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The “Dark and Dangerous” Side of Anti-Nationalism Comes for Tommy Robinson—In Britain and America
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Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on

Yoram Hazony, author of the book The Virtue of Nationalism (and sparring partner of Editor Peter Brimelow) felt obliged to go on Twitter the other day to note that, quote:

There’s a “dark and dangerous side” to nationalism. But there’s also a “dark and dangerous side” to internationalism. Why are we expected to constantly mention the first, but not the second? It’s like having the surgeon general’s warning on chewing tobacco, but not on cigarettes.

Of course Hazony is right. The commanding heights of our culture are in the hands of fanatical anti-national, anti-white ideologues who are interested in power; they are interested in conquest; they are interested in victory—total victory in the Cold Civil War.

For a look at what we have in store as the ideologues tighten their grip, glance across the Atlantic and consider the case of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy is an Englishman, 36 years old, from the town of Luton, thirty miles north of London. I remember Luton from my London days; it’s on the main road from London to my home town of Northampton, and I passed through it often. Back then, in the sixties and seventies, it was a nondescript light-industrial town, the population white working-class English and Irish.

Later in the last century, when Tommy Robinson was in his teens, Luton was afflicted with mass immigration of Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Today the town is close to one-third Muslim.

So it’s not very surprising that Tommy, in his twenties, became a nationalist. Tommy’s a working-class lad with not much education, and he’s a keen supporter of his town soccer team, so it’s also not surprising that he came in at the rough, street-fighting end of nationalism.

He’s cleaned up his act considerably the past few years, though, and focused his activism, sometimes a bit erratically, against the efforts by Britain’s political and cultural Establishment to suppress all criticism of multiculturalism, of Islam, of anti-white policies, of mass immigration, of the European Union.

For this the Establishment and their Goodwhite stooges have targeted Tommy as an Enemy of the People. This week he got a prison sentence on a patently trumped-up charge of contempt of court. You can read the details in excellent reporting by Jack Montgomery and James Delingpole at, or Ezra Levant at The Rebel Media.

You can fault Tommy for all kinds of mis-steps. You can even suspect he’s a bit of a publicity hound.

I don’t care: speaking as a working-class English boy myself, I say his heart’s in the right place, and offer him my best wishes for surviving incarceration in a prison system run by homicidal Muslim gangs whom the British authorities are too cowardly to deal with.

Media personality Katie Hopkins, bless her, feels the same way I do. And then some: here she was telling us about going with Tommy to the courthouse for his sentencing.

Just for one moment in time I suddenly felt like Britain was alive again. Britain was surrounded … I was surrounded by people who thought like me, who missed the old country we used to know, who know right from wrong, who want to keep our daughters safe.

It felt like … I don’t know, I felt like I was surrounded by the thing I most want back, which is real British spirit. And that’s why I was so proud of for [sic] Tommy, even though he’s the sort of sacrificialone, as we walked through the streets, just seeing people desperately reaching out to hold his hand, to touch him, to tell him to keep going, people trying to put money in his hand so he can buy snacks if he goes to prison …

Just, all of the faces, just faces of people desperate to have something to believe in, in a country that they don’t really believe in any more …

He said to me—I was just talking to him just before he got sent down; and he really is, literally, sent down—he said: “You know, there’s twelve murder cases here today in this court. I’m the thirteenth case, and I will wait till the end of the day. I’ll be put in a van with twelve murderers and I’ll be taken to prison.”

And he’s still incredulous that this could happen in the U.K. today; and I think Tommy’s message—I want to reflect it fairly—is, this is a warning for America. It doesn’t stop with Tommy Robinson. It doesn’t stop with this Enemy of the State.

All right, it’s a little over-wrought. Lower the volume a bit on the Christian imagery there, Katie.

It touched my old English heart, though. And that warning to America at the end should touch yours. The nation-wreckers are arrogant and mighty, and they won’t stop with England.

I know I’ve told this story before, but it bears telling again. I can’t forget it, and I don’t want it forgotten.

Twenty years ago, my mother was bedridden and near death. It was one of the last times I was with her, perhaps the very last time—I’m not sure. She was drifting in and out of awareness, sometimes just saying things out loud—random things, clear and coherent but not connected to each other.

So I was sitting there by the bed and heard her say: “I don’t mind dying. At least I knew England when she was England.”

Tell us again, Katie:

Just, all of the faces, just faces of people desperate to have something to believe in, in a country that they don’t really believe in any more …

Late breaking development: you don’t have to glance across the Atlantic to see Cult Marx repression of Robinson any more—our very own YouTube has just removed a video of Robinson addressing his supporters from Cassandra Fairbanks’ channel for, guess what, “Hate Speech,” and is threatening her with a permanent ban. [YouTube Removes Video of Tommy Robinson From TGP Reporter’s Channel, Says it Violates ‘Hate Speech Policy’, by Cassandra Fairbanks, GateWay Pundit, July 14, 2019]

Land of the Free.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Daniel H says:

    All right, it’s a little over-wrought. Lower the volume a bit on the Christian imagery there, Katie.

    Derb, there can never be too much Christian imagery. They can never be too strong an appeal to the Christian commonweal.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  2. JEL says:

    Memo to John Derbyshire:

    Put not your trust in princes, nor in blockheads like Tommy Robison.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  3. Derb above uses a metaphor of requiring the same kind of warnings on all tobacco products

    Tho actually, major health studies have shown that there is virtually zero health risk from smoking 1 or 2 cigars per day (versus cigarettes etc), because premium cigars are all-natural & you don’t inhale into the lungs (National Cancer Institute Monograph 9, ‘Cigars – Health Effects & Trends’, 1998)

    In South America there are indigenous native tobacco healers, tabaqueros, who say that tobacco is indeed only meant for the head, not for the lungs and chest, and should not be burned with artificial substances, the paper, chemicals etc in cigarettes

    The risk-free deeply relaxing spiritual pleasure of the occasional cigar, is one of those facts apparently hidden by the powers that be, seeking to deprive us

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  4. Luton, famously the birthplace of the eponymous Van

    This style of body was designed to accommodate the high volume low weight loads of straw hats which were part of Luton’s industry. Straw hats were wrapped in hessian fabric in long cylinders to fit across the width of the van.

