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Talpra Magyar!
Two Hungarian Heroes vs. The “Refugee” Racket (Which Obama/Clinton LOVE)
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There have been many attempted invasions of Europe by barbarian hordes. Each one has brought forth heroes to lead the fight for civilization.

The Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae. Aetius fought the Huns to a standstill at Châlons (although to judge from the character sketch in Gibbon, Aetius might just as happily have fought on the other side, if the price was right). Charles Marte l stopped the Muslims at Tours, and John Sobieski turned them back from the gates of Vienna.

So far as I can observe, today’s Europe doesn’t have champions of that caliber. They do, though, have Hungary.

Hungary’s current Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, is a loud and unapologetic voice for his nation’s identity, and Europe’s, and for protecting those identities by refusing to go along with the opening of Europe to millions of illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East.

Orbán’s views of course drive the mandarins of the European Union crazy.

It’s gotten so bad that we are now hearing the first calls for Hungary to be thrown out of the EU. Recently, Prime Minister Orbán made a speech in which he said:

If Europe wants the best for itself … it should be able to rule the Mediterranean, and — as the old Roman emperors did — sink the empty, unauthorised ships.

Christians BEFORE Islam: Orban blasts EU over migration and demands ‘SINKING’ of Med boats,

By Rebecca Perring & Agnes Keg, Express (UK), September 13, 2016

I don’t quite get that reference to the Roman Emperors. From what I know of Roman attitudes and methods, they would not likely have bothered to check that the boats were empty before sinking them. And to judge from the comment threads to European news websites, that Roman spirit is far from dead.

Leaving that aside, Orbán gave a good vigorous speech, in strong opposition to the arm-flapping surrender mentality of the EU girly-men. He announced that Hungary will hold a referendum on the EU’s demand that member countries accept 160,000 so-called Syrian so-called “refugees” for permanent settlement.

Orbán’s not just talk, either. He’s been fortifying Hungary’s border with razor-wire fencing; and last month his Secretary of the Interior announced that they are recruiting 3,000 more border security agents.

As I said, this kind of talk and action drives the EU mandarins nuts. Here’s one of them: Jean Asselborn, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg. Honk from him, in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt following Orbán’s speech:

We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached … Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war “refugees”… should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the EU.

Asselborn fordert Ausschluss Ungarns aus der EU, by Christoph B. Schiltz, September 14, 2016

Dennis Healey, a long-time Labor Party member of the British House of Commons,once described having been criticized in the chamber by Geoffrey Howe, a rather limp and mild-mannered Tory, as “like being savaged by a dead sheep.” I imagine a verbal assault — probably even a physical one — by the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg feels somewhat similar.

I note in passing that the German headline on that story reads: Asselborn Fordert Ausschluss Ungarns Aus Der EU — “Asselborn demands the exclusion of Hungary from the EU.” Those with an interest in 20th-century European history will note that Ausschluss is the opposite of Anschluss. They both derive from the noun Schluss, a closing or locking. The related word Schlüssel is the German word for “key.” With an Anschluss you bring someone in and lock the door behind them with your Schlüssel. With an Ausschluss you throw them out and lock the door …

Sorry, I’m rambling. The wonderfully expressive German language always sidetracks me. Where was I? Oh yes, in Hungary.

Prime Minister Orbán i s not the only Hungarian in the news. Meet Mr. Árpád Jeddi. Mr. Jeddi is a truck driver by trade. Last November he was driving his truck from Hungary to Britain. This of course involved him driving through the approaches to Calais, on the French side of the English Channel.

Those approaches are crowded with illegal aliens. There’s a huge camp of these scofflaws outside Calais, popularly called “the Jungle,” current population over ten thousand. They all want to get to Britain, where the welfare is lavish and sentimentality about “refugees” rampant. To this end, they break into trucks that are headed for Britain, sometimes making the trucks slow down or stop so they can force the doors open or cut through the tarp.

So along comes Mr. Jeddi in his truck, heading for Calais. He made a 15-minute video of the view from his truck along those approaches. Mr. Jeddi is cursing angrily all through the video; but he’s cursing in Hungarian, so it’s not too distracting for non-speakers of that noble tongue.

It’s worth watching that video, to see the scale of the problem. With all respect to Mr. Asselborn, you won’t see many pitiful “refugees” dragging their emaciated bodies along, begging for the truckers to throw them a crust. What you will see is gangs of tough-looking young men looking for trucks to break into, and throwing rocks when they are frustrated.

You should watch that video for a feel of what Europe’s undergoing.

Mr. Jeddi uploaded his video to YouTube. This is last November, you’ll recall. The video was a big hit right away. When I viewed it just now I was the four million and some person to do so. That’s not bad for a clip whose voice-over is entirely in Hungarian. The entire population of Hungary is only ten million. A lot of the viewers are non-Hungarian, though, as you can see from the YouTube comment thread.


Well, that video cost Mr. Jeddi his job. See, he’s yelling curses at the illegals, and at one point swerves towards a crowd of them in the roadway, forcing them to run for the grass verge. The haulage firm fired him, although we’re told he’s since got a job driving for a different firm.

Now for some reason Hungarian prosecutors are trying to get him into court. [Hungarian Trucker Who Swerved Lorry At Migrants In Calais Faces Suspended Jail Sentence, Hungary Today, September 17, 2016] They say he should have a suspended jail sentence for reckless driving.

Mr. Jeddi responds, via social media, that when ordinary law enforcement can’t contain a lawless situation, citizens have to take matters into their own hands. Watching that video, it’s hard to disagree with him, and I bet not many Hungarians do.

So, while François, Herman, and Giuseppe flap their arms impotently, there are at least some Europeans willing to stand up against the invaders. Talpra Magyar!

There is no aspect of the Western world’s immigration romanticism more obnoxious than these “refugee” rackets. Not the least thing to find obnoxious about them is that there are genuine “refugees” — helpless women, children, and old people driven from their homes by war and revolution, badly in need of food and shelter.

The word ““refugee”” is not a synonym for “immigrant,” though. An immigrant is a person granted permanent residence in a country not his own, with the assurance and expectation that

(a) he will make a positive contribution to his new country; and

(b) he will not be a danger to its native inhabitants or a charge on the public purse.

A “refugee”, on the other hand, is a person given charity in some safe place until he can safely return to his home. If, in the event, he never can safely return, he might reasonably be considered for immigration at some future time.

That sure isn’t how the U.S.A. conducts its “refugee” policy. I refer listeners to the website “Refugee” Resettlement Watch, run by the doughty Ann Corcoran, a true patriot and heroine of our time. Ann tirelessly chronicles all the crookedness and bogosity of our “refugee” system, and its dire effects on American towns and cities, and on our country’s security.

If common sense doesn’t tell you this, let the Director of the FBI tell you. Giving testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee last year, Director Comey said in respect of Syrian “refugees” that,

We can only query against that which we have collected. And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.

FBI Director Admits U.S. Will Have No Basis to Vet Some Syrian Refugees, by Melanie Hunter, CNS News, October 21, 2015

That of course is no deterrent to the contractors running the “refugee” resettlement rackets, who have money and careers invested in the game. Still less does it deter our President, who has strongly pro-Muslim sentiments and a gnawing dislike of provincial white prole Americans, bitterly clinging to their bibles and their guns.

Obama just asked Congress to fund 110,000 so-called “refugees” for the coming Fiscal Year. The number for Fiscal 2016 was 85,000, so that’s an increase of 25,000.

And as Ann Corcoran has documented very extensively, that 25,000 will be housed in red states, not blue states; as we Charles Murray fans would say, in white prole Fishtown, not in upper-middle-class Belmont.

The philanthropy of our elites is telescopic. They want to do good to the oppressed masses of the world, but they don’t want them living nearby. They definitely don’t want their kids going to school with them.

From Obama’s point of view, of course, it’s win-win; in fact, it’s win-win-win. Not only does he

(a) get a worshipful, admiring press from the globalist bureaucrats at the U.N. and elsewhere; not only does he

(b) accelerate the growth of non-traditional America by importing a mass of fecund Muslims into states that voted against him; he also

(c) pokes a finger in the eye of those flyover white people he hates so much.


The American nation is not without its defenders, though. While Ann Corcoran is toiling away in the vineyards of internet commentary, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is striking back from Congress, where the money will be appropriated, if it gets appropriated. Read his statement.

Keep at ’em, Senator. You too, Ann. Thanks for all you’re doing here. And listeners, let your representatives know how you feel about this. That especially applies if your representative is one of the weasel Republicans who will happily go along with Obama’s scheme of demographic transformation, however much it costs.

Picking up the Hungarian theme again: If you follow my extracurricular activities, you will know that the September issue of that splendid magazine The New Criterion contains a lengthy review by me of a great Hungarian novel, Miklós Bánffy’s Transylvanian Trilogy.

One of the characters in that novel is a rather stiff and, as we 1960s survivors were wont to say, uptight lady, of whom the novelist tells us that, quote, “she preferred a waltz to a csárdás.” OK, so what’s a csárdás? Well, it’s a traditional folk dance of Hungary, characterized by dramatic changes of tempo.

Here’s an actual Hungarian, the lovely and talented Katica Illényi, playing one of the fast bits.

Nothing like that in the Middle East—or Kenya either, for that matter.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Hungary, Immigration, Orban 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    After watching the video of mobs of invaders it’s hard not to conclude that Europe has lost its will to live. Its men are too weak to protect their territory. They will become extinct, and justifiably so. They will have lost out to men who display more Libido, more Life Energy.

    Every male of every species defends its territory. A female isn’t interested in a male who has no territory because she senses that there won’t be enough resources to provide for her brood. Without a territory, the male can’t reproduce himself. He fades to nothingness.

    If a man lacks courage to fight to protect his territory then he is a gelding. Intellect and conscientiousness are all well and good, but they are nice, good-boy traits, and sometimes men need to be mean sonsofbitches. After all, that’s what the other guy is; the one who’s taking over your territory. You don’t mean shit to him. One of you is going to lose and it may just as well be him and not you. Nowhere is it written that Europeans have to lose this battle.

    He walked in, now let him walk right back out.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Corvinus
    , @colm
  2. Spartans … Aetius … Charles Martel … John Sobieski

    You forgot to mention Ferdinand & Isabella.

    • Replies: @Boris N
    , @utu
    , @Carey
  3. Boris N says:

    Speaking about hordes. It is really ironic that the Hungarians themselves were once one of such hordes, they were “barbaric” nomads from the Eurasian plains who came to Central Europe at the end of the 1st millennium. I suppose it is a well-known fact. And it is also ironic to remember the Huns and Attila, whereas in the past Hungarians thought they were descendants of the Huns (hence the letter H in their name, though originally it was Turkic “onogur”), and Attila is still a national hero in Hungary (Attila is quite a popular male name there).

    Or we as well may remember the hordes of the Gauls, the Teutons or the Goths who terrorized and flooded the Roman empire, or, in the later period, the Anglo-Saxons or the Normans, or, if we look to the east, the Slavs who once terrorized and flooded the Balkans and Byzantium.

    So “the barbaric hordes are coming” argument is really tricky.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Randal
    , @cucksworth
  4. Boris N says:

    Or Pilsudski, Mannerheim, Hitler and Reagan, who have saved Europe from the Bolshevik hordes from the barbaric East. (Did I just say “Hitler”? Oh, wait…)

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Mind you, an high-profile EU bureaucrat has proposed a “temporary or permanent” ban of Hungary.

    The bureaucrat’s country is Luxembourg. The EU is held hostage by a Germany-Benelux axis, which has France has its only in-EU counterpart.
    The others nod and ratify.

  6. Renoman says:

    Man that is some band!

  7. 5371 says:

    [ Aetius fought the Huns to a standstill at Châlons (although to judge from the character sketch in Gibbon, Aetius might just as happily have fought on the other side, if the price was right).]

    As far as concerns the great majority of participants, one side was also no more barbarian or less Christian than the other in that battle.

  8. Are there actually a lot of migrants who want to go to Hungary? And learn a language directly related to no other European language (no its not like Finnish)?

    Similarly to Hungary I am currently defending my home against swarms of supermodels. Or not.

  9. I’ve known a surprising number of Hungarians in my life. Many if not most of the women have been drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell (the two are orthogonal parameters generally speaking). The women with whom I’ve discussed this suggest that Hungarian men have the same effect on women. Unfortunately a number of the Hungarian women I’ve known have also been bat-shit crazy; think of the Gabor sisters on steroids. BTW Hungarian dances like the Csardas are much more fun than ballroom. A Tanczhaus movement has revived many of these dances in Hungary and elsewhere and they now have the popularity swing dancing once had in the US. If Hungarian weren’t such an impossibly difficult language, I’d consider moving there!

  10. Randal says:
    @Boris N

    So “the barbaric hordes are coming” argument is really tricky.

    Only if you adhere to some kind of spooky, mystical ancestral guilt notion, or similar.

    The only rational lesson to take from the fact that ones distant ancestors brutalised and displaced some group foolish or weak enough to let them do so, is not to be foolish and weak like those victims, yourself.

