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Mexico Buckles, Becoming A Pass-Through Country
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The latest Radio Derb transcript is up here. A sample:

Mexico buckles. If you do like open borders, then you must love the Obama administration, which has been waving through illegals as fast as it can while it still can.

The Center for Immigration Studies, working from Census Bureau numbers, estimates that for the two years 2014-2015, illegal immigration was running around 550,000 a year, inclusive of both border-jumpers and visa-overstayers. That’s nearly a sixty percent increase over the previous two years, 2012-2013, which itself was an increase over 2010-2011.

So over a million people are now settling illegally in our country every couple of years. You might think that this would mean that the eleven million number you’ve been hearing from the mainstream media for as long as you can remember is badly out of date. You might then pause for a moment to reflect on what Obama-hugging liars the mainstream media are, and how sloppy their journalistic standards have gotten.

Legal immigration is likewise surging. For those last three two-year periods the numbers are, in millions: 1.4, 1.6, and 2.0. Money quote from the CIS report, quote:

The latest Census Bureau data shows that the scale of new immigration is clearly enormous. The numbers raise profound questions about assimilation and the impact of immigration on the nation’s education system, infrastructure, and labor market, as well as the size and density of the U.S. population. It is difficult to find a public policy that has a more profound impact across American society than the level of immigration. It is certainly appropriate that immigration should be at the center of the current presidential election.

We’re not talking about Mexicans, either. The biggest sending regions for immigrants overall in 2014-2015 were East and South Asia at 36 percent and Other Latin America — other than Mexico, that is — at 28 percent.

What does “Other Latin America” actually encompass? Well, here’s a story from Reuters, June 10th. Headline: ‘At the limit,’ Mexico buckles under migrant surge to U.S..

Say what? Why is Mexico buckling?

Well, because illegal immigration across our southern border has come to resemble illegal immigration across the Mediterranean and up into northern Europe. There are, in the European case:

  • Receiving countries, the prosperous welfare democracies of northern Europe;
  • Sending countries: the poor, corrupt gangster-despotisms of Africa and the Middle East;

and there are

  • Pass-through countries like Greece, Italy, and the Balkan states of former Yugoslavia.

Illegals don’t want to settle in a pass-through country. Those countries are only a degree more prosperous and less corrupt than the sinkholes that the illegals are escaping from. There’s not much work to be found and only minimal welfare.

For the illegals, a pass-through country is just a stepping-stone to the real prize destination further from the equator. (It’s always further from the equator, for reasons explained by Michael Hart in his book Understanding Human History.)

Well, Mexico is transitioning into a pass-through country. Back to that Reuters story.


Illegals from Central America — mainly from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador — cross Mexico to get to the U.S.A. After the big surge from those countries two years ago, when even the Obama people started to worry about rising opposition among the American public, the administration leaned on Mexico to arrest and return Central American illegals.

Mexico duly did so, catching 190,000 last year. This year, though, detentions in Mexico are way down; yet numbers coming across our southern border are way up.

What’s going on? The Reuters reports identifies a host of factors. The oil price collapse has hurt Mexican government revenues, so they have less to spend on their enforcement agencies. The people smugglers have thought up new tricks in the arms race against enforcement … and so on.

Then there are push and pull factors. There’s been drought in Central America, making for a push factor. On the pull side there is of course the prospect that in November American voters may bring in an administration that gives a damn about defending our borders. There was also a recent U.S. court decision limiting detention times for illegals.

What’s to be done? That depends on who gets elected President in November.

If it’s Trump, and he’s as good as his word, and true to his inauguration oath, we’ll have proper enforcement of immigration laws at last. Problem solved.

If it’s Hillary there’ll be as little law enforcement as she can get away with. If pressed to reduce the flow, she’ll do what the European countries are doing: bribe the sending countries with big fat wads of money — our money, of course, yours and mine.

The Europeans have led the way here. They were paying off Gaddafy when he ran Libya, giving him billions of Euros to stop the people smugglers. Now they’ve revived that policy, offering 50 million dollars to eight East and Central African countries to stem the flow, and haggling with Niger, a pass-through country for West Africans heading to Libya.