    Now that’s something I never knew. Should have guessed, Tommy’s team have always been known as “The Hatters”. Missus had to wear a straw hat as part of school uniform (St Trinians, seemingly).
    I fear that England is going the way of the straw boater, as is 5-day cricket.
    Short of a second St Brice’s Day, there’s nowt the natives can do to stop it. Our democratic rulers (not leaders) are completely Vortigerned. All of them.

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  5. Soccer hooligan or not, Tommy Robinson is the kind of hero we will be seeing more of in the future in America, all the (rest of) the doomsayer’s thoughts on this notwithstanding.

    I will never forget the look on his face, almost to tears, as he is so glad to hear the cheers of the crowd of white British Soldiers in the video here on Peak Stupidity.

    Let me put it here too, for Mr. Derbyshire:

    Hey, Tommy, Tommy … or however that goes!

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  6. @JEL

    You go out and protest at the courthouse or city government about unfair treatment toward non-whites, and send us back videos. Before then, STFU about it. He’s got more guts in his pinky finger …

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  7. “Tommy Robinson” does not exist. That is the name of a character played by an actor. The actor’s name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

    The Tommy Robinson character was built up, with TV appearances and all sorts of attention directed at him, to be the protagonist in this this particular bit of Deep State agitprop theater.

    • Troll: Lot
  8. TG says:

    Nationalism is the idea that a group of people band together to defend their common interests in a world that is often hostile or dangerous. A nation is a family writ large. The members of a nation have, as their first priority after their own biological families, the interest of their fellow nationals above that of others. Even as regular families can become toxic criminal groups, that exist only for each other and don’t care about anyone else, a nation can also become toxic, and yet, a nation is the only social grouping that can make people care about and sacrifice for others of different social and economic and even ethnic backgrounds. Getting rid of nations, would be like getting rid of families: it would result in a warring chaos of individual interest, and nobody would sacrifice or save to build anything up, nobody would plan or invest for the future. Without nationalism, the world would become a global commons, and like commons everywhere, would soon fall to overuse and under-investment.

    Globalism is not about loving the entire world. Globalism is about loving only yourself: it is about pure greed unchecked by any sense of responsibility for or connection with others. If someone says that they care about everyone equally, what they are really saying is that they don’t care about you.

    The reason globalists hate nationalism is that nationalism is an impediment to a greedy oligarch wanting to strip mine a country for profit. They have stuck racial labels on it: ‘white nationalism’ in the US – but it’s not the white part they hate, it’s the nationalism part.

    When the Soviet Union fell, the globalists were set to utterly strip mine and impoverish Russia, and they were only stopped by Putin – who did it because he was first and foremost a Russian Nationalist. Putin could have just stood back and become a billionaire while his nation was reduced to the 12th century, but it was his identification with Russia that motivated him to stop it.

    In China we also see a budding nationalism: China’s wages are now higher than Mexico’s, and the Chinese elites are not wringing their hands about how these high labor costs are cutting their profits, no, they celebrate this as an achievement, as they take pride in the advancement and growing strength of the entire nation. And so now Chinese nationalism is coming under attack: how dare the Chinese protect their domestic market! How dare the Chinese prevent foreign banks from strip-mining assets from China!

    And even in South Africa: the black majority government, like the white minority government before it, is importing massive numbers of immigrants from the rest of Africa to crush workers and keep wages low. The South African black nationalists are opposed to this, of course, so they are maligned as ‘xenophobic’ racist nationalists!

    It’s not really about race, although I do not deny that it often is given a racial angle. But really, it’s about the money. It’s always about the money.

    • Replies: @MartinAlaskan
  9. @Jonathan Revusky

    The Tommy Robinson character was built up, with TV appearances and all sorts of attention directed at him, to be the protagonist in this this particular bit of Deep State agitprop theater.

    May I ask why this would possibly be true? Your theory doesn’t make any sense.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  10. @Expletive Deleted

    Airstrip One is fast becoming a failed state.

    Look at rising entropy as in Africans and their derivatives running amok.

  11. @Achmed E. Newman

    The Tommy Robinson character was built up, with TV appearances and all sorts of attention directed at him, to be the protagonist in this this particular bit of Deep State agitprop theater.

    May I ask why this would possibly be true? Your theory doesn’t make any sense.

    Well, I can only help you a limited amount here. You will have to think these things through for yourself. I guess I can give you a little leg-up though. Just think about the following question:

    If Tommy (Stephen really…) is just some regular white English working class bloke, like millions of others, then why is he so famous? Why all the television appearances?

    Or put more simply: why have you and I (and Derb…) even heard of this guy?

    Just reflect seriously on the above question and you might start seeing a glimmer of light.

    (Or you might not… You do seem to be a pretty hard case.)

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  12. @Achmed E. Newman

    I think (vaguely recall) that this was a coach-load of cadets i.e. babby-squaddies at motorway services somewhere.
    It is quite eerie, one can can bump into the most unlikely people there and not raise an eyebrow. People I thought were dead since we were children, apparently famous people (I wouldn’t know, never had telly, don’t look at printed dross with pictures either, it’s other people wetting themselves that draws the eye).
    The noteworthy thing about that opening pic is the mystery-meats in the top right corner, either side of bighead Ginger. I can spot the Scouser, maybe a some Brummies, some Manc psycho and so on. But the inclusion of the ‘breeds is interesting. Peer pressure?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  13. @Brabantian

    Stop trying to hijack the thread with irrelevancies, troll.

