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Place Your Bets! Jim Crow, Jim Snow—or Murraytopia?
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Earlier, by Paul Gottfried: Did Pre-MLK America Really Need Redemption?

I’m going to offer for your consideration what Winston Churchill would have called a naughty question. Here’s my naughty question: Is Jim Snow worse than Jim Crow?

I need to define terms here. For 245 years this country of ours has lived more or less uncomfortably with the fact that a big minority of its population is black while the rest, the majority, isn’t. The size of the minority has dwindled some since Independence, when we were 16 percent black; today it’s 13 percent.

You can break that 245 years into three segments, marked off by two significant events: the end of the Civil War in 1865, and then the Civil Rights revolution, for which the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a convenient marker. That gives you 89 years of slavery, 99 years of Jim Crow, and 57 years of Jim Snow.

Those latter two segments are what I’m comparing: Jim Crow, when blacks were under legal disabilities in some states and social disabilities most everywhere, and Jim Snow, when blacks enjoy preferences and favoritism, “racism” is a sin of well-nigh religious gravity, and a white person who expresses negativity towards blacks is excluded from polite society and social media.

When asking “Is Jim Snow worse than Jim Crow?” I also need to define “worse.” Worse how? Worse for whom? I’ll answer both together with just: worse for our country. Is the U.S.A. more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier under Jim Snow than it was under Jim Crow?

Even with those definitions spelled out, I still don’t really have a question you can get to grips with. Those 99 years of Jim Crow covered a lot of social change. Jim Crow 1890, Jim Crow 1920, and Jim Crow 1950 were very different Americas. Take lynchings, for instance. The numbers for those three years were 96, 61—and two [Lynching Statistics by Year And Race, UMKC School of Law ].

It was the Jim Crow of the 1950s that the Civil Rights activists wanted to reform, though: a country pretty much like today’s, with widespread prosperity, a welfare state, modern media and communications, and so on; an all well within living memory.

So here’s my naughty question more precisely phrased: With the race issue in mind, is the Jim Snow America of 2021 more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier than the Jim Crow America of 1950?

I’m looking for a balance sheet of pros and cons. There is, for example, racial unfairness in both countries. Under 1950 Jim Crow a less capable white person might get hired over a more capable black because the boss didn’t want blacks around. Under 2021 Jim Snow a less capable black person might get hired over a more capable white because the company fears discrimination lawsuits if they don’t hire enough blacks.

Those are different unfairnesses, but they’re both unfair to the guy who didn’t get hired.

Or take the matter of ordinary everyday human dignity. For sure there were offenses against dignity in Jim Crow America, when an adult black man had to put up with being called “boy.” But then, in Jim Snow America adult white people will lose their jobs if they don’t sit quiet and obedient through a company-sponsored seminar about how evil and oppressive they are and how ashamed of their ancestors they should be.

So, just as with unfairness, there are indignities on both sides of the balance sheet.

Likewise with safety. Take homicide as the extreme. In 1950 whites sometimes killed blacks and vice versa; same today. What are the numbers? How does the balance sheet work out?

And then, harmony. You’ve been reading a lot in recent months about the demonization of whiteness: negativity towards whites in schools, colleges, and corporations. Was there something balancing in 1950s Jim Crow America? Was there negative propaganda demonizing blackness? I suppose there was some; but again, what does the balance sheet look like?

So there’s my naughty question. I leave it with you to discuss among yourselves. I have some guesses I could offer; but as an old math major, I’d like to see the answer in good quantitative form.

Perhaps one of our universities could assign it as a research project in the social sciences…

I know I’ve already sent some readers to the fainting couch. For goodness sake, Derb, don’t you know that Jim Crow America in 1950 was a hell on earth for blacks? It was like North Korea for them! They tiptoed around in terror of saying the wrong word or looking the wrong way at someone! Any one of them, at any time, could have the door of his cabin kicked down in the middle of the night and be dragged off to be lynched! Haven’t you heard of Emmett Till?

Sure, I know the common Narrative. It’s what I call “The Romance of American Blackness”. I use the definition of the word “romantic” given in Webster’s Third:

…marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of the heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized characteristics of things, places, people.

We love a romance, all of us do. That’s why there has always been myth and legend. That’s why there are novels, plays, and movies. Apart from the simple emotional pleasures of romance, it spares us the mental effort of extracting an accurate picture of reality from the buzzing clouds of information that assault our senses.

For example, I mentioned lynching back there. Here once again are the numbers of Americans lynched for 1890, 1920, and 1950: 96, 61, and two. Of those numbers, how many were not black?

A great many people would be baffled to be asked that. Why, they were all black, weren’t they? Wasn’t that what lynching was all about, whites killing blacks?

Actually, no. In those three years, the numbers of whites lynched were 11, 8, and 1. In percentages: 11, 13, and 50.

No, I didn’t cherry-pick; those were normal numbers for the Jim Crow years. And yes, that’s still a lot more blacks than whites; but blacks have had high levels of violent criminality for as long as we’ve kept records. So given that lynchees were lynched for something they were believed to have done, and surely in many cases had done, there was bound to be racial imbalance.

The closer you look, the more the lynching Narrative collapses. Keven McQueen, in his book Gothic and Strange True Tales of the South, lists numerous counter-narrative lynchings. In Clarksville, Tennessee in 1914 a white man who’d raped a black woman was hanged by a black mob. (“The coroner’s jury decided it was a justifiable homicide and freed the black lynchers.”)

Blacks sometimes lynched blacks. As late as 1948 in Savannah, Georgia, police had to rescue a black man, Frank Mack, from a black mob who were on the point of lynching him for robbing and beating a popular white pharmacist.

Perhaps most counter-Narrative of all: In Columbia, Louisiana, 1891, a white mob lynched a white man for having “shot an elderly black woman named Hager Sterling to death.”


The Romance of American Blackness is just that, a romance. It wasn’t reality. Reality was black and white people living out ordinary lives of work and love in a society that had some customary unfairness and indignity built in, and that was very occasionally blighted by acts of criminal brutality—just like Jim Snow America.

Reality was what you hear if you talk to whites and blacks who grew up under Jim Crow, or if you read memoirs like Little Richard’s story of growing up in Georgia in the ‘30s. Reality was the old lady who grew up poor white in Alabama, who I met twenty years ago when she was custodian of the Hank Williams birthplace in Georgiana, AL. I asked her about race in Jim Crow Alabama. Quote:

We didn’t mix much. Our schools were separate, of course. Not that different, though, that I could see. Their school had a teacher; our school had a teacher. They had a stove; we had a stove.

“They had a stove; we had a stove.” That’s ordinary life. It’s ordinary: sometimes unfair, occasionally cruel, but hardly ever romantic. That’s reality.

The problem is, reality isn’t anything like as popular as romance.

Charles Murray’s latest book has the title Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. I gave it a brief review in my May Diary. Steve did a much more penetrating full review at Taki’s Magazine; and geneticist Razib Khan has just posted an even fuller review over at [Charles Murray’s ‘Facing Reality’—A Review, July 29, 2021].

Razib, who is a friend of Murray’s (and an occasional acquaintance of mine) struggles not very successfully to keep from sinking into despair:

Those already familiar with the data on racial differences in cognitive tests and crime rates, and therefore predisposed to take Murray’s book seriously, will most likely give up on engagement due to intellectual exhaustion with today’s punitive and spiteful political climate. And those who might benefit from Murray’s book will not read it because it was written by someone who transmits ritual pollution to all those who acknowledge him.

Executive summary: Nobody’s much interested in reality. People in the generality prefer romance. When reality shows its face, in a news story for example, we process it through a romantic filter.

Case in point: Tony Timpa. Ever heard of him? Probably not. Tony Timpa was a guy who died in 2016 while resisting arrest in Dallas, Texas. One of the restraining officers used his knee to pin Timpa face down for 13 minutes waiting for paramedics to arrive. There’s bodycam footage on YouTube if you’d like to watch it.

Tony Timpa died while under that knee restraint; of “cocaine and the stress associated with physical restraint,” according to the autopsy report [Police laughed and joked as he lost consciousness in handcuffs. Minutes later, he died, by Reis Thebault, Washington Post, July 31, 2019].

So those restraining officers are serving long jail sentences, right?

And Tony Timpa’s family got an eight-digit settlement from the city of Dallas, right?

And it’s considered the height of bad manners to mention Tony Timpa’s long criminal record, right?

Wrong on all three. Those officers are still on duty. Dallas paid nothing to Timpa’s family. So far as I can discover, Timpa had no criminal record at all. Tony Timpa was white, you see. His story didn’t make it through that romantic filter.

This is where I let loose my inner geezer. I’ve been going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down in it, for several decades now. I was never in Jim Crow America; but I’ve known people that were, and done some listening and reading.

So: Is the Jim Snow America of 2021 more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier than the Jim Crow America of 1950? My honest best guess is: No. And I am sure that the America of 1950 was more accepting of reality than we are here today, under Jim Snow. Way more accepting. Razib again:

Serenity evades us as long as we build upon a foundation of lies.

Charles Murray wrote this latest book, he tells us, as a warning: If we don’t return to a more balanced, more realistic view of human nature, he says, there will be a rising resentment among white Americans against the Jim Snow order, with unpleasant consequences.

In Murray’s preferred state of society, people accept reality, including the reality of race differences, and social advancement is strictly meritocratic, without racial favor or disfavor. He says this meritocratic Murraytopia, is what we should strive for. If we don’t, then white resentment will eventually boil over, and we’ll be back to something like Jim Crow.

I say he’s dreaming, and I think Razib agrees. To swallow reality, as laid out by Murray, you need to be able to think in a formally quantitative way about statistical distributions. How many people can do that? It takes a somewhat above-average intelligence: I’d guess an IQ of 110 or more. That’s 25 percent of whites but only five percent of blacks: nothing like enough to propel us to Murraytopia. Sorry, Charles, no sale.

So, what’s in our future?

A harmonious, meritocratic Murraytopia?

A return to Jim Crow, or something like it, when whites get fed up at last with the injustices and indignities of Jim Snow?

Or an almighty social upheaval when, to quote Razib yet again, “we’ll have to face reality with 21st-century solutions to our problems.”

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The Truer Narrative of the America Civil War must be…

    The South fought both for and against slavery. How could that have been the case? It’s because there are more than one kind of slavery.

    In the most obvious sense, the South fought to maintain the system of Social Slavery that kept the black race in bondage(though some blacks gained legal freedom). The agenda of the South was clearly unjust, especially given the founding principles of the American Republic. Many in the South invoked various rationales to justify slavery. Some invoked the Old Testament where even the laws of God allowed for owning people as chattel. Some argued slavery, though hardly ideal, was nevertheless an improvement for blacks who’d only known savagery(and crueler forms of slavery) in the Dark Continent. Others argued that slavery was just a phase that would gradually fade as the Southern economy grew and as blacks became more attuned to the demands of complex civilization. Whatever the merits of such arguments, the fact was slavery as an institution had been introduced to the New World out of greed. And given that the moral basis for America’s independence from the British Empire was liberty and freedom, the argument for slavery soured the spirit of American experiment.

    One might argue that the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians was a graver ‘sin’, but in some ways, black slavery was less excusable. Regardless of whether the ‘genocide’ of Indians was worse or not, the fact was it was ‘necessary’(or a necessary evil). The American Enterprise simply couldn’t have happened without the removal of the native Indians from the ‘fruited plains’. In contrast, blacks were not necessary to create America. True, black labor was, for a time, hugely profitable for the white slave-owners whose economy was intricately linked with the North and Europe. But even without black slave labor, an expanding and developing America would have been possible with white immigration and reproduction. Canada and Australia developed without black labor. Though America would have been slower to develop in the early stages without slavery, its long-term prospects would have been much better. There would have been no horribly destructive Civil War.


    Also, if blacks were a net economic gain in the first half of the American experience, they became a net loss thereafter. Also, fear of blacks distorted so much of white culture as well as black culture. If US had no blacks, such fears would never have materialized. Also, white manhood would have been secure and healthier as whites would have dominated all sports and wouldn’t have had to worry about black crime and jungle fever(and the attendant cuckery among white men reduced to ‘white boys’). So, in the larger scale of things, the short-term greed of relying on black slave labor proved to be America’s biggest mistake and undoing… just like Europe now faces the greatest threat to its existence not from Muslims but from black Africans. (But people prefer to blame Islam and Muslims that aren’t deemed as sacred as blacks[and homos] in Western PC that is controlled by Jews.)

    Also, it was bound to linger as a moral stain, paradoxically because most modern people are amnesiac. Now, if people’s memories are so poor, wouldn’t they know less about the past and be less burdened with historical ‘guilt’? Yes, IF people know NOTHING about the past. Surely, if people today knew nothing of slavery, they couldn’t be made to feel ‘guilty’ about it. But, even as most people know little about the past, they know just enough from public education, TV, and movies to have a vague idea of what happened long ago. But because their knowledge is so thin, there is hardly an understanding of the past and its different sets of values and assumptions. Instead, the complex past has been reduced to a few sacred icons, pat slogans, and simple Manichean narratives. Therefore, people today find it inconceivable that those living in the past were just as sure of their ethos as current progs are of theirs. PC makes people of the Current Year feel that they are the ‘most evolved’ and their way is the only way. So, discovering that the past was a world racked with a host of ‘evils’ is shocking and triggering to them. It is no wonder that so many Current Year zealots are eager to tear down any monument that reeks of past ‘evils’. Lacking empathy and imagination, Current Year progs believe that people in the past just should have known better and intuitively arrived at all the tenets of today’s PC. Having morally failed to do so, the past must simply be expunged and eradicated from memory except as evil spirits summoned in annual rituals of scapegoating(or scapewhiting). In this sense, the sorry fact of American Progressivism is that people who claim to be most empathetic have no real empathy at all.