Niger wants a billion Euros, but will settle for less. The Europeans would bribe Libya if they could, but no-one’s much in charge there since Mrs Clinton and her friends dispatched Gaddafy.

That’s what the civilized world has come to: dickering with despots, crooks and bandits, offering them a cut of our national wealth, of the people’s money, rather than doing the unthinkable, the thing that may not be done — may not even be spoken of without a frown of disapproval: enforce the people’s laws.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Illegal Immigration, Immigration 
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  1. Jeffrey S. says: • Website


    One problem with that CIS report, which they acknowledge right up front is the following:

    “The above estimate of illegal immigration represents the flow of new illegal aliens surreptitiously crossing the border, overstaying a temporary visa, or released into the country after a short detention, such as families from Central America. The numbers do not represent the net increase in the total illegal immigrant population.”

    So they aren’t looking at the net flow — illegals leaving and coming in. When we look at just the Mexicans, the news is good:

    That doesn’t help us with our other Latin American neighbors, but I wish CIS had been a little bit more careful about emphasizing the net outflow effects in their report.

  2. If “The West Wing” was based on Mr Clinton’s place of residence in the 90’s, Is “Orange is the new black” based on Mrs Clinton’s next place of residence?

  3. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The way Jews do business.

  4. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What is legal or illegal anymore?

    Everything is trans. So, even nations are trans-nations.

    Even history is trans-history and culture is trans-culture.

    Even though Alexander Hamilton was a quasi-aristocratic white male elitist who disdained the vulgar Mob, he’s been turned into a rapping Negro rebel hero who stands for Da People against the privileged.

    And look at this tomfoolery:

    Some clown-nazis on the internet have remade Taylor Swift into some kind of ‘Aryan Idol’.

    So, if some Latino rapper says Hamilton is a negro rebel, he is.
    So, if clown-nazis say Taylor Swift is Hitler Youth, she is.

    Nothing is real anymore. It’s all wish fulfillment and fantasy. Reality is what you wish it to be. It’s like David in A.I. wishing to be a ‘real boy’.

    But then, if Bruce Jenner insists he is a ‘woman’ and if NY will fine you \$250,00o for referring to him as a ‘he’.

    What a dumb world.

    PS. What if someone claims to be trans-life? Suppose she, like Shirley McClaine, claims to be the reincarnation of someone in the past. Suppose she is reincarnation of Cleopatra. Should we take it seriously?
    If reality is wish-fulfilment, maybe we should.

    And if a man claims to be an angel, maybe we should accept that too. Trans-spirit.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Brad Smith
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    If Open Borders is so good, what did it do for Libya and Syria and Iraq?

    Once Hussein was taken down, Iraqi borders imploded and neighboring nations were able to send in all sorts of trouble-makers, subversives, radicals, and Jihadis. Iraq turned into hellhole.

    Once Gaddafi’s regime came under fire by NATO, Libyan borders were flung open. Tons of terrorists and troublemakers poured in and turned that country to hell.
    Look at that hellhole now. Not only is Libya being invaded by African nations but the Africans are using Libya as passage to Europe.

    US and its allies(Israel, Turkey, Saudis, etc) aided terrorists and troublemakers to move into Syria and blow things up. Ah, Open Borders in action. Assad was no longer able to control the borders. Look at the country now. Total disaster.

    THAT is Open Borders.

    Open Borders is like going to sleep with your door wide open in a dangerous neighborhood.
    Israel doesn’t believe in it.

    Wasn’t the Middle East much nicer when nations there had stricter border controls?

    Breakdown of border controls led to Jihadis, criminals, thugs, mercenaries, smugglers, and etc.

    Jews call for Gun Control–even as they arm terrorists to take down Gaddafi and Assad–but Border Control is denounced.

    But Open Borders is like Open Guns.

    Guns should be regulated(though not banned) by the law, and likewise, Borders need to be guarded and enforced by the Law.

    Borders allow for national security and safe passage for tourists and workers and would-be legal immigrants.

