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Race and the International Olympiad
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Here’s a wee brainteaser for you to while away ninety minutes with.

For each positive integer n, the Bank of Cape Town issues coins of denomination 1/n. Given a finite collection of such coins (of not necessarily different denominations) with total value at most 99 + ½, prove that it is possible to split this collection into 100 or fewer groups, such that each group has total value at most 1.

That is one of the six problems set in this year’s International Math Olympiad (IMO), just held in Cape Town, South Africa from July 3rd to 13th.

You can download all six problems in the language of your choice, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, here. There are worked solutions here. Participants were given three problems on July 8th, three on the 9th, with four-and-a-half-hour sessions each time—average an hour and a half per problem. So if you can make fair progress on that one above in ninety minutes, and are less than 20 years old, you are IMO material.

I have put up occasional blog posts about the IMO before (this one from last year, for example) and the national-level USAMO (2012 winners here) as a matter of minor interest to human-biodiversity mavens. I thought I’d try something a bit more ambitious with this year’s IMO.

In doing so, I was diving into a crowded pool. Analyzing IMO results is a popular pastime among the statistically inclined—so much so that after browsing thirty-odd websites on the topic I began to feel that crunching IMO results data deserves an Olympiad of its own—an IMOO, perhaps.

Some names familiar to readers show up in those websites. Ron Unz waded into the pool last year in one of his meritocracy pieces (four paragraphs into here). Fred Reed used IMO results to give his Hispanophilia an airing over at Taki’s Magazine back in March. The blogger Occidentalist demolished Fred here, with a good combative comment thread … and so on, and on.

As I said, it’s a popular pastime.

The Olympiad anyway lends itself to this sort of thing. It is, after all, run by and for mathematicians. The IMO publish excellent tables for the results, cut several ways—I’ll get to them in just a moment.

The event has been held since 1959, so there’s a good historical trail, made use of for example by Heiner Rindermann in a well-known (here in the pool, I mean) 2011 paper titled “Results in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as Indicators of the Intellectual Classes’ Cognitive-Ability Level,” published in a festschrift for German psychologist Kurt Heller.

(Rindermann’s paper points out, with no irony I can detect, that “It may be hard to believe, but there are no IQ measurements of IMO participants”—page 314 of the festschrift.)

Here I shall only look at this year’s results.

And then, there is a straightforward mathematical elegance to the contest. Each of the six questions gets marked with from zero to seven points, for a possible maximum 42 points.

More than 28 points gets you a gold medal. From 22 to 28 gets you a silver; from 16 to 21 a bronze; from 7 to 15, an honorable mention (with some judges’ discretion).(Update: it’s even more meritocratic than that–see here.)

Each national team is supposed to be six members, and most are—all but 14 of this year’s 101 national teams.

The basic result table is here. You can sort the whole table on any column by clicking the column’s heading. The “Contestant” column can be re-sorted by first or last names; and it can be reduced to onlyfemales or only males.

There is the first HBD point: Of the 560 participants this year, only 56 were female. That ten percent is, according to Rindermann, historically normal. In this year’s IMO, 58 of the 101 participating countries fielded all-male teams. Among the 58: the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., China, Japan, both Koreas, Russia, and host country South Africa.

Much ink has been spilled over the reasons for this disparity. The Ron Unz column I linked to above has some interesting links of its own.

Testosterone may be a factor: the greatest female mathematician of the last century, Emmy Noether, was so high-T her male colleagues at Göttingen referred to her as “Der Noether,” using the masculine form of the definite article.

Her colleagues regarded her with awe and affection, though since they were all male, and Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany was only a dozen or so years in the past, the affection expressed itself in ways that would not be accepted nowadays. Noether did not at all conform to the standards of femininity current in that time and place—nor, it has to be said in fairness to her colleagues, any other time and place. She was stocky and plain, with thick glasses and a deep, harsh voice. She wore shapeless clothes and cropped her hair. She had a rough temper, and her lecturing style was generally described as impenetrable.

Hence all the disparaging quips, not meant unkindly at the time, that have become part of mathematical folklore. Best known is the reply by her colleague Edmund Landau, when asked if he did not agree that Noether was an instance of a great woman mathematician: “Emmy is certainly a great mathematician; but that she is a woman, I cannot swear.”

[Lady of the Rings, by me, National Review Online, April 21, 2005.]

If testosterone is necessary, though, it is not sufficient. According to the late Philippe Rushton, testosterone levels follow the Rule of Three, with blacks highest, East Asians lowest, and whites intermediate. Mathematical talent cuts the opposite way.

That’s the other big takeaway from the IMO results. Of the three participants who got the maximum 42-point score, two are Chinese. Of the 49 gold medal winners, 31 are East Asian and 18 are white European.

Down at the other end, of the 17 participants scoring no points at all, one is West Asian, two are Indios (that is, Latin American aboriginal), and the other 14 are black African.

I am told that because this was the first IMO held in Africa, black African countries tried hard to make a good showing. Yet the highest-ranked black African nation among the 101 nations participating was South Africa at #67, followed by Nigeria at #91.

And the South African team contained no blacks!

(I should say that on my own spreadsheets I normed the national scores to allow for teams of less than six. Venezuela, for instance, had only two participants, so I tripled their points.)


So far as I can discover there have been only three black African IMO medalists in recent years: Chigozie Henry Aniobe of Nigeria with a bronze in each of the last four years; Puis Aje Onah of Nigeria with a bronze in 2010 and Isaac Jean Eliel Konan of Ivory Coast with a silver that same year. (Konan is rather light-skinned, possibly a mulatto.)

It’s a poor showing for a continent that has had established universities for decades.

The orthodox explanation for this quite dramatic black underachievement at the highest levels of math is of course RACISM:Charlie deliberately keeping the black man down.

One specimen of this orthodoxy showed up two years ago in the leftist British newspaper The Guardian in response to a passing remark I had made in my infamous 2012 “Talk” column.

I had said the following thing.

There are black geniuses and black morons. There are black saints and black psychopaths. In a population of forty million, you will find almost any human type. Only at the far, far extremes of certain traits are there absences. There are, for example, no black Fields Medal winners.

This drew a column in response from black American mathematician Jonathan Farley, who asserted that:

Black mathematicians face career-retarding racism that white Fields medalists never encounter. Three stories will suffice to make this point.

[Black mathematicians: the kind of problems they wish didn’t need solving, by Jonathan Farley, The Guardian, April 12, 2012.]

He actually tells us four stories. The first two concern minor acts of discrimination against black Americans in, respectively, 1951 and 1941. The Fields Medal was first awarded in 1936, so the dates of these incidents stand 19 percent and 6 percent, respectively, along the timeline of Fields awards.

(The victim of the 1941 incident was hired as a Professor at Berkeley in 1954, and spent the last 35 years of his career happily teaching there.)

Farley’s third story is “that in 2002, after I wrote an article about Confederate remembrance, supporters of the Ku Klux Klan sent me death threats, forcing me to leave my home and my permanent job at Vanderbilt University.”[ note: When Farley said “every Confederate soldier … deserved not a hallowed resting place at the end of his days but a reservation at the end of the gallows.” in 2002, it was addressed here in by Paul Craig Roberts, Sam Francis, and James Fulford, all of whom felt that Farley was calling, retrospectively, for the execution of over a million white people.]

