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The Chauvin Case—David vs. Goliath in Minneapolis…and In America
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier (May 30, 2020): Even Right Abandoning Accused Minneapolis Cop—But They Shouldn’t

Jury selection began this week for the conviction…Oops, sorry: I mean the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin on charges that he murdered the Holy Blessed Martyr George Floyd in Minneapolis last year. As I write, here we are in Day Five of the jury selection, with half of the jurors selected.

I’ve been following Andrew Branca’s coverage of the jury selection at Legal Insurrection with side trips to Scott Johnson’s coverage at PowerLine blog. Branca is a seasoned attorney in Massachusetts—thirty years’ experience in cases mostly concerning self-defense and use of force. Johnson is also an attorney, in fact a Minnesota attorney, so he knows the judge and other courtroom names.

It’s clear from the accounts of these experts that the trial is David versus Goliath. David here is Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson; Goliath is all the legal power of the state of Minnesota, plus some names drafted in from the Obama administration Justice Department.

David won that original bout, according to the First Book of Samuel, so wonders can happen. Still, while I don’t know what the over-and-under was on Goliath back there in 1000 B.C., the betting has to be against Chauvin getting off.

And even if he isn’t found guilty—or possibly even, as I’ve noted before, if he is found guilty—Kristen Clarke, the black supremacist dingbat who Joe Biden has nominated to run the Civil Rights division of his Justice Department, will come after him with double jeopardy charges: “OK, so you didn’t murder him; but you did fatally deprive him of his civil rights! Ha! —got ya!”

This is American jurisprudence in the 21st century.

Defense and prosecution can both use peremptory strikes to dismiss any prospective juror at all. The state gets nine peremptory strikes, the defense gets fifteen, of which they have used six as at Friday morning. On top of that, the judge in the case can himself dismiss a prospective juror for cause, and has been doing so.

Judge Peter Cahill, for example dismissed prospective juror #43 “for cause.” What was the cause?

Well, last December, when the pool of prospective jurors was still being assembled, they all had to complete a 14-page questionnaire about their knowledge of the case, connections with the police, criminal record, favorite news sources, and so on. Juror #43 had responded to every question by writing: “No English.” He also failed to return a form stating his citizenship or residence status.

Pretty plainly. he’s an illegal alien. Minneapolis is a Sanctuary City, so you’ll be relieved to know he’s not in any peril of deportation, But he’s off the jury.

Of those prospective jurors who are citizens of the U.S.A. and could understand English, most confessed some negativity towards the defendant, although juror #39, a male, allowed that he could imagine acquitting Chauvin if the defense succeeded in proving him not guilty.

This man has apparently arrived in adult life without ever having heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.”

Prospective juror #40, also a male, described himself as a music teacher, albeit one unable to play a musical instrument. Hmm. In that December questionnaire, #40 had written that he got a negative opinion of Officer Chauvin in part as a result of “seeing the look on Chauvin’s face on the video.”

So this fellow has arrived in adult life without ever having attended a performance of Macbeth to hear Duncan say: “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.”

I must say, juror #40’s impression was contrary to mine. When I saw video of Officer Chauvin doing the knee restraint on Floyd, my impression was that Chauvin didn’t look at all like a person doing something he should not have been doing.

His defense will apparently be that he was restraining a seriously obstreperous perp, using a common and approved method of restraint, until the ambulance arrived. [Neck Hold Used By Minneapolis Officer Was Approved By Department Policy,, May 29, 2020] And that’s exactly what it looked like to me.

Did he maintain the restraint for too long? Possibly. I guess that will be argued when the trial proper starts on March 29th.

If he did though, that is still not murder. At worst it’s negligent homicide, like knocking down a pedestrian with your car because you took your eyes off the road to kiss your girlfriend.

But juror #40 was passed by the Lefty judge in spite of ample evidence that he was nowhere near fair and impartial. So that Chauvin’s defense counsel had to use up another one of their peremptory challenges.

The whole process should end next week. What we’ve seen so far may not reflect too badly on the juror selection process. But it does testify to the Main Steam Media’s power to brainwash the general public into believing things that aren’t true.

Here’s a thing that isn’t true: that cops pick on blacks, arresting them in proportions greater than is justified by actual black criminality.

What’s my authority for saying that isn’t true? The U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, that’s what.

January this year the BJS published a statistical brief: Race and Ethnicity of Violent Crime Offenders and Arrestees, 2018.

There are two sources of data for this report. One source is the Uniform Crime Reporting program, which is run by the FBI. The UCR gathers data on crimes logged by every kind of domestic law-enforcement agency: municipal, county, state, federal, even tribal and college security forces.

The other source is the National Crime Victimization Survey, a questionnaire distributed nationwide asking people aged 12 or older about crimes they have been victims of, with characteristics of both victim and offenders.


The beauty of the NCVS is that it records crimes even if they weren’t followed by any police or court action. It’s also a very big survey: the 2018 data for this report questioned more than 150,000 households. The downside of it is, it doesn’t include homicides. We haven’t yet figured a way to get homicide victims filling out a questionnaire.

So if you compare the UCR to the NCVS you are getting the country’s crime statistics from both ends, from the law-enforcement end and then from the crime victim end. By comparing the two datasets you can see whether law enforcement is arresting and prosecuting in proportion as how crime is experienced.

They are.

Among the most serious incidents of violent crime (rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault), there were no statistically significant differences by race between offenders identified in the NCVS and persons arrested per the UCR.

White and black people were arrested proportionate to their involvement in serious nonfatal violent crime overall and proportionate to their involvement in serious nonfatal violent crime reported to police.

Department Of Justice Data On Violent Crime And Race,, January 25, 2021

There is some discrepancy in the case of Hispanics, but this is probably because ethnicity isn’t as plain as race. If granny gets knocked down and her pocketbook stolen by someone who then runs off, she can be pretty sure of his race, but much less sure whether or not he’s Hispanic.

So all the Black Lives Matter hysteria about cops prowling around looking for blacks to victimize, and of blacks terrified to venture into the streets for fear of being shot by rogue cops, is a load of rubbish.

A colossal national hysteria leading to billions in property damage and dozens of deaths is founded on … nothing at all.

Anyone acquainted with actual cops already knew this, of course. If you have no such acquaintance, I recommend reading Connie Fletcher’s 1991 book What Cops Know. It has wonderfully gritty accounts by actual cops and ex-cops, all named in the book, of what street police work is like. It’s available on Kindle for $7.99 and there are plenty of copies available at Abebooks, starting at less than four dollars. I doubt street police work has changed much since 1991.

One of Steve Sailer’s commenters the other day captured some of the same flavor:

[Cops] spend every day dealing with the scum of the earth like Floyd. People like Floyd, … aside from being thieves and addicts, are also fluent liars. Maybe when you are a young and naive cop you still believe them but after a while you realize that they are lying 99 times out of 100 and so you learn never to believe them. You realize that in most cases these people bring misfortune upon themselves and so you lose all sympathy for them. You learn never to trust them because if you extend any kindness, they will take advantage of the situation in any way they can. You become very cynical about human nature.

Jack D. March 11, 2021

That commenter adds, reasonably and truly, that none of what he’s said would excuse criminal conduct on the part of a cop, if such conduct can be proved to courtroom standards of evidence. Still, it adds context.

The blogger who calls himself “Inductivist” added the same context more succinctly over at Twitter on Thursday, tweet:

The fact of cops disliking assholes does not of course exclude the possibility that some cops are themselves assholes—we all have stories.

It does, though, imply that it’s unwise to exhibit extreme assholery when cops are trying to arrest you.

There’s a widespread assumption, which I think is probably correct, that if by some mischance a recalcitrant jury does acquit Officer Chauvin, the Ruling Class will unleash their stormtroopers again—Antifa and BM—for another season of burning, looting, and killing.

Related to that is a very good opinion piece by Michael Anton over at the Law & Liberty website, March 10th. [The Weather Underground’s Lasting Victory]

Anton argues that the violent radicals of the 1960s have won. Big names of that violent-radical generation ended up in prestigious academic positions: Bill Ayers a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Bernadine Dohrn a law professor at Northwestern, Kathy Boudin an adjunct professor of social work at Columbia University, all now I think retired—honorably, of course.

Anton omits to mention Angela Davis, also now honorably retired after numerous academic posts at UCLA and elsewhere.

He does mention Kathy Boudin’s son Chesa Boudin, now implementing radically progressive policies as District Attorney of San Francisco County: criminals released without charges, no more demands for bail, no prosecution for shoplifting, and so on. [Walgreens shutters 10 stores in San Francisco as residents point to rampant shoplifting, Washington Examiner, March 10, 2021]

Yes, the Ruling Class loves its radical Lefties, and rewards them handsomely for their efforts. Non-Leftist street protestors, however—the Proud Boys, for example, who to my knowledge have never engaged in arson, looting, or bomb-making, are hunted down like mad dogs.

If this pattern continues there’s a bright future ahead for today’s anarchist mobs. In the U.S.A. of 2070, our colleges and universities will be staffed by graduates of Antifa and BLM.

Perhaps they’ll even be running the government.

Although, really, given the Ruling Class admiration and support they already have, what difference would it make?

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. If this pattern continues there’s a bright future ahead for today’s anarchist mobs. In the U.S.A. of 2070, our colleges and universities ….

    Assuming there is still a U.S.A., much less colleges and unies. Then again, Zimbabwe still has a Uni.

  2. JimDandy says:

    The Death of Saint Asshole

    “I just lost my mom,” he lied, after swallowing his lethal drug stash, and, as he died with his face pressed up against the pavement his final thoughts were of that sweet girl’s tender stomach as he jammed his gun into her flesh after breaking into her home.

  3. There is easily accessible and indisputable evidence that Derek Chauvin totally followed procedure whilst arresting the drug stuffed and highly dangerous George Floyd.

    There’s audio and video showing that Floyd was stating that he “couldn’t breath” before Derek Chauvin had physically touched him in any way, shape or form. Floyd couldn’t breathe because his lungs were flooded with fluid due to his drug use.

    Derek Chauvin’s restraining of Floyd by putting a knee on the side of his neck didn’t choke-off Floyd’s airway. The undeniable proof of this is that Floyd repeatedly spoke – saying numerous times he could not breath – while Chauvin’s knee was placed on his neck. If his airway had been blocked by Chauvin, it would have been impossible for Floyd to speak.

    Then there’s the FBI, who have gone full Cheka. What’s galling is that there is no push-back.

    The nature of the Jews behind this will be to get worse with the humiliation against Whites. Much worse. That’s because the West’s elite Jews are very much like the stereotypical schoolyard bullies.

    The schoolyard bully is ultimately and foremost a coward. He finds the weakling who is afraid of him and beats him. The more the weakling cowers and squeals, the harder the bully beats on him.

    What the bully is really beating, though, is himself. He sees in the whimpering weakling the sniveling coward that he himself actually is.

    The Jews that today run the US and the West see in the native Whites a reflection of themselves as they were in the 1930s and 1940s. The reflection they see is that of cowards who obediently did as they were told in a simpleton effort to retain their wealth and comfort:

    ■ Leave your homes and gather in the ghettos.
    ■ Go to the rail station.
    ■ Board the cattle wagons.
    ■ Hand over your processions.
    ■ Stand left or right.
    ■ Work will set you free.
    ■ Enter the camp.
    ■ Take a shower in that building you’ve seen hundreds enter but never leave.

    The modern Jews are looking at White cowards that simply won’t fight back, no matter what humiliation they are subjected to. What they really see, though, is the cowardly craven cretins they themselves were in Hitler’s Europe.

    The more they are forced to look at the reality of what they themselves are, the harder they will humiliate the reflectors.

  4. Trinity says:

    Lest we kid ourselves not all cops are upstanding citizens, they are people like the rest of us and there is good and bad in law enforcement just like any other occupation. I saw a video of a obese female Black guard at the Hillsborough County jail in Florida dump a wheelchair bound White inmate onto the floor. Imagine if the races were reversed on that one.

    As for the Floyd case. The guy’s behavior was bizarre. He was freaking out, which possibly had to do with his drug overdose and maybe the guy’s heart was pounding out of his chest, but as pointed out, it isn’t as if this was the first time this guy had been arrested. I do question whether it was the right decision to place a knee on Floyd’s neck since he was complaining about trouble breathing long before they took him to the ground. It seems that 2 or 3 cops could have handled this guy since he was already handcuffed and forced him into the back of the patrol car. “Big Floyd” wasn’t near the giant they described him to be and in his weakened state should have been easy for a two or three cops to overpower and shove into the patrol car.

    Did the officer’s actions contribute to the cause of Floyd’s death? Doubtful but there is a slight probability it might have. Involuntary Manslaughter? Seems like that would be a fair charge, but whether it is provable or not is the question. Officially Floyd died of an overdose, the burden of the case lies on proving that the officer’s actions contributed in any way in causing the death of Floyd. In a just society where Lady Justice is fair, it would be a difficult but not impossible crime to prove but my guess is Chauvin is already a condemned man due to the anti-White racism that infects America.

  5. @ForeverGone

    Waitaminit, are you saying the Holocaust really happened? I don’t think that’s allowed around here. . .

    • Troll: Polistra, ariadna
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  6. Thomasina says:

    “Yes, the Ruling Class loves its radical Lefties, and rewards them handsomely for their efforts.”

    Both Democrats AND Republicans are on board with this thinking.

    But it’s not that they LIKE the fact that cities have been looted and burned, that perpetrators are being let off. It’s not that the Ruling Class are purposely looking the other way out of benevolence towards Blacks. They’re not currently rewriting history and allowing statues to be toppled because of past racial injustice.

    It’s also not like the Ruling Class hate Whites, but their thinking is, “Let’s throw Whites under the bus because it’s better them than us.” So they’ve given the Lefties and Blacks an enemy: Whites. They already know “White Supremacy” is a load of crap, but they’re going to run with it.

    Because, if they don’t, if they were to come down hard on Blacks, as they should, then Blacks are going to start looking at them. They’re scared shitless that the rabble are going to start noticing WHO is causing the inequality in society – the Ruling Class. They have to keep the fighting going, otherwise Whites and Blacks might join together and come after them.

    So we have the George Floyd narrative (White cop kills innocent Black), the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol hoax on January 6th (White Domestic Terrorists), and on and on.

    The Ruling Class are content to have the country come apart at the seams in order to prevent the rabble from seeing the real corruption, theft and looting being done by them.

    It’s all a deflection, a divide and conquer show.

  7. Yeah, and if the cop was black and the perp white, you’d be mobilizing the exact same facts and logic and contempt against the cop and for the perp. Truth means nothing to you. Everything is spun to fit your little, I won’t dignify it by calling it a little ideology, just a bunch of little self-contradictory prejudices is all. Hypocrites.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • LOL: Wade Hampton
    • Troll: WhiteWinger, Redman, Catdog
  8. Thomasina says:

    Officer Chauvin knew he was being videotaped, he could hear people telling him to take his knee off of Floyd’s neck, and yet he looked straight at the phones recording him and didn’t move. Most people are going to realize their error immediately and remove their knee, but he didn’t – for eight minutes!

    Why is that? Bad cop? Stupid cop? A cop just following his training? Or a staged event? Did anybody see Floyd’s body in an open casket? Is this another Epstein affair? I’m not saying it is, but with all that’s gone on, it makes you seriously wonder.

    Looks too much like someone painted this picture.

  9. Trinity says:

    Another suspicious deal is the cops who allegedly committed “suicide” following the “insurrection” of January 6 at the Capitol. And how convenient that Officer Sicknick ( strange name) was cremated instead of having an open casket. As far as I know they have yet to give an official cause of Officer “Sicknick’s” death and they still have yet to publicly identify the ALLEGED BLACK officer who shot an UNARMED Ashli Babbitt. No warning, nothing, the guy just up and shot a girl who posed no serious threat whatsoever. Just think if a White Capitol police officer/security cop or whoever shot an unarmed Black female who posed no serious threat? Think we wouldn’t be hearing this story around the clock for years to come.

    Is the “insurrection” another Epstein Affair. Look how FAKE that scene looked where the overweight middle aged Black cop was being followed up the stairs by protestors. My gawd, that guy could barely pass a routine physical exam and he has a job protecting the Capitol. A lot of those officers shown look like your run of the mill security guard at some factory or warehouse. smdh. Anyhow back to the overweight Black Capitol police officer/security officer being “chased” by those protestors, it looked like a scene straight out of Sanford and Son. And then a few days later, they showed a clip of that same security officer loping down the hall and telling Mittens Romney to go the other way. Typical Hollywood production with the Black guy saving the day. haha. Cue: Theme From Sanford And Son.

    • Agree: WhiteWinger
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  10. AceDeuce says:

    Not to second guess Chauvin, but what he should have done is hand Floyd his fake $20 back and let him go. As it happened, Floyd would have died several minutes later, with any luck.

    Even if he lived, there would have been a good chance that he would have passed the fake bill to his kneegrow drug dealer and with any luck, the dealer would have killed Floyd. No muss, no fuss,, no gold coffin, and no conviction, probably.

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
    , @moi
  11. @Thomasina

    Yes,you are correct,”someone painted this picture”.
    This is just a continuation of an ongoing orchestration …
    The divide and conquer technique that allows no resistance
    to the jew dic i al system hellbent on the biblical “dominion”.
    And don’t forget it’s called “the good book” not the lewd kook.

  12. Unit472 says:

    Helluva of a problem facing “President “ Biden. It was all fun and games last summer but having Antifa and BLM hoodlums running amok this year won’t be.

    This and our open southern border are going to be hard to explain or blame on Trump.

  13. raga10 says:

    “At worst it’s negligent homicide, like knocking down a pedestrian with your car because you took your eyes off the road to kiss your girlfriend.” … for eight minutes.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Luus Kanin
  14. Thomasina says:

    “The Jews that today run the US and the West see in the native Whites a reflection of themselves as they were in the 1930s and 1940s.”

    I think the Jews that run the U.S. today see the native Whites exactly the same as they saw the native Germans in the 1920’s. The Jews owned the media, academia, entertainment, business, banking. The German people suffered through hyperinflation and starvation while the Jews bought up their land for next to nothing.

    Somebody always has control, and the Jews figure they’ll take that position, thank you very much. They throw money, threats or blackmail at the corrupt Whites to help them maintain that top position.

    They got fooled by Hitler, and they have made up their mind that they won’t get fooled again. At any whiff of nationalism, socialism, anti-semitism, they are out in full force. The media, ADL, SPLC keep close tabs on what’s happening, and they carefully massage the public’s interpretation of events.

    They are currently busy dividing and conquering the population over race issues, holding their noses while supporting the Blacks, and keeping everybody hating each other. Meanwhile, because they control the narrative through the media, nobody is hating on them.

    This is about power and control, maintaining the flow of wealth up to them through the banking system.

    The difference is that the Jews KNEW who had the power in Germany (they did), but the ordinary citizen didn’t know this until Hitler came along. They couldn’t see it, just as the ordinary U.S. citizen doesn’t see it today (although more are noticing now). The U.S. people are just like the German people.

