to people who might despair that they have no option but to follow economic and political model that doesn’t suit them.

  25. dearieme says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    “Russia is the only nation in the world which US can not defeat conventionally.” And China.

    ‘Russia and China are the only nations in the world which US can not defeat conventionally.’ And India.

    ‘Russia and China and India are the only nations in the world which US can not defeat conventionally.’ And Israel.

    ‘Russia and China and India and Israel are the only nations in the world which US can not defeat conventionally.’

    Fetch the comfy chair.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  26. Fredrik says:

    I believe that quite a few actually believe what they’re saying. I actually think the alternative would be worse. Just imagine some deranged SJW doing it for the money or fame instead of being a believer.

    I agree with you on Huntingon and your conclusions.

  27. It isn’t that hard to understand. Russia and the US are at cross-purposes, and probably always will be as long as Russia has pretensions to great power status.

    The main source of tension at the moment is that we and Russia have no real agreement on where the EU ends. Is it in the middle of Ukraine? The US backed the creation of the EU as a tool to keep Europe manageable and docile. It has worked pretty well for the US on the whole. Russia sees the EU as a threat, particularly since Maidan, and has been trying to undermine it quite actively.

    Russia’s support for Assad, an ally of Iran, and an enemy of Israel, doesn’t help.

    And big picture, Putin is a disaster for the US and Russia because he has hollowed out his country, destroying what was left of the significant assets the USSR had bequeathed Russia in manufacturing, education and science. Russia has nothing much to offer these days but oil, gas, and weapons. It’s long term destiny is to become a colony of China, which is also not in the US interest.

    • Replies: @Fredrik
    , @Lyttenburgh
  28. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Generally agree. But there is also a significant cultural and racial component to this–“Dirty Slavs” etc. But these are precisely these “dirty Slavs” who own State Hermitage, Bolshoy and Mariinsky (among many other) Theaters, own literature of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, music of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov and other many other cultural and scientific things which simply must not belong to these backward, smelly Russians. This can not stand. Who gave those stupid Russkies any right to build St. Petersburg, SU-35 or spaceships.;-)

    • Agree: PiltdownMan
  29. Innozenz says:

    After WWII the CIA started to use a lot of money to found new newspapers and periodicals in Europe. The influence of US intelligence on the media in Europe continues to this day. European journalists have described how they are bribed by US services in order to publish the articles the US wants to them to. Because of such US actions, also state owned media are today in Europe under the control of the US. The fact that in the US the media are following more and more the line of intelligence services shows that, also in the US, these services have found a way to control the media, perhaps through media owners with a close relationship to the services (as it seems to be the case with the WaPo). In the last seventy years US intelligence must have spent many billions in order to control the media wherever possible. They were for many years very successful in these endeavours and what they are doing now is to try to defend their investment.

    2005 Russia Today began to show its programs to a western public and later other Russian media followed. These new Russian media helped public opinion in the US to understand that the narrative presented by the mainstream US media about the war in Syria is wrong. The consequence was that the US services were not able to convince the US public about the necessity of a much stronger US-involvement in this war. This is most probably why US intelligence services are now looking for conflicts with Russia and are trying to create a climate of war with Russia. If they succeed they might be able to find enough support with public opinion to find or create a legal way to close down RT and other Russian media so that it will not any longer be possible to watch them in western countries.

  30. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    China and India are culturally, in general, foreign bodies to American culture–Russia is not. Both Russia and US are (opposite) extremes of the Western Culture, that is Civilization. Neither China nor India are capable to generate alternative Western ides, Russia is capable and, in fact, produced some. From Russian cosmism to Russian version of socialism in 20th century which gives most “Westerners” feats of hysteria. But then again, current Western “Russia’s studies” field is a pathetic picture of sheer ignorance.

    P.S. How did Israel factor in your post, I have no idea–she is not even in the same league in every metric when it comes to conventional warfare. Theoretically, the United States can wipe Israel out from the map by long-range stand off weapons, not even coming in the contact with IDF. Israel and US with Russia militarily are in the different conventional universes.

  31. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Americans please help me understand some items.
    What proof is documented to show Russia involvement in elections?
    What was hacked?
    What was taken?
    Who did it?
    Julian Assange wrote of Democrat involvement in emails and not of Russia involvement.
    The news articles all talk about Russia hacks but there is no substance. Is that Emperor’s New Clothes?

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
  32. The problem is that both the US and Israel’s #1 export is arms sales. The death economy is what is keeping US hegemony alive, along with the narcodollar (drug trade) and probably even the pedodollar (human trafficking) which are each multibillion dollar industries. Wall St governance has destroyed this country and our good name in the world.

    I also think we need to come to the realization that Bush senior was a CIA president, the Clintons were part of that Bush machine and even Obama was a CIA president. His mother was involved with the CIA. Since HW (a former CIA Director!) was running the show during the Reagan administration, we are looking at 40 years of CIA having total control. That’s why they can’t handle Trump being in there, disrupting THEIR house.

    Research Mackinder’s Heartland Theory. This would explain why the neocons are salivating over Russia.

    “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
    who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
    who rules the World-Island controls the world.”

    ~ Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality, p. 194

  33. Randal says:

    This is an interesting question, which I’ve been pondering as I’ve watched the, as I saw it from the beginning, literally stupid US hostility towards Russia play out from the 1990s onwards. Even in the Yeltsin years, when Russia was basically prostrate before the US and its leadership were complicit collaborators in US domination, there was still US pushing at its defeated rival. Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 and a raft of other former Eastern Bloc and even former Soviet Union states were slated for membership, over vehement Russian objections, and there was ongoing “democracy promotion” subversion in countries seen as still holding out against complete US sphere domination, in particular Serbia but also all former Soviet republics and Russia itself.

    At that stage I think it was seen in the US foreign policy establishment as generally mopping up after the US defeat of the Soviet Union (as the Americans saw it), because Russia was simply not taken seriously as a rival at the time. Real aggression against Russia seemed to start again when the Russians started to stand up for themselves again under Putin, not actively fighting US interests, but certainly refusing to kowtow to them quite as openly as with the betrayal of Serbia. Objecting to NATO expansion and missile “defences” and pointing out US foolishness over Iraq in the lead up to the Iraq War seems to have particularly riled a lot of US establishment types.

