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Ominous Omissions At Biden’s Press Conference
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

The main political event this week was of course Joe Biden’s press conference Thursday. Just for once, in a spirit of commentarial dutifulness, I swallowed my loathing of politics and politicians and sat through the durn thing. How’d it go?

At a strictly personal level, it was of course a waste of my time. I’d have been more productively employed tidying up the garage.

I had actually been planning to go to the range. It was a lovely Spring day; but I was late getting through my morning chores and the presser was scheduled for one o’clock. The range is an hour’s drive away and closes at 4:30, so I wasn’t going to fit in a decent day’s shooting.

So, grumbling and cursing, I dragged myself to the sofa and sat and watched our President for an hour.

At the level of affect, Joe did better than I’d expected. He only lost the plot three or four times, didn’t fall down or drool or pick his nose, and actually uttered some structured sentences, with verbs and subjects. I’ll score him a B-plus for affect.

Next levels up from that: form and content.

The form of the thing was thoroughly scripted and rehearsed. Joe had a cheat sheet of the reporters present, with headshots so he could put name to face, and magic-marker numbers written in for the half dozen least likely to ask anything difficult. He also had a sheaf of notes with factlets he could produce at appropriate moments, to sound well-informed.

The magic-markered reporters chosen to ask questions were from, alphabetic order: ABC, Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, Univision, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post.

That’s a pretty good line-up of the corporate media complex: globalist neocons, anti-white America-haters, and Hispanic supremacists.

Peter Doocy of Fox News was there, but of course not magic-markered for the President to call on. Probably whited out, in fact.

The furthest into the negativity zone that any of the press poodles went was Kristen Welker of NBC asking whether Biden hadn’t perhaps moved too fast to undo Trump’s policies at the southern border.

To that Biden replied that he would make no apologies for ending programs that “have an incredibly negative impact on the law” This is the guy who’s so concerned for the law, he’s stood down the agencies charged with enforcing the people’s immigration laws.

At the other extreme was Yamiche Alcindor [Tweet her] of PBS saying

The perception of you that got you elected—as a moral, decent man—is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors.

Remarks by President Biden in Press Conference, March 25, 2021.

So, pretty much a lube job on the President from the fearless investigators of the press. What. A. Surprise.

Content-wise, the questions were mostly from the Left, asking the President when he was going to implement this or that radical-Woke policy, or why he wasn’t moving faster on this or that nation-wrecking scheme.

A modal question was this one from Nancy Cordes [Tweet her] of CBS:

Republican legislatures across the country are working to pass bills that would restrict voting, particularly, Democrats fear, impacting minority voters and young voters—the very people who helped to get you elected in November.

Are you worried that if you don’t manage to pass voting rights legislation that your party is going to lose seats and possibly lose control of the House and the Senate in 2022?

All the noise from the Left about “voting rights” is of course an effort to keep open the loopholes that allow them to fix elections. The phrase “bills that would restrict voting” means “bills that would require voter I.D., stop ballot harvesting and mail-in voting, cut absentee ballots to the bare minimum necessary, insist on up-to-date voter rolls, and so on.”

And of course Biden’s people are worried that states closing those loopholes could hurt them in the mid-terms next year.

Biden himself, responding to the question, went full bluster. He called efforts to clean up the voting process “un-American.” You could make a case, based on the long and colorful history of voting fraud in the U.S.A., that he’s right.

Voting rules are an unholy mess, as we saw last November, and they do need cleaning up. Our President’s party is against cleaning them up. To judge from their latest bill on the subject—House Resolution 1, passed earlier this month—they want more loopholes, federally enforced. [How H.R.1 intends to overturn Supreme Court rulings on elections, by Robert Popper, The Hill, March 24, 2021]

Further along in his response to the voting-rights question the President opined that this effort by Republican state legislatures to curtail voting abuses, quote, “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle. I mean, this is gigantic what they’re trying to do.”

That makes no rhetorical sense. An eagle’s bigger than a crow, right? So if some proposal X makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle, that means Jim Crow looks way bigger than X. X is tiny compared to Jim Crow, not “gigantic.”

The President should have said “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Canary.” But I guess it’s too much to expect rhetorical dexterity from Blunderin’ Biden.

