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More Brechoes: Boris Not Good Enough; Exploding Progressive Heads!
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Boris (Johnson, Not Godunov). Credit:

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Last week, I noted that Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London—which is not, by the way, the same thing as Lord Mayor of London, for reasons it would take much too long to explain—was being spoken of as the likely next Prime Minister over there, David Cameron having said he will step down after the triumph of Brexit.

I murmured my disapproval of this, as Boris Johnson was an Open-Borders guy last time I looked. I also had some slight personal intercourse with Mr. Johnson when he was editor of the London Spectator ten years ago. What with one thing and another, my impression of him was of an unprincipled lightweight.

notjohnsonWell, midweek Johnson took himself out of his party’s leadership contest. The official reason for withdrawing was that he couldn’t find enough support from colleagues. Boris, if you’ll excuse an operatic pun, was not good enough.

I’m skeptical about that; but maybe just because I’m skeptical of anything this guy says. Whatever: his dropping out makes me happy.

If there truly is an afterlife, it will also make the shade of Sir Winston Churchill happy. Apparently aware of the fact that a great many people, not just me, regarded him as light as a feather, unreliable, and not a team player, Boris Johnson seems to have been trying to work the analogy with Churchill. It’s been forgotten now, except by historians, that Churchill was not a popular figure in his party before WW2. Many of the unkind things being said about Boris Johnson were said about Churchill.

Johnson’s been mining that little vein for all it’s worth. Two years ago he actually published a book about Churchill. “You see,” he’s been saying, “they were dubious about this guy, too, but he won the war and got a state funeral at last!”

The strategy didn’t work. Once again, I’m glad, and so is Sir Winston, somewhere.

More Brexit echoes (Brechoes?): The fun thing for us red-pill types has been watching as progressives’ heads explode. “Britain’s senseless, self-inflicted blow,”wailed The Economist over splitBritain’s decision. It was particularly upset that the flood of people into Britain from poor countries in Eastern and Southern Europe was a factor in the vote for leaving. Those stupid voters! Quote:

Without migrants from the EU, schools, hospitals and industries such as farming and the building trade would be short of labour.

A tragic split, June 24th 2016

Well, here’s a funny thing. When I was a kid in England, back in the 1950s, immigration levels were very low. In fact there was net e-migration to Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Yet England somehow found enough schoolteachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, and construction crews.

Amazing! How did we manage? I guess we defied the laws of economics somehow.

In the New York Times, hardcore progressive nitwit Roger Cohen declared himself “overcome by gloom” at the Brexit decision. Further quote from Cohen, who lives in London:

It’s not just the stupidity of the decision. It’s not merely the lies of the charlatans who led the “Leave” campaign … It’s not even the betrayal of British youth. It’s far more: a personal loss. Europa, however flawed, was the dream of my generation.

Britain to Leave Europe for a Lie, June 27, 2016

Mr. Cohen [Email him] was born in 1955. The dream of his generation, huh? Well, it was the dream of metropolitan transnationalist progressives of his generation, no doubt.

After 700 more words of wailing and gnashing of teeth, Cohen concludes:

The union … will not die because of this imbecilic vote, but something broke—a form of optimism about humankind, the promise of 1989.

My children will not inherit the Europe I hoped for. I look at my hands and see my father’s emerging, the veins now more pronounced. Life feels diminished.

Oh my gosh, I’m coming over all verklempt. Could we have some sad violin music, please? [Sad violin music] …

OK, that’ll do.

The New Yorker, though of course full of contempt for the nativist rubes who want to live in a familiar and distinctive nation-state rather than a gigantic airport departure lounge, none the less managed to locate one of the key points in its July 4th issue.

The older you were, the more skeptical you were of the European project. The working-class vote in the North of England, traditionally loyal to the left, swung unmistakably away from the E.U. … Londoners leaned heavily toward the E.U., whereas, along the east coast (the stretch that faces Europe), fears about immigration engendered a vehement vote against. Rural folk, visiting London, have been known to complain that it feels like a foreign city—a Babel of competing tongues, where your latte is brewed by an Estonian and served by a Pole. That is precisely what Babel-dwellers love about the place; the hubbub, to a Londoner as to a New Yorker, is a mark of the cosmopolitan experience—ideal background noise, for the beat of a tolerant heart. If you don’t like the soundtrack of otherness, go back to the land.