    Things ratcheted up to another level when Russia actually had the temerity to roll back a colour revolution in Ukraine after 2004 and then wage a serious war in response to Georgian provocation, when Georgia was being groomed by the US for NATO membership along with Ukraine in 2008. This was a prelude to the active Russian opposition to the US regime change effort in Syria in 2011-13, which probably helped bolster active US regime backing for the successful mob overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014.

    That’s the timeline, though I’ve probably missed some relevant points, having written it on the fly. So what is the motivation? Well clearly Russia has been an obstacle to US schemes in some key parts of the world, so many US establishment powermongers feel resentment towards it and a desire to punish it and remove it as an obstacle to future such schemes. Pace the Mackinder theorists, I genuinely don’t think there is a viable grand strategic argument for hostility towards Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. The clear sensible course (and perfectly viable in the early 1990s) was to build an alliance with Russia to contain China, from that point of view. That option is what the US establishment’s stupidity has probably removed from the table forever, for good or for ill.

    I do not believe there is any one explanation for the general hostility to Russia that pervades the US media and political establishment, though – that’s the bad kind of conspiracy theorising that proposes a grand, unitary conspiracy. What there is, is a whole lot of very powerful, influential and/or well funded lobby groups and interest groups that have reason to hate Russia or to try to push the US into conflict with Russia, some of them only coming on board later in the process described above. You have covered many of them yourself. Here is a list, off the top of the head:

    The homosexual behaviour lobby (not to be underestimated by virtue of its massive over-representation in the media and entertainment, together with its special status in the political correctness world), which absolutely hates Russia for refusing to kowtow to their cultural dominance of the US sphere. Nobody can be allowed to dissent from their special status, anywhere in the world.

    The Israel/jewish lobby, perhaps some nursing historical grievances as suggested, but more importantly infuriated first by Russian obstruction of their Iraq war scheme and even more so recently by the outright Russian defeat of their regime change scheme in Syria.

    The Saudi/gulf lobby, angered first by Russia’s defeat of their own jihadists and more recently by the frustration of the regime change effort in Syria that they shared with the Israelis.

    The various other nationalist lobby groups that see Russia as a threat and want the US to kick it for them and allow them to thumb their noses at their bigger neighbour with impunity: Ukrainians, Poles, Balts, Georgians, Chechens, various other mini-nations.

    The globalists and all the various anti-nationalist and anti-conservative true believers of the SJW world who, like the related homosexual behaviour lobby, absolutely hate the idea that anyone, anywhere in the world, should be able to disagree with them and get away with it. These people again are immensely influential by virtue of their entrenched positions controlling the political and media high ground throughout the US sphere (as Trump is finding out).

    The NATO bureaucracy and especially its European military industrial complex and neocon types, for whom (unlike for the US components) there isn’t really any other game in town.

    There just isn’t one simple explanation, I’m afraid. As with almost any major geostrategic policy direction adopted by the US regime, imo, it requires a sufficiently powerful coalition of the various interest groups that influence US governance to either get behind it or stay out of its way in order for it to happen. And that’s the reason why it’s so devilish hard to stop or turn aside (again, as Trump is finding out).

  34. Anon 2 says:

    Read: “Decline, Not Collapse: The Bleak Prospects
    for Russia’s Economy,” a recent (Feb.2, 2017) report
    prepared by the Carnegie Moscow Center. The worry
    is that the huge territory called Russia is a failing
    civilization, and its very presence is destabilizing Europe
    just like Germany used to destabilize Europe when it
    was large and powerful. Russia has now been meddling
    in European affairs for at least 300 years. Holland is only
    the latest country worried about Russia’s interference with its
    electoral process.


    As Samuel Huntington pointed out, Russia has never known
    democracy, rule of law, and sacredness of private property,
    only despotism and lawlessness. Russia has extremely high
    indices of social dysfunction, e.g., murder rate is about twice
    the U.S. figure, which itself is nothing to crow about as compared
    to the European Union or Japan. HIV, alcoholism, and drug addiction
    rates are similarly very high. Let’s not even get started on the endemic
    levels of corruption. In general, the countries belonging to the
    Eastern Christendom are notorious for having high levels
    of social dysfunction.

    Western Christendom, (i.e., Western and Central Europe, which at least
    culturally are still Catholic and Protestant) has had more success as
    a civilizing factor. It has succeeded in controlling base appetites, thus reducing
    rates of social dysfunction to manageable levels. Central Europe, for example,
    which I define as the bloc of Catholic countries, mostly ruled in the 19th century
    by the Catholic Hapsburg dynasty (i.e., mainly Poland, Czechia, Slovakia,
    and Hungary, although one could add Slovenia and Croatia) has very low
    indices of social dysfunction, and has emerged successfully from domination
    by dysfunctional Russia. For example, Poland’s GDP has grown between
    1990 and 2014 at the average rate of 6-7%. That’s comparable to South Korea.
    Poland’s dynamic economy, in addition to Ukrainians and Belarusians,
    is now attracting Russians who come to Poland seeking construction jobs.
    As we know, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are mired in a recession.

    In my personal opinion, just as Russia is undercivilized, Western
    Europe is overcivilized. Hence, it’s not even aware that it’s being colonized
    by Africans and Asians (this definitely includes Britain). I think Central
    Europe has just the right level of toughness, and this may have to do
    with the fact that Catholicism is based on Aristotelian virtue ethics,
    that is ethics of the golden mean, similar to Buddhism – not too much,
    not too little, seek moderation in all things

  35. Fredrik says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The last part is especially true. Russia is really worried that China will conquer Siberia through sheer manpower. There are plenty of Chinese traders in Siberia today and Russia knows that what they did to others on Crimea can be done to them too.