I’m sure we all remember what a mighty and terrifying force the KKK was in American life twelve years ago, and how hazardous it was to criticize Confederate remembrance in those dark times.

The fourth story concerns some argy-bargy at a conference in 2009, as a result of which, says Farley, “a job offer that had been previously discussed disappeared.”

With only Farley’s side of the story to go on, it’s impossible to know what happened there, but the idea that race prejudice is keeping black mathematicians out of jobs is beyond preposterous. If you believe that, you will believe, as one of Farley’s approving commentators does, that Euclid and Eratosthenes were black.

(The Guardian heads up Farley’s column with a picture of Euclid. He lived in Alexandria, see? Alexandria’s in Africa!)

As I’ve noted elsewhere, based on several conversations with mathematicians in our diversity-addled universities:

I am reliably informed that math departments fight like cats to acquire the tiny numbers of black and Hispanic doctoral recipients produced each year.

[Quarterly Potpourri, Taki’s Magazine, April 17, 2014.]

And the U.S.A. is not the world—nor was it the world in Jim Crow days. Here is the great British mathematician John Littlewood reminiscing about Cambridge University in the 1940s:

Chike Obi. He took a London B.A. from West Africa, mathematics not a subject. He wrote asking for the mathematical books he wanted to learn, including Poincaré on Celestial Mechanics, and taught himself. He managed to get accepted in Cambridge for a Ph.D. (turned down in London), and then struck a modest, but quite genuine, vein of oil (making some experts on differential equations look quite silly). He had no idea whatsoever how to write, and I had him for a year—one term I had him for 90 minutes a day every other day. (Each session began by my removing trumpet parts from the orchestration.) He had a curious belief that he could get something out of nothing by a transformation x = εy and thenusing the fact that epsilon was small. I finally said this “was a belief in ju-ju” (which went off all right, if rather daring). I also said he alternated classical off-drives with pure cow-shots, and got an understanding grin.

There was a film about this time about an intellectual negro going back to Africa and all but succumbing to a witch-doctor. The English Resident whispered in his ear when he lay in a coma “Africa needs you.” Obi was the image of the witch-doctor. (“Obi” means “witch-doctor.”)

[Littlewood’s Miscellany, p. 122 (1953).]

Politically incorrect, no doubt, but not malicious, and Cambridge was obviously hospitable to the Nigerian Obi (as, later in the 1940s, was MIT).

We should therefore be skeptical of explanations involving racism. Most claims to have been disadvantaged by racism in the past fifty years amount to nothing more than rent-seeking on the part of educated blacks.

For a better handle on the racial aspect of the IMO results, I went through the descriptions of the 560 participants assigning each to a broad racial category with no regard to the nation they are representing. My categories are: white, black (including one mulatto), West Asian (Iranian, Arab, etc.), South Asian, Indio, Mestizo, East Asian, and Austronesian (Indonesian, Polynesian, etc.)

This is an approximate art, not helped by the fact that seven participants post no photograph. There has been a fair amount of East Asian settlement into Latin American countries, so untangling Indios from East Asians is nontrivial. Thais are basically Austronesian (according to Cavalli-Sforza) but there is a big assimilated Chinese population, all using Thai names…One does one’s best.

Doing my best, I got the following breakdown:

White males 254
White females 34
East Asian males 114
East Asian females 6
West Asian males 37
West Asian females 6
Black males 34
Black females 7
South Asian males 28
South Asian females 1
Mestizo males 25
Mestizo females 2
Indio males 9
Austronesian males 3

UPDATE: See new and improved tables here.

I also wanted to get a handle on which countries are punching above their weight. Population is of course a factor here, the more so as we are operating at the far right extreme of a bell curve.


To take a very simplified model: Suppose the cutoff for participation in an IMO team is an IQ of 172 or more, and suppose all countries have mean IQ 100 and standard deviation 15. Then a country with ten million high-schoolers will have eight beyond the cutoff—just enough for a team! A country with a hundred million high-schoolers, on the other hand, will have 79 candidates, enough for some higher-level selecting.

Ignoring these niceties, just to get a rough picture I took my normed country scores and scaled them by each country’s population to get a number for IMO points score per million of population. The South Korean team, for example, scored 172 points for a population of 49 million, or 3½ points per million South Koreans.

On that basis the rankings show tiny Liechtenstein way out ahead of the pack with 3,568 points per million, followed by Luxembourg (157), Iceland (148), Macau (125), Montenegro (65), Cyprus (45), Estonia (41), Slovenia (39), Armenia (36), and Mongolia (35). Uncle Sam is at 0.6, between the Philippines and Brazil … but this method is probably unfair to big countries.

Culling off small (less than five million) and big (more than fifty million) countries and ranking the rest by IMO points per million of population, punching hardest above their weight are Singapore (29), Slovakia (22), Hong Kong (20), Israel (18), and Serbia (18) …

And while the big disparities of sex and race are hard to ignore, there are adscititious factors operating at the next level down.

Probably the most important is different national methods of training and selection. The U.S.A. team emerges from the famously grueling Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (abbreviated MOSP but known to everyone as MOP). From its website:

The combination of these [program elements] makes MOP an extraordinarily intense experience. One participant at 2007 MOP calculated that by the end of the second week members of Blue MOP had already spent more time in a classroom than most calculus classes do in a year, and by the end of the third week participants had spent 170 hours over 19 days either in class or taking practice test for an average of roughly 9 hours a day of math—and that’s before time spent doing problem sets and working on the team contest outside of class is included.

A particular secondary factor this year was temperature. Cape Town is cold at this time of year, and the IMO tests were conducted in a large unheated sports center. Not all participants were prepared for this, and there was some grumbling about it.

A modest feast for statistics geeks there, then, and some in-your-face HBD facts. Math, like sport, is coldly meritocratic: you can do the stuff at these high levels, or you can’t. (I, by the way, can’t. After wrestling with that opening question for an hour, I looked up the worked solution.)

My congratulations to the U.S. team on their placing second in the country tables: 193 points, five golds and one silver.

Next year, Thailand. I once spent July in Thailand. Trust me, cold won’t be a problem.


Describing the scoring system for the International Math Olympiad, I said:

From 7 to 15 [points gets you] an honorable mention (with some judges’ discretion)

In fact the scoring is even more straightforwardly rule-based than that. There is no judicial discretion.

Participants who do not win a medal but who score seven points on at least one problem receive an honorable mention.

That’s from Wikipedia, which I didn’t check because I don’t trust it. In this case, however, Wikipedia is supported by the data. For example: Anthony Flores of Ecuador got an Honorable Mention with scores 0-0-0-7-0-0, but Matteo Migliorini of Italy with scores 6-6-0-1-0-0 didn’t, in spite of having nearly twice Flores’ total score. Tough tetrahedra there, Matt.

I apologize for the error.


I have improved the table in my piece on the International Math Olympiad to show point and points per participant for each race.

Race Participants Points Points perparticipant
White males 254 4381 17.2
White females 34 403 11.9
East Asian males 114 2702 23.7
East Asian females 6 85 14.2
West Asian males 37 461 12.5
West Asian females 6 74 12.3
Black males 34 65 1.9
Black females 7 5 0.7
South Asian males 28 392 14.0
South Asian females 1 3 3.0
Mestizo males 25 287 11.5
Mestizo females 2 19 9.5
Indio males 9 101 11.2
Austronesian males 3 36 12.0

It can be seen that—with, of course, all due allowance for size of countries and different training regimes—East Asian males run away with the points per participant score, followed by white males, East Asian females, South Asian males, and West Asian males. Consolidating West Asians with whites, which is reasonable on phylogenetic grounds, doesn’t affect the rankings.

