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Richard Hanania On How the 1964 Civil Rights Act Led to Wokeness
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier this year I read Christopher Caldwell’s very striking book The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties. Caldwell argued that the reforms of the 1960s, which seemed necessary and humane at the time to correct obvious injustices, had serious negative consequences, leading eventually to many of the issues that so divide and anger us today. A powerful and brilliant essay by political scientist Richard Hanania has just followed up on this insight.

Caldwell instanced the SCOTUS ruling in Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971). A core issue in the case, though not the only one: Could that North Carolina power plant give aptitude tests for purposes of hiring and promotion, given that blacks failed these tests at much higher rates than whites? The Supremes, with Chief Justice Burger (needless to say, a Nixon appointee) writing the majority opinion, ruled unanimously that they couldn’t.

Caldwell commented:

The Griggs decision made clear that the government was now authorized to act against racism even if there was no evidence of any racist intent. This was an opening to arbitrary power. And once arbitrary power is conferred, it matters little what it was conferred for.

The Griggs case duly features in Hanania’s essay:

An important watershed was the decision in Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971), in which the Supreme Court ruled that intelligence tests, because they were not shown to be directly related to job performance, could not be used in hiring since blacks scored lower on them, and it did not matter whether there was any intent to discriminate. People act as if “standardized tests are racist if they show disparities” is some kind of new idea, but it’s basically been the law in the United States for 50 years, albeit inconsistently enforced.

Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law: Why Conservatives Won’t (and Can’t) Fight for Influence, and What to Do About It.

Follow-up to “Why is Everything Liberal?” and “2016: The Turning Point,” by Richard Hanania,, June 1, 2021

Hanania’s essay is my Opinion Column of the Month, if not the year. He traces what we now call “Wokeness” back to the good intentions and resulting laws of the 1960s—most obviously the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

That act was meant to combat intentional discrimination; but as the Griggs decision showed, the goalposts were easily shifted to cover any kind of unequal outcome, what today’s Wokesters call “inequity.” Intent need not necessarily have anything to do with it. That, as Christopher Caldwell wrote, was “an opening to arbitrary power.” It meant Affirmative Action a.k.a. anti-white quotas.

The genius of Hanania’s essay is that it tracks the progress of that arbitrary power through first the courts, then government bureaucracies, all the way into the private sector.

The target of the enforcers here—of the judges, the regulatory bureaucrats, and the law firms hovering over private companies looking for noncompliance—is Disparate Impact: evidence that some one group, or a representative member of it, is at a disadvantage relative to another in some situation.

No proof of intent is required, only “inequity,” unequal outcomes.

Nor is the scope of the inequity limited to race. It was from the beginning understood to apply also to sex, so that women were a Designated Victim Group along with blacks.

Then sexual orientation was folded in; and more recently, transsexualism.

As the judges, the bureaucrats, and the law firms gathered more and more of that “arbitrary power” that Caldwell warned against, the concept of a “hostile work environment” came up, with lethal consequences for freedom of speech. If just one person in a workplace takes exception to something a coworker says, there’s a big fat lawsuit right there.

If Richard Hanania’s essay is my is my Opinion Column of the Month, then my Chart of the Month is one reproduced in the essay that he has borrowed from a book titled Inventing Equal Opportunity by Harvard sociologist Frank Dobbin.

The chart concerns “Personnel Management”—the dread Human Resources [HR] departments, how they grew through the last half of the 20th century (and how they tipped strongly female):

At the left-hand side of the chart, in 1951, there were just fifty thousand people in this line of work, mostly men. At the right-hand end, which looks like 1998, there were over nine hundred thousand—almost twenty times as many—and seventy percent were female.

My very confident guess is, that the trend has continued uniformly at least, quite possibly exponentially, in the 23 years since 1998.

(As well as being curious to see an updated version of that graph, I’d like to see one with a racial breakdown. The stereotype of a Human Resources manager isn’t just female, she’s female and black—the one in the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory, for example.

How true is that stereotype?)

What are all those personnel managers doing all day long? Well, some of it is the stuff that clerical staff at public and private organizations have always done: arranging hiring and exit interviews, minding employee benefits, arbitrating petty disputes, and so on.

A huge slab of it nowadays, though, is overseeing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. As Hanania says:

Civil rights law makes all major institutions subject to the will of left-wing bureaucrats, activists, and judges at the expense of normal citizens.

So the Great Awokening of the early 2010s did not come out of nowhere. It was the flowering, the maturing—with a big assist from the rise of the smartphone and Social Media— of a decades-long effort on the part of judges, bureaucrats, and lawyers to push the doctrine of Disparate Impact into every corner of the national life.

The truly poisonous aspect of this is that Disparate Impact is a lie. It is not true that “inequities”—inequalities of group outcomes—must be due to malice, to intentional discrimination. They may simply be due to nature.

I’ll quote Hanania again. I won’t apologize for all the quotes I’m borrowing from him: He’s very quotable:

The strange thing about Disparate Impact is that gaps exist almost everywhere. Practically any criterion or test one develops is going to have gaps between racial groups and the two sexes. In a world where everyone has standards that create a Disparate Impact, government bureaucrats have a lot of discretion in who they go after.

And there we are again, back with Christopher Caldwell’s warning against arbitrary power.

Yes, the Civil Rights Revolution outlawed some old injustices. In the America of today, though, there is no discernible public appetite for the return of those old injustices.

A far more important result of the Civil Rights Revolution for us today has been the vast expansion of power over our lives and property that we have given to judges, government bureaucrats, and lawyers, with corresponding loss to our liberties.


Is there anything we can do? Richard Hanania is scathing about the defeatism of Establishment Conservatives on this point. They have no constructive ideas about how to deal with Wokeness, even though it is, he says, “the animating issue in their party.” (That, I guess would be the Republican Party).

Tens of millions of Americans desperately want something done to push back that arbitrary power, to restore the freedoms we thought were guaranteed to us by our Constitution. That’s much of what Trumpism was all about.

Trump himself understood this only occasionally, fleetingly, but at least he had a clue.

The sixteen institutional Republicans he triumphed over in the 2016 GOP primaries had no clue. They just mumbled about tax cuts, improving the schools, spreading democracy, and the evils of socialized medicine.

So what’s Richard Hanania’s prescription? I’ll quote him again—for the last time, I swear:

  1. Eliminating Disparate Impact, making the law require evidence of intentional discrimination.
  2. Getting rid of the concept of hostile work environment, or defining it in extremely narrow and explicit terms, making sure that it does not restrict political or religious speech.
  3. Repealing the executive orders that created and expanded affirmative action among government contractors and the federal workforce.

A Republican administration, he says, could do much of this through the executive branch and the courts, without any need to try passing laws through our dysfunctional Congress. It just needs an Administration that will focus intensively, unblinkingly on slaying the Wokeness monster. It can be slain, he says.

Can it, though? Here I feel the tug of my own temperamental pessimism. That’s an awful lot of iron rice bowls you’re looking to break there, sir.

Remembering what the media and the bureaucracy—especially the so-called intelligence agencies—did to Trump, whose Trumpism was no more than half-hearted, imagine how they’d deal with a really dedicated Trumpist.

Richard Hanania himself shows awareness of the great difficulties here. He gives a passing mention to Julian the Apostate, the fourth-century Roman Emperor who came to power when Christianity had already settled in as the Empire’s state religion.

Julian was raised a Christian but rejected the faith when he reached adulthood. As Emperor he tried to roll back Christianity and re-instate the old polytheism.

It didn’t work. The legend is that Julian’s dying words were Vicisti, Galilaee, “You have won, Galilean,” referring of course to Jesus.

A Trumpist president, if we can get one, might depart the world at last murmuring some similar obeisance to the ghost of Chief Justice Burger.

As, of course, would the Historic American Nation.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Since you’ve read The Age of Entitlement, you know as well as I do that Mr. Caldwell cucked out in both his chapters of race and feminism. I suppose he did that to get the book published, but those two chapters detracted from an otherwise very good book. Peak Stupidity‘s review is here.

    As far as the HR Ladies, well, we have been all over that subject three years ago. See Human Resources – the Scourge of the Business WorldPart 1, Part 2, Exhibit A: Toby Flenderson, and Part 3. Yes, the office use to be called “Personnel”.

    I very coincidentally ran into the head of HR, a lady who would write the emails about George Floyd, wokeness, blah, blah, to everyone with admonishment at the bottom to not talk about politics at work. I tend to hate someone like this, but in person, I could see from talking to her a bit that she was just going along with it all to keep that plum position. That doesn’t make it MUCH better, but a little …

    • Replies: @Redmen
    , @Leo Den
  2. In 1964 I supported the Civil Rights Act (CRA) even though I recognized that Barry Goldwater had a point: it was of dubious constitutionality. By 1964 I opposed the CRA concluding it was not “meant to combat intentional discrimination”, but was passed on a pretext, i.e., it was intended from day one to create quotas, affirmative action, minority set asides, etc. As it is written, “by their fruits you will know them”.

  3. And the 1964 Immigration Reform Act led directly to the 1965 Immigration Reform Act=The 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act….which was a direct road to the nullification of the Native Born White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020…Nov 3 2024 …Nov 3 2028…Nov 3 2032…

    The Vietnam War which began in 1965 was a great distraction to thinking about the very nasty consequences 1965 Immigration Reform Act….

    The 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Immigration Reform Act must be understood in the context of the Cold War….I highly recommend rethinking the Cold War-anti-Commie Crusade for the endgame of the Cold War-Anti-Commie Crusade was the Demographic Murder of the Historic Native Born White Working Class Majority…..and the end of America….We lost the Cold War by participating in it….it’s that simple….

  4. @War for Blair Mountain

    The Cold War led to integration in the US Military…this led directly to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…The 1965 Immigration Reform Act….And this is how the Native White Working Class Vote was nullified on Nov 3 2020……Trump Voters are too stupid to even ask the 1+1=2 question:Why was the election so close in the first place…literally statistical noise-coin flip election…just like 2000…eventually someone living in India with US Citizenship will determine the outcome of a POTUS Election……and the whole Nation will be waiting with baited breath as he walks down to a post-office in the Punjab region of India-with a turban on his head-the toilets of the Punjab…..

