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“Mr. Rightside” By the Red Pillers Inspired By Derb
Finally Youth Gets Transgressive!
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Three years ago I wondered aloud in a TakiMag column why racism isn’t cool.

What’s wrong with kids today? Don’t they want to vex their parents? Épater la bourgeoisie? Kick against the pricks? Be transgressive?

Mildred: “Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?”

Johnny: “Whadda you got?”

Part of the fun of being young used to be the feeling that you were struggling for world mastery against a cohort of closed-minded old farts with a mentality hopelessly stuck in the past. (What Orwell called “pedants, clergymen and golfers.”) Well, if it’s that old-fart cohort you’re looking for, check out your local Ivy League university or cable TV studio. Those places are stuffed to the rafters with them. 1963 is in the past, isn’t it?

And these protesting youngsters believe every single thing the old farts believe! Their transgressions reach no further than their awful beards . . .

. . . .

To any youngsters seeking to get political transgressivity on the move again, here’s a suggestion: Try racism. What could be more guaranteed to make mom swoon and dad go purple with rage?

No, no, not burning crosses on people’s lawns. The word “racism” long since overflowed that little pond and inundated the surrounding lowlands. I’m talking about racism as defined in Ed West’s excellent new book that I just finished reading. Location 925 in the Kindle edition: “Today the term racism has come to mean almost any recognition of race . . . and of difference (or average differences) between groups.”

It sure has . . . Since racism as defined is transgressive, why isn’t it cool? [Why isn’t Racism Cool? by John Derbyshire,April 18th 2013.]

I don’t know that racism (in the EdWestian definition, of course) is cool yet, but some of the younger generation are at least trying to encool it.

Here’s a band that isn’t just trying, they’re crediting me as their inspiration!

Mr Rightside by the Red Pillers

Filling up with a rage

And it’ll help me define

Why I’ve gotta be down

To build a border wall


It started with immigrants

Of course it ends up like this

It was the immigrants, they had so many kids


Now I’m fighting to keep

Europe’s culture alive

Holding on to survive

This ethnic genocide


I let it get to my head

And my stomach is sick

My people don’t even know


And they’re mixing their races

Quotas in workplaces

Letting Europe go

And I just can’t look

It’s killing me

And taking its toll


All of these plans to end supremacy

Hidden as sick lullabies

Hoping to diversify


But there’s still hope for the whites

People like John Derbyshire

Opened up my eager eyes

‘Cause I’m Mr. Rightside

[Da capo]


John Derbyshire, John Derbyshire

John Derbyshire!

John Derbyshire!

Hey, I’ll take it—thanks, guys!

Before the race purists launch their missives about mail-order brides and degenerate mongrel brats, however, let me say once again that I’m fine with miscegenation. As with the salt in your stew, it’s a matter of quantity. Numbers are of the essence.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Political Correctness, Racism 
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  1. Pat Casey says:

    Derb has inspired New Slang.

  2. JackOH says:

    Rock on, Derb. Those Red Pillers–I’ve never heard of them–are on to something, a viable posture, a stance, position, or whatever you want to call it.

    Here’s my guess as to what that stance is, based on my longtime listening of rock lyrics, and my guessing as to the underpinnings of those lyrics, their drift, motility, etc. (I know I’m sounding a bit insufferable here.)

    Here goes: what if, indeed, white Euro-ethnic and Anglo and American folks have a multi-century history of being nasty, oppressive SOBs against others and themselves. So what? Does that mean everyone else is off the hook? Does that mean they ought to be off the hook? Does that mean the only way intra-honky enmities can be “overcome” is for dim-witted and aggrandizing elites to import self-serving Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners into Europe and America under one pretext or another?

    My guess is that a heartfelt reconciliation among Slavs, Germans, French, Italians, English, Americans, et. al., for the 1914-1945 situation is a prerequisite for recognizing the threat posed by extraordinary and irregular immigration, and racial discord, in 2016. I’ll be damned if I know how to do that. But, by God, if you don’t want your home run as a suburb of Mumbai or Beijing, you’d better be willing to make peace with folks who are a lot closer to you in manner and mindset.

    Thanks to “UR” for allowing me this rant.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  3. German_reader says:

    Maybe Derbyshire should have taken a closer look at the playlist of the makers of that video…some of their other videos are quite expressly antisemitic and neo-Naziish (Blink 1488…those numbers are neo-Nazi codes, referring to the 14 words and Heil Hitler respectively)…upps, I don’t think that’s really what Derbyshire wants to be associated with.

    • Replies: @Cracker
    , @iffen
  4. German_reader says:

    “My guess is that a heartfelt reconciliation among Slavs, Germans, French, Italians, English, Americans, et. al., for the 1914-1945 situation is a prerequisite ”

    I don’t know, of course there’s still bad blood between the Russians and many Eastern Europeans, and Poles are still apprehensive about German intentions…but on the whole, do the world wars really still matter that much? I’m no longer really young (will be 32 in a few months), and my grandfathers took part in WW2 (on the German and the British side) – which isn’t the case even for many people my age -, but it all seems pretty remote by now. It’s always there in the background (in a “August 1914, that’s when it all went to s*it” way), but the passions and hatreds connected to those wars are hard to even grasp now.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  5. JackOH says:

    Thanks. In the States, the “Hitler template” (for want of a better term) for thinking about war and policies is a very real, very mischievous thing. E. g., an academic historian, possibly Niall Ferguson, actually felt compelled to write a newspaper piece about why Saddam Hussein is not a Hitler, so successfully had Hussein been thus characterized. There’ve been several journalists who’ve sniffed that Merkel’s immigration policies are penitential, which is, I suppose, a lot more facile than confronting your own American government’s belligerence. Peter Brimelow and others have mentioned that American civil rights and immigration policies appear to be an unhealthy abreaction to Hitler’s excesses. My only “solution”, if you can call it that, is a European and American polity that’s strong enough to break with “World War Two-ism”.

  6. Cracker says:

    Shut up. And take in a few dozen muslims.

  7. Richard S says:

    Lol oh wow; the Revolution is on, lads!

  8. iffen says:

    I don’t think that’s really what Derbyshire wants to be associated with.

    Why not?

    • Replies: @German_reader
  9. German_reader says:

    Well, I know he’s no longer really respectable and doesn’t hide his dislike for various ethnic groups (American blacks especially), but I’d suppose people who openly use neo-Nazi symbolism and sing about their hatred for “kikes” are too extreme for him.
    Interesting though that this whole “red pill” nonsense is now used by ethnonationalists as well. I thought it was common rather among pick up artists and various other misogynists.

    • Replies: @iffen
  10. Lot says:

    Derb maybe you know this and talking about “a band” is tongue in cheek, but this is not a real song, it is “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers with modified lyrics. It was a big hit about nine years ago.

  11. iffen says:

    but I’d suppose people who openly use neo-Nazi symbolism and sing about their hatred for “kikes” are too extreme for him.

    Giving a high five in his column is not exactly a disavow, is it?

    Mr. Derbyshire has stated that he intends to vote for Trump. I have already voted for Trump. I still disavow Mr. Derbyshire.

  12. The biggest threats to this “thing of ours” come not from the left but from people who claim to be part of us. Specifically: Nazi apologists who want to use it to legitimize German imperialism, and Zionists who want to use it to legitimize Israeli imperialism.

    Sure the leftists will get you fired from your job, or even (in some places) imprisoned, but they can’t damage the cause itself. However allowing Nazis or Zionists to hijack this movement will utterly discredit it in the eyes of ordinary people. This is fatal.

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