  14. lloyd says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Tommy Robinson appears a caracature of the Goy yob. A modern version of Andy Capp the yob of the cartoon strip. I read in Haaretz the cartoonist of Andy Capp was a cousin of Israeli foreign Minister, Ebban and also the script writer of Yes Minister. Robinson’s real name Yaxley-Lennon makes me suspect he is from the MK Ultra John Lennon family. As far as I know no Moslem religious leader has been involved in these Asian pimping rings. They are just low caste Pakistanis unfortunately living in UK. A few days ago revisionist Germar Rudolf was arrested for dropping his trousers to change his clothes in a park in UK at about four AM. What Robinson is doing in disrupting Court proceedings in UK is so clearly agent provocateur that anymore who falls for it is out of their mind to quote Miko Peled.

    • Agree: Jonathan Revusky
  15. Zimriel says:

    “David, the wind blows … the wind blows bits of your life away;…
    “There’s a country; you don’t live there / But one day you would like to”

  16. KenH says:

    First of all that law Tommy is being charged with is complete bullshit and being selectively applied because the UK establishment doesn’t like working class white males who don’t think and do as their told. I’ll bet any Muslim trying to cover Tommy’s trial wouldn’t be charged. At most he should receive 30 days in a minimum security facility with weekend passes.

    Looks like Tommy’s love of Israel and the Jews didn’t save him. That should serve as a lesson to pro-activists.

    The U.K. is doing to Tommy what the U.S. government did to the late James Traficant when they temporarily housed him in a federal prison facility in Pennsylvania with large numbers of illegal aliens. Traficant, in addition to being the bane of the Israel lobby and last righteous Democrat, was also a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and the (((feds))) were trying to get him physically assaulted or killed.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
    , @Liberty Mike
  17. Hossein says:

    Robinson is not a Nationalist but a Zionist supported thug . A true Nationalist never resorts to racism or attempt to denigrate others.
    Scums like him and Geert Wilder have been welcomed and supported by the Zionists who have been oppressing true revolutionary nationalist,Palestinians, for the last 70 years.

    Refering to this low life football hooligan as a Nationalist is an insult to benevolent idea of Nationalism.

  18. dfordoom says: • Website

    Looks like Tommy’s love of Israel and the Jews didn’t save him. That should serve as a lesson to pro-activists.

    He’s a bit too fond of Israel. There’s a real danger of European nationalism being hijacked by Zionism. Tommy’s hatred of Muslims is much to the liking of Zionists. If you want to be a Zionist fine but it’s not really compatible with being a British nationalist. There’s a lot of Israel worship in the British far right.

    He’s also much too fond of the LGBT mob who have made a major contribution to turning Britain into a police state. So I’m rather suspicious of him.

  19. From James Delingpole’s article in Breitbart:

    The case dates back to 2018, when — in his role as citizen journalist and crusader against the grooming gangs which have preyed especially on white working-class communities around Britain — Robinson filmed and tried to interview some of the defendants outside one such trial.

    This kind of activity is strictly forbidden in the British legal system. After someone is charged with a crime, no reporting of the case is allowed except of the proceedings in court.

    Robinson knows this, and he has chosen the route of the martyr-provocateur. He could perform a public service by focussing his attention on Muslim criminals who have not been charged, or who have received derisory sentences and are now back on the streets. He is not performing a public service by deliberately disrupting the criminal trials of suspects that the authorities have brought to court.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  20. Robinson’s jailing demonstrates pretty clearly that politics is a matter of life and death. It always has been.


    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  21. @JEL


    They’re all blockheads and we need more billionaires like Trump-too rich to care and able to buy their way out of any trouble or bribe anyone.

    Tommy is not wealthy, has not accomplished anything, was nobody before white nationalism gave him something to go outside and do, has a prison record of his own…I agree with his stance but the problem is the whites who are justifiably dismayed are poor, not that educated.

    Gavin McGuiness is sort of an exception. A legitimate millionaire.

    But the rest of them are like Tommy. No sustained accomplishment.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  22. unit472 says:

    I get up this morning click onto the Telegraph’s website and their headline.

    Trump racism rowBoris and Hunt condemn attacks on Democrats as US president adds fuel to the fire

    Come on , the Telegraph and the leaders of the “Conservative Party’ are siding with the ‘Fab Four’ of radical racist female Democrats against Trump for calling them out? Is there no ‘manhood’ left in the UK? Do Brexiteers expect Boris Johnson to not wilt before the EU and the Remainers when he can’t even stand with Trump against the likes of Ilhan Omar and the ignorant AOC?

    Even Nancy Pelosi has had enough of the hate spewing representatives from Somalia, Dominica and Palestine. Why? Because she knows blacks and hispanics in the US don’t go for their anti American Third Worldism anymore than white nationalists.

  23. Later in the last century, when Tommy Robinson was in his teens, Luton was afflicted with mass immigration of Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Today the town is close to one-third Muslim.

    Nonsense. As the Economist (with absolutely no hint of duplicity, oh no) concludes, Luton is a multiracial/cultural success story…

    A new analysis of the census by Stephen Jivraj and Ludi Simpson at Manchester University shows that across the country, ethnic groups are starting to mix more evenly…Last month UKIP won only 12% of the vote in Luton. As Britain becomes more diverse, it may become more tolerant, too.

    What they fail to mention is that UKIP getting 12% in Luton (the same as the non-London South East at large) comes from a white British population roughly half as numerous as in the South East as a whole (~40% vs 80-85%) and UKIPs vote is almost wholly white British. In fact, UKIP was likely around twice as popular with Native White British voters in Luton as the UK as a whole, only vast numbers of white Britons previously of Luton have voted with their feet, and fled in their tens of thousands, rather than at the ballot box, where they will face certain betrayal anyway.