    Indeed, they confuse empathy with selective favoritism of certain specially designated groups. True Empathy isn’t about feeling special affection or concern for groups favored by PC. Real empathy is about trying to understand different individuals, peoples, cultures, places, and times on their own terms(even if you disagree with or are appalled by those terms). PC is too judgmental to be empathetic. It is too busy screaming ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, ‘xenophobic’, and etc. to understand why different peoples in different times and places thought and acted differently. So, even as so-called Liberals claim to own empathy, they really have none. Their idea of ‘empathy’ simply means they have blind faith and special affection for three special groups sanctified by PC: Jews, blacks, and homos. Also, this special sympathy is based not on knowledge or understanding of actual Jews, blacks, and homos but on trite symbolisms of black sainthood, Jewish nobility of eternal suffering, and homo angelic fruitcakery.

    The fact that Ta-Nehisi Coates(aka The Nasty Coates) has gotten so much mileage with white libby-diberals is because he gives them what they crave: Lots of Purple Prose about suppressed or denied black sanctity that deserves and needs the love of goody-good white people. He is Little Orphan Nehisi. Real empathy, in contrast, is the ability to probe and understand why another people(or people in the past) felt justified and validated in their ways and means so different from ours in the present. But today’s PC dolts are so full of themselves(and so addicted to the cult of ‘progress’ as measured by adherence to every new screeching fad) that they find it too difficult to even ponder the possibility as to why some people don’t believe in nonsense like ‘gay marriage’. And don’t try discussing logic and facts with such idiots.

    PC is less about ideas and values than about ‘sacralized’ identities, or the Cult of Identity. So, if a certain group or identity has been deemed ‘noble’ or ‘sacred’, its demands must either be met or championed. The right-or-wrong is decided not by morality, facts, or reason but by the simple fact that some groups are ‘more equal than others’. So, even if blacks misbehave at Starbucks or act like stupid monkeys at a college graduation, the fault is not with their behavior but with those people(especially white) who treated blacks as they would have treated anyone else. By facts and logic, Starbucks’ policy is that people who occupy a table must order something. You can’t just loiter as non-buying customers. This rule applies equally to all individuals. So, if whites or non-blacks had acted like those idiot blacks, they would have been asked to leave. But apparently, such rules don’t apply to blacks because PC deems the Negroes to be sacred. So, it makes no sense discussing right-or-wrong since PC says blacks are right-no-matter-what and anyone who displeases blacks must be wrong. And the same goes for the Florida college graduation. The rules of the graduation require all students of all races to show respect and act with dignity appropriate for the ceremony. (They can party and celebrate afterwards.) The rules apply to all students equally. But such rules don’t apply to blacks because PC says blacks are right-no-matter-what. So, never mind principles and rules. If blacks feel like doing something, they have some special right or license to do so. If anyone is ‘wrong’, it is he or she who deigns to apply the same rules to blacks as to other groups. How dare he treat blacks like he would any other people? Doesn’t he know that blacks are always ‘right’ and that anyone who displeases them is automatically ‘wrong’?

    And the same rule applies to Jews and Palestinians/Iranians. Whatever Jews do, it’s ‘right’. Jews can steal uranium from the US. Jews can shoot up USS Liberty. Jews can cook up lies to invade Iraq. Jews can kill bushels of Palestinians. All those actions are ‘right’ because Jews are right always. And Iran is always wrong no matter what it does. Even if Iran complies with the nuclear deal, the Jew-run US will find yet more excuses to declare it ‘wrong’. And of course, homos have always been right, even when they acted irresponsibly in spreading HIV all over in endless bath-house orgies. That is how PC really works. Its bogus ‘empathy’ is really about Emphasis of certain Favored Groups over all others. It should be called ‘emphasy’ than ‘empathy’.

    Anyway, there was another side to the Civil War. While it’s true that the South was fighting to maintain slavery as a legal institution, in a profound way they were fighting against the prospect of biological slavery under blacks. White Southerners feared the specter of biological slavery that might result from black emancipation. Once blacks were freed and granted the same rights as whites, there was no guarantee that the two races would become equal and live side-by-side in harmony. Now, if blacks happened to be merely white people with black skin, co-existence might have been possible. Caste or no caste, the reason why India was able to exist as a civilization for so long was because darker-skinned Indians are not all that much different from light-skinned Indians in strength or temperament. Despite genetic separation by caste, your average lower-caste ‘dotkin’ isn’t likely to be all that different from a higher-caste ‘dotkin’. Indeed, to an outsider, most ‘dotkins’ of whatever caste look like other ‘dotkins’. But this was simply not the case between whites and blacks in the South(or in the North following the Great Migration). Blacks were not simply white people with darker skin. They were noticeably more muscular, rowdier, self-centered, egotistical, and more aggressive. Because of the fear and obedience instilled into them over several generations through means ranging from blatant to subtle, there was a chance that blacks might not immediately go jungle upon emancipation. But over time, as blacks would grow to realize that they are stronger, meaner, and more aggressive and that whites are anxious, fearful, and nervous, their attitude and behavior were bound to change drastically, and then the full reversion to Jungle would happen. The first great sign of this was Jack Johnson, the tough Negro who beat up all the white males and humped tons of white women. In one way, Johnson was a tough and resilient challenger against racial discrimination and white supremacy. But in another way, he was the template of the looming biological slavery of whites under black supremacy. Johnson-ism meant black guys would whup and humiliate white males who would be robbed of their manhood and therefore their womenfolk as well(just like bigger and taller white and black American soldiers robbed little Japanese guys of their manhood and womenfolk after their defeat in WWII. To this day, Japanese men have not recovered from their humiliation. They are a race of dogs.)

    And as white manhood would be humiliated by black manhood that dominates sports and street violence, there would come a time when white men would become the biological slave-cucks of blacks, and white women would lose respect for white men and surrender to jungle fever and accept ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. (Consider the blonde girl in the movie SPECTACULAR NOW who dumps her white boyfriend and goes with a big athletic Negro who later even physically threatens the ‘pussy-ass white boy’ who is reduced to giving him tips on how to make the white girl love him better. Total cuckery, but this is what the Jew-run Hollywood promotes to white kids as a moral-racial ideal.) Of course, do-goody naive white Liberals and cunning Jews(who sought the mental enslavement of the white race that was to be turned into cattle in service to Jewish supremacism) understood how these fears were a pediment to social change. If whites, especially the males, understood the full implications of black emancipation and racial integration, they would have realized the end-result would be biological slavery under tougher, stronger, and rowdier blacks. So, ‘anti-racist’ radicals sought to assuage white fears by presenting blacks as sexless noble Uncle Toms who were always falsely accused of raping white women. Or consider how the early interracial propaganda focused on white man and black woman when, in fact, the main threat was that white men would lose white women to black men.

    Cunning Jews played it both ways, presenting blacks as both sexless angels who would never rape anyone AND sexy dancers whose performances would liberate white folks from puritanical repression. Even today, Jews play both tropes at once, and so many white people still fall for the nonsense. White kids are bombarded with both the (To Kill a)MOCKINGBIRD and the MANDINGO tropes about blacks. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this, but then, PC is less about right-and-wrong of ideas and facts than about the righteous sanctity of certain favored groups. Since PC deems that blacks are always right, the trope that makes blacks out to be sexless spiritual saints(as in GREEN MILE) is ‘right’ but so is the trope that says blacks are SO awesome as masterful big-donged muscled super-studs(or big-booty-shaking hot-mama skank-ass ho’s) that other races must sensually surrender to blackness and join in the jungle jive of vibrant liberation. PC warps moral logic. For this reason, PC is best understood as a neo-religion. After all, it is in religion that God is always right, even when He seems to do wrong. The idea is that God is so above us insignificant earthly creatures that He lives by a truth and logic far beyond us. It would be wrong for us to demand consistent logic from Him, as Job realized. Likewise, PC says it is futile for us to invoke reason, logic, and facts in relation to blacks, Jews, and homos. Doing so would be ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, or ‘homophobic’. We must honor, worship, and serve them on the basis of faith.

    Anyway, there was no guarantee that the long-term result of ending socio-legal slavery in the South would result in racial equality and harmony. It could very well lead to white people becoming biologically enslaved to stronger, tougher, more aggressive, more muscular, and more dangerous blacks. This danger was bound to increase as America became more individualistic, hedonistic, and vulgar, not least due to black influences in music, comedy, and attitudes. If the US were a theocracy or strict ‘ideocracy’(one that metes out harsh punishment to those who act out of line, as in Cuba where blacks better behave or else), perhaps black aggression could have been held in check even upon emancipation. But as the US was a fast-changing democracy with increasing freedom and liberties in the pursuit of happiness, it was only a matter of time before blacks lost all their inhibitions and made ‘muh dick’ and ‘muh fist’ the central themes of their culture. And today, in the 21st century, we are living in a thoroughly pornfied culture when even kids watching Disney are really partaking of a form of kiddie porn.

    Everything that D.W. Griffith prophesied in THE BIRTH OF A NATION came true. If that movie made many people uncomfortable in the past because it seemed like paranoid fantasy, it is bound to make people uncomfortable today because it now seems so factual. The movie said freedom is bound to turn too many blacks into uninhibited thugs and pimps, and guess what the main cultural expression of blacks is today? Rap music, the main message of which is ‘muh dick’ and ‘muh fist(or gun)’. And look at the state of black-run communities in Gary, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, parts of Chicago, Newark, and etc. And the movie warned about naive white cuck-politicians and cunning light-skinned Negroes who shamelessly hustle suckers into buying into fantasy of racial harmony. D.W. Griffith’s THE BIRTH OF A NATION was a great prophetic work. What he warned eventually came to be. Blacks have reverted to jungle savagery. Their music is rap, their dance is ‘twerking’, and their culture is thuggery. And Pop Culture is now mostly about Jungle Fever. And not only in the US but in Canada and EU.

    Anyway, the loss of manhood and cuckery is a form of slavery. The dark fact is white manhood cannot survive integration with harder-muscled, meaner-tempered, and bigger-donged Negroes. Eventually, white men will turn into ‘white boy’ cucks, and white women will go with Negroes and their wombs will be colonized to produce the likes of Colin Kaepernick whose anti-white virulence is less about Racial Injustice than sheer contempt for wussy-ass whitey. After all, his mother rejected the men of her own race and chose to have a child with a tough Negro. Even though his black father abandoned him and even though a nice white family went to the trouble of raising him, Kaepernick associated whiteness with wussy weakness and associated blackness with power and manhood. Blackness = studly power that conquers white vaginas and wombs. Whiteness = cucky weakness that raises a child of a black guy who humped a white woman and took off. Due to their wilder nature, blacks don’t much appreciate weakness, no matter how kindly and caring it is. They instinctively see it as ‘faggoty-ass’ and ‘lame’. So, all the love Kaepernick got from his adoptive white family hardly left a positive impression on him. He just wanted to get away from such wussy weakness and be accepted by the badass brothas.

    When white people brought over a stronger and meaner race to be slaves in the US, they got caught in a Moral Trap. Socio-legal Slavery controlled blacks and kept their savagery in check, but it was unjust and sometimes cruel. But freeing the slaves meant eventual disaster for the white race because too many blacks happen to be built like Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and Jim Brown. And too many black women are crazy and loud ‘biatches’ whose antics in music and dance encourage the most savage and trashy behavior among women of all races. Abraham Lincoln sensed all this, which is why he said, “We have to free the ‘groids’ and then ship them back to Africa, because, if we don’t, they will kick our butts and hump our daughters.”

    It is time to face the truth. The South was in a bind. True, they did fight to preserve ugly social slavery. But they were trying to prevent horrid biological slavery of white race being physically and sexually dominated by tougher and nastier Negroes.
    Furthermore, it is about time we understood the importance of manhood. It’s time to assess the harms of Toxic Cuckery. A society can’t be healthy unless its men feel manly pride and are respected by their womenfolk. Indeed, it’s often been said that one of the humiliating things about slavery was that black manhood was trampled upon. As black men had to shuck-and-jive before the massuh, who also might enjoy some fun with a chocolate-titted mama, they could not be full men. This was especially humiliating because black slaves knew they could kick the white boy’s ass if they were to face each other one-on-one. But whites had all the guns, and the laws were on their side. Blacks had to suffer the humiliation of being ordered around by white men who were weaker than them. So, in order for black men to gain the pride of manhood, they needed to be freed. So far so good. But the problem with black freedom was that black manhood now posed a serious threat to white manhood. Due to the BAMMAMA — blacks are more muscular and more aggressive — factor, legal equality between blacks and whites was bound to lead to biological supremacy of blacks over whitse. This meant blacks kicking white butts in sports, and this was a big deal in the modern world where so much of social, communal, national, and racial pride & prestige are invested in and expressed through sports. White male defeat to blacks in sports meant whites losing their iconic status as Real Men. Is it any wonder that so many white wombs get colonized by black men while so many white guys are turning into cucks and wussies?

    Indeed, Antifa is like radical cuckery. These white boys are so invested in their own inferiority and submission at the feet of blacks that they get triggered by any white guy who says NO to such humiliation. To Antifa, the rightful place for whites in the West is as biological slaves to blacks who are deemed superior both morally(due to Slavery and Jim Crow narrative) and physically(as they easily kick white butt in sports and conquer white wombs). And yet, by beating up ‘nazis’ to protect blacks and other minorities, Antifa guys also feel as alphas, without whom blacks would presumably not be safe. So, Antifa guys both worship blacks as their superiors(in holy victimhood and badass style) and patronize blacks as their inferiors(or a powerless people in need of white knights to defend them).