    Many commenters over at The Unz can’t keep two thoughts in their head at the same time. The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend and Putin isn’t my/our friend. Even if he is against gay marriage and is less corrupt than Yeltsin.

    Regarding NATO it’s telling how fast Eastern Europe ran in that direction.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
    , @Lyttenburgh
  36. @Authenticjazzman

    It’s all about gays, mass migration and the fact that they hate VP because he is NOT communist.

    1) Are you saying that THEY love Gennady Zyuganov then?

    2) What “communists” did THEY like?

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  37. Anonymous [AKA "Everyone Is No One"] says:

    listen to their ambassador’s phone conversations in defiance of whatever kind of subterfuge or encryption he’s using.

    Flynn is either an idiot, or he was unable to comprehend the situation – to wit that the Deep state would be actively trying to overthrow the president.

    ‘Phone’, there is no way to make that secure. Unless you have a private, encrypted phone network.

    That NSA has been monitoring all of it for years is hardly news. One wonders what Flynn was expecting.

  38. Stogumber says:
    @Anon 2

    “Bleak prospects” for Russian economy?
    The bleakest time ever was the Yeltsin era, and then Western economists were euphoric. After Putin took over, life for the average Russian became more and more easy, and Western economists became more and more concerned. How come?

  39. nsa says:

    No comment has gotten it right so far….so nsa will explain the obvious to you. The elites harbor a visceral hatred of Russia based on the fact that it is a large independent country with unlimited resources RUN BY WHITE PEOPLE. It is as simple as that…HATING ON WHITEY is the prime motivation. HATING ON WHITEY is also the prime motivation behind the suicidal desire for unlimited non-white immigration.

  40. @Peter Akuleyev

    And big picture, Putin is a disaster for the US and Russia because he has hollowed out his country, destroying what was left of the significant assets the USSR had bequeathed Russia in manufacturing, education and science.

    Putin did it? Putin, V.V.?

    Oh, how interesting! Please – tell us more!

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  41. Anon 2 says:

    A cultural historian should explore why Eastern Christianity has been so ineffective as a civilizing force, and hence why the countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, eastern Ukraine, Belarus, etc) have such high levels of social dysfunction (murder, abortion, HIV, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc). Lithuania is an interesting case – it’s Catholic but has a high murder rate and an extremely high suicide rate. High levels of Russian dysfunctionality are one reason why the neighboring countries like Finland, Baltic states, and Poland view it almost as a disease which might spread and infect their cultures.

    I respect Eastern Christianity but perhaps their liturgy offers a clue. Upon entering one of those onion-domed churches, one typically notices an absence of pews. People usually stand, cross themselves a lot, but there is also an alarming number of congregants who prostrate themselves, almost as in Islam. Prostrations are virtually unknown in Catholicism (except when priests are being ordained) and completely absent in Protestantism. It almost seems like the Eastern Orthodox view God as some sort of eastern potentate, which they may have gotten from the Byzantine despotism. Perhaps that’s one reason why the Russians are so prone to personality cult. Many Russians today, in fact, say that Putin is a good czar, and some still are nostalgic about Stalin. This almost Oriental passivity and resignation before a ruler is strikingly un-European, and doesn’t bode well for the future of democracy in Russia. No wonder Russia’s neighbors almost want a cordon sanitaire to separate themselves from the bacillus of eastern dysfunctionality

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
    , @Anon
  42. @Fredrik

    The last part is especially true. Russia is really worried that China will conquer Siberia through sheer manpower.

    Every state on China’s periphery worries about this. The Chinese presence is felt across the border in Mongolia, Burma, India’s Northeast, Vietnam and Russia. The difference in economic vitality and activity is, of late, considerable, and word gets back from the bordering locals to the capitals of these countries.

  43. @Fredrik

    The last part is especially true. Russia is really worried that China will conquer Siberia through sheer manpower.

    Not true. Please, name these “Russians” who are worried about that. AFAIK, it’s nearly always a bunch of so-called liberals and former Yeltsenites, who used this scaaaaaary story to blidgeon Russia into pro-Atlanticist alignment.

  44. @Anon 2

    You know, everything you (an atheist, or probably, someone of non-Christian background) wrote about the Orthodox Faith was complete BS, but this:

    Many Russians today, in fact, say that Putin is a good czar

    Yeah? Care to quote these unnamed many? Also, may I inquiry – who are you provide such long-ranging conclusions? You are basing them… on what exactly?

    • Replies: @Anon 2
  45. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Anon 2

    why the countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, eastern Ukraine, Belarus, etc) have such high levels of social dysfunction (murder, abortion, HIV, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc)

    You think it might have something to do with 70 years of communist rule?

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
  46. @Anon

    You think it might have something to do with 70 years of communist rule?

    Actually, it has everything to do with the post-USSR mis-rule and the capitalism introduction in its most ugly forms.

  47. Anon 2 says:

    [Avoid inserting unnecessary carriage returns; use the comment editor window.]

    My statement was based on yesterday’s story in the New York Times entitled “Where the booze can kill and Putin is deemed a good czar,” about the massive alcohol poisoning in Irkutsk a couple of months ago. Today we can do something that was impossible even 20 years ago – we can analyze precisely what ails a nation based on a number of social indicators (murder rate, alcohol consumption per capita, etc), and Russia indeed has very high levels of social dysfunction compared to the European Union. It’s almost like analyzing a blood sample, except applied to the whole country.

    This is not a new phenomenon. After WW I, Clemenceau in France referred to Russia and Germany as two “diseased countries” that should be surrounded with a cordon sanitaire to prevent the spread of their national diseases. Indeed, Russia tried to infect Europe with the bacillus of Marxism, and bolshevism, and Germany later became infected with the disease of Nazism. Steve Sailer argued that Germany is again infected, this time with Merkel’s boner.

    I actually have a Christian background, I’m certainly not an expert on Orthodoxy, but I interpret prostrations as a sign of servility toward God, which I find troublesome. In my interpretation of theology we’re children of God, and therefore share in His divine nature, and therefore should treat God as our Father – and children don’t prostrate themselves before their parents, not where I come from anyway

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
  48. Mr. Derbyshire:

    Ann Coulter provided a hint of the answer to your question- or perhaps even let the whole tabby out of the bag- in a recent column of hers.