A great deal of what the President said was flat-out lies. “We’re sending back the vast majority of families who are coming” to the border, he told us. Er, no: We’re sending back thirteen percent of them. [Fact-checking Biden’s press conference, New York Post, March 25, 2021]

Trump left children to starve to death rather than let them in, the President told us.

That sent me all the way back to my childhood. “Eat up your greens!” our parents used to scold us back in the day. “Don’t you know there are little children starving in Africa?” To which we cheeky dissidents-to-be would respond: “Name one.”

In fact a lot of Central American kids were flown back to their home countries by the Trump administration, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

So, content-wise, the best I can say is that some of it made sense. I mean, Our President was not totally incoherent. Small blessings.

There were ominous sins of omission, though. The topics raised at the presser were, alphabetic order again: Afghanistan, bipartisanship, China, the filibuster, guns, illegal immigration, North Korea, re-election, and voting rights.


For clues as to what the Ruling Class, as represented by Biden’s people who scripted this thing and the Main Stream media reptiles who played along, for clues as to what they don’t want discussed, let’s look at a few things that were not raised.

  • First topic not raised: Legal

A couple of weeks ago I offered the speculation that this mess the Biden administration has quite deliberately created at the southern border is four-dimensional chess, a distraction. I said that that the managerial class wants is to crush the American worker and replace him with a cheaper foreigner. The real money to be made there, though, is not with fruit-pickers, meatpackers, and children’s nannies—it’s with Big Tech corporations and their skilled employees.

Translation to immigration-speak: The real money is in legal immigration.

The complete silence about legal immigration in a one-hour press conference has raised my suspicion a couple of notches.

If we had a Ruling Class that gave a rat’s ass about ordinary Americans and their interests, this would be a huge issue in the public forum. A patriot media would be all over it.

Mass displacement of white-collar workers by cheap indentured foreigners on guest visas and bogus “training” schemes for foreign students? Chain migration, each tranche of immigrants being chosen by the previous tranche? Birthright Citizenship for illegal aliens’ offspring—break our country’s laws, we’ll give your kids citizenship? Poor American kids excluded from colleges in favor of foreign students paying full tuition, all in aid of bloating the colleges’ radical-Left administrations?

And so on: If you read you know the charge sheet.

It all needs fixing—with legislation, not executive-order tinkering. This should be at the front of the America’s mind. It’s our future, the nation our children and grandchildren will live in. Yet for the hacks in attendance at Thursday’s press conference, it’s not worth mentioning.

Supplemental to that: Mr. President, why have you not raised the cap on so-called “refugees,” as you vowed to do in February? You spoke against President Trump’s cutback on refugee numbers, but you’ve taken no action. Why? Of course I don’t want to see the cap raised, but it’s strange he hasn’t done it. You’d think these lefty reporters would want to know why.

  • Second topic not raised: Law, order, and justice. We’re becoming a seriously disorderly society.

I’ve just been reading about the situation with Echo Park in Los Angeles, billed in travel brochures as “a popular local beauty spot.” Well, not recently it hasn’t been. The park has become a campground for so-called “homeless” people: lunatics, addicts, alcoholics, hobos and such.

This week the city decided to clear them out, and sent police to do the job. The cops met opposition not only from the winos but also from a big mob of anarchists, screaming in their faces and throwing things. [Second night of violent clashes erupt between LAPD and at least 100 protesters trying to STOP officers clearing Echo Park of homeless who have overrun the popular beauty spot, by Valerie Edwards, Daily Mail. March 26, 2021]

There are stories like this all the time. Sure, I know, these are state and municipal issues, outside the scope of the federal government. A President should have something to say about them none the less; and a reporter at a press conference would not be out of bounds asking him whether something could be done. Whatever happened to vagrancy laws?

And in the matter of justice, the feds are already involved…on the side of the anarchists, of course. Does anyone doubt that if Officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted in his Minnesota state trial, Biden’s Justice Department will yield to the mob and come down on him with so-called “civil rights” charges?

  • Third topic not raised: Imperial overstretch.

Can the President tell us why we are defending rich, advanced countries perfectly capable of defending themselves, in alliance with their neighbors where necessary? Fifty-three thousand of our troops in Japan, 34,000 in Germany, and 12,000 in Italy 76 years after WW2 ended? Twenty-six thousand in South Korea 68 years after that one ended?