    So I don’t think Jews saw themselves as cowards in 30’s and 40’s Germany. I think they did what they had to do after they lost power (most of the wealthy got out). Since then they have purposely and with intent set out to get back on top and stay on top.

    Ruthless, Machiavellian.

  15. King George held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach as he robbed her house. They really do scrape bottom of the barrel to find their poor black victims of bad white men. Meanwhile they will never ever show you the faces of white people viciously, agonizingly murdered by black thugs by the thousands every year in America. You will never even hear their names.

    • Agree: HammerJack, AKINDLE
    • Thanks: WhiteWinger
    • Replies: @Felix Krull
  16. The real tragedy is that Chauvin cannot be executed in the same way he executed St. George of the Negroid Church. I hope the Chinese raise the black flag to American police forces upon their long-awaited occupation day.

  17. lloyd says: • Website

    John Derbyshire made a rhetorical question. What difference it would make if graduates from BLM and Antifa ran the Government? That is exactly what they are planning and as soon as possible. Maybe in ten years’ time when the street rioters would be in their thirties. That was the age Fidel Castro took over Cuba. They self consciously see white majority countries as next in line for a post colonial take over. Then what would be the difference? Well look at Zimbabwe. If you riot there, you get shot while the black elite rob the country of its assets. I also suspect having taken over power, they will be socially very conservative as in Zimbabwe. The deviants will be hiding back in the shadows. I am not sure what would happen to Zionism. I guess they will buy up the black elites but it will be an entirely mercenary relationship.

  18. KenH says:

    If Derek Chauvin was black and George Floyd was white this wouldn’t be news.

    If both Chauvin and Floyd were black this wouldn’t be news.

    If both Chauvin and Floyd were white this wouldn’t be news.

    If George Floyd had shot the first white police officer who apprehended him this wouldn’t be news other than on Paul Kersey’s blog, Amren and a few other sites.

    This is only news because it was spun like hell to fit the totally false narrative of out of control racist white cops mercilessly killing “innocent” black men. The political spin and omission of critical details by the (((controlled media))) is textbook yellow journalism.

    Derek Chauvin will probably not receive a fair trial. It seems he was guilty only of kneeling lightly on Floyd’s neck for around 2-3 minutes too long but even then there’s almost no proof that that contributed to his death and if it can be proven that it did then there was no intent to do so. The county medical examiner’s report said that George Floyd showed no signs of internal or external neck trauma which means his airways were not constricted or damaged by Derek Chauvin’s knee.

    If there’s white privilege then Derek Chauvin wouldn’t be on trial and possibly facing federal “civil rights” charges if he miraculously gets acquitted. In white privileged America I know of no black cops who have had their lives completely upended destroyed for being accused of using excessive force.

  19. KenH says:

    And if the cop was black and Floyd was white you would be arguing on behalf of the black cop and saying that he dindu nuffins and that the white Floyd brought it on himself. You’re as much a hypocrite as you claim we are.

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
    , @obwandiyag
  20. Alfa158 says:

    No we wouldn’t. If the cop was black and the criminal was white, the cop would still be on patrol, the criminal would still be dead and none of us would have even heard about it.

  21. Swamp Fox says:

    Or he would claim that the white perp called him the loaded “word.”

  22. @Thomasina

    Agree — Thomasina is much closer to the reality of Jews in Germany than is Forever —

    imo Jews thought they were entitled to, or intended to, exercise power and dominion over Germans , beginning with German unification 1871 and peaking in Weimar years. imo it was a shock to German Jews that someone marshaled the Germans to push back.

    Understood this way, the situation Americans, esp. European-Americans, are in today vis a vis Jews is a very close parallel.

    That explains why Jews who dominate media are saturating airways with “evil Nazis” and Hitler-is-baddest of the bad, and why Jews are the puppet masters behind the prosecution of “white supremacists;” Jews are scared $#!tless that a new nationalist will arise and organize European Americans to resist Jewish overbearing power.

    Their fear is my hope.

    — but take it easy on Machiavelli: mistake to think of him in simplistic terms.

    • Agree: Sulu
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Badger Down
  23. SafeNow says:

    More than 4,000 applicants for 400 places in Norway’s police academy. Record enthusiasm for the job. The opposite of the U.S. Link below to Norway Today. (I read the press of a few other countries to
    learn what’s really going on in the world, and also to pretend that I live someplace else.)

    Btw, how many more impactful people are there in US history than Floyd/Chauvin? In a few years, historians might say that the answer is zero.

  24. raga10 says:

    If Derek Chauvin was black and George Floyd was white this wouldn’t be news.
    If both Chauvin and Floyd were black this wouldn’t be news.
    If both Chauvin and Floyd were white this wouldn’t be news.

    True, yet none of this makes it OK. Americans are obsessed with race to the point they seem to see absolutely everything as an issue of racism, but as a non-American I have broader perspective: what I see is not racism, but police brutality and it is a problem everywhere in the world: Russian white cops are brutalising white Russian protesters, Nigerian black cops are doing the same to blacks… None of it has anything to do with racism, and everything to do with the role of police and balance of power in the society.

    I don’t give a shit about George Floyd whose death is probably a net gain for the society but I still would like to see Chauvin behind the bars because it is not up to the police to mete out justice on the spot; not in any society that I would want to live in, at any rate.

    • Agree: animalogic
  25. @ForeverGone

    Typical, uniformed nonsense.

    There were 2 and only 2 flags that were permitted to be flown in Nazi German, the Swastika and the Star of David. The National Socialists worked with the Zionists to see Jews removed to Germany and to Palestine, with their wealth transfered via The Transfer Agreement.

    And fantasy building do you refer to? That never happened, and anyone who believes such rubbish is delusional

  26. @AceDeuce

    The problem is that Floyd might very well have driven a car into a crowd before croaking. So the police were obligated to hold him and not let him go. The same people who slam the police for restraining would also slam them if they allowed a dangerous drug addict to get in his car and drive off before crashing.

    • Agree: HammerJack, Fred777
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @KenH
  27. unwoke says:

    “Did he maintain the restraint for too long? Possibly. I guess that will be argued when the trial proper starts on March 29th.”

    The city of Minneapolis apparently thinks so. They just paid out $27 million (!) in compensation to Floyd’s broken “family”. Floyd’s worth a lot more to his so-called “family” dead than he ever was alive. $27 million will buy a lot of drugs. Minnie’s Jewish mayor, Jacob Frey described the case as a “century-in-the-making reckoning around racial justice that struck Minneapolis like a thunderbolt.” The city is also erecting a permanent memorial near the site of the incident. More ‘thunderbolts’ may be on the way.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  28. Floyd deserved to die. Subhuman Untermensch 1/2 evolved ape.

  29. John Derbyshire: “This is American jurisprudence in the 21st century.”

    Just today on the news was a story about an airline passenger charged with refusing to wear a mask. He faces a possible 20 years and a $250,000 fine. LOL, why not just make death the penalty for everything? It would save a lot of expense.

    As for Chauvin, he’s a race traitor who served an anti-white system, so he’s getting what he deserves. We’ll never know how many white men he helped the system screw over throughout his long career as a “public servant”. Hundreds, most likely.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Anonymous
  30. Thomasina says:

    “But take it easy on Machiavelli: mistake to think of him in simplistic terms.”

    You’re right, poor word choice. I just meant Machiavelli’s reference in “The Prince” where he says that it’s better for a prince to be feared than loved.

    That’s the second time someone has schooled me on this. Duh, maybe I’ll learn one day. Thank you.

  31. SafeNow says:

    Mitch McConnell and his neighbors can tell you why there will be a guilty verdict.

    • Replies: @anon
  32. @Thomasina

    Staged or not, there is no doubt that the elites used the incident to stoke flames, divide and conquer. Until someone convinces me otherwise, I’m going to assume that Catherine Austin Fitts nails it in the video at the link provided. From the the first giveaway by Congress to the wealthy on March 25, 2020, the pandemic was revealed as a scam and they cynically used George Floyd, among other things, to distract us.

    • Thanks: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  33. Trinity says:

    Where are all these “anti-racists” when Black animals rape-torture-mutilate-murder innocent Whites like in the Wichita Massacre or the Knoxville Horror? Oh, that’s right the “anti-racists” are out protesting against Whites who had the temerity to protest Black on White violence like they did during the rallies for Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. So “anti-racists” will protest Whites who complain about Blacks torturing and raping a young White Tennessee couple for days, they raped both the male and female, shot the man, and then stuffed the girl in a garbage bag after they raped and tortured her for days. Yet according to the media and the “anti-racists” the real racists were the Whites who dared to protest this case not being prosecuted as a “hate crime”, and demanded justice for the murdered White couple. Oh, btw, there were only a handful of Whites demanding justice for Christian and Newsom, not thousands marching in nationwide. Some big media talking shits denied ever knowing about the story, right Glenn Beck?


    • Agree: AKINDLE, SteveRogers42
    • Replies: @anon
    , @HammerJack
  34. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    As for Chauvin, he’s a race traitor who served an anti-white system…

    As was John C Calhoun, for whom the largest lake in the “City of Lakes” was named.

  35. AceDeuce says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Oh, I know. And of course you’re right about that. If all he killed were nonwhites, I wouldn’t care about that even. Best case is he would have slipped the bill to a groid who’d just take care of business.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. AceDeuce says:

    Yeah, you would have taken care of that 6’7″ hopped up boogie like you were Bruce Lee on steroids. You probably couldn’t cuff and arrest a Girl Scout.

    • Agree: SteveRogers42
    • Replies: @raga10
  37. JimDandy says:

    Floyd was a violent scumbag who had twice the lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system–plus other drugs–and a diseased heart twice the size of a healthy person’s. He was complaining that he couldn’t breathe long before he was put on the ground. Chauvin followed procedure, the knee hold was in the damned training manual, and it didn’t inhibit Floyd’s ability to breathe. Chauvin was doing what he thought he should do to help Floyd.

    Floyd is a dead criminal who killed himself. Chauvin is a living human being–a working class man that was doing the job he was trained to do. He should not be charged with ANYTHING. He is owed an apology from everyone who called him a killer and, in a fair world, would end up being awarded massive settlements for libel. People who think an innocent man should be put in a cage and have his life ruined just so their ideological team wins are the scum of the earth.

  38. From my blog, Floyd OD’d:

    Aug 29, 2020 – I Can’t Breath!

    The biggest news story of the month was ignored by our corporate media. All these riots began after the death of George Floyd. We all saw that he died during his arrest when a cop placed his knee on Floyd’s neck. His toxicology report was finally made public and shows that he had a lethal dose of the dangerous pain killer fentanyl in his system. This caused his lungs to fill with fluid, which explains why he told arriving cops “I Can’t Breath” and did not cooperate as he was delusional and dying. The cops wrestled him to the ground and cuffed him as he died from a fentanyl overdose. Floyd would have died right there even if the cops had not shown up.

    This is why coroners wait for toxicology results before declaring the cause of death, but in this case he bowed to political pressure and announced his death was caused by the knee to the neck. This news is so big that our corporate media, which has promoted the riots, refuses to air the truth. Details can be read here.

    In fair and normal world, the accused cops would be immediately freed with an apology. Let’s see what happens.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  39. And to think that 50 years ago, Mary Richards tossed her beret in the air of Minneapolis with glee.

  40. When a people can’t tell the difference between real and fake, they will end up in a real concentration camp for fake reasons.

  41. Polistra says:

    Seems to me that this is where the trumped-up ‘double jeopardy’ thing comes in, as Mr Derbyshire posits. If Chauvin walks, the feds will get him that way.

    Separately, from the essay:

    A colossal national hysteria leading to billions in property damage and dozens of deaths

    Dozens of death directly, but with the sharp increase in violent crime over the past year, it’s reasonable to conclude that hundreds if not thousands of additional lives have been ‘lost’ due to the hysteria, and the counter is still spinning.

  42. sally says:

    “The difference is that the Jews KNEW who had the power in Germany (they did), but the ordinary citizen didn’t know this until Hitler came along. They couldn’t see it, just as the ordinary U.S. citizen doesn’t see it today (although more are noticing now). The U.S. people are just like the German people.”

    the governed ordinary deplorable people have better things to do with their lives than figuring out how to screw someone out of their money.

    Also Hitler’s power came from the immigrant Jews arriving from Stalin’s Russia, after the Lenin Tolstoy group killed 32 million White Christian Russians. arriving Russian Jewish immigrants were displacing Germans from German jobs<= the higher the level of the job, the greater was the displacement.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  43. anon[831] • Disclaimer says:

    If the Black supremacist movement fully supported by the regime in Washington didn’t want to make this a spectacular show trial, Mr. Chauvin would have been “Epsteined” long ago in his county jail cell. Once he gets sentenced to a long term in the state penitentiary I certainly wouldn’t underwrite a life insurance policy for him. Jeffrey Dahmer probably had a longer life expectancy when he started his sentence than this man will. Most of his fellow inmates will be black thugs, many killers, who wish him dead along with the fame they’ll get for killing him. They’ll eventually get him even if the poor man is kept in solitary. Even the other three cops involved had better leave the country if they are lucky enough to be acquitted.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  44. anon[831] • Disclaimer says:

    The animals will probably get “reparations” before convictions in this political climate.

  45. Polistra says:

    David Matthews in RT: “White people may not like it…”

    On slavery: “Talk about a win-win-win for the (white) man.”

    Biggest loss imaginable. Wrecked societies, wrecked nations wherever you are.
    There’s not a black society anywhere on the face of the globe which is safe and civilized–there never has been and from the looks of things there never will be.

    it’s time for those holding the purse strings to put up if they want those of us who support the movement to shut up.

    Oh please. You’re never going to shut up, and you know it. Trillions of tax dollars have already been thrown down the rat hole and you’re more monstrous–and aggrieved–than ever. The next trillion won’t make anything better.

    Who’s holding the purse strings anyway? You’re not after rich people–you’re after white people. You want poor white people to pay tribute to wealthy negroes.

    Your entire ‘argument’ boils down to: you want stuff, therefore people have to give you stuff.

    We’ve been doing that for many, many decades. But you just keep getting worse, and even more angry. How on earth is this an argument for more of same?
    Show them this when they claim that RT is right-wing!

    How will this administrative nightmare ever be implemented? I know! Let the blacks themselves work it out. I’ve a feeling the number of claimants will decrease dramatically, one way or another.

    • Thanks: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Culpepper
    , @AndrewR
  46. Thomasina says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    That was a very interesting and scary video, but I bet she’s right on most of her points. I had to laugh when she talked about mapping out the burned and destroyed cities because last year I said something similar at this site, something along the lines of I wouldn’t be surprised if they purposely burned these buildings in order to buy them up cheaply, then rejuvenate, gentrify the areas. Good on her for following the clues.

    She is a very smart lady and I hope she’s wrong, but I don’t think so. I agree with her that these people must be carefully watched and stopped dead in their tracks. Thanks for posting that.

  47. The U.S. constitution may have an “anti-establishment clause”, but negro-worship has become the official religion of this perverted and ungodly land. Since it’s so fashionable to “come out” nowadays, I will do so now: I hate the United States and I hate everybody who loves it. I hope to live to see it collapse in a way that will make the demise of the Soviet Union look downright glorious.

    • Replies: @phillip sawicki
  48. Miro23 says:

    They got fooled by Hitler, and they have made up their mind that they won’t get fooled again. At any whiff of nationalism, socialism, anti-semitism, they are out in full force. The media, ADL, SPLC keep close tabs on what’s happening, and they carefully massage the public’s interpretation of events.

    Yes, and media control looks deeper in the US than it did in Weimar Germany. Weimar media talked about malignant Jewish power (remember those cartoons) so the Germans knew about it, and it paved the way for German nationalism.

    US Jewish activists need totalitarianism as fast as possible. Holding power while being only a fraction of 2% of the population (activists only) they have no choice. On gaining absolute power in Russia 1917 the Bolsheviks immediately rooted out opponents (and potential opponents as a class) and the US Neo-Bolsheviks will surely want to do the same.

    The key point here, is that in Petrograd 1917, the Bolsheviks successfully turned the majority of the armed forces to their side (with a series of opportunistic lies) but it’s not 100% clear that they could do the same in the US. The equation basically comes down to armed power – which means the people operating the heavy weapons (or millions of light weapons simultaneously).

    • Replies: @Rooster11
    , @Dr. X
    , @Thomasina
  49. @Trinity

    Don’t call them animals. Please leave animals out of it. Animals don’t behave like that.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  50. gotmituns says:

    They’re going to convict this guy for sure. They just reinstated a charge they had done away with. The stinking feds are gearing up to do their double jeopardy (“civil rights”) charge on top whether or not he’s convicted or in the small chance he’s found not guilty.

  51. I don’t know what will happen in this particular case, but I predict that in next few years most non-blacks will tire of blacks’ misbehavior & crime, so that the entire Negromania will collapse. Brazil’s Bolsonaro is an illustrative example of this (in this clip, when he says promiscuity, he actually means miscegenation)

  52. anon[831] • Disclaimer says:

    I’d bet all of these Mitch-hating bimbos actually believed Uncle Joe when he said their folks would receive checks for $2,000, baristas would be earning $15/hour and they would all have their college loans written off the day after his inauguration if they just voted for him. It’s called bait and switch, suckers. The only thing you’ll be getting for canonizing St. George Floyd is the right to pay reparations to all of his now millionaire offspring.

  53. @HammerJack

    Not necessary! I have seen dog chasing chicken just for fan of it.

  54. @Ray Caruso

    I sometimes have the same feeling. On the other hand, I’m far from sure that the US is different from any other empire in history. I’m not an expert on empires, but it appears to me that they all try to perpetuate themselves. In other words, it’s typical behavior, and condemning it is a waste of time. Just keep your life going. That’s all you can do.

    • Thanks: GMC
  55. Ugetit says:

    What they really see, though, is the cowardly craven cretins they themselves were in Hitler’s Europe.

    Why do people continue to parrot nearly century old Red terrorist propaganda?

    Would it be too much to suggest that people do a little digging for the truth before writing and repeating mindless drivel?

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  56. raga10 says:

    You probably couldn’t cuff and arrest a Girl Scout.

    You’re not wrong, cuffing up Girl Scouts is frowned upon where I live – something about consent and being underage, blah blah blah.

    But my point was not what *I* could or couldn’t do, but that 8 minutes is too long to be considered a momentary lapse of judgement.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  57. KenH says:
    @Patrick McNally

    The problem is that Floyd might very well have driven a car into a crowd before croaking.

    And if that had happened then the narrative would have been that lives could have been saved if only the racist cops had detained Floyd instead of letting him go about his bidness (sic) while high on drugs. They would say that the cops knew Floyd was a possible danger to himself and others and did nothing. RACISM!

    Floyd’s family would still be recipients of the ghetto lottery either way.

  58. Culpepper says:

    ‘There’s not a black society anywhere on the face of the globe which is safe and civilized–there never has been and from the looks of things there never will be.