    To understand the scale of the Demographic shift:nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants+‘their US born nonwhite geneline…and also think about the labor market consequences of this for the Native Born White American Working Class…and Working Class Blacks….But Blacks want to be in a political coalition with Asians who they hate…Blacks brought their economic misery upon themselves…But Blacks blame Whitey who they now murder and rape with impunity-if the don’t get that three million dollar reparations check…over and over again…


    The Syosset Dinner gang rape of White Women…Memorial Day Weekend…most of the gang rapists were Jamaican Legal Immigrants…

  5. The US should have stayed out of the Korean Civil War back in 1951…The US intervention in the Korean Civil was a direct road the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964…the passage of 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act was a direct consequence… is the Black Militia which terrorized White Folks in Tulsa last week…

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @Boomthorkell
  6. Realist says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Vietnam War which began in 1965 was a great distraction to thinking about the very nasty consequences 1965 Immigration Reform Act….

    The Vietnam war began in 1955. The U. S. was involved in one way or another from the beginning but became inextricably involved in 1965 when the U. S. vastly increased its presence.

  7. black dog says:

    Freedom of association is surely important. The Woke crew believe in it, in their usual selective fashion. It’s ok to have female only businesses and associations. It’s ok to have black only businesses etc. The only ones without the right to free association are white males. Women even resent male groups such as father’s rights or men’s sheds (an Australian invention where men meet in order to learn new skills or interests, make friends and gain support for any problems they have. Females are normally banned, for the obvious reason that men behave differently when they’re around). It’s debatable, in my opinion, if one is truly free if one can’t choose who to associate with.

    • Agree: ebear
    • Replies: @HallParvey
  8. Phibbs says:

    As with every major problem this country faces, Jews are the cause. Civil rights legislation and multi-racialism have always been dear to the Jew heart. (Only agitating for the interests of Israel ever came first.) Cancel culture, CRT and wokeness all have their roots in the Jew community.

    • Agree: anarchyst, LondonBob
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. Anybody remember when employes were personnel? Back then resources were water, lumber and coal. And when did money become resources? And now infrastructure is welfare. Nancy likes to talk about human infrastructure. Roads, bridges, sewers, power lines, people. Which one is not lke the others? I’m going to start selling my shit. I think I will call it strawberries.

    • LOL: Boomthorkell
    • Replies: @TKK
  10. @Realist

    Yes….that is true….specifically, I am referring to the US Military invasion of Vietnam…..

  11. No, ‘wokeness’ is Jewish use of blacks to perpetuate ‘white guilt’ to paralyze white agency.

    If the Civil Rights Act led to a new ‘anti-racist’ consciousness, why are both parties totally united in the support of Zionist ‘genocide’ of Palestinians and apartheid in West Bank?

    And how come there is total silence about the plight of the American Indian community?

    How come the very identity of womanhood is under attack? Now, a man can ‘migrate’ into womanhood, just like globalists say Africans should migrate to Europe and become ‘New Europeans’.

    Why are blacks favored by ‘wokeness’? It has little to do with the wording of the Civil Rights Act but black success in sports, music, and sex. Also, blacks are vocal and threatening. Jews know this and know very well that white people have a special fascination and obsession with blacks, both negative and positive. Jews play up the positives and instill whites with ‘white guilt’ about ‘racism’ for their negative feelings about blacks. Paradoxically, white negativity about blacks leads to even greater positivity. Why? If the US were gloriously race-ist, whites would spell out why they fear black crime and loathe black pathologies. Thus, negativity about blacks would be deemed as valid. But because blacks were elevated by media and pop culture as saints and divas(and badass dudes), negativity about blacks is taboo. However, because whites still feel this negativity due to black crime and violence, they feel more guilty for harboring such ‘racism’ and go out of their way to demonstrate their fealty to the positive idolatry of the Negro. As there aren’t too many likable blacks, they elevate people like Obama and Oprah to high heaven. And while they avoided someone like George Floyd in life, they sanctify him in death.

    Just think. Suppose most black men are like Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis. Suppose most black women are Aunt Jemima who just be happy smiling and serving pancakes. Would this ‘woke’ stuff about blacks exist? No.

    Justice in practice is never a neutral thing based on principle or concept. Rather, the powers-that-be decide what and whom are deserving of justice’s sympathy and attention. So, take the knee for Floyd but forget about all the white working class killed by opioids peddled by the Sacklers. Worry about the Jews in Israel but forget about the Palestinians. Shed crocodile tears about children killed by Assad the evil gasser(fake news by the way) but forget about all the Syrians who died as the result of US-Israel-Saudi-Turkey support of Jihadis in Syria. ‘Progressives’ like Rachel Maddow never shed a tear for all those dead Arabs… except when it would be blamed on Assad or Russia-Russia-Russia.


    In other words, justice is just another tool of power and control. As Jews control the US, they use ‘wokeness’ to favor blacks and to guilt-bait gulliberals and conzos among the idiot whites because Jewish supremacist power relies on white submission.

    If American Indians controlled the US, they could play up their tragedy and blame the American ‘genocide’ on mass immigration and on that basis associate mass immigration with genocide. Also, instead of focusing on Israel’s struggle for survival, they could focus on how Palestine was wiped off the map by Jewish mass immigration.

    So, don’t look to the Civil Rights Act. Look to who has the power and who controls the gods in the Current Year. And ask why blacks are special in the US. Because of some law written 60 yrs ago? No, because blacks are idolized as athletes, rappers, and studs and ho’s in the US. And because Jews and cucks sanctified blackhood. Thus, there is Coffey-ism in the US. Coffey is the name of the mountain-sized Negro who wuvs a wittle white mouse in GREEN MILE. And Morgan Freeman is always this wise or divine Negro. In reality, white guys get raped in the ass by guys like that, but in the public imagination, a monstrous-looking Negro is really just a gentle soul who done care for a mouse, a white one at that. Fast forward to today, and we George Floyd got the Coffey-treatment. That lowlife punk who died of drug overdose has been turned into a saint-martyr who done give his life for the souls of white folks, sheeeeeeiiiit.

    To understand what is really happening, one has to name the Jewish Power and explain why blacks got the fascination. Just listen to the Negro who done made GET OUT. White wiberals are giveralls when it comes to blacks. “Give my body, soul, money, daughter, wife, and etc to the noble wonderful saintly Negroes who… btw… play awesome basketball and run like a mofo.”

    It’s so lame to blame some law from 60s yrs ago.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @One-off
  12. Jmaie says:

    The stereotype of a Human Resources manager isn’t just female, she’s female and black—the one in the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory, for example.

    How true is that stereotype?

    The Big Bang Theory HR manager is not stereotypical – she’s not fat and has enough on the ball she could probably get a job doing something useful.

  13. SafeNow says:

    Mr. Derb, you extensively visit these issues and yet ignored Mr. Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement until this year? That’s like visiting The Sistine Chapel and not looking up. I have to wonder why you were grudging, and, what snapped you out of it.

  14. UNIT472 says:

    Obviously true but, try as it might, the government is playing ‘whack a mole’ in its efforts to fight ‘racism’, disparate impact, inequality or whatever the term used is because the world keeps changing but the negro does not. His flaws and deficiencies remain and he stays still even as the world around him changes.

    I’m old enough to remember a lot of the what the US looked like in 1964. It was an analogue world just beginning to go digital. In fact my junior high math class had just started teaching us how to count using only zeroes and ones. Base 2 they called it. No one had an ‘unfair’ advantage because you can’t have a headstart in a field that was just being invented.

    Here’s Fortunes 10 largest US industrial corp0rations in 1964 with total sales and profits.

    1 General Motors 16,494.8 1,591.8
    2 Exxon Mobil 10,264.3 1,019.5
    3 Ford Motor 8,742.5 488.5
    4 General Electric 4,918.7 270.6
    5 Mobil 4,352.1 271.9
    6 U.S. Steel 3,599.3 203.5
    7 Chrysler 3,505.3 161.6
    8 Texaco 3,415.7 545.7
    9 Gulf Oil 2,977.9 371.4
    10 AT&T 2,833.0 140.5

    Only AT&T would be considered ‘Tech’ and IBM was ranked 18th. The only real national restaurant chain in 1964 was Howard Johnson’s though McDonalds was an exploding start up. Sears, J.C.Penny and Montgomery Wards dominated retailing. I mention all this to show just how much America has changed since the 1964 Civil Rights Act and how little the negro has.

    In the next half century there were innumerable opportunities for negroes to found or get in on the ground floor of thousands of new companies but they never do. This is another legacy of the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action. Negroes want to be part of what is not what will be so they wanted jobs with the big existing companies that could afford economic supernumeraries ( at least for a while) and whom government could coerce into hiring them. Better to be an AA hireling at IBM Xerox or Kodak than a small start up like Microsoft or Apple. Its more prestigious.

    Back in the 1970’s Jesse Jackson demanded the Big Three auto companies set up negroes with dealerships. GM etc had no choice but to agree so Jesse got his minority dealerships just as the Japanese car industry was wiping out the US auto industry. Almost all of those negro dealerships failed! When you have rubber lipped fools like Jesse Jackson as your ‘leader’ failure is guaranteed.

    • Agree: Stan D Mute
    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  15. lloyd says: • Website
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Korean war was a part of land revolutions that erupted over Asia after the end of colonialism. Such a view in South Korea gets similar treatment to history enforcement in Germany. The South Korean people rarely talk about that war to foreigners as Germans rarely talk about World War Two. A history book written by an American academic and published in America confirmed this. Local land revolutions erupted throughout Korea. The intervention of the United Nations then dominated by America established the regime in South Korea. I managed after some fast talk to get that book listed in my University in China. The head librarian checked it carefully first that it followed the Chinese Communist Party line.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  16. Thomasina says:
    @Priss Factor

    “It’s so lame to blame some law from 60 years ago.”

    Maybe they’re leading the horse to “water” without saying what the “water” is.

    If they can lead you to the water, maybe then you will want to find out WHO was instrumental in bringing these acts into being, what actors were the driving force behind them.

    Blacks no doubt were pushed up front and center as an example of why the laws needed to be changed, but if it were only Blacks doing the pushing, I’m quite certain the laws would never have been changed. Someone else wanted these laws changed for themselves, and only used the Blacks (as they are being used now) to get them pushed through.

    And Blacks are NOT the only good athletes. They dominate basketball, but there’s been lots of Whites (Larry Byrd, Steve Nash) who have run circles around Blacks on the court. And in soccer, the biggest sport in the world, it is a 5’7″ White boy (Messi) who wins the Ballon D’or every year.

