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Other People’s Nationalism: China
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The current (November 19th-25th) issue of The Economist has a striking long article about Chinese — more precisely, ChiCom — nationalism.

Bottom line: it’s racial. I’ve made this point myself, e.g. in my 2001 China Diary:

“Did they ask to see your passport?” I wanted to know. No, she said, they had not. Nor did anyone else at any future point. This shows that the criterion is blood, not nationality. To put it more plainly, the whole thing is frank racial discrimination. [China Diary by John Derbyshire; National Review Online, July-August 2001.]

(You can argue that it’s really ethnic, not racial. After 4,000 years of absorbing border tribes and enduring long partial or total conquest and occupation by Turks, Tibetans, Mongols, Manchus, Iranians, etc., any match between the self-identifying Han population of China and the concept of biological race is problematic. I’ll leave that for another time.)

Over to The Economist.

Five men who ran a bookshop in Hong Kong disappeared in mysterious circumstances in late 2015. One was apparently spirited away from the territory by agents from the mainland; another was abducted from Thailand. All later turned up in Chinese jails, accused of selling salacious works about the country’s leaders. One bookseller had a British passport and another a Swedish one but the two suffered the same disregard for legal process as Chinese citizens who anger the regime. Their embassies were denied access for weeks. The government considered both these men as intrinsically “Chinese”. This is indicative of a far broader attitude. China lays claim not just to booksellers in Hong Kong but, to a degree, an entire diaspora.

China’s foreign minister declared that Lee Bo, the British passport-holder, was “first and foremost a Chinese citizen”. [The upper Han: The world’s rising superpower has a particular vision of ethnicity and nationhood that has implications at home and abroad; The Economist, November 19th 2016 (but I think you need a subscription to read it online).]

There is an amusing passage in Chapter 13 of Peter Brimelow’s 1995 book Alien Nation where Peter phones the Washington, D.C. embassies of those nations that send large numbers of immigrants to the U.S.A. to ask about rules for immigrating into those countries.

Chinese Embassy Official [laughs]: “China does not accept any immigrants. We have a large enough population …”

Things haven’t changed much in 21 years. The Economist:

China today is extraordinarily homogenous. It sustains that by remaining almost entirely closed to new entrants except by birth. Unless someone is the child of a Chinese national, no matter how long they live there, how much money they make or tax they pay, it is virtually impossible to become a citizen. Someone who marries a Chinese person can theoretically gain citizenship; in practice few do. As a result, the most populous nation on Earth has only 1,448 naturalised Chinese in total, according to the 2010 census. Even Japan, better known for hostility to immigration, naturalises around 10,000 new citizens each year; in America the figure is some 700,000 (see chart).

It’s the same with refugees.

China’s Han-centred worldview extends to refugees. In a series of conflicts since 2009 between ethnic militias and government forces in Myanmar the Chinese government has consistently done more to help the thousands escaping into China from Kokang in Myanmar, where 90% of the population is Han, than it has to aid those leaving Kachin, who are not Han. Non-Chinese seem just as beguiled by the purity of Han China as the government in Beijing. Governments and NGOs never suggest that China take refugees from trouble spots elsewhere in the world. The only large influx China has accepted since 1949 were also Han: some 300,000 Vietnamese fled across the border in 1978-79, fearing persecution for being “Chinese”. China has almost completely closed its doors to any others. Aside from the group from Vietnam, China has only 583 refugees on its books. The country has more billionaires. [My italics.]

Pause a moment to reflect on those numbers: 1,448 naturalized citizens, 583 refugees, in a population of 1.4 billion.

Then pause a moment longer to reflect on the hypocrisy implicit in those sentences I italicized.

The open-borders Economist of course clicks its editorial tongue in disapproval of all this ethnocentrism.

A closed China wilfully narrows its access to the global pool of professional talent. The government grants surprisingly few work visas. Foreigners made up 0.05% of the population in 2010, according to the World Bank, compared with 13% in America . . .

At the same time its own citizens are heading overseas. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese leave every year to study or work abroad. Many have returned to China to work and are a driving force of innovation and high-tech development. Far more do not come back: of the 4m Chinese who have left to study abroad since 1978, half have not returned, according to the Ministry of Education. Yet because China bans dual nationality those who become eligible for a foreign passport, by birth, wealth or residency, face a choice. The result is that the brain-drain is mostly one-way. Thousands of Chinese renounce their citizenship every year, but because it is so difficult for foreigners to become Chinese, no counterbalancing group opts in.


China’s Han-centred worldview is not just a historical curiosity. It is a decisive force in the way it wields its growing power in the world—a state that respects neither equality nor civil liberties at home and may ignore them abroad too. In economic terms, China will cut itself off from an important source of economic growth, waste resources in discriminating against ethnic minorities and fail to use its human talent to better effect. Exacerbating ethnic tensions may spur the separatism it fears. And by sorting citizens abroad by their ethnic identity rather than their national one—whether by claiming to defend “its own” or punish them for disloyalty—China risks clashing with other countries. Over the past century, China’s founding myth has been a source of strength. But as it looks forwards, China risks being borne back ceaselessly into its own past.

Now, I’d be the last person to offer Communist China as a model nation-state. I detest the ChiComs’ brutish gangster-despotism, as 30-plus years of my opinionating amply show.

And I don’t think the awfulness of the ChiCom government tells us anything about nationalism. As I have argued before on this site:

Mid-20th-century despotic nationalism was bad not because nationalism is bad, but because despotism is bad. [Derb’s June Diary;, July 2nd 2016.]

The determination of the ChiComs to keep their country Chinese does, though, remind us that the current conflict between nationalism and globalism is not just an intellectual debate among politicians in the Free World; it is an issue of major world-historical importance that will likely shape life on our planet for the rest of this century.

Footnote: When I discussed this article with my ethnically-Chinese wife, she chuckled at the last sentence here:

Many Chinese today share the idea that a Chinese person is instantly recognisable—and that an ethnic Han must, in essence, be one of them. A young child in Beijing will openly point at someone with white or black skin and declare them a foreigner (or “person from outside country”, to translate literally). Foreign-born Han living in China are routinely told that their Mandarin should be better (in contrast to non-Han, who are praised even if they only mangle an occasional pleasantry).

She: “Yes: Nobody’s harder on the Chinese than we Chinese ourselves.”

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: China, Immigration 
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  1. By refusing mass immigration, China is set to remain an economic backwater, just like Japan and S. Korea. Everyone knows that negrification and Islamization are the royal road to riches and domestic tranquillity. Oh well, let the fools remain mired in their ignorance then.

    There will be some 3-4 billion sub-Saharan Africans by century’s end. China’s racial isolationism means they won’t be able to dip even a toe into that talent pool. Hah, their loss is our gain!

