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OK, So Who Are These Illegal-Infiltrator “Children” We’re Supposed to be So Upset About?
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The President’s speech on Wednesday seems to have been carefully crafted to appeal to those suburban women who, according to Senator Lindsey Graham and various pollsters, are fleeing from the Republican Party. [The GOP’s deficit with suburban women starts at the White House, By Dan Balz, Washington Post, November 13, 2018] So we heard the President tell us that

Migrant children … are used as human pawns by vicious coyotes and ruthless gangs. One in three women are sexually assaulted on the dangerous trek up through Mexico. Women and children are the biggest victims, by far, of our broken system. This is the tragic reality of illegal immigration on our southern border. This is the cycle of human suffering that I am determined to end.

Aside from these appeals to the feelings—wo wo wo feelings!—of suburban women, there were some nuggets of sense in the President’s speech:

We have asked Congress to close border security loopholes so that illegal immigrant children can be safely and humanely returned back home.

Of course, the whole crazy system needs to be overhauled by legislation.

Anyone who pays attention now understands the game being played down there. Juanita pays a sum of money to the coyotes, memorizes a sob story they feed her, rounds up her kids—or hires someone else’s from the coyotes—treks north to our border, presents herself to Border Patrol, or to immigration officers at a port of entry, regurgitates the sob story, lingers in detention a few days being interviewed and signing forms, then gets a ride to the nearest big-city bus depot.

Recently, I went to a talk by Todd Bensman, who worked intelligence at the Texas border. A regular chore for workers at those big-city bus stations, he told us, is sweeping up the piles of ankle bracelets illegals cut off as soon as they get there.

Court appearance? Yeah, right. She’s in, and will never be deported. And so are her children. Or “children.”

The Democrats’ response to the President’s speech, by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, was the usual predictable blather about of course they favor strong border security, but the Wall would be—quote from Schumer—”ineffective and unnecessary.”

We got the tugs at our heart-strings too. Nancy: “The women and children at the border are not a security threat.”

I agree, they’re not. But they are an insult to our laws and our sovereignty, an insult that a nation of proud patriots should not tolerate.

Let’s look at those “children.” My own home town of Huntington, Long Island was the focus of a big news story on illegal immigration the other day. I mean big in wordage and journalistic prominence, not big in importance. It ran as a lead feature in the New York Times Sunday magazine, December 30th.

Headline: How a Crackdown on MS-13 Caught Up Innocent High School Students. Sub-heading: The Trump administration went after gang members—and instead destroyed the American dreams of immigrant teenagers around the country. [By Hannah Dreier, December 27, 2018]

The story concerns Alex, a lad from Honduras. Alex’s father, Viktor, snuck across the border in 2010 and settled in Huntington. He’s an illegal alien. He got work here and sent money back to his family. The money attracted gangs back in Honduras, and that (allegedly) put the family in danger. Gangs mugged Alex’s mother, harassed Alex, and shot his uncle dead, the story tells us.

Either that’s true—in which case it tells us that these remittances are driving crime and violence in Central America—or it’s just a sob story Alex was coached in by the coyotes. Form your own judgment about the relative probabilities.

In 2015 Alex’s dad in Huntington paid $4,000 to coyotes to bring Alex, then aged 17, to our southern border. Alex presented himself at a border checkpoint, told his tale, and asked for asylum.

He was released and joined his dad—an illegal alien, remember—in Huntington.

He enrolled in Huntington High School—the same school my kids attended, the school I pay for out of my property taxes. He was a 17-year-old freshman, which apparently is OK with the authorities here.

Then—sinister drum roll—Donald Trump got elected President and Jeff Sessions became Attorney General.

Long Island has for years been plagued with Central American youth gangs. There have been many murders, mostly of teenagers. Jeff—bless him!—took matters in hand and there was a clampdown on any kind of gang activity in our schools. [Thank you, Jeff Sessions, for crushing MS-13, by Steve Levy, NY Post, November 8, 2018]

Alex got caught up in this. Whether he actually was in a gang is hard to tell. Gang membership isn’t a clear line. Quote from the NYT, which of course is doing its best to stir our sympathies for this lad:

He had grown close to a group of friends in his homeroom who showed off their Central American pride by dressing in the colors of their home countries’ flags. They tagged themselves in group Facebook photos with the telephone calling codes for their home countries—503 for El Salvador, 502 for Guatemala and 504 for Honduras.