    Some Black music is great, but they definitely don’t own music. Not even close. Where’s the melody? Where’s the harmony? And the only women who find Blacks sexually attractive are women who are either easily conned (later beat up or dead) or those who want to appear “woke”.

    No, somebody is pushing this nonsense because they’re intentionally trying to change society – AGAIN. (((They))) just keep pushing.

    • Disagree: gleongelpi
    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @AndrewR
  17. BlackFlag says:
    @George Weinbaum

    By 1964 I opposed the CRA concluding it was not “meant to combat intentional discrimination”, but was passed on a pretext, i.e., it was intended from day one to create quotas, affirmative action, minority set asides, etc.

    What made you change your mind about its intentions?

    • Replies: @George Weinbaum
  18. @George Weinbaum

    George, you said you both supported the CRA and then opposed it in the same year, 1964. I am glad to hear you figured the scam out so quickly, but was it in time to vote for Barry Goldwater?

    • Replies: @George Weinbaum
  19. The problem is, the “injustices of the time” could easily have been fixed by removing the recipients from the USA.

    Blacks were slaves. They were living within a nation and a culture not theirs. This was an immediate unsolvable problem. If you try to integrate them into white society, you take blacks and try to make them white, thus destroying what makes your civilization unique. If you don’t integrate them into society, you invite future civil strife and blood shed as they become an invasion force, to destroy and/or usurp your culture and civilization.

    So from day one of the civil rights movement you had a problem, a real problem. And who was behind civil rights? You guessed it, Mr Hook Nose himself.

    The civil rights movement was about one thing and one thing only – complete Jewish takeover of the western civilization, through using blacks to enforce a white guilt for slavery, resulting in civilizational suicidal-tendencies, within the whites we now see on a crazy scale today.

    The minute slavery ended blacks should have been immediately repatriated back to Africa, with no questions asked. Those who disagreed should have been given an option – agree or go with the blacks to Africa. Had this happened, the jew would never have gained the footholds they have in dividing the US and rest of the west.
    The blacks therefore have been an integral part of the Jewish hegemony of the west.

  20. SafeNow says:

    “ Also, blacks are vocal and threatening.”

    Christopher Caldwell, in his chapter on debt, asks “What did \$20 trillion in debt buy?” Answering his own question, he writes: “Social peace.”

    And btw, remember “\$20 trillion in debt”?

  21. @SafeNow

    And btw, remember “\$20 trillion in debt”?

    Oh, c’mon, he wrote the book way back in 2020. You’d expect it to grow a little bit by now, to, I dunno, \$27 Trillion or so.

    • LOL: SafeNow
  22. Jivinski says:

    “A Trumpist president, if we can get one, might depart the world at last murmuring some similar obeisance to the ghost of Chief Justice Burger.

    As, of course, would the Historic American Nation.”

    Indeed. Or you could say apropos of Winston Smith, that Americans had learned to love Big Sister, the Goddess of Diversity.

  23. There is a simple way to defeat Wokewicz.

    PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter.

    In Judo, if the opponent pulls, you push. If he pushes, you pull.

    With PLM, whites can do the martial art of Jewdo.

    Jews push whites with BLM and ‘racism bad!’.
    Then whites should pull on the ‘racism’ issue and use it their own way.

    Say to Jews, “Oh, you’re so right. Racism is terrible! We must all unite against it. We must let people know about how Jews exploited black athletes and singers and robbed them of billions. We must spread the truth of how the Rothchilds funded British Imperialism against the nonwhite world and how the Jewish Sassoon family sold opium to the Chinese and destroyed countless lives. Racism bad! All Americans must take the knee for aiding WHITE Jews in the erasure and oppression of BROWN Palestinians. We must produce children’s book about Zionist IDF bullies terrorizing Palestinian children. We must elevate an innocent Palestinian boy or girl killed by Zionists to Anne-Frank-like status. We must have Nakba Remembrance Day. We must all march for Palestine and denounce the racist supremacist Yinon Plan that wrecked the Middle East.”

    If whites pull on the ‘racism’ issue and direct it toward PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter, I guarantee the Jewish Power will shi* and try to bury Critical Race Theory.
    I say take the theory and use it the pro-white way. Since Jews use CRT by using blackness against whites, whites should use CRT by using victims-of-Jews against Jews.

    Then, Jews who command the institutions will think twice about pushing CRT and wokery. When BLM turns into PLM, they will want to shut it down as fast as possible. After all, Jewish Power operates on basis of “Is it good for Jews?”

    But the sad reality is whites cucking to Jewish Power. No wonder nothing changes. But when whites do the Jewdo, things can change.

    • Agree: Robin Hood, Stan D Mute
    • Replies: @FatR
    , @lysias
  24. @Achmed E. Newman

    I did not oppose the CRA until 1966. It took me two years to figure out the CRA was a scam. I did not vote for Goldwater. In 1964 I was 13.
    I made a typo. I meant 1966.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  25. @BlackFlag

    By 1966 I saw: quotas, minority set asides, SEEK (search for education elevation and knowledge), head start, skip zoning, etc. I also saw the Civil Rights Movement supported these new forms of discrimination against whites.

  26. AceDeuce says:

    Christopher Caldwell, in his chapter on debt, asks “What did \$20 trillion in debt buy?” Answering his own question, he writes: “Social peace.”

    But it didn’t…

    • Agree: Dan Hayes, Mark G.
  27. Thomasina says:
    @White Elephant

    Yes, I agree. After slavery was abolished, and as Blacks had not yet been immersed in Western culture, they should have been sent back to where they came from. It would have been the right thing to do for both the Whites AND the Blacks. It is what Lincoln had initially wanted to do with them, send them back. They could have even been given some money and a suitable country to set down roots.

    I’ve found in life that whenever you “make do” or try to make something work, it never really does work. It just sits there and spins its wheels. If all you’re doing is getting by, you might as well get by somewhere else. Hearts have to be in the game. They weren’t then, and they’re definitely not now.

    Whites, Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Hispanics, and now Asians and East Indians = a house divided. Not gonna work. You need a dominant culture.

    But the elites like it this way. Divide and conquer. Keep all the different groups fighting, and that way the elites get to steal to their hearts’ content.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, HVM
    • Thanks: White Elephant
  28. Thomasina says:

    I would also argue that the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 was instrumental in silencing alternative opinions.

    As well, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 created a huge wave of mergers and acquisitions, eventually resulting in 90% of media being owned by six corporations. Propaganda 24/7.

    The monopolies in Big Tech/social media have created further stifling (banning, censoring).

    When you’re not being told the truth, when you’re being kept in the dark, is it any wonder you end up deaf, dumb, blind and woke?

    • Agree: Robin Hood
  29. SafeNow says:

    “Whites, Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Hispanics, and now Asians and East Indians = a house divided. Not gonna work. You need a dominant culture.”

    I almost totally agree. I think it’s working fine for (NE) Asians. I can only speak for S. California. Here, they do tend to self-segregate residentially and recreationally, I admit that. But they have otherwise assimilated into the best of the traditional U.S. culture, society, and polite manners. They are decent, hard-working, law-abiding, conscientious, and smart. In fact, in some ways I wish I could be more like them.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  30. Salvation is of the Tenth Amendment Derbyshire, why not go into this years ago? Incidentally, Trump DID NOT have a clue on affirmative action, and one of the first things he did was give his male supporters a kick in the teeth by setting up Ivanka to manage whatever sort of future STEM quota for women was going to be coming down the pike.

    It was the Jews that did this, they want minorities and bitter feminist women everywhere, with perfect freedom to DENOUNCE any white man who crosses the Jew agenda. The filthy abortion loving Minneapolis freemason rats of the Burger courts, the Sodom and Gomorrah citizens of the Roberts Courts, these people are NOT operating according to the law, and that has to end, and that can only end by removing the Jews from all positions of power and influence.

  31. Remembering what the media and the bureaucracy—especially the so-called intelligence agencies—did to Trump, whose Trumpism was no more than half-hearted, imagine how they’d deal with a really dedicated Trumpist.

    Enough with the myth making. The media loved Trump. He was great for ratings. They never focused on what should have disqualified him – his shady financial dealings, his ties to organized crimes and basically the fact that he is a fairly stupid man living off daddy’s fortune. Instead they teased the public with just the sort of scandals that gain headlines and generate liberal outrage but are not generally impeachable – sex scandals, allegations of ties to foreign powers, “racism”, etc.

    What would “a dedicated Trumpist” even be? Trump doesn’t stand for anything other than “let’s do what’s good for Trump.” A lot of conservatives projected their hopes on him, but that was always foolish. There are still plenty of people in the bureaucracy and intelligence agencies who might rally around a true American conservative, although Trump has managed to discredit the brand pretty successfully.

    • Agree: frontier
  32. @Thomasina

    You need a dominant culture.

    But the elites like it this way. Divide and conquer.

    The elites are creating a dominant culture, or at least a dominant caste. Ivy League graduates all intermarry across racial lines and have children at a rate higher than the white middle class average. We are moving towards a new “meritocratic” aristocracy that will consist of a blend of white, East Asian and South Asian genes, with some African thrown in for appearances sake. This is why “whites” are being attacked, it is a way for the elites to separate themselves from second tier white competition and enlist minorities on their side in the bargain. Ironically, Derbyshire’s children are precisely the kind of people who are going to benefit from the New Order.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  33. One must not mention that Blacks have lower IQ, lower capacity for deferred gratification, and vastly higher criminality. This parsimoniously explains why Blacks fared worse under equal rights, under apartheid, under “separate but equal”.
    Race realism is too much taboo.
    The most blatant dishonesty is failure to disclose that Black fare much worse when in countries without white benefactors who create rich prosperous and safe environments for them Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa are examples.
    Even Caldwell cannot afford to tell the whole truth. It is not clear why Blacks in the 1960ies were worse off than penniless Chinese or Jewish immigrants. And why segregation caused problems to Blacks, but not to Chinese or whites (lowercase!).

    Caldwell argued that the reforms of the 1960s, which seemed necessary and humane at the time to correct obvious injustices, had serious negative consequences, leading eventually to many of the issues that so divide and anger us today.