    Well, if black male psychology suffered so terribly during the slavery era because black men were denied full manhood and the respect of their women, the same logic applies to whites today. White society cannot be psychologically healthy unless white men have their manhood back. But this is impossible with racial integration because biological slavery will reduce white guys into cucky ‘white boys’ at the feet of tougher and meaner blacks as their eternal biological massuhs. And the fall of white manhood will mean the fall of the white race. White women will not respect ‘loser men’, which is what white men become when integrated with black males.
    There are many reasons for the decline of the white male in America, especially among the working class, and one reason has to do with loss of manhood vis-a-vis blacks. Both Abraham Lincoln and D.W. Griffith were right. They both acknowledged the problems of slavery but also understood that freedom would lead to a new kind of slavery. It is too bad that whites in the South failed to come to terms with Honest Abe and settle on some grand plan to free the blacks and send them back to Africa where the Negroes could harass hippos but not white folks.

  2. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Jim Crow. I am just old enough to remember it. I was too young to realize that many were probably having their civil rights violated left and right. (I grew up the North, but visited relatives in the South frequently). I do remember many more blacks working construction sites as bricklayers, carpenters, etc. Barbers were always black, or so it seemed. The “N-word” was rarely heard. Do you remember Emmet Till? well yes, but how many remember his father was convicted of raping a white woman? Could this have had some effect?

  3. SafeNow says:

    “I’d like to see the answer in good quantitative form”

    Sure. Can do. (Back in the day, I was the captain of the math team in high school. I thought it would be a chick magnet. I was mistaken). The U.S. ranks 27th among countries in competence and skill of medical staffs. (The Japanese, those naughty xenophobes, rank number 1).

    This lowly ranking must surely be attributable to the fact that dumbed-down performance is contagious. The actual number of diversity medical staff is insufficient to destroy average performance arithmetically. But it has done so through contagiousness. Proficient/conscientious/fastidious gave way to “good enough.” The essay stresses the issue of Jim Snow happiness. Okay, fine. But equally important: Jim Snow competence.

    • Agree: Rich
  4. My bet is on Jim Snow being the closest. Recent IQ papers (e.g. by Woodley of Menie) indicate that dysgenic breeding and mass immigration are lowering Western IQ levels by about 1/2 to 1 point per decade and have been since at least the 1800s, and, I surmise and other data tend to show, along with that decline, average general genetic quality has been deteriorating (the two things are the same genes to a large extent). So Whites are already noticeably going out with an increasingly pathetic, insane, woke whimper, not a Jim Crow bang, nor is there any chance of a meritocratic ‘Murraytopia’ as there are fewer and fewer people able to understand its benefits for all.

    The only other likely possibility I can see is commercialised human genetic enhancement (of many kinds), if and when the tech gets good enough.

  5. Trinity says:

    Jim Snow or Jim Crow? NEITHER.

    Jefferson and Lincoln said it best. Both races are burdened by having to live with the other. Dare I say that the White race has suffered far more when all is said and done. The Blacks brought here were already enslaved by their own kind and the ones who found themselves enslaved by primitive Arabs probably fared much worse than any Black brought to America.

    Mixing with other races is a losing situation for Whites but a win-win for nonwhites. How do Whites benefit by living with Jews, Arabs, East Indians, Chinese, Koreans, much less Blacks? Now do these aforementioned groups benefit by living in White nations?

    Reparations? I think it is high time each and every nonwhite group either leave White nations or ante up to Whites for all they have TAKEN.

    Jim Crow was wrong but at the same time I can now see why it made sense. Go to a restaurant with Blacks or a nightclub with Blacks and see how they act? Do Whites show their ass in public? Sure they do, but we are talking exceptions and not the rule. Do you see Whites attacking Blacks in the streets or do you see Blacks attacking Whites in the street? Maybe those Whites who enforced Jim Crow laws did so for a practical reason. I bet the streets were safer back then? Look at how Blacks have ABUSED their right to vote or serve on juries? Maybe our ancestors knew better. It sure looks that way to me.

    Best way to end racial prejudice is SEPARATE THE RACES. Of course we all know that nonwhites and yes that includes Jews, Turks, Armenians, Arabs, East Indians, are not down with this because it hurts them and benefits Whites. Blacks are not down with it the least bit no matter how much they whine about racism. The Black race knows they have it made living among Whites and they know full well how they would be living in an all Black nation. Separating the races is a WIN-WIN for White people and a LOSE-LOSE for all the “dat racist” and the “oy vey antisemitism” parasites.
    America is indeed a racist nation, it has been racist against the people who built this nation for better than 50 years and counting.

    To all nonwhites who hate America, LEAVE ALREADY and do us a favor. And take the white traitor trash with you.

    • Replies: @malliksharma
    , @Anon
  6. We’ve made so much progress since 1965. Before then, discontent was limited to providing uniquely desperate or reflective people with specific reservations while everything around them kept getting better. Since then, we’ve greatly accelerated both the depth and reach of discontent so that everyone has access to it.

    What a wonderfully advanced country, where the abject poor can share expressions of criticisms and outrage with the grossly affluent, and both get to thoroughly influence the middle through media and academia — until even people who might otherwise have led decent, happy and productive lives are thoroughly disgusted with themselves… that’s progress.

  7. Trinity says:

    The JEW and the Negro, face it, the JEW is leading this dance and the Negro is only to happy to follow along, do the grunt work, and keep all eyes off the JEW who is pulling the strings and leading the Negro along like his attack dog to be used on Whites. The Negro is too myopic, too stupid, and too blinded by his own hate for Whites that he has been taught to hate from decades of JEW programming, to see that in the end, the Negro will lose and lose badly. IF this nation becomes another muddled mess like India, Brazil, or any other polyglot multiracial hellhole, the Negro will not fare well at all. The Browns, Yellows, and lighter skinned muds will look down on the Negro just as much as they do darker hues in Latin America, India, and the Middle East. Whites are the only race stupid enough to babysit the Negro and go along with his incessant whining and destructive behavior. Imagine a scenario where China takes over America? Do you think for one second that China will allow the Negro to live in America much less act the fool like they have been doing for the last 60 years and counting.

    And the JEW is just as myopic. I guess the JEW figures a Greater Israel is his escape plan when White nations are modern day Babylons full of Browns, Blacks, Yellows, muds, etc. Alas but Israel is only one small chunk of the world and huge and powerful nations like Russia, China, Iran, and the rest of the Arab world won’t give two shits about Israel and Israel won’t have the Western powers to come to their aid.

    IF you destroy Whites and White nations, you ignorant fools, you destroy the World. Comprende? How did running the French out of Haiti work out for the Blacks? What happened to Zimbabwe formerly known as Rhodesia? What is happening to South Africa? Childlike races that the Browns and Blacks are, they cannot figure this out and cannot see past their hatred and need for power and greed. Maniacal and psychotic sociopath anti-White Gentile Christian hating JEWS cannot see past their own mental illness, race hatred and megalomania to know that they are doomed as well IF their evil plan succeeds.

    Exportation of all nonwhites out of White nations will be the only answer not only for the sake of Whites but all of humanity.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Old and Grumpy
  8. KenH says:

    Whites have more than simply traded places with blacks in the Jim Snow era. Whites are held up to mockery, scorn and ridicule on a daily basis by Jewish elites in and out of media (and by their shabbos goys) and all government institutions while many major corporations have adopted black nationalism under the guise of diversity, equity and inclusion. This was not the case under Jim Crow and however bad lefties and blacks claim it was during that time blacks were not subject to the raw, unadulterated race hatred and guilt tripping by major institutions as whites are in the Jim Snow era.

    The Southern men who instituted Jim Crow have been vindicated. It was a system rooted in the nature of African blacks and European whites, so it was best they were mostly kept apart from each other. Forced racial integration hasn’t solved a damn thing and if anything forcing blacks and whites together while giving blacks unearned set asides and advantages has bred more enmity, contempt and hatred between us and made any racial reconciliation impossible.

    After more than five decades of forced integration whites who profess to love racial diversity flee blacks and browns into suburbs and exurbs and send their kids to supermajority white private schools while a growing number of blacks demand their own segregated HS and college graduations, safe spaces and now cities while still lording it over whites.

    Virtually every black politician at local, state and federal level acts as if they are at war with whites and their racial interests. In lieu of a new racial separation it’s time whites demand the same from their elected officials.

  9. Realist says:

    So, what’s in our future?

    As long as Whites allow blacks to bugger them…it will continue.

    • Agree: Trinity
  10. Contrary to the impression viewers have been getting lately from films like 12 YEARS A SLAVE(not without a certain degree of masochistic ‘white guilt’ self-righteousness), the lives of black slaves in the South were not uniformly bleak, cruel, and inhuman. While there were cruel and sadistic slave-owners, there were also many kindly and decent ones who took care of their slaves reasonably well. In this regard, the TV series ROOTS was closer to the truth. Some slaves lived under nice ‘enlightened’ masters while others lived under nasty masters. It was rather like the condition of dogs and cats. If a dog or cat’s master is real nice, the dog or cat might as well be in heaven. If the master is nasty, it’s hell for the poor creature. Of course, all slaves in the South had to work hard, but in this regard, their lives were no different from most white folks around the world, America included, who had to toil from sunup to sundown. Most American whites were not large plantation owners or rich folks. They spent their entire lives working on farms and in factories. The conditions of many whites could be harsher than that of black slaves. Black slaves worked no harder than most white farmers in Europe and were, in most respects, much better off than Russian serfs. And of course, black slaves in the South had it much better than most people in non-white nations, especially under the barbaric rule of non-white elites.

    But man doesn’t live on bread alone. Even if a free white farmer and a black slave had to work equally hard and ate the same kind of food and lived under similar conditions, the white man had the advantage of full legal rights and all the psychological benefits that came with it. While the law in Southern states made provisions for the well-being and decent treatment of black slaves, it was nothing like being free and being legally protected under the system of democratic government. Also, no man wants to feel himself to be the property of another man, at least in a world defined by concepts of liberty and freedom. To be sure, in certain societies, some people didn’t mind being the properties of the king, noblemen, or the state since they were raised to think and feel that way from cradle to grave. In Japan, elements of the lower castes were willing to give their lives for their masters and preferred death in the name of honor and loyalty(to their masters) than be free of their obligations. (Obligations and servitude, even if often unjust and harsh, at the very least provided the servants or slaves with a sense of purpose and meaning. It’s like dogs would rather serve a master than roam around freely. There is an element of dog-psychology in all humans. Indeed, when slaves are suddenly freed by their master, they might feel anxiety than liberation for they knew their lot under slavery but don’t know their future under freedom. This explains why a large segment of Russians longed for the old Stalinist days after the fall of communism and the economic devastation of the 1990s. At least things were steady in the good ole bad ole days. And Germans were all too willing to give up their freedoms to Hitler in exchange for security and stability. And even black slaves in America, when offered the chance of freedom and return trip to Africa, declined. They’d rather live under white folks than be free as an African savage. At least under white folks, you knew where the next meal was coming from, whereas in Africa, you might have to hunt a hippo that turn around and might bite your black ass in two, or worse, some black tribe might capture you and have you for dinner, especially if you were an albino.) And the Janissaries(enslaved boys from Christian families trained to fight for the Sultan) in the Ottoman Empire were raised to believe in the honor of serving their Muslim lord. They took pride in their roles as warrior-slaves against Christendom, the very realm into which they’d been born.
    Even so, not all forms of slavery are the same. Some forms of slavery may take away your freedom and property but ‘spiritually’ make you feel empowered as a part of the collective. This was the appeal of communism. It took away individual property and freedom, but the people were made to feel as ‘comrades’ united in struggling for the common goal of creating a ‘better world’. In contrast, some forms of slavery are more nakedly honest, and perhaps the most extreme was Nazi slavery(of non-Germans) that made the slaves know that they were no better than cattle and would be treated as such. As Nazi ideology was rooted in biology than spirituality, Nazis didn’t care if non-Germans had souls or not. Germans were seen as the higher breed of pure wolves while certain other races were seen as inferiors breeds of dogs or mongrels.


    The American South justified its slavery on loftier grounds, not least because the dominant cultural heritage even in the South was Christianity(even more so than democracy, which had been gained through independence from the British as the result of the efforts of mostly northern and mid-southern forces than deep southern ones; more key battles were fought in the north than in the south). Defenders of slavery argued that black Africans, being so wild and savage, needed to undergo a historical and cultural transformation so as to become worthy of living as free men alongside white folks. This line of argument believed that even though slavery would be wrong when applied to civilized white folks, it would do some good for Negroes who’d learn the virtues of hard work, discipline, order, organization, and obligations. (After all, before white folks gained freedom, they too had been civilized from brutality and barbarism through long yrs of iron discipline and servitude under kings and noblemen. In other words, there could be no short cut from barbarism or savagery to civilization. Spiritually, culturally, and perhaps even biologically, a people had to progress gradually from brutality — the world of black African savages — toward civilization where free men had rights. It took whites thousands of years to become civilized enough to be finally worthy of democracy and freedom, and so, it made no sense for blacks, the least civilized people in the world, to make a sudden jump from savagery to freedom. Ideally, they had to undergo the process of discipline, organization, thrift, and industriousness under the presumably benign guidance and management of white folks who’d made the arduous historical transformation earlier. So, if slavery was an evil when applied to civilized men, it could be a blessing, a helping hand, if applied to savages who had no concept of God and higher values. It’s like it’s wrong to treat an adult as a child, but it’s also wrong to treat a child as an adult. Of course, modern Americans scoff at views such as this when applied to Negroes, but the Liberal and even Conservative reluctance to pass proper judgment on bad black behavior suggests that there is a tendency to view Negroes as a bunch of children who simply cannot be judged like the rest of humanity. It’s like we shouldn’t expect Negroes to act like full-fledged adults since they are naturally ‘childlike’.) Thus, white Southerners rationalized black slavery as a kind of civilizing mission. The Negroes had to be fully tamed through the generations before they could rightfully claim equal freedom and full legal rights.