If you consolidate the sexes by race the points per participant rankings go:

East Asian 23.2
White 16.6
South Asian 13.6
West Asian 12.4
Austronesian 12.0
Mestizo 11.3
Indio 11.2
Black 1.7

If you consolidate the races by sex:

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: IQ 
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  1. You are now causing stereotype threat in those poor Africans. Whites don’t have to cope with the presence of your articles in the Universe, or if they do, it probably actually helps them, because Science.

  2. bgates says:

    Given a finite collection of such coins (of not necessarily different denominations)

    [1/2, 1/2]

    with total value at most 99 + ½,

    1/2 + 1/2 <= 99+1/2

    prove that it is possible to split this collection into 100 or fewer groups,

    [1/2] and [1/2] : 2 groups, 2 <=100

    such that each group has total value at most 1.

    1/2 <= 1 and 1/2 <= 1. What do I win?

  3. We all have our bugs to boo. I don’t understand the obsession with “proving” racial inferiority.

    • Replies: @FredAG
  4. Many Eastern Europeans punch above their weight and on par with some East Asian countries. Training has a non-trivial impact clearly.

    The pool of top East Asian talent is slim at the Fields Medal level. Other than Ngo Bau Chau and Terry Tao, not much there. 2014 prospects:

  5. Archie says:

    What is this article supposed to teach us?

    Nearly every contestant in the International Math Olympiad is a great deal smarter than Derbyshire. This follows from his frank admission that he could not solve even the “easiest” question from the contest.

    And Derbyshire is hardly a dummy, being the author of a book on the Riemann conjecture, an accomplished columnist and someone who built a successful career in, if I’m not mistaken, the IT field.

    Yes there are gradations even at Olympian heights, and some of the super-smart are even smarter than the others. It may be that current evidence points in the direction of a genetic component being partly responsible for the relative dearth of such “Hope diamonds” among the African population.

    So what? If 99.99% of “white” people but 99.999% of “black” people have no hope of ascending those levels of mathematical accomplishment, what difference does it make to public policy or how I conduct my life? Does it mean that fewer resources should be expended on teaching high school students in black school districts? Obviously not.

    So, again, what are we supposed to learn from your article, Mr. Derbyshire?

  6. Ben_C says:


    The almighty “International Math Olympiad”…. As this is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing, I’m guessing it’s equivalent to a Star Trek convention…or a ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ festival…

    And…ah yes, of course, the almighty “Fields Medal”…. I assume this prestigious award is comparable to the Heisman Trophy in certain ‘circles’?

    Mr. Derbshire…can you please give us the demographic breakdown of ‘Trekkies’
    and the hardcore “D&D” ‘fans’? Will this ‘breakdown’ also ‘reveal’ something ‘valuable’…does it somehow correlate with “intelligence” and/or ‘success’ in what many refer to as “real life”?

    You know…there was a time in America where it was “common knowledge” that blacks were ‘naturally’ athletically inferior to whites… This “common knowledge” seems to have changed over the years (for various reasons), but one must look back at history and wonder: was the original premise sound? I’m sure all of the ‘stats’ at the time would have supported the conclusion that blacks simply didn’t have what it took to be good athletes.. But, again, “common knowledge” seems to have completely reversed itself…in a reletivly short period of time I might add. But that’s not even the ‘end’ of the story…now ‘we’ are (still) getting star ‘white’ NBA basketball players from all over the the place….even all over the world now. ‘Whites’ from Eastern Europe (which is relatively now) and even some from Asia…East Asia even…now compete on the NBA level. How is it that all of this untapped potential was overlooked in the past, considering the all the high stakes and money involved in the NBA? How did these people from different countries, and even different races, become interested and seriously pursue a career in basketball in the first place?

    Look…I know it’s absurd to compare making it into the NBA to something as prestigious and valued by our ‘society’ as something like the almighty “International Math Olympiad”….but just please bear with me for a second on this one….

    Why is it that great skiers tend to come from communities and regions/areas where there is a culture and community that puts a high value on skiing? Also, why do they typically come from places where there is easy access to ski courses where practicing skiing is readily available and accessible…even, and particularly, to children in early ‘development’?

    Also.,,interesting…why do all of the best surfers in the world, regardless of ‘race’, typical have background–in the sense that many grew up on coastal areas where surfing is ‘big’ and accessible in their hometown communities? Is this a coincidence?

    The bottom line is that I’m just not following all the carts and rambling of this ‘piece’… Is there an actual point? Is there a conclusion? If so, can you please make it in a concise and straightforward manor? Who is Jonathan Farley, and do straw man arguments ‘prove’ anything?

    I assume you math people are/should be good as statistics and ‘probability’…so let me ask you this:

    What is the % of black people in the US vs the total US population? What is the % of whites? What is the % of US citizens interested in math to the extent they dream about competing in the almighty International Math Olympiad (IMO)? What is the % within that population who are capable of winning the almighty ” Fields Medal”…a ‘Medal’ I assume Mr. Derbshire won; otherwise this entire ‘piece’ is even more puzzling to me…

    The bottom line, as stated before, is that: ‘I just don’t ‘get it’… If there is an actual point/conclusion to all of this? If so, what is it? Please be as concise and straightforward as possible.

    Thanks…and may the force be with you…

    • Replies: @Karl
  7. Immigrant from former USSR [AKA "Florida Resident"] says:

    Top of the poll cited by “empicicist”: Manjul Bhargava,
    Bhargava’s mother, Mira Bhargava, is a mathematician at Hofstra University and his father a chemist.[2] Bhargava grew up in Long Island, New York.[3] Manjul Bhargava completed all of his high school math and computer courses by age 14.[4] He attended Plainedge High School, graduating in 1992 as the class valedictorian. He obtained his B.A. from Harvard University in 1996. For his research as an undergraduate, he was awarded the 1996 Morgan Prize. Bhargava went on to receive his doctorate from Princeton in 2001, supervised by Andrew Wiles. He was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2001-02.[5] Princeton hired him at the rank of tenured full professor within only two years of finishing graduate school, which is considered a record in the Ivy League.[6]
    Bhargava is also an accomplished tabla player, having studied under gurus such as Zakir Hussain.[7] He has also studied Sanskrit. His grandfather Purushottam Lal Bhargava is a well-known scholar of Sanskrit and ancient Indian history.
    Dear Mr. Derbyshire:
    God (or any other entity of your choice) bless you and you family in Long Island (see above) and everywhere else.
    Your F.r.

  8. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Everyone should go have a look at what Field Medalist Terrence Tao has to say about the IMO and other Math Competitions. In fact, you can google the conversations that mathematicians have among themselves about the value of Math Competions. Let me summarize the conversation:IMO…Putnam…and other Math Competions…are not elite mathematician IQ tests. There are many working, and very elite mathematicians who have made important…usefull..and profound contributions to mathematics who did not do very well on highly competitive math competitions. To Name a few:Robert Langlands..Goro Shimura…Field Medalist William Thurston…and recent Field Medalist Andrie Okounov. Okounov has written about how he was terrible at math olympiad problems. So has Goro Shimura. And Tao has made the point about how IMO and Putnam type problems have very little to with the type of problems that serious mathematicians work on.