    Check out Botswana, it looks hopeful.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
  59. Rooster11 says:

    You should take a look at some of the current news articles on here and other sites at the moment about pregnant flight suits, diversity being the Pentagon’s focus, high ranking women, etc.

    The top brass of our military are almost all onboard with diversity inc., and they’re getting louder by the day. The leftist already own our schools, government, corporations, and now in real time you can see them changing the military.

    I imagine some false flag this summer to complete the narrative of White men evil, and new LGTQB/Woke/Black/Brown US Military will protect us from them… and who can be against our armed forces? Right comrade?

  60. What I can’t get much information about is the extent of prior interactions between Ugly Boy Floyd and the White Chauvinist, if any. Had the cop a pretty good idea of exactly who he was trying to deal with from just being aware of the recidivist bad hats on his beat?

    Or is there anything to the story that they knew each other, at least by sight, from Chauvin’s side-gig at a local nightclub, which was rough enough to require large violent men like him and George as bouncers?
    And where did George get the stack of hooky twenties from? I doubt he just banged them out on a Laserjet. He was supposed to have been stuffing some down by the handbrake when pulled over (you know, the place where old small cellphones used to slither off and hide, way down inside the chassis).

    I have a notion that that nightclub and its habitues would repay a much closer look, but being foreign, have no way of digging out info that has been firmly suppressed by the world’s media in favour of the Ku Klux Kop narrative.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. Ugetit says:

    Another suspicious deal is the cops who allegedly committed “suicide” …

    Yup. Reminds me of Epstain’s “suicide,” too.

    Most of what we’re told is staged and what isn’t staged is lied about.

    What we have here is yet another made-for-media shitshow starring two dumbasses, whether actors or not and legions of cretins. Floyd was an (expletive), and so was the moron who kept his knee on the (bleep’s) neck, and so were the (mostly maskless (imagine that) riffraff) who reacted to it all, right on cue.

    Perfect metaphor for the country in general; nothing more than an endless variety, though tiresome, stream of drooling idiots from top to bottom.

  62. AndrewR says:

    Are you forgetting all the riots, arson, looting and murders under Obama?

    Any mostly peaceful protests under this regime will just be blamed on Trump, cops, the legal system, or white people in general, as needed

  63. @Thomasina

    You strongly imply that he was in error. Why? Against the uninformed calls to get his knee off Floyd he knew he was following an approved procedure and wasn’t constricting Floyd’s airways.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Thomasina
  64. Jiminy says:

    What I don’t follow is that he obviously died from covid19. He tested positive, the link is clearly there.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  65. One significant point: There will not be a “show trial,” contra what you might expect from a high profile “white cop kills unarmed black saint” case. This is because the regime and their propaganda ministry don’t want the normies to know the facts beyond the false narrative.

    We saw the same thing with the trial of James Fields after Charlottesville. He was quietly railroaded to prison for 700 years with very few details of his trial made public.

    • Replies: @Paperback Writer
  66. AndrewR says:

    Bribes and blackmail are indeed used liberally by the ruling Jews, but you’re forgetting the most important “b” of all: brainwashing. The vast majority of Jewish power is the result of having fooled gullible goyim for generations. And of course there is a fourth category that doesn’t fit neatly into the others, although it’s related to brainwashing: simple divide and conquer. No matter how red pilled you are, it’s not always possible to avoid getting sucked in.

  67. Richard B says:

    The Death of Saint Asshole


    It’s clear from the accounts of these experts that the trial is David versus Goliath. David here is Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson; Goliath is all the legal power of the state of Minnesota, plus some names drafted in from the Obama administration Justice Department.

    We’re living in a time when David has become Goliath while still pretending he’s David.

    So, expect them to turn this one on its head.

    This is what accounts for the profound dishonesty of the times we live in and why we’re now deep inside The Inverted World of The Dark Triad.

    This is The Age of The People of The Lie.

    The important thing for those on the side of the real David is to know the difference between courage and foolardiness. As Nietzsche once said, in so many words, in some cases rushing into battle could be seen as a sign of cowardice and stupidity.

    The real Goliath of today is only too ready to take advantage of this. And, if it doesn’t happen, well, the real Goliath will make it happen. It’s got all the resources to do it.

    The good news is, in no way is this set-up sustainable. That’s why, if you hold your horses, take a deep breath and read between the lines, you’ll be able to see, plain as day, that what we’re really witnessing is The Pyrrhic Victory of The Real Goliath.

  68. tosca says:

    Strange meeting. The pope is a hard globalist. This is perhaps the first public step towards noachism.

  69. AndrewR says:

    The Russian propaganda machine basically just throws shit at the wall and hope some of it sticks.

    Russia is not going to come rescue us. At best, we can play them off our evil elites when possible.

  70. Continually, not unlike Jared Taylor, you fail to the name the enemy of the White Christian America. I guess it’s a bread and butter thing with you guys… don’t want to give up a cushy life!

  71. @JimDandy

    Into her PREGNANT stomach no less. oooga boooga

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  72. I shall now read from the book of DINDU:

    Behold, the holy communion of Dinduism
    What are the tenets of Dinduism
    Who are the enlightened ones? And what is the path to be lit up, er, enlightened?
    The rites of the Order of the Sacred Section Eight. In that case the correction would be “What Who are the tenants…”
    1. The Dindu is infallible in all interactions with unbelievers. At all times the Dindu dindu nuffin.

    2. The Dindu is always a saint, gentle giant, pillar of the community, sweet boy whom everyone loved. Saint Swisher, Saint Skittles, Saint Sammich, Saint Fentanyl Floyd the Breathless. , St. Ahmaud of Brunswick, St. Rayshard, and St. Jacob of Kenosha County

    3. The Dindu is a martyr, persecuted unjustly by society, the police, and the white hispanic.

    4. Life is suffering. White men and the wealthy are the cause of all suffering. There is a path to end suffering. The path is violence and looting.

    5.If someone has material wealth that you desire, they automatically must have acquired it via evil and oppression. When you perpetrate violence to steal their wealth, it is an act of liberation and the casting off of an oppressor.

    6.Yo’ Momma will always save you.

    7. Is Fergadishu the new Mecca for Dinduism?

    8.”they all Trayvon”. “no justis , no peas”

    9.”That’s real retarded sir” – the prophet Rachel Jeantel

    10. In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife.

    Dinduist Philosopher … droppin’ syince yo.
    Facts have no place in Dinduism.
    You best check yo privilege.

    • Thanks: Richard B
    • LOL: InnerCynic, Marckus, TKK
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Marckus
  73. @Thomasina

    Most people are going to realize their error immediately and remove their knee, but he didn’t – for eight minutes!

    It was widely reported as 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Shades of 9/11 and the time of the first plane crash.

    Floyd was a dead ringer for his purported long-term friend Stephen Jackson, right down to their heights, weights and very squashed noses. Jackson, of course, said they became friends because they noticed their twin-ness. He was so broken up up over his long-time friend’s death he slipped and referred to him as Floyd George.

    Coincidentally an established attorney in Corpus Christi affirmed that he had been the real George Floyd’s lawyer and had personally buried him three years previously.

    Us conspiracy theorists, of course, found suggestive reason to believe the death scene was a director’s cut of two or more takes: the Asian cop was sometimes wearing gloves, sometimes not. The patrol car sometimes had its four-way flashers on, sometimes not. A sequence from across the street missed the group filming the death scene. A balance weight on the patrol-car’s front wheel seemed to be in different places in the two body-cam videos.

    Then there was the second-grade essay turning up after 40 years, in which boy George affirmed he dreamed of becoming a supreme-court judge. George’s incredibly well-formed script evidently made such a deep impression on his teacher Waynel Sexton, who seems to have aged incredibly well, don’t you think? She will undoubtedly appear at trial to testify as to George’s promise, but for white privilege.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  74. KenH says:

    And in other news a white cop attempted to apprehend and arrest a black shoplifter and wound up getting shot in the face and the top of his head. This is what happens when you hesitate to use lethal force against these dead eyed savages (see photo of perp), but the cop did not want to be the next Derek Chauvin and have his life destroyed and as a result almost lost his life.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  75. Rich says:

    There will be riots whether he is convicted or not. The rioting will continue as long as dem mayors and dem governors allow it to continue. Once they start arresting the spaghetti armed college kids trying to get “street cred” by marching and destroying, and they spend a few days in lockup, they’ll be out. Prosecute a few, put a mark on their “permanent record”, and the rest will stay home. The way to stop violent rioting is with a more violent response.

    Is there ever an innocent black killed in any of these cases? This guy was a violent felon, the guy in Georgia was robbing houses, Michael Brown robbed a convenience store then tried to take a cop’s gun, Travon was bashing the Mexican guy into the curb when he was shot. Are black folks and college kids really so stupid they can’t see what’s going on?

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @InnerCynic
  76. moi says:
    @The Alarmist

    Just yesterday I read a story in the British newpaper, The Guardian, of an elderly Asian man beaten by a negro. The Asian man died. Nowhere in the story was there mention that the man giving the beating was black.

    Also no identification that the three woman who abused and insulted a Nepalese Uber driver were black.

    The new America is being run by blacks, Hispanics and, of course, with Jews sitting at the top.

    $27 million for the death of George Floyd, a felon, a drug addict, an serial law-breaker? It’s plain nuts.

  77. moi says:

    Or his mama could have aborted him.

  78. TKK says:

    What will sink Chavin is the blank, sociopathic look on his face as he held his knee on Floyd’s neck for such a long period of time.

    We are a visual people. That video is all the prosecution has to play. He looks like a demented freak absent of human emotions ignoring a human being- not mater how repellent- pleas to let him up to breathe.

    Before anyone rises into a lather over the injustice of it, don’t think for a moment that Chauvin would not do that to you if you rubbed him wrong or he was angry that day.

    Floyd at that point:

    was not armed
    was surrounded by armed cops
    was 100% going to jail

    Floyd said he could not breathe. It is not Chauvin’s right to ignore that request- even if it is stupid or obviously false. He is not there to punish. He is there to ascertain probable cause. Possibly detain and transport to custody. That’s it.

    Always remember: In that moment, the cop is always going to win. In that moment. Later, you can sue, write your congressman, file a complaint. But in that moment- ON THE STREET- he has every advantage- AN ARMED GANG TO BACK HIM UP– and you have only your wits.

    He should have let the big idiot up, allowed him medical assistance, and then taken him to jail.

    He was always going to jail. Floyd knew that and he was trotting out every excuse in the book. The author does not realize: Most defendants do that. White, black, Mexican, dentists, prostitutes, mechanics. It is common place. I have to work! My mother is sick! I have claustrophobic problems!

    Even if Floyd passed a fake $20, was high and had a past as a violent criminal, Chauvin should have played the game. His arrogance will sink him and if they don’t keep him in protective custody in prison- he’s a dead man.

    • Agree: acementhead, utu
    • Replies: @Jiminy
    , @anarchyst
    , @Avery
  79. @AndrewR

    Stryker’s Question

    Why do blacks act like such oafs when they are arrested? Why do they suddenly have a loud outbursts in public & resist arrest instead of cooperating & simply calling their attorney when they reach the police station?

    Why aren’t the cool about it like Italian-American mafia? John Gotti would grin when police arrested him. Why do black criminals have huge outbursts on the street? Why don’t they do what Italians do & simply go to the police station & call their attorney.

    A white counterfeiter would have simply let the police handcuff him, gone quietly to the police station, called a bondsman, bailed out, had his attorney make a plea.

    Why do blacks have such loud oafish outbursts in public when they are arrested? Especially at an advanced age like 46? By then your average black criminal has been through the legal system for 20 years. They know the routine.

  80. AndrewR says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    When Floyd stopped moving, they should have checked his vitals and engaged in resuscitation as necessary. It really was inexcusable to pin down an unresponsive person for so long. But at most, Chauvin should have been fired and blacklisted from law enforcement. A murder charge is absurd.

  81. HT says:

    The physical evidence is overwhelming that Floyd died of the results of OD and related health issues and not anything Chauvin did. Will that matter to jurors that are already inclined to vote guilty or that are easily intimidated for fear of being doxxed by Keith Ellison and other radicals working within the government there? Probably not. This entire staged event is designed to push a narrative, not promote justice.

  82. Richard B says:
    @The Alarmist

    Assuming there is still a U.S.A

    Exactly! John assumes that such a system is sustainable. It isn’t.

    The 60’s radicals have won a Pyrrhic Victory. Just look around.

    I’m not saying they’re not capable of doing yet more damange. I’m not underestimating their destructive power. In fact, just the opposite. It’s exactly because desctruction is all they’re capable of that we can count on more.

    The only difference is, for the last 50+ years more buildings were destroyed than people were killed. What’s coming next is just the opposite. Of course!

    It’s the logical conclusion to their behavior. It will be a fulfillment of their promise, to themselves and not just themselves. It’ll also be the fulfillment of a promise they’ve made, in one way or another, to those they despise.

    The only snake in this dystopian Garden of theirs is that the damage they’re doing now truly is irresparable. But what is replacing what they’ve destroyed?

    This isn’t the place to go into a full answer. But it’s worth mentioning for the purpose of directing attention to the question. A question that is not getting the attention it deserves. Primarily because most people are so convinced that they’re invincible. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one is.

    For now, however, I’ll just say this. And, though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, because its’ worth repeating. And that is this:

    The hostile elite, their useful idiots and paid proxies, might have been good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, shameless betrayal and hypocrisy, insane hatred, non-stop denigration, threat of force, destruction and death.

    But, they’re no good at social management. Again, just look around.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  83. Richard B says:

    Great comment!

    Wasn’t sure whether to go with LOL or Thanks.

  84. Redman says:

    You obviously have never seen the body cam footage. This is understandable since the MSM pretty much completely ignored it when it was leaked by the defense. Most of what you say here ignores what actually happened.

  85. AceDeuce says:

    The White suburban Gen Zs are that stupid–brainwashed idiots.

    The blacks are just plain psychos–they do the crime, and are actually offended when there’s any pushback or consequences. All blacks are like this.

  86. There is no way Chauvin walks. Not because he is guilty, but we are all tired and a bit scared of the black hissy fit. The defense should have pushed for a dead of winter trial just for a slight chance of winning.

    Its the end of Derbyshire’s piece that fascinates me. The rulers are OK with anarchy and the destruction of businesses. They don’t even seem all that interested to making money compared to canceling critics and righties. Why?

  87. @Thomasina

    Very well said, Tomasina! Alas, most people are unable (unwilling?) to see the ruling “elite’s” Divide and conquer strategy.

  88. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    “As for Chauvin, he’s a race traitor who served an anti-white system, so he’s getting what he deserves.”

    The system is a closed ecosystem wherein a parisitical class ( of course dominated by jews) employ cops to find new victims to feed on. Cops tend to be the losers who got their asses beat when they were kids for ratting out other kids.

  89. Jiminy says:

    Don’t forget that these guys are the politicians lap dogs. Having these public servants to do their bidding for them is expedient. Without a doubt he’s done far worse at some time in his career. And for the most part they get away with it. He’s probably thinking what the hell changed.
    Certainly with the proliferation of cameras now, you would think that cops would be to scared to lift a finger.
    But can you imagine if the tables were turned and we had to watch every gory detail of every sordid crime that the criminals were performing. I can tell you we’d all be baying for blood.

    • Agree: TKK
  90. AKINDLE says:

    So the city of Minneapolis just paid this criminal’s family $27 million and they raised another $16 million in a go fund me? IOW, Minneapolis already assumes his guilt. There is no way Chauvin will get a fair trial in that city.

    • Replies: @Marckus
  91. Redman says:

    From the bodycam footage, you can hear Chauvin and one of the rookie officers discussing why Chauvin had put Floyd on his stomach. The rook says he’s likely having an episode of drug related excited delirium. Chauvin, the vet, says that is why he should be on his stomach. To me, that means that was the “approved” MPD protocol in such cases.

    Hence, the prosecution can’t even prove negligence (let alone intent) in this case. It would be like trying to convict all the doctors who caused the early Covid deaths by using ventilators which is “no longer” protocol.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
    , @JimDandy
  92. Trinity says:

    As an ex-cop and part of a high profile case IF Chauvin is sentenced I am sure he will be put in Protective Custody but things happen there as well. Wasn’t Dahmer in PC given it was such a high profile case as well? Just goes to show you that if they want you even being held in PC doesn’t guarantee your safety.

    Now that we know about the drug overdose IF Blacks were reasonable people they would stop this nonsense, but Blacks are hate-filled and always looking for an excuse to riot and attack innocent Whites. Hell, Blacks attack innocent Whites every single day in this country and approximately 100 White females are either sexually assaulted or raped by Blacks every day in America. Where are the “anti-racists” on the subject of Black on White rape? Nowhere to be found of course.

    I live miles away from a large city, the largest city of note is Atlanta which is a long way from Minneapolis, but you can bet that if things don’t go just like the Jew, Blacks, and other anti-White racists want it to go with this show trial, they will start burning and looting nationwide. Personally I have had about enough of this shit every single time something doesn’t go (((their))) way, crap has been going on my entire lifetime and I have been on this earth for 6 decades starting in July. Can only hope they bring that shit to my neck of the woods, but they aren’t that dumb, yet. Think about the billions of dollars of destruction that Blacks and their white traitor trash cohorts have done to our nation for the last 60 years every time they get pissed off about something not going their way. And these misanthropic anti-White racists stay pissed off 24/7/365 unless Whitey is giving them freebies are sending them checks in the mail for doing nuffin but sitting on the porch and “drankin grape drank.”

    • Thanks: John Q Duped
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Truth
  93. I’m not “obsessed” with race. It’s the racists who are obsessed with race. It’s their raison d’être.

  94. @raga10

    As i understand it Chauvin was using department procedure and even taught the use of said procedure…. a technique the Israelis taught. Wouldn’t the man who knows what he is doing “know” what he is doing regardless of the “optics” of idiot bystanders? I’m sure if he hadn’t done what he did then the same idiots would wail and bitch that they didn’t do enough to save the lying assholes life.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  95. anarchyst says:

    If Chauvin does “hard time” he will be placed in the federal system under an assumed name. Having no prior record, he might even be put in a low-security prison camp on a military base.
    Generally speaking, police officers convicted of crimes don’t do their time in state prison systems…

    • Replies: @TKK
  96. Marckus says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The answer is that they are inherently stupid ! They are doubly idiotic in that they escalate say a traffic stop where they could take the ticket and move on to a host of other offences right up to murdering a Police officer.

    So for the sake of a $1oo fine they get a life sentence. The black man does not think and that is why whites need to understand beforehand that it is useless to speak or deal reasonably with them.

    I watched in amazement one day when in Holliswood Queens a black man jumped the stop sign on a side street and slammed into a high end Range Rover. The fellow jumped out of his shitty Datsun and started to Chimp out until the Range Rover man brushed back his shirt and showed him his piece. If he were not carrying I have no doubt the black man would have assaulted him.

    That’s the black man for you and whites are advised to avoid them to as great an extent as possible. Where contact is inevitable the white man needs to determine beforehand what his response will be or else his hesitation could cost him his life!

