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Musk, Zuckerberg’s H-1B Layoffs Expose (Again) the “Guest Worker" Racket
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Earlier: Bonus to Musk’s Buying Twitter: Fired H-1B Employees Might Be Deported

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on]

A lot of pink slips have been going out in the software biz. Elon Musk, following his takeover of Twitter, has summarily fired about half of the firm’s 7,500 employees [Elon Musk just showed us how not to fire people, by Michelle Singletary, Washington Post, November 9, 2022]. Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild Meta is laying off one in eight of its workforce, around eleven thousand souls [Meta laying off more than 11,000 employees: Read Zuckerberg’s letter announcing the cuts, by Jonathan Vanian, CNBC, November 9, 2022]

I’m not clear what’s driving Musk here, but Zuckerberg is just dealing with market failure. The Metaverse virtual-reality app that inspired his company’s name change is a flopperoo with less than 200,000 users at year’s end, when the firm had been aiming for 500,000 [How Meta went from a trillion-dollar company to mass layoffs, by Daniel Howley, Yahoo Finance, November 10, 2022].

At the same time interest in Meta’s other products like Facebook and Instagram has been declining as the mostly-young customer base has moved on to more fashionable and less intellectually demanding apps like TikTok.

The stories about these layoffs have been garnished with sub-stories about laid-off employees, mostly I’d guess in the software development areas, who had been hired in as guest workers, coming from other countries on H-1B visas. Some of these stories reach out to tug at our heartstrings.

Here’s a lady named Sujatha Krishnaswamy:

Earlier this year, while being fully pregnant I worked day and night to successfully deliver a critical user-facing privacy feature to meet Twitter’s regulatory obligations. I gave my heart and soul every day to meet Twitter’s Security and Privacy promises to users and regulators. I loved my work, my team and am really proud of the work I did during my time at Twitter. But unfortunately, my employer didn’t love me back.

‘Was fully pregnant, worked…’: Sacked by Twitter, H1B visa holder shares ordeal, by Sanchari Ghosh, LiveMint, November 7, 2022

The rule for H-1B visa holders, you see, is that your employer is your sponsor for the visa. When he is no longer your employer, you are sponsorless. Then you have sixty days to find a new sponsor. If you can’t, your H-1B visa expires and you have to go back to your home country.

As you can imagine, during those sixty days of sponsorlessness the laid-off H-1Bs are desperate to find a new sponsor. Wage-bargaining-wise, it’s a buyer’s market.

I don’t know what the percentage of H-1Bs at Twitter is. In Meta it’s more than fifteen percent overall [Meta’s H-1B layoffs challenge visa holders and U.S. workers, by Patrick Thibodeau,, November 10, 2022] Zuckerberg has been an energetic lobbyist for guest-worker visas since at least 2013, when he founded

We don’t know how many of the eleven thousand laid off at Meta are H-1Bs, but I’d guess it’s more than that company-wide average of fifteen percent. Somewhere in the range two to five thousand would be my guess.

As the market for tech jobs floods with these desperate laid-off H-1Bs, the big losers will of course be American tech workers. There’s nothing much new about that.

Our own software developers have for decades faced fewer job opportunities and lower wages through abuse of the guest-worker programs.

Here I should give credit to Donald Trump and his administration. They fought hard against the guest-worker racket, with some success; but the combined forces of the Chamber of Commerce and the federal judiciary won at last.

As a 2021 report in Forbes magazine said — triumphantly, of course —: “On H-1B visas, the Trump administration came into office like a lion and exited like a lamb. ”

The Story Of How Trump Officials Tried To End H-1B Visas, February 1, 2021

(Of course, this was by notorious Open Borders propagandist Stuart Anderson [Tweet him]. For his review of Editor Peter Brimelow’s 1995 book Alien Nation, see here and see also James Fulford’s blog post After All These Years, Stuart Anderson Is Still Pushing Cheap Labor Tech Immigrants from April of this year).

I suppose it’s possible that these layoffs, perhaps with more to come, will re-ignite the issue of H-1B abuse in particular and legal immigration in general.

It’s possible, but I don’t hold out much hope, certainly not under the current administration. Given their insouciance about illegal immigration, why should we expect them to ever give a moment’s critical thought to the legal sort?

Most likely we’ll just be fed more weepy stories like Ms. Krishnaswamy’s to show how heartless of us it is to have any rules about visa duration and validity.