  2. 5371 says:

    [any match between the self-identifying Han population of China and the concept of biological race is problematic]

    All the evidence is that any regional group of Han will be closer together genetically than any regional group of whites of similar number, so I wouldn’t say that.

  3. Thank you for reading the Economist so we don’t have to.

    On the topic of Asia going its own way and not following all Western ideas, below is a 2015 comment from Peter Thiel about how Japan is less and less interested in the West.

    Spend enough time in Asia and you start to wonder whether the much-announced inexorable march to homogeneous globalism is really going to happen.

    My suggestion is that perhaps at this point, Japan is the least conformist, the least imitative country in the world. There’s actually a lot of interesting aesthetic cultural stuff going on, there still is a lot of very successful types of businesses. There’s innovation in food production, all sorts of interesting areas.

    But then it’s an indictment of the West, where I think Japan is no longer the Japan of the Meiji Restoration of the 1870s, or the Japan of the cheap plastic imitation toys of the 1950s. It’s a country that no longer thinks it can get that much by copying the West. There’s probably still some narrow interest in IT and software. Outside of that, I think they are copying the US and Western Europe less and less.

    People aren’t even learning English that much anymore. They’re speaking less English than they were 15, 20 years ago. The golf courses are all getting shut down and converted to solar farms or something; people don’t even want to play golf anymore. I think we need to take this as a real critique of our society, very seriously, that they’re finding less that’s desirable to imitate in the US or Western Europe.

  4. Svigor says:

    What’s really interesting is how nobody thinks about this. As if reciprocity (the Golden Rule) is some alien concept. Mention Chinese or Mexican immigration policy to your average dope, and it’s like a new continent of thought has been revealed.

    She: “Yes: Nobody’s harder on the Chinese than we Chinese ourselves.”

    Yeah, the Chinese really seem to be beating themselves up over their rrrrracist immigration policies.

    On the topic of Asia going its own way and not following all Western ideas

    It’s funny how much agreement there is among east Asia and WNs on which “western ideas” are disastrous. Quite a coincidence

    • Replies: @Anonym
  5. The great challenge for Americans — We The People who actually won our own election this time! — is to properly identify ourselves and to work together for our own good.

    There is a lot of Elite noise making this difficult. This noise will not stop until we ignore it and get on with ourselves.

    Let’s define what an American is, once and for all, and begin to favor it the way the Han favor the Han, the Jews favor the Jews, and everyone else favors themselves.

    We have the right to do this, and we must if we are to continue to prosper and keep our homeland.

    We all here know this already. I’m sorry for preaching the obvious to the choir. It just feels good to echo Derb when he tells us how the world really works.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have been thinking and saying, for some time, that China and the others (S. Korea, Japan) will one day be the only safe harbors for high-IQ whites to move into.

    But they’ll take only a few very high-IQ people.
    The rest will be left here, to suffer: as they absolutely deserve for their lack of awareness and will.

  7. @Buzz Mohawk

    It’s why whites need to start forming ostensibly non-racial business and community groups and then move them to overtly white groups as other whites wake up to what’s going on.

    You need a home base. If you have your own businesses, community centers, neighborhoods and schools, you don’t have to worry much about the greater society other than the issue of safety.

    We already have a model: The Jews. Follow their blueprint. Create your own community, push for your interest and, long-term, push for a homeland.

    • Replies: @David
  8. @European-American

    I believe it. If you were a Japanese or Chinese or Korean leader, what about our culture would look appealing? You certainly would want access to our markets and technology, but other than that, the rest is garbage.

    If I was them, I might look to our former culture for inspiration, but not the current one.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
  9. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Chinese should worry about Brain Drain and Womb Doom.

    Too many smart Chinese leaving and not coming back.
    Too any Chinese women in the West rejecting own kind and having babies with other men who grow up as ‘white’, ‘Jewish’, or ‘black’.

    Still… China has so many people that this shouldn’t be worrying for now.

    But looking to the future, maybe China should think in terms of Brain Nationalism. Nationalism often focuses on military power and armies, but brains are weapons too, indeed the most powerful weapon.
    So, Chinese brains should be seen as Chinese weapons, and Chinese brains that go overseas and serves other nations should be seen as BRAITORS, or brain-traitors. Imagine if a bunch of smart Jews went to Iran to work in nuclear weapons project there. They would be Braitors.

    But if immigration is so great for raising national intelligence, the West must be doing something wrong by taking in so many low-IQ Africans and Muslims, esp in Europe.

    Oh… and the silence about Israel. ‘Western’ media never raise issue about how it is ‘racist’ for Israel to have such an ethnocentric policy.

  10. Marcus says:

    Chinese “nationalism” is kind of a misnomer, don’t they still give minorities affirmative action-type benefits like the bolsheviks did in early USSR? I think they just fan flames of (admittedly warranted) anti-Japanese sentiment to distract people.

    • Replies: @5371
  11. MarcB says:

    China will be kicking itself in 100 years for not turning into Blasia.

  12. 5371 says:

    Yes, but they get seriously angry when Muslims like the Uygurs don’t behave or look like Chinese (whereas the Muslims who have lived longer side-by-side with the Han, the Hui, do behave and look like them.)

  13. The determination of the ChiComs to keep their country Chinese does, though, remind us that the current conflict between nationalism and globalism is not just an intellectual debate among politicians in the Free World

    China free world**

  14. Jason Liu says:

    In other words, Chinese society is how all societies should be. Ethnocentric, and unequal by policy. Western social policy is essentially one that pulls western countries backwards while failing to recognize this regressive shift because it is blinded by compassion.

    …a state that respects neither equality nor civil liberties

    Both are diseased products of the white European mind. Neither are worthy values.

    The weakness of western thinking is that it tries to make abstract that which should be pragmatic instead. Sometimes this is a good thing, often it isn’t. The right approach to civil rights is to apply them to the extent that it placates the population, and rescind them to crush treasonous social elements when needed. It shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing policy.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  15. Svigor says:

    I have been thinking and saying, for some time, that China and the others (S. Korea, Japan) will one day be the only safe harbors for high-IQ whites to move into.

    But they’ll take only a few very high-IQ people.
    The rest will be left here, to suffer: as they absolutely deserve for their lack of awareness and will.

    Whites in general do not deserve to suffer for being stabbed in the back by their own elite, and by aliens.

    High-IQ whites are more to blame for the situation than whites in general. Thus, they deserve to suffer, more than whites in general do.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anonymous
    , @dfordoom
  16. Alden says:

    Chinese in America, whether California gold rush descendants or just off the plane a week ago don’t allow any Whites, including including those with the highest IQs or the most necessary skills into their businesses, projects and certainly not into the university research centers and TECH departments they have overwhelmed.