    • Replies: @UNIT472
  34. John

    Modern England the past decade:‘Lee Rigby has his head severed off by a Muslim+Pete Townshend a few days ago boasting about his homosexual proclivities during the early years of The Who….How do you think it is all going to end in merry old England?….Hopefully with Pete Townshend’s head being chopped off by a Muslim…

    The Woke homosexual pederast crowd needed the nonwhite vote to get themselves elected into power on America and England…Eventually, they will have their fucking heads chopped off….Not one case of a Muslim Bakery in America being asked to bake a disgusting pro-homo wedding cake….It would destroy the Democratic Party Voting Bloc Coalition to kill Whitey….

    The 1960’s rock and roll counterculture destroyed White Women….They would have been better off wearing the hijab…

    Question:‘how did the Corona Virus come to America?…A flotilla of trillions of little kayaks each carrying a corona virus wearing sunglasses:”Comming to America”

  35. UNIT472 says:

    Yeah, I’m unsure of exactly what ‘injustices’ negroes were suffering when segregation was in force. The only big one would have been voting as literacy tests and other requirements could make it very hard for a negro to register to vote in many places. The right term would be ‘indignities’ not ‘injustices’.

    I recall a negro construction worker asking my grandmother for a glass of water on a hot summer day. She gave him a glass of ice water but after he finished drinking it my grandmother threw the glass in the garbage! Don’t know if he saw that or not but I sure did. Shopping could be humiliating too for negroes. If a negro women wanted to try on a hat, the clerk might line the inside of the hat with newspaper to prevent her hair from touching the fabric. Being unable to eat in a white owned restaurant or stay in a white run hotel made sure the negro know he was unwelcome even if the restaurant had a negro dining area. The Woolworth’s in North Carolina that became infamous for refusing to serve the negro agitators actually had a ‘colored’ dining area with booths and everything the white area had except counter service. Still there were plenty of negro owned bars, restaurants, hotels and shops that catered to negroes in segregated areas.

    The ‘seperate but equal’ schools actually had exactly what blacks later demanded. Black school teachers that often lost their jobs when integration began as they did not have the proper credentials to teach in white run school districts.

  36. anon[512] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump as Julian the Apostate . . . for more on Julian with an implied comparison to Trump, see book review

  37. KenH says:

    I’m finishing up Caldwell’s book and he posits that the wokeness of today isn’t a perversion of the original “civil rights” protests and laws but is a culmination of it. It is a straight line from the “good” civil rights of the 1960’s to the “bad” i.e., white hating and non-white/black supremacist version of it today.

    IMO, the original civil rights legislation was packaged and sold in such a way as to appeal to the sense of fairness and fair play of the 89% white majority. It was the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent.

    Caldwell says that not long after civil rights laws became law the political right and their voters started to see that they were sold a bill of goods and they were being wielded as a battering ram against freedom of association and other rights and protections enshrined in the “old” Constitution. There is no guarantee of equality of outcomes or racial equity in the Constitution yet we’re getting it whether we like it or not thanks to “civil rights” laws..

    Since the 1960’s much of the political backlash on the right particularly in the elections of Reagan and Trump were desperate attempts by mostly white Americans to rein in this new Constitution that is quickly replacing our “old” one. But Reagan’s financial deregulation unwittingly paved the way for concentrations of wealth and the rise of woke capital.

    The cultural elites, legal profession and judiciary has largely transferred its loyalty to this new Constitution of ever expanding rights and special rights for some groups at the expense of the majority. Matters that should be and have been decided legislatively between voters and elected officials, like Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and denial of public education to illegal aliens, among other things, continue to be pre-empted and nullified by activist judges, lawyers, and shrieking mobs of left wing dervishes.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
  38. Wokeism=Homosexual Pederasts….

  39. Unless people are willing to stick their neck out and politically oppose disparate impact in person then our civilization is doomed and all these posts will be for nothing.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  40. Thomasina says:

    N.E. Asians (Chinese) got given a gift when the Americans came to China. These Chinese elite became business partners with the American businessmen, gathered immense wealth because of this arrangement, and then turned around and bought up southern California real estate, paying all cash. Money laundering played a huge part.

    And then we have the speculation part of the equation, as they have been buying up everything that’s not nailed down – “for investment purposes”. This has put tremendous pressure on the housing stock and has served to force up prices for ordinary Americans. The Chinese would say this is smart. I say it is opportunistic and parasitic. I put the Chinese right behind the Jews as far as milking whatever they can get.

  41. John

    Do you remember the 500 year old Black Walnut Tree over in Llyod Neck…A majestic Tree… and then………………..0ne day moved into Llyod Neck and bought a massive mansion down the road…The rotting corpses of the victims of all the Wars Sean Hannity cheerleadered for become the slithering of Sean’s Mansion.

    ..The concrete foundation of Sean’s home got replaced by a two mile deep foundation of the rotting corpses-including the rotting corpses of the young White Working Class Makes who aware the canon fodder for Sean Hannity’s favorite race-based Nation:ISRAEL……My God that stench was awful…..That stench of rot….that MIASMA OF EVIL that diffused it’s way down to this 500 year old Black Walnut…..Well, the stench of rot was too overwhelming for this deeply spiritual Black Walnut….Rot and decay seeped into this 500 year old being…….followed by depression…gloom….rapid entropy to a previous very stable Black Walnut Genome….Genomic Instability took of like a nasty genetic brushfire……Giant Majestic Black Walnut croaked one day….all because that neocon Miasma of Evil:Sean Hannity…one of Ronald Reagan’s bloody shit-encrusted hirsute dingle berries-moved into town…………..True Story….

  42. lloyd says: • Website

    If women en mass could be technicians, they would be so. The feminist ideology is built on the big lie principle. Betty Friedan had some interesting things to say about female neurosis, but she then went sailing into bs. Doctor Money who invented the ideology of gender, likewise in his earlier writing about transgenderism. That seems the common fault of left wing academics. Maybe they are not early challenged by a right wing discourse. They become cut off in their academic ivory towers and descend into parody. When women moved into jobs, far from discouraging them, the general male attitude was good on them. It doubled household incomes and women still did most of the house work. Consequences of Inflation and unemployment came later. So what does society do with millions of college educated women who can’t do regular jobs, traditionally male or female? Answer among others, turn them into human resource managers. There they can devote their employment not to actual productive work instead to enforcing the present ideologies. I suspect most don’t believe a word of it. They are clever women after all. But it’s clean, safe and well paid. The professional women’s employment goals. And most women are not gifted to be celebrities.

  43. SafeNow says:

    You’re totally right, there’s that speculative side, but I think it’s a small-percent subgroup. That’s not my seamstress, hunched over her sewing machine, or even my dentist, hunched over her drill. They are polite to me and do real work, earning their salary. That’s not like a Jewish investment banker making millions by manipulating interest rates and fake money.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  44. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    E. Michael Jones says the Civil Rights movement was a Jewish operation through and through. He has an interesting interview with Dr. Kirk Meighoo from Trinidad and Tobago on this subject:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Dutch Boy
  45. Thomasina says:

    Many, many Asians (the children of people like your seamstress) have done exactly that, gotten a finance degree and headed for Wall Street. If they can, that’s where they head – to investment banking. They follow the money. You rarely see Chinese school teachers, nurses or social workers.

    The Chinese will converge on any city where they can gain capital appreciation. That’s how they think, and that’s what they’re after. Because they stick together, the word goes out among them that this place or that place is a good investment. Before long, the city is bought up and prices are pushed up into the stratosphere. Perhaps you’re unaware of this. I can tell you that there is absolutely no way a westerner would be allowed to converge on, say, Thailand or China and start buying up their property. No way.

    I happen to think that most people are decent and hardworking, but did we really need to import another dentist? Were there not already existing citizens who could have become a dentist? We keep talking about the environment, and yet we invite in people from the most populated country on earth. Are we not just shuffling the deck around? Could she not have become a polite and hardworking dentist in China?

    I think that part of the bargain for going into China was that the Chinese elite could escape to the West. Unfortunately, there are consequences.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  46. Anonymous[742] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s the full interview with EMJ and Kirk Meighoo:

  47. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Richard Hanna recommends:

    Eliminating Disparate Impact, making the law require evidence of intentional discrimination.

    Unless the alleged perpetrator leaves a “smoking gun” or confesses, meeting this requiement is quite impossible.

    But the main objection to Hanna’s recommendation is that it is inconsistent with true civil rights.  Just law would recognize and protect freedom of association and consequently allow racial discrimination, intentional or otherwise.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  48. We’re not going to get an America First President.

    Not a REAL one, in any case.

    The nose has nearly total control now. They STOLE a national election. They are trying to legislate permanent power for the left, and the GOP lacks the balls to fight back.

    Any voice that even remotely favors whites or tradition is immediately canceled.

    Look what they are doing. It’s an all out war on whites, and they aren’t even trying to hide it. It’s right out in the open. It’s shocking, sick, and evil.

    How could a white advocate gain any traction, get a following, without media backing?

    The intelligence agencies act like the Cheka, now playing whack a mole, going after basic bitch Trump supporters.

    As someone else mentioned, “civil rights” simply means that all groups are allowed to organize against whites, while whites are not allowed the liberty of association. The nose wrote those laws to benefit the nose and to screw white people.

    I don’t see any way for political solutions. If whites were to actually start causing trouble…..we’ll get another phony political savior (like Trump) who makes all sorts of promises but delivers nothing.

    Any candidate that has been vetted by the small hats will do the bidding of the small hats. And those are the only candidates that we ever get.

    No….you can’t vote your way out of jewish supremacy.

    White people are rats in a maze……I’m not sure if we can find our way to the cheese.

    As long as they are able to instill fear in the populace, as long as they have control of the money supply and the media, as long as whites are dependent on the system (which is anti-white)
    then whites are participants in their own extinction.

    Still….we have to resist. The system is intolerable. I’m reminded of Mark Collett’s excellent speech regarding not giving up no matter the odds.

    The Soviet Union was there one day and…..gone the next.

    Anything can happen.

    Maybe some black swan event.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  49. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    where’s the word “jew” in the article? i can’t find it. so it sucks.

    the purpose of wokeness in the workplace is to make it intolerable for straight white males and thus further reduce their power and increase jewish power over the remaining easily controlled orcs.

  50. Panadechi says:
    @White Elephant

    I agree, they are the white elephant, inside the room.

  51. @lloyd

    Land revolutions they were more than entitled to figure out on their own or with the involvement of their neighbors.

    I get the US stepped into Japan to prevent the USSR from taking Hokkaido and swaying Japan, but I think it would habe been better overall if we just signed a damn peace treaty and called it a day. Let North East figure out itself.