Way to deflect any suspicion of gang affiliations, guys!

Alex was suspended from school in May 2017 and arrested the following month.

He’d originally been waved in to the U.S.A. as an unaccompanied minor, which in immigration law means under age eighteen. Since Alex was now eighteen—or possibly nineteen, it’s not clear—Alex’s appeals were rejected and he was deported back to Honduras in July 2018.

His dad, still in Huntington, and still an illegal alien, hired another coyote to get Alex back out. This time Alex was caught trying to cross the border. He was arrested and re-deported. He now has a criminal record and a 20-year ban on re-entry.

I’ve covered that little tear-jerker at some length not just because it concerns my home town, but also because

(a) it sheds light on what’s actually going on with these illegal aliens from Central America; and

(b) because of the way the New York Times presents the story to readers, with Alex as some kind of tragic hero that those readers would naturally sympathize with.


It’s heartening to see that reader comments on the story at the New York Times website include many that don’t swallow the Times’s propaganda line. An encouraging number want to know why Alex’s dad hasn’t been deported—which I’d also like to be told.

I urge you to read the whole story for the full flavor of long-form Open-Borders propaganda at its most sophisticated.

There’s a note attached to the article saying “This article is a collaboration between The Times and ProPublica, the independent non-profit investigative-journalism organization.” It might as well say “My name is George Soros, and I approve of this message.” Writer Hannah Dreier [Tweet |Email her] is apparently a ProPublica operative, not a Timeswoman.

I will only lodge a small protest at the New York Times having written up Huntington as some kind of Atlantic-coast Malibu. Sure, we have some rich doctors and lawyers up there by the water. We have a ghetto, too, though, down by the railroad station. My Huntington neighbors are schoolteachers, middle managers, retired engineers, small contractors, and such.

We’re a pretty nice crowd, hard-working and hospitable—but not, to judge from conversations I’ve had, much thrilled at paying sky-high property taxes to educate 20-year-old foreign scofflaws in our schools, gang-affiliated or otherwise.

As Editor Peter Brimelow once said, the immigration issue’s potential is far from exhausted in northern-tier states that are, currently, blue.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

For years he’s been podcasting at Radio Derb, now available at for no charge. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. KenH says:

    We got the tugs at our heart-strings too. Nancy: “The women and children at the border are not a security threat.”

    I agree, they’re not.

    So wrong. Wherever these people settle in great numbers they change the culture and turn locales into extensions of Latin America. These “kids” sometimes grow up to be vicious and violent gangbangers, or just petty criminals.

    Their growing presence is changing the racial, cultural and political fabric of America against the wishes of Americans, has a destabilizing effect on the nation and has further divided the nation. It is a national security threat since this could and likely will lead to the breakup of the nation.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  2. Technomad says:

    To hell with deportation; it’s a slap on the wrist at worst.

    Make illegal immigration a crime with a fifty-year minimum sentence, to be served at hard labor in an Arctic labor camp, with no communication with the outside world, no appeals allowed, no access to the courts, and no mercy, and you’ll see an exodus of illegals that would make Cecil B. DeMille’s eyes bug out.

    If Alaska isn’t suitable for this, talk to the Russians about leasing their old gold-mine labor camps in Vorkuta, Siberia.

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
    , @Eagle Eye
  3. @Technomad

    I have suggested Norway use Bjørnøya as a refugee camp for years..

  4. I really don’t know whether the Lyin’ Press reporters are that just stupid to not know how to extrapolate just this one sob story into a picture of how widespread the type events in the story (ease of illegal entry to the US, gang recruitment, abuse of the strapped-taxpaying citizens of Huntington, L.I.’ money*, etc.) are. If not, then they just like to spread sob stories like this one, as if there are no counteracting very good effects of elimination the violent gangs. OK, I know the latter is true but am just not sure about the former.