    The Population of Luton
    1991 Census: 80.2% white
    2001 Census: 71.9% white (65.0% white British)
    2011: Census: 54.7% white (44.6% white British)
    2016: ONS est: 52.5% white (41.5% white British)
    2019 School census: 32.2% white (20.4% white British)
    2031: UoM Projection: 23% white (5% white British)

    I Also find it interesting that the Economist chooses a study by the Manchester University guys…it omits to mention these very guys projection that in 2031 the remaining White British population in Luton will be virtually non-existent, falling to barely 5%, such will be the degree of white flight…

    If ‘success story’ means all the natives are compelled to leave (Outside of Islamified London Boroughs, Luton had the largest white flight 2001-2011 bar Slough…the one town less white than Luton), then, sure, I guess to the economist it is a roaring success story.

  24. @KenH

    James Traficant was a bon-a-fide American hero.

  25. @TG

    “Globalism is not about loving the entire world. Globalism is about loving only yourself: it is about pure greed unchecked by any sense of responsibility for or connection with others. If someone says that they care about everyone equally, what they are really saying is that they don’t care about you.”


    This and all the rest of your comment was interesting.

  26. lloyd says:

    Ebban was of course the Israeli Ambassador to UK

  27. @jeff stryker

    Yes, he has a prison record of his own. What of it, Jeff? He’s getting another mark on his (gasp!) record now. See, one thing people really ought to learn from the 1960’s is this: Bad ideas and stupidity notwithstanding, the protest crowd back then understood that there is power in numbers.

    Tommy has not been given all the support I would have liked to see, though he did get some (note Mr. Derbyshire’s excerpt about his latest supporters). If it ever comes to lots of regular British, and the same here, joining in because they no longer give a damn about a prison record, then, guess, what, Jeff, the prison record will cease to mean that much. Back in the ’60’s it was like “oh, says here you were arrested for causing a public nuisance. Hey, weren’t we all. OK, what was that about your experience again?”

    On your last part, I’d put more stock in the lowly “proles” like Mr. Robinson. He just has less to lose than a man-about-town like Gavin McGuiness. (We could use more McGuinesses too, BTW.)

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @NYMOM
  28. @Jonathan Revusky

    Took a nice break from the web there, so sorry for the late reply.

    Let me get this straight, Revulsky – are you telling me that once you are a regular white English working class bloke, you must remain anonymous? All few-dozen million of them? Does that include John, Paul, George, and Ringo? How about Mic Jagger? Listen, dude, that’s a ridiculous statement if it’s made to “prove” that Mr. Lennon, aka, Robinson (now) was put into the limelight by The Powers That Be. The guy is a grandstander and publicity hound, but he’s also doing it for the right cause, which is damn fine by me.

    Now, if the Deep State wanted to keep the people down (which they surely do) why in hell would they want a guy that riles people up so to get in his position? Your theory is ass backwards. Additionally, you, and a few other commenters here, seem to have a conspiracy theory for everything. If the elites behind the scene were that smart, they wouldn’t need any more of them. Nobody would get anywhere against them. Yet we will.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  29. @Expletive Deleted

    I guess we’re separated by a common language, E.D., as I don’t have any idea who Scousers, Brummies, and Mancs are. I had first thought that you are a cat breeder. What are you trying to say about the soldiers?

    The rest of that story, if I may be Paul Harvey for a second, is that the British Army brass was pissed about the soldiers supporting Tommy. Peak Stupidity summarized the later story in which the higher-ups discharged one of those very soldiers, supposedly for this being the last straw of numerous “infraction”. It was probably due to the fact that this support for the white British just “won’t stand, man”.

    Then, the soldiers showed anonymous support for this discharged “soldier X”. It puts the army brass between a rock and hard place, though, as any more PC that causes soldiers to show their disdain for it can lead to a mutiny type situation eventually.

    Under that Peak Stupidity post, commenter BernCar included part of an Kipling poem (putting in here for Mr. Derbyshire’s and the rest of the poets’ sakes):

    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is country ” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool –you bet that Tommy sees!


    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  30. @Achmed E. Newman

    Robinson was imprisoned for being drunk and assaulting a police officer.

    Polish-Americans in Detroit or Flint and people like Tommy Robinson end up in the same situation. In youth they screwed around and ended up making little money. Unlike the middle-class, they failed to sell their house and move out of the neighborhood before other groups (Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans…no matter) ran property values into the ground. They were too busy spending their youth as football hooligans or getting high or bouncing from bar brawl to drunk tank and a few middle-class ones were just plain lethargic. Then one day, they found themselves trapped in a Third World geography. Robinson could still sell his property to some Pakistani and get out. I know some Polish guys in Flint who could not give their house away.

    No matter, they are stuck.

    At the back of the mind of the middle-class whites who hear that these white proles are suffering is a bourgeois tsk tsk…”Well if the girl’s father had taken any responsibility and married her mother so that they could move out of that dreadful Pakistani slum then the child would not have been hooked on heroin and pimped by Pakistani traffickers at age 12″….”If that dumb Polack had not spent his teen years smoking pot and swilling Relsky’s vodka he would have known to sell the house his parents left him and moved to another state before the economy of Flint or Detroit collapsed”…”If those Boers studied harder and obtained a law or engineering degree they could have easily immigrated to Australia”…

    McGuiness is no ball of fire but he is a self-made man who recognizes he got lucky and VICE magazine could easily have failed and he could have been one more relic from the REALITY BITES slacker era sending his daughter to some junior high run by ragtag black and Hispanic teen drug dealers.

    Neither Richard Spencer nor Milo nor the rest of them are very impressive.

    Spencer is my age and was still a grad student in his thirties-an age when I owned my own Graphic Arts company in Dubai (Not that I am anything special but we are the same age)-and living with his mother.

    This is a guy who will be running the economy of a white ethno-state? Our supreme leader.

    Milo is gay and kisses his boyfriend in public.