E.U. Later, by Anthony Lane, July 4, 2016

Well, yes. There are big multiethnic cosmopolitan cities, and there’s a quiet, conservative heartland. Some people prefer the one, some prefer the other. What’s more, a lot of people prefer the one thing when they’re young, the other thing when they’re older.

When I was eighteen I couldn’t wait to get out of the sleepy provincial town I grew up in. I moved to London; and thereafter, through my twenties and thirties and some of my forties, I lived mostly in the…hubbub of big cosmopolitan cities: Hong Kong, London again, New York, London again, New York again.

Then I decided to start a family, so I moved to the ‘burbs—to one of those places that progressives sneer at as “white-bread.”

So what had happened to my heart there? According to the New Yorker’s Lane, it went from being tolerant to being intolerant at age 47. What, I got a heart transplant?

And, again according to Lane, I suddenly stopped liking “the soundtrack of otherness.”

But no I didn’t. I just thought that for raising kids, somewhere quieter, more stable, more uniform, more…Go ahead, say it, Derb! Say it!—more white-breadwould be better.


Of course a writer for the New Yorker favors that cosmopolitan hubbub. The name of the magazine is New Yorker, duh. But not wanting that doesn’t make you an evil person with an intolerant heart. And if you want it when you’re 27 but not when you’re 47, you didn’t become an evil person with an intolerant heart by some kind of physiological transformation, like a menopause.

Good grief, it’s like talking to little children here.

And no, it’s not so much the Estonian brewing their coffee or the Pole serving it that Brexiteers mind. It’s whole neighborhoods purged of white English people, turned into Little Pakistans, Little Bangladeshes, Little Somalias. No, those aren’t immigrants from Europe. But if Angela Merkel has her way, they soon will be, tens of millions of them. That’s what people voted against.

When you’re young and carefree and not very serious about anything, a cosmopolitan city is a fun place to live. As you get older, more settled, and wiser, the heartland pulls you back—unless, like Roger Cohen, you never knew it in the first place.

Brits voted to leave the EU because they saw their heartland disappearing, swamped by strangers. It dawned on them that the transnational elites who run the world hate heartlands and want to destroy them. The elites want everywhere—every town, every village, every street—to be just like a big cosmopolitan city.

The elites are uniformitarians. They know what they like, and they insist everyone else like it too.

Well, sorry, but a lot of us don’t like it. Some of us never liked it. Some of us liked it in our twenties but don’t like it any more.

Is this so hard to understand?

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Brexit, Britain, Immigration 
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  1. these londoners are rootless deracinated types, the ‘last men [and women]’ who define themselves in purely economic and existential terms. they’re hedonistic dildocrats relying upon the legacy civiliztional impetus of others to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed, or more accurately, degraded.

    • Agree: ATX Hipster
    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  2. Daniel H says:

    Writers like Lane and Cohen know damned well that it is not the presence of Poles, Estonians, Greeks, Romanians, Irish, Portuguese, Italians, Spanish, even French, that the people are truly worried about. They know that is is the Pakis, Somalis, Bengalis, “Romanians”, Algerians………

    What BS, what disingenuity. All so that they can point their wagging superior finger at the rest of us.

  3. Daniel H says:

    BTW, when did Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians (and Poles) become so cool? I can remember the narrative from about 30 years ago or so about how the Baltic peoples (and Poles) worked hand in glove with the Nazis to murder the Jews and Gypsies of said lands. It was often claimed that these peoples were even more enthusiastic than their German overlords in doing the dirty work. Oh, expediency.

    Meanwhile, Serbs and Russians, who fought the Nazis and Germans tooth and nail in both world wars – and the Russians actually won the second war – can’t catch a break. They are the two most maligned peoples of Europe by the powers that be.