    Take the California universities. White taxpayers pay for them. Whites founded them. Whites give enormous donations to build the hospitals and research centers. Yet entire research departments are staffed solely by Chinese nationals. The Chinese nationals who administer the university research centers won’t even hire a non Chinese national to wash the lab equipment.

    That is how it is at UCLA, Irvine, Davis, Berkeley. China doesn’t need anyone. It has enough people for anything. There are probably more 140 IQ people in China than there are in the rest of the population of the earth.

    I don’t like it, but I observed it for 14 years. Somehow, the affirmative action laws don’t apply to California universities

    • Replies: @Numinous
    , @biz
  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t buy the whole white victimization angle here. Derb seems to be saying “Look, these yellows don’t destroy their country by importing blacks and muslims. But if the white man tried this, everyone would say that is racist. Wow the whole world is so un fair to white people.”

    The truth is, no one makes white people take immigrants into their lands. This is something whites do voluntarily, and they do it for self interest mainly to help maintain the pyramid shaped power structure that whites are so fond of living in. If this country were 100% white, 95% of white people would be on the bottom.

    Import a bunch of Mexicans, and it allows more white people to stay at the top since the bottom will be populated by lesser people. Anglo whites always do this, ie Canada, UK, Australia, Usa.

    Russia will not allow itself to be drown in African immigrants, and if people have a problem with it Russia doesn’t care. Anglo nations don’t do this because there are too many whites who benefit from mass immigration.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, poor white people lol.

    High iq elite whites were the ones leading the charge off of the cliff. No doubt. But lets not pretend the rest of whites, the remaining 99%, were victims.

    These, common whites, could have rebelled a long time ago. But they didn’t. Turns out the common white man could be bought out with sex, drugs, and the TV. Give someone a cushy pension, he won’t rock the boat because he is addicted to comfort and too cowardly to face the unknown.

    If he is a white person that is. Probably a Chinese would see the game from the start and work together to hang or evict their 1% who is trying to betray their country.

    And no Svigor, the Chinese letting in a bunch of immigrants would not be the golden rule. Stop the Schadenfreude. If your neighbor is an alcoholic and has a bad habit, why should you repeat his mistake?

  19. China is not just one country. It’s a hodgepodge of provinces, some of which are conquered people who detest their overlords in Beijing. When I was in Anhui, tour guides who ran a national museum openly spoke during the tour of Mao and the cultural revolutionaries as fools, idiots, and thick-headed vandals. At the time, I thought, “Someday the PRC will go the way of the Soviet Union, fracturing into its various pieces.”

    When I returned to Guangzhou recently, our guide told us about a plan by the central government to force everyone to speak Mandarin. The Cantonese population, 60-odd million people, has declined to go along with it. It’ll be some high-handed, haughty cramdown from the ruling class in Beijing that will eventually set off the break-up.

    As for racism in China, it’s there, just like it’s anywhere. In Hefei, anti-white discrimination was openly practiced, and any guy on the street felt empowered to enforce it. We’re white Americans, and got angrily chased out of a Chinese-only floor in our hotel. However, in Guangzhou or Kunming, we never noticed anything like that. It just depends on where you are.

    My impression of Beijing: It is like New York City, the premier cultural hegemon, home to millions of people all vying to be more rude than the next. And the air pollution is far, far beyond anything Americans have ever seen. No, seriously. You have never seen air like they have. You have to go back to the 1952 London “death smog” to imagine anything in western history similar to it. If the ruling class doesn’t fix this, the Chinese will give them more push-back than they can manage.

    And the ruling class would like to have a war with Japan. Ruling classes have always used war as a tool to build nationalism. They have a revenge motive, of course, but I don’t believe Xi Jinping gives a hoot about Nanjing or Shanghai. It’s just what rulers do, including ours.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. David says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    In my business, I never offer career advice or useful contacts to anyone I don’t consider a like-minded American.

    It’s sad how many recent Chinese immigrants are being hired into state insurance departments and industry associations. These are graduates of whole colleges so focused on teaching classes of Chinese immigrants actuarial science that the students graduate without learning English to any degree of proficiency. Then, when no one in the commercial market wants them, they find jobs in, for example, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, keepers of the risk-based-capital model that largely determines levels of capitalization required of insurance companies. So essentially Chinese people become effectively employees of the government, with no cultural or political connection to those they regulate. Any costumer focus these institutions used to have is long gone along with any sincere interest in their missions.

  21. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @The Grate Deign

    There are two types of hotels in China. Some can serve both foreigners and Chinese citizens; the others can serve Chinese citizens only. It is much harder to get a operational license to serve foreigners, aka, those who don’t have a Chinese residency card, because it has to meet a certain standard and the license fee is more expensive. It is unlikely they don’t serve you if they have the license.

    • Replies: @The Grate Deign
  22. 5371 says:

    Strange that most Anglo countries didn’t start doing this until very recently, if it is such a deep hereditary or cultural trait.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. @Anon

    They served us. And there were lots of westerners around because the local area has a lot of German people there (for reasons unknown to me).

    But if you ventured out of the elevator onto the Chinese-only floor, hoo-BOY! The fecal matter would smite the turbine blades. I don’t speak any Mandarin beyond ni hao, but whatever they were saying, I’m pretty sure it was cussing.

    This hotel. Couldn’t find a link to their actual hotel web site.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  24. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Economist article makes no sense.

    It says Chinese should allow immigration to compensate for the loss of smart Chinese via Brain Drain.

    But if even smart Chinese don’t want to live in China, why would smart non-Chinese want to take up permanent residence in China?

    Also, the article seems to imply immigration/emigration has a serious downside in producing Brain Drain. Since smart Chinese move abroad and don’t return, the wiser policy would be make emigration difficult.

    What China should do is clean the air and water and make things more pleasant for smart people.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rdm
  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Chance had it such news came right when I read this article.

    Car manufacturing giant Daimler China removed its chief executive Rainer Gaertner following his alleged remarks against Chinese people during a row over a parking space in Beijing. The case has drawn huge attention on social media and has provoked outrage among Chinese citizens.

    Now, think if Whites started to dislike being subject to racism on the part of Washington Post, NYT, Financial Times, and many TV hosts and faculty, how many people would “lose their job (and their favourite hobby: anti-whitism)”.

    But whites enjoy it. They seem to be the types who get aroused when spanked.
    So it continues.

  26. That “brain drain” The Economist is so worried about is going to harm China about as much as the establishment of North American and Australian colonies harmed Britain. In other words, not at all. In fact, it’ll extend their power and influence.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It isn’t just a recent thing.

