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No Matter How Bad the U.S. Immigration Disaster, the U.K. Is Worse
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We just got numbers for illegal aliens apprehended on our southern border last month: a tad short of 240,000 [ Migrant encounters hit another high, over 100K removed under Title 42, by Callie Patteson, NY Post, June 17, 2022 ]. That’s the highest number of migrant encounters recorded in one month ever. It brings total encounters in FY 2022 to more than one and a half million.

That’s “encounter,” mind. The actual encounter being tallied there is one between an invader and a Border Patrol officer. Either the invader presents himself to Border Patrol with some plausible claim for entry, or he tried to sneak in avoiding the Patrol but got caught by chance. Some large but unknown number of sneak-ins did not get caught.

The good news is that 42 percent of these encounters were deported—or at any rate, “processed for deportation”—under Title 42, the Trump-era protocol allowing deportation on health grounds that Joe Biden tried to end until he was thwarted by a judge.

The other 58 percent are being processed under Title 8 of current immigration law. That will result in some number of them being deported. How many: fifty percent? a hundred percent? ten percent? I don’t know.

For a clue I have this from Washington Examiner:

More than 2 million migrants were stopped while attempting to enter the U.S. from Mexico illegally in the calendar year 2021 [not to be confused with fiscal year] … Of the 2 million, roughly 1.1 million were immediately expelled back to Mexico or flown to other countries. Some attempted crossing multiple times, inflating the numbers. But nearly 800,000 were released into the U.S.

Two million stopped while illegally entering US from Mexico in 2021, by Anna Giaritelli, January 24, 2022

Emphasis added.

As dumb and treasonous as our current immigration policies are, they fairly glow with integrity, efficiency, and patriotism by comparison with Britain’s. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say—and I say it in all earnestness—that Britain’s clueless, brainless, worthless government is currently perpetrating the greatest immigration fiasco since Chinese General Wu Sangui opened the gates of China to the Manchus in 1644.

I’ve been reporting to you, most recently on June 3rd, about the swelling numbers of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel from France—more than ten thousand so far this year[Next stop Rwanda? More than 100 Channel migrants land in Kent bringing total to 10,131 this year… as lawyers battle to stop Africa deportation flights, Daily Mail, June 13, 2022].

This is the fourth year it’s been happening. The numbers for these four years, to the nearest thousand: 2019—two, 2020—eight, 2021—twenty-nine. Estimates for this year’s total start at fifty; and once again, these are thousands, so that’s fifty thousand.

Essentially none of these invaders get expelled. They plead asylum or refugee status, although that is a priori preposterous: they’re coming mosr recently from France, where they could also have claimed asylum. They destroy their identity documents so they can’t be deported. The British authorities conscientiously process their bogus asylum claims anyway, putting them up in good hotels while the processing is under way.

For three of those four years the invasion went on with the British government doing nothing at all about it. This, incredible to report, is a government of the Conservative Party; but these are metropolitan progressives led by a Prime Minister who has, all through his political career, been well-known as an enthusiast for multiculturalism.

Then, earlier this year, pressure from voters became too strong to ignore. The government grudgingly agreed to do something about the invasion.

What did they do? They cut an agreement with the black African country of Rwanda to take in some of the illegals while their obviously-fake asylum applications were processed. We first heard that 700 illegals would be shipped to Rwanda, to be accommodated in that country’s hotels.

Britain, however, is choc-a-bloc with well-funded groups who favor mass illegal immigration. They got busy lawyering [Another 150 migrants cross English Channel – a day after Rwanda flight was grounded by Euro court: Asylum seekers give thumbs up as dozens arrive in Dover and 12 land on beach in Devon ‘before fleeing in waiting cars’, Daily Mail, June 15, 2022]. That 700 was quickly whittled down to 130—which is still a good plane-load.

By the time the first flight to Rwanda was scheduled for Tuesday last week, the 130 had been further whittled down to seven. The pro-illegal activists swung into action on Tuesday, blocking exit routes from the airport detention center and lawyering up a frenzy. By late Tuesday it seemed there was just one illegal left on the plane.