Yes: I myself came here on an H-1 visa to do software development in 1985—see I Was A Legal Alien for the complete history. (The H-1 had not yet speciated into H-1A and H-1B. H-1A is for nurses.)

I was hired with a draft of a dozen or so other British programmers (as we were then called) to support the Reagan Boom on Wall street. So far as I could discover, we were hired on the same terms as our American colleagues, none of whom ever showed any resentment of us.

Around half of that draft went back to Britain when the two-year visa term was up. They had family issues that took them back; or they’d just wanted to give America a try but found they preferred the homeland.


My case was somewhat special. A few days after landing here in October 1985 I decided to get married, so I was looking for some stability. I was a bit surprised by how many of my draft went back; but I was already part-Americanized, having lived here in the 1970s when young enough to make the necessary adaptations.

There wasn’t any desperation in 1985. These were still the Boomer Heaven years: easy to find work, especially in IT, no pressure or anxiety. Aaaaah …

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. All right thinking (pun unintended) people of all countries should oppose mass visa programs like the H1 series.

    But it will never happen; it’s the modern version of British colonial thievery. This time instead of stealing raw material and sending back finished goods, they’re using brain drain to weaken our countries while delivering mostly useless software like twitter and facebook.

    • Agree: Seneca44
    • Replies: @Joe825
  2. Let’s call it what it is, indentured servitude. It’s not just the low pay they can get away with for the visa and/or green card period, but those employees must behave better than native American employees. That means things like “if HR says we are all woke now, you’d sure better act woke, dammit!” rather than have anyone resist Big Biz pressure in the least. (See Censorship – a job REAL Americans just won’t do. – taken from a VDare article Mr. D probably read.)

    I wonder how many H-1 visa were doled out when you came here in 1985. While unsuccessfully looking for that info, I read this from the Pew Center in ’17:

    Demand for H-1B workers has boomed in recent years. In each of the past five years, the H-1B visa cap has been reached within a week of the application period opening. The number of applications rose from 124,000 for fiscal 2014 to 236,000 in 2017, before dropping to 199,000 for fiscal 2018. By contrast, from 2000 to 2013 the visa cap was reached only twice – in 2008 and 2009.

    Some years it’s a medium-size American city’s worth. I’m guessing a much larger proportion of them stay in the US, one way or another, as opposed to of your small group. Numbers matter. A lot! Also:

    More than half of all H-1B visas have been awarded to Indian nationals. From fiscal years 2001 to 2015, workers from India received the largest share (50.5%) of all H-1B visas for first-time employment, while the second-largest share went to workers from China (9.7%). Other countries receiving a large share of visas during this time include Canada (3.8%), the Philippines (3.0%) and South Korea (2.8%).

    That’s 70% There isn’t much room for Englishmen there. (The map on the page shows only 2.1%, and that’s the largest in Europe.)

    I agree with you that President Trump did a lot of good on this. Like most of his anti-invasion policies, it was a bureaucratic change, not something permanent. On the first day, week, or year Zhou Bia Dien would change it all back, for the worse for potential American IT family-formationists.

    The reader may also want to reminisce back to 1999, 23 years ago. In Sept of that year, the Center for Immigration Studies’ Norm Matloff wrote H1-B Visas and the Computer Industry: High-Tech Trojan Horse. This was already a big problem during the Clinton Administration! Doesn’t that make one feel old?

    Don’t these numbers also solve the wonder in American’s head of “How did so many •Indians get into this country so quickly?” and “How did we get so many of them running the ‘TECH’ industry, hiring pretty much their own people rather than Americans?” Along with the illegal •Indian immigration too, the H-1B visa “industry” over 3 decades explains this.

  3. It’s extremely satisfying to see Zuck losing billions.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Mike Tre
  4. Elon is having some Interesting Times just now.”><img src="

    He's up against corporate wokism now.

  5. The influx of high I.Q. types does not bother me much. Let the market sort out that. Absorbed into our genetic pool it can only increase our competitiveness in the world. If we want to compete academically, we should fix our academic institutions, enabling us to find and promote our smartest. It’s the southern border that troubles me. High breeder, low I. Q. types is what will drag us all down. Getting rid of our social programs and free medical care should flood the market for stoop labor from the parasite class already citizens now living at others’ expense. Seal the border and kick out the ones already here.

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
    , @anon
  6. dearieme says:

    I suppose they could jump on a plane to Mexico and then walk back into the USA under a different name.