    Blacks are as dumb as ever and only understand violence which, when they are on the receiving end, they deem to be racism. Floyd is the classic example here.

  97. @Rich

    Really so stupid? Yes. Millions of times more stupid than you can possibly imagine. I just heard from a coworker that he was in a discussion with another black man and that black man called Africa a “country”. When my coworker said, “You do realize Africa is a continent and not a country” this fellow went mute. Yes… more stupid than a sack full of hammers.

  98. Anton argues that the violent radicals of the 1960s have won.

    They did, and you can all laugh and jeer at us stupid Boomers for thinking we had won when we elected Reagan. Go ahead, you have my full support!

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  99. @AndrewR

    Wow. Goyim must really be stupid. However did you come up with guys like Jefferson, Mozart, and Newton? I trust you are familiar with their names.

  100. AKINDLE says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    It’s because most of them have such long arrest records and each further arrest results in a longer jail time. Black juvie criminals have their records erased and then they start over @18. They are a menace. Our stupid Government doesn’t stop releasing them until they kill someone.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  101. gotmituns says:

    “You do realize Africa is a continent and not a country”
    Africa’s not a country? When was it promoted to continent? It’s like promoting a mere lake to an ocean.

  102. GMC says:

    The guy’s death is worth millions to the family – lol — the joke is on the POlice dept and the taxpayers. And the stupid Cop that posed for photos . SNAFU

  103. Marckus says:

    The Book of Dinduism is slated to be a classic work and a manual for all whites unfamiliar with the philosophy.

    ALL races, including blacks, should get a copy so that when the Dinduists touch them they can at least understand why and show some sympathy.

  104. Marckus says:

    Crime does pay ! What the blacks in the City dont realize is that the millions have to come from somewhere and that somewhere is most likely their property taxes.

    The Floyd family will either sail off to a life of luxury or most likely squander all the money and return to living in a slum. The blacks who stump up the ransom will have to figure how to make ends meet.

    The whites have no choice. At best, given the thinking of the City Councillors they should if they could move out of the City.

    Dont forget though that the lawyers are going to get a whole chunk of that coin possibly as much as 50%.

    I expect in years to come Minneapolis will be like Detroit and everyone including the Chimps will say “What happened ?”.

  105. @Jeff Stryker

    I do not mean to be derogatory. I really mean it sincerely. It is that Blacks have in cases of high stress a powerful animal instinct to run away from stressful situation.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  106. @JimDandy

    “he lied, after swallowing his lethal drug stash, and, as he died with his face pressed up against the pavement”

    As I understand, he died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. This is from WIKI.

    “Meanwhile, the ambulance reported that Floyd was entering cardiac arrest”

    “Around 8:29, Floyd was lifted by paramedics onto a stretcher, then loaded into an ambulance which departed for Hennepin County Medical Center. En route, the ambulance requested assistance from the Minneapolis Fire Department. At 8:32, firefighters arrived at Cup Foods; according to their report, the police officers gave no clear information regarding Floyd’s condition or whereabouts, which delayed their ability to find the ambulance. Meanwhile, the ambulance reported that Floyd was entering cardiac arrest and again requested assistance, asking firefighters to meet them at the corner of 36th Street and Park Avenue. Five minutes later, the fire department reached the ambulance; two fire department medics who boarded the ambulance found Floyd unresponsive and pulseless.

    Floyd was pronounced dead at 9:25 at the Hennepin County Medical Center emergency room.”

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Redman
  107. @Rex Little

    Of course it must have happened, how else could six million plus have survived it?

    And all in such good health that they live into their 80’s and 90’s.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
    • Replies: @gotmituns
  108. @Thomasina

    Well stated !! They also have the Christian churches and religious leaders in their pockets. Few of the flock will ever see the light. From infancy Judeo-Christianity is programmed into their minds.

  109. @DextersLabRat

    They really do scrape bottom of the barrel to find their poor black victims of bad white men.

    They need their victims to be criminals, guilty as hell, because if they alighted on cases of actual, illegitimate police violence, the police officers involved would go to jail, and then there’d be no systemic racism to riot about.

    They can’t risk seeing justice be done, so they deliberately champion cases where the white policeman is innocent.

  110. Trinity says:

    It is easy to second guess and be an armchair quarterback. If IFS and BUTS were candy and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas. Sure, the police in charge should have called for medical assistance and transported a handcuffed Floyd to the hospital for an evaluation. Were they waiting for an “amberlamps” to arrive or had they radioed for medical assistance?

    To be fair to Chauvin, even the average everyday negro lies like a rug and cannot be trusted to tell the truth most of the time especially if the truth will cost him his freedom or cost him his job or whatever. The average negro is like the average Jew or average politician, they lie every time you see their lips moving. A negro ex convict or any ex convict lying? Well the probability of an ex-convict lying to a police officer is pretty much guaranteed. So one can’t exactly blame the cops for not believing that Floyd was ACTING. The knee did seem unnecessary however, and Floyd was acting very erratic, which should have called for the officers to call for EMTs and let them handle the situation. I also find it hard to believe that 2-3 cops couldn’t restrain Floyd long enough to place him in the back seat of the cruiser, handcuff him and leave the windows down until an ambulance arrived on the scene.

    Regardless of what happened, wasn’t the official cause of Floyd’s death an overdose? Chauvin’s behavior is disturbing to be fair but as someone pointed out if the races were reversed we would have never even heard of his story.

    I recall seeing a video of a White female cop pulling over a negro for a routine traffic stop. Apparently the negro had a warrant out for his arrest. He was talking calmly and talking pleasantly to the female cop when he launched a surprise attack on the female cop about half his size, he started pounding her with his fists. The negro had his daughter in the car and told the unconscious cop after pounding her that he wasn’t going back to jail. This is the kind of behavior cops deal with every day. I have seen a White cop pull over a car with 3 Mexican males, the cop looked to be about fifty or so, kind of old to still be riding around by himself, the Mexicans all acted respectful at first before they jumped the older cop and started pounding him with their fists and kicking him with their feet while he was on the ground.

    IT IS EASY TO PLAY ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK AND SAY WHAT YOU WOULD DO OR WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE. Plenty of police officers probably could tell you dozens of real life horror stories how they have been tricked or beguiled into trusting some dindu nuffin only to have a brick bashed against the side of their head, a gun to their face and stomped out for being gullible enough to believe the perpetrator was innocent, he couldn’t breathe, the cuffs are too tight, he has to pee, etc., etc. Always two sides to every story.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  111. @Richard B

    How can they maintain anything, much less improve anything, when they have built nothing and brought only destruction in their wake?

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  112. @moi

    It’s not nuts, it’s reparations. Why don’t we print a quadrillion bucks and give every minority the reparations they “deserve”.

  113. @Trinity

    ““Big Floyd” wasn’t near the giant they described him to be and in his weakened state should have been easy for a two or three cops to overpower and shove into the patrol car”

    Oh I don’t know, Big Floyd was 6ft 6 inches and probably weighed in at approx 230lbs. While Chauvin is listed at 5 ft 9 inches and about 170 lbs. That would have been a good one sided fight. The other cops were even smaller and big George would have thrown them around like rag dolls.

    Me personally if I were the cops, would would have run away like most of the cops do when confronted by large negroes.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  114. @JimDandy

    Pig serving the pig policy of his demon handlers as all badged traitors do daily.
    Amerikkan pig cops are beholden ONLY to the pension and get off on predatory behavior/mindset against us all. They are the domestic terrorist with bullshit emblazoned such as “honesty, integrity, fairness” on our cop cars. Why the need to state such crap if exemplary conduct by pigs isn’t performed already?
    If you are a military veteran who joined up any of the national Wafen SS, you are a traitor to your oath twice.
    Pigs are not you friends and never will be, pull your heads out.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  115. @unwoke

    Regardless of any matter of justice, it’s hard not to hope Chauvin is found not guilty just so the citizens of Minneapolis get their city wrecked as retribution for electing pieces of shit like Frey.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • LOL: Thomasina
  116. TKK says:

    Right now he is in state court. Minnesota state prisons with all those Somali immigrants will be especially miserable.

    But I agree- he would be far better off in federal prison. I have never been successful in having a defendant take an alias in prison, state or federal. But I may not know the right people.

    You know that train is coming for him. There is no escape. A nice long federal sentence to enjoy after his state time is done- if he survives it.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  117. PolarBear says:

    When I first saw the video it looked like Derek killed Floyd. Now we know that isn’t the case. Floyd ODed and Derek did nothing illegal. “Get me out of this car, I have COVID!” Mr. Floyd. The cops were giving the criminal what he wanted early on, short of letting him go free. It was also brave of Derek to ride this volatile COVID-19 positive raging bull. Who among Dereks critics would dare mount a crazed and resistant ghetto Goliath?

  118. @Zarathustra

    It is sort of funny to see them begin to resist arrest.




    Of course Chauven will leave in fear of prison riots for the next 40 years when the inmates might actually be able to get into PC.

    And also of course black police officers who got caught stealing a kilo from evidence & are locked up with him.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  119. JimDandy says:
    @Sosemiti Sam

    The funny things is, after reading your comment my immediate suspicion is that you are FBI. But why only 2 Ks in Amerikka? I guess you meant Amerikkka? Who are you pretending to be?

  120. @Trinity

    He let himself to be handcuffed, but when they did try to push him into the car he did change to wild bull.

  121. Miro23 says:

    Yes, the Ruling Class loves its radical Lefties, and rewards them handsomely for their efforts. Non-Leftist street protestors, however—the Proud Boys, for example, who to my knowledge have never engaged in arson, looting, or bomb-making, are hunted down like mad dogs.

    Interesting to see what the rest of the police make of all this.

    No doubt they’ll focus on their salaries and benefits and try to keep out of trouble – defined as non intervention while BLM run riot and steal/smash up what they want and rape/murder who they like. IOW expect a lot more rioting in Democratic cities.

    One question is for how long young white radical BLM supporters will loot their own parent’s homes and businesses?

  122. Redman says:

    And that’s $27M without a trial. That’s what the state agreed to pay after a simple negotiation. Might have been 10x that if it went to a jury.

  123. @Thomasina

    do you think they’ll ever “catch on’?

  124. JimDandy says:

    Interesting. “Entering cardiac arrest” means he was alive. If true, everyone who says they saw Floyd on video is adding a layer to the false narrative.

  125. @Paperback Writer

    The Hippies won.

    Cannabis is legal and it’s an offense to get a haircut.

  126. @The Alarmist

    they can’t. and they won’t. ever.

  127. anarchyst says:

    Even when tried and convicted in state courts, convicted police officers are sent to the federal system–blue privilege… I don;t know how the states handle the costs of incarceration in the federal system, but there must be a formula for reimbursement somewhere.

  128. Golightly says:

    I recently came across this website and am pleased to find so many stimulating and thought-provoking articles. Sadly, many of the commentators bicker and argue just as the masses do on, dare I say it, less intellectually challenging websites. What has happened to respectful debate? That being said, as a woman living not far from the so-called ‘sacred ground’ of Floyd’s death, I must admit I would rather live anywhere but here. I wrote a comment on another platform, expressing deep sympathy for Derek Chauvin because of what will likely unfold as a form of kangaroo court. I wholeheartedly believe one is innocent until proven guilty and I simply wished to rail against the mobs, white and black, who are not willing to see the forest for the trees. A pound of flesh and nothing less will be the new battle cry.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @gotmituns
  129. Redman says:

    And Wiki always gives the full story, no?

    There is circumstantial evidence Floyd may have swallowed the fentanyl while being arrested. One of the videos appears to show him at first trying to toss a small white baggie.

    He had been arrested a year earlier and swallowed his stash on that occasion. Two data points that suggest the same may have occurred here.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  130. @Jiminy

    Yeah, he must be the only person with a Covid-19 positive test result to have died of something else.

  131. @Alfa158

    Red herring. Off-topic. Typical hypocritical diversion from the assertion in question.

    What do I mean. You have ignored my point, canceled my point, diverted attention away from my point onto another tangent. Transparently.

    You trolls are all alike. Slow on the uptake.

  132. @KenH

    No I wouldn’t. I’m an equal-opportunity cop-hater. I hate cops no matter what their race, creed, or color.

    And I have been at pains to attack cops who kill whites more than I attack cops who kill blacks.

    So you are still the hypocrite and I’m not.

    That’s besides you diverting the topic to off-topic. I notice how you confess to being a hypocrite. I notice how you don’t deny that you have no principles, you just have a dumbass little prejudice. Whites, according to you, whether cop or perp, good, blacks, according to you, whether cop or perp, bad.

    Nice. Thus, you am exactly what I said you am, you clueless cuck.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @KenH
  133. nsa says:

    The value of citizenship has declined considerably. A Roman citizen could be executed after some kind of a trial, but never suffered the indignity of being manacled or placed in chains like a common slave.

  134. @Golightly

    Smartness is not a vaccine against assholery.
    Ask any of my acquaintance.

  135. I’m sure that every new cop is given the “talk” by the grizzled veterans – how to fiddle your expenses, where you can drink off-duty and, most importantly of all, never ever turn your back on blacks and junkies and never ever give them the benefit of the doubt.

  136. @raga10

    Your comment that “Americans are obsessed with racism” reminds me of the joke oldtimers told newbies to the Aleutian Islands.
    “Yep,” they’d drawl, “On Kiska (Unalaska, Attu, Akutan…pick one) there’s a beautiful woman behind every tree!”
    It might have been an exaggeration, but the trees were few and far between.

    In America the Religion of Racism is celebrated by those crowing “In America there’s a racist in every white person.”

    The racists typically are those who call others “racist.”

  137. @The Alarmist

    By 2070 Homo destructans will be about one or two decades in the past, an unpleasant planetary memory from which it will take many hundreds of millennia to recover.

  138. @ForeverGone

    The ‘Jews behind this’ are the Israeli police who teach these brutal methods to Western police. Knee on neck for nine minutes will kill a significant proportion of the victims. Other cops probably would have cuffed Floyd and removed the pressure-why did Chauvin not do so?

  139. Dr. X says:

    Yes, and media control looks deeper in the US than it did in Weimar Germany. Weimar media talked about malignant Jewish power

    It’s incredible to realize that the U.S. actually executed Julius Streicher… for publishing a newspaper.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  140. saggy says:

    You can see the entire arrest start to finish here …

    Floyd resisted arrest and had some sort of psychotic episode and ‘couldn’t breathe’ before he was on the ground. The cops restrained him and called an ambulance which arrived in 10 min.

  141. @Unit472

    ‘Antifa’ is a police state false flag operation. Have any ‘Antifa’ operatives ever been arrested and arraigned? In the Panopticon that is the USA?

  142. If mobs of whites attacked blacks, black residences, black properties, and black businesses, there would be nonstop media outrage, both parties would condemn the violence, and FBI would be on every single case of white criminality.

    But mobs of blacks attack whites and non-whites(and other blacks in BLM murder hikes), but the Dems cheer them on, GOP cucks to them, and the FBI does nothing. And the media bleat about ‘systemic racism’.

    It’s like the difference between how the media treats Israel/Zionism and Palestinians/Arabs.

    Jews are holy, Arabs are disposable.

    And yet, white idiots side with Jews against Palestinians.

    It’s almost like white dummies deserve their fate.

  143. mkr says:

    The attorney general of Minnessota purposefully hid the full video showing Floyd saying that he could not breathe while he was standing up. He wanted the public to think that the officer killed Floyd with his knee on his neck. He did it for political reasons, political reasons which costs lives and property and taxpayer money. These politicians are filthy criminals and need to be held to account.

    What is the protocol for restraining someone with your knee on their head and neck while they are handcuffed and face down on the ground? Apparently it’s allowed. If it’s allowed then the police officer cannot be charged as he was doing his job as instructed. If it’s the protocol then the protocol needs to change where chokeholds are not allowed unless its used to protect you from violence in the heat of battle. What is the protocol for when a suspect claims a medical issue, it cannot be that the suspect is most likely lying and to ignore their reported medical issue, it must be to tend to the medical issue until the suspect is comfortable and medical help has arrived.

    The city council paying money before any court case is political, once they get into office they spend your tax dollars however they want.

  144. gotmituns says:
    @Bill Jones

    how else could six million plus have survived it?
    You’re a liar, it was 1 billion.

  145. anon[173] • Disclaimer says:

    Read Ron Unz’s, “The Secrets of Military Intelligence” and “Holocaust Denial” from The American Pravda series of articles on this website.

    In short, out own O.S.S. set up makeshift gas chambers at Polish concentration camps. The O.S.S. was heavily infiltrated to the point that our military brass privately referred to them as “The Office of Soviet Stooges”. They wanted to poison relations between the West and Germany so the US would not defend Germany against the exhausted Red Army. It looks like Himmler, for reasons of his own personal evil, ordered killing of concentration camp inmates in Polish camps near the war’s end.
    David Irving thinks about 2 million probably died in this way. Keep in mind, Germany was blockaded and food rations were very meager. Prisoners were getting almost zilch to eat near the end. The German people were kept in the dark about it as the Enigma codebreak revealed no secret chatter about it. Wars are horrible. This is why seperate nations for people who prefer state socialism and people who prefer totalitarian communism (and for people who want representative democracy) is such a good idea. No prison camps for anybody for political reasons.

    If American whites become unhappy enough………they cam take their job skills to other nations around the world willing to accept them. I imagine the Dems will win almost all national elections from here on out via changed demography and precision professional fraud. Blacks are probably going to be exhaulted by our media as our leading race and whites denigrated as working class trash. Like I said……they can move elsewhere if they are desperately unhappy about the new political reality and everybody wins

    • Replies: @mkr
  146. gotmituns says:

    A pound of flesh and nothing less
    jew hater…

  147. Agent76 says:

    June 28, 2005 Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

    Although the protective order did mandate an arrest, or an arrest warrant, in so many words, Justice Scalia said, “a well-established tradition of police discretion has long coexisted with apparently mandatory arrest statutes.”

    July 6, 2020 End Qualified Immunity from the Bottom Up

    While states can’t end a federally-imposed legal fiction on their own, a new state law to reform the practice can serve as a model for getting something done.

    May 27, 2020 New video shows Minneapolis police arrest of George Floyd before death

    Four white officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department, but Mayor Jacob Frey is saying that one of the officers should be arrested for pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck.

  148. gotmituns says:

    (most of the wealthy got out).
    Yep, they’re like rats. When the gig is up, they leave the sinking ship and everyone on it, friend and foe alike.

  149. KenH says:

    So you are still the hypocrite and I’m not.

    I’ll take you seriously when you rail against the black Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt. Suddenly BLM and the “all cops are bastards” (ACAB) chorus were singing the praises of the black Capitol police officer and saying Babbitt deserved to get shot.

    And reading comprehension still isn’t your strong suit because you ascribe things to me that I never said or suggested so you’re just a black bigot who assumes the worst of any white man whom you disagree with.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  150. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “Other cops probably would have cuffed Floyd and removed the pressure-why did Chauvin not do so?”