    The problem with IMO and Putnam problems is that they are a completely devoid of mathematcal context and meaning. Think of it as a semantics-syntax split. In real mathematical research meaningfull and interesting problems come with an enormous amount of historical context that situates the problem in its proper mathematical “ecology”. A certain percentage of IMO and Putnam problems have their mathematical context disguised..the problem posers go out of their way to hide the mathematical context of these problems…the rest are just peculiar-odd problems of no importance. And yes,this has great implications for how we should think of IQ tests…tests of meaningless contextless problems given to young children.

  9. bomag [AKA "doombuggy"] says:

    So, again, what are we supposed to learn from your article, Mr. Derbyshire?

    That looking at outliers is more evidence that there are different means in the normal distributions of traits.

  10. bomag [AKA "doombuggy"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    For that matter, every test lacks some context. Higher mathematics as a field lacks a lot of context to what most people figure is “real” life.

    I’m troubled by appeals to nihilism, but I find myself going there on a regular basis.

  11. Georg says:

    have a look at the names of the 6 US contestants:
    4 of them have a east asian or southeast asian
    “sound and spell” to my ears. One is german, one is either
    german or dutch.

  12. Gilbert P says:

    “So what? If 99.99% of “white” people but 99.999% of “black” people have no hope of ascending those levels of mathematical accomplishment, what difference does it make to public policy or how I conduct my life? ”

    Um. You might want to look up ‘question begging’. Is the disparity only 0.01 percent? If not, your conclusion does not follow from your premises.

    • Replies: @Georg
  13. Gilbert P says:

    Bill blizzard,

    And so the takeaway from your comment is that so many PoC and other PoDiscrimination, flummoxed by the Olympiad problems, are just itching to help Tao with his much harder problems? If only we could harness that resource.

  14. Georg says:
    @Gilbert P

    Hello Gilbert,
    knowing that the ratio (1:10) ist relevant in such a case,
    not the difference, is basic even for Math-Contestants
    on county level.

  15. Hacienda says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    And Tao has made the point about how IMO and Putnam type problems have very little to with the type of problems that serious mathematicians work on.

    And the type of personality it takes to be successful at IMO vs serious mathematician problems.
    One is social. The kid gets to be around lots of other kids and only a small part of that time is spent solving problems. Serious math problems take long stretches of solitude adding up to years, decades.

    What causes the best IMO kids to become serious mathematicians? What “distracts” them from become one? Religion? The last two Clay winners are apparently very religious. Is that the “secret sauce”?

  16. Archie says:


    looking at outliers is more evidence that there are different means in the normal distributions of traits

    Seems a curiously roundabout way of trying to prove that point, if indeed that is what the writer set out to do.

    @Gilbert P

    LOL no, the disparity in my (wholly fictitious) comparison is an order of magnitude, not “only 0.01 percent”. As it turns out, I am not the only reader to be confused by this article. Since the writer does not seem inclined to participate in the comments section, maybe you could venture your guess at what point it is trying to make.

  17. Archie says:


    I’m afraid you did not understand the question.

    “… Given a finite collection of such coins (of not necessarily different denominations) with total value at most 99 + ½, …”

    It did not say that you get to choose your own collection (two coins each of ½ value, very funny haha). What you are being asked to prove instead is that the outcome will hold for whatever combination of coins matching the problem they throw at you.

  18. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Graph Theory has big time meaningfull application to the real world:think six degrees of separation. Group theory and graph theory(Cayley Graphs specifically)…Rubics Cube. Larger point:even if popular culture created a meaningfull context for math appreciation, certain math problems would appear peculiar-overly syntactical-meaningless..because they are..stay away from those problems.

    Peprhaps the the mathematician who posed problem six for the IMO 2014 could provide context and motivation for problem six. And the one who posed the famous grasshopper-mine hopping problem for IMO 2014 could do the same. There really ought to be a phenomenology of problem posing for the IMO. Deep math is about deep understanding of mathematical structure…not clever math syntax tricks devoid of menaingfull mathematical context.

    The mathematical genious-mystic Grothendieck was not very good at the artificial problems posed on ultra competitve math competitions. How many IMO winners came close to revolutionizing mathematical understanding they way Grothendieck did? Answer:very close to 0….. ok there is Perelman and Tao…very rare exception..not the norm..

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @Ben_C “If there is an actual point/conclusion to all of this? If so, what is it? Please be as concise and straightforward as possible. ”

    I’ll try. It’s all about the smart fraction, and what the extremes of performance tell you about whole societies.

    Should we, the West, meekly accept being shamed into accepting that we are primarily to blame for some countries (and continents) being so screwed up?

  20. @War for Blair Mountain

    Great Soviet mathematician (ethnically 1/2 Russian, 1/2 J**sh) Vladimir Igorevich Arnold has not got Fields medal due to intrigues of some particular (actually technically very strong) mathematician, whom I do not want to name. Wiki on Arnold:
    His first main result—the partial solution of Hilbert’s thirteenth problem in 1957 at the age of 19.
    I personally like very much his

    Another mathematician, Yakov Grigorievich Sinai, 78 y.o. right now, works in Princeton,
    was born two years earlier than Arnold (1937-2010).
    Both were out of age limits to get the Fields medal (must be before 40 at the moment of awarding.)
    Both got numerous other prizes.

  21. Karl says:

    There is a school of thought that the NBA is merely a branch of show-biz; this theory may possibly explain why ethnic-Hebrews run the business. The ethnic-westAfricans thow the ball around – we throw the money around.

    If it’s on TV, and it’s job is to keep the masses mesmerized/pacified long enough to sit through advertisements – we are probably running it.

    I’ll accept complaints about that when I also hear you complaining about the fact that the “Nail Salon” biz in North America has become a Vietnamese show.

  22. And Tao has made the point about how IMO and Putnam type problems have very little to with the type of problems that serious mathematicians work on.

    However Tao was the youngest ever to win a Bronze, a Silver, and a Gold Medal at the Olympiads respectively, and Noam Elkies was the youngest ever to get a perfect score (14) and became the youngest professor in Harvard’s history. Overall a dozen future Fields Medalists have won a medal at an Olympiad, and regarding the Putnam Competition ( Which I understand is even harder because it is geared to college students in the US and Canada ) has produced three Fields Medalists and two Nobel Prizes in physics ( Both Theoreticians ) Other mathematicians and physicists have excelled at the Putnam Competition who haven’t been Fellows because only 5 are awarded in each competition, barring ties, which seem to be rare, and two other future Fields Medalists got close, as well as two other future theoretical physicists who won Nobel Prizes as well.

    So the competitions aren’t as useless as you seem to imply. Yes, not all great mathematicians are found by these competitions, but some are and I think you are missing the main point of the article anyway: That aggregate performance on these tests reflects the international disparity between various racial/ethnic groups, look at the difference between East Asians and Africans and then look at their societies technical level, economic performance, and overall strength in STEM fields. Maybe there is a reason that Singapore is much richer than Zimbabwe, despite the latter’s far greater natural resources.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Occidentalist/Chuck/John Fuerst didn’t “demolish” anything.