Is this sustainable, Mr. President? What number, in your opinion, would not be sustainable?

And more. So count me unimpressed with Joe Biden’s first press conference. I awarded him a B-plus for affect back there, better than I’d expected. On form and content, I’ll give C and D.

That D would have been an E, except that Joe did speak approvingly of more federal support for “pure research and investment in science.” I’ll thank him for that, if not for anything else.

All right, he’s not my candidate and I hold the Main Stream Media in snarling contempt. Eh, I shoulda gone to the range.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. That makes no rhetorical sense. An eagle’s bigger than a crow, right?

    Eagle=White (good), Crow=black (bad)

    Know who else was bad? CornPop.

    except that Joe did speak approvingly of more federal support for “pure research and investment in science.” I’ll thank him for that, if not for anything else.

    Big Constitutionalist, eh?

  2. Resartus says:

    Those 3 or 4 idiots,
    Pelsoi, Schumer, Biden and Harris
    kinda forgot the mistake Reid made
    with the Filibuster….
    Now they are trying to double down on
    their own stupidity…..

  3. This controlled, to put it mildly, leftist press conference, must rate as the most absurd and sickening event ever put on by any political party. The democrats used to characterize Trump press conferences as nothing but lies and stupidity, but this Biden event, was practically impossible to describe. It was twilight zone like in its staged craziness and the mere fact that it neglected to address the most pressing issues of the day, also made it a poster child example of how to “Lie by Omission”.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC, Realist
    • Replies: @Polistra
  4. And of course Biden’s people are worried that states closing those loopholes could hurt them in the mid-terms next year.

    They are not “mid-terms”. They are ends-of-terms. The closest thing to mid-terms would be special elections to the House and Senate.

    Upcoming special elections

    All the noise from the Left about “voting rights” is of course an effort to keep open the loopholes that allow them to fix elections.

    Have your friends at the range lobby to have each one of these loopholes apply equally to the purchase of firearms. Welding these two issues together is long overdue.

    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
  5. Amtrak Joe will be re-elected in 2024—with a large majority. This is why democracy USA style works–for Israel.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  6. Mr. XYZ says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    They are indeed midterms relative to the US President’s own term.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  7. This was depressing to read.

    If I go fishing, will it all go away?

  8. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    We’ve got a huge stake in keeping decay-brain in his present position even if he has to be embalmed and set up as a ventriloquist’s dummy. Look who’s next in line should our hero falter. That would be a sci-fi movie, one you wouldn’t want to see.

  9. Polistra says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    At least we have Britain’s Daily Mail to show his cheat sheets.

    Were it not for the DM I wouldn’t even have known.

    Imagine if Trump had resorted to something like that.

  10. Emslander says:

    I can’t understand why the world isn’t pointing to this press thing as a clear indicator of the fall of the American Empire. Is everybody blind and deaf or is this just not seeing the new emperor’s set of clothes? Or are we too scared to admit where we are?

    • Replies: @Realist
  11. The Shabbos Goy in Chief is a scumbag who sold out American workers, believes whites being replaced is good, loves kids, love Jews, loves BLM, loves Antifa and describes himself as a Zionist and voted for every war.

    This man personifies evil.
    MC 110

  12. unit472 says:

    What happened to the White House press corps? No Jim Acosta or Sam Donaldson shouting out a snarky question? No female presstitute demanding Biden come clean on his sexual depravities? No sneering question about Hunter? They all sat their like obedient robots waiting for Biden to call on them.

    Yet, the fact that Biden is losing his mind makes me hopeful. He may revert to an earlier Biden in his dotage and look at the collection of freaks and misfits in his Administration start firing them all when he realizes what they are doing. The fact is he can fire them faster than they can 25th amendment him and there is no guarantee a dementia wracked Biden would even abide by such a coup.

    The left may have worried about Trump barricading himself in the White House but a crazy old Biden is far more likely to do that.

    • Agree: Seneca44
  13. Realist says:

    Ominous Omissions At Biden’s Press Conference

    The biggest omission at the press conference was a person of cognition.