    If I were a Russian I certainly might do that if I thought the alternative was conscription and the meat grinder.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Realist says:
    @Robert Dolan

    He should have never been allowed to accumulate that much, to begin with.

  8. According to ZipRecruiter:

    “As of Nov 6, 2022, the average annual pay for a Stem in the United States is $53,546 a year.”

    This is not the average for recent college grads but the average for all Stems.

    Looks like the H1 visa program has been extremely successful… for the oligarchs and billionaires. For middle class families sending jr to college, not so much.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  9. Does the Fascist Modi Goverment of India have a Labor Policy for India of importing thousands of thousands of Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS a year…China’s Chinese Youth Population….for STEM training for STEM careers….and STEM Employment in India at the expense of India’s Hindu Youth Population?

    What would happen in India if the Modi Goverment did this? How would the Hindu Population of India react?

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  10. QCIC says:

    I like the wry British humor hinting that Face-gram is intellectually demanding for American teenagers!

    If I were a card carrying VDARE member in good standing I would assume the H-1B mess is strictly part of the great replacement and any financial aspects are simply side issues. Sure, some people make money off the racket. The people behind the replacement probably PRINT the money, so it is not so important to them.

  11. It’s despicable how tech companies seem unable to sponsor local talent and train them in areas they require support. No offense to the Derb, I’m pleased we have such an astute English gentleman mentat among us.

    The Derb has proven beyond any doubt that we desperately need a profession and discipline to replace computers and thinking machines (((AI))) from destroying the human minds right of self awareness.

    “Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind”

    We are all Mentat.

    Thanks Derb, glad you are here.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  12. This Is A DISASTER For Woke Disney.
    CEO Bob Chapek Announces MASS LAYOFFS After Stock TANKS.

    Video Link

  13. @loner feral cat

    Thanks for that good news, LF Cat. I had heard Micky himself has been surreptitiously exercising his options for a year or two, along with other insiders like Minnie and Daffy.

    That guy doing the video is more animated than your average Disney cartoon. I would need to know he’d taken a few ludes before I would be ready to watch another of his reports. Goodness gracious, he makes Sylvester look like he’s on downers.

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
  14. anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:
    @loner feral cat

    When you are as powerful and deep-pocketed as Disney, what’s a few billion in losses? That’s an easy sacrifice if it means pursuing the woke agenda. The ((people)) who run America have more money than God, and losing some money to inflict further damage upon the American mainstream is a worthy sacrifice in their mind. Disney isn’t perturbed by this setback, because the real fiends are still making money hand over fist, and it’s mostly the little people getting shit-canned. It’s the same with Zuckerberg: if he isn’t a centi-billionaire any more, he’s still worth tens of billions; he can make back his losses fast enough. The real losers are the American people. But, then again, most of them are irresponsible morons. They are sheep being consumed by wolves. What’s worse, most of them are moral idiots. No empire in history has been waylaid as much by its own stupidity as the ZOG Empire.

  15. @Achmed E. Newman

    Breaking Fake News: Zuckerberg’s Mickey Mouse Metaverse Hits the Skids.

    Video Link

  16. To run the basics of Twitter, you probably don’t need to spend that much.

    What is Twitter but Gab with more users? So, it just needs more servers, and that’s about all.

    I mean, what can you do on Twitter? All you can do is make short comments about stuff. That’s about it.
    Because you can’t discuss anything in depth, twitter is ideal for insults and jokes and memes.

    In the world of high-tech, it isn’t exactly high-tech…at least not anymore.

    Musk should fire lots more and keep just enough to keep twitter working as a lean-mean social comment platform. That’s all it needs to be.

  17. Jewish Gangster Paradise on steroids. So, this is what ‘muh democracy’ is about. It’s Jewish Demockery of all that is sound and fair.

  18. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    What stance is sane/healthy today?

    There is likely widespread voter fraud now. Plus near-total media control by the Left. And 5+ million invaders draining public troughs. Plus open hatred of Whites that’s indulged and spreading. So what to do?

    I feel like a POW.

    I’ve been waiting for Whites to get pissed enough to unite and fight. Just like I’ve been waiting for men to champion their rights…and the rights of other men, families, and kids.

    All in vain.

    I hoped Trump would succeed. Instead, he immediately cucked for Israel and minorities. He did nothing for white men, his online advocates, or Jansixers.