    He resorted to censorship after he was soundly defeated in the comments section of his own blog. (Wh-wh-wha? An HBDer/hereditarian resorting to censorship when he loses a debate? Color my shocked!)

    His initial arguments were basically:

    1) Age-heaping data, which has absolutely nothing to do with the IMO results, and which he cherry-picked to suit his prejudices. Age heaping does NOT reflect an intelligence/IQ gap. The authors of the paper he cited never suggest that.

    Here’s what they DO say in “On the human capital of Inca Indios before and after the Spanish conquest: Was there a “pre-colonial legacy”?”

    The Inca culture had a comparatively advanced social system for the 16th century. The Inca Indios were great architects and developed an admirable sophistication in advanced agriculture (Klein, 2011). But while some advanced cultures in the world were characterized by a relatively broad participation of middle and sometimes even lower classes, other advanced cultures were mainly based on a thin upper class and a large quantity of uneducated people. We will argue in the following that the Inca culture was more of the latter type, with an extremely high educational inequality.

    The majority of the population received a very modest education under the Inca Empire, while the small ruling Inca caste and those who dominated the military and the religious sectors would receive training by the amautas (wise people) in order to be prepared for their future positions in the administration of the government or as priests. They were trained in different disciplines according to their future profession, which was most often hereditary, like military competence, religious rites or basic mathematics (Julien, 1998). Though it was the common people who were in charge of moving earth and stones in order to build the irrigation systems, the massive stone buildings, fortress temples and the rest of the impressive architectural and engineering marvels for which the Inca Empire is known, the state would not provide education to them.

    Nevertheless, it is interesting that the Ecuador Indio values were the highest, because the Indio collaboration with the Spanish conquerors was concentrated in the region that later became Ecuador.34 This was the area of the Cañari Indios, some of the most decided collaborators of the Spanish. The high levels of numeracy of the Cañari could have been a positive consequence for them of the Spanish rule, which might have implications for the colonial legacy.

    In the Lima census of 1613, those were explicitly identified as Cañaris, because belonging to this tribe was associated with a privileged position. In fact, it seems that this group of Indios was exempt from tribute and the mita as a reward for their help during the Indio’s siege of Cuzco in 1536 (Cook, 1981, p. 83; Livi Bacci, 2008, p. 162). It is not astonishing that they could provide somewhat better education to their children than the Peruvian Indios, or the Southern Indios, which we indicated with the label “Chile/Bolivia/Argentina” (most of them were born in what is today Chile). 35

    The numeracy of white Peruvian household heads that we obtained from the 1700 census of Lima was situated in the middle between Peruvian Indios and Iberians in the 17th century. In contrast, the relatively few mulattos and blacks in Lima during this period reported only rounded ages. As a caveat, we should note that it might have been possible that census enumerators did not even bother asking them, as they did not expect a true age statement. The temporary increase of Indio numeracy during the late 16th century, even if it might have been partly caused by selectivity that we could not capture in our adjustment regressions above, also proves that Indios were not generally unable to reach numeracy levels which were comparable to Spanish or Portuguese levels during the 16th century. There was no cultural or perhaps even genetic hurdle which would have kept them from developing substantial age numeracy, if the educational level and other context parameters would have been sufficient.

    For the late 17th century, we have the first evidence for China, which had a very high numeracy. During the early 19th century crisis of China, its numeracy fell back below the European Northwest (see also Gupta and Ma, 2010; pp. 274-275).3

    Even more troubling for someone who wants to use age heaping as an “intelligence” proxy is that, according to the data, a major European country like Russia barely scores better than Mexico. Furthermore, countries like Serbia, Armenia, and Turkey have abysmal “numeracy” levels, with the latter two falling well below the Latin American countries. If you’re going to argue that numeracy via age heaping is a sound proxy for IQ, then you have to admit that Russia and Mexico have roughly the same average intelligence, that China got dumber than NW Europe during the 19th century, and that Serbians and Armenians are really really dumb. Whatever is being measured, it’s highly fluid.

    2) PISA scores. But PISA scores between nations are NOT measurement invariant, despite what some hereditarians claim.

    We estimated the invariance of educational achievement (EA) and learning attitudes (LA) measures across nations. A multi-group confirmatory factor analysis was used to estimate the invariance of educational achievement and learning attitudes across 55 nations (Programme for International Student Assessment [PISA] 2006 data, N = 354,203). The constructs had the same meaning (factor loadings) but different scales (intercepts). Our conclusion is that comparisons of the relationships between educational achievement and learning attitudes across countries need to take into consideration two sources of variability: individual differences of students and group differences of educational systems. The lack of scalar invariance in EA and LA measures means that the relationships between EA and LA may have a different meaning at the level of nations and at the student level within countries. In other words, as PISA measures are not invariant in scalar sense, the comparisons across countries with nationally aggregated scores are not justified. (Contains 2 figures and 5 tables.)

    So using them as a proxy for national IQs is wrong and misleading. And looking at PISA scores by nation yields lots of bizarre results anyway: why does Mexico outscore Argentina, for example?

    3) His risible attempts to claim that clearly non-White looking kids looked “more Spanish than average.” He also deliberately left out a few of the faces in order to get his desired ratio, which further proves just how irrational and dishonest he is. The motivated reasoning on his part is obvious.

    4) The tendentious Rindermann study. But as was pointed out, many countries have significantly improved their performance over the last decade once they started to seriously recruit and train their talent. Rindermann’s study doesn’t capture or even pay attention to that kind of variation. Even a wealthy European nation like the Netherlands has managed to drastically improve its IMO performance by devoting more resources to its team:

    So just because a country performs poorly now doesn’t mean they will continue performing poorly in the future.

    5) It was also pointed out that self-reported ancestry is not all that reliable in the context of Latin America, since upwardly mobile Indios will often identify as Mestizos and upwardly mobile Mestizos will try to pass themselves off as White.

    6) After those arguments fell apart, Occidentalist/Chuck/John Fuerst had one weapon left in his arsenal: censorship. All of the information listed above was posted in the comments section by “Curzio”, but those comments were edited/deleted to make it look like Occidentalist had won the debate.

    That’s why it’s so funny when he and other HBD con artists cry about “censorship” of their views and pretend to be modern Galileos. Whenever contradictory evidence surfaces, they suppress it, distort it, or block it out of their minds so that their worldview is intact. Seeing the egregiously dishonest tactics employed by Occidentalist did much to reveal what mean-spirited and vile lowlifes he and the people (coughDerbyshirecough) who promote his work are.

    I mean, what kind of human sewage resorts to outright lies and censorship in order to kick down and belittle the accomplishments of innocent children. Have you no shame?

    At the very least, they should quit claiming that they’re men of science involved in a disinterested quest for the truth. They’re not. They’re the extreme right-wing versions of Stephen Jay Gould. They’re narrow-minded and irrational bigots who want their prejudices and gut feelings confirmed.

  24. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @Unladen Swallow

    If you want to know what the real point is…it is this:the number one issue facing the Historic Native Born White American Majority is an immigration policy whose open intent is to bring about racial minority status for the Historic Native Born White American Majority as rapidly as possible. And all this obsession by HBD enthusiast for PISA scores and IQ test scores is to make the case for importing Asians instead of Hispanics…so that local and national race-replacement done importing Asians with high IQ test scores. In other words Native Born White Americans have to be race-replaced across the US by “more intelligent” Asian legal immigrants…who will in turn, never in a million years, make any case for replacing themselves as the new overlords of America. It will be Asian “American” National Origins Immigration policy full speed ahead.