    Roosh, the self-proclaimed PUA lives in his mother’s basement. He still hits the clubs at age 40 and with his long graying beard and disapproving hard stare he looks like a Muslim terrorist himself.

    These guys are an awful ragtag bunch to save Western Civilization.

    However, they are middle-class. Tommy is lower-class and the reason he is suffering living in a Pakistani slum is that he was too idle and uneducated to sell his house and join middle class white flight…this is how the British middle and upper class see it. If Pakistanis were trying to groom girls in Hyde Park or Kensington or other upper-class British (And Jewish) neighborhoods in London the SAS would be called on them.

    But lower class Brits are regarded as football hooligans who get drunk and swing at Bobbies on the Beat…like Tommy. In the US the Polish who are trapped in rust-belt graveyards are regarded the same way. They’re Catholic, they marry young, they were factory workers who did not have the money to return to college and be trained as computer programmers…so screw em, thinks the State government.

    Finally, prisons in UK are run by Pakistanis. He might get thrown off a tier. More likely in Solitary 23 hours a day. If goes into Gen Pop the same thing that happened to Dahmer could happen to him.

  31. “best wishes for surviving incarceration in a prison system run by homicidal Muslim gangs whom the British authorities are too cowardly to deal with”

    Derb the time of the kebab’d pimpin, druggin & gang-rapin the northern hoes, I asked one of my homeboys who’d spent time in cuckish jails if they’d be beaten. He laughed & said: Hell no! ½ da prisoners are goat-fiddlers & they intimidate everyone (incl staff). Nobody would dare stand up to them for humiliating kafir gammon!

  32. @Achmed E. Newman

    Not cats. Scallies and chavs. Working class denizens of the cities of Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester respectively.
    They tend to have a distinct “look” in each place . Due to economically enforced endogamy, and before that the Parish system and even feudalism, I wildly speculate. Explosive population growth for a hundred, hundred-fifty years of necessarily fairly local, rurally-derived populations in the towns during the Industrial Revolution did the rest, everybody just married the girl next door.

    Surprisingly little, as in almost no inbreeding, my own genealogy adventures tell me. Even though that’s the number one slur certain recently-arrived demographics cast on us. Pure projection.

    The clergymen took their duties seriously in those days, and had the records back to King Henry’s time to prove it. Also parish gossip could be poisonous, and reach back generations. So if you wanted your kids to wed well, don’t get a family “reputation”. And for God’s sake never bring a Catholic to this house etc.

    Most cities have their own working-class “look”, to the discerning and very familiar eye. Or rather, had. Nowadays half the folk just look very, very foreign. And really, really annoyed at being here at all. Makes you wonder …

  33. @jeff stryker

    That was a lot to digest, Jeff, but I think I’ve now got the gist of your advice for the white people of the world:



    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  34. @jeff stryker

    On your opinions of the lives and times of those 1/2 dozen alt-right types, Jeff, I don’t care who started this business, who got lucky, who’s been arrested, and who’s living in his Mom’s basement. You obviously didn’t think about what I wrote in my first comment to you: There is great power in numbers.

    It doesn’t matter to me what Mr. Robinson’s past has been like. He is standing up for British white men. No matter what his tactics, if he’s got the charisma to get hundreds, then thousands, then millions, of followers who may one day not be afraid to come out and say what most British white men are thinking, than Mr. Robinson has a lot of power indeed. One of these days, people will have so little left to lose that they will quit being pussies.

    Or, … yeah, they can RUN AWAY!

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  35. @Achmed E. Newman

    Let me get this straight, Revulsky – are you telling me that once you are a regular white English working class bloke, you must remain anonymous?

    Not exactly. I’m just saying that if there are millions of these guys, and out of those millions, one of them becomes famous and is on the TV and so forth, it behooves us to ask why.

    You don’t seem to be engaging in the question.

    All few-dozen million of them?

    Well, I assume you could go to any pub in England and find some white working class guys with mildly (or not so mildly) bigoted views about Muslims or whoever. By and large, none of them ever end up being famous or being seen on the TV, so in the one in a million case where a guy does become famous, I say it makes sense to ask why.

    The guy is a grandstander and publicity hound,

    Well, fine, but even so, is that a sufficient explanation of how he became a public figure? There are lots of attention seekers out there and only very few can ever get on the TV regularly.

    Now, if the Deep State wanted to keep the people down (which they surely do) why in hell would they want a guy that riles people up so to get in his position?

    Well, if they promote their own actor in this position, it allows them to control the talking points, the discourse…

    I obviously don’t take this Stephen Yaxley-Lennon character seriously at all, but if you’re telling me that I should, then you ought to be provide some arguments for why I should. To me, somebody like that gives off such a whiff of phoniness, of shillery, that it’s just sort of obvious. As best I can figure the only reason that you can’t perceive that is because you want very much to believe in this person you are being presented with.

    The problem is that just because you want to something to be so, and are emotionally invested in believing in it, does not mean that it is so.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  36. @Achmed E. Newman

    People like Tommy can’t run away, or they would. He actually (For Lord knows what reason) used another person’s passport to try and enter the US. When you are absolutely stuck in the UK or US you have two choices-move to some remote wasteland in Wales like Celts who fled Normans or the wastelands of the US desert interior like the Amerindians fleeing whites. Or stand your ground, which is what Robinson is doing. Moving to Asia is out of the question for the poor and uneducated white man-he’d never find employment or be able to run a survival business-and a petty criminal record these days will keep you out of ex-colonies like the US, Canada, Oz.

    As for political movements, because England forbids firearms I don’t know what the outcome will be. You can be sure that Pakistani and Black criminals have access to every firearm short of rockets and because they control the black-market in the UK they are not going to be selling them to EDL. So many Pakistanis and Blacks are UK citizens that stopping the flow of immigration now helps but is not conflict-resolving. Those Pakistani and Black and Bengali criminals now entering their criminal prime at 16 will live another seventy years.