    Many of the Russia-haters are, in her words, “Soviet Jews.” As in, Jews who immigrated to the United States as refugees from the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. Many of them weren’t “wretched refuse” of the kind solemnly welcomed by the statue of Emma Lazarus on Ellis Island, but were of higher caste: disappointed professionals.

    Other, similar immigrants, though not Soviet, came later.

    If one reads them- Julia Ioffe, for example (who arrived in the US in 1990, “fleeing antisemitism,” per Wikipedia)- one can pick up that they have a deep, unappeasable animus toward Russia. Not necessarily toward communism, but toward Russia per se.

    One almost gets the spooky feeling that not only have they never forgiven the lack of opportunity under Yelsin and his immediate predecessors or the expulsion of the Oligarchs (mostly Jewish) by Putin (the latter especially angering them), but also have never forgiven the pogroms of the 1880s. Wasn’t all the blood spilled by the Cheka enough? Apparently not. Russio delenda est.

    For every Victoria Nuland there are many columnists, publishers, writers, tank-thinkers, and assorted nuts (mostly located in Brooklyn, NY and Washington, DC) also agitating for mushroom clouds over Moscow 24/6. Got to fight antisemitism, y’know.

    The Trots and Bolshies never went away: they merely took posts in the CIA and US State Department and/or became neoconservatives and neolibertarians. Immigration- the gift that never stops giving.

  49. @Anon 2

    “Russia is a failing civilization, and its very presence is destabilizing Europe just like Germany used to destabilize Europe when it was large and powerful.”

    Just like Germany, eh?

    Interesting. Russia (weak) and Germany (powerful) are both destabilizing. Amalek takes many devious forms, I guess.

  50. The current bout of Russia-hating began in 2013 when Putin was instrumental in preventing American military action in Syria. Shortly after that, Ms Nuland began her machinations in Ukraine

    The Ukraine crisis is simply a way of putting pressure on Russia in retaliation for Russian actions in Syria. It is orchestrated by neocon Zionists

  51. @Lyttenburgh

    ” (2) What ” communists” did they like?”

    Yeah like you don’t know the answer yourself

    The US leftists, MSM, the Democrats, Academics, Hollywood, etc, :

    They loved any and all communists, and they hate VP because he wrecked their dream of a communistic revival in Russia, and he does not pamper gays.

    Look your ignorant dishonest BS gives me a headache, so let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, and pro jazz artist

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
  52. It is a good question. When Russia was under Communist Party rule it was all reds under the beds and saving the world from collective farms, Soviet art, female Olympic shot putters with hairy legs and penises, gulag archipelagos, mental hospital prisons for political opponents, Lada automobiles, and shortages of nice clothes and fast food.

    I know a Russian woman, now about 40 years of age, who lives in Florida who emigrated from Moscow at the age of 15 with her family. At high school in Russia it was mandatory to bring money to donate to poor American children. How dared they indoctrinate children to believe that our poor people were even worse off than theirs, when really they were about the same?

    But all that no longer applies, money is no longer collected for American children, so why can’t the US and Russia operate more collectively for the good of the planet?

    If both superpowers can join forces to extinguish a dark-ages torture/rape/suicide cult like ISIS, why would that not be a good thing for everyone, including most Muslims?

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  53. Svigor says:

    Because Russia is sitting on a Hell of a lot of land and loot, and not looking as strongk as she used to. And because of this thing a ways back where the Russians strangled a Jewish kleptocracy in its crib.

    Well, if you were wondering who really runs things in Washington, D.C.—where the real power lies—now you know: it’s with the intelligence agencies, with a little help from the Main Stream Media. Next question: why do they hate Russia so much?

    The president can pretty much fire the lot of them. I was just reading about this the other day; you know all those obnoxious job protections civil servants overlords get, making even grossly incompetent, disloyal, negligent, or insubordinate federal employees almost impossible to fire? The security apparatus gets none of that. The reforms of the seventies don’t apply to them.

    Russia’s just another country, like Brazil or Indonesia. I can’t see any reason we shouldn’t get along with them on the same terms as with those countries. The Cold War’s been over for a quarter of a century, for Heaven’s sake.

    Well, no. Brazil and Indonesia can’t destroy the civilized world with a nuclear holocaust. Russia can.

    Yes, it’s partly inertia, sharks needing to keep swimming. The war on terror’s kind of a shaky excuse for keeping our huge military, so they’re making Russia into the 2nd pillar.

    It’s largely an Emmanuel Goldstein role.

  54. Svigor says:

    Anon 2, Russia has always been a backwater, relatively speaking (for context, every place is a backwater, until it becomes something more). Centuries of Mongol rule certainly didn’t help (they were fairly important centuries, in the rest of Europe).

    You think it might have something to do with 70 years of communist rule?

    Russia was a backwater before the commies took power, too. (P.S., WTF puts commies in charge for 70 years?)

    • Replies: @Lyttenburgh
  55. Mr. Derbyshire, since you don’t have all of your VDare writing on unz, I would like to make a quick comment about part of your Radio Derb transcript of a couple of weeks back, a segment of which is very pertinent to this post on getting along with the Russians. It’s just a small criticism, and I agree with about 95% of what you write in general (100% on the immigration subject).

    Your words from segment 8:

    08 — Getting along with Putin. The exchange in that Trump-O’Reilly interview that caused the most fuss was when O’Reilly asked Trump whether or not he respects Vladimir Putin.

    The President said he does respect Putin, and would prefer to get along with him.

    “But Putin’s a killer,” O’Reilly protested.

    The President came back with, quote: “There are a lot of killers … What, you think our country’s so innocent? We’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

    That sounded awfully like moral equivalence, one of the favorite rhetorical ploys of the CultMarx left. “We’re just as bad as they are!” they’ve been telling us since way back in the Cold War, to my certain recollection.