    I know that Cohen would have very different opinion on the migration of peoples into Britain if it were 2 million Russians, say, rather than Pakis, Moroccans, Syrians, Afghanis and Nigerians.

    • Replies: @syd.bgd
    , @El Dato
    , @Anonymous
  4. Anonym says:

    You must have googled the same music as was done for the classic Sad Jeb Bush video.

    Anyway, nice work, Derb. My schadenfreude boner is almost starting to hurt.

  5. Speaking of Borises, does anyone else remember Boris Badenov, the villain in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon of the 1960s? His sidekick was Natasha Fatale and he reported to Fearless Leader (all modeled obviously on Soviet-era Russians). Great cartoon–it could be understood at many levels: I appreciated it as a child, my father as a man in his 30s. There was a recent (rather mediocre in my opinion) movie based on an “insert” in the series, Sherman and Peabody, but I’m not sure that you could remake Rocky and Bullwinkle today.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  6. Richard S says:

    an unprincipled lightweight.

    Very accurate. I would add “over-promoted aristocratic simpleton” but he’s been forced to withdraw from the leadership election, so forget him 🙂

    New PM will probably be Theresa May, proper old school Tory. The first Home Office (Interior Ministry) boss with the nerve to tell the highly politicised Police Federation where they could get off. She’d get my vote 🙂

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Wizard of Oz
  7. dearieme says:

    Boris, “aristocratic”? Not even close.

  8. @Diversity Heretic

    They made a R&B movie back in 2000, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle .

  9. 5371 says:
    @Richard S

    Yes, Theresa certainly has done a bang-up job as Home Secretary reducing immigration and getting the police to concentrate on “Asian Briton” rape gangs not rayciss tweets))

    • Replies: @Richard S
    , @Wizard of Oz
  10. @Lemurmaniac

    these londoners are rootless deracinated types, the ‘last men [and women]‘ who define themselves in purely economic and existential terms. they’re hedonistic dildocrats relying upon the legacy civiliztional impetus of others to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed, or more accurately, degraded.

    Stolen. Thanks.

  11. Richard S says:

    The solutions to those problems will require greater political change than a mere party leadership election..

  12. “Is this so hard to understand?”

    Holding all the power makes everything too hard to understand. Power is force; force creates (a new uniformity) and destroys (past uniformity) likewise.

  13. tbraton says:

    “Without migrants from the EU, schools, hospitals and industries such as farming and the building trade would be short of labour.”

    I find it very interesting that a magazine that calls itself “The Economist” doesn’t have a clue about economics. Economics is based on the idea that a society has limited resources. The trick is devising a system for allocating those limited resources in the best possible way. As Wikipedia puts it, “Scarcity (also called paucity) is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human wants in a world of limited resources. It states that society has insufficient productive resources to fulfill all human wants and needs.” If resources were unlimited, there would be no need to have the field of economics.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  14. Ossettian says:

    “The elites want everywhere—every town, every village, every street—to be just like a big cosmopolitan city.”

    Well, apart from Israel.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  15. While I think you are spot on in your comments and critiques of the neoliberal defenders of the threatened order, I think “progressive” is no longer a valid term for those defending the corrupt order even if they still think that they are the “progressives.” What they are is 21st century version of soft-totalitarians demanding an absolute unipolar corporate order. As such they are a new version of fascism.

  16. Rehmat says:

    I’m sorry to hear Boris Johnson has dropped-out in favor of the “Israeli tank” Theresa May, the Home Secretary, even though both are POODLES of ZIONISM.

    Former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone told Sophie Hobson of , ‘London Loves Business’, in 2011: “The people like Michael Gove who are fervent Zionists and Boris Johnson, they wanted to isolate Egyptian cleric Dr. al-Qaradawi because he’s a critic of Israel. And they ignored the fact he strongly urges Muslims not to launch attacks here in Britain.”

    Last year, Laura Stuart, British journalist, author, human rights activist, house-wife – and revert to Islam penned a two part report on the “Israelification of UK”.