    In any case, the Negro’s lot as a slave essentially depended on the moral character of his master. Was the master kindly and decent and did he take care of his slaves? Or was he mean and nasty and treat his slave like a dog and unduly call him ‘nigger’ too often? Of course, even the kindly master used cruel means to maintain order and discipline when Negroes rebelled or ran off. Even a kindly master may order a whipping to teach a lesson to the runaway slave, and other slaves would be made to watch the whipping as a lesson lest they too ‘get rabbit in their blood’. It’s like what the Strother Martin character says in COOL HAND LUKE. He can be a real good guy or a real mean son of a bitch. And of course, there were a whole bunch of masters who were neither too kindly or too mean but something in between.

    Therefore, it’s difficult to defend slavery on the basis that some masters were indeed humane, relatively speaking. The fact remains that the slave’s condition depended on forces beyond his control and will. If a master was mean and nasty, he still had to work for that master. He couldn’t, like a free worker, just quit and go off to find another job. The slave was stuck in his place. Also, even if a master was nice and kindly, the slave had to always be mindful to be on his best behavior and act servile to ensure that the master will continue to treat him nice. So, when push came to shove, a slave under a good master was no freer than one under a bad one. So, at least from the moral perspective of our times, slavery cannot be defended on the basis that some masters were decent and good. At best, it can be argued that slavery in the Deep South was not uniformly the horror show that film-makers and others would like us to believe.
    At the very least, we can all agree that the central fact of the SOCIALLY SANCTIONED SLAVERY in the American South was that the slave was at the mercy of the master. The master had to be good for the slave to lead a decent life since the slave lacked the freedom to make his own mind and decisions. And to that extent, American slavery was an unjust system — though much preferable to the kinds of slavery practiced by barbaric Asians, cruel Arabs, and savage black Africans, none of whom saw anything wrong with slavery(even of their own kind).

    But the same kind of problem exists in the case of BIOLOGICAL SLAVERY. American Slavery in the South was a form of Social Slavery. White masters ruled over black slaves because whites were better armed, had the power of law on their side, and were better organized to maintain their form of power structure. Whites ruled over blacks not because they were tougher or naturally more dominant than blacks but because they’d created a mighty civilization that had given them a decisive advantage over the non-white parts of the world that lacked big ships, guns, factories, and the like.
    Abolitionists demanded the ending of slavery on the religious/spiritual ground that all men of all races and colors were equally the children of God and imbued with souls equally dear to Him. Abolitionist, who were religious fanatics, didn’t care about biological factors or issues — and were even hostile to science. They thought in terms of God, God, and God, and they were certain that as long as all humans had souls equally loved by God, it was sinful for one group to enslave another group for whatever purpose or reason. Of course, not all Abolitionists were religious fanatics. Some came to support the Abolitionist Movement and sought to free the blacks, but they still believed in the inequality of races and wanted to keep blacks separate from whites. Abraham Lincoln was such a man. He wanted to free the slaves but also saw them as dangerous innate savages and wanted them shipped back to Africa or to relocated to some place in South America.

    In the 20th century, many white liberals swallowed the notion that all races are the same except for skin color. The leftist Jewish takeover of anthropology had a deep impact on social thought. Also, WWII and the great crimes of Nazi radical racism cast a pall over the very notion of the science of races; the baby came to be thrown out with the bathwater. With the so-called ‘free world’ having defeated the oppressive systems of Fascism, Nazism, and Japanese militarism, Americans felt good about themselves as not only the proud defenders of but ardent crusaders for the land of freedom and equality. Also, the Cold War with Communism pressured the US to make social reforms, especially in the area of racial equality, so as to neutralize Soviet Union’s accusation of ‘racism’ as the defining characteristic of American capitalism/imperialism. For US to win over the hearts and minds of the Third World(the main battleground during the Cold War), it just wouldn’t do to have TV images of Bull Connors unleashing his dogs on Negroes beamed all over the world.

    But as things turned out, the races were not equal, and the differences weren’t limited to skin color. In general, blacks are less intelligent than whites, though blacks have superior talents in certain mental areas, just as rhythmic patterns and making jazzy and funky music. Blacks also have more colorful ape-like charisma. Like a chimpanzee, blacks can talk and act in an amusingly brash manner that delights white folks to no end. It’s no wonder THE JEFFERSONS was one of the most popular shows of all time even though George Jefferson did little else but insult white folks by hollering at them like an intelligent ape. He was colorful. So was Eddie Murphy during his heyday. (In a way, whites have valued blacks as their darker id, the repressed animal nature that has no inhibitions about sex, aggression, dominance, and pleasure. So, white people sometimes let loose and try to dance like blacks, talk like blacks, gesticulate like blacks. The have sexual fantasies of having sex with blacks or even indulge in such acts. Jewish-controlled porn peddles such fantasies, and not surprisingly, much of porn since the late 90s involve black males and white females. It’s as if white girls want the singing voices of black females, as if white guys want the muscles and penises of black males, and as if white girls wanna be ravaged by the Negro stud. White boys wee in their pants in awe of feats by black athletes, and white girls cheer for black sports kings and put out to them after the games. Thus, part of the appeal of blackness is in the allure of animal amorality or even immorality. The natural black beast, like King Kong, breaks free of the shackles of civilization & its obligations and rampages around seeking total dominance for the sake of power and pleasure. It’s like the experiment in ALTERED STATES where William Hurt’s character reverts to a stronger and more aggressive form of early ape-man. It’s a gangster fantasy, which accounts for the popularity of the ‘gangsta’ image of so many black rappers, which white rappers try to ape with varying degrees of success. Thus, it’s rather ironic that so many white ‘progressives’ are upset with black attitudes against homosexuality. On the one hand, white ‘progressives’ take delight in the wild and unruly aggressiveness of black masterfulness that ruffles the feathers of white society — white ‘progressives’ credit wild black energies for having liberated repressed and dull white people from their old priggish and prissy ‘Victorian’ and ‘Puritanical’ hangups — , but on the other hand, white ‘progressives’ — who are ideologically neo-puritanical in their bent — are so very distressed and perturbed by the fact that so much of wild black energies are of a hostile, nasty, and vicious nature, especially against certain groups favored by ‘progressives’, such as homosexuals. But, this is rather like celebrating the glorious wild energies of a tiger or grizzly bear but then getting upset over the fact that they don’t make for good table manners. ‘Progressives’ want black to run wild and free but not punch out nice Liberals like Matthew Yglesias. They admire and cheer on blacks for singing and shouting whatever’s on their minds — or lack of them — without inhibition, but if the words coming out of the mouths happen to be ‘faggot’ or ‘Jew motherfuc*er’, ‘progressives’ get awful upset, which is rather like setting a wild dog loose to run around in a kitchen but then getting all miffed because it ate all the caviar. This is further complicated by the fact that ‘progressives’ subscribe to the notion that there’s no such thing as a race, which means there can be no racial differences; if that is really the case, why do ‘progressives’ worship blacks for being better athletes, having more powerful voices, being better dances, being more colorful personalities, and having bouncier butts on the women and bigger penises on the men? To confuse the matter even further, the appeal of black animality is intermixed with the notion of the Negro as the spiritual savior of white folks. This side of the myth would have us believe that blacks are so noble that they have no time or energy for sexual interests or violence. Even a mountain-sized Negro in GREEN MILE has no thoughts of vengeance, no thoughts of sex with white women — or any kind of women — , no desire to beat up white boys and fuc* them in the ass as so many powerful black males to do white men in America and South Africa. The ONLY thing the Noble Spiritual Magic Negro ever wants to do is to love and redeem mankind, and of course, MLK played this role to the hilt, though his closeted real nature was closer to King Kong, as his main passion away from the camera and microphone was to have endless orgies, drink like a fish, and cuss like Eddie Murphy. Western morality since the 1960s is utterly confused and unstable since its core myth tries to have the cake and eat it too, i.e. it would have us believe that the ‘Nigga’ as the amoral animalist fantasy of raw power and domination is compatible with the Magic Negro as the spiritual fantasy of higher truth and transcendence.) But when it comes to most areas of intelligence involving logical problem-solving, math, and reading, blacks have been proven to lag behind other races. To be sure, there are cultural factors to this, but if blacks were naturally smart like Jews, they would show more interest in brainy matters as smart people generally gravitate to things that challenge their minds, just like fast and strong people naturally gravitate toward athletic or physical pursuits. No amount of cultural upbringing is going to turn a dumb black woman into an intellectually curious person. Even Michelle Obama, who had the advantage of being admitted to Princeton and Harvard Law School via ‘affirmative action’ never had a single original thought in her entire life. She’s just a bundle of politically correct and Afro-centric cliches picked up from patronizing professors who passed and recommended her on the basis of race.

    But all said and done, the most crucial factor that underlies the racial relationship between whites and blacks is not intelligence but physical-and-emotional differences. While it’s true that dumb people achieve considerably less and end up as economic burdens on society, they are not necessarily destroyers of civilization nor much of a threat to the smarter members of society purely on the basis of their lower IQ. Suppose most blacks had low IQs and were physically like Emanuel Lewis, the little Negro child star of WEBSTER. While a bunch of them might fail in school and live on welfare(and be something of an economic burden), would they pose a threat to the white race? Of course not. There are plenty of dumb ‘white trash’ folks, but the problems they cause to the general population is nothing like the damage done by blacks.

    So, what is the crucial difference between whites and blacks? It’s about time that the White Right stopped beating around the bush. White Right always complains that the media — controlled by Jews and Liberals and cowardly Conservatives — don’t properly report black-on-white crime, but the White Right itself is too wussy to deal with the true nature of such violence, namely that blacks are physically stronger and tougher than whites(by a considerable margin) and emotionally more aggressive. Blacks are also naturally more psychopathic, i.e. lacking in qualities such as empathy, self-criticism, reflectiveness, conscience, and shame. And I suspect in due time, with advances in genetic research, all these observable facts will be proven with hard data, which may be why the forces of political correctness are currently working extra-hard to expose whites to such a heavy dosages of ‘white guilt’ radiation so as to render them defenseless against political correctness even with the emergence of scientific data proves that many blacks are unfit to live alongside whites — or, more accurately, whites are physically unfit to live safely alongside stronger and nastier blacks. White people will still go on weeping over sanctimonious MLK speeches even when the hard facts of biology demonstrate that whites would be much better off living separate from blacks.

    Anyway, the problem with social slavery was that even though some white slave owners were decent and kindly men, the indisputable fact was that blacks lived at the mercy of white power. Blacks had to hope and pray that whites who had power over them were good because if they weren’t, blacks could be treated harshly, and worse, there wasn’t much they could do about it.

    A similar problem hangs over white people living under the system of BIOLOGICAL SLAVERY. In an integrated neighborhood, whites might be left alone or treated kindly by decent blacks who are kindly and conscientious, and of course, such blacks exist just as there were decent white slave owners. But there are also nasty and brutal blacks who are lacking in conscience and any sense of remorse. (Worse, the ‘white guilt’ narrative that predominates in America imbues even horrible blacks who commit the worst kinds of crimes with a sense of righteousness, i.e. their violence against whites was just payback for what the ‘cracker honkeys’ had done to blacks in the past; and of course, films like TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE will only harden such perspectives, not least among violent black thugs.) Since blacks are generally stronger than whites, nearly all whites in an integrated community are biological slaves of blacks. Though whites have legal rights that protect them from bullying, intimidation, hostilities, and crime, the fact is there is no way a white person can effectively rely on the law all the time for protection from Negro bad behavior. For one thing, the cops have better things to do than to be protecting whites from every case of intimidation and bullying from blacks as the integrated community could be reeling from rapes, shootings, robberies, murders, and other kinds of mayhem. Also, even when the police arrive, it’s often too late as the thug took off already after brutalizing the white victim. Also, many whites are afraid to call the cops for fear of reprisals. If the cops arrest a certain Negro for having attacked you, his family members and friends might come after you and your family in ways big and small. So, even though the law and the police do exist to ensure equal protection for all citizens, the fact remains that in an integrated community, blacks will biologically rule over whites because the power of the law only goes so far in our lives. In schools, white guys who are attacked by blacks will also be unlikely to report the abuse since (1) little will be done about it as the bullies aren’t legally adults and will only be slapped on the wrist (2) white guy will be seen as a ‘pussyboy faggot’ for not fighting his fight and instead relying on school authorities and (3) the black attacker doesn’t care if he’s suspended since such types don’t give a crap about studying anyhow and (4) the black attacker will hurt the white kid even worse for having told on him. (There is also the problem of ‘micro-aggressions’ against whites. A black guy might ‘play’ with the white boy like a toy. He will do everything within the law to belittle, taunt, and humiliate the ‘white boy’ without throwing the first punch. Thus, he hasn’t violated any law. If the ‘white boy’ walks away, he’s been pussy-whipped. If he talks back and escalates the situation or, in a fit of uncontrollable white rage, throws the first punch, the black guy will be justified in whupping the white boy’s ass. There are psychological means by which tougher guys can mess with weaker guys, as in the scene in SHANE where Jack Palance’s character legally manipulates the ‘sodbuster’ to dig his own grave. He is ‘owned’ by Palance’s character. The oft-heard term among young people today is ‘own’, and Oprah’s channel has the same name. In an integrated neighborhood, blacks OWN whites physically and psychologically. Physically, blacks can beat up whites. Psychologically, blacks can mess with whites without whites doing anything about it out of fear. Also, blacks sexually own whites. If blacks have a thing for a certain white girl in school, they can make sure that white boys don’t go near her for if they do, they’ll get their asses kicked. And white girls often submit to such sexual ownership by blacks since women naturally want to be dominated and conquered by alpha males. The only chance for whites in such a situation is to study harder, make something of their lives, and move out of the neighborhood, but ‘affirmative action’ hampers the social progress of poor whites as it favors blacks and rich whites over poor whites; and even if they make it out of the troubled community, there are Section 8 programs to relocate lots of bad blacks to the very areas that whites fled to.) Of course, such white victims don’t have any defender in the Jew-run media that cackle with glee over black-on-white-gentile violence(Jews only care when blacks attack Jews) nor among white conservative elites who seem more eager to recruit more blacks to the GOP(as trophy Negroes that prove that Republicans aren’t ‘racist’) than to call attention to the problems of biological slavery suffered by so many whites who are stuck in integrated communities and OWNED by blacks.