    So what to do now?

    I see nothing on the horizon, save entropy.

    You literally cannot fight city hall. Certainly not alone. Yet if Whites/men were going to fight, they’d have done so long, long ago. They certainly had bazillions of reasons to. Instead, they chose to play ostrich by drinking beer and watching sports as all they said they cared for was savaged and ravaged.

    It feels unhealthy to get worked up over things that could change but won’t since too few people are willing to act. The Republican party itself is led by ball-less douche-nozzles who care only about their next steak-and-lobster dinner. They hold endless, impotent, do-nothing “Thank you for that question, Senator” hearings. They occasionally go to the Southern border…only to let illegals kick their testicles. McConnelloons fellate Democrats who actually act.

    Rather than whine about CRT in schools, maybe it’s time move kids to better schools or back home.

    Rather than “converse” with jamokes who have no intention of listening, maybe it’s time to save breath. The Titanic struck the iceberg hours ago. We can’t save it. Time to save ourselves.

    I used to hope. Now? I think a New Dark Ages has arrived. Am I cynical or realistic?

    Whenever I hear someone chirp about “not giving up,” I ask what that person has done. Usually it’s nothing.

    So why should I care? “Caring” changes nothing. Plus it harms if constantly thwarted.

    The USA has become a drug addict. Nothing will improve until it wants to stop and heal itself. Yet I fear it’s too far gone.

    For example, immigrants once had to apply to enter America. And be self-sufficient or sponsored. There were no freebies for foreigners. They had to learn English and our history. And become good citizens. Today, millions of strangers fill our land wanting only gibs. They have no interest in joining the culture.

    You’ll no longer have Paris when 80% of the city becomes Muslim and speaks Arabic. You’ll have Mecca in France.

    I don’t want to become bitter. I don’t want to get worked up over things I can’t change. How did sane Russians survive Stalin?

    In both versions of the movie Red Dawn, rebels succeed for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there were willing leaders and followers. They organized and were willing to fight fire with fire, not just talk. Sadly, I don’t see Whites responding that way now.

    Was Quanah Parker wrong to surrender his comanches to the US Army? At what point does one admit that resistance to the Biden Borgis futile? Do we emulate Kutuzov and withdraw our forces, letting Napoleon take Moscow…letting Squad squalor, Pelosian pollution, intellectual starvation, and cold reality destroy the Democrat Grand Army?

    Nearly all who say “Never give up!” never fight themselves.

    Nearly all who excuse their passivity by saying they were frogs in a slowly-boiling pot forget: no frog ever stays in water above a certain temperature. Ever!

    The time to act has passed.

    So as Harry Browne asked: how do we live free in our currency unfree world?

    Spend less time online reading/watching stories designed to anger us with no effective means of release?

    Spend more time with family and friends?

    Exercise more?

    Take dance lessons?

    Practice at the gun range weekly?

    I remember Limbaugh saying during a recession: “I refuse to participate!” Is that the answer? Chill until enough Harvard grads get bitten in the arse by reality?

    How far did the Weimar Republic sink before the pendulum swung back?

    How to struggle on if, say, you’re a senior citizen with umpteen medical bills knowing they could easily be paid if (1) illegal aliens weren’t put up and pampered in 5-star hotels and (2) billions of dollars weren’t sent to Ukraine?

    It’s said that knowing you’ll be hanged at dawn wonderfully concentrates the mind. So pretend we’re downed patriot pilots hunted by enemies. How do we survive?


    • Replies: @anarchyst
  19. Rahan says:
    @Priss Factor

    What is Twitter but Gab with more users? So, it just needs more servers, and that’s about all.

    I mean, what can you do on Twitter? All you can do is make short comments about stuff. That’s about it.

    The man is allegedly planning to upgrade it to a copy of China’s WeChat which does everything.

  20. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    You misspelled Ukrainian.

    Military age Ukie men don’t support saving Zelinsky, and nearly the entire Russian population supports Putin, in fact, they spent 8 years pushing for action in defense of the Donbass population and the people of Odessa being attacked by the Kiev regime. Putin wisely waited until the Russian army had the material and training necessary to have a chance to do the job, which they did not have in 2014.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
  21. @Priss Factor

    What is Twitter but Gab with more users?

    More users but a lower character limit.

  22. @Jim Richard

    Well, it’s not that simple. Indians are extremely tribal so they will hire fellow Indians regardless of how qualified they are. So the US is not getting the best and brightest.