  52. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in majority black Watts and Compton California, the only thing the 1964 Civil Rights Act did for poor whites was create a deluge of hate and resentment from blacks. It gave blacks a right to attack whites with impunity, all those that had nothing to do with slavery 150 years ago.
    Not all blacks celebrated this new found freedom to Burm Loot Murder, pre BLM, then it was “Black Power, Black Panthers, Weather Underground, etc.
    The world I grew up in was much different than what most white folks were subjected to. At a early age I learned how to run fast and long just to avoid getting the shit kicked out of me by black kids who would surround us for no other reason than being white. By the time I was in high school, I was one of the fastest long distant runners in the state. Not by choice but by my desire to survive. Fatherless, my mother moved us to a majority white neighborhood for my senior year of high school. When the track couch ask why I wasn’t on the track team after learning about my talents as a track star and having won many awards, metals, lettered, I simply told him I was tired of running.
    He never understood where I was coming from. They never do. They’ve never experienced reverse discrimination on the level that many poor whites experienced being thrown in ghettos, attacked and abused by a hatred that they themselves created.
    My only regret is, no one informed me that I could get a scholarship. Who’s going to mentor today’s poor white kids in a world of critical race Theory?

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Prester John
  53. Why track this all the way back to 1964 and then assume the CRA appeared out of nowhere? (Or purely to rectify certain injustices.)

    White people were willing to fight and die on behalf of black people in 1860, and the anti-slavery crusade predates that by decades (and spans continents). Capt. Marryat was zinging equalitarians in 1836. Maybe wokeness is in our DNA.

  54. Negrophilia always was a destructive cult.

    It just gets more obvious as time passes.

  55. Kevin MacDonald said blAcks in professional jobs have below average IQ (above for own pop).

    I worked as a TA in a school. There was a black ‘science ‘teacher’ & the kidd hat to correct him constantly. I asked my HoD & DH how he survived; they said can’t sCk darkies BC (((lawyers))) sue.

    That ghastly harridan in Big Bang is spot on. Great show – I’m surprised one of the geniuses wasn’t an obese female African. The only mainstream show where the plots are plausible.

  56. gotmituns says:

    I’m a Yankee from head to toe. We wouldn’t listen to one word the southerners said. We thought we were so smart. But, I’ve learned from that time, moderation in all things, even in things you think are good causes because there’s always a chance of going too far. I think this “Woke” BS is a case of going too far.

  57. Methinks, the “Historic American Nation” would not have a chance of coming back unless the crutch of a civil war is there to support it.

  58. FatR says:
    @Priss Factor

    That’s not going to work for numerous reasons, but primarily because absolutely nobody with a functioning brain and will is even slightly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. You too obviously don’t care about them beyond their imagined usesulness in sticking it to the Jews. Your contribution to advancing the leftard anti-racist agenda (for lefties have been attacking Israel relentlessly for 70 years by now) will not be even acknowledged. The only outcome of your “judo” will be further mental disarmanent and pacification of American whites through further inculcation of the idea that defending one’s ethnic interests in general, and treating a parasitic and openly hostile ethnic group that is currently in your power with anything short of absolute impartiality in particular, is evil and amoral.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Anonymous
  59. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Tens of millions of Americans desperately want something done to push back that arbitrary power, to restore the freedoms we thought were guaranteed to us by our Constitution. “

    No, they don’t. Especially the average Trump supporter.

    Despite the obvious, in yer face, failure of government to solve any problem to date but to instead makes things even worse than they were before [the Civil Rights Act being just one tiny example], most Americans appear to want: mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint!

    They are definitely not interested in restoring the Federal government to its original size and limited constitutional functions [ in which scenario it would be around 95% smaller].

    And so I will join the happy throng as we all sing and scream in unison:

    mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint, MO’ GUBMINT! !!!!!

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    “Government doesn’t work” Harry Browne

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  60. @Thomasina

    If there’s one thing that makes me gnash my teeth is this call for “skills immigration”. There is simply NO western country that can not — were it to try — that can not create 99% of the skilled workers it requires.
    To import “skills” is bullshit — where “bullshit” means “government & business can’t be bothered to spend the time & money to create such skills”. The arseholes.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  61. @animalogic

    There is simply NO western country that can not — were it to try — that can not create 99% of the skilled workers it requires.

    It’s cheaper and easier to bring in foreigners who will work for peanuts. If a foreigner dares to complain, back to India he goes.

    A united people, 85 to 90% of one majority race, doesn’t tolerate politicos or corporations harming citizens or national identity for a quick buck. Noseberg knows this, which is why Israel has strict immigration controls he subverts everywhere else.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  62. xyzxy says:

    I put the Chinese right behind the Jews as far as milking whatever they can get.

    The big difference is that foreign Chinese will generally not attempt to destroy the majority culture via subversive political engagement. Instead, they are typically content just to do business. Sure, it might be business ‘their way’. But it is not culturally subversive in the Jewish sense.

    Also, Chinese (and to an extent, pre World War II Japanese) have demonstrated an ability to create and sustain high culture independent of foreign intrigue. This is an ability Jews have never demonstrated, being revolutionary cultural predators always.

    As far as ‘milking’ whatever they can get? Opportunism is as much an Anglo-European characteristic, when it comes to business. Don’t kid yourself. The question is whether a business is beneficial to the majority, supporting established culture. Corporatism in the west (Globo-Homo) usually does not meet this standard, anymore.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  63. bj0311 says:
    @White Elephant

    The problem with that is we didn’t know where they came from–Africa is a continent, not a country. These blacks were mainly from Western Africa, but by 1865 they had been in the western hemisphere for over 200 years so there was no longer any tribal identity–so where would they go? They did not want to go to Liberia. Maybe the solution would have been to send them to a western black paradise like Haiti where other mixed tribe Africans were/are (in a utopian society only magical blacks can build). You are correct though–they do not belong with white people in any number.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  64. I have always maintained feminism is the beating heart of the progressive, now woke, monster. Feminism is a bit older than the civil rights act. Also there was no such thing as human resources in the work place back in the day, just payroll. The boss hired you or didn’t hire you after an interview. A lot of government acts went into creating the hiring and human resource gobbledygook. Ironically its very name is dehumanizing.

    Derb is correct that executive orders will not fix things. A huge barter and crypto based underground economy might help. Less dependency on corporations with girl power is always a good thing. I am starting to think transgenderism might actually be the thing to take down the women. Girlie trannies are way more feminine. Athletic trannies will deprive girls of their sporting opportunities, and title IX is a civil rights offshoot. If by some chance transgender women work like men, then things will really get interesting. They also will check off a lot of girl made boxes.

    • LOL: Bro43rd, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @HallParvey
  65. @black dog

    ….one is truly free….

    Absolute freedom is impossible. The constitution guaranteed freedom from government oppression. At the time of it’s origination. Immediately there after, those ideas began to slip away as government usurped greater and greater control over every aspect of human existence.

    Always for the most noble of reasons, of course. And sometimes it was the truth.

    • Replies: @frontier
  66. @Old and Grumpy

    The boss hired you or didn’t hire you after an interview.

    Nowadays the boss lives in Geneva, Switzerland or Sao Paulo or Hong Kong. Hiring and firing is handled by the hiring and firing department.

  67. @White Elephant

    Hadn’t it been for the Blacks, or had the Blacks united around antisemitic platforms exclusively, American Jews would have used workers’ rights ideologies to make sure that all good compliant Whites are proletarians working for minimum wage and that anyone wanting more is a parasite. They would have used both right-wing Calvinism and left-wing marxism in false conflict against each other.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  68. Redmen says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    That sounds like “systemic stupidity” (i.e. the supposed antidote to the ubiquitous scourge of the never explained systemic racism). That your head of HR doesn’t even believe in what she’s spouting makes the situation even worse.

  69. Leo Den says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    With the so-called WOKE movement, everyone forgot about the entitled Jews in Apartheid Israhell who are fleecing Americans blind.

    THEY are making you look over there (woke) instead of at them (Apartheid State).

    And everyone ONCE AGAIN swallows the bait whole.

  70. Bookish1 says:

    The world strong man contest is always won by a white man.

  71. bayviking says:

    The predominant philosophy of governance in this country has always been that the rich should always have more and the poor can fend for themselves. Libertarians promote this philosophy with a vengeance. Thus Rockefeller gets the oil for the price he demands and Bill Gates gets a monopoly on operating systems through an insightful stroke of luck.

    The push to privatize everything enshrined in our constitution, such as the postal service is driven by the desire to profit from natural monopolies and is one more problem facing public education in the United States. Private utilities, once regulated in service to the common good, now enjoy the privilege of every monopoly, which is to gouge their customers. Every public utility in the US takes better care of their customers and their employees than any private utility, which only looks out for its executive management and stockholders. These widespread practices violate the constitutional mandate “to promote the general welfare”. Our national highway system was created by a Republican President that believed in that principle. Today Wall Street seeks to privatize and install toll roads instead..

  72. @George Weinbaum

    Senator Sam Ervin predicted at the time that the CRA would create more problems than it was meant to solve.

    All we need do is look around to see how prophetic he was.

  73. @CelestiaQuesta

    And there are others like you too, about whom Our Betters never gave a rat’s ass.

  74. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    The stereotype of a Human Resources manager isn’t just female, she’s female and black—the one in the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory, for example.

    Meh, I’ve seen tons of white HR gals, too.

    Just a job for gals with college degrees and no skills. White and Black women are both solid sources for fake educated people who think they need office jobs.

    • Agree: gotmituns
    • Replies: @TKK
  75. AndrewR says:

    Although there is a lot of garbage rap out there, aimed at a low IQ crowd, there is shitty music in every genre. Overall, I think that black music is the only real benefit we have derived from having them in the US. To pretend it’s all jungle bongo beating is absurd. Melody and of course harmony are essential to most black music especially non-rap.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  76. @UNIT472

    I agree with your observation regarding the shift away from industrial production.

    Real equity means that neither party gets something for nothing.

    Assume that a certain relatively high-end automobile were to cost \$40,000 to produce and deliver, while supporting a selling price of \$50,000.

    As such it takes \$40,000 of input to get a net \$10,000 of gross operating profits or operating margin to provide for the operation and continuance of the business.

    And the total gross operating profits is equal to the number of such cars produced and sold, times the gross operating profit per car.