    Globalism is crazy because, on the one hand, it calls for a world governed by laws than by culture and tradition but, on the other, it encourages law-breaking migrants and invaders. Globalism is a madhouse that calls for universal enforcement of laws but then encourages all manner of abuse of laws by globalist sharks like George Soros and all manner of aggression by marauding hordes from the Third World.

    Of course, by directing our focus on the ‘refugee crisis’, Zionist-supremacists and their Homo-Imperialist allies distract us from the MORE IMPORTANT issue of why the Muslim world is aflame and filled with uprooted desperate people.

    It is because of Western Invasion and Intervention in Middle East and North Africa whereby millions have been either killed or displaced.

    For every person killed by ‘muzzie’ in the West, US Globalist policies have killed a 1000. Since Jews control US foreign policy, they have something to answer for.
    But Jews who should be on the moral defensive go on the moral offensive by accusing the West of not doing enough for the ‘refugees’ who were displaced by Jewish-controlled globalist-imperialist policy.

    By pretending to care about Muslims, Jews mask the true nature of their agenda that was to (1) destroy the Muslim World and (2) use Muslim hordes to destroy the West.
    Kill two birds with one stone.

    Very sneaky, these Jews.

  6. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Consider the Left and Right in Austria. Left wants ‘diversity’, Right wants homogeneity.

    There is a way Both Sides Can Win.

    If the Left wants ‘diversity’, just leave and go live in North Africa.
    They can enjoy INSTANT DIVERSITY. They don’t have to wait for the future when whites are the minority.

    And let the Right have Austria, which will be homogeneously Austrian.

    The Left get diversity in North Africa. The Right get homogeneity in Austria.

    Both sides win.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  7. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Since Jews kvetch so much about white people, I suggest Jews in the West just pack up things and go live in Africa, Muslim world, Asia, or Latin America.

    It seems 10% of Jews are friendly to white folks, and such Jews are good people.
    But the 90%. Geez. They really hate whites.

    White people are NOT forcing Jews to remain in the West. Jews can take all their belongings and wealth with them. Just leave. Whoever said white people need Jews? If Jews hate whites so much and love blacks/Muslims/Asians/Mexicans so much, they should just leave white lands as soon as possible.

    Whites are not Ramses II who won’t let the Jews go. Whites will gladly let the Jews go. So, please go, Jews.

    If Jews love immigration so much and loved all those poor huddled masses, I suggest Jews immigrate to the Third World and live with those ‘huddled masses’ in their mudhuts. And since Jews are into ‘equality’, they can share their wealth with blacks, Muslims, browns, Asians, and etc.

    Whoever said immigration must only be TO the West?
    If immigration is good, then immigration to the Third World is good too. And since Jews say Third World people are such salt of the earth, Jews should go live with them.

    So, Jews(the 90% who are hostile to whites), please immigrate to the Third World and be with your wonderful huddled masses.

  8. If Donald Trump is elected Obama will drop any pretense of border controls between the election and Trump’s inauguration, in order to get as many illegals into the country as possible. If Hillary is elected everyone with the means and inclination to do so will head north. Either way, we’ll have a Camp of the Saints situation in the American (?) southwest.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  9. Marcus says:
    @Priss Factor

    Some clown-nazis on the internet have remade Taylor Swift into some kind of ‘Aryan Idol’.

    That was (obviously) tongue in check on their part

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. tbraton says:
    @Priss Factor

    But that would deprive the Africans of the joys of the Austrian Alps. You as a movie buff should know how much Africans enjoy heights. Didn’t King Kong climb to the top of the Empire State Building, then the world’s tallest building?

  11. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What’s gonna be the next troll joke?

    Hitler made into a Jewish Holocaust victim?


    Mein Diary(like that of Anne Frank).

    I think the South-Park-ization of Culture is getting out of control.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  12. Marcus says:
    @Priss Factor

    Trolling is an extremely effective way for marginalized groups to get publicity

  13. [Using multiple handles here to conceal your identity is improper. Pick one and stick with it, or use Anonymous or Anon.]