    The Historic Native Born White American Majority managed to survive very well post 1945-1973 when hardly any Asian Legal Immigrants were imported into the US…how well? Native Born White America managed to put 12 alpha Native Born White American Males with advanced engineering degrees on the Moon. This upset the legal Asian immigrants so much that the small number of them back in the late sixites decided that as the Asian population grew explosively and acquired vast wealth it will be time to buy and own every member of the “US” Congress to make sure this never happens again. There is a very simple equation and it goes like this:Asian Legal immigrants=the mass deskilling of The Historic Native Born White American Population. And this should very much be considered in the realm of genocide for that’s exactly how the Chinese and Hindus in India would view it if the situation was in reverse.

    • Replies: @Asian
  25. slimer says:

    I like how Derbyshire ignores the dismal academic performance of poor white pupils in England, and the fact that his home country lacks a substantial achievement gap between blacks and whites. See:

    GCSE pass rates by ethnicity

    British whites least likely to go to college

    Big Chuck even admits that UK data pokes holes in HBD

    Furthermore, in the U.S.,there’s an IQ gap between Massachusetts and Alabama whites that rivals the IQ gap between U.S. blacks and whites:

    Why do HBD proponents ignore this data?

    Why have so few (if any) white WOMEN won fields metals? This observation is far more interesting than the dearth of black fields medalists given that white women and men share the same environment. Mus’ be teh jeanz!

    • Replies: @Curle
  26. My one gripe is Affirmative action for blacks and so called Hispanics. Why is there discrimination against white people in the USA?
    If you deny HBD then write to your congress people to abolish the hated Affirmative action.
    I cannot believe that in this day and age there are still some that think “we are all born equal”.
    It is a mathematical and biological impossibility to be “all born equal”, you might as well believe in magic.

  27. Wyrd says:

    I like how egalitarians drop evolution like a hot potato and embrace creationism when it comes to humans.

  28. Asian says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    An vast Asian conspiracy when they lack political power and is full of internal divisions without united identity?

    It is far more likely that some white and jewish elites figures that importing high IQ asians makes them money by depressing middle class white wages and provides them a pool of high-IQ pre-feminism females to steal from the lower status immigrant asian males. Everyone knows that asian males are less attractive and have very few children, they are hardly the great white race killer.

    We’ll see if that lobby wins in the end

  29. @Archie

    We should learn all we can about the world in all its intricacy, without fear. There are teams of researchers studying the chemical composition of gnats living in the fur of bats (or equally obscure topics) . We should certainly be open to learning about human biodiversity, in all its aspects. You do not need to be interested personally, but it is fundamentally wrong when knowledge is deliberately suppressed.

  30. Archie says:

    @peter johnson

    Who is suppressing what knowledge??

    The data from the International Math Olympiad are freely available online. Nothing is being suppressed as far as I can tell.

    The onus is on Mr. Derbyshire to tell us what this article is supposed to teach us. A few of his supporters have tried, but failed miserably.

    I am still waiting to be told.

    • Replies: @peter johnson
  31. @Archie

    It teaches us that there are very large differences in the probability distribution of intelligence across races, as reflected in these upper-tail outcomes. This is a near-revolutionary finding for the conventional wisdom, and is explicitly ruled out by US laws and regulations, which rely on the assumption that all differences in intelligence-related outcomes across races are due to biased tests. The article provides important evidence which deserves careful study and understanding.

    • Replies: @Archie
  32. Archie says:
    @peter johnson

    I will try again…

    @peter johnson

    No, what the IMO scores say is that hyper-intelligent (or at least, extremely mathematically gifted) people are found everywhere, in Asia, Europe, Africa, and every other place on Earth. Every IMO contestant, or nearly everyone (17 out of 560 contestants scored zero points), is way above the 99th percentile IQ-wise. Even some of the zero-points kids will be back next year and do better.

    However, there are fewer medalists (the even more hyper-intelligent among the hypers) coming from the ranks of African contestants. Big deal. What does it prove? Perhaps their training and coaching was inferior, perhaps their pool of candidates was artificially shrunk by poor nutrition having had a detrimental effect on development of many of their young.

    Perhaps, too, the Gaussian distribution of Africans is shifted “to the left”, due to the differential distribution of certain gene variants in their genomes. I am open to that possibility. A great deal more research would be required before one can state it as a fact.

    Drawing conclusions from the top 0.001 percent of a population — any population — about the remaining 99.99 percent is not a credible exercise.

    If you want to oppose “affirmative action” or other racial preferences on moral grounds, you have all the ammunition required. Equality of opportunity does not have to mean equality of outcomes.

    However, concluding from unequal outcomes that opportunities need not be equal would be wrong — an example of the worst of “scientific” racism. Finally, your suggestion that certain scientific insights are illegal is simply laughable.

    • Replies: @peter johnson
  33. @Archie

    Disparate impact case law holds that prima facie an unequal outcome must be due to a biased test. But if we look uncompromisingly at the accumulating scientific evidence, unequal outcomes also arise from genetic differences. This wealth of scientific evidence has been 100% excluded from US case law.

  34. Curle says:

    Your angle regarding Britain was addressed here (see the comments):

    Here’s a particularly interesting observation from a commenter. GSCEs vary by the type of school, particularly with regard to that portion of the test that is either g-loaded or not.

    GCSE scores are designed to disguise ability levels and raw scores mean nothing unless you know whether they relate to academic or vocational subjects. Look instead at rates of admission to grammar schools, state funded schools which only admit students resident in their catchment areas who score in the top quartile of a g-loaded aptitude test at the age of 11 or 12. There are some figures for 2007 in table A3.6 of this report from the Department of Education:

    In brief

    Percentage of state school population

    White 83.0
    Mixed 2.8
    Asian 7.0 (Asian = Indian subcontinent)
    Black 3.8
    Chinese 0.4
    Other 2.0

    Percentage of grammar school population

    White 80.8
    Mixed 3.3
    Asian 9.9
    Black 1.6
    Chinese 1.5
    Other 3.0

    With regard to your comparison of whites in Ala. and Mass. It is becoming clearer each year as DNA samples of whites are collected in the Southern Highlands that the gene pool of the South, at least the Southern Highlands (where many of the white population originated, at least temporarily) is much more admixed with former Spanish Empire peoples, Middle Easterners and Mediterraneans. . The differences you note between the two ‘white’ groups is not inconsistent with European northern and southern differences.

  35. slimer says:

    @ Curle

    Steve Sailer’s “brain-drain” argument doesn’t hold up against the fact that high percentages of black pupils in the UK are eligible for free meals (25% of Black Caribbeans and 30% of Black Africans, This is inconsistent with a selective immigration policy, which would grant citizenship primarily to well-to-do blacks.

    As far as g-loading goes, Chuck addresses that issue on his blog as well. You’re welcome to read those posts!

    Additionally, what should one make of the fact that black British are overrepresented in stem related majors?(see chart on page six: )

    Blacks aren’t even 5% of the UK’s population, yet black Africans and Caribbeans make up 23% and 7% of UK stem related majors.