    A typical financial-service such as provided under a visa or mastercard account transaction costs the card-issuer about two-cents to provide, while being sold for a de facto retail price of \$2 or 100-times its cost of production and provision (which the card-issuers call a Merchant Discount but have to account for internally as interest from the card-user – if the card-user does not pay, then the card-issuer never receives the Merchant Fee and that reality of credit and banking cannot be avoided by a label).

    So while the high-end automobile producer has to survive and thrive on a 25% mark-up and 20% gross-operating-margin, the producer / seller of the financial service applies a 10,000% mark-up, and it obtains a near 100% gross-operating-margin.

    The automobile manufacturer has to source and build, from scratch, and then sell, 100 million (100,000,000) such automobiles, to obtain \$1 trillion in gross operating profits.

    The financial service provider has to process two billion transactions a day at a cost of about \$40 million per day, and re-sold / billed to the card-users for \$3 billion a day (including debit-card-fees), to obtain \$1 trillion in gross operating profits per year.

    Gee dad – which business should I go into?

    In order to maintain the same ratio of Cost-to-produce and Selling-price, our \$40,000 automobile would have to sell for \$4 million.

    And, here again, it is all nominally legitimized by the people who own and operate the payment-card system on the grounds that since they have successfully hidden the concealed-credit-charge from the card-user who pays it, by simply labeling it as a Merchant Discount, that it does not exist.

    And of course the obvious question arises as to why anyone would invest in the production of automobiles for a 25% mark-up to yield a 20% gross operating margin, when they can obtain a 10,000% mark-up and near 100% gross operating margin providing financial services.

    The just-as-obvious answer is that most all property on the planet is owned by the same small group who manage it all – including the bio-units they refer to as human capital – according to some form of linear-programming-algorithm to maximise according to some target utility.

    As a species we are being slowly programmed to be utterly incapable of seeing the unearned and unjust enrichment of anyone who is already wealthy.

    PS – the \$1 trillion-plus a year being skimmed by the payment-card-system globally is truly the little stuff. But you have to get your head around the little stuff before you can appreciate the big stuff.

    • Replies: @bayviking
  77. Good grief. I’ve been saying this for YEARS. The Civil Rights act and the Hart Cellar Act were grievous blows to this nation, and to Whites, in particular. Every single social pathology we suffer from today results from these two acts.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  78. KenR says:

    It seems arbitrary to me to single out the civil rights movement of the 60’s as the point where we “went off the rails.” I’d argue no, that what happened in the 1960’s was the inevitable, unavoidable logic of progressivism.

    Perhaps a better point in time to affix the great derailment may be the Civil War. It is no coincidence that nearly all of the recent successful campaigns of Wokeism rely on the 14th Amendment, the summa of Civil War progressive achievements. That war settled several issues for us, namely that henceforward the USA was on the track for a top-down, centrally managed system dominated by progressive ideals.

    But of course, this did occur in a vacuum out of nowhere. Ultimately the Civil War, the American Revolution and the ideas which produced the US Constitution, plus the French Revolution, are expressions of the fundamental assumptions of the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason. Progressivism, along with socialism and communism, are all close cousins and all children of the Enlightenment. (This is the tragedy of American conservatives, who cannot understand why even as they fight desperately against the bogeyman that they identify as communism, they ultimately lose every battle; and every leader and judge turns RINO. They do not understand that their own beloved US Constitution inexorably leads to the same place as does Marxism).

    I do believe that we are at an inflection point in history. The Age of the Enlightenment is coming to a close. It’s principles have run their course and begun to become consumed in their own contradictions and absurdities. It has been the only governing paradigm of our lives, so this is terra incognita. I have no idea what comes next (it would be a mistake to think, like progressives of every stripe, that some Hegelian counter-thesis will lead in the fashion of “Progress” to a new glorious synthesis. We should be so lucky. Don’t count on it.)

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  79. Thomasina says:

    “Sure, it might be business ‘their way’. But it is not culturally subversive in the Jewish sense.”

    No, that’s why I put you right BEHIND the Jews. Why do you think the Jews allowed you in? Because you think just like them. Jews are not “American”. They are Jewish through and through. Chinese are not “American”. They are Chinese first and foremost. They act as a group, supporting one another. This is what destroys “culture”, displaces it. It is highly destructive.

    Oh, Chinese just want to do business? Really? How do you think that would have gone over if, for instance, westerners converged on Shanghai in large numbers (with laundered money) and bought up whole areas, pushing prices up for ordinary Chinese? Yeah, not bloody likely. Then envision that happening in every other large Chinese city. There would have been riots in the streets.

    The Chinese have made out like bandits from the Americans going into China, and now you’re recycling those dollars back to the West. You most definitely have played an integral part in the destruction of the West, its culture, its way of life. Just because a rapist wears the same clothes as you do, acts politely and smiles while he’s raping you, that doesn’t make him innocent.

  80. anarchyst says:
    @Francis Miville

    You make an excellent point about “wage slavery” which jews (and others) use for their own advantage.
    Today’s “business schools” STILL do not assign labor value, insisting that labor costs (payroll) must be kept as low as possible. Henry Ford, among others, “bucked the system” and paid employees a decent wage. Ford KNEW that a strong middle class would be beneficial for all, a concept that is still foreign to today’s “business schools”.
    True capitalism relies on a symbiotic relationship between producer and consumer. If “jewish capitalism” was the rule, almost no one could afford common consumer products. The “company store” would be the rule with the fat cat jewish owners purposely inflating prices so that eternal “bondage” would be maintained. Owing a debt to the “company store” WAS a form of “bondage” (slavery) as one could be forced to remain employed in order to “pay off the debt”.
    Today’s “capitalism” most certainly is not true capitalism.

  81. @Peter Akuleyev

    I’ve always been suspect of “Derb.” He writes a good line, but his personal life contradicts it.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  82. @KenR

    I do believe that we are at an inflection point in history. The Age of the Enlightenment is coming to a close.

    Agree wholeheartedly. IMHO we are entering a dark age, a social, economic and political recession, of sorts, that may lead to a technological recession, all due to a misunderstanding of the thought “all men are created equal.”

  83. Agent76 says:

    Apr 5, 2021 MLK Opposed “Poverty, Racism & Militarism” in Speech One Year Before His Assassination 53 Years Ago

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 53 years ago, on April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 39.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  84. lysias says:
    @Priss Factor

    Rachel Corrie.

    Furkan Dogan.

  85. In the USA, Human Resources departments are now staffed with females (95%) plus a few homosexual males and feminist males.

    In this way, HR departments serve as barriers and gatekeepers. They prevent middle and lower level males from rising higher in the corporation.

    Until recently, the only males who made it to the top were males born at the top — i.e. males from rich and well-connected families.

    Today even those males are being crowded out by women, trannies, and homosexuals.

    For example, the heads of all major military contractors in the USA are now female.

    Statistically, the CEOs of all major corporations are more and more female (plus homosexuals like Tim Cook, the head of Apple Inc.)

    Naturally, the more power and privilege that males give to women (at male expense) the more women scream that they are victims” of men.

    The one exception to this trend is of course Jews. Once they seize control of a corporation, they exclude most Goy men and women from the upper levels. However Jews again use HR departments as protective barriers.

  86. Thomasina says:

    “To pretend it’s all jungle bongo beating is absurd.”

    I didn’t say anything close to that. I said, “Some Black music is great, but they definitely don’t own music.”

    Of course there is good and bad in every genre, but too often Blacks think they OWN music, that if it wasn’t for them, music wouldn’t exist. LOL. Blacks are absolutely shocked when they hear Whites with soul. It’s like they didn’t even know that this was possible. Anyway, I’m less impressed by the singer than I am the writer or arranger.

    Priss Factor is right when she says that Blacks are being put on a pedestal for their athleticism, rap and badassness. This is a shame as it just gives Blacks a false sense of superiority. I was merely pointing out that I don’t buy into that pedestal position.

  87. @anarchyst

    @ anarchyst:

    I agree with you.

    In “Jewish capitalism,” everything becomes financialized (making money from money) and creditors are supreme over everyone else in society.

    Bankers literally create loan money out of thin air (fractional reserve banking is a myth) and they use it to create debt slaves.

    Jewish capitalism is one aspect of the total Judification of Western society. Other aspects include the worship of Israel, and the war on white hetero-males.

    Militant feminism, rampant trannyism, runaway debt slavery, vaccine mania, the pandemic hoax – it’s all wrapped up in the same Judified decline. The West is ruled by Jews because the west is essentially Judaic. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a “Jew.”

    China is different.

    China is not 100% Judified.

    Therefore Western liberals and conservatives all agree that China is “evil,” and Judification is “good.”

    An example of this hive mind is liberal and conservative support for the “lab leak” hoax.

  88. frontier says:

    “Absolute freedom is impossible”
    The comment you replied to talked about freedom of association with rather specific examples, it didn’t talk about “absolute freedom”… whatever BS that is. Why did you subvert the topic?

    “Those ideas began to slip away as government usurped greater and greater control”
    No kidding, Einstein…

    “Always for the most noble of reasons, of course. And sometimes it was the truth”
    It was never the truth… why do you lie?

  89. onebornfree says: • Website

    The Civil Rights Act was a scam, no different from 99% or more of all federal laws. It was basically just another vote-buying scam.

    The Federal government , then and now, doesn’t give a flying fuck about “civil rights” for anyone, it only cares that it stays in power in order to siphon off the wealth of the people. To that end, it will say/do anything necessary, including the passing of wholly unconstitutional new laws supposedly protecting someone’s “civil rights”.

    “Civil rights”, yeah, right. 😏

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Thomasina
  90. gotmituns says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Yes, he’s a race traitor. He married a chink.

  91. @Robert Dolan

    True, and Western society is consequently unraveling.

    This is one reason (among many) for the ever-increasing pounding of war drums against China. An example of this drum-pounding is the “lab leak” hoax.

    (Have any of you paused to ask why all the politicians and media outlets suddenly did an about-face on the “lab leak” idea? These creeps never admit they were wrong. They did a 180-degree turn in order to increase public support for a war against China, and for mass compulsory vaxxing as “protection” from China.)

    World War III will distract white hetero-males from the war being waged on them, but this social “unification” will only be a temporary delusion.

    The West is in its twilight.

    Not a single one of our problems were caused by China. Tranny supremacy, BLM supremacy, banker supremacy, Jewish supremacy, the war on white hetero-males, the annihilation of the nuclear family – none of these were caused by China.