    “Amongst the most powerful lobby groups in the UK that wield a huge influence on Government policy, are the pro Israel lobby groups and think-tanks such as the Henry Jackson Society and BICOM. I would mention the Quilliam Foundation but the organization, particularly its leader Maajid Nawaz, have been totally discredited and have no influence within Britain’s Muslim community. The ‘Friends of Israel’ group of each of the main political parties are also very influential within the parties,” she said.

    • Replies: @Johan Schmidt
  17. @Chris Mallory

    Thanks for that information. I had not known it. From the information in your link, it looked like audiences pretty much rejected it. I think that Rocky and Bullwinkle is just too Cold War to be set in any other time. But it was good in the 1960s. I remember coming out of the hospital for my tonsillectomy and watching it on the TV.

  18. Many Tories didn’t like Cameron and are glad to see him go, but they also don’t like backstabbers and don’t want to reward disloyalty. Boris was never going to get the top job. He should have seen this coming.

    And as mentioned, he’s also flaky on the immigration issue. He was a longtime immigration-cheerleader before recently moving to a more critical position. People are right to be suspicious that this change of heart isn’t sincere. Given the national mood right now, if the Tories go into the next election with a leader who isn’t strong on this issue they’ll be slaughtered by UKIP.

  19. The Spectator magazine was really good for awhile back there – mid to late 80s and for a few years after that. Guys like Boris Johnson – who was sort of a p.c. guy even when his editor’s salary was paid by non-p.c. subscribers – turned it into one of those magazines where you can’t completely trust the editing or the selection of writers or the opinions or the vocabulary or even the typography. Glad he won’t continue to garner the glittering prizes. Next time I sit in the DMV or somewhere like that and I need to write a list to pass the time (places I would like to visit, restaurant meals I would like at home, that sort of thing) I might list the writers from the Spectator from back in the day that I miss – Giles Auty, the 2 fat girls who cooked, Ali Forbes, Taki when he still sometimes pretended to be a part-time restaurant employee, Lord Home, Wallace Arnold when he was funny, Jeffrey Bernard, the quiz guy, Basil Ransom-Davies (who I always assumed was not a real person but rather an English department’s pen-name), Roger Scruton, two or three dozen others. I wondered once in a while as to whether, if a single English guy got published from time to time in the Spectator, back when it was good, the English women he knew would be impressed. 25 years later my better informed guess is no, not really, not all that impressed, but more impressed then they would be now, of course.

  20. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I don’t believe the elites are uniformitarians. They just want to own everything and control everything, and the sovereign democratic nation state gets in their way. Hence the drive to destroy the nation state by a process of racial and cultural genocide; racial identity being destroyed through the suppression of native reproduction (evident in every country throughout the West) combined with mass replacement immigration; cultural identity being destroyed by the promotion of multiculturalism, leading to social dysfunction and, in time perhaps, the Tiber, or the Thames, foaming with much blood.

    Opposition to the elite plan is repressed by compulsory K-12 state-controlled brainwashing in the name of education, corporate media propaganda, and Hollywood fantasy, which makes it possible to label any push-back as bigotry, racism, far-right-wing-ism (even when the term is applied to a clear majority of the population), and even Nazism.

    • Agree: edNels
    • Replies: @TJM
  21. Seraphim says:

    The casual dropping of the ‘WHITE English people’ trope in any discussion of the causes of the Brexit is a Freudian slip revealing the deep motivations of the ‘white English people’ (the little wasp) in voting for ‘getting their country back’ and Leave. Same the furious denial that there were any ‘racist’ motives behind the ‘democratic’ vote of the people who ‘invented modern democracy’ against the impositions of an ‘unelected’ bureaucracy, possessed by the aggravating circumstance of being ‘foreign’, abetted by the ‘cosmopolitan elites’ which defaced London.
    My two cents is that the ‘cosmopolitan elites’ wanted the Brexit and they had to cover themselves with the cloak of a ‘democratic’ vote. They certainly bet on the ‘white-bread’ pavlovian response. I guess that the ‘football hooligans’ voted massively for ‘kiss my arse Brussels’.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  22. @Rehmat

    they wanted to isolate Egyptian cleric Dr. al-Qaradawi because he’s a critic of Israel

    Well, and because of the whole “female genital mutilation” thing.