    • Agree: reiner Tor
  11. Anon 2 says:

    Many in the West are not aware of the traditional
    friendship between the Polish and Hungarian peoples.
    Both are Catholic countries that shared kings, and
    queens, and a lot of common history. Today both are
    members of the Visegrad Group, the four nations
    in the center of Europe, that try to present a common
    front as a form of self-defense against Frau Merkel
    and her machinations. Kaczyński, the éminence grise
    of Polish politics, and Orban are old friends and meet

    The friendship is encapsulated in a proverb that’s known
    to every Polish child:

    “Polak, Węgier – dwa bratanki
    i do szabli i do szklanki.”

    Roughly translated,

    “Pole and Hungarian cousins be,
    good for fight and good for party.”

    The proverb apparently goes back to 1772.

    There are many examples of great personal relationships
    that linked the two nations, e.g.,

    – Chopin and Liszt were close friends;

    – In the Hungarian Revolution of 1848,
    a Polish general Józef Bem became a national
    hero of both Hungary and Poland;

    – The great Polish ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky
    (Wacław Niżyński) (1890-1950) married a Hungarian
    woman Romola de Pulszky who was herself of Polish

    • Replies: @5371
    , @reiner Tor
  12. Jason Liu says:

    So the descendants of Huns, and perhaps other East Europeans with eastern admixture, are now the defenders of Europe.

    What does that say about the whites in northern and western Europe?

    I keep saying, the “whiter” a population is, the more it embraces self-destruction. Is it altruism? Masochism? Mental illness?

    • Replies: @romar
    , @Olorin
    , @reiner Tor
  13. MarkinLA says:

    The government will prosecute you to the extent that you will be in prison for a very long time and bankrupted if you attempt to do anything on your own.

    Why do you think the Minutemen on the US border video taped everything they did and never actually handed anything to an illegal? They placed it on the ground a few feet away from him. It was reported that Abe Foxman’s psychos were out trolling Mexican villages looking for people who would make statements against anybody who even touched an illegal hoping to get criminal convictions by that zealous GWB appointee Sutton and get big civil court damages for the ADL.

  14. Talha says:

    Thermopylae was fought against the Achaemenid Empire – hardly barbarians, unless ‘barbarian’ has no lexical significance:

    “Persia had been the first real empire, an empire with an organizational structure developed from a realistic idea of how to govern different subject peoples. It defined the role of an emperor and set a template for future empires from the Romans to the British. When Alexander came to replace the dying Persian Empire with a vision of his own, he held the example of Cyrus in the front of his mind.”


    • Replies: @5371
    , @Marcus
    , @Talha
    , @Seamus
  15. 5371 says:
    @Anon 2

    You Poles would do well to learn from the Hungarians concerning relations with Russia. Nowadays the (((people))) who want to destroy Polish Catholicism are in Washington and western European capitals, not in St. Petersburg or Moscow.

    • Replies: @Anon 2
  16. 5371 says:

    “Barbarian” did have a lexical significance – it meant people who didn’t speak Greek.

    • Replies: @Talha
  17. Corvinus says:

    “After watching the video of mobs of invaders it’s hard not to conclude that Europe has lost its will to live. Its men are too weak to protect their territory.”

    So, how are you different than these weak European men? That is, what you are doing differently?

    See, that’s why the armchair warriors who define for themselves who is and who is not manly are blinded by their own confirmation biases similar to SJW’s.

  18. Anon 2 says:

    Orban is an extremist and Hungary is a small country
    (Poland has the population four times that of Hungary).
    Small countries have more flexibility in their politics
    because they are not taken very seriously. Extremism
    is not in the Polish DNA. For example, Poland became
    the largest country in Europe and remained that way
    for 300 years not through conquest but through a
    personal union with Lithuania (which included an
    area today called Belarus).

    In fact, one could argue that the essence of Poland
    represents an Aristotelian mean (as in virtue being
    the mean between two extremes) between two
    extremes: the historic despotism and lawlessness of
    Russia and the historic colonialism and slave trade of
    Western Europe. Poland has been far from perfect
    but it has never engaged in colonialism or despotism.
    The Golden Freedoms of the Polish Republic of
    Nobles were excessive but at least they did their
    best to pattern the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    after a republic, the Roman Republic.
    Poland’s neighbors, the German states
    or Russia never even pretended to aspire to
    democracy. They were autocratic through
    and through

    • Replies: @Marcus
  19. Marcus says:

    Some say the Greek barbaros or non-Hellene (of any type) is an onomatopoeia for the Persian language: it sounded like “bar-bar-bar” to the Greeks! The Greek stereotype of the Persians and Oriental peoples in general was more along the lines of servile (Oriental despotism), cruel, yet also wise and highly cultured.

  20. Marcus says:
    @Anon 2

    Orban would be considered moderate in any saner time. Jobbik are the extremists whom he keeps around to distract hysterical Western media.

    • Replies: @Anon 2
    , @Rehmat
  21. Talha says:

    Hey 5371,

    I was aware of the etymology behind the word (as you and Marcus correctly pointed out), but should have been more clear; the meaning of the word as it’s used in contemporary vernacular. It may well be that the author intended it in its original meaning, but which would be strange since (indeed the Achaemenid Dynasty, but also) Hungarians, most of us, and the author and his family are all ‘barbarians’. If he meant ‘lacking refinement or culture’, well then…

    You tell me…you seem well read on this, do you have any doubt that Persia of that time was a highly cultured civilization (as Marcus pointed out one of the Greek’s perspective)? I mean, one may not want them ruling over oneself, but that is besides the point.

    In which case, my point is that he is throwing the word around quite loosely as to rob it of any real meaning other than to the most avid fans of the comics-to-film genre.


    • Replies: @5371
  22. Talha says:

    For the record though, the videos I’ve seen of these young men do not bespeak of refugees in the traditional sense of the word. Crowds of young military-age men freely roaming the country side with no food and nothing to do has never, ever been a good thing – especially when these men are from a distinct culture. The people who are letting them in have zero sense of history.


  23. What’s ironic is that the Hungarians–a Turkic speaking people from somewhere around the Urals–were themselves invaders. But, never mind—point taken.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @RadicalCenter
    , @Seamus
  24. 5371 says:

    Of course, neither the Arabs nor the Ottomans were barbarians either according to the most widely used meaning of the word. JD should have written of the fight for Christian civilisation, though that would obviously not apply to Thermopylae and not to Châlons either – Attila, like most steppe nomads, passed easily from his usual brutality to awe at the religion of a civilised country, and famously desisted from his intention to sack Rome after a meeting with Pope Leo.

    • Replies: @Talha
  25. colm says:

    Blame it to the Crown, who couldn’t stand a European power unifying all of Europe and is still trying to mess it up.

    • Replies: @utu
  26. Marcus says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    Jobbik, the more radical party that is second only Orban’s, espouses pan-Turanism, or at least some of them do.

    • Replies: @Shaikorth
  27. Talha says:

    Hey 5371,

    Agreed. I’ve read that the Visigoths under the Arian king, Alaric, did a pretty tame sack of Rome as well – respecting much of it out of shared Christianity (even if considered heterodox).

    By the way – does your handle signify anything – if I may ask? Other than 0 – 5370 were taken? 😉


    • Replies: @5371
  28. 5371 says:

    No, Alaric’s was pretty bad. Claims to the contrary were more a Christian attempt to answer those who pointed out that Rome had not suffered such misfortunes before Christianity became the state religion.
    My number doesn’t mean much of anything.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  29. Svigor says:

    After watching the video of mobs of invaders it’s hard not to conclude that Europe has lost its will to live. Its men are too weak to protect their territory. They will become extinct, and justifiably so. They will have lost out to men who display more Libido, more Life Energy.

    Nonsense. Western Europe’s elite is treacherous. With patriotic leadership, European men would be glad to fight. Loved the homoerotic nonsense about the foreign scum’s “Precious Essence,” though.

  30. Marcus says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know that. Similar polemics by Jews and pagans, etc. were pretty common during the Arab conquests. Christian responses would usually portray defeats as chastisement or signs of the apocalypse

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Talha
  31. Marcus says:

    Which brings me to another point, Western historians typically give great weight to the battle of Tours, understandably so since it was pivotal in our history, but the Romans (always called Rum by Muslim writers) usually bore the brunt of the Arab invasions, they lost in the end, but they shielded the rest of Europe for centuries when it was at its most vulnerable. The sieges of Constantinople were massive. Gibbon and other Enlightenment writers really detested the “Byzantines,” so they didn’t want to give them much credit either.

  32. Talha says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Yeah, this is a very interesting subject. One of the best works done on this is by Robert Hoyland, who went through many different texts (from original source documents) and came to this conclusion regarding the various viewpoints he was seeing depending on who was writing. He basically let’s the works speak for themselves, but does provide some conclusions and summaries for someone who doesn’t want to know the exact opinion of some obscure Orthodox monk:

    “This trend continued and was extended under the Muslims, who made little distinction between any of the conquered peoples, designating most as ‘People of the Book’ and offering them freedom of action in return for loyalty and taxes. This was accepted with some relief by many groups formerly under the rule of Byzantine emperors, who had generally pursued a less liberal policy than their Sasanian counterparts with regad to religious difference…One is forced
    to conclude that the differing reactions of Christians reflects not a difference in ther treatment at the hands of the Arabs, but rather a difference in their perceptions and intentions, which in turn depended upon and mirrored their differeing allegiances…But in Greek writings the Muslims were never anything but enemies of God…The crucial difference was that the Christians of Iraq had no lost or diminished sovereignty to lament.As regards their faith, they had no reason to rue the Sasanian’s passing nor to expect deliverance from them. Thus it was both easier and more necessary for them to accept the change of rulers than for their Byzantine counterparts…It is, then, becasue the Arabs were to them political as well as religious enemies that Byzantines were so hostile. This affected Greek writings in particular…”

    Highly recommended read if you can get your hands on it (even has writings from European Christian pilgrims passing through the Holy Land) – this work was first brought to my attention by the erudite Prof. Jonathan Brown who references it in his lectures.


    • Replies: @Marcus
  33. Shaikorth [AKA "Grels"] says:

    Doing so requires more kookiness than usual, because Hungarian is as Turkic as Basque is Dravidian.

  34. Anon 2 says:

    Actually I sympathize with the Hungarians. Parts
    of Hungary were occupied by the Ottoman Turks
    for a couple of centuries. Then in the 18th century
    the Austrian Hapsburgs became another oppressor.
    As a result of World War I, Hungary (as well as
    Austria) each lost two-thirds of their territory.

    Catholic countries in Central Europe such as Poland,
    Austria, and Hungary never really engaged in
    successful empire building (Austria tried but it
    didn’t last) because empire building requires cruelty
    toward the natives, and cruelty is not part of the
    Catholic DNA. Catholics have too much joie de vivre
    for that. That’s why the Mitteleuropa countries like
    Czechia, Slovakia, southern Poland (Krakow more
    than Warsaw because Warsaw suffered greatly in
    the last 200 years during the Russian and German
    occupations), Austria, and Hungary are so pleasant
    to visit – people are more relaxed. You don’t see extreme
    examples of status seeking that are so common in
    Germany and Britain

    • Replies: @utu
    , @woodNfish
  35. Marcus says:

    Hard to fault Monophysites for not fighting to the death on behalf of a Chalcedonian government that branded them heretics, and in any case there was a long standing Roman policy of disarming civilians. The loyalty of the Christian Arabs is kind of interesting, some books I’ve read say they defected to the Muslims at crucial points, others that they remained loyal. In Iraq, the downtrodden Aramaic speaking Christian peasantry probably wouldn’t have lamented the defeat of the Persian ruling class.

    • Replies: @Talha
  36. And… here’s the trucker’s video with English subtitles….

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This trucker’s video ought to be forced down the throat of every Eloi Hillary voter.

  38. Anonymous [AKA "carlospaul"] says:

    “Sorry, I’m rambling”…yes. I am glad you have moments of self-reflection. It would take me too long to correct all the mistakes in this piece, but just, for example, let me point out that the Roman Empire was multicultural, and even had black emperors…such as Scipio Africanus. Muslims have been in Europe since the 7th century. Who built Cordoba? Granada? Muslims fought to keep Europe free in both world wars.
    A lot of drivel from a man who writes on ” on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets.” I am not surprised. Do they pay you by the word?

    • Replies: @5371
    , @random observer
  39. Talha says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Agreed, you can read similar accounts on the Coptic side:
    “Their Clergymen have been tortured and exiled even by their Christian brothers after the schism of Chalcedon in 451 A.D. and until the Arab’s conquest of Egypt in 641 A.D….For the four centuries that followed the Arab’s conquest of Egypt, the Coptic Church generally flourished and Egypt remained basically Christian.”

    The restrictions start kicking in more later (as the site laments) once the Fatimids and then the Shafi’i school comes to prominence, but the Copts didn’t have it too bad for a while.