Then some outfit called the European Court of Human Rights issued an injunction to prevent that one illegal being deported. So the flight was cancelled. Number of illegals deported: zero.

Wait: Didn’t the Brits unshackle themselve s from Europe? How come they have to obey this ruling by a bunch of Frogs, Krauts, Dagos, and Wops? I have no idea. Nobody in Britain seems to have any idea, either.

While all this was going on, of course several hundred new scofflaws landed in Britain and were escorted to nice hotels.

Did I say “fiasco”? This makes our own Border Tsar—or “Tsarina,” I guess—this makes Kamala Harris look like a strategic mastermind.

As an ex-Brit, in a spirit of nostalgic affection for the old place, I hereby offer my advice to the British government free of charge.

  • Arrest everyone who lands in your country illegally. Confine them in special secure camps, with the right to self-deport at any time.

What, you don’t have those kinds of facilities? Then build them, dammit. When COVID came up the ChiComs built a 1,500-room hospital in five days [China builds hospital in 5 days after surge in virus cases, Associated Press, January 16, 2021]

  • Children should be placed in care facilities with adequate nutrition and basic education. If I remember my Charles Dickens correctly, Britain used to excel at this.
  • You are welcome to my suggestion that you restore the excellent former system of hulks: surplus ships fitted out with secure cells, like those used to handle the overflow from Britain’s prisons in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hulks have the advantage that they can be moored well offshore, so they don’t cause offense to the pleasant British landscape the way on-shore camps would. They also spare the hassle of getting land rights and so on. Hulks: what’s not to like?
  • The tens of thousands of illegal aliens already in Britain as a result of these past four years of inaction need to be rounded up and incarcerated as above.

The easy way to do this is to rescind any rights they have been given to work in your country. To avoid them working illegally, establish an E-verify system based on National Insurance Number (that’s the British equivalent of a Social Security Number), with brutal penalties for employers who hire without checking.

That should take care of the problem.

No, no, no need to thank me. You’re welcome!

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

For years he’s been podcasting at Radio Derb, now available at for no charge. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Britain, Immigration 
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  1. Pack them up and sent them to DC—-one way ticket.

  2. meamjojo says:

    They should load them into airplanes once they arrive on Britain’s shores, fly back to Africa, strap a parachute on them and then kick them out of the plane at random places.

    • Replies: @36 ulster
    , @Legba
  3. Anonymous[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Not too long ago – less than a decade, in fact – the UK media in all its stripes, the BBC, ITV, the tabloids, the broadsheets etc etc – just loved to pontificate about the boat borne invader problem plaguing Italy from its Mediterranean coast. The commentary had an element of sneering about it, and also a certain self satisfied smugness in that the reporters probably earnestly believed “it could never happen here ……. “.


  4. Future is Junglo-Saxons.

  5. Ole_ed says:

    Maybe it’s time to just write the UK off as lost and not worth wasting space on.

    ‘Derb’ won’t be happy; what can a latrine fly say?

  6. My God, if only.
    Sadly, the West simply doesn’t have the stomach to do what must be done.

  7. E_Perez says:

    … and – as usual in Mr. Derbyshire’s cantilenas – no hint at the ethnic group which is behind the

    well-funded groups who favor mass illegal immigration

    Britain’s last chance was Dunkirk. They should have taken the hand reached out to them, made a honorable peace and kept their beloved Commonwealth.

    A German controlled continent would have

    taken care of the problem.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
    • Troll: Pixo
  8. This is all a result of the British power elite trying to persuade themselves that they did not lose the British Empire over the course of the first half of the twentieth century. The post-WW-II creation of the Commonwealth was central to this false narrative. By creating the Commonwealth, Britain’s ruling class explicitly opened the UK to uncontrolled immigration from every, dysfunctional, artificially created third-world country within the Commonwealth. After this it was impossible to justify controlling any form of immigration. Enoch Powell saw the result and suggested the solution. He was ignored and villified.