    I don’t disagree about mass protests. Hippies took over the world, introduced it to drugs, ushered in Political Correctness and encouraged mass-migration. Blair was a hippie, for example.

    There is no question that protests can change things. In a full-scale civil war, unlike the US, which has a contiguous border with Mexico whose cartel-government can reinforce insurgency, the South Asians in the UK are cut off from Pakistan or Africa or Jamaica. There are no reinforcements. They are outnumbered.

    As for Tommy’s support of Zionism, this might be calculated (Tommy is intelligent) to appeal to besieged UK Jews who will see no other option than to join the EDL or die, should it come down to war.

    Or they can move to Israel. Which some would do of course.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  37. @Achmed E. Newman


    Sadly, if you go to London airport the whites moving to Southeast Asia permanently are not market-analysts from Kensington or other upper-class toffs. If Pakistanis come around their neighborhood, the Special Air Service will swoop down and protect these upper-class whites.

    The men departing for Southeast Asia are beaten middle-aged lower middle class men like myself or Tommy Robinson’s followers might have been if they had been born in 1962 instead of 1982. At a certain point, a man is no good for the protesting and street-fighting. Like over 40. The hippies used to say “Trust no one over 30”. This largely strategic. Older people don’t have the energy.

    The wealthier whites in the UK don’t have to flee (Except to their second properties in rural France). And it is cheaper to move to Thailand than a cabin in the Welsh mountains.

    Nope, the men running away are all lower-middle class white males like me whose neighborhoods are such a slum now in urban American or UK that developing countries are better.

    We look the same at every airport gate on earth. Forty to seventy; little weary, little worldly; cynical like I am. We’ve had our divorces or our property value is screwed or our kids are grown so we no longer have to compete with the Pakistanis. We can simply sell the house for what little it is worth and move to Philippines and live in a bungalow.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Clyde
  38. @Achmed E. Newman

    He wasn’t supposed to protest there though. He was told not to, and he actually obstructed the proceedings a little bit. The accused were going to be tried fairly, and sentenced accordingly, and Yaxley-Lennon actually hindered the process. There are videos that examine this. Plus, he’s got a nice rap sheet of his own. I know and I’m sure you could do better. FYI I do agree Islam and it’s ideas need criticism and whatnot, but you got to find a better person than Stephen Yaxley Lennon. Interesting to note that he also changed his name from an Irish lower-middle class migrant name to a more ENGLISH name. Not to mention, Yaxley-Lennon is literally a good goy shabbos funded in part by Israeli think tanks or whatever, and he’s a pretty open Zionist. He won’t ever point the finger on ((them))

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  39. @Jonathan Revusky

    Agree button used. You should be proud that Lot pressed the TROLL button. Usually if that happens, it means you’re doing something right. Cheers

  40. @jeff stryker

    Bengali criminals

    I mean yeah the people don’t take me seriously because of the handle, but this is wrong as I have stated before. You’re right about the Pakistani Mirpuri gangs, but there is no proof that Bangladeshis are up there. Not even close. I looked at the criminals sentenced for their grooming gangs or whatever. Not a single Bengali.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  41. @jeff stryker

    disapproving hard stare he looks like a Muslim terrorist himself.

    Maybe, but I heard he converted into Christianity, and that he changed his womanizing way and now condemns and rebukes that type of lifestyle.


    Use ethnicity instead of religion.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  42. @lloyd

    What Robinson is doing in disrupting Court proceedings in UK is so clearly agent provocateur

    Thank you for that nice dose of good sense here. I mentioned that in my comment too. Tommy is just an incendiary football hooligan convict, and a shameful opportunist at that, as he is clearly willing to forgo justice for his “fellow white people” in favour of more publicity, even when he was explicitly warned not to interefere in court proceedings. Thank you very much

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  43. @BengaliCanadianDude


    You should know I am not prejudiced against Muslims. What money I made was in Dubai.

    Hell, I admire moderate Muslim countries. Dubai is a shit ton nicer than Detroit.

    Are Croatian Muslims criminals? No. Are Muslims in America criminals (Compared to Italian-Americans, Mexicans, Russians, blacks, poor whites, whatever)?


    In point of fact a lower middle-class white is safer in a moderate Muslim country like Dubai than in urban America. Try starting a drug-dealing street gang in Dubai.

  44. @BengaliCanadianDude


    Bengali are not so much criminals in the UK as street fighting gangs like the film THE WARRIORS or Irish or Italian street fighting gangs on the East Coast.

    Once a man is in his twenties and has to work, he no longer has the inclination for fisticuffs in the park. Bengali in the UK age out of this. They are not trying to make a living from crime as a group.

    Are some of them tough? Sure. Would you want to scrap with them? No. But most crime is committed by those who are paying rent by committing it. When a Bengali is a 25 year old market analyst, his days of street fighting are over.

    As for Roosh, his political articles were spot on. His stuff about women was silly and once you are 30 you are not as interested in getting laid all the time.

    However, the reaction of feminists was insightful. They loathe men like you and I. Make no mistake-and religion is irrelevant. Make no mistake about that either.

  45. @BengaliCanadianDude


    If a 40 year old Pakistani man came to your house with heroin and jewelry to try and pimp your daughter, I bet it would end up with him in the hospital for six weeks.

    While grooming is crime, whites allow it to happen. Where was the white girl’s father?

    Oh yeah, he was down supporting his favorite football team. Englishmen will fight over a child’s game but some Pakistani can come to their house and kidnap their 12 year old daughter.