    BTW, cough, cough, Ron Unz, cough, this is a great illustration of why, if not necessarily a wall, per se, and good border barrier, costing, say, about 2 hours of the yearly Feral budget, is very important. People come and go like the southern border is a revolving door. Even after much damage is done by illegal, off-the-books, Hispanics on their Tier II justice system, I’d be nice to know that once someone is deported, HE STAYS DEPORTED!


    * Yeah, and I happen to know how large those NY State property taxes are – I believe they are close to a whole order-of-magnitude higher than they are in my undisclosed (but getting discloseder from this statement ;-} ) location.

  5. densa says:

    Thanks for mentioning property tax and immigration costs. The supposedly superior morality of unlimited immigration always omits at whose expense. For too many, the rate of property tax to pay for school districts that cater to and demand more immigration amounts to confiscation of private property. No private property and endless diversity; now who wouldn’t vote for that?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. @densa

    Think about the numbers for a second, Densa. Just a decent 3-bedroom house around there could cause you to have $800 confiscated from you every MONTH (correct me if I’m too low, Mr. D). With the tremendous $18,000 yearly expense per 20 y.o. child in high school, it’d still take all of a Huntington couple’s school-directed portion (say, 60% of it) of property tax money just to support 1/3 of an illegal alien’s “education”, though probably more due to extra-special language needs.

    3 families will support one illegal alien’s time in school. In the meantime, each of these 3 couples may hold off for a few years, having almost no disposable income left, on having their own first or next kid. Population replacement, anyone? Yet, we still have many unz commenters, even the long-term writers under Steve Sailer, say that Libertarianism and belief in small government are bad … mmmkaaay?

    • Replies: @Bubba
  7. swamped says:

    Well if ‘Alex’was a 17-year-old freshman, who ” had grown close to a group of friends in his homeroom”, then he must have been hanging out with a bunch of 14 year-old’s, unless they were all overage. But if it’s hard to tell if he “actually was in a gang” and “Gang membership isn’t a clear line”, then what was he arrested for (and deported)? It would be nice to believe that he, and others like him, could be deported simply for breaking the immigration laws but apparently more was required. It doesn’t help, of course, that illegal aliens, by court order, must be accepted in American public schools in the first place, no matter how they’re funded. And what of Viktor, as those NYT readers asked, why hasn’t he still not been deported? It’s not like they don’t know about him. Might be interesting for someone in Huuntington to contact ICE and ask them. And it’s not like shifty Schumer doesn’t know about what’s going on in the state he represents in the Senate either, is it? So what do these crucial suburban housewives in Long Island & elsewhere have to say about all this now? Are they going to flee the Republican Party or flee their own homes?

    • Replies: @republic
  8. He’d originally been waved in to the U.S.A.

    That could have been written waved into, waived into, or waived in to. Not that there’d be much of a difference.

    Alex’s father, Viktor, snuck across the border

    That K is quite interesting. Do they consider that “cool” in Tegucigalpa?

    Is snuck how they say it in Northants? I’ve been told that it’s wrong here, but almost universal. I should check my old AP style book. Not that I trust it, or anything else written in my lifetime. A century-old Fowler’s would be handy.

    Nobody should be hung. But many, including some in this article, should be hanged.

  9. RVBlake says:

    The article glided over the reference to Alex being suspended from school and later arrested. No explanation. Was it truancy (a quaint notion), fighting, drugs? This is a salient factoid in the discussion of illegals’ effect on the culture.

  10. Seneca44 says:

    The histrionic pseudo-sympathy put forth by Pelosi and her ilk use the poster child of the beleaguered hispanic teen whose gang now wants him dead. If we could flip the script a bit to show that illegal aliens are comprised of lots of Chinese, Africans, and South Asians, maybe that would get some fence sitters to realize that US citizenship and benefits must be earned lawfully. Fat chance.

  11. Stick says:

    I assume the NYTs will champion the removal ICE and TSA from all NY and NJ airports in order to be consistent in their moral beliefs.

    • Replies: @Rex Little
  12. Bubba says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    3 families will support one illegal alien’s time in school. In the meantime, each of these 3 couples may hold off for a few years, having almost no disposable income left, on having their own first or next kid. Population replacement, anyone?