  23. syd.bgd says:
    @Daniel H

    I most certainly agree with your comment, Daniel H.

    Commenting on Linh Dinh, Big Brother’s Virtual Reality here at UNZ few days ago I wrote something that might be interesting for you:

    “In boring reality, the US has also attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan and Syria. ”

    Author has forgotten to notice boring reality that BEFORE wars in Middle East and Norh Africa US and her NATO attacked Orthodox Christians in Europe, i.e. former Yugoslavia. First by siding with Moslems and Roman Catholics (Croats) vs. Serbs, after by bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (FR Yugoslavia) on behalf of Albanians (Moslems and Roman Catholics) in province of Kosovo and Metochia (“Kosovo”).

    He has also forgotten boring reality that Biden, at time of destruction of SFR Yugoslavia, was Congress majority leader, and that he is the one, now in capacity of Vice President of USA, that runs similar show in Ukraine, turning Orthodox Christians against each other.

    What is interesting in both cases, and American public as usual fails to notice, USA support those who were on Nazi side in WW2: radical Croats (Jasenovac death camp), radical Bosnian Moslems (Hanjar SS division), radical Albanians (Skenderbeg SS division), Banderites in Ukraine. ”

    I haven’t listed EU darlings on Baltics, well known for their role in destruction of European Jews, also SS divisions volunteers, but there you’ll again find J. Biden’s fingerprints all over the place. But I wrote this on my next comment:

    “I will use this opportunity to ask you to pay your attention on human rights situation of Russians in Baltic states: last accident is that European Court supported Latvian ban on Russian names for children. For example: Anreii has to be Andreiis. We are talking about elementary minority rights, pure basics. And US of Biden Democrats which support all the imaginable rights here at Balkans, also in Europe, (but not in Saudi Arabia where they chop heads like ISIS does, in public, at main crossroads) keeps mum. When minority rights of Orthodox Christians are in danger somewhere – Craotia for example, Syria included – they do not give a damn.”

    I might as well say – of Shiite Moslems too. Please read “Protecting the World’s Shia: Where’s the International Community?” by Shireen Hunter

    Leads towards understanding of US politics, foreign in particular, in last decades are pointing towards John Biden: remember that he was Congress deals maker, majority leader of B. Clinton, now second in command in White House. It is almost funny to read all these articles on decriminalization of H. Clinton’s server misbehaving by FBI after charade of Benghazi report. Just take another look and ask yourself: who might be that powerful, well connected and behind the scene Democrat to make committee and FBI clear her?

    Everything is possible in Bidenstan.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Rehmat
  24. Good grief, it’s like talking to little children here.

    No, no, NO! It isn’t ‘like’ talking to little children, you are talking to little children. Leftists never grow up. That’s why they are what they are.

  25. 5371 says:

    Biden’s name is Joe, and he was never majority leader in the House of Representatives or the Senate. While undoubtedly evil, he is far from being a mastermind.

    • Replies: @syd.bgd
  26. Rehmat says:

    A good observation Netanyahu – but you missed the big black spot in your story – there were 150,000 German Jews in the Nazi army and several of Hitler’s personal staffers were Jewish.

    In January 2014, an elderly Israeli Jew, Shimon Rahamim, claimed that by accident he found a rare article in which Adolf Hitler praised Jews. The said article was published in Hebrew-language Doar Hayom newspaper, on August 8, 1924. The article discusses Hitler’s role as leader of the “nationalist Germans,” and said that in an interview with a German publication, he had expressed “his warm feelings for the Jewish people.”