    Let us face some facts. Most of these problems are a result of single mothers. Most of the problems in the West are a result of single mothers, period. Poverty, neglect, exploitation by males who make their living off vulnerable girls seeking a father figure…it all comes down to some PUA who pulled a bunk.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  46. lloyd says: • Website

    Tommy, the archetype name of the English working class soldiers, loyal only to his fellow regiment and social group. Recall Kipling’s poem. Robinson, an island to himself fighting against savagery. How long did it take Hasbara to invent that? Doubtless, an English Israel Firster coined it. Alas the sheep have fallen for it. In New Zealand, after a lull after the Christchurch shootings, he has come back to divert real grievances against corporate Statism.

  47. @James N. Kennett

    When the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was first brought to Dewsbury court a lynch mob turned up with rope and grabbed him and the police had to fight to get him back. I don’t remember anybody being arrested and charged with disrupting criminal proceedings. So why get at Tommy for doing much less to a bunch of nonces?

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  48. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Oh, I see. He was told not to protest there, because it was against the letter of the law (and too many people might see him there and get riled up?) Was he supposed to go to a designated protest zone a few miles away inside a fence or something?

    People better realize right quick that this “by the book” crap will get you nowhere with the Commies of the ctrl-left. Quit playing by their game. I agree that this guy may be a bit wild, but that’s the kind of guy we need.

    I don’t care about his views on Israel in this case, because that’s not the point.

  49. @Jonathan Revusky

    By and large, none of them ever end up being famous or being seen on the TV, so in the one in a million case where a guy does become famous, I say it makes sense to ask why.

    No, it doesn’t make any sense. WTF are the chances of SOMEBODY from SOMEWHERE out of millions becoming well-known? What did the freakin’ Kardashians do besides show their underwear (or not!)? The real question is, why are there not hundreds speaking out?

    Spoiler: I know the answer. It is cowardice, some of it fairly justified, as many men have families to feed, live paycheck-to-paycheck, and can’t afford to get doxed and fired. A young guy like Tommy, perhaps this IS his way in the world, vs. being a family man – these are the ones that need to get out in front, as he does.

    There are lots of attention seekers out there and only very few can ever get on the TV regularly.

    What of them? There’s a type of math called probability theory. It doesn’t say that, because an event is unlikely to happen for millions of possibilities, than it won’t happen to any.

    Well, if they promote their own actor in this position, it allows them to control the talking points, the discourse…

    Pretty assbackwards, as I’ve already written, at least once. How are they controlling the talking points with this guy? The longer he goes on, the more a few brave souls will join him in speaking up. ¡Jeb! Bush, now there’s a guy that I could see having been planted by the Deep State. Hussein Øb☭ma, same thing.

    As best I can figure the only reason that you can’t perceive that is because you want very much to believe in this person you are being presented with.

    I don’t care who it is. It could be a guy I really would hate, in person, but 1000’s of more guys like Tommy Robinson are what we need. Your attitude is so self-defeating, that you may just want to buy a bridge from me, just for one-time use. Hell, I’ll rent it to you.

  50. @jeff stryker

    That’s a nice assessment of the ex-pat community, I’m sure, Mr. Stryker, as you would be the one to be in the know on the subject.

    Not everyone can run, though, right? Would you agree with that? Someone’s gotta take a stand, at some point. Not everyone is just out for himself.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  51. @Achmed E. Newman


    One reason the Left and Feminists in UK and US vilify men over 40 like me from the working and middle-class at the gates of Gatwick as pervs satiating our lust on economically oppressed Southeast Asian women is not because they believe that but rather that they resent the fact that so many of us are taking our tax money and leaving. We won’t be feeding a family of five refugees. Our life savings will be transferred to a Seychelles or Hong Kong account and we are simply walking out of their society. Walking out.

    It irritates them to no end.

    Fundamentally, feminists and single mothers with four kids by ten fathers and minorities all know that every white man who does this is depriving them of tax money and his human capitol. Millions of men of middle-aged men are now doing this. White women, even feminists, are aware that once white men leave their society it declines. We are the brains and the muscle (Perhaps the black man or Pakistani is the penis, but never mind). Imagine if every white man left America and the UK. Where would feminist be then? Probably being pimped by Pakistanis and on heroin.

  52. @Commentator Mike

    Just because they might have made a mistake once doesn’t mean they should allow more mistakes to happen.

  53. Budd Dwyer [AKA "Anon000"] says:
    @jeff stryker


    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  54. @jeff stryker

    I completely understand this attitude, Jeff, and don’t blame you one bit for your decision. It’s just not for everyone. Have you seen me railing on the Socialists on here, Jeff? There’s a damn good reason for that. The Socialists make sure that the deadbeats and leeches you write about can get at my money in myriad ways, meaning absconding with some years of my life. I don’t like it either, but, for some of us, there is another way of dealing with it rather than heading to the wild, wild, East.

  55. @Budd Dwyer

    Is it? Seems like plain facts to me.

  56. Gordo says:
    @jeff stryker

    While grooming is crime, whites allow it to happen. Where was the white girl’s father?

    Some were arrested trying to stop this.

    Look after your 2A Americans.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  57. @Gordo

    That bad in UK, huh?

    • Replies: @Gordo
  58. MEH 0910 says:


    Wax, the Penn professor, made this subtext the text during her address — even positively citing Trump’s “shithole” comments. She argued for what she called a “cultural distance” approach to immigration, drawing on a 2018 paper, which would give immigrants preference based on their ethnonational background.

    “Conservatives need a realistic approach to immigration that … preserves the United States as a Western and First World nation,” she said on the panel. “We are better off if we are dominated numerically … by people from the First World, from the West, than by people who are from less advanced countries.”

    In her address, she favorably quoted John Derbyshire, a writer who once penned a piece telling his white children to avoid going places where black people hang out in groups and was fired from his job at National Review as a result. In her paper, she cites the alt-right publications VDARE and Taki’s Magazine as examples of advocates of her “cultural distance” approach.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  59. Clyde says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    The Tommy Robinson character was built up, with TV appearances and all sorts of attention directed at him, to be the protagonist in this this particular bit of Deep State agitprop theater.