    With regards to your claim that southern whites are “much more admixed…” I’d say that such small amounts of non-Euro ancestry are unlikely to cause an IQ gap as large (19 points is very large) as the one between Massachusetts and Alabama whites. This is most likely a result of environmental differences.

    Lastly, I’m willing to bet that, when environment is accounted for, the IQ distribution among blacks is substantially larger than the IQ distribution among whites or asians, since the latter groups represent a tiny, tiny fraction of African variation. It may be that blacks produce disproportionate numbers of extremely smart individuals, and extremely stupid individuals. I highly suspect that this is true, lack of proof notwithstanding, and I look forward to the discovery of these “intelligence genes” as much as HBD proponents do.

    Sorry it hurts your feelings, but the truth is the truth.

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @gcochran
  36. Slimer says:

    Correction: 23% and 7% of minority stem related majors, page 1.
    Point is still valid though.

  37. Slimer says:

    Black Africans are overrepresented in SET compared to white UK population:

    Is this more “evidence” Peter? While black Caribbeans in the UK are slightly underrepresented in SET/STEM the UK’s black population as a whole seems to fare pretty well. Derbyshire should read up on this stuff. But that would upset his worldview. And yours. I understand. TTYL 🙂

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @Curle
  38. Curle says:

    As per the earlier comment regarding separating vocational from higher academic work, the link you provide above regarding SET is a reference to jobs in both vocational and higher ed. Working in a pharmaceutical plant helping maintain a production line machine may seem like a STEM degree to you, but that isn’t what most folks consider STEM and not the kind of STEM that Derbyshire speaks of. And, it gets back to the matter you glossed over before. Your earlier link was also to categories that combined some higher ed with vocational.

    By contrast, the Oxbridge colleges are the most competitive in the UK. In those schools blacks are wildly under-represented.

    “The most selective universities argue that poor attainment at school level narrows the pool from which candidates can be drawn. But black candidates are more likely to apply to elite universities.”

    To summarize, you claim that blacks are outperforming whites in the UK and provide as evidence links to programs that are not singlularly higher ed, but heavily vocational. In other words, for some reason, whites are just keeping slightly ahead of blacks in the lower ranks of the education hierarchy (vocational schools). At the highest ranks of the education hierarchy, Oxbridge, blacks don’t appear in any appreciable numbers at all.

  39. Curle says:


    The reason we have such a disparity in apparent ‘evidence’ between the supposed success of blacks in the UK in STEM (as reported here by Slimer) and the fact that blacks are disproportionately under-represented at the higher levels of academia in the UK lies with confusion over what constitutes STEM. Slimer is making the error of assuming that STEM refers to BS or higher degrees thus indicating that blacks are making inroads in the UK in higher ed and thus providing evidence of black parity with whites in that country on IQ. While at the same time we have the following highly reported “one black student at Oxford” comment/kerfuffle. Which is it, massive black performance at the highest levels or no blacks at the highest levels?

    The following helps answer the question:

    “Half of all STEM jobs are available to workers without a four-year college degree, and
    these jobs pay $53,000 on average—a wage 10 percent higher than jobs with similar
    educational requirements. Half of all STEM jobs are in manufacturing, health care, or con-
    struction industries. Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations constitute 12 percent of
    all STEM jobs, one of the largest occupational categories. Other blue-collar or technical jobs in
    fields such as construction and production also frequently demand STEM knowledge.” . In other words, even if college graduates or the cognitive elite when they think of STEM think of engineering and math degrees, the various governments of this world, including ours, are referring to a category that includes many lesser strata of worker and worker training. Including construction and HVAC it would appear.

    So it appears from the evidence that blacks in the UK are doing well in some sort of field that is now referred to as STEM but might be referring to construction or some other traditional blue collar position.

  40. Curle says:

    Addendum #2 re: Slimer,

    In addition to his errors concerning what does and what doesn’t constitute STEM, he also has this to offer:

    “With regards to your claim that southern whites are “much more admixed…” I’d say that such small amounts of non-Euro ancestry are unlikely to cause an IQ gap as large (19 points is very large) as the one between Massachusetts and Alabama whites. ”

    Of course, I referenced Mediterraneans which includes Italians and Spaniards, and as you can see from this map Mediterranean peoples have an IQ gap with Germans and British that approximates the Mass. and Ala. gap.

    Why Slimer imagines Mediterraneans to be non-euro is a bit of a mystery. Why he imagines he knows the proportion of Mediterranean or North African DNA in the Southern gene pool is a further mystery given that the Spanish and French controlled the region for nearly 150 yrs or more prior to the exercise of British control. See Regardless, as was noted in comments to the website you link to, the Mad Biologist, the Black-White gap is consistent in either Mass. or Ala. leaving the possibility that each group represents a distributional low for each group. It is entirely possible that leaving the South for the more profitable environs of Mass. would constitute a self-selector for intelligence thus producing the same black-white gap seen elsewhere but at a higher level for both groups. I happen to know a fellow who had the highest SAT in his Southern state for his year and ended up living first in Mass. and later in NYC working on Wall Street. He said that NYC was full of expat southern smart kids like him.

    • Replies: @gcochran
  41. @Archie

    “What is this article supposed to teach us?”

    I felt the same thing when I read “Paradise Lost”. If I’m not even ever going to meet this guy Satan, why should I care about, like, a bunch of *things* that happened to him?

    • Replies: @Archie
  42. gcochran says:

    “admixed with former Spanish Empire peoples, Middle Easterners and Mediterraneans”

    Not the case.

    • Replies: @Curle
  43. Curle says:


    I guess this guy’s off base?

    BTW – My parents are both from the Southern Highlands. First families of TN and all that. Been there since before the Cherokee wars and they’ve remained in close proximity to the current Eastern Band of Cherokee reservation living in small endogamous communities in Southern VA and later E. TN since soon after the War of 1755. They’ve claimed exclusive British heritage with some ‘black dutch.’ They’ve never really looked British (such was my observation upon visiting the UK several times — I expected to see people who looked like my father’s family and didn’t) possessing dominant dark features and not appearing Irish. Most appear more Iberian or Mediterranean than they do Irish, British or Scottish. My father’s dominant mitochondrial line came back W which is rare (or so says the internet) and apparently most present in Iberia and the Mediterranean (though also Finland). Oddly, I’ve been told that numerous Cherokee are also receiving similar results including results producing none of the Asiatic markers considered proof of NA heritage.

    My earlier comment is based on claims made by Mr. Yates above of DNA Consultants who claims to have found a significant presence of Iberian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean DNA in the Southern Highlands gene pool.

  44. FredAG says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Ordinarily it wouldn’t matter a fig. But now consider that your lords and masters wish to import millions of high-school dropouts from the jungles of central america.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That differences in academic outcomes between races are due to inherent racial differences and not due to the evil white man. Clear enough?

  46. Bliss says:

    The blogger Occidentalist demolished Fred here

    I went there and the only demolishment I saw was of the blogger Occidentalist.

    The best point was pointing out that Peru outperforms Spain.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  47. Bliss says:

    Cuba, Colombia and Mexico do much better than Spain as well. Spain has yet to win a gold medal.

  48. Bliss says:

    Testosterone may be a factor…….If testosterone is necessary, though, it is not sufficient. According to the late Philippe Rushton, testosterone levels follow the Rule of Three, with blacks highest, East Asians lowest, and whites intermediate. Mathematical talent cuts the opposite way.