    It was a dumb thing for Trump to say. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and put it down to verbal clumsiness. He is not an articulate speaker. It was, though, awfully dumb.

    I don’t agree at all. Firstly, no, I am not sore about anyone calling some words out of Trump’s mouth “dumb”. I personally can’t stand the part where he says the right thing on a policy or issue, but then praises the other side “oh, but they are great people … beautiful people. … just wonderful”. Man, shut up, you’ve made your point, don’t go giving the other side any credit they don’t deserve.

    OK, this was NOT a dumb thing that Trump said. I wonder if you (and others, I’d guess) are misinterpreting this remark as one said a lot regarding the bigger picture of the whole nation, like “yeah, we killed all the Indians, we had slavery, what about Mai Lai, etc. “. I don’t think Trump meant to implicate the country as a whole in his statement. He just was talking about people in the “Deep State”*. There are plenty of Americans at high levels of government that make all sorts of bad stuff happen. Yes, they can kill whom they want killed.

    Just look at the presidency itself. How many people did Obama, a fairly low-energy guy who really only cared about hurting the white guy (cause, you know, his feeeelings!), get wiped out all over the world with a call to a man with a pushbutton? I’m not singling him out on this, it goes pretty far back, to when the CIA/NSA boys got their start at the end of WWII.

    The American people as a whole have never been bloodthirsty or violent religious crusaders, or Communists who wanted to bring us to Utopia, one dead body at a time. However, our people in power are no angels. Trump was correct that we have our own killers, as Putin may have been. At least Putin cares something about his white Christian countrymen, something you can not say about very many of the people in power in the US Feral Government!

    * The term’s getting popular on Unz here from Sailer’s recent posts, but a many-year reader of zerohedge would get a better impression of what this really means (from the writers there and the great commenters.)

  56. Hunsdon says:

    That is the Emperor’s New Clothes. That is the fake news that is of real import. There is no there there. It is a nothing story. One of the candidates in the US presidential election favored a policy of confronting Russia; Russia preferred the election of the other candidate. This story is a lie wrapped in a canard inside of a provocation.

  57. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Jonathan Mason

    At high school in Russia it was mandatory to bring money to donate to poor American children.

    LOL! It was also mandatory to march in formations and attend two-minute hate sessions. Most beautiful girls in the class were usually taken by KGB to Party bosses to be used as sex slaves.

  58. @Authenticjazzman

    Yeah like you don’t know the answer yourself

    Honestly, I don’t

    They loved any and all communists…

    For you and for others out here. There is a monument in the US of A, commemorating the Allied Effort against the Axis in Bedford, Virginia ( There are statues of Roosevelt and Churchill. There is no statue to Stalin. There is a short plaque though, with text, which, mostly, bashes Iosif Vissarionovych for “crimes” instead of admitting that the so-called Free-World was allied to him in common cause and that the USSR did the most of fighting against the Nazi Germany.

    Yeah – bloody SJWs like the Soviet Union and communists sooooo much, that they did forbid the placement of Stalin’s statue!

    I still want to hear names of the “communists” they like.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  59. @Svigor

    Centuries of Mongol rule certainly didn’t help

    Rather simplistic idea. OTOH – the Mongols didn’t really “rule” over Russia – they only collected tribute. On the other – the introduction of the postal (yamskaya) service and mongol stirrups ahead of Yurop is, what – a sign of backwardness?

  60. @Anon 2

    Today we can do something that was impossible even 20 years ago – we can analyze precisely what ails a nation based on a number of social indicators (murder rate, alcohol consumption per capita, etc),

    Then why are you not doing it? Why are you cherry picking? Should I do all the work for you and, say, google “Alcoholic Poisoning Finland”?

    After WW I, Clemenceau in France referred to Russia and Germany as two “diseased countries”

    Some colorful remarks now can be used instead of actual data? Okay. Then there were indeed SATANIC MILLS in the GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND back in 19th c.

    and Germany later became infected with the disease of Nazism

    Infected? So it came elsewhere. From where, then?

    I actually have a Christian background

    A non-observant Sola-Scripturist would be my generous guess

    I’m certainly not an expert on Orthodoxy

    Yet you pass the judgment… heretic

    I interpret prostrations as a sign of servility toward God, which I find troublesome

    Please – enlighten us all, as to your view what should be relations between the God Lord and mere man. No, really – I’d like to hear!

    In my interpretation of theology we’re children of God, and therefore share in His divine nature, and therefore should treat God as our Father – and children don’t prostrate themselves before their parents, not where I come from anyway

    Oh, I see. You know, ah – can you support this theory with anything? Anything at all?

  61. LondonBob says:

    Check out who funds professional propagandist for the new cold war Edward Lucas.

    Look who funded Arseniy Yatsenuyk.

    MIC, the other factors like Jewish Russophobia just help. Trillions is at stake.

  62. macilrae says:

    It is worthwhile re-reading Putin’s brilliant and statesmanlike article in the New York Times, written for September 11th 2013.

    This coincided with Obama’s “red line”, invoked over the Syrian nerve-gas attack, and his subsequent dithering as he sought congressional approval for another blitzkrieg. Putin was seen to cut Obama’s legs out from under him as he offered to effect the removal of all chemical weapons from Syria, thereby averting the blood-bath which the braying neocons so craved. Not only did the humiliated Obama never forgive Putin for that but, more importantly, neither did those neocons. Relations with Russia headed downhill fast thereafter and Hillary’s excruciating “reset” was pretty much forgotten.

    None of which of course touches on the vast benefits to the MIC from having a decent enemy upon whom to blame everything.

  63. Svigor says:

    Achmed, I agree, and I agreed with what Trump said. It’s doctrinaire to simply dismiss it with “oh, that’s moral relativism.” It’s like saying, “dass raciss.” Yeah, but is it true?

    We’ve been bombing the living shit out of the ME since when? Does anyone really think Russia has a higher body count over the last 20 years than we do? If they do, I bet it was a close-run race.

    His answer was meant to say, “every head of state of a country that wields substantial military power is a killer.” And it’s true (it’s true of heads of state generally, really).