  14. @Mr. XYZ

    They are indeed midterms relative to the US President’s own term.

    That is an unhealthy way to view what used to be called the separation of powers. The presidency is imperial enough. Don’t make it worse.

  15. Realist says:

    I can’t understand why the world isn’t pointing to this press thing as a clear indicator of the fall of the American Empire.

    Most of them were laughing so hard they fell to the floor and passed out.

  16. Trinity says:

    I have been thinking about Honest Joe and his little acting job lately. I think the dementia, stumbling, bumbling, thing is a BIG ACT. This clown is indeed an idiotic moron, but he is wise enough to know his lane. There is no telling how (((COMPROMISED))) this guy is and how much dirt they have on his entire family not to mention his greasy rotting ass. He was (((chosen))) * pun intended for a reason. Apathetic and diseased America will be too busy looking at this decrepit fool fumble his way through these pathetic conferences to notice that this career creep is signing this country over to people who want to exploit, rape figuratively as well as literally what is left of traditional America aka White America.

    As for “Moral Joe?” If Joe had any morals he wouldn’t have placed his hand on that huge Bible and swore in as the 46th President of the United States, instead Joe would have refused to place his hand on the Bible and admitted to the those in attendance and the millions watching that the election was a FRAUD and that he could not accept being sworn in as POTUS. I actually thought the creep might have had an ounce of conscious and decency to maybe pull it off in the last minute. It would have been an admirable act and viewed as heroic by tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. Alas Joe was true to his creepy self and family and had no problem doing what he has probably done his entire life. This guy is TRULY WITHOUT A SOUL, he has been reamed out so many times he has no pride, no self esteem, no conscious, no loyalty to his own nation and his own race, what a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Coward Joe was chosen because he is a coward and he has no problem selling out his own to keep his head above water just like the rodent he is and always has been. Old habits are hard to break. Joe is not as decrepit or shot as he puts on, believe that. Look for Coward Joe to step down and sail off into the sunset sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

    • Replies: @unit472
  17. And of course, with the establishment media’s help, he wasn’t asked anything relevant. Had he been treated by them for ten percent of the time the “press conference” lasted like Trump was treated by them, he would have fallen apart and the press knew it. How these folks can justify let alone feel good about calling themselves “reporters”, is quite a mental feat. They should be more appropriately called “readers”, as the press is called in the U.K.

  18. unit472 says:

    Its hard to fake falling down the steps of Air Force One, calling someone a ‘lying dog faced pony soldier’, forgetting the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the rest of Joe Biden’s brain misfires but there is another problem.

    Dr. Jill Biden!

    She maybe a bit like another recent ‘First Lady’ and not want to lose the perks and prestige of the Presidency. I would expect her to resist mightily any attempt to have her husband trundled off to a nursing home just as she is settling in to the White House lifestyle. She probably has a lot of influence on what remains of Joe Biden’s mind and could turn him against his staff if she thinks they are trying to get rid of him/her.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  19. You can take the Democrat out of Tammany Hall, but you can’t take the Tammany Hall out of the Democrat.

  20. Trinity says:

    Funny you should mention “The Fall.” That is the part that got me to thinking this clown is FAKING. He catches himself with his hand on the first two “falls,” and even his last fall where he lands on his knee ever so lightly looks REHEARSED. Creep Joe NEVER wanted the job, he was MADE AN OFFER HE COULDN’T REFUSE MORE THAN LIKELY. (((Crazy Bernie))) was too out in the open, and the others were viewed as wack jobs or dullards. “Moral Joe” was seen as “safe” by the normies who vote demshevik, at least safe two old fart retirees worried about their medical care. STUPID IDIOTS, who the hell cares about your insurance when you have no country.

    Joe wants the fame and the notoriety that come with being POTUS, and has probably already been told he will depart early due to health issues or some FAKE shit and he is fine with that. Career politician will be set for life with all the perks that go with being an ex-POTUS. And WHEN Joe leaves due to health issues, (((the media))) will Saint him, St. Joseph Biden, The Patron Saint Of “Morality.” lololol. Hunter and Dr.Jill can give speeches for six figures a pop. Oh puke.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  21. SafeNow says:

    The eagle/canary error was not merely rhetorical. It is logic. Probably this thinking error came from Joe himself. But it is scary to think that it might have come from Joe’s handlers.