  92. AReply says:

    Per Agent76, gotta face that the Democrats are all-in to further the concentration wealth and privilege no matter what the social costs to the American working class.

    But even more we gotta face that in every way Republicans have been right next furiously wrecking the commonwealth towards the same ends with even more overt and intentional destruction.

    The horror is that as awful as the Democrats deeply regressive mgmt policies have been since Clinton, the GOP is a complete shitshow hell-bent on making things even worse! The job of the GOP appears to be to make the Democrats seem reasonable.

    The Democrats deserve furious anger, but the Republicans are psychotic, to the point that they will cause civilization to suffer a collapse.

    When the anger reached zenith in 2015 and the red sea of the GOP parted and Trump glided up the mount, all we got 4 years of the biggest dickwad in American history egomanically beating his meat at the head of the country to the worlds biggest entourage of sycophantic grannies with Trump’s splooge raining all over them while their cucked husbands, brothers and sons tug-off their guns in the garage to the ecstatic wailing of reconnection with lost youth.

    Funny thing is, Republican’s seem more than zOK with the wreckage. They’re hard at work to hurry it along! Cleansing fire, armageddon, white purity, idk, but it’s Jonestown kool-aid crazy as fuck. Makes me wonder if that’s what happened to all the freaky-deaky hippies, whose minds got scorched by the societal ketamine of new-agey megachurch jebus, strip-malls and plenty o’ network teevee!

    Sure, John Derpyshire may read like a savant in such circles, but don’t get him wrong, he’s simply stirring more sugar into the kool-aid for the wrecking crew which is 2020 American “conservatism”.

  93. frontier says:

    But Reagan’s financial deregulation unwittingly paved the way for concentrations of wealth and the rise of woke capital.

    “Unwittingly” only for Reagan, same as the repeal of Glass-Staegall for Clinton. Even more so for Trump’s bailouts and deficit splurge. But the foxes in Congress knew who was paying them for the repeal and the passage of Garn-St. Germain. For the people in control, everything went according to plan. I’m not sure about Biden though, he might be aware of the destructiveness of his spending plans but that only increases his drive and motivation.

    +10 on the “new Constitution”

    • Agree: KenH
  94. anarchyst says:

    Civil rights (for some) laws were rammed down our throats by the ((small hat)) crowd.
    Not only was “freedom of association” eviscerated, these monstrous unconstitutional acts morphed in to “preferences”, “quotas”, forced school “bussing”, abandonment of IQ and proficiency tests to determine suitability for employment, “affirmative action” and many more schemes and programs, all of which were and are unsuccessful.
    Initially, it took federal troops, used unconstitutionally against white citizens to “integrate” public schools. As most whites are law-abiding, they (we) saw this as a fight that they (we) could not win.
    Now this whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement has come “full circle”, this failed “minority” (blacks) making demands of us whites out of proportion to their grievances, which are themselves are outlandish on their faces. They do not want to share in the things that make America great, they want “the whole pie” for themselves.
    Us whites are being blamed (and always have been blamed) for black dysfunction which is more common than ever before. Prominent blacks of the 18th century spoke out after chattel slavery was abolished, the best course of action to leave freed blacks alone and to allow them to prosper or perish of their own accord. This wise advice was never implemented.
    The worst thing to occur was the prohibition on the acknowledgment of and denial of differences between the races. Prominent scholars who told the TRUTH about racial differences were castigated and ostracized, fired from positions, and even physically attacked for stating the TRUTH about differences between the races.
    To this day, anyone who dares to mention the TRUTH about racial differences is marginalized, despite the TRUTH being obvious to all who broach the subject with an open mind.
    It is apparent that those who push forced integration never had to live among and deal with feral blacks, who comprise the majority of blacks in the USA.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  95. Katrinka says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    It really started with the Brown vs the Board of Education ruling in 1954, which gave blacks an absolute right to associate with White children in educational settings.

    • Thanks: Jimmy le Blanc
  96. Thomasina says:

    Priss Factor is on the money here. Others have said the same thing. Take it to them.

    Sure, acknowledge the country of Israel, but back to the original borders. People might not have the time or the inclination to know all the details about the Israel/Palestine situation, but they sure as heck can recognize theft when they see it. Keep it simple.

    Then spell out the money and aid that Israel receives every year from the U.S. (what Philip Giraldi set out in his article a few days ago). Again, keep it simple and just the facts.

    Then take on the slave trade and who was instrumental in that.

    Then spell out what the Sassoon family did to China via opium, and how the Sackler family is destroying so many young lives with their oxycontin.

    Then spell out who owns or controls the lying mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, big Tech, the Federal Reserve, the banking/finance industry.

    I could go on and on; there’s so much to cover. Yes, this all needs to be spelled out loud and clear to the American people.

    Blowback always comes when you fuck with people, when you try to control them, when you want to take more than you give. Nature doesn’t work that way.

    • Replies: @FatR
  97. bayviking says:
    @Timothy Madden

    You are correct in implying banking is a racket, you failed to mention possibly the most important point. They create money out of thin air every time they authorize a loan. So they begin by working with what should be a public asset in the Treasury Department, the creation of money, which they have successfully privatized. In theory Congress created and controls the Fed, but in reality they are afraid to.

    The automobile, as expensive as they are, cost less per pound than almost anything else we buy. More than anything else, manufacturing automobiles and planes is the fruition of a countries’ education system and industrial development. But, otherwise your manufacturing example understates the margins manufacturing operate under. Software is an example of a manufacturing business with very high profit margins because once you have a marketable program, the cost of making duplicate copies is next to nothing. Historically anything which cost 10 cents to make could be sold for a dollar in the store, with a traditional retailer markup of 60%. But there are other examples, like clothes and jewelry where the markup is 300%.

    When a country farms, mines or manufactures new products, new wealth is created. But our economy is dominated by the Financial & Insurance Industries and Real Estate developers, which Michael Hudson defines with the acronym FIRE. In all these paper transactions wealth is transferred from one party to another, without any new intrinsic value (new wealth) being created. Farming and mining deliver commodities, which are subject to profit risks from weather and commodity price volatility. Their margins of operation are worse than manufacturing. But it is only through farming, manufacturing and mining that a country can build its wealth and manufacturing has always provided the greatest enhanced value and profits.

    By design, our country is now dominated by paper shufflers in the Finance & Insurance Industries and Real Estate (FIRE). These paper shufflers transfer wealth from one party to another without ever creating new wealth where nothing existed before. We still hold a dominant position in grain farming, but have lost much ground against competitors with automobiles and airplanes. We depend on Russia to visit the space station.

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  98. @bayviking

    I think that you certainly correct with respect to your larger position, but I disagree with:

    “They create money out of thin air every time they authorize a loan.”

    The term FIRE is a constructive misnomer because first two – Finance & Insurance – are in fact the same thing. Finance is in fact credit-reinsurance. Here is a brief summary and a link to a more comprehensive overview:

    Not money-lenders

    Banks are not what you think they are. They are not money-lenders – they are credit-reinsurers and they are asset-sinks. When you sign and deliver a promissory note and mortgage you are underwriting and advancing real-estate-secured-credit to the bank. The bank strips-off and retains the financial and real-estate security as a premium for itself, and then returns or reinsures unsecured-credit back to you as an unsecured-deposit-liability / credit that does not cost the bank anything material to produce.

    The money / credit for the alleged or pretended loan does not even exist unless and until you underwrite it by accepting the liability for it by agreeing that you owe it, normally under the promissory note that is secured by the mortgage.

    You then have to add or issue the same amount again in the form of a signed check / cheque (drawn on the bank) to the seller of the real estate, who has to endorse it / co-sign it and deliver it back to the bank as a ratification of what would otherwise be the recoverable-loss of their property and legal-title to the bank in exchange for an unsecured deposit credit. Then the bank agrees that it owes the principal amount (selling price) to the seller instead of to you.

    The nominal mortgage is a combination bill of sale that transfers all right, title, and interest in the property to the bank, plus an embedded repurchase option that allows you to buy the property back from the bank by paying it all of the money required under all of the securities. When a bank forecloses it is not foreclosing on the house, because it already owns the house. The foreclosure is of the repurchase option – sometimes referred to as a right of redemption.

    The banker arrives at the transaction with metaphoric empty pockets, and leaves with all of the financial securities from the pre-qualified lead-underwriter / pretended-borrower in one hand, and the legal-title to the real-estate property (and endorsed check) from the seller in the other.

    From the nominal bankers’ perspective there is only one material reality, and that is that real equity / secured assets come in, and only unsecured liabilities go out. They are asset-sinks and they are unsecured-liability-kiters. (kiting means to keep (financial) paper in the air).

    It is such a paradigm-shift that it is difficult to grasp right away. But once you do get it, it becomes near impossible to go back to the money-lending model with all of its contradictions and non sequiturs.

    Also, thank you for the references to current margins as that is quite important too. As the marginal cost of production approaches zero, the dynamics of the business fundamentally change. The long term rate of return on capital was 6% per annum because that was how the value of farm land was determined. If a given farm could yield \$600 of crops per year, then it would tend toward a market value of \$10,000.

    The first thing they teach you in economics is that power flows to whomever controls the means of production – but it always seemed to me that real power converges on whomever controls the means of distribution.

  99. @Thomasina

    It is what Lincoln had initially wanted to do with them, send them back. They could have even been given some money and a suitable country to set down roots.

    It’s always fun to hear about how Old Honest Abe the Rail Splitter was gonna get right to sending those niggers back to Africa, after him and his Yankee faggots crushed the Southerners.

    Of course after our boys put a slug in his despot cunt head, the political will to do so just kinda evaporated, like a fart in the wind…lol

    Yankee’s were busy celebrating and spending like drunken sailors in a whorehouse at high tide. They certainly USED those “free” niggers against their own people, but other than that, they could give a shit less.

  100. It’s too late for anything but Secession.

  101. TKK says:

    In the federal government, specifically DoD and the VA, HR is overwhelmingly black females.

    That matters because they are the gatekeepers that keep whites out of those poverty busting jobs.

    When a job posts on USAJOBS, it is sent to a big email box run by a black female at a centralized HR. She has tipped off her family and friends to apply. She weeds out applicants she does not know, and often white applicants. Remember, you have to check your race when you apply for a Federal job.