    We don’t need any non-Whites in our gene pool. If you want to mix, move to India or China and mix all you want.

  23. Alfa158 says:

    At least Mr. and Mrs. Krishnaswamy have an anchor baby so they don’t have to worry about getting deported. What she has to worry about is that she is going to compete for a new job against swarms of other laid off people like her, plus employers can still bring in fresh new H-1bs who will be happy to work for less. I wonder how Ms. Gosh is doing in the anchor baby department. The journalism biz isn’t doing too well either.

  24. anarchyst says:

    Thank you for your concise description of our country’s ills. You are spot-on.

    Although, the time for the “balloon to go up” is not quite here, we are getting close.

    1. Get out of the cities. I don’t care if your spouse doesn’t like rural life. In the end you will be much better off. Get to know your neighbors. Do not complain about agricultural operations or smells. You will get used to them.

    2. Home school your children. Get your children out of the public indoctrination centers. Find like-minded home schoolers who can pool resources. You will find many experts in various subjects. Every home school family will have some sort of skills in subject material. Networking with like-minded types is essential. Church groups can be a good way to meet like-minded people.
    In fact, rural life with livestock and other farm animals can be a much better education for children than city life.

    3. If you refuse to deal with “woke” corporations and the like, consider purchasing “used” items. You will find that many “used” items are just as good as new. You will not be supporting “woke” corporations”. In addition, communicate with “woke” corporations and let them know WHY you will not do business with them. Garage sales and resale shops can be a good source for “gently used” items. You can also trade with your neighbors as well.

    4. You should have at least one skill or profession that you can make available to others. whether it is a skill such as electrician, plumber, welder, or even bookkeeper, writer, or manual labor, digging ditches, gardening and the like, all can be used to barter or trade for skills that you need. You will find that there are other like-minded types who will be beneficial to you if the situation warrants it.

    5. Make damn sure you have means of protection, both for yourself, your family, and in extreme circumstances, neighbors. At this stage, it is wise to keep knowledge of your means of protection to yourself. Trust NO ONE except in the case of family members and long-term, friendships but even then, still be extremely careful. Especially be wary of anyone who is “gung-ho” and wants YOU to commit questionable acts, even if legal. FBI, ATF, DEA and other government types are well-known to create unconstitutional criminal entrapment schemes and are absolutely NOT to be trusted–EVER. This also applies to organizations as well. Your means of protection should be passive (fences, hedgerows, clear fields of fire, difficult to penetrate means of entry) and active (self-protection with firearms or other means). Absent firearms, a compound bow can be an effective means of defense as well as a way to put food on the table.

    6. Study not only self-improvement and technical subjects, but your history. Every “empire” has eventually fallen and has been take over by others. Don’t believe “the commonly accepted narrative” (which is almost always propaganda) but seek out TRUTH for yourself.
    If your search for real TRUTH makes you uncomfortable, you are on the right track. Discussions on historical TRUTHS with family members and others is vital. Get rid of the television–it is poison, especially for young people. Eschew professional and college sports. They are mind-numbing “bread and circuses” for the unthinking masses and serve no real purpose. Watching overpaid, spoiled steroid-addled grown men throw a ball and run around in their taxpayer-funded “playpens” is just stupid.

    7. Finally, DO NOT GET THE “JABS”. They are DNA-changing POISONS. The “powers that be” had to change the definition of a “vaccine” in order to get people to take the “jabs”. Traditional “vaccines” use a weakened or dead virus, bacterium etc. to evoke an immunological response. This in itself is not particularly dangerous as the “vaccine” is quickly flushed from the body. Not so for the mRNA “jabs” which use a “spike protein” which modifies your present DNA and remains in the body forever.
    Keep this in mind: The “supreme court” (I use that term loosely) has ruled that DNA sequences can be patented by their “inventors”. When you receive the “jab”, this foreign DNA OWNED BY OTHERS makes you a slave who is now “owned” by the DAN “owner”. Add to that, the massive number of side effects that “jab” recipients are suffering, from myocarditis in young people to unexplained deaths in healthy people, it’s just not worth it.

    Please feel free to critique my rant. I appreciate any additional insight that you may have.

  25. @anarchyst

    I was with you until you went off the rails with the vax shit at the end. Might want to keep that to yourself, along with any antisemitic rants. And you specific self-defense info. Need to know and all that.