    Exactly and it’s been going on for 50 years and growing exponentially.

    The amnesty in ’86 made illegal immigration far worse. And now with Trump reversing his campaign pledge and extolling the virtues of H1B visas shows he is a typical politician no different that Pelosi or Schumer. I’m resigned to the fact that a real wall will never be built (maybe a small one will be built as a backdrop for campaign stops) and illegal immigration will continue unabated. The rest of the U.S. will becomes dysfunctional as California in less than 15 years, but without the nice weather.

    BTW, I think your estimate of property taxes in Huntington for a middle class, decent home (not the ghetto ones which lower the average) is very low. My parents paid that back in 1988 before they decided to move out.

  13. Eagle Eye says:

    To hell with deportation; it’s a slap on the wrist at worst.

    Illegals should ALWAYS be deported, post-haste, to ANOTHER country on ANOTHER CONTINENT, e.g. in Africa. After all, the “migrants” themselves invariably tell us that it would not be SAFE for them to return to their home countries.

    Many Third World nations could easily be motivated to accept these individuals permanently and house and feed them for, say, six months. A one-time transfer fee of $3,000 a head would be quite attractive to many countries. As part of the deal, the hosting country grants the the “migrant” a passport and is obligated to re-accept him without further charge in the event he escapes and somehow makes it back to the U.S.

  14. John

    The Democratic Party is out to MURDER IN COLD BLOOD!!!! Working Class Native Born White American Males…..

    The Democratic Party is the LA RAZA RACE POWER PARTY!!!

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act was a violent hate crime against THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….

    The Somoan Squaw Tulsi Gambard is now courting the Hindu “American” Race Power Democratic Party Voting Bloc……

    The pocked-marked-faced Somoan Squaw Tulsi Gambard is waging open race war against THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..this makes Tulsi Gambard a pro-war Genocidal Racist……….I really wish Richard Spencer would end his love affair with this SYPHYLLITIC Somoan……

    MS-13 in Huntington Station was very good business for McConnels Funeral Home…..starting when Ronald “Hollywood Anal Puss” Reagan was sworn in-Jan 1981….

    In the 1950s…Huntington Station was 100 percent WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN…Richie Cunningham malt shop America-just like in the TV show “Happy Days”….So was Westbury-Saint Brigids Catholic Church area-and the area surrounding Gruman Corp…In 2019, the area surrounding Gruman Corp has been colonized by the Toilets of The Punjab…..


  15. Corvinus says:

    “Their growing presence is changing the racial, cultural and political fabric of America against the wishes of Americans…”

    Who are these “Americans” you speak of? Furthermore, you do realize that WASPs made the exact same argument against non-WASPs in the late 1800’s, chiefly Southern and Eastern Europeans. So how did those two groups magically become part of America? They were deemed to be inferior and utterly incapable of assimilating? What changed?

    “It is a national security threat since this could and likely will lead to the breakup of the nation.”

    Highly doubtful.

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  16. So how did those two groups magically become part of America?

    Native “racism” played a large role in this. It was “shape up or ship out”. The immigrants knew it was meant seriously, and did one or the other. In some groups, as much as 40% went home.

    Thomas Sowell’s Ethnic America and similar works covers this in detail.

    “It is a national security threat since this could and likely will lead to the breakup of the nation.”

    Highly doubtful.

    Because we haven’t been a “nation” for quite some time. Just like same-sex marriage was at the bottom of the slippery slope, not the top.

  17. Mr. Anon says:

    Who are these “Americans” you speak of?

    We are.

    You aren’t.

    F**k off.

    “It is a national security threat since this could and likely will lead to the breakup of the nation.”

    Highly doubtful.

    No, it isn’t “highly doubtful”. A lot of people – smart people, unlike you – deem it to be highly likely, you cretinous nitwit.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  18. Corvinus says:
    @Mr. Anon

    “We are. You aren’t. F**k off.”

    No, we are white and we are American. Says so on our citizenship papers. Now, work with your representative if you are opposed to such an arrangement, sans the foul language.