    In the past Anglos would use whites of “inferior” stock such the Irish who have an IQ about the same as Mexicans.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @DevOps Dad
  28. DB Cooper says:

    “The truth is, no one makes white people take immigrants into their lands. This is something whites do voluntarily, and they do it for self interest mainly to help maintain the pyramid shaped power structure that whites are so fond of living in. ”

    The reason the US take immigrant has nothing to do with maintaining a pyramid shaped power structure. The reason goes deeper than that. Basically this current immigration policy is a huge policy blowback dating back to Lincoln’s time. Here is why. After Lincoln won the civil war, he turned his attention to the next pressing issue of the time. And that is that outside the colonies in the western direction is a huge swath of land populated by hostile tribes. Sure there were outposts everywhere and just like the US army in Iraq centuries later, the US can win every single battle but cannot hold the territories. Lincoln realized correctly that the key to holding territories is to have warm bodies to live there, have families there and die there. But the US simply does not have enough man power to do that. So Lincoln created the first incentive program to entices people in Europe to immigrate to the US. The US at that time is just a backward Anglo Saxon outpost in a far away uncivilized land and ordinarily people in Europe of course have few reason to move there. So the US reinvented itself to be some kind of a safe haven for the oppressed and poor people in Europe who want to have a fresh start in their lives. The bargain of course is that these people cannot live in the safe sanctuary of the colonies but have to live in hostile Indian territories. In the early days plots of land in the frontier were given to these new immigrants free. Lincoln even invited the Indian chiefs to the White House and show them a globe and explained to them that on the other side of the globe opposite the US is a continent with people just like him. And that there will be many more to come. What Lincoln implied to the Indian chiefs is that they better give up fighting because resistance is futile. By the way this event was recorded by the newspaper of that time.

    This program proves to be a resounding success. By the beginning of the twentieth century the US territories was basically secure and even though there were still some free Indians continuing their way of life, all but resign to their fate of submission to the federal government. In 1965, because of cold war politics and other reasons, the US senate voted to allow immigrants from non-European countries to immigrate to the US.

  29. Marcus says:
    @DB Cooper

    It had more to do with the American Civil War. Fresh off the boat immigrants, mainly German and Irish, played a major role in the Union’s victory.

  30. @The Grate Deign

    Thanks for the photo. I had erroneously imagined you at a budget motel dealing with an uneducated type.

    There are bars in Japan that refuse to serve foreigners.

    In Singapore Mormon expats are required to attend special expat churches and the locals have their own separate churches. This is quite striking since Mormons don’t have a choice in where or what time they attend church and are normally assigned to the church closest to their home. However, Singaporeans got tired of expats, usually business executives, coming in and trying to run everything and obviously Salt Lake City conceded to their demands.

    Since the 1970s Singapore has kept its racial groups at roughly the same level: 74% Chinese, 13% Malay, 9% Indian, and 3% other. It would appear that new citizens and permanent residents are being selected for race among other qualities.

  31. 5371 says:

    I regret addressing you seriously.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  32. @David

    Yep. You start with just joining or even creating ostensibly non-identity business or community groups. If you’re an insurance agent, form a local insurance agent group. Generally, it will be nearly all white anyway. Next, get to know some guys and figure out who might be on board. Over time and when the time is right, get together with guys who want respect being white and say, Hey, let’s form a European American insurance agent group.

    And why not. There are Jewish groups, women groups, Asian groups, black groups already so how can someone say you can’t do it. Admittedly, now is not the time, but my guess is that that time will come in the next decade or two.

    Once that happens and whites know that they have a safe harbor, I’d suspect that you’ll see a lot of white – though certainly not all by any means – choose sides. Once that happens, game over. Whites are fine on their own; blacks and, for the most part, Hispanics aren’t.

    Whites just need to get a home base. Everything after that is details.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @DB Cooper

    Yeah, it has to do with Abraham Lincoln lol.

  34. dfordoom says: • Website

    Whites in general do not deserve to suffer for being stabbed in the back by their own elite, and by aliens.

    We’ve had our chances over and over again at the ballot box but we’ve been too short-sighted and too selfish to save ourselves. There have been alternatives. The French could have elected Marine Le Pen in 2012 but they didn’t. The British could have elected UKIP in 2015 but they didn’t. Australians could have elected the One Nation Party this year but they didn’t. The Swedes could have elected the Sweden Democrats but they didn’t.

    The British have had parties presenting a genuine alternative for years but they’ve been snubbed by the voters. The FN has been around for years and the French have ignored them. One Nation has been around for years.

    In every case selfishness and short-sightedness caused voters to vote for the establishment globalist parties. We have no excuse. We have chosen our fate.

    • Replies: @Jason Liu
  35. David says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    You probably know this, but according to the great E. O. Wilson, a home base is one of a few keys to a species becoming “eusocial.”

  36. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "Kip Russell"] says:

    I regret addressing you seriously.

    Well, duh. Unz makes it easy to toggle between a recognized User ID and “Anonymous”. Thus, “Anonymous” is used for self-perceived “virtuous” sniping, insulting, trash-talk, silly jokes, etc.

    IMO, don’t Reply to “Anonymous”. If, by chance, an anonymous comment is well-intentioned, switch to “Anonymous” mode yourself to reply.

  37. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "Kip Russell"] says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    You start with just joining or even creating ostensibly non-identity business or community groups. If you’re an insurance agent, form a local insurance agent group. Generally, it will be nearly all white anyway. Next, get to know some guys and figure out who might be on board.

    I’m inclined to believe that going into business for yourself, as individuals or limited partnerships, works a lot better than working for corporations that use Affirmative Action to disempower real Americans, as adjunct of abusive government power. Ditto for government corruption in “minority owned” contractors, employees, etc.

    It’s pure corruption that funnels billions in the pockets of the rich, in small amounts at the local level to larger and larger amounts at state and Federal levels. There is absolutely no justifiable reason to protect illegals and immigrants from the purported “injustices” of a theoretically free market economy — none.

  38. to be honest, china really doesn’t need any more people. 1.3B pop is kinda huge already. that point of theirs is actually spot on.

    now the question becomes, do we, usa, need more immigrants? we have the room, but do we need them? this is a question that needs alot of data and analysis from economists/experts of which I am not. if someone could link articles that clearly lists the pros and cons, that would be great.

    derb, does your wife know you hate her kind and country of origin? 🙂 that you view china and chinese as enemies? death to chicoms! haha.

  39. @Anonymous

    Anyone who has recently traveled the streets of downtown Sydney Australia will realize the flood of happy Chinese young people present will increasingly draw Australia into China’s economic sphere. And once these new immigrates become a technological critical mass, Australia will increasingly become a safe harbor for high IQ U.S. whites.

  40. @Anonymous

    Yet another false flag liberal.