    • Troll: Bill Jones, YesYesCircle
  26. @anarchyst

    I wouldn’t call it a rant at all, Anarchyst. That’s all very good advice about the best ways we can all detach ourselves from the Potomac Regime on a personal basic. I’ve agreed with all your comments over the last few years. Some I know are pasted in as repeats, but I’ve never read this one before.


    • Agree: Bill Jones
  27. @anarchyst

    There’s another study on the Killshot in the UK.
    It looks at the catastrophic drop in fertility too, Links to the substack are are worth following.

  28. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    The tech plantation owners and their 3rd world code coolies. India is such a sewer pit of humanity that millions more of these chest thumping bullshit artists of the East will continue to come here, by hook or by crook. Most of them think nothing of lying on their resumes. In Asia they’re already known for their bullshitting and cons but in the West we’re so stupid and gullible many actually think they really are the “best and brightest”, including all those graduated from their junk diploma mills that even the Infosys CEO says 75% of their “engineers” are unemployable.

    The worst thing is, unlike the East Asians who at least shy away from politics, Indians have no such self-awareness. Even the ones who speak with the thickest accent sounding like they just landed from Mumbai yesterday will have no shame about running for office and telling us how to run our country the moment they landed.

  29. @Sam hildebrand

    A guy I know worked for Oracle for years. He told me that he was billed out to customers at $425 an hour while Oracle was paying the dot heads $25 an hour. He said most of them were just ok as programmers.

    • Thanks: Sam Hildebrand
    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  30. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    in a recent debate with the sammy davis looking guy, that canadian guy said that derb, brimelow, and taylor were soaking in jews. he knows what i merely deduced from derb’s totally bizarre articles.

    it’s time to retire derb.

    you’re immoral.

    you’re a bad human being.

    goyim like you are why i’m an alcoholic.

    at least bannon is on record via divorce documents…

    he may be an avatar of vishnu.

  31. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @anon
    , @MEH 0910
  32. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:
    @MEH 0910

    it’s called an AUFHEBUNG derb!

    1. hitler was wrong.
    2. marx was wrong.
    3. the oufit is wrong.

    1. hitler was right.
    2. marx was right.
    3. the outfit is still wrong.

    the outfit is a sterile negation of nazism, bolshevism, and jefferson-ism.

    it’s NOT the aufhebung of nazism, bolshevism, and jefferson-ism.

    remember the british idealists. when britain was a WAY more important counrty than germany.

    the outfit = chicago cosa nostra = the chicago boys = milton friedman and his gentile rent boys = ayn rand = uni chi town satanism pretending it’s science

  33. Mike Tre says:

    “Sujatha Krishnaswamy:

    Earlier this year, while being fully pregnant ”

    And you can take your subcon Hindu ass back to India to deliver that parasite to be, with the other 10 million Hindus who have come here to foul up the place.

    How is one “fully” pregnant? As opposed to partially pregnant? Despite her attempts to emotional manipulate, she needs to go back.

  34. Mike Tre says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The funny thing is all this guys money comes from advertising revenue. the problem is he can afford to lose 10’s of billions and it won’t affect him personally one bit. The money doesn’t really exist except on a computer screen

    I’ll find optimism when he’s living in a tent and making house calls to the Pelosi residence for some extra cash.

  35. ‘…Earlier this year, while being fully pregnant…’

    This raises a question; how would one be partially pregnant?

  36. ‘The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories Of 2021
    Stuart AndersonSenior Contributor…’

    This guy’s kiss should definitely be on everyone’s list.

  37. @CelestiaQuesta

    ‘…It’s despicable how tech companies seem unable to sponsor local talent and train them in areas they require support…’

    If they had to, they almost certainly would.

    One structures the environment to produce the desired outcome. Go to Japan; there are all these obviously inefficient small farms and small businesses. The average Japanese is actually quite poor; cracked windows, ancient appliances, and maybe that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii seem to be about the norm.

    Yeah — but everyone has their little piece of the pie. This is not an accident.

    If we wanted good incomes for the average American, we could and would arrange matters so that the average American had a good income. Since we don’t, it follows that we have some other goal in mind.

    …and whether we actually do have it in mind or not, we’ll get there.

  38. anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    you make a grown man cry…
    you make a grown man cry…
    you make a grown man cry…
    you make a grown man cry…

    the bolshies’ve got the international and then the even better soviet anthem.

    the nazis have horst wessel.

    what do the neoliberals have? i guess this is their anthem:


    my ip has been banned long time by (((ron))).