    No, we are not morally equivalent to the Russians. They’re worse. A lot worse. We take far greater measures to make sure we don’t torture people, to observe due process, etc. But Big Media is a whole other universe of retard. They like to act as though we’re some shining white knight, at least compared to Russia (because Russia’s a White country, you see). The bottom line is, I think America needed to hear what Trump said.

  64. Svigor says:

    Rather simplistic idea. OTOH – the Mongols didn’t really “rule” over Russia – they only collected tribute. On the other – the introduction of the postal (yamskaya) service and mongol stirrups ahead of Yurop is, what – a sign of backwardness?

    Yes, ruling would’ve been an improvement. And no, they didn’t “only collect tribute”; there’s no such thing as “only collecting tribute.”

    Mongols were pieces of shit, worst people in history, btw. Contributed less to civilization than any empire of note, and murdered upward of 7% of the world’s population in the bargain (to say nothing of all the people they displaced and oppressed). True scum. Little more than jumped-up bandits.

  65. Svigor says:

    Nazis and commies were far more civilized and enlightened than the Mongols. But shitbird know-nothings still speak of this horde of ignorant, lice-ridden butchers and slavers with more respect than the Nazis or the commies. Our whole civilization has its head on backwards.

  66. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Yeah – bloody SJWs like the Soviet Union and communists sooooo much, that they did forbid the placement of Stalin’s statue!

    Try to find anything (other than a small monument erected by Soviet WW II veterans emigres) in US which would in any way immortalize this simple Soviet soldier of WW II. Yet, in Victory Park on Poklonnaya–one of the holiest of the holiest sites in Russia–the monument to Allies: Soviet, American, British and French soldiers.

  67. Svigor says:

    The Mongols gave the world NOTHING that they didn’t steal from someone else. Except the pinnacle of pre-modern steppe warfare, I’ll give ’em that.

  68. Ivan K. says:

    I’m less than persuaded by the answers so far.

    1. The enmity runs for centuries. That eliminates a bunch of suggested answers.
    2. Good old conflict between powers? China is a big power and is far less demonized.
    3. The West is aware it depends economically on China? But Europe depends on Russian gas and it doesn’t make much difference.
    4. Unlike China, Russia is full of natural wealth: potential loot? It is actually very easy to see that the West would certainly gain enormously if it were to peacefully collaborate with Russia and gradually try to incorporate it in itself, while wars are highly risky endeavours.
    5. Russia and US are (opposite) extremes of the Western Culture, Civilization? *
    Similarly, Britain and the US were once bitter enemies, but that ended. …
    6. Slav identity? Poles are Slavs and they are very much in the Western sphere.
    7. Christian Orthodoxy? Bulgarians are in NATO. More crucially, where are the real life implications of that Christian orthodoxy? Nowhere. Patriarch Kyril, for example, is hardly a remarkable spiritual factor.
    8. Neither China nor India are capable to generate alternative Western ides, Russia is capable and actually produced some?
    A. ideas are two a dime. Russian Cosmism? How many Russians are ready to go to war to defend Cosmism? The West hates Russia partly because of philosophies like Cosmism?
    B. Europe and the US also produce alternative western ideas. Let alone history (the notion of communism was originated by a Frenchman in Paris in the 1700s; then you have anarchism, the revolutionary movements, Theosophy, Mondragon, new-ageisms, transhumanism …). The US presents a diversity of ‘communities’ each with its own lifestyle and outlook. Is Russia better in that respect? …. If Russia has a genuine capacity to invent Western alternatives, you would think that would reveal itself viscerally, that it would be obvious in art. But when I compare modern Western visual artists ( ) with modern Russian artists (you can find them if you browse here ), I don’t see the Russians as more vibrant, bolder, more innovative, more spirited, more vigorous. Quite the opposite.

    (*) Russia is the opposite pole of the same civilization?

    Carroll Quigley identified Russian culture as a separate, distinct Russian civilization. Perhaps he was right. I’ve spent my whole life on the longitudes of Poland, and it’s apparent (to both me and Western Europeans) that I’m a stranger to the West. But Russians are truly Westerners! … O.K. Let me sleep on the idea.

    So, the enigma remains, though emaciated and somewhat like Superman after passing through a shredder.
    The answers so far were quite helpful and removed much of the mystique around the issue.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  69. @Lyttenburgh

    Putin is shorthand for “Putin regime and his cronies”. But the Putin gang has been running Russia for 17 years now, so yes, they bear most of the responsibility for what has happened to Russia’s industrial base and decline in soft power over the last 17 years. Just look at the other three BRIC countries 17 years ago and today, and Russia’s glaring failure to keep up even with dysfunctional states like Brazil and India becomes obvious, never mention China. Russia has nothing approaching an Embraer or even Tatra group.

  70. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Ivan K.

    A. ideas are two a dime. Russian Cosmism? How many Russians are ready to go to war to defend Cosmism? The West hates Russia partly because of philosophies like Cosmism?

    About “two a dime”: produce one, then we’ll talk. Per “the west hates..”, again, as a primer, get Isaiah Berlin’s “Russian Thinkers” and give it a try (especially try his “The Fox and The Hedgehog”). I do not expect you to read, let alone understand, Tolstoy’s War And Peace but before you try to pretend to have an “enlightened” opinion on the issue, Tolstoy is related to this cosmism directly, another powerful representative of this cosmism is Tsiolkovsky–a father of Soviet space program. This is in case you wonder about practical applications, including delivery to the West this very cultural shock with Sputnik and Gagarin, of this cosmism. You stating the problem in terms of somebody “going to war for cosmism” is a first indication of you having nothing of substance to add to discussion. Russians are ready to go to war in defense of Russia, whose modern history (20th century) was formed largely by cosmism. West in general has no clue about Russia’s 20th century real history, so it’s kind of difficult to explain.

  71. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Russia has nothing approaching an Embraer or even Tatra group.

    LOL. Dude, get back on your meds.