    THUFIR (inner voice; worried)
    We found these sabotage devices too easily…

    And we find @5371 and those like him writing racist slogans in high schools and crap like this at

  41. Jason Liu says:

    It’s not so much selfishness, white people just have a tendency to be wishy washy bleeding heart fruitcakes. Your race is filled with traitors.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  42. Sunbeam says:
    @DevOps Dad

    “Anyone who has recently traveled the streets of downtown Sydney Australia will realize the flood of happy Chinese young people present will increasingly draw Australia into China’s economic sphere. And once these new immigrates become a technological critical mass, Australia will increasingly become a safe harbor for high IQ U.S. whites.”

    Why? There some shortage of high IQ chinese I don’t know about?

    I guess all of us read arguments on this site (about HBD in general) we do not believe. But I’ve seen sentiments like this posted a number of times.

    Why exactly do people think that a successful Chinese state, whether city state, full blown nation, or some whacked out german word about a nominally foreign state (Australia) dominated by recent immigrants (Chinese) is going to turn into a western european kind of thing?

    You know London, NY, SF, or heck even Dubai?

    Just saying they won’t need any high IQ (by US standards) whites. They’ll have plenty of homegrown talent, and why would they want to bring in something they don’t have a shortage of?

    As a sort of aside, do the Chinese receive any benefit from hiring foreigners? I guess you have the niche cases of contacts and lobbying and whatnot.

    But at the end of the day does having a foreigner on the payroll benefit any chinese company’s bottom line? I mean as far as writing code, manufacturing things, design, research even?

    • Replies: @sb
    , @Wizard of Oz
  43. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "Kip Russell"] says:
    @DevOps Dad

    Australia will increasingly become a safe harbor for high IQ U.S. whites.

    I’m heading to Australia next March for a tour. An application for permanent residence is not outside the realm of possibility.

  44. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "Kip Russell"] says:
    @Jason Liu

    It’s not so much selfishness, white people just have a tendency to be wishy washy bleeding heart fruitcakes. Your race is filled with traitors.

    Hahahahaha! Boy, you ain’t seen NUTHIN’.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s actually not that hard for high IQ/talented whites to get lengthy/decent gigs in China. Despite all the Chinese ethnochauvinism, the Chinese still view whites in a very respectful way, and having a Western education makes it a lot easier to get a job there. There is a dearth of whites there and many workplaces there would rather hire at least a few whites they can brag about than some extra Chinese – think of it as reverse favoritism. Among the Chinese, it reflects on that University or business as being successful, cosmopolitan; a place that has ‘made it’. There are even reports of some whites making a good career out of hiring themselves out as representing Western business interest in Chinese businesses solely for PR purposes.

    Some will say that this is the China of the past and it doesn’t go on anymore, but I have a friend (white American) who joined a highly respected top-tier institute there only a couple of years ago with credentials that, while not bad, were certainly much lower than what they require of native born Chinese. That being said, though, I would agree that the trend is that this is starting to dry up a bit year by year as more and more Chinese nationals gain strong Western credentials and go back home.

    In short, if you do have your heart on going to China, there’s no time better than the present and you probably have a much better chance of getting a better job there than you think (though probably not citizenship, if that’s your cup of tea). My own experiences make me skeptical that you will find China to be the panacea for the troubles experienced in the West.

  46. @Anonymous

    Life is very hard in East Asia. The cities are crowded, the weather is usually awful and the working hours and working culture are very harsh.
    Not to mention that SK and Japan have some clubs and restaurants where they don’t allow foreigners.
    Asians respect westerners because they are successful. They don’t respect whites perceived as poor like russians. In SK and japan russian woman = prostitute. If westerners lose their mojo asians will despise them.
    I doubt that they will roll the welcome mat for refugees even if high IQ.

  47. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Chinese should go with Exclusion. ‘Whitey, Blacky, and Hindu Exclusion Act’.

    Especially because there is a huge shortage of women due to one-child policy abortions.

    China needs every woman it has cuz so many men are bachelors.

    Also, the main reason for foreign men coming to China is for the Vagina.

    Chinese Policy should be ‘you no cum here’.

    The Roman Empire and British Empire(and American Power) are good examples of how Inclusion can lead to the loss of the Power Mystique.

    When a great power projects itself internationally, the world is awed by the power of its identity and unity. When Roman soldiers were mostly Roman and invaded other areas, the local folks were impressed and intimidated by Roman Power and Roman folks. Indeed, they were synonymous. Roman power was seen as powerful cuz Romans were seen as powerful, and Romans were seen as powerful cuz Roman power was seen as powerful.


    Same with the British Empire. The British Military was mostly white even though it did also recruit locals like the Sikhs and other folks(though usually wisely segregated). Anyway, most locals and natives saw British Power as awesome cuz Brits were seen as awesome, and Brits were seen as awesome cuz British Power was seen as awesome. When identity and unity were the main factors of British Power, the British Empire was about white officials and white warriors of a great white power. So, the locals respected and feared white people and white power. They saw such as something special.

    But what happened when the Roman Empire got inclusive and diverse? At some point, Romans began to recruit non-Roman locals for the Roman army. Gradually, these non-Romans learned to fight the Roman way. And fighting alongside the Romans, they began to realize that Romans were just human and nothing special. Indeed, they even realized that some of them, the non-Romans, were stronger and tougher than Romans. So, the Roman Power mystique was lost in the eyes of these non-Roman locals recruited into the Roman military.

    With the inclusion of more and more non-Romans into the military, the Roman power expanded with more manpower, but the Roman Power Mystique began to fade. The non-Romans who fought in the Roman military came to see the Romans as just humans like any other. Once they realized this, they began to think that non-Romans could defeat the Romans if they organized the same way and used the same weapons.

    That was the Roman Paradox. More inclusion and diversity made Roman Power bigger and stronger… but it led to decline in the Roman Power Mystique. After all, if a non-Roman soldier could be trained to fight just as well or even better than the Roman soldiers, what was so special about being a Roman?
    So, even as Roman Empire grew and grew by taking on more local non-Roman soldiers, it lost more and more of its Roman mystique. If indeed the empire could be expanded and maintained by non-Roman soldiers in the Roman army, then there was nothing special about the Romans per se.

    So, inclusion and diversity leads to increase of power in manpower and numbers, but it leads to the loss of power mystique for the core population. By the time the Roman Empire had grown very big with the recruitment of lots of non-Romans, the Core Roman polity and demography lost its mystique and prestige. If barbarian Germans and foreign Syrians could be Roman soldiers for the empire, what was so special about the Core Roman Folks?

    And so, the empire began to crumble bit and bit and then totally collapsed. By the time the barbarians sacked Rome, there was no respect for the Roman folks.

    But if we turn back the clock to the days of the Roman Republic, all non-Romans were in total awe of the true Romans who’d conquered them with superior organization and strategy. The non-Romans were impressed with the Power Mystique which seemed to radiate from every Roman soldier. They thought only Romans could possess Roman power and greatness.