    I live in S. California. The Echo Park problem is a canary. Don’t get me started.

    Mr. D., if your range is that far away, consider buying a high-end laser “trainer” gun and some targets. $250. It will not train recoil, but it will train drawing, aiming, shooting, and a fast psychomotor response. Probably you are already doing this — twice a week.

  22. Petermx says:

    “The form of the thing was thoroughly scripted and rehearsed.” Sounds like something some people might associate with totalitarian countries but the truth is often just the opposite. Hitler and I believe Mussolini too, were dynamic and excellent speakers with an excellent grasp of their country’s policies. Churchill on the other hand was sometimes too drunk to speak so he had a stand in whose voice the English would sometimes hear in radio broadcasts, including one of “Churchill’s” most famous speeches. Another reason the British media hates their greatest historian David Irving, for exposing this, among other things about England’s “greatest Englishman”.

    I wonder if FDR had such help. In film of FDR they obscured the fact he was crippled. I think if a totalitarian country did this much would be made of it by their enemies. Apparently it’s considered acceptable in a “democracy”. “A BBC actor — ‘Larry the Lamb’ of the Children’s Hour — had agreed to mimic the prime minister before the microphone, and nobody was any the wiser.” I’m sure if they could do this for President Biden they would, and I’m sure they are looking into anything they can do to help.

    I think a major reason many people (tens of millions?) are skeptical of a vaccine (among many other things) coming from the USA in particular (or maybe any western country) is the political leaders and mass media have been exposed as such unabashed liars. It’s not that the USA does not have a long history of lying (I have 20th century history, world wars and other major events in mind) but they were not so blatant about it so they could hide their lies better. If not for this, and many other internet sites would not be doing so well.

  23. Joe is rapidly blossoming into Obama-Lite. Next may come targeting the drones onto wedding parties each morning before lunch.

  24. Biden just has more energy and verve than Trump, and this makes Derb salty as a Trumpenstein sycophant.

    • LOL: Petermx
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  25. @GomezAdddams

    Amtrak Joe will be re-elected in 2024—with a large majority.

    Not if we dig up and run the corpse of Ronald Reagan against him.

  26. LennyCat says:

    Since destruction seems to be the guiding principle now, “overwhelming the system” appears to be the MO at the border. I have felt ill for almost 4 months now.

  27. martin_2 says:

    President Biden’s off the cuff remarks about President Putin the other day were undiplomatic, to say the least. In his advancing senility he is a bit of a loose cannon. Is it not likely therefore that his minders will make sure that he reads from a script, literally, in the future, to avoid any further gaffes.

  28. Katrinka says:

    Who cares? It’s over.

  29. nsa says:

    Encroaching senility is not a bar to being Prez, as history abundantly shows. Ronnie Reagan was senile most his second term, pissing in a diaper and moving a toy battle fleet around his giant mahogany desk. The country ran fine under the guidance of Nancy, her astrologer, and big Al Haig. No one noticed or cared. Woodie Wilson was completely disabled by a stroke. His wife ran the country for over a year and again no one noticed of cared. In fact, a good argument can be made that the country runs even better when a drooling incapacitated idiot is at the helm. So look forward to 8 great years under the inspired leadership of Joe Depends.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  30. The biggest problem with America and the west, in general, is Christianity. Discard it, remove it. It is an outdated cult based on nonscientific mumbo jumbo that demands subservience. Exterminate the Christians- I don’t know how- make other religions immigrate, abort their children, or hell use biological methods-but get rid of them. Only then then America return to its position as the greatest nation. The bible belt must be eradicated. A bunch of useless, fairy tale worshipping, anti-progress, anti technology cult should not exist in this modern age. As a Hindu I couldn’t give a crap about any religion but it’s plain obvious that this subservient cult has pussified this great land. Biden, Obama et all are minor footsteps. Exterminate the root- only then shall success come by

    • Replies: @Trinity
  31. @Supply and Demand

    How trump is still alive is beyond me. His terrible eating habits should’ve gotten to him by now. Either hes made of something else, or fast food isnt as bad as they say. I dont think he will live to see 2024 though. And these are all puppets. Only money matter in a capitalist society. The ones with the most money choose who runs the show. I love rich people. I worship them.