    “The Europeans have led the way here. They were paying off Gaddafy when he ran Libya, giving him billions of Euros to stop the people smugglers. Now they’ve revived that policy, offering 50 million dollars to eight East and Central African countries to stem the flow, and haggling with Niger, a pass-through country for West Africans heading to Libya.”

    All this while proclaiming that the immigrants/refugees are a great treasure, a sorely needed addition to the pale stale male Euro lands (in Germany’s case, the German gov’t even telling the German people they need the new blood to help stem inbreeding). These modern Western governments are surely something to behold.

  14. @Diversity Heretic

    If a Trump Administration isn’t thwarted by leftists in the courts, it will be simple to compel most uninvited invaders (including so-called children) to go home of their own volition.

    Simply cut them off from employment, welfare, schools, etc.

    This isn’t rocket science. The IRS database has everything necessary to identify those working illegally unless they’re paid by cash and never use Western Union or a bank.

    It doesn’t matter how many are here if their gravy train is derailed.

  15. As with globalist inspired shipping us manufacturing to Mexico, China, etc., the flood into the USA of people who then sent their earnings home is all fueled by Central Bank credit market inflation.

    It’s just another way issuing an ocean of IOU-DOLLARS is mortgaging the entire country.

    Be it Chinese investors buying up choice real estate or Hondurans & Indians flooding in to take jobs & keep wage rates low (suppressing the recognition of inflation), the Fed is destroying the USA by helping foreigners to take it from us.

    Lynch the FOMC…and every one of its apologists.

    • Replies: @another fred
  16. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Amy Chua talks about the GLUE. Or GLOB and GLUE.

    Jews and Glues. That what it comes down to. The KKKrazy Glue.

    It’s like what Amy Chua said of hyper-powers throughout history. They weren’t into equality but they used ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ as imperialist tools to make talents and peoples from all over to serve their institutions and armies.

    So, even as the imperialist overlords kept the power to themselves, they were more-than-willing to hire talent from anywhere and to use different ethnic groups in their armies. The US has become such a hyper-power. Jews and Homos dominate the upper-echelons as Globo-neo-imperialists, but they hire people from around the world in middle-management positions. They replace white workers with Mexican workers.

    They see Asians and ‘Hispanics’ as ideal since both groups have the servile Mongoid gene of ‘model minority’ personality. Mongoids, Asiatic or MesoAmerican, are more likely to serve their masters than seek to gain dominance themselves. Jews and Homos naturally want to lead and rule.

    Mongoids from Asia and Mexico ideally want to serve and follow. PC Asians bitch about being labeled as a ‘model minority’, but their MM personality is really the product of Asian history & culture that stressed harmony, obedience, order, politeness, & cooperation while castigating trouble-making, defiance, assertiveness, and dissent. MM-ism began in Asia before Americans took notice of it among the East Asians.

    Hyper-powerism is essentially imperialist since Diversity is the product of constant migration, invasion, conquest, and uprooting of peoples and cultures. For US to turn into a Hyper-Power, the Jewish and Homo elites had to override the wishes of the white majority and make them submit to the Jew World Order where GLOB or globalist elites recruit and exploit talents and men from all over the world while keeping the real power to themselves.

  17. @dc.sunsets

    Lynch the FOMC…and every one of its apologists.

    I’ve no love for the FED, but let us not forget, the politicians started this shit.

    Specifically, LBJ and his “War on Poverty” plus “Great Society” all done on credit while escalating the Vietnam War.

    Nixon faced the choice of defending the dollar in 1971 or closing the gold window. Defending the dollar would have triggered a deep recession to compensate for LBJ’s extravagance and assured no Republican would be elected POTUS for another hundred years, so he demurred.

    The FED have been enablers, but the Pols are the ones who made the choices. After the Humphrey-Hawkins Act was passed the FED have not really had a choice.

  18. @Priss Factor

    Gotta be good money is being the reincarnation of somebody. Just pick the right person and get rich. I think I’ll try being Elvis and sue for part of “my” estate, who do you want to be? Hey, if you had multiple personalities you could be the reincarnation of a whole bunch of people. Rake is some phat change.

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