    The tragic aspect of this is that Britain’s current ruling class will insulate itself from the horrors it created. It is middle class and working class Britons who will suffer the consequences of policies they have steadfastly opposed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. Anonymous[761] • Disclaimer says:

    If you’re a shameless, charmless third world chancer from an impoverished fly blown self created shit hole of a Hell on earth – and there are *billions* upon *billions* of them, what is there not to love about imposing yourself upon the UK, (more properly the UK taxpayer ),?

    For starters, you get picked up from your Chinese made rubber dinghy, mid Channel, and are taken in by the warm and gullibly stupid embrace of the UK Coastguard. And from there, literally, your feet never touch the ground. Instantly you are whisked off and put up in a four star hotel – taxpayer funded. You’ve got room service, free cooked meals, drinks, desserts, laundry service, TV, internet – the bollocks.
    Then, instantly, you get a taxpayer funded lawyer to fight for you – plus a damn sight of fucking stupid lefties, gratis, screaming your corner. Plus you get free first world NHS health care on tap, not to mention welfare bennies in your pocket. And then you get ‘free’ educational courses. If, like 90% of your tribe jump through all the hoops the second rate fools of the Home Office put up, you get a UK passport – invite over the whole tribe. And then you get a council house – jumping over the years of thousands and thousands of indigenous Brits who’ve been on the waiting list for *decades*, and whose ancestors actually sweater and *built* the fucking houses in the first place. And then you get first pickings for all the cushy government and local council jobs.
    So come on all ye filthy scum. You would be *MAD* not to.

  10. 36 ulster says:

    The RAF’s C-130s are presumably equipped for paratroop drops; attach a static cable to their chutes, nudge them onto the cargo ramp, “suggest” that they jump and–voila!–the parachute opens automatically. No chute instruction needed. Problem solved.

  11. House them at Windsor Castle.

  12. Britain’s simply getting what it deserves. If its populace disavowed the Empire and agreed it was destructive and criminal, that would be one thing. Instead, its populace overwhelmingly believes the Empire was progressive and beneficial to the little brown people across the globe. So if they believe that, what harm is there in these Commonwealth subjects calling Britain home?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  13. Maringo says:

    Flood a non-White country with Whites and it is called Colonization and a attempt of ethnic cleansing the original population.

    Flood a White country with non-Whites and it is called “immigration” and a strength. The authorities are directed to cover up crimes including rape gangs that target young girls from the native White population, and throw Whites in prison if any dare criticize what is going on.

    • Thanks: Sir Launcelot Canning
  14. SafeNow says:

    establish an E-verify system…with brutal penalties for employers who hire without checking.

    Missing the vice in this Derb recommendation is like missing a tuba in a telephone booth (to use an expression that no one uses anymore). Okay, I will be specific. The Derb is a mathematician, and yet all of a sudden loses the “knack” for being quantitative… at the crucial end of an extremely quantitative essay. “Brutal” encompasses everything from a \$1,000 fine to execution.

    Not that execution of employers in the Tower of London would solve the problem, by the way. Most migrants, knowing that employers would not hire them, would work in a self-employed, off-the-books capacity, or more likely, simply not work at all. In the U.S, the package of freebies is equivalent to a \$40,000 -a-year job. Tax free. With 52 weeks of vacation.

  15. Malla says:

    its populace overwhelmingly believes the Empire was progressive and beneficial to the little brown people across the globe.

    The British Empire was the most benevolent Empire in human history. The problem is not many British people believe this, not enough. Many of them have guilt over it which is not warranted.

    This brown woman is honest and knowledgeable enough to admit this fact
    I’m proud of the British Empire, Suella Braverman proclaims

    The Attorney General has slammed left-wing people for being ‘ashamed’ of Britain’s colonial past and said she was ‘proud’ of the British Empire.