    We see the same thing with Europe and white folks. When Western Imperialism was about white soldiers conquering non-white lands, non-white folks were awed by white power. For them, white power was synonymous with white people, with white individuals. So, there was respect for white people as a whole. The natives saw white power as something unique and intrinsic to white folks with the guns and organization. So, there was fear, respect, and admiration.

    But once Europeans got inclusive and allowed non-Europeans into the Western military and power structure, non-Europeans gradually came to see white folks as nothing special. After all, smarter non-whites noticed that there are plenty of less intelligent whites. And they realized that they could perform many of the white tasks just as well or even better than the white folks could. And blacks soon realized that they could beat whites in sports and fighting skills.
    So, white people no longer seemed all that special to non-whites, and then White Power lost its mystique.

    This was especially dangerous with Jews and blacks who have decisive advantages over whites in key areas. Jews discovered that they could outsmart and outperform whites in business and intellectual endeavors. So, Jews soon lost respect for the White Power Mystique in elite fields. And Negroes soon realized that they could out-run, out-jump, out-fight, and out-hump whitey(even with whitey women), and they soon lost all respect for the white race. Blacks just came to see white women as jungle-fever ‘ho’s’ and came to see white guys as ‘slow white boy’ and ‘fa**oty-ass cuck boys’.

    The other races were less threatening to whites since Mexicans cannot beat whites in most endeavors. Same goes for Muslims. And even though diligent East Asians might outdo whites on tests and college admissions, their lack of spark and brilliance means taking a backseat to whites. Also, Asians were no athletic and sexual threat to whites.

    Still, when whites lost the Power Mystique in being outdone by Jews and blacks, they lost the respect of the entire world. When whites had maintained a World of their Own and protected whiteness & white power at the top echelons of ideas, athletics, business, and sex, they were respected by the entire world. But when they lost to Jews and blacks, even non-Jewish and non-black folks all around the world came to see whites as nothing special and vulnerable. After all, if whites are so great, why do blacks routinely kick their ass and why do white women go with Negro men? And if whites are so great, why do they all kiss the ass of AIPAC and cuck out to Israel?
    So, the ENTIRE world came to see the White World as a beached whale to gorge on.

    So, if a people want to maintain the Power Mystique, they need to keep things exclusive.
    After all, all great Japanese heroes of Japanese history were Japanese. The top warriors were Japanese since Japan was all Japanese. Consider Miyamoto Musashi. And all sumo wrestlers were Japanese.
    But suppose Japan had allowed bigger whites and Negroes into the nation centuries ago. Then, the top warriors and athletes would have been non-Japanese, and there would have been no Japanese Power Mystique. Japanese would have been beaten by whites and blacks in warfare & sports and beaten by Jews in business and intellect.

    After Japan allowed a bunch of big Hawaiians and Mongolians into Sumo, there is no more Japanese Power Mystique in the sport. Even though everyone knew long ago that non-Japanese could beat Japanese in sumo cuz they are bigger and stronger, the exclusiveness of the sport kept its Power Mystique entirely Japanese. But that has been lost.

    This is why China needs to keep it all Chinese in China.

  48. @DB Cooper

    I’ve never heard that version of Abraham Lincoln’s policy; he was assassinated so soon after the end of the Civil War that I doubt that he had time to think much beyond it. The Indians really posed no serious threat to Americans after the War of 1812; without European allies and support they had no chance of effective resistance. They could be locally dangerous, but it was just a matter of getting the Army on their trail and eventually they could be killed or forced back onto the reservation; Little Big Horn was an exception, not the rule. In retrospect, it’s probably too bad the Know Nothing party wasn’t successful; a much slower growing population would have made for more rational and incremental settlement patterns, accompanied by a more homogeneous population.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  49. @Anonymous

    Life in Japan is quite lovely. Really hoping a lot of PC Whites don’t come over and shit it up.

  50. @Anonymous

    The truth is, no one makes white people take immigrants into their lands. This is something whites do voluntarily, and they do it for self interest mainly to help maintain the pyramid shaped power structure that whites are so fond of living in

    Yeah, I suspect there is some truth to that. Our cultural ancestors – Romans, Greeks, even the Vikings – all imported conquered slaves, often from very different ethnic groups and cultures. For most of medieval and early modern European history, Europe was run by a small group of aristocratic families who intermarried and had far more in common with each other than the peasants who worked their land. On top of that, larger cities and towns were in constant rivalry with each other (and often still are). Ethnic solidarity does not really come naturally to Europeans.

    By contrast Chinese didn’t generally have easy opportunities to import slaves from neighboring territories with other ethnic groups. And Chinese have been conquered and ruled by foreigners many times during their history. It is not surprising they developed a much stronger sense of ethnic kinship.

  51. China is about as ethnonationalist as the Soviet Union. I.e., of course not. Almost any Chinese person would laugh at the notion.

    The one child policy (when it existed) didn’t apply to ethnic minorities, who also enjoy massive affirmative action in university applications and a bevy of other privileges. FTR, affirmative action for minorities is still not a thing in most European countries.

    Lots of European countries practice jus sanguinis, including Germany and Israel (China does not).

    The low number of immigrants to China is a function of strict border control and historically low living standards (even in Europe we see that that the “refugees” only really care for getting to gibs nirvana Sweden or Germany), neither of which are ethnonationalist features per se.

  52. Anonym says:

    What’s really interesting is how nobody thinks about this. As if reciprocity (the Golden Rule) is some alien concept. Mention Chinese or Mexican immigration policy to your average dope, and it’s like a new continent of thought has been revealed.

    There are a lot of people who will respond “But their countries are overpopulated!” Idiots don’t realize that Europe is one of the most densely populated areas on earth, why should Germany take Africans?

  53. Seraphim says:

    Who really wants to become Chinese?

  54. ken says:

    In 100 years China will be modern Japan on steroids. China’s working population is already shrinking.

  55. TJM says:

    Its easy, China is not run by Jews…of course this begs the question who do Jews in other nations, like England and America demand open borders, while Israel is closed to all but Jews?

    • Replies: @neutral
  56. By contrast Chinese didn’t generally have easy opportunities to import slaves from neighboring territories with other ethnic groups. And Chinese have been conquered and ruled by foreigners many times during their history. It is not surprising they developed a much stronger sense of ethnic kinship.

    The US was late in the game to abolish chattel slavery but Brazil and Cuba took almost to the 20th century to do it. But China has the record. Chattel slavery ( owning someone with a bill-0f- sale attached) lasted in China until 1905.

    Mao created “hero mothers”, four or more children got perks and kudos, to increase population. Worked too well. 540M to 940M in 30 years. Mao died. One child family started.

  57. Numinous says:

    Somehow, the affirmative action laws don’t apply to California universities

    You don’t know about Prop 209?