    As far as the Christian Arabs, both accounts are correct from what I’ve read. They weren’t just one tribe – the split predates Islam:

    They were also not sedentary/settled people, so when the Muslims kicked out the Byzantines and demanded jizya, many of the Arab Christian tribes voted with their feet and went over to Byzantium. The same was going to happen to Bani Taghlib, but the Companions debated over this. The problem was that Bani Taghlib were solid fighters and having them on the side of the Byzantines was obviously not preferable so there was parley. Bani Taghlib demanded the jizya be fixed at the rate of zakat (which was done) and refused to pay it with that term ‘jizya’ (saying it was humiliating to them as Arabs) and they were even willing to pay double the zakat to get the term changed – which was agreed to as ‘sadaqah’ (charity). It is also obvious from the various reports that the Bani Taghlib felt a strong ethno-linguistic kinship with the Arab Muslims. The terms were renegotiated under Umar II (ra) when the Ummayyads felt they were powerful enough and didn’t need the assistance of Bani Taghlib, but the prior arrangements have actually set a lot of precedents in the flexibility of terms of jizya (the various schools discuss this in their respective canonical works). This work (translation of the original) is essential to this subject:


    • Replies: @random observer
    , @Talha
  40. 5371 says:

    [the Roman Empire … even had black emperors…such as Scipio Africanus]

    Wrong on all three counts.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  41. The Spartans lost, the pass was taken and Athens burned. Why does the myth of Spartan success at Thermopylae die harder than the “pay gap” myth?

    As to “Hungarians are barbarian invaders themselves”, how many millennia have to pass before that argument loses all validity (I say it already has)? Not to mention: no one is making that argument, at least in the real world. It’s all about the “humanitarian” thing to do, that successful nations “owe it to” broke-dick shitholes to take in all their human trash.

  42. German_reader says:

    He probably meant Septimius Severus who seems to have been dark-skinned and whose first language was Punic (though it’s pretty stupid how modern Afrocentrists try to claim him as “black”).

    • Replies: @5371
  43. @Anonymous

    At the risk of conferring undue dignity…

    1. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus was a Roman aristocrat of the old, old school. Please do not be confused by the bronze bust in the wiki article. He was an Italo-Roman from one of the grander patrician families. He was given the cognomen Africanus for his conquest of what the Romans called ‘Africa’, specifically the area we would now call Tunisia, parts of Libya and Algeria. He did not do so permanently- this was reserved for his heirs. But his defeat of Hannibal at Zama on Carthaginian home turf was good enough to get him the title, and to put an end to the 2nd Punic War. He was neither an emperor nor black.

    2. I presume you are thinking of Septimius Severus The first African emperor, he was from that self-same ‘Africa’, and was of mixed Italo-Roman and Punic [Phoenician Semitic] with maybe a bit of Libyan [Berber]. Tunisia was not Arab then, but it wasn’t black either. Numidia to the west may have had some darker, Berber/black mixed populations. Or so the usual accounts would have. They played important roles in Roman history. No emperors I can recall.

    3. Rome WAS multicultural. The price of being the universal state. It’s diversity, as always, brought it strengths and troubles. The strength most consisted in the territory, tax base, and manpower. The diversity was the constant rebellion and ethnopolitics. On the whole, its multiculturalism seems to have been a constant problem once allowed to leak up to the top levels.

    That’s true about the Muslims in Europe. They did arrive as invaders and colonialists, though. If European colonialism in the Muslim world had lasted, instead of barely a man’s life or less in most places, but 700 years, would Arabs just have said ‘bygones’ or still rebelled? The SPanish and Slavs clearly still wanted rid of the Arabs/Moors and Turks despite the length of elapsed time. And Christians have been in the Middle East since before their were Muslims. Local Muslims seem unwilling to uphold charity. With some notable exceptions- I understand St Catherine’s is still enjoying the exemption given by the Prophet, for example.

  44. @Talha

    Among the more enlightening things I’ve read today.

  45. Talha says:

    Also, if I put myself in the shoes of an Arab chieftain of one of those tribes, here are the options I have:
    1) Side with the Byzantines (who may or may not like my particular creedal confession) and slog it against a bunch of highly motivated Arabs that have been crushing numerically superior armies everywhere they go. And if my side does come out on top, great – but then I get the spoils from a bunch of ascetic Arabs – whooo boy!
    2) Side with the team that seems to be winning quite a bit so I’m less likely to lose my life, and they will let me keep my faith. Sure every warrior has to pay them 5% (double zakat) annually, but man – when those Byzantines (and Sassanids) go down, those are some choice spoils. All said, financial situation looks quite positive.

    Which way would you go?


  46. Kiza says:

    A while ago I have typed at this zine that Derbyshirean is a synonym for stupid-conservative, as opposed to the rest of us smart-conservative. I visited this article just to see if things have changed and they have not. The leading el stupido of Unz types his wisdom that sinking the refugee/immigrant boats in the Mediterranean is the solution to the refugee/immigration crisis. Luckily that this prolific character is a totally marginal “thinker”, a nut case followed by his alikes.

    If the European men were not girly-men they would not take orders from the US and Israeli scum. They would start shooting down US and Israeli planes over Syria and killing all manner of Coalition of the Sponsors of Terrorism (COST) sponsored terrorists operating in Syria. Then the refugees/immigrants would really stop. But this will never happen and this is why Europe is doomed.

    Only a Derbishyrean el stupido can type a whole article and not even once mention the root cause of the invasion of Europe.

  47. 5371 says:

    I don’t know of any evidence, including from his portraits, that he was dark-skinned. People who think Bashar al-Assad is black, by all means may think of him as black ))

  48. Clyde says:

    Nah…..far better to sink all the refugee boats on the Libyan coast. Sink them while empty. Muslims battling Muslims in the Middle East is what they do. So the dog barks and the caravan moves on.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  49. utu says:

    “You forgot to mention Ferdinand & Isabella.” – JD won’t mention them because they were bad for Jews.

  50. utu says:

    “Blame it to the Crown, who couldn’t stand a European power unifying all of Europe and is still trying to mess it up.” – Exactly!

  51. utu says:
    @Anon 2

    “Catholic countries in Central Europe such as Poland, Austria, and Hungary never really engaged in successful empire building (Austria tried but it didn’t last) because empire building requires cruelty toward the natives, and cruelty is not part of the Catholic DNA. Catholics have too much joie de vivre for that. ”

    I think you might be right. There is something to it.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  52. Rehmat says:

    WOW – a descendent of 10th century European barbarian is calling non-White invaders of Europe as barbarians!

    When Spain and Sicily under Muslim Arab rulers were enjoying the best civilizations they ever had under Christian Church – the entire Europe was living in its DARK AGE.

    Islam reached Hungary even before Ottoman major part of the country during 14th and 15th centuries. The Hungarian people learned religious freedom, freedom of speech to break the power of the Church along with scientific and other professional education to better their daily lives.

    Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban is viewed as a hero by Europe’s anti-Muslim White and Jewish supremacist groups for refusing to admit Syrian Muslim refugees. Like Netanyahu, Orban too has built a fence to keep refugees out.

    Last year he visited Iran. He took his entire delegation to pay a visit to Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei who told the visitors that Islamic Republic’s logic is based on cooperation with nations. “The Hungarian government’s declared policy of the ‘shift toward Asia’ is a right policy that can result in enhanced cooperation” between the two sides,” he said.

    Responding to Ayatullah Khamenei’s remarks, Viktor Orban said: “Mutual understanding’ is the basis and foundation of lasting cooperation and given the prominent and respected standing of Iran in global equations, we hope to create opportunities for bilateral cooperation at different levels through your support.”

    The World Jewish Congress has been running anti-Hungary campaign for over decade. It has accused Budapest of not doing enough to counter hatred toward country’s Jewish community. It has also condemned Hungary’s rising opposition party Jobbik of spreading hatred against Israel and establishing close links with Iran.

    • LOL: Marcus
    • Replies: @5371
    , @Avery
  53. utu says:

    “When Spain and Sicily under Muslim Arab rulers were enjoying the best civilizations they ever had under Christian Church – the entire Europe was living in its DARK AGE.” – Rehman, this is true according to old history written mostly by Jewish historians (19/20 century) whose hidden objective was to criticize Christian and Christianity by embellishing the reality of the Islam world. Since Benjamin Netanyahu’s father completed his work on Spain this view is no longer favored. The prerogatives of Jews have changed in the late 20 century and Christians while still despised, loathed and hated were assigned a new role in the new project that was officially introduced by Huntington in the Clash of Civilizations. In this new role is Christians are to do the clashing with Islam. So far the project proceeds according to the plan.

  54. 5371 says:

    [Islam reached Hungary even before Ottoman major part of the country during 14th and 15th centuries. The Hungarian people learned religious freedom, freedom of speech to break the power of the Church along with scientific and other professional education to better their daily lives.]

    This happened on what planet?

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  55. Avery says:

    Clearly, since Muslim “civilization” has been so superior to Christian “dark ages” civilizations, Christians by the millions have been risking death to flock to Islamistan recently.

    Meanwhile, the IslamoFascist parasite, originally from Islamistan Pakistan, is squatting in “dark ages” Christian Canada, ingrate parasite guest of Christian Canada. Living a safe, and comfortable life in Christian Canada, while dreaming of the alleged “glories” of the “best civilization” in his native Islamic “paradise” of Islamistan Pakistan.

    Any day now, he will return to his homeland to further better the alleged “best (Muslim) civilization” in highly advanced, peaceful, prosperous Islamistan Pakistan.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @Rehmat
  56. woodNfish says:
    @Anon 2

    …cruelty is not part of the Catholic DNA.

    Ummm, the Spanish Inquisition, the Jesuits, the history of translating the bible into English… need I say more?

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Anon 2
  57. Thank you, Mr. Derbyshire, for writing about the Hungarian angle to this invasion.

    Preserving anonymity here, I have connections to Hungary and Transylvania, including people who have known Victor Orban since school days. He is a great and intelligent man. Thank you for shining some light on him and his role in the fight against European suicide — and by extension worldwide white, Christian suicide.

    Thank you for the service you are performing for Civilization. I wish millions more would read and undertand you.

  58. Clyde says:

    The Spanish and Portuguese were successful Catholic Empire builders and were cruel enough to natives depending on the situation. In fact the Pope partitioned the New World for them. They both brought over slaves from Africa because they could not get proper labor from the Indian natives whom were sullen and resistant.
    Spain applied to Pope Alexander VI to intervene. Alexander was ambitious, greedy and, conveniently, Spanish. He issued two papal decrees, or bulls, called Inter caetera, that granted Spain dominion over all unclaimed lands 100 leagues west of the Azores (a league is about 5 km or 3 miles).

    The so-called Alexandrine Line caused uproar in Portugal and King John made hasty preparations for war. The threat led Spain to reconsider her position and, in 1494, the two countries signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, which moved the demarcation line 370 leagues further west, thereby increasing Portugal’s share east of the line.
    Yet even the revised Alexandrine Line barely cut into South America. In hindsight, the division seems to be unfair to Portugal, for the Portuguese were only allowed to colonize what is now the northeastern coast of Brazil. However, at the time no one knew how far the Americas extended in any direction. And much further east of the line, as the Portuguese knew, laid the continent of Africa, which was now theirs, in theory, to exploit.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  59. Anon 2 says:

    When I wrote “cruelty is not part of Catholic DNA,” I was
    referring to the Catholic DNA of Central Europe (Austria,
    Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia) – about 75 million
    people. It’s a culturally distinct region that, unlike Western
    Europe, never engaged in overseas empire building or
    Atlantic slave trade. Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, and
    Prague have been known for their joie de vivre unlike
    Berlin (which a backwater compared to Vienna until
    the 19th century) or Moscow

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  60. woodNfish says:

    The inquisition was viciously murderous and barbaric, and many people involved it trying to translate the bible into English were also murdered by the Catholic Church. The Jesuits slaughtered thousands of indians who would not willingly convert. The Catholic Church has a long history of bloody barbarism along with being a haven for faggots and child rapists (most often one and the same).

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Alden
  61. Carey says:

    You forgot “El Cid,” aka Rodrigo Diaz of Vivar .

  62. Sherman says:

    Rehnat will never return to Pakistan. He’s got too good a deal sponging off Canadian taxpayers and their social services.

    Besides, deep down even he knows what a filthy hellhole Pakistan is.

    Also, his goat doesn’t want to leave Canada.

    • Replies: @Alden
  63. Rehmat says:

    The same part of the planet where Jews were forced to wear sign around their necks with the message: I’m the bastard who killed your Lord Christ.”

    Former UNHRC special envoy for the Palestinian Territories (2008-14), Dr. Richard Falk in his latest blog Post, said: “It’s also relevant to observe that anti-Semitism was relatively rare in the Islamic world, which upheld freedom of worship by religious minorities although claiming a hegemonic role for Islam, especially in the era of Ottoman Caliphate. Until the problem generated by Zionism, anti-Semitism was not a serious issue in the Middle East, where Jews in most Arab countries were treated as an authentic religion and a respected minority. Throughout modern history Jews suffered from European anti-Semitism with Russia considered part of Europe.”

  64. Rehmat says:

    Well darling – as Jews were blamed for BLOOD LIBEL – now the Judeo-Christian racist blame Muslims for the terrorism committed by CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Jewish Defense League.

    Take for example the latest PRESSURE-CROOKER explosion in Manhattan, New York.

    On September 19, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz carried a headline: Netanyahu Knows a Pre-election Terror Attack Could Aid Trump.