    You should inform yourself before commenting on anything. Floyd had been handcuffed, with negligible resistance, more than 20 mins before Chauvin carried out his illegal act of kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes. The idiot Chauvinists here claim that the act was legal because it was a prescribed procedure. That is not true. It was permitted in order to restrain a person , but Floyd was already completely restrained. He was handcuffed behind his back and wedged between the wheel and the road. No further restraint was necessary, so no kneeling on neck was permitted.

  151. Truth says:

    Gentlemen… Suckered again…

    • Thanks: Trinity
  152. @Dr. X

    “It’s incredible to realize that the U.S. actually executed Julius Streicher… for publishing a newspaper.”

    Not incredible to me. I’d have happily executed the publisher of the Gew York Times for the crimes of promoting a crime against humanity 1991-1993, when he published hundreds of lies promoting the attack on Iraq. Without the JYT’s support I believe that Bush might not have had sufficient support to carry out his criminal act.

  153. @AKINDLE

    Ol Jeff knows the answer to every question he’s ever shed.
    I don’t fault him for leaving. He’s got a woman that takes care of him. Why? Bitches are stupid. I believe with all my heart he will wear out his welcome.
    Who’d want that guy?
    He’d be dead by now in America.
    Stryker is a different kinda asshole. He could never stand against a man. He’ll end bad

  154. someone much smarter than I said recently — (paraphrasing) “…the population is composed of four groups: the few who actually hunt racists, a large group that goes along and a larger group that remains silent. There’s also a tiny group that opposes the hunt. And that “final group — as if by magic — become racists….” He was talking about witches but substitute in “racists”, “communists”, whatever label you wish, and the paradigm holds. Very powerful and repeatable.

  155. @Truth

    Thanks truth.

    The video is a fraud. I called it within days. The evidence is the video itself.

    Floyd was a PsyOp. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • Agree: Truth, Peripatetic Itch
  156. mkr says:

    White Americans would not win if we had to flee our land because of leftists. I’m native here. I was born and raised here. This is my land. If your attachment to the land is so weak maybe you should have left already.

    “Blacks are probably going to be exhaulted by our media as our leading race”, had to laugh at that one, I guess you think the Democrats are serious and not just trying to get blacks to vote for them. Identity politics eats politicians who practice it, they eat each other because their ideology is false. Their whole schtick is easily disprovable. They literally need fraudulent cooked-up stories in order to make the “white man” the bad guy, and everybody sees it whether they like it or not. An example is the spate of crimes against Asians committed by blacks recently, when the leftists say that it’s white peoples fault they are literally de-humanizing blacks by saying their actions are not their actions, as if they were children under the care of white people, and Asians laugh because they are not stupid, but many of them got suckered also because 30 incidents of black on Asian crime got blew up in the media when 30 incidents of black on black crime happens everyday in every American city. And then they make it racial, as if the blacks are coming for the Asians, 30 incidents in a nation of 330 million, give me a break. Most black people are not criminals, and they know that most white people are not racists or criminals either, and they know full well that to succeed at anything in life that they have to be held to account for their own actions in life.

    Most black people don’t talk to white people the way that leftists have talked to white people locally and nationally for over 4 years now. I’ve never had a black person approach me and say nasty racist stuff about me and my ancestors the way that leftists have, I’ve never seen anything like it. And do you really think that black people will put up with leftists saying that their deeds aren’t their deeds, or that their choice of religion is oppressive, their nuclear family is a problem, their children can change their gender, they don’t have a right to protect their life and home with a firearm, give me a break, no one puts up with that when the words become deeds. The leftists only have their words. No one is going to accept that some biological man is somehow a women’s world champion in some sport and “one for the women’s record books” “the greatest woman athlete of all time”, it’s insane, life doesn’t work that way even for leftists, their brains are full of mush and just want to win elections and gain power for corruption but when the rubber meets the pavement they get shut down. That’s what’s coming next. Do you really think that parents will keep their kids in schools that teach them to be gender dysphoric? They are teaching children to be mentally ill. How long do you think that will last? They think that children have the ability to consent to changing their gender via drugs and surgery, one wonders what else they think that children can consent to, they will be asked this question, and they will have to answer it. You know what happens to rapists in the real world. The leftists mind and emotions are not the real world. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Replies: @anon
  157. Avery says:

    {“What will sink Chavin is the blank, sociopathic look on his face as he held his knee on Floyd’s neck for such a long period of time.”}

    You are quite right.

    That picture is awful, and will be very be hard for his defense attorneys to overcome.
    Chauvin (apparently) nonchalantly kneeling on Floyd’s neck, with his cool shades above his head, his hand/arm resting on his (Chauvin) leg as if “I don’t care”, and as you wrote the blank, emotionless expression on his face.

    {“Floyd said he could not breathe. It is not Chauvin’s right to ignore that request- even if it is stupid or obviously false. He is not there to punish.”}

    I don’t think Chauvin was trying to punish Floyd.
    There is a long video preceding the deadly finale by the patrol unit, where Floyd is, basically, acting crazy and repeating (near the store) “I can’t breath, I can’t breath,…….”
    Also, when he was first put in the patrol unit.
    Crying, calling for his mother,…..really awful.

    So Chauvin and the other cops figured – with reason – that he was just acting to avoid getting into the patrol car and get transported to jail. But in any case, I think Chauvin should have had the presence of mind to call EMTs and have them deal with the man.

    Also, from what I have read, kneeling on an arrestee’s neck was permissible by PD policy.
    By the Book.
    But that picture will sink him.

    • Agree: TKK
  158. @Jeff Stryker

    It mainly derives from the black female strategy of sexual competition with white females. Although it’s not openly talked about in media, black females are acutely aware of white females as a potential source of sexual competition. The typical black female would in her gut have preferred it if OJ Simpson had been arrested for murder at 18, and thereby precluded himself from marrying Nicole. It’s not worth trying to argue how much of this is consciously thought out, although one can find examples of it being very explicitly thought out that way. More fundamentally this is just a reflection of a black female’s sense that if Nicole Simpson wants to snatch up OJ then she has a good shot at it.

    By encouraging the most nitwitted thuggish tendencies among black males, the black females seek to wall off the market from poaching white females. It doesn’t matter how many white females you may think would actually select a black male if given totally open choice among a whole span of males. What is important is simply that the black females are aware of this as a source of competition.

    In environments where you seem to find the most dimwitted thugs imaginable, you will typically find that sexual favoritism leans towards a sector of such. Not that all moronic punks will be getting laid like tile steadily, far from it. But there is typically enough going on so someone might conclude that getting into a tussle with the police will improve their chances of scoring better than becoming a master chef at a high class restaurant would.

    Many times when men try to analyze a woman’s driving motives in mate-selection they will like to talk about such things as “protector, provider, good genes, et cetera.” While such factors definitely do have an influence they are not as all-encompassing as some like to believe. If a woman was attracted to, say, Al Capone, then it is reasonable to think that her brain sees Capone as a tough guy who should be able to protect and provide for his offspring. That’s not so applicable to Ted Bundy. Bundy was a very effeminate style of serial killer. He drew in victims by posing as someone who was injured or crippled. This is not a technique which would be of much use in fighting off an attacker. Bundy’s essential charm was that he had a great intuitive sense of feminine BS which he incorporated into his act as a serial killer. It was not that anyone ever thought of him as a protector and provider.

    When it comes to inter-racial rivalry over potential mates this introduces a whole new bag of motives. The black women who are ready to open it up for some thuggish dimwit are not doing this because they think that he is going to be the best protector and provider. Rather they do it as part of a macro-strategy for blocking the white women. Once such a pattern is established as a mating strategy it shapes the growth of generations. That has been in force for more than half a century now.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  159. @Avery

    That man is an actor.
    It is not Chauvin. Compare the pictures. It is OBVIOUS.

    It is called ‘agit-prop’, aka agitation propaganda.
    This is not rocket science guys. Just a little effort.

    • Replies: @Truth
  160. Thomasina says:

    “Arriving Russian Jewish immigrants were displacing Germans from German jobs<= the higher the level of the job, the greater was the displacement."

    How were they getting away with this? Who allowed it? Who was giving them the jobs?

  161. Thomasina says:

    “Weimar media talked about malignant Jewish power (remember those cartoons) so the Germans knew about it, and it paved the way for German nationalism.”

    Obviously I don’t know enough about what happened in Weimar Germany, only what I learn from this site. From what you say, it sounds like the German people DID know a lot more than the U.S. citizens do. Things seem more covert in the U.S., and I guess it’s because they own almost all of the media and, having learned their lesson, they make sure they crush any dissent almost before it’s spoken.

    Thanks, Miro23.

  162. PolarBear says:

    Black women are just women with high testosterone. They aren’t masterminding shit. They are bitter with White women but there’s no game plan. Deeply bitter Black women just lash out at everyone.

  163. Thomasina says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “You strongly imply he was in error.”

    No, I didn’t. I said, “Why is that? Bad cop? Stupid cop? A cop just following his training? Or a staged event?”

    I offered that he might have been “a cop just following his training.” But, come on, when people are actually filming and yelling at you, most people, even though the officer wasn’t maybe doing anything wrong, might have shifted a little, allayed peoples’ fears.

    With him saying nothing to the crowd of protesters and continuing to look right into the camera, keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck, it makes me seriously think that it might have been staged.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @SteveRogers42
  164. @Patrick McNally

    So what you’re saying is ..
    (ghost of Kathy Freeman vs. Jordan Peterson and his lobster army)
    .. welfare is the source of this?
    It’s not as though their randomly-generated crotch-dumps could survive above a year, without Decent White Taxpayers providing?
    The Problem
    would simply not exist.

    Happy 17th, by the way.

  165. @Trinity

    I also find it hard to believe that 2-3 cops couldn’t restrain Floyd long enough to place him in the back seat of the cruiser

    They did put him in the back seat. From the curb side. Chauvin, having just pulled up, went directly to the street side of the car and pulled him out onto the pavement. There was no obvious time, at least in the footage I saw, where Chauvin would have been made aware of his breathing complaints before he pulled him through.

  166. Truth says:

    On this board, it’s Rocket Science: Mixed with Brain Surgery and a smidgen of Constitutional Law, with some Nuclear Sub Propulsion thrown in…

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  167. anon[835] • Disclaimer says:


    I will respond to this. I have a paid-off house, and don’t want to leave the United States. I have a retirement coming, and live in a pretty good area. Im past 50 now. However, If I were in my twenties, I’d have a back-up plan. Lets say you are an I.T. guy, an accountant, a mechanic, et cetera…….you can learn a new language in a few months and perhaps ply that trade in a Poland or Finland if things really go south here. I think young whites ought to prepare for the possibility that our national trajectory is downward. Have a “plan B” if you are a young man. Im afraid the Democrats will be stealing elections from here on out. Even if they are prohibited by legislation from doing so, the demography will be so changed by the end of the decade, that the Republicans will be a moot point nationally as they are in California or New Mexico now. Russia is looking better every day from where I am.

    Like yourself, I hope this present madness ends………but it isn’t up to us. The Dems have the media and the Deep State. I’d keep my options open if I were a young person. Hopefully it will pass, but if it doesn’t (Floyd Riots….ethnic strife between latins and blacks, a big real war with China, or just further antifa/BLM nuttiness getting worse-by-the-year), it would be good to have an option in one’s pocket. A couple of million “go-getter” American white families could revitalize and energize a sleepy Eastern European Country and help it become great because they are hard working and honest.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @mkr
  168. Jiminy says:

    You know why he had that blank, sociopathic look on his face? Because beneath that blue uniform, just under the surface is a blank, empty sociopath. Last night I read an article about his arresting history, and as you would expect, he has left a trail easily followed.
    One senior witness whose son’s car was stolen, saw who he believed later to be Chauvin using the knee hold on the suspect, while pushing his face into a water puddle trying to drown him. Apparently this form of waterboarding went on for several minutes, with the young guy understandably yelling that he couldn’t breathe.
    But you see this crazed attitude often when you look at the police body camera videos. One bad case involved a young white guy murdered with a choke hold while he was in his own car, that was previously reported stolen. After the cop realised what he had done, he starts blaming the dead teen for not stopping. While this is going on the cops are just standing around discussing how it played out, with no real urgency in trying to revive the young driver.
    The last thing that these public servants are, are servants of the public.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  169. @Carlton Meyer

    In an humane country the cops would have rung an ambulance to save Floyd’s life, instead of hastening his end.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper, Catdog
  170. @ForeverGone

    ” Take a shower in that building you’ve seen hundreds enter but never leave.”
    It’s strange, isn’t it? They must have thought they had a time machine in there, or a portal to another dimension. You’d expect:
    a) an equal number of people to walk out.
    b) an equal number of dead bodies to be hauled out.

    Anything else would have been mind-frazzlingly mysterious. The more you look at the holocaust story, the more you see it is bogus.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  171. @acementhead

    Thank-you for the information. Your more detailed statement has my full concurrence. The Israeli neck block method was unnecessary, but in Israel they have a licence to kill. If Floyd was Palestinian-no fuss. But we’re all Palestinians now.

    • Thanks: acementhead
    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  172. Officer Chauvin was following protocol for the prevention of an overdosed individual swallowing his vomit should he have lost control of his stomach contents. There is a Minneapolis police training video demonstrating the procedure.
    There was no pressure on George Floyd’s neck as evidenced by the coroner’s autopsy. His neck was not bruised in the slightest, his neck vertebrae were not dislocated, his tendons were not bruised or distorted. All of this indicates that there was no pressure on his neck. When someone dies their ability to resist force dissipates and if there had been any pressure on his neck the previously mentioned symptoms would have been present.
    George Floyd had 3 times the amount of fentanyl to cause death in his system. He also had amphetamines’, alcohol and THC. If he had not passed a counterfeit $20 the police would have not been called, it is unlikely that he would have any contact with the police and he would still be dead. I suspect that there would have been no sympathy for his passing from BLM. What happened to George Floyd was the culmination of unfortunate choices by George Floyd. The police had called for emergency medical services and had called for Code 2, in other words speed it up. There was nothing else for them to do but wait.
    When a fentanyl overdose is filling the lungs with fluid and all internal systems are failing even if he had been at a hospital where emergency measures could have been started his life could not have been saved.
    The prosecuting attorney surely has all this information but is pursuing the case for his own political gain or perhaps out of fear that the officer is not charged with something their town will burn again.
    If it were me picking up a black man who then informed me that he had overdosed on drugs and wasn’t feeling well I would be tempted to put him out of the car and drive away. I wouldn’t, because that is not who I choose to be. I would know the consequences of trying to save his life and would be concerned.

  173. @Insouciant

    NEVER FORGET. Chauvin was only following “israeli” orders. Cops were trained to kneel on perps’ necks.

  174. @Thomasina

    They’re scared shitless …………that the rabble are going to start noticing WHO is causing the inequality in society – the Ruling Class.

    Not hardly. Why do so many people think this? The elites have control on a global level like they never have before. No, not complete control (that doesn’t happen) but, very substantial control.

    They utterly control the main means of information dissemination. They have most nations deeply in debt to privately-owned Fed Reserve Banks or the World Bank, etc. Much of the citizenry of Western countries are also in debt (at least mortgages) and the biggest factor of all is they have huge, sophisticated militaries with astonishing weaponry for which the plebeians are no match at all.

    Breathtaking, ultra-luxe fortresses and bunkers have been built for them in the last 10 years. So, I don’t think they’re scared at all. They are likely highly-amused at what they’ve done to us over the last year and the last 20+ years (ridiculous levels of student debt for crap “education”. More young debt slaves – to which they probably raise cocktail glasses for that achievement.)

    They aren’t afraid of the tax donkeys who can barely find (or afford, if they can find) ammunition for their personal guns. Smh….

  175. @Patrick in SC

    No, gonna disagree. Even the jury selection is being intensively covered by Powerline and Legal Insurrection, plus the prosecution has retained Obama era Democrat legal stars.

  176. JM says:

    “You should inform yourself before commenting on anything. ”

    Indeed. This “Australian” moron sees no need for such constraint. He’s just another slimy NWO Leftist.

  177. @anon


    If you have 500 K & no criminal record & a few years to work on it & a viable skill, you can immigrate to a country like Australia. A friend of mine was the son of an Air Traffic controller who immigrated from Atlanta to Australia.


    Most Americans have never traveled & are very naive. Just because you drive up to Canada does not mean you automatically become a citizen.

    For example, I obtained a degree in Canada & was employed there…and still was not able to obtain citzizenship.

    Also, why does anyone want to immigrate to Belarus?

    Immigrate to New Zealand or Australia. Not an Eastern European backwater.

    I’ve lived overseas for almost 22 years.

    The US downward trajectory began in 2000 when George Bush was elected. I left the USA in 1999.

    Because many (Not all) posters here are rubes, hicks, townies, local yokels etc. let me explain in simply terms moving overseas:

    1. China is not going to go to war with the USA. They are simply going to continue economically drilling the USA. Because the USA has to outsource or cheap Chinese goods will undercut the USA market. For that matter, Chinese already run the economies off SEA. They have taken over Africa. They have no need to attempt to invade the USA. They devalued their currency & are conquering the world through trade.

    2. The 1 percent already have second passports & millions in foreign bank accounts. Look at South Africa. The wealthy English left. The working poor Boers were trapped.

    3. Nothing will pass with Latinos. Nothing. The US Southwest will continue to turn into a Mestizo Banana Republic.

    4. BLM will continue because they have no career, no other preoccupation, nothing else to do all day. They certainly cannot make any money. The fact that more whites from Gen Z are joining them than Gen X in 1992 in LA Riots is a reflection that Gen Z whites have no economy & nowhere to go & nothing to do either.

    5. It is difficult to learn Cyrillic & become Russian. White American families of means will immigrate to New Zealand & Australia. Some to Canada. Same as the South Africans before them when Mandela assumed control.

  178. mkr says:


    I think your comment is fair and good advice. I hope I didn’t offend you with my comment.

  179. ziggurat says:

    “Donald Lewis”, say his name.

    What? You’ve never heard of him. He’s a white guy who died while a black cop’s knee was on his neck (or maybe shoulder blades), in the year 2008.

    Here’s the video, with the knee-on-neck at 5:37. Warning! This is pretty unpleasant to look at, much worse than the George Floyd video.

    I found this video from this in-depth article that was written soon after Floyd’s death.

    Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge
    A deeper look at the policies behind the death of George Floyd
    Gavrilo David – Jun 11

    In my opinion, I think the only wrong done by Derek Chauvin is something that all 4 police officers (2 of which were not white) can share the blame in, which is that they did not check his vital signs when he appeared unresponsive.

    But there’s no evidence of racism or intent to kill. If it had been a white guy, comedians like Dave Chappelle would be cracking jokes about the whacked-out honky who overdosed. Of course, the media would never report any similar incident with a white guy. So, it may as well as have never happened, with respect to any political ramifications.