    • Replies: @syd.bgd
  27. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    The casual dropping of the ‘WHITE English people’

    I don’t think there was any secret whatever as to the motivation of the great majority of those voting to exit the EU. Obviously the vast majority of Brits (consistently around 70% according to opinion surveys) are opposed to being genocided by mass replacement immigration. Moreover, David Cameron admitted, after the vote, that immigration was the determinative issue.

    As for

    the ‘cosmopolitan elites’ wanted the Brexit

    Why then did David Cameron screw up and have to resign? You saying he was duped or sacrificed by the “cosmopolitan elites” of which he was so obviously a part?

    I think this kind of thinking is sheer paranoia: “we are powerless.” “Whatever happens is willed by the elites and it is futile to fight back.”

    More likely, it seems to me, the Remainians together with the Rumanians and other Fifth Columnists expected to be able to fiddle the vote sufficiently to overwhelm the will of the people. but the will of the people was such that the available means of ballot rigging were inadequate to the task.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  28. TJM says:

    You know how you know we are all being manipulated by a few very powerful oligarchs (most likely Zionist Jews, See: Banking), is because the entire media, entertainment and political leadership ALL SAY THE SAME THING, like they are all reading from a script.

    I have never read a story in any major American news paper or MSM news outlet that looked at immigration, legal and illegal in the same way: its good for us, and if you are against it you are a racist, period. Now can anything be so one sided, but it is.

    We find the same attitudes about Middle East wars, support for Israel, Muslims, Capitalism, “Democracy”, Russia.

    Russia is a great point, because for a while we are all getting along, then suddenly, like a light switched on, “Russia became out worst enemy”. And everyone from Jon Stewart, Wolf Blitzer and the OE section of the NYTimes were suddenly reporting of the evils of Russia and Putin. And you also saw a trend in comment sections of the internet also attacking Putin.

    But the two most forced story lines are “Israel is our closest ally”, and Muslim “terrorism” is caused by extremist, and NOT the FACT that we are slaughtering people in the Middle East, that never gets mentioned.

    The point is there is no possible everyone news outlet and personality could be on the same page if they were not directed to be, its simply impossible.

    We are being played, and the internet is giving us a glimpse into the game, the question is, how long will they let us keep using it?

    • Replies: @El Dato
  29. TJM says:

    Well said, I usually only comment when I disagree with someone, but you hit the nail right on the head.

    For me it has been a slow and steady slide voyage to being truly aware. I think back 5 years ago, and think how could I have been to naive, or 2 years ago, or even 6 months ago, information pertaining to our dilemma is coming faster every day.
    But once you start down the door it is hard to go back, its like you have a decoder, and you start seeing patterns, everywhere you look.

    Hollywood is always a great study, but when I was college and studied film, we never acknowledged the strong Jewish influence, yet if there was a white European influence in anything it was attacked as a sign of racism. Hollywood loves to promote this type of hypocrisy, how many movies are made focusing on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church (try and see a movie, especially a comedy where it is not mentioned), yet Hollywood is a known bastion of pedophiles and sex slavery.

    How about “Dracula the untold story”, in this movie Dracula is a sympathetic character and the evil are the Persians, big fucking surprise.

    Media, Entertainment, Wall Street, Washington, what’s left, the internet, its all we have, not much, but it is much more than we had.

  30. El Dato says:
    @Daniel H

    > Russian who fought the Nazis and Germans tooth and nail in both world wars

    It is very problematic to mix up history like that as indigestible and ahistoric broth will ensue.

    The pre-WWI Russian and German/Austro-Hungarin empires went at each others throat for no particularly good reason except the tyranny of mobilisation timetables (especially as the reigning emperors were part of the same family). This resulted in lots of ultrakill on the Eastern Front (rather well explained by Ralph Raico here: – he however errs in dismissing german atrocities on the western front, but that’s for another discussion)

    At some point, virulent revolutionary virus was injected by sealed train wagon into the heart of the Russian empire by German geniuses. Big mistake!