  39. George HW Bush and the US Congress passed a law in 1990 to attack and undercut American STEM workers by flooding the USA with foreigners on work visas. The 1990 immigration law pushed by George HW Bush and the US Congress was designed to lower wages for American workers and it was designed to destroy cultural cohesion in the USA.

    Treasonous globalizer rat George HW Bush was eager to attack American workers by flooding the USA with foreigners. The H-1B visa was one of the methods and weapons that dirtbag rat George HW Bush used to viciously attack and undercut American workers.

    Tweets from 2015:

  40. “But unfortunately, my employer didn’t love me back.”
    It’s high time that you learned that important life lesson. Your employer is a business, not a lover. Your employment will continue only so long as your value-add exceeds your cost to the company.

  41. Wilkey says:

    Senator Mitt Romney, in the wake of a disappointing election year for Republicans, decided to really increase Republican excitement by proposing to basically double legal immigration, with an increase of a million immigrants a year. Add his one million increase to current legal immigration (of well over one million per year) and illegal immigration (at least one million under Biden) and you have total annual immigration that nearly equals or even exceeds annual U.S. births of 3.6 million.

    Romney’s proposal in the Wall Street Journal made mention of falling US birthrates, but only in the context of American women not giving birth to enough children to provide labor/serfs for American businesses. Romney expressed no interest whatsoever in trying to counter the cultural rot that has caused US (and European) birthrates to tank.

    America is no longer a country. It is an economy. It is an economy meant to serve the billionaires who own our politicians – or serve the politicians themselves, in the case of someone with as much money as Romney. Romney, who has homes in places like Park City and Holladay, Utah – two of the whitest (and richest) parts of one of the whitest states in the nation – has no problem watching as Americans are replaced in our own country by tens of millions of immigrants. What matters is that the billionaires keep getting richer.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  42. @Wilkey

    Willard Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are products of the mentally deranged war mongering money-grubbers of Massachusetts.

    The leaders of the Mormon Mammonite cult have lost their marbles from trying to ape the lunacy of the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonite Cult are using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration to stifle and destroy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION for White Core American Christians of modest means in the USA. Housing costs are through the roof because of mass immigration and Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are nastily pushing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    Money-grubbing dirtbags like Mitt Romney who have made out like bandits from the monetary policy machinations of the Federal Reserve Bank are clam raking all the ill-gotten gains from the Fed-induced asset bubbles and that harms the ability of regular income White Core Christian Americans to start families.

    The Massachusetts Hedge Fund called Harvard and the Massachusetts Mammonite Mormons have both grabbed mass amounts of loot from the monetary policy extremism of the Federal Reserve Bank and all the asset bubbles created by the Quantitative Easing of the Fed.

    Harvard has over 40 billion dollars in the their loot pile and the sneaky money sniffers in the Mormon Mammonite Cult have over a hundred billion dollars in their loot pile.

    Raise the federal funds rate to ten percent and fire sale the Fed’s asset portfolio and you’ll see Harvard’s loot pile vanish and the Mormon Mammonite loot pile will be gone with the wind.

    Willard Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are deliberately weaponizing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and monetary policy to crush and destroy the ability of young White Core Americans to enjoy low housing costs and AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION.

  43. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Richard

    The high IQ types end up conspiring to import the low breeder , low-IQs types. ie non-whites conspiring together to get whites

  44. Joe825 says:

    This is mostly true and not often mentioned. It’s not stealing, though. Indians don’t care about India. The oligarchs are exporting their shortage of smart exploitable people to India, China, etc. And people from these countries are fine with it as long as they end up ahead.

  45. Forbes says:

    I notice Ms. Krishnaswamy described herself as “heavily pregnant.” Presumably her now birthed anchor baby will keep her here on the gravy train…

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  46. @Jim Don Bob

    The differential isn’t that great. Yes, Oracle does offshore and those Indians are useless and don’t get paid much but they also don’t do much. If Oracle is charging a client $425/hr, then they will have someone in the US provide the consulting services and they are paid much more than $25/hr.

  47. Off topic, but there was recently big news on the Riemann hypothesis front – not “huge news”, but unexpectedly big news … might mean something, might mean nothing much.
    Thoughts? I liked your Riemann book ….

  48. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Unz Review skipped a week of Derb:

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