    (Dave Chappelle did a video called “8:46”, in which he spoke somberly for 30 minutes about how often blacks are being killed by whites. I guess it’s OK when blacks kill each other.)

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  180. @Badger Down

    Your ignorance of The Rapture is most ungodly. Risen up, and gone before.
    Do not dispute me, sir, or my trained dinosaur shall devour thee.

  181. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    If St George was a Pally, the valiant IDF would have sniper-shot his pregnant sister in the guts with dum-dum rounds from a mile-and-a-half, and hailed it as a victory against potential terrorism.

  182. AceDeuce says:

    Dahmer requested, and was put into, Gen. Pop. That’s when he got killed.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  183. @Redman

    “And Wiki always gives the full story, no?”

    Of course not. Wiki will never give the whole story as they are some what of a leftist site. Many perps will swallow their stash to their own detriment. Based on what I have seen and heard I say the jury will find Chauvin not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges. He however he might be found guilty of Third Degree Murder (“without intent to effect the death of any person, caus[ing] the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life”).
    So let the riots begin. The problem with black people rioting is that they burn down their own areas and then move into White areas because well there is no housing left and they are living in food deserts. Rinse repeat etc.etc. This country is slowly going to the dogs.

  184. Truth says:

    I live miles away from a large city, the largest city of note is Atlanta which is a long way from Minneapolis…Can only hope they bring that shit to my neck of the woods, but they aren’t that dumb, yet.

    They’re commin’ ta’ take yo still, yo flash-minin’ pan and yo coon traps, U-T.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  185. I watched prospective juror #40’s interview on TV. The facts that he visited the location of Floyd’s death — and not out of mere curiosity — and described it as the “murder” place should have produced an immediate rejection of this juror for cause. The fact that the judge failed to do this indicates bias or incompetence.

  186. @Truth

    …If BLM sets their meth labs on fire than civil war might break out.

    I’m sure all those hunters in their camo deer-hunting clothes will sniper-fire on them.

    • LOL: Truth
  187. @KenH

    This is only news because it was spun like hell to fit the totally false narrative of out of control racist white cops mercilessly killing “innocent” black men. The political spin and omission of critical details by the (((controlled media))) is textbook yellow journalism.

    It’s probably some kind of good news that Officer Chauvin appears to have competent lawyers defending him. The game has moved on since James Fields of Charlottesville fame had to face murder charges and the possibility of a death penalty. His court-appointed attorney staged a brilliant defense that got him to plead guilty to 29 “hate crimes” and receive four life sentences. He is now airbrushed out of the mainstream media that rarely mention him except by tagging him as a “white supremacist.”

    Will the Chauvin trial finally provoke a serious white pushback against Woke “justice”? Given so many whites’ seeming to welcome persecution, I wouldn’t bet on it. But — hope springs eternal! — I wouldn’t bet against it.

  188. anarchyst says:

    You are correct on your assessment of today’s American police officers. There MAY be a few honest police officers, but when one of them is in trouble, they “circle the wagons” and with a strong union to back them, almost every one “gets away with” whatever transgression they have committed, even outright murder. Add to that, police-friendly prosecutors and “steered” grand juries, which almost never implicate police officers.
    Almost every police officer possesses a “throwdown” weapon, unregistered to them and possibly stolen, even from a criminal that they “let go” in exchange for their (illegal) weapon. Many crime scenes are “sanitized” in this way, the police officer claiming that the suspect had a weapon. Police academies discreetly suggest that a “throwdown” weapon can be a police officer’s best friend.
    The “fly in the ointment” is the proliferation of cell-phone cameras which can be used to implicate a police officer in a particular situation. No longer can a police officer make claims counter to video evidence. Of course, if police departments obtain video evidence first, quite often it “disappears”, never to be seen again.
    That being said, Chauvin will probably be convicted in the mainstream media-run court regardless of evidence to the contrary…

  189. @obwandiyag

    You make a lot of good points, but I think you’re mistaken when you say that the elites don’t hate ordinary whites. I think the evidence says that they do. All you have to do is listen to them talking about “rednecks” and “trailer trash.” They’ll never talk that way about any other group.

    They despise Middle Americans with a passion, and they’re scared of them, too. They don’t like blacks much, either, except for those in the ruling class, and they certainly wouldn’t live near low-class blacks themselves. But they use blacks as a weapon against the whites they hate so much.

  190. anon[165] • Disclaimer says:

    But, come on, when people are actually filming and yelling at you, most people, even though the officer wasn’t maybe doing anything wrong, might have shifted a little, allayed peoples’ fears.

    Suppose that the people yelling at you are just trying to get their buddy set loose? Or are just yelling because it’s fun, they don’t have anything else do to, and besides ACAB?

    Dude, that wasn’t some Socratic forum in the agora, that was a small street mob yelling at a cop. His expression is that of a man who is scanning the people around him to see if any of them are getting ready to go kinetic.

  191. Truth says:

    Yeah, and if the cop was black and the perp white, you’d be mobilizing the exact same facts and logic and contempt against the cop and for the perp.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  192. @Truth

    Your average white tweaker who is 40 pounds underweight & undernourished or an Opoid zombie who is faint from hunger & disease after 2 years homeless is going to be handcuffed so fast by the average linebacker-sized African-American police officer that this is not even an issue.

    Now if Leatherface lived in the hood & ran out of his house with his chainsaw he would be shot 40 times by African-American police…but there are very few of black cops in rural areas. Usually it is one African-American sheriff doling out orders to his local underlings to drag the white trash with bench warrants out of their trailer park.

    If Floyd were white….

    He would have given the cigarettes back & driven off grateful that the storeowner did not call the police.

    He would have tried his luck down the road somewhere else.

    Had he been arrested, he would have gone quietly. Mom would bond him out.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  193. @Jeff Stryker

    Irrelevant diversion. If roles were reversed, you’d be singing a different tune. (Your above comment adumbrates it.) All of you. Simple irrefutable fact.

    • Replies: @anon
  194. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    If roles were reversed, you’d be singing a different tune.

    Nah. You’ve already been schooled on this. One name: Daniel Shaver.

    Class dismissed!

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  195. @Thomasina

    We have to change our definition of “left” but conservatives seem unable to contemplate that. They lump pro-corporate, pro-war, anti-working class Democratic Party operatives as “left” when, by definition, you cannot be on the left and support the ruling class. If you support the ruling class you are on the right not the left. As for cultural and identity politics that has nothing to do with left or right.

  196. This is one of the more bizarre stories of our time. Floyd had taken a fatal dose of drugs–there’s no way there can be a conviction here. If there’s any fault on the side of the police it is that they should have seen the guy was pretty wiped out and sent for an ambulance and given him Narcan–I suspect the knee on the side of the neck speeded up his death. I just the inherent threat of violence doesn’t distort the trial–but it is what it is.

  197. @dindunuffins

    “Bitch, u betta gimme da cash,

    or ima blow dis baby out ‘cho mutha fuckin ass.”

    – St. Fentanyl.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  198. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    If that’s true, why on earth would it be an approved police procedure that was designed to replace the more-lethal chokehold?

  199. @Trinity

    It seems that 2 or 3 cops could have handled this guy since he was already handcuffed and forced him into the back of the patrol car.

    As a rule, if you feel the urge to armchair QB how a cop handled a violently resisting serial felon, don’t.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  200. Sophisticated militaries with astonishing weapons carry tremendous complexity and therefore innumerable vulnerabilities. All things equal, fragility is the price paid for capability.

    Technology has never granted omnipotence, merely a transient competitive edge. The ruling class may soon learn how fragile its state has become.

  201. @AceDeuce

    I was surrounded by “diversity” when the news of Dahmers death broke. The DINDUS were overjoyed with the manner in which he was murdered.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  202. Even if Derek Chauvin gets the justice he deserves — he didn’t kill George ‘Fentayl’ Floyd who died of drug overdose — , the fact is whites are at a serious moral advantage in the US and West in general. Why? It’s like the game of Go.

    There is something to be learned from the game of Go. It’s about routing and counter-routing, surrounding & sieging and counter-surrounding & counter-sieging. Your position on the board, advantageous or disadvantageous, is relative to who has the edge in surrounding whom and/or whose space has been made siege-proof. So, it doesn’t matter how much area your pieces occupy if they’re surrounded by your opponent’s pieces that rob them of ‘liberties’. It’s like it doesn’t matter how many men you command and the space they occupy IF they’re surrounded by the enemy who have built walls or fences to cut them off; they’ve essentially been reduced to captives, like German soldiers under siege in Stalingrad — they were 200,000 men-strong but surrendered to the Soviets because they were deprived of reinforcements and supplies from the main force outside. When your forces have been routed, surrounded, and sieged, whatever freedom they have is confined to the space enclosed by the enemy. At best, it is freedom within the larger unfreedom dictated by the enemy. As the survival and well-being of your men now totally depend on those who control the supply routes, the ins-and-outs of your enclosed domain, you must accede to the terms set by the enemy.

    So, everything exists and operates within a context. Even in the most tolerant and permissive prison system, your freedom is limited within the walls and in accordance to the rules set by the prison system. Same with slavery. Even under the kindest and most compassionate slave-master, the slave is still a slave. He may be freer than other slaves, but his freedom, even if extravagant for his ilk, is within the whims of the master. This is true of the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. They do have freedoms but within the confines and context of what is allowed by the power and reach of Greater Israel. Their freedom of movement and settlement operates within what is permitted by Jewish Power. This is why the British control of the seas was so elemental to imperialist dominance in the 19th century. It enabled the British to surround and besiege many parts of the world, and not surprisingly, the US sealed its role as the new hegemon by taking over as the premier naval power in the world. US also built military bases all over to block the influence of Russia, China, Iran, and etc.

    But the Go-strategy need not be physical, as with pieces on the gameboard or ships-and-soldiers around the world. It can be emotional, moral, ideological, idolatrous, historical, and etc. Indeed, a prisoner’s physical confinement follows from the logic of moral containment. No matter how good and decent an individual may be in prison, society has deemed he must remain imprisoned because he is guilty and must pay for the crime. And if it’s a life sentence, it doesn’t matter how good and decent he is while in prison. He is still at a moral disadvantage on the basis of what he owes to society, which is to remain in prison for the rest of his life.
    Now, we would all agree that putting a man in prison per se is a grave wrong, even an evil. Who would want to be arbitrarily arrested and placed behind bars for the hell of it? And yet, this wrong is regarded as righteous and justified IF the prisoner has been convicted of a crime. And even something as grievous as life-sentence is seen as necessary if the crime was serious enough; indeed, certain crimes are regarded as so heinous that the convicted is given multiple life-sentences.
    So, even what seems like a terrible wrong can be seen a just act within a certain context. On a far larger scale, consider the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, any sane person knows it’s a great evil to nuke a city and indiscriminately kill countless people. If the US did it for the hell of it, virtually all would agree it committed a horrendous act. But given the context of the Pacific War — Japan’s aggressions in Asia, its attack on Pearl Harbor, calculations of human cost in invading Japan, and etc. — , good many Americans have been convinced that it was necessary and even justified. So, what seems like an evil act is made nonevil(or necessary evil) or even righteous based on the context. Indeed, the nukings go to show that even the most horrific acts can be justified depending on which context has narrative primacy.


    It also goes to show almost nothing is a stand-alone moral certainty. Even matters regarded as fundamentally wrong take on moral shadings depending on the contexts presented. Most people would agree with one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Killing is dirty business. So, don’t kill and instead try to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don’t want someone to kill you or your loved ones, you shouldn’t go around killing others. And yet, many killings are justified in the eyes of society and the law depending on the context of the event. Obviously, if some psycho-criminal broke into your house and threatened to harm your family, most people would agree you were justified in killing the intruder. Or, if a much-abused wife shot her husband dead in self-defense or out of rage, it’s far more understandable than cold-blooded murder. The term ‘murder’ is used only for unjustified killing.

    So, even though we all agree that killing is wrong, it can be justified within the context of self-defense or justice(as in capital punishment). On a larger scale, the US government(and governments all over the world) even justify bombings, invasions, and all-out-wars on the basis of moral necessity or outrage, e.g. such-and-such regime is so odious and pose such a threat to World Peace that the global community or the (self)designated ‘policeman of the world’ must do SOMETHING, even if it means war and considerable loss of life. It all depends on how one surrounds the act with what moral context. US is currently illegally occupying Syria, but the narrative pushed by the Deep State and the Jewish-run Media is “Assad is a butcher and tyrant, and therefore the US must be there to protect such-and-such groups.” It’s horseshit, but Jews control the deep state and the flow of information that shape the dominant context. They can ‘rout’ and justify any act with their favored narrative contexts. Palestinians know this all too well. They’re a terribly wronged people, but most of the West doesn’t care. While people in the West would agree that ethnic cleansing, occupation, and apartheid policies are wrong, they tend to see the realities and events in Gaza, West Bank, and the Middle East in general within the framework arranged by Jewish Power and their cuck-allies.
    In the game of Shoah-and-Tell, whatever Jews have done in the Middle East is always deemed necessary because of ‘Muh Holocaust’, ‘Never Again’, and ‘It is Anti-Semitic!’. The Holocaust Cult says Jews need their own homeland for survival. So, if Arabs resist the Jewish Homeland built on Palestine, they must be the New Nazis. Also, as the West has been judged guilty for ‘antisemitism’ that led to the Shoah, they owe something big and eternal to the Jewish Community. It’s the only way they can pay back the Holocaust-Debt. And it’s gotten to the point that anything that offends or displeases Jews is ‘Anti-Semitic’, which can destroy careers in the West. As a result, all the evils perpetrated by Jews are spun as morally necessary or justified by historical context. As in the Game of Go, what is within a certain space matters far less than what forces surround it. So, even if there’s white pieces over a portion of the board, they come to be owned by the black pieces that surround them and seal them off. Likewise, the reason why so many moral arguments against Israel, Zionism, and Wars for Israel are ignored is they are surrounded and hemmed in by the larger context of the ‘Muh Holocaust’ narrative. Sure, Jews do a lot of questionable things, BUT they are the Holy Holocaust People, and as such, their tragic wisdom and tribal survival cannot be questioned… unless you be one of those odious ‘Anti-Semites’! That context surrounds, suffocates, and seals off any counter-argument.

    Similar dynamics explain why American discourse has become so useless. Jews control America, and as such they control the gods. Now, there is a thing called Reality, but it is at once starkly simple and infinitely complex. Due to its simplicity, it has to be contextualized. Due to its vastness, it has to be framed. Reality is both the tiniest micro-fact and the grandest macro-truth. It is both too minute and too much for the human mind. Just like food is served in limited portions on a platter, reality has to be cut, cooked, and prepared for human consumption. Jews, long known for their dietary laws, are no strangers to preparing and serving reality in their own way.
    Context both broadens and truncates reality, much like how a movie screen functions. The screen places a person or object within a larger space and context, but however large the space or vast the vista, it is limited to the screen size-and-shape. The Bible served as a Jewish Screen. On the one hand, it broadened our perspective on the Jews. In the Good Book, they aren’t just another desert tribe but the Chosen of God whose lives and stories have significance within the vast context of history and God’s design. And yet, its very Judeocentrism leaves out the counter and competing perspectives of other tribes and groups often at odds with the Jews. The Biblical context broadens the Jewish Experience while excluding other contexts of the goyim.
    This is why Christian-Zionists are so utterly blind to the plight of the Palestinians. As their view of Middle East affairs is so fundamentally shaped by the context of the Biblical Narrative, they view current events as mere extensions of the prophecies of the Bible: Jews as God’s Chosen People struggling for the Holy Land against the various Rottenites and Lowdownites. Given Christianity’s overtly ‘Anti-Semitic’ context of Jews-as-Christ-Killers and the coming of the New Covenant, one might think Christians would be immune to such a mindset. But apart from anti-Jewish Christians who believe Jews must return to the Holy Land in order for Jesus to return(to finally mete out justice to Jews by killing them by the bushel), the Christian-Zionist types are just as much affected by the ‘Muh Holocaust’ contextuality. By being so mindlessly pro-Zionist, they seek to prove to themselves and the world that they, as Good Christians, had been friendly with the Jewish People all along and that Christianity, far from being ‘Anti-Semitic’, is the best friend of the Holy Jews.

    How did Jewish Power prevail in shaping the American narrative and moral context? By corralling and containing reality within their favored contexts, even facts that undermine the Jewish-favored Narrative are rendered ineffective. (It’s like it’s a fact that rabbits are fast, but their speed is moot in an enclosed area; they have no place to run.) Take crime statistics. Whether one is familiar with FBI crime stats or not, most people in America know that blacks commit disproportionate amount of crimes. After all, even ‘leftist’ Jews and ‘liberal’ whites tend to live away from heavily black areas. Then, how come discussions of this fact fail to gain traction in the American Narrative and Moral Discourse? Because they’ve been routed and sieged within the Noble Negro historical narrative: Evil greedy soulless whites committed a great crime against a noble and wonderful race of Magic Negroes, and therefore blacks are righteous victims whereas whites have much to atone for.
    It’s like the WWII context of the Good War, one of the Free World vs Fascist Tyranny. So, it doesn’t matter that the Allies had some cretins among their ranks and committed their share of war crimes and that the Axis powers had some soldiers of honor, principle, and courage. All said and done, one side was Good, the other side was Evil. Thus, the macro-goodness of the Allies contextualizes and absolves their crimes and guilt, whereas no amount of facts of exemplary behavior on the Axis side matters because, all said and done, the it stands for Evil in the postwar narrative established by the winners.

    This is why the Dissident Right focus on black criminality, though factual and reality-based, doesn’t really go anywhere. They are like white pieces besieged by black pieces in the game of Go. No matter how factual, they are owned by the narrative that surrounds and captures them. No matter how many facts and how much truth whites speak, they are regarded as guilty prisoners of history. It doesn’t matter that most whites aren’t in literal prisons. What matters is they are captives of mental walls constructed by Jewish Power. According to Jews, whites have been judged guilty by History, and as such, they must be held as moral prisoners by the Holy Peoples, mainly Jews and Blacks. The only kind of whites who are relatively guilt-free are Homos and Trannies, but this is fine with Jews as globo-homo craziness has a subversive and corrosive impact on white unity and solidarity.

    In an order where whites are hemmed within the mental prison of endless excoriations about ‘racism'(and its various forms, such as ‘institutional racism’, ‘subconscious racism’, ‘systemic racism’, etc.), they can never be innocent whereas blacks can never be guilty. While it’s true that individual blacks who commit crime will be locked up behind bars, the black race as a whole is regarded as innocent and sacrosanct whereas the general white population is regarded as tainted with ‘historical sin’ and ‘white guilt’. If anything, the fact that so many blacks end up behind bars despite America’s commitment to ‘anti-racism’ confuses matters even more. As a matter of fact, more blacks end up in jail because they do terrible things and commit lots of crime due to their racial nature owing to evolution in Sub-Saharan Africa. If American Society was defined by simple racial truths, no one would be surprised or troubled by lots of black criminals and thugs ending up behind bars. But because America reveres the idolatry of the Noble Negro and places all blame on whitey, it seems terribly unjust that so many blacks end up in prison, not least for their attacks on whites. If indeed the US is in sync with its chosen narrative, shouldn’t tons of whites be going to prison for ‘racist’ attacks on noble and innocent blacks? But the reality is the opposite, what with black-on-white violence being the norm and with many more blacks being incarcerated for attacking whites than vice versa. And yet, Jewish Power is such that so many whites remain locked within the Jewish-constructed mental-moral prison and seem incapable of breaking out. If anything, things have gotten worse since the Civil Rights Movement when whites from cradle were indoctrinated to see ‘racism’ as the worst evil, and the worst possible form of ‘racism’ is one directed at blacks.