    “If a Trump victory is vital for Israel, as Netanyahu seems to think, and terror attacks are good for Trump, what would Israel do if it knows about a planned attack in the United States?,” wrote Amir Oren, adding that Trump will capitalize on it as Netanyahu did in 1996 against fellow mass killer Shimon Peres.

    Naturally, Netanyahu would do what he did ahead of NYC terror attacks on September 11, 2001 – hide Israeli involvement and blame it on Muslims.

    Amir Oren’s conspiracy theory came true when a pressure-cooker exploded in NYC Manhattan posh area. The EXPLOSION didn’t kill anyone – but ‘injured’ 29 people as result of the stinky smoke……

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @artichoke
  65. utu says:

    It seems that you have not recovered from victimization by British imperial propaganda. No other Protestant country had that strong anti-Catholic propaganda as Brits who competed with Spain and to lesser extent with Portugal that later became secret British ally against Spain. Most of the things you were made to believe about Jesuits, Inquisition and Catholic Church are false.

  66. @utu

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
    Joie de vivre my arse. Tell that to the natives of South and Central America. Or the Phillipines.
    A more proximate cause may be the glaring lack of any naval capacity in those nations, indeed the absence of pretty much any sort of viable coastline, and their being surrounded by competent, militarily advanced neighbours who could fuck them up proper, if they started anything. Lubbers.

  67. vinteuil says:

    Kiza, you ignorant slut – are you really under the impression that The Derb is in the “Invade the world” camp?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  68. Avery says:

    {Well darling….}

    Well ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘toots’, ‘honey’,…….I am still waiting for the pics that you promised to publish from your pilgrimage trip to Islamistan Afghanistan to visit your ‘darling’ Bacha Bazi harem: don’t be shy; I don’t judge. To each his own, ‘darling’.

    {Take for example the latest PRESSURE-CROOKER explosion in Manhattan, New York.}

    Take for example another ingrate IslamoFascist Muslim parasite, given shelter in Christian America: ‘thanking’ his gracious Christian hosts by attempting to murder dozens of them in the name of Islam.
    Like the filthy Muslim Chechen parasites who murdered and maimed dozens in Boston.

  69. Corvinus says:

    “Kiza, you ignorant slut – are you really under the impression that The Derb is in the “Invade the world” camp?”

    For those keeping score at home, what is the ethnic group of The Derb’s wife? And, more importantly, was she exported or imported?

    Personally, it’s an individual choice for white men and women to marry outside of their race and/or ethnic group.

    However, white nationalists insist that whites marry whites and have only white kids. You know, to keep white population levels “above replacement”.

    But must all whites follow through with this “advice”, lest they be considered to be “anti-white”?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Anonymous
  70. @utu

    with Portugal that later became secret British ally against Spain.

    That’s a fairly broad-brush interpretation of “later”. Portugal was and remains England’s oldest ally. Since A.D. 1373 .
    It is the oldest diplomatic and military alliance still in force on the entire planet. Never mind.
    Must be this “alternative history” all the cool kids are always banging on about ..

  71. utu says:

    “was she exported or imported” – JD himself is a product of multiple import-export transactions going back couple thousand years.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  72. @utu

    Now you’re just making stuff up. Carry on.

  73. Rehmat says:

    YEP – Orban is “moderate” as long as he supports the Zionist regime. Jobbik are the extremists because they support Palestinians and want to make an alliance between Christians and Muslims to fight the western domination by the Organized Jewry.

    In 2012, Morton Gyongyosi, leader of Hungary’s third-strongest political party, Jobbik, called country’s government lead by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to compile a list of Israeli Jews living in Hungary including Jewish members of country’s parliament – as they pose “national security risk”.

    Gyongyosi’s call came after Foreign Ministry State Secretary Zsolt Nemeth said Budapest favored a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as benefiting both Israelis with Hungarian ancestry, Hungarian Jews and Palestinians in Hungary.

    Hungarian Jewish groups and the world-wide Zionist press called Morton Gyongyosi an antisemite and his party Jobbik “far-right” party. The party holds 44 of 386 parliament seats. Incidentally, in June 2012, Csanad Szegedi, another top leader of Jobbik Party, had admitted that his grandparents were Jewish, making him a Jew under the Jewish law, even though he doesn’t practice the religion….

  74. Alden says:

    From 11 something to 1820 the inquisition executed 607 people One was Bluebeard, Gilles de Raise who kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered several hundred little boys

    Get thee to a college library or join the library of congress and read some European history books that were not written by bigoted, lying, Puritan, protest and Jewish or commie atheist historians.

    ” There are 3 sides to every story, his, hers and the truth”.

    PS, Henry 8 personally signed 72, 000 death warrants in about 25 years. That’s one Protestant king who killed tens of thousands more in one short reign that the entire RCC did in more than 700 years

    Henry 8 pretty much wiped out every relative on his mother’s side, hundreds of second third and fourth Plantagenet cousins. Most of the execution warrants he signed were not religious dissedents but potential revolutionaries he hunted down seeking to eradicate every drop of Plantagenet blood pressure X wot in his children.
    I bet you believe that the French Revolution was a spontaneous outburst by oppressed peasants and proletarians rather than the work of Philipe d Orleans the George Soros of his time

    I bet you believe the Russian revolution was a spontaneous outbreak by opressed proletarians and peasants.

    I bet you believe the Anerican revolution was caused by the tea and stamp taxes rather than the wish of Americans to move west of the Appalachians.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  75. Alden says:

    So he’s a real person? I always though he was some kind of spam software. Canadian welfare must be pretty good if he can sit at a computer all day posting his pro Muslim comments in every website that has not yet banned him

  76. Guys, the Habsburg Empire didn’t have colonies because it didn’t have ports. And especially Atlantic ports.

    And the Spanish had it so good under the Muslims that they fought the Reconquista for 800 years. Try to even wrap your head around that number.

    On the other side of the continent, the Balkan peoples experienced 500 years of Ottoman joys, missing out on such things as the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

    Of the five ancient sees of Christendom – Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria – 3 are still in Muslim hands, and Jerusalem is anything but Christian.

    As was pointed out, the periphery of Europe shielded the core from the Muslims for 1200 years. Eastern and Southern Europeans view Muslims far more negatively than Western and Northern Europeans. To the former, the Muslims were invaders and despots. To the latter, the Muslims are exotics and pitiable victims.

    The latter should be both considerate and intelligent enough to see and respect the point of view of the former, if the EU is to last.

  77. Alden says:

    The prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi is rebelling against the EU. He just denounced the recent EU conference on immigration/invasion as a total waste of time, denounced the EU as useless and left the conference early.

  78. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think JD has pretty clearly spelled out his views on immigration quite a few times; they’re not hypocritical.

    He’s in favor of limited immigration, provided that it benefits the US- some highly talented folks, some people who meet specific shortfalls of the US (probably MDs, etc), spouses of citizens, etc.

    He’s against illegal immigration. He’s in favor of a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  79. @Connecticut Famer

    The Hungarian language is in a language group with Finnish, not Turkish, no?

  80. kiismerh says:

    It seems that you can not post pictures here. It is too bad because it is very telling to look at Jean Asselborn, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg (mentioned above) cooking with the German Foreign Minister. Just Google “Steinmeier Asselborn finger”

  81. Avery says:

    Pretty funny.
    It would have been funnier, if it was the middle finger.

    • Replies: @kiismerh
  82. woodNfish says:

    You should give up betting especially if you do it for money. Your assumptions don’t give me any confidence that what you write is anymore correct than my own knowledge.

  83. woodNfish says:

    Most of the things you were made to believe about Jesuits, Inquisition and Catholic Church are false.

    I doubt that.

  84. kiismerh says:

    The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg are openly gay. This seems like the Foreign Minister’s quasi coming out. No wonder they want to hug all those mostly young migrant males. If we have to pay for it would be cheaper to send them as a sex tourist to Africa.

    • Replies: @5371
  85. 5371 says:

    Luxemburg should never have existed as a political entity. It ought to be abolished as such and turned into a museum of the crimes of the current Euro regime.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  86. romar says:
    @Jason Liu

    An interesting idea… But really, the Huns are really not very much more distant (on history scale) from our time than the Vikings or the various barbarian forefathers of Western Europeans.
    Therefore, I think the explanation for the current and truly baffling passivity and submissiveness of the current white races must be sought elsewhere.
    I did at first blame media manipulation and its enslaving political correctness syndrome. But a syndrome is really merely a collection of symptoms, which doesn’t explains what makes the Europeans condemn the Calais video driver instead of their leaders for allowing the jungle to exist and letting it get so out of hand.
    Or, if the ordinary citizens are so angry, why do we not see real signs of real anger? Why are even the so-called violent demonstrations so very tame?
    Please note they are not so tame when prompted by Ziocon color revolution producers…
    I love John Derbyshire’s style…

    • Replies: @edNels
  87. @5371

    Give Luxembourg to Germany, along with Elsass (“Alsace-Lorraine” in France), Koenigsberg (“Kaliningrad” in Russia), and the land that was stolen from Germany and given to Poland.

    • Replies: @Avery
  88. Corvinus says:

    Yes, it is reasonable to limit immigration and oppose illegal immigration.

    Regarding Muslims, like any group of people, you have your individual members who are degenerates. It does not mean the entire lot is evil, or inhuman, or maggots, or whatever word one comes up with to describe someone different than us in terms of culture or religion.

    Would you consider it hypocritical when JD talks about white nationalism while being married to a non-white?

    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @Marcus
  89. artichoke says:

    The Hungarian musical culture is simply better than the American. What an interesting piece, incorporating a jazz trumpet solo as good as the best of America — and then a matching virtuoso violin cadenza as jazz solo. And there’s nothing to equal the first part of it in American music anywhere. Gershwin — pfft!

    I don’t know if I’ve heard such a long section on violin done all in “harmonic” an octave up. I’m not sure but did she manage to play some of it 2 octaves up?? I think Paganini has some of that, and the players always look like they’re suffering when they manage to produce it. This player — she smiles and jumps!

    But then I always like quality dance music better than the dances that are done to them.

    Trump is trying to preserve such western culture.

  90. edNels says:

    I did at first blame media manipulation and its enslaving political correctness

    Or, if the ordinary citizens are so angry, why do we not see real signs of real anger?

    not so tame when prompted by Ziocon color revolution producers…

    There you are: question asked, answered, with example provided. IOW’s, only what the media deems worthy is reported, and often over reported, like with megaphone, until the sheeple are properly conditioned, or sleep, whichever comes first.

  91. Avery says:

    {Give Luxembourg to Germany, along with Elsass (“Alsace-Lorraine” in France), Koenigsberg (“Kaliningrad” in Russia), and the land that was stolen from Germany and given to Poland.}

    Sure, why not. As soon as Germany pays Russia $ trillions in damages for the invasion of USSR in 1941 and the death and destruction it wrought. And also somehow figures out how to bring back the ~25 million people of SU Nazi Germany killed and murdered, most of them Russians/Slavs.

  92. annamaria says:

    “If the European men were not girly-men they would not take orders from the US and Israeli scum.”
    On point.

  93. annamaria says:

    “…far better to sink all the refugee boats on the Libyan coast”

    Sounds like an incitement for murdering the unarmed. The sub-Saharan migrants used to be controlled at Libyan borders by strong Libyan government. But the sovereign and prosperous Libyan state happened to be on a cross-hair of the Oded Yinon plan. Hence the rivers of blood and mounds of flesh in today’s Libya and the hordes of sub-Saharan men in Europe. Many of these economic migrants are lawless, aggressive, and not particularly bright.
    It is always striking to observe how the “most victimized” are easily going into murderous phase when hearing word “muslim.” In part that should be the vestiges of German nationalism/Lebenstraum mentality that the impressionable early Zionists picked up from the culture in which Jews used to flourish in the 19th century. Today it is the Soviet/Jewish mentality that shapes the verbiage and policies of the leading Israelis like Avigdor Lieberman.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Clyde
  94. Talha says:

    Hey Anna,

    While Clyde certainly has shown a propensity to delight in historic slaughters of Muslims (sack of Baghdad was one), I believe he is not ‘guilty as charged’ here.

    He did say “Sink them while empty.” So he’s just proposing property damage at this point.


    • Replies: @annamaria
  95. annamaria says:

    You are correct. I was unjust towards Clyde.

  96. Keith Vaz [AKA "Sir Charles Pipkins"] says:

    [Pick one handle and stick to it or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise, your comments may get trashed.]

    I’ve long said this ‘crisis’ could be ended if we just let the Greek and Italian navies sink the third world invaders. They are low IQ, uncivilized animals. Like most of this kind, however, they have sharp intuitions for fear. Once word spreads only a fraction will even try to come across.

  97. vinteuil says:

    Derbyshire is not a white nationalist.

    Do you find this confusing?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  98. vinteuil says:

    …well, Corvinus, what can I say, but that you’re easily fooled?

    You obviously haven’t the faintest idea what white nationalism is.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  99. Pierrej says:

    This makes no sense. In order to stop refugees from coming, Europe should needlessly get involved in the Syrian mess as well? Aren’t a large chunk of the refugees coming from Africa and elsewhere outside of Syria?

    No, that wouldn’t really stop it. What would stop it is closing the borders. If they can’t get in, then they won’t come.