    Get real! Tommy Robinson is an MK-Ultra stooge but without Matt Damon’s mastery of Kung Fu Fighting and Karate chops. Now that shit is lots deeper than the so called Deep State. Like into the 18th subbasement at NSA HQ.

  60. Clyde says:
    @jeff stryker

    Thanks…well written and sounds true.

  61. Clyde says:
    @jeff stryker

    Brutal and true. These female moochers know this on an instinctual lizard brain level.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  62. @Clyde


    Gen X women are going to be in trouble. Many of them never married. They were bisexual sluts or Lesbian Feminist Dykes who sneered at marriage and men.

    A good percentage of Gen X women are going to be going into old age childless and unmarried. They will have no husband’s life insurance or alimony. No support from children. No nothing.

    This does not bother white Gen X males. We will all go down to Asia at age sixty and marry young women and perhaps start a family and enjoy cool drinks on tropical beaches.

    Meanwhile a bunch of 60 year old Gen X women will be hanging around the coffee shop or sharing an apartment with a bunch cats. Unmarried. Childless. Little money. Nowhere to go. A lifetime of antifa protests and tit-baring and patriarchy protesting behind them.

    Elderly men can still have a good time. I know many who started new families with young Asian women and enjoy life immensely in easy sunny climates.

    But Gen X women won’t have that option.

    The number of Gen X men who retire and bolt to SEA is going to be staggering. Millions will have no choice.

    Southeast Asian women don’t care if white women protest this under the guise of protecting them from exploitation. The real reason is that access to women in the developing world deregulates a sexual marketplace.

    Beneath all the faux-fury at how older white men are satiating their lust on hapless Asian women is the fact that white men can simply walk out of societies and have a good time somewhere else. It is much harder for white women do to do this. Fundamentally, even if they dislike men they have to latch onto them.

    It is offshoring in its final stage. White men taking their currency and moving somewhere less expensive and where the sexual marketplace is deregulated.

    And as one divorced older British expatriate said to me on another blog when I expressed my sorrow over his horrible divorce -“If I had stayed married to my wife I would be having sex with a 60 year old woman once a month-now I can have sex with 20 year old women every day of the week.”

    It is this sort of sexual marketplace deregulation that infuriates some white women. They would prefer us to go to the same lousy “club” every Thursday on Hen Night aka Ladies Night and buy the same watered down drinks and try to buy a few for the same skanks. After decades of promiscuous sex they want some Beta to marry them and buy them a house to live in and put up with their complaints and have zero money of his own.

    And then divorce him.

    No thanks. Many working class or lower middle class men like myself are no longer bothering with this and simply moving to Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe.

    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  63. Talha says:

    Can someone confirm if this is real? Did a prison “uncle” (old enough to be his grandpa) just clock homeboy for acting “balls of steel” tough?

    If so, really, really bad optics…


  64. @jeff stryker

    Yes, I believe in Hamtramck, MI the Poles were flooded by Muslims, mainly from Bangladesh and Iraq. They now have a mosque that plays the call to prayer. It’s the first Muslim-majority city in America. Sadly there’s a ton of Poles still trapped there who can’t really move out and are too old to be having babies. Haven’t heard of many Poles trapped in Detroit proper, though.

  65. @jeff stryker

    Damn. Never thought of it like that.

    But you’re right. I’m programmed to automatically think of some old white perv looking for young girls when I think of somebody going to the Philippines, or Thailand. I have never been there, and while I’m sure that sex is an added bonus (if it actually happens), the living standards are better for a middle class white guy in Thailand than they are for him in America.

    The comments about the white women are spot on. They need white men to run our country. If you look at the essential areas – firefighting, power lines, airplanes – they are 99% whites. Even in Brampton (70% South Asian), Alectra Hydro is 90% white guys. I truly do not believe that non-whites, no matter their high IQ, are not capable of running the systems that we have in the West.

    Would be interesting to see what happens if ten million + older white men moved overseas. Would the USA ban emigration? Would they make life hell for them through taxation and the IRS?

    I don’t believe in white flight, but frankly if these white guys have had their kids, they are pretty much useless in a revolution anyways so why not leave. They might as well work from the outside and take their tax money and knowledge with them.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  66. @jeff stryker

    I’ve noticed this too. The childless men, as they age, just become permanent college bachelors. They golf all the time, watch football, fish, drink beer, buy nice cars. In the individual, selfish context, it’s really not that bad of a lifestyle.

    Childless women just go absolutely loony.

    I have no interest in furthering a society that hates people like me. Why should I support Canada and pay taxes when I’m just a host for a parasite to leech off of me? I’d have no problem moving to SEA. I’d frankly prefer to work in a foreign country. At least I don’t have to pay taxes to Canada. The only obstacle is white children. I need to have at least 3 white children to help the race move forward. Genes are precious.

    So until I have my 3 (minimum) white children I can’t move to a non-white country.

  67. NYMOM says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Well people can support Tommy Robinson by contributing to the Rebel Media which they are collecting money now for someone to go visit him in jail this Tuesday to check on his condition…I gave a contribution towards the airfare for someone to fly from Canada to England to visit him…

    Of course, when you think of it, it is a little ridiculous that people should have to contribute to pay for the airfare of someone to fly over from Canada to visit the guy in England; but, that’s the world we live in today.

    People in England are afraid to get involved and maybe have themselves or their families targeted…

  68. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian


    Goofs are not loved in Southeast Asia. They exist there, but it is not open or encouraged and no other expat is going to befriend them.

    Is it perverted for an older man to prefer young women of 20 over some querulous 60 year old woman who is overweight, rarely screws, carries baggage from two previous marriages etc?

    Is it perverted to like young women in their twenties instead?

    The USA cannot ban Americans leaving the US or it would destroy global trade.

  69. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

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