    So you didn’t really have a point after all. Then why make it in the first place only to contradict yourself in the end?

    If testosterone is a factor why do math nerds of all races tend to look and act like they have low testosterone? You gave one exception to the rule and made a big deal out of it. There are other exceptions as well but the overwhelming trend is in the low testosterone direction.

  49. Bliss says:

    Race And The Intel Science Talent Search 2014

    Take a look at the 40 semifinalists of this year’s Intel STS:

    I count 16 south asians, 13 east asians, and 11 whites.

    Of the whites 5 are western euros, 3 eastern euros, 2 ashkenazi jews, 1 ambiguous med type.

    15 of the finalists are girls. So again we see that non-white girls outnumber white boys at the elite levels, here in applied science.

    By the way, the grand prize winner was a chinese american..

    • Replies: @Bliss
    , @map
  50. Bliss says:

    There are 7 white boys and 11 asian girls among the 40 semifinalists, even though asian females are only ~2.5% of the general population compared to ~33% for white males. Probably their proportions in high school are a bit different. But it is safe to assume that there must be at least 10 white boys for each asian girl in the high schools of America. So asian girls beating white boys by such a healthy margin despite being outnumbered 10 to 1 is truly remarkable.

    What do HBDers make of this?

  51. Bliss says:

    Finalists, not semifinalists. Mea Culpa.

    What we see here, as we saw in the non-hispanic non-jewish white enrollment in Caltech, is that Unz’s finding of the collapse in jewish academic achievement applies to white gentiles as well. Much more so.

    For jews still perform at more than twice their proportion while white gentiles underperform at way less than half theirs.

  52. map says:

    All of these science projects are done by parents, not the students. That goes for the Westinghouse award as well.

    Again, Asian cheating at its best.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  53. Bliss says:

    Do the parents take the their PSATs and SATs as well? Do the parents solve the questions in the Math, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Olympiads?

    Why do you think asians are heavily over-represented in the STEM workforce?

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Very interesting.

  55. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fields medals come every 4 years, are dependent on nominations, and have much subjectivity in them. Basing current beliefs on potential achievements of ethnicitieson past Nobel and fields winners is ridiculous; especially when the world was less globalize do and all power strucures were in the hands of whites (or in academia, Jews as well). The changes will come in the near future. And for the record, the last time the fields wee awarded, only one was “white”. One was Brazilian of mixed ancestry (Portuguese and native with a bit of African- I have met him). One was east Indian raised in the USA, the other an Iranian woman born and raised in Iran. Based on current I I results…I don’t see many whites winning in 20 to 30 years time; especially if a more objective manner in selecting fields medals becomes the case.

  56. Just like Nobel prize,Bengali Kulin Brahmins are leading in Math Olympiad and scientific inventions in the world.

    Kolkatas Kulin Brahmin have won 3 Nobel and also Sir U.N Brahmachari who miseed out medicine Nobel with about 50K population-best in the world per capita,New York Jews comes distant second with 39 Nobel with 1.75 Million population.

    In Math Olympiad Bengali Brahmin males have highest score in the world per contestant-above 30.

    Ankan Bhattacharya who won 2 Gold representing US in IMO 2016-17 is a Kulin Brahmin.Agnijo Banerjee who won Gold with perfect score 42 representing UK is a Kulin Brahmin.Debdyuti Banerjee from West Bengal won gold and bronze.

    And myself Maharaj is the world record holder of only person in history to win gold medal in IMO then go past 300 patents application-a feat achived nobody else in the world.And I am only 32 years now.

    In patents per Million population Bengali Kulin Brahmin are 200000-500000 times more superior than Whites.For exmple in USA average patents per million population is 871.

    Bengali Kulin Brahmins have over 2000 inventors with just 5000 population.Which means if every inventors filing even just 1 patent every year,that means we have over 2000 patents per 5K population.Do the math-if we have 1 Million population then we would have filed minimum of 400000 patents.

    Do the math 871 VS 400000-we are that much superior than whites.

    For example Bengali Kulin Brahmins will have minimum 7-8 inventors with more than 200 granted patents.This number is higher than entire UK,Sweden,Switzerland,Russia,France,Hungary,Belgium,Norway and majority of Europe.

    And Bengali Kulin Brahmins are just above 200-300K in entire world.

    So this Tiny Kulin Brahmins have more prolific inventors than almost entire Europe whose population is over 75 Crores.

    Now you say who are really superior race & superior Masters-And Bengali Kulin Brahmin Average IQ is over 125.Europe and American average IQ is 90-100 because majority of Whites are high school drop out working class and we have 100 percent college degree in Bengal.

  57. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Note that “Masmould Nader” (who now goes by Nader Masmoudi) of Tunisia won a gold medal at the IMO (albeit in 1992, when it was less competitive than it is now). Of course, Tunisians are ethnically distinct from sub-Saharan Africans, but just thought it was an interesting note, as he is one of two IMO Gold Medalists ever to compete under a country in Africa (the other being white South African Bruce Merry).

  58. IMO score per participant:

    European males are doing around 15 points per participants

    While Bengali Brahmin males who have participated from UK & USA are scoring 34.25 per participants.

    Ankan Bhattacharya toether have scored 29,26(Abs 41,30);Agnijo Banerjee has scored perfect 42 in 2018 & M.Mukherjee 40.There is another guy Krishanu Roy Shankar(Who may/may not be Bengali Brahmin as Roy surname belongs to different castes) has scored 32 in 2008 with Abs score even higher.

    So The Average score of first four contestants is 34.25;i.e more than twice than European whites/Jews who have low Average IQ’s between 90-95 and very low college degrees between 20%-26%.

    Now from West Bengal several Bengali Brahmins have won silver medals such as Amit Chakrabarti in 1993,Anubhab Ghoshal in 2019,Sutanay Bhattacharya in 2016-17(Bronze & silver)and Satyaki Mukherjee Bronze medal while Debdyuti Banerjee has secured Bronze & gold in 2011-12.

    Now even though Bengali Brahmins have 100% bachelor degree since 1980’s in West Bengal,we don’t have any independent country as we are living in mass illiterate shit hole India.Had we got our own independent country then these Bronze and silver medals would have been all gold medals in West Bengal.So the Average of Bengali Brahmins in West Bengal is some where around 20-25 points per participants,but when you look our performance in UK/USA and add both scores then average becomes somewhere around ~30+ per participant.

    And we don’t give a crap about Nobel prize/Field medal/Turing prize as it’s coming from illiterate porn//drug stars of Europe/Canada whose college degrees were less than 1 percent when Nobel,Field’s medal started.But there is an You tube video of IMO gold medal winners by countries
    where you will see Soviet Union/Russia along with small European countries like Romania,Hungary,Bulgaria etc are doing very well compared to other European countries in terms of total gold medals winners.So it’s not about race,but more about Mathematics culture which enhance performance of IMO contestants.While you look at USA,majority of their IMO medal winners are Han Chinese or South Asian minority castes.So even among western world there are vast disparities in IMO culture or intellect.

    And regarding Mathematics we can brag no modern science,inventions,mathematicsics would have been possible without invention of zero,decimal system and discovery of solar system,astronomy which a Bengali Brahmin Aryabhata(Arya Bhattacharya of today) invented by 499 AD and published 2 books in Sanskrit language when Europe was in dark ice age.

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