  72. @Peter Akuleyev

    But the Putin gang has been running Russia for 17 years now, so yes, they bear most of the responsibility for what has happened to Russia’s industrial base and decline in soft power over the last 17 years.

    Can you prove that both Russian softpower and industrial base now, in the year of our Lord 2017, is worse than in 2000?

  73. As for the question – “why?” – here on una another blogger provided an answer:

    It is my belief that many in the National Security State have convinced themselves that Russia is indeed a major threat against the United States and not because it is a nuclear armed power that can strike the U.S. That appreciation, should, if anything constitute a good reason to work hard to maintain cordial relations rather than not, but it is seemingly ignored by everyone but Donald Trump.

    No, the new brand of Russophobia derives from the belief that Moscow is “interfering” in places like Syria and Ukraine. Plus, it is a friend of Iran. That perception derives from the consensus view among liberals and conservatives alike that the U.S. sphere of influence encompasses the entire globe as well as the particularly progressive conceit that Washington should serve to “protect” anyone threatened at any time by anyone else, which provides a convenient pretext for military interventions that are euphemistically described as “peace missions.”

  74. DTrump says:

    All these answers mentioned above by commenters are good secondary reasons:

    Russia is invulnerable to US, color revolution won’t work, this hurts neocon/neoliberal feelings.
    Russia is a unified white Christian nation, doesn’t encourage homosexuality, immorality.
    Russia balks US in Syria, Iran, Silk Road policy, etc.
    Russia keeps accumulating gold, has potential to set up gold standard with China, destroy dollar.
    US deep state needs excuse for large budgets, needs bogeyman to keep population docile.
    Jews hate Russia because their grandparents told them to.

    But the primary reason is:
    The trillionaire industrialists who secretly control the Western deep states were kicked out by Putin, just like they were kicked out by Stalin. They are power-mad and want to control the whole world, not just the west. Even a single nation free from their control is in fact a dire threat since it stands as an example. Look at the progress in technology and standard of living in Russia since Putin took over. While the US standard of living keeps dropping, Russia’s keeps going up. Not a coincidence. Sickening to our rulers.

  75. fnn says:

    Russia is perceived as a white country (despite the large Central Asian Muslim population) so it’s safe to demonize them. The American Empire always needs an enemy. Russia panic makes a good diversion from the migration crisis in the West. Never underestimate the insane level of anti-white hysteria in the West. No doubt other factors like the Syria conflict also play a role.

  76. Jon0815 says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Putin is shorthand for “Putin regime and his cronies”. But the Putin gang has been running Russia for 17 years now, so yes, they bear most of the responsibility for what has happened to Russia’s industrial base and decline in soft power over the last 17 years.

    The idea that Russia is less powerful today than 17 years ago, when it had an economy smaller than Switzerland (!) and a military in such shambles it could not even defeat tiny Chechnya, is completely absurd.

    Just look at the other three BRIC countries 17 years ago and today, and Russia’s glaring failure to keep up even with dysfunctional states like Brazil and India becomes obvious, never mention China.

    OK, let’s compare the other BRICs increase in GDP from 2000 to 2015, vs. Russia’s (source is the World Bank, which doesn’t have 2016 estimates yet).

    Brazil: $660 billion to $1.8 trillion= 2.7x increase
    India: $480 billion to $2.1 trillion= 4.4x increase
    China: $1.2 trillion to $11.0 trillion= 9.2x increase

    Russia: $260 billion to $1.3 trillion= 5x increase. However, the ruble was the best-performing currency in the world in 2016, strengthening almost 20% against the dollar, so for the full 17 years from 2000 to 2016, it is likely that Russia’s GDP increased 6 times.

    Regardless, Russia more than kept up with two of the other three BRICs, despite the fact that India had the big advantage of starting from a much lower per capita level.

  77. I have to say, I’m as puzzled as you are, Mr Derbyshire.

    I was an Intelligence Officer during the ‘eighties, when we were much closer to war than any of the moderns realize—I remember waking up in the middle of the night, and suddenly realizing, as if an epiphany, that NATO was one gigantic bluff, that the US had no intention of sacrificing or even seriously threatening HER cities for European cities, and why should she?, but that the threat of “going strategic” (throwing city-killers across the North Pole) was something that would always make the Russians uncertain, because they alone understood in the practicable what such a war would entail—they alone had suffered such losses in the last war—and they’d never attack Europe as long as they were uncertain of being able to carry the day without such losses, again.

    But those days are long passed. I now have a young Russian wife, who survived through the economic collapse and lawlessness that followed the events of ’89 and ’90. She has briefed me on the extent to which Putin has managed to re-instate order of the country, literally wresting it back from the oligarchs, and I have taught her the extent to which her Pioneer education was a miasma. I feel a great sympathy with the Russian weltanschauung, perhaps because I learned them as an enemy, and now see that they have no grounds to be our enemy, or us theirs. And it’s absurd to pretend that they still are.

    Ask yourself this: if NATO had been abolished after we won the Cold War, and her task accomplished, and if the Pentagon had been starved of conventional forces rather than merely being starved of opportunities to use them, would they have abandoned Russia as their prime threat—remember, General Staffs always need to select a Prime Threat, and plan accordingly? I think so. And would they have been more willing to effect the volte face that we now require, dealing with an infiltrative enemy, that we are as ill-equipped to counter, as we British were ill-equipped to deal with, say, Gandhi’s passive resistance? I suspect so, also.

    In short, I can see no other real reason than laziness on the part of our General Staffers (and the think-tanks that support them), and their extreme contentment at the present state-of-affairs, and a disinclination to do the hard work of changing course, and losing perks and privileges..

    Human, all too human, and nothing more subtle than that

  78. joe webb says:

    “I am honestly baffled by…” you say Derb. Maybe you should have done some more reading before you agreed to write this piece.