  32. Patric says:

    What I found most strange was almost no mention of the plandemic, scamdemic, casedemic take your pick. Which just proves I suppose what a scam the whole thing is. Of course we had all the virtue signalling presstitutes wearing big fat masks but other than that it might as well not exist………………which it doesn’t

  33. Trinity says:
    @RJ Macready

    Oh so it is the Christians that are the problem and not the atheistic or religious Jews who have a stranglehold on America? LMAO. I am not even that religious though I claim to be a Christian, certainly not a Christian Zionist, but I see where you are going with this one, Shlomo.

    Oh and not just any old Christians, but the Christians in “the Bible Belt.” Pray tell, ( pun intended), is your real name Goldstein? Oh, you are a Hindu? Then go to India.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  34. We’re not voting or legislating ourselves out of this mess.

  35. @Trinity

    You’ve got their narratives down perfectly. It’s ALL about THEM. That’s the ONLY problem at the D.C. swamp today. Democrats pretending to fight Republicans, Republicans pretending to fight Democrats, then it’s off to the 3 martini lunch followed by a tough game of golf or whatever else these cretons occupy their time with. They are so far removed from the needs and concerns of the greater public by catering to special interests, that they may as well not even be around. Indeed, their being around only hurts the citizens of this country more. As for “President” Joe Biden, anyone who remembers this clown at least 35 years back, knows that he was always considered a buffoon by BOTH political parties. Nothing’s changed with him for years. They called Trump arrogant? Trump was an alter boy compared to Biden’s arrogance and criminality. His and Hunters Chinese escapades are now well covered up by the fake media. They are safe at last.

  36. John Derbyshire: “Whatever happened to vagrancy laws?”

    Struck down as unconstitutional.

  37. @Trinity

    Nations are landmasses, nothing more. I will go where the money is- just like any capitalist. Jews are simply following the laws of nature- survival of the fittest and this is why they have not only survived but thrived. They understand that life is a competition, and all this brotherly love, all races co-exist, no barriers is a pipe dream. This why your Christianity and my Hinduism is bullcrap- they’re obsessed with morality and moral goodwill when such things cannot exist in a world of competition and avarice.

    I am a lover of western culture, an institution on your literature, cinema and history. My heroes are Napoleon, Churchill and Caeser. If I were running your nations I would point blank shoot at any of those BLM protestors who dare take down statues of my heroes(which they are doing in England desecrating Churchill’s in Manchester(I think, not sure). Stern action is the need of the hour, nothing else. Too much damage has been done already……

    My point, coming back to the main discussion is that religion demands subservience and that is the last thing you need in a fight. The conquistadors took up the sword, didn’t they? All the soup the west is in(liberalism et all) is due to the west’s obsession in doing good, being nice and doing charity. Democracy itself is a sham that simply cannot work in the long run. For all of its faults the CCP running China seems to understand all this. And this is why China is ruling the world and will only rise in the coming years as the west implodes.

  38. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    more federal support for “pure research and investment in science.”

    Why would you thank him for THAT? It’s pure waste and cronyism.

  39. Art Deco says:

    Ronnie Reagan was senile most his second term, pissing in a diaper and moving a toy battle fleet around his giant mahogany desk. The country ran fine under the guidance of Nancy, her astrologer, and big Al Haig.

    Alexander Haig was fired in 1982. Nancy’s book was scheduling and ceremonial functions, not substantive policy. His daughter was quite precise about when she noticed something amiss, and that was in mid-1993, more than four years after he left office.

  40. Pericles says:

    At the level of affect, Joe did better than I’d expected. He only lost the plot three or four times, didn’t fall down or drool or pick his nose, and actually uttered some structured sentences, with verbs and subjects. I’ll score him a B-plus for affect.

    Lol, you sure are an easy grader. Is this why Asian Grandpa cry when children not straight-As?

  41. So, grumbling and cursing, I dragged myself to the sofa and sat and watched our President for an hour.

    By “our” President do you mean Trump or the literal stumblebum fraudulently selected by an “extra” 7 million dead, non-existent absentee and invented mail-in American voters (plus illegals?)

    • Agree: Trinity
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