    “No, it isn’t “highly doubtful”.”

    Actually, it is.

  19. @Stick

    I assume the NYTs will champion the removal ICE and TSA from all NY and NJ airports in order to be consistent in their moral beliefs.

    Hey, I’d love to get TSA out of airports in NY, NJ and every other state. If the price for that was removing ICE as well, I’d still rate it as a net win.

  20. buckwheat says:

    We’ve already got enough black and brown parasites, why import more?

  21. SafeNow says:

    I always say the same things, and everyone probably knows these by now, but here they are again, just in case: (1) As a long-time Californian, I have observed the old culture being replaced by a philosophy that is less proficient, conscientious, adroit, and polite; (2) This is contageous, in that pre-replacement people are tempted to adopt it; (3) Having a fraction of very smart people has not rescued us; (4) It would help somewhat to grant legal residence/citizenship to more Chinese — decent, industrious, smart, speak English, and accept smiles; (5) The core fact of American history is slavery. To media, universities, etc. it is not sufficient repentance or reparation to have affirmative action; rather, we must become a rainbow nation, no more melting pot; (6) California will become pervasive; the USA is done.

  22. I have observed the old culture being replaced

    Which ‘old culture’ would that be? Prior to 1845, California had a very specifically Mexican-Spanish culture; it’s looking more and more like that ‘old culture’.

    It’s so fucking hilarious that Yanks think that history started when they turned up, and that the people whose shit they stole should be grateful to be given a reservation or a second-class place in the ‘old culture’.

    If you have any empathy, imagine how you would feel if your ancestral home (from a little over 100 years ago) was in Chinese hands as a result of a Chinese military conquest.

    Your kids can work assembling iPhones, or in the food industry as dishwashers (they can’t be cooks – lo faan have no fucking idea how to cook).

    Dude” (says your kid’s Chinese boss) “get over it. That was a hundred years ago, and now we have a modern industrial society. You round-eyes are just uncompetitive whiny low-IQ-havin’ bitches.

    Imagine how righteously indignant you would be.

    The Red Sea Pedestrians have sold the entire West on the idea that they have a legitimate claim to ‘return’ to Palestine – a land their co-religionists never held for more than a hundred years without getting their asses kicked, and that they finally, definitively lost just under 1900 years ago.

    In that context, La Raza/Reconquista (and the Hawai’i sovereignty movement) doesn’t seem to be operating on outlandish timescales.

  23. Krakolastes

    The part you left out:After being voted into a White Racial-Foriegner-White Racial-Minority… the Hindu “Americans”…Chinese “American”…Pakistani Muslim “Americans”…..America is to be handed over to the highly RACIALIZED Hindus…Han People…..Pakistanis Muslims…….Sob story about the American Injuns with morose Kharzar violin music in the background quickly flushed down the toilet…..never to be heard from again…..

    You spent way too much time listening to Clash music during your teenage years….but you can start listening to SCREW DRIVER….WHITE POWER!!!!…WHITE POWER!!! was voted the number one TOP OF THE CHARTS pop tune of all time……

  24. @War for Blair Mountain


    If the Europeans never conquered North America…..And if the Cherokees had nukes….around one thousand years ago….and if the Maya and Aztec Empires made it to within 500 miles of Cherokee LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE in North America…..The Cherokees would have fucking nuked the GD invading Atzec and Maya stormtroopers…….enslaved the rest……and enjoyed the nutritious MANCORN….although the MANCORN would have put the Cherokee at risk for Kreutzman disease(Prion Disease)…

    Comrade Derbyshire

    Go have a look at Mark Twain’s hilarious essay:”The Noble American Injun”…

  25. republic says:

    It is time that WN go around getting lists of illegals and then putting up billboard signs with their pictures, addresses, telephone numbers. It is likely that the billboard companies will refuse to put up those signs, which could lead to litigation. Practice would be hard to implement in deep blue states, but would be workable in other places,like big agricultural hiring of illegals in the meat packing industry in Red Midwestern states.

    Anyone know if such practices have been put to use yet?

  26. John

    What is favorite invective…….I mean injective…….mapping?

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