    • Replies: @artichoke
    , @Kiza
  100. artichoke says:

    There have been enough terror attacks, now some problems in Charlotte overreacting to a black cop on armed black civilian incident, Trump doesn’t need any more. What is the incremental effect of the marginal terror incident any more?

  101. artichoke says:

    It’s very hard for Europe to close the Greek border. Lots of coastline, ready for easy use from Turkey.

    But it would make some sense for them to stop “rescuing” boats of people right off the Libyan coast and bringing them all the way across to Italy. They could just drop the people safely back on the Libyan beach.

  102. Clyde says:

    Oded Yinon? Has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her witch’s coven at State Department getting rid of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Here is video of her cackling over his death.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  103. Kiza says:

    Which MSM planet are you from? EU is already deeply involved in the Syrian mess through NATO. Whose fighters and bombers are flying from Incirlik Air Base and from Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean over Syria? It is really hard to find an EU country which is not involved in the Syrian mess (maybe Portugal is not).

    What the EU countries are doing is called – working to favor of own demise, wunderbar and merveilleu!!!

    As to the closing the border to illegal immigration, that is your second joke of the day. Why do not EU declare a War on Immigration, just like the US does with everything? At least a good half of the financial & legal elite in your EU country wants the illegal immigration to continue because it makes them a profit.

    From the data I have seen about 80% of the refugees/migrants come from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq (all US and Israeli created Heavens on Earth). Is it really rocket science to realize that the solution is to stop doing what the West has been doing on behalf of Israel?

    • Replies: @Pierrej
  104. annamaria says:

    The ruined Libya and murder of Qadaffi were the result of the Plan that included the Oded Yinon’ Lebenstraum plan:

    “Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years:”
    There was a policy coup by the major war profiteers and ziocons:

    The same is true about the ongoing tragedies in Iraq and Syria. These countries have a misfortune to “occupy” the mythical Erezt Israel (hello, ziocons), as well as being in possession of rich natural resources (hello the US/EU war profiteers – financiers and weapon manufacturers):

    Iran has been in a cross-hair of the empire of fed. reserve for a long time; Israelis of course have been killing Iranian scientists (the civilian citizens of the sovereign Iran) with impunity. What other people but Jews were able to commit massive crimes (Nakba) against native population of Palestine, while extracting billions and billions from another nation (Germany) for “special victimhood” – even if many other ethnic groups had gone though tremendous suffering during WWII… It is surprising that the sordid story of Jewish Holocaust has been somehow avoiding the names of the main financiers of Hitler. “Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England:”

  105. Corvinus says:

    “You obviously haven’t the faintest idea what white nationalism is.”

    Wow, just wow. Carry on with your ignorance.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @vinteuil
  106. Rurik says:

    Is it really rocket science to realize that the solution is to stop doing what the West has been doing on behalf of Israel?

    entering the fray ..

    I get what Kiza is saying here (and anyone’s) impatience with Westerner’s exasperation with the mass migrations- who don’t also mention why they’re migrating. It’s intellectually lazy (and counter productive) to bewail the symptoms without noticing the cause. I too wish that writers like Derbyshire or Sailer or Reed would use their formidable voices to demand an end to the disastrous and highly immoral Eternal WarsⓊ- that are rending the world apart at the seams. And staining all national participants as collective war criminals, and causing such massive and unnecessary suffering as to wrench the souls of people of conscience everywhere. It is untenable, and there are people who might wish that the immigrations might rouse the people of Europe to demand enough! And insist that their leaders end the wars, by perhaps pressuring ZUSA to stop them.

    (notice how improbable those last few words are?)

    Because the people of Europe can’t demand anything of their unaccountable leaders any more than those of us in the US can, except perhaps to replace them, which is what all the people like the writers mentioned above would certainly like to do. And all the people railing against the immigration insanity in support of Derbyshire here. They’d all vote I suspect exactly the same way as Kiza (and Anna?) would vote. Viktor Orbán in Hungary suites both Kiza (and myself and all the other people outrages at the contrived wars), and he suits Derbyshire and all alt-right. Same with Le Pen in France or Farage in England or something sane in Germany. All of us would (I suspect) all vote for more or less the same kinds of changes. Less power in the hands of Brussels. Much less power in the hands of DC. Criminal trials for the cabal in Tel Aviv.

    We’re all basically on the same page.

    But what I see happening is guys like that Hungarian truck driver have no voice over policy, he just sees the results of the policies that are literally insane- and driving Europe to the brink. And when he hears people blame him personally for it, for not doing enough to stop the wars, he thinks the whole world has gone insane.

    So that’s the rub. On the one hand you have people like Kiza understandably miffed that all these white guys are whining about the immigrants, but not seeming to have the brains to understand why the immigrants are coming. And then you have the white guys, the alt-right who’ve been doing all they can to get politicians in office that would end the wars with their first act, because we all really are that closely aligned, even it we tend to nitpick each others respective sense of urgency.

    I think that they (the Fiend) know there are these conflicting sensibilities out there. They want to divide and conquer, (it’s what they do!) and by importing millions of military age young men, who are not acting like grateful refugees but are rather taunting the people of the countries they’re invading by assaulting local women, they’re dividing the population into what you might call ‘alt-right (“Nazi/racist/blah, blah, blah”) types (men who see the Muslims thronging in by the millions and are doing a WTF!) vs. the kindler and gentler and compassionate types of the world that see the little Syrian boy laying dead on the beach and they feel great anguish.

    Both sentiments are valid and healthy and overlap, and neither one is mutually exclusive.

    So my purpose of writing this little spiel is just to point out that all of us here (trolls and Zio-shills excepted) are all wanting the same thing. An end to the evil wars. Border sanity. Perhaps we’d even agree on diverting the 38 billion from Israel into rebuilding infrastructure in Syria and Libya and elsewhere, where we all have been forced to participate in the Fiend’s assorted depravities and enormities against all human reason and compassion.

    It should be all of us against the Fiend, IMHO. And I suspect that on some level it is, even if we can’t always see it.

    my two cents..

    • Agree: Talha
    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @annamaria
  107. Corvinus says:

    “ contributors and readers all want the same thing: a rational immigration policy that preserves the historic white-European ethnic core of the American nation, as our immigration laws did until the 1965 Act; and indeed, as Senator Edward Kennedy, moving that Act, promised they would continue to do.”

    Derbyshire is a white nationalist. He is espousing an ideology that advocates a racial definition of national identity. These individuals identify and are attached to the perceived white nation, the “historic white-European ethnic core”.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  108. Marcus says:

    So America pre-1965 was white nationalist? No. White nationalists want an all-white polity.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  109. Seamus says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    The Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae. Aetius fought the Huns to a standstill at Châlons (although to judge from the character sketch in Gibbon, Aetius might just as happily have fought on the other side, if the price was right). Charles Marte l stopped the Muslims at Tours, and John Sobieski turned them back from the gates of Vienna.

    You might also have mentioned that Otto I stopped the Hungarians at Lechfeld, after which they retreated to the Pannonian plain.

  110. Seamus says:

    Thermopylae was fought against the Achaemenid Empire – hardly barbarians, unless ‘barbarian’ has no lexical significance:

    Barbarian *does* have a lexical significance, but what it means is “member of a nation whose native language is not Greek.” As far as the Greeks were concerned (and they’re the ones who invented the word “barbarian” in the first place). Persians and Egyptians might have had more advanced civilizations than the Greeks, but that didn’t save them from being barbarians.

  111. Pierrej says:

    I have always agreed that the West should stop intervening in the Middle East, and in the rest of the world, for that matter. I’m also aware that US and EU elites have their own motivations and interests that are separate from the interests of their citizens. My point is that the easiest way for Europeans to stop unwanted immigration is not by starting a shooting war with the United States. Who would benefit from such a thing, besides the elites? It is the Western MSM which promotes these ridiculous and over-the-top solutions to problems that could be solved in much easier and more practical ways.

    The easiest way for European countries to stop the “refugee crisis” is by controlling their borders. If someone is caught inside the country illegally, send them back. Notice how these “refugees” aren’t going to Israel or other Middle Eastern countries. They go to Europe because they are allowed to. They also go to Europe because of the goodies. Take away the reward/pay-off, and then the behavior will stop.

    Of course, I don’t expect this to happen anytime soon, but it is the way that makes the most sense to me.

    As for “War on immigration”, what does it matter what it is called? Restricting immigration is what every normal country outside of white Western countries already do. It seems to be whites who are guilted into thinking this is somehow abnormal.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  112. vinteuil says:

    Corvinus: there is not the least inconsistency between Derbyshire’s notorious “the talk” essay and his marrying an Asian woman. Deny this if you can.

    But there would be an inconsistency between Derbyshire’s marrying an Asian woman and his being a “white nationalist.”

    Therefore his essay does not make him a white nationalist – even though white nationalists would probably agree with every word of it.

    Would it help you to understand if I laid out the logic here with Venn diagrams, or something?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  113. vinteuil says:

    I mean, c’mon, you surprising man…

    We’ve got one circle representing those who prefer to avoid high concentrations of negroes/potentially dangerous encounters with negroes &c…

    …and then we’ve got a second circle representing those who hanker after an all-“white” ethno-state (those would be the white nationalists)…

    Obviously, there’s a region where the two circles overlap…

    …but, just as obviously, given what we know about Derbyshire’s personal life, he falls into the first circle, but not the second.

    As Basil Fawlty might say: please try to understand before one of us dies.

  114. vinteuil says:

    By “the Fiend” I take it you mean Israel &/or Zionists?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  115. annamaria says:

    “… all of us here (trolls and Zio-shills excepted) are all wanting the same thing. An end to the evil wars. Border sanity. Perhaps we’d even agree on diverting the 38 billion from Israel into rebuilding infrastructure in Syria and Libya and elsewhere, where we all have been forced to participate in the Fiend’s assorted depravities and enormities against all human reason and compassion.”

  116. annamaria says:

    “The easiest way for European countries to stop the “refugee crisis” is by controlling their borders. If someone is caught inside the country illegally, send them back. ”

    There is a better proposal: send the refugees to the houses/apartments of those “deciders” that had ordered the destruction of the refugees’ home countries of Iraq, Syria, and Libya.
    You see, the US “does not negotiate” and “does not do diplomacy” and the European poodles-in-charge, these enthusiastically servile vassals, have jumped high on the US orders and bombed jesus out of Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
    Now make the poodles – the Blairs and Camerons and Sarkozies of Europe – take responsibility for their bloody criminal deeds in the Middle East.
    The $38 billions that the US for some insane reason has allocated for Israel should go for restoration of Libya and Syria. Israel has already benefited from trading oil with ISIS.

  117. Rurik says:

    By “the Fiend” I take it you mean Israel &/or Zionists?

    no, not necessarily

    and certainly not only.

    There is the MIC, there are lots of banks and heroine and other drug traffickers. The CIA is knee deep in Afghanistan’s opium trade and we can’t leave people like that out when we’re talking about the Fiend. At one time Big Oil was a player, (back when the CIA installed the Shah in Iran) but it seems not so much today.

    The Fiend is/are the collective forces that cause incomprehensible suffering in the world today. That murder, loot, oppress, genocide, torture and destroy country after country and life after innocent life. It is in Syria today in earnest, responsible for arming and funding stone age savages to wreak terror across large swaths of what was once a relatively peaceful and stable land.

    When you see pictures of young men and boys lined up on the ground, backs red from beatings and torture, before they’re summarily shot, you’re looking at the Fiend in action. Images like this are the handiwork of the Fiend, and no other:


    are the Jewish supremacist / Zionists in the Israeli government and Western media a large part of what constitutes the Fiend? It would be dishonest to say no. But one can not leave out corporations like Halliburton and Genie Energy and others. We can't leave out the Federal Reserve Bank, and the ECB and other global racketeering banking houses. Goldman Sachs gets dishonorable mention. As do almost all of the politicians in the West who're in good standing with the Fiend. Merkel, Obama, Hollande and May. Among so many others.

    So it's a consortium if you will, and yes, Zionist Israel is very much a main player. It seems that many if not most of the iniquities suffered in the world today are done on Zionist Israel's behalf. Like 911 and the subsequent Eternal Wars. The destruction of Iraq and Libya and Syria and Ukraine.

    However, it's very important to note that not all Israelis are guilty of anything. Most Israelis are innocent or under the thrall of the Fiend. If you want to put the horrors that the world suffers at any one person's doorstep, the closest person there is would be Lord Rothschild, whose wealth allows him unprecedented power in the world today, and rather than use that wealth and power to repair the world, with a kind of tikkun olam, he prefers to use his power to make people suffer. To grind them into the bloody dirt of misery and gloat at their anguish. That is what a fiend does.. he personally is responsible for a mother's soul riped out of her chest as her child lies in pieces before her, and he grinningly licks his curled lips at her unendurable grief. Enjoying not just her suffering, but the fact that he is responsible for it. His minions are very busy at Gitmo and assorted CIA and Mossad and Saudi torture dens the world over. They’re busily sawing heads off in the Levant, and crucifying ‘infidels’ in Iraq and Syria as they rape girls like it was Nanking all over again. Indeed, he was there at Nanking.

    The Fiend had his way with the world in the last century, and it used specifically 911 to get his way in this one too. Drones that target weddings are his calling card. And the unbearable anguish of humans his sustenance.