    Thus, under biological slavery, whites have a choice between decent black biological masters or nasty black biological masters. Either way, whites are under a form of slavery, a biological one at that, which is far worse than the social one, because, while social slavery can be ended by new legislation and social values, nothing will change the nature of biological slavery. It’s like no matter how many laws we pass and enforce, most sexual violence will be male on female since men are stronger than women. Thus, the sexual threat of violence is always male-on-female, and that makes women the biological slaves of men, and to this extent, feminists have a point. But what feminists overlook is that women have a natural attraction to the power of men. By their very nature, women want to be with strong men who can ‘own’ them emotionally and sexually, if not legally. This passion and desire make the unequal relationship between men and women not only tolerable but meaningful and blissful for both partners. Even if women want to be equal with men legally, they want to meet men who are stronger and more masterful. Even lesbians have an hierarchy of the alpha female and beta female. And this sexual attraction between unequal sexes is what ensures the survival of humanity. Without the unity of men and women, no race can survive.

    In contrast, there is no need for one race to co-exist with another race to survive. Japan will be Japan even if not a single Negro sets foot on the island. Norway will continue to be Norway forever even if not a single Japanese or African sets foot on Norway. So, races don’t need one another. While all races have much to gain by learning from one another, trading with one another, and even mating with other races, no race needs to mix with other races in order to survive and thrive. And some races are bound to lose out if they mix with other races. Suppose we were to mix Russians with Vietnamese. Clearly, Russian men, being stronger and bigger, will win out over Vietnamese men. While Russian men will be taking lots of Vietnamese women, Vietnamese men will not only lose their own women to beefier and bigger Russian men but they won’t be getting much Russian poon either since Russian women will still prefer bigger and beefier Russian men to scrawny Vietnamese men. Of course, one could argue that Russians will lose out too. If a whole bunch of Russian men mix with Vietnamese women, their Russian-ness will become diluted in a genetic sea of yellowness.

    Same goes for blacks and whites. Despite all the rosy and idealistic yammering of ‘thinkers’ on both the mainstream ‘left’ and mainstream ‘right’, the fact is racial integration between blacks and whites can only lead to the biological slavery of whites being OWNED by blacks. In schools all across the nation, the racial violence is overwhelmingly black on white. In prisons, black thugs rape white inmates in the ass. In sports, blacks dominate over white guys who are relegated to bench-warming status and to the humiliation of watching white blonde cheerleaders shaking their asses for black athletes who mostly clobber white guys. In streets, in buses, and other public places, blacks swagger around like they OWN the whole world while white boys are reduced into dickless wimps who are afraid of being knocked out by ‘teens’.

    Sure, there are good, kindly, and decent blacks, but that means whites are at the mercy of blacks being nice to them. Since blacks are stronger than whites, blacks don’t have to worry about whether whites are nice to them or not. Even nasty white guys can easily be whupped by tougher blacks. So, blacks can rule over both nasty whites and nice whites, but whites, being weaker, cannot rule over blacks. Thus, whites have to hope and pray that blacks are nice than nasty. If a black guy is like Arthur Ashe, wonderful. But if he’s like Mike Tyson, it’s big doodoo.

    Now, suppose whites were stronger than blacks, i.e. stronger than both nice Negroes like Ashe and nasty Negroes like Tyson. Whites need not worry since the nice Negro won’t mess with them and since, if the nasty Negro messes with them, they can whup his jigger-jiving ass.
    But reality being what it is, whites are only okay with blacks when blacks are nice, whereas blacks are okay regardless of whether whites are nice or nasty. Nice whites won’t mess with Negroes and even nasty whites are too afraid of blacks to mess with them. Thus, blacks are the lions, the masters of the community, whereas whites are like the weaker hyenas who always have to be on the lookout for nasty lions. (Also, even nice Negroes will come to sexually own the white race since even nice Negro men will lust after white chicks no less than nasty Negroes; and since nice Negroes are tougher than white men, white women will go with nice Negroes. Whether white women go with nice Negroes or nasty Negroes, it’s a humiliating loss for white men. Similarly, regardless of whether Negresses slept white nice white masters or nasty white masters, it was a case of white social slavery owning and humiliating the pride of black males. Would it have been much of a consolation for black males in the Deep South during slavery if the nice white massuh than a nasty white massuh slept with their mother, wife, or daughter? Pathetically enough, a whole bunch of white guys welcome the union of nice Negroes and white girls. It’s as if they’re so afraid of the accusation of ‘racism’ that they wanna show “how far they’ve come in the goal of racial harmony”, though, of course, this “racial harmony” is premised on stronger Negroes making their moves on white territory and owning white females sexually and owning white males psychologically. Of course, some white guys hope that by offering or surrendering their white women to nice Negroes, the latter will protect the whites from nasty Negroes. And indeed, the psycho-politics as to why so many whites voted for Obama owes to such an psychology. White folks OWE and black folks OWN.)

    During the age of social slavery, all whites has legal and institutional advantage over all blacks. Even a poor white knew he was a free man and legally on equal footing with rich whites. He also knew he could never be a slave. But even relatively well-off blacks who were given decent tasks by their rich and kindly white slave masters knew that their welfare depended on the kindness and mercy of decent whites. If they were to fall into the hands of nasty whites, their rights could be stripped overnight and they could be reduced to being ‘cotton picking Negroes’ again.

    So, if one thinks about it, the dynamics between social slavery and biological slavery is pretty much the same. The slave side depends on the good will of the master side. As long as whites live next to lots of blacks, their well-being depends on the decency of blacks since nasty blacks can push them around and beat them up real good. Also, even nice Negroes will come to OWN white women and wussify white males as beta-male second-raters in the sexual marketplace.

    Thus, the ONLY WAY for white people to be free at last, free at last, and free at last is to invoke the necessity of RACIAL RIGHTS, i.e. all races have a right to live in peace and safety for the sake of their own self-preservation and posterity. Since integration with blacks leads whites being biologically OWNED by blacks, whites are being reduced to the status of the slave race under stronger blacks(and more intelligent Jews). For whites to be free and to determine their own future and fate, they need to break free from this biological bondage.

    • Replies: @Pissedoffalese
  11. @Priss Factor


    Very interesting take. Sort of the other side of Paul Craig Roberts’ interpretation of the Civil War in which he stresses it was the tariffs imposed by the North that triggered it. Both can be true at the same time, I suppose, but I’d never heard this side of the argument before. Very well written. Thanks.

  12. UNIT472 says:

    Anyone remember the TV series, Upstairs Downstairs, about a turn of the century English household and their domestic servants? It was quite popular and around 1900 ‘domestic service’ as the job of house servant was called was the largest source of employment in the UK.

    The domestic servants lived in the family home and had to learn the customs, manners and speech of their employers. Those who excelled at this got to move up and become personal servants of the family. Those who didn’t worked in the kitchen or doiug laundry. The butler was almost upper class himself being privy to the thoughts and conversation of his ‘master’, who was an MP. He could set the table and seating for dinner parties that occasionally included a Duke or even the King himself.

    As the TV series ran on WW1 occurred and the servants had to be let go as the money ran out. The family chauffeur, as I recall, came back from the war and told the family he was going to open his own garage. Hudson, the butler probably went on to become the Maitre’D of a fine dining restaurant in London or as butler to an even wealthier family. Rose, the personal servant to the women of the house probably opened an upscale salon for wealthy women as she knew their customs. IOWs from lowly household servants they moved up the social ladder because they had come to know how to converse and behave around wealthy people.

    We might do better than government programs and giveaways that haven’t worked to give incentives to our wealthy people to hire domestic servants. Being the butler, chauffeur or personal servant to the wife of a Jamie Diamond or Larry Ellison would be a fascinating and highly educational position.

    • Replies: @babu
  13. @Priss Factor

    I started reading this thinking you would say the form of slavery the South was fighting against was the “slavery” of having their pockets picked by tariffs.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Steve Urkel in a fight – who would win? Urkel would win, hands down, no contest. But only in your imaginary world.

    (Yes of course I realize that Urkel is a fictional character and that Arnold, while having been an actual bodybuilder, was an actor in the movies. The point is that there are “strong” and “weak” examples of people of all races.)

    If white men always lose to black men there would never be any white male pro athletes.

    Some blacks have a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers which gives them an edge at the elite levels in certain sports. That’s reality but that’s as far as it goes.

    Now “meanness” is a real issue and can go a long way, but that is a learned trait, at least to some extent. What you are arguing is the whites are innately inferior to blacks.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  14. Trinity says:
    @Jeff M. Smith

    News Flash: The Heavyweight Champion of the World is WHITE and an Irishman I might add.

    And the “Jews are smarter” than Whites thing is LAUGHABLE. IF not for extorting White nations, Jews would be on the same level as their cousins the Arab and not much better off than the Negro. Saying Jews are smart is like saying John Gotti was a genius. Gotti was successful ONLY because of criminal behavior. The Jew like the Negro is nothing more than a grade A parasite. I guess the Jew took a Jew IQ test to show us all how smart he is, just take his word for it, he is smart. lololololol. Being a self proclaimed “genius” means you don’t have to work. lmao.

    Being “mean” does not equate to being tough. The Negro is a front runner and is “mean” only when things are going his way, ( of course that describes MOST people) the minute the Negro faces adversity, more often than not, he crumbles. There are exceptions of course but we are talking generalities here. Generally the weakest people out there are often the “meanest.”

    Sometimes me thinks (((Priss Factor))) knows a little too much about Hollywood IF you get my drift.

  15. Anonymous[163] • Disclaimer says:

    As in everything else, the Jews are middlemen*. They stood out in things like theoretical physics because they are intellectual middlemen. We’ve all heard of Einstein ad nauseam but how many people have heard of Bernhard Riemann (apart from the author of this blog 😀), the German gentile genius who created the mathematics and laid the foundation** for Einstein-the-middleman and his general relativity theory?? And we know about Richard Feynman and his quantum theory (supposedly drawn from a eureka! moment after observing spinning dishes in the Cornell cafeteria) but how many people know of Giuseppe Luigi Lagrangia, the Franco-Italian gentile genius whose mathematics Feynman used to create his QED theory?? And on and on… All pioneering mathematics— which these intellectual middlemen borrowed from— was thought up by the genius of gentiles: Descartes, Pascal, Fourier, Laplace, Lagrange, Galois, Cauchy, Riemann, Leibniz, Newton, Fermat, Bernoulli, Markov, Gauss, Euler, Weierstrass, Lobachevsky,…

    But we know who now controls the dissemination of information so we can expect students will continue to learn about the “great geniuses”: Einstein (✡️), Turing (🏳️‍🌈), and Katherine Johnson (🧑🏿).

    *The intellectually-honest Ron Unz noticed this pattern:

    Sometimes it is much easier to notice obvious patterns in a foreign country than in one’s own. In the early 2000s I read The Master Switch, a widely-praised history of modern communications technology by Columbia University professor Tim Wu, who has subsequently become a leading Internet-rights activist. I found the account fascinating, with so many stories never before known to me. However, I couldn’t help but notice that all the powerful mass-media technologies of our modern world–film, radio, and television–had been invented and pioneered by Gentiles, mostly of Anglo-Saxon origin, but in each case control was seized by ruthless Jewish businessmen, who sometimes destroyed the lives and careers of those creators. By the 1950s, nearly all of America’s leading concentrations of electronic media power—with the sole major exception of Disney Studios—were solidly in Jewish hands. In an open society such as ours, these are the central levers of political influence, and over the next generation or so, America’s long-dominant and heavily Anglo-Saxon ruling elite was replaced by a mostly Jewish one, a development I alluded to in my long Meritocracy article of a few years ago.

    ** (sorry html link not working)

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Bert
  16. Forbes says:

    What’s in our future?

    Open borders until whites are no longer a majority–possibly, no longer a plurality. A majority “minority” country ruled by identity group-special interest politics, with Hispanics replacing the white-working class as the largest demographic. The white middle class will disappear into upper class and Deep State functionaries, and the rural, impoverished, welfare state-dependent poor awaiting their drug overdose death.

    Chaos, and the rule of man having (already) replaced the rule of law, will be the order of the day.

    And that’s already here.

  17. Under Jim Crow, the message sent to blacks was “Because you are black, you are powerless and worthless.”

    Under Jim Snow, the message sent to whites is “Because you are white you are powerful but evil. You must learn to use your power for good.”

    I can’t put numbers on the difference between these messages, and between the social pathologies they respectively lead to.

  18. If we don’t, then white resentment will eventually boil over, and we’ll be back to something like Jim Crow.

    Nope. The Powers That Be have thought this through, and have planned for this eventuality …

    So, what’s in our future?

    … and their plan is that, by the time white resentment boils over, whites will be a minority: they will be in no position to win an election, let alone to re-establish Jim Crow. Critical Race Theory and BLM have been promoted in the last decade, and will continue to be promoted, in order to keep a lid on white uppitiness during the final three decades of the white majority.