    Then we get this:

    1) Creation of Poland (an event quite disliked by the British establishment at that time)
    2) Poland stops the advance of Trotsky’s Red Army towards Berlin in the War of 1920. A devastated Ukraine and Belarus result (i.e. even more devastated than during the “Great War”)
    3) Stabilization of Poland, while the Red Socialistic Entity amuses itself doing ultrakill in Ukraine, among others.
    4) A Brown Socialistic Entity emerges to the West of Poland.
    5) Poland becomes lunch for the Red and Brown Socialistic Entities. Om nom nom!
    6) Various bad events occur,.
    7) The Red Army sweeps to Berlin as planned under 2), Looting and mass rape result on the way to Berlin (Red Army soldiers were not actually told that Poland wasn’t the Reich yet). Reds wait for Nazis to clean Warshaw of any early resistance before “saving it”. Cheaper that way, also payback for 2).
    8) Poland sold down the river by Roosevelt who promised a “free Poland” to win the vote at home, Instead it is revealed that one got “sellout at Yalta” plus “Operation Keelhaul”.
    9) A new Poland, shifted westwards relative to 1) occurs. Various atrocities against Germans.
    10) Cold War begins.

    • Replies: @syd.bgd
  31. El Dato says:

    Russia is a great point, because for a while we are all getting along, then suddenly, like a light switched on, “Russia became out worst enemy”.

    Indeed. In this case, Apparently NATO General Breedlove was not even above making shit up and getting some lobbying aide on the home front, while Merry Kerry the Medal Thrower was talking darkly about “proofs” of Russian meddling and BUK usage, proofs that never materialzed.

    Also, this always seems to happen during Olympic Games.

    Georgia? Ukraine? What next??

  32. Seraphim says:

    To say that the Rumanians were about to ‘genocide’ the vast majority of the (white) Brits by their mass immigration is beyond ridiculous. UK could accommodate without much ado 2.7 million Muslims (most of them not quite ‘white’) and found it enough appealing to have 100 thousand ‘white Brits’ converts (so much for ‘our values’, our ‘culture’) to date, but is freaking out that it would be ‘genocided’ by 100 thousand European white, Christian people (and you know that I am not talking about the ‘Roma’ Mafia spirited in the UK thanks to the Pentecostal mafia and received as ‘refugees’ escaping ‘discrimination’ by the ‘xenophobic, racist’ Rumanians). Anyhow, the ‘Roma’ people don’t give a hoot either for Brexit, or Remain.
    Cameron was part of the game. Calling the Referendum was a concession to the ‘Euroskeptic’ wing of the Conservatives (made over a pizza at Chicago Airport, after the Chicago NATO Summit of 2012). It wasn’t the ‘people’ who called the Referendum. It does not have that ‘power’.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  33. syd.bgd says:

    Well said, habibi,

    it is obvious that you’re missing the point trying to say something against Jews. And you use clumsy arguments.
    Even Theodore Hertzl was German nationalist while in his university years in Vienna. There were many Jews who were German or Hungarian nationalists. So before you make a rule out of one opinion from 1924, not from 1934 or 1936, or number of those who were in position to make choice between concentracionlager and storming Red Army on Eastern front before Germans, think a little bit.

    Your comment has to something not only with your education, that is poor, but with your lack of compassion and sense of justice.

    Your attack on me – calling me Netanyahu – (I’d vote for Yair Lapid myself if I had a chance) and while deliberatlely ignoring facts about present day Christian Orhodox and Moslem Shia tragedies tells me that you’re probably nothing else but moron of Sunni inheritance who swallows whatever your imam tells you on Friday afternoons, or leftist living out of Saudi (Qatari, UAE) handouts.

  34. syd.bgd says:
    @El Dato

    You’ve forgotten few details.

    Poles in newly independent Poland stared to enjoy “Jews hunting season” that resulted in fourth or Grabsky wave of immigration in British Mandate Palestine. Similar with Christian Orthodox.
    In WW2 they they again enjoyed “Jews hunting” along with Germans.

    End result: almost completely ethnic/religious clean Roman Catholic country.