    It is the dark side of human nature, when power corrupts so completely that they stop being human, and become demons in the flesh

    so no, it isn’t Israel per se. Heck no. Most Israelis are decent folks, but the juxtaposition of Zionism and banking and weapons corporations and assorted other black holes of greed and sadism run amok are what I call the Fiend.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  118. Corvinus says:

    “So America pre-1965 was white nationalist? No. White nationalists want an all-white polity.”

    White nationalism does not necessarily mean “all-white”. America pre-1965 was a white majority nation. White nationalism may also refer to whites patriotically devoting themselves to ensure whites dominate society, with groups other than white deemed a threat to white rule and white society.

    • Replies: @Latvian woman
  119. Corvinus says:

    Please refer to the comment I offered to Marcus. Derbyshire can be a white nationalist in that context. In other words, white separatism and white supremacy are subgroups within white nationalism.

  120. annamaria says:

    “…the juxtaposition of Zionism and banking and weapons corporations and assorted other black holes of greed and sadism run amok are what I call the Fiend.”

    The Fiend’s sadistic exploits have been invariably accomplished under ideological protection from “fighters with commies” and “humanitarian interventionists.” Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Blair are primal examples of the Fiend’s VUS (very useful servants). These useful protectionists for the Fiend like emphasizing their “spirituality” and “religiosity” (see Clinton’s affair with the Christian Fellowship in DC and Blair’ romance with Catholicism), whereas the official Church allows the in-fact criminals to flourish by never voicing any questions about the US (UK) anti-human policies and their anti-human consequences.
    Zionism is such as terrible Macbethian stain on the Jewish tribe, that Jews are becoming the new post-WWII Germans. Tragic.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  121. @Boris N

    The Teutons flooded the Roman empire? They staved off extinction during the battle of Teutobrug Forest so they could live peacefully in their river valley. Now Germany is invaded by 23 year old men claiming to be 14, and they are openly assaulting women and in some cases, boys. Merkel is backtracking like crazy.

  122. Olorin says:
    @Jason Liu

    The fact that the entire edifice of globalista law has been constructed and now is geared toward punishing whites/N/NW Europeans for fighting back against all sorts of invaders might have an eensy teensy something to do with it.

    Globalists act in antipathy to these populations and in direct population genetic conflict with them. The immivaders are their agents of chaos, demoralization, and most importantly, consumerism.

    As rootless cosmopolitans they have no particular national or territorial base, making them very difficult to fight back against (their territory is the courtroom). But they organize and assert themselves behind the scenes in all their bases of operation as sovereign entities.

  123. @Corvinus


    White nationalism may also refer to whites patriotically devoting themselves to ensure whites dominate society, with groups other than white deemed a threat to white rule and white society.

    What have groups of recent arrivals, such as the Somalis, for instance, contributed to the many white towns in America the welfare and infrastructure of which they are now taking advantage of? You want to call it a “threat”, let’s just call it fairness (or lack of).

    Let’s not even get started on Europe – or are you going to say that I have no right to make sure / fight for my son to have the same kind of a childhood, in the same cultural environment as I once enjoyed?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  124. Corvinus, you’re giving us some old liberal talking points from the 1990s here. But this is 2017 and white nationalism is no longer about “oppressing minorities” (we can argue how much that was ever the case), white nationalism is about resisting the attempt to dramatically and potentially irreversibly alter the European populations that thus far had been intact for thousands of years. We’re at a qualitatively different stage now.

    • Replies: @Talha
  125. Rurik says:

    Zionism is such as terrible Macbethian stain on the Jewish tribe, that Jews are becoming the new post-WWII Germans.

    yes Anna,

    and likely to drag us all down with them

    U.S. accuses Russia of ‘barbarism’ and war crimes in Syria

    echoed here:

    they accuse Russia, (who is trying to restore peace and sanity), of the very war crimes they themselves are responsible for.

    pure Orwellian/Zionism in all it’s debased Technicolor

    Machiavelli and Macbeth were simply realists in their own way. Whereas Zio-neo- “indispensable” orc larvae and their demon rulers are pure mendacity / murder- so foul, that I do often refer to it all as demonic, because I find no other words in the English language to describe it.

    It all comes to us from Leo Strauss’s unholy coupling of limbic/reptilian instincts in the deep animal psyche of us all.. the blackest monsters from the darkest depths of the human id… working *deliberately* in concert with the “highest” functions of the human cerebral cortex, consciously using treachery and guile- to accomplish sub-conscious tribalism, and murderous hatred run amok on the world. With a trained and studied force of conscious effort- negating all that inconvenient stuff in between; like normal human considerations of compassion or honor or anything really, except for the psychotic, John Wayne Gacy-like imperative to dominate, and then swim in the blood of your tortured victims.

    I knew 911 was intended to create in this 21st century- the kind of Old Testament, unilateral vengeance upon the people of the planet- and assorted atrocities that gave them so much pleasure in the 20th century. I knew it. The horrors of the 20th century did not happen in a vacuum, but were deliberately forced upon the world by the netherworld’s intractable Zionist$, slithering in the crevices of the Russian and Western powers. And that’s why I’m always harping on 911, because we really are in a death struggle between human and natural values of ethical morality and compassion- ruling the day, vs. pure Satanic Zionist evil and Orwell’s worst nightmares writ large for us all. As represented by the news that Putin is the aggressor and war criminal in Syria.

    And I’m not a bible reading-Christian; when I say Satanic evil, I mean that from a secular and objective perspective.

    John Wayne Gacy was an evil man. Ted Bundy too. But they only tortured and murdered for their own fun and pleasure a few scores of innocent people. So far in this century alone, the Zio-minions of Satan have got on their ledger the victims of 911, and all the subsequent millions upon millions of innocent men, women and children who’ve been butchered, ground up, maimed, sent reeling into the wastelands or worse.

    There simply are not words to describe such evil. I guess that’s why I find myself using ‘fiend’ so often. Some people call it ‘the banality of evil’. Perhaps they’re right.

    I occasionally try to remind myself of the wise words of Fredrick Nietzsche

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”

    and when I do, I remember another quote that avails me..

    “So I be written in the Book of Love. I do not care about that Book Above. Erase my name, or write it as you will. So I be written in the Book of Love.”

    ~ Omar Khayyám

  126. Rurik says:
    @Latvian woman

    or are you going to say that I have no right to make sure / fight for my son to have the same kind of a childhood, in the same cultural environment as I once enjoyed?

    you sound like a ‘Rhodie’

    one of those white (racist) citizens of the nation of Zimbabwe who pines for ‘the good old days’

    any white person who doesn’t embrace rule by Jews or blacks or anyone other than racist whites (redundant) over themselves or other racist white [redundant] people, are what is derogatively referred to as “white nationalists” or the “alt-right”

    we all know what kind of world the ‘white nationalists’ pine for. The US in the fifties. Where blacks were second class citizens and country clubs were “restricted”.

    Is that the kind of world you want for your son?

    just consider the France of Nazi occupation, otherwise known as Vichy France

    a white nationalists (racist) dream

    compared to the enlightened Paris of today

    it’s no secret which one Corvinus prefers

    what about you?

    “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate, than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

    ~ Jefferson

  127. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Dear LW,

    white nationalism is about resisting the attempt to dramatically and potentially irreversibly alter the European populations that thus far had been intact for thousands of years

    I actually like this quote and believe it lacks coherency. Now for details…European populations have been in flux as far as language (nobody can make heads and tails out of Beouwulf except for scholars), social organization (tribe, feudalism, monarchy, nation-state), religion (pagan, Arian, Catholic, Protestant then post-Christian), culture (illiterate/literate, superstitious/empirical, modest/hyper-sexual) for those same years (and continue to be) – so are you talking about something beyond simply genetics at its core?


  128. Hungary and other EE nations never colonized the third world, so we shouldn’t have to pay for it. When it comes to ME, most people in EE want the “eternal” wars to stop and for relief to be set up for Syrians in Northern Africa.

  129. Talha, I’m talking first and foremost of the genetics of my people (and our neighbors), that is the most important. Culture is important, too. It doesn’t mean I don’t sympathize with the Syrians (or other ME people).

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Marcus
  130. And, actually, no, when it comes to my people we are not in a flux, we still speak the language that is quite close to our ancestral language and even have our ancestral faith. I don’t see any convincing reason to change that or for Hungarians to change that either.

    • Replies: @Talha
  131. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Thanks LW,

    This makes sense. Just one more question, do you consider the genetics of yourself and people like the Danes (or Greeks or Hungarians) to be different enough that admixture is not preferred? Just wondering what your demarcation is…


    • Replies: @Rurik
  132. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Dear LW,

    Yes, some people in Europe still retain language and what not (Latvia is pretty small and fairly isolated from mainland Europe – you really only had to worry about the Swedes and the Russians – well, maybe the Danes) and you have some people that are total European mutts (language, culture, etc.) .


  133. You guys must all know that the King Atli that was widely mentioned in the Volsunga saga, was probably Attila, he was even related to Brynhild. Etzel in the Niebelunglied.

  134. Talha, well, it’s not the same language as the ancient Baltic, of course, but it is the direct derivative.

    I don’t see any problems with intermarrying with other Europeans but I prefer that there are more Baltic families (we have a high intermarriage rate with Russians, for instance). However, I think it would be a little conceited of me to have a categorical opinion about who should marry who…

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a few different people here and there (in fact, we do have some ME immigrants who have integrated quite successfully – they found jobs, unlike the recent refugees who weren’t able to so they left very quickly – I don’t blame them but I blame the European Commission for their short sightedness). What I have a problem with is this prevailing attitude in the “polite Western European society” that there is no alternative to the modern multi-culturalism and that population replacement is inevitable. So my dissatisfaction is directed towards the European Commission and not the ME people. Frankly, I believe the Baltics should’ve joined the Višegrad group in this stance, but, shamefully, they didn’t.

    On the topic of culture, knowing that you have such a strong background in humanities, I thought you might find it funny that there is a certain Northern European youth subculture that is filled with people who are actually quite interested in Sumeric and Babylonian mythology. There are metal bands from Scandinavia named Tiamat (primordial goddess of the ocean in Mesopotamia), Marduk (patron deity of Babylon), Gates of Ishtar, and others. All founded by Northern Europeans, I kid you not.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Marcus
  135. Talha, we are mostly Haplogroup R1a, with a small pocket of R1b, and a large amount of N, not like the mostly R1b of Western Europe, it’s not unimportant.

  136. Rurik says:

    Hey Talha,

    do you consider the genetics of yourself and people like the Danes (or Greeks or Hungarians) to be different enough that admixture is not preferred?

    Let me ask you if I may..

    wouldn’t the solution to the race problems of Zimbabwe , (that I mentioned earlier, and by extension the rest of the world) – simply be for the respective populations to ‘admix’; perhaps with a combination of tax incentives and a concentrated media campaign, like Sweden is currently financing for its young citizens and new comers?

    Plus perhaps on occasion some more stringent methods.. admix the racial issues/differences right away?

    .. in no time all the bigotry and ethnic strife would simply melt away, yes?

    Isn’t this really the solution to everything that ails the world today? How many Germans are going to be worried about Muslim immigrants when half of them have Middle Eastern and African Muslim son in laws? It seems like a no-brainer to me.

    why didn’t the world think of this sooner? (I suppose because of the Nazi-type racists who hate, huh?)

    Peace (and love! ; )

    • Replies: @Talha
  137. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Dear LW,

    All of what you say sounds very reasonable and I agree with almost everything. There seems to me to not be a problem with a little bit of ‘healthy’ immigration – one which is in the interests of both the immigrant and the host country. Now I doubt you would want thousands of unemployed young Greek or Hungarian men roaming the countryside in Latvia even though they are European. So why would you approve of Somalis or Afghanis (who are culturally very different) doing the same??!! Proximity of people also makes a huge difference – as you pointed out, Latvians are closely related to the other people of the Baltic and so intermarriage or shared customs or even knowledge of multiple languages is not strange. Much easier to marry a Russian or Finn than a Spaniard or Italian, I would presume. This is very natural. People in Balochi territory bordering Sindh have similar intermixing with Sindhis and on the opposite side with Persians.

    By the way, I blame the same people you do (those who destabilize countries and allow mobs to enter into Europe) with their maddening policies. But I also feel that these men, mostly Muslim, have a duty to be good guests anyway – their personal behavior is under their control and they are morally culpable – one cannot stand before God and say you molested a woman because some bureaucrat in Brussels made you.

    As far as the Sumerian and Babylonian thing, that is funny and strange! I would have thought they would be more inclined towards the mythology of Scandinavians or maybe even the Persians – but, I have to admit those names do sound like good metal band names!


  138. Talha says:

    Dear Rurik,

    Keep in mind, I was just getting LW’s clarification on her statement:

    the European populations that thus far had been intact for thousands of years

    I just wanted to know what she meant by ‘intact’ given all the factors I gave.

    in no time all the bigotry and ethnic strife would simply melt away, yes?

    Possibly, and human being would find something else to fight for – utopian visions are nonsense. How many kings have you read of that spent years amassing a kingdom and his sons (blood-brothers) had each other murdered to take the throne or ripped apart the kingdom in warfare? How different were the Boers from the British that starved them in South Africa? How different were the Germans they firebombed in Dresden or those who bombed London? As you know, Anglo-Saxon is derived from Angles and Saxons – both Germanic tribes.