    Suella Braverman, whose parents are from Mauritius and Kenya and emigrated to the UK in the 1960s, said people should honour ‘the ingenuity and the genius of the British people’.

    Many people have railed against celebrating the British Empire, with a number of institutions set on decolonisation, which critics say is an attempt to censor history.

    Last month the University of Salford even scrapped sonnet-writing from a creative writing course in a bid to remove itself from ‘white Western culture’ amid its push to ‘decolonise the curriculum’.

    At the height of its power in 1921 the British Empire was known as the ’empire on which the sun never set’ and was home to some 413 million people.

    Suella Braverman , whose parents are from Mauritius and Kenya and emigrated to the UK in the 1960s, said people should honour ‘the ingenuity and the genius of the British people’
    Many people have railed against celebrating the British Empire, with a number of institutions set on decolonisation, which critics say is an attempt to censor history
    However, Mrs Braverman said she was ‘proud of the British Empire’ in an interview with The Telegraph.

    She said: ‘I am informed by the experience of my parents.’

    ‘[They] were born under the British Empire in the 1940s, and they have nothing but good things to tell me about the mother country’.

    ‘It was Britain that gave them opportunity and safety when they were young adults.’

    She said Mauritius’s legal and educational system took inspiration from the British Empire, while in Kenya it was a ‘force for good’ as it put in place infrastructure and roads.

    • Agree: Dream
  16. Malla says:

    Check this about Kenya
    Senior Chief Kasina at Migwani made plain his views, and probably those of most of the older generation of Akamba, at the end of my baraza at Migwani as he delivered a wringing endorsement of Britain’s 60 odd years of running Kenya. Several younger men had put points to me after I had spoken, fair enough points in their way, but considered impertinent by Kasina. Finally he lost his patience and leapt up beside me, and, in his curiously high pitched voice, said: “Do you know what Uhuru is? I’ll tell you what Uhuru is. When I was young there were those of the Akamba who still remembered Arab slave raiders. The British came and stopped that. I remember as a boy the Maasai raiding our land to try to take our cattle. Then the British came and stopped the tribes from fighting each other. The Kikuyu, Embu, and Meru combined and caused the barbarous Mau Mau rebellion. The British stopped that. The British brought us education, showed us how to improve the use of our land, brought us water supplies, and much else. What did we do for the British? We gave them Askaris for the KAR and the Kenya police. We fought for them as our friends in their wars. We can be proud of that. Today we have peace and improving conditions. Do you see that? (pointing at the Union Jack flying above his office). That is Uhuru!”

    • Agree: Dream
    • Thanks: Miro23
  17. Malla says:

    Britain’s simply getting what it deserves.

    Yes, for being stupid in declaring war against Germany to start WW2 .

  18. Mac_ says:

    Well, though it’s relative to make a point about ongoing mass shifting there’s no real equivalency argument, first because have to remember there are at least a half million involved in the schemes, they are everywhere including supposed ‘sources’ claiming what populatn is. Everyone knows numbers put out by the ‘census’ spies or other cons are false. There are at least double compared to twenty years ago when they were claiming three hundred mln, just look around. Same with those who make claims of in-migrant numbers. Second, border focus ignores other ways people come into a territory. The article has some point as general subject, just parameters are out of actual frame. Also the argument of ‘uk worse’ isn’t relevant, because comparing to a supposed worse is to compare the odor of dog dung. There is no worse or better. Dung is dung.

    Also as most people sat the last two decades and continue doing nothing, and everyone knows ‘voting’ is a con that makes no difference, as people continue sitting it constitutes agreement to everything being done. By now people know the answer is to share and make effort, stop ‘following’ phony groups, though yet continue ignoring.

    Further, when it comes to monotheism religionists they helped setup and continue to assist ‘sanctuary’ cities, now whole ‘states’, which if a mono religionist claims they don’t directly assist, by doing nothing against it, they do assist, and agree with it. Same thing. Therefore they cannot blame immigrants for anything they do, including murder them.