    So, what are whites to do about the stark reality of racial differences and why blacks cause so much trouble? Ideally, they should accept it for what it is and break out of the contextual walls erected by Jews. But, as they’ve failed at that, there only remains the coping mechanisms. One way is to turn a blind eye to reality and pretend that high crime rates don’t exist among blacks; it’s all just a ‘racist’ fantasy. Another way is to identify and blame a characteristic other than race, e.g. if black thugs run amok, pretend ‘teens’ or ‘youths’ done it. Yet another way is to admit blacks do commit lots of crime but it’s all due to poverty caused by history of ‘racism’. And some even go so far as to celebrate the violence as a form of rough justice, i.e. ‘no justice, no peace’.

    As long as the context remains, no amount of dissident-right detailing of facts and numbers will make any difference. The what-of-facts is routed and immobilized by the why-of-narrative. Americans must be more cognizant of the power of the context. After all, the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians was justified on grounds of progress and development. Sure, it was sad what happened to the Indians, BUT and it’s a Big But, it was necessary to create America the Land of the Free, the Land of Liberty and Opportunity. You see, context can even justify the eradications of entire peoples and cultures.
    And sure, the nukings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were pretty awful, BUT it was the Good War between the Free World and Tyranny, and besides, the ‘Japs’ acted really nasty and deserved it. Control the context, and you can control just about anything as nothing exists in a vacuum. Everything has meaning and place relative to everything else. While we can’t control the universe, we can control our perception of the universe and the world around us. Every religion sought to contextualize the universe with its own cosmology. Every history contextualizes the Story of Man to contain events in the service and justification of certain groups and interests. It’s no wonder Jews focus so much on history. It’s not just about remembering the past but controlling the present and the future, as George Orwell said. History serves as context, and those who control history control the mazes of the mind. Depending on the context, something is justified or unjustified. In the past, slavery in America was justified on account of the oogity-context favored by whites. It was argued that blacks are oogity-boogity savages in the Dark Continent, and even though slavery as an institution was regrettable, it was necessary and a step up from the darkness for the black race under the tutelage of the white race that taught them to pick cotton and worship Jesus than chuck spears at hippos and shake their booties all night. Context even made white people feel justified in their practice of slavery.

    What happens in a game of Go? As your opponent tries to surround you, you try to surround your opponent. He tries to create his own safe spaces, and you try to create your own. He seeks to subvert your space while you try to subvert his. He tries to swallow you, you try to swallow him that is trying to swallow you. It’s like a game of who has the bigger mouth.
    The dissident right with its details and facts are like a school of fish up against a humpback whale that represents the power of context. Context has a big mouth and swallows up all the details. It wasn’t a school of fish that swallowed Jonah, that’s for sure. Therefore, one way to counter the Jewish context is to create a larger context that can swallow it. If your enemy lays siege on your forces, you try to muster bigger forces to lay siege on your enemy that is laying siege on your forces. The besieger becomes besieged. Germans besieged Stalingrad in World War II, only to be counter-sieged by Soviet forces. If Jewish Power sieges whites with the contextual narrative of ‘white guilt’, then whites need to besiege Jewish Power with ‘Jewish Guilt’. In a way, this shouldn’t be too difficult as ‘white guilt’ cannot be divorced from ‘Jewish Guilt’. After all, consider all the Jewish money that was invested in Western Imperialism. The Rothchilds sure lent a lot of money to British explorers and conquerors. Also, consider the roles Jews played in the South American slavery and in opium trade in China.

    Of course, narrative power isn’t just about saying but about being heard, and to be heard, one needs control of the industries of media and institutions of academia. How foolish it was for whites to allow Jews to grab so much of the media. And how foolish it was for American ‘conservatives’ to ignore institutional power in favor of ‘muh individualism’. After all, even in the Wild West, it was cooperative communities than lone mythic John-Wayne figures who made a difference and created civilization.

    Still, everything must start somewhere, and in the game of contextual Go, whites must be more like whales(or pythons) than schools of fish. All the FBI statistics on crime discussed by honest whites and the members of the Dissident Right only go so far. They are right about reality, but humans are emotional than factual. The righteous context prevails over the right data. It’s sort of like how love works. When you really love someone, so many of his or her faults are overlooked or absolved. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, says Ali Macgraw’s character in LOVE STORY. Alida Valli’s character is so in love with Harry Lime in THE THIRD MAN that she didn’t care about the dark facts about him. In some cases, the faults become part of what’s lovable about the man or woman. In Film Noir, femme fatales are alluring and irresistible precisely because of their dark side. And in THE LONG RIDERS, Jesse James’ fiancee says she wouldn’t like him any other way.

    Consider how long it took for science to finally break free of theology. So many rational and factual minds lived under the shadow of spiritual righteousness that few dared to challenge lest they end up burnt at the stake with jeers from the mobs. The West was so in love with God and Jesus that it was dangerous to speak facts that might undermine the total devotion. Indeed, science made headway under religious authority not so much in opposition as with a vow to reveal the divine ways of God to prove how totally great He is. It attached itself to religion for protection even as it revealed secrets that finally subverted religion. But given that science lacks a grand vision, it was the only way it could progress. After all, science is about how things are, not how things should be; it lacks prophetic reach.
    There are surely some in academia who justify their scientific inquiry in the name of proving the truths of ‘progressive’ ideology, only to have the science reveal the very opposite. They speak through both sides of their mouths. Under the cover of PC, they are allowed to pursue real science. But even when the discoveries undermine PC, the scientists cleverly explain the findings as being in line with the official ideology… when they really aren’t.
    It is an artfully devious strategy of power. When the official dogma of an order is so overwhelming and almost universally accepted by all, it is hazardous to speak heresy, no matter how true. Thus, the only chance of getting the ball rolling is to present the heresy as actually being in tune with the dogma. It’s like Jews want to destroy Christianity but knew they couldn’t do it outright. There were too many Christians who would have been outraged. So, using the Rules for Radicals, they presented anti-Christian agendas as pro-Christian, just like Jewish Power pushed anti-Western agendas as part of ‘Western Values’. Thus, Jews injected globo-homo into churches and then gleefully watch as the church rots from within. And in China, the regime moved toward capitalism with the Marxist rationale that it’s all part of the eventual plan toward real communism. And it never gave up on the Maoist symbolism.

    But for those in the Culture War or in the Revolutionary Struggle, such strategies are too subtle, slippery, and slow. Also, while science may be on our side, our main motivation isn’t objective truth but a sense of who we are, where we came from, and where we, as a people, must go. Pure objectivity, after all, doesn’t care who wins. In a jungle war between chimpanzees and baboons, objectivity is totally neutral. It doesn’t care if chimps wipe out the baboons or vice versa. Indeed, objective reality doesn’t care if a virus spreads and kills all apes and monkeys. It doesn’t care if an asteroid hits Earth and wipes out all life. Facts not only don’t care about YOUR feelings but EVERYONE’S feelings.
    So, while it’d be good to be grounded in facts and have them back your arguments, they are not what the battle is really about. One thing for sure, given the brutal nature of history, there are sufficient facts to make your side seem virtuous or villainous. It’s like the coin-toss that is 50/50 heads and tails. Every group won as many times as they lost and lost as many times as they won in the brutal game of history. For the longest time, the Germanic barbarians were clobbered by the Romans, but then they clobbered the Romans. Before Spain became a world power, it was under Moorish occupation for a long spell. Russians were crushed by Mongols before becoming a great power.
    To be sure, the human species broke out of the natural balance and gained overwhelming supremacy over the other species. And, the white race broke out of the civilizational balance and gained world dominance, but those are recent events in the arc of history. Taken as a whole, white race got clobbered as badly as all the other races.

    It’s like there are equally facts of chimps as victims and chimps as killers, and the same goes for baboons. Sometimes, the chimps bit off the groins of baboons, and other times baboons bit off the groins of chimps. But notice Jews aren’t interested in such truth, that all human groups have been victims and villains. They are motivated by Jewish pride and power. As such, they ignore, suppress, or rationalize facts that make them look bad while emphasizing the facts(or even fantasies) that make them look good. This is the kind of power that whites are up against, but then, it’s the white folks who’ve forgotten the laws of power. It’s as if whites, in their great prolonged & unprecedented success and prosperity, forgot about this in a foolish fit of magnanimity, especially with Jews and blacks.
    By the way, if you’re going to be compassionate, always ask yourself, “What is the nature of the object of pity?” After all, if you bring home an orphaned baby bunny, at most it will grow into a harmless rabbit. But if you bring home an orphaned baby gorilla or tiger cub, it’s going to grow into something that can totally whup your butt. Given blacks & brawn power and Jews & brain power, whites should really have considered the long-term implications of letting Jewish/black power grow in their midst. It’s like the American Indians who took pity on the Pilgrims and gave them food might as well have been feeding a T-Rex baby that would grow into a giant Tyrannosaurus that would devour the Indians. Take pity on a baby rabbit or baby fox, not a Grizzly cub… unless you have a plan to release the bear back into the wild away from human areas.

    The Game of Go isn’t only about the macro-strategy of surrounding your opponent’s pieces but about the micro-plays along the barriers to gain an advantage. Indeed, sometimes it’s a matter of a single piece that decides whether you have your opponent surrounded or vice versa. In the complex and intricate web of pieces aligned on the board, it finally comes down to a few pieces that determine if the player A has player B sealed off or the other way around. In this way, it’s not unlike wrestling where one special move tips the balance and turns two men interlocking one another to one man locking down the other man.

    Likewise, there are two ways for whites to take on Jewish Power. One way is to formulate a bigger narrative to surround the Jewish narrative. Out-contextualize the Jewish context. But, the other way is to look for weaknesses within the Jewish narrative wall, break down down, and form a white wall that intersects and cuts off the Jewish context with a pro-white context, thus linking white elements trapped within the context with white elements on the outside. It’s like the motorcycle Go in TRON where the riders create trail-barriers to contain the motion of the opponents.

    To play this game, whites must go beyond wimpy notions such as ‘white advocacy’ and adopt the bolder vision of White Liberation. The very concept is deeply threatening to Jewish Power as, to the question, “Liberation from what?”, the answer is “From Jewish Supremacist Power(which can be detailed factually without fail)”. The wussy notion of ‘white advocacy’ is merely a plea to be left alone and allowed to survive as whites. “Oh, dear Jewish Master, you are so almighty and powerful. We whites got nothing against you and just want to be left alone in our spaces, please pretty please.” Does anyone thing Jews will let this happen?
    No, there must be emancipation, independence, and liberation from Jewish Supremacist Power that is not only bad for whites but for all the world as it pushes for New Cold War with Russia and endless mayhem in the Middle East. It is also encouraging anti-Chinese rhetoric on the American ‘right'(as it inflames anti-Russian rhetoric on the American ‘left’) so that idiot American goyim will fulminate against other goyim around the world than on Jewish Power that is really destroying the White West. ‘White Advocacy’ is at best a battle plan without a war plan. It fixates on little battles without a larger war strategy. But in order to win, you must know who your main enemy is and devise a grand plan against them. That is the real war. It’s like doctors don’t merely advocate for health but wage war on the disease and target its source. Battles are then chosen and fought as part of the larger war plan. ‘White Advocacy’ picks pro-white battles but totally disregards the larger war waged on whites by Jewish Power. It’d be like the US fighting the Cold War without ever addressing the Soviet Union & Communism as the main enemy. It’s like a man with eyes closed swinging his stick at threats nearby without ever opening his eyes to see the real enemy standing further back.

    Facts are important, and the Dissident Right has many useful facts on its side. But they are hemmed in by the contextual power of the Jewish Narrative. As such, whites and their facts are about as useful as Palestinians with stones stuck within walled communities in West Bank. For those facts to gain traction and make a difference, the Jewish contextual walls must be attacked from both inside and outside. Even as whites chisel away at the walls from the inside with facts about Jewish power & abuse and black crime & thuggery, the walls must also be attacked from the outside by narrative routing-and-siege efforts controlled by whites. It is possible to come up with grand narratives that portray Jews as the villains of history, just as Jews have done with whites.
    Now, it’d be ideal if whites and Jews don’t vilify each other, but the truth of the matter is Jews are in supremacist mode and rely on white submission, therefore they’ve decided to institutionalize ‘white guilt’ premised on the special historical guilt of whites. This means whites have been convicted with life-sentence for all history; even as physically free men, they are mentally imprisoned within the Jewish moral context and worship at the feet of Jews, blacks, and homos. What kind of future is this?
    Besides, mental imprisonment invariably and eventually leads to physical imprisonment as well. Consider the rapid demographic transformation of the West. As whites are mental prisoners/slaves of Jews, they do as the holy Jews say. If Jews say, “Open up your borders and let in tons of darkies”, whites feel morally obligated to do just that. If Jews say, “Even when blacks burn down your city, do nothing but kiss the black ass”, whites do just that. When you’ve lost your pride, agency, and will, you won’t be free for long even on the physical and material level. After all, if your mental-master commands you to hand over all your money and the key to your house, you will do just that because you can’t muster the courage to say NO. It’s like how a cult operates. Legally, you are free and can walk away from the would-be-guru and the community. But the guru and his cult have gained control over your soul. You feel spiritually indebted to them, and so, it’s difficult for you to walk away even if legally possible.

    When we compare US and China, one key difference is China is ruled by the Chinese whereas the white majority in the US is ruled by the Jewish minority. There is enough historical evidence to shame the current CCP regime or to justify it. The crimes of Mao are legion, and millions of innocent lives were destroyed. But there is another context. China under CCP gained total autonomy from foreign intervention and imperialism after a ‘century of humiliation’, and the CCP has presided over great economic development in the past decades. So, current China can be made to seem good or bad. Both views are valid depending on the selected facts and chosen narratives. China prefer to make the Chinese the good people. It wasn’t much different for White America. American History, like modern Chinese History, is a checkered affair. It was a great political experiment and achieved greatness unseen in history. But US was also built on ‘genocide’ of the natives, relied heavily on slave labor in the early decades, ‘stole’ huge swaths of territory from Mexico, and engaged in neo-imperialist wars that destroyed millions of lives. While acknowledging the dark side, white Americans nevertheless favored the positive view of their history, and it served as the moral context for whatever happened. That is until whites lost their minds and handed the keys of power to the Jews.

    Whereas Chinese, nationalist or communist, kept control of the Narrative and Context in their own hands, the white Christian folks in the US outsourced American Narrative to the Jews out of some sentimental notion of JUDEO-CHRISTIAN solidarity. But then, maybe the Anglo-American elites didn’t have a choice. They raised their kids on privilege, but the kids hungered for prophecy, and Jewish thinkers supplied it. So, in the post-war years, Anglo-American kids of the elites, under the tutelage of Jewish Ideas, were already at war with their parents. But then, so many Wasps had been turned onto radical ideas already by the 1920s with the disgraceful tragedy of World War I and the excitement over the Bolshevik Revolution. Too many had already become like Alger Hiss.

    At any rate, when the power of Narrative fell into Jewish hands, most whites probably thought Jews would do what was good for all of America. But for the Tribe, it was Jews-uber-alles, and the Narrative was devised to maximize ‘white guilt’ mainly in relation to blacks(but also to American Indians in the Sixties) so that whites, paralyzed with self-doubt and self-loathing, would no longer be able to pursue white interests, thereby channeling their suppressed tribal passions toward serving Jews and their interests. Thus, whites, ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’, who are utterly loathe to mutter anything resembling pro-white sentiments, will loudly profess their total commitment to Jewish identity, Jewish nationalism, Jewish pride, and etc.

    Given the importance of the Narrative in the game of Political Go, it is one thing that should NEVER be outsourced to another. Perhaps, whites let Jews control it on the assumption that Jews are allies or wise men, but Jewish wisdom was always about furthering the Covenant at the expense of goyim. Also, modern Jews are even more dangerous than traditional Jews. The latter believed in God, and therefore, their tribal pride was tempered by humility before God. The Covenant meant Jewish submission to God. But modern Jews no longer believed in God. Thus, instead of seeing themselves as the creation of God, they saw God as the creation of Jews. Jews took pride in the fact that the Jewish Mind constructed the greatest spiritual idea/force in history. Jews created God, not vice versa. Thus, it is Jewishness itself that is the real center of the universe, so think the modern Jews. The Covenant, which used to mean Jews belong to God came to mean god belongs to Jews.
    With the Jewish Mind being the greatest thing, one that even invent god, all peoples must serve the godlike Jews. And lucky for Jews, they formed a symbiotic relationship with the Anglos, the history’s greatest empire builders. Jews rode on the underbelly of the Anglo Beast that conquered the world, and when the conquest was complete, especially with Anglo control of North America, Jews climbed to the top and rode on its back as the master. And this arrangement can last AS LONG AS whites play the subservient managerial role in the Jewish Empire. But then, whites will be content to play the subservient role ONLY IF they feel Jews(and their allies such as blacks) are morally superior and objects of worship by which whites can redeem themselves and wash away the sins of ‘racism’ and stains of ‘white guilt’.

    If, at the very least, whites were allowed to keep their majority position in the West, it wouldn’t have been so bad. After all, Japan, even as cuck-puppet of the US, was allowed to remain majority-Japan. But Jews, in their determination to permanently secure power, have decided to turn the West into white-minority nations so that no goy majority could ever wake up and unite against Jewish elite power. And as the West is now Jewish-ruled, this New Normal is pushed on nations like Japan as well. It’s as if Jews feel, “Let there be no example left of a successful and prosperous homogenous goy nation.”

    • Replies: @europeasant
  203. @Negrolphin Pool

    So, you prefer that they simply murder him. Neater, eh?

  204. @Chris Cosmos

    ‘ Speeding up his death’ is negligent homicide or manslaughter. The idea is to avert death, you see. Even in black folks.

  205. @ziggurat

    Come on, man! Chauvin was schooled in Israeli police methods, so finding him guilty would be ‘antisemitic’ and a ‘blood libel’.

  206. @JimDandy

    The typical garden variety black A-hole.
    Drug possession and use, attempting to defraud a business, lying to popo , resisting arrest, etc.

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if his car was illegal. Uninsured or expired tabs/registration, etc.

  207. @Negrolphin Pool

    Why are all the college aged Feminazi freak chicks with purple, green, or blue hair silent about this fact?

  208. @Detroit Refugee

    The reason a German-Norwegian from an upper middle-class background moves to a building in the ghetto is that the bedlam & vice disguises his activities.