  19. Alfa158 says:

    My bet is none of the above, but instead Brazil. A mostly non-White, chaotic but somewhat functional country with even bigger class differences. There will be pockets of technology and prosperity but only pockets.

    It won’t be Jim Crow because Whites will be too few in number to impose it and in any event will eventually want nothing to do with Blacks. They won’t want separate schools and water fountains, they will want havens where they have nothing at all to do with them. I’m starting to see normies look around to see who is listening and giving hints that they are also coming down with CNF.

    It won’t stay Jim Snow forever because although immigrants from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East presently find it expedient to align themselves in the Coalition of the Fringes, they are only doing it to gain position at the expense of Whites. Once Whites have been suppressed, they won’t put up with the monkeyshines, as is demonstrated by the ethnic cleansing of Blacks by Latins in Los Angeles.

    It also isn’t going to go full South Africa or Toussaint Louverture because there are too many non-Blacks.

    I think it will shamble along like Brazil with the Chinese trying to keep a lid on it to protect their investments in nice second homes in protected neighborhoods, tech companies exploiting the remaining US engineering and scientific talent, natural resources, and consumer markets.

    What might finally end it would be if the bloated Federal government finally runs out of people who will pretend the Monopoly money it prints is real money. If that Leviathan loses the ability to enforce obedience, centrifugal force will overwhelm it and what remains of the US will do the natural thing and self-segregate.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  20. @Alfa158

    It will be Jim Crow again especially if the Whites get used to the fact they are a minority. As soon as you are a minority your natural tendency is to pose as a minority that should be privileged. It will be Jim Crow again because most human groups including most black ones are hard-wired from early childhood into judging white Barbie dolls to be kinder than dark-skinned ones what ever the PC rhetoric says. It will be Jim Crow again because America’s future is not Brazil, an entity that is also disintegrating in its own way and is about to divide into three or four more manageable separated yet tightly allied countries together with Angola, Mozambique and others. America’s future if there is one will be more like India and as the Indian Whites became a more and more numerically diminished and rather pale mixed-raced minority they got more and more into supremacism like they had never done before not even in the name of their own Whiteness but of that of the deities they idealized most and tried to look like most and emulate. When these deities triumphed the most contrary human types by appearance and by behaviour had to be classified as untouchables : Indian Jim Crow is no joke and no one wants to mix with the 13% most untouchable among all the middle castes, even though in reality it is the upper business caste not the Brahmins that has been exerting supremacy since the early days of Hinduism. It will be Jim Crow again for the same reason it is already Scrooge McDuck again for the working class now that classical marxian class war is over since the Jews have triumphed as the most bourgeois class and the other bourgeois having survived the Jew-led persecution against them have understood their lesson and behave as cucks. When the Whites all define themselves as superior to Blacks due to their mere higher concentration in Jewish genes, as was formulated the first version of White racism in the US (anglo-israelism), that will be it for the blacks, they will be jettisoned and lose their sacredness all of a sudden like the proletarians did the very day they behaved way too middle-class. When the successful Black men want to marry only White girls and preferably Jewish while all risks of independent White fascism has been quelled that will be it for the Blacks : they will have lost all usefulness as sacred symbols. That in the pessimistic case if Jewish supremacy is still the order of the day, which is not even probable as they will have been probably been replaced in their niche by an Asian financial oligarchy for whom any coherent social order starts by ensuring the darkies are kept most below.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  21. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    I should love to see Derbyshire give a similar treatment to the growing sacralization of the Holocaust.
    See? There. I had to capitalize Holocaust. It (now) owns the word – capital H and all.

  22. Richard B says:
    @Priss Factor

    So, what’s in our future?

    More of the same – except worse.

    Whites are to self-defense what blacks are to swimming. They’re just no good at it.

    Some individuals will snap and fight back. Maybe even some small neighborhood groups will form. But the hostile elite will dispatch the usual suspects while activating the sneer and smear media, etc. In short, they’ll pull all of the stops to crush any attempt at self-defense asap. They’re not going to do the same thing they did in 20th century Russia.

    They don’t need to. So, it’ll just be more of the same – except worse.

    • Agree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  23. All that was needed to end Jim Crow was voting rights and equal protection under the law for black folks. Afermative action and forced integration did more harm than good. Black Americans went from slavery to Jim Crow to protected class. They have NEVER been on a level playing field with Whites.

    The government should be color blind. The people should have the right of free association. Glad I could help.

    The shape of things to come, of course, will be decided by the Chinese. Not the racist Whites, the stupid Blacks or the evil Jews.

    • Replies: @KenH
  24. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Indeed – all this black vs. white narration is a effort to divide and conquer Christians. The small hats relish seeing Christians set against each other. We shouldn’t fall for it.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  25. Larry says:

    Great article.

    It’s such a bummer to be white.

    Thank you for quantifying my grief so well.

    If only we could all be black, what a world of wonder.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  26. Is Jim Snow worse than Jim Crow? Brilliant!

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  27. @Trinity

    I usually strongly agree with you Trinity but I think you’re wrong about Jewish intelligence. Everything I’ve seen at both a personal and abstract level tells me that on average they are smarter than we are.

    • Troll: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Anon
  28. Leftism: A triumph of fantasy over reality.

    Racial equality: Drag down selected races so that they all suffer equally.

    Morality: Segregation is the only moral solution.

    Personal motto: If I never see a black person again, it will be too soon.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  29. There’s only one way out, and it starts with this:
    Millions of white people say, “I’m a racist, and proud to be one.”

    Many times I’ve enumerated the reasons why this is essential, but no one ever believes me, they’re all trapped in the ideological/moral box the left has herded them into.

  30. @Richard B

    Not true. During the Black Lies Matter idiocy, I experienced a serious RageNigger attack. AfroKang rode a motorbike onto the sidewalk and straight at me as if he was going to run me down. I held my ground and he swerved at the last second. I called him the “N-Word”. He came back screeching like a monkey. I bellowed at him to “Go back to Africa, you fuckin Bantu, go back to Africa where you belong”. That shut him up. He left. A PavementApe one third my age. Be passive and they’re all over you, show some spine and they crater. Just don’t be stupid and brandish a handgun in a situation that doesn’t call for it.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  31. @Anonymous

    You left out Hendrik Lorentz. Take The Lorentz Transformations out of The Special Theory of Relitivity, and there is nothing left at all. Without The Lorentz Transformations, “Einstein” wouldn’t have a pot to piss in.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  32. Anon[275] • Disclaimer says:

    The US has indeed descended the scale and is holding steady at “STRANGE”.

    When 13% of the population call the shots
    When blacks complain endlessly but wont leave the country
    When we hear of racism this and that and yet we voted in a black President twice

    And this list goes on and on. No matter how much we throw at them blacks just never seem able to rise up. If with all the perks they cannot, it is unlikely they will ever do so on their own. If you gave each black \$5M, in a short while they would be broke again and banging on the door for another handout.

    Blacks seem to be under the impression that the white man is always looking for ways to keep them under heel. Nothing could be further from the truth ! We just dont have the time to even think about these habitual losers although if they all disappeared back to Africa we certainly would not miss them.

    For sure, the people in the dark continent dont want them.

    There will come a time when whites will have to tell them there is no more to give. You cannot flog a dead horse and when things and people become a drag its best to get rid of them.

  33. Anon[275] • Disclaimer says:
    @Irish Savant

    I dont know Irish. My impression is not that they are smarter but willing and eager to indulge in an dirty trick in order to attain their own ends.

    Its my impression that most folks want to deal honestly and erroneously feel that the other person will also act ethically. Not so the Jew ! If you are selling a piece of land we could negotiate a fair price and proceed. The Jew will point out everything wrong with the property, offer you 10% and bounce the cheque, then point out the contract has a clause that allows him to do so and grants him the right but not the obligation to pay the 10% over 30 years without interest.

    I look at it like two boxers in the ring. One abides by the rules ! The other thinks nothing about strokes to the groin, biting, eye gouging and illegal chokes. A lot of people think that Jews are tight knit. However it is interesting to see a bunch of Jews sit down to negotiate a deal. Everyone keeps a watchful eye on everyone else and every one is looking to avoid being screwed by the next guy while scheming to fuck him at the same time. That is what they are all about.

    I dont think they are smarter. I think when dealing with them one has to keep an eye out for treachery and be willing to indulge in the same dirty tactics they love to employ.

    We put ourselves at a disadvantage when we play clean while they play dirty.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Irish Savant
  34. @Priss Factor

    We French people do not feel thaaaat inférior, and the big-donged black man who seems to terrify you just makes us giggle and laugh, LAUGH, because we know so very much better…
    You anglos are really pathetic.

  35. Lochearn says:

    Endless discussion about black people at this critical time in history is doing exactly what has been planned for you. It’s like white sheep nipping at the legs of black sheep as they enter the slaughterhouse. Black people did not manufacture the French revolution or the Russian revolution gleefully torturing and slaughtering millions of goys as they went.

    Black people did not set up the Fed con, take over US industry through Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan, slyly maneuver us into both WWI and WWII and then go on to pillage US and European industry so there’s only the husk of it left – except Germany where there ain’t many of them. They do not own all our media, control academia and have shit on every politician in the country. And they are not behind Covid/Great Reset.

    In short, blacks are not the enemy you dimwits.

    • LOL: Truth
  36. Jim H says:

    ‘the Civil Rights revolution, for which the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a convenient marker’ — John Derbyshire

    Sixteen years before this convenient marker of the end of Jim Crow, its ideological cousin Abdul Crow proclaimed its advent in the state of Israel, with immediate recognition by President Truman.

    America proceeded through a traumatic upending from Jim Crow to Jim Snow, with its exaggerated emphasis on equality of results rather than equality of opportunity.

    But meanwhile — incredibly — unbelievably — Jim Snow America’s declarations of eternal loyalty to Abdul Crow Israel have only escalated in their hysterical, hyperbolic fervor.

    ‘Doublethink is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one’s own memories or sense of reality.’ — Wikipedia

    Abdul Crow good; Jim Crow ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ad!

  37. KenH says:

    The shape of things to come, of course, will be decided by the Chinese. Not the racist Whites, the stupid Blacks or the evil Jews.

    Like the Chinese aren’t racist. They look down upon all non-Chinese and are not equalitarians except maybe as an international propaganda ploy.

    • Agree: Art
  38. It interests me that people don’t seem to know or care that the “Jim Crow” laws they pillory the defeated south for instituting after the Civil War were modeled on the segregation regulations in effect in many of the free states. Blacks were denied equal political rights, including the right to vote, the right to attend public schools, and the right to equal treatment under the law in Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and New York. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois had anti-miscegenation laws forbidding black-white marriages. This is just a sampling of such laws in force throughout antebellum America.

    When Tennessee, the first rebel state readmitted to the Union, legislated its “Black Codes” for the newly liberated slave population in 1865, its legislators were dumbfounded by the rageful reaction from Yankeeland. And it is a fact that the southern legislatures had the support of the people who lived in those states in drafting and passing these laws. Does not democracy mean government responsive to the wishes of its citizens, rather than an institution that tells them how they must live?

  39. @Calif, from Lyon, France

    You are new here so you don’t know Priss. For years, tiresomely and absurdly, every comment by Priss features ravings about “giant black dongs”. We “Anglos” are not in the least impressed by the black male, despite what you might think, but we have a Constitution and centuries of Common Law, which prevents us from doing what should be done.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  40. Trinity says:
    @Calif, from Lyon, France

    Then why is France such a mess right now? Frenchies? Come on, now. You did the smart thing by laying down to Germany because Germany was fighting for ALL WHITES, not just Germans against Jewish Globalism, but the Frenchman isn’t exactly known for his bravery. With all due respect to Marcel Cerdan and Georges Carpentier, RIP. And hasn’t France been on the losing side of more wars than any other major nation? Maybe you guys are lovers and not fighters, nothing wrong with that I guess.

    Nothing sexier than a French accent on a woman though.

    Cue: Tonight’s The Night by Rod Stewart & Britt Ekland speaking Frenchie in the end. Sexy, sexy.

    • Replies: @Malla
  41. Trinity says:

    It really IS NOT COMPLICATED. Perhaps we NEED TPTB to help but WHILE WE STILL MAKE UP THE MAJORITY, any White person with a brain can see the Jew and the Black race are the two culprits who are causing the most destruction in America. In Europe, it is the Jew, the Paki, the Arab, the African etc. Either way, the Jew and the Black must be deported first and foremost. The Browns will be taken care of soon afterwards. You are not going to vote your way out of this, you cannot reason with people bent on killing off you and your way of life, these people will not be satisfied until Whites and their culture are wiped away or Whites are enslaved and their servants. Do you really want to keep kissing their smelly asses and trying to reason with hate filled sociopaths? Do you think Japan or China would allow their nations to be taken over by Jews and Blacks? Would a Chinaman take a knee to kiss the foot of a Negro. Whites are the laughingstock of the world because they let bloodsuckers like Jews and Negroes control their nation. The Jew and the Negro CONTRIBUTE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT TAKE PLENTY. WE DON’T NEED THEM, WE FUNCTION MUCH BETTER WITHOUT THEM, these parasites need us, that is why you can’t move away far enough from these leeches. Fuck’em. LISTEN ONLY TO YOUR WHITE KINFOLK AND HELP ONLY YOUR WHITE brothers and sisters, do like THEM. Be as racist as the Jew and Black and fight dirty and dirtier than the Jew and the Black. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY, Whitey.

    • Troll: gatobart
    • Replies: @Katrinka
  42. The problem of Jim Crow America wasn’t that Whites were no good and there weren’t bad Blacks but that the bad Whites were not checked by the society at large when they were up to no good… burying one’s head under the sand didn’t turn out to be a good solution.