    Again that’s not to say article writer doesn’t have a point, only that its a gap to assume as if only ‘govrment’ is to blame, when people know the system is a cover con for destruction, and though they are guilty, the more guilty are the rest of people, each person who fails to make effort against things, along with those who feed the situation.

    Appreciate the article.

  19. Miro23 says:

    Peter Hitchens at the Daily Mail has the answer. Send them directly to the Liberal elite Glastonbury Festival and Hay Literary Festival. Sir Lenny Henry (black) pointed out that he was always surprised by the lack of black and brown faces at festivals.

    Send them there to mix with the Wokes and get them invited to stay in their houses.

  20. Anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile a former British SAS sniper volunteers to fight on behalf of the Globohomoshlomo Kiev government and gets evaporated by a Ukrainian BTR due to miscommunication (see twitter below). 🤣🤣🤣

    Love it, can’t wait for that shitty island of the U.K. to get evaporated. The limey motherfuckers were the biggest warmongers pushing for this Donbass conflict.

    The sooner the English are extinguished the better for the world! Whether by immigrant Sarhat or hypersonic Sarmat it’s all good.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  21. sb says:

    It has been my impression that it is still possible to live a very white existence in the UK -just stay out of the large cities -but decreasingly so in the US – where there is a strongly enforced official policy of bringing nonwhite vibrancy to every part of the country.

    When I read Derb on the decline of Britain and the unpleasantness of life there, I do rather think surely America is worse
    Well, that’s always been my impression.
    But I’m a foreigner in both countries so what would I know.

  22. @Anonymous

    Yup. And today we have 2 more dickheads from Cuck Island advocating for war, Gordon Brown and Patrick Sanders. It just never ends. But according to brilliant observers like Malla, these are not true Britishers, they’re puppets of America, and therefore, Britain’s totally innocent! 90% of the Unz commentariat believes this rubbish.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. Anonymous[761] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    The trouble with all of that is that hardly any of the current wave of boat borne invaders troubling the Kentish coast originate from ‘Commonwealth’ or indeed former British Empire nations.
    ‘Commonwealth’ immigration was dealt with by tougher and tougher Acts and restrictions throughout the 1960s and 70s, culminating in the Thatcher immigration Act of 1983.

    The outrageous abuse of the 1967 Geneva ‘Refugee’ Convention – wisely, the original Convention of 1948 applied to racial Europeans *only*, ratifying the 1967 amendment was a colossal mistake – is a scandal only outmatched by its rank stupidity.

    This shitty treaty *MUST* be junked.

    But, alas, we all ruled by fools and cowards.

  24. Anonymous[761] • Disclaimer says:

    Gordon Brown is/was a natural born fool and incompetent. Facts which he demonstrated in abundance in his, mercifully, brief tenure as Prime Minister.

  25. Mac_ says:

    – sort of reticent to post again though my post at 19, the point at end of first paragraph wasn’t equating immigrants with dung, it’s about population, monopoly, destruction. Have been a populationist many decades, it’s about food and enviroment, which is extremely tenuous now and won’t get better, which obviously ‘they’ have plans to dispose of some population, but then wil flood in more, spewing ‘economy’ when it would only be to bait in more for chaos. People aren’t getting it. Immigrants don’t know, it’s on people here to stop. In any event it’s whats gone on and continues because people refuse to act, that’s the dung. It isn’t doing immigrants a favor to let them come here. Mouse trap.

  26. Anonymous[310] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder where the future of civilization lies?? In the West, or as Bertrand Russell predicted in the 1930’s, in the East? 🤔

    Elementary school in China:

    Elementary school in Russia:

    Elementary school in the U.S.:

    Elementary school in the U.K.:

    I think ol’ Bertrand might’ve be right for once.


  27. Jayson says:

    This piece by Derbyshire has more to it than meets the eye at first take I think, to me after scanning, there are rather a lot of hands involved in the chain setup to route people. The example of the supposed group trying to keep africans from leaving the uk, who is so invested they’re doing that, what weapons do they have, or what larger group are they actually part of, they assume to keep people in, and don’t worry about being attacked if there were shortage of housing, or food. Makes for bigger questions, you know. The other pickup is lawyers and judges, seem involved quite a bit.