    Dahmer was almost caught at his nice German grandmother’s house killing people in the basement.

    But everyone in the Hood was so cracked out in 1991 that nobody really cared about the stench of dead bodies wafting through the hallways or the wheelbarrows of acid Jeff was rolling into his apartment or that buzz saw running at 1 am while Dahmer shouted “YOU SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!” (Watch Dahmer on Dahmer it is interesting).

    At one point one black woman-a former crack addict-was penniless after spending her welfare on crack & hungry & Jeff gave her a sandwich…One of the few cases of a European cannibal giving an unwary African human flesh instead of the opposite.

    Dahmer intentionally moved into the Milwaukee ghetto.

    The odd thing was that Pat Kennedy liked him. He gave him the suit he wore at the trial.

  209. @Priss Factor

    “IF they’re surrounded by the enemy who have built walls or fences to cut them off; they’ve essentially been reduced to captives, like German soldiers under siege in Stalingrad — they were 200,000 men-strong but surrendered to the Soviets because they were deprived of reinforcements and supplies from the main force outside”

    That’s what happens when you are 1,600 miles deep into enemy territory and the people who live there ask you to leave.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  210. @acementhead

    You should inform yourself before commenting on anything. Floyd had been handcuffed, with negligible resistance, more than 20 mins before Chauvin carried out his illegal act of kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes.

    Most posters at Unz are of fairly high quality, and it is rare to see posts this devoid of fact while the poster berates others the they “Should inform (themself)”

    George Floyd was handcuffed at 8:12 PM. Chauvin arrived at 8:17. And there was nothing illegal about the knee pin, in fact it was authorized by Minnesota law and included in police training manuals.

    Although I will agree that your user handle seems appropriate.

    • Agree: SteveRogers42
  211. KenH says:

    Blacks are the biggest racial hypocrites in America. I remember a poll taken after 9/11/01 where blacks polled the highest in desiring Muslims to be profiled. But they were squealing about racism when it was revealed that they were being profiled in NYC because they commit the most violent crime. So blacks are opposed to profiling when it’s being done to them but support it as long as it’s being done to Muslims and “white supremacists”.

    Similarly, blacks only care about police brutality when it happens to them but when it happens to whites or hispanics they just shrug their shoulders. Black lives matter simply means that black lives mean more than any other racial group.

  212. @ForeverGone

    The establishment’s victory laps continue, unabated. It is as if each of these tendentious cases that goes national (or, international, like Floyd), consuming every bit of oxygen in the discourse, is so fraught with problems that the Narrative is actually strengthened by the adherents’ unwavering faith no matter the details (the shortcomings, the lies, the MSM-hypnosis via repetition etc).

    The investment of faith is what propels these seemingly straightforward cases into the next generation’s history chronicles.

  213. @europeasant

    But notice, Jews are deep inside the power structures of goy society and are surrounded by so many goyim. Physically, Jews are surrounded by goyim, but they’ve mentally surrounded the goyim(especially white goyim) with Holocaust Guilt. Such is the power of the prophetic mind. Even if physically surrounded, you might surround your enemy with YOUR favored worldview. No wonder a shepherd has control over the far more numerous sheep. He has a mind and can manipulate their behavior whereas the sheep, though numerous, lack minds and agency of their own.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  214. In fact, street police work has changed a great deal since 1991. Every year, the job got less aggressive and less physical, as leftists assumed more and more control of municipal governments and used the threat of excessive force and racial profiling lawsuits as cover for instituting an ever-accelerating “hands off” program regarding criminal offenders. This could be shown by listing the various jurisdictions that have all but eliminated vehicle pursuits, or by tracking the steadily-declining number of SWAT callouts for warrant service or drug enforcement.

    All it takes to be smiled upon by your supervisors in the present day is to show up to work on time while wearing the proper uniform, answer the radio when your number is called, drive safely to the point of contact, listen politely to the complainant, and write a report. That’s it. There is no institutional emphasis on making arrests or following up on information/evidence or making self-initiated street contacts. Those could lead to complaints, you see – and any officer who receives a complaint from the public is considered guilty by his supervisors until he is able to prove the complaint “unfounded”. Even then, the taint of being complained against follows the officer throughout his career like the black cloud used to follow Joe Bftsplk around in the Li’l Abner comics.

    This pussification of the police is why a females are able to have “successful” careers. They are fully capable of writing reports and grinning inanely at the public. And that’s all that matters.

    • LOL: europeasant
  215. @Thomasina

    You are under the impression that police take orders from random people yelling at them on the street.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  216. @Redman

    The kneeling control procedure is SOP in Pacific Northwest police departments, as well. What little training police receive in arrest-and-control tactics will focus on establishing this position while restraining noncompliant subjects. It’s a goofy sort of pin, and easily defeated because it controls neither the head nor the hips, but it’s the sort of lowest-common-denominator maneuver that criminal justice training commissions will allow cops to be trained in. Requiring proficiency in BJJ would go a long way to resolving these use-of-force problems, but this requirement would prevent a lot of useless pogues from passing probation…and then you wouldn’t have a police department that “looks like America”.

  217. @Detroit Refugee

    Any cop who has worked for a few years in a mid-sized city (or larger) has met George Floyd’s clone dozens of times.

  218. @SteveRogers42

    No 42, we hope that cops have sufficient moral understanding to realise that slowly choking someone is wicked.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  219. @Detroit Refugee

    So slowly murdering him is OK, then.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  220. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:

    If all he killed were nonwhites, I wouldn’t care about that even.

    You’re looking at it all wrong. At the other extreme, let us have a National Reparations Day, when the Negro can savage all of the citizens he wishes to, with no consequences whatsoever. I’m all for this, you see, because I have usurped the power of the elites – I can endorse this outrage because it will have no effect on me at all, I am immune from the consequences of my decision. And after the Dindu has finished soiling his nest, with no master to take care of his needs, he must venture outside the plantation. And then he will be put down.

  221. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    And where did George get the stack of hooky twenties from?

    Would it be surprising if Saint George died with a bloodstream full of Chinese drugs, a body full of Chinese virus, and a pocket full of Chinese counterfeits?

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @GomezAdddams
  222. AceDeuce says:

    If only Dr. Seuss was still around to draw that….

  223. @raga10

    Carnac the Magnificent, haven’t heard from you for awhile, I see you are still offering opinions based on information you retrieve from a mayonnaise jar.

  224. I’m an average bloke, and if there is just one guy on the jury half smart like me, he won’t be convicted. Cauvin used the proper procedure and Floyd had enough fentanyl in him to kill him. Cauvin’s lawyer should demand that the state prove there is was someone killed rather than an accidental suicide. If Floyd died from fentanyl poisoning what is Chauvin’s crime? And if he just might have, that’s reasonable doubt.

  225. It really does not matter- as we no longer have “equal justice under the law” in this nation. You think any sane white juror is gonna A. Stand up to a kang in jury room b. Have it hanging over his head when they burn country down. C. Risk one of the Kangz leaking his name as one responsible for hung jury?

    This is a small point for most- but know when i realized we were done in the West? Not even in US but in NZ, after alleged Tarrant murders. That horse faced bitch PM was with a bunch of Samoans or whatever those beasts are and one of them said ( while standing right next to PM!): “We have people on the inside- we’ll try to have one of them get to him.” And she just nodded like it was perfectly normal!

    What! In a nation built on Anglo–Saxon law, a tattooed ex-con threatening extra-judicial murder on a man convicted of nothing (and in a nation wo the death penalty) with the PM next to him on intl TV– and nothing fucking happens!! What world are we living in????

    Were i Mr. Chauvin, would get a bottle of my favorite whisky and a pistol….

  226. On the bright side—Donald Trump ( former President of the United States of America) stated George Floyd is now in heaven. Then —the Floyd Family is now 27 million dollars richer. See–the “Amercan Dream” comes true no matter what a person does !!!

  227. @Anonymous

    This is NOT making sense. Robert Lloyd Schellenberg –a Canadian citizen -that is the country North of United States of America is due for execution —-where –in China. Now Robert Lloyd had 750 kilos of dope stashed in a Dalian warehouse which was supposed to be exported to Australia so Schellenbergy could live and realize the American Dream. Now Robert Lloyd heard footsteps and jumped on a flight to head to Australia –without the goods. However Robert Lloyd has snagged in Guangzhou changing flights —the authorities Nailed him trying to depart. NOW he has been tried and is waiting execution. Now my question: Why would anyone in China be playing the fentanol export game if Death is the result. NO –your Fentanol is arriving from the CIA via Afghanistan —-

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  228. @Chris Cosmos

    You know- with the fucking almost unbelievable shit of late and various “conspiracies” that turned out to be true- consider this one: before all this shit with this negro- Trump would have won in a landslide and really stuck it to the chinks.

    We know there was bad blood between these two from when they-‘worked security at -“hip hop night” and Floyd was allegedly always drugged up- letting friends in free, was very “hands on” with the femaless-etc…

    Now I knoe this sounds crazy but just consider– given how many “students” and other chinks live in the US, how many spies would you say the chinks have in the US? Not necessarily active but even as sleepers? Maybe 80,000?

    Christ,³;last month MI-5 caught a chink honey trap living in the barracks with a Brit chopper pilot. Now- is it completely inconceivable that Asian wife of Chauvin is working for chink gvt. A few days before all this, she tells Chauvin she was having an affair with Floyd,

    Somehow, a chink agent gets the fake bills into Floyd’s hands at a time they know Chauvin will be on duty after they see to it he is given a Fentynal patch that starts off slow and thtn hits very hard.

    Keep in mind, this was was tried 2vweejs earlier in Georgia. Did not work then. ALSO, Asian wife files for divorce NEXT DAY, meaning she was ready to go.

    I admit, all sounds far-fstxged; even insane. But then would you have believed Epstein story 6 years ago or that we’d have a president with literal dementia in 2021?

    Consider it- had the Floyd thing never happened and Biden not having his strings pulled by literal Jews of the greasiest type- Trump might well be putting screws to China and bigvtech

  229. @JimDandy

    Defense lawyer do your job–toss the Police Manual at the loaded jury and then do a Perry Mason live performance___another retraining hold on a willing candidate __ –1 hour time limit_time expires ___the candsdate jumps up and case is over_____while lying on the floor candidate is singing Stephen Foster’s Camptown Races—- “can”t breath” doo dah day !!!! ;

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  230. @Zoom-Copter

    Does anyone have anything concrete on Chauvin-‘s Asian wife? Her real nationality? I mean gor chridt-“s daje’ Wendy deng was cheating on murdoch– even with all his billionsz— bc she said Tony Blair has “good legs Z(!!!)

    . Christ- how popular would i be in China from my 4 set of squats with 415 lb 3x a week? Had to spend a lot of time working, an being a 6foot2, blue-eyed Nord? Got to spend a lot of time —-dating.-”
    Now firstly-‘x you will be VERY popular in Japan if you are tall and strong enough that an avg jap girl can put her arms around you and “hang there” while vyou can cup each of her cheeks with one hand and bounce her up and down like a rag doll.

    KOREANS into that too- but seem more impressed if your lower ab muscles are chiseled/ hard enough that you can make them orgasm just from rubbing against their clitorious.

    Oh- and much to my disappointment neither had “sideways pussies,”

  231. @Zoom-Copter

    Have you a limted education or what? All your adjectives and adverbs are 4 letter words—shows your limted ability in English and your country is about ready to hit the dust bin of history. Reason–dummies like you and your black athlete pals who make the USA great. It is all a big production from DC and if you think Trump is Great–think again. Trump is con man who came into view from his show. Good Point —Trump will likely be in the Pokey before long and having visits from Stormy Daniels and Joe Biden will visit Donnie and give him a king sized burger.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  232. @GomezAdddams

    Fentanyl is created in a lab. It does not come from Afghanistan.

    Are you sure you are in the right place?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  233. Looking like the jurors will be fearful enough of the mob to convict Chauvin, quite justly. His act I do not protest one way or the other. He must be destroyed because he is a white conservative American from the Great Lakes. I wish the same fate to everyone who voted for Trump in 2020, including many of my former peers from Madison WI. Cheers from Dalian, PRC.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  234. @Priss Factor

    “But notice, Jews are deep inside the power structures of goy society and are surrounded by so many goyim.”

    Jewish population in Germany 1920 to early 1930’s was a powerful force. They controlled a very large part of the entertainment industry, banking, stock market and retail. The local population ( Germans) were getting alarmed at the power of this outside cohesive group. Same thing is happening in the United States. The Shit will hit the fan eventually unless America becomes a strong police surveillance state which we are already witnessing.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  235. @SteveRogers42

    This is not America from the 1950’s and sadly itz going to get a lot worse.

  236. @Zoom-Copter

    Intriguing hypothesis, despite the lack of concrete evidence. But why should the Epstein story be so surprising after Jimmy Savile? It seems like QAnon has promoted the idea that “before 2017 we knew of nothing like Epstein!” That’s absurd.

    The Savile case exposed a lot of the same kind of stuff. Epstein himself had already been investigated in 2005-8. Despite this seemingly being settled at the time, it was easy to hypothesize that a lot of other dirt remained unexposed. As far as I can see, QAnon never exposed a single verifiable fact that was not already public information. It just seems that people get more turned on by the story of a secret informer putting out leaks instead of just looking over all the reports about someone like Jimmy Savile and figuring that there must be a lot more going on somewhere behind a curtain.

    Also, while Reagan was not senile upon taking office in 1981, he had turned that way by 1989 when he left office. Biden is certainly a progressive advance over that since he was a vegetable from Day One. But it’s not a complete break from precedent.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  237. @Zoom-Copter

    Conspiracy theories can be fun, but reality is entertaining enough for me!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  238. @Supply and Demand

    Supply, you are trying to sell a commodity that has no value. Your Opinion!

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  239. @SteveRogers42

    ‘ Welease Woger.! Over and out!’

  240. @Genrick Yagoda

    China learned from the British. Although they execute drug dealers & send addicts away for long sentences they look the other way to exporting millions of tons of meth & heroin because it works.

    Look at the drug war China fueled in the Philippines. One out of three people between the ages of 18-50 became a meth addict. Duterte seems to have stopped it, but the Philippines now deals with a lost generation who will do nothing but sit on their parents step grinning at the back of their hands for the rest of their lives.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  241. @Luus Kanin

    Selling something requires a price to sell it at — my views are priceless!

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  242. Art Deco says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Also, while Reagan was not senile upon taking office in 1981, he had turned that way by 1989 when he left office.

    In your imagination only. His daughter said she noticed nothing untoward until the middle of 1993. Edmund Morris identified the period running from August of 1994 to February 1995 as one of abrupt collapse in his faculties.

  243. JimDandy says:

    Exactly! That video evidence, coupled with, you know, the training picture that shows a cop doing exactly what Chauvin was doing, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Chauvin was doing a workmanlike job of trying to keep Floyd alive!

    The left (and many others) are united in wanting to destroy an innocent working class man’s life. They want him to spend the rest of his life in a cage for a crime he did not commit. At this point, they aren’t just misguided. They are evil.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  244. @Supply and Demand

    Touche Supply! I will admit an impressive riposte! If you would be so kind, I will lie here a moment to catch my breath.

  245. Anonymous[967] • Disclaimer says:

    I suspect you are that one asshole who I made my monkey again and again thus hates me for it. In reality I went to NYU at age 17 into their JD/MD program with admission and tuition guaranteed throughout all so long as I maintained a 3.5.

    If you are not aforementioned asshole, you’d know if you were a regular reader/poster here that I have been out ( now back in again) of hospital with a septic elbow and osteomyelitis. I was given a more than 50% chance of sepsis going into blood and killing me within about 30 mins. Received Last Rights from a Philipino priest (no family or friends allowed in hospital so I was facing prospect of dying alone).

    Am I a fat diabetic slob? No, can bench press 335lb for 10 for 4 sets, with a pause. I have my GF’s miserable mutt of a dog biting me to thank. Why is this relevant? In a diludad haze I dropped my phone on hospital floor and broke the fucking Samsung to where type pad barely worked. Finally got a new iPhone yesterday and almost wish for my broken Samsung back (made mistake of not getting biggest iphone.).

    Thus if one has had past 3 weeks I have, think I’m more than entitled to tell you to give me a rim job. Thanks. Best,

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  246. Anonymous[967] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    Mate if you were alive in 1970S and someone explained “MK Ultra,” to you, “Midnight Climax,” and “Operation Northwoods” all signed off on by joint chiefs, would you have believed it?

    As they’ve gotten more and more bold to pull off 9/11, and all sorts of other shit, I think my theory is certainly as any other..

  247. @Anonymous

    The only thing you have 3.5 is your brain—3.5 cm of nothiing —

  248. JimDandy says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Wow, you’re really, truly delusional, aren’t you?

  249. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:

    Judge will allow evidence from Floyd’s 2019 arrest to be presented in the current trial. That includes vid of drugs on the seat of the cop car where Floyd was sitting, among other things.

  250. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    The good news is we have one less reprobate criminal walking the streets (George Floyd)

    The bad news is a lot of them (blacks) are still alive and will continue to kill, steal, and destroy.

  251. In a normal world, that policeman should have already been executed. Murderers cannot be allowed to survive their victims for more than 24 hours so that lawyers and politicians can do business with the pain of others.

  252. There are all kinds of opinions surrounding the George Floyd case. Yesterday, at a “get together” in my apartment building, where we shared a large Pappa John’s pizza, this case was brought up for discussion. One of the attendees, an ex-cop, from Roanoke, VA, stated that Derek Chauvin, the ex-cop from Minneapolis, should be found guilty because he helped subdue Floyd, by applying leg pressure to Floyd’s windpipe (trachea), which helped obstruct his airway. I pointed out to him, that Chauvin applied pressure to one side of Floyd’s neck and not his trachea. I also mentioned this method was SOP for cops. He did not respond to my comment.

    In an article by Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Roberts mentioned that one of the witnesses, who was at the scene of the incident, was asked what he saw? He responded that he saw what he believed to be a murder taking place. Another witness, an EMT, viewing it on video, replied that she felt that something wasn’t right about this scene. The state followed up with another question. She was asked what about this scene did she not feel right about? She replied that she could not specifically articulate what did not feel right about it. Here are two witnesses from the prosecution, which did not state any facts, but could only speculate about the incident. There was also another witness, who was an employee of the convenience store, where the dispute began, when another employee questioned the authenticity of a $20 bill, that Floyd or maybe his partner had tried to use for a purchase. She related that Floyd was having trouble breathing and didn’t not agree with what Officer Chauvin was doing. What may have been more pathetic, was that during their testimonies, the defense did not object to any of them, on grounds of speculation. Someone please explain to me why Chavin’s lead attorney was silent?

    When Floyd was first approached by two police officers, who asked him to get out of the vehicle, as they started pulling him out, he said he couldn’t breathe. They finally forced him into a squad car (can anyone say resisting and disobeying a lawful order?) and as soon as that happened he began complaining about trouble breathing once more.

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