    I think the problem is not so much having a few immigrants here and there, but rather being overwhelmed by numbers of uninvited people from a distant and foreign culture. Heck, I doubt French would want to be inundated with thousands of Germans from just across the border. There are only two types of mass immigration that seem to be successful in history:
    1) uninvited invaders that have the wherewithal to stay for a long time and mix with the local population and completely alter their language, culture and history (think Normans and Turks)
    2) invited people that are allowed to settle and either get absorbed into the greater mix or keep their unique culture within enclaves (I’m thinking of the Circassian [or frequent Jewish] refugees that were absorbed by Ottoman lands)

    In #1 – can’t do much since they have the power and by the end of it, it’s too late because they are you and you are them. In #2 it helps that the people have something in common, for instance the Circassians and Moriscos were seen as unfortunate Muslim brothers (or in the case of Jews, protected dhimmis) and their culture was not a world apart – and even then, they settled into their own communities.

    The diversity of human beings is a healthy thing and indeed God has declared them to be of His own signs and out of His wisdom and prerogative:
    “And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge.” (30:22)

    I mentioned Balochis and Sindhis to LW. If one lives in Pakistan and knows the people, one can tell a Sindhi from a Punjabi from a Pashtun from a Balochi just by head dress (and with Balochis you can even tell one tribe from another). You’d have a tougher time telling a Dane apart from a Scott or an Irishman by clothing.

    I had a very telling conversation with my mother-in-law yesterday who is a solid Leftist (bless her heart) but just a very kind old lady. She came back from a trip to Sweden and was telling me about how people are frustrated with some of the immigrants because they don’t want to integrate completely. They don’t understand that they gave people refuge, but they don’t want to adopt Swedish culture; you know, let their girls do gymnastics with the boys, etc. Now this is a major mistake – Somalis and Swedes have practically nothing in common culturally other than they have families and work to provide for them. The religion, language, tribal system, social hierarchy is completely different. If you gave Somali women the same freedoms as Swedish women, their society would likely fall apart overnight – likewise if you restricted Swedish women with Somali norms. Sure, they don’t mind living in a place that is well-stocked with food and isn’t infested with land mines, but that doesn’t mean they want their children to raise their voices at them or have the role of the father diminished or forget how their tribe works or think of religion as a weekend hobby.

    So – to me (and likely to you), the whole idea is maddening. If you want to invite people based on these clear conditions, then do so and make it clear you expect full adoption of their culture. Don’t assume it’s a given understanding. Or learn to let them live in ethnic enclaves (and treat it like ‘Little Tokyo’ or ‘Chinatown’) and generally govern themselves and simply tax them (they might provide good military material if trained properly, Somalis can put up a good fight as the Brits and Italians learned) as long as they behave in your cities – this is an age-old and wise way to handle things, but – as you stated – would likely be considered ‘racist’.

    Peace and love – indeed!

    • Replies: @mtn cur
    , @Rurik
  139. mtn cur says:

    Hi Talha: still flogging the UNZ mule I see; I must commend your intellectual sincerity even if your time management might be questionable. I did take a timeout for lunch, so here I am again. Still, during my time out from UNZ, I found several fishing poles I didn’t know I had and planted cool weather greens. Still, I miss the info from the commenters more so than the articles. I fear we UNZ addicts are to be disappointed, if not appalled by events to come. A battle of wits with the post literate leaves actual thinkers without a target.

    • Replies: @Talha
  140. Talha, well, the situation in my country is very particular (our population was unnaturally altered during the Soviet Union, but that’s not the topic here, however, it is very important to consider that even in the light of the recent refugee debate). And to give you the real extent of my position, – yes, you are right, I would not be ok with a big group of Scandinavians or French or any other white nationality moving to Latvia en masse (except for maybe Lithuanians and Estonians but even Lithuanians in big numbers become quite dominant, lol, I wouldn’t mind Belorussians either because they are very mellow). Scandinavians are very involved in this region and generally it is a good cooperation (with a few exceptions, such as their overexposure in the banking sector).

    Our government recently introduced a law where a foreigner can buy real estate (or invest in a company) and get a residence permit. Obviously, I don’t like this law (even though my family benefits due to the appreciation of housing value but in general, the way it plays out, I see this as more harm than good). I am also skeptical of some high level Western CEOs that are placed in our companies – they don’t always do such a good job and often it could be done by a local. This is not Abu Dhabi.

    Ever since 2012, there has been a visible influx of high class Russians. Even celebrities. I guess they no longer wanted to live under Putin. I haven’t fully formulated my opinion about them, but generally I find them ok (they haven’t been hostile at all).

    I’m just giving these above examples to illustrate that I am not a petty little meanie who doesn’t like ME refugees or immigrants, for who they are, but that this is all a part of a wider context. Given our already broad diversity, I don’t think we can afford more.

    Also, I have a big problem with my government’s stance that we should accept an Eritrean, but not a Ukrainian from East Ukraine. They argue that the Ukrainian can flee to Western Ukraine. But so can the Eritrean flee to the peaceful parts of Africa. It offends me that they think it is ok to invite an African, but not a Ukrainian!

    And, trust me, I really feel for all the people who are affected by the war. When I read about Syria (and Yemen and other places), I often realize that I may not have enough mental and emotional capacity to come to grips with what is happening. I think about Syria every day and take time every day to send my hopes to the Universe that it would stop.

    And regarding marriage – it is very easy to marry any other citizen of the EU. What people do for cultural reasons, is another issue. Interestingly, after WW2, when the Balts were in exile in the US, Canada, etc., they predominantly tended to marry other Balts for generations. I know several exile Latvians that came back and married Latvian girls. So it goes both ways.

    Re: bands, yes, most of them sing about Celtic or Viking (or Slavic) mythology, but a few of them are into Egyptian and Sumer myths, I’m sure there is a musician somewhere out there who calls himself Xerxes.

    • Replies: @Talha
  141. Talha, I just wanted to stress that a relief effort (which should be multi-faceted with as many countries involved as possible) is not immigration. And it shouldn’t be seen as such.

  142. Marcus says:
    @Latvian woman

    I agree, people shouldn’t resort to arguments about IQ, crime, etc. desire to preserve one’s people is the strongest motivator. Also there’s the issues of aesthetics and diversity: the concept of beauty was developed by Greco-Romans for good reason and the very northern parts of Europe are the only places in the world where a majority of adults have non-black hair and non-brown eyes. It only takes a few million immigrants to end that forever. Russia and Sweden are probably already irreversibly changed due to recent immigration.

  143. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    Dear mtncur,

    Good to hear from you and glad you are making use of your time.

    even if your time management might be questionable

    My wife would agree wholeheartedly!

    This about sums it up!

    Stay optimistic, as I told iffen, an optimistic (not naive) people have far more going for them in the long run – this is what my readings in history have taught me.


  144. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Dear LW,

    I am not a petty little meanie

    There are plenty of those on UNZ, but you aren’t one of them; your explanations have been cogent and meaningful. Anybody except the most deluded leftist should be able to appreciate these points. It helps me to “get into other people’s shoes” so that when I talk to Muslim acquaintances about these things, I can help them understand how the situation looks from another perspective.

    Keep praying and hoping, it always helps. These wars are both a test for the people directly affected and for us – what are we willing to do to help? This doesn’t mean bringing in immigrants into Europe, but I encourage people to sponsor a Syrian orphan if they can like our family does. Many times the orphan has ended up with their uncle or elder cousin in the camps in Jordan or Turkey, but they can’t afford to feed another mouth. It helps keep them local and able to relocate once all this is over and keeps the families together. Also, winter is coming, they can make use of used and worn winter jackets and clothing – I know they have clothing drives around our area.

    I think you have made the best pitch for a poster advertising investment opportunities in your country:

    Latvia. This is not Abu Dhabi.



  145. Talha, I appreciate your sarcasm, but I didn’t mean to imply that Latvia is any way better than UAE. We could never compete with that sort of a dynamism. My point was that we don’t want to be overrun by foreigners – no matter what background, and I think others in Europe, such people as Danes, for instance, would agree. Latest I heard from UAE, though, was that they are feeling the pinch of low oil prices (too bad for us, as we are currently very curious about that market).

    I understand what you mean by people being “tested”, but I cannot accept that – there are those who don’t deserve to be tested like that – the children. As far as those like us, I agree. We shouldn’t feel helpless.

  146. Marcus, I agree with you that NE and EE people have the right to exist (at the very least). That is a radical statement these days. There is, of course, a unique beauty in our people, but with regards to human physical beauty in general, I think it is universal – every race can have symmetry and proportionality. The Greek concept of beauty also included the convergence of physical beauty and goodness (or the Aristotelian “to kalon” – functional excellence).

    I wouldn’t give up on Russia, there are millions of young Slavs out there, Russians, Ukrainians and others. I also visit Sweden a lot and generally things look ok, but the problem with the Swedes is that they think they are the best (yes, it’s a real slogan – “Sverige är bäst”), however, it seems they are starting to realize that they are running out of their “eternal” ability to save the world.

    Thanks for the link, it doesn’t mean EE’s are “wising up” – this is how they’ve felt from the beginning. It is accurate and consistent with my own observations. However, what the Estonian people see as a threat is not so much the “refugees” per se, but the obvious lack of control, the anarchic nature of the current EU “immigration” and “refugee” “policy”. The purely ideological, not practical approach to handling this crisis.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  147. Talha, actually, if you look at Sura 9:60, it says one should give zakah (donation) to the “stranded traveller” or wayfarer – in fact, that can be applied to the refugees. This is something that I tried to argue with this local Muslim right when the refugee crisis broke out (that the Gulf countries should help more because it is their religious – not just ethical – obligation).

    By the way, which Syrian orphan charities do you trust?

    P.s. Thanks for posting Sura 30:22, it totally proves that I am right – especially the last sentence!

    • Replies: @Talha
  148. Marcus says:
    @Latvian woman

    I knew a few Swedish nationalists online, the rarest of the rare. As Just curious, why don’t you use the reply button? It sends notification to the person you replied to.

    • Replies: @Latvian woman
  149. Rurik says:

    Dear Talha,

    How different were the Germans they firebombed in Dresden or those who bombed London? As you know, Anglo-Saxon is derived from Angles and Saxons – both Germanic tribes.

    Now this is a major mistake – Somalis and Swedes have practically nothing in common culturally other than they have families and work to provide for them.

    have you ever noticed Talha, any other differences that weren’t specifically cultural?

    Somalis can put up a good fight as the Brits and Italians learned) as long as they behave in your cities – this is an age-old and wise way to handle things, but – as you stated – would likely be considered ‘racist’.

    have you ever wondered why the sultans coveted white men as Janissaries? I suspect that it’s because they are, bar none, the most formidable warriors the world has ever known. And indeed, history seems to bear that out. Why do the offspring of Vikings need Somalis to do their fighting for them?

    There’s something quite odd at work in the world today Talha.

    (and with Balochis you can even tell one tribe from another).

    I’ve never known any people more obsessed with the color of skin, indeed, down to the slightest shade of dark vs. light, than the Indians (dot). With their castes and so forth that are still very much a part of their culture today. I once knew a ‘Trini’ from Trinidad, who was very resentful that the mother of his arranged marriage called off the marriage because his skin was just a tiny shade too dark, and she considered him as from a caste too low to be acceptable for her daughter. True story.

    And yet with all of that going on all over the world, for some reason if the people of Sweden were to question the wisdom of blending away their particular (and for some of us, worthwhile) phenotype into a Somali/Swedish hybrid, in order to do away with ‘racism’, they’d be called Nazis and full of hate, because they happened to appreciate, (even love?) their own particular ethnicity, with its uniquely Swedish characteristics.

    It seems that for thousands of years, the people of Sweden simply didn’t realize how racist and vile they were, until immigrants started pouring in, and demanding that Sweden accommodate them in every way, and especially inside the wombs of its women folk. And this is all necessary so that Sweden can do away with racism, that until the immigrants showed up, the people of Sweden didn’t even realize how terribly racist and Nazi-like they were. Perhaps if Sweden were to have politely told the immigrants- ‘thanks, but no thanks’, then they could have avoided the terrible realization that they were a race of intractable racists, for not wanting to blend away their hateful blonde hair and evil blue eyes for ever.

    Now, obviously I’m not saying that Sweden should close its borders to all immigrants, or that when a Swede falls in love with a non-Swede, that it’s a bad thing. But for Sweden to have been convinced somehow that its destiny lies in blending itself into a polyglot of Somalis and Syrians and Africans so that it can avoid being ‘racist’, well I just have my own reasons for questioning the wisdom of all that. And no doubt there are a lot of people who would call my motivations nothing short of pure, Nazi! Racist! KKK, David Duke, Adolf Hitler on steroids, pure and simple!

    so be it 😉

    Peace and love

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Talha
  150. Marcus says:

    Skin color has nothing to do with caste, but you are right that in India and south Asia in general there is quite an obsession with fair complexion (look at the actors in their TV and movies) and skin whitening products are very popular, this is true to an extent in the Mideast as well. Hopefully none of the South Asians here have resorted to these products Of course, the explanation is muh white supremacy, but has there ever been a culture that values darker skin? None come to mind, whereas even before European colonialism you can find positive references to those of fair complexion.