    Couple folks got it right here. It’s the Jews. Russia has been hammering jews since Stalin, committing the unforgivable act of murdering Trotsky. The drunk, Yeltsin, gave the jews Russian Treasure, and Putin got it back and ran off the Jew Power…oligarchs gone. Before that it was a pogrom against jews by Khruchev and his Brezhnev types…sent them off to the US, along with lots of fake jews. Ukraine and Crimea are Talking Points for the Jews…just very weak arguments but..
    I always say, think about the chinks getting into Mexico and planting guns there….

    Then there is nationalism, which the Jews reserve for themselves…anybody else… and they’re nazis.

    Kissinger drove out the Arabists in State Dept with Nixon, etc. who was cozying up to the Amen Corner…the loony Protestant evangelical types as well as the generally liberal Prots who have a very warm place in their loopy hearts for the Jews., the OT, and so on. Russia had to be further Contained, and 1989 was unanticipated.

    When the jews kicked Arab ass in the six day war…that was the turning point…jews r us, and Arabs are not us. Jewish Power. USSR was with the ARabs, etc. Jews hate Russia for that, inasmuch as Russia is Still with Syria and Iran and against The Jews/Israel.

    How could you not see this Derb? Jews hate Russia, the Tsar, who always protected them, etc. Just like the Catholic church which always protected them from the peasants who could have taken care of the jewish problem centuries ago.

    Look no further than Fox News for the jew worship. Trump somehow keeps some powder dry for Change in the Weather.

    Joe Webb

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Dodgy Geezer"] says:

    So again I ask: Whence all this hostility to Russia?

    I am honestly baffled by it.

    I have skimmed through all these comment, and am surprised that no one seems to comprehend the (comparatively simple) reason why all this hate is expressed. You have been told often enough by better writers than I.

    It is the same reason that Oceania hated Eastasia.

    Oceania was at war with Eurasia: therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil..”

    Orwell: 1984

    Of course, the rulers of Oceania and Eastasia did not REALLY hate each other. But it was a convenient fiction to keep the war going, and thus maintain the power balance for the elite in both countries.

    After WW2, unlike most other wars in history, the military-industrial complex did not close down and revert to peacetime activity. It engaged in the Cold War – a period which gave it immense money and power. Initially this period of hostility might have been justified – towards the end it was frankly a game. And then the Berlin Wall came down.

    The military, including the spooks, were stunned. Their entire justification for existence had just disappeared. The were looking at a jobless future. Nothing much changed for about 5 years, but by 1995 there increasing calls from the Treasuries of both the US and the UK for what they called the ‘Peace Dividend’ – the deep cut in budgets. Why, for instance, did two ‘free’ nations maintain a ‘Secret Police’ service? These cuts were resisted by the higher echelons of the military, and the Intelligence Services – who have special access to the corridors of power – but without much success…..

    And then came 2001 – and the 9/11 attacks. Suddenly, the spooks had a new card to play. Middle Eastern terrorism. They exaggerated the threat, and encouraged a war with Afghanistan, and then Iraq. Both of these were pointless wars, but they were critically important in enabling the Military and Intelligence services to maintain their function, their jobs, and their budget.

    By now, it is becoming obvious that the whole disastrous Middle Eastern policy of starting arbitrary wars was a mistake. But the military and intelligence services still need an enemy to justify their existence. And, lo and behold, Russia is being built up to meet the requirement…

  80. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Neo-cons want to take over Russia just as their Bolshevik brothers did.

  81. Anonymous [AKA "Gaston"] says:
    @Jeremy Cooper

    Putin ejected the Rothschild’s. All these social justice issues are cover to take advantage of useful idiots. The driving force is money and the Rothschild’s and their global banking cartel control the very fabric of the monetary system. Anything that can be bought with money is theirs to manipulate. In today’s non religious world that is almost everything and everyone and certainly intelligence agencies and the military.

    That is the root of the issue. Everything else is cover.

    Saddam says he will stop trading in dollars. He dies. Ghadaffi says he will go to the gold standard. He dies.

    And so on…

  82. Just found this site so I’m a bit late joining the conversation, but I’ve also noticed the anti-Russian nonsense extends beyond our borders, as you’ve mentioned. I’m seeing anti-Russian accusations and propaganda in Europe and here and there across the globe and have come to the conclusion that much of it is because Putin is one of the few leaders of a large country who adamantly refuses to allow global puppet masters to buffalo him into accepting invading hordes of anti-Christ blacks and browns.

    Putin is a dictator, certainly, but he loves his country and countrymen. “Russia is for Russians!” Given that so many leaders are forcing hostile, destructive, invading hordes on their citizenry, Putin stands alone in his determination to keep his country free from anti-Russian invaders. THAT, IMO, is why the sudden global, anti-Russian push.

  83. @inertial

    American is the most stupid creature on earth, and it is genetically incapable of either creating or maintaining culture. If other cultures did not create a language, the concept of which migrated into the American language, then Americans would not have more than 25 words, like some bushmen tribe.

    Anthropologist and American journalist Mencken wrote that the level of the average American is lower than the level of a domestic animal. But he wrote this in the early 20th century – since then, Americans have become much more stupid.

    Alexis Tocqueville, a Frenchman who explored America in the 1840s, wrote that if nothing changes, then the American will fall below the human level in 150 years. More than 150 years have passed and the American is no longer a human in the scientific sense of the word.

    The American conformity is the result of his\her lack of individuality, and this is not a simple forced obedience – it’s a parrot repetition of any nonsense, as truth, for example, the American does not know whether something is good or bad, but if he knows it has been paid for, then he believes it’s good.

    The words that Americans inherited from Europe are no longer supported by the social reality of the United States. Having lost their real meaning, words are filled with meaning depending on the speaker’s expression, and also depending on what he wants to “prove”. American lives in a somnambulist dream in reality consisting of words without meaning, words without content.

    Here it should be noted that the lower classes, who choose their “representatives” of any level to make decisions in their best interests, do not have a clue what exactly their interests are, and, moreover, do not know how to achieve them. Therefore, they do not give any instructions to their elected representatives and do not have the intellectual or organizational capabilities to evaluate and monitor their elected officials. The only real result of voting is that the voters are removing responsibility from the elect for their decisions – we ourselves, they say, chose them.

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