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  58. neutral says:

    Its easy, China is not run by Jews

    If there are more of the Zuckerberg and his half Chinese offspring amongst the jews, then the Chinese won’t know what hit them. If jews infiltrate China like they did the West then China will be as badly hit as the natives of America who had no smallpox immunity.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @Sunbeam
  59. DB Cooper says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I read about this episode of Lincoln inviting the Indian chiefs to the White House from Steve Sailer’s article:

    I can’t think of any reason for Lincoln to telepath his intention (flooding the United States with ‘pale-faced people’) to the Indian chiefs other than to engaging in a little bit of psychological warfare himself.

  60. @neutral

    We’re known as the “Jews of East Asia” for a reason. We’re pretty good at taking care of ourselves from infiltration.

    • Replies: @Reuphen
    , @Wizard of Oz
  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But if even smart Chinese don’t want to live in China, why would smart non-Chinese want to take up permanent residence in China?

    Ask Derb. Lots of East Asian women.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  62. @Buzz Mohawk

    Partially OT,

    “We The People who actually won our own election this time! ”

    I’m not thinking this election is over until Trump is actually sworn in.
    Gracious loser is not a role Hillary can even be imagined in.
    There are recounts and elector stealing/bribing to be done, still.

  63. Sunbeam says:

    “If there are more of the Zuckerberg and his half Chinese offspring amongst the jews, ”

    Huh, I didn’t even know Zuckerberg was married to a Chinese woman.

    But Jewish/Asian pairings are fairly common. So I’m curious as to how the children of such pairings identify? As Jewish? Asian? Claim to be both? What?

    Guess you could extend to just plain “white” and Asian pairings as well, but in my experience nobody ever seems to care much what they call themselves.

  64. biz says:

    Yet entire research departments are staffed solely by Chinese nationals. The Chinese nationals who administer the university research centers won’t even hire a non Chinese national to wash the lab equipment.

    As someone with a lot of experience with California’s research universities, I can say that this particular bit is false.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  65. @Anonymous

    As one of the “Chinese elite” this is greatly misunderstood.

    We’re not “abandoning” China, we’re just holding properties abroad and moving as needed to give children opportunities. Its rarely a rejection of the entire culture and government, its mostly to get questionably legal money away from an increasingly alert government apparatus with ever lesser tolerance for corruption.

  66. Reuphen says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Lebanese are considered ‘Jews of Africa’ and one is certain that Armenians are also considered Jews of ‘some place!’ And let’s not forget the Jains of India who are ‘Jews’ there, even though real Jews live in the country. So it’s no big deal to be lording over, financially that is’ the ‘Malay’ populations from Burma to the Philippines! But the real question is whether any of you can beat the Jews who conquered the White nations, in spite of overwhelming odds? But one suspects that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell… But it’s entirely possible that offspring of Zuckerburgs (half Chinese) of the West will someday be the real Jews of China!

  67. sb says:

    Wouldn’t it be a much MUCH better idea to just cease ALL immigration to Australia ?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Sunbeam
  68. nsa says:

    The Chinese have considerable prior experience with the beneficent jooies……the Sassoon family (Rothchilds of the East) instigated the opium wars to obtain the exclusive right to peddle opium into China.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  69. @Sunbeam

    The Chinese immigration to Australia from China and diaspora so far looks as though it will be all positive. They won’t outbreed the native whites – which is probably a pity given that bright educated Australians are not the ones breeding early and often like their great grandparents. They are being roughly matched in numbers by Indians which makes for good balance even if the Indians are – perhaps – neither as bright nor as rich as the Chinese. There are ethnic groups which utilitarian judgment would say Australia would be better off without – notably about 3 per cent who are welfare dependent Lebanese Muslims (three generations) and the minority of Australian Aborigines living unproductive violence prone alcoholic lives in remote outback settlements where no one can get individual title to land and whites who aren’t rentseeking do-gooders can’t live. So….

    Australia’s problems are small though the Labor Party and Greens, mostly because of ego or careerism, consistently seek to drag the country down. Unfortunately many of the Asians – and Jews/Israelis – who can help Australia to continue to be able to afford democracy will probably take their gains in largely untaxable form or taxable only at say 15 per cent in Hong Kong. (And good luck to them).

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  70. @nsa

    Aren’t you under-crediting the Scots? Cf. Jardine Matheson.

  71. @Daniel Chieh

    What about Tamils for the title to being the “Jews of Asia”. I think I first heard it from a Sri Lankan Tamil in reference to both the commercial activity of Tamils and their ta!ing advantage of English language education.

  72. @biz

    I was wondering about that. Former DC school Chancellor Barbara Sizemore, a black woman, said that her son who has a PhD in animal genetics couldn’t get a permanent job because Chinese, or Asians, were preferred. However, when I looked at a half dozen universities’ animal science departments I very few Asians. In fact, I found a black woman named Candace Croney who seems to be well-regarded in the field of animal welfare science. I believe both she and Sizemore’s son received their Phds from Penn State. Sizemore’s son wound of leaving the field completely.

    • Replies: @biz
  73. mts1 says:
    @DB Cooper

    Seems the lion’s share of immigrants stayed east of the Mississippi to work in the factories and mines. A wayward mass of Germans and Poles ended up somehow in Texas and made Tex-Mex music sound half polka as a mark of their presence. But I’m not aware of that many Russian, Greek, Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, etc. frontier settlers, for if they were, their immigrant societies wouldn’t let you forget it. I doubt any phone book from the Big Sky states would look as colorful as one from Ohio or Pennsylvania. So as far as needing population displacement, can’t see it.

  74. Sunbeam says:

    Not Australian. So anything I say is just reasoning based on what I think I know of the world.

    Australia might decide they want to effectively end any Muslim immigration, period. Maybe, they have a lot of SJW types. They are pretty serious about boat people now, but that could change with one election.

    Problem with China is that Australia is already tied at the waist economically with them. They are close, and they are big. Australia is closing in on 25 million in population, but compare that with the 1.3 billion plus in China.

    All it would take is one Tony Blair type to start something that couldn’t be reversed. As it is, I’ll think it will happen “naturally.” The fairly large Chinese population in Australia will bring in more Chinese in the usual way and for the same reasons. The Universities will enroll Chinese students, and a lot of them will never go home. Chinese business operating in Australia will bring them in, actually my take is a lot of Australian businesses will be bought outright by the Chinese.

    China is just too big. For god’s sake they could probably buy the country. Every house for sale, every piece of business property could be bought by Chinese – if the Australians let them do it.

    Only thing that could save Australia in my opinion is a “White Australia” policy they were serious about. And too many SJW types running around to do that.

    Plus the size and economic differential – it’s just too much. Regardless of any policy the Australians tried to enact, I don’t think they have the power to pull it off in the face of that Colossus. Assuming China wanted to push things out of general annoyance.