    It’s gone on several decades, so that has been a generation, made quite a few lawyers that were immigrants, who now work to process more immigrants. People may not know but many are paid by government for it. Then there is the pay for criminal defense, which government pays attorneys to defend immigrants, and so they aren’t deported. Though there seems some deporting here, in general is still much to think about.

  28. John

    It looks like one of fellow Englishman will get the Fields Medal for his work on the Twin Prime Conjecture in few weeks….

    If the Elite Mathematics Community could have held the ICM in Tel Aviv…they would have enthusiastically done it(didn’t you see my comment on Tao’s blog?). Absolutely no shame. Tao is a Chinese Coward.

    That other Englishman…Roger Waters….is funding the Negro Indians legal fees for that montrosity on 27….And this includes the Casino coming right around the bend…

    The “Native Americans” are “Native Americans” from Siberia…

  29. eah says:

    … I’ve been reporting to you, most recently on June 3rd, about the swelling numbers of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel from France—more than ten thousand so far this year … We first heard that 700 illegals would be shipped to Rwanda, to be accommodated in that country’s hotels. …

    Again I’m thinking the ability to attach an ‘LOL’ to an entire article, rather than only individual comments, would be handy.

    The UK is riddled with faggotry — you have an Indian as Home Secretary (which I guess is a little better than having a Mogadishu-born Somali as Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees, which was true of Canada a little while ago) — and instead of just speedily dealing with the asylum applications, and rejecting nearly all of these people as being economic migrants (which they are), you hatched the brilliant plan of flying them to Rwanda (!)

    Brexit: What changes for migrants on January 1?

    Has the UK government, post-Brexit, managed to negotiate a replacement for Dublin III yet? — if not, why not? — that’s rather important, wouldn’t you say?

    People who say ‘Walls work’ should look at the situation in the UK: surrounded by water, which ought to be as good as a wall, yet it is still being invaded by migrants — the truth is, a barrier won’t work unless you have a government willing to 1) reject forthwith economic migrants posing as refugees, and 2) ignore court decisions condemning the policy (Verstoß gegen europäisches Asylrecht: EU-Kommission verklagt Ungarn).

    • Replies: @eah
  30. eah says:

    >The UK is riddled with faggotry …

    It wasn’t always so — to see what was lost (and realize what must be reclaimed), watch the video, and listen as an Englishman fondly recounts his childhood in a nation that no longer exists:

    A Childhood MemoryI thought this lovely monologue deserved its own video

  31. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia will be the last white country on earth.

    The clot shot lowers male sperm count another 21% (Alex Berenson at his substack today). We will be seeing a strange white birth dearth in the West (except in countries that didn’t force the shot). Our Deep States are committed to one global people and one global government. They will try to force it on Russia, China, India, and Japan. They will try to spread BLM and Africans (to be known as climate change refugees everywhere). Then the plan will morph to sterilization via new vaccines required to buy and sell in a few decades. They have made up their minds and will not be thwarted.

  32. MEH 0910 says:

  33. How about we Yanks simply start “fleeing” to the UK?

    Hear me out. The “refugees” seem to be getting a better deal than a lot of Americans these days. I’m pretty sure we could find at least 50K a year who’d be willing to go. There may be that many Anglophiles alone, and there’s definitely that many disgruntled folks considering relocation or retirement.

    We’re really struggling to turn the tide of replacement here. But a few hundred thousand white ex-pats could do some real damage to the trend in the UK. With a decent crony network of mutual support, we could take over entire neighborhoods, then regions, then Parliament itself. And the best thing is that, unlike any other ex-pat destination, a healthy percentage of the population is already white conservatives…

    Think of it as the follow up to the Revolutionary War in reverse, reclaiming the long lost 51st state. It makes as much sense as secession, if not more…

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