    • Replies: @Exile
  43. Other books have covered the economic downfall since the 1970’s, when the laws changed and favored the rich. Companies began closing American plants and moved to “slave” countries, were workers were/are very cheap, no safety laws, insurance, etc. The current downturn has nothing to do with so called “race”, just economics, and bad laws. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and more numerous. Congress is corrupt.

  44. “Romance,” as Derbyshire puts it, warps and twists everything, not just race. The rise of an ever more pervasive popular culture has so twisted the minds of people in this country that few can perceive, let alone appreciate, reality. Most young Whites are so caught up with movies, sports, and television programs that they care for little else, even as their rights, pride, and dignity are stripped from them. Rap culture has destroyed what civilized behavior existed in blacks before the 80s. Meanwhile, industrious Asians fill the void as Whites retreat. Ever try to find a White male doctor? I swear they are extinct.

    As for Murray’s fears of a “White backlash,” I am not convinced. Whites have been brainwashed to such an extent they’ll participate in their own extinction. Cue götterdämmerung, we are in the twilight of the West.

    • Agree: europeasant
  45. Bert says:

    If you google “famous geneticists,” 61 are listed from the U.S. and Europe. Of those, 2 are Jewish, about the same percentage as that of Jews in the general population of those places. Why are Jews over-represented in physics and media-ownership but not in genetics? Probably because in the former fields the return on investment was far higher than that provided by the long slog of genetics between Mendel’s 1865 publication and now. Jews value rate of return above all else.

  46. Emslander says:

    You can trace the current BLM movement and other insane racial emotionalism to the events at the University of Missouri several years ago. The administration had filled entering classes with black graduates of inner city high schools in the conviction that this would help them become equal to whites. The professors maintained the normal standards of work and comprehension for getting passing grades. Black kids were rioting before the end of the fall semester. Their demand, at bottom and among other bs, was that they all be given passing grades.

    As I was growing up in the fifties, I spent many Saturday afternoons listening to an older relative who was born in the 1890’s, served in WWI and earned a living as a skilled craftsman. One of the lessons he used to have was to warn me that the older you get the fewer people there are around with whom you can get along. He lived with his wife in a poor neighborhood where everyone kept their property neat. My relative often pointed up the street to a black man about his age sitting and smoking, just like he was, on his front porch. He’d say, “You know, my best friend in the world right now is that nigger up there. He’s a fine man. We see everything the same way.”

  47. PolarBear says:

    French knights were the bravest. Blacks are an irritant and are effectively used as such by Jews. Nature prevents Blacks from being truly elite and Jews tend to pick the weakest allies. Jews are superior in IQ, influence, ect. but it only benefits the tribe. White superiority in inventiveness, morality, ect. benefits the entire World and all of its creatures.

  48. Bookish1 says:

    How about if we let nature’s laws dominate and quit trying to manipulate social order. But there is one thing in the way. Jews. Their security is based on the social disintegration of the society in which they live.

  49. The Romance of American Blackness is just that, a romance. It wasn’t reality.

    Nothing in American culture is reality.

    The holocaust, the Jan 6 “insurrection,” “white supremacy,” Biden’s election “victory,” the Gulf of Tonkin incident, 9-11, the pandemic hoax – the list is endless.

    Almost all of the American social narrative consists of myths, fables, hoaxes, and lies.

    Most people (not all) choose to believe the lies even when people know they are lies.

    That’s why we are doomed.

  50. @Trinity

    The chosen crowd only succeed when those they parasite off succeed. They haven’t notice that between their demonic worshipping and carrying out of genocides. However I wouldn’t count on Russians (lots of Jews still in power positions), the Chinese (who’d be nothing without the small hat advisors), and Indians (overrated ) to turn their backs on Israel.

  51. @Trinity

    I think Lincoln had originally an idea to relocate all the Blacks [send them back] to Africa and rehabilitate them there, no?

    The killing of Tony is quite horrible and heartrending.

    And then, who is this Jim Snow?

  52. Goddard says:
    @Calif, from Lyon, France

    You anglos are really pathetic.

    We’re not Anglos, you French fucker. We’re Americans.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  53. Blaming blacks is sort of like blaming a car for causing an accident instead of the driver. Most blacks are not equipped to figure out the situation and mastermind effective strategies to uproot our social structure.
    There are shrewd financially equipped instigators or white social justice warriors who are behind the scenes using their money and skills to cause trouble.

    I am about finished with cable tv because I find black women to be too hard on the eyes and they seem to make up about all advertisements nowadays. However none of that would exist is not for greedy wealthy powerful white CEOs betraying fellow whites by giving in to social pressure to have black faces advertising their products.

    The real challenge for the diversity crowd is how they’re going to keep all those non-white groups from fighting among themselves and still have an intact first world country that can technologically compete and even defend itself from China, Russia or even Iran or terrorist state. Right now the men who are hated the most , we white men are by far the most enthusiastic to volunteer our lives for the people that hate us in the most dangerous outfits such as airborne infantry, special ops, ect .

  54. Malla says:

    However it is interesting to see a bunch of Jews sit down to negotiate a deal. Everyone keeps a watchful eye on everyone else and every one is looking to avoid being screwed by the next guy while scheming to fuck him at the same time. That is what they are all about.

    Jews in-fight like rascals but become united when facing a common threat or when seeing a common opportunity /prey.
    Hitler had said something of the sort. Brilliant and true as usual.

  55. Malla says:

    The French have a great military history. It is just that the military they were facing was top notch. The Brits who are in general brave people too, ran away across the channel and turned it around as a “great retreat”, which Hitler had magnanimously allowed. Basically it was a flight back to home and dumping their French allies. They with the Muricans would later “liberate” France which involved bombing French cities and killing French civilians.

  56. Agent76 says:

    May 28, 2019 Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow

    In Stony the Road, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., offers a new rendering of the struggle by African Americans for equality after the Civil War and the violent counter-revolution that subjugated them. Journalist A’Lelia Bundles will moderate the discussion.

    “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” Haile Selassie

  57. Just from my own observations I’m guessing the majority of “whites” lynched were actually Jews and very often Judges who were doing very destructive legal warfare on the South.

  58. We’re not Anglos, you French fucker. We’re Americans.

    I’m third or fourth generation American and not a drop of Anglo blood. I bristle when I hear Anglo.

  59. As I finished this article, I had to ask myself what is Murraytopia? I had to reread a few paragraphs in order to understand what it meant. The main point of Murraytopia is that it embraces meritotacracy, however, Derbyshire opines that in order to make it work, one has to have an understanding of formal quantitative distribution in order to achieve racial equity in advancement of people. He seems to be saying that this means that in hiring their needs to been a distribution of hiring based on prevailing racial make-ups of a population. This seems to be Jim Snow-like in that a company needs to have a certain number of blacks, whites, latinos, reds, and yelllow according to their racial percentages of a population. It is Jim Snow because employers have to follow mandates directing their hiring. Why not simply hire the best qualified person based on meritocracy and not on a percentage of a particular race?

  60. babu says:

    But what about yellow and dark brown skinned the so called POC who are nothing but second class citizens for that is what they are. When will their victimhood be recognized and repaired by the government of the US?

  61. @Priss Factor

    I disagree.

    Every smart person knows it’s the motion of the ocean, feeling, and other innate sensual sensibilities. If you think ramming a cucumber into a vagina will make the white woman happy, think again.

    Like Freud, you are overly-sexualizing reality. While at the same time, you are projecting. Yes, in their hormonal infancy, perhaps a white woman would be intrigued and succumb to jungle fever. We will have to let these ones go because they are damaged goods, anyway. And soon enough, as you say in your post, their black mandingos will abandon them sure as shit.

    Too much pressure on white men to be everything all at once to their women. You post smells of misogyny, too, for this reason. Smart white women are perfectly happy with a manly, put-together white husband. And they SHOULD giggle, as the Greeks did, at massive male genitalia. It’s disproportionate!

  62. babu says:

    not for an African descendant of slaves who was sold in to chattel slavery by the European Jew.

  63. Back in the 90’s an NBA player – I believe it was actually Alonzo Mourning from the Miami Heat – went to visit his roots in Africa, maybe looking for inspiration or something.

    He did find inspiration all right. When he saw the horrors in Africa he said something which is truly uncharacteristic for someone from his race. He said something like: “I don’t care under which circumstances my ancestors came to America, I am just glad that they made it, and as a result we got opportunities which we would have never had back in Africa”.

    Something along those lines, but really surprisingly sincere and honest assessment of what Africa can offer and what America can offer – to anybody really, regardless of race. Because, let’s face it, the worst ghettos in US offer better conditions than most places in Africa.

  64. Katrinka says:

    Problem is half the Whites in the U.S. are totally brainwashed and a part of the system. I am hoping the Covid injections rid us of most of them.

  65. @The artist formerly known as a young man

    “Thank God My Granddaddy Got on that Boat”

    Muhammed Ali

  66. Treg says:

    I think we will be seeing a sea change in black attitudes towards marriages. That is, I expect the rate of black marriages to stop declining and begin climbing back up. What do I attribute this too? Again a “sea change” in black attitudes towards marriage. This I believe is will come thru the black-man-osphere on social media. Its happening now.

    What am I talking about? Well take a look at just one particular soul who is slashing away at “black dysfunctional choices” and “feminist bull crap”. He is an “image consultant” named Kevin Samuels. His popular podcasts are M-F late at night and has over one million subscribers on youtube. And Kevin is just one of many black people all in the black improvement manosphere that have side stepped the Woke crowd and are charting a path back to 1950 without the Jim Crow.

    How soon will we know? I think we will know if this trend has been reversed by the end of 2022.

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  67. @Anon

    I agree with you about their unscrupulous methods although they most definitely are not all like that.

    I was VP for a very large technology research and consulting enterprise and had people from all over the world reporting to me at various times. The most capable people I dealt with were Israelis and South African Whites. Simple as that. The East Asians conformed to stereotype, very good when narrowly focused but otherwise limited. I wasn’t ever ripped off by the Jews I dealt with but was the victim of sharp practice all the time. Rather than blatant dishonesty I’d rather describe my dealings with them as leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

    For what it’s worth…..

  68. BorisMay says:

    Niggas only go with niggas. Slopes only go with slopes. Whites only go with whites.

    Niggas should live in niggaland. You call it Africa maybe. Slopes in Asia. Whites in Europe. Red injuns in the Americas.

    Furkin obvious init!!!

    You aint goin to ave any peace udderwise. Stands to reeson.

    Multicult de peeple segregate natural like, go with their own with a few exceptions.

    So this article is Cod’s Wallop. Mr Cod really did exist and his wallop lost its fiz after the first mouthful. Just like multi cult uralism.

  69. would not meritocracy be a lot more fun,
    if measured by capacity to jump and run?

  70. “Sheeeeeeeiiiiit, I’s need security from criminals to work on defunding the police so criminals can run wild.”

    Dat sho is Black Logic or Blogic.

    • LOL: Katrinka
  71. Anon[636] • Disclaimer says:

    Mixing with other races is a losing situation for Whites but a win-win for nonwhites. How do Whites benefit by living with Jews, Arabs, East Indians, Chinese, Koreans, much less Blacks?

    Whites benefit by mixing with East Asians because of the superior female beauty of East Asian women.

    White men value East Asian women more than white women because their features are a stronger signal of feminine beauty, which is why the #1 desired females on Earth are Asian and half-Asian.

    We compared the attractiveness of own-race composites, other-race composites, and mixed-race composites (where the component faces were from both races). In experiment 1, Caucasian participants rated own-race composites as more attractive than other-race composites, but only for male faces. However, mixed-race (Caucasian/Japanese) composites were significantly more attractive than own-race composites, particularly for the opposite sex.

    In experiment 2, Caucasian and Japanese participants living in Australia and Japan, respectively, selected the most attractive face from a continuum with exaggerated Caucasian characteristics at one end and exaggerated Japanese characteristics at the other, with intervening images including a Caucasian averaged composite, a mixed-race averaged composite, and a Japanese averaged composite. The most attractive face was, again, a mixed-race composite, for both Caucasian and Japanese participants.

    in experiment 3, Caucasian participants rated individual Eurasian faces as significantly more attractive than either Caucasian or Asian faces. Similar results were obtained with composites.

    Marriages between White men and Asian women are over twice as frequent as those between White women and Asian men. Recent research has proposed that this imbalance may be explained by the finding that, on average, White men are perceived as more attractive than Asian men, and Asian women are perceived as more attractive than White women, possibly because Asian faces are perceived as more feminine than White faces.

    Here, we explore whether Asian faces are perceived as more feminine than White faces. Thirty-five Malaysian Chinese (20 male) and 30 Australian White (12 male) participants manipulated 100 face photographs (50 Asian; 50 White; half male) on a masculinity/femininity axis to optimize attractive appearance.

    As predicted, White women’s faces were increased more in femininity than Asian women’s faces, and White men’s faces were feminized more than Asian men’s faces to optimize attractiveness. These findings suggest that White faces are perceived as more masculine than Asian faces.

  72. Exile says:
    @A Half Naked Fakir

    You’ve completely ignored Derb’s main point – that there was no “problem” in Jim Crow America.

    If you look at stats cited here at Unz and elsewhere over the years (including Murray’s work, IIRC) Blacks did better on every social metric in 1950 than today – marriage & legitimacy, literacy, church attendance and much more.

    Using the same playbook we see today, Jews and fellow-traveling shabbos White liberals in the 1950’s-1960’s used fake news, edge-cases and tendentious “social science” to create the boogeyman of a problem that “had to” be solved by hobbling Whitey and worshipping all things melanated – because muh Judeo-Christian values, black bodies, MLK tears, etc…

    It was all fake – there was no problem. Jim Crow is used against America like the Holocaust is used against Germans, Euros and Whites in general. It’s time to reject the assumptions and the ooga-booga.