    I mean if China told an Australian government “As long as you have barriers to Chinese immigration, there will be a total boycott by China of anything Australian. That will be like .1% of our economy, but we will do it. Oh and our firms operating in Australia that directly or indirectly employ so many of you? They are pulling out until you change this.”

    Can’t be done if the Chinese want to push it. And that’s not accounting for them trying to do something like throwing some of that money at the Australian political system.

    And as I said they already have a lot of Chinese in the country already. What’s their voting like?

    Lost cause in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @sb
  75. @Pseudonymic Handle

    The clubs and bars in SK and Japan where whites are not welcomed are prostitution fronts. For a variety of reasons, foreigners are not allowed into such places–health reasons, the comfort of the customers, the wishes or preferences of the girls themselves, past experience of foreigners making trouble. However, this is not a pressing problem for almost any foreigner in these countries, and often even some small language ability quickly turns “racist” locals into friendly associates, in all kinds of situations.

  76. biz says:

    Yeah, one can even just open up a web browser and look at the faculty bios for any science department you want in any of the 9 UCs (or any other university located in California). The contention that they are all Asian or whatever just doesn’t hold up.

  77. Sunbeam says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.”

    “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

    Seems to me that lots of countries have experience with getting a big clump of overseas Chinese over the years. Maybe the history of a lot of them said nice things about it – in the beginning.

    But I’m not terribly sure I can think of a single one that’s gone through it, where the native population wouldn’t gladly hit the “reset” button if such a thing existed.

    Geez, reading this site, learning things, life experience, logic and personal deduction…

    I’m starting to get scared of the Yellow Peril. I don’t believe there is some Asiatic Central Command plotting to demographically rule the world (as opposed to a desire to be filthy stinking rich). But things happen when you get large Chinese populations in an area.

    And on a personal level I don’t want to put up with their B#\$&S&&t. Really don’t want to stroll through a campus and see lot of Asians. Don’t want to look at some business sector, see it uniformly Asian (for reasons we could discuss but it would be long), and say “Uhhh 20 years those were all white guys.”

    Wherever that puts me, there I am. If you can see a problem coming, even a potential one, why not ensure that it never possibly could happen?

    With no personal onus or judgement of anyone, how exactly does having a bunch of Chinese coming in benefit the people already there? If you don’t particularly care whether your country wins a lot of Nobel Prizes* or something, where’s the benefit? Their general intelligence and personal habits tend to see them do well economically, but where are benefits to anyone else?

    (* Winning Nobel Prizes isn’t as useful as you might think. England’s won plenty and if my economy looked like theirs I’d shave it’s butt and teach it to walk backwards. Hey wait the US economy is very much like England’s…uhhh)

    I can’t think of a single way in which having a bunch of Chinese in California benefits me or enhances my life in any way. If they weren’t there someone else would fill their niche, and there would be less Californians that moved to Portland or Texas.

  78. The Economist writers should know better than to complain about the immigration policies of the East Asian countries. All three developed regions share similar issues: low birthrates, aging populations, etc. There are different strategies for dealing with these. Consider it a giant experiment with three control/experimental groups: Europe, North America, and East Asia. In any experiment you do different things to the different groups. You also have a “control” group. In the great immigration experiment, North East Asia is the control group. The other two, Europe and North America, are the experimental groups. Logic and common sense says that an experiment yields useful results only when you have a control group to compare with the experimental groups.

    Such elementary logic and common sense seems beyond the capacity of the Economist writers to understand.

  79. @Sunbeam

    You don’t take account of Asian diversity. Even Chinese diversity including those from different parts of China as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Non Muslim Indians, Sri Lankans, Japanese and South Koreans also mean that the Chinese who come are rarely stooges for the Chinese government (although there are more than we want).

  80. Eagle Eye says:

    The California establishment has conspired for years to undermine Prop 209 – ingeniously introduced by mine gentle host Ron Unz – for example by using essays rather than academic scores as a basis for admissions, and by pretending to evaluate students “holistically.”

    In reality, some unmarriageable admissions commissar maintains a tidy but “unofficial” spreadsheet showing how many more affirmative action Hispanics, African-Americans etc. “need” to be admitted to achieve “diversity.”

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  81. Eagle Eye says:
    @Eagle Eye

    P.S.: At the University of California, there is an informal understanding that Berkeley is spared the worst ravages of affirmative action. In return, the second and third tier campuses accommodate a higher proportion of AA beneficiaries.

    Similar understandings exist with regard to faculty and, in particular, staff. Some campuses are seriously infested (particularly in non-subjects). Traditional subjects at older campuses remain relatively free of racial bias although of course solidly in Leftist totalitarian hands. Leftist shibboleths, eco liturgy and AA happy talk are taking hold even in hard, non-humanities subjects throughout the system.

    Not surprisingly, things seem to be even more dire within the second-tier Cal State system.

  82. sb says:

    Well over my life Australia’s population has just about tripled.
    What’s the official figure for foreign born ? 27% ( up from about 10% )
    What’s the non White proportion ? 15% (up from about 2%)
    Check out how Asian our future professional class will be

    Time for a moratorium

    • Replies: @Rdm
  83. Rdm says:

    There are people called sexpats in Asian countries. They exist in live solely for regurgitating their life-long opinionated view of races and teaching English. Ask Derb.

  84. Che Guava says:

    You will find thad Japan takes many fewer refugees. For many years, until very recently, the immigration dept. of the dept. of justice was proudly boasting of accepting two or three a year, all from Myanmyar.

    This became an embarrassment after the time of Ogata as UNHCR.

    Japan much money to shunt, as the best example, the many tens of thousands from Vietnam on to, mainly, Canada and the USA.

    The remnant population here, almost all deprived of permanent residence and citizenship, including their children, is just under 6.000. Probably just over that now.

    Everyone else of the many tens of thousands of arrivals, sent to the US, Canada, or Aus.

    Now, the official acceptance is, not from that population, 30 or so a year from Nepal, maybe still some from Burma, absolutely no Rohingya, excluding the latter is a very good idea!

  85. @Jason Liu

    Just my impression or you only write shit??

  86. Rdm says:

    You can always go back to your origin, Europe.

    If need be, kill those Whites in Australia in the name of Christianity, send Chinese convicts to down under, and over time, there will be TRUE BLUE CHINESE country down under.

    How about that?

    • Replies: @sb
  87. sb says:

    I have no interest in being even handed anymore than you do

    We have a pretty good idea of what a Chinese (or Indian etc ) dominated society would be like as they already exist .

    Just as we have a good idea of what a Anglo Celtic dominated society is like because there have been several of them although they are all to a greater or lesser degree now dying away .

    Maybe a successful organism is just too attractive to parasites . But our grandparents instinctively knew this and took precautions.
    We are relearning this lesson.

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