    This black female sends a batch of “qualifying” candidates to the hiring authority, after she has “ranked” then based on the federal criteria. The hiring authority has no connection or knowledge what candidates were weeded out. They are in different states- the hiring authority and the HR.

    To add another layer of Kafka-esque misery, your Hiring Authority probably has no actual, real time knowledge of the actual job requirements.

    If you got lucky and the HR staff curating your job does not have a baby mama or someone else she wants for the job, she is going to rank them so a white person who is a NON veteran has gnat’s chance of getting in the door. A female may get a pass.

    Note: I have applied for federal jobs and received a rejection slip….18 months later.

  102. Hanania wrote such a great article you forgot to link to it.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  103. One-off says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    We lost the Cold War by participating in it….it’s that simple….

    It is cringe-inducing to hear conservatives claim we won the Cold War as the United States in many ways becomes far worse than the post-Stalin Soviet Union. In many ways it is worse as the Soviets did not hate their native population. The United States felt it needed to virtue signal to prevail and in the end doused itself in gasoline and lighted itself afire. Here’s to hoping that this nation disintegrates as peacefully as the USSR, even while doubting very much it will be near that gentle.

  104. You’re a little behind the times.

    Now colleges are dying to accept blacks. Because there aren’t enough whites to keep those massively inflated tuitions rolling in. It really isn’t a matter of affirmative action. It’s a matter of fiduciary action.

    Same with many jobs. We’ll take anybody breathing, they say. There aren’t enough educated, qualified, meritocratic white people to fill the positions, much as we’d love to have them., so come one come all.

  105. One-off says:
    @Priss Factor

    It can be both, and in fact is. Still, solid and insightful comment.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  106. aspnaz says:

    The increase in people working in HR is a reflection of over regulation across the board: this is why manufacturing moved to China, to escape regulation. I guess that HR is a rarity in China and then all it does is hire and fire.

    The MAGA campaign will never make the USA great again until huge swathes of regulation is removed, and HR is back to the levels it was at in the 50s. Every regulation is a law that removes a freedom from someone, so the USA will also only be free again when it has removed this regulation in which it is drowning.

    China is trying to play lip service to ESG in Hong Kong – the HK exchange will only list companies that meet ESG standards. The interesting thing will be whether China ESG-compliant firms are audited by Western auditors or Eastern auditors and would you believe either of them anyway – this is a huge pot of cash to attract the corruption bees, a bit like the financial auditing of Chinese companies on US stock exchanges.

    Sure, maybe this started with civil rights in the 60s or maybe the civil rights movement was the result of another sickness, one that was going to destroy the USA anyway. One point to note is that this decay has been happening in Europe as well. One of the first major steps in Europe was the passing of the anti-semitism laws and since then the holocasust denial laws etc. It is hard to rule out Jewish influence when you see how wokeness has secured its grip in Europe.

  107. FatR says:

    Again, what you’re proposing to do is to simply take up the bog-standard leftie agenda of many decades and to help mobilizing the gullible normies in support of it unconditionally. In expectation that somehow, through some ??? step, the further assertion of the principle that a nation or an ethnic group has no right to defend itself, much less to secure benefits for its people by force, will result in profit for American whites. Or, in other words, you are not going to make any headway in your racial struggle against Jews by asserting that the racism is bad and wrong on principle and therefore Jews are bad for making racially-informed decisions. “Facts” your brandish would be easily shouted down even if they are indeed facts, but the assertion will remain and will nip any “pushback” you dream about in the bud.

    What you should be doing if you’re at all serious about defending the historical American people is raising Israel as the desirable standard for treatment of hostile and subversive ethnic groups (it is not, they are still far too lenient to the population they justly should have expelled or exterminated long ago, but the assertion that a nation does not owe equal and impartial treatment to its avowed enemies would be a start).

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  108. @bj0311

    I can accept your analysis, but who’s fault is it they have no tribal identity? It’s a poor excuse, that slavery, lost them their identity. For example, take any people, from any white nation, who became slaves? You can guarantee that they kept their identity to death and if they had children, passed down who they were and from where.
    Also, the whites, ended up in Muslim lands and very possibly never had children, the blacks on the other hand did, in the west. Again, it’s a simple case of the vast differences between the races.

    But more so, if any white slave had made it back to Europe, he/she’d be happy that they were home, regardless what land they were in, even with inter nation hostilities.

    Of course, unlike today, back them there was no blood haplogroup identification, to pinpoint where in Africa they’d have been from, but most came from West and East Africa. It would have been a simple case of dropping them back there. Again, not our problem if they didn’t know where they came from. This is clearly a problem within the black house, of not keeping any form of verbal or written records of their ancestry. We know that most came from the Windward Coast (Ivory Coast) and Senegambia (Senegal & Gambia). How they got there, is not our concern, although common sense dictates that they were slaves of blacks, brought there to be sold to the jewish slavers. This, of course, is part of black history completely ignored because it does not promote the white bad/black good storyline.

    The allowing of the blacks to stay in the west has resulted, predominantly in the mess we have today. Without any blacks in the US/West, the jew COULD NOT have created their civil right’s movement. More so, the jew could not have granted the ‘citizenship’ to blacks, thus completely destroying the concept of nation. Young people today, are incredibly ignorant to this, believing that a nation is anyone, regardless of race, who lives within an area of land. Yes, people truly do believe, today, that there are Black English/Scottish/Irish and Welsh people (along with all the other white nations of Europe) and it was this very reason, that the jew created the civil right’s movement, to blur the boundaries of what defined a nation. By doing so, it means that there is no uniquity in being white and that blacks now can share all the benefits of being white. And ironically, whites no longer have white privilege for the advances of their civilization and being part of it, that instead goes to blacks, other non whites and jews, who are not part of it.

    I stand by what I’ve stated, the solution was to remove the blacks back to Africa’s west coast and let them find their way home. Not our problem. If they had any problems thereafter, they should take it up with the jews.

  109. MEH 0910 says:
    @Paperback Writer

    Hanania wrote such a great article you forgot to link to it.

    I thought the same thing at first, but Derb buried the link in the section that quotes on the Griggs case from the Hanania essay:

    Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law: Why Conservatives Won’t (and Can’t) Fight for Influence, and What to Do About It.

    I will provide a link that will stand out:

    • Replies: @Paperback Writer
  110. @KenH

    Ken, in the Peak Stupidity review (here again), I noted that Caldwell doesn’t seem very savvy on the ways of national politics. He was wrong on a few things about President Reagan, especially wrt Reagan’s promises to get rid of the Dept. of Ed and eliminate AA. Reagan shouldn’t have promised, I suppose, but he meant it, and that’s what you do in a campaign. It’s just that Reagan was faced with an overwhelming majority-D House the whole 8 years.

    There were a lot of things that Reagan couldn’t get done, though he tried. His priority was ending the Cold War. That got done.

    See if you agree with this part too, Ken, but it depends if you’ve read one or more of the Strauss & Howe Generations/Fourth Turning books. Caldwell has some of that generalization in there, bringing up this and that cultural happening (from books, movies, quotes, whatever) to support his view of the cultural state of the times. It’s just BS, as anyone can find other books, movies, or quotes to support the opposite. This was annoying, and I’m calling it Strauss&Howe syndrome.

    • Replies: @KenH
  111. Dutch Boy says:

    By forbidding freedom of association, the Civil Rights movement made it impossible to prevent Jewish penetration of institutions and allowed them to complete their conquest of American society. Wokeness is basically a Jewish ideology.

  112. Thomasina says:

    I don’t much care what Israel does, but they must be made to adhere to the original borders they were given.

    You mentioned “hostile and subversive ethnic groups”. The biggest hostile and subversive group in the U.S. are the Jews. Everything I listed in my prior comment should be spelled out to the American people so that they clearly see the enemy within.

  113. KenH says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Caldwell has some of that generalization in there, bringing up this and that cultural happening (from books, movies, quotes, whatever) to support his view of the cultural state of the times

    I noticed that, too, and the book isn’t without its flaws. The books meanders here and there and he make his points with vignettes but he at least recognizes that whites have been the big losers of the new de facto Constitution that was ushered in in 1964-65. And thanks to activist judges, lawyers and shady government bureaucrats is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Reagan probably was sincere about ending the Dept of Ed but like you said Democrats had a supermajority in the House and teachers are disproportionately Democrats. AA should be easier since the civil right acts has no provision for racial quotas and in fact forbids them. As Paul Craig Roberts has previously written, it was Jew Alfred Blumrosen who instituted AA through rulemaking authority.

    Reagan could have vetoed MLK day but didn’t. I was young at the time but recall there was a lot of resistance to giving MLK his own holidy. Reagan was virtue signaling like conservatives always do. Caldwell also mentioned Gerald Ford signed off on black history month.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  114. @MEH 0910

    Thanks – actually I subscribe to Hanania’s Substack so I knew about it, and that’s why I needled Derb.

    When a post is about something, the link to it should be front and center, and not buried in the middle of a bunch of other links.

    Derb may be a fine mathematician, but he’s lousy at blog design.

  115. AceDeuce says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I did work for a Fortune 100 company that had a schittload of H1-B dotheads. Evidently, those places are mandated to post H1-B vacancy announcements for all in the office to read.

    They aren’t making “peanuts”–they are making competitive wages with actual employees, give or take 5%.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  116. CEO in 1990 “We are catching some heat because all our VPs are men, you know, glass ceiling and all. What VP slot could we move a female into?”

    Nervous VP “Linda does a decent job as manager of the personnel deparment. We could change the name of the department to Human Resources and change her title to Vice President of Human Resources. Problem solved.”

    CEO in 1990 “Great idea Dwight!”

  117. @Thomasina

    You got it completely right. Thank you for reminding those who know and wising up those who care. The truth IS important, regardless of the lies, hypocrisy and vile attitudes imposed on this country by far left and leftist slobs of every description.

  118. @AceDeuce

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regardless of how or why these replacement workers are here, anyone from a country with +1 billion population is a de facto colonizer.

  119. AceDeuce says:

    That second graphic is pure USDA horseschitt.

    40% of knigrows had their own business???

    87% of knigrow families were two-parent?????


    C’mon, man!

  120. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    > “…absolutely nobody with a functioning brain and will is even slightly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause”

    “Absolutely nobody with a functioning brain and will is even slightly sympathetic to the fate of Juden.” ~Adolf H. 1933-45

    Javol, mein FatR!

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