    • Replies: @Talha
  151. Talha says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Hopefully none of the South Asians here have resorted to these products

    Too late – my cousin’s wife does makeup for South Asian women for their weddings. White is definitely in.

    has there ever been a culture that values darker skin?

    Sure there is – ours. I see tanning salons everywhere – in LA it was big business. White skin that is too white can look pale and sickly – I’ve seen people that look almost zombie-like.


    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @mtn cur
  152. Marcus says:

    Good point, I do think in certain eras in European/Western history there’s been praise for “bronzed” skin, whereas in others writers wax eloquent about fair maidens and blue blood (veins visible). The Arab and Persian writers seem to have always had a high opinion of northern people’s appearance, despite filthy hygiene

    • Replies: @Talha
  153. Talha says:

    Dear Rurik,

    the most formidable warriors the world has ever known

    Not sure, my reading of history shows that a lot of different people have held that flag at different times. They certainly have been at the top of their game for a while now – unfortunately, that has a tendency to make one decadent and soft. Again, just history.

    Why do the offspring of Vikings need Somalis to do their fighting for them?

    Of course they don’t need them, but it would be for the same reason why Saudis couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Saudis are descended from people that rolled up the Byzantines, Sassanids and Visigoths while horribly outnumbered in practically every battle – what the heck happened?

    But for Sweden to have been convinced somehow that its destiny lies in blending itself into a polyglot of Somalis and Syrians and Africans so that it can avoid being ‘racist’, well I just have my own reasons for questioning the wisdom of all that.

    So do I, that’s why I called the enterprise maddening. I think it is stupid to invite people from a completely different culture en masse into your land when you don’t practically agree on basics of how a society should be run – it is preposterous. But I don’t see why presence of Somalis necessitates interbreeding with them. Jews used to live in enclaves all over the Muslim world, they sometimes intermarried with the majority Muslim populations but mostly kept to their own. It works well if one group is an alpha and the other group is taken under its wing – this establishes proximity with boundaries. Living under the Turks for centuries and even being fellow Sunni Hanafi Naqshbandis didn’t dilute the Bosnians and Albanians – plenty of them in our community that have blonde hair and blue/green eyes. These people consider each other religious brothers, but they’ve never felt an obligation to interbreed to feel better about themselves – they’ve simply not stopped anybody who wanted to – I don’t consider this to be racist. Remember, I mentioned that the Qur’an makes it clear that variations in people and their colors is a sign of God Himself which is something He designed with willful purpose. True brotherhood isn’t simply trying to destroy the differences – it is being able to establish it with the differences in full view – that is what requires true work and fortitude.

    Also, you are not giving the Swedish phenotype enough credit. I married a woman of Swedish stock – all of my kids look like Swedish kids with the exception of my youngest who looks like ‘a little dirty’ Swedish kid. My third looks like he literally has nothing from me physically, but understands Urdu the best – throws all of the other Pakistani kids off when they see me speaking to him. My sister-in-law married a very swarthy Egyptian and her daughter has light colored eyes (I forget if gray or blue), white skin and blonde hair (only it is quite curly – practically the only thing she got from her dad). Also, plenty of Syrians look fairly European; light eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, etc.

    Let’s look at the possibilities for the future for Sweden:
    1) Establish a polyglot, interbred society a bit like Brazil or something
    2) Kick all the Somalis and others out
    3) Completely intermix without necessarily interbreeding while trying to force integration of immigrants to the dominant culture
    4) Establish Swedes as alphas and allow Somalis and others to establish their own semi-autonomous enclaves within Sweden and allow mixing around the periphery or as needed

    Maybe there are other possibilities – either way it’s up to the Swedes – I don’t consider it racist for them to try to preserve their unique identity as a people – it’s a matter of preference. If they want to keep themselves genetically isolated, so be it – if they want to mix, so be it.


    • Replies: @Avery
  154. Talha says:

    One of the greatest tales of love from pre-Islamic Arabia is that of Antar and Abla (whose) (it was the Romeo and Juliet of their people until Layla* and Majnun came along):
    “The story extolls the virtues of valor and humanity to both friends and foes, as embodied by the heroic black slave/poet/warrior Antar in his pursuit to win the hand of his seemingly unattainable heart’s desire, the fair, wise and virtuous Princess Abla.”

    There’s Othello and Desdemona. I agree – in general – the fairer skin has been in greater demand from an aesthetic viewpoint. Everyone has their ideal of beauty. For instance among the Malays, I’ve heard, that the Kelantanese are considered the ideal.

    The Africans have the Ethiopians and Somalis – both very strikingly beautiful people. Ibn Battuta (ra) mentioned in his works that the women of Mauritania he came across are “of surpassing beauty”. And that brother traveled, let me tell you.


    *This tale was the inspiration for Clapton’s classic.

    • Replies: @Latvian woman
  155. @Marcus

    I have a Swedish nationalist friend, many of them now gather around Sverige Demokraterna (the party on the right but not the far right). They sometimes have pseudo-intellectual “Identity” meetings (recently they hosted Guillaume Faye).

    I don’t understand why these discussions always end up with the Swedes. Certainly, not all Swedes are blond (other nations are blond, Finns might even be blonder). The intermarriage / dating with non-Swedes is not high. Swedes talk a lot about how they are liberal, etc., but when it comes to mating they all desire someone who looks like them (or, often, a better version of themselves, as is the human nature). There is even a subtle self-segregation in clubs.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  156. @Talha

    I, too, have noticed that the Somalis tend to have very symmetric faces. That is, the frequency of good facial symmetry is high.

  157. Marcus says:
    @Latvian woman

    Even if they don’t intermarry, aren’t their cities already majority immigrant and steadily becoming moreso due to immigration policies? It’s a matter of time before things break down and the natives are enslaved, barring some kind of war.

    • Replies: @Latvian woman
  158. Talha says:
    @Latvian woman

    Dear LW,

    What you are saying is spot on. Now I know the gulf countries have been contributing, but how much compared to what they are able to…I just don’t know – that is in God’s hands to judge. There is also this verse – again the Divine taking credit for the purposeful variations in humanity:
    “O mankind, We have created you male and female, and appointed you nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely the noblest among you in the sight of God is the most God-conscious of you. God is All-knowing, All-aware.” (49:13)

    As far as charities…the one I use is this one:

    It is not a huge one, but I personally know the people in charge (they are based out of Chicago) and it is purely 100% volunteer – so all funds go straight to the people and not into salaries. I helped them with some graphics and fliers. Unfortunately, they have only been around for a few years so Charity Navigator hasn’t profiled them yet:

    Another one that my wife used to work for is IRW (an excellent charity –, but it doesn’t look like they have a program for Syria (unless their Jordan or Turkey sponsorship is for Syrian refugees):

    But really any good, dependable charity should do like Oxfam or others. I spoke to the head of IRW, an old friend from when we were both in LA and he said often the Christian charities will use IRW as a proxy to get the work done since they might be able to collect funds but don’t have the local networks established on the ground.

    As far as the Abu Dhabi thing, I wasn’t being sarcastic – I thought that might actually be a witty and funny motto.


    • Replies: @Latvian woman
  159. mtn cur says:

    Girls want to have light skin because in most of the world, the wives of rich men stay inside. The ones who are good for something besides proving you so rich that you can have a “kept women” are working outside a lot. I growl at the non northern European girls at church for wanting to be white. I ask them “what could be more beautiful than skin the color of honey?” I say,” read the Song of Solomon and other scriptural references to a virtuous woman. Learn to be beautiful on the inside so that you can still be beautiful when your face is as old and rough as mine.”

    • Replies: @Talha
  160. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    As you prove again – verily with age comes wisdom.
    “A woman is married for four things: for her wealth, for her lineage, for her beauty or for her piety. Select the pious, may you prosper*!” – reported in Muslim

    One thing though that I have noticed, a lot of other age much better than European women. My friend’s mother, Chinese, used to look 35 when she was clearly 50 or so. Thus is the apportioning of God, He gives what He wants to whom He pleases.

    There are tons of beautiful women who get divorced all the time – if physical beauty was the end all, this would clearly not be happening.


    *The statement is actually “may your hands be rubbed in dust” which on the surface seems to apply something negative, but the Arabs used to rhetorically use certain statements in shock in order to convey the opposite meaning.

    • Replies: @mtn cur
  161. Avery says:

    {Not sure, my reading of history shows that a lot of different people have held that flag at different times.}


    From the size of conquest and killed people, I think the Mongol Empire has the all-time title. They even subjugated Russians for 2-3 centuries, no mean feat, considering Russians crushed Napoleon’s Grande Armee and crushed the best military machine in its day, the Wehrmacht. (well, the latter was the Soviet people, but super-majority were Russians/Slavs).

    Mongols introduced long distance battlefield communications: colored arrows, sort of precursors to colored battlefield flairs. And the silk armor against arrows: as arrows rotated in flight and penetrated the body, the silk undergarment wrapped itself around the arrow. It was then relatively easy to pull it out, and save a valuable warrior’s life, to recuperate and fight another day.

    Also – this is my opinion – they probably introduced the concept of Blitzkrieg: their highly mobile cavalry would penetrate deep behind enemy lines, and wreak havoc.

    • Replies: @Talha
  162. Talha says:

    Yo Avery,

    Wow! I did not know those particulars about their tactics – brilliant use of silk, who would have thought – thanks for those details.


    • Replies: @mtn cur
  163. @Marcus

    I didn’t mean that the situation is “ok” or stable by my standards, but by Western European standards it’s “normal”. Not looking at the numbers, but from personal observations, there are more non-Europeans in places like the UK, France and Belgium, than Scandinavia. Of course, the situation in Sweden is bad and changed irreversibly, but in terms of the numbers of people of Scandinavia descent there are more of those than before the WW2. That’s not saying much though.

    And this “enclave” thing might work in the US, the UK or Canada (although I wouldn’t bet on it), but in most smaller European countries (which is most of them), this is a very bad idea, because those societies are quite egalitarian and it would just feel weird to have a group of people living separately like that right next to you (and having your country’s citizenship and using services).

  164. @Talha

    Thanks for the links, it’s very touching.
    It’s incredible what Jordan and Lebanon have done. The countries that bomb should totally be held liable for this.

  165. mtn cur says:

    Stirrups were most often credited with allowing the mongols to fight more vigorously, but likewise brought many wounded back to camp instead of being lost to wounds or hunted down by the enemy. A skilled rider can keep an all but unconscious buddy in the saddle for hours and miles.

    • Replies: @Talha
  166. mtn cur says:

    A member of my church who is a refugee from Burma had a grandmother who lived to be 105 years old. Maybe there is something to all that rice with garlic and nuclear strength pepper. Could it be that garlic breath serves as a force field to keep infected people at a safe distance?

    • LOL: Talha
  167. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    Hey mtncur,

    No doubt, their equestrian skills were exceptional and of course, they perfected the ‘Parthian shot’:

    An extremely deadly tactic for its time! You think they are retreating, you follow in order to rout them and – bam – arrow to the gut!


  168. @Anon 2

    During WW2, we fought on two opposing sides. And yet…

    – in 1938, Poland supported Hungarian territorial claims against Czechoslovakia (though they also had some claims of their own)
    – in March 1939, Poland supported the Hungarian occupation of Ruthenia; both countries leaders and public seemed satisfied to finally have a common border (as we did in medieval and early modern times)
    – later that year, Hungary refused to let German troops attacking Poland through Hungarian territory (that stripe of land the Germans wanted to use was shortly before acquired from Czechoslovakia with German help)
    – we also let in hundreds of thousands of Polish refugees (including a lot of soldiers), who were allowed to go on to the West, in spite of repeated German requests to at least intern them; the situation of those who stayed in Hungary worsened only after the Germans occupied Hungary in March 1944, until then they were basically considered guests
    – in 1944, some Hungarian troops were stationed on Polish territory; the Germans kept complaining that the Hungarians (who, by the way, unfortunately were often needlessly cruel to the Ukrainian or Belorussian populations) were selling (or just giving away) weapons and ammunition to the Polish Home Army
    – in August 1944, during the Warsaw Rising, some Hungarian troops were stationed around Warsaw, and the Hungarian government kept sending them orders not to side with the Poles; nobody dared order them to actually shoot at the Poles (which would’ve been disregarded anyway); at the end the Germans sent the Hungarians away and had to replace them with (scarcely available) German troops

  169. @Jason Liu

    Among strong Hungarian nationalists, the majority believes we were descended from the Huns. The only evidence is that medieval Hungarian chronicles stated that much, and had Attila as ancestor of the first Hungarian dynasty (the House of Árpád). This might be mythical, or not, we don’t know, but it’s a near certainty that the original Magyars had very little if any actual Hun ancestry. (Because of admixture on the Eastern European steppes, some ancestry is a possibility.)

    Also, contrary to what many extreme nationalists seem to believe, the Hungarian language is not coming from the old language of the Huns (nor of the language of Sumerians, an even more fantastic proposal lacking the slightest shred of evidence).

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