    Just like Croatia did with Serbs and Jews in WW2 and again 1992-1994. First time under protection of Nazi Germany, second time under protection of US of Clintons.

    And final solution for Germans in Eastern Europe was proposed by Benesh in London, 1941.

    So tell the truth as it is, not only parts of it.

  35. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    To say that the Rumanians were about to ‘genocide’ the vast majority of the (white) Brits by their mass immigration is beyond ridiculous.

    Indeed, it would be ridiculous, which is why I didn`t say it.

    Calling the Referendum was a concession to the ‘Euroskeptic’ wing of the Conservatives (made over a pizza at Chicago Airport, after the Chicago NATO Summit of 2012). It wasn’t the ‘people’ who called the Referendum. It does not have that ‘power’.

    The Euroskeptics, of course, reflecting in no way the opinion of around 70% of the population on the question of mass immigration. LOL.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  36. @5371

    What authority has the Home Secretary over a provincial police force and local social workers?

    • Replies: @5371
  37. @Richard S

    “Simpleton” doesn’t fit Boris and going to Eton doesn’t make someone “aristocratic” even in the sense which doesn’t make it oxymoronic to call him a simpleton.

    Unprincipled lightweight? Sadly that could be closer than “cynical opportunist” which some of my English friends applied to him. As someone else pointed out a cynical opportunist might be just what wad needed to follow uo the Brexit vote – like a latterday Disraeli.

  38. @tbraton

    There has been a significant change since the 50s. Greater longevity together with shorter working lives and fewer children. Since the welfare state became a fixture immigration is some sort of alternative to higher taxes and even more obvious rationing – an easier one than being clever and efficient perhaps.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  39. @Ossettian

    I’ve been to Israel and much of it is like a big cosmopolitan city mixed with the odd touch of oriental bazaar.

  40. tbraton says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “There has been a significant change since the 50s. Greater longevity together with shorter working lives and fewer children. Since the welfare state became a fixture immigration is some sort of alternative to higher taxes and even more obvious rationing – an easier one than being clever and efficient perhaps.”

    Allowing the free market system to work to allocate scarce resources by using wages and prices as signals does not necessarily involve higher taxes or rationing, unless you consider using the pricing system as a form of rationing. That is the reason why everybody doesn’t drive a Mercedes luxury sedan or wear a Rolex watch. If there is a shortage of workers in a particular field, whether hospitals, schools or construction, the obvious solution is to raise wages to attract more workers. If wages become uneconomical, a business has a greater incentive to invest in machinery to make the business more efficient. By admitting foreign workers to fill the jobs, you depress the wages of the native population, and that has unanticipated consequences. By using illegal Hispanics to build houses, as happened in Florida during the early 2000’s, you, in effect, subsidized the construction of housing, which got overbuilt and contributed to the housing bubble.

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel H

    Daniel H,

    Claimed by whom?

    If your mental chip allows for reading Derbyshire, you should have enough cognitive discrimination not to repeat wholesale ethnic slanders of peoples that the Progressive Left, particularly its Jewish component, has invented and disseminated. You are 100% wrong about “peoples” and “Poles.”

    You are actually doing the Poles a grave injustice, a vicious slander in return for all the work they did not only to defeat the Nazis, including 200,000+ Poles fighting in British uniforms and distinguishing themselves in the Battle of Britain, in Narvik, Monte Cassino and other battles, but their efforts to save Jewish lives too, often at a cost of their own.

    As to “peoples,” it’s true that all the Baltics had volunteer SS or other Nazi-allied military units, and hundreds, maybe a couple thousand of Lithuanians and Latvians were involved in direct “‘wet” work of the Holocaust, either in Einsatzgruppen or in concentration camp guard uniforms. But even that does not make for “peoples.”

    If you wrote that kind of mostly baseless slander about Jews or Blacks, you’d have to face some very angry people. The Poles and the Balts are not here to defend themselves, but you should still feel a need to apologize.

    • Agree: Regnum Nostrum
  42. 5371 says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Yes, Britain is merely a loose association of anarcho-syndicalist communes.

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