  73. @Priss Factor

    There is no category in which blacks are stronger (or meaner) than whites.

    White men won the shot put, will win the hammer throw, the javelin throw, most wrestling, judo, weight lifting etc in this Olympics.

    Your mistake, Priss, is in not acknowledging that the blacks in America are not typical Africans. They were literally bred for size, strength and docility. Of course, in the process, their brains were lost. Richard Burton says that the slaves rounded up for export in the Congo were the retards, the socially maladapted and the prisoners, both of war and criminal. That’s the reason the American Negro is incapable of even conforming–still less contributing to–our society. They were the culls in Africa whom the wily King, cleverly, unloaded upon us just as Castro did with the boat people during the Carter presidency.

    You’re obsessed with this jungle fever thing but the interracial marriage stats don’t bear it out. While some white women may be curious about blacks, most aren’t. And of those who are, many lose interest after their first dalliance with a living, breathing black man. For one thing, they smell bad. For another, their gallantry doesn’t last beyond the first frack and they have the same attitude towards women as they do towards their dogs–they mistreat them cruelly. Most sane women will flee, though a few–the one’s with whom you’re acquainted apparently–will stay around for the thrilling conclusion, her death by battering.

    Just speak for yourself. I’m not afraid of black men, because, as I said before, I wrestled them in high school and beat out two (in separate years) in wrestle offs to make the team. They’re not the indomitable gods you seem to imagine them. Whatever dominance they have in sports is magnified by the Jewish media’s promotion of just those sports in which blacks excel. Once white men began knocking black men senseless, Jewish fight promoters and media lost interest and the big title bouts etc. weren’t shown on prime time TV. But, Priss, you must know that all that was staged. As Bobby Fisher remarked about the Jewish domination of professional chess, “They ruin everything.”

    How? By staging falsely built up matches between nobodies and the guy they’re grooming to be the Champ’s challenger. So the bout can be touted as a match between one guy: 30 wins, 2 losses and the other: 28 wins, 3 losses or something like that. All phony. Fisher said they did the same thing with chess grand masters. The Jews promote black-dominated sports to stick a finger in the eye of white people. It’s to accustom us to policing by big, bad, scary black men. Screw that. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Most black men don’t look anything like the scary image you are carrying around in your head, Priss. Some are skinny, some fat, some healthy, most not. A very few are muscular. They certainly don’t show any evidence of muscular superiority if you look at the charts in the above link.

    So, in light of the tables above, I just don’t see how or why you keep making the same mistake.

    As for blacks alleged fierceness, hahahahaha. While the North American Indian and the European Steppe invader succeeded in wiping out virtually all the really dangerous big game on their respective continents, the black man couldn’t make a dent in the dangerous game on his. Why? Because he’s a stupid pussy. He was neither clever enough nor brave enough to pull it off.

  74. Earth is still flat its one jew freemason lie too!

  75. Anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    @Priss Factor: Post 1: Let’s flesh out the story a bit. Blacks in the South owned Negro slaves. Indians owned Negro slaves (and forced them to go along on the Trail of Tears). To your credit you didn’t try to equate indentured servitude with slavery. People who do that are idiots.

    Joe Biden’s adopted state of Delaware still had slavery after the Civil War.

    Thomas Sowell whom I revere and Cornell West whom I disdain are two prominent Negro scholars who grew up under Jim Crow. Today we have the “public intellectual” minstrel show of Ta-Nehesi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi.

    The Washington Post’s Juan Williams used to write about his idyllic upbringing in the Jim Crow days when majestic herds of Negroes roamed the veldt of DC’s Foggy Bottom, now largely occupied by upscale apartment buildings and hotels and George Washington University.

    Carl “8 Ball” Rowan was a U.S. Ambassador under Jim Crow. To Finland, not known for its Negroes.

  76. Human Sacrifice is alive and well. Meanwhile, Derek Chauvin rots in jail for 22 yrs because George Floyd died of overdose. In Jewish-run USA.

  77. Anonymous[330] • Disclaimer says:

    In America race (black/White) is a constant factor of endless debate why? …BUT altering History, facts, creating a false narratives of Evil Whites vrs good/angelic Blacks is hardly the case. I had seen the explosion of Black Cinema..the story line is usually the same BAD Evil Whites that abuse/oppressed/savagetry violence against helpless Good/intelligent blacks …BUT then a liitle bit of research turn out that the Movie story line are NOT facts…most of the movie is BS. Like the movie that blamed white scientists in Nasa for keeping bright female black brilliant engineers/mathematicians in the dark, black women whom were responsible for the success of Nasas Space Program…Later on and with a little reserach I learnt that the Movie was BS…well thats why it is a movie (dah!!!) NOT factual History…sadly many people think that such movies are the REAL History. Unfortunately the REAL History will never be told..We willl never see a movie about how JEWS run slavery since ancient times. There will never be a movie about how Jewish moguls STOLE/Fraud to rob blacks of their Music, arts, sports, …for example the deep south Mississippi Delta BLACK cultural Renaissance much of it stolen for the benefit of jews..many of those artists, athletes, died in scourging poverty while jewish moguls profited hugely from black creativity. And they pattern persist today WHO owns control profit from BLACK sports, arts, music, cinema, WHO has been using Blacks as proxies to gain control of the politics, economics, of the USA…Who owned SAfricas main resources before apartheid who owns them NOW…Blacks in SAfrica were used to disamantle the power/political structures in favor of JEWS..that will never allow a deep real dialogue about race in this country…the jewish Talmudic agenda commands them to keep us goyim gentiles at each others throats..

  78. @Trinity

    Most Jews in the USA and in the world are Ashkenazim.

    In turn, Ashkenazim are typically very heavily European (Italian) in their maternal genetic line. See Jon Entine’s column at the Genetic Literacy Project website. This doesn’t even account for any lesser Germanic or Slavic genetic heritage that many Ashkenazi Jews sometimes have.

    Only a minority of world Jewry, and a small minority of US Jews, is Sepphardic, and they are the genetic and linguistic cousins to the Arabs.

    So saying “Jews are smarter than whites” is saying that a particularly inbred, culturally intelligence-selected half-European/half-Semitic people are smarter than fully European people.”

  79. @The artist formerly known as a young man

    “He [the black NBA player] said something like: “I don’t care under which circumstances my ancestors came to America, I am just glad that they made it, and as a result we got opportunities which we would have never had back in Africa”.

    And of course, given this wide choice of opportunities, what did he choose to do? Throw a rubber ball through a hoop. Because in reality, that was his only practical opportunity.

    Which sort of explains why Africa is Africa in the first place.

  80. @RadicalCenter

    So saying “Jews are smarter than whites” is saying that a particularly inbred, culturally intelligence-selected half-European/half-Semitic people are smarter than fully European people.

    Nailed it. Inbreeding tends to push inherited traits toward the extremes–both positive traits (intelligence) and negative ones (susceptibility to Tay-Sachs disease). And Jewish culture for millenia has respected learning; the most learned men in any given village were the most sought-after as mates. (The most learned aren’t necessarily the most intelligent, but there’s a pretty good correlation.)

  81. You the originator Nicholas? Well done!

  82. @Bombercommand

    America will suffer from the Gulf of Dongkin incidents.

  83. People should apply themselves and develop into productive members of society regardless of race.
    Sitting around moaning about how unfair everything is and how the system is stacked against them gains nothing but an unhealthy attitude and undermines at least giving it a legitimate effort. It also subliminally sends a message to the affect of ‘I”m dumb, I can’t go out like everybody else and get a job or play by the rules because other people always outwit me” Please make everything right because I can’t’.
    Universities indoctrinate these people with an unhealthy attitude that doesn’t serve a young man or woman well and drives them into forms of social rebellion bedevilment such as rioting burning and carrying on inappropriately in malicious ways and an unhealthy lack of respect for authority. Sadly the entertainment industry reinforces it as well.

  84. Richard B says:

    Good for you. And I’m serious. I’m glad you responded that way.

    But, ironically, your comment proves my point. As I said, Some individuals will snap and fight back. And you did. Great. I’ve done the same and so have a number of men and women I’ve known over the years and even recently, as in your case.

    But I was talking about whites as whites, ie; as a group. They’re just not good at organizing. They might one day. But, they don’t have a lot of time. And, by the way, I’d love to be wrong. But I’m not exactly shooting from the hip on this one. My comment comes from years of experience. And it’s been the same for a lot of other people I know.

    Also, as I’m sure you know, your experiencce, mine in the past, and those of others, they all could have gone sideways on us – fast. As dumb and dependent as they are, they do know how social media works and can organize a flash mob in no time flat. So, we have to stand our ground, but be smart too.

    There’s a big difference between courage and foolhardiness. Besides, they’re not worth it.

    Good luck out there. We’re all going to need it.

    • Replies: @RogerL
  85. True Aim says:

    Speaking of romance warping the culture, I’m convinced that the Harvey Weinstein / Quentin Tarantino movies “Django Unchained” (2012) and “Inglourious Basterds” (2009) inspired, respectively, the BLM and American antifa movements. Older people perhaps don’t understand the impact these two movies had on Millennials. These movies functioned like religious texts in the minds of a generation berefit of religion and otherwise ill-educated. They were the way these people understood the world and its meaning. They moralized these people – moralized them for evil. To be clear, these people’s entire understanding of black slavery and of World War 2, of American history more generally, consists of what these two movies told them.

    Many knock-offs were made, like “12 Years a Slave,” but those two movies are like the Old and New Testaments, or if you like, the Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, of the “woke.” Like “The Birth of a Nation” inspired the modern KKK, they inspired “wokeness.”

  86. RogerL says:
    @Richard B

    What about the successful efforts a hundred years ago to organize unions for white workers in the US?

    As I mulled that question over, I wondered, who organized those efforts to form unions? Was this another project organized by Jewish people?

    The Jewish people are very good at organizing a wide range of leftish activities. Its probably more accurate to say they are obsessed with controlling others and using them to serve their self-serving agendas.

    As white people stand there, like deer in the headlights of a car rushing to kill them, I keep thinking “but what about the unionization efforts, which were a major factor in creating a large middle class out of impoverished workers?”

    If those unionization efforts were driven by Jewish people, not by euroamericans, then this would explain a lot of things about how things are going in the US today.

    The Bonus Army was part of another successful effort by white people in the US to push for being treated decently. Now I’m wondering, who organized that effort?

    I find it easier to discuss issues with people raised in a catholic or Jewish culture because those cultures emphasize training and strengthening minds, versus just having faith in some dogma. The catholic activists in the US might be the largest concentration of organizers, which are independent of Jewish agendas. I mean traditional activism, like organizing better health services for poor people, not culture war activism.

    A thoughtful person, raised in the catholic tradition of objective reasoning, is likely to acknowledge that oppressing whites won’t heal the damage caused by oppressing blacks, and in the long run will just cause more problems.

    Can catholic activism in the US be leveraged to organize the effort to fight the oppression of whites?

  87. @RadicalCenter

    “In turn, Ashkenazim are typically very heavily European (Italian) in their maternal genetic line. See Jon Entine’s column at the Genetic Literacy Project website. This doesn’t even account for any lesser Germanic or Slavic genetic heritage that many Ashkenazi Jews sometimes have.”

    They say, as you say, the vast majority (80%+) of the world Jewry is made up of Ashkenazim, who have descended from about 350 ancestors. So one supposes that when the Second Temple was destroyed by the then Roman Empire, the strongest of Judea ended up in the capital, Rome, because that’s where the action was and if you know Jews as I know Jews… and after infecting, I mean bedding, Italian women they guaranteed their survival with numerous progeny and who in turn went to all places where the Roman army went, especially, in northern Europe including Slavic lands and the result is the Jew who still has the Semitic traits along with a lot European traits as well. But the upshot is that the Jew doesn’t know whether he is a cousin to the Arab or to the European and that confusion, when not overcome by excessive love of money making, is a very destructive force, not only to himself but to the entire world and to the good reputation of God.

  88. “So: Is the Jim Snow America of 2021 more stable, more harmonious, more fair, safer, happier than the Jim Crow America of 1950?”

    I vote no. The crime stats are getting Ridiculous . As of now Chicago is on track for 750 homicides and 5,000 shootings. Hint, the Amish are Not doing the crimes. I don’t even want to mention the numbers on low level crimes like robbery etc. How bad can it get? Itz Anyone’s guess but I think it will get worse unless, like Derbyshire says ‘people wake up’.

    This current reality will keep going forward because our government will double up on propaganda and more police control.

  89. @anon

    “seeing Christians set against each other”

    Let’s get rid of Affirmative Action, set asides and quotas and then we can all be Christians.

  90. @Larry

    “If only we could all be black, what a world of wonder”

    And Magic.

  91. @Trinity

    Does the Obamacare that President Trump never got around to replacing with something “really great” cover treatment for Truthophobia? It is obvious to anyone who isn’t blind that black people are grossly overrepresented in professional boxing, basketball, MMA and football. Name the last time a white guy was in the finals of the 100 meter dash at the Olympics. (Can you name an Irishman that won the 100 meters at the Olympics? Let me guess: you’ll answer Seamus Leprechaun.)

    As for Jews, how do you explain their incredible overrepresentation among Nobel Prize winners? Why did the Ivy League colleges discriminate against Jews many years ago the way they are discriminating against Asian-Americans today?

    Jews were overrepresented among my professors in college.

    As for “parasites,” tell us who Jonas Salk was. I am not worse off Jews are overrepresented amongst doctors but better off.

    Show us how smart you are by providing intelligent answers to these questions.

    “Laughable” describes the shallowness and ignorance of your remarks.

  92. “Unpersoned Writer’s Ideas Still Echo on the Alt-Right, Even if Nobody Will Mention Him by Name”

  93. MEH 0910 says:


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